Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations – Part 3


This is the new Kansas City shuffle a set contingent of black women have now decided to run with, threatening to leave themselves open while dating if black men don’t wife them off within a short period of time. Of course this trickery much like all the other schemes black women have implemented will fail miserably as any black man with a brain is going to wait it out in order to ferret out any dysfunction and see what type of woman he is really dealing with.

To be honest this principle should apply to any women men choose to deal with. This “I’m single until I’m married” trickery is not fooling anybody in the slightest, black men in increasing numbers despite these new techniques black women have introduced are still checking out of the angry and bitter black sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan and implementing SYSBM.

“I will not make a commitment without a commitment”, ok, therefore you will remain single for the foreseeable future, possibly for life. The mental dysfunction of your average garden variety black female really amazes me sometimes even though I talk about this same subject most of the time, most black women are so delusional they actually still believe that they have the high ground and can equally make demands in the arena of dating and marriage.

Black women seem to have conveniently forgotten the fact that they are at the bottom of the pile in both of those departments, however black women with their sideways begging seem to believe that they can be choosing too, not so. And you notice that it is only black women pulling this “I’m single until I’m married” shenanigan, non black women as a whole have no problems with being a girlfriend which is one of many reasons why more black men are looking upon them as a viable alternative to the unsatisfied black witch.

What makes me laugh is when black women conjure up nonsense like this they are simply alienating themselves even further. Once again, rather than actually improving themselves(losing weight, dropping the weave wearing, throwing out the horrible attitudes, being feminine and submissive etc) as per usual the burden and the responsibility is placed upon the black man to carry, sorry, not this guy here. You really have to laugh at black women whenever they decide to record themselves spouting off nonsense that they themselves believe is wisdom and pure gold.

“If I’m your girlfriend I might be missing out on other opportunities”, what other opportunities exactly, the ones that you have made up in your head, the ones that weren’t there before you started seeing someone, like you stated “might” does not mean definitely. Again, as I stated in my article dealing with the black harridan Miss Daphnique Springs this is not 1935, the black women of today are certainly not pious, humble, submissive, feminine and ready to commit to one man, therefore the rules have changed accordingly.

See, in the early to mid 1900s black women for the majority part were functional, feminine, wanted to be wives and get married and most of all didn’t interact with the losers and the low life scum of black male society, therefore as a black man one could afford to take the chance and marry quickly. Today however this is so not the case because black women as a group have become contaminated beyond measure to the point where they are no longer suitable candidates for dating or marriage and this has been their own doing.

Again, all black women are attempting to do here is simply trying to get you to marry them quickly so that you don’t get to see what they are really like until after the wedding. Again, this “marry me now” nonsense will not fly because even though most black men are still attracted to black women, many black men now recognise that the overwhelming majority of black women are not marriage material, sorry, that is the way it is and black women themselves created that situation with their own two hands.

Also, didn’t anybody tell Klair Kia that it is a shame for a woman to walk around with a shaved head? In non western cultures this is still recognised, hence why if a woman is caught doing something she ought not to be engaging in such as stealing or cheating on her boyfriend/husband, one of the main punishments she will possibly receive will be the shaving of her head or the cutting of her hair. Only in the west do certain women walk around with shaved and bald heads believing that they are making a positive statement.

Brothers, don’t get sucked in by this “marry me now or I’m still single” garbage, these women first need to seriously self improve and stop trying to palm themselves off onto men in a defective, unworkable state. Again, this is yet another illustration of how little black women think of black men, as far as they are concerned we ought to be grateful that we are receiving contaminated and defective goods and shouldn’t be raising concerns at all.

Remember, these are the same harridans who freely opened their legs to the loser, unproductive dregs of black male society and now they believe they have the right to demand marriage from us????? Had they been serious about commitment and settling down then they would’ve chosen right from the very beginning and you’ll notice in recent times that many black women and their pro black simp advocates are now moving to dismiss the “choose right from the start” part of the equation as they know full well that they have absolutely no comeback whenever that particular point is raised.

Finally, notice how black women are only running this “marry me or I’m single” Kansas City Shuffle with black men, they know full well not to throw such garbage in the direction of their lord and saviour whitey because they are fully aware of the fact that he will simply laugh in their faces, give these same black women the middle finger salute and send them on their merry way. Keep building and fortifying that wall gentlemen. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations – Part 3

  1. ONE, I’m probably older than most here so BELIEVE me when I tell you, this was tried on me by a BAW, years ago; the end result was me walking away. Look, we were having good times on the weekends but she had hit the wall, three kids, COME ON, I’m not trying to wife that mess up. TWO, women who are educated, feminine, financial responsible, and yes, WHITE, or at least non-black are the only women not trying this mess on BLACK MEN. Notice the characteristics of the women trying to run this con; at least a baby, STD, credit in the toilet, zero higher education, bad attitude towards life AND men, and THIS IS WHAT’s threatening to date openly???? Ignorant whores, that’s the PROBLEM, you can’t keep your legs or your mouth SHUT!!!

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Well stated, we have to examine the profiles of the women trying to run this foolishness and yes non black women are not pulling this garbage out of their hats. Another L for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure.

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    • Sage Highwayman
      You’re right brother, Also too we got some good blackmen that are simps will fall into the black women’s game and get played by her which is sad, these dudes better wake up before it’s too late.

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  2. Lastly, GENTLEMEN, RECOGNIZE when Y-O-U are being talked to. These BAWs are NOT,I repeat NOT talking to you when they say stupid shit like this heffe, despite she’s referring to ALL BLACK MEN. Think of who she’s really talking to. Who would her threat affect??? Who would bend to her will???? Not any MAN here, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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  4. These black chicks are trying their damndest to come off as “trad” or conservative, and it’s as organic as a plastic bottle. These chicks are still just running game on the not so slick, and anyone can see that.

    These chicks have some damn nerve asking so much as the time on a man’s watch, when they themselves offer nothing, not even companionship.

    I would also suspect that the shaved look is our favorite trait amongst the queens, that of being a ticking time dyke.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Got to love that ticking time dyke term, it’s so appropriate for these modern day black females. Thinking black men aren’t falling for this garbage, since we already left the shores of Blackistan years ago they must be addressing their brigade of simp soldiers.

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    • “I would also suspect that the shaved look is our favorite trait amongst the queens, that of being a ticking time dyke.”
      Yeah. Dusty dude/side-chick/lesbian are the dating options that many BW are left with when they realize that climbing swirl mountain is difficult/impossible for them.

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  5. “I’m single until I’m married” when heard by a thinking BM basically translates to “I will be flirting with other men and possibly cheating on you unless you put a ring on my finger, so don’t date me because I can’t be trusted.” These chicks are a trip, they seriously are keeping up with this “put a ring on it” mess thinking that this is going to pressure men into marrying them. They don’t want to acknowledge that men only marry women who are wife potential (Good men can tell the difference), the rest get used for sex, if that. Man keep the Wall up, these chicks are losing it. Let them go pressure pookie, ray ray, nook nook, and the rest of the useless dusty BM that they love so much to marry them.

    “Again, all black women are attempting to do here is simply trying to get you to marry them quickly so that you don’t get to see what they are really like until after the wedding.”
    Exactly. I have a distant family member who did this. She married a guy after knowing him only a few months, had a baby, and then divorced him a little over a year later. A lot of these chicks only do this because they want to be able to say “I’m not a baby momma, I’m divorced.” They don’t want to be viewed as the stereotypical chronically single/baby momma BW.

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    • James S,

      These antics aren’t working, black women are desperate hence why we see an increase in the amount of simps coming out of the woodwork as well as black men who we thought were on our side turning about face and licking the muddy boots of the sisterhood of failure.

      What makes me laugh is despite having legions of simps at their command, these black sirens still aren’t satisfied. They still wish so desperately to catch thinking black men ie the builders and creators within black society in their broken dragnets.

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      • @Verbs
        “What makes me laugh is despite having legions of simps at their command, these black sirens still aren’t satisfied. They still wish so desperately to catch thinking black men ie the builders and creators within black society in their broken dragnets.”
        Yep, hoodrats realize that many of the BM that still want to deal with them are completely useless dusty dudes and players. The Good BM, the ones that they “want” at the end of the day (after being run through by no good dusty dudes and pumped full of babies), are walking away and they know that they cant stop it. Many are also realizing that there is no handsome non-BM waiting for the at the end of the dating rainbow, just pookie, ray ray, and tyquanshea the bull dyke.

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    • @ James S….

      [ “I will be flirting with other men and possibly cheating on you unless you put a ring on my finger, so don’t date me because I can’t be trusted.” ]

      So fuckin true right here!!!!!!! 10000000 %…..


  6. And yet still we’re supposed to ‘wife up’ these b…s according to the Neo-Nazi simps and pro-wacks. No thanks, I’ll take a submissive white or Asian woman, who actually has beauty anytime over a BOW demon from hell.

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      Some folks would be dismissive of you lining up the pro blacks with Neo Nazis, however when you compare the two there isn’t really much difference as both groups see thinking black men as a primary threat and thus seek to demonise us accordingly. In fact the pro wacks will rattle off more racist terms against their fellow black men than the ultra alt right wing groups they claim to be fighting against, make that make sense.

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      • @Verbs
        Exactly, racist white boys and black whores are the opposite sides of the same coin.

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  7. Marriage is a raw deal for men it’s too risky. Any man who gets married is a fool. Still this black women in the video is attractive. She’s well spoken she doesn’t speak nigger ebonics. And she’s slim which is rare for black women. And she’s not weaved up which is like finding a unicorn these days. I wonder if she’s a single mother? Too bad feminism has destroyed the majority of black women minds including hers. SYSBM

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  8. I guess black women are finally sniffing up and sensing that their days are coming to an end and now they are desperate to hook thinking black men before it’s too late. I also guess this means that they are going to pretend to be hard core traditional conservatives to hook any one who is dumb enough (I’m looking directly at simps like D32018 and TRU) to fall for it and get scammed.
    It simply just won’t work because These women are beyond unrecognizable creatures. They are not men nor women but some sort of third gender, and no straight, heterosexual man is going to want to stick their penis anywhere near those things!

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  9. This is a dire warning to you fellow SYSBMers, watch out for this ilk of black women from your early adult past and even from your childhood school years that picked the worst type of males over the decent guys. Once they find/found out you’re still alive in good health and doing good years later, these same women will try to come back in the picture to “claim” you by wanting you to have a relationship with them as if what they did to and say about you (in a negative way) at the time never happen and when you refuse their advances then they will go into a guilt trip on you in a way by saying “You owe me for being the man that you are today” because they wasn’t interested in you ages back and when these same women sees you with a woman of quality and femininity, non-black or non-westernized black woman under your arms, this thought will go these black women minds and will say to themselves under their voice, “What did this woman see in him that I didn’t see?” My answer to these black women of this ilk is a chance, better yet a fair chance you know the one that you didn’t give him when you were at your best in years prior and now at the best time of his life you want him to just throw all what he has going for him away and accept you when you didn’t show him that same respect times ago? SYSBM.

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  10. She senses the wall of silence from black men and NIW black women are attempted to put up their own wall by placing up these kinds of expectations!

    Talk about desperation!
    Yet if a man were to do exactly what she did on the video, the man would be labeled a straight up incel, loser, virgin etc.

    Yet women seem to feel that they have a god given power and right to demand that (any) men bend over backwards and just give her what she wants.

    Plenty of black boys and men had always wanted to be boyfriends/husbands to black women, but they were always told that they were losers, corny, etc etc and were told they would never be with them. Now that they no longer have a need for Dwight or Tyrone, thinking black men are drafted into militar– I mean marriage and are obligated to be with them despite all the years of abuse and social outcasting?

    It was this reason why I became a MGTOW in the entire first place because of the double standards and unrealistic expectations of black women and culture that they have no right to demand!

    Go ahead, let them have their unrealistic expectations! They can shout, pout, cry, fart, and piss on themselves while throwing tantrums on what they (think) feel they deserve! Meanwhile, I just got a Kazakh girl’s number AND I have another date with my Kyrgyz female friend when I get back to Kyrgyzstan in a couple of days!


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    • Fart? That’s jus’ dey matin’ call, boo boo!

      Speaking of third gender, as Sotomayor and others point out, black Women are quick to latch onto gay/tranny lingo and behaviors, but then wondering why no actual man wants them.

      That’s like me acting as prissy as a sissy, and then wondering why women would rather want to hang off of muscular and masculine dudes’ arms instead of mine.

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    • @Carnio
      Go get em brother, please report back with details on how your dates with those 2 lovely women went.

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  11. The woman above is spewing the type of filth Steve Harvey would say, then again, look who makes up most of his audience; women, specifically American. Get a passport, go abroad and you’ll save yourself the trouble. Keep up the good fight, gentlemen.

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  12. As some have said earlier, the “I’m single until I’m married” is likely going to be used by that woman and others like her as justification to flirt or have sex with other men. That woman doesn’t understand both people should demonstrate fidelity when they first become serious, not married–if a woman is disloyal before a man marries her, she has no incentive to suddenly become loyal just because she has a ring on her finger.

    I bet if a man said something like that to a woman, something tells me it wouldn’t go over so well.

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  13. “I’m single until I’m married”. Translation: I’m going to go out behind your back, and in all likelihood get dicked down by useless and dusty dudes unprotected and the chances of her bringing you back a 1) disease or 2) a bastard child you may or may not know that is yours, and one that she will attempt to shame you into staying with and caring for her is through the roof.

    These whores are becoming desperate. They have come face to face with the unforgiving and undefeated Wall of Silence and now know shit is real.

    Let them fry gentlemen. Any man who is stupid enough to get involved with these witches, deserves whatever trouble and grief comes their way.

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  14. Same old song and dance. Slut it up with bad boys and then act surprised when good men won’t marry you.
    Then try to shame and threaten good men into marrying you as if your the only deal in town. Funny how these same women tell nerds/goodmen/blue collar men we are not entitled to sex but these bitches feel entitled to EVERYTHING.

    And the simps on youtube are still talking that clean up man bullshit in their echo chambers not realizing educated lames laugh at that shit. It’s like their solution to “fix the community” was to convince good black men to be cuckolds and simps and actually thought that would work. That is how little they think of us.

    Let them all burn.

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  15. I’m glad that I have never had to deal with that type of woman in the video. I’ve only been in one relationship however, when I use to go out (not dated) with other women (mostly European), they didn’t have a checklist of standards that had to be met, i.e 6ft or taller, owning a home/vehicle, rich, six pack body etc. Now, it’s become an epidemic with African women in America, especially those who have embraced feminism.

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  16. The woman in the video is a perfect example of the type of attitude black women have and it’s absolutely offensive. Many black women have this way about them in this attitude that says I know everything I have all the answers you have to march according to my drum or you can get away from me.
    The female in the video is not bad looking at all, but she has that typical, irritating, arrogant entitled black woman mentality that I just cannot stand. What man in his right mind wants to be in a relationship with a female who believes she is smarter than he is and believes that the man should follow her lead? A relationship for black women is a competition or a contest, where the black woman feels she has as much or even more authority than the man does.
    Black women do not seem to understand order. A relationship cannot work when a woman wants to question and challenge every and anything a man says. Notice how the woman in this video has such a matter of fact, ‘what I’m saying you gonna have to deal with’ type of attitude. Black women in general are just irritating, arrogant, and entitled.
    In this society any man who willingly gets into a relationship with a black woman is going to be at the losing end unless he actually submits to get will and does what she wants him to do. If a black man in a relationship with a black woman challenges her or tries to assert his authority in the relationship all she has to do is call her white daddy and that black man will end up in jail in a split second.
    Getting into a relationship in the Western world is a dangerous proposition for men regardless of the race of women that they are dealing with. But because black women are so used to telling Blackmen what to do, pushing Blackmen around, and always having the option of calling the police on that Blackman if she doesn’t like how he’s behaving.
    Black women are incredibly entitled and feel they should get their way no matter what. Black women will use any trick in the book in order to get her away.
    I don’t believe anything black women say because they are able to manipulate and lie to simps and the simps will eat it up and do anything that black woman says.
    There is no logical reason for any Blackmen to get involved with 99.9% of black women. And I have always said that the best so-called black women are those who are mixed or those black women who have been raised around white women and have actually learned how to act like women or mimic acting like a woman should.
    I want nothing to do with black women at all. They are exhausting to deal with, they will suck the life out of you, and they are only concerned with themselves and what they can get out of you as a man. They don’t give a damn about Blackmen and most of them actually hate Blackmen with a passion.

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    • [[And I have always said that the best so-called black women are those who are mixed or those black women who have been raised around white women and have actually learned how to act like women or mimic acting like a woman should.]]

      I agree, sir. Some, if not most biracial or multiracial women, that I know of or have seen, are feminine and act as such. They can hold a conversation, actually care about getting to know you, take care of themselves and respect men. As for getting into a relationship in the western world, go out to Asia, Central/Latin America, Europe and East Africa.

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    • Bill Smith, agreed, but it seems like the mixed chicks are out here diving for any white penis they can find. Even Malia Obama’s been seen with a white boy. Your dad was the first black POTUS yet you can’t bring home a guy who looks like him. The height of disrespect, if you ask me. Hell, I recently met a biracial cousin (black dad, white mom) who just had a kid by a white guy. Just leave colored chicks alone period and go white or Asian, that’s Dr. Schadenfreude’s prescription.

      They’ll be back begging and born-again pro Black after they’ve been dumped by their white knights with the white man’s kids en tow. Keep the wall up.

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  17. These chicks are so damn stupid. Just from a common sense perspective why are you trying to rush a man to marry I know the reasons why the black witch would want that but wouldn’t want to get to know the man very well before you jump into a quick marriage just like a man shot get to know a woman. That is why you date dumbass BW it’s part of the feeling out process to see if a person could be your potential mate but I guess that makes to much sense and we know BW have no sense. But with this destructive court system any man would be a fool to marry in a westernized country especially a fool to marry a BW spawn of Satan.

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  18. She’s been watching too much reality tv shows, I’m guessing Real Housewives, which is nothing but drama, fakery, and immaturity. It’s even happening in Nigeria and Uganda too, however, you men are smart enough to know the dangers of these types of women.

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  19. These ploys and ultimatums are funny. They literally went from “I don’t need no man” to “I’m single ’till I’m married.” Okay, sweetie, whatever. Productive black men, they curved you in their prime, now these hoes are looking in your direction, begging for help. Fuck ’em. Keep the wall up and get you a non-black woman for good measure.

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  20. The story about the black female e.m.t doesn’t surprise me one bit. I work for a home health nursing agency where we employ cnas, the majority being black females and boy could I tell you guys some stories. I never knew how they were until I got this damn job. Good, good god. I’m so glad there are intelligent black men out there who require better for themselves.

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  21. This negro has not up grade he has went to the bottom of the damn barrel black men are so quick to dog us for the beckys when you real she is only there for what she can get then y’all start looking like mullets.let him go broke or can fuck watch what Becky does she will leave his ads and take it all not half you all deserve what y’all stupid ads gets


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