Black Women At The Workplace – Share Your Experiences Working With Them

Sharing you experiences with regards to black women is back, this time we will be dealing with the workplace and I already know that many black men here are chomping at the bit ready to get their accounts and experiences working with black women out, so go ahead, this is your time. Working with black women, job interviews involving black women, black women working over you, black women working under you. Anything work related, now is your chance to have your say and air your experiences. Enjoy.

P.S, be on the look out for Open Mic Wednesday which will be debuting next week. On this particular day you can bring whatever topics you want to discuss to the table and hash them out amongst yourselves because obviously I know that a lot more is happening within black society than I can cover here.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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130 thoughts on “Black Women At The Workplace – Share Your Experiences Working With Them

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  2. Hell, just yesterday, this gigantic Jabba the Hutt looking demoness that works at the store I work at got PISSED before leaving, demanding to know, in a voice as manly as her face, as to who “mooved muh muhfuggin chawja from muh foam?!!!”

    Keep in mind that customers could not only hear her, but also noticed and were shaking their heads.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These heifers insist on being heard and they wonder why nobody wants to associate with them. They’re proud to revel in behaviours any normal person would find unattractive, smh.

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    • I work with a lady who is loud and ghetto like that too. Luckily its just her though, most of the BW that I work with at my current job are older (my mother’s age and up) BW and are cool.

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  3. I got a few, bt let me start off with this one,

    When I was working as a Janitor at this one company back in NYC, there was this nurse, a black woman, who was the most CORRUPT woman I have ever met. Now I personally did not have any gripes with this woman nor hdid I have any personal contact with her because I was jst someone who was passing by to clean, but booooooooooy wait till you hear this.

    So at this Office, you can get freec condoms. It is often usually black girls/women who pick up the condoms for their boyfriends or f-buddies. So after the girls have sex with their bf/fbs they come BACK to the nurse office and they SHARE the sperm with other women in that office. The nurse knows very well about male sexuality, how to turn them on, what to wear to turn men on etc. She along with the black girls would sit in the back and talk about which gys they want to get pregeneant by so they can get money from him or the government. they was all in on this and many times they shared and compared ways on how to sedce the men so that they can steal their sperm. The reason why I knew this is because once the nurse found out that I was A MGTOW/Redpill and saw that I couldn’t be controlled or seduced (mostly because I find black women atrociosly disgusting and unattractive) she, in her mind, saw me as an on coming homosexual and treated me like some sort of gay friend. see, In their peanut sized brain, there is no such thiing as a heteral sexual man who does not want to bang anything that moves. so becuase they saw that I was not attracted to or didn’t want to have sex with or spend money or time with them, they, in their mind, put me in the gay zone because in their room temperature level IQ, They “knew” that I will turn gay or already am but just do not know it. Do you remember that video of Tupac before he went the dark, gansta path? when he was a down to earth guy? if you read any of the comments on that video, almost all the commentors said that he was gay and effeminate because he was not some hyper aggresive, hyper violent, dirty mouth talking thug, so in their logic Tupac = Homosexual. Because I do not have those qualities either, Just like verbs said in the last post, Black women are extremely obsessed with homosexualizing black men or at least in their mind, they label them as such. There have been many times where her, and the other females had ask me that maybe I should embrace homosexuality simply because I choose NOT to date, or have sex with black women. They would tell me how much that I would probably enjoy it and I should embrace because “Love wins”! So because of this, that particular nurse felt very comfortable with me and just flat out told me what things they do and how they screw the men over and trap them all.

    Of course I was living pay chheck to paycheck and I did not want to risk losing my job or face homelessness in the big dirty ciry of New York (The city is literally FITHLY with roaches and rats everywhere. It is not my intentions to trash NYC for those who still live there.) I would even record the things they said and told SOME of the guys I knew who would not say anything. but guess what their response was? yup you guessed it. I am bitter and pissed because “I” cannot get laid by black women, and because of this, they too will tell me that I am gay. The homosexualization is very real and alive in the black community and it is none other than black women who use that to shame and control men.

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  4. This was not me in particular but my uncle. Get a load of this.

    Episode 1

    My uncle worked at a place called Kem Cleaners, which I guess is some sort of place where people drop off their tuxedos and dress clothes and the employess clean and steam them. So my uncle has been working there for about 20 years. He has never gotten a promotion and always made minimum wage which was always $7.25 an hour. So as he has worked there, many people have come and go. SOme worked along time with him, some a short time. There was one particular guy who happens to be Arabic. This Arabic was the comedy of the bunch, but he was a very cool guy. When I use to go see my uncle at the shop he would always make jokes and have us all bust out laughing. The Arabic guy was very smart and observed alot of things and see things for what they are and made jokes about it. He would joke about everyone including himself. but it wasn’t anything serious to where he would insult you or hurt your feelings or anything like that. He has worked with my uncle for five years.

    One day, the bosss decides to hire a fat black woman. This woman would come late everyday to work, half-ass the clothes and cause everyone to do her work plus their own work. One day the arabic guy was joking around again. he joked about everyone and everyone laughed at everyone including laughing at the jokes if they were the ones being joked on. Then the Arabic guy made a fatal mistake. He commented on the black woman’s weight. The Arabic guy was heaveir than the black woman. and he would make fun of himself and make everyone laugh. So he mentioned the fat black woman too. So she gets hytrically offended. So do you know what she did? She went to the boss and said that the arabic guy sexually harassed her. He got fired INSTANTLY! Now hold on a minute. We are not finished here. Remember I said that the black woman half-assed everything causing everyone else to do her work over on top of theirs? guess who did 80% of that extra work?? Yup, the Arabic guy. Now the black woman had to do her half-assed work over PLUS HIS work that he can no longer since he has just been fired. so two days later, she said “oh, this is too much work”. so she quits! This woman only worked there for 2 weeks and got a hard working man, who never even complained about doing her half assed work and staying later than he should who had WORKED AT THIS JOB FOR 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to this Horse, My uncle had to work crazy hours overtime WITHOUT OVERTIME PAY!

    Episode 2

    Another time three fat black Jamaican woman, one bigger than the next, almost like the threee stooges, gets hired. So they have worked their for a while. There is no dress code at this place since the workers are not dealing with customers. So they world wear the nastiest, ugliest makeup in which they looked like Kibito from Dragon Ball Z, Weaves the look like the mask that the Preditors wear and short skirts all the way up to the crack of their asses. My uncle hated working with them so he would often ignore them. which hurted their pride because they hated that he was not giving them attention. A new hispanic girl also got hired. She was skinny, carmel skinned and very sweet. They would often talk crap about her behind her back in the meaniest, nastiest way. One day it was the spanish girl’s birthday. She decided that she wanted to dress nice and SHE BAKE CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE AT HER JOB. Spopovich, Yamu, and Recoome (remember the episode when vegeta punched his teeth out and he was almost toothless?) were unprepared that day as they dressed with sweats like they were in a boxing lesson. when they saw the spanish girl dressed very sweet and feminine and was giving out free cupcakes and how all the guys took it, thanked her and ate it. The the Ginyu force LEFT their shift in the middle of the day. They went missing for about two hours and no one knew what happened and where they went. After about lunch time, they came back. This time, it was like they became the animals from bloodyroar! They but 100 Lbs of make up, Super Saiyan 3 style weave and their skirts where up so high up their ass that you could see their underwear.

    The spanish girl made a big mistake by giving them cupcakes. They trashed her. First their excuse was “oh so you want to make us more FAT???” they would trah her clothes, tell her how she was so skinny and boney that she will die if she doesn’t eat, call her racist names, tell her she will die alone because no man wanted a skinny woman, men will walk all over her becuase she is too “nice” and all sorts of horrible mean things. They acted so aggressive that it looked like they were going to hurt her if the spanish girl said something to defend herself. The spanish girl cried her eyes that by the time she finished, her eyes were bloodshot red as if someone cut them to bleed. I usally do not care about girls crying and could careless due to the double standards that it’s ok for women to cry but if a man cries he’s a bitch, but I felt so awful when I saw the whole scene. This was the one RARE instances that I actually wanted to hug and comfort the spanish girl becuase that was unneccessary what they did. She left and NO ONE has heard or ever seen her again.

    We were very worried if she didn’t hurt or kill herself but no one knew what happened to her. no one could contact her or even knew where she was. All the other employyess hated the three women with a passion and did everything they could to get them fired but to no avail. but just like that Arabic guy the first time, four days later, they quit. So four peoplle gone, and guess who had to work those crazy ass long overs with no overtime pay? yup you guessed right!!!!!

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    • Crazy but not surprising. When it comes to attractive bright skinned/bi-racial/non-BW, BW feel especially threatened, there are whole YouTube channels dedicated to this topic. They lash out at them because they know that those women will likely get first pick of the good BM and they will be left with pookie and ray ray. They can also see that they are being replaced in real life relationships and in the media by bi-racial and non-BW. Good BM are walking around with bi-racial and non-BW, and when you turn on the TV BM are increasingly cast with a bi-racial or non-Black wife/girlfriend. BW are getting pushed to the fringes of dating and media and they are pissed because its not even subtle at this point, but remember that they are strong and independent and “Don’t need no man” and us BM “Aren’t on their level.”

      I will preface what I’m about to say next by saying that there has NEVER been a “good” time to be a BM in America, but good BM today have it better than ever before. Regardless of how you may feel about Obama, his presidency put a ton of good shine on the image of the good BM globally. There are green pastures for good BM outside of blackistan.

      The Wall is and has been working wonders.

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      • Good to hear. Im actually at work right now and dealing with this as I type. Older blk bitch getting in my business. Being nosy. Snitching on me trying to get me in trouble. The niggroe crew here is of course ghetto as all hell.

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      • You aren’t kidding about black women being phased out in the media, just like Kid Organic and MBDX have spoken about.

        For one thing, more and more people have realized how ugly black women are, and how unfeminine they are compared ed to other groups of women. Thus, companies and producers want them to not be attached or associated AT ALL with their products.

        Cloak and Dagger will sure as hell aid in this, lol.

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      • James S,

        Your last point was spot on the money. I was telling a friend of mine who’s still stuck in the Matrix by choice (he’s community-minded and thinks he can save it) that the Black Man has never been more free in the history of the Western World, and we of what W.E.B. DuBois called the Talented Tenth need to take advantage of that freedom which our forefathers worked and died for, but never got to see. Why should people like us drag 90% of useless negroes and thankless black hoes and bedwenches around our necks, while our white male counterparts are boundless?

        Let them all eat cake, brethren.

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      • True indeed. The only problem is that these type of niggroes are always looking for drama. And I have lost jobs over dealing with them. Now I just try my best to ignore them. But this seems to put a bullseye on my back. The one thing they cant take is being ignored. It reminds them of how they really feel about themselves deep down. Empty. Meaningless.

        I still wonder why they are even gainfully employed at this point. Everyone knows the drama that they bring into any situation.

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      • What would you have done if they began to dick police you? or beat her up while you wasn’t around?

        Me? Back then I wouldn’t have done anything about it. Today? It would end very violently to the point that I would be locked in prison for murder.

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      • I am originally from New York City, Manhattan. I left USA and currently live in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, (And sometimes in Kazakhstan, Almaty) with no intentions of ever returning back.

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      • Believe it or not, DBZ is well known in post soviet countries.

        And while we are at it, I want to share with you that Gansta rap is extremely popular in central Asia and post soviet countries. And I am not just talking about capital cities . Even in the most remote villages where the nomads do not own TV, a computer, or even a phone, they blast the most garbage gangsta rap all throughout the most traditional areas where people still live in pre soviet days and it is very popular even amount the elders.

        Manu times I have to pass by villages to get from Bishkek to Almaty and vice versa and these people will sing the rap songs with such perfect English as if they are native English speakers. It pissed me off to see and hear such thing but it is certainty there.

        Pop culture that is from the USA including Japanese Anime and video games amd other things are pretty much common knowledge here.

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      • @Carnio,

        Damn that really blows. And Im just about to get my new passport! A big part of my dream of expatriating and escaping the hell hole that is the US of gay is to get away from the horrid ghetto foolishness that Im forced to accept here. I absolutely HATE modern rap with a passion. Bunch of slow-witted mumbling niggroes growling and making animal noises over wack ass tracks. God, I hope the rest of Asia is a little more civilized.

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  5. Verbs2015,

    (P.S, be on the look out for Open Mic Wednesday which will be debuting next week. On this particular day you can bring whatever topics you want to discuss to the table and hash them out amongst yourselves because obviously I know that a lot more is happening within black society than I can cover here.)

    Oh, is this a open skype talk? or just a free topic? If it is a free topic, Can we talk about the Simps, the Alt-Right, and the brainwashed non-black liberals that believes in the black lives matter movement? I ran into two Americans before I came back to Kyrgyzstan, one Asian american and one white and they actually believe the black women rhetoric even despite me prooving everything they say is BS! I would have ALOT to say about those three things! In fact I will write about them now and post them when you open it Wensday!

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  6. I work at Amazon fulfillment center for over four years and black women are the worst people to work with. They will fuck managers, drug boys, and bi sexual men to move up the ladder. I been cursed out by so many black women for simply saying that I vote republican to the fact that white and Latina women talk to me. I been to HR many times for not talking to black women claming that it creates an “hostile environment”. It been cases of women performing sex acts with other women in the bathrooms and strange odors coming from their bathrooms. Open prostitution in the pick department, sex cults in AFE, white men having sex with black ghetto women in exchange for weed and food. There is also a lot of homelessness and illness with black women at my job. They always taking 15 to 25 days off work citing “personal reasons”.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      “Black women eating the snatch of other black females and strange odours coming from the female toilets”,

      I almost threw up when I read that part. Doesn’t this simply go back to black women, their lack of sexual hygiene and the fact that they are the most diseased ridden individuals on the planet?

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      • Yes indeed. They don’t care though, they will just say that you’re hating on them. The mental illness is real

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      • Absolutely disgusting. Takes me back to some of the not-so-stellar sexual experiences I’ve had with the ‘sistahs’. Easy to understand why so many simps become gay. At least… I have a theory as to why some of them become gay.

        They probably have that 1st experience where the girl(cough! cough!) takes her drawers down and that nasty, cheesy stale seafood stench wafts up to their nose and they wonder is this what all the guys are always so hyped about? They then realize that they cant perform and think this just isnt for them. The ugly as hell Gorilla Grod face prob doesnt help matters much.

        Because they are only programmed to be with blk females, they probably wont even consider the possibility that other women may provide them with a better experience. They then start looking for a way out. Especially considering the way masculinity (particularly black masculinity) is so demonized in western culture. And they also were probably raised around nasty mothers with foul habits who completely destroyed their ability to look at women in a sexual manner. Perhaps forever after they are disgusted by women in general as they subconsciously see their mother in all of them. But yet they were prob brainwashed to think that she could do no wrong and had to be placed on a pedestal. In a conflicted situation like this the ‘gay’ label is probably a relief to them after all. Its an escape from the burden of being a black man in such a poor psychological environment.

        Particularly if they have a little brains and/or fashion sense. They see how crude and ignorant a man has to be to appeal to the average blk female and because they are stuck with the Blackistani mindset, they just accept that thats what a male-female relationship is supposed to be.

        They probably get called gay and learn to accept it. Embrace it even. At least its possible in their minds to form a meaningful non-shallow relationship with another man.

        I’m just speculating on a particular type of queer mind you. I could be wrong. But what do you guys think?

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        That’s a really good theory. I always assumed that the reason black men become gay is because black women look and sooooooo masculine that there is literaaly no difference between having sex with them and black men. and since black women are far more aggresive than most men now a days, they figure, hey, Butch from prison actually treats me nicer so….. why not!

        ((They probably get called gay and learn to accept it. Embrace it even. At least its possible in their minds to form a meaningful non-shallow relationship with another man.))

        Yes, Black women throw they gay word so freaking much. If you don’t like black women and have sex with white women, you are gay. if your pants is not sagging, you are gay, if you speak proper, you are gay. When you are told these things your entire life, you begin to think that it is really true. Black boys are always told by their moms they are gay, so they naturally believe it and actually become it. Black women are so sick and evil!

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      • @Carnio

        Yep. Nowadays though, I may even start telling them that I am gay if they ask me do I like black women. Lol!

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  7. I use to go to Pizza Hut years back with my friends and nearly everytime that we went, we received a black waitress. We would get our order, everything would be cool but then not even 10 minutes after we received our food, the waitress would give us our check. The other waitresses were white and Latina and treated everyone with respect and gave them their checks after people were done eating. Luckily, the black waitress was either laid off, fired, or left. I can’t recall a time were I received good customer service from a black woman, then again, there’s mostly Asian, Latinx, and white people were I’m from.

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  8. The major issue I have working with black-women is their lack of respect for you, and their love of their White Master. If you refuse to associate with them and involve yourself in their eating and sexual habits they will hate you and attack you in some form or fashion.

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    • Right? these bitches act like IF YOU Don’t ALLOW THEM TO ABUSE YOU, somehow your THE BAD PERSON!! IF YOU DONT SIGN UP TO BE A LOSER and shack UP WITH some fat nasty black bitch, somehow your in the wrong??? By not letting some LOSER weave wearing retard sit up and EXTORT your WAGES for life, with some bastard kid, somehow as a black you’ve failed! UNREAL!! but this is how these black whores truly think!!!!! its the crazy, most INSANE shit you HAVE EVER WITNESSED in WORLD HISTORY!!! literally!!! I DONT THINK THERE IS A SICKER MORE TWISTED group to EVER walk the FACE of the EARTH than the BLACK FEMALE!!! NO DOUBT.

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    • Truer words… I just wrote a post about this. It is simply unbelievable. I try so hard just to avoid the blk witch and her thug minions and it almost always backfires. As I stated before, they simply cannot stand being avoided, ignored, or made to feel unimportant especially by another blk or mixed person.

      This is especially true if you are winning in life or getting ahead of them in some measurable way or just doing better in general than you have been doing previously. They will literally be angry at your success and the old crabs in a barrel mentality will surface. Then they will literally take your avoidance of them as a personal attack and cause some sort of trouble for you.

      Ive been losing weight and getting back in shape and its noticeable. The evil hood bitches at my job have been extra bitchy and annoying to me and I know why. Everytime a female customer (usually white or latina Lol!) smiles or jokes a little too friendly with me, I can see the haterism on their faces.

      It brings joy to my heart.

      SYSBM until Niggaville is burned to the ground. Or at least until black females die choking on their own venom.

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  9. Not sure if it’s related to the topic but I’ll post it anyways:

    Although my school is ‘high-class’, the area where it is in has located in has deteriorated into a ghetto, although many of the students who live near the school use it as an opportunity to escape the area. Anyways I take the bus and walk to school. And I have to pass the god-dammed ghetto every day while walking to school. The mini-buses that ply the route between Gregory Park and Spanish Town have a tendency to play all sorts of lewd and disgusting TRASH that glorifies the violent macho thug lifestyle that they dare to call ‘music’.

    The ghetto itself looks like something out of Mad Max or one of the abominations to video games and cinema that are the Resident Evil movies after Apocalypse, and you can always count on seeing a black female that looks like something straight out of the Last of Us or the Resident Evil video games, or a thug smoking marijuana that may or may not be spiked with embalming fluid. Sometimes the thugs gather to boast bout their previous exploits.

    This is the damage that SJWs, communist-controlled and Zionist-Catholic-Nazi funded ‘liberals’ in the First World and pro-wack fascists have wrought upon Jamaica. Certain parts of the country are literally ‘no-man’s land’ in that they’re completely controlled by criminals.

    But yet still according to the idiot Pan-Africanists, BW are ‘OUR QUEENS N….S’ and any evidence to the contrary is dismissed as ‘race-hating’ in true Nazi style. Makes you wonder who the true inheritors of the Roman Zio-Nazi Church’s Jewish hierarchy sick ‘Fourth Reich’ really are.

    Some things never really change…

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      ((you can always count on seeing a black female that looks like something straight out of the Last of Us))

      LOL the bloaters!!!

      ((This is the damage that SJWs, communist-controlled and Zionist-Catholic-Nazi funded ‘liberals’ in the First World and pro-wack fascists have wrought upon Jamaica.))

      ((But yet still according to the idiot Pan-Africanists, BW are ‘OUR QUEENS N….S’ and any evidence to the contrary is dismissed as ‘race-hating’ in true Nazi style. Makes you wonder who the true inheritors of the Roman Zio-Nazi Church’s Jewish hierarchy sick ‘Fourth Reich’ really are.))

      SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is shit like this which is why I am a misanthrope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Isn’t this the country that blacks prop up as a sign of black progress and beauty, namely on the part of the women?

      I had no clue that Jamaica was so bad. Please tell me that the businesses are not cursed with black women the way they are here.

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      • Jamaica’s buisness are not cursed with black women, they are INFECTED with them it at an epidmeic rate. There is also a huge squatter problem which the government is trying to get rid of now, however due to the Fourth Reich Neo-Nazi denialist style nature of most pro-wacks and simps you will never hear this at all from the regular news

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      • As a native Jamaican I have to say if Jamaica is what’s considered sign of black progress and beauty.Then there really isn’t much hope for black society.But thinking black men already knew that.

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  10. This is somewhat work related. So currently, I’m in the process to get my IT certifications so I can move up the ranks within my IT company. I’m part of a group that is studying to get their certification at the same time. Unfortunately, we have a scraggle daggle that joined our ranks and believe me, she stands out so ratchet like a fish out of water. But that’s not the end of it. Do you know her reasons why she wants to get her IT certification? She believes this is the quickest way for her to become a millionaire. It took every ounce of self-discipline to keep myself from laughing at this debauchery. And the other male members felt the same way, as if this scraggle daggle is somehow gonna make it big in the IT world. Well we’re now months into our program and seems like she may have dropped out, as the material is not something the average scraggle daggle can comprehend, let alone have the discipline and patience to perform the work correctly.

    I will say, if you fellas want to work in an environment with less chance of interacting with these black witches, the IT industry is the kryptonite to keep them at bay.

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    • I very much want to go back into IT. Ive done some helpdesk before and I enjoy problem solving. But I dont know what certs I should be pursuing. I also enjoy coding and want to learn languages, but Ive been out of the loop for so long that I dont know where I should begin. Im worried about getting my foot in the door and finding a job as I dont have a degree or much experience.

      I would appreciate any pointers. Thanks in advance.

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      • @ Xstopalopoketl – If your going into Networking,Hardware Repair, or Security; Get your A+, Network+, and Security + first. That’ll somewhat get your foot in the door. Afterwards get a Cisco, Microsoft Windows Server, and or Linux + Traning & Certs. As well as other Security Certs like CISSP.

        If your going into Programming – Look into learning Javascript, Python, Java, C++, and PHP. Pick up at least 2 of these languages. These are the primary program languages many employers are using. Writing code takes time and sometimes programmers work in a team. Especially when debugging and continuous testing. As well, beyond programming, if your smart, you would seriously also look into application development (Desktop & Mobile). This would entail you to become self employed & work woth companies on a per contract basis with a business. There have been quite a few millionaires made from app. development

        If you would like to get in Databases – Look into Oracle or SQL. This does take some programming experience and well as putting in good script command. But it requires less to prepare for as databases are more consistent and not ever-changing like Networking,Repair, and Security.

        Be prepared to shovel a few grand for classes and your cert. exams. (@ least 5,000 to start with). Also, take 6 months to 1 year to learn, apply, and understand your curiculum. Application, execution, and consistency is very important in IT.

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  11. This reminds me of my teen years in a church with an active teen group

    When I was a teenager in the late 1990s me and my mother used to attend a church in Kingston Jamaica the branch of the international churches of Christ a church that is cultic in nature. this church expect members to attend church 2-3 times a week, have mandatory bible study sessions, have a discipler, etc I was a part of a group for teenagers. they meet every Friday evening. during the Sunday Service, they sit a group in a section of the church reserved for the teen group. it was all going well until my mother told me they are complaining to her that I am anti-social for not talking with them. I suspected that it was the girl members because. several times. I was at their teen functions a girl usually say why am I not “fellowshipping” and literally took my arms and dragged me with her forcing me to “fellowshipping” i usually interact with other male teens and they have no issue with my “fellowshipping” ways.

    my mother later stop going to that church

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  12. Not a BW, but another black male, a young buck working at a bar…

    This kid is 19 years old, and was my bar manager for the day.

    I’m the kind of individual that will work hard and bust my ass on the job, even though it pays peanuts. I also want to look up to and work for the manager too.

    He was the laziest, uninspiring, unmotivated, most laissez-faire individual I’ve had the misfortune to work for. Of course the black girls surround him and lap it up…

    I can’t get the management to give me a leadership position in my 30s, yet this feckless kid gets a chance to slack on the job?

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  13. Hi Verbs.

    Mine is a story of pure malice. I once got a temporary gig at a “prestigious” firm. Two witches (supervisors) made my life a living hell looking to start drama over the pettiest thing while behaving they were like (C-level) industry movers. They would find fault in everything I did while staffers who committed worse “crimes” like being rude to clients wouldn’t even get a peep while I was given the usual “not meeting KPI’s talk”. They would cause good and qualified staffers to quit or transfer to other departments and replace them with college-chicks mostly relatives or family-friends and then brag about mentoring them when they receive positive reviews from other managers.

    I got so bad for me I stopped talking to them all together. The firm had vacancies and I was informed by a pal in HR they (2 witches) swapped the written assessment “to prevent it from being leaked” and then hand over the test to one of the female family-friend. I passed the test and got to the interview where they were “clever” and sat on separate panels. The interview went well, the HR and other panelists responded well to me but she just switched off and become disinterested. Like one of your commentators, suffice to say I didn’t get the job because of “not meeting KPI’s “and “ not a team player” despite getting along with everyone else and surpassing targets (Work metrics were computer generated and reports compiled by one of the witches but somehow I was underperforming).

    My pal in HR told me I did well in the interview but the two witches blocked my entry. To be honest Verbs, their actions didn’t surprise me at all, I was kinda expecting it. Like your commentator who was denied the side-gig says these people have a God-complex and have absolutely no respect for anyone under them yet act meek and humble to C-level managers whom they bash behind their backs under the guise of more senior female leadership. Yet they wonder why they’re still supervisors for 15+ years.

    I have to say I was disappointed by the dudes but they wear their emasculation with pride as a “badge of honor” always checking up on other males but never questioning females even as their actions bring down businesses instantly. Sorry for the rant Verbs, but I know for sure they won’t be held accountable for their actions while being given free passes for destroying lives.

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  14. Damn, where to begin?

    Working in IT department for a Pharmaceutical company in direct competition with Quest Labs. At this time, I first began dating my girlfriend when she was fresh out of Law School. Not yet sworn in, so no job. She use to bring me lunch every day and we would eat together outside in the common area. I guess, after a while the black beasts in the sample handling dept. saw us one day. One day while I’m in the warehouse troubleshooting the workstation in there a beastie rolls up on me. She says, Hi, what’s up. I said hi back…and immediately she asked me if I liked black girls. I was shocked and confused, but since I’m an asshole if you rub me the wrong way I told her to her face, NO. Her jaw dropped, lol. She just walked away and later a male simp came up, saw me in the hallway and asked me the same question. Funny shit man, and these women have never spoken to me previously. I’m glad my department was all Asian and Indian women.

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  15. I won’t repeat my story of going to a job interview and black female try to set me up with one of her black female coworkers during the job interview because I wrote about it on another thread. The truly sad thing is many black men have to go before a black women and be given approval in order to just get a job. The handful of times when I was younger and would try to get a job and I saw that it was a black woman who was doing the interviewing, I would either leave before the interview or go into the interview and just basically mind fuck the bitch because I didn’t care if I got the job or not and really didn’t want it just because she was involved.
    Black women cannot leave the mentally ill selves out of the job equation. Black women behave the same way on a job as they would in front of a nightclub or in the street somewhere. They believe they can do anything they want to and if you question them you are in the wrong.
    Thankfully I have only worked with a black woman one time, and this was in a super wealthy area in New York, and she actually behaved very decently, and was about as far away from your typical black female as you can get which is why she was working there in the first place.
    Sadly most black women and actually to be honest most black people ruin and destroy any environment they going to. Say what you want but those of us who have seen black people in action know what I’m saying is true.
    And then black people want to cry that they discriminated against because of racism. Black people are generally not like or welcomes places because they simply do not know how to act like human beings.

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    • Yep. You pretty much called it.
      “The truly sad thing is many black men have to go before a black women and be given approval in order to just get a job. ”

      Even sadder is the fact that none of us has ever thought to put together a class action lawsuit against some company with a blk female hiring manager for just this reason. Ive been through this and I know many others have as well.

      In this day and age the only reason that this truly goes on is because it is poorly documented. And because we dont stick together. And there is currently little will in the minds of most men to actively fight it. In fact most blk men are still unaware of the fact that blk women really do not want us to succeed. Im willing to bet that many blk men have been discriminated against by blk female HR directors without even realizing it. Men generally dont take advantage of the law the way women do. And this is a mistake. Because this behavior has become so overt, it will be easy to document. Especially since blk females are too angry and too stupid to properly cover their tracks when they do this stuff.

      With so many lawyers all looking for the next type of high profile case to make their mark on, it will be easy to get representation. So long as you have a solid case. Which goes back to proper documentation.

      A record settlement is not even necessary. Believe it or not, a victory isnt even necessary. Just a public case which brings this into the public eye. The media will of course eat it up as a juicy story:

      “Black Men claim that they are being discriminated against by Black Women hiring managers”

      Believe it or not, that will be more than enough. Once one case even sees the light of day, it will put unwanted scrutiny on black womens behavior in the workplace. Even if the media tries to downplay the issue it wont work. Just making it a topic of discussion at all will shine an unwanted spotlight on blk female behavior. Because everyone secretly already hates blk women and most who’ve worked with them have some sort of gripe from dealing with them.

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      • The law is on the side of women. And the law is absolutely on the side of black women over Blackmen. So in my opinion attempting to bring a class action lawsuit against a black human resource managers for discriminating against black men will go nowhere.
        Blackmen would have to be able to prove that there is a history of systematic discrimination against them by black female human resource managers. We all know there is that reality but to be able to prove it and have a court of law make some sort of judgment against those black women human resource managers isn’t going to happen.
        The law wants black women in a position of authority over Blackmen. The courts are going to do everything in their power to maintain this not stop it.
        The public already knows that black women discriminate against black man in terms of hiring.

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      • You didnt quite understand my post. I already said to forget about winning the case. That would come later with other imitation or follow up cases by others. That isnt even important. We already know that the courts are against us. That was not the point. The point is simply making it a meme in the public consciousness. Just having to deny or even ridicule this would unavoidably put scrutiny on blk female HR directors.

        Not because of them, but because of the government/corporate environment that they work in. I know, I used to work in that environment. Just the potential of a lawsuit with some teeth behind it is enough to cause higher ups to panic.

        Dont be so defeatist. Thats the way most brothers think, which is why they just accept blk females shitty behavior and wont consider other options. With that sort of thinking Verbs would never have started this website or bothered to compile this info in his book Negro Wars. Same goes for all the other guys online warning young brothers or men in general. What would be the point? Think of how SYSBM and related movements have grown without any mainstream publicity or help. Even though they werent sanctioned by the P.T.B.

        Not every battle is so cut and dry. Sometimes you just have to win small victories. Some enemies may seem insurmountable but that is only an outward appearance. Blk females are one such group. Blk womens “protection” … is failing. Inspite of the media being on their side, they are currently taking L’s from every possible direction. Im only suggesting a way to serve them one more.

        I once had to deal with a rather f’ed up situation as a contractor where both a man and a woman got transfered to another department and then the woman ultimately got fired over a potential lawsuit.

        And no, the public doesnt already know about this. With the exception of the white executives that hire them to screen out undesirables (namely us), this is not on the general publics radar. I have talked about this with several non-black professionals. They were all mystified and some found it hard to believe.

        ANY mainstream public awareness of this will put unwanted scrutiny on the company/agency involved. In this case the old adage that ANY publicity is good publicity applies. At worst it will simply give the scraggles something to have to have to deny and make blk womens workplace fuckery a little less overt.

        You seem to believe that blk women are valued employees at most places. They are not. The 2 for 1 double minority slot on the EEOC form is the only real benefit they bring to any business. Companies and even Gov agencies can and will drop them like a hot potato and simply replace them with another blk female if necessary at the drop of a hat.

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  16. Damn you brothers are all fucked up..just listen to you: you’re admitting that you work at shit places like Amazon fullfilmenf center, as a janitor, as a fucking store clerk, etc…then you got did “Xstopklo” whatever the fuck talking bout “This black bitch is all in my bizness trying to snitch on me”.. Nigga, you’re at work using their computer on company time to bitch and whine about black women who clearly passed you over for a real nigga, maybe even passed you up for just whatever dude had something going for him. Damn, I made one comment earlier after stumbling into this dark shitty hold of a website and something told me to go back to see if y’all responded and sure enough, you butthurt niggas went bananas on me! Man, tell you what…get yourselves some real jobs, grow a pair of balls and learn to be productive instead of the bums you are and MAYBE you’ll get some pussy. Yeah yeah I know, y’all ain’t checking for sistas but realtalk, you all know ain’t none of y’all getting pussy FROM ANY RACE. Lmoa

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    • Drakkar,

      I really have to laugh at buffoonish black women like yourself who sliver on to websites that they claim they don’t like yet still attempt to change the narrative there through the use of pathetic shaming tactics and mind numbing, brain dead insults. I already told you before that your redundant techniques of influence wouldn’t work over here, yet here you are once again. Claims the website is garbage yet decides to return and post another comment to boot, and you have the audacity to claim us black men are messed up. At least we don’t go to places where we are not invited nor wanted.

      Talking about how black men should get real jobs yet black women despite the leg up they have been given by their white father in the corporate world still only have a median net worth of just $5, it seems to me that black women are the ones who need to step their game up.

      As for the rest of you dribble, I won’t even bother responding to it other than the fact that the overwhelming majority of thinking black men here already have women of different nationalities including myself, you’re too late and 10 dollars too short with your attempts to wound our confidence and self esteem, we know who we are, take your pathetic, outdated techniques and use them on the young impressionable simps and manginas you black females have created. Bye Felicia.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Let’s not forget all the welfare the “queens” get too. That’s why it’s THEM and not us crying about Trump’s food boxes and section 8 cuts…..

        LMAO @ black bitches trying to criticise anyone jobs prospects. For every step they take forward they take two steps back….

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    • This has to be a bitter black bitch who doesn’t like the fact she can’t control what is said here, and her outdated and baseless shaming tactics don’t work. It blows my mind how you have such a low opinion of us, but continue to engage in conversation with people you deem as fucked up.

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    • Dear Drakkar,

      Sigh… I really dont want to be the one to tell you this. But since you singled me out by name (as best as your poor English will allow), a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

      I think it’s time that we had a serious heart-to-heart talk. This is not only directed towards you but to all black females in general. This wont be easy but its a necessary step that me, as an intelligent blk man with options, must take to reach my potential and improve my quality of life.

      In these days and times racial barriers in dating and marriage are slowly being dissolved… At least for black men. This has opened the field of potential mates for us to include among others: white, asian, hispanic and other ethnicities of women.

      All of these women are generally prettier than black women. They are also smarter usually. They wear their own hair which tends to be sweet and pleasant smelling because of shampoos and proper hygiene habits. This as opposed to the nauseous stench of a black womans hair hat, which I simply cannot bear any longer.

      In addition many of them take better care of their bodies and are not fat. I love curves on a woman and I even dont mind a few pounds over. But fat black women are simply disgusting. Which brings me to another tough topic. Sexual hygiene.

      Black women are already well known by all men for having the stankest coochies. Add to this the fat inner thighs of most blk females which prevent active air flow circulation and what you have is a living yeast and bacteria colony. Utterly repulsive. Unless a black female is mixed she will usually have a rough time competing other women because of these issues. Even then some mixed blk women are still ugly. Those rough Negroe genes are hard to cancel out. Sorry but thats how it goes.

      Your attitudes are another thing. I havent put my dick anywhere near a blk female in some time. But I would still be willing to allow yourself or another decent looking blk chick to please me orally as long as the room is dark, I dont have to see you, and you leave as soon as I am finished. If you would only change your attitude. At this point I only fantasize about whipping the average blk woman. If your down with that Im game, but I’d rather just engage in a healthy relationship with a better quality female.

      Remeber that you are a member of the most despised group of females on the planet. You dont have the luxury of being disrespectful.

      I have decided to move on because of the above reasons and I hope you can understand and move on. Sorry for the long letter but these things needed to be said.


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      • Hey bro, save the run down on black women, okay? First of all, you’re directing this to me as if I’m a female. I’m a REAL black man calling you jokers out on your attempt to further divide our race. This site is full of a bunch of Sambo, self hating blacks who dare to call themselves “thinking men”. Wtf??? It sounds like you’re all no catch for a black woman or any woman who has her shit together for that matter. Bunch of Sambos! That’s what this real “thinking man” thinks of you.

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      • Drakkar,

        You sound like a black woman regardless of your gender, that is good enough for me. The overwhelming majority of black women today are scum and bottom of the barrel dregs, they can’t even list off anything that make them better than non black women. We’ve all got our things in order, funnily enough much of the organisation fell into place from giving the black witch the boot to begin with. Tell black women to up their median net worth from $5 before you come here talking the usual black female garbage talking points.


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      • I wish these idiots would come up with something different. No one is a bigger sellout than the black bitch who sold out for welfare treats, one who wears another womans hair on her head. Get lost trying to bring these outplayed, untrue beat to death shaming tactics. Your kind make me sick.

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      • Verbs2015,

        LMAO Drakkar is a MAN. LMAO HAHAHA could of fooled me. He sounds like a woman and he argues in a very catty way. Are you gay, you doing this for your girlfriends? Or maybe you’re just yet again another scraggle daggle impersonating somebody you aren’t.

        So go on then list some positive qualities about “da queens” (black females) we’re waiting……

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  17. Lol where the hell did some of these dudes come from?

    If what we’re saying is so esoteric and untrue, why are so many coming out of the woodwork and attesting the same thing?

    Black womens’ worst enemy isn’t themselves, black men, or white women, but the Internet. Not only do they casually broadcast their dysfunction online, but said venue is also used by black men to finally tell the truth of the matter.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      Ever played Call of Duty Zombies? You know how after you kill a certain amount of Zombies then more come out in ‘waves’? This is all it is. However, This is Call of Duty Modern Simpfare. And the next wave of simps are coming, each getting more stupid and brainwashed than the last!

      Don’t be surprised in the near future if other races, non-black, alt-right type, men start appearing on this site and start simping for black women!

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      • Oh yes, I’m sure the “all women are like that” spouting (while still worshipping Asian women), white genocide screaming (while still worshipping Asian women), jew blaming types will be here soon enough. It’s all a tactic to get us back on the plantation.

        Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare

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      • Where are all the racist killer cops when you need them?

        After a full day of dealing with stupid ass black scum at my job I was already in a “just round ’em up and kill ’em all” type mood. I just watched that and it pissed me the fuck off! I saw one or two dudes. Thugs of course. Namely that stupid looking fool in red. The rest were mostly a bunch of nasty, trifling, fat, disgusting hog bitches.

        One of those heffers, that fat pig in the light blue shirt was so fucking fat she looked like Doomsday from the Superman comics. Someone should find whatever dusty ass hood those goblins originated from and nuke it. Fast. Before those sorry sack of shit negroes manage to reproduce, if they havent already.


  18. It’s literally like all black women read from the ‘Stupid Black Woman Playbook’. The same lines, talking points, and the same old black women. What group of women in their right mind would continuously return to a website that they claim is so wrong and actually address a bunch of men who they claim have shitty jobs, get no pussy, have been rejected, and ‘need to step their game up’ (I really hate that negro woman babble nonsense)?
    But like I’ve mentioned before black women really believe that they are proving some type of point by speaking this way. You see how obsessed the black woman is with the black man who she claims is so low?
    This black woman not only came to this website once, she returned to leave another comment in response to the men who she claims are nothing. Look at how contradictory her behavior is in contrast to her words. I don’t go to any website where black women are talking about anything and try to interject myself, to give my opinion about what they’re saying because I don’t care what they have to say about anything.
    Think about this, only black women are dumb enough to try to criticize men for having a job. Black women, the lowest, ugliest, most ignorant group of women on the planet earth, talking about a ‘getting a real job’. Because we all know that most black women are brain surgeons.
    Do you ever think you would see an Asian woman or a woman from Mexico or China criticize the men of her race or nation for getting up and going to work everyday? But the black woman literally lives in fantasyland.
    Do you also notice how much black women talk about pussy? Everything with black woman is about getting some pussy, you can’t get no pussy, do this and do that and maybe you’ll get some pussy. Black women are simply disgusting. Everything about them is on a very low, animalistic, beastlike level.
    It’s mildly amusing when black women come to this website and spew their nonsense because it proves everything we say about them on this website.
    But the black woman demon will certainly be back because all black women do is revel in conflict.

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  19. I don’t have many stories in the workplace because I refuse to (up to this point work) work around black whores and niggers. Yep I said it for all you lurkers out there. At my weekend job, that’s all there is. A bunch of nasty bitter ass no man having looking like jabba the hut, predator looking black bitches. All have attitudes, some no teeth, but they’ll have a fresh weave in every other week. It’s pathetic on every level.

    One experience I do have is I’m currently in the final steps for getting a job (won’t say what or where for obvious reasons), and said job needed medical clearance and i was on a timeline. The dumb ass black whore purposely gave me the wrong information full well knowing I was on a time line, and full well knowing I was in the final stages. Luckily I didn’t get disqualified (yet) because they’re somewhat understanding but that’s bullshit. After some digging around and making an official complaint, turns out this isn’t the first time she’s done this. And it’s seems to be only against black men. But we’re supposed to believe (they have our back and we should trust them).. I’d rather take my chances walking playing Russian roulette.

    Black women and their simp cohorts are beyond disgusting and hypocritical.

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  20. Simple solution for this: AVOID at ALL costs! If you can’t avoid at all costs, keep all interactions to a bare minimum.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off.

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  21. Here’s a question for Verbs, the weak brother who owns this site:..How does your content go from talking about Hebrew Isrealites and The Most High to all of a sudden the bashing of black women? The reason I found your site in the first place was because I was doing research on blacks being the chosen people of God. Link after link, site after site, I came across yours. It was good reading at first until I noticed your switch in content. Then I realized the obvious truth, somewhere around the time when you were writing about The Most High, you must’ve been in a relationship with a black woman who destroyed you. So instead of dealing with the issue of what ONE woman did to you, you got in your head the idea of writing trash about all black women. You see how silly that is? You can say I sound like a black woman all you want but the reality is MOST black men like myself love and support black women just like we love and support our mothers and sisters. You have here a very SMALL cluster of black males (can’t really call y’all men) who obviously have been hurt, rejected or whatever by black women. Hell, some of y’all no doubt have “mommy issues”, but my point is you are the minority not the majority so when y’all get shot by the cops or become the victim of some hate crime, we’ll see if Becky has your back. Like I said, your site started positive then ended up as garbage obviously due to your rejection of black women. Maybe this is your shitty way of dealing with it.

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    • Here’s a news flash, dummy:

      It’s not thinking decent black men like us who are getting shot by cops.

      It’s the dysfunctional thugs and ain’t shit Negroes who are getting shot by cops, something you conveniently forgot to mention.

      Of course “Becky” won’t have their backs because “Becky” (in general) does not support and condone dysfunction

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    • Drakkar,

      It always amuses me when people like yourself play the “you’ve been hurt,” card or the “You must of been rejected by black women.”

      As if being rejected by a black woman is suppose to be some sort of loss…..Being rejected by a black woman is like being rejected by two legged dog with rabies who wants to kill you….In other words we’re not losing ANY sleep over it.

      If you want to deal with a scraggle daggle go right ahead! I actually applaud you since dealing with the black female is akin to dealing with a wild animal. It stinks, it’s unpredictable, and it will attack. May I suggest some cages and other enclosures to assist you on your endeavour?

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      • Odyssey,

        You know what’s funny, in Negro Wars I listed the “you’ve been rejected” slogan as one of the most common techniques used by the black witch and her pro black simp flunkies in order to help black women evade accountability.

        This is exactly the point, exactly what are thinking black men missing out on when it comes to black women, what is so great about them that we just have to stick to dealing with them and nobody else?

        You’ll notice how these dudes cannot defend black women on any level and thus instead they will frequently resort to shaming tactics in their efforts to stop you speaking out against black female skullduggery, smh.

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    • Drakkar,

      Is that the best retort you could come up with, weak? I’ll answer your question as it is a simple one. Firstly, I don’t use the redundant term “bashing black women” as it implies that somehow black women are victims, in 2018 they most certainly are not. Secondly, as I’ve stated before your shaming tactics and attempts to render legitimate gripes and concerns black men raise relating to black women as garbage and trash aren’t working. Pretending that there isn’t a problem with the overwhelming majority of black women isn’t helping them at all, it is only exacerbating their dysfunctional behaviour.

      The reason why I switched to talking about black female dysfunction is because the Most High directed me to talk about the dysfunctions within black society and the main culprits behind those dysfunctions, black women. What I’m doing is no different than the prophets in the bible who were instructed by the Most High to warn his people concerning their degenerate behaviour and that they would be judged if they didn’t repent. The Most High has always set aside watchmen and prophets to warn his people when they’ve gone astray or are you going to say that this isn’t within the scriptures?

      If you read the scriptures properly you would also note how the Most High frequently calls out specific people on specific reprobate activities they are engaging in, surely you can see this. As in the days of old there are always people like yourself who seek to excuse the wicked behaviour of others, those who would attempt to stand for goodness, honesty and righteousness you mock and ridicule in your efforts to sacrifice yourself for the devil spawn black female and her malevolent offspring, shame on you.

      Weak spineless individuals like yourself cower and turn a blind eye to evil works and the same time you pat yourself on the back. Yet folks like myself and others here who actually confront degenerate behaviour and stand in the fire you attempt to label as “weak”, what dimension are you from, really? I understand that you fear black women, however individuals such as myself don’t. Just do us all a favour, stand aside and hand in your manhood card while you are at it since you are too cowardly to call out black female skullduggery.

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      • My brother, don’t be deceived. You are doing the work of the devil and furthermore, giving ammunition to the white man to support their agenda of dividing our race. For you to claim that you are doing as the prophets have done is comical, ridiculous and so dangerous that’s it’s scary all rolled up in one. God would never direct you to do this, that’s not His voice you’re listening to. You are being played, straight up. I hope you have enough room for the misery that is sure to come to you.

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      • Drakkar,

        So let me understand your logic, myself warning other black men concerning the perils and the dangers of dealing with modern day black women and showing these same black men the evidence to prove the case is doing the work of the devil, is that some kind of joke statement? This is exactly why I asked you before what dimension you are from.

        The black race is already divided, you’re about 60 years behind the times, black women walking around blaming black men for every calamity and bad consequence these same black females bring upon themselves with their own hands, middle and upper class blacks already live separately from poorer, lower income black folks, thinking black men have either been ousted or left black society long ago due to the hostility that has been shown towards them not only from black women but also from their worker drone, pro black simp flunkies.

        I honestly have to wonder what bible you’re reading from, for you to claim that what I am doing is a joke simply demonstrates your serious lack on knowledge concerning the scriptures. It seems that you would much prefer for me to focus upon “the white man” all the time and like yourself completely ignore black women and the endless destruction they have brought upon their own people, sorry, that is not going to happen.

        Oh, so you know the Most High now, you know exactly what he would direct me to do, really? You’re sounding more and more ridiculous especially seeing as we can read about the Most High instructing various folks within the bible to do the same. Didn’t Moses bring judgement upon those who went astray when he returned from being up in the mountain with God?

        Didn’t Elijah bring judgement upon the false prophets of Jezebel who were encouraging the people to follow and pray to false gods? Didn’t the Most High bring judgement upon his own people via the hand of King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar? Didn’t the Most High bring judgement upon his people via the Greek and Roman empires?

        Isaiah 3:16-26 and Isaiah 4:1-4 talk about the coming judgements of the modern day black woman, mainly smelling repugnant and baldness and we are seeing these unfold already. You cannot save black women, unless you wish to become a casualty or a victim in their up and coming judgement I would strongly suggest that you separate yourself from such trash and stop trying to shame others into wallowing in that same garbage with you.

        The difference between you and myself is you are a feminist and as a result you don’t mind having the black female’s muddy boots stomping upon your neck. Sorry mac, I will not be joining you in the dirt.

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      • Just like that other bitch @d1ckh38d, this bootlicker comes here looking for more sacrificial lambs for his big booty bimbo god, using the same old bullshit talking points.

        Walk back to base, simp. No fresh bodies here for you.

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      • Verbs,

        This simp just said you’re doing the works of the white man. Funny how these simps ALWAYS gotta blame the white man for something, rather than take responsibility for their own dysfunctions. This is one of the reasons why I can’t stand these negros.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        I completely agree with you, how they can just clean look past all of the evil and destruction black women have wrought upon black society is beyond me, they are truly bewitched under the black woman’s spells.

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    • Again with your shaming tactics. I can’t speak for every man here, but we haven’t or don’t deal with dysfunctional whores of any race particularly black Ellen. We owe them no allegiance. Maybe just maybe if black women were to 1) work on their horrible attitudes 2) be in decent shape 3) not have multiple stds and bastard children 4) properly clean themselves maybe more black men would choose to stick around and just not bums and thugs. And even they’re getting sick of those whores.

      But doing that makes you take on responsibility for your actions, and not claim victim hood, something most black whores would NEVER do.

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      • Stephen,

        Exactly it seems so simple doesn’t it? You’d think the “most educated group of people” in America would understand simple bio-social attraction but for some reason this is COMPLETELY lost on them. Yet again black women prove themselves to be the biggest morons this planet has ever seen. They go around imitating the white woman’s hair without imitating her pleasant attitude. They go around shouting their degrees without realising they only have net worth of $5. They go around complaining about ain’t shit black men while in the same breath praising them and openly shooting down “educated lames.”


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    • Look brother(if you are one). I’ll ask you a few questions in a civilized manner. If you are sincere about what you claim to represent you will answer truthfully with no deflections and/or cowardly pat answers, as this is the hallmark of the blk female brain. This will be the best proof that you are male and possess a mans mind.

      How can any supposed follower of Biblical truth witness the debauchery and degenerate nature of todays black female as opposed to her predecesors from previous generations without the stark realization that they are in open defiance against that same Biblical truth?

      Not to mention all known standards of ethical and moral behavior?

      Where in the bible does The Most High not punish or make an example of trangressors who refuse to repent and continue to shamelessly practice the same wicked satanic behavior?

      Where in the Bible is harlotry and female disfunction tolerated, permitted, or sanctioned?

      I’ll wait…

      Throughout scripture and not only in the bible, believers are warned to separate themselves from those who continually transgress. These warnings are not an option! They are to be taken seriously! The Most High is not mocked. This is meant to save a remnant from the destruction that is the due punishment of those who dont repent. We are a part of that remnant.

      And you dont have a choice to excuse this behavior because they are “your people”. Damn your people!!! They have already pretty much damned themselves!

      Even though we sometimes go a bit overboard, we are just venting and spreading the word. Most of the men on here are hard working classic black men. We arent criminals, thugs, players, or the like. If we come on here to vent its only because it keeps us healthy and sane. Yet you came on here and started attacking us simply because we dare to not kiss the polluted asses of todays reprobate blk females.

      If you are a man of God as you profess, you should be with us and not against us. For as I said we are a part of that small remnant… Unfortunately it takes a bit of testicular fortitude to be the heralds of a new way of thinking. A quality more and more blk men seem to be lacking these days.

      SYSBM for health, wealth, and betterment of self

      Liked by 5 people

  22. This guy is probably here on orders from his so-called “queen(s)”.

    “Do whatever you gotta do, say whatever you gotta say, WE DON’T CARE! Just get those thinking brothers back onto this plantation! Otherwise, we won’t let you so much as sniff our soiled panties!”

    Liked by 5 people

    • Kameron Brown,

      Exactly, there are many occasions in the scriptures where we can ready about Christ reprimanding his disciples, yet this individual simply doesn’t get it. Assuming he is a black man, he’s most definitely been given his marching orders from the Blackistani sisterhood.

      Liked by 3 people

    • @Drakkar, you bitch:

      When you’ve been neglected, abandoned, beaten for no good reason, live in a climate of fear, told every day how much of a “little shit” you are, constantly compared to other members of the family, and generally feel like you were adopted….

      You reckon there are “mommy issues”?

      Take your head out of licking the cheese crack of that fat ass bitch.


      Liked by 3 people

      • Michel,

        You know these bootlicking scoundrels already, he’ll just say that this was your own personal experience even though most of the time shines like him more than likely experienced the same foul treatment at the hands of the black witch but unlike us don’t have the testicular fortitude to simply acknowledge that the behaviour was wrong.

        Liked by 3 people

  23. These inhabitants of The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan remind me of the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote – no matter how many times he gets blown up, falls off a cliff, gets hit by a truck, gets crushed by a boulder, etc. – he keeps coming back for more punishment.

    And these cretins call themselves “highly edumucated”. SMDH…

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. Disciple 2000, TMT247, Xstopalopoketl,

    I agree with you guys in that black women will hate you if you do not allow them to abuse you and trash you and will instantly began to target you to destroy you.

    Just before I left Kazakhstan, I got to go on TWO DATES with two Kazakh girls! One date, I home cooked a meal and we ate at my hostel. The second girl, we went to the Green Baazaar far up north on Dostyk Ave (That street was a very important street during soviet times, now it is a very popular tourist area for forigners). I happen to see a fat black women with the usual look. As per usual, people for some reason naturally assumed that me and the girl was an actual couple. When the black women saw me and her, I guess she thought that my kazakh date was my Girlfriend. I could see the rage and disgust eminating from the woman. I was hoping she would dare say something to me in regards to me and my date ’cause I was ready to lash out in action had she done so. I am not goning to leave the west, just so black women I come across can still treat me like we are in the west! in central Asia, You have the right to beat up women should one get out of hand. Had the black women acted out in a certain way towards me, you best believe I would whoop that ass back to the west!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Man Kazakhstan sounds nice! But yeah, it’s like running an obstacle course here in the US of Gay when you want to avoid blk females and the other uncivilized inhabitants of Blackistan.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Just curious, how and where do you meet these girls? Is it that easy over there to just walk up to a girl or do you have to go to bars, clubs, or social gatherings?

      Liked by 4 people

      • Xstopalopoketl,

        Yes, I know what you mean! The black sisterhood along with the oncoming 4th wave man hating feminism are the two reasons why I left out as soon as I could!

        To answer your question, As a foriegner, You have an automatic leg up over the local guys. Yes, It is that simple to just walk up to them and talk to them. Yes, it is as simple and easy to cold approaching girls here. Sometimes you don’t even have to approach them, they will approach you because they are extremely curious about your presence being there. When you walk the streets of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, ALL EYES are on YOU! This also includes other Asian foreigners like the koreans and chinese that live (t)here. When you come to Asia, you will understand what it’s like to be a hot girl in the US. Girls (and guys) will bark, whistle, pop, howl, just to get your attention. Sometimes it can be very annoying when youu just want to run to the corner store to buy a bag of chips.

        In their eyes, you are super exotic, unlike any forigener in the world they have ever seen. The bone and facial structure, you skin complexion, and if you have an afro like mine (I always keep mine in ‘the side part’ style) you while be amazed at how big their eyes can get when they see you. One day I was buying a pair of new shoes, I sat down to try one that I liked on. There was a girl sitting at her counter across from me. When I looked up, her facial expression was EXACTLY like this!:

        No exageration!

        The first girl I met was at my hostel. I bought fruits because I wanted to make Strawberry and Banana smoothie, freshly bought from the fruit stands. If they speak english, they will automatically speak english to you even if you speak to them in Russian (I guess to try to impress you). I asked the girl if I could use the blender since she was sitting near it. She gave it to me and then immeditely asked me where I am from. So I told her I am from New york. I asked her if she is Kazakh which she is. She saw my big bag of fruits. She asked if I was vegetarian because she saw I ate no meat. I told her no but I really want to eat something healthy. So, I offered her some smoothie. I mixed and drank all of my smoothie and gave her one small cup.

        She drank the smoothie and said it was the most delicious thing she has ever tasted and it made her full. She asked if I liked to cook. I said yes. She said she wants to eat some of my cooking. So she offered to give me money to go buy chicken because she wanted something with chicken. I said oh ok no problem. She had to leave somewhere but she made me promise to make her dinner. I said fine. two or three days later, I went and bought boneless chicken with carrots, and noodles, along with more fuits and vegetables to blend and mix. I cooked it and it came out great. We was up talking alllllllll night long till 3 or 4 in the morning talking and laughing. she loved it and said she wants me to cook again. So on my last day she took me to go with her to the super market and bought food and snacks for me for my trip home back to Kyrgyzstan. I didn’t get to cook this time because by the time we got back there was another Kazakh lady who cooked some sort of stuffed meat inside pepper so we ate that instead. I the girl that we should keep in contact because I will come back to Kazakhstan next month. She happily agreed and we exchanged both phone number, email and I guess she gaave me her instagram even though I do not use instagram. When I got back to KG a couple days ago, we have been texting quite often.

        The second girl, I met outside by the mall. Once, again, she asked where I am from. I told her US. She then asked me have I been to other places in Kazakhstan. I said no. She asked me where am I staying. I said at a hostel. So she was asking why am I coming to KZ and not doing anything. I said, I don’t know, I don’t know where to go. So she tells me to go with her to the mall. We hung out at the mall and she showed me all the places I can go to shop and eat. She asked me do I know about the Green Baazaar at the northern part of the city. I told her I knew about it but I don’t think I want to go because I hear they scam foriegners. She said do not worry, I will go with you. It was too late in the day to go anywhere, so I told her let’s met back here saturday and lets hang out. She had to work that day but she gets out at 11am that day. I said no problem. I asked for her number and we went home. That saturday we both showed up on the dot. It was meant to be just a quick tour and then I go home but we ended up hanging out all the way to past midnight! We had so much fun that I completely forgot the time. We went shopping, Saw the Zenkov Chathedral, Central Park, Saw Kok tobe (although I already went there with my first date), the Mosques, street performers, live bands, ate at tasty resturants, (Kazakh plov, in my opinion, tastes almost the same as kyrgyz plov, although Kazakhs swear that their food is better than Kyrgyz plov). She was very paitent, kind and I felt bad for making her stay out so late knowing she had to go to work the next morning.

        Talking to Kz and KG girls is very easy, in fact even local guys here, even the goptniks, tell me that it is very easy for forigners to meet and talk to girls here (out of jealousy). The only problem is the language barrier. If you can some how someway learn just the basics, you are GOLD! Yes, you can also go to bars, clubs etc but then you might risk running into western forigners who will most indeed cockblock you just because they hate seeing black men getting anykind of attention over them. There are many western forigners in Almaty but alot of them will indeed be from America and they will bring their american mentality if they find out you too are from America.

        Xstopalopoketl, Please hurry and get your passport! and make a short trip to Asia or Eastern Europe if you can for at least one week and you will see the hude difference in how women in the east are versus black women of the west. The difference is almost like night and day! Even Russian women are very kind to me even though I have no interest in them!

        Liked by 3 people

  25. I’d like to share my experience with this so called “Black Queen” in my workplace. I work in the mental health field where we deal with people who have Developmental Disabilities. And you can believe there are thousands of stories like mine in this field dealing with the Black Woman. The first one involves an executive director for a company I used to work for. Someone had lied on me at work so I had to go to the community action agency to straighten out the problem. I was expecting a light skinned uppity chick to be the executive director for the company, but boy was I wrong. This fat ass, ink black mammy looking cunt showed up. This filthy cunt lied and put words in my mouth, and the white people overseeing the whole thing let her do it too. So I had to go back to that company and work but I abruptly quit. And a few months later, I saw her at a store and this cunt actually had the nerve to speak to me with a grin. I fucking hate that cunt, also she married some cuck beta white man, go figure.

    2. I worked for another company for almost 8 years and about halfway through, the company employed a typical dark skinned bitch who was very confrontational with me for no reason. I will refer to said cunt as “Frog-Faced Bitch” throughout this story. This bitch tried to argue with me, because she thought she knew it all when I was with the company longer than she was and she had just got into the field. One evening I was relieving Frog-Faced Bitch from her shift after she left, I discovered that she had left some notes in the log trying to get me in trouble concerning the cleaning. Then I saw that she wrote that there was some clothes that needed to be washed, so upon going down to the basement, Frog-Faced Bitch had scattered all the clothes on the basement steps. I’m like you crazy bitch. She even attempted to get the client we were caring for to lie on me, but it backfired because the client stuck up for me and made a fool out of Frog-Faced Bitch.

    3. In this story, I had the unfortunate pleasure of working for a black female manager that was younger than me. We will refer to her as “Manly Faced Bitch”. I started working at a home that was managed by Manly Faced Bitch about 5 years ago. From the time I started there, Manly Face Bitch routinely complained about my cleaning even making me clean the entire house twice on shift. Once she even had me clean plastic blinds with a scrub brush. And she would do what we call spot check on the house where she would pop in to try to catch me off guard, this Manly Faced Bitch made my time there a living hell. So I googled her name and found out that Manly Faced Bitch was arrested in another state for check fraud. Luckily I quit that hellhole, leaving her without a staff, this cunt ran all the male staff out of that home.

    This is why I encourage all MGTOW/IBMOR/SYSBM to really consider studying Magick to protect you and get your justice, believe me it works and you will be satisfied with the results.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Gryphon,

      I read your account and as with all of the others here I was shaking my head all the way through. And to think that we are told by these same women that “Becky is out to get us”. On the contrary, it is the black witch herself who is out to cause us harm and do us damage. You’ll notice how black women as a whole when working with black men will go out of their way to be spiteful and vindictive towards us for no reason. I have yet to to see non black females in the workplace treat black men with utter contempt and hatred the way that black women do.

      I have also noticed that black women who work in the fields of caring for the elderly, the sick and the disabled tend to be more nasty and vicious than those who work in other fields. These modern day black females simply aren’t human, their souls departed the body a long time ago.

      Liked by 3 people

  26. My personal experience, 9 years ago, a year after I left the military. I worked in a Walgreens, hoochie mama looking fine with attitude, asked me first time we met point blank, am I dating someone? I said no. She said “you gay?”. I was floored that a woman with kids with different men would say that. And guess what?

    The area we worked out of, became gentrified now. I worked my ass to find better work, find my purpose and went to get my Bachelors, and making moves even now. I grew healthier and wiser, stronger and smarter. Her ass probably still struggling! And her mother would come in sometimes, you could see the resemblence. Fine ass black woman, with a simp husband taking care of her and her daughter. Man I’m so glad I’m a Thinking Black Man and not a simp! Or I’d be a baby-daddddyyyyyyy!

    Liked by 3 people

    • (((Man I’m so glad I’m a Thinking Black Man and not a simp! Or I’d be a baby-daddddyyyyyyy!)))

      Not just that, but you’ll be a complete slave to and get finacially rape for the next 20+ years to the government. They can take your passport privilages away which means if you are abroad, you will have to comeback.

      I can’t even imagine that! Here I am actually finding my own identity, and happiness, having a normal and great life in Asia and I would have to comeback to America because I missed one payment of Slut support for a child that might not even be mine!

      If that had happened to me, I would be the next mass shooter! Only I would shoot up everyone in the republic of Blackistan. I would shoot, hack, decapitate, and murder all black women, their children, the tyrones, judges, and the dirty lawyers. Verbs made a post a while back when Bill Cosby got arrested and he said how men may shoot and kill the women and the lawyers/judges. I would be the first among those men to commit such action!

      Stay away from black women and get out of the US while you still can! My worse fear for the SYSBM is not the #Metoo movement but a complete police state in which Men cannot leave the US!

      Liked by 2 people

  27. One thing I wanted to mention about Drakkar, Verbs he stated you are doing the devils work. But it is the BW who are using the white man system to use it against BM child support, welfare, he conveniently leaves this information out. These simps I tell you, oh by the way I own my own real estate appraisal business and have several rental properties I have my stuff together and I am still not dealing with black women. Sorry you can have those filthy beast.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Sean,

      These simps simply refuse to acknowledge the many sins of the modern day black female and they wonder why they themselves still have yet to build something of worth and value within black society. I’ve still yet to hear from these guys as to how they expect to have fruitful and prosperous relations with a group of women who they refuse to reprimand and put back in line whenever required.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        You noticed he tried to use the same shaming tactics as the black witch herself the circus will always have work with all these clowns running around.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        I use to be against sex reassignment surgery and thought that it was wrong. But after coming here and seeing all of these simps pop up and go dumb dumb when it comes the mountain sized evidence, I am a proud supporter of sex reassignment surgery because this is exactly what they simps need! They sound like black women, think and talk like them and they worship them like gods. So are far more accepting of homosexual black men then thinking black men. Just like on your post on black women and gay black men who are bff, they mine as well just become the real thing!

        It’s no scratch off our backs if they do so anyways! Many of us already have non black girl friends and dates and even we were single, we already have a demographic of women that we can choose from.

        These simps are nothing but trolls that want to thought police us because we do not have “swag”, as if it is some sort of super power or something!

        I suspect that Dakkar and that other one are all the same trolls just logining in with different user accounts and pretending to be different people. Notice how they give themselves thumbs up? As if that troll is changing our minds and we are agreeing!

        SYSBM IS BECOMING more and more mainstream and it is putting fear in the republic of Blackistan so they are sending in their last hope: the simps.

        Liked by 1 person

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