Black Women In School, College And University – Feel Free To Share Some Experiences

I believe this is the last area that I have yet to cover in this series of black men’s interactions with black women. Once again you’ve got the floor to share your experiences or somebody else’s with black women in the area of educational facilities. What were/are the experiences you or somebody you know had with black women going to school, attending college or university? Outside of the home school is normally another primary area where black boys get to experience the deep disdain, wrath and hatred black girls and black women as a group hold towards them.

What are/were the black girls/women in your school, college or university like? The floor is yours, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

79 thoughts on “Black Women In School, College And University – Feel Free To Share Some Experiences

  1. I have had so many bad experiences with black females I cannot state them all on this site, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from them it’s this: black females are like radioactive material. Good for nothing else other than war.

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  2. The only bad experience I’ve had with black females in school was having them COCK BLOCK while talking to other females. If there is ONE black female in the class and she see you talking to a white girl, she WILL inset herself somehow, someway into your circle. You HAVE to be FIRM in ignoring the FUCK out of them when in class else you WILL miss out on a good mate for yourself.

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  3. The primary thing one must know about black females is that black females do not change with education. The only difference between an educated black female, with a good job, and an uneducated female, with a lowing paying job, is that the educated black female has more money to spend on fake hair and hair. I, again, point out that there is very little diversity among black females.

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  4. I was working at a college dorm at the front desk.during my university days (within the past few years). I have had no problems with ANYONE up to this point. Three black girls came up to my desk to ask me for some help replacing their dorm room keys. Since I was just a front desk worker (and not an actual RA, since I didn’t live in the dorm), I did not have any control over or access to the dorm keys. I asked them how they lost their keys, so I could pass this information to the RA who was on duty at the time, who DID have access to the dorm keys.

    They took my question as “having attitude” and they threatened to get me in trouble with the residence hall director (my direct boss/supervisor). Luckily, I called him and explained the situation (after the RA resolved it). He simply told me to log the situation in the shift log. Fortunately, I did not get into trouble.

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  5. Ah man, where do I begin. From fucking the professors to get a B to majoring in decoy degree classes to outright cheating on final exams. The purpose of HBCU’s is to have many black women enroll as possible so the debt collection agencies can have black women owe as much debt as possible. Black women lead the nation in bankruptcy and foreclosures. This is the real reason why they say that they’re strong and independent and don’t need a man because it’s a ruse for you to pay all of her debt in exchange for cheap sex. She plays on words against you.

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  6. Black women also lead the nation in student loans which is close to a billion dollars. Oh, they don’t ever go away even when they file bankruptcy. Oh another thing, they ganish their child support checks for student loan debt and for state sponsored day care.

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    • That’s one of the reasons why they are bent on trying to shame us thinking black men back unto the plantation of Blackistan. Because black women got worthless degrees that are virtually useless in today’s economy, they need a clean-up man to help bail them out of their student loans, or else they can say good bye to any state welfares from white daddy government.

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  7. The recent vid of the twerking black surgeon pretty much summarize everything you need to know about black women and education. And they wonder why they got all those PhDs and master degrees, yet they still have an average net worth of $5.

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  8. I went to a predominantly black University (sadly). There were a handful of white students at the school. One of them was a white girl from the same county in New York where I was from. So one day I’m sitting in the cafeteria and she comes and sits down at the same table with me and we start to eat together and talking.
    It’s just me and her at the table. She was really, really friendly, very cute, and just completely delightful to be around. As we are eating two or three black females are standing behind her about 15 feet. The white girl couldn’t see them because her back was to them but I was looking right at them.
    These bitches start waving their hand to the side, and silently mouthing to me ‘GET AWAY FROM HER’!!!!! I saw them but I didn’t say anything to the girl I just kept eating and playing it off like nothing was going on.
    Later on a couple of those black witches approached me and were like ‘Why we’re you sitting with that white girl’???? I just gave them a very short direct answer that she was from the area in New York where I’m from, etc. Of course they tried to give me reasons as to why I shouldn’t be sitting with the white girl, blah, blah, blah.
    The whole thing is just so ridiculous and petty on their part, but it speaks volumes about the mentality of black women. Here you have a white female who willingly chose to come to a predominantly black college (which can’t be easy) and of course black witches have to, behind her back, try to give her a hard time and sabotage her because of their
    insecurity and jealousy.
    As I reflect on my life I would say that the vast majority of problems or just silly nonsense that I’ve had to go through or put up with has been a direct or indirect result of some interaction with a black female. I can’t stand them.

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  9. As a college student that attends an HBCU myself, I can attest to the negative stereotypes that are placed on black women as true. Simply put if you’re not a thug, play a sport, in a fraternity, or six feet tall black women at my HBCU won’t pay you any attention in college. I had great optimism before I came to college 3 years ago but sadly black love doesn’t really exist for me unless I make an honest woman out of a single mother or one that’s been ran through with genital herpes which leads me to another point.
    I’m convinced that half of the black women have herpes, in my time here I’ve seen 23 black women with cold sores on their face literally and that’s just me coming and going to class and essentially minding my own business for the most part. One of them was even my professor and had mentioned earlier that she couldn’t have kids so there’s no telling what else she could have. Not only that but I even found a prescription bottle that belonged to a black woman for an STD. I searched her name and sure enough her photos displayed that she’s your typical ratchet black woman that attends the club and throws herself among the Pookies and Ray Ray’s.
    I’ve even had black women laugh in my face for essentially no reason when I walk past them displaying their hatred for black men as plenty of you guys have mentioned here.
    And in my experience, it’s true that nonblack women treat you better. When I was the only guy in my group it was this hispanic chick that was so nice to me. She didn’t try to dehumanize me, she was always on time with her work while everyone else was a black woman was late and had excuses. And even on presentation day when I came in with a suit on she was the only one who complimented on how nice I looked while none of the other black women said anything nice to me. Not only that but one of the black women on presentation day came in with a tank top on and some sweats this is a business class mind you and no one other than her best friend in another group could shame her to go put some clothes on. That black woman literally almost made me fail the course.
    I’m certainly glad that my time is coming to an end at this HBCU it has opened my eyes to the scandalous things that black women do and further validate the things you guys say here. Fortunately, I haven’t gotten any of them pregnant let alone touch them, nor do I have student loans so the future is bright thank you guys for this platform so I could share my experience about black woman I come across.

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    • Oh God, another rejected black bum whining about his bad experiences with black women. You niggas are pathetic. A bunch of no swag having cornballs. Enjoy your bitch fast! Lmao

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      • Someone who thinks you’re bitch,

        “Oh God, another rejected black bum.”

        This would imply that we were somehow interested in black women in order to be rejected in the first place. New flash dumb dumb we’re not……You clearly have not spent a lot of time around this website have you?

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      • Someone… ———- Please note that, in the long run, it is a good thing to be rejected by black women. I also note that non-black women often couple with the black men that black women do not want. These same black women then complain about men that they did not want being with non-black women. Top quality non-black women do not need the “swag” that you speak of.

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      • Oh good lord you black bitch. Do you guys ever think of anything new to say? Your kind is pathetic. Be gone. I’d rather saw my dick off with a plastic spork before I put it anywhere near one of you diseased whores.

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      • @Someone who thinks you’re a bitch

        Thank you, you just converted another brother to white girls.

        Thank you, dumbass!


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      • I swear you people are npc’s in a video game. You all have the same cardboard cutout responses every time you open your mouth. Also “Swag” is only desired by low quality females most of whom are single mothers by 21.

        It’s fun to see the trolls come here every now and again but do try to come up with some new material.


    • HBCUs are great institutions that have served black people well over the decades. Unfortunately today many are filled to the brim with hoodrats and hoes. I went to a large state PWI, but HBCUs are great IMO, like you said just separate yourself from the foolishness and things will be fine.

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  10. Oh, I have a good one for you.
    I went to a State university in the Southeastern part of the U.S. I specifically went to meet a decent black woman (we are talking about the early 90’s). The Majority of the population were caucasians and the black population was about 7-10%. Most of the decent-looking black women gravitated towards the athletes (Football/Basketball/track) which is understandable – high profile, money-making potential guys – I place no blame in their efforts.

    I, obviously met and would befriend white chics. Some would progress towards intimate relationships, others remained strictly platonic. In any event, one of my friends questioned me about my personal choice in friends. My response was that I do not see color and would love to meet a nice black chic. Eventually he wanted me to call a friend of his girlfriends – So, me being a young, dumb 18/19 year old looking for a nice warm hole – any hole will do (lol), I give this chic a call. She wasn’t a bitch, but I obviously wasn’t her type. I asked if she wanted to come over and hang out (I had a killer townhouse back then) – she declined the offer stating that she needed to “WASH HER HAIR!!!” I was bald THEN and am still bald – I have more hair then she ever did. I laughed my ass off and stated, “I guess I will see you around”. I kept it moving.

    A little over a year later, I run into this hair-washing, delusional harpie. She confronted me about the fact that every time she saw me, she saw me hanging around a bunch of white women. My repsonse was –
    “It doesn’t take them that long to do their hair”.

    She glared at me and I kept it moving (and I have never even looked at another western black women since!!!).

    as true of a story as you will ever read.

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  11. Mumia Obsidian Ali commented on his program about this issue a while back on his YouTube channel. Black women, by and large, are the most educated group in black America, but not necessarily the most well-read, or intellectually astute, and tend to use higher education as a barometer of social status, and income. Most highly educated black women have bourgeois, pretentious, middle class aspirations and tastes, yet operate in the most superficial, facile way, having nothing but disdain and contempt for an educated, self-taught black man. I live in the Atlanta, GA metro area, and have met literally dozens of college educated black women, who tend to boast about their academic achievements (ignoring the data that says they, on average, have student loans of about $7,000 USD), but can’t offer any intellectually stimulating conversation about the things that matter in the world. I’m not trying to bash on black women, but there’s clearly a distinction between being highly educated – which allows for women to fully express themselves as self-actualized consumers – and having intelligence, and a critically nuanced, and articulate view of the world outside their herd hivemind consciousness.

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    • Marty Williams,

      “Black women, by and large, are the most educated group in black America”

      That’s the thing though Marty they’re not. This whole myth about the black woman being the most educated group in America was started by the Guardian. However the only stats that were given were their attendance rates. They ATTEND college more then any other group. The statistic never said anything about graduation rates nor did it say anything about what grades they achieve.

      By in large the two most educated groups in America (regardless of gender) are Asians and African immigrants (Nigerian) And it is largely the MEN in both those groups that are leading the charge of success.

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  12. I wasn’t on the radar of any of the black females in college. Every one of my relationships to this day have been with non-black females – up to and including my beautiful Mrs. of 15 years and counting.

    Avoidance is the best policy when it comes to dealing with the queans.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  13. In a intro to communications class, we had a project with a group pretty much getting to know one another, etc. My partners were three other people. A white kid, hispanic girl (from Columbia) and your typical hair hat black whore. We had to exchange contact info Now the Hispanic girl and the guy were cool, kept talking it mostly about class and platonic (I still keep in contact with the Hispanic girl to this day). Not the black bitch. She went out her way to send me some of the most nauseating text messages possible, would ask wildly inappropriate things, showed up at my job trying to get with me full well knowing I had a girlfriend (and never showing an ounce of interest) who happened to show up to bring me dinner one night the same night this chick brought her stank ass in to try and hit on me. The black whore lied trying to say I was flirting with her, and that I planned to break up with my girlfriend for her. Ok… Picture Precious with a red weave and a horrible attitude. My girlfriend at the time was a 5’3 120 brunette with light blue eyes, and one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet. Needless to say my girlfriend knew this was a load of shit, and pretty much laughed in this chicks face.

    Another time when I was in medical assisting course another black bitch went through the attendance list found my name. Turned around found me on Facebook, somehow got my number (to this day I have no clue how she got it because I never gave it to her) and harassed me every chance she had. Followed me around like a lost puppy. People tried setting me up with her on numerous occasions. Got cursed out by a group of black bitches because I said hell no to dating her. It was absolutely disgusting. I have such a disdain for these chicks, there isn’t enough time in the day to quantify it.

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    • I believe it. Like we have stated on here many times the Wall of Silence is kicking their butts. They are noticing that many good BM don’t want to date them and most non-BM aren’t interested either. Their options are pookie and ray ray, lesbianism, or being a side-chick to some player. They are between a rock and a hard place, but they are “strong and independent’ and “don’t need no man” so they will be Ok. Insidious little tricks like the one you spoke of will become the norm as these chicks become more cutthroat about getting a good man. Keep the Wall up and keep your distance and IMHO consider leaving Facebook. I left 7 years ago and don’t miss it at all. Neither me or my wife are on social media, it just makes it easier for people to cyber stalk you.

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      • I have no sympathy for them. They did it to themselves and refuse to take even a little responsibility. So fuck em. I won’t be saving them and their bastard kids. Also, if there wasn’t so many people I kept in touch with from the military and other parts of the world, I’d seriously be off of it. That’s about the only thing that keeps me on.

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    • Good lord. Not surprised she’s dark skinned and looked like any wide receiver on an nfl team. I’m more surprised she was actually at the gym to be honest.

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      • I can understand her conduct in a gym. A gym/fitness center is a shocking experience for most black women.

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    • DAMMIT MAN! That manly black bitch is swinging those weights like John Henry swung his hammer. And this is from Toronto, where I thought Negroes knew how to act. Oh well there’s still Montreal.

      Keep the force field charged and say no to she-beasts.

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  14. Gentlemen,

    Please keep these accounts coming, you are all doing the Lord’s work and saving many lives out here, thinking black men in the works are breaking free of their chains at a much faster rate and at a much younger age. I only wish that this type of venue/forum/website was available to me when I was growing up.

    In my younger years the black witch still had the upper hand in terms of media coverage and she was in full swing denigrating and besmirching the image and reputation of black men, we all know the drill, Oprah, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricky Lake, Geraldo etc.

    As per the previous blog post, again I am reading these accounts and shaking my head in disgust, however these are black women we are dealing with so to expect anything better from them is akin to urinating in the wind.

    I still have to laugh whenever I invite you guys to share your experiences with black women and like clockwork the black witch and her pro black simp cohorts come crawling out of the woodwork with the usual name calling and slogan slinging believing that they can shame us into silence and derail the conversation, they obviously don’t know the thinking black men’s regiment too well.

    Brothers, don’t ever be shamed into silence by these black female devils and their flunky advocates, as I stated on Obsidian’s live stream show yesterday, black women view us as slaves, so as far as they are concerned we have no rights and thus should not be allowed to speak and raise legitimate concerns about anything, especially in relation to them.

    Hold your heads up high brothers, also take note of the new folks who are constantly checking in. Our works are not in vain, I’m glad to see more black men mustering up the courage and speaking out against black female skullduggery.

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    • It’s driving these women crazy they can’t control, shame or silence us, and that more and more black men are opening their eyes to the destruction and dysfunction of these beasts.

      If these women don’t think more black men share our thoughts, they are very sadly and hilariously mistaken.

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    • (( I only wish that this type of venue/forum/website was available to me when I was growing up.))

      When or how was you able to break free from the “black thought”? When was you “A-ha” moment?

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      • Carnio,

        This indecisive chick below broke me out of the spell in 2005:

        We knew each other from before and just happened to see each other at a local train station, during our conversation she decided to make it known that she was a single woman. However at the time I never realised that she was on the rebound and so when I chose to pursue her she gave me the run around due to the fact that she was still being dicked down by her ex.

        She was the last black woman ever I pursued. From that year I decided to go SYSBM even though I hadn’t heard of it at the time and in 2008 I really dug my heels in and opened up the door to all races of women. It would be later that I would come to the full realisation that most black women were mentally ill individuals and that I wasn’t the problem when trying to interact with them.

        To be honest the seeds of functionality were planted in me from my youth when I hung out with my non black friends as the overwhelming majority of them grew up in two parent households. Thus it was only a matter of time till an event triggered their sprouting and growth. Last I heard in 2014 she was still single.

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      • Same with me. It took my whole lifes experience of drama and tribulation to finally accept and admit how I’ve felt my WHOLE life. I have never fit in amongst typical American blk folks. The things we discuss here are mostly old hat for me. What is new is my final and irreversible acceptance of them.

        Sadly, I have wasted my entire youth denying my own heart and instincts. I tried really hard to avoid wholesale condemnation of my so-called people.

        Deep down I always knew that the way I felt was justified by what I saw around me and by what I experienced. It took me seeing my own feelings being spoken and written by many other brothers online to give me the courage to make up my mind once and for all that I was DONE forcing myself to co-exist with people that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with.

        And the truth is simply this:

        I utterly despise most western blacks with a passion. If I never see most blk folks ever again, it will be too soon.

        I HATE blk women with every fiber of my being. I hate them so much that even my own mother and sisters are finally getting the cold shoulder from me as well. I dont hate them, but I dont like the bitches and see them as being cursed just like every other typical nigger whore out there. Yes, I said it. And I meant it.

        My school years were shitty because I was sent to all black schools. I was surrounded by savage dim witted shines who were barely literate let alone civilized.

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  16. I once went to an Adventist school, and sadly attempted to befriend this one black chick. She hung out with several nerdy/geeky white girls, namely one angelic cutie pie who I still talk to. Thus, I thought she too might be cool. WRONG!!

    This chick ended up talking about feminism through the roof, which stood out like a sore thumb compared to not only her innocent and sweet friend, but also the fact that most of the school’s girls and students in general were VERY conservative Adventists. She talk about how black men would just want to use her to stick their members in, and other such things, and despite saying all of this constantly and openly, she was an easily offended SJW. Her friends eventually parted ways with her ass.

    At my current school, there was a black girl who started talking to me because she noticed my interest in anime and comics. She was VERY similar to the previous girl, but even MORE liberal, constantly sporting planned parenthood shirts. Her passive aggressive mental existence caused her to go back and forth between giving me the third degree and asking about my credit of all things (sounds fishy, eh?) to asking how big MY member was. Another black chick at the same school touted the fact that she was dating (actually just being used as the cum dump for) a rather dirty and low class white guy whi literally dropped out that month. When it became known by people who knew both parties that he was just using her to bust a nut, she actually kept bragging, this time about being his ex!!!

    In ALL cases, guess the features and skin tone…..
    Yep, you guessed! Their mixed/light counterparts were typically the only ones attractive enough and feminine to talk to and approach, which is many are already married. Conversely, these chicks all looked BAD, with the Adventist chick looking like a younger Whoopi Goldberg, the super liberal looking like an ugly, gender confused/“female” version of the actor Donald Faison, and the latter having the face of a half dead Doberman (though I will admit that her big milkers were not bad at all).

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  17. One of the bigger mistakes I’ve made in college so far is join a group that’s headed by mostly black women. College clubs are meant to be for people with shared interests but these females have turned them into feminists hell holes. We all know by now that liberals destroy everything! To make matters worst, I once dated a white girl on campus therefore in their eyes I committed the unpardonable sin. These bitches would always talk to me condescending and without respect at all. Gay black men in the club, thugs and straight up no good black men are the only ones that these whores give the time of day and treat like gods. College in general has really shown me first hand how horrible black women can be to thinking black men. They have no respect for us whatsoever but when they’ve seen me at dinner or lunch recently with a beautiful Burmese girl, they all look over their shoulders in disdain and scorn as if they gave a shit about me before.

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  18. I’ll just repeat the story about the time I wanted to hire a venue for an exhibition. This was during university.

    So the person I contacted was very interested in my proposal to have several people all show work at said venue. She, being a nice white lady suggested she would bring along a person to out meeting to give the proposal credibility (since it was about black community matters).

    Unfortunately that person was a dark skinned, bitter, heffer. She’s well known for her work, but boy she got out of pocket. This was her chance to name-drop all of the artists she knew, to humiliate me for my naivety, and to generally mess up the plans I had by offering impossible time scales. I passed on the offer.

    Worst thing is, my non-Black partner who arrived at the meeting late also got the same smart-arse “treatment” from this black heffer.

    (She later confided in me how, as a South Asian kid, she would get all the abuse and hate from black girls, because they were too cowardly to curse the white girls out. She’s light skinned and has her own long hair. Figures…)

    This incident left us feeling confused and upset. I later saw the same heffer at my university, which then prompted me to buy and read “Negro Wars”. It all made sense…. she despised me as a self starter black man, with a nonblack partner and wanted to fuck it up as much as possible.

    The exhibition went ahead elsewhere, and guess who turned up uninvited?


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  19. When I went to a private elementary school for 7 years, there were some black girls their but you know what, they had natural hair, no attitude, and weren’t fat, ironically, I knew most of their brothers. I think the reason why they were like this was because they came from a two family household and politics wasn’t an influence, i.e. feminism. It wasn’t until I went public school that I saw black girls who had attitude, dirty mouths, and were fat (even though some were cheerleaders). Society has given African women in North America passes to act however they want; free from accountability, choices that they make, and responsibilities.

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  20. I guess thiss tory really belongs in the last post but I think it should also be relevent here.

    At one of my Universities I went to, I had to tutor some students in order to get credits for my COmputer information systems degree. It was low level computer literacy stuff in which students who didn’t really know how to use basic computer software such as Microsoft word, Photoshop and others. One student, who was a tyrone figure, was actually not from that school. He was actually trying to get his GED (Something like a high school diploma for those who live outside the US) and I guess he was in a program where he had to go to my college to get tutoring in all kinds of feilds.This guy had told me that he wanted to turn his life around and the only way he knew was to get his GED, if he failed to get his GED, he would just go back to his dark ways. I felt very bad because he was dead serious in changing his life and wanted to actually learn and go somewhere. SO I felt very sympathic to him (Which is very rare for me because only god knows how much I hate Thug type guys). So I decided to help hime with what ever subject I could.

    Now mind you, My job was to only tutor in IT courses. and my tutor sessions was only to be one hour and a half. I would stay three hours extra, out of MY OWN time, to make sure he got the helpo that he needed. And I was perfectly ok with it! even long after it was dark out and the area get’s crazy dangerous after dark. I would help him in Basic Algebra, Science, History (my weakest), English, and other courses that I have long forgot all about. The guy, at first was very dimissive, impatient, and wanted to give up and quit. But I came up with new ways to help him learn and he understood the concepts pretty well. Eventually, he began to feel more confident and actually started liking coming to meetup. I knew that if I stayed more patient with him, evenif I have to explain something 10 times over, he will also be very patient, and do his best. I was the only person who he got helpp from. NO ONE else would volunteer. When he had to take practice tests for the GED, they were very low scores, at first! but the more he met up with me, the higher and higher his scores became. He was making very good progress and I was glad.


    One day I told him to bring all of his failed test, my first mistake. He bought them over. The reason why I told him to do this was because I wanted to show him all of his progresses. He would get low scores as in 22% in almost all the subjects. His scores would increase as it went something like 22%, 30%, then 45%, then 62% then 78% and I think the highest he got was around high 80s or low 90s. A ghetto black chick, I guess she knew the guy, happen to see one of his low scores and she trashed him.She called him a moron, stupid, idiot, all kind of names under the sun to insult his intellignces. It was pissing me off! It just so happened that she had her Associates already, going for her 4 years. She was bragging it to him in his face and even brought in her diploma and shoved it in his face. I could already see the huge discouragement he felt when she was telling him how he does not even have a high school diploma. I was getting extremly butt hurt and triggered and wanted to say something because that is an extremley rude thing to do! That would be the equivalent to me, being a hyper muscular and athletic, then I go to the gym and walk to to this first fat person and tell him/her how she is so fat and I brag and show off my ripped abs in the person’s face! Why not just be humble and apprciate the fact that they are actually trying their best and are trying to improve themselve, in what ever it is they do!?

    and I KNEW this was gonna happen! He got discouraged! He didn’t want to come anymore, He stopped showing up and was at the verge of quiting. I was enraged! Why would you look down on someone when they are actually trying to improve their own life??? The guy may have been a tough rough neck but he was very fragile when it came to this. I wanted to lash at the stupid bitch but I kept my piece. I contacted his, GED tutor manager and asked her if she could please bring him back in. after some time, he finally started to come back. I helped him prepared for his GED and he went to take the test. as it turns out. He passed all but one of his classes, which was some sort of science class I think. He was extremely happy and I was proud for him. All he needed to work on was his scince class which happened to be my favorite subject when I was in high school.

    Incident #2

    So that GED coordinator, a black woman mind you, knew that I was tutoring him and I was not suppose to. So she hired a personal tutor who came from my same class. I told her that he did not really need a personal tutor because I could help him. I helped him pass all of his other classes and he is comfortable learning the way I taugh him. I told her that he barely passed and only needed around 10 more points to pass and I am sure if he took it again right now, he would pass for sure. She didn’t want to hear it. She threaten to tell my Consuler that I was teaching unauthorized subjects (because my job was only to help teach IT) and I could not get my credits. So I left it alone. I still told the guy that if he wants to , we can meet someplace else, like at the library at grand concourse and I can help him there. but he never took the offer.

    He had to write a report on earth scince I think it was but he had to use it on microsoft word. He didn’t know how to use templates. If someone did not know how to do something, you would just explain or show them. When this black tutor chick saw that he was having trouble, She lashed at him! She called him an idiot for not knowing how to use templates on the computer. She told him that he’s a moron and he might not pass. She was attacking his intelligence, and I got offended. I walked over to them and said “STOP YELLING AT HIM! How do you expect him to want to learn with you if you keep berating him! No one wants to be berated and treated like an idiot when they are actually trying to learn and do something! I never treated him like that and he passed all but one class! Why do you all need to feel like a tyrant when you are above someone?!”
    She didn’t answer, and continued to berate him as if I never said anything! I could already see in his face that he was highly discouraged! I was getting even MORE pissed off! I placed myself in his shoes and knew that I would not tolerate being treated like that and would not come back!

    and guess what happened? He quit and gave up! I was so furious! I was furious because he was trying to make something better for himself, and here comes the crabs in the barrel mentality! it was as if every black women was internally programmed to shut him down and make him fail. So fucking evil! Thanks to that incident, I had to make it my job to make sure that black women (and hispanic women because they are second on my hate list) are to NEVER be over me because they are nothing but TYRANTS!

    So here is also what I have gathered. If a black man is less intellegent then a black woman, he is stupi, moronic and is a failure in life!, if he is smarter than the black women around him, he is an instant nerd, cornball, no “swag” loger, incel, virgin, white, oreo, uncle tom, coon, white woman worshipper, a homosexual/gay and allllllllll the long list of names in the holy sciptures of the bible of the Sister’s republic of Blackistan. Just like in one of verb’s post not too long ago, it’s one standard for black men but a whole ‘nother standard for black women!

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    • “it was as if every black women was internally programmed to shut him down and make him fail.”
      I have noticed this attitude from many BW when it comes to BM and black boys. A brother on Youtube a while back had a video speaking about how these hoodrat single moms destroy their boys from a young age.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Because black women want to see us fail because they know that if we succeed they can’t control and manipulate us, nor can they wave their so called “education” in our faces. Plus they know the smarter a black man is, the more attractive he looks to non black women, because unlike the scraggle daggle, they actually value intelligence in a man, especially a black man. Which makes it more likely that he will date and marry out.

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  21. To All SYSBM (and SYSBM supporters) here,

    Everytime when I read everyone’s comments about their life experinces with black women, I get triggered, butt hurt, and it instantly ruins my day and puts me in a bad mood, each and everytime! The reason for this is because I can instantly picture and put myself in the shoes of the next thinking black man and I can relate almost to a T! Even the simps that come here even have to admit what we say is true yet they still fly in here, throw ad hominiems at random commentors and give themselves 1 like to make it seem as if they won the argument! Sometimes I wonder if these bootlicking simps or black women who seem to be showing up here more often, each getting stupider than the last, are actually demon possessed or are truly brain damaged! All of us on here come from different backgrounds, age groups, likes and intrests, different values, and most especially different countries (many of us from the US, others from UK, some from Caarrbiean Island) and yet we all have the same exact experince when it comes to black women! We all share our experinces and come to the exact same conclusions to the T, yet Many simps will still shame and name call us despite the over bearing evidence of our experinces.

    When I left for Kyrgyzstan, I was actually afriad that I might be making a mistake. but the more and more I read from the awesome posters here on Slaying evil, It makes me so glad that I left west and it reassures that I never want to return! It almost makes me glad that there are non-black posters and silent readers who actually agree and can see for themselves that those of us here on Slaying evil are NOT the crazy ones it’s the truth, dispite the crazy amount of lies anf false information has been spreading all over the world for the last 50 years! I hate the republic of blackistan sooooooo much that the thought of going back to the US is probably now officially my worst night mare. I never want to go back. For those people who like to say “what about your friends and family?” 1. I was never close to any of them to begin with and 2. Their lazy asses can go get their own damn passports and fly overseas like I did!

    STAY SYSBM! The wall is one of the most powerful forces and I cannot wait to see what the future holds not that SYSBM is growing and getting stronger. More and more intelligent black men are becoming wide mainstream that You are starting to see in popular media. Since you cannot purchase an Xbox or a Nintendo Wii in central Asia, I often just watch my favorite game streamers on my computer. and ALOT of popular games are featuring Black men with white women, black men with Asian women or black men with some other non black women! I even see it here on Russian tv (Kyrgyz and Kazkah people have alot of Russian stations) and even Native pop Kyrgyz/Kazakh videos featuring black men with Russian women or black men with Kyrgyz/Kazakh women! The media is finally changing and our favor and it is a blessing!


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    • Here in the UK, despite the ingrained propaganda on both sides, if an Eastern European/Russian chick could move in on a brother, they would.

      I’ve had several eye opening experiences that made me question my own beliefs. Black men are definitely in demand from those places. Can you imagine how high that demand is in their countries?

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  22. It’s so funny how the writer of this blog is Nigger Nigerian with ugly black skin but calls dark skinned girls beasts. If that’s not some self hatred, I don’t know what is. How can one monkey calls another “ugly”? LOL

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  23. Verbs2015,
    This (Someone Who Thinks Your a Bitch) That Posted Her BS Statement is Another Prime Example of a Bitter, Venom Filled Black Sista Who’s Undoubtably Angry That No Self-Respecting Black Man Wants Her. So Much Like Miss Metoo Creator Tarana Burke. Thought They’ll Take a Simp & Mold The Simp into Being Their Own Personal Boot Licking Foot Soldier. Once Again So-Called Sista’s Like Her Are Proving Smart Forward Thinking Brother’s Like Ourselves Right Every Time They Open Their Mouth’s As Much As They Open Their Legs For Pookie & Ray-Ray. These are The Type of American Black Women. That Have No Say Nor Opinion in What A Black Man Does or Should or Should Not Do. Hence Another Reason Why #SYSBM is an Absolute Must & Anyone That Says Different Fuck Them!!!


  24. I like to be as anonymous as possible online so I will leave out the name of the College I went to. This was back in 2009 my first year of college. It was my first day of one of my classes and being late to class the previous day caused me to find my next lass early. I found the room with 30 minutes to spare but that wasn’t all I found. What do I find but a black woman making out with her white boyfriend right in front of the door. I quickly check the door to make sure it’s the right number then walk past into a hallway and sit down on a bench. I start watching south park on my phone (my old phone let you watch tv) and waited for class to start. After about 10 minutes the black girl and white guy come over to sit down on the same bench as me and make out. Keep in mind that this was 30 min. before class starts so these halls are empty. You can hear a rat pissing on cotton it’s so quiet here. Of all the empty benches they could have sit down on (19 I counted) they sat next to me and kept making out. I just ignored them and continued watching south park.

    After a few minutes they got up and left suddenly. Looking up I saw them look at each other and they were visibly upset. They both looked back at me she was sad looking and the white guy was had a confused look on his face. I looked around thinking a teacher saw them making out and told them to take it outside or something. Again the hallway is empty. It’s just the three of us. Then as they finally left the building it was just me and my phone again. It was then that it hit me. They were trying to make me jealous! The funny thing is that to be honest. The black girl wasn’t that ugly and neither was the guy. They blow a fuse when they see BM/WW couples together or just seeing a WW TALK to a BM in a friendly way. However nothing gets them heated like trying to get a black guy to get mad at their WM/BF coupling and your to busy watching Eric Cartman fight the dog whisperer.

    Hearing a story about black women literally walking up to a black man and dick policing him (Why you talking to that white girl?!)
    made me recall this story. I don’t like to rub it in their faces but It was a sweet feeling that I an “educated lame” got under their skin without even trying.

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    • Exact same thing happened to me on the tube – a WM/BF pairing sitting clean opposite me, trying to get me to flip out.

      I ignored them both. They looked pissed off that I wasn’t pissed off.

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      • Same thing happened to me on the subway in New York City many years ago. Some white dude and his black girlfriend are sitting across from me so the white guy starts running his hand through her hair while he’s staring at me.
        And I’m just sitting there not even really paying attention to him and he kept doing it and I was just basically ignoring the whole thing. Of course the dickhead was trying to get some sort of reaction out of me, but what this dumbass and his black wench don’t realize is I really don’t give a fuck that you have some black chick, because I have no interest in her whatsoever.
        But black women with white men are notorious for trying to get Blackmen’s attention. And what this proves is even when the black woman has her so-called white prince, the Blackmen is still on her mind and she still trying to get a reaction out of him. The whole thing is just so pathetic when black women and white men go out of their way to try to get Blackmen’s attention.
        But what it really is is black women’s attempt to rub something in the face of Blackmen because what she sees everyday is black men with nonblack women completely ignoring her. So in typical insane, vengeful black woman fashion she has to ‘put on a show’ with her white boyfriend to show Blackmen ‘see I can date interracially to just like you guys do’, ‘see my white man is better than you are, because you Blackmen think the White woman is better than I am’.
        Black women are eternally trying to prove to the planet earth that they are worthy of something because deep down in their souls ( which I’m not sure most of them have anyway ) they know that they are worthy of nothing, and they are on the world’s permanent ignore list.
        Black women are truly a very sad, pathetic group of people.

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    • That is because black women want and NEED black men to be jealous of their swirl “relationshits”. It’s another form of attempted power and control over black men. Nothing more. Us not caring strips them of that power.


  25. Okay, before I proceed, I’m going to suggest that you might not wanna be eating or drinking anything before you read what I’m getting ready to tell

    Now this happened to me in high school but, it’s just so …weird that it still bears repeating.

    One day, I was sitting in class,when this HUGE, big ol black girl, who honest to god really did look like Precious, sat in front of me. She was spilling out of the seat, I have no idea how she managed to wedge all that blubber in that enclosed desk. Anyhoo, she turns around and gives me a nefarious, wild-eyed grin and says, “hey, can you ugh..get diarrhea ya know..down there?” I was completely baffled, I must have looked confused because she started pointing at her crotch and then she said, “ya know, of the pussy..can you get diarrhea of the pussy?”Now mind you, I was in like, tenth grade. I think my brain went into shock mode. She knew it too because, she started laughing and then the bitch started making these crazy gestures with her hands saying, ” your pussy lips be going like this..ah ha ha ha!!! ”

    To this day, it is still the most vulgar , disgusting interaction I have ever had with a complete stranger..fucking barf.


  26. Black women are the new white supremacists to black men. In college, so many of these daddy issues filled masculine bitches used to pop off at the mouth. They were so used to black men just nodding their heads in silence, but I was the dude who used to love putting them in their place, make them cry, and rip them mentally apart.

    During my college years, they would roll their eyes at me and sigh when I was speaking in class. But let some white guy or black gay man speak, they would smile and give them thumbs up. Many of these bitches would end up pregnant and have pending court cases as they still messed around with local gang members or criminal black men. They love saying its a new day and they ain’t taking black men’s shit like the women before them. So many of them had pregnancy and STD scares in college, a few were arrested for public fighting, and some of them did have a baby by losers. They walk around mean mugging and crazy. I just laughed at them and said you disgust me when one made eye contact with me.

    Towards the end of college, I stopped dating black women altogether. I stopped caring about them and outside of business, they are dead to me. I carry on as if they don’t exist.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. When I was in my last year of middle school and my freshman year of high school, there was a Black girl there who was the stereotypical kind: obese, ratchet, stank attitude, disrespectful, pseudo-masculine, and was in no way subtle about how she felt about me. She would call me ugly, would pick on me without provocation, and even spread some rumor about me and another friend of mine liking her (she chased me when I confronted her about it); her mom, dad, and brother were easy to get along with, but not her.

    There were six people in my 8th grade class; the only other male was a caramel complected dude from Suriname who she fawned over, but I believe she was jealous of his blonde, blue-eyed girlfriend, calling her “boney” (as if her fat behind was a thing of beauty); this same blonde girl had an older sister whom my Surinamese friend dated, as well. This brawd also had pictures of herself wearing blonde wigs; need I say anymore on their infatuation with blonde hair?

    In our freshman year, it continued; one day at lunch, one guy was complaining about where his frozen mini pizza went to; I had earlier seen her put something pale in color on top of the drink machine, but I didn’t pay much attention to her. At the end of lunch, she gave it back to him, and I piped up saying I saw her do it, thinking it was a roll of tape; it was a bit hysterical to me, but she got upset and went off on me, telling me to get a life. Another instance happened where she brought a gun of some kind to the school, and somebody reported it.

    She also got into arguments with teachers; there was a dress code at the school, and she had on her hoodie because she felt cold; it was a reversible hoodie with a patterned side and a plain side. The teacher told her to take it off, yet she had to go back and forth with her over it; she then left the room, and came back with the same hoodie, but she had it on the plain side. Again, the teacher told her to take it off, but she argued again. The teacher didn’t yield to her arguing, and she reported her behavior to the principal.

    She is the absolute worst Black girl I ever met in my life!


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