Check Your Girl Bruh – Simping 101


That’s right, check your girlfriend bruh. Did you notice how the simp was extremely reluctant to check his woman for creeping yet he had no problems going up against another black man who was stating that it was actually herself who was the instigator of their phone conversations and possibly more. Do you see how these lying black witches set black men up to be maimed or in worse situations killed?

I have no doubt that what the other guy said was true, that it was indeed her who came onto him. I’m pretty damn sure if we looked at the text messages on the guy’s phone they wouldn’t consist of her claiming that he stole her number and not to contact her again. These black women stay hoping from one penis to a next, as I have stated many times before there is no commitment switch in the overall majority of black females.

The doo ragged simp looked incredibly stupid because you could see in the back of his mind he knew his woman was at fault, however in order to look “tough” for his weave wearing harpy, he decided to take the wrong and strong route and continue to hammer on the other guy even when he was clearly presented with an opportunity to look through the man’s phone in order to see who was really telling the truth.

This is yet another reason why I encourage thinking black men to steer clear of black women as a collective, from the looks of things nothing major kicked off in that shop, however as you all know we have come across many situations like this that haven’t have happy endings. The guy working in the shop was correct, simp head needed to check his woman instead of railing against innocent parties in ignorance.

The fact that doo rag head is a simp is exactly why his woman is on the creep in the first place, I keep on telling you that black women DON’T like simps other than for bootlicking, brown nosing and financial services rendered. The simp is her virtual purse while Tyrone ensures that she is satisfied sexually, however these simps believe that licking the black female’s muddy bootstraps will path the way for them receiving some cooch, however we already know what the score is on that.

The doo rag dude’s freshly starched cape was flapping hard yet there wasn’t a breeze in the shop, this is reason 567,675,975 to steer clear of the black witch. Black men who are still on the fence need to take note because these are just some of the heavy risks associated with dealing with most westernised black females. Don’t become another BLM meal ticket, save yourself and date out.

Finally, notice how easy it is for these black women to lie their mouths off. How do you know when a black witch is lying, when you see her mouth opening and her lips moving. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Give These Harpies A Wide Berth

Most High Bless

90 thoughts on “Check Your Girl Bruh – Simping 101

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  2. Black people are always setting it off, yet wonder why people want nothing to do with them? Hoodrats stay stupid.

    Notice as you said how she had flowing locks of weave. These chicks’ weave gets longer and longer, but we’re the self haters? I guarantee that the chick is bald as can be underneath that weave.

    And of course, she’s cosplaying as a medical professional for a living, something that black Women LOVE doing. We all know that black nurses are the worst, namely if you’re old or otherwise dependent.

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    • (((And of course, she’s cosplaying as a medical professional for a living, something that black Women LOVE doing. We all know that black nurses are the worst, namely if you’re old or otherwise dependent.)))

      All thanks to black women, I have deep irrational hatred towards ALL nurses! My worst experinces of going to the doctor has always been with the black nurses. When I was in Albany Ny, I went to a hospital check up. I do not remember the name of them because they change the name every decade or so, but it is generally a white hostiptal, ie, white doctors, white staff, white janitors, white patients etc. How ever, the nurses were almost ALWAYS black (some hispanic), and they have the WORST NASTIEST ATTITUDES! One day I think was not not feeling well so I went to see a doctor, the black nurse was kind and polite to the white patients but as soon as she saw me, had a FUNKY attitude! She would yell at me, told me to sign something a certain way, told me to sit and wait, and when I had to wait, I waited 3 hours and got passed over because she ‘forgot’ I was there! When I went in, the docotr said I was fine and nothing serious but he told me to do a check up. Guess who did the check up??

      It was another black nurse, Gave me MORE attitude than the last one, she would berate my weight, (I was 6ft and was maybe 140lbs-150lbs) telling me how skinny I was and I ought to be ashamed, was rough on using the items to check my blood pressure, stuck the ear instrument (to check the inside of your ears) and Jammed it in my ear, she didn’t push me to sit down but she gave a forceful handle on telling me what I should do next. It was a miserable experince.

      The doctor came back and told me my results and said I was one of the healthy patients he has ever seen and it is very rare to see someone in my health condition minus the low end weight scale. He have me a prescription note to get medicine in case I was still feeling sick.He told me to take it the pharmacy which the hOspital, if I am not mistaken, had a built in pharmacy. When I got there, guess what race of women the pharmacists were? ripped the note and said F— IT!!!

      From that day onwards, I made a vow to always make sure that I stay healthy, never do something to get sick and take care of my own health even if it kills me. Because of black women, I developed deep hatred and distrust of ALL nurses regardless of race! When I went to College, whenever I went to the medical department, I saw most of the classes were black women, ghetto black women with tattos, colored weaves and alllllll that! There were some pockets of Indian or Asian women here and there. Seeing that made me very depressed and only further concluded that I needed to stay out of the hospital because these are the next generation of nurses that I will have to deal with.

      Ever since then, Never drank, never smoked, never did drugs, I only ever get sick once or twice a year and it is usaually because I caught a cold from underdressing in cold weather.To this day, I have not seen a doctor in 10 years! I feel very bad for the guys who have to deal with the nurses who are often sick.

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      • @Carnio
        That black bitch is not an RN, I’m an RN, she’s a $9 per hour ass wiping Nurse’s Aid. When I used to work at a Nursing home on my days off from my regular job at the hospital, I had to 2 Nurses Aids and a Med Tech under me both where fat ghetto black scum and both of the Aids always told whom ever they where talking to on the phone that they where RN’s. Besides a 1001 other things wrong with black female scum, they are absolutely the most pretentious and in your face pathological liars in the country. I no longer have to work that 2nd job do to my crypto and apartment building I purchased last year. But let me tell you it was literally like trying to herd a pack of wild animals dealing with those black chicks under me. So the next time a black female scum tells you she’s a Nurse ask her if she’s an RN or a Nurse’s Aid.

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      • @TeamWhiteGirls

        ((( she’s a $9 per hour ass wiping Nurse’s Aid.))

        And I guarentee you that most black women can’t even do THAT right…….even for themselves!! LOL!!!!!!!

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      • @#TeamWhiteGirls

        Damn man lol. Ive been thinking about buying rental property for years now. My wife and I both have enough income and good credit. Hows the building working for you so far?

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      • @Carino

        My father had cancer and at one point during one of his many stays at whichever hospital (he frequently stayed at Mount Sinai in NYC, as well as going to a few others I won’t mention for obvious reasons), he absolutely lost it on a black bitch. It was so bad, security was called in, his blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels, you name it. This weaved up, foul mouthed, rude ignored him for hours, you name it. He had to take his medication at specific times and this black whore not only flat out ignored the directive, she literally threw the medication in his face and gave him an attitude when he asked for it.

        From that point on, he refused to deal with black whores in any capacity outside of family. He wouldn’t come out and say it, but he understood why I would never deal with black sewer scum.

        From that point forward, he only had white or Hispanic (they’re not all bad Carino lol), nurses.

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      • @Stephen,

        (((From that point on, he refused to deal with black whores in any capacity outside of family. He wouldn’t come out and say it, but he understood why I would never deal with black sewer scum.)))

        Yes, This is probably the only way for black simps to final wake up and smell the turd coffe! Just like Verbs said in the podcast with obsidian, Black women are going to be soooooooooo bad and low that black simps are going to just completely give up on BW and either go MGTOW or just like me, just flat out leave the west entirely and go to some other country like Brazil or Europe. I knew many simps at my trade school were hardcore simps, and after they started getting treated like crap, they began to actually apologize to me and started looking overseas for women.

        ((From that point forward, he only had white or Hispanic ))

        This is exactly what my mentality was in the past. Just like Cherry Bomb, I was raised to never question people’s behavior, never judge, never stereotype etc. But after years of abuse and dealing with their fucked up funky attitudes, it has only done the opposite effect! I would only start dealing with or doing business with whites and some Hispanics (but not Hispanic women) , even if I had to pay a little extra cash.

        for an example, I lived not far from Fordhum Road and the grand concourse, I would take the 4 train to the A train and go Allllllllllllll the way to queens just to do any kind of business, Getting my drivers license, seeing a clinic, opening a bank etc. It was a waste of time, but that 30 mins of customer service with whites, jew, Asians, etc were FAR superior than the BS in the bronx!

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      • @teamwhitegirls

        I believe it. I took an MA course years ago, and it was nothing but ghetto white chicks, black sewer bitches, the rare nice white, Asian and Hispanic chicks and a very few black and white dudes. It was an interesting experience, but it was eye opening as to how many useless black chicks go into the medical field. Most cannot take care of themselves or their kids, but have jobs caring for people. Make that make sense.

        I lost my hospital job as a phlebotomist due to a black bitch lying about me. She switched up specimens I believe intentionally (and you know that’s a HUGE deal) and blamed it on me after I turned down her advance. I lost all interest in working in the medical field after that; all my certifications expired, no ceu’s nothing.

        I HATE these bitches with all of my being. Nothing will change that

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      • You’re very wise to avoig them. They have zero compassion when dealing with patients. I’ve seen them jab somebody harder than necessary drawing blood because they for whatever reason didn’t like the patient. They are very unprofessional. You’re re dealing with a five year old mindset.

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    • Afrofuturism- I get what you are saying about the hypocrisy of bw calling bm “self-haters” because, I have yet to see a black man change his looks ( like wearing some kind of white mans ), changing his personality or his demeanor in order to date other races of women. Black men accept themselves as they are and are able to be their authentic selves and know that the women they are with like them for who they really are. Unlike…those. people.

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    • @afrofuturisim
      “Notice as you said how she had flowing locks of weave. These chicks’ weave gets longer and longer, but we’re the self haters? I guarantee that the chick is bald as can be underneath that weave.”

      Yep, lots of BW are going bald in their 20’s and 30’s due to weave. Between this and skin bleaching they are destroying themselves trying to look like WW. Traction Alopecia and scalp damage from the wig glue.

      A lot of brothers point to the Book of Isaiah in reference to modern BW:
      3:16 moreover the lord saith, because the daughters of zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:

      3:17 therefore the lord will smite with a SCAB THE CROWN OF THE HEAD of the daughters of zion, and the lord will discover their secret parts.

      3:24 and it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be STINK; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair BALDNESS; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

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      • Wow, that is one of the most terrifying things I have seen in my life! I guess Those Koreans put poison or something in those weaves when they realized Shoryuken and Hadouken was not working!

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      • James S —— Thank you for using the term “traction alopecia.” Many black women are using the auto-immune alopecia scam. —- Perms, hair weave, braids (real or fake) and glued-on wigs are making black women go bald.

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  3. This witch will do all she can to Instigate BOTH these brothers into INCARCERATION.

    Then she’ll move on to her NEXT 2 suckaz.


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  4. Fuck BOTH of these idiots for being with her nappy headed ass. While they are arguing over her, she probably has yet ANOTHER motherfucker laying in the cut.

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  5. I have to be honest and say many Blackmen are just an embarrassment. Blackmen get irate and are willing to fight, scream, and yell and public over some black woman who willingly chose to fuck another guy behind his back.
    I’m really beginning to be convinced that these black men are more emotional then black women are. These Simp Blackmen just act like women do. They are emotiona,l they are irrationa,l they are bitchy, and trying to speak logically to them has no affect just like when you are dealing with a black woman.
    This is why my golden rule is to simply avoid the majority of Negroes and not speak to them whatsoever for any reason. A black man will punch another black man in the face because a black woman who he doesn’t know told him she was disrespected by another black man. This is how high the level of stupidity is amongst black people.
    Because Blackmen are so trained to worship and obey anything black women do or say, there is always a threat of violence being around them. Black women live to instigate and start trouble. So any black man who becomes involved with a black woman there is always going to be some element of drama because she is more than likely having sex with multiple other men.
    But because most Blackmen are so stupid, the black man is willing to kill another black man ( for having a relationship with that black woman) as opposed to actually confronting the black woman who is doing these things.
    You just cannot win with the majority of black folks. It’s sad and pathetic but it’s the absolute truth.

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  6. Carnio, it’s really depressing and pathetic to think that this is the mentality of most Blackmen, but as reality dictates it’s an undeniable fact of life that most Blackmen are pathetically irrational emotional bitch like Negroes who prefer to worship black women as opposed to actually dealing with the reality of what black women are.
    Many black men are the biggest women worshiping pussified simps on the planet and that’s just the truth.

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  7. Desperate black female comedian Tiffany Haddish is on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the time she threw herself at Leonardo DiCaprio only to be laughed at! LMAO.

    These women have NO SHAME in publically thirsting over non-black men. In nearly every case, it’s black women doing the chasing in swirling relationships. You figure she would be embarrassed by bringing this public. But, after all, we are talking about a black woman here. Pathetic.

    When have you ever seen a celebrity black man behave in this manner? If one did, you would never hear the end of it. Of course, we can actually date, marry out in high numbers so we don’t have to go around BEGGING and making complete desperate fools of ourselves in order to date out.

    Also, where’s the self-hating coon, sellout label and the backlash from the black women ready to boycott Red Tails, Black Panther, Birth of a Nation… etc.

    Yet ANOTHER colossal “L” for swirlers and the whole “white men love us” crowd.

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    • @Matt M.

      I think that is what really drives BW crazy, BM can date out much easier than BW can. If non-BM were checking for BW, BW would already be dating them in large numbers, but non-BM aren’t interested. BW try to spin their lack of dating out as “loyalty” to BM, but most guys know that they have few options outside of BM.

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  8. Tiffany Haddish is so embarrassingly cringe worthy. You would think at this point in her career that she would have some type of class or etiquette, but she has to always do the nigger routine.
    I have said it before and I stand by it, I think Tiffany Haddish is actually attractive, but she acts like such a ghetto ass Negro buffoon, that it’s hard to take her seriously or even consider her anything other than the idiot she acts like.
    Thinking about it I suppose this is how she gets her money, but Tiffany Haddish could act the way she does in film but she doesn’t have to do it in real life. I’m telling you negroes think that acting like a complete moron in public is cute or funny. There is nothing funny about the way Tiffany Haddish conducts herself. But as long as white people will pat her on the head and tell her that what she’s doing is cute or funny she will continue to do it.
    Tiffany Haddish is just embarrassing herself. And it’s a shame because she can do what she does in film and act like a respectable woman in public because she is actually attractive. But because she has bought into the nigger mentality, she thinks that being a dumbass Negro woman is funny or there’s something cute about doing what she’s doing and it’s embarrassing.
    You can count the number of black women who actually know how to be women on your hands. It’s just absolutely fucking ridiculous to watch a black women make a fool out of themselves in front of the planet earth and they believe that they are being you while doing this.
    Tiffany Haddish is a prime example of this. There is no reason why she should be acting the way she is in public. But as always Negroes have this deep desire to play the role of a fool and think that there’s something amusing about it, and it’s fucking pathetic.

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  9. I have a sneaky suspicion that men who are cucks, i.e. women who cheat on their companion/husband, are the submissive ones in the relationship. What I mean is, these are the types of guys to say yes to everything and never say no, for fear of breaking up/divorce or some other type of nonsense that could be easily be avoidable by not getting with these women.

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  10. The “Master Teacher” in high cuckoldry and the Angrymangina want to force us thinking black men to marry these hood rats when from this video we can see even Pookie and Ray-Ray are having a hard time dealing with her lol.


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    • I saw that BS, they actually want to kill us if we refuse their “arrange marriage” with black women! That is some Communism if I have ever seen!

      Over my dead body they will! I would murder every last member of Blackistan in cold blood if they actually thought about doing this!!!

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      • All of those faggots are commies. Most low I.Q. people are communist by default.
        This sort of thing does happen in India but that is because Indian men are cucks and let it happen.
        Besides they have no actual power to do anything of the sort. They will be too busy trying to make child support payments to track us down and force us to marry hoodrats.

        If such a thing were to ever occur and I was forced to marry a hood rat. I would just marry her then kill her and the “child” on our “honneymoon” then flee the country. Arranged marriages is the last thing these I.B.M.O.R.’s want.

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  11. One day the Pookies and Ray-Rays of the world will come to their senses and walk away from these “women” and try to live in happiness when will it happened…. it’s up to them.

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  12. This whole situation that was displayed shows WHY Black Women are the least married & most disease ridden woman on the planet. I guarantee you that the succubus in question has a child/children from another arrangement & receiving some sort of compensation for it as well. And this is what we are supposed to praise and worship?!? The Black Whore Quean Empress?!? This is what BGS & Obsidian is telling us to go back to?!? For those who say we are “Lames that can’t get pussy”. Black American Pussy (Black Women ANYWHERE in general) is the EASIEST thing to get. It’s so easy that it should be nicknamed “The $5 dollar box” like KFC. Full of additives, fat, disease, and death!!!

    What gets me is seeing 2 hobos willing to fight for low hanging fruit…lol. Black Women claim they love the thugs and are loyal to them. This is what TayShawn, DeQuan, LaMarcus, and Quayvious are fighting for? I hope the “Goons” realize the pandering, worship, acts of service, and commitment is a farce for Black Women. They mistake Black Men’s desperation and horniness for High Market Place Value. And I guarantee you this isn’t the only 2 guys she has slept with in a short period of time.

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    • (((This is what TayShawn, DeQuan, LaMarcus, and Quayvious are fighting for? )))

      What kills me the most, Ryan, is that many White, Asian and Hispanic girls, who are much more sweet and feminine actually throw themselves at some of these guys and these Goons would still rather pick it with these black women!

      They hate seeing the “Lames” picking up white girls because it taking away their manhood that a “lame” is getting much more high quality women in much higher numbers than the Goons are. SO the goons want to stay bitter and egotistical by staying with the black women and try to “prove” that “Da sistas is where itz at!!!”

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  13. To add further to my comment, I’ve noticed something, when young men (18-30) get married at an early age, they tend to become “whipped,” i.e. you don’t do what the wife wants, no poundtown for you. Some men (former friends) that I know have been married in their twenties and I can tell you this, whenever you (single man) want to hang out with them, it’s the same rhetoric; “I have to check with the wife first, let me ask my wife.” I understand that communication is key but if you have to constantly ask your wife about hanging out with your friends or whatnot, text them every hour or whatever, I’m no longer associating myself with you.

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    • Dude, stop your fuckin’ lying!! These white women are NOT checking for brothas, believe me! Y’all want to think that but it’s so rare to even see a white woman give a nigga some play. Besides, the only white women who are into brothas are the ones that’s already been ran thru by Pookie and them and you know it! Nigga pleazzzzeeee!!! Her family will hate you and so will every fucking white dude that sees you out in public with her which puts a big fucking TARGET on your back, you fools. You might as well put a sign on your forehead that says “Fuck with me” because that’s what every white guy who sees a nigger with a white woman is gonna do…fuck with you! You niggers really have shit for brains. lol

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      • @stop cooning
        Aww..looks like someone has gotten his SIMP panties all up in a bunch. Obviously your SIMP ass is under some type of house arrest because your queen Sharkesha called the police on you and said you hit her because you didn’t have the money to get her weave done. That’s all you see moron when you’re out and about is massive amounts of black men with white women, that’s why black bitches blow their weaves everytime they see them.You can’t read either, since every statistics shows black men date and marry out at an almost 3 to 1 rate of your whore black queens, and those numbers are growing FAST. But why is your SIMP ass worried about it? Why are you dick policing other black men? Are you upset these men aren’t gay and you can’t be dicked down by them. Because that’s the only reason why another male could be that emotionally upset at who another black man is dating. You should be happy to see so many black men getting together with beautiful feminine white women, that leaves more diseased contaminated black pussy for you and with much less competition. Oh, and 1 more thing, why do SIMPANZEES like you worry so much about what the insecure punk ass white boys are thinking? Why are you constantly hanging on their nonexistent nuts when it comes to black men dating white women?

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      • Just to let you know anybody with the word “coon” in their username isn’t going to be taken seriously on this site. Also you seem to think we give a shit what some white boy thinks about us being with a white woman. WE DON’T.

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      • Stop Cooning,

        Awwwwwwww poor baby. Are you mad and can’t accept the fact that you lost your chance at finding happiness with the first and last chance of being with a white women?? Are you mad and upset because you hate that we SYSBM can actually get far better quality women(white women) than you could ever imagine?

        You can’t accept it can you. You hate that you’ve wasted your whole life digging in Decomposing garbage (Black women) and you are beginning to see that black women hate you as a black man. They hate your guts! and yet you want to be a dirty, filthy, boot licking SIMP for these Shemales (black women). Are you mentally ill?????????? are you turning gay?

        Why do you hate white women so much??? Was you hurt that bad by a white women? Did she break your heart? Why don’t you give white women another chance? Maybe, just maybe, you might like it!

        This could have been YOU!:

        but instead you choose THIS:

        Instead of sitting up here LYING YOUR ASS OFF about white women and what they like when there is over bearing evidence that black men with white women are RISING like never before. SIT YO SIMP ASS DOWN AND GO GET YOURSELF A WHITE WOMEN FOR GODSAKE! IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR YOU! IT ISS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BE SAVED, COON BOY!!!

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      • @Carnio
        👏👏👏👏👏👏…Say that a little louder for the SIMPANZEES like that clown in the nose bleed section that didn’t hear it.

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      • @ #Teamwhitegirls,

        Oh I will!


        Listen, all of you simps are ANGRY, JEALOUS, and PISSED OFF that you can NEVER get the time back, from all those Gorilla Grodds that you soiled yourselves in. You never have what these guys got!:

        Look at all these black men, they are HAPPY! They found TRUE Love and support! They found something that boot licking simps can NEVER have, because you can’t accept that being an actual MAN is something that you have to maintain! You all want whats easy, you are all lazy and your pride is hurt because all those “looser Educated Lames” were beneath you, the lames could not get laid, the lames had no swag. Now you see that the lames DON”T NEED SWAG! to actually get REAL quality and truth worthy women! You hate that these lames are actually out beating YOU, something you thought that you needed to be a “man” . and now you realize you are stuck with and can only get these:

        Poor mentally chained simp. All we can do now, is laugh at their stupidity and and hope these uneducated lames can find someway to see for themselves of their foolish choices!

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      • Fuckn whatever. Where on earth do you live..misery-ssippi? Because, where I live you see white women with black men all the time. Nice looking, affluent couples too. The only looks that I’ve ever noticed from white males when I’ve been out on dates with bm are looks of defeat or One time I was out on a date and a white “dude” came up to my date and high- fived him…lmaooo.

        But, who gives a crap what other white males think? Why does that matter? You seem to be hell- bent on taking black men down a notch so, I have to question your agenda.

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      • @Stop Cooning

        When you dated a white girl, were you a “coon” too?

        Look in the mirror, simp.

        What a fucking idiot.

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    • Stop cooning is right. Most non-black women no matter the race would give you negroes the wide berth. You guys that follow Verbs and Verbs himself are vapor to women of every race. A waste of newspaper and a waste of bandwith on a blog.

      The only white women that would give you negroes any pussy are the ones that an average white man would give the wide berth to. The crustiest white women that aren’t worth a shit.

      Asian and Hispanic women marry within their own by and large. They aren’t checking for negroes like you guys.

      White men hate your guts and would kick your ass if you even dared to date most white women.

      You guys got fooled into thinking you are actually valued like that.

      Black women give you guys the wide berth because you guys are a joke.

      You guys have a lot to say for how little you put in the black community you losers.

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      • FUCK the black community. No one gives a shit about it. Stop acting like we owe it. We don’t! You guys act like those annoying street beggers. You all feel entitled to another person’s resources on the basis that you exist.

        On the next thing. If what you say is supposed to be true about other races of women, why do marriages between black men and non black women last far more longer than with black women? Why do black women divorces black men in high numbers but no where near when it comes to non black women?

        You simps are all the same, hate Tue fact the thinking black men are walking away and soon you all will all be left alone to deal with the ills of black women. Dude you are not fooling us into believing that non black women would not give us the time of day when we already have the experience. You have never been with non black women. How the hell are you going to tell us? How the hell are you going to tell another woman what a pregnancy feels like when you have never been pregnant? That’s how stupid you sound right now!

        You are lucky that i do not live in the USA anymore and that I will not ever come back! You are lucky that i do not have to be around blacks because any black person who tries to come to me with their kombayah “black community ” would have their skull smashed straight down to the ground! Yes. I am that violent minded. Right now, the black community in the west is transitioning to the state of the red guards in china. They are going through a cultural revolution. They are trying to eradicate “nom swag” black men, former educated lames or black men with resources, then kill them off. The black community wants to initiate a black USSR and which everything that is ours if for the community. Why don’t you jack asses leave the west and go live in North Korea?! Because that’s exactly what you guys are aiming to become! The West is a communist society? It is capitalist! You live in the wrong environment if you truly believe that that’s they way it is to live!

        Lastly. What the hell does give berth mean? Why can’t you use terms that we are all familiar with then using simp language? Black women hate black men because they live for White men! You know this! Stop acting like black women are innocent and do no wrong! Because you are only hurting them!

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  14. Gentlemen,

    I was going to sit this one out and let you guys have the floor completely, however when this Stop Cooning dude had the audacity to throw down the bare faced lie that white women rarely give black men play, I had to laugh and chime in.

    What rock is this guy living under, as I have stated before the interracial dating rate for black men here in the UK is 55%, snagging one’s self a Becky over here is nothing and many white women are game. Obviously the simp has wounded himself to where either the black witch has trapped him, that is not our fault or he has no game which is not our fault either.

    Remember, these are the same dudes who tell us that we are weak because we refuse to deal with rabid, feral animals and that we go for white women because they are EASY. Since white women are easy then old boy here shouldn’t have a problem snagging one, however he seems to be more concerned with dick policing other black men. That is some homosexual​ behaviour if ever I did see any.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @Verbs
      Now you know damn well that was to much logic and actual facts packed into that comment😂😂😂😂. Like I said in my reply to the SIMPANZEE, why is he dick policing black men? Is he mad we aren’t gay and he can’t get dicked down by us?Because as I see it, that’s the only reason another male can be that emotionally upset at where another man slings his dick!

      Liked by 4 people

    • Here’s what simps like him don’t understand. White women, and non-black women as a whole, don’t give black simps like him a chance is because, genetically, they’re losers. They’re all brawns and no brains. Any woman worth her salt will not want to be associated with a simp that does nothing but kiss the very ground that women walk on and has no passion or confidence in life. Their IQ shows that they view the world as just black and white, they can’t even see the forest for the trees. Therefore, decent white women don’t want these black simps because they are a genetic dead-end. This simp even admitted he tried converting his ex white girlfriend to the ghettohood, and she rightly rejected him because of it.

      That’s why when white women and non-black women find themselves a black man who is civilized, educated, articulated, passionate, confident, and enjoys being in his skin, those women know they have hit jackpot. Because, let’s be honest here, those men are a rarity amongst black men and we are the living examples of it. We have the capabilities to travel the world, learn of different cultures, and thrive in this world. Outside of black women, women from all over the world view that as very attractive, and there are many evidences to prove that point.

      Michael Jordan is a prime example. Here is a man who is recognized the world over. But when he was married to his first wife, you can tell that Mike was dealing with some issues outside of the public eye, and the divorce proved it. As soon as he remarried to a Cuban woman (a fine and articulate woman to say the least) Mike now looks like he has a new breath of life in him. He’s more outgoing, outspoken, business-minded, and his popularity actually increased thanks to it. And that all happened thanks to two things: He thought for himself, and he got him a woman that understands and supports him.

      Lesson learned: Travel more and expand your horizon. A black man is better off being a nomad than being stuck in Blackistan.

      (P.S. Sigma Jones will be considering starting his own YouTube and Vimeo channels soon. Too many thoughts and lessons to just sit here and not share with my fellow SYSBM brothers. And for you simps and manginas, don’t bother trying to bicker and fuss when I do get these channels going, you will simply be blocked until you’re able to get your IQ up to at least 110).

      Liked by 3 people

      • (((Lesson learned: Travel more and expand your horizon. A black man is better off being a nomad than being stuck in Blackistan.)))

        True words have never been spoken!!!

        If and when you do, Please let us know because I would be glad to hear and support you!

        Liked by 2 people

  15. Cherry Bomb!, we all know you like taking cum to the face, so deez nuts to you bitch. Second of all, I see all you bitch ass clowns got your panties in a bunch for checking your monkey asses. So if I’m a “simp” as you coons like to say, then I guess successful black men like Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, LeBron James and Morris Chestnut are all simps too because they wifed up beautiful black women, huh? FOH with that sambo bullshit. You niggas deserve these white, no washcloth using, hair smelling like my motherfuckin dog, no hand washing after using the bathroom, dirty scalliwag hoes. Succesful brothas like me love our black women, we’re not intimidated by their greatness and strength. I’ve never seen so many self-hating negroes in my life. I thought this site was a joke until I started to read through some of these bullshit and thought “Oh, these motherfuckers are serious!” lol…….You jokers kill me taking out your fucked up emotions and experiences on your own race. You’re fucking embarrassing, go sit on a therapist’s couch and work through that shit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Then why are you here? If you’re such a successful black man with your black queen, why are wasting time dealing with a group of men that you claim are beneath you?

      Liked by 4 people

    • Now I KNOW your a black woman! The first person, out of ALL of us here who had checked your ass, you attack the ONE poster who is a white female. All of the guys here attacked you on a personal level and you have yet to retaliate against any of us but you made sure to attack her! As soon as you read that Cherry Bomb was dating black men, you attacked HER first and made sure she was attacked for that very reason! I never seen a black man that hates white woman so much that he has to attack the one white female poster when she didn’t even attack you the way all of us here did! You are so Damned and hurt that we just proved you wrong! You made a statement that White women do not like black guys and here a white women just proved you wrong and now you attack her! And not any of US who were addressing your BS lies!

      Next you said,

      (((you niggas deserve these white, no washcloth using, hair smelling like my motherfuckin dog, no hand washing after using the bathroom, dirty scalliwag hoes.)))

      Everything you just described in this sentence is what BLACK women do. I don’t know, maybe you typed ‘black’ women and your auto correct changed it to ‘white’ by a mistake because the overwhelming majority of BLACK WOMEN are the things you just described, NOT WHITE WOMEN! Look at this!


      (((So if I’m a “simp” as you coons like to say, then I guess successful black men like Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, LeBron James and Morris Chestnut are all simps too because they wifed up beautiful black women, huh?)))

      Yes! Because these guys, just like 90% of these witches are all on board with the black Gynocentrism that is rampant in black community and NO one says anything about it! Since they are so silent on black men getting screwed over, they approve of the fuckery that goes on, even if THEY are not necessarily married to hood rats!

      Next, You calling us Nigger, and ‘self-hating’ DOES NOT REFUTE our statement we made to prove to you that you are a LYING ASS! Instead of bringing in facts or something to refute our statement, you call us names, as if that refutes facts that are statically proven!!

      Next you say,

      (((Succesful brothas like me love our black women, we’re not intimidated by their greatness and strength. )))

      NO YOU DON’T, Because if your black ass loved them so much you would not be on here Dick policing and lashing out at white women on our forum. You’d be hitting up with those Transexual Shemales that you love so much! We do not go on black forums and tell everyone how much of a simp black men are for dealing with black women. We leave them alone to their own device. Yet, Here you are, hungry for dick, coming here Policing where our penis goes! FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!

      (((You jokers kill me taking out your fucked up emotions and experiences on your own race. You’re fucking embarrassing, go sit on a therapist’s couch and work through that shit.)))

      Half of your paragraph is attacking white women, All because one poster here voiced her own opinion and was not even directly attack you and you go ape shit on the whole group of women! You are doing the exact thing you are accuse US of doing! and you are calling US Emotional? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH YOUR LEFTIST, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR HYPOCRISY!!!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • Are you done, Cornyo? After dissecting the fuck outta my post (which only proves how much you really DO care about what I gotta say), you are still as wrong as two left shoes. I hate white people, period….you got that? Secondly, I attacked ALL of you wack ass niggas collectively. I don’t have to defend shit my nigga. Re-read my post (with less emotion this time if your bitch ass is capable) and you’ll see that it was directed to all of you agreeing with this separatism agenda. But you’re so pussywhipped my whitey that all you saw was the attack on your white queen. If a white dude came on here talking shit on black women or black people period, I’d flex on his ass too. You hate black women so much that you see your enemy where they don’t even exist you big dummy. Dissecting my post like a fucking science project. Lmao

        Liked by 1 person

      • Look everyone, the simp gave me a new nick name “Cornyo”. Very creative!

        ((I hate white people, period….you got that?))

        If you hate white people so much, If you hate the president so much, How about you GTFO of America? No one is forcing you to stay in the US. You are free to leave , give up your US citizen ship and go live in Sub-saharan Africa where you will never see white people again! Why can’t you do that instead of coming here to dick police what other black men do with their lives!? Oh wait it’s because you LOVE white people! You need them. you cannot live without them, thats why you WON’T Leave the US. You attack Cherry bomb because she was probably a spitting image of your ex, who you couldn’t keep! So you became an emotional little BITCH and lashed out on her and anyone who “Worships white women”! Because you KNOW you can never EVER have one again!

        (((Secondly, I attacked ALL of you wack ass niggas collectively. I don’t have to defend shit my nigga)))

        Once again, You have yet to address any of our points made and all you do is call us Niggers because we do not agree with you way of thinking. Such a typical SIMP! Do NOT call us your “Nigger”, We are not your people, you are not our people. Get the fuck outta here with your leftist thinking . You hate us because we do not subscribe to your swag culture and don’t want to deal with you golden horse, Black Women!

        (((Re-read my post (with less emotion this time if your bitch ass is capable) and you’ll see that it was directed to all of you agreeing with this separatism agenda.))))

        I re-read your post, and half of it was attacking a white women, who only stated her opinion. You skipped out half of what we had to say, only to attack one particular member. You have done this in previous post. You, along with your ass co-simp ass buddies call out and target one particular member at a time while ignoring all what everyone else has to say. And instead of addressing our confrontations, you vaguely call us cornballs or coons because YOUR ASS is here when you could be off doing something more important with your life!

        ((……separatism agenda))

        You are a fucking Moron, NONE of you wanted to or have ever wanted to have anything to do with us “Educated Lames, Coons, Oreos, White women worshippers etc because we do not have ‘swag’, you kicked our asses OUT of the black community, leaving us to die in the desert with no water to drink and food to eat, NOW when we thinking black men decide to give you a collective middle finger and decide to Go our own way, weather it be MGTOW or SYSBM, oh, NOW you want to cry like a sexually frustrated Homosexual because we want NOTHING to do with you Soy Boys after exiling us from the community in the first place? YA DAMN RIGHT we want separation! and some of us here, me especially, would kill in cold blood should any of you communist citizens of Blackistan tried to do anything about us separating! We are our OWN people, you are YOUR OWN people! We have NOTHING in common other than we speak the same language. Now you want to act like a fucking Communist and we all must get in line with you boot licking simp ass because it hurts your fi-fis that we do not want to lick the ass crack of black women too??????? You are truly a turd flinging Simpanzee!

        ((But you’re so pussy whipped by whitey that all you saw was the attack on your white queen.))

        Once again, You are describing YOURSELF in the realms of Black women! I am an ASIAN women worshipper. I Love Asian women! I love them so much that I LEFT the US of Gay and moved to Asia so I can be all around them. This is MY SYSBM path I chose there is nothing simps like you can do about it! I will be the first to say it and I am PROUD of it, No dick police officer such as yourself is going to change my mind about it! But I also HATE when Cuck boys like you go running around telling other black men that they shouldn’t be with white women/worship white women, because you LYING ASS wants to spread BS about no white women is checking for black men when there is clear, cold, hard evidence that refute your LIES! and why do you care if many black men are chasing/worshiping white women?? because YOU couldn’t keep one? so THEY can’t have any?

        (((If a white dude came on here talking shit on black women or black people period, I’d flex on his ass too.)))

        If this is true, then why do you refer to us as Niggers? You are just as “racists” as the white guys. You are just as bad as KKK members and Neo-Nazis! None of us here address each other as Niggers, but you come in here calling us all kinds of Coon, Nigger, etc because we do not agree with YOU! You are a fucking liar! You would probably be on board with him!

        ((( You hate black women so much that you see your enemy where they don’t even exist you big dummy. )))

        You are the biggest Caveman I have ever seen, NO problem exist? do you not read? Go read Verb’s blog and you will find a WEALTH of information of the problems with black women! You can go to world star, youtube or just turn on the TV and it will be some nasty ass black women doing her usual thing! but Cucked up simp boys like you just don’t want to see it because you burn with hatred at the fact that some of us black men here give no fucks about black women and are only going after white, and for me Asian girls. You are truly pathetic if you think they we are going to turn back to your piece of trash black women that you love and worship so much. Go on ahead and Rot with them! you deserve it!

        ((Dissecting my post like a fucking science project.)))

        What did you expect was going to happen? We just delete our accounts, delete slaying evil and then I fly back to the US of Gay and go back to dealing BW? GTFOOH you loser ass simp! We obviously disagree with you and we are giving you all the reasons of why. This is called a debate. In a debate, you look through and read your opponents arguments and correct any flaws that they present. Since your whole existence here is a flaw, I would be DAMNED if I was going to let you come up in here are start spitting out LIES and BS without saying anything. But just like verbs and Sigma said, low iq simps like you cannot comprehend such a simple task!

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Stop Cooning

        >> If a white dude came on here talking shit on black women or black people period, I’d flex on his ass too.<<

        You wouldn't do shit!

        You simp bitches are scared to death of white people. Best believe they would fuck you up if you come across them with your 130lb simp ass.


    • Stop Cooning,

      Denzel Washington, Lebron James, Jay Z and Morris Chestnut aren’t going to thinking black men’s websites spending every waking hour calling the folks there coons as well as attempting to dick police them, you on the other hand ARE which makes me wonder how successful you really are. By the way Denzel and Morris have been married for a very long time which shows you that the black women they have are quality, not the common garbage that walk the streets today en masse. Quality black women went extinct with the Dodo bird.

      Calling white women smelly yet these black witches who control you are the most diseased and contaminated individuals on the planet with nether regions that can easily be compared with your local sewage system.

      The greatness of black women??? What a joke. You have yet to place anything on the table to demonstrate such a position. Black women as a collective at this stage are nothing but putrid trash and all you have done is lower your standards even further to accommodate such gutter line filth. Enjoy your queens and enjoy your remaining days as a fully initiated slave, you deserve both. All the best to you on the black female’s plantation, you’re going to need it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Okay, so you wanna go there? Calling me unsuccessful because I spent, what, a few days with a few random comments on this site? That hardly disqualifies me from being successful. But you guys on the other hand making a damn living spreading this garbage! So what gets done productively in your lives? That door swings both ways, bruh. With all the bullshit black people gotta go through on the daily, especially during uncertain times with this fucking lunatic president we have now, I can’t even believe the devil of this world has somehow convinced our own people to turn on each other with such vileness! You expect it from these crackers out here but not from our own. This shit is crazy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs

        Never has a simp been so proud to embrace his neck and feet chains, all for his hungry hungry hippos! Fine by us.

        He’s not “our people”, no one with an ounce of intelligence will embrace this chattering simpanzee’s “unify” talk. Such is this simp’s desperation in getting us back to the plantation to pay for his single mother “catches”…


        Liked by 4 people

      • Michel,

        Dude is unbelievable, much like D32018 he is proud to lick the muddy bootstraps of the black sisterhood. The guy has yet to present any qualities black women have that make them as good as or better than non black women.

        These guys are all the same, calling you names because you refuse to kiss the black female’s rectum, yet they can never provide us good reasons as to why we should look upon black women as potential companions over non black females, smh.

        Liked by 2 people

    • I think @Stop Cooning is our darling @d1ckh38d!!!

      Hey @d1ckh38d, where’s your single mother catch? She put you on child support yet? Lol.

      Apparently successful brothas like yourself have enough time on the day to watch and police other black mens dicks!

      Nice to see you again. Please do come back when your single mother “sustas” tells you to.

      You simp bitch. Lol!

      Liked by 5 people

      • You notice he still hasn’t addressed my question as to why he is wasting his time on this site. That speaks a lot about his IQ and I have to commend Verbs on having a lot of patience because I would have blocked this savage from the site in a heartbeat.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Sigma Jones,

        I hear you bro, however sometimes it is more profitable to allow a fool to speak so as to provide an example to others who will come by the site in the future NOT to follow such individuals and their grand stupidity.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Never heard of that dude but it’s nice to know I ain’t the only one that can spot bullshit from a mile away. Thanjs for proving my point tho. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Sigma

        You know why simp is on this site! To gently “persuade” us to go pay for his “kkkweenz” and their bastard children. Welfare cuts and everything…

        He’s here on the orders of the sustas to come back to them. Bless his 2-point IQ simp brain…

        Liked by 4 people

    • @Stop Cooning
      You could have stop at “you jokers kill me” and just stayed dead. You SIMPTASTIC clown, you didn’t the original question of why are you so concerned about where another black man is slinging his dick. Now I’m going to cut you a little slack, because I’m sure you’re probably fresh out of prison and you’re trying to return your sphincter( that’s your ass hole dumb fuck) to its normal diameter. We’re not mad at you “Coon Boy”, we here want you to have all of the 300lb, 5 baby daddy having, welfare, Section8, tatted up, funky weave smelling, decomposing garbage smelling pussy, violent, belligerent, $5 net worth black whores you can get with. Then you can all stay in “blackistan” and kill each other off and clear out the gene pool of you mutts. So, check your sphincter and see if the diameter is reducing and get back to us with an answer OK “CoonBoy”?

      Liked by 3 people

    • Oh my lord, the ol ‘ hair smells like white did insult’. That is so old and played out, PLEASE for the love of humanity find some new insults. Actually, my NATURAL wavy, blonde hair smells freaking amazing and the best part? It grows out of my head! I can literally sit here and do nothing and I have this beautiful, god- given hair and it cost me nothing…lmaooooo.

      All your other insults, I won’t even address, they are just so silly.

      Seriously though, why are you little fee-fees so hurt over black men dating out of their race..why is it your business who other people date? That just smacks of a major inferiority complex and honestly, there’s nothing you can do about it so, I guess you are just going to have to go through life angry and frustrated. Have fun with that.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Simp dated a white girl and failed. Now all white girls “smell like dog”…

        I’ll bet the next insult involves aliens and a lack of melanin. Simpanzee is so predictable.

        I guess simp prefers the smell of rotting halibut instead. Smells like his mother…


        Liked by 5 people

    • If you’re as successful as you claim to be black bitch (nothing you have said has led me to believe that you’re not a woman), why on earth do you care what we are doing? Your outdated, untrue shaming tactics and talking points are clearly not working here. You honestly have a better chance of convincing a poacher to sign up to work for PETA, for one of you oil tankers to go to the gym, or dare say wear your natural hair in public, and not in one of those ridiculous jiffy pop bags.

      I wouldn’t waste a second of my time considering going to one of your pages never mind actually going to one, and telling you black bitches that most of you are useless, diseases ridded, bastard baby having, oil tanker looking black bitches because the message would never be received well (albeit completely true). I don’t get it.

      The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and to expect a different result. Which if applied here, correlates perfectly with your ilk.

      In the off chance you’re actually a man, you should be grateful we are gone and never plan on going back to Blackistan. More bottom of the barrel, diseased whores for you to get ignored by, put on child support for children they probably aren’t yours, and to get set up by. Unless you’re secretly hoping to get dicked down by a dude. Which would explain a lot.

      Just leave us in peace and go away. Nothing you say is going to change our minds because there is LOADS of evidence out there to back up our claims. But if you stick around here long enough, I can pretty much guarantee well change yours.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. STUPID simps like ‘Stop Cooning’ (seriously guys, who makes up stuff like ‘cooning’, and I thought Jamaica was the worst in terms of so-called ‘ebonics’) are the main reason why the so-called ‘black community’ in the Union of Soviet Socialist Caucasian States [The so-called West, by the way] is so messed up man. God, don’t these simps have any shame, man?

    Liked by 1 person

  17. @d32108
    Awww look who’s back, Mr SIMPTASTIC. I see you went and got your GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY and now you’re a FULL BITCH. SO how’s that purse and high heels combo working out for you and when are you and your girlfriend “stop cooning” moving in together? Let us know when the big day comes, ok sweetie? Now, I want to ask you the same questions I asked your girlfriend “stop cooning”..

    1. If white women aren’t checking for us then why do clowns like you, your boyfriend and your black female whores go APE SHIT when you see a black man with a beautiful, feminine, civilized white queen?

    2. Why are 1 in 4 married black men married to a non black female if white women aren’t checking for us?

    3. Why are 30% of married black men with a college degree married to a non black female, if white women aren’t checking for us?

    4. Why do SIMPS like you and your girlfriend like to dick police bm, are you upset we’re not gay so there’s no one here to give you the dick down you’re obviously craving for, because that’s the only reason that a sweetie like you and your boyfriend can be this emotionally upset at where a bm decides to swing his dick.

    5. Why are bm able to date interracially at an almost 3 to 1 ratio of your black scum queens, if white women aren’t checking for us?

    6. Shouldn’t “Sweeties” like you and your boyfriend be happy so many black men are jumping ship to white women, that leaves more diseased contaminated pussy for you clowns to gorge on with less and less competition.

    7. Why is the interracial dating stat at 55% for bm in the UK if white women aren’t checking for us?

    As I said to your girlfriend “stop cooning” we here on this site are all for little sweetie SIMPS like you dating your monster black queens because that way we’ll quarantine you degenerates to “blackistan” and then you can kill each other off and that will deplete the gene pool of you mutts.


  18. @James S
    I have 8 unit building which is considered a commercial building. The NOI (Net Operating Income) does not allow for me to have a management company manage the building, that would dig to deeply into my net income so I have to take care of managing it myself, which is ok, the building is in good shape. I’m currently looking for a 2nd building.


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