Are Thinking Black Men Shook?


It’s a shame that I never found this Facebook post sooner, however I honestly can’t be asked to tackle all of the so called “points” Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu raised because I have already done so in other articles plus the fact that her arguments are either easily refuted or are purposely put there as a distraction from the bigger issues at hand, this is how the overwhelming majority of black women roll.

Her response was in relation to the following article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I dealt with black women and their new mission to specifically abort black male children:

She talks about black women being abused, abandoned and being left to raise children alone, however she conveniently omits to identify the particular black men who are doing this, yes the Tyrones and the J Boogies, the same guys who are not cut out for fatherhood and long term relationships to begin with but black women still choose to open their legs to anyway, smh. Again, what does any of this have to do with the fact that black women are choosing to assassinate an astronomical amount of unborn children per day?

Again, in the US black men are single and childless at a rate of around 43%, therefore 43% of black men have no children to abandon. Of course the disingenuous Breukelen Bleu conveniently forgot to mention the fact that the famous CDC report put the deadbeat dad mantra flat on its face by demonstrating that black men who have children are the most involved parents in their children’s lives. Here is an article dealing with that report and please also find a link to a short article I wrote on this issue:

Notice in typical feminist fashion how black women like Bleu continue to conveniently roll with lies in the hopes that something will eventually stick, feminists simply don’t care for the facts. Just under 28% of black men have children, however we already know with black women that they much prefer to demonise us as a whole as opposed to calling out the MINORITY of black men responsible for not looking after the children they sire. Most black men don’t have children yet these black sirens continue to berate black men as a group for the foul behaviours of a select few, smh.

Again, when you read through her analysis of my article, the majority of it is simply a distraction from the fact that most black lives are being lost in abortion clinics and the modern day black female is the one who is spilling the blood of these innocents. Here they are assassinating on average 1876 unborn children per day and Bleu still wishes to talk about other killings within black society, the numbers of which still don’t even compare even when combined together.

Again, what viable and acceptable explanation do black women have as to why they are killing off so many black children, I’ll wait? My article specifically dealt with black women and their murdering of the unborn and Kendall St Charles simply couldn’t deal with that, which is why she had to introduce a whole range of different topics in her efforts to shift the conversation elsewhere, however that Kansas City shuffle won’t work with me. The topic of discussion is black women and abortion, stick to it Charlie.

Yet again her deflective sorcery further demonstrates how black women as a collective will never own their shortfalls, as far as they are concerned at every juncture the blame for anything they do wrong must be placed at the feet of black men, the mantle of victimhood must be held onto at all costs. The same goes for the black women who decided to chime in and add their 2 pence worth concerning my article, victimhood all the way and not one of them could address the reason why black women have such an insatiable appetite for killing the unborn. Check out the comment section for yourselves.

To claim that thinking black men are somehow “shook” because you’ve decided not to deal with black men as a whole is nothing short of a joke within itself because we at the thinking black men’s regiment abandoned black women LONG before they even THOUGHT of the possibility of abandoning us. The pro black simps are the ones who this “shook” talk ought to be directed at, they are the ones who would be concerned with even a select few of black women turning their backs on black men, NOT US.

SYSBM, save yourselves black men, the overwhelming majority of black females are defective beyond repair and to attempt to embark upon a course of rehabilitation would be nothing short of a fool’s errand. I only wish that more black women like Kendall St Charles would abandon black men, even though most are still suckers for these women in the long term such a move would actually benefit them.

Don’t believe for a second that black women are not concerned about black men walking away from them, a few individuals here and there maybe, however as a group black women are the ones who are shook because they know outside of black men nobody else will date them en masse. Walk down the street arm in arm with a white woman and see if black women aren’t bothered or concerned about it, you’ll soon find out otherwise.

Finally, the full effects of thinking black men leaving the proverbial plantation haven’t kicked into effect yet, what is being experienced now are the preliminary birth pangs, this is why Kendall St Charles and her ilk are still exhibiting some level of confidence, they believe that things as they stand now are as bad as they’re going to be, however the worst is yet to come. Black women as a collective are in for a very rude awakening and most of them are NOT prepared to weather the mighty storm that approaches their shores.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are Still Watching Us

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “Are Thinking Black Men Shook?

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  2. These chicks say all that abuse talk, yet notice how NO ONE feels sorry for them. This is a combination of their horrible reputation, as well as the fact that, as shown by that idiotic, ugly African chick who climbed the Empire State Building, they’re more concerned with other causes which have nothing to do with them.

    Black Women are continuing to force those few former allies of theirs away, with no one going to bat for them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As I also stated on Obsidian’s show last night, notice how quickly black women will rally the troops in support of other people’s causes, yet when it comes down to pro life rallies, being the number one killers of unborn black children in the womb, black women typically are nowhere to be found at these types of events.

      A black witch who came lurking into the hangout actually attempted to justify black women killing off so many unborn children by stating that it is the right thing to do in order to prevent more out of wedlock births, NOT control their unbridled appetite for thug penis from the beginning, smh.

      These sirens are completely through and ought be viewed as cannon fodder for life.

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    • Afrofuturism1 I agree that MOST people no longer feel sorry for the average black woman, BUT, B-U-T, we, thinking black men, must be aware that black women still have their allies, THE SEXUALLY STARVED SIMP. They would cut off their own fingers if a black woman pressed them to do so (and we all know bw love seeing BLACK MEN suffer). We must never forget that, always be aware that black women STILL have her simps.

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  3. I recall hearing about the woman who believed in aborting black male children. I’m surprised she’s still at it.

    She doesn’t understand that by openly saying things like that, that’s going to make her and other black women look even more undesirable in the eyes of other men. There are very few men of any race who would willingly walk into a relationship or marriage with a woman spewing that much venom.

    Every day I seem to see more black men dating white, Hispanic, and in rarer cases, Asian women, whereas I rarely see black couples. Women like this are likely a major contributing reason.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      Black women are going the way of the dodo bird and I for one like others here will not miss them one bit. They always want to talk about black men killing each other in the streets, yet how do these figures even compare to those of abortion?

      Answer, they don’t and I had to show the decadent black witch who decided to roll into Obsidian’s hangout spouting off the usual black female talking points that there is no comparison. Black men who are still dealing with these women are doing themselves absolutely no favours at all.

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    • The funny thing about that is how can you abort a black male baby, without first getting pregnant by a black man? (They’re not talking about any other guy’s baby, are they?) If they hate black men that bad, surely they’re not fucking black men. lol

      They’re bitter enough to say stuff like “abort black boys”, yet they will say you are lying when you tell the world how they try to piss off black men when they are out on a date with a white man. lol

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      • @check yourself
        Stop It!!!.. All of that LOGIC you just put forth is enough to melt their weaves😂😂😂. Trying to have a rational, logical conversation with most black chicks is like trying to reason with a toddler with ADHD!

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  4. Like you said BW are being abused and left to raise bastard kids alone by the men that THEY CHOSE. There is no arranged or forced marriage in this country, women chose who they want to sleep with/date/marry and BW have been choosing the lowest quality BM (thugs, bums, and players) for decades. BM have had our shortcomings thrown in our faces for decades and for the most part we own our faults, but as of the past decade or so BM on the internet have been bringing up BW’s failures and they refuse to own any of it.

    BW saying that they dont date BM anymore is laughable, because we have seen that no matter how much they promote themselves to non-BM, beg, and cry racism most non-BM still aren’t interested. The odds of them finding a non-BM captain save a ho is slim, which once again is why today so many women are boarding the hotep train after falling off swirl mountain.

    Good BM have been increasingly avoiding BW and I see more BM/non-BW couples every year it seems like, BW on the other hand are either alone, with a dusty dude, with a group of other BW, or with bastard kids. Like a brother said before, BW saying that they don’t date BM anymore is like a person saying that they quit their job 6 months after they had already been fired, and the job that they got fired from was the only one that was willing to hire them. Keep the Wall up.

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    • There is a neighborhood in CHICAGO called, “Andersonville” and I have noticed over the past month or so, more IR BM/WW walking around together in the neighborhood (which is safe, clean, and fun).

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  5. Ah yes, the witch who uttered those demonic words of genocide against black male babies. Not black babies overall, but specifically blacke MALE babies. I’ve yet to see a white woman mutter the same rhetoric to other white women. Same thing for Asian women. Even if they had those thoughts for their male counterparts, they keep those thoughts to themselves. Why? Because they know they will be ostracized and demonized by their own female kin for announcing such debauchery. But not with black women. Oh no, I’ve yet to see a single black woman denouncing that witch for her demonic proclamation.

    Like I said before, prepare for the invasion of black femincels. There are too many worldwide factors that will bring about this doomsday for black women. To be the least desired group of females on the planet only means that becoming a group of femincels is bound to happen. Be forwarned, it’s happening.

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    • What can you expect from these bound to the facist State, Neo-Nazi black women and their compatriots in Stalinist/Bonapartist, ‘proud HOUSE N…..S’ type white males except destruction and anarchy? They are obligated to shame black men onto the rotting socialist plantation and to try and force white women to take white men’s and black females’ crap in the name of ‘tolerance’ by their Zionist Nazi Judeo-Catholic masters, if they don’t do it then the ZioNazis will destroy them and annhilate every single trace of black females and white males’ existence to cover their tracks.

      The Zio-Nazis do this all the time to those who oppose them and discover the connections between the two ideologies, it wouldn’t surprise me that the increase in white male and black female ‘hostility’ to SYSBM (which cannot be controlled by the Zio-Nazis) is just these two groups (‘racist’ white males and black women) working overtime to avoid being wiped out by their Zio-Nazi overlords when their usefulness to their masters has ran out.

      All hail SYSBM, and remember to keep that Wall up. The shoe is on the other foot and it’s kicking ass!

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      • These groups are working overtime because they see that the sun is setting on them.

        Speaking of zio-nazis, notice how when these two groups get together, it’s typically very liberal ones. Yet I thought white men wanted conservative women?

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      • Afro,

        That’s a subject black women are hush-hush about. 9 out of 10, whenever a black woman is lucky to land a white men, he’s usually a liberal or democrat. Same thing with these racist white men with Asian women. They holler they are conservatives, but their actions and tendencies scream liberalism. Make that make sense.

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      • White men and black women have been bound to the facist state in general since the days of the encominenda system which we know as ‘chattel slavery’. When the Zio-Nazis demand that black men remain trapped on the rotting communist plantation at all costs, these n….s will obey immediately because it is all they (white men and black women) know.

        Something to note:

        ‘Left-wing’ Zionist Jews scream about racism all the time yet fail to mention how the Talmund was instrumental in it’s (racism’s) creation and how greedy Jews bought, sold and traded African and ‘native’ black males as well as white females like these people were private property, despite the overwhelming evidence exposing this. Now that thinking black males and white women refuse to be denegrated and abused again, causing the Zio-Nazis Ls after Ls in their sick plan for facist world rule, these idiot SJWs are making a big deal out of unimportant issues.

        Why do you think the modern day Bonapartists have essentially ignored the fact that their so-called idol Schicklgruber (which we all know by another name)was essentially a frontman for the Zionists to force Jews to go to their communist colony in the Holy Land? The dude even worked for the Communists breifly before his deployment to create Isreal.

        Jews in general call Gentiles ‘g….m’ which means in simple terms ‘beasts’.

        Racist white males and black women (as well as modern day ‘National Socialists’ aka pro-wack simps) call thinking black men and white women all sorts of disgusting terms unfit for the sensory organs of decent human beings for just deciding to leave the rotting communist plantation, yet these same racist white men are wifing up Asian women and s….g black females under the cover of darkness. And we all know how BW love to ‘swirl’ already.

        See the pattern?

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  6. “Black men are shook because black females aren’t dealing with them”😂😂😂😂😂. Oh really, and what evidence do these weave wearing clowns have to back this up? ..I’ll answer…NONE!!. I swear black chicks are the most laughable and absolutely pathetic group of rodents alive.

    So let’s see, black men in the US date interracially at an almost 3 to 1 rate of the black witches, overall 1 in 4 (25%) marry interracially and 30% of married bm with college degrees marry interracially.

    In the UK it’s even better..
    55% of black men date interracially…
    And 48% of black men marry interracially.

    So I’ll ask the “Whores of Babylon”, how exactly are we shook? Black men have abandoned your obese, diseased, whorish asses decades ago and we have absolutely no intentions of coming back to “blackistan”. If we’re so “shook”, why is it everytime black whores see a black man with beautiful feminine white women they blow their maggot infested weaves?

    Remember how the black horde of whores went ape shit on Donald Glover, Michael B Jordan, Winston Duke(M’baku), Saquon Barkley(RB Giants) and that’s just a few from the first 3 or 4 months of this year. I get my laugh on when I visit that den of bitter black bitches called “The Shaderoom” on instagram. Go ahead and go there and scroll down and every time they post a picture of a black man with a white/Hispanic woman like the aforementioned Donald Glover or Tydolla(rapper), Kobe, Jaden Smithe ect. the bitter black bitches swarm like biblical locusts, it’s a sight to behold. I just sit back with my popcorn and watch the whores perform like the circus clowns they are.

    So, black men aren’t the least worried about the “Bitter Black Bitches of America LLC” trying to climb swirl mountain, because as the hypocritical black female clown on “Love Island” found out in an absolute laughable and EMBARRASSING way on national UK TV, black whores are the least desired and dated group of mutts on the globe and the entire viewing population of the UK was front and center for the powerful and damning evidence, and I absolutely love every second of it!!
    Keep it up brothers, the #SYSBM movement is so successful, damaging and massive that’s it’s wreaking havoc all over the globe.

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    • ‘Bitter Black B…..s of America LLC.’ Damn I love that one. Should have put ‘As well as Angry White Male House N…S of the USSCS, controllled by Zio-Nazi Corp LTD for the purpose of limited hangout operations and controlled opposition type psy-ops in a laughable attempt to discredit SYSBM’. That was badass bro!

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  7. It seems the Facebook link is dead. She probably took it private. Thinking black men aren’t the ones who are “shook” because we’ve by and large left the building. 43% of BM don’t have kids, that’d be us. Later for these misandrist babymamas. The black males they’re aborting will only grow up to be the thugs, mumble rappers, and convicted felons of tomorrow, anyway. Glad SYSBM thinking is taking hold.

    I only caught a few minutes of the Obsidian hangout. He has a tendency to a) talk over the other guests and b) the volume of each guest varies wildly. Like the O-Man is loud and clear, then Nagone for example is super quiet. I tried to tough it out but I didn’t get to hear Verbs at all.

    Happy Friday, gentlemen.

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  8. Ok for real guys you need to start using
    I follow the facebook link and she has already hidden the article. This is what they always do. They spout their bullshit then quickly hide it when they receive any backlash. makes it so that the original is always available even if they hide/delete the original post/article.

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  9. In response to the article itself the only black men who are “shook” are the cuckelberry-finn-ass-niggas that cape for these black alien queens of the damned. They like the soy boys always simp for black women and give them a pass for everything they do in hopes of getting some pussy. They don’t realize that they are just drones used by the alien queen to lure men like us back to the plantation to be clean up men.

    The drones have failed in this effort so now she is trying to jump ship to non-BM only to find that nobody is interested in a group of women openly praise aborting their male children. The simps are shook because they have yet to be rewarded by the scraggle daggle. Black women don’t realize but they are very similar to the “Daughters of Megalia” I’ve mentioned them in the past. They also wanted to abort all south korean male babies and whore themselves to white men only for most white men to avoid them like the plague outside of a few one night stands. Mark my words this is the future of black women in America. This is where feminism takes you in the end.

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  10. Okay so 2 things. Followed the link to the complex article and looked at the comments and guess what only 2 people who were trying to dispute the claim were first a black woman with an African name and second a white man.Does this scenario sound similar to anybody?! I also think it’s funny that a site like complex that’s gear towards an “urban” audience but yet the article that’s supposed to paint black men in a positive like was written by what seems to be a Hispanic or a white woman.Like I said before does this scenario sound familiar?! SYSBM till the life leaves my body.

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  11. These walruses actually think black men are shook because they’re “leaving”?? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂Their weaves must on too tight if they actually believe this nonsense. Keep living on fantasy island you jackasses. Black bitches let me let you in on something: thinking black men will not only watch you leave, we’ll even help you five dollar net worth, bastard kid having silverback gorillas pack. Get outta here we’re shook.

    These broads stay delusional. The Wall is working absolute wonders if they actually believe this. Black men with common sense don’t care if you leave, because we’ve been gone for years. But go ahead and go try to climb mount swirlylmpus. Most of your obese asses won’t make it.

    Black bitches, you guys are in for a very rude awakening once you come to find out most non black men don’t want you, and if they do it’s nothing more than a pump and dump. The fact they don’t realize that other races of men see how they treat us is amazing. The fact they also think they can get quality white men looking like a cheap knock off barbie with a dirty nat infested rug on her head, when he can easily get the original is downright hilarious.

    At the end of the day, you can take all of the pink pill classes until your heads explode, read every last book on Amazon as to how to get a white man, act like a knock off white girl and talk all prim and proper. But most of you aren’t fooling anybody. At some point, you’ll revert back to boomquiesha from the hood, and end up getting dicked down by man man and Tyrone even if you had the white man of your dreams.

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    • >These walruses actually think black men are shook because they’re “leaving”??

      Walruses: Hey man! Don’t lump us in with the scraggle daggle! Even WE have standards!

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  12. >Are Thinking Black Men Shook?

    Any thinking man would be shook at the very sight of the scraggle daggle. It’s like looking at Medusa and turning to stone.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  13. Another Math Equation guys no need for a T 84 calculator. Ok who can solve the equation stupidly x stupidity + dumb ass imbeciles – common sense = Black Women. Congratulations guys we have graduated to a higher grade of SYSBM. Next weeks quiz will focus on staying as far away as you can from black women enjoy your weekend fellas.

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    • >Next weeks quiz will focus on staying as far away as you can from black women enjoy your weekend fellas.

      Just call me valedictorian. I aced that quiz many times over!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Black women remind me of the former FARC terrorist organisation in Colombia.Over-zealous fanatical idiots with no idea what their ideology really means, ending up being used by a foreign power to spread chaos and destruction across the area and then callously abandoned when they are no longer needed. We need to keep that Wall up guys, it’s working wonders.

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      • Anton,

        Yea the US and Colombian governments used Gar. To help them take out Pablo Escobar and when they killed him FARC took over the drug trade and ran through Colombia like a bunch of savages. How is that any different than what Escobar was doing but FARC did whatever and got no backlash from the US or Colombian governments the Colombian government had to do a peace treaty with FARC smh.

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    • That poor guy looked shell-shocked about the she-shed and the she-beast. Instead of State Farm, he should’ve gotten SYSBM, the best insurance. Call or click today.

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  14. Just remember two key facts about(black) women in general:

    One: They are ruled by their emotions, not logic

    Two: They crave penis.

    Three: Men can cope with being alone, women can’t.

    Hungry Hungry Hippos are Single at a 75% rate So who’s shook now? Certainly isn’t thinking black men…


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  15. Today at my weekend job, one of the resident silverback gorillas comes in to hit on me. Per usual, I am being as dismissive and disinterested as possible. Harambe asks me what I’m doing on my next day off, I tell her I’m seeing (and in all likelihood smashing) one of my friends as she’s home from Florida. It asks me what we’re gonna do. Once I realize it realizes I’m talking about a female friend, I go into detail about how she’s pale, roughly 120 pounds, blue eyes, reddish hair, tight body as Irish as you can be. As i get into more detail, this huge bitch keeps getting angrier and angrier and it’s bringing me such joy, I can’t even hide it. Once I’m done harambe decides she no longer wants to talk to me, I wish her a wonderful night and I received a death stare.

    Now that I know how to get rid of them, I am going to make sure I’m giving full details out about my times out with non black (specifically white) women, and watch their maggot infested weaves implode…

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    • >I received a death stare.

      MBD calls that ” reckless eyballin’ “.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the silverback scraggle daggle breed themselves into extinction.

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    • FLCLimaxxx,

      These black heifers no matter what part of the globe they are from love racist white men, I’ve done a 5 part series on how black women worship and interact with whitey their lord and saviour, smh. Another L for the Swirl Nation, how is the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin going to explain this one?


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