Are Thinking Black Men Coons?


Unfortunately in 2018 there still exists a large contingent of black men who wish to remain stuck in the stone age and who genuinely are AGAINST real progression and prosperity occurring in black society even though they are seen to be the loudest voices championing for so called “change” within black communities that have already been ran into the Jurassic era by the modern day black female.

These male feminist muddy bootlickers seek to keep black women in their unrighteous position as the leaders of the rapidly decomposing trash heap called western black society. Knowing that they themselves have little to nothing to bring to the table in terms of restoring black society to it’s former glory, they instead attempt to shame, intimidate, bully and threaten those black men who indeed have the resources available to rebuild.

One of the common shaming tactics used by these individuals is the frequent use of the word “coon”. This word has recently been repopularised mainly by the Hidden Colours documentary film maker Tariq Nasheed who even has his own Coon Train videos series in which certain individuals he deems to “fit the bill” are featured within.

The problem as per usual with leftist, communist liberal minded Negroes is the fact that they are professionals at slogan slinging, name calling and label misappropriation. They enjoy employing these techniques against those blacks who hold to different opinions especially when it comes down to the sewer level state of the modern day black woman.

Remember back in August 2016 I wrote an article entitled Who Are The Real Coons, the link to it can be seen below:

As I explained in the above article, the real coons of black society are those who seek to keep it dysfunctional, as this is what racist whites and their liberal brethren desire and feel most comfortable with. Those whites who wish to see black men remain flat on their faces get very uncomfortable whenever a thinking black male removed his chains and shackles and walks free from the plantation.

Racist whites aren’t concerned with those black men who FOLLOW the black female’s lead, however on the flip side they are most certainly uncomfortable with those black men who point blank refuse to be ruled over by a group of women who couldn’t run a bath yet alone a community. You’d think that these prehistoric, soggy biscuit Negro male feminists would’ve figured this out by now, however because of their addiction to the highly contaminated black female cooch, this has blinded them and thus they have no issues in stepping forward and offering themselves up as sacrificial goats upon the altar of Big Booty Brenda.

Of course as has been noted and mentioned many times before, the word coon is only every applied to heterosexual thinking black men, the muddy bootlicking contingent of pro black simpletons point blank refuse to apply the same standards to their black queens. We already know the main reason for this, fear of the putrid snatch being withdrawn, however it is also noted that most black men who advocate on behalf of black women are single and additionally black women don’t give these guys the time of day either.

What I fail to understand is this, while the pro black sqaudrons attempt to shame thinking black men back onto the proverbial plantation in order to provide clean up services for the lowest denominator of females on the planet, in the meantime the black woman’s agreement with the state specifically instructs her to sabotage and destroy any constructive works black men within Blackistan may embark upon, this is exactly why though they continue to blow the trumpet of reconstruction, the likes of BGS, Angryman and Cerulean Grey constantly come up empty handed when it is time for themselves to set an example ie show and prove.

Even if these guys could somehow get us to return to the pile of ashes and rubble called Blackistan, rebuilding simply wouldn’t work because all black women would be doing is going out of their way to hinder, block and obstruct the work. As I have stated before, in order for the black witch to remain relevant to her white lord and saviour, she must maintain her rulership position over black communities, therefore she isn’t about to allow any black men to threaten the status quo.

The long and short of it is this, the communist pro black squads just like the modern day black female wish to enslave us once again, force us to rebuild their failed empire, syphon our resources and have us take onboard defective beyond repair, looking like a 50 car pile up on a one way street Dequanisha and her 7 devil spawn rug rats in training sired by 6 different men. This is the future of black men who refuse to free themselves from Blackistan or decide to venture back into that abyss. Exactly what benefits are there for myself and others like me to return to “the community”, I’ll wait?

Thinking black men, we are surrounded by prakatans and flat line zombies who cannot think and reason for themselves and who willingly allow the modern day black female to do all of their thinking and reasoning for them. As I stated in my article entitled We’re Never Coming Back Get Over It And Move On, having constantly been treated like garbage and been shown nothing but unappreciative recourse, classic black men point blank refuse to return or render any services to the republic of Blackistan nor its inhabitants. In short the likes of Angryman, Grey, BGS and other black male feminists can rebuild the community by themselves. They need to set an example first and stop pestering others attempting to get them to step where they have yet to tread.

I done called it in Negro Wars in late 2015, I told you in the last chapter of the book that the final battle within black society would take place between the thinking black men’s regiment and the ice age pro black, frying pan African, red, black and green pyramid squads. Remember in the book I also mentioned how black women, pro blacks and racist white men are three sides of the same coin in that all use the same racist terminology against those blacks who think for themselves and who refuse to buck dance and cow tow to the stereotypical garbage.

I have to laugh whenever these guys talk about being “on code” as all this term means is “don’t criticise black women no matter what mischief they get up to”. I talked about this very topic in an article I released back in April of this year entitled What Code Bruh. Plus the other issue to think about is the fact that in order to be “on code” you have to already be organised and functional. Black society is dysfunctional and disorganised precisely because the pro black contingent within it refuses to check the modern day black female and pull her back into line.

As I already mentioned in Negro Wars, black men who reside in Blackistan believe that they can skirt around having to deal with the black witch and still bring about positive results and changes for the so called community, but has this worked? Nope, just like I stated it wouldn’t. If you refuse to bring black women under heel there will be no new deal as black women are the ones responsible for injecting such a disjointed and janky culture into black society.

The word coon is now dead and defunct due to it constantly being mismanaged, misused and misappropriated. Black men are checking out of Blackistan in record numbers and being labelled as coons has only served to increase the exodus. Be free black men, many of the Blackistani male feminist pundits you see engaging in slinging about the word coon are already locked in with the black female, some of them are strung up on child support(which is their own fault) and so they feel incredibly uncomfortable and jealous when they see you childless and free with so many more options at your disposal.

Finally, calling somebody a coon instead of dealing with the points raised is not intelligent and it ultimately means that you have already lost the argument and admitted defeat. The coon slinging primates are saying in a nutshell is that they cannot argue against the truth, so instead they hope that their attempts to shame, bully, and threaten will somehow outshine the facts, thus the pressure applied will guilt black men into returning to the swamp called the black community. Err, no, sorry, that is not going to happen, we left Blackistan years ago and WE ARE NEVER COMING BACK, deal with it. Besides, this is what happens to good black men who attempt to build for the scum:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual, Be Free Minded And Don’t Allow The Coon Slingers To Dictate Your Destiny

Most High Bless

78 thoughts on “Are Thinking Black Men Coons?

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  2. As you stated, these guys are no different from the racist white men that they complain about so much. They will not rest until you are lock stepped into being a facsimile if themselves.

    Also, just like white supremacists, you see how illogical they are in their supremacy. You don’t see other groups as overtly racist or supremacist, they are much more subtle about it, and thus, much more effective. This is mainly because they deal with reality, not some Valhalla/Wakanda dream. This is why skinheads get about as far as pro-blacks in terms of building.

    Notice also that all of their vitriol is against other blacks, namely black men, not the white men they claim to hate so much.

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    • Exactly. I say all the time that these so called pro blacks are no better than the racist white people they complain about and that they mainly attack other black people but rarely attack the so called evil white man. They’re a bunch of fucking clowns. That’s one reason why I don’t fuck with them..

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      • Jay,

        They cannot be taken seriously and what kills it is many of these guys will claim to be intelligent and well informed. Using racial slurs against your own folks, where is the intelligence in such behaviour?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I honestly don’t understand what these guys believe they’re going to achieve by name calling and attempting to shame black men who already left the plantation many years ago, many of us under very harsh and hostile circumstances. I’m an individual, I cannot and will not fall into line with a group of individuals who themselves have nothing to show when it comes down to rebuilding.

      It’s a joke bro, they need thinking black men to return to the community in order to get something moving and their answer to this is to call us coons, use shaming tactics and threaten, smh.

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  3. What i fail to understand is, guys like BGS and Angryman know full well about black female fuckery, and each has talked about it extensively. But they all talk out of the other side of their mouths condemning thinking black men for not wanting to deal with them. BGS especially seems like a hypocrite. He’s gone on rants about modern black women, chastising their behavior. But we’re supposed to help rebuild the community?? I don’t get his logic at all.

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    • IMO they believe that if any rebuilding of the black community gets done, it will have to be done by Good BM. That is correct BUT, if good BM aren’t interested in cleaning up Pookie, Ray Ray, and Shaniqua’s mess they don’t have to. We have no obligation to clean up a mess that we didn’t create. A lot of baby daddies are feeling the heat because they are being called out as part of the problem, instead of cleaning up their own mess they are trying to convince good BM to come in and help them. I’ll pass.

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      • James S,

        I even stated in Negro Wars that black men need to stop sleeping with these women as they are using their cooch to ensnare. Thinking black men already have sense and long ago have abandoned black women forever, those still on the fence need to wake up quick time before its too late for them. All it takes is one sperm and a black man’s backside is grass for the next 18 years.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      They talk sense one minute but then immediately forget about what they have said the next. As I have stated many times before, black women as a collective in 2018 are not dating not marriage material period. Any attempts to forge a coalition with these women would most assuredly end in disaster.

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  4. Off Topic, but have you guys heard about this?

    I though about the brother a while back that asked about paying for sex and I said it was a bad idea. A lot of these hookers are crazy and diseased man, that probably goes 10x for the black ones. This man mysteriously died either during or after his “date” with this black hooker and she stole his credit card and ran up over $20k on it.

    “The next morning, authorities found the man, whom they have not publicly identified, in his apartment dead of an overdose. Bags of cocaine and a loose condom that appeared to be broken were recovered from the apartment, according to documents.

    In the months following his death, the man’s debit cards showed charges for plane tickets and online purchases of luxury clothing, the complaint said. Clermont also allegedly used the money to pay her rent and phone bills. In total, prosecutors say she attempted to make fraudulent charges adding up to more than $20,000. Additionally, she was accused of creating a fake email in the dead man’s name and making a Western Union account. She then allegedly initiated a wire transfer of $1,000 to herself, the complaint said.”

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  5. I can not take the people who made or came up with “coon slayers” seriously. I just can’t. Like so many have already pointed out, their is no difference between white coon slayers and black coon slayers. ACTUALLY THAT IS A LIE!!!! With the exception of that young white coon slayer that walked into a church and killed a bunch of coons, BLACK COON SLAYERS stay killing coons. In CHICAGO, on the south and west side, THEY STAY BUSY KILLING COONS!!!!

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Notice how these dudes aren’t going after the Tyrones and the J Boogies, the guys are a co-conspirators in the destruction of black society, nope, instead they focus all of their time and energy on black men who want nothing to do with black society and who left it years ago. Why should we rebuild that which we had no hand in destroying?

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  6. Another great read Verbs!

    Once again Tito called everyone of those pieces of s@#! out for the backstabbers and pro-black matriarchs that they were. These mental defects have already done several hangouts on extolling the virtues of hood life, dealing with single moms, taking on another man’s kids, thugs, being on “code” (i.e. black racialism), how the hood is the safest place in the country, ethnic cleansing and other outlandish remarks. It’s as if they never believed in the “red pill” beliefs they used to tout.

    And their spineless eunuch-sphere is all the more dead for it. They can keep up their racialists/communists crusade if they want, just see where it leads. Just say no to pro-black, it’s wack.

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    • Metal Heart,

      Thanks bro. Once again, I don’t really understand what these guys believe they can achieve without first putting these dysfunctional, unbridled black witches in check. The modern day black female’s occupation as per the ordinances of the state is to destroy, NOT TO BUILD, the pro blacks all already know this and have seen it first hand for themselves.

      Single mothers are to be shunned and shamed, its their very culture that has been responsible for the destruction of black society. Wolves in sheep’s clothing these dudes are, they must be marked and avoided at all costs.

      The hood is the safest place in the country for those individuals who experience the least amounts of deaths within it, BLACK WOMEN are sweet as houses in the hood, black men on the other hand aren’t.

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  7. Brother Verbs,

    Happy Monday! This one was another magnum opus. A “coon” is the catchall term for any intelligent black man who doesn’t join in the degenerate ghetto reindeer games and who doesn’t do what the simps and the black matriarchy want him to do. As you stated, the term is overused and played out.

    You know who will NOT call Black Men “coons”? White women, Asian women, Indian women, Latin women, etc. etc.

    Keep the wall fortified and electrified and keep moving on, you thinking black men.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Greeting sir and thanks. Indeed, these guys are very confused, they talk about how black culture is garbage which is true but then at the same time they want us to join and partake in it. A better and more feasible idea would be to allow the culture and the community that contains it to burn down to the ground and start again from scratch. The problem with these guys is they believe that black society is still salvageable, however nothing could be further from the truth. If the black community could’ve been saved then it would’ve been a long time ago. #SYSBM

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  8. Suckarulean, Angryhoe & Black Communist Speaks are a ragtag bunch of Dysfunctional Degenerates.

    Shit. this separation of Content Creators, on YouTube, will end up being a positive moment in the long run.

    Because it’s been the Doers of the Manosphere that’s been carrying water for the bums. After a while the audience will see CLEARLY who are the Producers and who are the Posers. Stay tuned.

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      • Sage Highwayman, I still like Obsidian as well. And I replay those old Rick Scorpio vids like they were hit records.

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      • Why not with Kid organic ? I notice his channel is starting to attract a lot of pro blacks and black women now. 😒😒😒

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      • Jay, I can no longer listen to men who sound as if there is a small glimmer of hope for the “black community”. KID and OBSIDIAN speak on BFF, but then its like, “Ladies, if you do THIS, or stop doing THAT, then things will be alright in the world,” and then there are those times where they will openly attach BLACK MEN. I once heard both of them say something to the akin of “I can see what the SISTERS are talking about”. FUCK ALL THAT!!!! Number ONE, I’m all for single, hetrosexual, AMERICAN MEN OF AFRICAN DECENT, COUNTRY UNKNOWN, and TWO, I’m all about being with non-black women (WHITE WOMEN), without excuse, and if that makes black women feel some kind of way, TOO FUCKEN BAD, fuck those bitches feelings. MBDX is the ONLY brother telling it like it is on youttube right now from my point of view. And this site is like coming home.

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    • Preme,

      As I’ve stated many times before when you have a dysfunctional society separation and division is exactly what you need in order to see who is who and who stands for what. The collective talk that these guys continually spew is simply for the purposes of allowing the scum buckets to hide amongst the good.

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      • THANK YOU Verbs2015!!! You tired of black females bullshit? GOOD, now say and doing something about it, and I’m not talking about making the “community” better, I’m talking about walking the fuck away and living your life happily ever after……WITH WHITE WOMEN!

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  9. This is so hot I couldn’t wait until Open Mic Wednesday to post this. Madame Fruitloop is at it again! She’s declared all-out “war” on Slaying Evil and has even name-checked me, Carnio, and Brother Verbs in her attack. Listening to her rant was the height of comedy. Talk about impotent rage. I laughed a lot throughout, and you can too! It’s a two-part screed, it’s a compliment that she devoted so much time to this blog instead of going BWGTOW to find her European zaddy. Oops, that’s right, she’s scared to fly.

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    • I just left a bunch of posts on her dumbass youtube page. These bitches are in need of some real therapy. They reported this site as being a hate groups page.

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      • Sage Highwayman,

        They simply don’t get it, they supply me with the evidence I use to then write articles exposing what they are all about, as long as black women continue to behave badly I will always have material. I already cannot keep up with the mountain loads of evidence that I either come across or is being sent to me.

        They seem to think that WordPress is like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, things don’t work the same way when you own your own website. They must be scratching their heads wondering why the site is still up, lol.

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      • Sage,

        Yeah I saw them. I was tempted to troll them too but it would only fuel insanity and end up and uesless arguments. There is no arguing with them with means of logic nor would they ever admit anything so it is just a waste of time. WACTHING PORNOGROPHY is FAR MORE PRODUCTIVE than arguing wth black women!

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      • No, no and NO. Troll these bitches. They are to treated as if they are white nationalist, because that’s what they are. How are they different???? If we keep giving them a pass, guess what, they will keep fucking with us. They have to feel real pain.

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      • You don’t argue to make them see your point of view, you agitate the FUCK out of them because its high time that they be showed there is a price to be paid for fucking with us.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      You were right, these videos were a laugh, I had to stop watching them and waited until I got home because I didn’t want to make a public scene by laughing out loud. As you stated, she ought to be concentrating on going her own way ie travelling to Europe, however instead she has undercover recruits scanning the website and reporting back to headquarters, lol.

      Again, had you not brought this to my attention I wouldn’t have known about it because I’m simply not interested in what this nutty outrageous black siren has to say. The theme of Slaying isn’t about genocide, it is all about thinking black men walking away from black women for life ie saving ourselves from these disjointed witches and not being caught up and ensnared in their curses.

      The time where I would most definitely advocate physical aggression against these female beasts is when things get really ugly and they bring along their goon squads to attack us because they cannot bear to see a black man with Becky, Ming, Suzuki, Patel, Sadiq or Lopez.

      Logicbomb is a deeply confused individual, on the one hand she talks as if she already has something legal in motion, but then in the very next breath she talks about the need in getting together a team of intelligent, sophisticated black women in order to makes things happen, lol. Which one is it? This woman if we can even call her that is a foul mouth decadent who just like most black women in general always feel the need to hover around black men spaces.

      She keeps talking about black women getting passports and flying to Europe, however her blackside is still residing in the US, lol. Why isn’t this witch first setting an example and jet setting off to go and find herself a white lord and saviour? She’s supposed to be commanding her troops yet she cannot even lead them into battle properly, hahahahahaha.

      European men aren’t interested in black women, American black women most definitely are not on their lists. Again, notice from points 10:18-10:30 how she attempts to dismiss and rubbish the spiritual aspect of black female skullduggery, this is the primary way in which black women keep black men ensnared and bewitched. Note the technique, pretending to mock the very witchcraft they are using against black men as “Harry Potter” type stuff but at the same time still using it against us under the table, that is some open handed deviltry right there.

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    • Wow,

      She calls us out and takes our comments out of context. Even I had to chuckle on her cursing like a sailor as if it makes her more credible or believable. Yet nothing she says has anything to do with the theme of Slaying Evil. She is like the Female Alex Jones, Cursing like a sailor, deep scratchy voice and is a conspiracy theriost!

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    • That madame character is secretly one of the greatest comedians of our age. I seriously think she is some master Shakespearan-esque creator. The level of incredulousness of every work product she puts out is astounding. She is a master in expressing extremely subjective worldviews that seem so afar from the reality I would say most people perceive. In such she weaves a narrative of a world so far and yet so close.

      I think she is aiming for some dystopian neo reality romance book target for black women or perhaps a show on the o network.

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  10. Verbs,

    Frying pan African Red, Black, and Green pyramid squads has me dying over here lmfao. So Madame shit head declared all out war on Slaying Evil load the artillery fellas. I wish I could control a group of Predators to wipe out the BW scum. Hell Predator without the mask look better than most BW.

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    • These stupid bitches think they run every goddamn thing. They actually think by just reporting this site to ANYONE, some sort of action will be taken. Funny still, some are actually violating the youtube laws about not promoting violence against a group. Talking about shoot men like us. These bitches are fucking lost.

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    • Sean,

      These black women are extremely foolish, WordPress isn’t like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, they can’t run their ultra communist techniques of false flagging and reporting content over here, she and her acolytes will soon find this out if they haven’t already done so.

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      • They had me rolling around laughing, talking about reporting everyone here, boasting about having concealed and carry permits. I’m like bitch, that gun is for the hood boggiers you hang with in the hood, you get caught trying being a gun slinger around where I stay (FAR from park apes), you’re end up yet ANOTHER statistic of a bitter black borg shot and killed by the police.

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  11. I have noticed that after Trump became president that all of a sudden all these low I.Q. simps and rad fem types like Cynthia G started calling everybody who didn’t agree with their rediclious beliefs “coons” Anything they don’t like they call a coon.

    They are truly desprate to keep us on the plantation. I mean for fucks sake they are calling us coons because we refuse to clean up after single mothers and wife up Pookie’s leftovers. I don’t get mad at these types because I understand.

    Their kind are on the brink of extinction now that the welfare state soon will no longer support their ghetto bastard babymaking factories known as the hood. Nobody is going in the hood to save it. when the welfsre goes so will the weave shops and liqour stores. It will be a barren wasteland of their own making. They want us to sacrafice ourselves to fund their destructive lifestyle and thinl calling us coons is going to change anything.

    We are saving the black community by allowing the current matracrhy to be destroyed to make way for a better one. Pookie,Brenda, amd their simp army are just sad they won’t live to see it.

    Over 20+ million abortions and they believe thinking black men will save them.
    I bet they come to this site everyday and read the comment section in fear. Ive see this fear before. It is the fear that all humans have when in the presence of real black men who are not led by feminism,pro-black cuckoldry, and the jewish propoganda front that is BLM. Black men with buisness savy, honnor, and conviction. The black man they all said didn’t exist.

    The truth is they never wanted “good BM” because he would take one look at this slime and turn his back on it.

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    • Yours Truly,

      You nailed it, black women cannot believe that black men like us have broken free from their spells and witchcraft and more black men are following the same path. You’re right, they are in deep shock and fear of not being relevant to their white lord and saviour as more and more black men begin checking out of Blackistan for good.


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  12. Blacks we only call each other bla coon. If they don’t have the same bullshit black victim mentality and want to hold blacks accountable. Notice how white racists/alt right never complain about pookie and Ray Ray. Because these white racists they love the pookie and rays rays what scares these white racists is a non stereotypical black men /thinking black men. Mgtow or SYSBM is the only options more black men

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    • Black British Guy,

      Exactly, white nationalists are more concerned with what thinking black men are doing, they aren’t interested in Tyrone because Tyrone is doing exactly what he was programmed to do by the black witch and her white lord and saviour.

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  13. Right now the plantation is up in flames and these simps think that we are going to risk our lives and safe it, i say let them go in the burning building and when it collapse and they expect us to save them we will just sit and watch.

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    • Alex C,

      The black community is dead, we thinking black men already recognise this, however it seems that these fellows still believe that they can save a building that has been completely engulfed by flames.

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  14. If not listening to black parasites and their simp army, not embracing destructive and dysfunctional behavior, if not being so liberal and calling out said dysfunction makes me a coon, I consider that a badge of honor.

    This is yet another hilarious and pathetic way to try and keep black men from leaving the plantation, as they know the ones who have left won’t fall for this line of stupidity and have no desire or want to come back and “fix da black community”. Fuck them and the black community.

    The best way to fix that hellhole is to let it burn to the ground. This is sad even for them to think this will work. They see welfare getting slashed all the time and they’re nervous and trying every single last tatic and none of it is working. This means Shaquisha will have to get off her fat ass, send her platoon of bastard children to daycare and go to work. I see this shit at my weekend job (despite the fact I hate it, and it’s himarious).

    Speaking of which, Saturday music of choice to rid myself of these land whales was some good ol devildriver, and it worked wonders 😂😂. Nobody came in to bother me, I received the dirtiest of looks, and it was beautiful.

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  15. The thing is there is NO Black Community. There are only neighborhoods of disenfranchised Black neighborhoods. It has been destroyed years ago. What is left is the dysfunctional remnants of it’s past glory. And also, what you are seeing in the current trends moving forward is many if not most Black People in the US are the Permanent Underclass. They have bred and cultivated 3 generations of poverty, dysfunction, & sub-class which is acceptable and the associative norm. What is in Black Society is not functional nor normal. In fact, I would hate to say it’s like this in other sections across the globe also.

    Being “simple”, trendy, unknowlegable, & uncivil is the norm and accepted in Black Society. The standard is of ineptitude and incoherency. This is what your average Black Women is and what they graviate to. Going to something that is harmful for your health and livelyhood is insane. Especially if you as a thinking Black Male have any accomplishments and a great life that you have built for yourself. This is why SYSBM exist. Black Women are currently at 80% single-mothers. 70% overweight/obese. 60% with 2 or more from different men. 50% with Herpes or other STI’s. 40% Underemployed with high debt. Almost only 30% ever married. And 20% are in a “relationship”.

    Everyone can see the ills and downfalls of a union with current Black Women. This only scratches the surface. It sickened me the men Verbs2015 stated above had a Google Live Chat Hangout with Cynthia G. I watched as they tried to conform and have an understanding with Negropean Feminut. This is when I decided to no longer watch nor even follow BGS, Obsidian, or any Youtubers of their ilk. There is nothing to converse or make amends about with modern Black Women or their handlers. The stakes are too high and there is too much to lose having any relations with Black Women or those who identify/empathize with their plight.

    This is why I passionately state that Black Men with some intelligence, awareness, education, & reason abandon the social pressures and norms of Black Society. The best & brightest are shunned & ridiculed while the miscreants of society are upheld & praised. What they are witnessing and bitching about is the “Brain Drain” which is admist today. Your best & brightest Black Men are leaving and no longer tolerating the slow, stupid, uncouth, & morally defective sub-culture of Black Society. We are tired of having this unaddressed.

    As well, we will not take responsibility nor play the janitor to the mess left from the thugs & whores. It isn’t our actions that have caused their own peril nor is it our duty to repair one’s own shitty life. The latter gentlemen I mentioned should not be concern about our whereabouts. Since they care about Black Women so much, they should figure it would be more Black Women for them. It’s THEIR DUTY to play the mechanic & janitor to the current debacle known as the Black Woman.

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    • Well said, Ryan. SYSBM all the way. I’ve revealed on here before that I am an older gentleman and have had the same mindset for years now. Good to see younger brothers taking the same tack from an earlier age. You will not get back the time you waste with dysfunctional black hoes. Trust me on this.

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    • “what you are seeing in the current trends moving forward is many if not most Black People in the US are the Permanent Underclass.”
      Dr. Claude Anderson said this years ago and its true. BW make sure to assign their kids modern day peasant names too like La’Shondra and Kwan.

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      • James S — — Kwan. My view is that you are being too easy on black women. DeKwanisha. JaKwandra. LaKwandaquarios. Kwan is too mainstream for black women.


  16. Just like black women, I do not bother to listen, watch, read or engage in any conversations with guys like these. These are the same guys who would bully you, name call, and mess your education up had you been in the same age and grade as them. It is crazy that after all the years that they mistreat good boys in school they are actually shocked that those same thinking boys decide to go ther own way. Now that the tables have turned against them, they become cry bullies! They are scared to death because the devil is also coming to collect from these guys and will be facing jusdgement (although not as bad as black women’s judgement). They will have to pay for their sins against thinking boys and black men and they realise that once thinking black men finally reliase that they have been the sleeping giants for the last 60+ years, they will smash down the boot licking simps for all the years of abuse.

    I have deep hatred for these kind of guys. They are nothing but the black version of the Chinese Red Guards. that is, They are going around Dick policing black men into who they mate with, Thought policing black men on how to think, Financial policing black men into redistrubuting their wealth (ya know, the “you gotta give back to the communty”) and will literally go around and kill any thinking black men who is not “on code”! The civil war is already here! and the most effectve means of winnng this war is to spread truth and information to all the will be Thinking black men!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Carnio,

      I don’t consider it a “civil war” because that would imply that we’re fighting lead-poisoned slow niggas for a place in the so-called “black community” and are in competition to have the upper hand with defective black women. If that’s the case, I’m a deserter. I threw down my gun and ran off. You’ll find me in a French village with a French chick and an assumed name. LMAO!

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Who cares about some SIMP cuck calling us “coons”, and some batshit woman desperate for dick.

    Instead, something more uplifting: Black man speaks Polish! No scraggles within sight!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hell yeah baby! Leave the state-worshiping ‘nationalist’ house n…s, the Neo-Nazi green, red and black waving pro-wacks, Tyrone and J Boogie and their self-proclaimed ‘queens’ (which are in reality BOW Players sent from the abyss of hell to wreck havoc among humanity) on the rotting socialist plantation which is scheduled for destruction by the Zio-Nazi planter and will soon be destroyed due to infighting among the various factions clamoring for the planter’s attention and watch it burn into flames from a safe place, preferably with Becky, Chun-Li, Singh or Suzuki. SYSBM is basically like the Ring of Revelation from the ZETMAN anime and manga that forces the players to regress into their bestial forms when it’s active, that’ why black females and their house n…. buddies have been working overtime to try and discredit it out of fear of the Zio-Nazi master. God bless this website and Brother Verbs, keep on sending the monsters to hell where they belong with your articles.


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  18. Just a heads up. This madame logic bomb will run the Anita Sarkeesian playbook of muh harassment.
    1st. She already took people’s quotes out of context to clam she was given a death threat. Next You will have black women making sock puppet accounts to create a false harassment narrative. These users will say things like

    “Let’s harm/kill black women because X”
    In an attempt to make us all look like Elliot Rodger to get the site shut down. Remember when they start commenting on the site. Screen cap and all of their posts to catch them in the lie. They will also insist in tech savvy simps to hack your website and possibly upload violent videos or post links child pornography. They will do ANYTHING to shut you down. I was apart of #Gamergate #NotYourShield and have seen this all before. They will go to great lengths to take this site down. I just hope that she takes the lawsuit route first so she can ruin her legal credibility first.

    You guys need to come to terms with the fact that most of the pro-black simps who call these women queens are closeted pedophiles. During GG every major figure who supported the feminists got exposed as being a cuck, pedo, and one was even exposed as a dog fucker. Feminism is just there to push all this freaky nasty shit in the background no different then the LGBT community that is now having transsexuals reading to school children.

    Why else would men be so into defending and dating a woman who has 4 kids out of wedlock and no man in the house?

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    • Yours Truly,

      This is why typically any comments with links must first be moderated. I remember a black witch came onto the site a while back and attempted to post a link to some homosexual pornography. As long as black women continue to play the fool, Verbs will always have plenty of ammunition to use against them. Shutting down Slaying Evil will not profit them anything at all because I’ll simply open up another website and continue the documentation.

      They already tried that shutdown crap with Brian Solonge’s website and GW3 Extreme’s and failed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. Feminism is just a front for homosexuality and pedopholia, as well as other anti-family things. Notice that even these mgtow/alt-right types who claim to hate feminism so much are still mighty cozy with homos.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Black Torch,

      I got this BGS fellow worked out, I know exactly what him and his cronies are all about. I knew he wouldn’t be able to deal with the points raised, listening to him go off on such random tangents was entertaining to say the least.

      Once Obsidian gets his computer up and running again I’ll have to go back on his show and clear up the numerous assumptions BGS made in his video response. Before that I may write a short article dealing with his Alice In Wonderland, Twilight Zone rebuttal.


  19. Great article Mr. Negro Wars. I refer to: Obsidian, Negro Wars, David Carroll, and Tommy S. as the Four Horseman of the COON-apocalypse aka ‘Let Black Redneck America burn’

    Def: *COON* (1) lazy, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon. (2) The coon was not happy with his lowly status. (3) Slow talking; dim-witted (4) unreliable, crazy, lazy, good for nothings (5) The coons goal was leisure; bed-bucking, strutting, styling/peacocking, fighting, avoiding real work, eating watermelons, and making a fool of himself. If he was married or in a relationship his wife/woman DOMINATED him.

    *Citation: Toms, Coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bed bucks by D. Bogle (1994)*

    Will the real COONs of Black Redneck America please stand up? Checkmate… #sysbm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sigma,

      Thanks bro. Exactly, these guys don’t mind being dominated by the black female, they have no problems handing over their brains to her for utilisation. I’m reading the definition of the word coon and thinking black men don’t fit into any of the categories mentioned at all. My point is proven once again, these guys have literally killed the word coon through constantly misusing it, that word no longer carries the same weight and sting it once had and trying to use the word coon against classic black men is simply a fool’s errand.


  20. Pingback: Muddy Bootlickers Club Association Members BGS And AngryMangina Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article – Verbs Claps Back | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

  21. Thinking men need a place that gives them peace in order to build. You can’t expect any man to construct anything in a community full of dysfunction. That’s why every culture has a “ghetto”, and makes it’s way up to an up-scale “gated” community. You have “Detroit”, and you have “LaDera Heights”…


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