Black Woman Disparages Dark Skin – True Racism First Begins At Home


Mind you, this knuckle headed banshee is from South Africa which as you know is part of the motherland. Do you see what I’ve been saying before with regards to avoiding African women from certain parts of the continent especially the west and the south? Here she is wearing the weave just like the black females in the west and is rattling off the same racist rhetoric in the exact same manner as the western black sisterhood.

“You black as hell, soot, crispy, charcoal(which is exactly one of the words this siren used), blackula, midnight, turd, smoke” etc, why aren’t the pro blacks talking about the fact that the real self-hatred is injected into black children by these black women who already despise themselves and who seek to pass on that dysfunction to the next generation?

Yet these pro blacks will still attempt to shame us into dating and marrying women like this(even though most of them are NOT dating nor are they married to black women themselves). As I stated before, black women love light and white skin, hence why they worship white men and chase after them in the hopes of being impregnated by the same so they can have those mixed babies with light skin and “good hair”.

As I’ve stated before, black women as a collective are just as racist against their own people as racist white and other non black folks, this is one of many reasons why you simply cannot build with such individuals and why black women as a whole can never be trusted. They abort a black child in a second but if that same child has a non black father you can guarantee that they will keep that seed and live through him/her.

The above is the true definition of self-hatred, not the disjointed definitions that black women and their pro black simp advocates craft and distribute. What’s equally disappointing is the fact that some simp is actually in a relationship with this trash, there is no doubt in my mind that he simply passed over what she said, when it comes to black women the pro black simp will excuse her skullduggery and stupidity every time.

As Jointron33SYSBM continues to point out, we as thinking black men should aim to breed these black heifers out, since they love light-skinned babies so much this is exactly what black men ought to be creating, besides, who would want to procreate with the above monster knowing full well that there is a strong possibility of her harming, maiming or even killing the child because of its dark skin? As the commenter James S states over and over, we must continue our efforts to fortify and build up the wall.

This is your modern-day black woman in a nutshell, I already told you in Negro Wars that black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL problem and here is yet more solid evidence that bolsters my position.

Remember, these are the same black females who will accuse black men of being “colour struck”. Well, if for a moment we accept that premise as truth, in view of the black woman’s hatred towards dark skin, why shouldn’t we be? Also, never forget that in the 90s and early 2000s these were the very women who would fawn and swoon over light-skinned black men, I personally saw this behaviour first hand, up close here in the UK.

Racism against darker skinned black men commonly begins in the home and 9 times out of 10 it is a black women who initiates the process. Let us also not forget Africa and it’s skin bleaching epidemic amongst it’s women(Nigerian women being the number one purchasers of such products. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Siya Tash is skin bleaching herself) as well as the fact that black women in general will use construction site loads of make up on their faces and filters on their photos that makes their skin look lighter.

Self hatred right there in plain sight. Dark skinned black men, be proud of your abundance of melanin and NEVER allow these malevolent black witches to make you feel otherwise. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Racist Black Witches

Most High Bless

64 thoughts on “Black Woman Disparages Dark Skin – True Racism First Begins At Home

  1. Black women of this ilk are more racist against their own people than racist white and other non black folks against black people. These pro-blacks can’t have a united front black nation where all dark skin, brown and light skin black people around the world come together in unity to form black nationalism when this is one of the issues yet to be solved. We as thinking black men will be considered as sellouts if we choose females that are naturally caramel or a lighter color with feminine qualities instead of cheap fabric imitations from black women like this one bleached up to be whiter than your best white outfit or an albino. These same black women has to be so retarded in thinking that changing their outward skin shade via bleaching is going to change their DNA structure to produce lighter skin offsprings. Stupid, stupid, stupid. SYSBM.

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  2. Your 100% right about African women being just as ratchet as western women. I have been to south Africa and zambia and these women are just as bad as the western ones. They have inferiority complex, I don’t find African women attractive.

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    • Black British Guy,

      We see their dysfunction for ourselves in these UK streets, I see the skin bleaching culprits, faces looking mutantish and light yet the hands and feet are the normal colour. African women are truly a let down, I know several African men who refuse to deal with them because of their dysfunction and inferiority complexes.

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      • I have heard a few stories about black men from the UK. Who went to Africa to get women and get married. When they went back to the UK. As soon as the women got a citizenship and had kids. The women divorced the man and took all their shit. All bitches are the same.

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    • Have you been to Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, or Sudan? I’ve always heard that these are some good places to find companions/wives and I haven’t heard anything about feminism being in those parts.

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  3. The hypocrite chronicles never fail to amuse me…

    Yes, I remember even in middle and high school all the black girls (never black boys) would bully other black boys (and girls) who were dark skinned. If fact, therr were indians (from india) and indo Guyanese students in our class and they would often be targeted for havem very datk skin. It was ALWAYS the black girls. These same black girls were not too dark themselves and as you can guess, they wore all sort of make up even as young as late middle school early high school to resemble white girls.

    Secondly,once again, these women continuously shoot themselves in the foot with their hatred and actions. The reason being, is the many white girls that like black men, LIKE the darker skin men. I never heard of white women saying anything remotely negative about dark skin black men.

    Dark skin is seen as more masculine, so once again, they are leaving open more room for non black women to swoop up black men,

    The fact that black women say these things about dark skin black men sends those guys a message that they are not wanted by their own women and they will just look else where for women,

    These same black women who say these things about dark black men are just hiding their own insecurities of being dark (just not as dark as) and can never compete with the beauty standards of white women so they, just like the typical “crabs in the barrel mentality” will attack others of their own kin, bring them down to make themselves look good. I know this because my OWN mother did this to my aunt. My aunt was more overweight than my mother but my aunt had a MUCH higher self esteem than my mother, so my mother would call her fat, overweight, and all sorts of mean words. So what she would do is apologize to my aunt while crossing her fingers on behind her back and go buy cookies, ice cream, cake, and feed them to my aunt to show how “sorry” she was while her plan was to screw her up even more! It amazes me how I was able to catch all that while I was young. Yes, I recognize these same patterns with your typical average black women as I have seen all this before and when they use their racism, it is all to make them selves feel good!


    And I am sorry, no one is more racists and use racial slurs to black men than black women. Racists whites only use about a handful of racists words, like maybe ,*gger, and monkey. Black women habe a whole Webster’s dictionary of colorful words of what to call black men (and other women) that range room words like verbs said “soot, cripsy, charcol, garbage bag, etc” I have never heard, not even on tv, not on comedy skits, of racists whites or even racists Koreans calling black men (or women) any of those words. Black women will have a whole new word list, and phrases set ready and new entries are made commonly everyday!

    I even remember my own mother use to call me skinny african (in reference to the starving africans. I looked very bad), Nappy headed crack head, so Ashy, that I could join the KIK etc. Most insults all came from my mother then later on black women. If it’s any wonder I am race conscious today it is because of them.

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    • This might be slightly off topic of black women per say, but this is some thing interesting I thought should be shown since we are on the topic of dark skin:

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      • Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me (correct me if I’m wrong), I saw an Asian woman in that video but she didn’t look dark skinned to me. I do know in some Asian societies that lighter skin is treated better than dark skinned.

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    • Carnio,

      Cosigned everything you’ve said, as Afrofuturism1 keeps saying, its black women who are the primary culprits continuing to stir the pot of racial tension both inside and outside of black society. The bottom line is the overwhelming majority of black women hate being black, hence the weave wearing, skin bleaching as well as the constantly disparagement of others around them who are of a darker hue, especially darker skinned black men. Again, its funny how non black women appreciate the melanin on a black man that black women hate so much, smh, and they wonder why more black men are seeking sex, love and companionship elsewhere.

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  5. 98% of Blk women worldwide are low IQ’d she beasts.

    Was in a unisex salon in NY some months ago heard some she beast on the phone arguing ‘ saying can you believe he left me for that natural hair dark ho the shedemons in the salon all laughed That’s all you need to know about these modern day blkshedogs.

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  6. Do these mentally ill black women ever stop embarrassing themselves in front of everybody on the planet earth? Whether they are from Africa, the Caribbean, America, or England the westernized black female has got to be the biggest running joke on earth.
    How on earth could a group of women talk and joke about alleging dark skin being a negative attribute, and how having dark skin is some type of curse or degenerative disease, and then out of the other side of their mouth throw a fit when a black man gets with a light skinned female?
    But didn’t you stupid black women just speak about how dark skin is bad, how nappy hair is bad, how all the attributes that you are doing everything you can to run away from are bad, but yet you get upset when Blackmen choose women who don’t have these attributes or physical characteristics?
    And as Verbs2015 pointed out, there is no greater advocate for colorism, racism, preference according to physical characteristics such as hair texture, eyes color, shade of skin, and ‘ type’ of blackness, than black women.
    Just look at all these allegedly strong proud of black women who do everything they can possibly do in order to escape how they naturally look.
    And what I’m about to say is a very strange phenomenon and shows you just how mentally ill and illogical and jealous most black women are. Every time I’ve ever made a comment on a video regarding black women and their ridiculous quest to escape their natural selves, the usual response from these idiotic Negroes would always be ‘Well black women are just trying to live up to the white standard of beauty, and this is why they wear weaves and try to lighten their skin’, etc, etc.
    Then I would respond by saying well why aren’t the black women from Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, or Djibouti, why aren’t they wearing weaves and wigs and trying to lighten their skin? Then all of the mentally ill black women would come out of the woodwork claiming that ‘oh well you only like those women because they are closer to white’.
    Now I am not saying that there is no difference between the women in the horn of Africa and the other women of Africa and the Western world. But my point is that black women simply do not want to be themselves. And they are extremely hateful and jealous of any other group of women who have brown skin but have different physical characteristics than they do.
    Black American women, who I can speak for because I live in America, absolutely hate and detest brownskin women from Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc, etc. many black women in the Western world and in some parts of Africa are extremely upset that they don’t look like other dark skinned women from other parts of the planet.
    My family is from Key West Florida and before that they were in Cuba and in the Bahamas. Many of the female members of my family whether they are light skin or brown skin or dark skin have naturally straight hair. And many of them have told me when they were growing up they were given the hell by black American females, who told them ‘your hair isn’t naturally straight, you’re trying to be white’ and all this other bullshit that these brain-dead Negro females talk.
    Sorry to ramble. But my point is many of these black females hate themselves so much, they try to project their insecurities on all other groups of women starting with the Whitewomen and then going on to other black females who don’t necessarily look as ugly as they do.
    Many black women are so upset at who they are naturally that they look to bring down and destroy everyone and everything around them. And this is why I chuckle when I see the SIMPS actually talking about how much black women love Blackmen and about how loyal black women are to Blackmen.
    Black women don’t give a damn about black men, black women don’t give a damn about anyone other than themselves, and the reality is black women hate themselves and they use all of this ‘proud, strong, black woman garbage to mask their deep, deep, insecurity, and low self-worth.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Westernised black women wherever they reside in the world in general tend to be evil, nasty and vindictive individuals who seek to contaminate and destroy others around them. Notice that in general it is not black men walking around berating darker skinned black folks, it is the women doing this. Yes, there are notable exceptions like Tariq Nasheed disparaging Tommy Sotomayor’s darker skin, however that is one of just a few cases of black men engaging in such foolish behaviour. Again, it is mostly black women doing this.

      I’m glad that you’ve pointed out the mental illness in relation to this Bill, black women make fun of and mock dark skinned black men but then get upset when same said men decide to opt for lighter skinned or even non black women, exactly what did these ridiculing and disparaging black harpies expect would happen?

      And by the way, you are spot on when you talk about western black women hating on black or even dark skinned females who come from the countries you’ve mentioned. A lot of those foreign black women go over to the US believing that they can be friends with the black female of the US, however nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as the Afro American female gets her chance, she will sink her dirty fangs into the necks of those women with no remorse.

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      • Absolutely true. Everything with the westernized black woman is surface level bullshit. Just beneath the false attitude of the westernized black women is a blood sucking demon who is jealous of everyone around her, hates everyone around her, and wants to see most of the people around her suffer and die.
        She is an utterly negative individual who projects how she feels about herself onto others, and wants to see everyone else as miserable as she is.

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  7. Black women have some damn nerve complaining about colorism when they’re the main ones calling people “black as hell” and trying to get in any and every light skin dudes’ draws. Not even trying to brag, but given my complexion and features and my school’s ridiculous proximity to the hood, I’m surprised that I haven’t been damn near raped.

    These chicks call their kids hair nappy all the day long, and as soon as they can, throw a perm or even a weave in their daughters’ hair. As I always say, it’s CHILD ABUSE to engage with a group of women like this, to hell with “keepin’ it real”.

    Do you see Asian women calling their kids chinky, or Arab women saying “look at those sand nigger lips!”? Hell no, black Women are a disgrace and should be replaced.

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    • “Not even trying to brag, but given my complexion and features and my school’s ridiculous proximity to the hood, I’m surprised that I haven’t been damn near raped.”
      My mother is “pass for white” bi-racial and my father is 100% black. My skin tone is brown and I have hard straight hair. As a kid girls would always tell me about how “good” my hair was. One time I went home and told my dad that and he told me in a firm tone that there was no such thing as “good” hair, hair is just hair. I didn’t understand that at the time but as I got older I saw that my dad was keeping that “colorist” thought process out of my head. If more BW told their kids (specifically their daughters) the same this problem would almost go away.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women as a collective take pride in downing their own people and they wonder why more black men are jumping ship. Its bad enough that many black men growing up had to tolerate racial abuse from their mothers, however if black women believe that grown black men(especially thinking brothers) are still going to excuse their mocking and ridiculing, they had better look out towards Blackistan’s shores and note the huge numbers of black men departing.

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    • @ Afro tha king

      “Not even trying to brag, but given my complexion and features and my school’s ridiculous proximity to the hood, I’m surprised that I haven’t been damn near raped.”


      When in public, I’m actually more worried about Shaniqua & BumQuita than I am about DeQuan & Bg Ty-Tyrone!! I grew up in a bad area during most of my childhood, so thugs don’t intimidate me. Buuut, these BW land-whale jezebels a starting to scare the shit out of me!! Being a light-skin brotha myself, I’m worried that these hoes may snatch me off the streets & kidnap the forces of my super-sperm LoL!!! Just so they can have a ghetto baybay with that “good hair!”

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  8. On a happier note, breeding them out, along with the wall, is growing by the day.

    At one of my jobs, literally three of the white women are with or married to black men, most having children. Conversely, one of these same dark skinned black men that these women troll so much is married to a white woman, with two kids so far. Then there’s the customer base, with several black dudes with Latina and mixed black women, and even noticeable is the fact that the many African dudes who show up there are with white or damn near white mixed women. At a gut level, even they realize that if you absolutely must keep it “black”, then the mixed and lighter skinned ones are typically FAR better looking than the black ones, let alone better mates.

    Meanwhile, yesterday in a bookstore, I saw a Jamaican guy that I somewhat know from around town, and finally met his PREGNANT white wife and their (so far) five children. You are also seeing that as a growing trend, with black SYSBM men using the breeding tactics that these white boys should be employing. Breed em out!

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    • I’ve been seeing the same in my area too, even my barber has a white wife. Most of the BW in my area when seen in public are usually either alone, walking with a gaggle of kids but no ring on their finger, walking with some dusty looking dude, or with a bunch of other single black women. But BW swear that non-BM want them and that they are going to start dating them, that legion of BW loving non-BM are going to come rushing over the horizon with engagement rings in hand any day now, any day now……………………………..

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      • @ james s

        “Most of the BW in my area when seen in public are usually either alone, walking with a gaggle of kids but no ring on their finger, walking with some dusty looking dude, or with a bunch of other single black women. But BW swear that non-BM want them and that they are going to start dating them,”

        Damn damn damn…. that pretty much sums it up about most BW land whales world wide 10000%

        I know I’m a few days late, but sir I have to tip my hat to you for this accurate comment…

        These bitches stay LOSING!!!!

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  9. This isn’t surprising coming from western/westernized BW. Like Verbs said BW (and IMO to a lesser extent the media, for its often negative depiction of black people) are the ones who fill their children’s heads with colorisim based inferiority complexes, calling their children’s hair nappy, wearing weaves instead of their natural hair, telling their daughters to wear weaves, etc. BM are comfortable in our blackness, we don’t try to hide or change our features, BW on the other hand economically fuel entire hair and beauty industries that are based around making BW look less black.

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    • James S

      “BM are comfortable in our blackness, we don’t try to hide or change our features, BW on the other hand economically fuel entire hair and beauty industries that are based around making BW look less black”.

      This right here is the nail in the coffin, black men have no problems with being black, however it is the black witch who hates her skin colour, hence why she is constantly attacking other black folks as well as trying her hardest to escape her blackness by at the same time attempting to climb the mountain of whiteness, smh.

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  10. Is it not strange how mainstream black women can claim Meghan Markle as being a supposed “black woman” when Markle has, at most, 2% to 5% Negroid blood? Again, I continue to point out that the hair weave lifestyle of the USA black women has spread to other black women of the world.

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  11. Meghan Markle marries a white man, she transforms into a black woman. Tyrese marries a woman darker than Meghan Markle, Tyrese calls her a ‘black queen’, and black women lose their minds and call Tyrese a color struck coon, and say she isn’t a black woman. Meghan Markle is a white woman with a tan. And if Meghan Markle looked like Serena Williams or 98% of so-called black woman, she would have zero chance of ever being even considered for dating, let alone marriage.
    Black women are beyond retarded. Their hypocritical nature has no limits, their jealousy has no bounds, and their absolutely vindictive and bitter nature can only be stopped by eliminating that blood strain or having the final judgement come.
    I’m so sick of even looking at or listening to these demons even though I have no interaction with them. There is nothing positive or beneficial about the vast majority of black women.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Yep, as we’ve discussed many times before, the man who is dating or marrying the biracial female as far as most black women are concerned is the key to determining whether she will be given an honorary black card. If she dates or marries a white male then black women will bring her onboard and label her as black, however if that same biracial female dates or marries a black man the same Blackistani females will state that she is NOT black and thus will reject her.

      This is the modern day black female’s hypocrisy on open display right here, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip and why nobody takes them seriously any more. Just as you’ve pointed out, the hypocrisy is beyond retarded.

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      • Black women ONLY claim mixed women in situations where her blackness can improve black women’s image. To give them bragging rights if you will.

        In the case of Meghan Markle it’s “Black women are desired! I mean a black woman is marrying into the royal family.”

        Or, “Black women aren’t ugly, look at Halle Berry, Meghan Markle, etc. Are they ugly?”

        Speaking of Halle, Black women couldn’t stand her when she was dating the high status black men. All of a sudden, she dates and marries a white man and then she is the epitome of a beautiful black woman that has “explored her options.”

        The most popular reason (situation) they claim them in is of course to “prove how desirable black women are to white men.”

        LOL, Meghan doesn’t even identify herself as black. She also looks closer to an average white woman than she does an average black woman. How does she give the average black woman hope?

        What a joke they are!

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      • @Matt M
        “LOL, Meghan doesn’t even identify herself as black. She also looks closer to an average white woman than she does an average black woman. How does she give the average black woman hope?”

        The answer to that question is simple. Desperation. When it comes to dating and marriage BW are taking so many Ls that they will take a W whenever they think they can, even if it doesn’t make sense. Markle doesn’t look black and doesn’t claim to be a BW, but BW are so desperate that they look past that.

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      • Meghan Markle would have to not only gain 100 pounds, but get beat with an ugly stick, and walk through a forest fire, to resemble the average black American woman. And after all of that she would still be better looking than the majority of black American females.

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  12. You guys are the real simps,you mentioned West African women bleach and were weaves,i am from Nigeria,I live in Nigeria,do you know that most of the women bleach to look fair because they think that is what is beautiful and what we the Nigerian men want,they actually do it to please us,not because they hate black skin,many of them have been programmed from childhood because of hollywood and indian movies,which pedestalises white women,so they have been brainwashed to see white women as the epitome of beauty and also to glorify white men due to the way white men are portrayed in movies pedestalising their women which African men dont do,which make them to see white men as better men and you know women always want to trade up that might explain their seeming subservience to white men.Also the women are in a race to outshine each another to access resources from men making them to do anything to look beautiful for their men.Granted it might not be exactly what the men want and men have been speaking against it,but women arent logical creatures so they dont see reason,Besides bleaching and weave wearing in Nigeria as been going on for decades since my mothers generation its not a recent phenomenon here in Nigeria,also its not that prevalent as people think,many people dont know that many Africans have very fair white looking natural skin that outsiders think its as a result of bleaching but its not,most ladies only further enhance their skin as the African sun and weather,coupled with intense everyday hustling fades their skins.My point is you guys should try to understand your women,groom and control them by controlling yourselves and being better men,i know its difficult due to your evironment,feminism and being raised by single mothers,you guys dont just have the gumption like we do in Africa,black women are very aggressive even here in Africa,but the culture controls them although its becoming difficult with the rise of feminism in Africa,but as black men we have a lot of work to do to rise in a world stacked against us,running to white women is not the solution we cant keep running away from our problems we need to face them and become leaders and build a better black society for ourselves nobody is going to do it for us we cant keep self destructing.Black men especially in the west need to find a way of taking back leadership of their communities instead of whining and railing against black women.


    • Linky,

      Really bruh, you just like the black witch are attempting to run with this European standard of beauty garbage in order to excuse the modern day black female’s self hatred as well as her disdain for black men? We black men have been exposed to the same images of white men being portrayed as the standard of male attractiveness, however we aren’t out here bleaching our skin and wearing European men’s hair upon our heads. You are the real simp because as per the simp’s edicts and directives you also seek to give black women an out instead of reprimanding them on their shortcomings. Just face the truth, most black women are defective beyond repair, this is one of the main reasons why they hate themselves and are attempting to climb the mountain of whiteness.

      This is the problem with muddy bootlickers like yourself, you can never explain why black men having been exposed to the same European media propaganda as a whole are NOT engaging in the same practice ie trying to look white. This excuse of black women doing what black men want is another crock of nonsense that needs to be put down, black men weren’t and still aren’t out here asking black women to put on weaves and bleach their skin, this is being carried out by black women under their own steam and intuition.

      Look bruh, the majority of Nigerian women have brown to dark skin, fair skinned Nigerian women are in the minority and many of those are “fair skinned” simply because of their obsession with skin bleaching. Ok, so what, just because Nigerian women have been wearing weaves and bleaching their skin for a long time that in no wise makes it right. Westernised black women are not “our women”, they belong to the white man and things have been that way for a very long time.

      Yes indeed, black women are very aggressive which is NOT feminine and is one of the main reasons why they are increasingly being rejected by more black men. You continue to talk about black men in the west and how they need to take control of their communities and black women, yet here you are in Nigeria and you are allowing your women to wear weaves and bleach their skin.

      Shouldn’t you remove the beam from your own eye first? 77% of skin bleaching products are purchased by Nigerian women, what does that say concerning the control(or in this case the lack thereof) you have over the women in your community? You ought to be taking a leaf out of your own book and applying it to yourself first.

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      • >Really bruh, you just like the black witch are attempting to run with this European standard of beauty garbage in order to excuse the modern day black female’s self hatred as well as her disdain for black men?

        Just like nothing – that “bruh” IS the black witch in bruh’s clothing.

        >Black men especially in the west need to find a way of taking back leadership of their communities instead of whining and railing against black women.

        Yep, that line is straight from the Scraggle Daggle playbook. Seriously, you’d think these harpies would come up with some new material every once in a while..

        Brothers, avoid the Scraggle Daggle rhetoric and get with a non-black female. Take it from me, your stress levels will decrease and your happiness will significantly increase.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  13. Do these SIMPS (or black women pretext to be simps) ever stop repeating the same old, tired lines in order to attempt to guilt black men into bowing down to and trying to ‘understand’ black women?
    Hey Simp, there are plenty of websites, YouTube channels, pro black organizations, and pro black conferences where you can go and praise, worship, and ‘figure out’ black women. But I think for most of the people on this website when I say no one gives a damn about any of that pro black nonsense.
    And notice how the Simp or the black woman pretending to be a black man always goes back to ‘running to white women is not the solution’. I don’t remember anyone saying that going to Whitewomen is the solution but it’s interesting how pro black idiots never mentioned any other group of women other than white women.
    Black women and these Hotep Simp Negro clowns are obsessed with white women, and white people. It always goes back to white people, white supremacy, white women,blah blah blah blah blah…….
    These Negroes have to be the dumbest people ever to walk the face of the earth. I normally wouldn’t even respond to such a moron, but I just had to say something.
    I hope we don’t allow a simpleton to distract us and get us off the topic of this thread.

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    • Bill Smith,

      As we’ve talked about so many times before, pro black simps just like the black women who created them have white women on the brain more than they claim thinking black men do. Again, they seem to believe that if a black man decides to date out that white women are the only women he is going to home in on. We already know the solution of these spineless effeminates, tolerate dysfunctional black females and their feminist dribble because “black women are mother earth and they be the givers of life”.

      These simps are yellow bellied, spineless scum, it is because of them that black women have spiralled completely out of control and continue to sink lower and lower into the gutter.

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      • What’s the difference between a Scaggle Daggle and a catfish?

        One smells like fish and the other IS a fish.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  14. Verbs2015, if you were to listen to these delusional black women and these effeminate black SIMPS, you would think that there were only dark skinned black women and white women on the planet earth to choose from.
    Any topic that is ever brought up by her black person the response is always going to be some gibberish about White women, white supremacy, White women, White women, and more White women. Black women and the SIMPS are so damn stupid that they actually think they are proving some point by bringing up White women every five seconds and attempting to use white women as an example of what black men ‘adore and desire above all things’.
    The only thing these pro black idiots and these mentally ill black women are proving is just how insecure, jealous, and obsessed they are with the white women. These fools call White women cave beasts, Neanderthals, lice infested devils, who lack the alleged ‘power’ of magic melanin, etc, etc.
    But every other word out of their mouth is in reference somehow to White women. If these pro blacks and black women really believe that white women are so inferior and White women are trying to mimic the appearance of black women, why would they be so focused upon such an inferior group of women?
    Black women are focused upon White women every second of every day because these are the women who they are extremely jealous of and want to take the place of but can’t. White women don’t spend one second thinking about anything black women are doing or saying.
    It’s so embarrassing to watch a group of people think that they are so smart, enlightened and have the power of melanin, and claim they are proud and self-confident, when in reality they display just how much they lack self-confidence by focusing on a group of people who they claim are allegedly inferior.
    And most of this comes from the black woman who is extremely bitter, jealous, and hateful toward White women because they can’t be a White woman. And of course the Simp picks up on all this negative energy that black women have directed toward White women and they try to pick up the same talking points as these insane black women.

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  15. hahahaha,you guys are so full of hate ,mayb i dont know how bad BW are for you to hate them so much,i have never experienced any evil from African women,my point is you cant hate on your own sister lest you self destruct yourself ,you blackmen are letting your communities go down the drain,nigerian men dont give a damn about women bleaching or wearing weaves,the mistake you guys are making is that you think women reason as well as you,women are overgrown children,when you see things from that point if view you will sympathize with them,thats why men are not swayed by the propaganda of european men being the peak of manhood thing,cos men reason better,men reason from inside so to speak unlike women who reason from outside so they are easily influenced unlike men,i sincerely understand your point of view and the mess black women have put theirselves in but truly,it calls for men to save them,only men can they cant save themselves,if reasonable men like you guys can emerge as a force and change the game of the mess the black people are in you will emerge as heroes and the black community will be saved and better for it,instead of hating on black women which is literally hating on yourselves,there is a recent article on the negromanosphere site which talks about what am saying,am not trying to defend BW here am just saying you guys can do better instead of leaving the black community for dead,the African community is really hoping for the Black americans to do better,Africans are gradually surpassing the black americans if not surpassed them already,black american men are failing,there have been thousand and one ways the western feminism virus have tried to overthrow the African man but we have been putting it down,there is serious attack on the African man because of our patriachal stance since the last decade from western agents of feminsm,they have made African women to go nuts,but we the men are successfully overcoming their schemes,you guys should simply do more dont give up on your people and women


    • >but we the men are successfully overcoming their schemes,you guys should simply do more dont give up on your people and women

      Nice try, Stinky. But we’re not buying it. Sorry. Go ahead and save YOUR community and let us know how it works out for you.

      In the meantime, We – the Knights of SYSBM have gone FAR, FAR AWAY from Blackistan and are NEVER coming back!

      Put THAT in your crack pipe and smoke it!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Why do you care? After all, us walking away means more of those strong independent queens for you to choose from.

      So answer me this: When are you going to go to the knuckleheads (thugs, gangbangers, etc.) and tell this BS to them?

      The truth is, you won’t go to them–because you know they’re either going to go upside your head or put a bullet in your chest and leave you to fend for yourself.

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  16. I was going to comment on this linky simp, but you fellas have done such an awesome job that debunking this simp savage further would be the equivalent of an overkill. Keep in mind fellas, a black man who has options (non-black women) would care less about who other black men are sleeping/procreating with. Only a beta male black simp with no options would care so much about keeping it melanin. #RacismIsForIncels

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  17. This dude literally said that you’ll self destruct for “hatin on” someone else. Do these idiots ever think through what they say? That’s like saying that I’ll get cancer for disliking ISIS.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I wish these brain dead simpanzees would just die. They bring nothing but the same tired, debunked talking points to a place where their opinions are unwanted, not factual, and honestly mind numbing. It’s to the point where you can pull their comment out of a hat.

        That’s like us going to their space and saying our piece. It blows my mind how they claim they don’t care what we do, but are here trying to shame us back to the mental plantation aka Blackistan. You’d think they’d be glad more of us are saying fuck then and the black community (more land whales for them to go after snd rejected by) but nope. I find them to be even more annoying than the typical black bitch. Which screams volumes in a horrible way…

        Liked by 2 people

  18. Nobody talks down or disparages dark skin black women, more than dark skin black women. I am so sick and tired of looking, hearing, being around most of these useless bitches. They are the most miserable, mentally deranged lunatics in existence and have so many issues, it’s not even worth discussing. They refuse to acknowledge any of their shortcomings, yet wonder why black men with any common sense are RUNNING for the hills from them at a historic pace, and it’s only getting worse. They are finally beginning to see we refuse to be clean up men anymore, and are in full panic mode now that 1) more thinking black men are becoming conservative and 2) Trump is deeply cutting all their welfare.

    An overwhelming majority of them are defective and useless beyond repair, look like Chewbacca and Jabba the Hut has a kid (or ten in their case), and have the mentality and temperament of a two year old not getting their way. Fuck these land whales.

    I genuinely feel bad for the very few who are actually decent dare say good because most black men with brains are pretty much refusing to even entertain the idea of getting with one.

    On a side note, the guy at my weekend job is becoming more resentful to these black whores he used to defend (the parasites who just leech off section eight), he’s questioning why he’s dealing with his girlfriends bullshit (a bt 1100), and running from the same old typical liberal talking points. I’m glad to say I’ve been helping him see the light

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  19. Gentlemen, the funny thing is… all the pro black boot licking foot-stool simps are basically these categories:

    1. A brain-washed fool who still deals with BW & he just doesn’t get it / know any better. Regardless of how much BULLSHIT THEY PUT HIM THROUGH..

    2. A brain-washed blue-balls having, pussy-less fool who kisses these land-whales fat asses & still wont get a compliment, let alone any pussy or attention!! LoL..

    3. A brain-washed unhappy bastard that just cant stand to see SYSBM taking place. Just like a timid slave, he sees his opportunity to escape, but he’d rather stay behind on the plantation & hate on us for having our freedom.


    Liked by 1 person

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