Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

Its that time once again folks, Slaying Evil, the place where thinking black men can have their say and get things off their chests without being censored, mocked and ridiculed by the black witch contingent as well as her pro black simp flunkies. I purposely introduced this section because I know that there is a lot more going on in black society as well as in your own personal lives that I cannot always cover in articles.

Once again folks, you’ve got the floor and I would like to start off this Free Topic Wednesday by issuing an open challenge to the pro black flunkies who occasionally comment here or any other pro blacks who “respect and protect” black women, since you claim that black women are so great I challenge you to present your case in their favour.

Its time to put up or shut up, calling thinking black men coons and niggers every 5 minutes DOES NOT improve the black female’s already tattered, tarnished, battered and in the gutter image and reputation, I hope you know this. Why are black women so great and in 2018 what makes them a better choice over non black females? I’m now awaiting responses.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

130 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Hey Verbs, once again the usual suspects are out in full force, revamping their assault on Iggy Azalea after she announced the date for her new album on social media.

    These people are seriously demented. You damaged this woman’s career, you called, accused, and labeled her everything except for a child of god, you applauded her then scumbag fiance Nick Young when he cheated on her, you ran her out of the country, leaving her friendless, alone, and suicidal. What else do you want from Iggy? Because at this point, you’re just harassing and cyber-bullying her. If you don’t like the woman or her music then leave her alone. This is so racist, bigoted, and hateful. A black artist has never been subjected to this type of treatment in heavy metal, rock or country, ever! And they’re only doing this because she’s an attractive white woman who upsets the status quo, and can do everything they can do if not better.

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    • Metal Heart,

      Damn, these fool’s are still gunning for her? Obviously as per usual it is black women who are leading this relentless persecution, and these pro blacks still have the audacity to claim that black women are of worth and value, where exactly. Again, I invite any advocates of the modern day black female to put forward a case in their support. More power to Azalea, may she be successful and rub it in the faces of these black sirens and their pro black contingents. Azalea needs to read Negro Wars in order to understand the beast that she is up against.

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      • Yeah Verbs, they want Iggy to either kill herself or go crazy. I have to dig up the article for you, but she almost took her own life and contemplated suicide on several occasions when black people and the shit hop community sidelined her career. Even after all that, Iggy still stands and still rises! She must really be a threat to these pieces of crap man. I don’t listen to rap or Iggy’s music really, but I like Iggy as a person, she didn’t deserve the hatred she got.

        Iggy like most white women don’t realize how not only black women, but white feminists and the world hates them. You don’t see any of these white rappers or R&B singers like Macklemore, Post Malone, Lil Peep, Machine Gun Kelly or Robin Thicke being accused of cultural appropriation or any of that other SJW crap, because black women don’t have a problem with them, and black guys could really care less if a white guy wants to rap or not.

        You won’t hear white men being included in the conversation regarding “Eurocentric beauty standards” either. Non white women love David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Jason Momoa, etc. It’s all BS, that Eurocentric beauty standard nonsense is just a shaming tactic to diminish and delegitimize the feminine beauty of white women because these non white women know if they want to compete for the resources and affection for a white man, they won’t win most of the time on fair footing.

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      • Iggy Azalea is a pioneer, pioneers tend to be vilified.

        But she wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t rock hard. Iggy will prevail, and the next generation will look up to her as a successful white woman hip hop artist…


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    • I don’t like they way they treat Iggy either. I understand the apprehension that some black people have when it come to the “colonization” of Hip Hop argument. Given the history of black music in this country and how much of American music has been “culturally appropriated” to the point that many don’t even know that blacks created it (Rock and Roll, Jazz, House, etc.) people are nervous about white rappers. Not too long ago it was revealed that Hip Hop is now the top selling music in the US, outpacing Rock and Roll. Times are alot different now than they were back then though so I’m not too worried about “colonization” of our music though and they way they are treating Iggy is just wrong. I like her, but I don’t like the “blackcent” that she puts on when she raps. She should just rap in her normal accent IMO.

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  2. SYSBM’s Red Pill Rage/Red pill Depression Cycle,

    In the MGTOW community, there is something known as the red pill cycle, in which, a newly MGTOW get’s redpill raged when he finds out about the gynocentric society he lives in. Shorty, he falls in to red pill depression, in which everything he has known has all been lies and harsh realities kick in. Now, I have dropped the MGTOW identitiy because I no longer need it. Gynocentrism technically exists everywhere, but the difference is in outside the west, YOU, as the exotic forigner are exempted from such a thing. Many times gynocentrism is mostly aimed at the men of their OWN culture, not at YOU. As a forigner to a new country you are often times excluded and passed over when it comes to “duties to their women and government” in terms of being a “man” ie Simping etc. I do not live in a gynicentric culture and many locals do NOT expect me to do any of the things that they would expect from their own men.

    BUT, MGTOW for the black thinking man is still a great philosophy, in my opinion, in black society if he cannot practice the SYSBM lifestyle due to the fact that, some thinking black men have NO ESCAPE from their environment! imagine, you being a high, triple digit, IQ individual who just wants a loving companion and a simple life but you are surrounded and stuck in an all black community due to poverty, family obligations (meaning you already had kids before you found SYSBM or MGTOW and now the government already has it’s dirty hands in your pocket), years of shaming and social condition into living for the collective community, you live in an majority black country such as Jamaica, the other islands or African countries (although I have not seen a SYSBM African), extreme cock blocking or, if you live in a mixed area, cannot practice SYSBM because of racial tensions in the area and dating out would cause other blacks to kick your ass and her family to kick your ass.

    One thing I want to say, just my opinion, is that SYSBM’s version of red pill rage and red pill depression is far more worse than MGTOW because , just like in one of my comments a few posts back, Thinking Black Men have NO ONE to listen, care or help! literally everyone and everything is trying to thought police him BACK into the plantation and he has no way to vent or to get anyone to listen or understand! Just like verbs said, the SYSBM lifestyle and the knowledge that comes with it is very small and is only for the small minority! Meaning, although more and more black men are indeed going SYSBM, It won’t be enough to really make a difference to show the world WHY sysbm is a big thing. Instead, Black Women are always going to be the Victims in the eyes of the media and every other community is going to cater to them and condemn thinking black men.

    My best guess is in the future, although we may finally be established as a separate identity from the nutty leftist extreme peoples republic of Blackistan, we will always be demonized as the “back stabbers”, the “uncle toms”, and we “abandoned our people”. In Africa, I believe there are such people known as “Neo colonists”. These “neo-colonists” are actually SYSBM african men who are highly educated, were the Oreos of their own culture and all only married White wives. I read somewhere that even their own governments and politician demonizes these men daily and there is still a class/cultures problem between local africans and the SYSBM of those countries.

    What do you guys think? Do any of you siffer from SYSBM’s version of red pill rage/depression? How did you handle it?

    Do you agree with the after effects of SYSBM once the cuts come through? Do you think we will still be demonized even with the over bearing evidence to show why SYSBM existed in the first place???

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    • Black men definitely have no one to turn to. Sadly, this will be very present as more black men wake up to see the few allies that they have, even amongst black men who claim to be with us.

      Thankfully, black men are resilient, which is why you do not see the ridiculous amounts of suicide among black men that you see among white men.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        All truth, despite the nonsense we have been put through from all sides, we are still standing to this day. Black men as far as I am concerned are the most resilient men on the planet.

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    • Carnio,

      I was never a mgtow, but I was angry years ago with the double standards for interracial dating, the intense black misandry in the black community, and the indoctrination, obligation and guilt they brainwash black boys and men with. But it’s only emboldened me to love myself more and go for what I really want in life without apology.

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    • Carnio,

      I completely agree with what you mentioned about continually being demonised and the demonisation process will worsen as the cuts dig in deeper. The thing about the pro black bootlickers and the black women that control them is they seem to believe that black men like myself walked away from black women and black society as a whole with glee and happiness, however nothing could be further from the truth. I myself up until 13 years ago still wanted to be with a black female, however I realised that in their current run down, trash, in the gutter state this would NOT be a wise path to pursue, and so I decided to embark upon a different journey and I haven’t looked back since.

      My girlfriend had melanin which is good enough for me, she is only one shade lighter than me and I’m milk chocolate brown in colour. The main rage I have these days to be honest is seeing the fact that most black men are still giving this modern day black female a pass and are to this day still so willing to excuse her transgressions. If black men as a collective decided not to put up with the garbage most black women bring to the table, the black female’s reign of terror over black society would’ve been snuffed out a long time ago.

      The pro black simps and the black women who control them will always demonise those who leave the proverbial plantation, as far as they are concerned it is an honour and an act of nobility to be a slave in the sisterhood’s Republic Of Blackistan, no sir, not me, I’ll pass. There is no honour in being a slave and there is nothing of value within the gates of Blackistan that thinking black men should consider returning to, nothing at all.

      The depression/mourning stage of SYSBM is a temporary one, it will pass. The problem I find is many folks resist the process and don’t allow that stage to exhaust itself, thus in some cases it ends up lingering for longer than it should. Even with the demonisation eventually those who strongly advocate for black women are going to look very foolish in the public eye, their attempts to resurrect a corpse that is already half eaten by maggots will be seen for what it is. We thinking black men simply have to soldier on and continue to enjoy our lives outside of Blackistan which all of us are currently doing.

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      • “they seem to believe that black men like myself walked away from black women and black society as a whole with glee and happiness, however nothing could be further from the truth.”

        This is a great point — something 99.99999% of black bitches will never admit. They don’t understand the rationale at all, in fact they willfully ignore it.

        Just like they talk ridiculously stupid shit about wearing weave to “protect their hair”… they’ll claim that black men turn their backs on black women for “status”, or for some other nonsensical reason. Anything but the truth.

        They push the notion that they’re the most beautiful of all — but if that’s what they believe, then why the fuck are black men becoming so desperate–generation by generation–to get AWAY from them? If they think they have the beauty, okay, then what’s missing?

        The truth is, many of us black men make the choices we do with a heavy heart, because the clock is ticking and black bitches have gotten so ridiculously LOST psychologically and spiritually that there’s just nothing else to do but look elsewhere. Even if you have a soft spot for black bitches, black female culture will sober you right up and make you understand that there’s no fixing these machines.

        We walk away not because of looks, but exactly because, after a certain point, looks aren’t all that matter…


    • Carnio,

      I think it was way back when I started high school. My only real friend for my freshman and sophomore years was a white girl. I would have asked her out, but I was scarred at of the possible backlash I would get from my black peers. It was a ghetto high school and I was already dealing with depression, anxiety, and my self esteem was in the garbage. I didn’t want to put her or myself through that type of abuse. The black students were already picking on her too.

      The few close black friends I had joked that I would end up with a white girl because of the way I was, but I felt guilty about liking white girls because of how most black boys are indoctrinated in the states to resent and fear white girls. I snapped out of my guilt and shame years ago thanks the videos MBD did encouraging you to be yourself and like who you like. That’s literally how bad it was for me.

      I really don’t like talking about black women because they really don’t mean anything to me. But I appreciate what Verbs does. Black men are hurting and they’re angry for good reason, so Slaying Evil is a great site for those men to air their grievances and tell their narrative because no one else seems to care, especially the community.

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      • Metal Heart,

        I have much respect for MadBusDriver, he is doing the Lord’s work on YouTube helping thinking black men snap out of the trance that has been placed on them by the modern day black witch. He did a Google hangout with Kirigakure Jones a few weeks ago. On that note I’m glad to see Kirigakure Jones back in the saddle, we need all of the soldiers we can get.

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  3. The Double Standards of the Alt-Right Whites and their media.

    One of the biggest hypocrisies I find about the Alt-Right is “Muh White babies”, yet, these same dudes will worship, marry and even have children with Asian women. These guys are almost like black women with their entitlements! BW and WM will sleep with and have children with others of all other races but cope an attitude when the gender of the same race decides to go out and do the same!

    but if WE made this music video with white women, there would be hell to pay!!!

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    • These alt-right/white mgtow men are just as disingenuous as black women, maybe even worse due to the vast amounts of actual power that they have.

      As Verbs has stated, they are the ones pushing the liberalism/feminism/homosexuality etc, and their current rantings against these things honestly comes off as either disingenuous or just angry screaming.

      These guys don’t care about fighting feminism, restoring the nuclear family, or anything else. It’s about them regaining their vagina monopoly. Their race against the machine is just that: a rage, nothing legitimate or substantial.

      Just as black women will create dysfunctional/self-hating mixed kids, notice that white men with half Asian sons will produce the fruitiest, most liberal sons.

      Similarly, just like the only ghetto white women hang with black WOMEN (not men), the liberalized Asians are the ones who hang with whites, namely white men.

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      • Small Rant:

        What can you expect from these so-called ‘alt-right’ house n…s except blatant stupidity and excessive jingoism? The only reason why the Soviets and other ‘flavors’ of Communists that now control the West allow them even to exist is to serve as useful idiots and controlled opposition in order to shame thinking black men and white women in general onto the rotting Bolsheveck Communist plantation,(owned by the Zio-Nazi planter who couldn’t give two s..ts about the white ‘nationalist’ house n…s and BW he left to keep the damn thing going) who will be disposed of by the facist ‘new’ world order when their usefulness as ‘pawns in the game’ has run out.

        This is why SYSBM black men have to breed out ‘racist’ (Stalinist/Bonapartist) white males and black women, both groups are nothing but brainwashed zombies who will do anything to destroy us on the orders of their Talmundic Catholic overlord and bring nothing but pain and misery to the lives of others.

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    • Carnio,

      Well said, I have mentioned the hypocrisy on the alt lice for in many a comment section throughout the internet. The thing is I can respect ANYONE who wants to preserve their own people and their own culture I have no issue with that.

      What I have an issue with is many of the alt lice men just want free reign on every woman on the planet. It’s not about white survival or white babies it’s about control and ego. When they’re faced with the idea that they may not be the number one desired male and that black men can be just as desired as them it fucks with their ego and instead of compete with other races of men they’d rather just whine about it.

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  4. Double Standards of cultural Appropriation

    So, there was a woman who went by the name of Rachel Dolezal. I guess this women , for a long while, pretended to be a black women and went out of her way to look like one. There was another girl on a magazine cover that had an ‘Afro’ I guess. So now black women are crying and claiming that it is “Cultural Appropriation”. Some even make comments about Black face face and how racists it is. I find this to be very hypocritical of black women because:

    – black women wear weaves that are straight like white women
    – they will dye or buy blonde hair weaves
    – they wear specifically blue color contacts
    – they bleach their skin
    – they do their best to get with and marry white men.
    – will even admit that they are wearing all these things to look like white women because the swear black men are all only attracted to white women!

    Yet no one calls them out or says anything about them culturally appropriating white women. WTF?????????????????????

    What? Are blacl women that insecure that they think that black men are gonna sudden swoop to white women even more because the White woman has an afro? but I thought black men were only attracted to white features???? Why the sudden switch up?????

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    • If anything, Dolezal should have made MORE black men date out, because you saw how much more a white woman wanted to be black than black women do.

      Similarly, notice white women raising their mixed children vs black Women worshipping and living vicariously through theirs. Once again, they’re just like white men, producing dysfunctional mixed children despite supposedly being for “the nation/the people”.

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      • Afro,

        Damn, you make a very good point here!
        and to be honest with you, I would rather be with a white girl who pretends to be black rather than a black women who pretends to be white. Why you ask? From the entire time when no one knew she was really a white women, how did she act? did she ACT like a black women??? or was she still much more sweeter, feminine and caring than how a black woman would normally act? Black women can find the BEST surgeons in the world and look EXACTLY like a white woman , but her nature will be the same, Nasty attitude, will be overweight, violent, masculine etc etc

        (((Once again, they’re just like white men, producing dysfunctional mixed children despite supposedly being for “the nation/the peopl)))

        I guess BW and WW truly do belong together!

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    • The craziest thing about Dolezol IMO was that she didn’t need to try to pass for a BW to do most of the things she was doing. NAACP, marry a BM, black community activist, etc. she could have all done as a WW.

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  5. Has anyone noticed how much white conservatives, namely their men, act the exact same as their liberal counterparts?

    Pandering to minorities( namely blacks), propping up black women, and acting offended FOR black people. I can’t stand that stuff, it’s way more insulting than any racial slur. I’d almost rather be with an outright racist, because at least with them you know you’re getting.

    Who else thinks that this is because whites, no matter political affiliation, are VERY uncomfortable with the prospect of race. You will NOT see this uncomfortableness in other non-black groups, nor will you see the pandering, inorganic “kumbaya, we’re all in this together!” Lie from them, because those other groups are well aware of the reality of race, and suffer neither from political correctness or white guilt.

    This is shown in one way through the Arab/Asian owned stores in the hood.

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    • Afro,

      (((Has anyone noticed how much white conservatives, namely their men, act the exact same as their liberal counterparts?))


      These conservatives also act like special snowflakes especially if you, the thinking black man, CALL OUT the dysfunction of black community and other non black issues. They act JUST like SJWs that they complain about and will call you all sorts of “bitter, hurt etc” names if you do not agree with them or For not being able to fit in their box.

      These same conservatives also love to watch IQ Porn in which they believe that their studies of IQ is related to genetics and that’s it. as if it has nothing to do with the culture of leftist liberalism that has infiltrated and token over black society. They want to shame you for breaking out of your mod for not fitting in the picture that they have for YOU!

      (((Who else thinks that this is because whites, no matter political affiliation, are VERY uncomfortable with the prospect of race. You will NOT see this uncomfortableness in other non-black groups, nor will you see the pandering, inorganic “kumbaya, we’re all in this together!” Lie from them, because those other groups are well aware of the reality of race, and suffer neither from political correctness or white guilt.)))

      It is true and the same over here in the east

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      • White conservatives are fine with the typical ghetto black woman as long as she claims to be conservative. Just look at Diamond and Silk. However, if a black conservative man is anything more than Carlton/a chocolate version of them, and even shows a little bit of testicular fortitude, suddenly he’s gone too far.

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      • Afrofurturism1,

        Yep, and notice their reluctance to reach out to the aforementioned as well. The deciding point in my opinion is black female skullduggery, if the conservative black male calls out black women on their rampant dysfunctional behaviour then white conservative males just like their liberal counterparts will treat such a fellow as a freak of nature.

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      • @afrofuturisim
        “However, if a black conservative man is anything more than Carlton/a chocolate version of them, and even shows a little bit of testicular fortitude, suddenly he’s gone too far.”

        Yep, look at what happened to Micheal Steele when he challenged Rush Limbaugh.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its exactly what you mentioned before, now they claim we are all in it together, however as you’ve pointed out “we” are only here to clean up “their” mess. At the same time the dick policing from these dudes is at astronomical levels. At the end of the day conservative white men did it to themselves, they no longer exude masculinity with their fellow liberal brethren pushing all of these anti male/masculine agendas, thus white and other non black women are going to seek that masculine spirit elsewhere which is exactly what we see happening.

      If they are so concerned about “preservation of the white race” then have children and lots of them. Don’t subscribe to the liberal ideology which portrays children as nuisance and a burden, they ought to be following in the footsteps of Muslims and having 3 children at a minimum.

      Yep, white folks in general, white men in particular are very uncomfortable with the grim prospect of their race in the future, which is why for years they have been implementing evil programmes and agendas to stifle non whites and guess who has been their number one target? Enough said.

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      • @Verbs
        “Yep, white folks in general, white men in particular are very uncomfortable with the grim prospect of their race in the future, which is why for years they have been implementing evil programmes and agendas to stifle non whites and guess who has been their number one target? Enough said.”

        But now all of those efforts are being dragged into the light and they are being bitten by karma.

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    Right, so previous rants included demon black witches hiding in the bushes staring out the women I’m with and getting pissed off. Now my ire is reserved for the group of racist white men.

    In the UK, the dating out rate is at 55%. It’s so widespread, it’s reflected in numerous television ads, posters for the theatre and even fucking Oasis drinks. It’s not a “conspiracy”, its raw fact. Black men’s ground game in the UK is like a fucking apocalypse tank.

    So it fucking stuns me that there are still some people who have a major problem with myself stepping out with white and Desi women. Namely racist white men.

    Racist white men in the UK come in two rancid flavours: one is the “aging hooligan” – a fat, balding beer-bellied pecker wood hairless ape “lager lout” in his late 40s, who probably has a violent police record, has attended a far-right rally, goes on alcohol booze trips to Spain and has a big problem with the “others” (meaning non-Whites). He probably supports either Chelsea or West Ham soccer clubs (both have historically racist leanings), and has an England flag in the back garden (which some view it like the Confederate flag).

    The second is the Shoreditch “hipster twat” – millennials with Jesus beards, arm tattoos and an ultra liberal, feminist outlook. Has a penchant for craft ales, sarcasm and looking like a lumberjack.

    Don’t be fooled by the second type – both have a massive problem with mixed couples.

    My girl isn’t English, so she doesn’t understand the race dynamics of the Anglo-Saxon world, she just finds Black men exotic. In fact, where she’s from, getting a tan is a local competition! So she doesn’t come with that mindset, however I can still observe these racist bastards and their muffled reaction to me with her.

    By myself, I “ain’t shit” to these people, just a black man, easy to dismiss. But stepping out with my girl all hugged up, all of a sudden, racist white boys are up in their feelings. Even if they have their partner next to them – their laser eye concealed rage with a rigid ape like stance tells me I’ve got underneath their skin. I regularly hear the loud, irritated coughs from these far-right twats that can’t accept that some ‘darkie’ could land himself an attractive European chick. So am I a low down piece of dog shit you wipe off the bottom of the shoe? Or am I so big and powerful you need to try to stomp out? Whic one is it?

    The thing that kills me is THREE people I’ve met who I suspect fit the balding fat-bellied West Ham Nazi stereotype are ALL in relationships with Asian women. So let me get this right…. You are so concerned with the preservation of the ‘English race’ that you’ve sought out Chinese, Japanese and Thai women?

    White men have been dogged out, called out and rinsed out by the relentless societal assault, from the news, TV programmes, cinema and culture telling them “they ain’t shit”. White women want equal pay, equal resources and equal representation, and white men, instead of standing up for themselves are going PMT, throwing their toys out of their prams. White women in turn see how fucking pathetic, insecure and entitled their men are, so decide to choose Black men instead. Even just stepping out with a Desi (South Asian) girl buddy, gets these bald-headed bitches’ knickers in a twist, yet none of us are white. So where’s the race preservation shit here?

    All this amounts to is pussy privilege. Racism is sex – who gets to fuck who. Racist white men have had their way with the world’s women for a long time, with their own women a disposable means to an end. Now, Black men don’t have to do much to own the ground game in the UK and Europe, and together with the second Moorish invasion – they are facing their own historical karma, and they cannot cope. Meanwhile, I am blessed to have what others take for granted, a relationship with a significant other.

    So, yeah racist white men, just deal with it. My girl chose me. Deal with it.


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    • Whereas we know that black women actually want rule over men, I believe to some extent that white women embrace feminism to see if their men will try to put a stop to it. When they see that they won’t, they see no reason to get with white men. However, when approached by an actual man (black), they know what to do.

      Also, how can these white men listen to fruits like Milo talk about feminism? He’s part of the problem!!!

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    • I have a good question regarding the guys who are in the UK. If 55% of black men are dating out, who are the black women dating? what are they doing? is there a large LGBT community over there like there is in some liberal cities in the US? I’m surprised that there aren’t any stabbings from black women to white women!

      Are those aging hooligan like the older versions of the “chavs”?

      and why the hell do white men care if black men are with Desi girls? wtf are black men suppose to do? no have any women at all? what is it to them?????

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      • “I have a good question regarding the guys who are in the UK. If 55% of black men are dating out, who are the black women dating?”

        If I had to guess UK BW are doing what many American BW are slowly being forced to do, either, be single, be a lesbian, be a side-chick, or share Pookie and Ray Ray (sperm donors for welfare babies). As we have said on this board before this is the fate of the American BW as well as the Wall grows.

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      • Carnio,

        As Michel mentioned before black women over here in the UK don’t have the same media clout that black women in the US possess. Black women have practically no media voice in Britain. We have a city over here called Brighton, there is a large LGBT community over there. Most black women over here are single and as you guess a significant portion of those are resorting to eating snatch.

        To be honest over here there are more black women involved in interracial relationships when compared to black women in the US, I believe the percentage may be in the late 20s to early 30s, however don’t quote me on that, I would have to check out the figures and confirm them first.

        The beer bellied, bald head scoundrels Michel described are similar to chavs, however chav is a term mainly used to describe those types that mostly reside in the northern part of the UK.

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    • Michel,

      I’m still scratching my head at the hypocrisy of these fellows, claiming to want to preserve the race yet they are dicking down Far Eastern women like crazy, exactly what you said, where is the preservation and on top of this why are they so concerned about where us black men are sticking our utensils?

      What makes me laugh is the fact that we don’t have nearly the same about of economic clout these racist white men do and yet they still view us as a code red, deep level threat.

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    • Well, that 45% are still dealing with black men, the other half are either single/LGBT or with white men. Swirling is probably more prevalent in the UK than in the US, but again, the recent Cardiff University research says the ratio is 5:1.

      The difference is they appear to be in long term relationships, some with kids. However their partners are either curious, or ugly and balding (ie white women didn’t want them/didn’t want to deal with a feminist).


      Racist White men think all women belong to him. Hence why they try to stare out my Desi friend. Yet she isn’t White…. So how the fuck does “defend the white race” apply here??

      World wide pussy rights. Nothing more.

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      • Long ago, I dated a Korean girl and the white guys would act a fool when they saw us. I remember often in college being asked how I got her in a snarky way, she would tell me that guys would message her on facebook asking why she liked black men, etc. White guys.

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    • Yeah, as well as BW…her Master the WM has been dick policing Black Men for a good while. I called out a white dude in line at a Target for giving the “Mean Mug” to a Black dude with a Finnish GF……This white dude was dating a Hispanic women and I called out his blatant double standard…..Dude got shook and left the line to get away. I had to laugh.

      White Men are continuing to blame others (BM ESPECIALLY) for all the L’s they have been taking as of late. They are not fit to deal with the idea of not being first nor, the fact all his schemes with his partner in crime the BW, have not worked as the BM is standing tall. WM is even TOO SCARED to save his precious Europe from Muslims. WM are about to become the bitch of society…..A society they brag about building all by themselves…..(LIES) BM need to be on guard cause the WM/BW’s house of cards is falling. You will see MORE violence from BOTH of them in the coming years.

      The image of the BM, which they hoped to slander and tarnish has not worked. They flipped out over Black Panther claiming it was “racist” but the true reason is they feared any positive image of BM hitting the main stream. If this was a thug movie or Madea coon-comedy the Alt-right wouldn’t have said a word because those movies portray the stereotypes they wish to see.

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    • Agreed. I get the same looks from these raggedy hipster looking needle dicks in NYC and Brooklyn when they’re out with their Asian girlfriends…fucking crazy. I even knew a white boy whose brother had a black wife for a while and use to rant about black men and white woman couples in the house.

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  7. I was at a series of discussion panels for work recently and one was themed around “minority” women, that particular panel was comprised of three BW (two middle aged, on in her mid-late 20s). One of the BW openly identified as a black feminist and said dumb shit throughout the session like “BW need help because everything is done to protect BM but BW are left hanging”, and “We march for BM but they are the main ones abusing us”, etc. Keep in mind that the theme of the panel itself had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK MEN, but the black feminist had to get a few jabs in at BM regardless. I was the only BM in the audience and the BW in the middle of the panel would look right at me with a big smile on her face everytime they said something about BM. lol

    This shows that even in a professional setting that has NOTHING TO DO WITH BM they will still try to attack you, so what do you think that many of the “educated” BW administrators/supervisors at many brother’s jobs will do behind closed doors or in the interview process? Good BM had better watch out for some of these BW that they work with, especially if the BW is single (most are) and you arent interested in dating them and/or have a non-black gf. If I worked with BW like this I doubt that I would ever say anything beyond, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, etc.

    The 20 something year old BW on the panel was talking about black beauty standards and how she felt out of place where she lived and how she had issues with her black features. She admitted that she was contmeplating suicide at one point. All three of the BW on the panel were unmarried (one of the was divorced w/kids) and had Master’s degrees, PhD, etc. Go figure. These chicks were the stereotypical modern BW, two were overweight, all were unmarried, one openly admitted to having mental problems, and they all had various college degrees and had feminist leanings. Like ChroniclesofJudah144 says in his videos these liberal BW are mentally and emotionally damaged and should be avoided at all costs, just like he says in his videos these chicks likley go home to a empty home with nothing but a bottle of wine and a bottle of anti-depressants. Avoid these chicks and keep the Wall up.

    On a side note, this morning I heard one of the janitors at my job (a young guy) listening to ChroniclesofJudah144 and we talked about it and some of his views. SYSBM is spreading like crazy.

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    • James S,

      I was disgusted when I read this, I used this example on Obsidian’s Google hangout this afternoon and another website owner by the name of Dominique Huff raised the same point. You’ll notice that these Nigresses will always angulate their arguments and points to where they can introduce black men into the equation in order to go in on and berate us. Utter rubbish to say that black women are “left hanging”, black women are state assets and have been working hand in glove with western governments for the past 50 years. They are one of the the most protect groups in western society.

      That heifer forgot to mention the fact that they are the ones raising the men who then turn around and abuse them, she also conveniently leave out the fact that there are a particular contingent of black men responsible for this type of behaviour, the same dudes that these black women state that they prefer over thinking black men aka educated lames.

      Educated lames aren’t going around assaulting black women, the lower dregs of black males society are(Lil Greazy, Skillet, J Boogie), she needs to get it correct and be honest for once in her life(though I doubt that will ever happen). These modern day black females are walking disasters and cautionary tales of what happens when you decide to turn your back upon your male counterparts and team up with racist white men to work against black men as well as their own people in general.

      These sirens love their mutant form of feminism, however that will surely be their downfall. I like yourself would positively hate to work around black women like the above, I feel for black men who are forced to work in such environments.

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      • Yeah man even as woke as I am when it comes to western BW’s behavior, that level of vitriol even surprised me. lol Once again the topic of this panel had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BM, but she still threw jabs at us multiple times. She even said something along the lines of “People call me a BM basher when I talk about this, but I’m not.”, and what she was bringing up about BM had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC. She couldn’t hide/contain her disdain for BM, even in a public panel that had nothing to do with BM. lol

        I shouldn’t have been surprised though, we all know that BW show the WM that they are still on team whitey by putting down BM whenever they get the chance, and the crowd for that session was about half WM. The women have twitter accounts and when I checked them it was the usual flood of leftist/feminist BS. Go figure. If I encountered her after the conference I wouldn’t have even bothered trying to debate her about what she said or call out the inappropriateness of it, its pointless. We just have to stay away from these chicks.
        We have to keep the Wall up around hoodrats and “educated” BW alike.

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  8. The only thing worse than growing up with a single mother is growing up with a single father and his family. That was my situation. The women on my dad’s side are particularly wicked, and I’ve been stricken by it the most in large part because I’m not really one of them. I’ve gotten a no-holds-barred education in how terrible women are — the black ones in particular.

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  9. I have two question for you gentlemen; What are your thoughts on non-blacks speaking about black issues and what are your views on the one drop rule?

    I’ll offer my views; I don’t speak for blacks because I myself am not black, however, that doesn’t mean that I can’t offer advice or give my opinion. The one drop rule is simple as this; if you’re a mixture of races, then you’re biracial or multiracial but not black. I’ll keep on saying it, I’m multiracial but I understand what you men go through, in terms of how black women treat you and whatnot.

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    • Here is my take,

      I am very happy and glad that non-blacks are speaking on black issues. Readers like you, Cherry Bomb, Bahiya all can see the Black woman fuckery for themselves and see that WE are not crazy and just making shit up out of no where. I think it is also good because we can be used as an example when leftism gets way out of control and how much feminism and gynocentrism can destroy a community if left unchecked!

      I am also glad that they are talking about it so people will know WHY we are only dating Asian girls or white girls or WHY (thinking) black men seem to be the most coldest and red pilled out there, knowing that we have to deal with all these anti-SYSBM crowd such as the simps, church leaders, pro black nazis, gynocentric government, man hating feminism, and last but not least black women! It shows that our efforts here are not in vain and we hope to educate more non blacks on the issues we face so that other groups can learn for themselves how to NOT end up like us black men!

      On the thing about the one drop rule. I don’t know about the UK and other anglo saxon countries, but I do not follow the one drop rule. If you claim you are 15% Native American, 15% Chinese, 45% Italian, and 25% Arab, but you look or have strong Itlaian feautres and speak italian and live by italian culture, in my eyes you are 100% Italian. If you have a white mom and a chinese dad, you look completely chinese, speak chinese, and live by chinese culture, you are 100% chinese in my eyes. There are some people here in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan that claim they have Russian, German, Chinese etc great great grandparents, but they look every bit as local as everyone else.

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      • I’d say that I’d agree but I’ve never been to Central Asia, lulz. I’m curious as to why some people would say that Russians are white, when they are located in Asia, what’s you take on that, Mr. Carnio?

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      • Mithra,

        My best guess is because of ancient identity politics has been passed down to what they think today. Slabs were all once a one people but as they began spreading to eastern Europe, just like all homogeneous groups, they break and form their own traditions, beliefs, languages, religion, Countries and develop tribalistic tendencies even though they are the same race. Due to this, they strongly hold on to their origins and thus no matter where in the world they are born and raised they are “Russians”.

        Here in post soviet world, no one cares of what your race is but more of where your origins are from. So even if you look african but you have parents, grand parents and great grand parents from russia, they would consider you Russian and not a black person.

        Most people here from what I see care more about where their great ancestors come from rather than their recent ascendants. When I ask a person what race they are , they will simply say the name of the country rather than their race.

        The rare exception I have seen is when some Kyrgyz girls were asking me because they had fetishes for black men and they wanted to make sure I guess.

        This is my guess and i am not sure it this is true or not but I guess this is why they think this way.

        My take on this? I don’t care. I am a social libertarian, so if they feel that they are white but born in asia, it is no scratch off my back. It is Just another one of those “DoN’T AssUmmE Muh GendEr111!!!1 I identify myself as a 5 yrs old girl white girl with three Black penises.”

        What ever that makes you happy.

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      • @Carnio

        Exactly how I see things, if you were born in New York City but grow up, go to school in, and participate in British politics, you’re British, not American. (That’s our clown foreign minister Boris Johnson). My family would be disgusted with the Afro Caribbean label society give them: They are West Indian, have nothing to do with Africans.

        Gender fluid, gender ambiguous, gender neutral, pan-gender…. The elite must be pissing themselves laughing at how gullible we are.

        Biology beats ideology. Every time.

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    • “What are your thoughts on non-blacks speaking about black issues”
      I have no problem with it. Just know that depending on the topic as well as their perceived intentions for speaking about it, their opinions may not be well recieved.

      “what are your views on the one drop rule”
      Its still the rule in the US, if you have non-white DNA then you are considered non-white. Some bi-racial people can pass for white due to their features, but still wouldnt be considered white. I have always considered black bi-racials as black personally. The rule in the US has basically been that if you are mixed with black, you are black.

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    • Honestly, some “Blacks” are not Black. Just because you have African ancestry does not make one a Black person. Especially due to cultural, social, skin hues, and aethethic features & background. Someone who is 1/4 to 1/3 Black but has been raised around other races their whole lives and does not look identifably Black is not a person of African descent. They are a mixture of races and ethnicities. If you were to put a Mariah Carey, Megan Markle ,or Jesse Williams around full-Blooded Africans (or any other Black Group with at least 50-75% African DNA), they would be invariantly out of place.

      They don’t hold the same features or physical characteristics of a typical person of a “African” phenotype. This is why the ONE-DROP RULE is hazardous for Black People as a whole. It creates identity confusion and a partial/buffer caste system. Certain African Admixture people should claim mixed or just plain WHITE if they look to be of an Anglo-Look and carry most of their genetic make-up. Good example, Ronda Rousey is said to be 1/4 of African Ancestry. Due to her look, background, family structure, people she associates with, culture, etc,. Is she Black or a person of African Ancestry? No…

      Now, with a hypocritical twist, which does not make sense (but technically does). Some Bi-Racial or people of Admixture African Descent CAN be Black. Let me explain, Let’s say someone like Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, Barack Obama, J. Cole, etc, were to go amongst the same group of Fuller-Blooded Black people stated earlier. They would actually fit in(to a significant degree). No one would question or deny their look due to skin hues, feature, cultural similarities, so forth & so on. Yes, they are Bi-Racial but the admixture still created someone who has more of a stronger African phenotype.

      To add a final weird spectrum on this topic, Light-skins who are not (or don’t claim to be) Bi-Racial. This is a very touchy subject. Especially for Black Women. They seem to be idiots and the biggest haters of BW/BM who are not Bi-Racial and lighter than they are. Someone who is of a fairer complexion but still has some to most of the African phenotype is still Black. The colorism argument for the cry-babies is kinda irrevelant. Many “Light-Skinned” Blacks have a variant and significant degree of African genetics ranging from 60% to a whopping 95% percent.

      And yes, there are Light-Skinned Black People who do have more than 90% African DNA. I have met a few in my lifetime from Cape Verde & Madagascar. I can link a post of one of the videos I saw of a Black Woman we all hate by the name of Izidora Storm who is a Asian Swirler but she is of 93% African genetics but is very fair. On non-blacks speaking on Black issues, everyone has an opinion. I see why not. Everyone has their own perspective and viewpoints.

      I’d advise to not engage or entertain the fuckery known as the “Black Community” as its a burning pit awaiting to incinerate everything it engulfs or gets close to.

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      • [[I can link a post of one of the videos I saw of a Black Woman we all hate by the name of Izidora Storm who is a Asian Swirler but she is of 93% African genetics but is very fair.]]

        I’d like to see the link.

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    • I only dislike non-blacks talking about black issues if they’re coming from a perspective based on stereotypes and biased views from black outcast such as most gays, and swirlers. These tend to be overly negative, biased and ignorant. Otherwise, I don’t really care as everything is public now, we’re in the information age.

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  10. I picked up a shift at my weekend job today for a few hours (covering for a coworker) and some of these sea creatures are trying to hit on me. Want to scare away ugly black whores?? Play death metal, borrow your friends Make America Great Again banner and drape it along the front desk. I’m currently getting death stares from outside as I’m quietly eating lunch (chick Fil-a being it’s pride month and all) and getting caught up on some things around here.

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    • That is one of the best advices I have ever read!

      In fact, maybe just tell them you are conservative/Republican and they will avoid you like the plague!

      I mean there HAS to be somewhere to draw the line to show then that you are not down with those crowds

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    • What kind of death metal bands do you like/listen to? I like Aborted, Analepsy, Aposento, Avulsed, Canker, Carnivorous Voracity, Christ Denied etc.

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      • I listen to Visual Kei, which is Japanese equivalent to metal. I like Gackt, Back-on, 9 goats black out, Miyavi, Hyde, and Bump of Chicken (although they are steering more towards the Japanese Pop style now a days.

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      • All of those are great. Throw in some Deicide, Napalm Death, and Bloodhunter (though I just got into them, but so far so good). Kryptonite to most black whores.


    This is going to be an angry rant, and I’m going to be really blunt here.

    So I volunteered to work a hot kitchen at a prestigious event, and throughout the whole of service, this one fucking dreadlocked Rasta is at a loud voice telling the whole of the kitchen how superior he is because he “knows where he comes from” and he’s at one with “I and I”.

    Other unasked for pearls of wisdom – he then proceeds to proclaim we only wear clothes because of the “serpent” (not for practical reasons, like,you know, keeping warm…) how the Earth is really at the centre of the universe, and “I am not my name” (Great, you don’t need to be paid then?).

    EVERYBODY has to hear this old Predator-looking monkey spreading his poorly-researched religious diatribe, going so far as to seek out a young Muslim girl work colleague, going away and coming back each time harassing and provoke her with his “knowledge”. I overhear that she reacted angrily to something this nigger said, so I intervene to tell him to give it a rest.

    His reaction, while pointing a knife at me:

    I could tell he had the free run of the kitchen, where only the Black men vocal enough to keep the operation going, said nothing and let this old ass niggro talk his pack of dog shit for THREE FUCKING HOURS. The second I check this raggedy single mother progeny, he loses his shit, I let the fucker run his mouth, whilst I stay quiet.

    Later I apologised to the same Muslim girl about the Rasta rat bastard, she thanked me for stepping in. (Yes I donned the cape, sue me…)

    What is it about these fucking Bob Marley-looking reject failures that they must bless everybody at their workplace with their holy hotep bullshit findings, like he just discovered the Elgin Marbles? No one cares about how you are descended from Egyptian bricklayers in the middle of cooking fries. Shut the fuck up and serve.

    Better yet, take your “I and I”, leave your “whitey” clothes behind and take your shrivelled up naked 58 year old light skinned Black ass and fuck off to the Motherland. Aiiight?

    Weed smoking Rasta, hotep pyramid heads, go fuck yourselves, fuck you Jamaicans and fuck your degraded third-world shithole of a country.

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    • Michel,

      DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, lol. You ought to count yourself fortunate that he didn’t see your girlfriend, then it would’ve really kicked off. I remember the account you gave before of the Rasta giving you the cold eye when you were out with your Becky. If it isn’t weed smoking rastas then its alt right, beer belly, skin heads giving a man grief, lol.

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    • The hoteps are often the same as the dusty thugs. Most of these guys have nothing in life, they are broke, dumb, and dusty and try to mask that with hotep talk (in the case of the rastas) and/or a macho exterior (in the case of the thugs). These types of broke dusty failures usually put on some type of air in order to cover for the fact that they are deficient in many ways. I would advise you to avoid confrontations with them unless absolutely necessary, these bastard spawn of hoodrats are often dumb, angry, and have nothing to lose. But given who raised them that isn’t too surprising.

      The dusty shirtless thugs you see walking on the side of the road. They are basically like “Yeah I’m broke, dusty, dumb, and have no home or car of my own, but look at my tats and muscles, I’m tough” lol

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    • I’ve got no doubt that Rasta is a fucking loser in life, however the hotep diatribe made him seem more intelligent to others than he actually is, and the younger workers got taken in by his talk. Imagine Dr. Umar Johnson working at Wendy’s…

      He actually did stop his shit after I called him out, so I suspect he’s a bit of a coward.

      I would not have stepped in, if it wasn’t for the bullying of a young woman, which being on the receiving end most of my childhood, know how shitty it is. I’m not afraid of wankers like him. But the advice is still heeded James.

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    • Mithra,

      Is this dude serious? Notice again how the root problem seems to be white girls being dicked down by black men. These guys claim to be MGTOW until they see a black man with a white women, then they immediately switch roles to that of the dick police. This illogical babble is why these dudes are losing out to black men and we don’t even have the economic footing even close to what they do, smh.

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      • Notice again how, despite their claiming to be against liberalism, they are just as selfish and anti-family as the left!

        Also notice how incestuous the topic was. MGTOW is NOT about combating feminism, restoring the nuclear family, or anything of moral muster. It is ALL about white men ****ing who they want, when they want, and you can’t have any, Mr. BBC!

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    • Black British Guy,

      When guys were beating off to naked girls in magazines it wasn’t really a problem, however now with porn in video format being produced in HD and 4K that is where the real damage is. As you already know I would recommend sex over fapping any day of the week, however because you are now in the military things are different for you now. You can do things that way if you want, however there is some damage still being done.

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  12. Really good to see a wealth of topics on here.
    Now, is it just me or do annoyed by the SIGHT of a BW?? Am I being petty here? I’ve lived in the Midwest for a good while now and the black population is pretty low outside of the college town I live in.

    Being a survivor of a decade in the D/FW area I’ve seemed to develop PTSD from BW. Usually the dark skinned, obese BW that tries to wear clothes too small for her all while yelling at her multiple kids in that hoodrat voice that sets my teeth on edge…..OR it is the super arrogant college-girl BW that talks with a beyond annoying fake Valley Girl accent and has a dumpy white BF that checks out WW behind her back and always walks several steps behind her.

    I try not to be rude, especially at my place of employment….buuuuuut that rage boiling under the surface is there. I’ve never dated a BW, but Lord knows you don’t have to to deal with their BS……I dunno……Does anyone else feel this way or am I too extreme? Or is this the right amount of anger/irritation? I feel justified as BW have gone out of their way to ruin my life or attempt to have me killed or injured.

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  13. Madame Logicbomb is baaaaacccck. And this time she’s touting another hit list to take out black male YouTubers. Her angle this time is actually SUING black male commentators for “defamation.” Good luck with that. One of the comments specifically mentioned Slaying Evil as a target, but I think it’s been deleted.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      These black women continue to sink deeper and deeper into delusion, they honestly believe they are above scrutiny and examination. Christelyn “the queen of Swirl Mountain” Karazin back in 2016 attempted to take the legal route with Slaying Evil and she quickly found out that I don’t play with that nonsense over here, if you’re going to take the legal route with me then you had better come with court papers because I don’t mess around when it comes down to free speech.

      Trying to use the law to silence their critics, pathetic. Sophia A Nelson attempted to take the same route against Obsidian and was shut down with the swiftness. I don’t how this black siren Madame Logicbomb believes she is going to succeed where other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood have already failed.

      This is the problem with most black women, they simply don’t know the law. Oh well, get your popcorn and freshly squeezed juice ready and watch as yet another mission to shut down thinking black men goes up in smoke. This Logicbomb woman is definitely 5 kegs short of a six pack.

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      • Verbs, Even if they did shut down slaying evil, do you honestly believe the SYSBM guys are just gonna ball up in the corner, sob, and go home to black women? NO! 5 more slaying evils will pop up and they will be MORE NASTY than the next! Unlike you, some of us here have deep hatred for black women and cannot express our hatred the way we wish, but if they take away OUR voice, they will truly see what hatred looks like!

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      • Carnio,

        This is exactly why on Obsidian’s mid-day Google hangout yesterday I stated that black women have caused too much damage to be given a reprieve at this point. They are a cursed group of individuals who must drink down their judgements by themselves. Anybody who stands in the way of their recompenses will suffer the exact same fate as they. I do not and will never come to the aid of devils.

        I agree, attempts to take down websites like Slaying Evil will only increase that deep seated hatred even further. I personally don’t like black women as a collective either, however I choose the channel my disdain for them in the form of liberating other thinking black men. This is the ultimate wounding to Blackistan, setting black men free from the oppressive chains and shackles of the sisterhood.


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      • When black women talk legal action I just imagine Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” dressed in drag. (Skip to 1:00)

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      • Yours Truly,

        These black women really have scrambled eggs for brains, they believe calling them out on their skullduggery somehow equates to defamation of character, how dumb and buffoonish can you get? The dumb heifer was even talking about suing celebrities, entertainers, sports stars etc. The cheese fell out of Logicbomb’s sandwich a long time ago. She needs to be quarantined, sectioned under mental health regulations and given a straight jacket forthwith.


      • Verbs,

        Weird how these Section 8 babymamas with a net worth of $5 always claim to have high-powered attorneys on retainer to sue somebody. Hahaha!

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      • Ok!!!!! But they think it is cool to commentate badly about BM. So how are you going to take the legal route when you are doing the same thing. This women are gone.

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      • Madame Fruitloop was touting American BW go to Europe and start over with European men, even though she herself admitted she’s afraid to fly. LOL. Apparently, that move failed, because she’s “ready for war” again, back trying to sue BM YouTubers for “defamation.” The sad thing is, it’s not “defamation” if it’s TRUE. It ain’t like the BW has the best reputation as a group even if BM were silent.

        Black women have been “going their own way” since welfare kicked in back in the ’70s. But now that good brothers are hopping the fence en masse, they want to pretend that they’re ones who are “moving on.”

        I watch Madame Fruitloop’s videos for entertainment value, pure insanity and black misandry. This is what’s truly going on in the broken minds of your so-called “sistas.” They really tell on themselves.

        Hear me now! SYSBM mi bredren! (I’m on that Bushmaster trip LOL)

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    • Oh please! That fool has no power here. Mass flagging campaigns only work on youtube. As far as suing goes I’ll hold my breath. Didn’t black women already try that crap with Obsidian and failed?

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      • Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Like Verbs said, the cheese fell out of Madame Fruitloop’s sandwich a long time ago. Hahahaha!

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    • BWGTOW (Black Women Going Their Own Way)…?!?!?


      How can they go your their own way when no-one wants their ass & they’ve been abandoned circa 2010 ?!?
      These room temperature IQ whores are dense. Even their moniker as a rip-off of another movement. I don’t think they understand the time nor resources it takes to get a civil suit in progression. Even if they did, they have much a case and will only pay useless court fees and attorney retainer fees. This reminds me of Synthetic G trying to sue Tariq for making fun of her sickly ass.

      They only power they have is for a Simp to do their bidding or make up false accusations/statements like whores always do.

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    • -“You certainly can afford [the surgery] though. You are a billionaire! As a breeder, that is your responsibility. You probably have a hand bag that costs more than what their surgery will cost. Please do this for them. I beg you. Don’t force me to put them out of their misery when you can give them a good life.”

      He doesn’t know that balk women value weave and other material bullshit more than actual human/animal lives.

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  14. The truth and double standards about “Self Hating”

    The definition of Self Hate
    noun: self-hate
    intense dislike of oneself.

    Any time when a black man says he dislikes black women, does not date black women, calls out the BS of black women, or is dating or has a sexual attraction to a non black women, the said black man is called a self hater. I just posted the definition above and it says “intense dislikee of oneself. Nothing else exist in that definition that says “Intense dislike of one’s mom, intense dislike of one’s race”. There is nothing about self-hating when a person hates someone else. Black women have such a group mentality that if you are talking about one black women, even if she is dead wrong, you are talking about ALL of them. This is sickening as Anglo Saxon culture is all about the individual self. When one person dies, EACH person has to atone for THEIR OWN SIN, NOT OTHERS. So when black women want to jump up in this collectivist mindset that “if you are talking about that 350lb grodd the gorilla, you are talking about your mother” BS you can easily sit there and laugh at the hypocrisy because if a black women does something, for an example, robs the store,then they ALL want to scatter like roaches and say “OH NO NOT ME! that”s THAT black women, you can’t say all of us!!” So when it benefits them, they will become communists, but is they are at a place where they are about to be exposed, now suddenly they want to be individualists! Hypocrites!!!

    Now, Some black men DO feel self hate and have piss low self esteem. and the irony of this is BECAUSE of their mothers! The reason why many black men do hate themselves is NOT because of their race, it’s because of the YEARS OF ABUSE of being BEAT, Mentally attacked, being told he ain’t shit, his dad ain’t shit, sexually raped by the mom herself by having a three some with her and her fresh out of jail boyfriend, called loser, gay etc by his mother is entire life. PLUS black gynocrism and misandry that is in your face in black society when seeing these tv shows about how “N1Gas A1n’+ $H1T!!! their entire lives. I still suffer from depression because of the black gynocentrism from the west. When ever I stream youtube, I make sure I go to Korean youtube or Japanese youtube so I don’t see BS video suggestions about BLM, Toxic masculinity, and other BS leftist media that over took my account! I hate being reminded why I left the US in the first place! These black women are such wizards in mixing and tricking you. They use, “yo mama” rhetoric when it was EXACTLY their mothers that Screwed them over in the head in the first place!
    Then they want to say, ” you need to see a psycologist”. WTF is a psycologist going to do? tell me i am wrong? they are gonna agree with the black man if they knew what was truly going on in the black community. they act as if seeing a psycology is going to change a god damn thing in how black men feels towards black women.

    You cannot change a person’s feelings towards a person if that person/group has mistreated you harshly for years and years. If you Beat a puppy until it becomes a full grown pit bull, it will hate the owner until it dies. it is a natural instinct and human desire to hate someone or a group of people of years of mistreatment and injustice! How would they like it if white people went to black people and say “oh, our people (white), made your people slaves? well, you need to get over it and see a psychologist!” It would be WWIII!!!! but because BLACK WOMEN are being called out for their years of SLAVERY AND ABUSE, we should just “forgive” and turn the other cheek! FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!! If black women do something to black men or Korean men (the ones who get their weave store robbed), we need to see a psychologist and forgive them, but If someone does something to black women, ie black men call out the BS or Korean men use ↓ ,↘, →, we have to pay for a life time.

    There is simply NO reason to associate yourself with black women! STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF YOU VALUE YOUR DIGNITY AND SANITY


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    • Black men are becoming more conservative because black communities have been literally decimated by liberal policies. Black women have had more abortions than any group of women in human history and fell no shame in it. They don’t think anything is wrong with that and will just blame men because of course there was no way that she could have taken the birth control that the government gives them FOR FREE. Welfare has taken it’s toll and the ghettos are filled with bastard sons of Tyrone who kill each other in the streets everyday killing innocents all along the way. Black people in the liberal utopias aka ghettos are rioting in the streets and it looked like 28 days later or World War Z. Black women vote democrat almost 100% not realizing that if the democrats have their way they will flood the country with muslims and mexicans (who hate blacks btw) and then black people will have no voice in the country.Even now the democrats are defending MS-13 gang members because Trump called them animals. The same MS-13 gangs that firebomb black communities. Trump called them animals and the dems that black people and black women vote for defended them. She don’t care tho. She just want dem food stamps and dat section 8. If black people keep voting democrat black people will go extinct. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t even like talking to black people who are not conservative in some way. They say they “woke” but they’re in a fucking coma. They are low I.Q. and will be quick to want to fight you just for being conservative.

      Trump knows most black men don’t have dads and look up to rappers as they daddy. That is why Trump had that long meeting with Kanye and now all of a sudden Kanye is trying to redpill his audience about the democrats being fucking worthless while Beyonce and Jay-Z buck dance for Hillary trying to get niggas to vote for her. She and her ilk refer to Mexicans as “Taco people” so yeah they just use minorities for votes nothing more.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Speak it. As someone who was raised in a household that voted all Democrats (hell my dad when registered me as one when I was 18; which had been changed), you’re speaking nothing but the truth. These idiots don’t realize that democrats do nothing but make empty promises, and never deliver. All these niggers care about is that section eight and their food stamps, and I’m glad Trump is slowly cutting that shit for able bodied people. I’ve said it plenty of times but I’ll say it again. Fuck the black community. It blows my mind how these dumbasses stay in these war zones, lose person after person and never once think of leaving or doing something better for themselves. As someone whose actually been in war zones, those people for the most part are trying to be or do better by getting rid of the negative people weighing them down. Not negros. They embrace dysfunction, and will try to literally kill you when you call them out on it.

        Those idiots who claim to be woke have to be some of the most ignorant, lost, and downright confused people I’ve ever met. It is infuriating hearing them speak that nonsense.

        Trump is that father most of these idiots never had who is telling them to wash their nasty asses, get cleaned up, and get a job/ education and become a productive member of society. I don’t agree with every single thing he’s done (net neutrality being a huge issue for me), but he’s doing good whether these niggers realize it.

        I’ve lost lots of friends when i became more conservative, i don’t talk to family because most of them are liberal, and they hate being called out on not knowing what they’re talking about.

        All in all, if you’re a thinking black man and you’re know to be conservative, be prepared to have every shaming tactic, every sob story thrown your way at an alarming rate to get you back on the plantation.

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      • @ Yours Truly & Carnio – Guys…no offense but Fuck the United States of America. America is leaving a real stale & sour taste on my palate. IT CANNOT BE SALVAGED. And should not be. We are public enemy #1 as thinking Black Men. Right now, the Black community is fucked BEYOND return. There also is an overall societal breakdown as well as decrease in morale.The standards and culture are in decay. Relationship dynamics are shit. The Criminal Justice system is rigged. Race here (if you are a Black Male) is always an issue. Whether minor or major. The Gays and Transgenders are pushing an agenda and trying to normalize this lifestyle.

        You can’t get married or have children without the courts being involved and ruining your life. The volatility of American Women can cause you to lose your health, finances, and lifestyle. If you are living in the States (those of you in the thread),I advise you to save, invest, become educated further, travel, and find an escape route. There is better out there…somewhere…than this forsaken luxurious hell we live in the US. There is nothing wrong with being a Black Man being a “Conservative”.

        Actually it’s called having morals, values, character, respect, & standards. Something Black People have lost ever since the coke/crack era of the 80s.

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      • Oh no offense here! In fact I agree with you, FUCK the US!

        I left the us 8 months ago and I never want to return! There is supposedly suppose to be an oncoming civil war in the US, and personally I hope it is one of the most violent messy war that it has everseen. Sorry for the guys who still live there but I am sick of the toxic culture of the Anglo Saxon world and I hope it rots along with the black community in it!

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  15. Thought you fellas might find this interesting. These guys are half stepping with the truth, I suspect because YouTube is paying their bills, however the brother on the right had to admit that his worse relationships have been with black females, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    Also clock the email that was
    read out, I’ve been telling you for the longest that black women have a deep seated hatred especially for heterosexual thinking black males. The truth is coming out:

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    • Oh yeah, those two once stated how they HATED black men who just date white women, notice that the reverse wasn’t applied, though.

      Sadly, the worst part of removing mixed people from black society is that they will many times believe that they are immune from the reality of race, which is a lesson that many of these mixed women learn the hard way. Black men just can not win….

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  16. Dear verbs2015,
    Let me introduce u to ”Bougieblackgirls” a well know black feminist with the typical rhetoric.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Outside of marching and protesting for black men who are already in the grave, exactly how have black women been here for us ie black men who are alive? These heifers stay repeating garbage that flat on its face sounds ridiculous, smh.

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  17. Verbs2015,
    Exactly these girls are just pure comedians.
    Look at this one

    How can this girl claim this, when most black women can’t even do the simple things of stay full black trought their lives ? If we look at skin bleaching, weave, fake nails, eye contact,all these things make u non black yet most black women gone trough this phase during their live. Look like she doesn’t even know what the definition of blackness is,or maybe they want use this word when it’s convenient lol. 😐

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    • Tyrone Nxy,

      I’m glad you brought this idiot to my attention, I’ll have to comb through her Twitter page and see what material I can use for some articles. Black women as a collective are as far away from blackness as the east is from the west. Black women are invested in the spirit of Jezebel, feminism and women issues first before anything else, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

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      • Verbs2015,
        This girl are several issues, and is serious about it. She has a lot of stuff on twitter, as per usual ”Black women layalty, colorism, Mysogynoir, black patriachy bein only pro black, white washed” all these stupid things.

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  18. Verbs2015,

    U won’t believe it !
    Here u have a black women, stating what most black men, and all people know if they look to stats, and fact that black women are at the bottom of the bottom in dating world. At least,she was bein honest. That’s part of the reason why majority lf black men don’t care if black women ”happen to date IR”, shit is so rare for them. That’s why they cherish whenever one of them get a white men, but call black men all kind of name. I would be mad tough, if even with wearing weave, bleaching processus, bein white women wanna be, I still at the bottom.

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    • Black chicks will never stop whining and complaining. “Diversity” and “representation” are code words for “I don’t measure up, so manufacture an artificial spot for me.” In the article above, “Hannah” uses a British TV dating show as her barometer. Black chicks always use reality shows and celebrities as yardsticks, why? A commenter stated the fact that–in real life not on TV–the majority of BM end up with BW. So is her problem that BW are not desirable to non-black men? No response from the writer, that said it all. They want to be desired on the same level that white women are. Never any other races of women, just white. When all else fails, we thinking black men are the fallback position.

      She asks: “…until diversity in media is addressed and multiracial representation becomes a norm, how will negative perceptions towards black women ever change?”


      The internet has laid bare all these black chicks’ neuroses. Avoid at all costs is my motto. I’m blessed that my life is overall BW-proofed.

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  19. Verbs2015,
    Madamenoire, have strike again, but this time in a good way. The video below is about the fact that u can date interracial and still be pro black.Of course the relationships happen to be with ”White Men & Black women” u will notice that in the comment section as per usual black women agree with this. That’s a good new maybe the time of SHAMING TACTICS, DICK POLICING, COLORISM CRY BABIES, will stop on black men who date IR.

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