One Set Of Rules For Themselves, Another Set Of Rules Applied To Black Men


What you’ve just read, let that post marinate and sink in for one moment. Isn’t this what we have been discussing here at Slaying Evil for the longest while, the fact that most black women believe that only they should have the rights to date interracial and that black men should NOT be allowed to indulge in the same? Don’t we see an incredible amount of dick policing and hate from black women and their pro black simp squads whenever a thinking brother decides to expand upon his dating and marriage options?

I’m not the only black man who has mentioned the fact that black women want to go off into the sunset, have fun and frolic around with non black men while you remain miserable back on the plantation as the black female’s fall back options if things don’t go according to plan whilst climbing Swirl Mountain. If there is one thing that is a reoccurring theme it is black women and their hypocrisy when it comes down to interracial dating.

Meghan Markle all of a sudden according to the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure is now a black queen even though she is of mixed heritage, yet Tyrese’s mixed race wife Samantha was declared as NOT being black by the same individuals. Do you see how this works, if a mixed race woman marries a white man then black women will bestow her with an honorary black card, however if a black man marries a woman of mixed heritage the sisterhood of failure will NOT consider her as black, hypocrites for life black women are.

It’s the same case with black women and their love for mixed race children, black women as a group have no problems with mixed race children as long as the mother of those children is black. However, let the father be black and the mother white or non black and these same harridans will treat those children with contempt, similarly as they do with children who share the same skin colour as themselves.

Check out the following video from this pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, Umar Johnson esque type black female who once again attempts to persuade as well as subtly shame black men into keeping it real ie sticking with black women:

Again, we hear the usual “coon” talk in relation to black men who date out. Remember, the word “coon” is only ever applied to black men. Whenever black women date out that word seems to magically disappear from their vocabulary. It is obvious that this pro black female’s trip to Swirl Mountain was a complete failure, we know this because of the knowledge we have concerning black women and their unconditional love for white men. For those who require some proof of this I present to you the following evidence:

As I stated in Negro Wars very few black women will ever be given the opportunity to climb Swirl Mountain, most black females will have to be content with dreaming and fantasising about a white man riding in on a white horse, sweeping them off their feet and riding off into the sunset, both of them to live happily ever after. It’s a shame that the merchant and high priestess of swirling one Christelyn Karazin purposely omits this information when feeding black women the fairly tales about being able to date out and land themselves a white man with ease.

SYSBM is working, black women now more than ever are feeling the pinch in relation to more black men deciding that they have had enough of the black female’s dysfunction and that they can do better for themselves elsewhere. This is why we have a pro black female making a video indirectly pleading with black men to stick to dating and marrying black women only, they know they’re toast.

Thinking black men, don’t fall for this slick nonsense, the black community is dead, it has been ran into the ground by decadent black women and their pro black simp followers. It currently lies in a pile of dust and ashes and as long as black women are allowed to continue lording over it, it will remain in exactly the same rotting condition.

Don’t be fooled by so called pro black women, the overwhelming majority of them are feminists, they always have been and they always will be. Feminism is a cancer upon black society, the decrepit state of so called black communities are more than sufficient evidence to demonstrate the fact that feminism is a failed religion which doesn’t benefit anybody apart from the women who subscribe to it. The deeper welfare/section 8 cuts are soon coming, #SYSBM.

85 thoughts on “One Set Of Rules For Themselves, Another Set Of Rules Applied To Black Men

  1. I feel this post can be extended to not only just dating out (although I have ALOT to say about that double standard alone) but to everything in life!

    What do I mean?

    If a black woman goes to school and gets good grades she is intelligent and can be what ever she wants to be. If a black man does the same, he is an educated lame, needs some swag, and needs to get laid.

    If a black woman ran a business and she makes millions, she is a super hero, smart intelligent and she should life live to her fullest with that money. If a black man does the same, it is his OBLIGATION to donate all his hard earned time and back breaking hard work to help ‘his people’.

    If a black women wants to stay single, it is her right to be independent. If a black man stays single, it’s because he’s a closet homosexual!

    If a black woman stopped a terrorist she did it all by herself, if a black man did, it’s because his black mother or some other woman in his life gave him that courage.

    It’s like black women are given special privileges that black men are simply just NOT allowed to have!

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    • Carnio,

      This is exactly where you guys chip in, you all extend and point out other angles that you see are relevant to the information presented, after all its us as a collective who make up I hear what you’re saying, the constant denigrating and persecution of productive, intelligent, educated black men within black society is the modern day black female’s doing and is simply part of the ongoing feminist agenda to emasculate and homosexualise black men and young black boys.

      They seek to keep their lordship over so called black communities in place, thus as long as there are black men within, they will continue to suffer the unabated wrath of the black witch from any and all sides.

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    • totally correct. black jamaican people and black jamaican women are by far the worst black women in the entire west ……..they are absolutely horrible and evil fucked up bitches,,,,,,very wicked, feministic, envious and straight up jezebels,,,,,,jamaica is burning down right now because of diverse factors and because of them especially

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  3. That is the most blatant hypocrisy I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. We can thank her, however, for being as plain as day as can be.

    One thing you will never hear these Hoteps mention is that, from a pro-black standpoint, it is FAR worse for “da community” for black women to “swirl” than for black men to date interracially. If black people are an “oppressed, conquered” people, it’s way worse for their women to run off and whore it up with the slave master than for the slave man to take the slave master’s woman for his own bride.

    Speaking of Tyrese, was the above picture one of him in drag for a new Fast and Furious/Madea crossover? These black women STAY looking like ugly drag queen freaks, and they realize this. That’s why they are now more than ever begging black men to stay out as well as guilt trip their “swirl donors” into giving them dat good good, as they realize how truly ugly and unfeminine they are compared to most other forms of female LIFE, including most forms of insects and rodents.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Don’t worry, I’ve got another article coming which will finally put a giant nail in the “black women love thugs” coffin. I’m glad when black women are simply frank and open rather than pretending that they don’t know what we’re talking about, it makes my job a whole lot easier.

      They are really beginning to feel the pinch now, like many of us have stated, the time for debate is over, it’s now a case of implementing individual solutions without further entertaining the meaningless discussions that the angry and bitter black sisterhood love to erect time and time again.

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    • >as they realize how truly ugly and unfeminine they are compared to most other forms of female LIFE, including most forms of insects and rodents.

      Insects/rodents: “Hey there – don’t lump us in with the scraggle daggle. Even WE have standards!”

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  4. These hotep bitches talk about Africa this and that but rarely see them talk to continental African me.

    Why? Because they are patriarchal and will kick off in their asses. Also, African men prefer their own women. But we will take a White woman over a Black American “woman” any day. Their reputation is so atrocious that even many White men who date Black women will do a 180 when they hear here American blakkk accent. They are a disturbing lot.

    They are revolting, unfeminine and so horrible that even many pro-Black men who wanted to do right by their race said fuck it.
    And went SYSBM.

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    • Exposingtheemperor,

      Hoteps and pro blacks for the most part are nothing short of male feminists as they seek to keep the modern-day black female as the leader of black society, this is one of the main reasons why African men cannot relate to the movement. Like you pointed out, African men are patriarchal and will not tolerate slackness of any kind from uncooperative females.

      A contingent of pro blacks are beginning to realise that the black whores they love, support and worship aren’t reciprocating in the same manner, hence why many of them are either dicking down non black women behind closed doors or have abandoned such and outdated religion and like you said have gone SYSBM.

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    • exposingtheemperor,

      Well said African American women in particular are some of the most disgusting whores I’ve ever seen they curse like sailors and have the libido of a 14 year old teenage virgin. Throw in some bad manners and STD’s and you basically have them down to a T.

      Second in line of course is the Jamaican woman who straggles along the lines of her AA counterpart sucking every dick she can find at the local Dancehall party….

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    • Sorry, I meant things in my previous comment. By the way if these simps care so much about the black community, then why aren’t they talking about Jamaica and how their ideology helped make us ‘Public Enemy #1′ in the Caribbean and terror suspects in Costa Rica, where one of its ambassadors’ daughter lost her life to Jamaica thugs armed with AK-47s in 2009? Is it because they know that this truth will kill support for their Neo-Nazi facist doctrine that is constantly trying to shame thinking black and coloured men onto the rotting socialist plantation that needs to be burnt down for good?

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      • Damn, I know you go in on these goons. Speaking of their ideology, they claim Whites are Babylon, but their “god” was an ally of Babylon and tormentor of other Africans not part of his wicked empire. Keep speaking truth against the zionist ideology!

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      • @ Anton, Paul

        Do you guys have a blog page that talks about this issues and corruption about Jamaica and the islands? Because everyone I read comments from you guys, it always shines light on things I never knew was going on in the carribean.

        I hate to say this but of all black women in the west, Jamaican women, are by far the WORST black women there is. Even much more worse than American black women from what I see!

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      • Yes indeed Anton you are correct…I do not know if you are Russian or Jamaican, but you have some valid points. I am a Jamaican myself and I do not live there anymore……black women and politicians in Jamaica have destroyed the black men and the black community to a point where it is now unsavable and unsalvageable. yes, we are indeed public enemy number one in the Caribbean as well as terror suspects in many places. I did not know about this shooting incident in Kingston that left the Costa Rican ambassadors daughter dead….not everything is put in the news…I guess. black women and people through voddo and all kinds of wickedness have destroyed Jamaica and the black community there including myself….jamaicans are sellouts and they talk about black love and unity and supposed greatness, but they tell not the truth….they are hypocrites and many benefit from the mayhem… is finished and more black community

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  5. And for the record I do belive black men can date interracially and still be pro black.Just because your in a relationship with non black women doesnt mean that your immune to the issuse black people face.But these nigger bitches dont get that

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    • @PawgsLoveMe It’s a slippery-slope argument. If a black man is talking all this pro-black rhetoric (I.e. white supremacy) then the last thing I would expect on his arm is non-black woman especially a white woman. You can’t take these pro-blacks seriously because they talk black while at the same time sleeping white. Harry Belefonte, Angela Davis, are some
      of civil rights leader who engaged in this act. This issue is the main reason why Black nationalism is seen as a farce because their is no code of conduct, or guidelines.

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      • I get what your saying but do you think any less of fredrick douglass and his efforts because his second wife is white?!

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      • @PawgsLoveMe

        First all, Frederick Douglas is mixed. Father: White slave master Mother: Black Female Slave.

        I don’t think any less of his contributions because he dated a white woman since technically he’s mixed, it should be revered.

        Since, Frederick Douglas is labeled “black” his contributions would be devalued a bit due to him being in a relationship with a white female.

        Look, if you can’t understand the folly of talking black and sleeping white, then their is nothing much I can say to you.


      • TheAmazingSecularist,

        I personally would define myself as pro thinking black man as opposed to the run of the mill Hoteps who for the majority part are pro black woman. I do see what you are saying, according to THEIR own terms and conditions in connection with THEIR doctrine a BLACK MAN cannot be pro black whilst being involved in an interracial relationship. I say black man because they give a pass to black women who do the same which again is brazen hypocrisy on its face.

        This is one of the main reasons why the pro black/hotep religion is outdated, it doesn’t allow for any and all circumstances that could come up that may prevent a black man from getting with black women, black female dysfunction being one of the main obstacles. This is why as Michel would call him “gerbil face” aka Dr Umar Johnson is stuck with dicking down black single mothers and strippers while at the same time being on the lookout for his “black queen”.

        SYSBM or being pro thinking black man however is expandable and new rules, terms and conditions can always be added at any time simply because both of the latter are based upon the INDIVIDUAL’S requirements as opposed to the group collective. This is the fundamental difference between thinking black men vs the black witch and her devilish cohorts, we recognise each other as individuals which is the complete opposite of the pro black/hotep/pyramid head contingent.

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    • I, like Hardcore Tito am “pro-justice”, not pro-wack. Couldn’t give a fuck what some dashiki wearing, incense burning, simpanzee has got to say regarding who I date, or what I do for a living. #MyDickMyChoice.

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  6. Coon, nig*er, nig*a, etc. One notices that the matriarchal black community uses very different language to describe black males and black females [assuming that there is such a thing as a black female]. Black females are called Queen. Black girls are fed the statement that: Black Girls Rock. Black men are not called King. Black boys are not told that Black Boys Rock. Under the strange leadership of black females, the term: Nig*ress has left the vocabulary of black people. At the same time, black men are called coon and nig*a all day and every day. Black men need to wake up and not let their vocabulary be controlled by black females.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      This is very true, black women must not be allowed to control the words, terms, slogans and phrases department, hence why it is important for us as thinking black men to continue to create our own and use them frequently.

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    • @Gregory

      True indeed. Also I ‘ve noticed that in addition to the lingo that blk females have kept alive, a lot of guys on here have the bad habit of repeating the slurs used against all blk people by Alt-right white males in their anger. This is simply STUPID.

      These people hate all of us. Just because you may have the same pet peeves about blk people as many of them do, that doesn’t put you on the same page as them. They are not your friends and never will be. Whether you like it or not. They do not support SYSBM and our desire to escape the destruction facing the former blk community. They get angry whenever they see us with non-black females. They would like to see us all burn.

      This is simply unwise anger based foolishness. And it is out of the blk females playbook. And it leaves us open to the tired assed lie that we are self-hating, and that we need to go back to black females and be clean up men. This is (and will be!) used to dick police us by both blk females and white and asian cucksholds.

      White people don’t know us. Not really. Or anyone else on the planet for that matter. They are too stuck in the own little bubbles to really know any other people in depth. They are not qualified to create our talking points. This OUR issue. We are original enough in our thinking to create our own memes just as Verbs was able to create the book Negro Wars.

      We know ourselves and the hell created by black women better than anyone else. Thus the terminology, insults, and critiques we use should be our own.

      I don’t care how angry you may get at the general state of black people, there is simply no excuse to leave ourselves open to that. SYSBM has been very original in its expression. Myself, Afrofuturism, Verbs, and others on here are very original in our statements, criticisms, & insults. Believe it or not, this is one of our greatest strengths. Being leaders and not followers. No non-black person can tell me or teach me anything about what goes on in the “community”. Thus my criticisms and insults will always be my own and genuine.

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      • On Facebook, I read a black male using the derogatory term “mud sharks” to describe white women in relationships with black men. It is apparent that this black man does not understand the term that he uses. In my view, black men must create their own terms and not allow themselves to use the same language as white racists and black women, the ally of white racists.

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  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the double standards about Meghan Markle and Tyrese’s wife; the former being considered black while the other not being black enough.

    I have also long since suspected that a large number of black women who try to be pro-black and all about black love usually are ones who have tried and failed to date interracially, or may not be desirable enough to do so due to a lack of physical attractiveness or some other reason (children, a bad attitude, etc.).

    On a positive note: in my area, I am beginning to see many more couples involving black men and white/Hispanic women. While I think many black men may not know if by name, I predict more and more black men will begin voting with their feet and opting out of dealing with toxic black women.

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    • @FitnessNerd The whole Meghan Markle-Prince Harry marriage gives black woman a false impression that white men will marry them in any fashion without considering factors such as beauty, education, etc. White men probably have strict standards in what they can and cannot tolerate in black woman. On a side note, how many black woman in america look as feminine gorgeous as Meghan Markle? Just being brutally honest.

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    • Yep, they try to swirl, realize no one wants to swirl with them and are then like “Oh shit, I hope there are still some good BM that are interested in me. Let me jump on the “pro-Black” train and see if I can land a good BM and/or attack BM who date out.”

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  8. [[I have also long since suspected that a large number of black women who try to be pro-black and all about black love usually are ones who have tried and failed to date interracially]]

    Couldn’t agree more with that statement, sir. I have also noticed that when they’ve been exposed for dating interacially, there’s no negativity however, when it comes to black men, there’s backlash.

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  9. It’s absolutely laughable that this group, black females, will run around with blonde straightened hair, or another women’s hair, or the hair of an animal, a group of people with blue or green contact lenses, a group of people who put on foundation make up to look as light as possible, who aborted/murdered 15 million of their own Black children in one generation now think they define what Pro-Black!

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    • Immortal Logic,

      The black woman’s lack of understanding in relation to the points you have just raised is an enigma within itself. The abortion issue alone shows them to be a bunch of hypocrites and cold blooded child killers.

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  10. I’m just going to be brutally honest here. (more so than I usually am) Most black american women are just plain ugly. They look ugly because they on average never take care of their bodies the way a woman should. The only thing they work on is their hair and in most cases they just throw a weave on their head for weeks or months at a time so they stink. They are the fattest group of women on earth.

    They have the worst attitudes that turn most men off before anything even gets started. They know that now more and more black men are walking away from them and so they have to do what all women do who can’t attract men the normal way. They have to shame them. They have nothing to lose so they don’t care about contradicting themselves. They will never attack or complain about a Black woman dating outside the race or promoting IR dating because in reality black women know the score.

    They know that their legendary disrespect of good black men is now coming back to bite them in the ass.
    They are beginning to realize that the good black man was the only man on earth willing to marry her in mass and put up with her bullshit. Now that he is finally saying no she realizes the horrifying truth that men of other races on average have NO interest in black women outside of a possible late night booty call. The majority of Black women are single mothers and they are realizing that non-black men have higher standards than they are use to and can’t get any of them to date them in mass. This is why they cheer whenever a Meghan Merkle situation happens. They know all they will be left with is thugs who will abandon them and good black men who refuse to have anything to do with them. Black women have scores of kids they need to take care of with no man in the house. Black women have massive student loan debt they will never pay off because they like their white feminist overlords got useless degrees.

    They NEED good men with deep pockets to pay their bills or they will be homeless. They want to monkey branch to non-black men who will save them and take care of all their bastards and pay all their student loan bills but they have to keep up the facade that they are all pro black and hate IR dating but at the same time try to date out asap. If black women collectively stop shaming black men who date IR and embrace free market dating they will lose and have nobody to date.

    Black women are the first to experience this domino effect of hitting the wall and abandoning all sense of morals to desperately find a man who will save her from alpha fux/Beta bux backfiring on them when all the good men leave you for other women and all she has access to for the rest of her life are the broke simps (most of whom are closeted pedophiles who latch on to low-self esteem single mothers to get at their kids. Tommy Sotomayor talks about this.) and low IQ thugs who destroy the community. All this “building” talk is nonsense. The truth of the matter is these women live in the heart of the hood with their beloved thugs. When Trump turns the ebt card off these thugs they love so much will loot and burn down the entire neighborhood and regress to their base nigger instincts.

    It will be like what happened during hurricane katraina when the women and children were trapped in the dome with all them thug ass niggers who were shitting on the floor like animals and assaulting and raping everyone they could because thats what thugs do in a hurricane. All the good black men took their families and left New Orleans long before the storm even hit. Hell these thugs were stealing 4k tv’s during that massive hurricane/flood in Texas. All the black women complaining that no black men or white men came to rescue them on boats. Good black men had boats they just didn’t come for you ghetto bitches. They went to save the women who deserved it.

    I’m not Pro-black as all these pro-black movements are liberal jew garbage that black men don’t even own or operate. BLM was created by a crazy black woman on the run from the fbi and a disgusting jew named George Soros who by his own admission participated in the genocide of his own people during WWII and enjoyed it. The movement is consisted of lesbians,communists, and cucks. No thanks. I don’t need to be apart of some gay ass club to support black people.

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    • @ yours truly,

      Preach! You would’ve thought these dumb black bitches would’ve gotten the idea during these disasters that good black men want nothing to do with them, have no issue leaving them and their kids behind to die. You would think this would be a wake up call to clean themselves up. But they don’t, and because of that we continue to walk away in historic numbers.

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      • The same thing happened with Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The hurricane hit and on TV there were lots of overweight black single moms with their illegitimate kids waiting for the government to come help them, just like during Katrina. I bet a lot of those “strong and independent” BW wished they had chosen a good BM who would be there and able to help them, but instead they spread their legs for Pookie and Ray Ray:

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      • James S,

        Do you see how stupid most black women are? She already has a 5 year old son, is living in poor gutter conditions and then decides to get knocked up again, smdh. And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

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      • @Verbs
        Yep, and she had a tongue ring, and dyed red hair, and tats on both arms, and tats on her wrist, and a cracked phone screen, all the tell tale signs of a hoodrat. The truth is that as the Section 8 squeeze continues and the housing market continues to inflate, raggedy neglected apartments like this are going to be all thats available to hoodrats, if that.

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  11. This should come as no surprise as black women are the biggest (figuratively and literally) hypocrites walking the planet. Black whores are a joke, and these double standards they have are yet another reason more black men are running away from them in historic numbers. They are finally realizing things are going to get so much worse… Everything about them is a damn joke.

    On a side note, want to hear some sad shit? This weekend at work, I saw a young girl no older than 11 rocking a full on hair hat, and her sister who was roundly 8 or 9, being upset her hair didn’t look like that, and playing with her hair. It was sad, pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

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  12. Anyone can date interracialy and still be pro-black. The idea that you can’t is something that is pushed by hoteps and BW scared of the Wall of Silence. BW will likely have the hardest time dating interracially and still being pro-Black, because I think that many of them sub-consciously want to be or at least look like WW. BW wear European/Asian hair weave, colored eye contacts, skin bleach, etc. to look more white and less black.

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    • James S,

      Cynthia G case and point right there, she is considered to be pro black by the so called black community even though she is trying her hardest to look like Becky. This is my point about the pyramid heads overlooking the shortfalls of black women especially when it comes down to them trying to climb the mountain of whiteness.

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      • Cynthia G is more than likely a failed swirler who is trying to jump on the pro-black train in order to vent her anger at white men after being rejected by them. Tariq Nasheed clowned the hell out of her a few weeks ago.

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      • James S,

        I saw that clip of Nasheed going in on her, the fraud deserves it and shame on the black men who still follow her. She openly mocks and goes in on black men but yet these despicable simps still lick her muddy boots, smh.

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      • Verbs,

        She looks like a big muppet come to life more than anything. Her voice as much as her busted face and stupid looking weave are probably to blame for why she can’t seem to find a white dude to bend her over and take advantage of her.

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      • Xstopalopoketi,

        She(if we can even call her that) looks like a walking freak show and so many black men are following behind her licking her muddy bootlaces, what a disgrace. Cynthia G just like the rest of the sisterhood of Blackistan found out that in the eyes of white society and especially white men she is expendable.


  13. I have noticed that black women often call a black man GAY when the black man speaks on the subject of hair weave. Recently, I made a comment that black women are trying to confuse hair weave with hair extensions. This attempt to confuse seeks to compare the 5% of young white women that wear hair extensions to the 80% of young black women that wear hair weaves or wigs. In my experience, the typical white girl has a full head of Caucasian hair by age five. Since most young white females naturally have relatively long hair, most of them have no use for fake hair. The white women that do wear hair extensions, often wear them post-haircut. Another white female use of hair extensions is to make long hair into very long hair. After being with many white women, I know that most young white women do not wear fake hair.

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  14. (((I have noticed that black women often call a black man GAY when the black man speaks on the subject of hair weave. )))

    So freaking true! How does that make sense? Why do black women like to manipulate language and change the meaning so much?

    No one calls black women a trucker dykes if she does not like men who wear fitted, ironed, clean clothes! So how does not liking a dead animal on black women head have anything to do with one’s sexuality?

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  15. Just like the TAGTHESPONSOR site, we need to start exposing these supposed pro-black sisters for under-cover chasing of WM. Create a fake WM profile and start hittin these frauds up on the DL to see if they take the bait. Then, expose those frauds for what they are: #wannabeswirlers.

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  16. Black men like white women for their femininity and white women like black men for their masculinity. The attraction is mutual.

    Meanwhile, black women like white men because they’re the most dominant being and the gateway to a better life, and also because they don’t treat white women like dirt the way black men treat black women. The problem black women face is that white men don’t like them. The feeling is not mutual and black women eager to swirl come off as negro bed wenches desperate for men who wouldn’t date them in a million years.

    Black men are desired by all races of women, while black women are desired by none. Black women lose yet again.

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    • [[Black men are desired by all races of women, while black women are desired by none]]

      I do agree with your statement, sir but what is your opinion about biracial or mixed blood men via companionship/marriage?


  17. I’ll straight up admit that I am not a pro black, I’m here to help the brothers that want to move forward and break the chains of the defeatist ghetto mindset. That doesn’t include ALL black people.

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  18. Thestraigtshooter, sadly most black people (or many of them) don’t want to break free from the ‘ghetto mindset’. Many not only want to continue this nonsensical way of life, but they support it, and make any black person who speaks against it out to be the enemy, coon, uncle tom, a tool of white supremacy, and all this garbage that many black people like to use to cover the degenerate behavior of many black people.
    My feeling is we can only speak our mind and hope black men understand what we are saying. But unfortunately most black folks are to caught up in worrying about the ‘white boogie man’, alleged white supremacy, and all this other nonsense that doesn’t effect how black people conduct themselves on a daily basis.
    I don’t even try to speak to black men about any of this because usually you will be met with hostility, insults, and many times threats of violence.
    It’s simply not worth attempting to speak logically to a group of illogical people.

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  19. These pro-blacks want to fight white supremacy but will use the same white supremacy talking points and words like c**n against other black people. Unproductive black people are productive black people’s biggest and baddest enemy.

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  20. Yeah you can tell she is mad hurt that Swirl thing didn`t work. And I bet the bank it was her first choice and first relationship

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