Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

This is a new schedule I am introducing for Wednesdays where you guys can discuss whatever topics you want and bring links in relation to those discussions to the table. As I stated before there is a lot going on in black society that cannot be covered by myself, therefore I have decided to open up Wednesdays at Slaying Evil as a free topic day.

Unlike the black witch and her cohorts there are no restrictions of free speech here, black men are free to air their issues, views, concerns and gripes without being hounded, mocked and ridiculed by cold hearted, unconcerned black females. Brothers, you’ve got the floor.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

134 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Hi if I donated 80 pounds would you write a article about the pro black simp? Search for Uhuru sorry I meant simp for Uhuru. His YouTube channel

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      • Oh really? I didn’t know you still did that! I saw your Patreon page, but I wasn’t sure if you were still doing that due to very low activity. I would be glad to donate and have requests and I would bring along some links and resources to help you with them!

        If you got enough donated money, are you still going to write that book? Do you think it is still relevant for today?

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      • Carnio,

        Yep, folks who want specific articles written can simply donate to my PayPal. Article requests that come with donations will definitely be written up. If I get enough support then I will write a Negro Wars part 2. Like you pointed out, the activity on my Patreon is extremely low, thus there would be no point writing the book at this stage.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Thanks for letting me know about this, I will be working on a budget so we can make that happen! This blog is tabbed as one of my top favorite sites and I love coming here! So for now, I make a long list of topics that I think that should be discussed along with the donated money! Even if I am the only one who funds the project, which I would be proud and happy to, I would be very excited to read your part two to Negrowars. I will also be doing my own projects to help contribute to SYSBM along with updating that youtube account as I have alot of new content, I just get the chance to uploading with all this running around between countries.

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  2. An epiphany I had this morning while listening to an Obsidian podcast and catching up on the latest between him & “Wankanda’man” aka Ang**man…

    ….is that the reason Gents like Yourself & the O’man pose such a GRAAAAVE threat to the status quo is whereas when TimmyS would point out Black Female Fuckery in times past, it was more in a ‘spectacle’ manner.

    vs You & the O’man have actually INTELLECTUALIZED the conversation with facts, data & Quant.

    No now it’s no longer a debate because the FACTS simply don’t lie. Black Female Fuckery, along with its nation destroying consequences is documented & evidenced.

    Please continue the good work Verbs. We need to free as many minds as humanely possible.


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    • They have standards when it comes to good men (after they are used up, fat, etc.), but you cant have standards that you apply to them, you are “not supposed to judge them” and “take them as they are”. Verbs and Obsidian discussed this in their last video interview. The third dude in that interview made a good point about BW becoming more slick as they listen to our complaints about them and they are putting on what I call the “good girl act” in order to get a man. But as Verbs said the trust in them is so low at this point that even the ones that seem nice are suspect, and if you do give them a chance and date them eventually their true colors will show, they cant fake it forever. Like the analogy Verbs made about looking for a steak in a dumpster, yeah you might find one, but do you trust it enough to eat it? haha

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    • They feel entitiled because of the following:

      1. They live in a 3rd wave (some argue we are in a 4th wave) feministic world where they are told, each and everyday, that women are better than men, stronger than men, smarter than men, shit better than men and have bigger penises than men. They are told that they were once oppressed because men are weak and fragile sub-humans because we were insecure about their greatness. So because of this, men are obligated to give them the world and we are to expect nothing in return.

      2. Because their fathers were not in their life, it is the common belief to your typical average black woman, even the educated ones, that all black men, are naturally by nature, going to leave, cheat and abandon black women and his kids. So before black men, wetheir a trashy black man or classic black man, even get the chance to breathe, in her mind, he is already planning to screw her over so she is trying to catch him red handed by demaning entitlements AHEAD of time before he bounces.

      3. All of us culturally Anglo-Saxons. Anglo-Saxon culture believes that women are to be placed high on the pedestool, no matter how bad or evil they are. All races who are born in the Anglo-sphere, no matter if you are of african lineage, Kyrgyz lineage, Slavic linage, Arabic lineage, etc have been raised to believe that women are above all criticism and that women are always innocent, right, and pure, no matter how evil she truly is. So since men are not allowed to critically analyze or call out their behavior, they become spoiled brats. And like a little 4 year old, if they have been given everything he/she wanted and then you suddenly decide to discipline that child (no more cookies, time for bed, do your homework) that spoiled child feels that it is being abused and demands that you keep granting it more priviages (such as eating more cookies, sleep when it feels, not doing homework etc) . Since Anglo women, most especially black Anglo women, have gone most of their lives, being critic free, they feel that they are entitiled to what ever they ask. Since they see that classic black men are free from anykind of responsibilities, makes alot of money, etc, she wants him for all of his resources and stress free life, and she feels that it is HER god given right to take it from him!

      4. Racial loyalty. They feel that all blacks, regardless or where you are from, what culture you grew up in, what your personal beliefs are, because we are ALL different from another, NOT the same, have some sort of cultish race loyalty just because of the color of our skin and our hair. They feel that black men, need to remain in some sort of all work and no play ‘leaders’ to black women meanwhile black women will be the first to jump and abandon ship the minute a white or asian man drops his pants!

      5. They have the crabs in the barrerl Mentality. ANY black man, who is a free, independent, and a critical thinker, and/or makes money from the blood and sweat off his back is a threat and he must be shot down. It is a threat to them because that means that that black man has power over his own life and he calls the shots ,especially in the dating world. He is the one on top who has choices , ie, Becky, chung li, Deegi, etc. ALL black men are to be dumb, stupid, highly addicted to drugs, filled with STDs and feel useless without them (Simps and black women). They need us to be destroyed so that they can exploit and capitalize from us in every little aspect of our life! it is truly sick and evil!

      6. By default, blacks are generally on the far left to where all those crazy SJWs are (although black man are now becoming more conservative thanks to SYSBM). They are so far left that it is getting to the point of communism.They are so far left that it is getting to the point of becoming the Chinese Red Guards before the cultural revolution of China. a perfect example, you are NOT allowed to have a dissenting view. If they like choclate Ice cream and I say “I like Strawberry ice cream because I like the color pink” You will be slammed: racist, coon, self hating, yo mama black etc etc etc. You are not allowed to be different from the group or else you face servere social consequnces. If and when you become a successful black man, they feel that it is your god given duty to give ALL your resources, all that you have worked for, to black community, meaning women! yup, just reach into your pocket, take out your mastercard and just hand it over because it is your obligation to “give back” to the community. ALL OF US have been raised to believe this rhetoric, and black women espcially expect this from the men.

      7. Feminist/Tradcon double standards. Black women are suppossedly more education than black men and I am sure alot of them make much more money than black men. They roar “EQUALITY”!!!!! but now as soon as it is time to pay for dinner, or opening THEIR OWN GOD DAMNED DOOR, now all of the sudden they are traditional conservatives and it is Men’s responsibility to be men and pay/be a gentlemen! 😡 and as per usual, YOU, educated classic black man, or responsible for taking care of HER mess that YOU DID NOT MAKE because you are to be a ‘gentlemen’!!!!

      8. In her mind, all black men = her ain’t shit baby daddy. So if Tyrone knocked her up and left, she now has Tyrone vision and sees all black men as Tyrone. So because she You are Tyrone in her Tyrone vision, you owe her half-your soul!

      9. I do not know about UK, Canada, Austrilia, or even the carribean, but the US is an absolute sex prision. Not just a sex prision, but an absolute, dating prison. It is filled with cock blockers and dick police and women in the country of all races have sky high expectation. There is also a social Taboo and which you are not allowed to show intrest in women. It is suppose to “just happen naturally” what ever that means. Due to all this, most men in the US have something called a “Scarce” mentality, in which becuase there is less women and more men, they are extremely competitive and aggressive towards other men for what is believed to be a small number of resources (in this case women). So men will simp like it is no bodies business! The simps give women all what they want with no lip. They simp this way because becuase they believe that it is the only way to keep that little bit of resource (women) left for themselves. The women are soooooooo use to getting attention money and sex, that they expect it from every guy they come across. When they see you, the thinking black man, they deman high expectations or they will leave you for the next guy who will guarentee that he will give her what she wants.

      There are countless reasons why black single mothers belive they are entitled to so much but these are the main highlights I have learned over the years why they think it is their universla, communistic right to own what is yours!!!

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  3. GREAT! I am glad for this,

    Here is something that I want to bring up. This is a little bit outside the realms of SYSBM and black community but I think this is something that is very annoying to have to argue with others with. As everyone knows, I am a Native New yorker, and I have left the US, hopefully permanently, and currently live in small, unknown country to most in the world known as Kyrgyzstan. Next to Kyrgyzstan, there is another country known as Kazakhstan. I travel back in forth between two countries due to Visa limitations, so I have to leave Kyrgyztan for two months and leave Kazakhstan within one month. It is a pain in the ass somethings but it is a very good experince for adventures. In Kyrgyzstan, since it is the second poorest country in Central Asia, there are not that many forigners (of western Origin) here. Most forigners are Russians from Russia, East Asians and other Central Asians. but no one from the west such as Americans, of western Europeans. There are also no black/African people here (in the entire Post-Soviet sphere). However, Kazakhstan is the most economical country in all of central Asia. so Kazakhstan, although not known to most of the world also, is more popular with western forigners than Kyrgyzstan is. There is a huge ethinic rivailry between ethnic Kyrgyz people and ethnic Kazakh peoplr although they all look the same. Even they can’t tell the difference between each other. They have almost the same exact history, culture, same food, same names, language is almost same, religion is same (although I think Kazakhs are less religious than Kyrgyz) and they are outright almost the EXACT same country, almost like US and Canada are almost exactly the same (besideds the french).

    While I was staying at my hostel, there are more western forigners who come from America. On my second last day before I went to return to Kyrgyzstan, there was a Korean american guy who showed up. I didn’t care to meet with him but we got introduced at dinner. The next morning he told me he just visited Russia and he was annoyed because he was mistaken as Central Asian and there is alot of Racism in Russia towards Central Asians, particularly Kyrgyz because there is alot of immigrants coming to Russia looking for work. According to some of my resources and this korean dude, The Central Asians are like the Mexicans of Russian (and the Caucasians are the N*ggers of Russia). So because of this, he felt that Europeans were Racists and I guess he assumed that I was going through the same thing. The next morning he told me he had to ask, why I choose to go to asia. I told him, well cause I like it in Asia, I think it’s cool, awesome and there is a whole world to be explored. He told me, I can’t believe someone like you wpuld want to go to aisa because there is alot of racism in asia. I responded and said ” No, that is not true. That has not been my experince”. SO he says, “but don’t you get people taking lot’s of pictures with you?” I told him and said “yeah and it can get annoying somethimes because when one guy once a picture, now they all rush towards you to get pictures”. So he then tells me that that’s revesre racism. I told him that if you have never seen something, a girrafe for an example, would you not stare at that animal and want to take pictures with it? I told him that I have never seen Gypsies, Turkish (from Turkey), Uzbeks, Polish, Ukranians, Caucasians (People from the Caucasus mountains, not the “Caucasians” that we use in america), Dagestanis, Mongolians, Buryats, Uyghurs, Tuvaians and Tibeatens before, all of these people do not exist in large numbers in America and when I saw them for the first time, I stared at them, that does not make me a racists, it’s just something I have never seen before. Just like I am something that all those people that I just described that THEY have never seen before and they stare because I am something they don’t ever see.

    I reassured him that all of my experince from traveling in China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan I have not experinced NO racism. People sit next to me on the bus, they do services with me, they say good morning, they call me to buy their products etc. All of these things which if they were racist, they do not have to do. The guy seemed very disappointed in my answer. Then we came in to the topic about why I do not want to return to the US. I told him about the rebulic of blackistan and the evil witches known as black women. He got offended and said “not all of them are like this”. He begins to defend black women and men on how the police shoots us and we are discriminated against in US society. I told him that it is BS! he didn’t want to hear it. He said black men need to take responsibilities for their children and stop leaving and abusing black women. I got triggered and told him that those are lies and it’s not what he thinks. He says I am bitter and angry and I should go back and give US (black ) women another chance. I reassured him that do not need to as I am already dating the girls in Kazahstan. He begins preaching the “self hate ” retoric and says he has black female friends who are “not like that” He begins to preach to me that Black men need to be there for black women and they need to care of them because the media is making black women look bad. He says he reads alot of (liberal) news media, or watches alot of black movies and listens to some hip hop culture and we black men are always down grading black women. To my guess, he must have been a liberal and believes everything the media spits out that makes black women victims.

    Many of the other Americans that were at the hostel pretty much had the same mentality as the Korean american dude. How black women have it difficult, it is the fault of (thinking ) black men and I am beginning to see it all over the internet. Many non black men are actually standing up and believing the BS rhetoric about how hard and evil black men are to black women. WTH is this all about? Why are there so many non black men so damn concerned for black women when none of these guys would dare to be with them. What is funny is that many of the gopnicks that I saw in the street of Kazakhstan were asking me about black women. They watch alot of rap videos and they like the “big ass” that they see. They tell me how much they want to be with black women. I tell them more power to them but they do not know what they are getting themsleves into should they get with one. Many of them are also defending black women and tell me that I am just bitter and mad. WTF??????

    What is with all these non-black men protecting black women????Are they that brainwashed by the liberal media and they actually believe the lies they are told by black women? Even if you show the mountain worth of evidence in todays black women, they defend them while bashing their OWN women! Come on !

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    • Fuck that Korean idiot. If he thinks BW are so great, why doesn’t he volunteer himself for Asian sperm?

      Dick police in Asia, by a Korean Yank. SMDH.

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      • My lord, black women and white supremacist Marxists don’t have any shame for their actions man? But their backers in the Zio-Nazi heirachy that control the Vatican, and by extension the world have turned on them and are setting them up to be destroyed, so it’s none of my, or any thinking black man’s buisness anyways. Just breed them out and all will be well.

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    • “What is funny is that many of the gopnicks that I saw in the street of Kazakhstan were asking me about black women. They watch alot of rap videos and they like the “big ass” that they see. They tell me how much they want to be with black women.”
      They more than likely see western BW as sexual objects, like most of the world probably does at this point.

      “Many of the other Americans that were at the hostel pretty much had the same mentality as the Korean american dude. How black women have it difficult, it is the fault of (thinking ) black men and I am beginning to see it all over the internet. Many non black men are actually standing up and believing the BS rhetoric about how hard and evil black men are to black women. WTH is this all about?”
      Those are standard liberal talking points, the no good BM vs the strong and innocent BW,

      “He said black men need to take responsibilities for their children and stop leaving and abusing black women. I got triggered and told him that those are lies and it’s not what he thinks. He says I am bitter and angry and I should go back and give US (black ) women another chance. I reassured him that do not need to as I am already dating the girls in Kazahstan. He begins preaching the “self hate ” retoric and says he has black female friends who are “not like that””
      Stuff like this is why I don’t have race based discussions with non-black people, and I don’t often have them with black people either. It doesn’t matter if they understand us or our motives, its not like they can stop us from walking away and putting the Wall up.

      “He begins to preach to me that Black men need to be there for black women and they need to care of them because the media is making black women look bad. He says he reads alot of (liberal) news media, or watches alot of black movies and listens to some hip hop culture and we black men are always down grading black women.”
      BW choose how they present themselves on a daily basis. The media is not making BW dance/pose half naked on social media, wear weave, get tatted up, continuously crank out bastard kids with losers, use abortion as a form of birth control, be obese. have bad attitudes, etc. Once again IMO its a waste of time trying to talk with people about the SYSBM philosophy, there is no need for us to preach it to the world, just act it out. Who cares if they understand or not.

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      • These non-black dudes will endlessly cape for black chicks, all the while getting bent out of shape concerning their own.

        It’s all dick policing tactic, just like the “all women are like that” thing. If all women are like that (which is the biggest lie ever), than black men might as well just stick with black women. Thus, saving white women from the HORRORS of being with a black man. Do you see the thin veneer? Black men win but into this propaganda are legit coons, as this is none other than the “whiet gurrs gon gitcha” crap the black queens spout, but this time black men believe because it comes from WHITE MEN! THAT is actual cooning!

        You will hear this stuff a lot too from Roosh V and Happier Abroad types, it’s all just a way to keep black men from “taking their women”, who are of course seeing this and choosing black men from the getgo.

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    • Carnio,

      I read this and was shaking my head. Even out in the middle of nowhere you’ll still get the dick police trying to control black men’s dating preferences. Unbelievable and the dude being Korean and from the US knows exactly what black women over there are like since its folks like him who sell black women weaves, fake nails and other external appendages. Dude was straight jealous of you, they too are taking note of the fact that more Asian women are checking for black men. In turn Asian men in conjunction with black women, simps and racist white men are also trying to shame us back onto the plantation, smh.

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    • The problem is you. The Korean man is right, you practice self hatred. He was right in saying not all black women are like that. He was right in saying black men need to support black women. However, he was wrong in saying you should return to the US and give black women a chance…they wouldn’t want someone as weak and coonish as you. Instead, he should’ve told you to go get yourself shot by a cop. That would’ve been better.

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      • oh eat a fucking DICK! seriously! You and your faggot asses needs to stop coming here SIMPING for these cunts! only homosexuals worry about what other black men are doing! You are obvioulsy pissed off because I am here in Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan dating the most beautiful, sweet and feminine women on earth while your bitchass is stuck with she-males! Fuck black women! they can rot and die off for all I care and YES that includes my ain’t shit mother! You simps steady come here eaach and every single post attacking every single poster here with your homosexual tendencies to try to convert us to your ways. Sorry but NONE of us here swing that way and we all have our own NON-BLACK Dates and girlfriends! We are NOT intrested!

        Сука Блять!!!!!!!!

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      • Stop Cooning,

        You bootlickers are really coming out of the woodwork trying your hardest to shame thinking black men back onto the plantation, however I left the sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan over 13 years ago, thus your “cooning” talk certainly WILL NOT WORK ON ME.

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      • You people need to just die. No amount of shaming (none of it is true anyway)is going to bring us back to the mental plantation that is the black community. Fuck you and fuck the black community. It’s niggers like you who are getting shot by cops, not us. No black man with an ounce of self respect is going to give you people the time of day. No one on this planet is a bigger sellout or coon than the black woman wearing someone else’s hair on their head, the thug selling drugs to their own people, the black whores fighting over thug dick, fighting and sometimes killing their own people because they “didn’t put respeck in yo name, or they talk bad about black women”. Or pumping out bastard child after bastard children with bums, draining welfare for the people who actually need it (i see this at my weekend job all the time), the disturbing amount of incest that goes on in so called black community (something that isn’t brought up enough), or destroying your children’s self esteem by the time they’re in second grade (black girls needing weave, {Side note: I have numerous friends who are teachers in NYC, and they utterly despise these black mothers} or telling their sons how they better not become like their ain’t shit father and more like the unstable black bitch of a mother).

        Your kind has a TON to answer for, and we aren’t going to come save you from your much overdue punishment for your transgressions.

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    • Carnio I think that some non black men do that because they do not want black men taking their women many non black men feel threatened by us. So they try to use shaming tactics similar to the black witch.

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  4. “Many of them are also defending black women and tell me that I am just bitter and mad.”
    Good BM have no freinds, you shouldnt be surprised at this. The liberal non-blacks mostly fall in line with BW and the conservative non-blacks are often thinly veiled racists.

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  5. Hello, gentlemen, hope all of you are having a good day/evening/night. I’ve been on this sight for a while now and have throughly enjoyed it, via articles, comments, and videos. I would like to get everyone’s opinions/thoughts/views about something, why do people say that multiracial people are confused? I’m of multiracial decent (Asian, Black, Spanish, and White) and have never been confused about who I am. Any suggestions are appreciated and thank you Mr. Verbs, for providing such good content.

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    • Hi Mithra

      In my opinion, people who say multiracial people are confused are usually the ones who hate seeing interracial relationships, especially those headed by a black man. They will try to say the children from multiracial backgrounds will have problems figuring themselves out as they don’t know what group they belong too.

      Too me, it’s a BS statement because a multiracial person, as long as they don’t come from a racist background, can really be more grounded in understanding other cultures. I’ve found out a while back that my maternal lineage can be traced back to the Cherokee Nation. Since then, it has help me to understand more of my background as well as be a well-rounded individual when exploring the world around me. So you’re right, people making those stupid comments are just afraid of seeing a world where people come from many different backgrounds instead of one.

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      • Yes, I agree with Sigma Jones 100%, it is usually just a dick policing tatic to discourage those in interracial relations as they, the accuser, are angry at the other race, or are jealous. I can tell you this,

        In Kazakhstan, there is no issue with locals mixing, however, there appears to be a problem when it comes to Russians and ethnic Kazakhs mixing due to recent history. They will tell their daughters or family memeber that the guy/girl does not understand their heritedge, (which is BS because most modern Kazakhs do not care for their heritadge that much as they want to be cool and hip with modern culture), and will use all kinds of silly lies to scare the couple. it is funny because you do see quite alot of Russian and Kazakhs aswell as other races mixing quite often!

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    • Some are confused but not all, with bi-racial blacks from what Ive seen the ones with black fathers aren’t as confused as the ones with white fathers. At the end of the day the one drop rule is still in effect and some bi-racials who haven’t been taught (usually by a black father) that they are black end up getting a traumatizing “negro wake up” call from a non-black person.

      Ill use this boy as an example, what happened to him was inexcusable and who knows what his mindset was race wise. But its possible that this is a case of a confused bi-racial who got a little too comfortable around his white “buddies” and got a “negro wake up call”.

      IMO they are only confused if they deny that they are black first before anything else. They don’t have to hang with only black people, listen to rap, etc., but they have to understand that in America they are black first.

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  6. So a while back, I happened to watch the disney movie, Pocahontas. While watching, this time I was paying extra attention to the side story of Kokoum. If you all remember the movie, Kokoum was the war hero of the tribe, and could pretty much get any girl he wanted from the tribe, or elsewhere. But instead, he wanted Pocahontas, who clearly had no interest in him from the get-go. Despite his social powers and credibility, Kokoum was too busy flexing his muscles trying to gain the attention of Pocahontas, which she showed little to no interest in return.

    Later on the in movie, we come upon the scene where Kokoum walks in on Pocahontas and John Smith macking out. Now, any rational man, who knows his worth and has self-respect within him, would have wrote off Pocahontas as a whore and went about his business. But no, Kokoum felt his manhood was on the line and Pocahontas was his and his alone. So he, like any simp or mangina, attacks John Smith. And we all know what happened next…. Kokoum ended up getting shot and killed…..over a girl. And even though Pocahontas was shaken a little by Kokoum’s death, who did she showed the most concern over the rest of the movie? John Smith.

    My lesson of the story? Simping ain’t worth your life. Expand your options fellas. There are many women on this vast earth who are craving for you. The moment you know your self-worth and options, is the moment you will never want to be a simp again.

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  7. And right on queue, the simpanzees come rising up from the dead, slinging monkey shit in our faces.

    Black men are dating, marrying and having children with White, Asian and non-Black women.

    Deal with it.

    Do all of us a favour, kindly take your dick watching antics and fuck off.


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    • Not this black man or any male friends or family members either. Your kind fall into the “minority” category because just like most black men are strong in character by nature, you are soft and weak and can’t stand a black woman because she is the only creature on this earth that will check your ass. You view this as combative because you have soft feelings like a girl. You are an experiment for white girls, asian girls and all other non-black girls, you fool. They just want the attention it gives them to be with a brother because they want to be different. I dated one white girl back in my twenties and she did nothing for me except made me feel awkward like a fish out of water. She tried her best to “keep it real” and “act black” even going as far as all of a sudden listening to hip hop and watching black movies. There wasn’t anything authenic about our relationship because she just didn’t get who I am as a black man. You brothers just need to admit that instead of working on your issues within, you’ve instead projected your anger onto black women because it’s easier to blame others for what you lack then work on yourselves. You’re weak….deal with it.

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      • Stop Cooning,

        The reason you felt awkward dealing with a white woman is because you are in fear of and mentally enslaved to the modern day black witch, thus it’s completely understandable why you would commit yourself to a group of women who wouldn’t urinate on you if you were on fire. As per usual with you pro black flunkies, you bring up white women first as if they are the only option available to black men, you dudes have white women on the brain more than you claim thinking black men do.

        I don’t understand how you equate tolerating abuse from black women to strength, in any abusive relationship the person who manages to get out is viewed as strong, on the contrary, the individual who continues to subject his/herself to the abuse is the one who is viewed as weak. Black women cannot be defended on any level and your simpish attempts to do so are nothing short of a joke.

        I’ve been with my girlfriend now for almost 5 years, I’m sure if it was just a fetish she had then she would’ve kicked out a long time ago. The problem isn’t the thinking black man, the problem is yourself. You simply don’t have the testicular fortitude to liberate yourself from the multiple balls and chains black women have placed around your neck, arms and ankles, however this lack of courage is your problem not mine. You are already defeated mentally and seeing black men who don’t hold to the same mindset makes you incredibly jealous. Sorry mac, I won’t be boo hooing nor will I be joining you in your pity party parade. By all means continue to lick the muddy boot straps of the black woman, however don’t believe that others like ourselves will be following your lead.

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      • What the fuck do y’all know about working on issues within?! If you coons did da black communitee wouldn’t be in such shambles

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      • M’butu the Man-Ape nigga coming in here barking, thumping his chest. What does it accomplish? “Stop Cooning,” you should be glad us “weak niggas” are off the plantation, more black chicks for you to deal with. But like the bitter single mama who probably raised you, you’re pushing into spaces where you’re not wanted, trying to shame dudes you claim ain’t shit anyway. Shouldn’t you be out building for your queens? Leave the white girls to me, playa.

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    • I know right?! It has to be the same person logging in as a different user name each time. He/she/ it, keeps coming on here at the exact same time, picking random users and lashes at that person! That person is seething with jealousy and hatred at the mere fact that we are not chained to the clutch of Blackistan!

      The idiots do not realize that Men are rebellious by nature and the more they keep dick monitoring the more we are going to want to keep chasing Victoria, Uyanga, Guliya, Chung li, Becky, Sakura and all the other women who are waiting for us!
      I hope their jealously and hatred consumes them to death!

      #TeamAsian Girls

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      • This simp had one bad relationship with a white girl and now he’s basing all of his life experience and expertise on that one relationship. And what let’s you know this fool has a very low IQ, he’s still on this site trying to bicker and argue with a group of men who clearly don’t agree with him. A grown man would have just agree to disagree and go his own way. But no, this simp is fussing like woman because that’s who he was raised by. And watch, he will still be fussing and bickering like an effeminate savage that he is while we have all moved on.

        And by the way, #TeamAsianGirls all day.

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      • Carnio says:

        “Fuck black women! they can rot and die off for all I care and YES that includes my ain’t shit mother!”

        Niggas with mommy issues….enough said. Go cry on someone’s couch and get help motherfucker.

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      • Of course the only thing you zoom in on is my mother! You disregard everything else and zoom in on that! so typical of black women/simps! It’s almost like you guys are reading off some sort of script and just respond to the words you see.

        Let me guess. If I say, I like white women, You are going read your script and say, “YoU WorSHIP WhiTE woMEN!!!!!!1111111!!!11!1 WhITE womEN R GoNE GeT Ya11!!!!!!!”

        Get the hell off this site and stop wanking off gay porn!

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      • @Carnio

        Забавно, как эти ребята используют вашу мать, чтобы оправдать наблюдение за вашим пенисом, – но как только вы отвергаете упомянутые попытки, первый человек, которого они атакуют, – та самая мать, которую они только пытались защитить.

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      • “wanking off”?????

        Motherfucker, you are NOT from New York! Get the fuck outta here, don’t no brother from NY say that bullshit! LMAO

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      • Yes, because all New yorkers are the same yes? All new yorkers speak with the italian accent ? or all black New yorkers all speak ebonics right? There are no different personlitiles in which that some people use different phrases or words from another geographic location yes?

        Oh, and another thing, DON’T CALL ME YOUR BROTHER! YOU are NOT my brother!!!!!!!

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      • @Stop Cooning

        Honestly, Did you really get burned that bad by your white ex? Why do you hate white women so bad? They are women too. Are you some sort of misogynist? Why are you so afriad of white women? Maybe the problem is YOU! Instead of just dating another white women, you instead become a punk simp and go running to black women, as if black women really gives a shit about you. black women do to care about you. If they could they would kill you if they could!Do you really think black women can offer you happiniess like a white or non black women can? you are in some serious delusion if you think that is the case!!!

        Do yourself a favor and go get a white women, I promise you they will treat you right!

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      • And there we have it, a simp ass mommy’s boy who couldn’t hack dating out!

        Fish out of water? fuck outta here… You weak.


        Oh, well. There’s always Ghetto Gaggers to wack off to.

        Simp bitch.

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  8. Unbelievable the lengths some so-called Blackmen will go to in order to try to tell other Blackmen that their opinions and how they’re living their lives are somehow incorrect. These guys act just like black women. They are bitchy, fussy, love to argue and go back and forth over what black men do and think.
    I never once have had a thought of leaving a comment on some website with black women are talking about what Blackmen are doing and thinking. I would never leave a comment on a website where black women are talking about Blackmen because I don’t care what black women have to say about anything.
    Why these effeminate simple brain-dead Negroes feel compelled to come to this website and name call and bitch like the black single woman who raised them is beyond me. But then again these Simp Blackmen have taken on the effeminate spirit of the black woman who they worship, so they behave just like black women do .
    Black women are so used to having Blackmen be afraid of them, back down from them, and go along with anything they say or do, that when they see black men who aren’t going along with that nonsense it drives them crazy.
    The black Simp has lived his entire life at the feet of black women, so when the black Simp sees Blackmen who aren’t bowing down to black women, he takes it personally because he simply cannot comprehend how any black man on the planet earth can feel any way toward black women except to praise them, worship them, and excuse every and anything they do.
    These Simp Blackmen feel it’s their personal duty and responsibility to try to discredit, shame, and verbally assault any black man who won’t bow before the all wise, loving, caring black queen. Why it would upset a black man so much to hear other Blackmen speak against black woman is ridiculous. But it shows you stupid these morons actually are.

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    • They have the mental capacity of a five year with Down syndrome. And that’s an insult to the five year old. Good grief. If this is a man he is amongst the biggest simps I’ve ever encountered. It’s downright confusing to how they continually come into these places uninvited with irreverent, unasked for and false opinions.

      Their lack of critical thinking is pathetic.

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      • We need to stop calling them monkeys as well, because at least a monkey has enough common sense to understand how bad the black community really is. So calling these negro simps monkeys is actually giving them more credit than what they really are.

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  9. Stop Cooning is a female!! No simp could possibly stand going around in circles with a group of men they don’t know and whose minds they cannot change! No boot licking simp, no matter how bitch brained, has the patience to do this. The only ones that can argue endlessly about a dead point of view is a desperate, black female! Bitch, a question. How does it feel to know you are presiding over a generation of men who are painfully aware of every argument, rhetorical tactic, excuse or reason you have or will ever propose as an out for black, first world, female dysfunction and have answered it with a grand sized “Go to hell!” Lol. Your fears of our abandonment are well founded and very real! Embrace oblivion!

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    • Uh, Andre…my dick says otherwise. That door swings both ways, as you are all going back and forth with me as well, so who’s the bitch now?

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      • Then you are bitch brained to the nth degree! You should be a female because you lack the ability to think you prancing piece of sewer shit! If it weren’t for brain dead, idiotic walking trash like you, nature itself would have pimp slapped the black woman back to Africa long ago because of her shit choices in mates and being reckless with her womb! The ‘hood would not exist because, without the welfare money of bleeding heart liberals, this 60 year matriarchal social experiment would have died on the vine! It’s you, isn’t it? Your kind, I mean. Asswipes like you are dead set on making sure she never feels the consequences of her life choices. Whenever a group of black men connect the dots, people like you jump out of the wood work to erase the black board!! Well, woman ( I still think you’re a female ), it’s not working! More and more black men are steadily being awakened and since no other group of men want you ‘en masse, it appears you are crap out of luck! Hahahahaha, desperation is a good look on you! Keep squealing, little pig, the wall is almost complete.

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    • The quick “response” from Stop Cooning made your case spot on. Each response from this cretin is a dead giveaway. And the fool still fails to realize this.

      The Wall remains undefeated!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  10. Gentlemen,

    The said ultra simp Stop Cooning actually had an opportunity to free himself from the chains and the shackles of the modern day black female when he was younger, however having failed to implement SYSBM properly, he instead threw in the towel and decided to return to the filth and the gutter.

    Dude is simply upset at the fact that we got the formula right that he got wrong. Anyone of us would’ve told the simp NOT to deal with white women or any non black females who behave like black women, this is one of the main rules to follow when expanding upon your dating options as a thinking black man.

    Rather than examine his failure, look at what went wrong and seek to make adjustments, he decided throw himself back into the mud and voluntarily put back on his own chains. The fact that he even embarked upon dealing with a Becky to begin with immediately tells us that even the shine himself understands that black women as a group are no longer suitable candidates for dating and marriage.

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    • Then why the fuck is this simpanzee so mad?

      Jesus, I’ve had failures in dating, just keep it moving.

      Try again with Becky (or Melissa, Sameera, or Lisa), consider getting more swole, so they’ll have no choice but to hit on you.

      Develop resilience and stop pussy begging. Are you sure you’re a man or a bitch?

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    • This is why SYSBM is not for everyone. There are some dumb black men who don’t know how to interact with decent non-black women. They expect these non-black women to act like hoodrats and scraggle daggles. If that don’t work, they break up the existing relationship because, “she don’t understand my struggles” or “she’s not down with the cause” or “she don’t understand my culture”. Rather than improve themselves to better themselves and the relationship, they rather run back to the plantation because that’s all they know. They don’t have the mental capacity to expand their horizon and learn from other cultures and people. The ones that can (like us), it makes us above and beyond the average American negro male (which is these simps). They just can’t be saved, and ain’t worth saving anyways.

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    • Verbs2015,

      All he is doing is trying to disrupt our speech. It’s just like whenever the MRAs are about to have a meeting and the red haired feminist rallies her group by pulling fire alarms, yelling, blocking entrances etc to stop it from happening. They know that each and every post you make exposes black women more and more and they are having less and less excuses to defend BW. As you have noticed, Each post you make lately, there has been newer trolls coming here trying to stir up infighting between us here at slaying evil. The simps know that once SYSBM becomes mainstream, they know that once BW’s dirity laundry is offically known and made main stream, They are now accountable and have to deal with the on coming judgement!!!

      This is why I am ignoring this “Coon” guy and posting more opinions to continue this topic!

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  11. I honestly do not know how I ended up on this site, but places like this make me want to commit suicide even more. Of course black women know they are hated, that’s why we are angry. I cannot even stand to look at myself in the mirror sometimes. Many of us cannot, which is why we hide behinds weaves/wigs and heavy makeup. Why do you have to dedicate an entire site to loathing us? If you want to date other women, that is your own personal given right. No one should ever shame you for that choice. Ignore the black women who make it difficult for you to do so. Infact, just ignore all of us. Take us out of your heads and act like we don’t exist (as you do already). A lot of us are tormented and need help. No, I am not playing victim or blaming anyone or trying to condone the behaviors of black women. It is a fact that black women are cursed. If I could change our situation, both physically and mentally, I would. Many of us would. So please spare us

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    • @Rita,

      (( Of course black women know they are hated, that’s why we are angry. ))

      And why do you think this is???

      ((Why do you have to dedicate an entire site to loathing us? ))

      geeee, hmmmm, oh I do not know, maybe it’s because of all the thousands of black male bashing talk shows, news media, movies, music, and websites that are all detitcated to bashing black men for the last 60 fucking years! You think we are just gonna sit here and NOT want revenge or to strike back??????

      (((No one should ever shame you for that choice. Ignore the black women who make it difficult for you to do so. Infact, just ignore all of us.Take us out of your heads and act like we don’t exist (as you do already) )))

      Then YOU need to say something to these simps, dick police and other black women who are in our faces daily about our choices! We would not be as nasty as we are now if they had simply left us alone!!!

      ((( So please spare us)))

      Sorry I am not buying it. If you are expecting sympthy from anyone here , you are certainly not gonna get it, most especially not from me! You black women, especially the ones who claims that they are “not like that” sat there and said and did NOTHING for the last 60 years on black women’s bad begavior. You all sat there and didn’t care because even if you personally are not like the women you say, You all still benefit from black men’s explotation! Now you come here, along with these brainwashed simps are acting as if the last 60 years of black men bashing did not happen. You are acting as if we just woke up and just decided to hate black women for no appearent reason, as if we all didn’t personally grow up dealing with the misery and horror in the sisterhood’s republic of blackistan. I am sorry but you are faaaaaar to gone and long ago too late. Our minds are made up and NO ONE is going to change us!!!!

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      • Since they love Martin Luther King so much, I’ll use one of his quotes against them:

        “If you see injustice being done, and you don’t say nor do anything about it, by your silence you condone it”

        They don’t realize, that quote is also a double edged sword towards black people as well.

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      • I’m not looking for sympathy, you are free to express yourselves. I still do not believe that we are cut from the same cloth as other women from different races. Black women being masculine is due to our genetic makeup, we have no control over our features and disposition for the most part. Look at Serena Williams. Do you think she wants to look like that?? If we had control over the way we looked, we most certainly wouldn’t look like the black women you see today.

        I cannot change every black woman, but I have spoken up in many cases indirectly about certain behaviors to those I am close to, which most likely turn into arguments. Just recently I told a coworker I would no longer attend baby showers of women who aren’t married because I don’t to want to congratulate the practice of children being born out of wedlock. You can only imagine how that conversation turned out. Many of us cannot just speak out carelessly because we know it will go left. I cannot change the minds of women in their mid-20s and up, as their mindset has already been set. I can only control myself.


      • Brothers,

        What “Rita” is employing is the classic “good cop” tactic to try to sway you back to Blackistan. DON’T FALL FOR IT! It’s a Jedi mind trick of the highest order.

        SYSBM is the only way moving forward to happiness, peace, and lack of drama.

        The Wall remains undefeated!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • @Rita Repulsa

      Like The Great Brother Obsidian would say:


      After all, black women have taken to the airwaves and (printed) press for the past 40+ years to tell the ENTIRE WORLD that “black men ain’t s**t!” Not only that, you so-called “good” sistas did nothing to stop this. No speaking out in defense of decent, hard-working black men, etc.

      The Internet has been like The Great Equalizer for black men. Now not only can we counteract “Project Black Men Ain’t S**t”, we can also PUBLICLY put Black Female F**kery on blast…

      …and you sistas don’t like it one bit. After all, ain’t no fun when the bunny has the gun.

      Now that we brothers have a way to counteract the nonsense that black women have been putting out about us, you sistas want us to shut up and fade away into the Zone of Silence to assuage your feelings of butthurt.

      You black women didn’t show us (black men) any mercy for the past 40+ years, so neither will we show you any quarter.

      You systahs started this war, and it’s funny that as soon as black men get a way to fight back, now the very same black women that have been waging this propaganda war against us for decades all of a sudden want to wave the white flag and plead/cry for “unity” and for “black love to prevail”.

      Once again, in the words of the Great Mumia Obsidian Ali:





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      • You all have the right to express your experiences with black women. I am not trying to silence you. I have also never said the words “Black men ain’t ****”, nor think them. I apologize for the many things that have been said about you all by black women. I honestly wish I was not one. I do speak up when I can in regards to degrading things being said about black men and our people in general. I’m not looking for sympathy, I just so happened to stumble on this site by clicking on an article that led me here. I have been on here for the last 7-8 hours reading some of the articles and comments posted, which has been disheartening. I understand your sentiments and why you all feel the way you do, but I don’t believe our current situation as black women will change for the better. I also pray that my young brothers will date/marry women from other races because I do not want anyone to mistreat them. Anyways, take care.


      • @Rita

        For the millions of unborn babies terminated, the vast amounts of bastard children, the mass abuse of black boys (and girls), the rampant incest, the unchecked 30 year media propaganda war, niggas ain’t shit, numerous police deaths, numerous prison sentences, simps like @d1ckh38d and Dr Gerbil Face on damage control…

        This is simply the Most High delivering his divine judgment. It’s going to get worse. Prepare yourself.

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    • TheBackHandofReality

      I’m not interested in swaying anyone. This is the same thing I encourage of black women to do. Start acting more feminine, lose weight, eat healthier and be smart with how you choose to procreate so that way they can increase their dating options in other men. Women of other races have been doing it, yet we are the only ones who are not playing by the rules of the game. They are able to attract other men in droves because of this, not necessarily because the were born better. I still slightly believe they have a disadvantage over us genetically, though. The black community isn’t getting better. I encourage those who have the option of leaving to leave. No marching, fighting, or “discussions” can change our current state as we have seen. A few of us have good intentions, but too many of us are so far gone. Explore other options if you can.


    • Michel

      It’s a sad case, I know. We can only control what we do as individuals. I cannot change the bad ways of other grown people.


  12. Kameron, Carnio!? FLAWLESS VICTORY!!! Lol. My heart is long dead to your pleas! The fact remains that there is far, far too much video evidence from the talk shows of the late 80’s/early 90’s (most of which is readily available on YouTube) to try to play the ‘woe is me’ card! To the simps like Coon boy and all those like him (or her) that may be reading, I want you to actually try thinking for a moment. I know it’s difficult, having lived almost exclusively on ‘feels’ for the majority of your lives, but please, bare with me. Don’t worry, that headache you’re getting is just your brain being exercised for 1 of the very few times of your life but the pain will pass. Consider for just a moment what you’re proposing when you say that we’re crazy or mentally unstable or my personal favorite “just mad because we didn’t get no pussy growing up!” 1.)If what you say about us is true, our madness would have to jump generations, as there were plenty of brothers from about 30-40 years ago saying the same thing, even waaay back then! 2.) It would have to jump continents, as Verbs and others hail from across the pond. Let’s see, we have reports from Great Britain, Canada, the Islands, and of course we can’t forget the good ole’ U.S. Of A! Hell, according to Verbs, the motherland has been infected in certain countries) 3.) Finally, the ‘madness’ would actually have to transcend races, as we can see somewhat comparable movements in the mostly white MGTOW movements both domestically and abroad and even all the way over in the land of the rising sun, Japan, with the herbivore men movement. The huge difference being that, comparatively speaking with what we go through with AA women, their hell would be merely a purgatory or better to us! So what? Are all of these men crazy!? Are we all unnecessarilly upset!? Or could maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, the average western, first world black woman has successfully estranged herself from her natural counterpart and priced herself out of the mating and dating market for the run of the mill, hard working, law abiding, average brother? In closing, no we’re not mad at the situation as historically and even today, the black man has always and I do mean ALWAYS had options when it comes to the opposite sex, which continues to this very hour, so believe me when I tell you, we’re good. We just want the black woman to own her shit! No playing the victim when the tennents of feminism come back to bite her in the rear. No claiming metaphysical excuses (Willie Lynch letter, generational curses ect.) when she realizes no good man with options is going to settle for a ready made family when he can get his own. No more blaiming black men when she refused to either use one of over a dozen different flavors of birth control, most being free, at her disposal or she could have chosen a better grade of man to start with. Put succinctly, OWN YOUR SHIT!!

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    • I hope you’re all enjoying your imaginary conversation with “Rita”. I’m surprised you didn’t at least name her Kesha or Shenaynay or Laquan! Haha, you niggas are pathetic!


      • Wow, I’m actually a real person and a black woman. And my real name is Sherita, Rita for short. Contrary to popular belief, all of us aren’t angry and belligerent, that was my main reason for even leaving a comment in the first place. I wasn’t try to prove that I am not like the rest, but I did want them to know that what they are saying can be disheartening to a lot of people who may read the blog but not post. Even reading some of the comments you have posted just feeds into their stereotypes further smh. At the end of the day, I see where they are coming from and everyone is free to give their own opinions based on their life experiences. It is what it is.


    • @Andre

      GREAT comment! That’s what I’m talking about!

      (((I know it’s difficult, having lived almost exclusively on ‘feels’ for the majority of your lives, but please, bare with me. Don’t worry, that headache you’re getting is just your brain being exercised for 1 of the very few times of your life but the pain will pass.)))

      LOL because this is so freaking true! 60 + years of being unchallged, uncritized, and never been called out, they have had the luxury to never have to think and use their brains. They live in animal instinct to where they act out if impulses. Sadly, i think that most of them have been given lobotomy by their single moms to permanently loose the ability to think for themselves or use any kind of critical analysis…

      (((The huge difference being that, comparatively speaking with what we go through with AA women, their hell would be merely a purgatory or better to us!)))

      I totally agree with this part right here! Although gynocentrism is certainly everywhere, although feminism has reached in some places in the far east and European countries, Their feminism is mild, almost nothing compared to western black women feminism!

      I have had many Asian men tell me that their women act very Gynocentric, but from my observation it is simply just first wave feminism along with some cultural entitlement (these thinhs would not apply to you if you are foreigner), nothing as bad as how it is in the black community. Sure the women may act entitled here and there about some things, but I have NEVER seen Kyrgyz, Chinese or even Russian girls act man hating like they do in the west. One guy here, I believe it was metal heart, mentioned that he does not care if the woman he dates is a feminist as long as she does not go over board. And you know something, I can kind of relate with him! If I can remember, although the white girls were feminists , they were far much more kind caring and took great care of him! THAT is what I am all for! Another poster here said that when it comes to interaccial dating, girls seem to have far less expectations to the men that is of another race than their own race of men. I can see this is true from my own observation.

      No matter how you look at it, the ‘feminism’ and ‘gynocentrism’ of other races of women are NOTHING like the 4th wave feminism of black women! Most especially since the black women have been unchallenged for the last 50+ years!

      And just like Metal heart, I would be HAPPY AS HELL to be with a feminist Asian woman long before I would dare be with black women!

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    • Speaking of the Willy Lynch letter, if these idiots took the time and did some research, they’d realize that the letter is as fake as their synthetic hair.

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  13. OK, as I suspect, The simps are coming out as an attempt to disrupt our conversations. So I will continue to bring out some more points that I feel that needs to be spoken about without the simps trying stop our free speech!

    Here is another thing that I do not see people talk about too often. This one might be a slight taboo. Let’s talk about our families! We all have/had family memebers who are members of the rebulic of blackistan. I can say that I have mostly 80% toxic family members, anad that other 20% are in some form in some way are poisined with the same toxic mentaily but they are under attack by the other family members to convert 100%.

    Many of my stories here , I mostly talk about my uncles. My two uncles are of the 20%. They would totally agree with everyone here at slaying evil and have the ability to see the double standards and corruptions of black women and black society. however, the seeds of the crab mentailty has long ago been planted in them long before I was born. Their lives have already been ruined and destroyed by many black women taht crossed their paths but the real culprits are the members of our families. Their sisters and aunts have ruined them. They are destoryed and cannot be saved and it is only a matter of time when the day of the judgement comes that they will in no doubt be effected and destroyed when it comes. the reason being is that all though they are hard workers and can survive on their own, It has long been hard programmed in them that they are to protect black women at all cost even if it means their own death and their own happiness to be destroyed. There is simply just no saving them. Sure they agree with everything I have to say, They agree that Black women have been attacking black men for the last 60+ years and so on, but no matter how much they begin to think and shakle to ball and chain, their under go self-simpage or some sort of self litmus test and crush any critical thinking ability to see things as they are.

    When I saw this, I knew that it was in my best intrest that if I were to remain a free independent thinking man that I must avoid these people at all cost. These women have done all that they can to chain and ball ALL the males in the family. They have destroyed and ruined their own brothers, their own sons and other male members of the family. All the other males, are drunk alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, baby daddies, very illiterate, and are very cave man in behavior. This was all the doing of members of the family. These women specifically made it this way because they don’t want no ‘punk boys’. I remember the very day she told me this. So she told them things like it is ok to drink, smoke weed have mulitple kids etc because it is normal. She would threaten them with the “gay card”, she would introduce them to crazy messed up women, she use to beat and abuse them when we were all younger. All while trashing their mental process to think for themselves. These women all have complete controll of the minds of almost all the male members of the family . She is also a welfare queen too. so you best believe that if those cuts come, she will be one of the first to go down and falll! If that happens, my uncles will be there to provide ALL that they have because they feel it is their god given duty!

    My mother, is another psycopath, Very sick in the head and was/still is a drug addict. She has the worse mental problems I have ever seen and she belongs in a mental institution. All because in our Christian Orthodox Anglo-Saxon culture, ALL women are sweet angels, need to be mothers, even if they are mentally unstable and hyper abusive, and any little boy who rebels or does not listen to their mothers are evil, ungrateful and sinful against god. I have pleded and told many people about my conditions from my teachers to the authorities and this was their exact mentailty. All mothers are above criticism, even if there is overbearing evidence that she is high on prescription drugs and clear evidance of beatings and abuse! So I rejected her since middle school, and was NEVER close to her. hence why I was not effected by the ‘black thought’ as much because I would do everything in my ability to be anything but that. When I left after college, I stopped talking to her completely. It has been almost 5+ years since I have spoken to her and I plan on not ever speaking to her again! If I DO happen to see her again, She will be BLASTED , which could get violently physical if she starts her screaming matches and then I will never see her again! The same goes for pretty much almost all the rest of my family as I will NOT be dealing with that crap again!

    Most black men have grown up in very abusive households! and no one is more abusive than black women. Has anyone else cut off members of their family for similar reasons?
    Do you agree?

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    • Luckily most of the family members have decided to cut themselves off from me!

      Just as well, because quite frankly, they too is messed up emotionally to want to talk to us.

      The irony is one dude has already went #SYSBM with a fine non black chick, and has a couple kids.

      The other is Jamaican, and is an asshole. I looked after his kids, and he decides to thank me by becoming a jealous dick. Don’t worry, The Most High looks after their own…

      The family antics is why I don’t give a fuck about Jamaica, the country, it’s “culture” and its people. If it was Agent Orange bombed by the Americans tomorrow, I’d celebrate with some poutine…

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    • Carnio,

      I know of a close friend of mine who hasn’t spoken to his mother in around 10 years because of the emotional and physical abuse she put him through when he was younger and he comes from Nigeria. As I stated in Negro Wars African mothers can be some of the most barbaric and brutal savages when it comes down to raising their children. This is one of the main reasons why I won’t deal with black women, they hate children and won’t hesitate to spill their blood. As Michel pointed out, just look at the abortion stats for black women in comparison to non black females, enough said.

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      • I have always been meaning to ask. How do you do it? Let’s say a black woman suddenly walks up to you on in the bus and says ‘hi’, or if a black women walks up to you and ask for directions. or let’s say you are taking a shared taxi or are stuck in a place in a room with one woman and she suddenly decides to strike up a conversation with you. How do you ignore her?

        One time I was stuck in a long elevator ride and there was no stairs in that building. She suddenly wanted to talk but I flat out ignored her while pretending to blast my headphones. How do you guys ignore black women.

        and when you ignore them, don’t they usually explode and call you names? How do you deal with that?

        Once I become fluent in Japanese and Russian, I would just speak Russian or Japanese and pretend like I do not speak English

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      • Carnio,

        My advice is if you cannot avoid conversing with them then keep the conversation to a minimum and keep it above board and professional. I had one random black heifer come right up to me on the bus and spark up a conversation, to be honest she looked mixed, however her mannerisms were of the scraggle daggle. I kept the conversation short and when my bus stop came I kept it moving.

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    • Black women are to far gone. The only real reason why the simps are here is because we’re taking our resources away from them.

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  14. Black women Feminism vs non-Black Women Feminism,

    Thanks to Andre’s Comment, something just clicked which reminded me of a comment I made a few posts back. The comment was that white women appear to USE the title of feminism but it is all really just a way to get with black men, in which, white women and black men were pretty much banned from being together but hypocritically it was ok for white men to be with black women.

    I appear to have noticed that this is a trend for ALL non black women. As soon as they get with black men, they no longer preach feminism or at least they are not ‘in you face’ about it. When Asian women usually hook up with black men, she is no longer feminist. When White women get with black men, they completely drop the feminist title. When South American women get with black men, they are no longer feminist! However, when black women (all feminists by default) gets with a black man, she becomes MORE man hating and MORE feminist! WTF!?!?!?!?

    Even if white/asian/ the non black women stay feminists, their feminim is NOTHING like black women feminism!!!!!!!! When you look at Asian feminists, their rhetoric is mostly about “don’t fetishes me”. and when they cry “equality’, it is usally aimed at their own men, Not white men or black men! I don’t really see asian feminists I don’t really see them walk around topless, dye their hair rainbow color or go crazy like nutjob SJWs you see all over the news. They are still feminine and much more sweeter! When white women claim feminism, they complain about ‘equal rights’ , but it is usaully aimed at white men, They are not aiming it at black men. There are some crazy extreme white feminists that are far end of the left specturm, but thankfully they are not the majority.
    South American spanish women (I hate Carribean spanish women with a passion!), I am talking about the Ameridians, and I guess i’ll add the mestizoes, might claim feminism, but I do not see them too much other than equality that is aimedat their OWN men.
    but BLACK WOMEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft

    There is a pattern that seems so happen in which non-black women use feminism as a way to get access to black men all under the guise of ‘progressivism’ but in reality, I think they secretly just want black men without being damned by their own men. Now this talk is mostly in Western Countries. Now let me talk about the actual countries of the women,

    When I was in China, I happen to ask this one guy what chinese girls are like. He said it is much easier to be a black person in china than a chinese in china. I laughed becuase I thought he was just joking, nope he was dead serious. When it comes to dating or marraige, Chinese (and Korean) women, or rather their families, not so much the girl herself, are expected to already have a house and a car. There is no exceptions to this. HOWEVER, as a forigner, he said, You are exempt from such standard. Here in Kyrgyzstan (and I mine as well say Kazakhstan), if a local guy wants to talk to a girl, there is a whole bunch of BS in trying to talk to any girl. You have to have the looks, the jokes, speak russian (not all locals can speak russian) and a whole list of things). But foriegn men, espcially if you are westerner, is 100% guarenteed. This was confirmed to my by a woman who herself was with a black man. She told me that forginers are not expected to have the same expectations of the locals, hence why they hate seeing forerign men with their women. Back in Japan, almost all the black men ALL had Japanese girlfriends. As you guessed it, their standards and expectations are much lower and less demanding! The same as Mongolians (they are similar in behavior to Kyrgyz/Kazakh girls) in Mongolia because I see they have high attraction to black men. (but watch out for Mongolian guys as they are the most jealous men of them all!)

    This also extends to Eastern European girls, and Russian girls. These girls are very less race obssessed and are more into how you present yourself. but many of them do indeed like black men. And as per usaual, their expectations are far less demanding of black men (from the west).

    So my point to all this is, even though many non black women may seem to have walls and barriers, it is not aimed at YOU, and rather it is often more FOR YOU! Once you start your SYSBM journey, you will see that it is alot easier than you think in the dating realm! Even if you date the non black feminists, They will either drop the fminist title or at least kept it away from you. When you go to your country destination of choice, you will see that the cultural expectations from the women to their men, which is very high amoungst their own men, does a complete bass drop when they are with you!

    Guys, it is open season the further east you go! Links to prove this coming soon!

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    • Exactly, these dudes know that extreme feminism espoused by black queens overshadows the original form given to them by white people. Notice that at least white extreme feminists mark their presence with blue hair, dyke looks and the like. Meanwhile, even the most feminine black women will act the exact same as this manly dyke!

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    • You will also notice that the Roosh V and Happier Abroad types will NOT say this, instead going out of their way to duck police black men with boogeyman rhetoric to keep them on the plantation.

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      • afrofuturism1,

        (((Notice that at least white extreme feminists mark their presence with blue hair, dyke looks and the like. Meanwhile, even the most feminine black women will act the exact same as this manly dyke!)))

        Yes, exactly! Even the most the blue haired white dyke feminists are still more feminine than your most feminine black women! Give me a white feminist over a black women anyday!!!!

        (((You will also notice that the Roosh V and Happier Abroad types will NOT say this, instead going out of their way to duck police black men with boogeyman rhetoric to keep them on the plantation.)))

        YES! This is why I hate those places and I cut myself off from those sites! They are nothing but Angry and bitter Asian american men and Western white men who are pissed off because they are no longer the top of the food chain in the west and are losing their appeal in the east. Look at Europe, You even see European women, VOUNTEERING to be with african migrants, EVEN RAPING THEM!

        This is pissing off all those western white/asian guys to see that they have fallen from grace from having Dick monopoly on all women and now they are throwing tantrums because they have lost that power that they once felt entitled too. Now there appears to be a huge uprise in Alt-Right and Orthodox Tradcons to , just like you said, Dick police black men from dating out to the women you want.

        They created the monster, and now that monster has outgrown them to bite them in the ass and they want to lash out at black men for having nothing to do with anything. Good! I hope more and more black men discover SYSBM and that it eats their souls alive to see a mass increase of Black men with WHite women, Black men with Asian women or Black men with non-Black women, while these guys turn to their holy Alt-Right world!!!

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    • Excellent post Carnio.

      This is one of the reasons why feminism will always be a white man problem. He was too focused on black men so much, that he figured his white women will always stay loyal to him if he gives them just a little bit of freedom. But just like the old saying, “Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile”, he was blindsided by women’s biological nature to diversify their genes. Black men had to deal with this female nature even before slavery, so it wasn’t new to us. Now these white boys are getting a taste of their own medicine, and they don’t like it. But it’s too late, the Pandora’s Box has been unleashed and, until the end of time, it will not be closed. That’s why you have these white boys wishing the Jim Crow days were back and even calling for White Sharia (which is stupid because these white beta males don’t have the nuts to check their women into submission). The main men who benefit from feminism is actually black men and Asian men, because they now have access to women that were off limits hundreds of years ago. White boys still have access, but these beta males want to have their cake and eat it too. They wanted all the women to themselves and give no access to men of color. Well, feminism was the answer to these beta white male’s misogynistic views and they fell for it. Now that women control most of the economy and politics, beta white males will have to step their game up or remove themselves from the gene pool.

      As for black women, they too fell for the trap. Before feminism, black women actually had more access to white people than black men, so they could mingle with white men without repercussions. But when white women started selling the fake dream that they needed more freedom, that they don’t need a man in their life, that they can raise a boy into manhood, etc., they fell right into the trap. They truly believed what white women were telling them about feminism, yet not looking into the future and seeing that feminism would actually give black men more access to white women and other non-black women. But they were only focused on themselves, black women wanted to fit in so badly with white society that they were willing to do anything to get there. And you can still see the effects of it to this very day. Halle Berry, Tamera Mowry, Serena Williams, and the list goes on and on. These women were chasing after the white dream of having a white husband/boyfriend and having kids that would not be seen as black in white society. But they’re now getting trainwrecked by reality and now want black men to be the clean up men for their failures. But once again, it’s too late. By joining feminism, white women and other non-black women can now get access to black men with little to no repercussions while black women are now the least desired women on the planet. Black women have no one to blame but themselves for joining feminism.

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  15. This will be my last post as I think I have taken over too much of the comment section.

    From now on, If any more Trolls, Simps and black womenalike, come back on here, I will initiate an Anti-Troll attack. Since this blog is about SYSBM, I will paly this

    or I will play similar videos of black men with white women! This will show them!

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  16. Brothers,

    Well I must say that this first open mic/free topic segment has been very interesting indeed. As for our resident simp, I feel he now regets his decision to return to the plantation and wishes that he hadn’t been so hasty in throwing in the towel on SYSBM all those years ago.

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  17. And yet another WM/BW couple on the tube, invading my space and trying to trigger something.

    Had ole white boy been paying attention, I was too busy looking at a saucy white chick.

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    • So black chick sits next to me with her white dude stood up in the packed tube. He then gets a seat next to her and starts putting his hand on her thighs (I own this, bitch!). All the while she’s leaning into me.

      I see out of the corner of my eye what’s going on, and decide I’m going to visually hit on this white girl, who’s been liking what she saw. At that point I didn’t give a shit who else was looking at me doing it.

      Needless to say they both gave up their charade pretty quickly…

      The second I step out with my non-black female friends, trust me, these bastards are going to get their change back…

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    • They also see the BM/WW (and BM/IW) avalanche that is all around them, and are scared.

      Just look at the World Cup England squad, adverts for Oasis (a sugary as fuck soft drink) and the upcoming theatre production “Julie”. What do you see?

      How would the average white guy, convinced of his sexual and economic superiority respond to that?

      That’s why I get satisfaction at the subtle hate I get from those white men. Jealousy. Because they know what time it is.

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  18. Wow its amazing how SYSBM is growing! What a time to be alive!

    Verbs yes Roosh is a nut job. Obsidian wrote an article on there years ago called “5 REASONS WHY BLACK MEN DON’T STUDY GAME” I must admit I used to check Roosh’s stuff out like his main site and Return of Kings. Yet he does dick policing. By hiring other writers to do his dirty work. “THE PHENOMENON OF WHITE WOMEN WHO ONLY DATE BLACK MEN” by DONOVAN SHARPE

    Another thing with Roosh he has admitted not even being fully white. Yet he loves promoting ancient western culture. He hustles fake outrage.

    Anyhow I have a question for the brothers. Now not arguing about MK ultra or mind control or hell even the Illuminati. Yet I found it interesting that these so-called truth sites are dick policing brothers. Meaning they only talk about so-called satanist. Who are black men dating or married to white women?

    Have you brothers come across that in checking out so-called truth sites? Or any other sites give subliminal on brothers practicing SYSBM?

    Another thing these so-called red pill white guys are shook about SYSBM. They really trying to spin now that the reason why women especially white women love us. Is because they want to eliminate the so-called black race!

    Anyhow I appreciate every brother’s insight here. And Im usually one of the quieter members on this site. Yet you brothers are inspiring me to comment a little bit more.
    Peace and keep building the wall!


  19. Wow its amazing how SYSBM is growing! What a time to be alive.

    Verbs yes Roosh is a nut job. Obsidian wrote an article on there years ago called “5 REASONS WHY BLACK MEN DON’T STUDY GAME” I must admit I used to check Roosh’s stuff out like his main site and Return of Kings. Yet he does dick policing. By hiring other writers to do his dirty work. “THE PHENOMENON OF WHITE WOMEN WHO ONLY DATE BLACK MEN” by DONOVAN SHARPE

    Another thing with Roosh he has admitted not even being fully white. Yet he loves promoting ancient western culture. He hustles fake outrage.

    Anyhow I have a question for the brothers. Now not arguing about MK ultra or mind control or hell even the Illuminati. Yet I found it interesting that these so-called truth sites are dick policing brothers. Meaning they only talk about so-called satanist. Who are black men dating or married to white women?

    Have you brothers come across that in checking out so-called truth sites? Or any other sites give subliminal on brothers practicing SYSBM?

    Another thing these so-called red pill white guys are shook about SYSBM. They really trying to spin now that the reason why women especially white women love us. Is because they want to eliminate the so-called black race!

    Anyhow I appreciate every brother’s insight here. And Im usually one of the quieter members on this site. Yet you brothers are inspiring me to comment a little bit more.
    Peace and keep building the wall!


  20. Another perspective of the Simp mentality,

    I generally avoid and hate talking about simps because there is no cure for them and I hate talking about a problem that has no solutions, but I think there is another reason why you have these simps, like “Coon boy” over here, have the rampant dick monitoring radar on black men. This also applys to pieces of trash PUAs like Roosh and his forum. The reason this is , is not only out of jealousy, but because it is shattering his whole world view on how to attract women. It shatters their world in that they are the top alpha dog and you, the classic black man, are the loser, incel, virgin, that cannot get laid. It threatens their existence. It threatens the fact that they one day may actually have to be hard working upstanding citizens to attract decent women. please let me explain,

    Their whole lives, they were born and raised to being told that in order to get a girl or get laid, told by black women themselves, they have to have ‘swag’. ‘Game’ in the PUA community, has a similar meaning to swag. These men have trained their whole lives on focusing on nothing but getting women in the most artificial, air headish way by imitating self destructive behavior, a.k.a the REAL Toxic masculinity. This Toxic masculinity includes doing hard core drugs, acting like a ruff neck, fighting, robbing, breaking laws, joining gangs, hurting innocent people, going in and out of jail, wearing clothes that do NOT fit or what ever else that appears in those rap videos. Similarly, the PUA community, I guess, acts like an asshole has a , fake personality, rough and tough,hyper materialistic by buying expensive clothes car etc. They also have a maniler than thou mentality in that if you are not like them, you are less of a man! Since this stuff is pretty easy to do, living in fake fantasy, living a fake personality, and fake identity, (some) were able to get girls/laid and it is believed that this is the one and only way to be a man! Doing things such as simping, which includes doing any and everything the women tells you , giving her everything, beating up anybody that offends her, and rubbing his ‘success’ in the faces of others who do not have what they have. I remember all through out middle, high and college that the simps would rub it in my face because they got (which were often fat, sloppy, single mothers) black women, and I didn’t have enough swag/game, as if I was looking to get what they want! They believe that THIS is the way of getting laid and there is NO other way!

    When that same educated lame gets a hot or at least decent white girl, who almost always 100% of the time looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the piece of shit that the simp/PUa has, it hurts his ego, it pisses him off! “How in gods name did dat dweep get something like dat?!?!” he wonders. Then he sees another educated lame with an exotic monolided, K-pop idol. Now the simp/PUA is getting pissed off. He sees that the two couples (the lame and his non-black girl) are naturally in love with each other, no fight, no arguments, the girl often times bring him food, snacks, is sweet feminine and loving. None of his trashy women that he prides himself in having does any of those things! What he does not realize is you attract what you are. You wanted to be fake, simpish and toxic, you attracted toxic women (toxic femininity). Those “educated lames” are 11/10, simple, down to earth and authentic. They do not follow ‘swag’ nor do they need ‘game’. The non black women, who is also simple, down to earth and authentic is attracted to the “nerd, loser, incel” Because….well…like attracts like. Sure he may be of a different ethnic background, but they have alot more in common than differences. OR maybe she actually does like black men but does not like the trashy culture that goes with it, and seeing how this black guy is calm, respectable, and down to earth, this girl has just hit jack pot!

    Now the simp looks over to all these “coons” and “uncle toms” and see that they all joined forces and have formed a philosophy/movement known as SYSBM! curious about such movement, He begins to do a little research to see what this is all about. These “lames” do not have swag/game and they are attracting WAAAAAAAAY more girls, who are FAAAAR MORE attractive , sweet and feminine and these god dammed lames are picking them off like an apple tree!! “WTF!?!?” he yells! “He does not have to work very hard to get girls of that high level and deese self hatin unle toms do not have to have swag and game?” So this said dude (let’s call him “Stop Cooning”) Decides to get himself a white women and give it a try. He finds one white women, using his fake “Swag ” demeanor, to attract a white women (seeing how he is obsessed with how much “no swag” we have). This white girl had decent expectation from him that he could not meet. So he made up a story that he was fetished and broke up with this girl. He couldn’t take the idea that in order to get and keep a nonblack girl, he actually has to be a decent man just like the educated lames, because you see, being educated, smart, and down to earth is uncool. being these decent qualities is for loser men and that would hurt his pride, ego and in someways makes him feel like a homosexual, in which it threatens his own manhood. But he HATES how these SYSBM lame-os are picking up these smoking hot non black women far more than he is picking up black women and he is seething with hatred and anger from such a sight.

    This is where he begins to team up with black women by telling them what he sees and they both devise a script. this script is the holy Scripture, written by black single mothers. These scriptures have been used and worked for the last 60+ years and have been binded to form the holy bible of the Sista’s republic of Blackistan. The co-writers of this holy book are the simps, frying pan African morons and the church beasts. in this scripture, the scripts do not make much sense to those who can form basic critical thinking skills and can understand basic forms of logic. for an example, in the first few pages, chaptered ‘Genesis’, it says that when ever a thinking black man calls out black women, your immediate response is to be ” YO MAMA BLACK!!!” or ” YOU JUST LIKE WHITE WOMEN!!!111″ . it is not simply just this holy book, but the simps must be trained as a disciple of the black sista hood. As a disciple, the black women teach the simps to react to the nearest words. So when a simp sees/hears, “Black women are/do/have [insert truthful accusation here], they are to lash out at the thinking black man and accuse him of a white women worshiper. These simps start off very young as a child and must be raised by single mothers in order for it to be very effective. Since most black women are indeed single mothers, this is why we see such a trend widely spread through out the black community!!!

    So in order to become an effective dick police officer, and in order to cock block black men from getting with non black women, they come to places like slaying evil or other SYSBM corners and harass black men NON-STOP in order to discourage thinking black men from the SYSBM philosophy. Yup, want to know how I know all this???? because this actually happened to me in real life , a couple years before I left for Kyrgyzstan.

    See, it all happened when I was in my trade school. My trade school was a mixture of American blacks, Jamaicans, and African blacks, (Jamaican women are the most evil damned things in the world! They FAR out beat Africans, Americans and even Puerto Rican women whom are second on my hate list!!!!) and Caribbean Hispanics (Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. ) I am, as per usual, the known educated lame, who has no swag. ALL the students, including staff, made me the butt of the jokes. Everyone wants to tell me what to do, how to dress, how to talk and how to act. I told them off, that I do not need to change anything because I am not interested in black women. They laugh, made fun of me, and called me a homosexual, non-stop. One day I went to the DUMBO are in Brooklyn. With my same lame, and no swag self, There were smoking hot Russians, asking for directions. I told them where to go and I left. When I got to the area where the Brooklyn bridge was, they were taking pictures together. They called me over to use their camera to take the pictures of the two of them. They asked if I could be in it. I said sure. So all three of us took some selfies. I asked could I have those pictures and they sent it to me. When I came back to my school and showed those dudes, they were brimming with hatred. They had nothing to say and couldn’t comprehend how such a thing could be possible! HA!! I yelled! I rubbed it so far in their faces that all they could tell me was “they were using you, they are going to get you!!” pffffffffffffffffffft

    I started using interpals and talked to this cute Mongolian girl. We skyped one morning (it was night time for her(. I took my phone and SHOWED everyone, that she was a real, live, Mongolian girl that wants to be with me if we ever got to meet. All they could say was she must be after my green card. Then there was another Asian girl. and another, and another. They began seeing that I was attracting and getting attention from ATTRACTIVE non black girls, WAY better than their garbage and they hated me with sooooooo much hatred that I saw murder in their eyes. They felt threatened. They felt that their manhood was under attacked. They felt that I do not and should not have suck attention, only they should. Once again, the crabs in the barrel mentality kicks, they went and told all the African, Jamaican, and American black women, to verbally ass rape me about my choices in women! I saw instantly that these simps are simply just jealous and their feelings are hurt that I have more options and choices over them than any thing they could get.

    they hate it. They hate that if they want decent girls, they must give up their swag/game ways and actually have to WORK and be someone where they can easily just act light a spoiled brat, getting everything what they want. It is the equivalent to when a new employee gets hired, he works hard and gains favor and praise from the boss while the older employees , whom became lazy and got away with half-assing their work now actually HAVE to start working hard and competing with the new worker if he wants to keep his job!

    Jealousy jealousy jealousy! Everyone is jealous of the thinking black man. Black women are jealous because she looses control of the resources. Other black men/simps, back to Africa morons are jealous because they will now have to start competing, White men are jealous because they no longer hold the dick monopoly on being on the top of the dating chain. they are also jealous because now they a swell must compete for their OWN women hence why they formed the alt Right! Asian American men are jealous of black men because………….well I don;t know what their beef with black men who are chasing white women is. Asian American men don’t seem to get mad when black men chase Asian women but get ultra pissed when black men are chasing white women. All these groups of people are jealous and want nothing but the destruction of SYSBM and thanks to the wall of silence, there is a chain reaction that is effecting all four demographics!

    Just like James said, I guess it is best to not mentioned the SYSBM lifestyle and lve it. After all, Actions speak MUCH louder than words!!!!!! but anyways, let’s see what “Coon Boy” here has to say about this!!

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  21. This morning, I went on my mother’s Facebook page and I saw a post she shared about what would one do if they got a phone call about their ex being in a hospital. Someone made a comment, and my mother responded to my comment saying that her “former” (her ex-husband, my father) was still “wreaking havoc”. I responded to that comment telling her that she needed to stop and that if she had a problem with him, she needed to sit down with him and hash out whatever problems that they had with each other like adults, instead of her trashing him in front of the whole world. She called me later after she read that, and I more or less repeated that to her over the phone. All things considered, it was a civil conversation except for her telling me that she “didn’t appreciate me telling her to just stop”. She had no malice in saying that to me (as far as I am aware). After she said that, I simply told her that “that’s just how it is”.

    Naturally I screenshotted that comment and sent it to my father. I made it pretty clear to him and her that whatever their problems were, I wanted no part in them, and that even though I was much of an adult as they were, it’s not really my place to insert myself into their issues. He gave me news from home…

    …and long story short: my little sister has gone full scraggle-daggle (and my mother is one as well), and there is concern that my little niece (my sister’s daughter) is going to become the next generation of scraggle-daggle. According to my father, my older brother even once said that my sister is becoming more like my mother.

    Not good.

    As for my sister, she has a baby by a guy who already has (at the very least) one other baby momma.

    He (my father) is STRONGLY considering cutting her loose, and I am not too sure that I oppose this move from him.

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  22. Verbs2015,
    These Feminized Black Simps That Come Here & Run Their Mouth’s. About How These ”Sell-Out’s” Are ”This” Are Delusional & American Black Bed Wenches Who Follow Suit & Drop Their 2 Cents In Are Clearly Repulsive. I Mean Think How Much a Black Man Can Accomplish/Achieve If He Didn’t Have to Always Worry About Things Like ”When He Get’s to The Crib, Will His Black Wife Start Belittling Him?” ”When He Get”s to The Crib, She’s Gonna Bark at Him Saying, You Ain’t Doing Anything, When He’s Already Done More Than Enough to Put Bread on The Table”, And Mostly ”When He Get’s to The Crib, Will He Even Be Able to Get Into The Crib At All?”. These are The Things That Black Men or Forward Thinking Black Men Have to Always Worry About When Dealing With American Black Women & For Simps Who Seem To Think That This is Normal/Healthy Are Clearly Coo-Coo For Coca-Coca Puffs. Not Me & Anyone Else Who are Down With #SYSBM. It’s Bad Enough That The Media Along With these #MeToo Movements Are Painting Black Men as The Face/Poster-Boys of Rape, Murder & Such. Seeing American Black Women Joining this Lynch Mob is a Factor That They Ain’t Our Women Anymore. Conclusion #SYSBM is The Word!!!

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  23. I do have a question to those of you who live in the UK and the islands, manily Jamaica.

    For those who live in the UK, It is known that 50% of black men are with white women in the UK. How have black women reacted to this? do they feel threathened that pretty sooon all black men may one day go 100% white women and are starting campaigns against it, or have they just accepted it?

    What about those who live in places like Jamaica? Do black women there attack the small number of SYSBM there? I, as an american, acknowldge that Jamaican women are the most evil human beings on earth! Radical Fundementalists Muslims ain’t got nothing on them! What were to happen if there was a huge spike of SYSBM in Jamaica? What would happen if Jamaican men suddenly started leaving Jamaica and went to far away European places or another non black country to marry women over there? Would there be a Dick Martial Law?

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    • Yes in the UK half of brothers are dating out, this came up in the recent census. It’s also come out that the dating rate is at least 3 × that of WM/BW.

      This has been happening since the 1960s, where the most amount of racism and dick policing occurred from white men. Since the 1980s black men started to be viewed in a more positive light (thanks to sports stars like John Barnes, Ian Wright and Linford Christie).

      When black comedian Lenny Henry married white comedian Dawn French, there was some uproar as well as death threats.
      When Sharron Davies married Redmond, again the protests.
      When Frank Bruno married Linda…

      By the time Lennox Lewis married his woman, John Barnes… #SYSBM was set in stone. Now England players, reality TV stars, celebrities, ordinary people… Even white women lust after Idris Elba straight after David Beckham.

      There is very little dick policing out here, the parents might say something, but that was of the 1970s, and are now they’re seen as retrograde bigots.

      Black women don’t have the media clout that they do in the States, and by and large they’ve accepted it, some even dating out themselves. You’ll hear more out of racist white men frankly.

      Jamaicans, don’t give a shit, but even then, they’ve had enough of the BW…

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  24. Theres a rapper named NBA Youngboy. Who just found out his kid is not his ONLY because his baby mama was being greedy trying to get more child support. LOL i thought it was right up your alley..

    Liked by 4 people

  25. Just found this a new guy who is very SYSBM minded. so far, I like his content, here are some of his videos:

    @Afro, looks like I have to apologize to you. You was right, yet again!!!

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  26. Well this was a free-for-all!

    Shout out to the simp troll “Stop Cooning” for making it lively.

    Rita’s posts may or may not be heartfelt, but I notice a few sistas online pretending to be decent people in the face of Trump cuts, and the all-out exodus of the so-called “good black man” otherwise known as the “fallback option.”

    Rita also says she “doesn’t know how she ended up here,” I do, she sought this page out. That’s the only way to find it.

    Verbs, great job on Obsidian. “Her hairline is pushed back like the release date of a highly-anticipated album.”


    Liked by 2 people

    • Lol. I was on a website and clicked on a link, which led me to another website, and then here. Nothing to lie about. Things do happen for a reason. Reading posts from here these last 2 days have opened my eyes to certain things, one being that I’m done with the black community for the most part. I hate being a black woman even more now, but it’s all constructive. I’m going to better myself and those whom I can reach. I’m not going out of my way though. I will still read the content on here.


  27. Verbs2015
    Look at it, after the military girl who complain about black women attitude, it’s know the turn of white men.
    The fact is, a lot of black women have attitude.

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  28. Can someone explain to me the advantage of taking care of another man’s children that you are not related to? I see absolutely no benefit in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike C,

      There are absolutely no benefits involved on your end, of course the woman concerned benefits greatly in many areas from having a clean up man come in and help distribute the consequences in relation to the bad decisions she made in the past and probably still is making in the present.


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