Even Children See Black Female Dysfunction And Are Sick And Tired Of It



Thanks to Jarrett Chinua on Facebook for sending me this. The link above will take you to another video containing the comments left in response where you can pause it and read the actual comments that accompanied the post. I would’ve posted the link here however I was unable to find the particular post myself. There you have it folks, even a child can see that white women overall are nicer, much kinder and are not as violent as black women, however rather than accept the child’s observations and examine themselves, black women would much prefer to reprimand the father and question the child’s mentality, make that make sense, just read the comments for yourselves.

From the time you have a 10 year old child pointing out what the thinking black men’s regiment has been saying for the longest, you know that black female skullduggery is beginning to spread its tentacles even further afield at a rapid pace. Obviously this young girl has interacted with both white and black women and as a result has been able to speak about her findings.

Yet another huge L for the sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan, even black children want nothing to do with these black witches and clearly recognise that they are dysfunctional. Motley’s daughter is an olive branch, she is the canary in the coal mine, she is showing her father that black women as a group are NOT mentally stable and that he ought to be looking for sex, love and companionship elsewhere. Of course she isn’t saying these things, however these are the finer details that come with her observations.

Its a wrap folks, how will the pro black flunkies and the “save the plantation” rabble rousers react to this? Remember, these are the same milk chocolate biscuit idolators who as of late have been relentless in their attempts to shame thinking black men back onto plantation avenue. This modern day black female of 2018 is nothing but a cold hearted, blood thirsty savage and nothing the pro black contingent say or do can mask this ugly fact.

You heard it straight from her own mouth, that if her father were ever to marry again that he ought to go with a white female instead. the funny thing is when I walk the streets of the UK I get smiles and greetings from white girls and white women all the time, white women are friendlier individuals, they are much more easier to approach and to talk to and are not ready to bite your head off just for saying hello to them.

Of course boot licking simps like D32018 as well as our newest resident simp/mangina Stop Cooning(who now prefers to leave comments in the Off Topic section of the website knowing full well that his backside will get lit up if he comments on some of the more recent articles) would strongly disagree. As far as they are concerned it is a sign of strength to tolerate and accept the rotting garbage that the overwhelming majority of black women commonly bring to the table.

In the eyes of these simps we thinking black men are weak because we decided that we deserved better and having done so thereafter went about freeing ourselves from the chains and shackles of the proverbial plantation. We are weak in their eyes because we decided that verbal, emotional and in many cases physical abuse from a particular group of women is not normal behaviour.

What’s funny is OUTSIDE of black society when an individual breaks free from being mentally, emotionally or physically abused, that particular person is viewed as STRONG and courageous for taking a stand and valuing their lives enough to realise that they DON’T have to accept and tolerate such behaviour from others. However only in the twilight zone black community is opting out of an abusive situation seen as being “weak”, again, make that make sense. Black society is upside down so for those who subscribe to its tenets and edicts, of course to them such backwards logic makes sense.

Watching the above video reminded me of the black doll/white doll experiment that was conducted on some black children a number of years ago:

I was thinking, could it be that these black children saw the black doll as ugly because that was all they ever heard from their black mothers, “you black and ugly as hell, nappy head, you’re just like your no good daddy, you’ll never amount to anything etc”, doesn’t this sound all too familiar? At the end of the day it is black mothers who place these insecurities in their children and it is equally these black harridans who go out of their way to treat their own children like trash but at the same time still expect the same children to respect them, smh.

As I have stated many times before, black women as a collective are the bane and the curse of black society, they are the ones who have prevented black folks as a whole from moving forward and they have carried out such treason at the behest of their lord and saviour Mr Charlie in exchange for state treats and benefits.

If a 10 year old black girl telling you that white women are nicer and calmer than black women doesn’t begin turning some cogs in your head then I don’t know what will. Note also how it was the daughter that brought this conversation to her father, thus I reckon that the thoughts had been playing around in her mind for quite some time.

Gentlemen, a 10 year old young black girl who speaks well from her own observations has stated that we ought to deal with white women in replacement of the black witch and I completely agree with her. Of course her recommendation can be stretched out to also include other non black women in general. You already know that if these black sirens could get their hands on Motley’s daughter that they wouldn’t hesitate to throw her into a mouldy, smelly dungeon and like true communists torture the child until she voiced the “right” point of view, that is how these black female mincers roll.

Finally, this black female right here is exactly who the young girl was warning us about:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Even Children Can See Black Female Skullduggery

Most High Bless

57 thoughts on “Even Children See Black Female Dysfunction And Are Sick And Tired Of It

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  2. Black women stay losing, and at this point, just can’t catch a break!

    Notice the typical talking points on Facebook: you bashing us! You a self hater! You’re looking at stereotypes!

    Ma’am, if you were so strong and your insecurity in particular was NOT a stereotype, you wouldn’t care what people said about you. If you claim that “you don’t need no man!”, then why would you care what this man you will never meet thinks?

    Go ahead and breed them out, PLEASE! They KNOW that they’re the least desired, they KNOW that they’re the least married, they KNOW that no white man is coming in to save them, so why not do the universe a favor and get rid of them?

    The clear benefit that children typically get from non-black mothers is reason enough to get rid of them.

    Would you rather a model of car that’s going to be dependable, reliable, and get you from point to point b, or one that’s beat up, unreliable, and gets a half a mile to the gallon?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is the point right here, with everything else in life that is problematic getting rid of such items is viewed as the wise choice, however when it comes down to this modern day black women black men who choose to opt out of dealing with such problematic individuals are viewed as “weak”, you couldn’t make this Sesame Street type philosophy up. I’ll continue to repeat the same statement over and over, the overwhelming majority of black women are DEFECTIVE BEYOND REPAIR which means just that.

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  3. In the UK I don’t think a black woman has ever smiled at me. And your right white women are friendly even in the north I’m from Manchester. Even though people are friendlier in the north black women have a face like thunder. SYSBM MGTOW!

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  4. Good morning gentlemen,

    On the first video, FUCK that guy. He will go RUNNING back to his black female master, you can hear it in his voice.
    Second video, were those children raised in single parent households??? Also, I would like to see the same test given to white children with different parameters other than, “mean,” or “pretty” like strong, smart, fast.
    Lastly, on the final video, MEN, she’s NOT talking to US, (at least I hope she’s not talking to ANY BLACK MAN HERE). She knows that shit WOULD NOT FLY WITH US, she’s talking to some young weak ass idiot (like the one in the first video) and KNOWS she can get away with that shit with him.

    Have a good one MEN

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  5. And I would like some ideas on what a TRUE online dating site for BM/WW would/should look like. One that actually attracts good women for us.

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  6. I’ve received nothing but good compliments from Asian, European, Latina, biracial and multiracial women, very rarely do I get them from black women (if I do, they’re light skinned) , then again, there’s not a lot of them in my area.

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  7. I’m a bit conflicted about this one. How do we know that he didn’t coach his daughter to say these things?
    I don’t think he did but there is the possibility.
    However even if he DID coach his daughter to say these things is it really that bad when black women coach their son’s to say what they would do for the pussy and throw them out of the house if they like Trump?

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  8. I haven’t watched the video but it isn’t surprising. I knew as a child that BW were mean compared to WW as well. My BW school teachers were mean compared to the WW and the BW in my neighborhood were mean and messed up. The young black girls were no different.
    This simply illustrates that SYSBM is installed into the subconcious of BM at a young age, and it’s installed by their interactions with BW. Keep the Wall up.

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  9. Gentlemen—- It is a fact that black women are viewed as the least attractive group of people on the planet. (See, Satoshi Kanazawa, et. al.) It is a fact that USA single black women, as a group, have an average $5.00 (USD) net worth. It is a fact that 80% of USA black women are overweight (excess body fat). Given these facts, how can mainstream black women hope to have serious relationships with non-black men? What men, from any race, want women that are unattractive, financially broke, and fat?

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    • Here’s the updated score:

      The Wall – Undefeated. The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan – Infinite Ls.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  10. The first video sounds as if what the little girl was saying was rehearsed. Not that it isn’t any less true, but it’s kinda suspect. The second video, oh where to begin?? It’s horrible that these children have had their self esteem and confidence utterly destroyed at such an early age. Many of us can relate to them. That type of self hatred in all likelihood comes from their dealings of their black bitch of a mother, or any other black female (most aren’t women or feminine. They can reproduce little bastard spawn; hence the term female for all of you idiotic lurkers out there) in their lives. Black men aren’t out here telling their children they’re bad or ugly because they’re black.

    Finally, the dumb sewer rat in the last video is the typical ghetto gaggers whore you should avoid at ALL COSTS. Fake everything, horrible attitude, disgusting mouth, what exactly is there about her that is attractive???

    For those on the fence as to if you should run away from the so called black community (again fuck the black community), keep in mind no matter how nice, how feminine, if she’s actually rocking her natural hair, at the root of most of these chicks, this ghetto nigger Jezebel attitude is dormant, or hiding waiting for the right time to come out; which is usually after you knocked her up or dare say put a ring on her usueless ass five dollar net worth ass.

    If you’re smart you’ll avoid it all together. I know I will. I’ll take my chances with any other type of woman, though I am preferential towards White and Asian women.

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  11. You know you’ve either hit a nerve with someone or at least given them something to think about anytime the author of this article went as far as to specifically mention my name and the other brotha D32018. So since you mistakenly tried to call me out saying I only post in the off topic session, I figured I’d bless you niggas with my comment on this bullshit article….Where to begin? Okay, that first video is obviously rehearsed. You know that little girl’s self-hating Dad put her up to that. She did everything except read off a damn teleprompter.

    That second video was just plain sad and has nothing to do with the theme of this site (hating black women only), it’s how black people have been told from a young age that black is bad and white is good. I feel sorry for any kids y’all have or will have in the future because I see a future of white doll pickers. Notice the little black boy said the black doll was bad “because HE’S black”, obviously the kid saw himself as being that black doll. So what’s your point in writing this bullshit? For “free thinking men”, you guys are dumb as hell. I guess you’re free to be stupid niggas. And the lady in the third video was joking, who can’t see that? Y’all be doing the most on here with your idiocy. Anyway, have a good weekend and try not to coon to hard, hear?


    • Black bitch, you’re not fooling anybody. You’re as much of a man, as we are black men who love black whores like yourself. The way you address yourself, to the ridiculous talking points, just everything about you screams female.

      I’ll play devils advocate. Let’s just say the first video was rehearsed. Does it take away from anything that child said??? Hell no it doesn’t. There are thousands of black men who have had similar experiences to us, and think the same way we do. I’ll even venture to guarantee you personally a few whether your ignorant ass realizes it or not.

      The second video that type of self hatred that comes from you whores. Telling your kids you like like your ain’t shit daddy, don’t grow up to be like him, etc. Now I will say it didn’t help way back when the media was drilling it into everyone’s head that because you’re black, you’re automatically bad. Especially if you’re a black male. But that stereotype conveniently passed over you whores. It was if you’re a black woman, you’re automatically a victim of your circumstances. Or the black man left you in despair.

      The lady in the third video wasn’t joking at all. I’ve personally seen people go through absolute hell with these types of gutter trash, but somehow still keep going for it. You can try and deflect all you want saying it’s a joke, but we’re wiser than that.

      So out of all of that nonsense, what point did you make??? I’ll wait…

      Also, no niggas here. We’re black men. Address us as such. Take that ghetto nigger talk somewhere else.

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      • NIGGA, don’t make me laugh. I’ll address a man when there is a man to address. You seriously think I’d address you as anything else when you’re coin ass came right out the gate calling me a black bitch? You clearly have trouble wrapping your pea brain around the fact that most men like me don’t succumb to the bafoonery written on this hate site. You clearly can’t imagine that you and your coon buddies are the fucking minority of black males who feel this way.

        And you clearly have been rejected, straight up dissed and ignored by sistas and you’re wallowing ass found a place online where other butthurt niggas have an axe to grind.


      • Stop Cunting,

        (((And you clearly have been rejected, straight up dissed and ignored by sistas and you’re wallowing ass found a place online where other butthurt niggas have an axe to grind.)))

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      • Carnio,

        You’ll notice how Stop Cooning is still unable to build a solid case for the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Everytime I ask him what makes black women superior over non black females and why we should consider dealing with them instead of Becky, Ling, Kim, Lopez, Sadiq etc, I get nothing but crickets from his corner.

        I don’t really see what so bad about being rejected by a group of women who are already at the bottom of the barrel, and these are the female mincers that old boy is going to bat for so hard, smh.

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      • “stop cooning— everyone needs a culture to call home… black bitches have killed our culture and continue to drag the corpse in an ugly direction… There’s nothing good about tatted-up obesity, artificiality, weave, fucking & sucking & ghetto-gagging white racist men, sociopathic “attitude” against decent black men, & calling all of this “strong”.

        Black women have completely changed black culture (what’s left of it) into something unrecognizable…. something I can relate to AT ALL.

        Unlike some of the guys here, I don’t see black women as naturally ugly. Black women MAKE themselves ugly (inside & out) with an ugly, stupid aesthetic that has NO deference for the pain & suffering of our ancestry nor our progeny. They are pure vanity & its flip side — insecurity.

        We all need a culture & community. They have killed ours.

        That’s my gripe, & this hit SHOULD be documented & we as black men SHOULD be helping black men wrap our minds around & navigate this weird new challenge. That’s what you’re seeing in media like this.

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      • >>And you clearly have been rejected, straight up dissed and ignored by sistas and you’re wallowing ass found a place online where other butthurt niggas have an axe to grind.<<

        White girl reject…

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    • Stop Cooning,

      You need to be thrown into a swimming pool full of ice water for the stupidity you’ve just posted. It’s funny, the video link I posted of the young girl claiming that her mother was trying to be white because she was wearing a blonde weave, was that rehearsed bootlicker?

      People like you make me laugh in that because you can somehow wrangle one video into question, automatically you believe that the mountain piles of evidence that already exist somehow are now either cast into doubt or negated and rendered void, are you that dumb?

      The second video demonstrates how these same black witches that you worship instill self hatred into their children from a very young age. Beating up their children on the daily, dragging them from pillar to post and forever berating them with regards to their skin tone, you already know this full well shoe shine boy. I told you before that black women as a collective cannot be defended on any level and any attempts to do so are nothing but fool’s errands.

      This is why the only pathetic line of defence you have for your black queens is to call thinking black men like us coons all day. You have yet to bring anything to the table hereby demonstrating the superiority of the black witch over non black females. If black women are so great then why is your line of defence on their behalf so weak?

      Lastly, in case you haven’t noticed there are already thousands upon thousands of examples to choose from of black women demonstrating their fruit loop, psychologically unbalanced nature. Plus it should also be pointed out that black comedians especially black women regularly speak about the truth and real life through comedy. Of course you already know this, however in your efforts to defend the trash black woman, you’d rather be a disingenuous buzzard instead, shame on you brown noser, shame on you.

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    • If you are man like you claim to be, you’re one of the most drunk punch in love with diseased smelly, nasty ass black whores I’ve ever seen.

      Do you actually think for a second we are as you claim “butt hurt because we were ignored by sistas”?? Negro please. On our worst days looking like homeless people, we could easily get into a black whores pants. Not that I’d want to, I have standards but I know for a damn fact I could. I get hit on by these nasty fat bitches so often (especially at my weekend job), it’s skckenkng. Take that nonsense and be lost with it, like your self dignity for dealing with such gutter trash.

      You are such a mental slave to these whores. You embrace and are so terrified to leave the plantation, it’s actually beyond hilarious and borderline sad. And what’s even more sad is, you embrace it and are too damn stupid to see otherwise.

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    • I guess you’re free to be stupid niggas.

      Simp bitch is Black himself…

      And you clearly have been rejected, straight up dissed and ignored by sistas and you’re wallowing ass found a place online where other butthurt niggas have an axe to grind…

      This is coming from a White girl reject…

      “…try not to coon to hard, hear?”

      Remember, simp dated a White girl

      You know you’ve either hit a nerve with someone or at least given them something to think about anytime the author of this article went as far as to specifically mention my name

      …yet still willingly comes back to post?

      Not only a simp, but a projecting simp. SMDH.

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      • Michel,

        Dude simply cannot present his case in favour of black women and why we should return to dealing with them, all he does is call other black men who’ve left the plantation coons and niggers every 5 minutes. Exactly how does this help the black women he loves and worships? Talk about being retarded with a capital R.

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    • I believe you are a female and so I will respond to you as I am also a “Black” female. I was not taught to hate people who look like me and when my mother gave me the same doll in “Black” and “White” the “White” one was cut out of playtime. When I later read The Bluest Eye post academia I was so happy for my childhood self. Never did I embrace a caucasian standard of beauty as my family protected me from that type of inculcation. As I grew older and became an avid reader and observationist I learned who “Black” women truly are in regards to the majority. It is sad that these men spout truth and I’m sure it must be difficult to reckon with the reality but reality is what it is not what you desire it to be.


  12. Hmmmmmmm Perhaps I shall tell a little story:

    ((( “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

    A vain emperor (Black Women) who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes (and weaves) hires weavers (White men) who promise her they will make her the best suit of clothes. The weavers (White men) are con-men who convince the emperor (Black Women) they are using a fine fabric invisible to anyone who is either unfit for her position or “hopelessly stupid”. The con (Black women’s Lord and Savior) lies in that the weavers (Black Women) are actually only pretending to manufacture the clothes; they are making make-believe clothes (and weaves) which they mime. Thus, no one, not even the emperor nor her ministers(Simps, Pro-blacks, church members)can see the alleged “clothes (weave)”, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions, and the emperor (Black Woman) does the same. Finally, the weavers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing her, and the emperor marches in procession before her subjects(Simps, Pro-blacks, church members). The townsfolk (Sista’s Republic of Blackistan) uncomfortably go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Then, a child (Black Children) in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all, and the cry is taken up by others. The emperor realizes the assertion is true but continues the procession.)))

    Soooooo…..guys…. Do YOU think that this story is relevant to today’s black society???

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  13. This kind of reminds me of the negress who went in on a black dude at some city council meeting or whatever — calling him “shrek”, hurling personal insults to his face — & a young black girl embarrassed the bitch by calling out her behavior. You’ve probably seen the video.

    Also — my sister’s daughter as a child once made the same observation, asking her mom why all the black ladies in town are fat, tattooed, weaved & wigged up & slobbish…

    The kids see this shit. .. But they’ll also be acculturated into it. My sister’s daughter (now in her 20s) today wouldn’t be caught dead without her long wig… :^(

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  14. Black women are world class bullies.. even their poor kids arn’t spared. Their natural reaction to any kind of situation is to scream, threaten physical harm, cause a scene in an attempt to gain the upper hand. They always say that white women are easy or that we are doormats that will put up with anything and that’s why black men like us…lol..

    Other women can have their crazy moments too..don’t get me wrong but, black women take it to a level that is just..psychotic and they get triggered by the smallest thing..its almost like they are just dying to pounce on someone. And they are never, ever wrong because, they know EVERY damn thing. Other races of women are not door mats, they just tend to be more reasonable and diplomatic..but, not be…noooo sir…I can’t imagine what these poor kids go through..maybe if they took the time to actually raise their kids instead of just watching them grow bigger, their kids would be better behaved..

    I once knew this black women who was a single mother and she would pull at my heart strings, always asking for rides, good , toilet paper..lol. One time she called me because she had no food to feed her kids for dinner so, I brought her a large pizza. I watched her slap her little girls hand when she came over to get a slice abd she shouted, “No! This is mine!”. I couldn’t believe it. If she wasn’t such a big, crazy b itch I would’ve punched her in the face. Thats another thing, they are so obsessed with food and eating omg don’t get between a black woman and her food! Ughh..they are selfish bullies..

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    • Cherry bomb,

      ((They always say that white women are easy or that we are doormats that will put up with anything and that’s why black men like us…lol..

      Other women can have their crazy moments too..don’t get me wrong but, black women take it to a level that is just..psychotic and they get triggered by the smallest thing..))


      A few months back, there was a troll, a angry black woman who posted here and said almost the same thing.
      She was complaining why black men chase white women and how they won’t mess with the sistas..

      She wrote” the reason why black men go for White girls because the White girls give B*** **bs and black women won’t”. (Which is obviously a shaming tactic because I don’t think the theme of that post was about white women and she suddenly brings it up out of no where)

      To which I replied, “so if us black men are chasing white women for that reason, what can black women do to change that????”

      All you hear was crickets!

      ((I once knew this black women who was a single mother and she would pull at my heart strings, always asking for rides, good , toilet paper..lol. One time she called me because she had no food to feed her kids for dinner so, I brought her a large pizza. ))

      I wouldn’t have given her Jack! These women all get some sort of finance from some where, weather Child support or some sort of gov assistance. Almost all of my female family members, including my mother, are the exact thing that verbs talks about in this post!

      These family members get child support + ALL gov assistance including disability (even though they are fully functional to work), + (some) got alimony, + guilting family members + Church donations, and they would spend it on buying things they didn’t need! Expensive clothes, cell phones, cars and yes, like you said, junk food! There seems to always be a way that they can extract resources some how and yet they mindlessly spend money on crap rather than use it responsibly!

      Another reason why you shouldn’t give them anything is because these are the same women who started the “F— DA POLICE 1!1!!!111” and “KILL WHITEY” movement. If any group hates me or spreads hate messages against me, I fail to see any reason why I should help them!

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      • @Carnio- by our response to their hi insult was perfect..lol..yes, I’ve heard that insult too. It seems like they go to great lengths to come up with all sorts of reasons why black men don’t like them, anything besides admitting that the problem is THEM. It couldn’t possibly be because they are loudmouth, act like men, are too aggressive and like to fight, have too many stds ( but white women are easy…lol ), too many kids with multiple baby daddies, the list is endless..

        Yeah, looking back I should’ve never helped that b itch. I learned my lesson after that..will never fall for a sob story again. And You’re right they always have money for the expensive stuff but, always complain about being broke! They come in with big, expensive purses, shoes all name brand this and that, nails done, fake hair..pffft. They somehow find money for stupid crap like that! Lights will be turned off and can’t feed their kids but, mommas got some hair and nails! Only the best for the queens..lol..

        Queens. Bless their hearts..lmaoooofff


    • I don’t know about you guys, but having a white woman commenter here is a good thing. I guess we’re not all losers who were “rejected by black women.” LMAO! Cherry Bomb, keep venting, girl.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, she confirms exactly what we talk about here regularly but from a white female perspective. She sees exactly what we see.


      • The view, of many, is that black women reject the top 10% of black males. Educated black men often have no choice but to gravitate towards non-black women because top-tier black men are not desired by most black women. Since most black women are dysfunctional, black women are attracted to men that are similar to themselves.

        I note that Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the well-known scientist has a non-black wife. Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas are the only black men to serve on the US Supreme Court. Both men had non-black wives while on the high court. If a young black man is “rejected” by most black women, those rejections should be viewed as a good thing.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        Exactly, black women as a whole are no prize to get upset over if they choose to pass over us for the likes of Pookie and Skillet. They’re doing us a favour.

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      • Well, thank you dear! You guys are far from being rejected losers..you just see things for what they really are. Most people prefer to live in denial and fantasy. Its so refreshing to see black men who get it! Who dare to think for themselves. I would dare say that probably takes alot of courage..thank you all for being accepting of a leetle white girl…lol..j/kidding.😛

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    • maybe if they took the time to actually raise their kids instead of just watching them grow bigger, their kids would be better behaved..

      Quote of the Year.

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    • The truth is a wider spectrum. It is not simply as clear cut as the fact that other races of women tend to on average be more docile. Docility and submission are supposed to be an inherent part of the female makeup in order that the male may lead. I am someone who is “Black” and have these attributes although after being educated in a Westernized environment I had to actually unlearn common behaviors displayed by my so called race, such as aggression and always being correct. My husband who is an Asian male who holds a Masters degree assisted me in understanding my programming. What I see from many females of other ethnicities is that they typically allow exploitation in one form or another. They simply go along with misogynistic tendencies because that is their training. For every gain a loss and for every loss a gain. There is no perfect individual yet taking only bad examples as an exploration on a topic is faulty when it comes to true consideration and thought. As males I conceive of the disparaging stories told on this platform but as for another female of a different “race” I believe giving these examples is unnecessary. It is like being desperate to be the winner and make someone else the looser. I have myriad examples of poor behavior from other “races” of females I simply do not go out of my way to focus on those. Respect is something you give yourself and so I focus on my so called race. The women of other ethnicities who are commonly exploited by “Black” men and also tend to practice exploitation of the same (via sex,gaining citizenship, varying their gene pool, etc.) are viewed as the “enemy” of the “Black” female for this reason. Pretending other “races” of women are superior is a fallacy. In this modern society “Black” women may rank last in most cases however the other women are typically not practicing moral standards or non misogynistic thinking either. This is not to point the finger but to practice inclusivity. I am not finding the female gender suitable in any regards and just because a non “Black” female plays along it does not mean they are not practicing similar methodologies in secret.


  15. The “Doll Test” is and has been used to see if the negro is properly being socialized to accept white standards for beauty, docility, & exploitation. During the 1930s when a harsh “color code” existed the test was first conducted to see the effects on identity and the effects of JIM CROW LAWS aka SERFDUM. On a exploitable caste that being the negro to see if the socialization funded by from a Chicago Loyola University (which has a nefarious history with anthropology and socialism fuck them) Rockefeller foundation ect , if the effects of identity and indoctrination was taking place. The test was used to see how efficiently to best exploit a lower caste and how they internalized there own self hatred due to the Prussian Education and social subservience to a dominant caste. It is still present today in black girls due to their acceptance of the social engineering aka MYTH OF WHITE WOMANHOOD. So every 10 years they do this test to see if the manipulation and social engineering still is in place to exploit both resources, labor, and wealth from a lower caste. This test is also done in Hispanic countries with similar results check Google scholar for books and peer review articles.

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