Two Faced


The above picture is yet another reason why the overwhelming majority of black women cannot be trusted. They walk around wearing 50 tons of make up in order to cover up their true selves. Of course as per usual the common retort from most black women at this point will be, yep, you guessed it, “white women do it too”.

Do you see how childish such a response is, do you see how black women simply cannot examine themselves without bringing other races of women(mainly white women) into the equation? How can you ever hold such a group of individuals accountable and responsible for their actions, answer, YOU CAN’T. That is exactly the way it is designed, black women have set up many so called “outs” they can use in “emergency circumstances”.

Of course the thinking black man wants no part of this witchcraft, yes we do indeed acknowledge that all races of women wear make up, however nobody lays it on quite as thick as the modern day black witch. Just look at the difference in the photos and black women will spend hours upon hours putting this stuff on in their attempts to fool black men.

This heifer looks rough as hell yet looking in that same state she would still attempt to tell you to “step your game up”. Remember, these are the same individuals who have a median net worth of only $5, be sure to remind them of this anytime black women attempt to school you on finances and what you “ought to be doing with your own money”.

Black men, stop dealing with these deceitful witches and disingenuous buzzards, save yourself and be free.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of The Black Witch

Most High Bless

103 thoughts on “Two Faced

  1. This is why I avoid women who wear alot of makeup it because they tend to be ugly without makeup. I prefer natural or minimal makeup.

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      • Did you meet your girlfriend in colombia? And is this normal I’m 23 and I think sex is overrated you can’t feel shit in a condom. I would rather fap then have sex.

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      • Black British Guy,

        Met her over here. I simply showed her how she doesn’t need the make up because she already has smooth, beautiful skin. She wasn’t wearing that much to begin with.

        You’ll probably find that the reason why you don’t like sex is because you’ve been beating the monkey for so long, though I would have to agree with you in relation to having sex with condoms and the lack of sensation.

        You’ve fried your pleasure receptors in the brain viewing all that HD porn, now this is the only way your body knows how to derive sexual gratification. Porn is ok for the occasional release when no sex is available, however used regularly on a long term basis it is nothing short of a death trap.

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    • Why don’t you do what David Cameron asked you to do…..and AVOID ALL WOMEN! The brits are tired of African and Caribbean black men making all these black and BIRACIAL kids who are on the dole or struggling with just a mother.
      YOU black men are menaces to England and Wales , but -like all pathological black males……you want to talk about black women’s LOOKS?
      (Have yourself sterilized and stop destroying Europe )


      • “The brits are tired of African and Caribbean black men…”

        Then you must obviously not be a “brit”. Speaking on their behalf then? While using the same tired, lame-assed talking points?

        You sought out a website which is a hub for intelligent non-typical blk men. You obviously didn’t mistakenly end up here. You sought us out to make your presence known and gain our attention.


        Only two types of human beings are mentally disturbed enough to hide behind a screen name and purposely seek out a website they have nothing in common with just to vent their personal misery. Blk females and their simp flunkies or bitter cuckholded white males.

        Thus, you are obviously a blk female in disquise, a simp pro black stooge, or a butthurt white male cuck.

        Don’t get your panties in a bunch. And please don’t confuse us with the usual suspects. Your spiel would be better targeted at a more mainstream website frequented by ghetto type black men and the females that appreciate them.

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      • …The white Brits are the LAST set of people to ever mention being tired of someone producing bi racial children. They have gone all over this planet and procreated with what ever women they pleased. Now it is happening on their home turf and suddenly they have a problem with it. This is typical of white male ideologies!!!

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    • No one is calling you ANYTHING. And you know it. YOU’RE a loser who tells yourself that they are calling you names.
      It’s in your head. EVERYONE is sick of black males projecting your insecurities.
      AND YOU ARE NOT A NERD!! NERDS ARE SMART. You are underachieving and ugly. Guess what, WHITE MALES. …HISPANIC MALE, ASIAN MALES who are ugly and underachieving get no love either! Ugly, underachieving WOMEN get used and dumped (with kids) in ghettos, MS-13 barrio slums and trailer parks……NO CONSPIRACY, DUMMY! IT’S LIFE!


      • Tru,

        I find it extremely puzzling as to why you would comment over and over again on a website where your opinion simply isn’t valued, nor was it requested.

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  3. The LIE: “White women wear hair weave, too” is a mandatory talking point used by black women. Black women refuse to admit that very, very, few white women wear hair weave.

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      • Yes. Almost all white females have had long straight hair at some point in their lives. By the time a white female reaches age five, she has a full head of hair unless she has had a haircut. White women do not have to sew hair in to get the WHITE WOMAN LOOK.

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      • @Afrofuturism
        Exactly, My white girlfriend ask me about a week ago while we where at the movies why this black chicks hair line started back at her ears. So I pulled out my phone and showed her a Youtube video of the weave process with them using sew ins and glue, and she watched with pure amazement, disbelief and disgust. She was so disgusted by what she saw that she couldn’t even eat the popcorn that I paid $19.00 for…LOL

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Everytime black women use white women as their measuring line, they are automatically demonstrating to us who are the better females to choose from. However most black women cannot seem to figure this out, the believe that constantly using white women as a scapegoat somehow makes themselves look better, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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    • This is not a mandatory talking point for black women.
      The WEAVE thing is 100% YOU DUMB BLACK MALES. Black women wouldnt be talking about it if you deadbeat, drug dealing, underachieving, race rioting POS’s weren’t using the Internet and even the stage to RACIALLY HARASS black women over hair! Hair!!
      You apes claim only whores, or low classed folks wear WEAVES , then you praise white and Hispanic women who are OBVIOUSLY wearing wigs or extensions. SO black women call you out on that racism and you think you’re being clever by saying. …”See? These black women always say White women wear it too!”

      **That’s who you are, even in debates. You are like pimps or thugs. Instead of fighting EQUAL and fair, you attempt to prevent people from swing BACK at you in the way they should. You think trying to turn a LOGICAL response like -“Wait! Most wigs and hair extensions and additions are NOT sold to black women and existed way before black women started wearing them!” (1930s and 50s were the heyday of white women wearing wigs, fake ponytails, clip on chignons etc)….”So why are black men saying Black Women are dirty, fake, sad, and spending BILLIONS in fake hair industry?! That’s not true!”

      *The TRUTH is not a standard line, thug. It’s the TRUTH even if you mock or bully black women for saying it*

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      • “Black women wouldnt be talking about it if you deadbeat, drug dealing, underachieving, race rioting POS’s weren’t using the Internet and even the stage to RACIALLY HARASS black women over hair! Hair!!”

        We are not the ones rioting in the streets, dealing drugs and abanding our kids.
        The majority of us don’t have kids. Only 27% of black men have kids out of wedlock in America. Most if not all of us on this website have jobs and are in school or already graduated.

        We are not the thugs and pimps you bitches love to fuck then complain about.

        Weave is disgusting and kills the scalp of the women dumb enough to wear them.
        To sit here and defend weave already lets me know all I need to know about you.

        Call us apes all you want if it makes you feel better. Here take a blue pill for the road.

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  4. Harvey Dented, Harley Queen, Rust Al Ghul, ScareHo, The Thinguin, Tobias Weave, and the Suicide Simps.

    These chicks love face tattoos and will take pride in running around looking absolutely NO different from Mike Tyson or any of those thugs. As we’ve stated before, it’s literal dick envy, as they are attempting to become the same thugs that they love so much.

    A thirsty as hell black chick came into my work last night, apparently being a former employee. This chick weighed enough to sink the Titanic, had her weave done up in “cat ears”, was louder than a banshee and foul mouthed as a sailor, and had enough tattoos to resemble s billboard. Do I need to mention what shade she was? Oh yeah, hitting up every beer gutted, tatted up white dude that came in, but it’s US who Simp for fat white women, right?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      One rule for them, another set of rules for us. Had it been a black guy hitting on white women in the joint and she was still working at said location, you can guarantee that she would’ve been calling the dude all kinds of sellouts and coons.

      These black sirens stay looking like Pirates Of The Caribbean, I want nothing to do with such individuals.

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    • Let’s get something straight some of us prefer bigger women and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if being fat automatically disqualifies a woman from being dateable then that means over 80% of black women are undateable because 80% of them are fat. They are to stupid to realize that they are shooting them selves in the foot with their own argument, that’s why having any sort of rational argument with them is impossible.

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      • Fat. Fat. Fat. WEAVES. WEAVES WEAVES.
        Thats all you pathological black makes talk about.

        YET. ….black women are more successful than YOU! And each week, you apes areally getting shot by cops and called RAPISTS by white women who work with you (Kobe, Russell Simmons, Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Nelly….)
        ….But you are still talking about hair and waist lines.

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      • Whatever floats your boat. I prefer petite with a fat ass. I like black or light skin women. But I like fucking Escorts you pay the bitch to leave. And alot of Men don’t agree with me using Escorts.

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  5. This is why I prefer other races of women; little to no make-up, no attitude, taking care of their body, etc. These ghetto, hoodrat, and urban rascals bring nothing good to a man’s life only trouble. Keep up the good fight gentleman.

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  6. BW have weave, fake eyelashes, contacts, heavy make up, criticism of dark skin and black features, etc., but BM who date bi-racial/non-BW are supposed to be the self haters…… These chicks are completely lost, just don’t date them, keep the Wall up.

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    • Why do black women expect black men to step up their game when white, asian, Latina women will take black men mostly as they are?

      That’s like if I decided to partner up my business as a cook. Chung li is happy with my services and will exchange her service, Becky is happy with our services and Maria is also happy, the Laquisha has the WORST customer services, crappy goods, and will PARASITE your business but then tell you that YOU need to offer her more services, better customer service and great products!


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      • You should step up your game because you are bad men……bad people.
        Look at Stephon Clark! He was shit! And black women clowned him for it. So what did he do? He called black women EVIL…..and He got an ASIAN chick willing to have 2 illegitimate kids by a jobless, petty criminal who refused the help of the programs he was put in. The results were =dead nigga. Fatherless half breeds joining the black ones.
        Black males have the worst fatherless, divorce , and domestic violence rates in INTERRACIAL relationships.
        SO why do you keep pretending that is the answer?

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  7. Devils advocate, at least the girl on the left looks better. She’s acknowledging that she’s not attractive and improving on it.

    But yes, make up is very deceptive. I’m glad men don’t wear make up.

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  8. This shows the depths that BW are willing to stoop to in order to get attention from WM/non-BM:

    In addition to the first video she said that they called her the N word while kicking her bunk while she was sleeping and she “thinks” they “might” be racist LOL. And at the end of the second video the WM that she is walking with is pressuring her to give him nude pictures……………… you cant make this stuff up man, its real and its sad. She is a side-chick/ghetto gagger to these guys and she is in denial of it because she wants the non-BM relationship sooooooo bad. Its a shame too because she is not a bad looking chick at all (but shes an Instagram thot), but she has the gutter self hating ghetto gagging mindset that a lot of western BW have.

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    • [[Its a shame too because she is not a bad looking chick at all]]

      I agree with you. I remember years ago that there were plenty of biracial or mixed women that were attractive but they typically hung around the degenerate dudes; white, no job, doing drugs, etc. She looks mulatto to me, her fault for being friends with those people. Good work, Mr. James.

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      • @Mihtra
        I know two BW that I went to college with who dated white guys, and they were both dumped by the white guys. One was dumped not too long before graduation and was crying and upset for a while. I knew both white guys that they dated and both of them are married to WW now, and the two BW are married to BM (good BM from what I can tell), go figure. It just reinforces our theory that a lot of these pro-Black BW are failed former swirlers trying to get on the last (only) train available to them, BM. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Queen Jelz. Very attractive. In fact, most BM of taste and class would go for her. The thing that kills her is that she is one of those Mulatto Upper Class Suburbanites from Cali that went to Berkeley. She’s really been passed around and used by alot of White Guys. She’s way into “Nerd Culture” and tries to come off as intelligent, odd, & eccentric. But she is as ditzy as your atypical sheltered Orange County Valley Girl. Even being in the “liberal” social setting she is in, she should be aware that alot of these guys in her social circle are kinda racist and have a group think mindset.

      Besides being fetishized for her looks and Co-play costumes, they have no use for her ilk. Especially as many if these social outcast she caters to are “Red-Pillers” and MGTOW. She just uses the whole gaming & cos-play route to try to assimilate and seek out suitors of her desire. Funny thing is in the YouTube Comments, they (your atypical White American Men) pretend not to find her attractive.

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      • @Ryan
        Truth. I think I told this story before but one time when I was younger and still into anime I went to an Anime convention. There was a black girl cosplaying near the front entrance that gave me a nasty look the minute I walked through the door, I was already “SYSBM” back then so I already knew what her mentality was. A lot of these black female nerds desperately want a WM, but the WM don’t want them for anything other than fetishes and gutter sex as illustrated in the above videos. Anime, video gaming, and comics are IMO one of the common interests a lot of the young bigots and neo-Nazis have these days, the “Nerd” community is loaded with these freaks. BW who jump into that thinking that they are going to find a white man to date are in for a shock.

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    • NO it isn’t a shame. All these black women do is reject good black men for thugs then when that doesn’t work out they whore themselves out to any white boy that will take them. She puts up with them white boys calling her names and taunting her but won’t even good guys the time of day. Now we are suppose to feel sorry for her because her ghetto gagging ways backfired on her? Build the wall 10ft higher.

      They would rather be a thug or white boys whore than my gf/wife so these women mean nothing to me.

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  9. A little off topic but I think this fits well with the theme of this post. I have returned to Kazakhstan for two weeks to enjoy what the city has to offer.

    Today I saw another black man and to my surprise a black woman. The black dude I saw this morning was a very classic black man, he was well dressed, like he was going to work, Afro nice and cleanly combed, and the dude spoke fluent Russian. The man was very well mannered the locals liked him. Later in the afternoon, I thought what I saw was just a dirty gypsy, turned out to be a black woman to my surprise. I have not seen a black woman since I left the US. But ad usual, she was wearing the usual weave, had a stink nasty attitude look on her face, and I think she had some tattos that were subtly visable but none the less. As I passed by I looked the other way and walked pass. From the corner of my eye she looked like she was expecting to to ‘holla’ at here at say somethong. NOPE not me. This woman looked like a typical American woman that it was no wonder the locals actually paid her no mind.

    So I seem to notice something about black men overseas. Black men who live overseas tend to usually be very classic, smart, educated, integrate and give black western men very GOOD reputation. In fact, not even the local police even gives any trouble with black men. Police never ask for my passport and tend to ignore me. When I saw the police pass the black guy eariler, they just ignored him. Black men have a positive reputation in many countries and it is great.

    Black women on the other hand, like the one I saw a little earlier, are the same every where they go with the same destructive behavior. She seemed like she wanted me to say something, act mice and then turn into the usual every black women in the west. She had all the physical attributes bit because she is in another cou try because they can NO longer be queen bee, they will suddenly act nice, to cover up their true nature and as soon as the guy (or simps rather) falls for it, her TRUE gave comes out! Honestly had she said something to me I would had just ignored her anyways or said “я не понимаю, СУКА БЛЕТ!!!!!” (A very offensive curse word in Russian.)


    Now with that out the way, I want to add something very important to Verbs blogpost! this is a very import blog post because as SOON as those welfare and food stamp checks get cut, you best believe there will be alot of two faces walking around acting like that the last 60 decades of black gynocentrism didn’t just happen. I’m verbs post he mentioned that many black women put on so much make up to hide their true look. Sorry, but the two face syndrome going to be MUCH much more than just their physical appearance. The two faces syndrome is also going to include ACTING like a sweet Angel versus acting her TRUE self, to hook black men. She is going to change her life style with the illusion that she wants to not only get married but be a home maker and a mother (in addition to her already bastard children). She will pit away the gangsta rap, be pro nerd, pro classic black men, pro educated “lame” etc and act like the bad boys are the new educated lame. They are going to pretend to abandon the gangsta culture, turn off BET, and (What ever hip hop radio channel) and pretend to emulate the old skool classics, etc. They will try to emulate the shows like Bill Cosby, fresh Prince and other old black shows. Some will even run and pretend to be conservatives. All this will just be a false two faces syndrome while trying to hide her TRUE self until she gets what she needs and will turn into her TRUE self when the full moon arise.Do not fall for the simp traps!

    Another thing I noticed. Black men (classic) already have a built in B.S. radar. But was is crazy is that someone here, I do not remember if it was James, Michel or someone else who mentioned that when a black boy, for the first time experiences a non black girl be nice to him, he changes instantly. I agree, and what is crazy about all this is, when a black boy experiences a girl treat him nice, his Anti-Black woman VS detector grows like the horns of a goat and soon any shaming or name callings becomes weak and useless to him.

    So these BW who are trying to hide their BS with their two faced looks, personality and lifestyle, are only fooling themselves, because western black men, especially black men who I see traveling overseas, collectively already know their B.S. and it simply just does not work!!!!!!


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    • It happened to me as a kid, a white woman was so nice to me, my parents were scared to leave me outside by myself, in case said white woman would kidnap me!

      Man, life would have been less emotionally traumatic if that actually happened.

      All it take is one smile, one compliment, even a Becky sniper strike, a brother will never look back.


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  10. These broads stay losing. What a damn joke. I was talking to one of my friends from Costa Rica last night and we somehow got into talking about weave (not even sure how) and she didn’t quite understand it. So I told her to search it, told her that it is a billion dollar industry (this blew her mind although she didn’t believe me right away) and she was so fascinated, she went onto YouTube and watched a video until she was disguisted. She finally understood why I hate America black women, hell most black women and admitted she hates them as well LOL.

    Black whores are their own worst enemy. These cuts can’t be implemented soon enough. And when they do, I’ll be sitting back and laughing while these fools and their bastard children are left to fend for themselves.

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      • I would absolutely say so from what I’ve seen. If I was there, I’d snatch my friend up faster than you could imagine. They’re sweet, feminine, and let and appreciate men being men.

        I didn’t really see feminism really being an issue when I was there, but I could be wrong. I’ll investigate some more and get back to you.

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  11. SMH


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  12. Uh…wtf was that?!? Was that a Female-to-Male Transgender Transformation?!? I swear when BW could get no lower, they astound me each time. They complain of Black Men dating out and marrying other races. And also about how BM are “Gay” & on the “DL”. If they where to date and even pro-create with a sub-species like the “thing” pictured above, you literally have to have no type of standard whatsoever. This “Woman” looks no different than a CD in a wig.

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    • >HOLY SHIT!!! THAT’S A NEW PROTOTYPE B.T. 20,000 SHAPE-SHIFTER, just like the T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2..LoL..

      Upon glancing at that prototype, actual shape shifters are quitting in droves and finding other lines of work.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  13. Verbs your probably right. I only fap twice a week. I’m going to stop fapping for two months and stop watching porn for two months. And I will try to have sex again. I can’t cum during sex and I can’t stay hard.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Yep, your brain has completely rewired itself and as I said before the porn has fried the pleasure receptors and the fact that the majority of porn is now in HD makes matters even worse. That’s the thing about porn as a regular user you have to keep looking at new material and different genres in order to achieve the same high as before, you’ll never be satisfied.

      I strongly suggest you tackle the issue now that you are still young and have peak testosterone running through your veins because when you begin to clock into your 30s then you will really be in trouble as your testosterone begins to slowly drop off.

      Your aim should be to soldier it out and replace the fapping with sex over a 2-3 month period. A lot of guys who try to boot in the fapping don’t immediatelybring in sex along side as a replacement, hence why they commonly fail at giving it the boot permanently.

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      • Thanks! I’m doing no fap for 3 months. I have blocked all porn sites on the phone, tv, laptop. I have stopped following pornstars on instagram. After three months I will having sex again. Wish me good luck.

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  14. I find it funny when nigger bitches and simpanzee would call me gay for not messing with the scraggle daggle.when reality its the opposite thats true. When saw that picture i that antonio tarver became a drag kween.if you dont know him. Just google him they look the same.

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  15. I am so glad I found this site! I’ve been dabbling in the blogging world and I’m considering starting a similar site about how us Latina and black women are leaving the “ape” dating world and crossing over to white men. Everything said on here about black women are true about some lower class bw but the ones like me that are college educated, attractive and well connected in social circles are repulsed at the sight of black men. I want to write about how most black men are either gay, in jail (or have a criminal record), broke, lazy and just plain unattractive. Most black men I’ve met have some type of mental/emotional disorder that white men do not have. I’ve been looking for similar sites about this topic and came across this one. It’s the same idea but the opposite gender’s perspective. I hope to have as many or even more subscribers as this site does. I just wanted to say thank you for speaking your truth because there’s a whole lot of women of color waiting to speak ours. Peace!

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    • You don’t need to start a blog for all that (like you were going to anyways), just read the Root, Lipstick Alley, Ebony…


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      • After looking at that picture, I’m convinced that she didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on HER!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall of and the asteroid lands on Blackistan.

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      • No need for sarcasm, I was actually paying a compliment to the owner of this site. But your response was that of typical ape nigger ignorance, hence the reason my blog is necessary.


      • No need for sarcasm, I was actually paying a compliment to the owner of this site. But your response was that of typical ape nigger ignorance, hence the reason my blog is necessary.


      • @Michel
        Exactly, and before those sites existed there were the black female talk shows of the 90’s where they spread their “I’m strong and independent and don’t need no man.” and “BM are not on our level” talk. BW started the gender wars, but they didn’t win them.

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    • You go right ahead and do that. Your useless college degrees (probably a bachelors in and education still doesn’t change how an overwhelming amount of you can’t choose a dick to save your lives. Having a degree also means you’re educated, not intelligent. Big difference. Your tired and false talking points which aren’t even worth discussing, ratted you out to which one you claim to be.

      If you’re going to come here and attempt to throw shade, at the very least have something of value to say. Yet y’all wonder why black men are running for the hills from you guys. I’m even seriously questioning you’re in fact Hispanic and not really the same type of woman we talk about.

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    • Thats why you just had to come here to make your presence known.

      And why as usual you bitches cant come up with anything original on your own. All you ever do is simply copy whatever we do. Pathetic. Trying to play “keep up” with whatever blk men are doing. But the truth is that you cannot. And we all know it.

      This is probably a dillusional blk whore from some latin shithole like Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic.

      Black women always end up as single mothers, even with white baby daddys. You drive men away. No self respecting man of any race can or will be happy with a modern blk witch sucking his energy. Your little swirling quest is simply dead in the water.

      Just as with the earlier post above with the video of the mixed blk chick being called n!gger, being humiliated, and being used as a sex object.

      Thats all you are to your great white hope. A cum dumpster. Nothing more, nothing less. Period. And everyone knows it.

      Whenever you see a blk man with a white woman he has expanded his options.

      Whenever you see a blk female with a white male, she is usually an experiment or booty call at best(as in, I fucked one of those!), or a ghetto gagger at worst. Deal with it.

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  16. Well guys,

    it looks like we have just found ourselves a new wave of trolls, each one getting more stupid than the last… They just can’t NOT bother black men alone, even loong after our wall has been built -_-…..

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    • Yeah, they just have to come over here and run their mouths, just like typical Hoodrats. Like I’ve said before I don’t even bother replying to them anymore, the gender wars are over, BM won, just keep the Wall up.

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      • Yup. Same here. I’m not wasting my time replying. Their days are shortly numbered as the devil is coming to collect the souls which belongs to him. No need for me to be dragged into the oncoming judgement

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    • > it looks like we have just found ourselves a new wave of trolls, each one getting more stupid than the last…

      That’s a product of in-breeding taking place in Blackistan for decades.

      Welcome to Blackistan – Where Idiocracy is the norm.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    They know they can’t ever hop over our SYSBM wall that we’re building. So they’re trying really hard to infiltrate us, coming on this site spewing that typical BW land-whale jezebel bullshit.


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  18. Kimberly Sosa isn’t Hispanic at all…

    It’s either…

    1. A BW land-whale in disguise. Which kinda makes sense, cause BW wanna be white, Hispanic, Asian, anything but black [hence the weaves & skin bleaching]

    2. A pro black beta male SIMP foot stool who is too scared to leave the plantation, so he attempts to shame us & lure us back to the she-beasts!!!!

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    • It’s a hungry hungry hippo with children wanting one of us to come look after her several bastard thuglets.

      Or its a hippo with a dildo waiting for Harry


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  19. Go away bitter black female pretending to be another woman of a different race. Nothing, and I truly mean NOTHING you’ve either said or may be about to say has not already been debunked, ridiculed, destroyed, or answered nine ways to Sunday multiple times by multiple men on multiple sites all over the world! Your talking points are pathetic and disingenuous, your deductive reasoning skills are so cringe worthy they stand as an offense against God and man and your bombastic yet empty vitriol easily warrants, at best, your forced sterilization so that your blood line is culled from planet earth! I now understand the complaint of others on this site and others about the utter unoriginality of negro female talking points. It’s like you worthless she beasts read from the exact same script 24/7 without even the barest attempt at an original thought! Lord, I can actually feel brain cells dying at even the mere thought of trying to answer any question that protrudes from the mind of a denizen of the land of the ‘wee brained folk’. Do the entire planet an immense favor and go extinct already!

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  20. Kimberly Sosa said: “Everything said on here about black women are true about some lower class bw but the ones like me that are college educated, attractive and well connected in social circles are repulsed at the sight of black men. I want to write about how most black men are either gay, in jail (or have a criminal record), broke, lazy and just plain unattractive. Most black men I’ve met have some type of mental/emotional disorder that white men do not have.”

    So there’s your proof she’s not Hispanic!! Read it several times if you need to. Especially that last sentence about ‘that white men don’t have’ LoL… We ALL KNOW THAT BW [NOT LATINAS] WORSHIP THE WHITE MASSA!!!

    Oh yeah, the easiest proof is in the 1st sentence above: ‘lower class bw but the ones like me are… blah blah’ There you just blew your cover & admitted you were black!!

    So why would a so-called Hispanic chick put herself in the same category as BW [who by the way, hate hispanic women & are jealous of them]. Plus most Hispanic women avoid BW like the plagues they are…

    Damn these black bitches pretend to be someone / something they’re not all day long don’t they??




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    Shiiiiiit, pretty soon these BT-Queans are gonna do just like Arnold in the Terminator movies…. they might go on a rampage trying to take out Becky’s LoL…

    Naaw, nevermind. I almost forgot, BW’s main concern is the death, destruction & incarceration of the black man!!!!

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    • Tell us how you really feel Andre LOL. These whores are so pathetic and predicable. Like we couldn’t figure out this wasn’t a bitter ass black bitch who sees a group of black men that can’t be controlled, or shamed. This drives them crazy.

      The wall continues to build and refortify…

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      • > The wall continues to build and refortify…

        The fortress of the Knights of SYSBM keeps growing and will continue to grow despite the efforts of the BT-1000s, SIMPs and their so-called allies.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  22. Black women still trying that old tatic of pretending to be a woman of another race or a white man then going on to black male forums to spout bullshit. This has been going on for years and these fools need to get a bag of new tricks.

    Funny isn’t it. We have no desire to go to their platforms because they are all echo chambers that dog pile and ban all who go against the group think. Soon they find that they are just a group of women talking amongst themselves but are unable to get the black men to agree with their bullshit and get back on the plantation. Now they have to come to our platforms and have the nerve to demand respect when they don’t even let us talk on their channels without deleting the comments first. They organize massive false flagging campaigns then when that fails they try to barge their way in our space.

    They fail at every opportunity.

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    • True. It’s like they are simply incapable of learning and assimilating new information. It’s like arguing with a retarded child. They are incapable of arguing or debating at an educated adult level.

      The lack of anything resembling self respect and/or a moral compass is really a major handicap on the blk females already low IQ. Combine that with the typical black female aversion to logic, facts, and reason and you are left with creatures who truly do belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, as harsh as that may sound.

      Obviously, NO ONE should be knocking these skanks up, but you get the idea. The one thing most black whores can actually do without screwing up is cook. Their cooking will likely make you as fat and unhealthy as they are, but simps and thugs are already used to that.

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