Black Women And Homosexual Black Men – Best Of Buddies For Life


Right, but aren’t these the same black females who for the longest while have been complaining about Down Low(DL) black men? This is one of many reasons why modern day black women should not be taken seriously. They are sleeping with the same men that they complain about, complaining about so many black men being on the down low during the day, yet at night these same black females are getting sodomised ie packed from the back by these same DL individuals.

Already knowing that the homosexual lifestyle is an extremely high risk one, that is the disease rate sky rockets whenever men or women engage in sexual intercourse with the same gender, are you now beginning to understand to a greater degree why black women are the most diseased individuals on the planet bar none? Not only are they sleeping with Tyrone and Dirty Dick Rodney but they are also engaging in sexual relations with homosexual men, make that make sense. It’s not black men passing on the majority of STDs, it’s actually black women through their unquenchable sexual depravity.

So let me understand and get this straight, black women over and over state that homosexual men are their best buddies, yet when they fall into a disagreement with a heterosexual black man their first move is to disparage him by calling the individual a homosexual?? Do you see how confused and mentally disjointed these black women are? Which one is it, are homosexual men cool or are they a blight and a pestilence upon society? Make up your minds already.

Of course black women as a collective are no strangers to homosexuality, they are the main promoters of it within black society. As we can see from the above they also have no problems getting dicked down by homosexual black men and they equally enjoy engaging in homosexual acts with other women, I’ve illustrated this fact in a number of articles on the website, here are just a few of them:

Remember, these are the same black women who will sleep with their boyfriends who are fresh out of prison. In prison these men were either packing or being packed in order to relief themselves sexually and black women as a group have no problems rolling in and opening their legs to such individuals. The black woman’s lack of morality and abandonment of any form of self-respect and cleanliness is a true sight to behold. And they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip.

The biggest whore and Jezebel on the planet the modern day black woman is, she additionally loves bragging concerning her degenerate exploits with no shame in her face while doing so. A fundamental difference between black women and white women(since black women love bringing up white women in conversations frequently)is at least white women will make the effort to conceal their dirty laundry, even gutter white females have enough pride to not want the whole world to know about their shady business.

Now, remember what I talked about before concerning the spirit of feminism, because most black women desire to be men so badly, nature is now obliging them in their request, hence why there are very few good-looking black women remaining and why most of them look more masculine than black men. Black men, just walk away. It is not your job to rehabilitate mentally ill, mentally broken, homosexual loving one minute, call heterosexual black men homosexuals the next, masculine looking black females.

In summarising, black women call you a homosexual whenever they disagree with you but then they claim that homosexual men make the best friends. They complain about there being “too many black men on the down low” but then they have no issues with sleeping with the same DL individuals.

Of course as I’ve already mentioned in Negro Wars, one of the main reasons why black women love homosexual black men so much is because they no longer pose a threat to the faux leadership position that black women have been given over black society by the state. The black woman’s role as per her contractual obligation towards the government is to ensure that black men do not embark upon building ie engage in any activities that will threaten her white father’s kingdom, hence why she holds such a deep resentment and hatred towards heterosexual black males.

Again, this is why black women cannot be taken seriously, they claim that we black men aren’t building anything yet their very own state occupation is to ensure that we DON’T build and they honestly believe that we cannot see what is really going on, smh. Black women, the biggest supporters, participants and pushers of homosexuality in black society and fruity black men like the Prancing Elites below are the typical products of the black female’s labour. Most homosexual black men come from single mother households. #SYSBM #ABANDONBLACKISTAN #DATEOUT #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Give Suspect Black Females A Wide Berth

Most High Bless

81 thoughts on “Black Women And Homosexual Black Men – Best Of Buddies For Life

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  2. Anal sex tag? Did I accidentally click on Pornhub? Lol

    In all seriousness, there are NO bigger pushers of homosexuality than black Women, as we all know that black lives matter is a lesbo led organization. Similarly, these women NEVER make it a priority to first choose a good man to have kids with, let alone find a good one for their sons. Thus, the only male influence on these boys is their moms’ jackass boyfriend, who then rapes the boy and further pushes him into sexual confusion and buggery.

    Conversely, as I’ve stated before in my videos, what shade are the typical fruits such as the idiots above? Yep, dark skinned black men, i.e. the most physically masculine men on the planet. That shows you how conquered black men and black society have become.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, dark skinned black men are viewed as the warriors of the black race, this is why the black witch primarily homes in on them. Black lives matter is a joke, using black deaths to further the push and the acceptance of the homosexual agenda within black society.

      Black women namely single mothers have a hell of a lot to answer for, the damage they have inflicted upon blacks just in the span of 50 years alone is more than enough to have the overwhelming majority of them condemned to the Lake of Fire without any chance of redemption.

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  3. Also, just being honest, do the two fags above in the blouses look ANY different from an actual black woman? If that were ANY other group of people, you would be able to tell that SOMETHING was off, but black Women are so coarse and ugly that they literally look like the men at this point.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is the thing and you don’t need pictures in order to make such a determination, just walk the streets of your local area and you will see exactly the same phenomenon taking place.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. The guy in the back with the wig on could legit pass as a BW, or is that actually a BW? Who can tell anymore?

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    • @Afrofuturism1,

      This is known as Sexual Androgyny where a man or a women change their appearance to where one is unable to tell the difference of the gender of that person.

      Black women, Transsexuals and gay black men are almost all one in the same in the black community in terms of physical appearance to the point that even Tyrones are unable to tell which us which. TOmboy sotomayor did a video where he said that black men are literally afraid to date black women and will only date single moms because it is the only way they can have endurance that the single mother is truly a woman.

      This is so sick beyond all reason! I mean i am a social libertarian and believe one should do which ever makes one happy as long as it does not effect other peoples, but DAMN, this is some whole ‘nother freakish thing if I have ever seen. It would be an insult to twilight zone fans if I compared it to Blackistan but this is the only thing I can describe what the black community has become……

      What ever that floats their boat I guess….

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      • @Carnio
        Its not the Twilight Zone. The modern day black community is Sodom and Gomorrah and just like Lot Good BM are walking away and not looking back.

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  4. These chicks are degenerate man and thats why guys are avoiding them. Tweets like that don’t even shock me anymore. How much you want to bet that this chick probably has AIDS or will get it from anal sex with her gay “friend”. She will more than likely spread AIDS to her “boyfriend” and anyone else she sleeps with. BW are single mothers and have STDs at a high rate because they are sexually promiscuous. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      The black female’s sexual promiscuous tendencies are a very big problem and one of the main reasons I advise thinking black men to seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere. Black women carry the highest amount of disease out of all groups yet they have the audacity to point their filthy, contaminated fingers at others, smh.

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    • I’ve always wondered how black women had such a high rate of stds despite a certain percentage of my 4% community having it.

      I mean, I don’t have any stds yet a lot of black women do.

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  5. Verbs, like I said before…… “nothing surprises me anymore with these savages!”

    Listen man, you could tell me that a black Bitch sucked a Venus fly traps’s dick on Venus and I wouldn’t blink an eye. Bruh, they’re Fucked up man and that’s all to it. Smmfh 😔😔

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  6. Yep. The usual suspects. Blk females and the butt bandit brigade. She can always count on the fruit loop squad to back her plays. At my job their is an evil little fat meatball of a woman who is the manager. She’s probably from the phillipines or something but she acts black and has 5 mixed kids. She acts like a typical blk bitch. All she does is gossip about other employees. The other blk female that works my shift is her lackey and stooge. Their is a big fat queer negro who makes up the third member of this bunch. He’s at least 6’4″ tall and fat as a damn house. And as fruity as he could possibly be. Looks like he has sucked more d!cks than McDonald’s makes hamburgers. He’s not just gay, he’s super gay! Naturally he is also a stooge who laughs at her stupid jokes and backs her plays.

    It’s quite sickening seeing how homosexuality has been used to blk man into these soggy cereal non-threatening butt burgulars.

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    • Some things never grow old…yet still the pro-wack, Fourth Reich Neo-Nazis expect us to ‘wife up’ BF (black females) in the name of the ‘pure’ black race. These days I don’t know which is worse: white Marxist communism in various disguises, aided by Zionist-Catholic fascism trying hard to force us back onto the rotting Communist plantation that needs to burn down and stay destroyed, or Pan-Africanist Nazis trying their utmost best to maintain the supposed ‘purity’ of their imaginary Abyssinian uberman.

      Stay strong guys and remember this quote by a great pastor, ‘When faced with two evils, choose none.’


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      • Anton Nikolaev,

        No black men with sense and intelligence would even think about dealing with these contaminants, black women are shacked up with Satan himself and have no plans to severe their coalition.

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    • Xstopalopoketi,

      This is the modern day black female for you, wherever she goes she spreads her contaminated doctrines and philosophies with the aims of taking other women and black men down to hell with her. These women live for destruction, violence, bloodshed, war and debauchery and they wonder why they remain chronically single at such a high clip.

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    • Everything about this guy screams queer! His walk alone is an advertisement for other turd miners on the prowl. Search Youtube for the Pink Panther theme song and imagine a big Fat Albert looking butt pirate sashaying along to it’s beat and you get the idea.

      Forevermore whenever I hear that song I will always have the mental image of this big fat muffin man strolling along. This guy even has a “gay” name! Lionell. Lol!

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  7. 1988 black female: I will name my son either: D’Quell, LaMoFotavious, or JaBudweiser.

    2018 black female: These no good ni*gas ain’t building sh*t.

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  8. This is the results of liberalism and black female dysfunction. They’re upset now because we have a voice and we’re ignoring them.

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  9. Gossiping? A masculine gay man or a DL one most likely isn’t into gossip so shes probably being ducked down by a effeminate gay.

    Other than the fact I have no stds great post.

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      • The Nigerian prostitutes are wrong for being in Spain as illegal aliens. If they return to Nigeria, the issue of who is engaging in wrongdoing will no longer exist.

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  10. Ok, two questions….

    1. Are those pictures Black men or black women? Because now a days, I honestly cannot tell the difference between today’s Black women and gay black men on appearance no longer….

    2. Black women cheat om men with gay black men?????????WTF? That us tge ultimate LOW! So now I am honestly confused, you mean to sit here and tell me black women will actually have sex with Gay black men, Tyrones, and their own Biological sons (and daughters) before they would even fast in the same direction as good black men???????????????? Yet they will call straight heterosexual men gay for chasing white girls or non black girls?????? What kind of logic is this?????

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    • Its not too surprising that they would have sex with gay men, a lot of BW are so promiscuous and/or desperate that they will have sex with almost any man who gives them attention. BW are easy, its a well known fact at this point, thats why dusty dudes, thugs, and players are able to knock so many of them up.

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  11. Verbs, you nailed it again. They care nothing for heterosexual black men that have their lives in order, when they say “you don’t build nuffin” all that really means is that they want US to bankroll their wickedness as they continue to do the same foolishness that got them in their predicament to begin with. Hell no!

    SYSBM Until the whells fall off, the battery dies and the engine seizes!

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  12. I’ve always felt uncomfortable around women who have large amounts of gay male friends, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what made me uneasy. I probably should have guessed that black women likely slept with their gay male friends.

    Ironically, unless those men are just pretending to be gay to lull the woman into a false sense of security, how could those gay men have sex with black women if they aren’t attracted to the opposite sex? … Unless the average black woman is masculine enough to arouse a gay man.

    Hmm. No wonder they get along so well.

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  13. And this is why thinking black men avoid these women like the plague. Literaly everything they say is a lie.
    They complain about thugs…..but constantly lust after them and sing about being baby mama no#4 for his dick.

    They complain about men being conditioned by the white standard of beauty while wearing weave.

    They complain about dead beat dads but use their kids as meal tickets.

    They complain about down low black men and how they give them stds but openly admit that they have sex with gay men behind their boyfriend’s back.

    They call black men sellouts just for DATING white women but won’t call black women who star in ghetto gaggers sellouts.

    At this point I don’t even want to touch a black woman. I feel sick just being near them when I’m at work.
    SYSBM and never look back.

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    • I feel the same way especially at my job. I can’t stand them and their complaining about thinking black men don’t want them.

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    • Ditto. I’m also at the point where I experience disgust at the sight of blk females. It seems like every job I’ve had, I’ve had to deal with annoying blk females, ignorant thugs, and dusty dudes. They always seem to be able to sense that I’m trying to avoid dealing with them even though I try to be nice.

      They can tell from the way I talk, that I came from the “community” and they seem to think I’m obligated to think, act, and live as they do. They see independent thought as a threat and any blk man who is strong enough to do his own thing and not follow the crowd is seen as someone who is against the group somehow.

      The wall is definitely in place and it also is starting to include some of the pathetic males who are still on the plantation. It’s gotten to the point where my attempts to avoid ratchet ghetto blacks tends to put a bullseye on my back rather than allowing me to escape!

      I know I’m not the only one. I want to warn all the brothers here that the warnings given by Verbs and other posters here about watching your backs in these days and times is true! A few posts back I mentioned a job interview where I experienced this before. There is definitely something in the air, and it is not just blk females we need to look out for.

      These attempts to bring us back to Niggaville will turn into both overt and covert attacks on those blk men who the Niggroes know have purposely chosen to think, act, and live their lives differently. Niggroes who are still stuck in the quicksand of the former blk community can sense that you already have, or are freeing yourself and they don’t like it. They are threatened by it and will lash out in some way.

      Carnio talked about his experience growing up around these people and I had similar experience coming up. I believe this behavior and treatment towards blk males who dare to be different is going to get much worse in the near future.

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  14. Just read and watch The Root, Lipstick Alley, BET, TLC and any of the numerous garbage import shows, and you’ll see clearly the cosy relationship between black women and gay black men.

    Just what is it about straight Black men that has the ruling “elite” shit scared of us, I wonder?

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  15. @BWCLover

    “Wait. What are the light skinned black men viewed as?”

    Sexy as hell. Case in point, me lol.

    Funny how they complain about white standard of beauty, yet they are the ONLY ones who big up light skin black men. Conversely, the only black women ever legitimately praised by ANYBODY are the lighter skinned and more mixed women, because they will typically look like actual females and not be confused with the fruits in the article above.

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  16. It’s funny BW always talking about BM in the down low most BW know if their husbands or boyfriends are on the down low but most of the time they will marry and have kids with them because they have money. But then they go crying to everybody when they have used that man up and drained his pockets telling everybody he was on the down low. BW are hyper sluts who will do anything for money this piece of scum above proves that nothing surprises me anymore about BW filth of Earth.

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  17. Black whores are the most hypocritical, confused, nasty people on the planet. Nothing they say or do makes any sense, and you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to make sense of their actions or words. I get angry and nauseous having to deal with most of them, it’s gotten that bad.

    The fact that black men who choose to still deal with these whores won’t date a woman without kids because they can’t tell if it’s a tranny, is absolutely pathetic. Keep building that up wall, and never look back.

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  18. Black women love homosexual Blackmen. Homosexual Blackmen worship black women, so these black women know that this is a group of perverted, degenerates that they can control and go along with any stupid thing they do or say.
    Black women also love ignorant ass ghetto buffoons because they know that they can control those men because those men are just too plain stupid to actually ever question anything a black woman does.
    Now because thinking Blackmen actually question, challenge and don’t go along with everything black woman say, those men are called coons, beta males, get accused of chasing Whitewomen, get accused of hating themselves, etc, etc.
    Once again when black women encounter black men that they can’t push around, manipulate, tell what to do and scream orders at, black women lose their mind because they simply do not know how to deal with men who are actually men.
    Black women surround themselves by brain-dead ghetto SIMPS and ultra effeminate black homosexuals, so they can feel important. Because in actuality nobody other than black homosexuals and blackmale SIMPS pay any attention to black women whatsoever.

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    she actually typed that on social media?????!!!!!!!
    helloooooo how about the sense of SHAME?!
    how about the sense of MORALLITY?!
    how about the sense of(YOU ARE A(FEMALE))???!!!!!!
    arab women don’t say that even what she does with her husband.
    but then againthey are ACTUAL FEMALES who has the SHYNESS that is in every NORMAL FEMALE
    NOT THAT THING that I don’t know what is supposed to be called!!!!!!!

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  20. It is just a matter of time that another creation from black females within this stereotypical black female-ran black society will turn on her. Her stereotypical partners in crime aka The wannabe bad boys/thugs, fellow sistas’ and their children did a huge number in the “community” to the point that there’s no coming back and soon the female’s best friend aka Homosexual Black Men will be next. As I remembered during my grade school years, I was called gay (and retard) by my then black female schoolmates as a escape goat and a way to show no interest in me. They went on a slanderous campaign on me to make other females believe the same lie they contoured up causing those females to err. Around the 11th grade, some of these same females that lied or believed the lie years earlier began dating other black females either in JROTC or on the girl’s basketball team. One day while I going to my next class, I saw in the corner of my right eye as I walked pass by one kissing on another girl (playing the male role) in the lips, hugging (booed) up at the lockers in the hallway. Fast forward to today as I look on Facebook, a great deal of them are either single with kids (by multiple men) or without kids, married to weak, simp-ish men of whom taking care of kids these women had from two or three relationships previously, lesbians and so forth. Now, they called themselves “Christians”, regular mid-week bible study and Sunday morning attendees with family member connections to their church as Pastors, church Elders, etc… just to name a few. SYSBM.

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    • [[Now, they called themselves “Christians”, regular mid-week bible study and Sunday morning attendees with family member connections to their church as Pastors, church Elders, etc]]

      Reason why is because they use the same rhetoric: “Only God can judge me” ,no accountability/responsibility on their part. They truly think that when it’s Saturday, Sunday, or whenever they feel like it, to just say that they’ve been forgiven, come Monday to Friday, no repentance.

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    • I went through similar crap growing up. In my case, the low IQ niggroes around me could always sense that I was different from them. I was always a free thinker and did my own thing. Niggroes exist only in the context of group think. Their minds are formed and shaped from infancy by blk females. Thus they are all followers. One ignorant female says something and the entire pack has to mindlessly follow whatever nonsense spews forth from her idiot mouth.

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      • [[I was always a free thinker and did my own thing.]]

        Difference between you and them, is that you have a brain and use it with logic and reason, whereas they use herd mentality. You have a good head on your shoulders, sir.

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  21. This sounds like a site of broken hearted, rejected and bitter black men. Damn dude, maybe the problem is you because the black women I meet are nothing like the ones written on here. I just stumbled on this site and thought it was a joke until I realize that people actually commented on this garbage. Assuming your mothers are black, I would think you’d have a little more respect for our sisters than this. Then again, maybe y’all hate your mothers. Anyway, it sounds like you’re just a bunch of butt hurt whining babies.

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    • Drakkar,

      Why is it that people of your ilk always seem to think that they can present their exceptions(if we are even to believe you in the first place) and now believe that those same exceptions will overturn the general rule? This isn’t 1978 where world communications are slow and many things heard are via word of mouth, we now have rapid communication worldwide and as a result we are able to observe the overwhelming majority of the world especially the western one in real time.

      It is also noted and very interesting how you had absolutely nothing to say regarding the reprobate who wrote the original tweets, why are we not surprised? As per usual the “your mother’s black” narrative is put forth which makes absolutely non sense whatsoever, your shaming tactics will not work over here plus black mothers ARE NOT EXEMPT from scrutiny and cross examination.

      I really wish that black women and their Paddington bear advocates would actually invent arguments that actually make sense rather than resorting to the usual “your mother is black” and “what about your sisters, aunts, grandmothers” dribble. You find it fitting to go in on the black men commenting in response to the filth the Twitter whore posted, yet you look clean past her degenerate statement without batting an eyelid, I guess you must engage in similar activities then.

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      • Verbs2015, notice how all of these Simp blackmen are so quick to come and question what Blackmen are saying regarding black women but they never go in the so-called black woman spaces online and question or challenge anything they have to say about Blackmen.
        As usual the simp just follows black women around praises her, never questions her, defends her and is willing to go to war with other Blackmen over a group of black women who don’t give a damn about Blackmen at all.
        This is why there is no black community and if there is one it’s absolutely upside down. SIMPS will tolerate anything a black woman does or says and will never say to a black woman ‘your father’s black’, when black women are dragging Blackmen to the court system for child support, aborting millions of black babies, acting like wild animals in public, and looking like the most ridiculous bunch of clowns you’ve ever seen. All Blackmen want to do is challenge or question what other Blackmen are doing or saying but they won’t do the same toward black women.
        And these weak ass brain-dead Negroes are the ones who are getting these black women pregnant and tolerating the animal-like behavior of these beasts.

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      • Bill Smith,

        Whether it be from the black witch herself or the idiotic pro black simps who support her, the song sheet is always the same and as you pointed out, it is extremely annoying that on both sides they never have anything to say concerning black female skullduggery. How these fools believe that they can somehow resurrect black society from the ashes while at the same time failing to hold black women accountable for their many shortcomings is beyond me.

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    • Here comes yet another soft as baby shit simpanzee to try and tell us what we can and cannot say. At the very least have some actual talking points, and no the ones that have been debunked so many times over, it’s not even funny. Your ilk is so pathetically predicable. You should be happy that men like us have given the so called black community the finger, and have left for greener pastures. More she beasts and whores for you to get rejected by. But nooooo. You feebly and hilariously try bringing us back to the plantation you’re too scared, and in all likelihood too comfortable to leave living under the black bitches control.

      You simps are even worse than these whores. You not only know how dysfunctional these so called women are, you accept it and just say dumb shit like “you’re not strong enough to deal with a black woman”. Get fucked.

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    • Hypothesis:
      This is probably another blk female pretending to be a man. Or if it is an actual male he is so psychologically castrated that he should simply sterilize himself.

      1st: “This sounds like a site of broken hearted, rejected and bitter black men.”
      A cheap attack straight out of the mouth or feeble mind of the typical blk whore. Meaning that we are still secretly attracted to blk women and couldnt get them. Uh no. You obviously have poor reading comprehension skills. No one is bitter or rejected anymore by blk females. No man of quality wants them anymore for anything other a quick fuck and suck. They are the entire worlds whores at this point.

      2nd: “maybe the problem is you because the black women I meet are nothing like the ones written on here.”
      Deny, deny, and deny again. Sigh… Again, the same tired old ploy. Namely, that maybe if you just keep pretending that you cant understand why pretty much everyone else nowadays looks at blk females with disdain, you can force the discussion away from their failure in every category of comparison with other women. Again straight out of the mouth or feeble mind of the typical blk women. The same tired old lie. As if you live in some alternate dimension somewhere, where black females have suddenly transformed themselves, and are now respectful to and respected by other members of the human race. Other humans of every description hate dealing with blk females. Face it. And if you truly dont understand why, then its because were probably raised by a ratchet blk female and exhibit the same savage behavior.

      3rd: “Assuming your mothers are black, I would think you’d have a little more respect for our sisters than this. Then again, maybe y’all hate your mothers.”
      And of course the old standby of the blk females semi-conscious, reactionary brain. ‘Yo mama black!’ So what?
      Bitch yo daddy black! And she like other blk women are no longer immune from scutiny. And since you asked, no we dont have any more respect for our ‘sistahs’ than that.


      Let’s see here:
      1.Cheap shots
      2.Poor reading comprehension
      3.Denial of reality
      4.’Yo mama black!’
      5.Obviously low IQ

      This is almost certainly a blk female in disguise. Or maybe, the Simp brigade is now so anti-intellectual that these niggroes cant even debate anymore and are reduced to just spewing blk female talking points.

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      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a black woman who wrote that. They’ll say the same old tired thing, try to guilt or shame Blackmen into feeling some sort away ( when it should be clear to them that we don’t give a flying fuck what they say about anything), and try to portray Blackmen, who have a brain, as if we are somehow bitter because we got rejected by black women.
        But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a simple negro either, because this Simp thinks just like the black woman does. The moral of the story is these are two groups of idiots who feed off each other’s stupidity.

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      • Yep. Great minds think alike. Stupid is as stupid does. And notice, as Verbs said that he/she/it failed to make any mention of the filthy behavior of the slut female being dicked down by her gay friend behind her boyfriends back.

        (Now follows sarcasm) As nasty, unhygenic, and HIV/AIDS prone as that sort of behavior is, I guess thats still not quite as bad as us daring to move on from blk women and advising others to do the same. How dare we! Shame! Aren’t our mothers black?!?

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  22. Here we go again with the stupid ass black woman worshiping Simp who repeats the same tired ‘yo mamma black’, ‘respect our sisters’, ‘you are bitter’, blah, blah, blah, pussified ‘the black women I meet ain’t like that” nonsense.
    Where do they find these dumb ass negroes? How could we on this website have been rejected by black women when all we talk about in the site is how crazy they are and how Blackmen need to stay away from these disgusting, vile creatures?
    My question is rhetorical because obviously this Simp is too far gone to ever see grasp any concept being discussed here.
    Any so-called black man who is to dumb to see how low, offensive, phony and absolutely disgusting most black women are, this is a man who deserves his black ‘sister queen’. These guys are the biggest bunch of morons on earth.
    The dude sounds like your typical black woman, because he was without a doubt raised by one and picked up on all her stupid black woman ‘logic’.

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  23. Afrofuturism1, black women have a desperate need for anyone to pay them attention, this leads them to do some of the dumbest things the mind could possibly imagine.
    But most black women are so damn stupid they think they are being original or cute when they do dumb shit, when all they are doing is proving what everybody already knows about them that they literally have no brain and will do anything to be noticed.
    Issa Rae????? What a fucking embarrassment.

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  24. As a now 52 year old I look back to my 20s and think how I never saw this part coming. When the downlow thing came around in my early to mid 30s I remember how black women were so vehemently against this especially the married ones and the bisexual ones too come to think of it. But I do remember at that same time how the more “ratchet” of our women were into the thug dudes. The ones who been in and out of jail and thinking of how something wasn’t making sense. NOW in almost the end of the second decade of this millinium we see the tie in with black women and LGBTQ all together. I feel sorry for my younger black brethren who have to deal with these women in their age groups as I as an older man have a different challenge. DESPERATE black women 45 and older looking for sex and/or marriage. Often times women who we say “hit the wall” and are not as desirable as they were younger who say how “handsome” I am. Women who’ve had their kids, got fat, (not tripping on fat women) or not very good looking. And believe me, they make no bones about coming after you. They flatter you, charm you, they’ll even talk nasty to you and if they’re daring, send you some nude shots. And they aren’t afraid. My father is in his late 60s and he’ll tell you the same. Lol

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  25. This doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I bet this happened right here where I reside in and near metro-Atlanta. The highest AIDS rates are usually bi/gay BM and BW of ANY sexual orientation.As well as White Drug Addicts And White Bi/Gay Men. I’ve been telling men here for years the reason the BW HIV/AIDS & Herpes rate is SO HiGH amongst Black Women is because the women are whoring (escorting), sleeping with their co-workers, sleeping with “male friends”, and their passively bi-sexual ratchet friends all at the same time. Many of these women have sketchy pass at the least and live double lives.

    So between the constantly incarcerated convicts, homosexuals, rappers (or wanna-be), atheles, transgenders (& yes they are sleeping with them too), and low-class white men (usually), this is what you end up with. Your modern day BW has a body count anywhere from 500-10,000 in a lifetime. Many Black Women don’t want to admit that but I know quite a few women how have Escorted, did porn, or Stripped for 10-20 years. Even on a lower end scale, a Black Woman would still have a body count of at least 100.

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