A Super Simp Strikes Again




These are the misandrist, soft, weak, milktoast, soggy biscuit, pro black female bootlicking simps that these dysfunctional black sirens have dispatched in their last-ditch effort to reel thinking black men back onto the plantation. Black women continue to shout from the rooftops that they are “strong and independent” and that they “don’t need a man”, yet at the same time they are sending guys like this in force beyond the shores of Blackistan with the aim of attempting to shame the thinking black men’s regiment into submitting to a group of women who hate and despise us with a passion and have made this known in no uncertain terms.

As we can see the male feminist Cuffe is not afraid to rattle off the same lies and talking points that the black female contingent regularly circulates believing that something will stick if oft-repeated, however nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously we saw how this bootlicker attempted to run with the deadbeat dad lie, however the CDC a number of years ago in their report proved that black fathers are the most involved in their children’s lives, please see the article I wrote back in December 2016 concerning this subject:


Then this dude had the audacity to actually imply that somehow it is black men who are killing unborn children in the womb, is this guy stupid? At the end of the day it is the woman who decides whether she is going to have a child or an abortion, the man has absolutely no leverage whatsoever when it comes down to this decision, why is Cuffe lying? By the way, why didn’t Cuffe talk about the astronomical number of children that US black women are assassinating in abortion centers, an average of 1876 children per day?


Of course cuck boy Cuffe is not going to call out his queans on their skullduggery as he is pandering for some snatch and as per usual with these blue balled pro black female male warriors, he’s throwing black men under the bus as the main part of the process. You would’ve thought that these guys would’ve learned by now that the way to get a black woman to open her legs to you is to be disrespectful, treat them like garbage and physically bash them in the head on the regular, this chicken head below confirms such to be true:

Notice how misandrist Cuffe deliberately fails to call out the real culprits surrounding single motherhood, black women themselves as well as the Tyrone, Lil Squeezy, J Boogie type black men. Good black men aren’t out here creating children and not taking care of them because black women are not opening their legs to us to begin with. The reason why this bootlicker won’t call out B Slick is because he knows full well that unproductive, thug type black men will not hesitate to give him 6 slaps up the side of his dishonest head as well as put 3 bullets in his chest and send him on his merry way.

See, I despise disingenuous buzzards like Cuffe because they roll with lies and more lies in the hopes of pleasing bottom of the barrel black women, these types of dudes have absolutely no standards, no integrity and live for tarnishing the image and the reputation of good black men in their pursuit of contaminated cooch. Remember this article I wrote only last month further demonstrating the black female’s love and worship of thug penis:


Don’t lump me in with Mike Mike, Skillet and Lil Cheezy from the projects bruh, these are the guys who are responsible for pumping and dumping black women and to be honest we cannot really lay the blame completely upon them because as I’ve stated before black women themselves have admitted that they are attracted to these types of individuals, here is yet more evidence of that:


Furthermore, another lie that I have deconstructed in the past is the idea that black men are creating single mothers. Err NO, black women themselves CHOOSE single motherhood, hence their “strong and independent, I don’t need a man” slogan. Here are some further articles I have written in the past demonstrating that single motherhood is a chosen path and black women are the ones who choose it BY THEMSELVES:



See, the Slaying Evil site is now such to where the majority of the lies that black women speak in their constant attempts to hold onto their victimhood status I have covered and as well as deconstructed. The lies of the sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan won’t fly over here and black women dispatching brown-nosing simps like Cuffe who believe they can succeed where the black witch’s coven has already failed is simply a fool’s errand.

Then this numbskull attempts to berate black men for dismissing black women’s claim of rape, yet we already know that most black women have a sex drive that is far beyond that of black men. Furthermore, why doesn’t Cuffe talk about the false rape accusation culture that is sweeping western societies? Remember Brian Banks, Mike Tyson, even the rapper Nelly last year was accused of rape, however that case got dropped very quickly when it was revealed that the black whore who levied the accusation against him in fact LIED.

This is one of the main reasons why I cannot stand these simps, they purposely look the other way while black women engaging in all manner of nefarious activities yet at the same time they never differentiate the black men who are actually the ones damaging black society from the thinking black men who left years ago due in most cases being mocked, ridiculed, persecuted and ousted by the former.

Finally, Cuffe brings up the subject of marriage and behaves as if black men are the problem. No Cuffe, black women as a collective in 2018 simply aren’t suitable candidates for dating and marriage based upon many reasons, 7 of which being,

1. Their physical unattractiveness as a group.

2. The fact that 80% of black women are overweight.

3. The fact that most black women subscribe to the edicts, tenets and the philosophies of feminism.

4. The fact that they open declare their hatred and disdain for good black men.

5. The fact that black women have a median net worth of $5.

6. The fact that most black women are violent, uncooperative and generally just nasty and spiteful individuals.

7. The fact that nigh on 80% of black women are single mothers coupled with the fact that 60% of them having children by multiple fathers.

Thinking black men, be sure to check male feminist fools like Cuffe whenever they open their toilet mouths to spout off black female garbage talking points, these simps are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast. Men like David Cuffe have no standards and lack self respect, hence why he has no problems psychologically castrating himself in the hopes that he MIGHT land himself some infested black vagina, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE #ESCAPEFROMBLACKISTAN

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Light Up And Expose Simps, Maginas And White Knights

Most High Bless

75 thoughts on “A Super Simp Strikes Again

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  2. Wow….if you want REASONS why the “Community” is in the shape its in, you have to look no further than THIS guy. BLACK MEN like this will HELP black women destroy the rest of us, WHILE committing the same thing he accuses everyone else. Also, have you noticed, black men like him will echo what black women say about BLACK MEN with WHITE WIVES not being able to help the “COMMUNITY”, YET you NEVER see THEM do or say ANYTHING but dick police?????

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  3. These people literally have a damn play book. It’s always the exact same talking points!

    They always talk about how unprotected black Women are, but 1. As you stated, they are the ones walking around screaming feminist “independence” edicts from the heavens, and 2. Do they ever ask why they are so unprotected?

    A group of women that has entirely shunned their men since the late 1960s will obviously have no protection. No matter how independent or whatever else they lie and claim to be, everyone knows that if you remove the men, the women are easy pickings, at least more malleable than their male counterparts.

    As you mentioned in the last article, every other group knows how weak black women and black people in general are, so they move in on them with reckless abandon to pimp and pilfer. Pro-blacks, preachers, pimps, liberals, “black women loving” white men, ghetto white women, etc.. These groups are NOT targeting black men, but black women. Everything they do is a sales pitch or gimmick.

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    • Truth! By the way if BW are the ‘queens’ and ‘mothers of civilzation’ that the simps claim they are why do they act like whores and Jezebels while ‘inferior’ non-black women are feminine, attractive and submissive? Isn’t a monarch supposed to be morally superior to his or her subjects? Always confused me.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The modern day black female is the choice goat of the 21st century merchant. Everybody in that arena is fully aware of the fact that black women as a collective are dumber than a box of rocks, the pro black simps that support them are just as bad.

      Walking around screaming “strength and independence” 24 hours per day puts out the message that you DON’T require protecting. Like you said, black women have been rejecting good black men for over half a century but shines like Cuffe deliberately ignore such details. We continue building and fortifying the wall.

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  4. Bombastic Simptastic says: Ladies, if your man recoils at the natural and feminine odor of tuna and garlic when you open your legs in the bedroom, you need to drop that man. A real man would lick that heavenly snatch like a child on candy.

    If your man has a problem with making time to babysit your seven kids, even though they aren’t his, you need to drop that man! A real man steps up when a thug steps out.

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    • I literally did that: babysat two boys one Saturday evening, while their welfare queen mother (a family friend) went to the club looking for dick.

      I’d feel sorry for them and their future life path, but they’re not mine.

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    • “…natural and feminine odor of tuna and garlic when you open your legs…” Lol! Baaarrff!

      You just about nailed down the description of the typical blk females cooter stench.

      But I’ve come up with a few more from my own personal experience:

      -Halibut & horse shit
      -Fish eggs & feces
      -Salmon & sour milk
      -Crab meat & dooky

      Maybe one of them will go viral and become a meme…

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  5. I really think, at some level, that these simps just want to be black women. They realize how much easier it is for them and are jealous, but especially jealous of other men who actually have things going for them. Thus, they lash out against that which they can never be, and violently defend the ideal that they want to be.

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    • @Afrofuturism1
      Just like I told that clown ds132, these GUTTER SIMPS just need to go ahead and get their gender reassignment surgery so they can become “A FULL BITCH”..instead of just nibbling around the edges.Then he and his “sistas in arms” can continue to contribute billions to the weave industry.

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    • @d1ckh38d still hasn’t got himself the single baby mama he prizes as a catch, so I conclude that not only is he full of shit, he’s a full bitch. Simpanzee ain’t man enough to catch a catch.


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  6. Guys like this are pathetic and probably think that attacking BM will get them a date with one of these chicks. As for him talking about BM creating single moms and then shaming them, that’s incorrect. The BM who shame single moms more than likely don’t have any baby mommas. Becoming a single mother is a choice in the US, there are lots of contraceptive options but BW would rather not use any and apparently don’t care if their sexual partners do either.

    These chicks are whores who have unprotected sex with thugs, players, and losers and they are cranking out kids that grow up to be thugs/losers, homosexuals, and whores. Black dysfunction is almost a closed loop at this point and good BM have no part in it.

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  7. I just laugh out loud at these gutter SIMPS..what’s their end game? Why are they trying so hard to appease these HOOD WHORES?These BITCH SIMPS absolutely know these black whores are the easiest group of females to have sex with as Verbs put forth with the 80% out of wedlock birth rate and the 60% multiple bastard kids by multiple men. So I would advise him to not try so hard. Just go to “blackistan” find a 300llb tatted up, weave wearing hood whore usually with dirty multiple bastard kids in tow waddling down the street, tell her she’s a “queen” and he’ll be back at her Section 8 hell hole within 5min with her rotten fish smelling vagina wide open awaiting yet another load to be dropped inside of her producing more black whores like her and the little thugletts that destroy the neighborhood. See how simple that is.

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  8. Ah, the simps are back at it again. They pander to these black witches like slaves, yet they can’t even get one. How pathetic. They talk so much about them while criticizing us thinking black men for not helping the “community”, yet we hardly ever see them with a black woman. So we got to ask them a fundamental question:

    Where is Felicia?

    I propose we start a hashtag and start asking these simp monkeys who pander to black women, #WhereIsFelicia. Because as much as they talk so highly about Felicia, they can’t seem to get one. It’s the same thing with these black witches who talk so much about the white man, yet they can’t get one. We need to keep shaming these savages on their debauchery. They’ve been getting away with it for too long.

    So for the simps monkeys everywhere, I ask the same question: Where is Felicia?

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  9. I told you guys the cucks are going to come out of the wood work. These fools will do and say anything in hopes of getting Tyrone’s disgruntled leftovers.

    78% of black kids born out of wedlock.
    Roughly 70% of black women are single mothers
    Only about 28% of black men have kids out of wedlock.
    Black men use condoms more than any other race of men in America.
    I will let you put the pieces together.

    But according to this cuckelberry finn ass nigga it’s ALL black men’s fault. Yeah whatever. Cool story bro.

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  10. “The reason why this bootlicker won’t call out B Slick is because he knows full well that unproductive, thug type black men will not hesitate to give him 6 slaps up the side of his dishonest head as well as put 3 bullets in his chest and send him on his merry way.”

    Nothing more needs to be said here.


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  11. I am still trying to understand the mind of the Simp. How on earth could any black man in his right mind defend and support a group of women who are absolutely the worst group of human beings on the planet earth. Black women hate Blackmen, berate Blackmen, murder black children, have horrible attitudes, are absolutely out of shape and many or if not most of them are ugly and unattractive, and that’s just the truth. I could go on and on about the negative attributes of black women but I think we all know what they are.
    But you still have these brain-dead Negroes who will go out of their way to defend these animals and blame everything they do on Blackmen. I have always said that the Simp has been raised to worship black women, see black women as gods, never question or challenge anything black women do, and never placed blame upon black women for any reason whatsoever.
    You have Blackmen who will kill another black man because a black woman told him she was disrespected. From the time black boys are born it’s literally beaten into their head that black women can do no wrong and if you question or challenge a black woman you are being weak because you are strong enough to ‘handle’ a black woman.
    These idiots actually think that defending and supporting a group of unruly beasts is somehow being strong men. When in actuality they are the weakest dumbest, bunch of pathetic ‘men’ out there. True strength is being able to recognize who your enemy is, who is creating problems for you and everyone around you, being able to call out those problems and those people, and having enough sense to stay away from those people.
    But because this Simp is so addicted to black vagina, and believes he will somehow be elevated or get some type of benefit from praising black women, the Simp will look the other way and point his finger at Blackmen as if black women are harmless, innocent, lambs who have been abused, oppressed, and done wrong by these awful horrible Blackmen.
    This guy talks about black men being the problem, and he’s right because it’s Blackmen like this idiot who refuse to see what black women are actually doing and give black women the green light to continue to destroy everything and everyone around them.
    Black America has taken on the personality, attitude, and attributes of the black woman. The prevailing attitude of entitlement, rules don’t apply, ”I’ll do what I want when I want’, ‘you can’t tell me anything’ is how these Blackmen act. There is no accountability for anything.
    A black woman could stab a black man in the eye with a knife while he’s sleeping and you would have the SIMPS talking about ‘well what did that Blackmen do to put her in the position that she felt she had no other choice but to stab him in the while he was asleep’?
    I just cannot stand the majority of black people because the mentality is just completely ass backward and they don’t care.

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    • (((I am still trying to understand the mind of the Simp. How on earth could any black man in his right mind defend and support a group of women who are absolutely the worst group of human beings on the planet earth.)))

      You know what I think it is, They have been brainwashed sooooooooo much that it is their religion. Have you ever got into an argument with legalistic christian? and you actually tried to tell him/her that it is ok, for an example, to shave, and he will tell you how it is sin to shave but you USE scripture and PROOF to back it up? but the person continues to cut you off, yell louder than you, call you names? Or let’s say you read the bible and you are very WELL informed with scripture, but there are church members who goes to church three times a week but NEVER read their bible. So the people will tell you “My Pastor said..” or ” In my chuurch we believe…” and NEVER what the bible actually says? which is essentially that what ever their community/gorup think or leader (ie black women in this case) tells them, THAT is the truth and NOT facts and evidence! I think this is where it is coming from.

      It is simply a cult following, in which it disregards all logic and reasons and condemns anyone who thinks for himself and is outcasted. and if they cannot be controlled or used in any way they are the ‘devil’ of that cult. This is exactly what we are to them!

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  12. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, This is a whole new level of simpage. It’s almost like simps evole and they get worse and worse every few months!

    Verbs! What does the scouter say about his simpage level??????

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  13. Do you know what is funny about this. I remember when I was going to my trade school, There was an Arab girl. She was pretty cool and she was down to earth. a black simp was preaching about how much he hates guys who hits girls and that men should never hit girls no matter what. The arab girl was actually DEFENDING men and saying that if a girl hits a guy that she should be expected to get hit back. The simp actually argued with her and told her how wrong she was and it should never be. She said in, her culture (I do not know which exactly she is from), it is perfectly acceptable to hit girl as long as it is within reason. he didn’t want to hear it, told her it shouldn’t be that way and if he was in her country, he was beat up any man that would hit any woman.So not even girls from a more patriarcal culture could use reason and logic to argue with a simp.

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  14. So it begins. The whores know their shaming tactics are not working anymore, so they send in the simpanzee brigade to try and get us to come back to the shores of blacklistan and care for the hordes of bastard children, and their useless ass mothers. All while treating us like garbage. Nope, never heard of it. I refuse to have any part of it. Not my sperm, not my concern. Someone a while back said it, and it’s 100 percent true. I’d sooner go back overseas before I went back to blacklistan, and cared for the uselesss ass people who call it home.

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  15. If anyone who doesn’t understand black culture wants to understand what a real coon is, this simp is the perfect illustration. How can black man dress himself as a stereotype, thinking he’s helping the community? No you dumb savage, dressing up as a dusty negro that you really are, you’re reinforcing the stereotype of black men. Again, I keep saying it, us thinking black men need to separate ourselves from these simps. The world needs to see clearly the difference between thinking black men and niggas like this simp.

    Man I tell you, there’s nothing that irks me more than a stupid beta male black simp.

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  16. David Cuffe is another dumb beta male simp. As a black divorced father raising a child, I have some insight into the 70%+ black single mother rate. Some of these females aren’t shit.

    The next time some dumbass cites the 70%+ statistic, ask them the following question:

    1. Does the data show whether the black fathers willing absent or unwilling absent?

    Some fathers are unwilling absent, because the black bitch will not allow the father in the child’s life; but, yet, she collects child support.

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    • BATV,

      Facts. I talked about this in Negro Wars, many black fathers want to be involved in their children’s lives but these black sirens block access to visitation simply because they only wanted to use the dude’s sperm in order to get on the government payroll. Of course the bootlicker Cuffe won’t talk about this aspect of single motherhood.

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  17. I wouldn’t waste my breath defending black women the producers of juvenile delinquents and sexually deviated adults , They remind each other that they all did some ho type shit at one time or another .Last but not least the nastiest cheapest most well used thing in the black community is the black woman’s germ ridden vagina , how can you defend that ?

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  18. Guys ok he stated BM are scared to marry these BW scum, I went on his Facebook page and as I suspected this fool is single he has photos of his dog lmfao. My thing is you are talking about marrying BW he has no women on his page I have said it and I will say it again most of these simps are undercover fags. Most of these simps always talking about being with BW but no BW are no where to be found in their stable but if we investigated further they will be dating BM thugs just like the BW they defend. These clowns are beyond funny Verbs said soggy biscuit I am on the floor.

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    • Sean,

      Exactly what I talked about before, most of the guys who defend dysfunctional black women are single. They’ll defend black women until the cows come home, yet those same black females won’t ever give them the time of day.

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    • why am I not surprised he has a dog and no woman . nobody with experience would dare say BW are working with a full deck . in my own family the young men that married non black women are happy and in good financial shape while the ones that married BW are miserable and in debt plus the black bitches had kids to begin with

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  19. Verbs, I heard that Shararzad Ali was recently saying that decent black men should come back to the black community and be clean up men. Is this true? If so, is there any way you can post up links here?

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    • I cannot find anything where she explicitly says such. However, I did find this meme:


      As a former “clean up” man (i.e., a man who married (and subsequently divorced) a single mother), being a clean up man is a bad idea for the following reasons:

      1. The possibility of the stepchildren resenting you.

      2. She is a single mother for a reason. Read the tea leaves; something I failed to do.

      3. There is ZERO benefits, unless you consider being benevolent a benefit.

      I learned my lesson. Hopefully, a young black man will read this and take note.

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      • BATV,

        Glad you finally saw the light sir though I’m sure that the black witch you were married to speeded up the process and made it a whole lot easier to get out. These single mothers simply are not the way to go, a man ought to be starting his own legacy and family tree from point zero. The problem is black women in their desperation are now attempting to shame black men into taking onboard their devil spawn baggage, if a man wishes to deal with a single mother then that is entirely up to him, however he has to know regardless of the current propaganda black women are putting out there, that dealing with single mothers and taking onboard another man’s children IS NOT normal.

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  20. did tha idiot simp just post a picture and spraed a LIE?!!!!!!!!
    black female prison population is(declining)?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND white female prison population is(increasing)?!!!!!!!!
    WHERE ARE WE LIVING?!!!!!!!!
    in a world where any one can just lie and say whatever they want?!!!!!!!

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    • As a person who has lived in both Miami-Dade & Broward counties, I can tell you first-hand Miami beach is drastically over-rated and has too much of a degeneracy element of Blacks, Hispanics, and Gays there. Plus, the REAL MIAMI inland is a ghetto/barrio shithole. Next time, go to Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood Beach. Trust me. Snowbunnies by the hundo’s flock there.

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  21. Verbs2015,
    This is Basically A Simp Who Not Only Enjoys Kissing The Dirty Boot Straps Of Scraggle Daggle American Ratchet Black Women, But Also A Simp With Very Poor Hygiene. I Don’t Like to Diss Individuals, But This Guy Looks Like He’s Never Heard of Skin Lotion. Plus The Garbage He’s Spewing Out About Black Men on His Facebook Page is The Type That Doesn’t Mind Always Being Looked at as an ATM Machine 24/7, Talked Down on Like Garbage Either Inside The House or Outside The House, Dealing With Baby Mama Drama & All The Unadulterated HELL That Comes With it. Well God Bless Him, But For Those Who Actually Have a Forward Thinking Mind Set Know That, That is Someone Who is Clearly Dead Inside. While Forward Thinking, Has All His Priorities Together Black Men Have Standards & Will Not Lower Themselves to Setting For Scraps. #SYSBM 100%!!!

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  22. Why are castrated bitch made simps like David Cuckke out here throwing shade on thinking black men? Not for the reasons you guys have already stated…

    Cuckke has had his masculine soul extracted, replaced with estrogen and, like @Keith has suggested, is on his way to being ALL WOMAN.

    No way is he getting any sex, so he has to be a dead soul, a husk of a body, just waiting to be sacrificed to the big booty god once “he’s” outlived his usefulness.

    Don’t expect anything different from the upcoming zimp-bie a-cuck-alympse. Just get your stakes and garlic necklaces, and be ready to light a simp up.


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  23. Yet another example of the utter madness of these simps:


    Why are these simps so obsessed with getting repararation when the black community is in shambles? Facism and ultra-nationalism never really change, I guess? Well it’s not the concern of thinking black and coloured men, so I’ll just leave it there. Some things never change..(sigh)

    Why aren’t the simps talking about this then if they’re so concerned about the black community? :


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  24. I honestly don’t understand the mentality of men like this.

    SN: Nelly was accused by a white woman.
    SN2: I likes me some Nelly.


  25. I’m here and David Cuffe told the truth on all of you betas here. You guys are vocal as ever… but not many black men… even if they aren’t totally on code for black power… take you SYSBM’s seriously.


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