But I Thought Swirl Mountain Was Bliss – Swirlers Caught Creeping


Aren’t these some of the same black women threatening to swirl(even though most of them will never be given such an opportunity) and yet here we have two such women who were actually given the chance to date and marry interracial and yet here they are both creeping looking for some black penis. Your modern day black female is the quintessential example of Jezebel on steroids, she has no commitment switch built within and has no problems jumping from one penis to a next.

Of course both of these harridans are weaved up to the hilt, the addiction to weave remains strong even when the manage to snag themselves a non black male. This is a major L for the swirling sisterhood, at the end of the day no man can quench the thirst of Jezebel, she has an insatiable appetite for penis and thus such any itch as far as she is concerned must be scratched.

As Afrofurturism1 continues to point out and rightly so, notice the shade of the females involved, yep, both of them are dark skinned thus we already know that they have more testosterone running through their veins than brown or light skinned black women. I’m not saying that lighter skinned black women don’t cheat, however by and large the overwhelming majority of dysfunction, degeneracy and debauchery in black female society is carried out by dark skinned women.

Remember what I told you in Negro Wars about black women being the most prolific liars, notice how despite the fact that they were caught red handed with video evidence to boot, both still attempted to brush off the situation as if they hadn’t done anything wrong. This is how discombobulated the mind of the average modern day black female is, even when dead wrong she still believes that she can explain her way out of the mess.

And these are the same individuals who the pro black squads expect us to wife up and procreate with, smh. These sirens can’t even keep it clean with their lord and saviour the white man, even he no longer has the privilege of obtaining untainted vessels. Black women at this point are a complete and utter joke and have been this way for quite some time.

Dr David Carroll was right when he told us NOT to marry these women or to look to them for anything serious or long term because of the fact that the overwhelming majority of black females have been raised in single parent households with their mothers usually having shipped into their properties one man after the next.

Remember that these are the same women that dick policing white and other non black men are also trying to shame us into going back to. You’ll notice that these same fellows will refuse to accept low standards from women yet will tell black men that “we need to stick with black females and continue to give them chance after chance” even though most black women today are defective beyond repair, you really couldn’t make this stuff up.

Date out black men, be free, at the end of the day the modern day black female is a goner, her feet go down into the lowest depths of hell and her nether regions will ensnare you for life. Don’t get caught up and caught out, get you a woman of quality from another race(which the chances of achieving are much higher than with dealing with black women alone), you deserve better and can do much better for yourselves.

Don’t be shamed by the black witch and her pro black simp squads into remaining on the plantation or even returning to it having already been freed from its chains and shackles, most certainly do not allow jealous dick policing outsiders to do the same. Black women cannot be defended on any level and its a joke watching the simps still attempting to place decomposing garbage upon a throne.

Finally, notice how when black men fully embark upon the path of SYSBM, you WON’T see them returning to the trash that is the modern day black female. I left the shores of Blackistan over 13 years ago and I haven’t messed with any black women since. This is one of the reasons why I have no problems speaking so boldly and openly concerning black female skullduggery and why I point blank refuse to sugar coat any of their sins. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

76 thoughts on “But I Thought Swirl Mountain Was Bliss – Swirlers Caught Creeping

  1. Alot of my non black male friends didn’t believe my reasons why I don’t date dark skin black women. But when my non black friends dated black women All of them said it was the worst experience of dating. And they said I can see why you don’t date them. Non of them would repeat again.

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      • I remember when I went to Florida this is when I was 12. I didn’t see a African American women who wasn’t obese. Now I’m 23 finding a in shape AA is like catching lightning in a bottle.

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  3. Black Women are not dating and wifing material, period. This is why their talk of “building” is so empty and hollow, as even these simps realize that you can not build with a group of women who don’t even hold up their end of the bargain to be actual women.

    As Kid Organic has stated, swirling is a dark skinned chicks game. As I and others have mentioned, black chicks, especially fake valley girls, never embark on these relationships for legitimate love, companionship, and tenderness. It is ALL about status and proving that someone finds them attractive. It’s no different to why they love toting bastard children around so much.

    Black women at this point just need to be sequestered on a trash island somewhere, and ocassionally air dropped vats of white semen to breed themselves out with.

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    • “Black women at this point just need to be sequestered on a trash island somewhere, and occasionally air dropped vats of white semen to breed themselves out with”.

      Dead. Let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be missed either. What annoys me is there are still some folks out there jumping to the defence of these women who have an image and reputation which is already fossil layer deep in the gutter.

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  4. This is nothing new, black women in general contribute to the hypersexualisation of black men, and for them we are the most masculine men even if they find other men attractive in general they don’t find them as masculine as black men as a whole. See the black women who swirl don’t necessarily find white men or other men more attractive, but they want to practice they materialistic stuff lvl 100 on a man, don’t forget the lust for mixed babies too.Since they cannot find a simp in black community as rich as in white community or other non black community they goes date these men.Unfortunately their jezabel mind will still want the black dick, just for the sexual gratification that come with it.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Black women are a joke, they are the only ones who make a song and dance about dating interracial and they still feel the need to get dicked down by the same men they claim they’re sick and tired of, what a joke.

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  5. I’m glad a real black man can call out the degenerate black women. Tommy Sotomayor did the same thing and he was ran out of YouTube and his livelihood threatened. You won’t believe how far bw will go to silence bm who dares speaks the truth about them.

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    • Axum,

      Somebody has to do it. Black women are determined to shut thinking black men down, they hate being called out on their dysfunctional behaviour and by attempting to shut us down, all they are doing is driving an even larger wedge between black men and black women. Although I have issues with Sotomayor with regards to his hypocrisy concerning black women, he has a right to speak freely just like the black witches who continue to call out black men for the stupid decisions that black women themselves create and embark upon with their own hands and feet, smh.

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    • Tommy is still on Youtube putting out new videos. They took most of his videos down, but many of them have been re-uploaded by various Youtube accounts.

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      • @James S,

        I dunno, I’m kinda over Tommy. It’s like when he was on YouTube full clip he was cool. But after taking a long break, then coming back, it’s like his shtick is tired now. Especially now that he self-censors for YouTube. And begs for money. I’m also not cool with how he flies first class and stays in the best hotels in L.A., Vegas, Atlanta, eating at the best steak houses, etc on people’s donations. If I was taking people’s money I’d be a little more lowkey with the shit, I wouldn’t be taping myself living the first class life. And still no movie.

        I guess his deplorable fanbase are the ones keeping him going, they’d pay a lot for a black man to say the shit they can’t say or be labeled “racist.” You can see them in his comment section.

        My .02

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  6. This is your modern day black woman a slut and as Verbs stated even when caught red handed they act like they did nothing wrong or try to deflect the situation. This is another reason you cannot date or speak with BW they act like they never do anything wrong so why would you even date such a delusional individual.

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  7. Lol..all that drama. Thank god I stopped dealing with that scum back in the 8th grade. Btw, Another pool party with my girlfriend and our friends this Sunday and ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK WHORES ALLOWED!

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      That’s the way to do it brother, manoeuvre your life to where you have as little interaction with dysfunctional black females as possible. Black men who practice SYSBM staying winning. 😊😊😊

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      • @Verbs
        It’s funny, you said black men should maneuver their lives in a manner to have as little contact as possible with black females..and thats exactly what I do. Other than the black females in my family and my tugboat sized bf co-workers, I have very few encountets with black females.

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      • The only time I deal with black women is at work and that is STRICTLY work related conversations only.
        AKA I will only talk to black women if and when my job REQUIRES me to talk to them. My life has been pure zen as a result. I feel like I have transcended life itself and become a force ghost I’m so at peace lol.

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  8. Just another L for The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan. There is not enough L manufacturing capacity on earth to keep up with Blackistan’s demand.

    Blackistan – What can L do for you?

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      The Ls continue to roll in as these fool’s continue to drink themselves drunk on false bravado and and pseudo success. The cuts continue to roll in, their white father is giving these government reliant heifers a harsh divorce.

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      • >The cuts continue to roll in, their white father is giving these government reliant heifers a harsh divorce.

        The cuts are just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until Trump stacks the Supreme Court with more conservatives. It’s a long-term game-set-and-match at the expense of Blackistan.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off, the wall reaches outer space, and the cuts reach MAXIMUM impact!

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  9. What these white dude that date black women starting realize is the American negro is never satisfied. I notice a lot of black and white women say white men are boring so this lets me know their are both in it for financial reasons. The funny part is white men say the same about black women stating that if you date one black woman you dated them all.

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  10. I’m confused, what is this so called “threat” that black females are using of dating out? They’re the least dated, desired and married group in the country. Black men date interracially at a 3 to 1 ratio and marry interracially at a 2 to 1 rate and those numbers growing FAST!! So where’s the leverage to make good on that so called laughable “threat”?

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    • @#TeamWhiteGirls,

      LOL @ “leverage.” These black heifers themselves can’t even list the positives in choosing them over mixed and non-black women.

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    • “I’m confused, what is this so called “threat” that black females are using of dating out? They’re the least dated, desired and married group in the country.”

      This “threat” has been a joke to BM for a long time now and BW know its toothless as well. Not only do BM not care if they (try to) date out, but most non-BM aren’t interested in them anyway, they don’t even find BW attractive and we have studies/dating site statistics to prove that. The whole pathetic “swirling” movement was basically a giant advertising campaign that amounted to “Please come and consider dating us non-BM. We are desperate!”. It didn’t work, and this is why you see so many female hoteps/dick police popping up over the past 5 years or so.

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  11. It never ceases to amaze me just how insatiable the typical black woman’s appetite for dick truly is. It’s like they can’t help themselves. Even when they get everything they want, they will throw their lives into complete turmoil and ruin in order to feed their addiction to new dick. This modern day black Jezebel cannot be trusted in the least. A man could give her the world, but that still wouldn’t be enough for her to keep her legs closed around other men. Being thots is just in their blood. Even in some parts of Africa, black women brag about having multiple partners. Why would any man in his right mind, black or otherwise, wanna wife up a black woman?

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    • I think it’s because they feel “entitled” to do whatever they please … love stupid drama … and can rationalize pretty much any behavior … and at the end of the day, “jeebus” forgives! Black women are without exaggeration the most IMPIOUS people out there, with absolutely no fear of divine justice…

      Completely impious. That’s why they can be so hateful to strangers without a thought. That’s why they graffiti up their bodies on a whim (stupid tats). That’s why they can love and comfort obvious racists without a thought to what their ancestors went through, etcetera, etcetera

      But I guess its a good sign when they’re missing black men… Of course, they’re going to try EVERYTHING before they realize the value (for black people in particular) of having a home community in a hostile world… Then she’ll finally come running to some simp when she has more skeletons in her closet than a dinosaur museum…

      In the meanwhile, nonblack men will have to learn the hard way: you can take the gagger out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the gagger… lol

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  12. Smh this is truly hilarious. Black women finally have a chance to have them a white man, yet they won’t leave black men alone. And they wonder why black women as a whole have a hard time finding long-term partners outside of black men.

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  13. the overwhelming majority of black females have been raised in single parent households with their mothers usually having shipped into their properties one man after the next.

    Properties/em>, eh Verbs? 😆

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    • >single parent households with their mothers usually having shipped into their properties one man after the next.

      You mean the high-rent district of Blackistan (a.k.a run-down properties).

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the wrecking ball starts swinging on those “properties”.

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  14. That woman in the first video looked like a fucking man. Thank you white man. Take her off our hands.
    And he had kids with her?!?! SHeeiiiiit.

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  15. Black women of this ilk that swirls and have children by non-black men don’t really love and care about the men they’re with. These black women of whom swirls crave this so-called white “power”, money and status so much. Swirling black women want to be on equal footing with white men in every area but at the same time black women are planning to knock white men off of their throne and to be his replacement as the default power structure. Your average, stereotypical urban black woman like the two women in these two above videos got their white men one out of two ways: 1) they got white men that the typical surburban white woman of class and elite don’t want or 2) white men that only deals with stereotypical black people. SYSBM.

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    • Yeah its a joke and most lawyers will want to be paid hourly unless they are sure that there is alot of money they can win in the case. Do you think that these chicks can afford a drawn out legal battle?

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  16. Both of these jackasses were caught red handed, and they not only tried to lie about it, they caught an attitude when confronted?? Are these black bitches serious?!?!?! Of course they were both dark skinned, foul mouthed, and weaved up like no tomorrow. Only in bizzaro world does it make sense that you get caught red handed cheating, and it is perfectly acceptable for you to catch an attitude for you being caught. Most black whores are fucking pathetic on every single level. This goes to show you that even if a white dude comes in and saves her from Blacklistan, she can’t resist going back for unknown dick. Especially black dick. What a joke.

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    • “Both of these jackasses were caught red handed, and they not only tried to lie about it, they caught an attitude when confronted??”

      Yep, getting an attitude/loud/making a scene when confronted about something is straight out of the BW playbook.

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    THIS IS 100000% PROOF….

    TO ANYONE!!!





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    • Hello brother i don’t mind you criticizing black women bad behavior but do it in a non insulting way because our words can really hurt black women and make them hate theirselves which leads to skin bleaching. It also will make them hate us and it will be harder to convince them to change.


      • @ lxTrue Killazxl

        This space is for men, you shouldn’t be in here. No need to censor our speech here. And who cares if they’re hurt. They start hurting YOU on the playground, now years later they want to play innocent. Black women will never “change” for your simp ass but they’ll flip their whole script to entice a white man. Look at Eve, when she was dealing with grimey rap niggas, she was a “pit bull in a skirt.” Now she’s with her white man and she’s a submissive geisha girl. She wouldn’t be YOUR geisha girl ever, so fuck her.

        OK, off you go.

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  18. i’m a black Man and i don’t agree with bashing black women we can not grow when you act like black women are the only ones with problems. Don’t date a white girl because you hate yourself either. talk about black women problems in a respectful way not to degrade them.


  19. Amazing: so they left blackistan, most likely for the “prestige” of swirling. Only to be lured right back to blackistan for the promise of gutter sex in a hotel with a black man? I tell you, these ladies have a severe mental problem. If they didn’t pursue pookie or ray ray, they’d go after brad and chad. Extreme opposites of the spectrum, but whatever, no love for the average working black man. I left blackistan well over a decade ago, got a passport, and haven’t looked back(for fear of turning into a pillar of salt, lol). Really hate that I learned about traveling in my mid 30’s(just hit 40 last month). We really do get treated better abroad, and I’d recommend Brasil. I honestly wasn’t ready for the attention I was getting over there. I wish I could move there, or Thailand, or Colombia. Anyway, stay free, gentleman. Long time reader, first time commenter. #sysbm

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    • You can take the quean out of Blackistan, bu you can’t take the Blackistan out of the quean!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Really hate that I learned about traveling in my mid 30’s(just hit 40 last month).

      Consider yourself lucky. I learned about traveling at 19. I made the mistake of marrying and impregnating a black woman. Now, I am a divorced father, raising child alone. Mother rarely visits child, and doesn’t pay any child support; then again, I don’t ask for it.

      I have six more years before I can travel the way I want to.

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    • Jay,

      Welcome aboard sir. You made the right decisions to leave Blackistan, late is better than never. Love the line about looking back and turning into a pillar of salt, however when we think about it death and destruction is surely to follow any black man who decides to return to that viper’s pit called black society. Stay strong brother.



  20. The simps continue to shoot themselves in the head with their stupidity, while they and white males fight over scumbag black females, we thinking black men pick up and wife up quality non-black, submissive, feminine females from all over. ALL HAIL SYSBM!

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    • Times most really be hard back home for teenage boys and young men to be dealing with old washed up cunts of the island.but I guess they got make money some how

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  21. As I read the comments, I did not see one comment that says “Black women ain’t shit.” However, I am certain, that if the mark were a black man, the comment sections would have been littered with the tired old troupe that black men ain’t shit.

    The black woman in the first clip is indicative of most black women. They are publicly viewed as the victim of infidelity, while, in actuality, they cheat just as much, if not more, than black men.

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  22. @ lxTrue Killazxl,
    Who cares if criticizing your black queens makes them feel bad about themselves, the cold hard truth is rarely palatable! This is the problem with black dudes like you, and that’s your refusal or inability to hold black females accountable for their actions. You do nothing but continually make excuses for them. They’ve had the better part of 40 Years of non-stop genuine bashing of black men on TV, radio and print media with impunity, now that the playing field has been leveled with social media and we’re getting our stories across, now all of the sudden it’s considered “bashing”. BTW, I thought they were supposed to be so strong, but they have the thinnest skin of any mammal on the planet. Oh and one more thing, your statement you made saying…”that will force them to hate black men” NEWS FLASH Captain Save Hoe…they already hate black man, as a matter of fact they despise black men:


    “The Root”… said we’re OPPRESSORS and DIDN’T BRING ANYTHING TO THE TABLE and are A DIRECT THREAT to your so-called black queens

    Madame Noire… said we’re TERRORISTS…..

    Christelyn Karazin…. said all BLACK MALE BABIES SOULD BE ABORTED…

    Issa Hoe, I mean Issa Rae said… “Black females need to join forces with Asian males to procreate”

    That’s just a few of the venomous statements that are launched at black men on a daily if not hourly basis so spare me with your whoa is me black female pity party. The SYSBM movement is gigantic, the number of black men dating and marrying interracially has grown exponentially the black male interracial dating rate in the UK is 55% and growing and the black male interracial marriage rate in the UK is 48% that number is coming like a bullet train to the shores of the US within the next five to ten years I guarantee it. You can’t stop it, you can’t slow it down just sit back and watch. The so-called “black community” need to be treated the same as the Hawaiians treat their sugarcanes fields, burn it all down to promote new growth. The thinking black men who are in the SYSBM movement are not coming back to “blackistan” no matter how much shaming, scaring or cajoling that you do. Other races of women are simply better at being feminine, being in shape, being a mate, and definitely without a doubt being a better mother. Most black females are simply out classed by every other race of women on almost every level and if that makes your black queens feel bad about themselves than I have two words for you….SO WHAT !!

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  23. Wow! This is A1 material thanks Verbs for dropping a gem. I just subscribed to bounty hunters channel. You are amazing…………….…………

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