Black Women Indeed Love Thugs – The Final Nail In The Coffin


And there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth, a black woman was honest enough to finally admit what thinking black men have been pointing out for the longest while, that black women as a collective are attracted to the lower dreg, scum, thug, unproductive type males of black society. Behold, she didn’t say “I like thugs”, she clearly stated “yes WE DO”. This point was proven a long time ago, however from now on black women really don’t have a chicken leg to stand on whenever this topic and others like it are brought up.

Of course what Rick Dalton also pointed to was black women additionally accepting the CONSEQUENCES of dealing with such characters which we already know they are now attempting to get away from through seeking the assistance of clean up men ie simps in order to distribute the hard recompenses stemming from the bad decisions and choices they made in the past. I WILL NOT be a clean up man for any woman, my services are NOT janitorial and other thinking black men feel exactly the same way.

Now the current technique black women and the pro black simp advocates are employing is one of attempting to shame thinking black men back onto the plantation, however this particular method is already dead in the water seeing as we thinking black male soldiers made the decision a long time ago NEVER to return to black society. I touched upon this recently in an article I wrote back in April entitled We’re Never Coming Back – Get Over It And Move on, the link to that article can be seen below:

Again, something that I have mentioned before is the fact that in non black societies as a whole the women steer clear of the lower dreg males of their respective communities, parents will instruct and teach their daughters to go for the best men possible and equally will warn them regarding the consequences of dealing with undesirables.

However, in modern day western black society things are completely the opposite, for starters most black girls are raised by single mothers who set a very poor example from the beginning by dealing with the very men who are not cut out for fatherhood and long term relationships. The daughters seeing this blueprint that has been placed in front of them repeat the same cycle, getting dicked down by dusty, unproductive black males and most of the time landing themselves pregnant at an early age. Thus the cycle continues and the pattern of destruction is never broken.

Of course black women being the lying scoundrels that they are will lie and attempt to claim that they have no idea that the men they choose are no good until it is too late. Of course the above conversation proves otherwise, however even if a conversation like this never took place we still know that black women are fully aware of the rough necks that they are attracted to and regularly deal with. Remember this song by DMX feat Sisco that came out in 2001:

Here in this particular song DMX and Sisco are playing the characters of Tyrone and J Boogie from the block ie your typical unproductive Negro males, DMX confirms this in his first verse by stating that a soon as these women start to catch feelings he’s out like a thief in the night and the fact that where these women are looking for a long term commitment, he is more on the vibe of a one night stand or a smash and dash. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar?

He even goes as far as to admit that he has a wife but that he isn’t going to mess up his life for some side snatch. The chorus is basically asking these women what they are really looking for from a player. Now obviously I understand that this is a clean version of the song, a dirty version with lyrics can be viewed here, however the overall message is the same regardless.

You’ll notice in DMX’s second verse the long list of women he rattles off, of course this directly correlates with what we thinking black men have pointed out, the fact that the thug type black men have countless amounts of black women on rotation and black women themselves don’t mind sharing them hence the recent popularisation of the “side chick” culture within black society.

Towards the end of the song Sisco drops so many nuggets, talking about “being a player for life” which goes back to the black woman’s repeated failure to convert these types of individuals into upstanding gentlemen. Then he talks about the fact that he has a bunch of women in response to being questioned with regards to other women by these same chicken heads who are really looking to be a player’s wife.

Cisco even states that if you want to be with him you’ll have to understand ALL of the above, this is yet another nugget of truth that confirms black women open their legs to unproductive black men already knowing the deal that they are getting into to it’s full extent. That “I didn’t know he was like that” or “he changed” nonsense won’t pass here at the thinking black men’s regiment, we know better than that.

Gentlemen, black women are on the heavy hunt looking out for clean up men to help them through the consequences following their past bad choices, don’t be a sucker, don’t fall for the Okey Doke. Remember thinking black men, don’t believe for a second that black women now like us, no, instead they just like the HELP we can provide for them.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Clean No Black Female’s Mess

Most High Bless

83 thoughts on “Black Women Indeed Love Thugs – The Final Nail In The Coffin

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  2. Black women have some nerve asking where “da good brothas” at, when they don’t like them anyways. Hell, just this weekend, I was told at my job that some big booty bimbo was checking me out. She apparently knows one of the cashiers, and told her that “he sounds preppy, probably likes white women anyways”.

    Black women feel comfortable around thugs and ghetto culture, this is why they can be Harvard grads working on Wall Street and still fall in line with the hood.

    And what is it about thugs that they actually like? It can’t be that they’re good mates, or good fathers, and it sure as hell cant be that they’re protective, as they are the ones going upside these chicks’ heads. So what the hell is it?

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    • Its control. They love them because they can control them. The thugs need these women. They need their homes, their food, and their cars. A thug will not leave even if she has another 2 or 3 side dudes because he needs her. A thinking black man doesn’t need a woman. That’s why I enjoy listening to Obsidian. He says that he doesn’t need a woman for anything other than being bent over his couch. He cooks his own meals, cleans his own house and pays his own bills. Women hate men like this because they don’t need them. We can walk at any second. They cant control us.

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    • @ afrofuturism. It’s the dynamic that most BM are raised in a single-mother household worshiping a fat Angus Cow. Black Women know this and know that they are used to seeing a woman in control of the relationship. Therefore, Many Black Men will worship and cater to Black Women’s every shitty need. Also, many “Thugs” and “Gangsters” live a certain lifestyle they have created for themselves. Putting themselves at a disadvantage of having a criminal record barring them from legit employment.

      Black Women know that they hold the power and finances of the relationship with thugs. This is why they have no problem with Yung Dump playing FortNite all day, selling weed, and fucking them silly. In fact, they PREFER THAT!!! To Black Women, this is their “Trophy House Husband”. Someone they can have sex with, emotionally control, use as “protection”, and get free weed off of. This is the average thought-process & relationship dynamic with many BM/BW.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      “He sounds preppy”??? That says it all really. She is looking for some of that lighter skinned juice, lol.

      Black women in 2018 are a mutant breed, they love the thugs because the danger and the chaos these fast life dudes bring to the table matches their disjointed and chaotic mentality to a T.

      This is what I had to explain to the witch on Obsidian’s show the other day who came to syphon energy, dysfunctional black females are across the spectrum, so called professionals or the hoodrats it really makes no difference.

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      • @Verbs
        “dysfunctional black females are across the spectrum, so called professionals or the hoodrats it really makes no difference.”

        Exactly. There are hoodrats and then there are “educated” hoodrats, the only difference between the two is a piece of paper from a college and income, other than that the mentality and physical appearance is often the same.

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    • Brother that is what the community calls keeping it real; to have a white collar job by day and cavorting in the hood at night. I pick up some of these Black THOTS doing rideshare on the weekends. I should have recorded a conversation that happen in the back seat of my car last Saturday. You would not be shocked at all and this is the current generation of Black women (under 30).

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  3. This is good news for thinking black men as thuggish ain’t shit black men will stay in the hands of the scraggle daggle and won’t pollute and ruin the interracial dating market with their sagging pants and illiteracy.

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    • Odyssey, don’t be so sure. White chicks are increasingly going for the same thugs as black chicks do. Many preppy, latte-drinking suburban girls are trying to bring home mumble-rapping, Chief Keef-looking hoodboogers these days.

      Happy Monday!

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      • Exactly so the answer is non-American women period. The whole society is corrupt. I mean really I try not personalize it but I can’t help it. At 47 years old, making 40-45K a year, no criminal record, never married, no children; I am of very little value to Western women, only the desperate ones who are hoping not to be cat ladies in the near future and single mothers. What kind of choice that? I rather be single and so I am single but that isn’t a solution.

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  4. Backtrack to Rick Robey Dalton’s page and you’ll find that he’s been to New Zealand and his profile pic was taken in Paris, so he has a passport. Drill down some more and you’ll find he’s got money put away for retirement, and has no kids out of wedlock. Makes you wonder why he’s even interacting with the wig-wearing, thug-loving Stephanie. But it looks like the brother is SYSBM!

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      • So so true, Anton. When I see black women with white dudes, they’re never Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling, more like Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit or some old-ass sugar daddy.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Sometimes these broads come into our spaces, you’ve seen it happen here. The same troll who calls herself Ingrid Fitzpatrick, the same one Obsidian was having trouble with always seems to pop up where I am on social media and is constantly taking pot shots. These sirens are incredibly desperate for attention.

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      • Verbs, absolutely. Why engage people online who clearly are not into you? Answer: in their warped minds, as long as you’re arguing with them, that’s time you’re not devoting to white, light-skinned or non-black women. They can’t keep your attention any other way. Female circular “logic” isn’t meant to be solved, so the hope is that you’ll argue forever instead of breaking free of the vortex and going your own way.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        “Why engage people online who clearly are not into you? Answer: in their warped minds, as long as you’re arguing with them, that’s time you’re not devoting to white, light-skinned or non-black women.”

        Exactly, as long as they can keep you talking you are still engaged with them. That’s why you keep hearing things like “We need a dialog” even though that dialog goes nowhere. The Wall of Silence is the answer to this.

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      • James S,

        You’re so right, black women simply want to continue blaming black men for all of the woes and the calamities black women have brought upon themselves. How is it the black man’s fault these heifers are going bald from their weave/wig addiction? How is it the black man’s fault that these same individuals are killing 5 times more unborn children in the womb than their white female counterparts?

        Blame the black man no matter what, this is the modern day black female’s m.o.

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  5. SO?!?!?! I love WHITE WOMEN. As long as they stay on their side of the road, everything will be alight. I’m tired of trying to shame black women, I’m all about moving up, on and forward. Now about a dating website that caters ONLY to BM looking for WW and vice verse.

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  6. BW only like thugs and pookie and Ray Ray. I’m not the stereotypical black guy. And obviously I got no love from BW. I grew up in Manchester the black part. And I got called “oreo, I talk white”. Because I spoke proper English and nigger ebonics and I acted normal. But non stereotypical black men we thrive interracial dating

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    • @Black British guy, Bro thank the stars that you got no love from these Klingon Black B*tches!! From them there is only pain, sorrow, death or even worse……..LIFE IN PRISON!!

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    • I too grew up in the suburbs, so the other black kids at school would also call me “Oreo”, “not black”, “weak”, “pussy” and question why if I’m of Jamaican parents, why don’t I “smoke weed” and why haven’t I gotten some mixed raced girl pregnant…

      I’m also into trains and other nerdy stuff, so absolutely no black women for miles on end. Brilliant! Suits me just fine.


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      • People used to say the same thing to me because I’m Jamaican born and raised.”where are you’re dred” “you’re Jamaican and smoke weed and drink alcohol that’s weird” shit get old real quick

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      • Michel,

        What you experienced growing up was the typical communistic nudging that commonly takes place in the basket case called black society, black folks as a collective are afraid and intimidated by individuals within the group who don’t follow the set out path of dysfunction. I remember being bullied by two savages in primary school until I stood my ground and showed them that I wouldn’t hesitate to put them down, they never troubled me again after that.

        During my teenage years I mostly hung out with whites and Pakistanis so there wasn’t any pressure on me to “act black”. I believe these were the years that saved me where the SYSBM seeds were planted that would sprout at a later date.

        So, you’re a bit of an anorak eh, lol. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you around on platforms with your camera and notepad, then again I’ve yet to see a black trainspotter. What kind of trains do you like?

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      • @Verbs,

        Not that kind of anorak lol but I am stoked at all the shiny new railway stock being released (the ultra swish Hitachi trains on the GWR, the new 710s Overground stock, TfL Rail Class 345s from Paddington). The Overground network is God sent, as their trains have inbuilt air-con. It’s been 30° (90° F) in England since last week.

        *none of this will make sense outside of London, so to the US brothers, apologies. Just imagine getting a hard on for the New York subway instead… Also you can see why black women are nowhere my radar 😉

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      • Michel,

        My friend’s brother works on GWR, he’s been giving me the rundown on all the teething problems with those new Hitachi trains plus the fact that they’ve been cancelling trains left, right and center due to no drivers being available because of the horrendous timetable changes that came in May. The 387s are a good EMU, very impressive performance and that howling when the train accelerates sounds nice.

        The 345s are also a beast in the acceleration department, can’t wait for TFL rail to start running them through Central London and they’ll also be running in Automatic mode through that area. At least you can now travel to Heathrow for cheaper and it’s faster than the Piccadilly line.

        The air con is a must, some of the temperatures on these tube trains are absurd, especially on the Central Line, literally a moving microwave oven. Got a London Overground station near to my house, can’t wait to see what these 710s are made of even though they were supposed to start running them from April this year but Network Rail messed up on the electrification programme on the Gospel Oak to Barking line, so everything is behind schedule by about 7-8 months.

        I cannot imagine a black woman discussing rail stocks, ATO, ATP, signals, overlaps etc, they would class this kind of talk as “lame” which is all good for us.

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      • @Verbs

        Oh my God! This is music to my ears! As you already know, plenty of brothers work on the railways, historically the only type of work available, so for you to get the inside track on the new trains is amazing (and not too surprising).

        When Crossrail opens up it will be revolutionary, and to add 24 trains an hour through the Thameslink core… London is spoilt with train model choice.

        Yeah, try telling your average hippo about how the train franchising system works and watch how fast she calls me a “lame ass nigga”…

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      • Michel,

        Lol. It is a nice train, must be transporting it to the depot near Acton Mainline to begin it’s commissioning in. Its funny how you talked about many brothers being in public transport jobs because that was the only type of work available to us, this is so true. Much of the windrush generation ended up on the railways, the same folks that this clown of a government is trying to throw out of the country because they haven’t got papers that the same government was supposed to have given them from the beginning.

        Once upon a time very few people if any wanted to work on the railways, even less wanted to drive a train. Now for every position vacant in the public transport sector you have 1000s of applications, how times have changed.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Water seeks its own level, black women only deserve the scum off black male society because those dusty dudes are a solid reflection of themselves. Black women positively don’t deserve good black men like us.

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  7. This Klingon IS a thug herself and looks like one too! Her manly, rough features and soulless eyes speak volumes so this one didn’t surprise me at all. See, it’s the nerdy and “educated” black Klingon Black B*tches that love Pookie and Ray Ray too!

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  8. Just remember when they come to us expecting us to take care of them and their little bastards just keep the wall of silence going and walk far and fast away.

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  9. Reading you guys’ posts, I thank my lucky stars I’m way past having to work with fat, ghetto babymamas. I don’t even come in contact with low-life broads. I’ve managed to leave them behind completely. Keep the wall up, stack your dough, move in higher income circles with educated, like-minded people, and you young bucks can make it happen.

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  10. In 2018 we don’t kneed black women to admit anything about their lust for thugs. We already have all the evidence as does the CDC. Black women can try that “I don’t know what a thug is” routine but it doesn’t work when at the same time you worthless whores are constantly begging real men like us to take care of all your thug babies. We have reformed Pookies like Angryman BGS IBMOR demanding we “sacrifice ourselves” and become “Dishwashers.”

    Listen up black women. EVERYBODY knows you like thugs. That’s why you can’t get Asians and White men to take you seriously. Did you honestly think you whores could lay down with thugs the way you do for all the world to see and that would not have a negative impact on how non-black men view you? Now you bitches are trying to shame White and Asian men into dating you the same why you shame us.

    To BM “You just can’t handle a strong black woman with 4 thug babies”

    To AM “Nobody want’s me and nobody want’s you so we should get together so you can take care of my thug babies!”

    To WM “If you don’t check your white privilege and take care of my 4 thug babies than your a racist!”

    What a joke.

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    • On that note, we – The Knights of SYSBM say unto the scraggle daggle:

      “It’s a wrap!”

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

      The end.

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    • “To AM “Nobody wants me and nobody wants you so we should get together so you can take care of my thug babies!”

      That has to be the most lamentable piece of writing BW have ever published. Even more so than the hundreds of Amazon raceplay fantasy novels.

      Amazon has a new product, the Kindle “L”. Enjoy!

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      • Their entire approach when they try to appeal to Asian men is insane. What man would respond to something like that?

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  11. #saynotosinglemothers
    If I had a billion dollars for every person that I knew that got into a relationship (casual, long-term, or married) with a single mother, I’d be richer than Jeff Bezos.

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  12. Everyone knows black whale bitches love them some thug dick, and will do anything in their power to get it, all while denying it. Black whores are the worlds longest running(ok slowly walking black bitches don’t run) joke. Outside of my weekend job, i have next to no interactions with these dysfunctional beasts. I actively avoid these whales to the best of my abilities. Though I did see one land whale in Whole Foods with her balding white cuck boyfriend. The second she saw me, she tried hugging up on him and giving me dirty looks as if to make me jealous. I flat out laughed in her face which infuriated her. On top of that, I then proceeded to hit on and get this cute asian girls number in front of her which damn near melted her weave. When I was paying for my items, this gorilla was throwing a temper tantrum about how much things cost, being she’s never been there.

    Black whores (and most black people) are a disgrace and should be shunned and avoided at all costs.

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      • I didn’t make out to see what it was honestly, I wasn’t that close but she was cursing up a storm and being your typical black witch.

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    • Those black Women can not be happy because even they know that Billy Bob is just with them to bust several 🥜, not have an actual relationship. Meanwhile, black men can get actual relationships and form actual families.

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    • Stephen,

      I must be looking the other way because I’ve never experienced any of the above. Some of the accounts you and other guys here give concerning black women out on the streets with their white boyfriends/husbands going out of their way to try to make you jealous are incredible. Don’t black women understand that we don’t care about who they date, haven’t they read that memo yet?

      If these women were really satisfied crossing over then they wouldn’t be going out of their overweight ways to attempt to make black men jealous, these chicks are beyond pathetic.

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      • Verbs it happens quite frequently here in the US; especially near or in the bigger cities (like the metropolitan New York area by me).

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    • All the fucking time… 😣

      Get this, BW/IM with child in a supermarket.

      Somebody is taken them off our hands lol


  13. Have you guys seen this? A fat hoodrat beat a 91 year old Hispanic man with a block of concrete and told him to go back to his country. All while her 4 year old daughter was next to her. She then called some thugs to come and attack the old man too.:

    Keep the Wall up fellas. Don’t deal with western BW beyond work and casual greetings/conversation, dont date them, just stay away from them and their bastard spawn.

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    • James S,

      Old guy bumped into her daughter by accident and the black female barbarian decides to go ham on the dude with a brick, I saw a YouTube clip on this a few days ago, absolutely disgusting. There are no bounds to the black female’s savagery and it just goes to show you how she always has the ability to summon an army of rabid simps whenever their flunky services are required.

      She needs to be put down as well as the dumb simpletons who rendered unnecessary beatdown services. Brothers, be prepared to put down these savages if you have to. I know the Latinos will be after her backside, she shouldn’t be pulling that nonsense in LA.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, I know that there is some heat (mostly gang related) between Latinos and Blacks in LA. But what could a 91 year old man possibly have done to deserve being beaten in the head with a brick and jumped? These hoodrats are out of their minds and their bastard kids are as well.

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      • James S,

        Like I’ve said before, it’s a pity that these dysfunctional black witches aren’t being taken out at the same rate as black men, they are the root of the majority problem within black society and ought to be dealt with accordingly.

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  14. ALWAYS be happy when a BW doesn’t want you. It is a sign you are a quality Man….However, we should not give a shit when the thug lives up to his name…BW is not a victim, but a volunteer…..We also should not heed the cries from played out thugs drowning in child support trying to shame us to take their babby mommas……

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    • I’m not a terrible person by any means, but black whores seem to be in love with me even after I make it abundantly clear they have no chance. It is so annoying to constantly have to ignore, act disinterested, and flat out tell them they have no chance.


  15. Now verbs I respect you and your content but…………… Come on MAN!!!!! You know Sisqo doesn’t want any , & I mean any parts of the negro female’s in this video. That’s like watching a brontasourus eating a t-rex, a pelican going on a fish strike, I’m befuddled with this one lol. Now to be fair he wants nothing to do with white women either, yes I’ve seen his Asian beard. I am not buying this guy actually enjoys vagina. Many from like a artistic element like a avant-garde eclectic art piece like a oil canvas abstract representation or a post modern cubist art structure in front of your work building downtown. I maybe wrong but I doubt it .


  16. Now Verbs I respect your content & you but………………Come on Man!!! You know Sisqo doesn’t want any & I mean any parts of the negro female’s in this video. That’s like watching a brontasouras eating a T-Rex or a pelican going on a fish strike. Now to be fair he wants nothing to do with the white women either. No! I’m not buying his Asian beard either.. I’m not buying he enjoys vagina “I’m not going be able to do it!” #Imnotgoingfortheokeydoke . Maby from a artists element like a avant-garde eclectic oil painting of a vag or a post modern abstract cubist bull shit art sculpture in front of your downtown work building. Many I’m wrong but I doubt it……..
    # EBM


    • G1,

      But remember, I’m not dealing with his personal preferences in real life, I’m simply talking about the part he is playing for the video, this is why I stated that from the beginning.


  17. They will sleep with thugs, dregs and peasants but when they become single mothers, they come back to with their worthless, bastards children.

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