Another Failed Attempt To Climb Swirl Mountain, Another L For The Swirling Sisterhood – We Told You White Men Don’t Want You Like That!

Evidence/FAIR USE:

Thanks to Tyrone Nyx from bringing this information to my attention. This short clip is from a British dating reality TV show called Love Island. The show is currently in it’s fourth season. I had briefly heard about this programme in the past but never paid it much attention until information was brought to me concerning a black female by the name of Samira Mighty who went onto the Island believing that she could snag herself a white guy, ie climb Swirl Mountain with ease.

However the reality is she was rejected on all fronts. Not one single white guy there was checking for her which goes back to what I have stated over and over regarding to my articles that talk about black women and swirling, the overwhelming majority of black women who attempt to climb Swirl Mountain WILL FAIL, this is the reality of the situation.

At the end of the day for British white men who look like the fellows in the show, as a black women in order to attract such individuals, you have to look exceptional. Don’t bother rolling up to them with weaves, excessive make up and other external appendages and believe that these will seal the deal, its not going to happen. Samira Mighty found this out the hard way. Rolling onto Love Island with a weave attempting to look like Becky when there are already plenty of Beckys on set, how foolish can you be?

See, this is the reality of Swirl Mountain that the Pink Pill Pimpstess, the Queen and high priestess of swirling, one Christelyn Karazin does not want to inform her followers about. I checked out Karazin’s blog as well as her Youtube channel to see whether she had anything to say with regards to this huge setback for the swirling sisterhood, of course when I reached both destinations there was nothing but crickets outside of complete silence.

Of course Christelyn Karazin is not going to cover this event because this goes completely against the urban legends, myths, rumours and the old wives tales she has been pushing onto gullible black women with regards to interracial dating. The stats already reveal that black women are the least desired and the least married group of women bar none. Check out Karazin’s Instagram profile and look for her husband, where is he outside of a few pictures taken back in 2012 when she first opened the account? That is a huge red flag for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Did Samira Mighty honestly believe that she could roll into this show and compete with the white women there? She obviously thought she could but was quickly shown otherwise. To be honest Samira Mighty looks extremely basic at best, remove the weave, the make up and the other externals and she would look like a completely different creature, an even more basic looking one at that. She isn’t my cup of tea and those boys on the show clearly felt the same way.

Of course black women in their droves have been coming out of the woodwork lamenting her rejection on the international small screen:

One black female on the liberal website Medium wrote an article on the matter giving her explanation as to what went wrong:

At least she had the honesty to admit that black women are the least desired when it comes down to dating and marriage. However claiming that Samira Mighty is “gorgeous” is way too far of a stretch. Though Samira is in shape her body has no curvature or shape to it, its built just like your average brick used for housing, straight up and down. The fact of the matter is Samira like most black women today is not that attractive and the weave and heavy make up was her attempt to compensate for her shortfall in good looks.

It goes back to what I stated before, in order for a black woman to be attractive to white men she must look exceptional, Samira however looks like your typical hoodrat from the block. Exceptionally good looking black women in 2018 are a very rare find these days. Besides, this also solidifies what we thinking black men have been stating for the longest while, men of different ethnicities will be attracted to their own female counterparts FIRST and foremost.

Black women as a collective additionally have done themselves absolutely no favours in the degenerate way they conduct themselves, their gutter image and foul, unfeminine and violent reputation proceeds them. What, does Samira honestly think that these white men cannot see how black women have literally thrown themselves into a toilet that has yet to be flushed?

Remember the article I wrote back in December 2016 entitled Swirling On The Decrease For Black Women – Here Are The Main Reasons Why, I showed 4 short video clips demonstrating some of the main reasons why white men are beginning to give black women a wide berth. In addition to the dearth of good looking black women available, it isn’t rocket science to figure out why black women are at the bottom of the dating totem pole.

I highlighted some of the many problems black women suffer from in the semi viral article I wrote back in September 2016 entitled Black Men Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why. Of course black women and their pro black simp advocates attempted to write off the reasons given as “stereotypes” rather than face the music and accept that the issues listed are all based upon the truth. This is one of the major problems with black women right here, they will never acknowledge that they are at fault on anything which is why it is nigh on impossible to build with such individuals.

Also, you’ll notice that it is typically your dark skinned black women who are the ones rabbiting on about European standards of beauty, yet here on the streets of London I pass plenty and I mean plenty of attractive women from India, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, the majority of whom are dark skinned. The dark skin is NOT the issue, looks and femininity are the focus of concern here. When you walk around in a masculine fashion claiming to be independent feminists who don’t need men, don’t expect to be dated or wifed up anytime soon, it is that simple.

In the information age most black women still believe that we are living in a pre internet era, they honestly don’t believe that most folks can see their degeneracy for what it is, this is despite the fact that they themselves are the ones uploading stacks and stacks of evidence to social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, WorldStar Hiphop, Instagram, Snap Chat etc. Walk out on the local streets with your own camera and you are bound to catch black women engaging in some form of filth, degeneracy and dysfunction.

Black women are at the bottom when it comes down to dating and marriage, they’ve done this to themselves and I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Samira’s rejection by the white men on Love Island simply goes to illustrate what the thinking black men’s regiment has been stating all along, outside of black men nobody else will date or marry black women en masse and now it has come to a point where many black men are beginning to grow tired of this dysfunctional black female and are starting to exercise other options.

At the end of the day black women as a whole being the ultra communists that they are want “special conditions” imposed when it comes to themselves entering the dating and mating market, they know full well that they cannot compete against non black females and so they will typically resort to either playing the victim, using guilt tripping, bullying and shaming tactics, whining, complaining, any combination of the above or all of the previously mentioned.

Don’t forget the article that I wrote back in May this year where I showcased another article written by a black female in which she attempted to shame white men into dating black women, yep, this is how desperate the modern day black female has become.

At the end of the day thinking black men understand and accept the fact that the overwhelming majority of non black women will gravitate towards the male counterparts of their ethnicity first, black women on the other hand are having an extremely difficult time accepting the same when it comes to non black men, especially white men. For some strange reason black women believe that they should be on an equal footing with white women when it comes to white men, how delusional is that? I guess the vapours of Serena Williams and Meghan Markel’s interracial marriages have already worn off.

Brothers, continue building up that wall of silence against these treacherous, pestilent harpies, they’ve dug their own grave and shunning decent black men was the worst thing they could’ve done. Now these same black women must reap the whirlwind and drink down the judgement based upon their reckless decisions of the past. The cup of manifold recompense has now been passed down to thee o black woman, enjoy thy beverage.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Fire Works Are Beginning To Intensify

Most High Bless

127 thoughts on “Another Failed Attempt To Climb Swirl Mountain, Another L For The Swirling Sisterhood – We Told You White Men Don’t Want You Like That!

  1. HILARIOUS stuff!!!! Haha!

    Notice how disingenuous these harpies are: “dark women”. No, BLACK women! As you said, men, especially white ones, have no problem with interracial dating, nor with dating dark skinned Latinas, Indians, and Arabs. The problem is black women, the worst and most belligerent of whom happen to be the same “crispy” (to use their terminology) individuals who always complain about colorism.

    Black women, namely those with little to no admixture, have horrible facial features and on average do NOT look as pretty or as feminine as other groups of women. Another thing that I keep pointing out is that it doesn’t matter how in shape her body is if her face is still extremely coarse and masculine. Skinny black women are many times actually far worse than their obese counterparts, as their masculine appearance becomes that much more obvious without prominent secondary sexual features such as breasts and buttocks.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women as a collective seem to have forgotten about the saying “first impressions last”. Many a time the first impressions that your typical white male will run across with regards to black women are usually the following:

      There just aren’t very many attractive black women around anymore, most of these chicks today has masculine looking faces, are overweight and have very bad skin which only amplifies the poor physical appearance.

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      • Yep, BW have been promoting themselves as the hoodrats and Hos of America for years now, it is no longer contained to only rap videos.

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      • Cardi B showed up at Coachella with a baby bump. These Black women are insufferable, meanwhile Beyonce’ tears the house down with one of the best performance in the history of that event and tells the audience to call her Mrs.Carter.

        Cardi B barely knows who got her pregnant and the Sista hood loves her because she’s a former THOT, no wait she’ll still a THOT, just selling records.

        As Dr Laura would say, shacking up with women especially Black women makes them UNPAID HOES.


    • ALSO
      THAT IS IT.

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  2. Also, just like the article in May, these tweets are once again essentially trying to shame men, namely white ones, into dating these heifers. Actually pretty women don’t need to beg men to date, if anything, it’s begging to leave them alone.

    As Verbs stated last week, if these chicks were to disappear, not a damn soul would miss them, so go ahead and breed them out. Literally, replace them to the point where the blackest chicks look like Meghan Markle.

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  3. One black male commentor on the Guardian (who also wrote about Samira) pretty much hit the nail on the head:

    “As a black man, I would feel some sympathy, but then I read this:

    When Samira said her type was ‘blond hair and blue eyes’

    And then I just laugh to myself. Anyone who rolls in black circles or frequents black focused online communities knows that this is an ongoing “issue”. Black women feeling slighted by peoples preferences for anything which does not look like them. But the growing issue I am having is that the same black women seem to be perfectly okay with pronouncing their preferences for “aryan features”. Why the fuck should I feel sympathy for Samira when she clearly has the same preferences [the writer’s] complaining about? Or is preference only a problem when men have it? … It does not even make any sense anymore. Now women (and minority women) want to police the preferences of the opposite sex, all in the name of equality and tolerance. You literally cant make this shit up.”

    The reality is, people have preferences, and most of them aren’t “social conditioning” as many like to claim. Most men prefer women who are young, in shape, and baggage free; not because of the media telling them they should, but because that’s what they are biologically attracted to.

    Mighty needs to come to terms with the fact that the men she likes–white men–typically prefer to date and marry their own, and Mighty’s supporters need to understand that you can’t force someone to find black women attractive if that isn’t what they find desirable normally.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      Black women want others to be handicapped in the dating and mating market it order to make it easier for themselves to compete, however this is not going to happen. They are allowed to have their own preferences but black men aren’t??? This modern day black female at this stage is nothing short of a joke and she will go down in the annuls of history as the longest running one at that.

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    • I agree 100 I had sympathy for her till I found out she preferred white men. Women are trying to Shame men for sexual preference

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  4. damn those tweets were hilarious every excuse in the book except that the white women looked better . how a few guys on that set can represent all of society I’ll never know but black females have never been known to be logical . why do I think the viewers at home that look like Sammy would have wet themselves if she was chosen . Years ago I had a conversation with Christelyn Karazin because she was giving advice to black women on how to get a white man . things like not having multiple baby daddies , not being ghetto fighting , cussing and morbidly obese . I had to jump in and say if they could do all that they’d be able to get decent black men , I don’t remember what she said but it was obvious she was not hardly in the business of grooming women for black men

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    • Knutz,

      Karazin cannot be taken seriously and you’ll notice that the interracial couples she highlights are just that, couples. Where is this chick’s husband? How can you continue to push the swirling racket yet your significant other never appears with you in your videos?

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    • “damn those tweets were hilarious every excuse in the book except that the white women looked better ”
      Yep, the WW standing next to her looked better than her too.

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    • A few years ago Tommy Soto broke down an article of Madame Noire pushing swirling, and one of the 8 tips was to drop the black girl attitude when dating out. That meant that black women know they’re being bitches on purpose!

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    • White women aren’t the ones writing about how to get a Black man. They naturally date/marry them but they’re loyal to White men as well. WW have positive self esteem. So does every other nonblack women except Black women, whether they are African American, Afro Latina, Caribbean, and African. Black women are very delusional to think that white men would abandon white women en masse to get with them. It ain’t happening no matter how many books/articles they write in praise of white men, the Megan Markle hysteria, etc. White men will always stick to their women no matter what with the occasional Asian woman. Sorry swirlers. Take the L, swirlers, It’s not going to happen


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  6. Good post Verbs.
    “The dark skin is NOT the issue, looks and femininity are the focus of concern here.”
    Exactly, my dad’s side of the family is dark skinned. My dark skinned female cousins (raised in two parent homes) are ALL married.

    BW are in between a rock and a hard place, they are now feeling the effects of their “niggas aint shit” and “BM aren’t on our level” talk for the past few decades. After failing to climb swirl mountain many are climbing down to see that good BM are gone, and the only ones waiting for them at the base of the mountain are pookie, ray ray, and Shaktavia the lesbian.

    I saw one of that Chrisse chick’s videos on YouTube with her talking about “Black Male Erasure”, apparently this is the new scare tactic that BW are resorting to in their desperation to keep BM. They are trying to claim that BM are erasing themselves by having children with non-BW, this is ridiculous on a number of levels but mainly because:

    Bright skinned BM identify as BM and get along just fine with dark skinned BM
    There are hundreds of millions of BM all over the globe, BM aren’t going anywhere

    I was having dinner with my wife the other night and saw two black teens walk in on a double date with two white female teens, as many brothers on here have pointed out in the past even the youth are SYSBM. I was at a funeral and I saw a brother there with his white wife and two children, I was shopping for rugs and saw a BM with his white wife and two little girls, I rarely ever see a BW with a non-BM, or with a (decent looking) BM to be honest. The Wall is punishing and effective and they are feeling it hard.

    The gender wars are over, BM won, and unlike Angryman I don’t think that we are obligated to reach out to the “community” to clean up pookie, ray ray, and Shaniqua’s mess. If some BM choose to that’s fine, but (unless you are a baby daddy or otherwise contributed to the problems) you aren’t obligated to. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      Thanks bro. Black women namely dark skinned black females continue to reach for the skin tone angle even though other dark skinned females have no problems getting themselves men. Even the ones that aren’t that attractive can still bag themselves a man solely based upon their femininity. Black women really burned their bridges by spitting on decent black men, now they must reap what they have sown and again, I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

      Chrissie is full of garbage, hasn’t she looked at Africa or Brazil lately, plenty of black men in those places and our numbers are only growing. It’s time for good black men to look elsewhere for decent, good looking, feminine women, black women have made it clear in no uncertain terms that they do not like us, therefore why would I and others like me still stick around for them? Like you keep on saying, thinking black men must continue to build and fortify that wall.

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    • @JamesS I agree somewhat with your post. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the one drop rule. Their is a difference between lightskin black men and biracial lightskin men. Do you happen to have a white wife also?

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      • My wife is Bi-racial (white/black). I come from a region of the South where half or more of the black people are bright skinned (Creole). Growing up there bright skinned BM and dark skinned BM got along just fine, we never had any contention between us and we all identified as BM. Bright skinned BW and Dark skinned BW on the other hand were not as freindly with each other.

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    • The young black boys are catching on at an earlier age, and are completely avoiding black whore parasites as much as they can help. I see it ALL over out by me in surburban New York, and it brings me joy to see they’re catching on and have learned from others mistakes.

      The only ones who actually stick by these chicks are the ones who are raised in these hellhole black towns/ communities and you can tell a lot of them want nothing to do with these chicks, but stick around because they don’t know how to get away, or are still listening to the outdated untrue shaming tactics.

      I’ve also heard the “you’re erasing black people away by having children with non black women” tatic and it’s pathetic. Block people aren’t going anywhere, next shaming tatic for us to dismantle.

      The Wall is undefeated, and unforgiving. Lots of these whores who attempted to climb swirl mountain, and failed miserably are as you said left with man man (who is even getting sick of her) laquisha the dyke, and simps they don’t want. They did it to themselves and we won’t be saving them ever.

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      • >you’re erasing black people away by having children with non black women

        Next time tell these queans: “We’re not erasing black people away, we’re erasing the hood-rat, ghetto, ratchet, nigga-type blackistani black people away.”

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        Why don’t these queans ever talk about themselves being the number one erasers of black people through the mass aborting of unborn black babies?


  7. I must disagree with you @Verbs..

    Shunning black men was the best thing BW have done, as it leaves people like me to explore and date White/Asian/Indian women, wherever they may be. Fantastic.

    I’m currently putting to rest the early shame and violence-based parental programming, so the wall resembles a ultra secret compound, full of attack dogs and virtual borders with bullets that bend round corners, and shit…. Wish me luck.


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    • Michel,

      I agree, from our perspective black women shunning us for the like of Pookie and Ray is great, it frees us up to go elsewhere. However from their perspective it is a terrible decision they’ve made and are going to live to regret for years to come. However, this is not my problem, it’s theirs. They made their pestilent bed and now they must lay in it. More black men need to start recognising the value in being shunned and rejected by black women instead of looking at such events as a disappointment.

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  8. To be fair Samira isn’t a bad looking women she’s attractive I would fuck her, but get rid of that weave. After that Samira event that will be the last time love island has a black women on the show. I remember they had a BM on the show even he managed to hook with attractive WW.

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  9. As this article showed the results are clear. White men and BW thought that they could screw black males and white females over with ‘revolutionary’ Communism and ‘Pan-Africanist’ facism and get away with it, never mind white males’ pathetic tendency towards jingoist fake ‘nationalism’ and ‘ethnic purity’ in the good old days while promoting the Zionist World Order’s anti-male agenda at the same time. Now that their Zio-Nazi Vatican master has left them to run the rotting socialist plantation that was once the so-called West they (black females and racist white men) are trying to force us thinking black men back on to the plantation. Screw them! When Daddy Big Government was helping to keep WM at the top with their lacky black females always following them, thinking black men ‘weren’t shit’. Now these idiots expect us to come in and clean up the mess their matriarchic ‘welfare state’ created. They were the ones who sold out to the Zionist Nazi Vatican heirarchy for power and position in the old days while demeaning us black men and trying to thought police white women into staying on the plantation, why don’t they take on the challenge? Some things never change I guess…

    The Ls keep on coming for disgusting white male Commies and Neo-Nazi black females guys, just keep breeding them out and you won’t have to worry about them any more.


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    • Black women and their union with white men is becoming more well known. They’ve become a joke in the eyes of many, and now black men are running like hell to get away from both.

      Speaking of communism, notice how hive minded and needy blacks are. That’s all on black Women.

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  10. More I see this happening the less I care about BW and her so-called plights……As the article stated…”This isn’t the pre-internet” era….Back then BW slandered us with no shame because no-one outside the community had a view in……NOW people see who the problem is very clearly and the QUEAN has no clothes………Just saw this today at the store when a dark-skinned, obese BW was parading around with her fat, balding White male beta……As usual I just KNEW this cow would follow me to the next aisle. While I looked for coffee, I ignored her ass…..Suddenly, two girls, one Asian and the other possibly Scandinavian passed between us….Both women gave me the “eye” and said hello with a smile…….I then looked over at the BW who was noticeably angered by this…….When BW can “swirl” it is usually with men WW do not desire….

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    • 8-bitBlerd,

      I laugh whenever I hear these accounts of swirling black females trying their best to trigger black men when out and about with non black men especially white men. They still believe that we are bothered by them dating out, we don’t care. It’s the pro black simps who get their knickers in a bunch over their queans crossing over the fence as well as black women themselves whenever they see a black man with a non black woman.

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  11. Also,
    Samira said she goes for blondes so presumably white men….does that make her racist or submitting to the idealogy of Western beauty standards?Does that not make her colorist ? How u gonna complain about european so called ”beauty standard” when yourself prefer this stuff ? 😂

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    • The irony of it all. BW such as Samira constantly complains about colorism and WS, yet she prefers the Whitest of the White, a Nordic Anglo-Saxon WM. That alone invalidates their complaint about colorism as well as their hypocrisy. BW needs to check themselves in the mirror.

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  12. Verbs2015,

    They are so much to say about this. The first fact that we all always know is, black women ”loyalty” is bullshit, only simp believe this. In my opinion black women want date interracial as much if not much more than black men.I come across a blog who get my attention,

    I quote her ”White men with black women are not as common in America as you might expect. Even though an eighth of American women are black, fewer than one married white man in 400 has a black wife”

    This information mean a lot, white men would fuck the shit of black women but as far as wifing them, think again.That’s why there is no such thing as black women loyalty,a lot of them have try actually to date and marry white, but seeing that they would not wifing her they go back to black men who are their ”secure choice”.

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    • Black women are like white washed Asian women. The only difference is that Asian women are attractive on average because they keep their bodies in shape and don’t have a bunch of kids out of wedlock. They say they are “Loyal” to black men only because they have nowhere else to go. I have NO loyalty to black women as I knew the truth about them long ago. Hell a year or two ago you had some ugly ass black bitch crying on youtube because nobody wanted to dance with her at some Chris Brown concert. The simps poured in attacking black men for not getting with this “Queen” only to find that she is a single mom with a white man’s baby.

      She wanted a white man but when he left her like the thugs black women love always do now all of a sudden she is “Pro-Black” and demands a black man pick up the tab. Any black woman who says she is “Pro-Black” is either a lesbian who only became a lesbian because Tyrone broke her heart or she got dumped by Chad and has to use the “Pro-Black” nonsense to get a mate. Colorism and all that bullshit black women complain about it actually the modern day black female dating strategy. Black Guilt. Black women have no sexual market value because of Tyrone so they have to shame good men to look at her or they never will.

      Just date out and enjoy yourself. Let Tyrone take care of black women. They were meant for eachother.

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  13. Black women are sad. They make black culture sad.

    Their psychosis is as obvious as the nose on their face, but their egos won’t let them see it.

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  14. The hypocrisy being displayed in that comment section is so staggering I don’t even know if I have the words to explain it but I’ll try. This clown clearly says on the show that she’s attracted to blonde hair blue eyed white boys but then the clowns in the comment section have the nerve to turn around and complain about colorism. DId she not just practice “colorisms” with her preference for blonde hair blue-eyed white boys? Isn’t she a colorist? So let me get this straight, she’s allowed to have her preference but no one else is allowed to have their preferences? I bet you 1 million dollars that if a black man was on national TV and said he preferred blonde hair blue eyes white girls he will be called every derogatory name in the book and be labeled a full-fledged “colorist” who hates his mama and himself. These black female clowns are really getting a real world example of just how undesirable they are. Keep dating out brothers, let everyone know within hearing distance what your preference is. Mine is for blonde hair blue-eyed white girls I’m not at all ashamed to let people know, just like that crying clown isn’t.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Black women revel in hypocrisy and because they view us as slave, they feel that they have a right to be hypocrites with impunity. I remember back in the late 80s and 1990s when black women were practicing heavy “colourism” declaring their love for light skinned and mixed race men. I can remember that era like it was yesterday. It was the same over here in the UK too, light skinned black men and mixed dudes to black women were “da bomb”. Now the tables have turned and they want to cry foul, smh. They must now accept their lots and deal with the new set of cards that have been dealt to them.

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      • U know damn well, that nowadays dark skin women think that now due to the fact that dark skin/browskin men become a little more appreciated, they need to ”elevate” them too whatever that suppose to mean. See in general women who tend to really like dark skin men are light skin/browskin women, white women, and rarely dark skin women. Don’t be fooled, they don’t like dark skin men like that,they are jealous of the attention they got now by all women period, meanwhile themselves are at the bottom.
        Dark skin women who cry about colorism are a joke at this point,they are the main one try to emulate beyonce who is light skin or white women. They prefer emulate other women natural look, but not their own.That’s why they losing without the battle of dating begin. Add that to the fact that most of them are overweight, rarely feminine, rarely docile, don’t take care of their skin and u know now why they are at the bottom.

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  15. Perfect post Verbs2015. Salute! This is why I feel absolutely nothing for black women. I can’t stand them at all. It’s always hypocritical racist bullshit with them. The chick from the reality show, and the chick from the Medium Mag, are both mad that white men don’t like them, but their both white supremacists themselves. You can’t make this shit up. Did you know about black men in interracial marriage, thats it becoming equal amongst all races, to a certain extent. Basically the number of white women married to black men equals about 50%. And the other 50% is latin women, asian women, Middle Eastern women, etc. Basically black men marry women of all races period. Black men simply don’t go for white women, like black women go for white men. How in the hell can these black women worship white men, when they don’t even like their black ass? Black women are racist, disloyal, and sexist, and evil as fuck. Let the devil deal with them! That writer from the Medium is the devil. She literally wrote an article about how white men not liking them is racist, but she hates black men?!? You can’t make this shit up! Black men com from Krypton and black women come from Bizarro World. We are not the same!

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    • @freeblackman
      That clown from Medium Mad conveniently left out the fact that she perfers white boys and again crys about not be desired and “colorism”. Black chicks are psychotically hypocritical, with a sub diagnosis of bipolarism and a side order a persecution complex. In other words….. THESE BITCHES ARE CRAZY !!!

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    • FreeBlackMan,

      Black women have sold themselves out to Babylon and they will fall in like manner. These heifers are completely disloyal to the core and shouldn’t be trusted under any circumstances, they only look out for themselves and care not for anybody else.


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  16. Gentlemen,

    I’m about to make a bold prediction here, even though parts of it is slowly starting to manifest. But I believe black women are on the verge of becoming the first ever group of femincels (female involuntarily celibates). They are ruining their chances at partnerships that men of all races are now starting to go to them less for even ONS. And we already know the score for them when it comes down to dating and marriage. And to add the cherry on top of this sundae, we’re already hearing stories of black women raping men at gunpoint. I’m calling it now, the first group of femincels will be black women.

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    • “But I believe black women are on the verge of becoming the first ever group of femincels (female involuntarily celibates).”

      Yep. A lot of BW are already incels, we see them crying on YouTube about not being married/dating, especially the ones who wont deal with pookie and ray ray (BW’s last resort). Like many brothers have said on here before, the next step may be anger/violence against interracial couples, a BW version of Elliot Rogers.

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    • You’re not off the mark on this one. As a 52 year old man though I’ve seen this type of women around for a few decades or so. Minus the “rape at gunpoint” part. Black women been for decades getting themselves in trouble in the dating game and in this new millinium they’re desperate and will do anything to get a date or sex or both.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Don’t worry guys black women will be just fine. After all Megan Markle gives them “hope.”

    Black women are going to become extremely violent towards guys like us when they finally realize that only light skinned black women can climb swirl mountain as they are the only black women white men will date/marry on average. Their communist take on dating and relationships will reach a fever pitch and they will start throwing acid at us like terrorists. In a way black women are like Incels in a way. They are both racist and feel entitled to the opposite gender as if we are their property. Incells and black women blame society at large for their failures with women when in reality it is because of their own physical and emotional shortcomings.


    Black Women: “Black men date white women because they are conditioned by the white supremacist standard of beauty.” (It has nothing to do with our attitude, being overweight, or bastard children.)

    Incels :White women date black men because they are brainwashed by (((MTV))) (It has noting to do with my personality or my looks it’s the Jews fault.)

    Liked by 6 people

    • Yours Truly,

      These dudes hate the fact that more non black females especially white women are looking and also heading on our direction. Again, they did it to themselves via the heavy promotion of things anti male/anti masculine, effeminate and homosexual. Now large swaths of white women no longer see white men in the west as masculine and manly, hence why many more of them are now coming our way.

      Incels and black women are just about as insecure as each other. Yep, been telling thinking black men to prepare for the violence from disgruntled black women for a minute. Black women will be locking into full primal rage mode as more and more black men decide to check out of black society.

      Liked by 5 people

      • @Michel
        “And they want white women to take them seriously as partners?”

        A lot of WW are calling WM out on their racism and sexism, they don’t want to be associated with it anymore and speak out about it. I’m not a big fan of feminists but unlike black feminists, white feminists actually have some legitimate grievances with their men (WM).

        Liked by 4 people

    • This is ASTOUNDING! I had no idea that these white men had gotten so bad. They think that they’re so smart and clever when saying these things, too.

      As I’ve stated before, they, despite the litany of power that they still have, have the nerve to act like victims to the machinations of their own design, while supposedly hating said victim mentality in actual minorities.

      Do NOT align yourself with these groups. Whatever truth they may have is not worth being contaminated with the myriad of lies, and sad truth is not theirs exclusively. If I’m not going to dude with the hoteps due to my jarring differences with them, I’m sure as hell not teaming up with these racist white men, despite their claims of being in this thing together.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @afrofuturisim

        “This is ASTOUNDING! I had no idea that these white men had gotten so bad. They think that they’re so smart and clever when saying these things, too.”

        They have been this bad for a long time bruh. Like you said BM should stay away from the white “MGTOW’ movement, its nothing more than an auxiliary arm of the “alt-right”.

        Liked by 4 people

  18. It’s amazing these chicks think that they can actually replace any other woman white women in particular . Let me get this straight: you actually think white men want a ghetto fake everything (hair, lips, ass, feminine demeanor,you name it) wannabe white girl named Tyquilla or some ghetto shit like that, when he can easily go get himself the real thing with none of the fake appendages and a normal name? The broads stay utterly delusional.

    They keep telling on themselves and are not only too stupid to see it, they think it’s not noticed when they do realize it.

    I don’t have the slightest bit of sympathy for these whores. They actually believe that we’ve forgotten the years of “black men ain’t shit, they don’t take care of their kids, they’re on the down low, they ain’t on my level”, nonsense of yesteryear, and if not we should just say oh all is forgiven??

    The Wall of Silence continues to build and refortify itself it seems every few seconds, and until they make some very serious changes to their behavior, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Angryman can go be one of those idiots he claimed should be sacrifices, and go be clean up men. Fuck that. That idea would only make sense IF these whores would come out and take responsibility for their actions. But black bitches are allergic to responsibility and avoid it like they avoid eating healthy foods, and wearing their own hair in public.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Angryman is fucking stupid. No black man with anything going for himself is joining the big booty brenda rescue party. I was not put on this Earth to be some hoodrat’s beta bux.

      Liked by 7 people

  19. To the poster that made the “first group of female incels”, in my research I have come across atleast one historical reference of outcasted woman who have had to resort to breeding with “undesirables”.

    One most understand that the Holy Scriptures do give references to the various punishments that fall upon those who disobey and transgress the laws of the Most High, after being sent a prophet or warner and still continuing to be lawless in the land and cause trouble. The Grim Law of Retribution as some call it but in reality it is “as you sow shall you reap”.

    Its pretty awful to look at, but hopefully the younger generation of females and males sees this foolishness as the path to destruction that it is and rejects the artificial and hellish culture. Otherwise the fire is the destination.


    • @mithra
      As I said in one of my previous comments black bitches are a bunch of psychotic Hypocrites with a secondary diagnosis of persecution complex and a side order of bipolarism. This bitch said on the show that she prefers blonde haired blue eyed white boys then that dumb ass writer turns around and cries colorism. I don’t know what the problem is, the white boys that she’s after desires the same thing that she does, blonde hair blue eyes white women so what’s the problem? Is she not a colorist, is she’s not practicing colorism? Why doesn’t she desire black men? Her daddy’s black, her uncle’s black, her Brothers black, her nephews black. I can assure you those are the questionsquestions that would have been asked to a black man if he got on TV and said he desired blonde hair blue-eyed white girls. They want to force people to be attracted to their pathetic asses. This bitch is practicing the same “colorism” that these dumb ass black bitches are crying about.

      Liked by 6 people

      • @#TeamWhiteGirls,
        I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s as you stated before; you all go out together with your friends and their girlfriends and no drama, or attitude is involved. You have good friends, they’re definitely keepers.

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Looking at other pics of her, Verbs calling this chick basic is overpraise. This chick is ugly and really does kind of resemble monkey faced racial caricatures. Who cares if you’re in shape when you look like Dixie Kong in a weave?

    This is the average “pretty” black woman: someone who you have to bend over to screw, or else use a paper bag.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. It’s quite bad when she’s in the UK and she still can’t court a Anglo when the interracial dating numbers are high. That says alot about her and her character. She is your average looking BW with weave if she wasn’t fat. Once you take away all the aethetics, she may be a solid 5/6. With White Men being the top of the food chain in the dating world, I could not figure for the life of me why any of them date BW even though the numbers are invariantly low.

    Why date a Western Black Woman when I could have an Eastern European, South Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latina,etc if I was a White Guy. Besides gutter, feral, ghetto gagging sex, there is not much Black Women or those of her ilk have to offer. She reminds me of those BW who are on network broadcast complaining they can’t find anyone. Or years on dating sites having to state they are open (i.e. desperate) to date other races.

    Their reputation of feral whorism and destruction has preceeded them. It good to watch them daily marinate and bake in the vaginal must and clown crocodile tears for the world to see.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I couldn’t give 3 shits about what white boys want, need or desired. I currently have a white girlfriend who I chose out of many I was dating at the time. So who cares what boys want because we’re their main competition and they know it,thats why they go just as bat shit crazy when they see a white woman with a black man as black bitches do.

      Liked by 5 people

  22. I once worked a temp job with a black girl who would find a way to let you know in casual conversation that she was into white boys only. You were totally not hitting on her, talking as a group with co-workers, but she called herself being preemptive. Like she’d mention actors/celebs she liked and they were all white boys. There was a TV show on at the time with a white guy and a black guy cop duo; she gravitated to the white guy. It’s like when you as a black guy talk to a white girl and she brings up her “boyfriend” right away. You could be talking about quantum physics and singularities or politics or fly-fishing and she’d be like “…my boyfriend…”

    Anyway, she was talking to another black chick on our team and I overheard her talking about how her white boyfriend dumped her. She knew when and where the white boy walked his dog every evening so she like stood there everyday, “haunting” him. Just standing there like “The Grudge” or some shit. Her sig on her Myspace page (letting you know what time frame this was) was “The more you erase me, the more I appear.”

    There’d be no way in hell she’d debase herself like this for a brother. But she was stalking this white boy. She had it bad. The lust for Massa is real. LMAO.

    Somehow I never hear of black guys resorting to these tactics with a white chick. Usually he’s the one doing the dumping.

    Big ups to Slaying Evil or else I’d have nowhere to share these stories. BW act like we just woke up one day and decided to dislike them.

    Liked by 7 people

    • “She knew when and where the white boy walked his dog every evening so she like stood there everyday, “haunting” him. Just standing there like “The Grudge” or some shit. Her sig on her Myspace page (letting you know what time frame this was) was “The more you erase me, the more I appear.””

      She was standing there “haunting” him likely because she realized that he used her and dumped her. She was probably excited that a WM chose to date her and and probably emptied his balls on a daily basis, once he was through with her he dumped her because (like many BW) she was likely not wife material. Non-BM can see how desperate these BW are.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yup, Whitey gets his rocks off and the bedwench goes in the trash. Oh, well. One of my favorite recent books is “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead. In it, he tells the story of a slave who was bedwench to the overseer. She got to sleep in his quarters and lorded it over the other slaves that she was treated better than them. All was good until one day the overseer got tired of her and kicked her out. Back to the slave pens she went. She was the last one to see it coming. She had to now eat crow, she was no longer “special.” Nothing’s changed since slave days as far as swirlers are concerned.

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  23. Verbs2015,
    Here’s another masterpiece.An artist named Vybz kartel, is another black man who has turned down critics of black women sisterhood, he’s getting tired of the ”Dick policing”of black women. U will notice that the men is in jail,but black women still will not leave him alone.Yes,u will guess it, the man have a non black women as a girlfriend.
    Black as per usual come at him with the shaming tactics, projection etc…
    Vybz kartel answered to the critics, and he couldn’t give 2shit about black women complain, and decide to expose their hypocrisy.
    This is what he say,
    “Vybz Kartel posted another blistering attack and our Gaza sources are telling us that the deejay is very upset about the criticizing laid out against his girlfriend. “99.99% of Black Women (1)cream their hair or (2)wear “caucasian” wigs,” Kartel wrote”

    We’re told that Vybz Kartel feels strongly enough about it to the extent that he wrote a song about it. He also disabled the comment section on the post because he is not interested in hearing anyone’s opinion.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Here is another example of a black man looking for some peace in his life. I remember reading about this Vybz Kartel fiasco last month, though he left himself open by bleaching his own skin, he still has a point with regards to the overwhelming majority of black women, their addiction to wearing weaves and wigs which at the same time are causing them to go bald. I’m glad to see another black man breaking free from Blackistan and calling out the sacred cow of black society on her open dysfunction.

      I checked out his Turkish girlfriend, as per usual she is much more attractive than most black women out there today. Black women as a group by trade are dating marketplace communists, like I said before they wish for non black women to be handicapped in some form in order to compete against them. As you can see the dick policing from black females against black men is an international movement.

      Liked by 5 people

    • This article has me cracking the fuck up. She actually thinks calling people racist and having preferences is outdated and racist? Is this whore serious? These whores will do and say anything to grasp on to the mantle of victim hood at all costs. It’s beyond pitiful.

      News flash: people usually want someone that reminds them of themselves or their parents. If they don’t, there are reasons behind it. Having a preference isn’t racist. Having the worst selection of women in the history of mankind (looking like silverback gorillas, deplorable attitudes, being cum dumpsters and having multiple babies by multiple men, abusive and belligerent) tends to make most black men (or any man for that matter) with an iota of intelligence and common sense RUN the other way from people like this.

      If these whores made a fifth of an effort into fixing these well documented, well known and proven issues, more men would stick around and give them a chance. But that requires work and a cold hard look in the mirror. Something most black bitches will never do.

      Liked by 3 people

    • That’s shit need to stop, because it’s become ridiculous. Do black women really think that they can explain to white men why they love their OWN white women in general,smh.Action speak louder than words, u will notice that no other group of women do that, but black women bein at the bottom of the bottom have no other choice but to shame people. Like Obsidian say they are Sexual market activist.Black women are just trying to be white women in blackface but that’s has never work for them and wil never.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Yet another great article. Nothing else to add here. I was thinking. I’ve been to the Philippines and most recently Angeles City where at a certain hotel they host a bikini pool party and contest every weekend I think. On one old video they had a Twerking contest and I thought about something while reading this article and the way black women act in public. That twerking contest in Angeles was held at a hotel. I NEVER saw any Filipinas acting out like that in public while I was there whereas here in the states it’s common for black girls and women to bust out twerking right there in the middle of the street with cars riding by. In other words the twerking the Filipinas did were either inn private or for instance this poolside contest. Filipinas are she and modest at best and you won’t catch them embarrassing themselves or their parents in public or private. It’s really not in their nature and it’s part of their upbringing. Black women however feel they can do whatever they want when they want. They are a shame and disgrace.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I am a white man of Southern European origin. I am not attracted to black women and have said so publicly on several occasions only to be branded ‘racist’ despite explaining that it is simply natural to have a preference for someone who is of the same ‘phenotype’ – for me this ideal is a white female with brown eyes and raven hair/brunette. Incidentally I don’t find Nordic/Aryan/Germanic ‘blue-eyed -blonde haired women particularly attractive either – never got called a racist for that one though.

    Popular media, and the ‘progressive liberal’ message is a sham. They have been undercutting ethnic/racial consciousness culture and identity since the 60s by pushing mixed marriage as some sort of ‘enlightened ideal’, in actuality they are attempting to homogenize in order to expunge any inherent sense of race, culture and individual identity to create drones that are easy to control.

    From my own observation I think the destruction of the black community by coercing people into yielding to their base natures as well as promoting intermarriage is ground zero for this particular ‘experiment’.

    At one point during my youth I attended school in Newark New Jersey – a town which at the time had a significant black population. My observation was that the black girls seemed to be the loudest, most obnoxious single identifiable group at the school. They exhibited no true feminine qualities – it was all attitude attitude attitude with a dose of exaggerated almost comical hyper-sexuality. I admit that once i found out about the statistics concerning the breakdown of the black family I found myself thinking “what sensible black man would want such an irritating, overbearing and general disrespectful woman as a wife?”

    Liked by 3 people

    • Zeno,

      The black females who labelled you as a racist for not choosing them, their pro black advocates as well as their devil spawn offspring indeed are unfortunately the product of predominantly white liberals through fatherless home welfare policies as well as feminism. More white men ought to be putting their creation straight and telling these women that they DO NOT find them attractive.

      As I stated before in order for your average white male to find a black woman attractive, typically she must look exceptional, having a Meghan Markle type look helps. Unfortunately it has now come to the stage where most black women have been destroyed to the point where they are no longer dateable or marriageable, thus thinking black men no longer have a choice but to look outside for suitable mates.

      The only black men who continue to willingly tangle themselves up with the modern day black female are you Pookie/J Boogie/Lil Cheezy type individuals, thinking black men sailed free from the shores of Blackistan a long time ago.


      • Verbs2015,

        I am in full agreement with you. White liberals are always the first ones to start pimping ‘racist outrage’ of any given situation in public – they practically kill each other to be the first or most vocal to ‘virtue signal’.

        Then it is the advantage taking members of the given minority group who bring up the rear while most of the sensible people sit in the background and keep quiet lest they get crucified for their disagreement.

        The truth is that these people are working to the detriment of whatever group they are attempting to ‘defend’ – the irony that seems lost is that they are being demeaned just by assuming they need ‘defending’ at all. Liberal help is all about dis-empowering you and getting you to rely on the state to ‘make things happen’ for you without expending any effort.

        I just don’t understand why so many people fall for this sort of thing? Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell who you can talk to about these things. I have often wished to be able to speak to black people candidly about social problems and discuss the dis-empowering nature of Liberal thought … but in this day and age you run the risk of being burned a the stake if you talk to the wrong person.

        Liked by 2 people

  26. to be fair to that mail on the link post. why the fuck does she care. he not even blonde. my just say I love white men. lol


  27. Black chicks are trying to Institute “affirmative action” into the dating scene. They want “set asides”…for every 10 black/white dudes that a white women would get, the government would have to”set aside” 3 of them for the “Bitter Black Bitches Of America LLC.”

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