The Random Musings Of Modern Day Black Women


Remember, regarding Stephon Clarke, in the black woman’s mind he represents all black men even though a minority of black men live the fast life he lived. Their real issue with Clarke is the fact that he was in a relationship with with a Far Eastern female. As far as I am concerned black women as a collective can suck rocks because dead people no longer require support, its those who are alive that do.

Notice with Clarke and his harsh criticisms of black women, not once have black women stopped to ask why his views about them were so strong. Nope, as far as they are concerned(as per usual)black women are never to be questioned because they are never wrong, yet another pinnacle reason why the overwhelming majority of black females have rendered themselves unfit for dating or marriage.

As I continue to illustrate, black women HATE black men, however they don’t fully come out of the closet and admit this because they know that if they did and black men decided to walk away from them en masse, they would be in serious trouble because no other races of men will deal with them in the capacity that black men do.

Instead black women shaft black men for child support, help funnel black men into the prison system at the behest of their white father, stab black men, shoot black men, set black men on fire, use black men as sperm donors in order to levy themselves onto the government payroll, run over black men with their cars, destroy the properties of black men, make it difficult or nigh on impossible for black men to see their children, wear weave and then claim that this is what black men want(when we want nothing of the sort, nor have we ever requested that black women sport Becky hats at any time in history) the list goes on and on.

These are just some of the reasons why SYSBM is imperative for the thinking black men, escape from the shores of Blackistan and NEVER LOOK BACK because black female monsters like the above await any who dare to return. Remember Lot’s wife. Black women rejoice at the deaths of black men which is why black men would be better off seeking love and companionship elsewhere. How can you possible form a confederacy with a group of women who would much prefer to see you dead as opposed to alive? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Society Is Dead, Move Out And Move On

Most High Bless

109 thoughts on “The Random Musings Of Modern Day Black Women

    • Anton Nikolaev,

      Black women and their pro black simps are truly communist/ultra socialist in nature. Look at that recent hangout BGS had with Angry Mangina and crew where they openly talked about forcing thinking black men to marry black women or face some harsh consequences, that is some Trotsky type nonsense if ever I did see any.

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      • BGS IMBOR? The so called “Great Master Teacher”?!? LMAO…this is rich. I’d never thought he’d say such a shit statement like this. Marry Black Women or face consequences?!? Did this guy turn into a cuck or what. He has even stated prior on his channel 2 years back that BW were bad mothers, wives, and girlfriends. This is what he wants us to go back to? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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      • Ryan,

        Check out the video I posted of BGS’s latest hangout and start listening from the 6 hour mark, you have to hear it to believe it. This is how black women and their male communist soldiers roll.

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      • Face consequences? Like what, being called coons and sellouts? These savages really think they somehow have the brain capacity to organize and get thinking black men back on the plantation. Here’s the thing: Hunting down thinking black is gonna be pretty hard to do. We rarely go to night clubs, we rarely have to travel through ghetto neighborhoods, you won’t find us living in those ghetto neighborhoods, most of us are in college or moving up the ranks in the corporate world, etc. All we have to do is call the cops if they annoy us, and of course we are well-equipped for self-defense. So I don’t know what consequences they’re talking about, but they better come up with a more thought out gameplan if they believe these threats will scare us.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        I knew that there would come a point where black women and their pro black male communist flunkies would attempt to take it to the next level, this is exactly what Negro Wars is all about, pro black simps and the black women who control them NOT accepting our decision to part ways and trying their best to get us back onto her plantation. Failing that they believe that the penalty for refusal ought to be death or imprisonment.

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      • BGS and angryman need to worry about their child support payments that they owe to those ghetto black women they cape so hard for. Them two are not going to do anything especially to the child support judge.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        I agree but many of the incel/mgtow types tend to direct their anger towards black men specifically. I’m expecting attacks on black men and white women to sharply increase, not saying this should deter us I’m just saying this is probably what people like the Angryman mean.

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      • “black men to marry black women or face some harsh consequences”

        I’m so glad I noticed BGS IBMOR’s cult of simps early on. These fools are a fucking joke.
        So let me get this straight. After Pookie and Ray-Ray knocked up all these bitches not the trad-cucks are telling us marry Pookie’s leftovers or else! Or else what?! As soon as the E.B.T. card gets shut off and they get their section 8 eviction notice these cuckelberry finn ass niggas will be too busy drowning in child support payments to bother with the likes of us. All they did was prove everything Ive said about the IBMOR clan true. It is nothing more than a ruse to get thinking black men back on the plantation. Also BGS has stated in older videos that he is watched by the fbi or some shit because of his job.

        Thinking black men are walking off the plantation and these people will do anything to stop that.
        Reminder years ago back when I was in high school and listened to SWP this also came up when he said that black men need to just mentor all these bastard kids and it started off when he started talking with christie more. I swear to God it’s like these fools have balls one minute then as soon as they get some female attention from the scraggle daggle they become super cucks who demand other childless black men sacrifice themselves for big booty brenda and her rugrats. One day they will realize they are in a echo chamber and the educated lames left along time ago and they are just talking to themselves.

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      • Lol white men can’t even control their white women. If white men want retribution from us thinking black men, stop procreating with Asian women, get rid of American feminism, and then we could take them seriously.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        I agree but many of the incel/mgtow types tend to direct their anger towards black men specifically. I’m expecting attacks on black men and white women to sharply increase, not saying this should deter us I’m just saying this is probably what people like the Angryman mean.

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      • Odyssey,

        I say let them try. We thinking black are well-prepared to defend not only ourselves, but our non-black significant others and children. But on the grand scheme of things, these mgtow’s and incels don’t realize they’re walking right into the trap setup by the elites. The more these white beta males use violence against women and people of color, that allows the government to setup more restrictions on them and take away their freedom little by little. These incels don’t realize that the very same ghetto black men they hate, they’re also the same ones who exhibit the same behaviors. They may not be as savage as these black simps and thugs, but they are awfully close. And the elites want that, because now that gives them a reason to restrict beta white males. By keeping them enslaved to the poontang, beta white males will never be able to rationalize out of their incelism. And with the ever increasing birthrate of minorities, once whites become the minority, they will be treated as such. And they don’t even see it yet.

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  2. Notice how ugly and gross these women are, but they have the nerve to talk about a man’s appearance? Makes sense, since they HAVE a man’s appearance.

    They need to be bred out, they are completely useless to ANYONE, even the white men who used them as voting chattel are now sick of them.

    This is also why NO ONE feels sorry for them, why would you pity a group that is doing so much intentional harm to their own people?

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    • afrofuturism1,

      Black women always do that, they typically throw insults at people while being ugly as fuck, broke and the size of a delivery lorry. This is why I can’t take them seriously it’s like a retarded person insulting your intelligence. Or a tramp on street calling you broke, It means nothing….

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The brazen and arrogant nature of this modern day black female cannot be measured, and these are the creatures the pro black gatekeepers of the black witch and her “community” want us to marry and procreate with, smh. Sorry, I don’t deal with defective beyond repair goods.

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  3. I learned that since they want me dead, I don’t do the following. I don’t give them rides, I don’t help them with anything, I don’t pay for dinner, I don’t pay for gas and more importantly, I stop giving them advice and stop valuing their opinions.

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    • Robert,

      This is just more proof and reasons why black men need to completely cut off black women, even if it includes your own family members. I know I have not seen some of my other female family members in years, but you best believe they woul be preaching the same hatred as those pictures above! When you see them in the street, just look at them as if they are just pesky street rats; Dirty, filthy, disease ridden, and will bite your finger off if you get near them.

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      • I do that to this very day. My grandmother got upset with me because I did not spoke to her in over five moths after she told me that I just like using you for my benefit. Once she got broke, all of a sudden, she claim she was heartbroken because I went ghost on them. Black women are very good at using black sons and grandchildren for money and resources and if you don’t have any money, they openly tell you to get a job and that you ain’t shit. Heard that all my life, I conquered it by building my resources and staying in middle class white communities. I learned how to escape from ghetto communities and I learned that the more the thinking black men move out of the ghetto community, the better his options.

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      • Carino,

        I’ve done that. I keep in contact with my immediate family, and a select few black women outside of that. And even then, it’s at a distance. I don’t take any chances. My life is more or less nigger proofed with the exception of when I’m at my weekend job (which I’m emtremely close to quitting). I avoid going to ghetto clubs (clubs in general), ghetto neighborhoods, stores you name it. I’ll gladly pay the extra money to shop at somewhere like Whole Foods, as opposed to any run of the mill store where these creatures are using their ebt cards.

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      • Stephen,

        We should put together a checklist of strategies for classic black men to “Nigger Proof” ourselves. Particularly for younger guys who are just becoming hip to the situation that they were born into. This can be a topic for Verbs if he wants.

        We should make a general list of common understandings that most of us have had to learn the hard way. A personal example of my own would be: Not falling victim to nostalgia or sympathy, going back to Blackistan, having to keep re-learning the same hard lessons over and over, and then finally accepting the situation for what is, and being angry at yourself for wasting so much time and energy due to not being able to face the simple truth. You wind up angrier and with even more of an axe to grind when you finally break free.

        I would tell the young brothers that the longer you wait to escape the more difficult it becomes. That many of our fathers and older male relatives can see the truth of our statements, but they are trapped by nostalgia and fear. And that they were doomed by their own inertia.

        Just like how the chicken pox has historically been a childhood disease. A little soreness, itchiness, sickness, and missed school days and you become immune to it in the future. But when a person makes it to adulthood before facing that same disease, that same disease takes a much heavier toll and will hospitalize or even kill them. I would tell them that just like that, some trials must be faced, some lessons learned, and some truths accepted while you are still young enough to accept them.

        I wish I had this info years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, stress, and unnecessary trauma. I still need to do this in my own life. I have pretty much cut off most contact with blk females. However, I still have to work in an environment where I have to deal with these beasts. But once I solve the problem of employment/finances, I will be free of dealings with them. SYSBM for life!

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      • +1000


        You have just described the cause of my depression after I left the US of Gay. I had depression for 6 months after I left for this exact reason. I was depressed because I realized that I wasted to much time and years dealing with the fuckery and mental abuse of black society when I didn’t have to! All those years wasted and I can never get them back! When I found my apartment, I would often go on Google maps and look at street views in NYC, or I would just go to Google images and look at pictures of Manhattan, Queens, and the othe boroughs. I would often say to myself, what would my life had been if I never discovered SYSBM (or MGTOW because mgtow was a necessary step to actually find SYSBM. If I never discovered mgtow first, I would had never sought out SYSBM)

        And yes I would often have nostalgia but it was more of the western American dream kind of thing not necessarily the black society. It was more of, if I was in the suburbs, I might of done this this and this. But no matter how much I had nostalgia, the red pill of truth had showed me that that is not what would happen as the first problem I would have to deal with is going right back to the buffoonery of the communist republic of Blackistan. No matter how you try to work things out, there is NO solution!

        Just like you said, the sooner you accept it for what it is, the faster you can deal with the depression and then become immune/indifferent to the situation. I feel much better now and I know I will not be making the same mistake ever again. I Have finally cut of the remaining members of my family as they hold the exact communistic mentality as in the video posted from Angry Mangina, which I never knew about my family untill I called them a week ago. They said made it clear that I am nothing to them but a piece of stock that they can extract resources from. Even thought I am overseas, they still expect me to maintain “the black thought” when they know full and we’ll that I am a free minded thinking man.

        One idiot told me that I NEED to be around black people. When I asked why, there was really no answer. Just some B.S. about our skin color. To which I easily destroyed because there are many races in Bishkek and even Kyrgyz that come very dark if not darker than me. They truly believe that after I have seen that grass is much greener on the Other side of the world, they think that i want to go back to the barren , rotten lands. Nope ain’t happening!

        This would be a great topic and I am more than willing for this to be a first donate article (towards his new book) to see this.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Black women have sealed their own grizzly fate, even those who are genuinely in trouble and distress will be ignored and passed over. There is always a heavy price to pay whenever you see evil and fail to speak out against it.

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  4. This is why I do not understand some of these white “christians” and these Alex Jones and Mike Adams/Health Ranger types! They are hell bent against forced sterialization and belive that everyone should have the right to breed, because, their children “might’ become lawyers, doctors etc, even though there is over bearing evidence, especially in the black community, that such thing is far unlikely in very poor circumstances!

    Most of these women need to be forced sterilized as there is over bearing evidence and reasons to do so. Doing this can save millions of lives, prevent incest children and unwanted, unplanned devil spawn children from being born. Thanks to black women, I can now clearly see that parenting should be a privilage and not a god given right!

    Just like afro said, the only thing that can be done is to completely breed them out!

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    • Most of these so-called white Christians are just ultra-Stalinist/Bonapartist type, controlled by the Zio-Nazi Vatican hierarchy, disgusting Commies in disguise. If you don’t believe me type in ‘controlled opposition’ on Google search when you have the time, and go to the pictures section. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at the type of people who pop up.

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      • You can always tell who is controlled opposition by how YouTube never take their channels down even when the “content creator” does openly brazen things
        on it. Alex Jones and
        Tariq nasheed are
        allowed to say the
        things they say, they both actors.

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    • Carnio,

      Certain folks should be prohibited from breeding, this modern day black witch is the prime candidate who needs to be given a full psychological evaluation before being allowed to have children and even then, she ought to be retested ever 6 months in order to ensure that she maintains the same path of sanity.

      The sad thing about this is because of the recklessness of this black woman, if forced sterilisation was brought in down the pike they would implement the programme on ALL black folks, not just the lower dreg undesirables as to most non black folks(mainly non black men) we are all the same, there are no class and intelligence divisions.

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  5. I don’t care about women. Chasing women is a waste of time and money. I would rather focus on my career and stack cash and gym. If I want pussy I will hire a escort you pay the bitch to leave…… Speaking off career I start royal navy phrase 1 training tomorrow so u can’t read your articles.

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  6. I just laugh at these awwer rat black chicks. I do everything I can to limit my exposure to black chicks, although I work as an RN in Dallas, there some black RN’s that are still pisseed that I have a beautiful white girlfriend. My screen saver on my phone is of my girlfriend and I kissing by the Eiffel Tower in Paris on New Years eve

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  7. Lol..that comment inadvertently posted before I finished it….To continue, every time they see that screen saver of me and my whitegirl friend I can see the butthurtness in their eyes. There’s a lake in Dallas/Grand Prairie called Joe Poole Lake, me and my 4 buddies all of whom have white girlfriends rented a boat and spent the day at the lake jet skiing. There was no fighting, arguing
    or weave pulling, just blissful fun and not a black sewer rat chick in site. Stay away from those black whores date/marry out, and you too can have days like the one I had this past weekend.

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  8. Hello brother Verbs. I hope this message finds you well. I used to read your site a few years ago and printed out a few of the articles you wrote on Hebrew Israelites which were outstanding, you helped me understand so much about who we are. I thank you for opening my eyes to that truth. I just recently moved into a new house and came across some of these articles I printed out which made me look your blog up again. I was kind of shocked to see how your content changed and now it’s mostly if not all about the destruction of black women. As a black woman myself, you would think I would be offended but to the contrary, I agree with what you’re saying.

    All my life, I’ve been told “You talk like a white girl” or “You’re not black enough”, especially all during my school years because I speak proper and have always conducted myself with class and dignity. The town I grew up in was predominantly black and borderline ghetto but I was raised by two parents who put everything they had into our family. My siblings and I were just a handful of kids who were raised in a two parent household. My parents were married for 52 years until my mother passed. I truly never felt like I fit in with most of the black girls in school and it used to bother me so much because you know, as kids we don’t want to be different. It took until I became an adult to be proud of the fact that I “didn’t act black enough” because the way our women behave is disgusting and it’s always something I’ve distanced myself from. I am married to a black man who shares a similar background as he was told the same things growing up where brothers (and black girls, women) would say “You’re too nice”, “You don’t act black”, etc. We’re both extremely proud of who we are as black people but unfortunately, most black people are embarrassing, especially the women. We have two adult sons who feel the same way and one of my sons is married to a woman who is in a lot of ways like me. I’m a light skinned, attractive, natural (no weaves or fake anything else) woman who has an even more beautiful personality :-)….Hey, I was raised right! lol

    Sorry for the long post, I will get to my question now. I scrolled through many of your previous articles going way back and noticed the comments from women have significantly dropped off. Of course, you have those women that just come on here to blast you from time to time (because the truth hurts). I want to know are you ever going to write about the Hebrews again or any more content about the Most High, the end times or things of that nature? You have a gift that can save these black women and I think the constant bashing is not helping to lift them up to become better women. You have to remember that most of the black women you talk about were also raised by black women who are/were just like them. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the cycle being broken. All black women aren’t a lost cause. Trust me, I’m one of the diamonds 🙂

    Be blessed, my brother. I look forward to your response!


      • She’s so full of shit. Lol. Notice how she herself don’t tell her fellow black women to stop bashing thinking black men.

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      • Yeah, more NABWALT talk to try to convince you to stay on the hamster wheel of dating BW in America. Translation: Dont leave the plantation, two people on the plantation were nice to you remember? Not all of them are bad.

        Ive been on other BM forums where BW come in with the NABWALT talk and pretend to agree with you only to slowly start stirring up drama later and show their true colors.

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      • How suspcious is it that in every single new post, there is a new troll, under a different name calling one or two particular members on here. Just about almost everybody here has been picked on and they are trying every tatic in the book to try to get us to go simp. They tried shaming and name calling and it is not working, Now they are throwing in the “white flag” and they want to be friends and work it out! Nope, This has been going on for several posts now. nuh uh! I was not born yesterday! I am sorry but I am just NOT buying the “NA(B)WALT”, BS! Even if she was “not like that” she still benefits from all of the BS that exists in black society! I do not see her here adovocating the removal of all these BS laws and double standards!! This is an insult to our intelligence! and just for that!!!!

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      • @Carnio

        Alot of hoodrats will be putting on the “good girl act” in order to try to get a good man, but thanks to social media and the internet I doubt many BM will fall for it though. The “I’m strong and independent and dont need no man” years are beginning to bite BW in ther rear, many of them are now doing a 180 and trying to find a way to climb over the Wall.

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  9. @Verbs
    Speaking of Angry Mangina, it’s like Obsidian said, he’s greying at an astonishing rate. He looks like he’s in his late 50’s rather than his late 30’s. That’s because he’s spent his life dealing with those BLACK FEMALE SEWER WHORES. They’ve literally sucked the life out of him. If anyone has ever seen the great TV show “Stargate Atlantis”, there’s a race on there called “The Wraith” who slaps their hand on your chest and literally sucks the life out of you until your nothing but a skeleton, that’s what black females are. The government should require that black chicks come with a health warning label on their foreheads that reads…CAUTION, prolonged exposure to this life form can cause heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, pre mature greying/aging, incarceration and DEATH!!.. and a biohazard label on their vagina that reads….WARNING…This area is highly infectious, please use the maximum bio-containment procedures to avoid exposure. Those labels would save clowns like Angry Mangina and BGS (Big Goofy SIMP) from a lifetime of stress, pain and failure.

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    • Teamwhitegirls,

      That is exactly what black women do, in order to feed the dysfunctional spirit of Jezebel within themselves, they must syphon energy from other individuals around them and usually black men are the black siren’s preferred sacrificial goats. I was in a Facebook Group and that is the name they have now given him, Angry Mangina. He is proud to be a host for black women to leach energy from, to guys like him it is an honour to be shackled and chained up to the hilt living on the plantation of misery.

      Hardcore Tito was right to go in on him the way that he did after the grey haired simp decided to get on both knees and lick the muddy bootstraps of the queen of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin. What was even more disappointing was the look Karazin gave as soon as Angry Mangina apologised, she had a sneaky smirk on her face because she knew that her witchcraft had worked on the dude.

      I cannot believe the bs that BGS and Angry Mangina are cosigning, arranged marriages or heavy consequences should you refuse to carry out the deeds. Here is the video proof in case you haven’t seen it, forward to point 6:00:00:

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      • @Verbs
        I’m completely confused, how does forcing a black man to marry a black female with the threat of jail make black female look good? Those clowns on that pathetic podcast completely validated what black men are saying about these black whores, that they’re BOTTOM OF THE BARREL toxic sewage and you have to be either shamed , scared or threatened with jail time to get with them. How absolutely pathetic and desperate are these monsters? Black men are 2 1/2 times more likely ro be married than a black chick. As of 2015, the US Census shows that 1 in 4 (25%) black men who married did so to a non black female. Futhermore, 30% of married black men with a college degree married a non black female. These numbers are growing…FAST!!! As you said on the podcast, Black Men in the UK date/marry interracially at a wonderful 55% rate. So black men here in the US are getting married, they just aren’t marrying black whores,..THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!!

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  10. I checked back on the site to see if brother Verbs responded to my post and saw a few posts that I feel are unfairly directed at me. Brother Verbs, I’d really like to talk to you about my post and I just found your email address on the back page, so I’ll be emailing you instead. Thanks.


      • Michel,

        Even if that did happen. Even if verbs got assassinated, what makes the sistas republic of Blackistan think that 5 more Slaying evil blogs are not going to pop back up?

        If slaying evil were to ever get hacked, shut down, or if verbs and his girlfriend got killed, I , along with a couple other SYSBM would just make our own blogs and continue spreading the truth!

        Again, I am not religious, but I do remember that the most high can use even the worst sinner to spread the truth. So even if one person got silenced, it will not prevent the spread of truth!

        Just like James said, they are playing the sweet Angel/ innocent card and are acting as if the last 60+ years did not happen! And with all this overbearing evidence, there is NO way black men especially if they have gotten a taste of becky, Hinata, or Maria, is gonna even think to go back to the plantation! And black women actually think they have alot more to offer than the women I have just mentioned!

        I would go back to being a MGTOW before I would give up the SYSBM philosophy/movement!

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      • @Verbs

        I REALLY hope that whatever she said to you, you decide to put it on blast. After all, it’s highly likely that she tried to talk s**t about us (but she tried to dress it up as genuine concern for our well-being).

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      • Kameron Brown,

        Nah, she just copy and pasted the comment she left on here and sent it to my email. I told her that I am now looking out for thinking black men, that most black women are destined for hellfire because of their innumerable transgressions and that black women as a collective have already signed their lives away for Satan and his Babylon system. I don’t know if my response went down well as I have yet to receive a reply. Any attempts by the members of Republic of Blackistan to trash about the thinking black men’s regiment will NOT be tolerated. You already know full well if she’d trashed talked us she would’ve been lit up in an article.

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  11. This is post is even more evidence as to why the vast majority of black women just are not relationship material. To celebrate the death of someone who was critical of black women’s behavior and dated a woman who wasn’t black (neither of which are bad things)… that’s truly terrible.

    Between the reprehensible behavior observed on the Internet, the hateful comments on social media, and even the ratchet, disrespectful, uncouth mannerisms and appearances of the average black woman … it’s little wonder why people are fleeing from them in large numbers. I’m sure there are plenty of men who won’t even want them for casual sex.

    Sad, but they only have themselves to blame.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      We shoudn’t be surprised that black women would celebrate the death of one of their own, after all these are the same women who are murdering an average of 1876 unborn children per day in abortion clinics. The modern day black female is a cold blooded killer who has much blood on her hands and continues to dig her dirty heels deeper and deeper into the mire of filth, degeneracy and just plain evil.

      Let us never forget the heavy amount of L’s black women as a collective took in 2017 and the first part of this year alone, more black men are checking out of Blackistan than ever before, as far as they are concerned at this stage the black female’s cooch is not even worth the trouble any more even though she’ll typically give it up with ease.

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  12. Gentlemen,

    The ultra simp Stop Cooning decided to be slick and make his response comment in the About section of the website knowing full well that it isn’t frequented that often in comparison to the more recent articles here, be sure to pay him a visit and let him know that he isn’t original. This is his comment:

    “This is off topic but pertains to every post on this racist site. You coon ass niggas need to be put in a fucking cage, fucking nut jobs. Leave these beautiful black women to the real black men, it’s not their fault you’re too corny to pull em. Get your swag up niggas! Fuckin cornballs, lmao”.

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    • I don’t know why, but I got a feeling Stop Cooning may be a white guy. He sounds too smart to be one of those run of the mill black simps, and even that of black witches. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. And either case, he’s not on my level worth engaging anyways.

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  13. Come to the light gentleman. You have set high standards for yourself, why would you expect anything less in return from a partner? Intelligent, handsome black men deserve so much better.


  14. Verbs2015,

    It appears we are under attack by trolls, you have the Manginas that are coming out in full force from the front, and now it looks like black women are trying a new “good inncocent girl” tatic from the from the back. They are getting really desperate that they are resorting to every litle trick in the box. unfortunately for them, we can see through the jelly fish and look at how deadly poisin it’s tenticles are. No, we will not fall for it. NONE of us was born yesterday! each new and evry post that further calls out the black witch and her dungeon trolls, the more of them come with all kinds of shamful tatics to get us to change our minds and go back to the plantation.

    These Morons do not realize that once you have a taste of SYSBM, there is no comparison, there is no turning back. If you ate fake canned moldi spahgetti, your whole live and then decided to go to a 5 star italian resutanrt and ate top notch (or at least decent) sphagetti, are you really going to go back to eating canned sphagetti???? Many of us already have, or are about to have SYSBM girlfriends who treat us wonderful, and for some of us, like myself, far more better than my own mother/family has ever done! Do they really think we are going to fall for their magic box of tricks and want to go back to misery and depression?

    Just wait till I get my finances in order so I can donate more money because I have some great Ideas for some topics that will expose more BS from black women, which I am sure, there will be a spike in Simp/black women trolls to try to come in a raid this blog!

    Liked by 3 people

    • It’s the BW/WM/simpanzee zombie apocalypse! No matter, even their poor efforts at playing nice are taken notice of and documented… Like Hardcore Tito predicted would happen.

      Their evil masters have abandoned them, and are desperate to get more sacrifices, so expect more of this bullshit before it turns ugly…

      Liked by 5 people

      • TRUTH! If even the Zio-Nazi hierarchy of the Vatican has abandoned white males and black women after using them as agents of planned chaos in their failed attempt to destroy thinking black men, then they (BW/WM) are truly finished. Good riddance though, we thinking black men have been taking the blame for their (white males and black women’s) stupidity and GREED for far too long now! ALL HAIL SYSBM!

        Liked by 3 people

  15. You guys are being paranoid. I am a white woman. I found this site because, I googled ‘why are black women so awful’? Lol..I ‘ve been working with those monsters for the past 7 years and I hate them probably more than you do if that’s even possible. You guys are dead on correct about every single thing you say about them. They are truly evil human beings. I had no idea until I started working with them..I had no idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • (((.. I hate them probably more than you do if that’s even possible.)))

      Nope. Sorry, that is just NOT possible. You have worked with them for 7 years. Ok cool. But you were not forced to grow up all around them. You didn’t have a black mother, who most of the time, are like the women you worked with. You didn’t have to be beaten up, bullied and shamed all throughout school for getting good grades and get called Oreo or Coon or lame when you should be praised! You do not get dick policed (maybe you’ll get cock blocked for showing interest in black men) for dating white or Asian girls EVEN THOUGH BLACK WOMEN make clear as day that they hate thinking black men with all their heart and soul (if they have any).

      You do NOT have to worry about a talk show host, of audiences full Of your own race of women talking about BLACK MEN AIN’T SHIT!!1!1! for the last 60+ years

      You didn’t have to worry about black women sending her simpanzees to attack us while defending their buffornery!

      We , here on SYSBM, hate black women the way Hitler hated the jews, at least I do! This hatred has spawned from a LIFETIME of communist oppression, psychological abuse, torture, and for some, sexual trauma all from the the Sistas rebulic of Blackistan! Not even the Kkk or neo Nazis can come close to how much some of us hate them.

      (((I ‘ve been working with those monsters for the past 7 years)))

      Tell me more, I am interested in knowing. Do they attack you verbally? Do they cock block you? Do they do the same bafoonery towards you in the same way they do to us? This is a genuine question, not a troll question, because it is very interesting to hear the perspective of non-black men. There is another poster who happens to be of middle eastern descent, we would like to hear the opinons and experiences of those outside the black gender war.

      (( I had no idea until I started working with them..I had no idea.))

      You said you had no idea, what was your opinion on black men dating out in large numbers? Did you think black men were paranoid? Did you think we were self hating? What was your opinion on all this before you discovered this blog?

      Also, we already have our solutions here at SYSBM. What would have been your solution if you had never discovered this blog? The reason why I ask this is because many white men and Asian American men feel that we are wrong, self hating and are just “paranoid”. was this your thought too?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am truly sorry if I offended you by implying that you guys were being “paranoid”. I didn’t mean to minimize the hell that you have been put through..I was trying to relate to you that I am beginning to understand alot of things that I was completely unaware of. That’s why I googled that question about black women because, after REALLY having to deal with them on a highly personal level left me completely baffled as to how any human being could think that type of behavior is even remotely acceptable.

        I was born and raised in Atlanta Ga, so yes I did see alot of outrageous behavior but, I was brought up to never judge people by their race, to treat everyone as an individual so, I just put up and shut up whenever I had to deal with a black girl bullying me. I was also left with a so called ‘ babysitter’ who was, now that I know better, abusive. I could feel that she hated me because I was white. She would call me white trash and force feed me. I would tell my family but, they pretty much brushed it off and sent me to an after school program. My parents were very…progressive..(?) and would jump my sh!+ whenever I complained. They regarded and approached their transgressions with “compassion” and “sympathy”. I felt like I was the bad guy.

        Eventually, we moved away and I put all that past drama behind me. I completely forgot about it and moved on with my life. I will wrap this story up, I

        Anyhoo, I got this job at a home health agency that employees nurses and cnas. The black female cnas. Oh my god. The way they conduct themselves in clients homes and they do would blow your mind. They are sent out to provide care to the elderly and disabled. Instead, they walk in like they own the place with a FOUL mood. We’ve had issues with them stealing the patients meds, we’ve caught physical abuse on camera, they try to manipulate patients into giving them money and if they don’t get it, they just steal it. They will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. We’ve also had issues with some of them locking the client in a room and completely neglecting them.

        Whenever we call them in and confront them, they explode and get borderline violent. The male supervisors always accompany whenever I have to deal with a black female cna. They deny and lie even when we have them dead to rights with it caught on camera.

        Do we have problems with white females? Yes, we do but nowhere even close to what we deal with bw. They will at least apologise and say ‘ I’m sorry. Ill never do it again blah blah blah’ . We all know that black women NEVER and I mean NEVER say, ” I’m sorry” or ” Thank you” “Please” or “Excuse me”. No you will never hear those words even if they run over your leg with their car. They are just deplorable, disgusting individuals. I could go on and on for eternity but, that’s just a small , microscopic piece of the reality I have to deal with. I know it doesn’t even scratch the surface about what you guys go through. I totally get that. I do not blame you one single bit for dating out. Nobody deserves THAT. Anyways, I truly didn’t mean to cause you any troubles. I just thought I would add my ten cents. It feels…cathartic. You see, I have no outlet. I have to keep my mouth and put up with their bullying and verbal abuse, for now anyways.

        Take care.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Cherry bomb,

        Yes, your story sounds very legit. I apologize for my quick accusations as we have been under attack by trolls posing as innocent “good girl” and the simps have been flat out calling us every name in the book.

        You are certainly more than welcome to participate and share your experiences as we have alot to learn from them.

        You came to the right place to vent as this blog is the ONLY place for us SYSBM to vent our frustration with BW without thought police or being calles” self hater” .

        And I am certainly in no means down playing your work experience with bw, for even just ONE year of working with them can cause you to truly hate them too.

        Please keep telling us more about your experiences! We certainly would love to keep hearing them!

        Liked by 5 people

    • Cherry Bomb,

      We thinking black men currently are being attacked from all sides so occasionally in haste we may mistake a comment of support and agreement as an attack. I’m surprised that you didn’t comment and share your accounts in my Black Women At The Workplace article. Black women in the nursing and care professions are some of the worst savages I have ever come across, I fail to understand why employers continue to bring them on board despite their horrible reputation and terrible track record.

      I would strongly suggest that you read over some of the other articles I’ve written concerning the black witch in order to gain a greater and deeper understanding of the type of low brow devils you are dealing with. I’ve worked with black women here and there, however not to the point where they were constantly around me. I’m thankful that I don’t work around them for the most part. Again, feel free to share your experiences. I’m afraid your fears are correct, black women hate white women because they want to be them and they believe that they can replace them as the number one choice of the white male. As ludicrous as it sounds that is how the overwhelming majority of black women think. I honestly don’t know how you have managed to work alongside such barbarians for so long.

      Liked by 5 people

      • It’s okay Verbs! I completely understand about you guys being attacked from all sides because, they don’t want to hear the truth! Plus, we all know that anybody can pretend to be whoever they want on the internet.

        It is horrible that healthcare would allow such things but, as for the cans, I would say that around 85% of cnas are black women. We are also contracted out through the state so, we feel tremendous pressure as far as who we hire on. At times I feel enormous guilt that I work for an agency that sends these beasts out to peoples homes. These are very vulnerable people. Never leave your loved one in the care of these vultures. But, I don’t think I have to relay that to

        Thank you for your understanding, it means alot. I’m so sick of having to sweep this sh!+ under the rug. Its not healthy.

        I will continue to post here if everyone feels comfortable with it..please know that I am coming from a place of complete understanding. I bet we can most definitely share a few good laughs…lol

        Liked by 3 people

      • “I’m afraid your fears are correct, black women hate white women because they want to be them and they believe that they can replace them as the number one choice of the white male.”
        Yeah just like that horror movie villain that wanted to be a woman and went around wearing the skin of women that he murdered, BW walk around wearing weaves to look like white/Asian women.

        Liked by 5 people

      • I think she might be telling the truth. My first job was in a home health aid office. I would never let a black woman from a home health aid look after my loved ones.

        Liked by 3 people

    • You’re not lying.

      However I just don’t believe you’re unaware of the 30+ year media campaign of being told “niggas ain’t shit”, “niggas need to step up”, “where the babydaddies at?”, on top of being reminded of how “strong and independent” they are.

      It’s true BW are a protected class, and never face the consequences of their vile acts, but you never had an inkling for 7 years?

      None of this is new, but only now the dysfunction is spreading, non black women are starting to see it and say something against it. *That’s* why I’m suspicious of messages of support. We grew up and lived this shit for all of our lives, you’ve only just got a taste of it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Let’s not forget that online, anyone can say ANYTHING and pretend to be ANYONE.

        @cherry bomb! If you really are who you say you are, then you have my apologies. However, since this is largely an anonymous forum, anyone can say they’re anything and pretend to be anyone.

        For all you know, I could very well be President Trump using a fake pseudonym.

        Liked by 2 people

      • We do see these things Michel. However, we (white people) are conditioned to move along and don’t ask questions or you will vilified as an evil racist. Not to mention the underlying message put out by the media that “this is just black culture”..”this is how THEY talk to each other”. I honestly think that people assume black men have ” tough skin ” and arn’t bothered by it. I dont know…you all have given me alot to think about.

        Liked by 2 people

  16. Verbs2015,
    It’s Like Your Prof. X & Us Thinking Black Men Are The X-Men. You Created a Place Where Here We Can Converse Our Experiences of Dealing With American Black Women Without Prejudice & The Simps & Bitter American Black Sistahood Are Like Anti-Mutant Squad. Coming In Droves to Keep Us Silent. Though Unlike The Black Men They Try to Verbally Neuter Be it in or Out of Social Media. They Can’t Keep Us Silent. I’m Willing to Admit That Yes, Black Men at a Point Way Back Then Denied Their Identities. By Adding Grease on Their Hair & Styling it To Make Themselves Look Like One of Those White Boy Bands of The 50’s Like ”Danny and The Junior’s”, But Come The 60’s ”WE WOKE UP”. We Realized That is Not Who We Are. We Let Our Hair Grow Naturally & Stayed True to Ourselves. American Black Women, When 1966 or 67 Came Along With The White Feminism Movement Came About. They Abandoned ”Black Power” & Chose ”Feminism Power” Instead. Thinking They’ll Get a Better Deal. Being Pacified With Government Assistance. Now Low & Behold White Daddy Government is Saying Time to Take The Pacifiers Away & Don’t Even Get Me Started With Them Losing Their Identities in Both Hair & Skin Tone Appearance That’s Another Story Altogether. Bottom Line #SYSBM Cannot Be Stopped.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Shawn Swint,

      Agreed sir, I hear Stan Lee has stated that the X men is based upon black society during the civil rights era, however as you have pointed out we can narrow it down to thinking black men being the X men and black women and their pro black simp squads representing the Sentinels and other mutant exterminators who are hell bent upon destroying us.

      Black men are fighting back, we are raising up our voices and the black witch is none too pleased. She believed that she remain in cohoots with her white father for eternity, however even he is beginning to cut ties with her. Recompense is a dish best served cold.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. The wall is undefeated! We, the Knights of SYSBM continue our quest unabated. We are the unstoppable force AND the immovable object rolled into one!

    This IS indisputable no matter how many SIMPs, manginas, Blackistanians, or cherry bombs of the world infiltrate these forums.

    SYSBM – There IS NO other option! We are full speed ahead and will continue by any and all means necessary!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

    All non-SYSBMians will simply have to deal with it!

    Liked by 2 people

  18. @ Carnio- thank you for your earlier comment. Its wise to be suspicious of people on these forums so I completely understand. Yes, we can probably learn alot from eachother..its so isolating when you live in a society where one class of people have free reign to terrorize everybody and god forbid anyone counters them.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. @ Kameron- yes, I don’t blame anyone one bit for assuming I’m full of sh–. However, I believe once you guys hear a story or two..well, you’ll see.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @cherry bomb!

      Like Verbs said, please share your stories in the “Black Women In The Workplace” article. Get ’em off your chest. When my mother was dying, my family had a run-in with her ghetto beast of a black female caregiver and some time-card scam she and my mom had been running, plus some shit she stole from the house, so unlike some of the guys here, I’m not so quick to dismiss you as a troll. The caregiver and my cousin (female) ended up coming to blows in the hospital room, by the way.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Obsidian brought up an interesting fact about most of our grandparents and great grandparents being engaged in shotgun wedding relationships.

    Growing up and to this day, I NEVER saw old black couples in love til the end, though I see this all the time in other communities, namely white ones. If THAT’S the romantic/coupling element of your people, where they pretty much just together because of screwing, then how could you ever build a community amongst them?

    Liked by 2 people

    • That’s what you guys don’t get. It’s not about building ANYTHING. It’s all about Alpha Fux/Beta Bux.
      They just wan’t us to replace the welfare state and take care of all of Pookie and Ray-Ray’s bastard children they pumped into these black whores. These men just don’t want to take care of their own children and pay child support. They don’t want us “betas” to take our resources and leave the “community” especially when the welfare cuts go down.

      Pookie and Ray-Ray knocked up these women and now Pookie and Brenda want US to build a community for their army of inbred bastards.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. At my weekend job, I had a group of black whores stay in a room, utterly destroy it. Smoke, drink, weave tracks all over the place, chicken bones on the floor, so many empty beer cans it was nauseating to think about. There was even a bloody tampon just throw on the floor like it was no big deal. Not to mention, it smelled like rotten, dead fish and I was told there were numerous complaints about them being loud. Thankfully I didn’t have to clean it (and I would’ve refused to had it come to that), but it was other worldly disgusting.

    The black bitch comes into the office yells and cursing at me trying to get the room for another night. After I clearly showed her i wasn’t going to tolerate her horrible attitude and cursing st me for no reason, I told her no she isn’t getting another night.

    I swear if I wasn’t trying to play catch up, and save some money I’d quit this job faster than the place would be able to find someone else to replace me. I cannot stand these gutter black bitches. They are the worst people on the planet. It’s so bad there, we have the back line phone number to the police department, resturants will not deliver there unless it’s someone from the front desk calling (because these harridans don’t believe in tips), cabs HATE coming here. All because of the useless black wastes of life who live there.

    I have story after story of some niggress living there while having money, not working when they’re barely older than I am (I’m in my early 30’s), just pumping out child after child,one who has been cheating the system for twenty plus years, another one who has a good amount of money and falunts it while living off taxpayers.

    Hell even ghetto white chicks (or any race) try to work to get out of there and off government assistance. Saw one stay there for a month tops, got back on her feet and only came back to say hi and thank us for helping her. Also in so many words, told the sewer rats they were pieces of shit for milking the system.

    I loathe these women and their simp cohorts, and I will NEVER entertain the idea of dating, marrying one never mind sleeping with one just for fun. Loathe may not even be a strong enough word to describe how I feel about them.

    Liked by 4 people

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