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  1. This might sound weird, but I’m going to repeat this:

    STUPID simps like ‘Stop Cooning’ (seriously guys, who makes up stuff like ‘cooning’, and I thought Jamaica was the worst in terms of so-called ‘ebonics’) are the main reason why the so-called ‘black community’ in the Union of Soviet Socialist Caucasian States [ My personal nickname for the so-called West, by the way] is so messed up man. God, don’t these simps have any shame, man?

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  2. Let’s see, the house GOP announced that they’re cutting more welfare benefits and social security. The immigration border issue is a distraction while the cuts kick in. Also, 40% of black men are not having kids with black women. Stay safe and continue to build resources men.

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    • This just came out yesterday:
      House GOP budget sets up massive safety net cuts, Obamacare repeal bid

      “The biggest task would fall on the House Ways and Means Committee, which is asked to cut $150 BILLION over a decade from a slew of programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Supplemental Security Income.”

      As we have said before, attempts to scale the Wall will be increasing in the future. Many of these BW know that once the welfare gets cut they will be out of luck, and Pookie, Ray Ray, and Quantavious cant afford to pay for them or their kids, so they will be looking for a good BM to do it. BW also know that 3 decades worth of “niggas ain’t shit’ and “BM aren’t on our level” talk won’t be forgiven overnight, shaming tactics and the “good girl” act will be in full use.

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      • I hope black men never forgive bw.I hope the future generations of bm find about everything be have done to destroy the black community and. never forgive them and go sysbm as a result.

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  3. So, Last week was me and my grand mother’s birthday. I have not spoken to her since I left the US. I called her when I knew it was morning time in NYC as it is about a 14 hour difference between Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan and Eastern Time. I told her happy birthday and she was asking what my life is like in Central Asia. I said it is good. I told her that I climbed up a very tall mountain all the way up to the peak where there is still ice and snow. The mountain is known as Shymulak I think. This is the first time I have ever done something so daring and different in nature since I grew up and was raised as a city boy. It was a great experience even though it was very difficult. While climbing up to the top, I ran across some people, mostly Kazakh people, some Chinese and a Russian couple. All were extremely kind to me and asked me if I needed water, food etc as they saw I was alone. I told my grand mother that it is a very safe country and generally they do not have any thoughts of causing harm or anything of that kind.

    So she asks me when am I coming back to US/NYC. I said probably never, I do not intend to ever go back as there is nothing for me there. So she asks what about family and friends. I told her that most of the friends I had are not really my friends as we are just too different and if any of them (family) want to see me they can get their own passports and come fly to Asia for themselves. She tells me that I should not be in Asia because I NEED to be around black people (The reason why she didn’t say Africa is because she knows how it is almost impossible to even get to visit Africa. If I am not mistaken, one needs to have visas, shots, an invitation in some countries,, and a whole list of crap you need just to VISIT the damn continent. Not that I ever want to or will ever go there anyways.) I asked why. she says because we have the same skin colour and the people in Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan might want to kill me. I told her that I have been living here for almost 8 months now and there is no such thing that has happen to any foreigners. She begins to tell me that they are racist and don’t like black people. I asked her how does she know if she has never left the borders of the US? She begins to tell me because that is the way it is. So as I find out, there appears to be severe jealousy from the people that I use to know back in NYC.

    As it turns out, many people were wondering what happened to me as I completely disappeared without telling anyone that I had left. They found out somehow and they are furious to hear how my life of traveling and expatriating actually got to happen and they are still living in their conditions. They were telling me how lucky I was to be able to do these things and don’t have “responsibilities” etc. I told my grandmother, that thats because I chose not to make those mistakes, I said to her that I do not want to make the same foolish mistakes that my father made and those I grew up with. I told her “remember how you use to make me watch all those Jerry springer, Muary Polvich, Montels, Ophrah etc and told me how black men were bastards? Do you really think that I want to sit there and reply the same BS that you have shown me”? She says “everybody makes mistakes” I told her, no Those are NOT mistakes. If there is a stove, and you saw someone put there hand on the stove and burn their hand and there is a sign that says “DO NOT TOUCH, HOT” , it is NOT a mistake for the next person to touch that stove AFTER they read the sign and just witnessed the previous person burning their hand!

    She tells me that I was wrong to think that and it’s ok to make mistakes (mistake referring to children out of wedlock). I called her out on that and told her about how those are not mistakes, (Black) women do this on purpose as there are far more safety measures to not make mistakes and they see the men as a sperm donor and a financial tool to extract wealth from. She denies everything I said. I told her that I am not stupid and I know the dysfunction of black society and that IT is the reason why I left the US (along with the man hating feminism) and never plan to come back. She tells me how much I am bitter, hurt, blah blah blah. This was something I highly unexpected from her as SHE was the one who use to tell me all the things that black women do to black men when I was young. Yet she seems to think that I am just going to roll over and let the BS happen to me? She feels that I am just going to be one of those guys that just stupidly waste my sperm around and proudly just sacrifice my life passions and dreams of living in Asia just because some black cunt wants to fuck my life over. I didn’t bother to waste my time telling her that I was dating a local Kazakh girl or about SYSBM because I suspected the conversation would have went south, which it did anyways.

    So I tell her about how I am being treated in Central Asia and even by Russians (Russians absolutely HATE Caucasians and Central Asians, they are the “Ni—rs” and ‘Wetbacks’ of Russia respectively) but they have been very kind towards me and have shown me no malice, discrimination, or hatred towards me, despite that there are some Africans in other parts of post soviet union that are making black men look kind of bad. I told her, many people here have fed me, given me rides, took pictures with me and were very helpful. No one throws rocks at me (except to get my attention), jumps me, stabs me, shots me, or anything of the matter where as, in the Bronx, this was a very common occurrence. I told her that in black america, I am treated with contempt because I do not follow or fit in with their degenerate culture and I am better off staying away from them. She of course, to my surprise gets offended, tells me I hate myself etc etc. I was beginning to realize if this was all in attempt to get me to go back to the USA for some odd unknown reason. No one cared of my existence while I was still there in NYC yet now that I am having a much better time around a race of people who have treated better than my own parents, suddenly they are ‘Concerned’.The speech with my grandmother and the “friends” I knew were highly communistic in which she was telling me how I need to go back and be ‘mentors’ and donate time and money and all sorts of other things because it is my obligation to them (Black people, BW etc). Once I seen this, I knew that if I did not cut them off now, It would grow into cancer. No matter where you are in the world, they are still going to try to convince you that THEIR grass is greener than where you are and that you need to work ‘harder’ to make life happen in Blackistan, when YOU, the thinking black man, have already experienced great things from living abroad in another culture.

    I then peacefully hung up, and concluded that she is just another member of the Blackistan cult and it was best to cut contacts with the remaining members of my family.
    After that conversation, It has dawned on me that I am now consider Stock to them. They are trying to aim for me to get screwed over so that they can exploit me financially while labeling me and calling me Deadbeat , loser, lame etc. And just like the simps, they hate that a thinking black man is free, independent and is finding happiness overseas in a place that they cannot influence me. They hate it. They cannot control me and it bothers them. Many of the “Friends” that I had, once they found out that I am doing much better actually stopped talking to me completely. What happen was, When I showed them my selfie with me and my date, they suddenly went silent and never responded. I would message them and say “Hey whats up?!” or ” How is life in the US?” no responses. I can see that it says “Seen” on the bottom corner and yet they do not respond. I wondered what the hell I said! So I sent them more pics and videos of my NEW date and they blocked me from messaging them completely! I was very annoyed so I blocked them altogether, I guess they were expecting me to whine and cry about how scary and “racists” it is living overseas and that I wanted to come back. I guess they was hoping that I was going to get no dates, no attention from girls and that I would have to return back to the nasty dykes Black Women and develop “swag” because they “told me so”. They didn’t expect that I would have the courage or the balls to do something so daring and actually successed in doing so and now they realized they accidentally lost a high priced assest that they could have extracted from. I’ve made a final decision to cut contacts with all my family members and I” just adopt my own somewhere in Asia. This is my true calling in SYSBM!

    Just like Sigma Said, it is better to be a Nomad/Expat than to be a resident in Blackistan!


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    • As you know, the world cup is in Russia, but the Russians consider Caucasians as not only a different race, they are the “niggers” of Asia???

      Explain Carnio please, before my head explodes…

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      • @Michel Out of all ethnicities of European woman I find Russian woman to be the most attractive.


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      • Peoples of the Caucasus

        In Russia, the word “Caucasian” is a collective term referring to anyone descended from the native ethnic groups of the Caucasus. In Russian slang, Peoples of the Caucasus are called black, despite the fact that much of its population is fair-skinned; this name calling comes from their relatively darker features.[37][38] Azeris, Georgians, and Armenians from the Caucasus are called “black arses” (Chernozhopy) (черножо́пый).[39] Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the rise of the Muslim population in Russia and the Second Chechen War, many Russian radical nationalists have associated Islam and Muslims with terrorism and domestic crimes.[40]

        ————–> Wikipedia

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    • The biggest pill to swallow, is when you come to understand that black folks are the black man’s worst enemy. When a group of people that are supposed to be your ally end up being your worst enemy, that’s when you know that the nomad life is the way to go. Even for me, when I have my own family with my Asian girl, I’m not counting on blacks to be supportive of me and my family. So it’s best to disassociate when you can.

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      • Yeah, it is hard indeed. You look around for support and realize you have none. Just people who see you as a tool. No friends.

        …And if you dare, maybe you might also start realizing that you dont owe them anything either. And with that, the path to freedom opens…

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      • But it’s also enlightening when you understand that black people are by far the most destructive force in other black persons life. When you come to this understanding it gives you true mental freedom to not be bogged into this phony black monolith, hate the Whiteman, we are victims of everybody mentality that most of these Negroes eat and breathe.
        I try to go nowhere near them and when I am around the most black folks I say not a word and try to get out of the area as quickly as possible. Sadly most black folks are just pure evil, negative, destructive and violent.
        I don’t feel good saying these things but those of us who have a brain know what I’m saying is absolute and utter truth.

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      • Bill,

        Yeah wish I was as resourceful when it comes to getting them out of my life. I still have to work around them.

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      • shit.you can’t mfs be the first to gun you down. than say. whites are killing us my what??


    • Carnio,

      Keep these accounts and experiences coming, you’re saving lives out here. I was shaking my head reading the above, this is truly the communistic mindset of black society as a whole, because one person is in the gutter others within the same group must also place themselves in the same conditions, smh. Don’t ever return to the west if you don’t have to, you’re now living a much higher quality of life, keep things that way.

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    • I have been to 20 countries.And the west isn’t the end all or be all. Being a black tourist most people will think your poor so your lest likely to get robbed then white tourist.And you can blend into certain countries.I have never experience racism or been robbed in my travels. When I finish my 22 years full service of the Royal Navy I will go to Zambia and see the business opportunities.

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    • Carnio,

      Wow man. If money werent such an issue, I would follow suit. I really need an escape from Negroes and their allies, I feel as though Im being drained…

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  4. Here is a silly, goofy question that I want to ask all memebers of SLaying evil.
    It is just a joke question but I want to hear you guy’s reponse and laugh at your answers.

    Let’s just say, that this happens:

    Let’s say that the cuts kicked in, most black men wither went MGTOW or SYSBM or went Mass Exodus to a non western country. No white, Asian or hispanic men was dating or messing with black women and wanted nothing to do with them. Let’s say a the BS laws (Child support, Me too, etc) was still in effect. Let’s say that The rebulic of Blackistan was semi established and the communist leaders (which includes all the simpanzees like Angry Mangina IBS or what ever his name is, the church beast and Pro blacks) said that Thinking black men are the targets to extract wealth from.

    So one day you was minding your own business and it was getting kind of dark. Suddenly A hand goes over your mouth and you was knocked out by the chemical chloroform . Then you suddenly wake up next to some black women, indicating you just got raped. You didn’t catch anything but they raped you to get pregnant. so a few months later after they got they gave birth they come knocking on your door, talking about, “your responsibilities” AND they take you to court to get child support. What would you do if fatherhood, forced upon you against your own will, established by the People’s republic of blackistan becuse they feel it is now your duty and obligation to live for the group??

    What would you guys do or say?

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    • Simple. When she knocks on my door talking about child support I would just kill her then leave the country. If they were to take it to that extreme I would just kill her without hesitation. She raped me and is trying to ruin my life so I would just return the favor in kind. And while were on the subject of hypotheticals. If The IBMOR’s and Angryman’s of the world tried to force guys like us to marry hood rats at or some shit I would just kill whatever woman they tried to force me to marry then I would just kill her entire family for good measure.

      These people seem to think that we are not even human beings and were just utilities to use whenever they fuck their lives up by acting like the ghetto nigger trash that they are.

      What’s that big booty brenda? You fucked your life up because your a stupid whore who had 5 kids by 5 different thugs? Don’t worry let me just grab a educated lame out of the utility closet and we will make this right as rain.

      What’s that Tyrone? You knocked up 30 women and can’t afford to make your child support payments?
      That’s ok We can just get 30 nerdy black men and force them to marry all of your cum dumpsters at gun point.

      This is the mindset of the so called “black men of reform” The black community as far as I’m concerned is nothing more than a bunch of thugs and hoodrats who want to shame the few normal black men left to be clean up men for all their bastards. They will claim to be pro black or “woke” or fucking whatever they call themselves but at the end of the day all they do is give black women and thugs a free pass and dick police and shame us into fixing all their self-inflicted problems. I mentioned on this site that back when I was in high school SWP had talks with black women elders who also expressed the same sentiment that the IBMOR’s,Angryman,and Cerulean Gray feel that Educated Lames/Nerdy/Blue collar/Good black men’s role/responsibility in the black community is taking care of the never ending flood of bastard children that these and I’m just gonna say it NIGGERS keep creating.

      To truly defeat white supremacy you must first eliminate these ghetto ass niggers that keep outbreeding us.
      Ive said it before and I will say it again. Trumps welfare cuts could be the best thing that ever happend to black people in this country. If thinking black men stick to their guns and just let the welfare class die off when the cuts happen only high IQ thinking black men will be able to reproduce.

      No more popping out kids for welfare checks.
      No more section 8 breeding plantations where these women have sex in front of their children.
      No more section 8 means thugs can’t reproduce anymore as there is no section 8 for hood rats to obtain.
      When the majority of black children are birthed to beautiful non-black women and foreign black women who will love and nurture their children instead of self-hating dark skinned women who spend more money on weave that their child’s education and teach their kids for the dick challenges.

      To the “Stop Coonin” types that lurk on this site know this. This is how we think of you. You cannot change our minds. To us you are human parasites that have bled the black race dry and you will not take us with you.
      Your lame ass shaming tactics don’t work on us because we are smarter than you and are not taken in by retrotic and Pro-black sophistry. You are the very embodiment of white supremacy. You do everything in your power to keep blacks down and poor in body and spirit.

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      • Yours Truly,

        You wouldn’t even need to resort to such extreme measures as black women would carry out the rebellion part for you by default. Remember, they don’t like thinking black men anyway. However, in the scenario that Carnio gave I fully understand your actions.

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    • Carnio

      Now that’s a ultimate worst case scenario that every thinking black man need to look over his shoulder while he’s in the USA.

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  5. LOL, I would just tell what happened refuse to pay. In reality BW will always have thugs, players, and bums to get them pregnant, we just need to cut of the welfare and go back to shunning single mothers and deadbeat dads.

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  6. I’m not a Hebrew Israelite and don’t their views, but I do enjoy watching many of their videos. When they try to tell BW exactly what the bible says about how a woman should act, stuff like dress modestly, don’t be loud, don’t be a whore, etc. and BW flip tf out lol.

    This was a good one. In this video the brother is trying to talk to a crazy violent BW and she keeps screaming and threatening to punch him because he told her that behavior like hers is why BW don’t get chosen for marriage and dating. He even told her that behavior like hers is the reason why so many BM date out, because non-BW don’t act like that, she went nuts after that LOL!

    This is another really good one:

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  7. I have a couple of questions for you gentlemen: When did you first hear about slayingevil and what was your reaction/response? When did you hear about sysbm and how has it affected your life? Have you know any people who have left sysbm, if so, what was their answer?

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    • Madbusdrivers videos used to pop up in my related videos in YouTube many years ago.Click one of his video’s and it amazing.People used to tell me is a self hater coon black blah blah for my sysbm views.When I finally got around to watching his videos everything I believed in was finally validated.I knew I wasn’t crazy and his video’s and the comments from other sysbm types proved that I was right.I typed madbusdriver sysbm in the Google search bar and the article that verbs wrote about his doxxing came up and then I started explore this site more and saw the article that verbs wrote about they interracial couple that was harassed by that black bitch.Thats pretty much it.

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    • Surprisingly for me, Verbs’ book, Negro Wars, was recommended to me on Amazon. I was already somewhat of an outcast amongst local blacks, so I started reading his book. It was very eye-opening because everything that Verbs talked about in his book, I have witnessed it with my own eyes. From there, I searched to see if Verbs had more books and stumbled unto this blog. And I have been a big supporter since then.

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    • I guess, in some way, I have always been SYSBM since I was in middle school but obviously that term did not exist back then. Ever since I was 12, I always knew black girls/women were garbadge and I wanted nothing to do with them. White girls have always been kind and nice to me but never in a romantic way, which at the time were the girls I was chasing since they were the majority of the school I went to. The only girl who would actually show me any sort of kindness and romantic interest was always the skinniest Chinese girl who came from china. All thoughout middle school and high school, I was the one who had actual “white fever”. and it was militant white fever in which I wanted to do nothing but have sex with white girls. There was One Asian girl actually had a crush on me and told me but at the time, because she was not white, I just was not hearing it. I had always liked Asian girls as they were always so kind to me or at worst, neutral but they were extremely rare at my schools so there was no way for me to really to develop an official attraction as the only representation of Asian female beauty was the handful of girls in my school and a couple of the Asian teachers which could not defeat the omnipotent beauty of white girls/women in that environment. But unfortunately I had to move to the Bronx due to economical reasons. In the bronx, south bronx at that, there are no white or Asian women. All you have is you scraggle daggle black women and hispanic women. All of which were 80% overweight, ugly, nasty attitude and all the list of things that those here at slaying know and love today.

      Long ago I also knew that I wanted to move in asia and it has always been my biggest dream to live in Japan. One day I discovered a website known as Happier abroad which is made buy Winston Wu which explains all the social ills of American Culture. Everything he said pretty much confirmed my theories and it confirmed that I truly wanted to go to Asia to live. I would read the forums religiously everyday as the forum members there were very intelligent, had travel and expat experinces, so I would live through their posts. One day, a dick police office known as ‘Chanta’ who is Korean American by the way, makes a post, posting an article about how Black women should learn to be hypergoumous. A SYSBM man by the name of Contrarian Expatriate had gotten into an argument with him explaining the points that black women are the ones at fault who caused the ills of black society. The Dick police officer, Chanta, states that black men are at fault, they leave their kids/wife and they hate themselves because they only chase white women. So Contrarian Expatriate links him to a book which happened to be NegroWars. I was very curious because all the points Contrarian Expatriate said to the Dick police officer was crisp and on point and I wanted to read this book for my self. I bought and read the book and agreed with it 100% in regards to black women. but I was unaware that Verbs had a blog, slaying evil.

      I decided to sign up for the first time on happier abroad and try to throw my opinions in the matter of what kind of girls I like and was hoping I would get dick policed. but Contrarian Expatriate got banned over double standards and began to notice that the whole entirety of the Happier abroad forums is nothing but incels, Angry Asian american men, Angry alt-right white men, and traditional conservatives (the “marry your own racr” kinds). Any thinking black man who showed up and ask for an opinion on where he should go in the world, always resulting in answers such as, Africa, the carribean or some black country somewhere. It was never Europe, or Asia. meanwhile, all the other forum members got to go to any and every country on the globe and got to date and have sex with women from all colours of the rainbow,. When Black men, such as CE or another would say “I like white/European women” out comes all the dick military talking about “you hate your own race! you should be ashamed!” , ” this is why the black community is in a mess becuase you hate yourself” etc etc. When I saw the double standards and hypocrisy, I left completely.

      So I began looking around for other similar websites. I found BlackAsian couples website which talked about the datine/marriage statistics of black men and asian women which was a very great site. I went to youtube to see any videos about black men who date asian girls. What I found instead was a bunch of videos of Asian girls that likes black men, then I happen to find Madbus driver and I liked a couple of his videos. I began typing and searching for other material in the matter and then I happen to type in “Negrowars” in the search title. I found verbs video which I thought was funny and I agreed. Then I decided to read the book once more and happen to find that verbs did indeed have a blog which was slaying evil. I was very happy to know that he was continuing his work and thats how I joined the forum now.

      SYSBM has definitely been a very positive impact in my live. I have always liked Asian girls and wanted to live around them hence I took my risky chance to fly to an unknown country known as Kyrgyzstan. Ever since I left the US, my mental state has been more stable, depression has decrease exponentially, am currently dating a girl (from Kazakhstan), work far less than the amount of time I was working in NYC, went from poor, working class to instant middle class, all because of my dreams to live in asia, (and to date the women). SYSBM has definitely been a life saver and has helped me accomplish my dreams and there are new dreams that are being formed that I want to embrace very soon.

      I could never drop the SYSBMM lifestyle……..that is, aslong as I am NOT forced to go back to USA and then my passport gets black listed or something of the matter. If that did happen, then I will revert back to MGTOW as there would be no such thing as dating and fining and dining American women (and yes that includes Asian american women) due to this 4th wave , man hating feminism, along with this #metoo BS and all other toxicities in American/Anglo-saxon culture. But untill thing, I hope SYSBM continues to grow and gets stronger as many black men are stuck living in all black communities with no access to white,, asian or even hispanic girls. I could never imagine going back!!!

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    • Hey Mithra,

      I found the site by accident. I was still in my ‘build the black community’ phase and my man Rick told me about MBD. I’ve always been SYSBM before knowing it was a movement but I felt hypocritical and tried to associate with pro black types, unfortunately dumpster diving for black women that were decent.

      I found the blog maybe a year and half back and bought the book for support. I need to read it. I was not a believer because I couldn’t believe it that was that bad.

      Actually I knew in my heart it was, and that meant walking away from the community. Finally last year, I went to see the documentary Gentrified hoping Black people could network and build.

      When I saw a bunch of buck dancing and whiny negroids I said that’s it. I was so furious I went to a nice Chinese restaurant daring some nigga to say I’m spending money with Asians. I went through a whole pack of smokes. And I was lit and angry and called my bros that it is over.

      We are officially over, Black America is dead
      I’ve been a solid SYSBM since then.

      The reason thinking Black men frighten pro wacks is because we’re the only ones who can prop their asses. And that makes Obsidian, MDB, and Verbs hated and feared. I’m part of the original Black Youtubers aka Superseadragon. Our generation in 09-11 was about finding brothers to build.

      Now the new generation is saying fuck that. #SYSBM #MGTOW #EBM!!!!!!!

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    • Funny I hadn’t thought about it until you asked.

      I searched for it before I even knew it existed! Last year when I was working for this ghetto cruise line, I was surrounded by ignorant Niggroes. Especially blk females. I also had to deal with blk bitches at home in my family at the same time. Needing an outlet, I would search for blogs or sites that had intelligent blk men who thought like me. I just knew they had to be out there even though Google tries to bury them. And I was right.

      I started finding and listening to youtube videos advising blk men to leave the community, not to trust blk women, etc. I started listening to Tommy Sotomayor more often. His most vicious rants became a guilty pleasure of mine especially after a tough day of dealing with Niggroe abuse and disfunction. Already I was MGTOW. My pro-black tendecies had taken a severe battering from my mental acceptance of how much I despise most blks. I had already had an SYSBM attitude on and off throughout life before this, but this is when I consciously decided that I had enough and was DONE.

      Would you believe, even then I still had a little of my pro-black upbringing functioning in my head. I hadnt really made a connection with this site. And it didnt stick in my head. Around this time I heard MBD and a few of the others on youtube.

      Somewhere I saw some video where some guy was naming and talking about SYSBM as a philosophy and it seemed to be speeking directly to my own life. My mother and sisters were letting me know how little they thought of me and I felt exactly the same about them and all blk women. I started lurking here regularly earlier this year when I was out of work and I began posting soon after.

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    • @Mithra

      I’m an old-school head. Verbs used to have a blog prior to this one called “Black Men Countering The Lies and Distortions”(I think) in which he’d go after the “niggas ain’t shit” stereotypes head on. Later on, angry sistas got a hold of one of the early threads on what is now Slaying Evil and blew it up. This was in the heat of the hit list on Black Male YouTubers a year and a half ago. This new blog was mentioned and linked on YouTube, I checked it out only to find out it was the same guy from the previous blog. Always enjoyed Verbs’ wordsmithing. I was a minor in English and nobody who speaks/writes Ebonics can teach me shit. That’s the main reason I enjoy Obsidian, as well. Everybody hates an articulate black man who can frame logical arguments, especially OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

      I’ve been SYSBM since 1990 before there was even a term for it. Some of you were just getting born. I haven’t messed with a black chick sexually since that time. I was with a white girl, then was married to an Asian woman for a number of years. Although I’m keeping my location to myself, I left the Murcan plantation almost 5 years ago with no regrets other than I should have done it much, much sooner.

      My personal style is Ghost Protocol. No stomping my feet, no goodbyes, no dramatic exit, you just look around and not see me anymore. Quiet is more powerful than arguing and bullshit, that’s just what black chicks and simps want. Let them argue with the wall. The next time they see you it’s with a non-black woman, no comment necessary.

      The cool thing about this new age of social media is that brothers can finally compare notes out here without black female signal-jamming. There’s a reason why they’re always sticking their noses in male-only spaces; to control the narrative. The gaslighting is and was real by black women and racist white men. But the internet obliterates that. The frustration you sense out there is that our kind of negro is NO LONGER DUMB and the okey-doke mind tricks to keep you on the plantation dealing with dysfunctional hoes and away from non-black women are no longer working. Thinking Black Men are from a younger age no longer satisfied with being the clean-up man.

      I was telling a buddy of mine not long ago, that Black Men are more free in 2018 than we have been in the history of the Western World. No lynch mobs, slave-catchers or bounty-hunters after your black ass. Don’t bust a nut inside any of these hoes (especially black), stay out of the ghetto (and by default away from racist asshole cops), don’t catch a felony (no passports or voting rights for felons), and your life is golden.

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    • “The BBC spoke to women taking part in the natural hair movement whose hair had become so damaged from frequent treatments it had fallen out.

      Now they want to challenge mainstream perceptions of beauty and encourage others to “love themselves as they are”.”

      The first sentence explains it all.

      In their attempts to look like white women many black women have destroyed their scalps using weave and relaxers. No longer able to keep up the charade due to health risks, many black women have begun embracing their natural hair.

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    • This article is hilarious. It should say due to the many health concerns these useless sewer rats are now facing from the overuse of relaxers and weaves, they decided to wear their natural hair. Only idiots will believe they’re strong…

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    • The so called “natural hair movement” will last all of 5 minutes, trust me. These dumb bitches are as intellectually and psychologically weak as the black toddler who rejects the black doll and embraces the blonde hair/blue eyed doll. No way they’re looking in the mirror at black textured hair for long without wanting to change it. Mark my words, this “natural hair movement” is not going to last. (TBH, it’s not even really widespread enough to call it a “movement”.)

      And there’s one HUGE reason that they’re going “natural” (for a short while) which will FOREVER be left out of the picture: the fact that black men online began shaming them for running to Koreans to get their asses kicked while they pay $$ for yak hair to wear on their heads. Black men’s huge part in pointing out that ignorance will always be left out of the picture.

      Paying koreans for other people’s hair (and animal hair) while regularly getting their asses kicked by koreans for the privilege is a REALLY STUPID thing black women did for a REALLY LONG TIME. When black men began mocking them for it (calling it “the weave addiction” and calling them “weave worshippers” and “unbeweavable”, etc.), FINALLY they began to “go natural”. But no one is ever going to mention black men’s part in pointing out their abject ignorance. That’s taboo among black women (which illustrates the fact that the weave is just a symptom of a whole SYNDROME of black girl ignorance).

      And finally, let me point out this sad fact: many black women will say they wear their hair “natural” when in fact they’re:

      1. …Just straightening their own hair. They pat themselves on the back if they aren’t buying the hair, but still will straighten it to achieve the hair texture of other kinds of people. They’ll call that “natural”.

      2. …Still buying hair from koreans, but just kinky style. So they’ll wear kinky weaves instead of bone straight, and call that “natural”.

      Personally I don’t care that much about their hair. Their hair is just a symptom of a syndrome. The syndrome is disgusting. If the problem were just the hair, we would be better off .

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  8. Hey has anybody seen that new Marvel show Closk and Dagger?? The two main characters are a black male, and a white chick who learn about their abilities and, over the course of that time they fall for each other. How long do you think it’s going to take before these black whores and their simp cohorts begin to complain about said show?

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    • And these Pro black simps expect us to go back into the “community”? He’s lucky that he didn’t get killed. This one of the many reasons why I don’t live in areas that have alot of blacks it’s like a war zone. Especially in London. It shame he seems like a nice guy he was probably raised by a single mother.

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    • Yeah. I saw this some time ago. This was one of the key exhibits in the mental trial where I weighed the souls of todays “members of the community” against their transgressions and realized that they were deserving of death and destruction.

      It was then I knew that I had to get as far away from these subhuman socially engineered failures as possible.

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  9. So I’ve seen several ads for an upcoming show on Oprah’s OWN network called “Love Is _”, already being hyped as “the premiere black love story of our time!” What’s VERY apparent just from looking at these ads is that the female protagonist/love interest is a light, bright, damn near white woman, whose only real “black” feature is her curly hair. Liberal feminist that she is, even oprah realizes what sells, and that a man looking, dark skinned Issa Rae type would NOT generate any ratings success.

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    • That’s not too surprising, its rare to see a dark skinned BW in media these days, you barely even see them in commercials. Bi-racial & Latina women have taken BW’s place in the media and in dating.

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    • $50k a month? Thats ridiculous, she is just being vindictive because he left her for Minka Kelly. No child requires $50k a month to support, the fact that the courts even allow this is sick.

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  10. Sounds like “Stop Cooning” told the truth on you guys. You guys are vocal in your hatred of black women. You guys are the minority of a minority.

    I don’t feel bad for Jesse Williams at all. He talked the pro-black game and sold out and now got his negro wake up call.

    Keep on thinking negatively about the non-SYSBM type black men cause they FAR outnumber you guys.

    Don’t think you guys won anything going to white and foreign women.

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    • D32018,

      Looks like our resident bootlicking pro black simp is back. I see you’ve been slacking over there on your website, haven’t released an article in over two months. What’s the problem, no material to uplift your queans? I kept on telling you that black women couldn’t be defended, and on top of this you still don’t have one yet, shame on you.

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      • Verbs…

        As if foreign women and white women are checking for black men like that.

        Even if they are checking at all for black men… which is rare to say it mildly… 8 times out of 10… it is a fucking experiment. Nothing that leads to a successful interracial marriage that withstand the test of time.

        Reality… black men in successful interracial marriages are a rare exception… NOT the rule. For every Hank Baskett III and Judy Baskett… there are several Taye Diggses… Terrence Howards… Quincy Joneses and of course Hank Baskett IV’s and Baron Davises.

        I got nothing to be ashamed of.

        You guys are vocal but nobody with a brain would side by you losers.

        You guys are in competition with black women because you hate them even though they are far outclassing black men as a collective.

        It is us black men that need to reign in the house. It is us that need to be responsible and accountable because too few of us as a collective are accountable. Look in the man in the mirror and stop blaming the symptom.

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      • D32018,

        Exhibit A:


        Exhibit B:


        Exhibit C:


        Exhibit D:


        In the last photo all of those women are dealing with black men so I don’t know what on earth you are talking about simp. You don’t even deal with white or foreign women so how would you even know what they are doing? Answer, YOU DON’T.

        What continues to kill me is the fact that you are batting tooth and nail for black women but yet and still you don’t have one. There you are beating off your monkey to “da sistas” on Pornhub yet in reality these same chickenheads won’t even give you the time of day in real life, that is where the shame upon you lies.

        How can we be in competition with a group of women we don’t even deal with and haven’t dealt with in a very long time? Some of us here have never dealt with black women at all. Black women are losing on all fronts, exactly where is the so called competition(if there ever was one to begin with)? The black witch is the one trying to compete, get it right bootlicker.

        YOUR black community is dead and the same black witches you support are the very ones that killed it, you cannot reign over a pile of ashes and rubble.

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      • Notice D-SIMP tried to deflect your statement about not having his own quean. Speaks volumes and only reinforces his bullshit as – bullshit.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the D-SIMPs of the world wife up every quean to their hearts desire on their way to making their lives a living hell.

        (Perhaps the D-SIMPs of the world are actually masochists who enjoy the abuse inflicted upon them by their dominatrix queans).

        As for we, the Knights of SYSBM – we’ll pass on that and keep it moving.

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      • @ d32018 — I doesn’t matter if IR relations succeed or fail. The point is, WE HAVE TO GO ELSEWHERE BECAUSE BLACK WOMEN ARE SO SCUMMY AT THIS POINT. That’s the thesis. Black women try to cockblock, shame, etc., but they’ll never address the SYNDROME of behaviors that make it absolutely necessary for black men to look elsewhere.

        You seem out to destroy us, right alongside your white-supremacist handlers. THAT is the problem. You’ve been psychologically and spiritually defeated, and now you’re doing the work of the forces who hate black men.

        You’re on the ghetto gagger division of team tiki torch. And you know it. You’re just pissed that we’re beginning to fight back.

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    • Oh hey the resident simpanzee is back. More unfounded, untrue nonsense I see. If you’ve ever left your state, country, dare say neighborhood you’d know that black men with common sense and brains (not your low Iq ilk) have no problems getting women in other countries, and of other ethnicities and cultures. Absolutely none.

      If you also think there aren’t more black men who think the way we think, you are very sadly mistaken. More and more black men are leaving your gutter section eight queens right in the dumpster; where they belong.

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      • “Baby Mamas can be just as eligible as the single woman with no kids…”

        To who?!? Spoken like the weak ass simp that you are. Nigga please. Women with kids are used up and past their sell-by date. Period. End of subject.

        “a full figured girl exercises and diets more than the average person and still can’t get lower than a size 14…”

        Just read this and…
        Ha!ha!ha! What a dumb ignorant negroe. A living breathing example of the term ‘bitch ass nigga’. No. First off the correct term is ‘fat’. Period. We actively support fat shaming around here. The phrase ‘full figured girl’ is simply put, a lie. Fat girls are fat because they do NOT exercise and diet more than the average person. And yes they do have bad hygiene. Automatically. Obesity prevents proper female cleanliness. When blk females are overweight their feminine hygeine suffers. Fat women are simply disgusting. Face it.

        And then to top it off:
        “I… as a black man… would help clean up the house. That will show her she has a responsible man and she will appreciate that man for it.”

        “I would grab a cookbook and make a meal with her and see if she is willing to learn how to cook.”

        “I would start going into Starbucks and meet that type of woman any time of the day.”

        Blah, blah, blah… And yet for some reason you still havent done any of this. Thus, as Verbs keeps exposing about you, you are still wacking off to fantasies about your dirty queans. I half believe that as a living breathing example of Captain Save A Hoe, you would do all those foolish things. And you still wont get any play from those nasty hoes. Lol! You should be ashamed.

        Blk women are so fucking easy I have to avoid them! If I wanted, I would be using the ugly face of one of your beloved sistahs as a cum rag right about now…

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    • @d32018 you’re full of shit.If foreign women werent checking for black men you wouldn’t be here simping for bw and da bleck communitee.obviously you have never step foot outside of America.I was born in jamaica.And over the years there were tons of foreign women of all races especially white who frequented the island in search of black men.Women from America Canada the UK especially England.Women from Germany Italy Spain Holland Russia Cyrus Japan Korea China Brazil Colombia Venezuela Australia new Zealand Lebanon Armenia Algeria Morocco iran etc.I lived in Jamaica for the first 15 years of my life before moving to NYC.During the time I was living in Jamaica I saw women from every livable continent and country pass through my town in search of black men women from every race country and age group.

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    • @you’re selling wolf tickets and you know it.The world is bigger Than America interracial relationships have a much higher success rate outside you united states of america.

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    • @d32018 you only use examples of america of interracial relationships.Interracial is more common outside of america and has a much higher success rate outside of america.but I don’t expect a blacklistan simp who has never left its borders to know that.

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      • >I don’t expect a blacklistan simp who has never left its borders to know that.

        If I were to take an educated guess, I’d say the citizens of North Korea are probably more world-aware than the citizens of The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • “As if foreign women and white women are checking for black men like that.

      Even if they are checking at all for black men… which is rare to say it mildly… 8 times out of 10… it is a fucking experiment. Nothing that leads to a successful interracial marriage that withstand the test of time.

      Reality… black men in successful interracial marriages are a rare exception… NOT the rule.”

      There is truth to that statement but to those who are stuck in the lower class confines of the US. In the UK, your statement is irrevelant as Black Men are able to get a WW of ease. Even then, in regions in the West Coast United States, Black Men date at an even higher IR rate than their female counterparts. California, Oregon, Washinton, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada have IR dating numbers higher than usual. Black Men without debt, children,an education/skill set, and another language(s) can clean house if they have passports & travel. Especially if they are seeking to become expats. It’s not unheard of Black American Men going to Canada, Panama, Brazil, Australia, the Phillipines, or Thailand for extended periods,marrying, and settling there. And many of these places do have an easier time of getting a visa for an extended stay like Panama, Brazil, Canada, or Australia.

      “It is us black men that need to reign in the house. It is us that need to be responsible and accountable because too few of us as a collective are accountable. Look in the man in the mirror and stop blaming the symptom.”

      I doubt your a Pro-Black Simp. Maybe a Black Feminist (or a Black Male Feminist which is even worst). You can keep the house that’s burning with chaos, dysfunction, unorganization, bastard kids with no purpose or direction, poverty, crime, and all the shit elements that come with it. I’m preparing to become Semi-Retired and relocate to Panama or the Phillipines in a 5-7 years. While you will be stuck with an overweight, out-of-date, overly educated, underpaid, masculine, simple, buffalo cunt and her pre-arranged herd.

      Black Men who are SYSBM need to turn their back on the burning shit pile that is Blackistan.

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    • Didn’t I tell you “Stop Cooning” was that @d1ckh38d simp bitch?

      Ah welcome back! Caught your single mother heffer yet? You bullshitter you lol

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    • [[I don’t feel bad for Jesse Williams at all. He talked the pro-black game and sold out and now got his negro wake up call.]]

      You seem to be suffering from mental retardation d32018, he can’t be a sellout if he’s not black. You’re likely one of those people that let biracial and multiracial people speaker for blacks.

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      • Michelle…

        Your bitch made ass couldn’t roast a chicken. You’re probably a deadbeat dad that owes child support or a loser barely making minimum wage.

        Don’t step up to me. You will get blasted.

        #R O A S T E D

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    • “You guys are the minority of a minority.”

      Uh no. We are the first to break the ice. Everyone secretly already hates black women. Thats why they are being replaced throughout media. Soon, more and more people of different stripes will be regarding blk females exactly as we do. Whether we get credit for blazing the trail or not doesnt really matter. The effects will and already have been seen and felt.

      “Keep on thinking negatively about the non-SYSBM type black men cause they FAR outnumber you guys.”

      Yes, fools and followers outnumber those with the courage to think for themselves. As always. This is not new simpleton. This is how change occurs. A few brave souls take a first step and then others follow. In case you havent noticed, that is whats happening. Most blk men dont talk like us (at least not openly), but pay attention and you may notice that more and more brothers are simply opting out of relationships with your stank hoe queens.

      And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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  11. This black woman that I work with has been in real foul mood all week. You know how they are, when they’ve got something up their butt , everyone is gonna know about it and be made miserable.

    I finally gave in and asked her if there was anything wrong and to make a long story short, basically she was mad at her boyfriend because, he couldn’t see her. Apparently, this guy has a young son that he never gets to see because, he lives out of state and he was visiting for the week.

    Now a normal woman would completely understand and think that it was nice that he gets to spend time with his kid but, not the case with this c-u-next-tuesday. She got real mad and told him that he needed to give her some money so that she could go get her nails done..lol..wel l, he told her no that he was planning on taking his son to a theme park and other fun stuff and THAT’S when she hit the roof!

    I fully believe that she is jealous of her boyfriends child. That is sick! She said that he won’t talk to her so hopefully he got a hint what kind of woman she is and leave her @$$.

    What a horrible human being.

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    • @cherry bomb!

      You now know better to never ask one of these parasites what’s wrong with them. Like you said any normal person would understand he’s spending time with his son, hell they may even give him some ideas as to what they could do together. Not black bitches. You don’t put the bt1000 in the corner.

      They are the most arrogant, selfish, hypocritical wastes of life and space the world has ever known. I’m glad that man stood his ground and told it he’s spending time with his kid.

      Give it time, that man will kick her sorry ass to the curb.

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      • Yeah, she was being extremely selfish, omg how dare he want to see his kid! You would think she would be proud of being with a man who is a good father.


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  12. @d32018- if what you’re saying is true that black men have little success with dating outside of their race, then why are so many bw complaining about bm dating out? Which is it?

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    • Don’t expect any sense out of @d1ckh38d.
      Simp is here on the orders of the Blackistan supreme leader, Big Booty Brenda.

      Simp actually promoted single black mothers as an overlooked “prize catch”. Yes, really!

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  13. Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum, Carmen Elektra, the Kardashians, Eva Longoria, Kendra Wilkinson, Coco, Idiba Menzel, Ellen Pompeo all beautiful successful white women who are married to or dating black men.

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    • What you’ll come to realize is that black sewer rats don’t actually want black men, they just want the first right of refusal. They want that dude they curved years ago when she looked decent before she had a platoon of children after the fact.

      In short, they want us to be their personal janitors to clean up the shitty mess that is their miserable lives. Whether it’s to care for their children, pay their bills, give them money to get their weave done, you name it. They’re overgrown, miserable, babies who care for nobody but themselves.

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  14. Just got back from Peru and Colombia, I am extremely sad that I am back in this god forsaken country. I went to Machu Picchu that was a amazing experience and also spent some time in Lima. And spent some time in Bogota and Barranquilla in Colombia. As usual as a black man got treated well in both countries the people were very friendly quite a contrast from dealing with the beast known as BW and the simp soldiers of the Pro Wack Army. Carnio keep doing your thing whenever you think out of the box and travel to different and exotic locations people will hate on you I get that all the time. You are going where it’s dangerous there, they do not like black people you want to hike or scuba dive that’s white people stuff some of the things I have heard. Umm I am sorry I did not know hiking and scuba diving was a trademarked and patented by white people my bad. These imbeciles are mad because you did not stay on the plantation you have to surround yourself with like minded people. Also I have been system for a long time now of course most of my family friends gave me hell about it but I could care less if they want to keep getting disappointed and getting the same negative rezuyhave at it not this thinking black man. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result. SYSBM forever. @Cherry Bomb you are absolutely correct about BW hating on your kids it has happened to me. I have 2 daughters when I still used to date these foolish BW back in the day when I told some of these BW I had 2 daughters or that I was spending time with them they would literally get upset. Now what woman in her right mi s would get jealous or upset about that yes your everyday BW devil demon beast they are the worst fortify the Wall.

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    • Sean,

      It has been my life long dream to live in Asia. You have no clue how many people have tried to stop, discourage, shame, humiliate and condemn me for it. I am so happy and proud at what I Did that I am going to write a book about it! I wanted to love in Japan but something better has happened. I went from poor working class to instant middle class. In many Asian countries one can open a business much easier than if one were to open one in the US, you can even own homes and property in some places or there at least work arounds. Food is much healthier, people are much more authentic, nature is more available etc. It is very easy to travel in between countries all in one month. You can live in China switch over to Thailand go Korea or some other place if you are tired of one place. You can use all of them for different things. Use China for business, Japan for academics, Thailand for parties or what ever else you want. This was beyond my wildest dreams that I could imagine I could do if I never left black community. If they hate me now, wait in a couple years and they will truly hate my guts!

      I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world but Asia yet the USSR of Blackistan wants to tell us SYSBM what is best for us! Simps like d312018 and stop cooning could NEVER understand the freedom even if they physically left the US borders. They are mentally trapped under BW’s spell and there is no escaping for them they are finished!

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      • My dream is to work overseas and live in Europe in IT Security and International Law. I use to think of marrying a Black woman, but it seems a White woman is in my future. The irony of it all, if simps weren’t deflecting so much, blak qweenz would have to change their idiocy and we could have nipped it along time ago. At this point, a tall, thick and curvy blond hair European lady is in my future 🙂

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      • Awesome! Which area in Europe are you targeting. DO you know what we should do? We should make some sort of link for newer SYSBM. Since I want to be an expert in asia, if a new SYSBM wants to live abroad, I can help him to find what he needs in area, or if he wants to go to europe, I could send him your way! that could be a good way to set up the SYSBM community!

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      • I was thinking the same. We can be like our own virtual community. My ideal would be in southern Europe such as Spain or Italy, or even Germany. Maybe UK, I do very well with White women. My other area would be East Asia or Latin America. I wouldn’t mind some part of Africa, but for my work I’d need to be abroad. Btw is there a website for SYSBM? I know the old one is knocked out. I need to be around my folk more.

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      • No, not from what I see. I tried to register to that old SYSBM website, but i got flagged as a troll and their server banned me from entering. I was very suspicious if it anyways. I do not see any other kind of SYSBM areas and I suspect if they did they probably got trolled to death by black women and her simp army.

        Since you mentioned virtual community, actually, I wanted to make some form of Happier Abroad styled website but for SYSBM only. Moving abroad is the only way to really find your true home and only use the west as a means of financial support and rights that you have as a US citizen. I was thinking of making a forum so that if a newly awakened black man decides to leave the black community/west, he can pick a forum to chose and ask questions about that geographical region. Yes. I wanted to make it just like the virtual community but I am hesitant for a couple reasons.

        The first is, SYSBM is one of the most hated groups of all. More hated than the Happier Abroad folks and yes even far more hated than MGTOW. Thinking black men get dick policed from every corner of the west, by every group you can think of. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about….

        Religious/ church groups hate SYSBM because they feel that black men should stay with black women. If black men marry becky, that said black man will probably go to her church instead where the people in the new church are mich more conservative in value, have less children out of wedlock single mothers, immorality between pastors and the female members etc. If the black man leaves, that Is money coming out of the black churche’s pocket. Church members don’t just dick police, but they want to police any and everything about you to turn into a cult of personilty. When I use to go to black churches, the one thing I hated most was them trying to implant their personality on to you. You are introvertred? They will force you to become extrovert. You sit with you legs crossed? They will force you to man spread, even if that is not how you usually sit. You have an afro, now we must make you wear cornrolls. It is a forced personify change to be everyat like them. Like a cult. I happen to be not masculine in terms of mannerisms. I am also not hyper aggressive and encase your personal space. I am more of a gentle nature and move on a non threaten manner. Many of the members accused me of being gay because I am not macho manly enough. When I go to white churches, I am more free to be myself in which evidently, the white members ALSO show signs of gentleness in mannerism. So when black men go after white or non black women, he will not be controlled or influenced as he would not want his girl or family to be bombarded with such cultural non sense that does not apply to all races and cultures.

        Asian Americans hate SYSBM because they feel that Asian men should be entitled to white women due to the fact that many Asian women are chasing white men. And seeing how Asian Men are being passed over, not only from their own women, but white women especially, burns them when they see that white women will easily jump to black men long before they’d pick an Asian man. So these Asian men will try to spite black men by defending black women by listening to their lies and sobs stories! I’ve yet to see Asian men have a problem if black men were sleeping with Asian women but as soon as black men go for Becky, the dick policing gets very strong.

        White, more specifically tradcon white men and alt right white men, hate it because “MUH white babies, muh white race”. Yet these soyboys are the ones who initiated feminism in the black community to begin with. They become very protective of black women, giving all the rights and power to destroy the lives of black men. In America (idk about UK) black women are the MOST PRIVILEDGED women on the god damn country! Some, such as Milo yonopolis (Gay white British dude married to a gay black man), say that white women are the most priveledged. Nope, black women are. White women do not have no where near the power and protection of black women! Black women can falsely accuse any one of rape and get away with it. And when she gets called out, shell use the race card OR she’ll blame black men for it! NO white women has done more damage or destructive force to black men the way black women do. (I am waiting for the two simp residence to try and argue with me for saying this). This was all thanks to white men. Since white men have made dating impossible for black men, now they are hell bent out of shape that black men decides to go to white women! Now white men are trying to cover up their shit and calling all of us “Paranoid” and we are just bitter and angry. We will see about that when SYSBM gets bigger and more bmww couples are bought together!

        Back to Africa pro blacks hate SYSBM, because just like white alt right, “MUH black babies, Muh black race”. And just like the church beast. These guys stay trying to thought police and place you into a personality cult. If a black man goes sysbm, this said man cannot be controlled.

        Simps hate sysbm. Because essentially they are biological women with penises. Some simps appear to be men but are male feminists. These guys are terrified because if you leave, that means that all that talk of being “mentors” to these bastard children and giving ones resources to black single mothers and Tyrones are now placed on their shoulders and their shoulders alone, which there is no possible way they have the mental or physical capacity to do!

        The new upcoming, rise of the people’s republic of Blackistan, most especially hates SYSBM. They are an ethno state in which their political ideals is to become a North Korean style communist party! At this moment, it is under a phase that is similar to the red guards in that they must destroy all and everything that represents education (educated lames) or any signs of intellect (Corny).Theyvwant to take all the wealth and resources from a small group of men, who some don’t really have much even for themselves, and redistribute it to all those who did nothing but life a lifestyle of criminality, nastiness, igorance, breeding like roaches, and other. Social ills of society. They threaten to beat and even kill those who do not fall in line. Of men go SYSBM or even mgtow, they will lose the resources that which they can steal that does not belong to them. And speaking of mgtow….

        Even MGTOW hates SYSBM. I’d hate to say it, but there are many mgtow that are indeed toxic. I am NOT talking about the black mgtow who are stuck in the black commubity, stuck in ghettos and they have to be mgtow in order to protect themselves. I am talking about the tradcon, alt right angry white and angry Asian american men that hate that their own women are rejecting them for other races of men when they can simply just leave the country to find a women somewhere that does not share the same problems as in the west (ie black women). MGTOWs will use excuses “all women are like that” (which is true about black women) but I can say for my own experience, you will find a better chance of compromise overseas.

        All they groups seem to have a BIG problem with SYSBM. And I can imagine that if I make the forum, they will do everything I their power to get it shut down!

        The second reason I am hesitant is because IF judgement comes for black women and black women become wiped off the face of the earth in the west, wheather it is literally through death of starvation or that they become ghosts to most black men, that would mean most of those left over black men will be probably just stick to the nearest local woman, becky, lopez, Pocahontas, or who ever that is in his neighborhood that is not black. If this happens, they probably would have no interest in traveling abroad at all.

        I suspect that SYSBM is going to be a very small number of black men and couldn’t possibly get that big unlike the other groups we see..

        Otherwise, if we were to make this thing, the only skills I can currently bring to the table right now is my front end web developing skills.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Carnio,

        That’s why I love Thailand so much it is close to so many countries and you can explore so much I love Asia as well.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Sean,

      Will be heading out to Colombia later this year, I personally believe that Barranquilla has the highest concentration of beautiful women. Some folks say the women in Medellin are good, however Barranquilla is my preference. I’ve still yet to check out Peru, hopefully will do that sometime soon. Get those passports gentlemen, they are are major tool in the SYSBM arsenal.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Verbs2015. I want to visit colombia what places would you recommend to find afroColombian women? Do you have to speak conversational espanol to get around?

        Liked by 3 people

      • British Black Guy,

        The highest concentration of Afro Colombians are in the south west of the country, Cali and Choco are two such places. There are also some Afro Colombians in the north ie Cartagena. Knowing some Spanish would help as English isn’t very commonly spoke out there. I can speak a reasonable amount of Spanish so I am able to get by there and in any other Spanish speaking countries.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        Man o man Baranquilla has some very beautiful women the city itself was not really that appealing but the people were very nice. I had already went to Medellin, Cali, and Cartegena so I wanted to check out some differences cities in Colombia this time. Bogota was cool but the weather there is kind of chilly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sean,

        Yep, Barranquilla is more of a business city as opposed to one of tourism. Bogota is too cold for me, reminds me of the UK. I only pass through there for my connecting flight to other places.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Hey dickhead, nice to see you didn’t get lost on your way back here! Here’s a challenge for you brainless, in fact everyone here can join in. If what you say is true, that we’re a minority of a minority that feel this way about black women and their attitudes, all of you go to google and type in the search engine “black women’s attitude” and tell me how many hits you get! Better yet, check out the ones from non Americans who just visited the country! I guess all of these people (millions) are Alllll crazy right!? None could possibly be actually on to something, right? Of course it’s all in our heads! Sit your goofy looking ass down somewhere and you and your boyfriend Coon boy (personally I think you’re one and the same) and try actually addressing the many sound, valid arguments posted by many regular visitors to this sight! I notice that’s a habit that most of this blogs detractors have in common. You numnuts come here, do the shaming thing, get confronted by massive amounts of data that refute all of your talking points and continue talking big without EVER addressing ANY of them! Then have the unmitigated gall to try to play ghetto pop psychologist by telling us to seek therapy! *Sigh* look, I’ll try to make it as simple as possible and use the most monosyllabic diatribe I can muster so that you can understand, ok!? A real shrink would try to make us see that our illness was just in our heads by pointing to the fact that none of our fears can be proven. He or she would fail if, in fact, it could be shown, with much proof by the way, that the problems really DO exist! Capiche’? Something we’ve done so many times, I honestly don’t feel like doing it anymore! Look, a person should know when they’re beaten, after a while, it simply becomes nauseating to see a shaman trying to resurrect a corpse! It’s dead chump, damn! Let it go! We’re not returning to the plantation and we’re not going away! Your fears are all well founded, this sysbm, ebm movement IS growing by leaps and bounds and yes, we will be here pulling aside young black men to inform them of what they’re black mothers and the simps that protect them (you) will NEVER tell them! That the black western woman is irreparably broken and should be completely abandoned with all haste! Now back, back foul creature! Back to the darkness from which you came! Back to the hell that spawned you!

    Liked by 5 people

  16. To D32018

    FUCK the black community. No one gives a shit about it. Stop acting like we owe it. We don’t! You guys act like those annoying street beggers. You all feel entitled to another person’s resources on the basis that you exist.

    On the next thing. If what you say is supposed to be true about other races of women, why do marriages between black men and non black women last far more longer than with black women? Why do black women divorces black men in high numbers but no where near when it comes to non black women?

    You simps are all the same, hate Tue fact the thinking black men are walking away and soon you all will all be left alone to deal with the ills of black women. Dude you are not fooling us into believing that non black women would not give us the time of day when we already have the experience. You have never been with non black women. How the hell are you going to tell us? How the hell are you going to tell another woman what a pregnancy feels like when you have never been pregnant? That’s how stupid you sound right now!

    You are lucky that i do not live in the USA anymore and that I will not ever come back! You are lucky that i do not have to be around blacks because any black person who tries to come to me with their kombayah “black community ” would have their skull smashed straight down to the ground! Yes. I am that violent minded. Right now, the black community in the west is transitioning to the state of the red guards in china. They are going through a cultural revolution. They are trying to eradicate “nom swag” black men, former educated lames or black men with resources, then kill them off. The black community wants to initiate a black USSR and which everything that is ours if for the community. Why don’t you jack asses leave the west and go live in North Korea?! Because that’s exactly what you guys are aiming to become! The West is a communist society? It is capitalist! You live in the wrong environment if you truly believe that that’s they way it is to live!

    Lastly. What the hell does give berth mean? Why can’t you use terms that we are all familiar with then using simp language? Black women hate black men because they live for White men! You know this! Stop acting like black women are innocent and do no wrong! Because you are only hurting them!

    Liked by 5 people

    • @Carnio

      No simp has the IQ to read and understand what you just wrote (@Stop Cooning just proved that). Theyre simpanzees.

      SImps are emotional bitches and must be treated as such.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Exactly. The divorce rate between black men and black women is over 73%. Much lower with non black women, wonder why? And black men actually have statistically relevant marriage numbers to measure.

      Liked by 6 people

    • I’m with you Carino, FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Being we’re both from Metropolitan New York, we’ve seen some of the worst of these parasites. They (the whores from the Republic of Blackistan, their bastard children, and the simps like the other two whose names aren’t worth mentioning) can all burn in hell.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Look at a quote from this D32018 fools article.

      “There are several other undervalued black women in the dating pool that black men should investigate.Baby Mamas can be just as eligible as the single woman with no kids and the older a man gets… the more likely you will meet a single woman that has kids.”

      He comes on here and tries to scare us away from the non-black women we ALREADY KNOW want us and tries to steer us to dating washed up single mother in the ghetto. What a fucking joke these people are.
      Like you said they are going full blown communist now that the welfare state is on it’s way out the door they want US to become the new welfare state. I’m shocked he didn’t bring up the movie “Get Out.”

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Each time the SIMPs like D-SIMP and COON Boy attempt to make a weak argument against SYSBM, the more wins are accumulated by The Wall and The Wall’s unbeaten streak continues unabated.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and The Wall extends beyond the Milky Way galaxy!

    Oh, did I mention that The Wall remains undefeated?

    Liked by 6 people

  18. Dealing with the black community is like battling the demons of the game of Doom II – Hell on Earth. The Hell on Earth is called The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan. The Knights of SYSBM are on a mission to destroy the Blackistanian portal and seal Blackistan off from the rest of the civilized world, where it can implode and destroy itself.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Hell on Earth goes back to the HELL whence it came!

    Liked by 6 people

  19. Verbs2015 thanks! I will try learn some conversational espanol. I want to visit Medellin, cali, Bogota, choco. I have a thing for afro latinos women and afro carribean women. Would you ever consider living In colombia or retiring?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Black British Guy,

      I would much prefer to retire in Ecuador or the Dominican Republic as they are much more stable. Colombia is not the greatest place right now being next to Venezuela and thus having a heavy influx of migrants from the neighbouring country due to Venezuela’s current instability.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs,

        Interesting about DR I thought about retiring there Colombia or Thailand. I think the infrastructure is better in Colombia than DR but yea the political climate can change on a whim in Colombia Duque just got elected president in Colombia we will see how that goes. But yea that is one advantage DR has over Colombia there are no political outburst there. I have not been to Ecuador yet but my friend is married to a very beautiful woman from Guayaquil and I also want to visit Quito. Black British yes brush up on your Spanish in Cartegena and parts of Medellin you will be ok but if you have no Spanish in Bogota you will have a hard time there. And also not many Afro Colombians in Bogota but you will still have women looking at you lol.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Sean,

        Duque is a serious right winger, he has expressed his disappointment with the Farc and the peace process, it seems that Duque wishes to bring the country back into war once again. You’ll notice that there are many right wing parties taking control of countries around the world mainly due to the left and their slack policies concerning immigration.

        The Dominican Republic is ahead of Colombia in terms of good food and health and the landscape is more beautiful to look at, it reminds me of Costa Rica. Ecuador in my opinion is ultimately the best place to go because it is the cheapest and the quality of food and life is off the chain, however you have to watch out where you choose to go because as we know once the expat loud mouth white males land over there, it’s a wrap.

        Liked by 1 person

  20. What exactly do simps or black female trolls have to gain by commenting on this blog? We are the smart black guys that sistas did not want. So what’s the issue? Simps and male feminists should be out there building for their queens, practicing black economics, raising kids who aren’t theirs, and saving the black community instead of harassing strangers on an obscure blog.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hey SIMPS,

      Schadenfreude just gave YOU your negro wake-up call


      You’ve been SERVED!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Carnio is right as rain: black men have NO friends, and at most are just used as pawns and resources by EVERYONE else damn near. Blacks (black women and simps) want worth a damn black men to “build” for them and to syohon resources from them, white/Asian men want them as root somdiers to bolster their mgtow ranks to fight the feminism that THEY pushed, liberals want them around to prove how not racist they are, conservatives want them around to prove the same (but god forbid they show a little bit of testicular fortitude), and so on and so forth. Even many so called SYSBM cats, including those on the aforementioned defunct and suspect as hell SYSBM site, reveal themselves to be enemies of the movement, many times still aligning closer to any other the above groups.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. You know the average U.S. Black Men are f*cked when you see a descent or handsome (no homo) Black Man with a water buffalo and her bastard sows in tow. It’s like these Black Simps don’t know or realize their options. Good lord. I’ve been seeing a trend of this since like 2010. Simpletons with no children worshiping and idolizing the Hungry Angry Hippo while she tramples his life and dreams. It’s like…what don’t they get?!?
    I’d rather pay an escort than date and take on the burden of being the clean up man.

    Like……how does the stench of that abused cooch with the mental & financial drain of dealing with the succubi & her offspring a benefit?!? The stale and mundane dialogue you would have everyday about hip-hop culture, social media, & dysfunctional shit. Even if not so, the “educated” BW are as one dimensional as a drawn stick figure. Take away the aethetics and many of these bitches are pretty grotesque. The fucking contour and foundation make-up to cover the chocolate chips on their face.

    That shit weave (BTW many weaves *if they are cheap* are sourced from sink and shower drains, sewers, hair salon droppings, and dead mammals…yuck) they wear that stinks that covers the perm burns and/or alopecia. Stretch marks, hamhock arms, and flab from her shitty fast food/microwave diet & being 30-100 lbs overweight. Ugghhh….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, but @d1ckh38d says they are an “overlooked catch” and we’d be “coons” and “Uncle Toms” to pass up on their “good qualities”.

      A true @d1ckh38d, lol

      Liked by 2 people

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