Kids These Days


I’m sure by now everybody knows who these three are, Lil Tay is supposed to be a 9 year old rapper who rose to stardom advertising her rapping skills using Snapchat, Danielle Bregoli aka Cash Me Outside became world famous when she appeared on Dr Phil’s show and threatened her mother on national television as well as the studio audience with those infamous words “cash me outside, how about that”. Woah Vicky aka Victoria Waldrip is supposed to have rose to fame after assaulting a police officer at a mall after being asked to leave. She also claims to be half black.

What do all of these three girls have in common, that’s right, they practice black ghetto culture and are surrounded by blacks of the same. This is the problem with the “culture appropriation” crowd, if black folks are genuinely concerned with their culture being usurped by white and other non blacks, why is it then that the biggest supporters of these so called culture vultures are black folks?

This is my point right here, the Jewish run media will always push these folks upon blacks because they know that black people as a group have low self esteem, are desperately looking for validation and acceptance and will welcome anybody on board who seems friendly in the hopes of making friends. Of course when it comes to the type of treatment they show their own people, black folks can be some of the most harsh, evil and vindictive savages on the planet.

At the end of the day these girls wouldn’t be so famous and stinking rich if black people didn’t support them. Chinese people aren’t supporting Lil Tay, white folks aren’t supporting Whoa Vicky and Danielle Bregoli, it’s you dysfunctional blacks who are running behind these girls and pledging your allegiance to them.

Again, much like the Koreans and the Chinese supplying the modern day black woman’s weave addiction, these three youngsters are making money hand over fist while the originators of this culture make none. It is black women who go around calling other women “bitch” all of the time, yet black women aren’t smart enough to monetise their dysfunction in some way, shape, form or fashion.

Whoa Vicky has even set up a website selling various merchandise including chains, gold and iced grills, don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves:

Again, who are her main supporters, that’s right, black folks. Something many of you guys mentioned a number of articles back is the fact that there is a hell of a lot of incest taking place within black society that nobody is really talking about. With black women being a retarded bunch themselves and producing devil spawn seedlings of the same coupled with thinking black men checking out and going their own way, its now quite easy for outsiders to come in and take advantage of people who don’t have a stable foundation nor proper leadership. Let’s face it, your average black female cannot even run a bath yet alone a community.

Bregoli has her website up, is selling her songs and is about to embark upon a worldwide tour starting from April through to July this year. Again, take a look for yourselves:

Again, this is what happens when you effeminise and weaken the men of any society, it makes the job much easier of rolling in and taking that particular society over. One only need observe the current events taking place in Europe with the heavy influx of migrants, western white men for the longest while have been brow beaten with feminism and every other male hating doctrine there is, however you’ll notice in Eastern Europe where patriarchy is the order of the day, the white men in that region have still maintained their masculinity and therefore will be far more difficult maybe even impossible to conquer.

As for Lil Tay, it wouldn’t surprise me if her parents own a weave/wig/synthetic hair franchise somewhere. Don’t believe black folks whenever they talk about rebuilding black society because these are the same people who’ll refuse to frequent black owned businesses because they don’t wish to see another black person getting ahead. The non black man’s ice is colder and the white man’s ice is the coldest in the eyes of black society.

All three of these young girls are non black future scraggle daggles, these are the non black women to avoid at all costs, though thinking black men do not need to be reminded of this. Meanwhile black women will continue to bump the music of these youngsters in their cars ensuring that the next generation receives their indoctrination of degeneracy.

The days of Black Wall Street are long gone and they’re never coming back, it is black women who have injected this philosophy of self hatred and a red eye of jealousy into black society, support non black owned businesses while ensuring black businesses receive no support and thus remain stagnant. Thinking black men, the supporters of these three young girls is the reason why you recognised black society to be a basket case destined for doom and destruction.

Again, as long as black women are in charge and are included in the plans to “rebuild”, there will be absolutely nothing built within these black communities. As I stated in Negro Wars, those who are serious about “rebuilding” black society seeing as they have clearly proven themselves to be the enemy must completely exclude black women from the building process altogether.

Black folks will continue to be exploited and will continue to allow and support such exploitation, black women especially will welcome more pimps, sharks and monsters into black communities if it means fulfilling their contractual obligation to their white father and thus remaining relevant as leaders. As stated before black women have no problems leading their own children straight into hell.

The so called black community is a goner, those black folks with eyes to see and ears to hear will simply forget about black society and move on with their own lives.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

74 thoughts on “Kids These Days

      • it is not just incest that is rampant in black society and no one is talking about it, but coming from jamaica myself, it is all kinds of fuckery on a grand scale that is going on and no one cares…black people dont give a damn about other black people… people will not take responsibility for nothing,,it is always someone elses fault,,,,all in denial and supporting fuckery to the fullest,,,,,the black community and race is finished,,,,,both in jamaica, america, uk, wherever and black women are the main culprits of this…..

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  2. Sotomayor is right on the money when he says that blacks are the garbage can of the world, and that they will accept literally everyone else’s garbage. This is why blacks will readily accept the mixed results of white mens’ pump and dumps as black, as well as why the trash of other communities are able to easily slum it up and imitate the hood.

    As you mentioned, these chicks are still more proactive and enterprising than your average black idiot woman, as they essentially turn this stuff into a brand. So, non-black women imitate black women and profit, but black women SPEND BILLIONS trying to look like non-black women or take pink pill classes to absolutely NO avail. Can black women ever stop losing?

    Conversely, notice how blacks got mad at Bruno Mars for “cultural appropriation” when he made music in a style that blacks don’t even make anymore!!! However, when others appropriate the gutter level hood culture of blacks, namely through rap music, blacks actually have pride in this! Conversely, they will use this as a “white women do it too!”, knowing good and damn well that the above chicks are not only EXTREMELY rare in their communities, but also SHUNNED for their behavior.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I also came across this monstrosity not so long ago:

      This dude is about as gutter as it gets. I know yourself and some others here were not into HipHop, however there was a time when the genre had much more variety and the gutter, gun slinging talkers were reserved to a small corner, not anymore. Sotomayor is right, black folks are too accommodating towards others even when they treat us like garbage.

      Black women taking L’s yet again, of course the L’s are going to keep on coming in heavier loads as each year goes by. Amazon is standing by to delivery each and every one of them.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      I’m going to slightly interject on your point about biracial and mixed folk while it is true black people do readily accept biracials I think it has more to do with American history and politics then an innate desire of accepting biracials. I say this because over in the United Kingdom and South Africa biracial people (coloureds) were historically always seen as a “separate race.” Thus to this day blacks in the UK and South Africa rarely see biracials as one of their own like American blacks do.

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  3. Thank you so much for covering this Verbs! I’ve known about these three numbskulls from observing social media and Black Twitter for some time now. Isn’t it funny now that interracial relationships with black men are on the rise, you have the media trotting out the Kardashians and these hoodrats in white face like Lil Tay, Bhad Bhabie, and Woah Vicky? Of course all three of these reprobates are culture vultures and exploitative, but black people love to support them, especially black women.

    Notice how the black/Hip Hop community and black women didn’t do the same for Iggy Azalea. Now Iggy isn’t perfect, she doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she is a decent person with a sincere appreciation for rap music. But what did the black community at the behest of black women do to her? They literally ran her out of town (America) like Frankenstein while her scumbag fiancee at the time, Nick Young. dogged her out and cheated on her as black women applauded it.

    Iggy languished in depression and suicide for years with a declining rap career because of the jealousy of black women. The same black women who adore trash like Lil Tay, Bhad Bhabie, and Woah Vickey because they’re trash like them with no values. Can you imagine if a black artist was treated that way in rock or heavy metal? Yeah, Iggy didn’t deserve that shit!

    This is why I don’t promote any of that Kardashian/wigger/PAWG/white girls who love BLM because many times they got the same messed up feminist, reprobate, WORLDSTARHIPHOP mindset that is so toxic. I DON’T WANT A WHITE WOMAN WHO ACTS GHETTO WITH A FAT ASS! Black men can do better than that. Why settle for the same crap you were running away from, but in a different skin tone? That’s insanity. Yeah beauty means a hell of alot,but it won’t account for much without values and culture.

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    • You hit it on the head, they will promote this stuff when it is not only an extreme rarity amongst these groups of women, but also, unlike in the black community, these women will actually be shunned by their communities.

      “Clever” move on the part of the alt-right/mgtow types and black Women (who are more and more showing that they are one and the dick policing same) media conglomerate (and Jews too) to attempt to promote these chicks to show that “all women are like that”, in an attempt to discourage black men from leaving the plantation. Notice once again that they chose white and Asian women, the main groups that white men are trying to horde for themselves, and who are the main ones hitting up black men. These white dude are making the same mistake as black women: by trying to prop up one group as bogeywomen, others (namely Indians, pakis, and Arabs) will swoop in undetected.

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      • I was watching WWE wrestling one day and I noticed how the female Asian wrestlers are extremely protected by these same white men who get mad when black men date non ghetto white women. Now, I know what the response from these white men will be which is “who gives a shit” oh trust me, they give a shit.

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    • Metal Heart,

      Couldn’t agree with you more bro, I didn’t leave Blackistan to deal with non black females who exhibit the same decadent traits as the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Black women especially love being pimped and merchandised, they would rather be used than to have black men of upstanding character actually build something of worth and value within black society.

      It’s interesting you bring up Iggy Azalea, I never knew that black society gave her such a hard time as I’ve not been following rap music for a while now, at least not the surface, mainstream material. I believe black women had a problem with Azalea because she was dealing with a black man, you know how jealous and insecure most black women are when it comes to interracial dating and marriage between non black women(especially white women) and black men.

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      • Black women hated Iggy Azalea because she is everything black women WISH they could be. White, blonde, attractive, popular, given attention, etc. Black women were jealous as hell of her, because Iggy Azalea was in a ‘space’ black women think should be exclusively theirs.
        So in typical black woman fashion they have to attack, and make it like Iggy Azalea did something wrong. The only thing Iggy Azalea did was beat the black woman at what she thinks is her own game and once again proved that Whitewomen can do anything that black women can do and do it better if they simply wanted to.

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  4. These idiots exist because of black failure. Think about it: it’s like a kid who doesn’t make good grades but through some loophole could join special ed. Even a poor student would suddenly be a super genius in this circumstances.

    Similarly, these chicks know that they can easily just slum it up with black people and be basically gods amongst ants, but it will be black WOMEN, NOT black men, who worship at their altar.

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  5. Hey Verbs, there’s also a trend on social media of self flagellating, wigger/PAWG white women who love to put themselves down and black men just to appease black women all the while promoting black lives matter.
    These low class white women love to dick police black men too, using all the same tired talking points as to why you can’t have an exclusive attraction for something, which is nonsense because most people exclusively date their own. So are most people weirdos and bigots who’ve been hurt too?

    These type of white women disgust me. They’re like these black conservative/Trump cheerleaders Kid Organic and David Carroll talk about who put black people down, thinking they’re going to get a pat on the head from white conservatives. Like have some self respect man. Don’t put yourself down for anyone!

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      • OH DAMN, the white feminist are conning BLACK WOMAN ALL OVER AGAIN. And from the comments in this WHITE race warriors comment section, she has the stupid black bitches hooked AGAIN!!! But you know what, its all good.

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    • These chicks probably know that if they were to say anything positive about black men, their own men would come at them with the fierce anger. Just look at the crap Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern, and others took for just being in pictures with black men.

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      • I would agree if they were espousing conservative/alt-right sentiments like Tomi Lahren and Lauren Southern, but the wigger, pawg, blm white girl doesn’t. Like some black men who are into white women, these white girls espouse “black identity” or try to identify with the plights of black people just to appease black women and appear legitimate for the affection of a black man.

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      • Yeah dude that’s the link I posted, just waiting for Verbs to take it out of moderation. Saw you in the comments btw. But yeah, Shucks isn’t stupid. She knows black men are an easy target and it’s a simple thing to berate a black man as a white woman to galvanize support from black women. We all remember Grand Whaggle of the Ghetto White Trash Sith Order, Tiffany Jolene.

        Shucks knows if she calls out black women that’s the end of her career in white guilt/black identity politics as black women and their simps will rain hell fire on her ass. Ain’t nothing worse than a white woman acting like some black feminist hoodrat, yuck!

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      • Yeah that’s shucks. She is just utterly ridiculous in every thought she has in her head. It’s so interesting to listen to some white girl from Canada try to praise black women when black women actually hate her guts because they’re jealous of her and wish they could be her.
        I can’t stand to listen to the chick shucks. She is one of these pro black whites who obviously has some sort of obsession or ridiculous fixation on black people for some reason. Then again she could just be very smart and be duping these stupid Negroes who need a white person to validate their existence.

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  6. As stated, these chicks are thankfully not the norm amongst their women, and it is ESPECIALLY rare amongst Asian, Indian, and definitely Arab/middle eastern women.

    For what IS a growing trend amongst these groups of women, check this out:

    These are non-black (including, surprisingly, Indian) women who sing/play funk, soul, and (real) RnB music, genres which non-mixed black women and black “musicians” in general have abandoned for the Trojan horse known as rap. You will never see these women promoted, as one, idiot negroes will immediately scream about cultural appropriation. Secondly, this not only shows the class and diversity of non-black women, but also showcases the lack of such in black women, who as mentioned literally just rap like the men nowadays. This also that the idea that non-black women won’t “get” black culture or black men is a hotep/white male lie as well.

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  7. This has been a problem in the black “community” for decades now, we accept trash and prop up/idolize our worst, while dissing and basically exiling our best and brightest. BW choose losers to reproduce with and you end up with a “community” full of losers, that worships dysfunction, and accepts non-black losers into the “community”, The smart and productive BM, the kind of guys that most civilizations rely on to keep society moving forward, are leaving the black “community” and what you see today is the end result. Its almost like the premise behind the book Atlas Shrugged.

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  8. “the Jewish run media will always push these folks upon blacks because they know that black people as a group have low self esteem, are desperately looking for validation and acceptance”

    Sad But True!

    “The so called black community is a goner, those black folks with eyes to see and ears to hear will simply forget about black society and move on with their own lives.”


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    • Ok dude thanks, your reply still isn’t showing up so I’ll post it

      Verbs to Metal Heart,

      Couldn’t agree with you more bro, I didn’t leave Blackistan to deal with non black females who exhibit the same decadent traits as the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Black women especially love being pimped and merchandised, they would rather be used than to have black men of upstanding character actually build something of worth and value within black society.
      It’s interesting you bring up Iggy Azalea, I never knew that black society gave her such a hard time as I’ve not been following rap music for a while now, at least not the surface, mainstream material. I believe black women had a problem with Azalea because she was dealing with a black man, you know how jealous and insecure most black women are when it comes to interracial dating and marriage between non black women(especially white women) and black men.

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      • Verbs,

        No problem dude, but yeah man it’s so sad and tragic what happened to Iggy. I don’t listen to modern rap either, but I always took an interest in Iggy Azalea. I remember watching early interviews of her. She seemed humble and nice. People will talk about rumors of T.I and his entourage sleeping with Iggy, and Iggy Azalea has admitted to being sexually active with older men as a teen, but at least she isn’t doing a #metoo and trying to ruin those men. No one really cared about Iggy until her massive hit “Fancy” came out, at that point black women put a target on her back and tried to do everything to ruin her career to which they partially succeeded.

        Iggy Azalea grew up dirt poor in Australia cleaning hotel rooms with her mother and was a high school dropout. She was an outcast, teased, hated school and the only sense of belonging for her came from music and art class. I can relate so much to that. She worked her butt off to be a rapper and all she got was hate from the black and hip hop community all because she was an attractive white woman who appealed to people internationally and wasn’t a stomp down feminist hoodrat.

        Even when Nick Young taunted and cheated on her, which BLACK WOMEN APPLAUDED, she never had any hate for Nick, the black community or black women. A fiancee, community, and industry that left her feeling alone and suicidal and she just moves on with her life without even bad mouthing anyone, sounds like a really good person to me. A black artist has never gone through that much cruelty and prejudice in the rock or heavy metal communities. Jimi Hendrix, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Bad Brains, Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Derrick Green (Sepultura), Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) are all legends man with impressive careers.

        Fuck the black community and rappers! They’re the biggest racists of all!

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      • Metal Heart,

        Most black folks are a bunch of hardened, bitter, violent, decadent, uncouth savages and they will remain that way until they hit the grave. I appreciate the insight you’ve given me into Azalea, the black witch hates femininity and coming from a white woman the dysfunctional black female contingent really must’ve doubled down in their hatred and disdain for her.

        I remember hearing rumours back in the day about black women having beef with her because she was dating a black guy but I didn’t really look into it or anything else related deeply. Black women as a collective are just horrible individuals, I have yet to see black women engaging in something positive that helps other people.

        They continue to talk about the community and how thinking black men should return and build it up, however if they are indeed serious about such a suggestion then why aren’t they in the meantime doing what they can to help black society get back on its feet. Answer, black women want rule a Sodom and Gomorrah type environment instead of partaking in a garden of Eden.

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  9. I find it embarrassing how retarded the Black community is at times. This is why I keep my distant from the black community. Because lets be honest Black culture is basically white trash culture .Too many black youngsters want to be rappers and entertainers/sports people. I got too many black friends who want to be rappers.Black people we need to stop worshiping these rappers/entertainers most of them are dumb as rocks.

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    • I have a freind who is a public school teacher and he tells me about how dumb the black youth of today are. He said the dumbest ones are the ones with ghetto names, they can often times barely read/write, speak english properly, and have disciplen issues. This only reinforces what we say on here about black single moms breeding a new underclass and branding them with ghetto names. The black folks with ghetto names are generally looked down upon by society and ridiculed, they can thank their black mothers for that.

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      • There was a black woman at my former job who used to be in HR. She would tell me that as soon as they see a resume with a ghetto name, they automatically throw it in the trash. And these blacks wonder why they have a hard time getting a job. First impressions are crucial.

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      • @ Sigma Jones
        Most jobs probably do that, they will either not hire them, interview them but not hire them (for quota purposes), or screen them for low level jobs like janitor, etc. The main place that you see high ranking people (BW) with ghetto names are in government jobs.

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      • Same here. I have friends who are public school friends in NYC, and they see the products of the useless bastard children of single mothers with these stupid fucking names. I’m told they are beyond slow, can’t read or write at the grade they’re in (usually a grade or two below, but are pushed through for numbers purposes). Those kids usually wear the same clothes for days at a time, almost never have a lunch or food for them to get food, smell horrible, you name it. But somehow these whores me pumping out kids, and are allowed to keep them. I’m so glad I never grew up around that. Not saying my upbringing was perfect but grateful it’s nothing like that. I also thank my mother all the time for giving me a normal name.

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  10. So let’s see, we have…

    1. A Hapa girl who has been ghettofied because her white dad abandoned her and her mom (white dads abandoning their family, yet that’s supposed to be a black man thing lol).

    2. A mix black/white girl who was ghetto all her life.

    3. A hoodrat trapped in a white girl’s body.

    This is why it don’t matter what race of women you throw into the ghetto. They all come out the same way. The problem is, blacks have been ghettofied for such a long time, they don’t know how to act civil outside of it. But the ghetto white/asian/latina women out there, those are the ones Tyrone, Ray Ray, or Pookie will get with and claim they’re thinking outside the box. Smh.

    This is why I couldn’t back up Stephon Clark when it was found he had a ghetto asian woman as his baby mama. He was still stuck in the hood, and looks like he wasn’t doing much to get himself and his family out of it. This is why I’ve yet to see a decent black man, with a decent non-black woman, get shot by the police. Those thinking black men understand the concept, “You are what you attract”. I’m glad MBD mostly post pics of decent black man with decent non-black women. Those are the real versions of SYSBM and those are the ones white men/black women have sleepless nights over.

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      Just looked up Lil Pump, yep, yet more ghetto trash and the Jewish run media are pushing these guys into black society and black women being the leaders are welcoming them in with open arms, smdh.

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  12. Now for the FLIP side of this which will drive your point home…….remember Rachel Dolezal? Dolezal’s critics contend that she has committed cultural appropriation and fraud, what fraud you ask, learning and knowing MORE about “black culture” than most black women (Dolezal has used art to educate children on civil rights issues) and for that, as a WHOLE, the “community” went in after her HARD……but had she been a stripper, or porn star as apposed to highly educated woman, she would have been embraced by black people.

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  13. Fuck the black community. Fuck anything that looks like it, fuck the messed up, dysfunctional behaviors that is not only accepted but encouraged, fuck it all. I hate niggers (yes in that sense, and in the literal meaning which is ignorant regardless of race or skin tone), there is absolutely nothing good that comes from messing around and keeping company with them.

    Getting a non black whore who acts like this isn’t much of an upgrade, and any one who thinks that it is, is kidding themselves.

    Run far away from these types gentlemen and throw them over the wall with the black trash they so desperately want to be.

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  14. Here we go again folks! Not even for 4 lousy days, 4 LOUSY DAYS, they couldn’t go 4 lousy days out from the Royal Wedding without complaining about colorism or a black man getting with a white woman! Trick, I thought you said you “Wuz N Da Palace!” So why is your royal arse looking down on us commoners with our fat white women?

    Pestilence! A pestilence I tell you!!

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    • Metal Heart,

      Just checked out that Vybz Cartel link you posted, the black women who commented on the Baller Alert Instagram page simply showed themselves to be retarded as hell. They were defending their weave wearing to the hilt, this is why I advise thinking black men to no longer argue with black women concerning their addiction to wearing other women’s hair on their heads, instead just vote with your feet. As Obsidian says, the time for debate is over. I despise weaves or any kind of fake hair and these black sirens are not going to change my mind on that, NEVER. Let them continue wearing their weaves and they can stay by themselves as well.

      Black women at this stage are nothing but bread and circus entertainment clowns who are simply to be observed with amusement from afar off.


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  15. When I see articles about kids these days. It reinforces that I made the right decision to not have children. I’m glad I don’t kids mgtow for life

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  16. Hey Verbs I wanted to make one more comment then I’m done hogging the space lol. But why don’t these wigga white women who are so concerned about a black man not liking a black woman or fetishizing white women asking white men the same questions in regards to Asian and other women of color? Why aren’t they asking these white men on dating, alt-right, and mgtow forums to stop putting down white women while elevating Asian women?

    There are countless articles and videos of Asian women telling white men they don’t want to be fetishized, but it’s funny how white men aren’t being lampooned or grilled for it EVERYDAY like black men are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a white guy being praised for saying he doesn’t date or like white women but only prefers women of color.

    Like MBD said years ago “Power and control.” All these social conditionings and constructs are in your mind man. They don’t EXIST! Someone made them up! Black men are the only ones condemned for dating exclusively outside of their race, period. I’m done, you guys can have the floor.

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  17. It wasn’t until I was in junior high/ high school, that I saw lots of “ghetto, urban and wiggers.” I was actually surprised because I never saw people like that before. You had the typical wiggers who would listen to only rap, wear baggy clothes, barley speak coherent English (which is why they had to take speech classes), among other things. Even acquaintances that I hung out with never acted or dressed like some thug (I mostly associated myself with European and Spanish people). There were a few good African women, dark skinned and light skinned, who were different, i.e. natural hair, feminine, stayed in shape and didn’t have an attitude.

    With that being said, the other dark skinned women had attitudes, loudmouths, were fat and violent, always hanging out in a crowd. Glad that I’m out of high school and don’t interact with American women anymore.

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  18. The guys who posted about how dumb the young black people are in school just listen to the rap of today. You cannot understand anything these fools are saying that’s why they call it mumble rap but of course the media is promoting this stupid foolishness. But yet someone like J Cole who speaks and raps intelligently with good messages in his music the knuckleheads do not like him. Young BW and the young black ghetto male spawns are literally Zombies. My kids go to school where the students are of all races and backgrounds which I love, I grew up in the hood I would have love to been in that environment when I was in school it is so pleasant and chill. I tell my kids all the time this is what I wanted for them to be in a better situation than I was coming up. My daughters love the Super Hero comic book movies and Star Wars stuff if they went to a hood school they would be considered lame but if they were twerking they would be the most popular people in school in a hood school. You simply have to leave the black community and watch it burn itself to hell.

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  19. Here’s an edumucated “Sistuh” getting punked in this television commercial:

    This is what the mainstream media actually thinks of them! If that isn’t a hint-and-a-half for your ass to avoid these Sistuhs, I don’t know what is…

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  20. Me Too is targeting Morgan Freeman now:

    Funny how they keep finding BM to go after and post up on the news sites/stations. Is Harvey Weinstein or the laundry list of other WM who were accused in court/jail yet? Hollywood is filled with any run by WM but they are making BM the face of this issue. Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Morgan Freeman, meanwhile the white guys have quietly slipped out the back door.

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  21. Title should read “21 Cuck Gets Cucked By Friend”

    When you get into a relationship (casual, long-term, or marriage), with a single mother, cheating is bound to happen especially with these biracial women that embrace their black and feminism side. As Verbs2015 has said before, go abroad and seek companionship or marriage elsewhere, these women aren’t worth your time.

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