Yet More Products Of Single Black Mother Households


Thanks to Kameron Brown for sending me this. This is how black women as a group sexually energise their daughters from a very young age, yet according to the pro blacks and the frying pan African pundit Dr Umar Johnson we are still supposed to date, marry and procreate with such vile individuals, no thanks, I’ll pass. It’s interesting how the pro blacks have had little to nothing to say about this video because they know full well who is responsible for teaching this young girl such filthy behaviour, however most do not have the balls to call out the sacred cow of black society even when she is clearly dead in the wrong.

Having a child who looks no more than 3 years old twerking and having other children watch, do the same and even throw money at her is clearly yet another bright as day example of where the modern day black female’s mindset is at. I mean, why on earth would I want to get with a woman who is going to be planting the seeds of sexual deviancy into children’s heads from a very young age? Yet these black sirens are so quick to call themselves queens, yes, queens of harlotry, whoredoms and debauchery.

As I have stated many times before black women are the worst individuals when it comes to raising children, in fact it could very well be argued that black women don’t raise children at all. This has to be one of the top reasons why I encourage thinking black men to look elsewhere for sex, love and companionship, the black female’s destructive attitude towards children is unmatched and of serious concern.

If black women aren’t killing their children both inside and outside of the womb then they are instead either beating them from pillar to post in the name of discipline or they are training them up in the arts of thuggery and slutdom. Don’t forget this video that came out 5 years ago also involving minors twerking:

I also wrote an article on the above video which can be seen here.

Just listen to the black women in the background encouraging the behaviour, this is why I have no problem in declaring the overwhelming majority of black women as agents of the devil himself because only individuals associated with dark and evil forces would encourage innocent children to partake in such bottom of the barrel, sexually charged misconduct. And folks wonder why so called black communities continue to spiral down the toilet.

There is no rebuilding black society as long as black women are left in charge of it, again I must refer you to what I stated in Negro Wars concerning black society as as whole remaining in the dumpster as long as those black men who wish to redeem it continually overlook black female skullduggery and refuse to check these same women when and where necessary. Black women constantly complain about black men “not building” anything for them, however since when have men built for slack, gutter, in the toilet, morally bankrupt type women, I’ll wait?

The above is what most black women are teaching their daughters but yet I’m still expected to “build” for such individuals, are you mad??? The fact of the matter is black women are not worthy women to have anything built for them, not only have they betrayed black men at the behest of their white father in exchange for state treats, benefits and goodies but you also must take into consideration the fact that black women aren’t sorry nor are they remorseful for their malevolence against their own people.

The fact of the matter is black children who are raised AWAY from modern day black females as a collective do much better for themselves in life, the evidence speaks for itself.

Those black men who still choose to date, marry and procreate with black women do so at their own risk and have absolutely no grounds upon which to complain if they get bitten in the process, they’ve been forewarned. If there is one thing that really gets my back up with regards to black women its their negative attitude towards black children and their horrible treatment of the same. Gentlemen, your thoughts!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


123 thoughts on “Yet More Products Of Single Black Mother Households

  1. The modern day black woman needs to undergo MANDATORY annual mental illness exams.

    And neuter those fukerz that are deemed unfit for motherhood.

    This is gawt damm Child Abuse man!

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    • @Preme

      I also think there should be forced sterilization. Any woman (and man) who shows signs and patterns of the same dysfunctional behavior that is causing havoc on innocent and productive citizens shoud be forced sterilized! This is the only way they can be breeded out! Any of these pro-life pundits that want to get all pissy and “children are blessing” nonsense can go live with these low class idiots!

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    • Preme,

      Straight talk as I don’t see non black women teaching their children how to be strippers and thugs, in the overwhelming majority of cases they want the best for their children, but not this modern day black female however.

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  2. I have many comments about this.

    The first thing I want to say is the straight up double standards I notice with black women,most especially Jamaican and other black carribean women when it comes to this topic. in fact my uncle was the one that pointed this BS out to me and even I overlooked the hypocrisy:

    If one man takes that one child and takes her in a room and watches that child gyrate and twerk, this said man is a pervert, sicko, pedophile and should be castrated and it is evil. If 100 men took the child in a room alone and she begins to gyrate and twerk, now all of the sudden, it is “cute”, black women praise and encourage the little girl to keep going and all is good. WTF is the differnce???? one man versus one hundred man watching a little girl is the same damn thing! I asked many jamaican women about this and they had no explanation and said “that’s just the way it is”. They openly sexualize their own daughters because it’s “Muh Culture” and then demonize a single man for the “enjoyment” but are totally fine when it is one hundred perverts watching the same thing???? Where the hell is the logic in that???

    When it comes to black children, there is no escape for them in not being sexualized by black women. In Music, Media, friends, family and even the CHURCH! Take a look at these videos here of black women twerking in church:

    Black children especially, are HIGHLY exposed to sexual content because of their mothers. daughters are encouraged to twerk, wear skimpy clothes and even say dirty sexual things and the mothers will laugh and think it’s cute. If the sons do not like or listen to it, the mothers will accusr the son of being homosexual and shame him, so he will have NO CHOICE but become sexualized. I remember growing up, we weren’t allowed to even say the word “sex” yet the same women would blast the dirtiest, filthiest rap, raggae, (raggaeton for the latinas), Dance hall and other carribean music. My other peers would always sing the songs or say the dirty words in school. My teacher had no idea what they were talking about because they were white teachers who were unfamiliar with the latest rap/carrbian songs. The reason why I never caught on was because I never listened to rap/hip hop or carribean music, so I was way out of touch amoung my black peers.

    Now, I am a social liberterian, I believe one is free to do as one pleases as long as one does not hurt others and that action is followed by consequences. I am not against sex or anything like that, but if men or women have a very high sex drive, have to have sex or are expressive to others with sex, it is in my opinion that it should be kept private and behind close doors andkept to one’s self. I do not want to go to work or go to the store by riding the bus or subway and be stuck in the vechicle and see this:

    I think these women KNOW what they are doing and are doing this on purpose as they want their children to be just as dyfunctional because they have all to gain from doing such a thing! Sick!!!!!!!

    more comments to follow up….

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  3. I’ve seen this behavior all too often in real life mostly by Americanized Spanish (Dominican and Puerto Rican) as well as African women. I grew up around European, Spanish (Costa Rican) and very few Africans but they never acted like the videos above. Men, get a passport, go to Asia, East Africa or other parts of Europe, and seek a companion/wife over there.

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    • Mithra,

      As soon as these women begin to embrace the lifestyles and the philosophies of the west, its a wrap for them. I don’t remember this type of behaviour growing up either, it simply goes to show you how far black women as a collective and those who follow them have fallen.

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  4. This is just said & pathetic… Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the waters, the dreaded land-whale has re-appeared!!

    This is the sad state of our “queans”…

    BW are the “queans” alright, the “queans” of hyper-sexuality.

    They teach their daughters to be sluts / whores at an early age.

    Doing this type of foolishness in front of their sons will make those young men have 0 % respect for BW (no wonder Pookie, Ray Ray & DeQuan call women bitches & hoes!)

    But then again, most BW would rather emasculate their sons & make them gay, so to make sure 100% that they wont run off with a Becky / Lopez / Patel.. SMDH….

    But a black father will get in trouble & roasted on social media if he disciplines his daughter for twerking or dressing in skimpy outfits??!!!???? WTF…???? 😦 😦 😦

    Yup, its official, BW live to destroy everything & everyone around them. And if they cant flat out destroy shit, then they will try to tarnish or manipulate things…

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    • (((But then again, most BW would rather emasculate their sons & make them gay, so to make sure 100% that they wont run off with a Becky / Lopez / Patel.. SMDH….)))


      They would rather you turn GAY before you even LOOK at a white woman. I remember a black woman had found out that I didn’t mess with black chicks and she some how someway equates me liking asian girls as pedophlia or a closet homosexual for likeing white girls. I am telling you that you cannot win! You must avoid talking to them at all cost, no matter what!

      Not only that……………

      (((But a black father will get in trouble & roasted on social media if he disciplines his daughter for twerking or dressing in skimpy outfits??!!!???? WTF…???? 😦 😦 😦)))

      Black woman would rather have their sons/daughters get RAPED by their thug boyfriend than to let them see their fathers. Children are nothing but a tool and just a miniture version of themselves to these woman!

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      • @ Carnio

        LoL maybe that’s why BW jezebles JUST LOVE THEM SOME GAY MEN!! They will defend them, march for them, fight for them, even die for them!!

        But Bw land-whales just HATE STRAIGHT BLACK MEN!! They will back-stab them, set them up for failure, send them to jail, even kill them!!

        BW create homo’s on the daily basis, but then have the nerve to cry & complain about the shortage of good black men!! Hahaaa!!!


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      • @3rd leg
        “LoL maybe that’s why BW jezebles JUST LOVE THEM SOME GAY MEN!! They will defend them, march for them, fight for them, even die for them!!”

        Thats because competent straight BM are a challenge to the matriarchy. Competent straight BM marrying and raising stable and functional families is an indictment against the messed up matriarchy that has ruined the black community. They are strong and independent queens who “don’t need no man” and would rather continue the communities march to hell under their leadership than to admit their faults and show deference to good men. Keep the Wall up.

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    • 3rd Leg,

      “Yup, its official, BW live to destroy everything & everyone around them. And if they cant flat out destroy shit, then they will try to tarnish or manipulate things…”

      This statement right here sums up the modern day black female to a T, its exactly what I have stated before, black women aim to contaminate everything around them with their deviltry failing bringing about total destruction.


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  5. I’ve also noticed [statistically speaking… and we all know that numbers don’t lie] that when a black man has a child with a non BW, that man WILL MOST LIKELY BE A PART OF HIS CHILD’S LIFE!!! And that child will not turn into a land-whale jezebel in training…

    That goes to show you how much a positive male presence will help in the shaping of a young woman into her adulthood. Lets face it, all the smart, feminine, polite pretty mixed girls (or non BW in general) had their fathers in their lives. And most fathers are ashamed to see their daughters engage in hoe-ish behavior. Unlike BW who encourage that type of shit…


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    • Give that child a black father, he/she will be a productive member of society.

      Take that child well away from all niggerdom and watch him/her flourish.


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  6. I often say that there is very little diversity among USA black women. As a rule, USA black women have the same social views, physical bodies, voting conduct, and personal conduct. After a black man looks at his sisters, mother, aunts, female cousins, and some black women outside of his family, he has seen the only type of USA black woman that exists. Never fall for the “NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT” line.

    By the way, the mass media has broadcast the USA black woman throughout the world. Therefore, if a USA black man visits a foreign nation, he can expect to find black women copying the bad conduct of USA black women.

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    • (((I often say that there is very little diversity among USA black women. As a rule, USA black women have the same social views, physical bodies, voting conduct, and personal conduct. After a black man looks at his sisters, mother, aunts, female cousins, and some black women outside of his family, he has seen the only type of USA black woman that exists. Never fall for the “NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT” line.)))


      When comes to white women, You can find all sorts of variations and personalities that can meet your taste. You have your Punk Rockers, Alternatives, Goths, Tom Boys, Girly Girls, Country girls, city girls, traditional concervatives, liberals, Nerdy/geeks, Gamers,etc.

      When it comes to Asian women, you can find all sorts of variations and personalities that can meet your taste. You have your, K pop girls, Lolitas, Gyarus, Harajukus girls, business girl, Otaku girls, Doujins etc

      Both of these girls you can a large variority of personalities, ideas, interests, and indiviuality. You will be bound to find someone that fits your match and you will both get along. Black women is almost all but one. No diversity at all! What you see as one, is what you will get for ALL of them. Black women who claim “Not all..” are simply trying to focus the blame somewhere else because the fact that you called it out means that she is offended because SHE, HERSELF, is exactly like that!

      alot of black men kill, rob and do drugs. If a white man came up to my face and say, “BLACK MEN DO X, Y, Z”!!!! I won’t need to get offended because “I” do not do those things. and I do not need to speak for other black men as I do not associate myself with black men of the kind he accuse them of. Yet black women seem to want to jump at the defense of other black women when in turn, she is enabling their behaviors which would make her as guilty as the ones who ARE like that!!!

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      • I disagree. Though rare there are a select few who do not look nor behave in that manner. Just as some of you have escaped a destructive mindset so too have some of the women who look like you. Hate and absolute bias is rhetoric in disguise.


    • Gregory Chandler,

      You’ll notice how quick black women and their pro black simp advocates are to state that not all black women are dysfunctional degenerates, yet they are extremely slow to provide examples of those so called good apples who DO NOT fit the decadent demographic, that speaks volumes within itself. Like you continue to point out, their turn out to vote for the feminist Hillary Clinton at a 96% rate says it all.

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      • DIVERSITY is key. At least we know that USA black men have some diversity. USA black women, however, all fit the same category.

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    • This is actually not true. Most are like this and those who are not are a rare few who should not be lumped in.


      • Anon,

        We don’t have time to look for the proverbial needles in the haystack, as a collective black women are through. I stopped holding out for the “rare few” over 15 years ago, I’m not about to venture down that road again.


  7. To add on to my comment, Central and Latin America or would also be a good place to find a companion/wife, unless that country is infested with the putrid, vile filth known as feminism.

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    • Mithra,

      Places such as Argentina and Chile are no goes now for women, the feminism has crept into those countries big time, the women there have turned into uncouth and unbridled Lilleths who believe that it is productive to walk around topless at protests, just like the feminist, man hating group FEMEN:

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  9. You think that’s bad, try looking up Jamaican “passa passa” online. Then show that to your two year old BW raised negro children.

    I detest Jamaican “culture”.

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      • (((but we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.)))

        AND we are suppose to be sexually attracted and turned on by them too, according to pro blacks and the black church.

        And if we do not get an erection from looking at Dixie Kongs, we MUST be gay!…

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    • I detest carribbean culture as well. From what I’ve seen, it’s nothing but dysfunction, hypocrisy, and overall misery. There is nothing beautiful about it (as some people like to claim); unless you like being forced to get with silverback gorillas with a weave with a horrendous attitude. I actively avoid family gatherings for this reason; as well as others which I’ll get into at another time.

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      • Speaking as a born African American from Jamaican descent, you are absolutely correct. It is no better by any slights than African American culture. In many times worst, the same problems that linger here reside there as well. The thing that kills me is the pride and arrogance many Jamaicans have. Especially coming from an island of poverty, crime, moronicy, and dysfunction.


  10. These black women love sexualizing themselves, but absolutely ADORE doing it to their children. It’s getting to start at a younger age, too. Black girls’ head game is master level by age 10.

    These same black women who love putting this same jezebel image of themselves into the world will then complain that black men are beginning to leave them in droves, leaving them to saunter down single boulevard with cobwebs in their crotch rags.

    These are the same black women who, despite knowing how bad the image that they put out of themselves is, they are now resorting to guilting and begging white and Asian men to date them.

    At this point, they and the hood with them really need to DIE. I HOPE and PRAY that more Tyrone’s start getting fed up and off these chicks before they themselves either turn a new leaf or do themselves in.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      When they teach this degenerate nonsense to their children, exactly which race of men do they expect to take them seriously? Who, White men, Asian men, Arab men, Indian men, Chinese men, Japanese Men, which?

      Answer, NONE. Like you said they tarnish their own image and reputation through their own action but then at the same time scratch their heads wondering why nobody wishes to deal with them. Its not rocket science at all.

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  11. “frying pan African pundit Dr Umar Johnson” Dude you’re too much LOL. I expected a zinger like that from afrofuturism. And I remember that hut hut video. It had to be the precursor to all this crap like the D challenge, etc. I wonder if these pro-blacks are on suicide watch after the Royal Wedding? Zamunda ain’t good enough anymore, they need to “In the Palace!” Dreams of Wakanda dashed upon the rocks lol. I’m dying, I just can’t anymore rofl

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    • Metal Heart,

      Lol, thanks bro. I was watching one of MBDs videos, the pro black savages aren’t too pleased that Markle married out even though she looks nothing like the black queans these dudes worship on the daily. You have to laugh really, black women are now living through Markle believing that there is hope for them snagging a white man when nothing could be further from the truth.

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      • Verbs,

        Dude I love it! That colorism/(feminine) Eurocentric beauty standard nonsense has forever bitten the dust with them giving Meghan Markle a pseudo-black pass! Everyone from Tyler James Williams, Mike Colter, Nate Parker, Malik Smiley, Donald Glover, and countless others HAVE BEEN VINDICATED!!!

        The colorism they go on about to shame and guilt everyone simply doesn’t exist! Colorism is a personal issue at best! Society has every right to have its standard in beauty or whatever else, and just because you don’t fit into it, doesn’t mean the world is out to get you or there’s a massive white supremacist conspiracy afoot. Be an adult, find your niche, and move on!

        I have nothing against Meghan or Prince Harry, but the usual suspects applauding their union and the Royal family speaks volumes. All that white supremacy and (feminine) Eurocentric beauty standard talk is a shame from these airheads.

        I serious don’t want to hear one more word especially from another black man or white nationalist about putting a (white) woman on pedestal, worshipping a (white) woman, fetishization a (white) woman or race-mixing! I’m liable to throw some hands right then and there lol. I ain’t hearing any of it anymore!

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    • Good sir, check out this tweet from one of these she-beast from the past weekend:

      I couldn’t tell you how much I was laughing at these antics. Black women over here saying us black men are mad because Meghan Markle married a Prince. The only black men who are made are these pro blacks, hoteps, and simps. For us practitioners of SYSBM, we applaud this because we know this is ammunition we can now use on black women whenever they see us with our non-black companions. My only comment for this royal wedding is, “Good luck Harry, cause you gonna need balls of steel dealing with that”.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        Just checked out this heifer’s profile, do black women ever look normal anymore? You’re right, we thinking black men aren’t bothered at all by this union. Black women don’t have any chicken legs to stand on now, it was already open season before but now this royal wedding has sealed the deal.

        Let black women try and open their mouths against black men dating out from this point forward(we already know they will anyway because this is their hypocrisy), Meghan Markle shall immediately be the name of recognition and mention.

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      • @Sigma Jones
        After reading that tweet why would any man want to get into a relationship with this chick? The tweet pretty much says that she isn’t going to be faithful, these chicks are twisted man.

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      • @Verbs
        Markle doesn’t even claim to be a BW, so I don’t know why BW are caping so hard for her. She also looks nothing like 90% of BW do. I wonder if these BW think that Prince Harry would have married the average looking American BW? Would he have married Shaquanda with the head full of weave and the gut, back fat, and love handles?

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      • @Verbs @James

        Moving forward, this is how you can put these black witches in an ideological corner. As soon as they start calling us coons or sellouts for dating out, just simply say,

        “Meghan Markle got herself a prince. What’s stopping you? ”

        From there, one of two things will happen. She’ll either give you a litany of reasons as to why herself and/or other black women can’t get themselves a non-black man. Or, she will continue to ad hominem attack you. In either case, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite drink, knowing you have given black women an eternity of L’s.

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      • Well,I can honestly say that some pro-blacks were upset about the Royal Wedding, most were celebrating Malcolm X birthday, but a lot of pro-blacks were posting pictures of the Ethiopian Royal Wedding of Prince Joel Makkonen & his bride Ariana Austin which happened months ago. Even though Ethiopia is no longer a Monarchy, Prince Joel has the ultimate Royal bloodline. His great-grandfather was the last Emperor of Ethiopia & even more than that, Prince Joel can trace his ancestry all the way back to King Solomon & Queen Sheba. This means that Prince Joel is a direct descendant of the 12 Tribes of Israel. BOOM

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    • “frying pan African pundit Dr Umar Johnson”

      Dr Gerbil Face wishes he could roll his fat ass over Meghan’s body. And he’d be a colorist.

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  12. These are the little girls that grow and tell thinking black men that they ain’t shit but all of the while getting piped down by Tyrone and chad. Rap music destroyed black people.

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  13. Twerk videos. And black women wonder why they are only seen as sexual object by majority of non black men and including a good percentage of black men including me. When that fat child was twerking on the football post I’m suprised she didn’t fall off the post.

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  14. Single black mothers RUIN their kids. BW get knocked up by losers outside of marriage, give their kids ghetto names ensuring that they will never be taken seriously by society, and destroy their kid’s minds by passing on bad habits and behaviors like in the above video. BW can no longer escape responsibility for these things, they are being called out like never before and Good BM are voting with their feet. These chicks are demonic destroyers.

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    • Black British Guy,

      I wish I’d have come across this information when I was your age, it would’ve saved me from a whole load of trouble. As Schadenfreude commented in the previous article, it’s very pleasing and satisfying to see younger guys like yourself red pilled and clued up from such a young age. The cogs began turning in my head just before I turned 30. On the flip side however I had to go through what I did back then in order to be able to run the website and churn out article after article today. Everything happens for a reason even though you may not know the reasons behind what is occurring at the time. Without the events of the past there would be no Verbs 2015 today.

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  15. The Zionazis, the Soviets that now control the West after their sick terrorist government in Russia ‘collapsed’ in 1991 and their white supremacist cronies must be laughing their asses off at the so-called black community when they view this s..t through their global spy network. Black women are really the real life versions of ‘players’ from the ZETMAN anime, genetically engineered monsters that bring woe and misery upon those unlucky to meet them.


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  16. Off topic, this is an article about a Black single mom who wears a fake wedding ring to avoid shame LOL

    I’m happy this type of shaming is occurring, I hope it amplifies. lol

    ” I found myself in another long-term relationship. We did talk about children, because he had a child from a previous relationship, but we never talked about having our own kids — we never projected that far into the future. Right after I figured out that the relationship wasn’t working for me, I found out I was pregnant.”

    Translation, she was a promiscuous BW who got knocked up outside of marriage by a man who already had other baby mommas (Pookie).

    ” Still, for me, the hardest part of my pregnancy was navigating the self-imposed shame of being a black single mother. At the time, I didn’t own a car, so I was taking public transportation everywhere. People would stare at my belly instead of offering me a seat. ”


    ” Eventually, I did start wearing a ring on my wedding-ring finger, as though I were a married black pregnant woman instead of another single black woman with child. I did feel there was some difference in how I was treated in public — but it’s hard to really know if it did. I feel it did, though.”

    These chicks are so desperate that they are wearing FAKE wedding rings so that they wont look like single moms. Its really sad and pathetic, she could have just insisted on using protection until she got married, but I guess that would make too much sense for an American BW.

    ” Later in my pregnancy, I took birthing classes to prepare for labor and delivery. Being in that room as a single person isn’t exactly accounted for. It’s always assumed there’s going to be a man sitting behind you, helping you breathe and timing contractions. While it could be easy to ignore my singleness at times, I was acutely aware of it at others, like this.”


    ” Right after I told my ex that I was pregnant and he’d shared his thoughts and feelings, we stopped having any contact. At times during the pregnancy, I did think of him — I wanted to shed my bitterness, because I didn’t want it to spiral into resentment and feed that into the baby. I wanted it let it all out, and then let it go.”

    Bitter black females taking their anger out on their bastard kids? No way.

    ” Some of my friends have asked me why I didn’t file my child support. But to me, there’s no point. He already believes that this has nothing to do with him. It would have made no sense to add the stress of having to go to court, to prove paternity — there was no way I was going to have blood taken from my son to prove who his biological father is. It just would not have been beneficial both emotionally or financially. There are no ties to him, except in my son’s DNA.”

    Translation: He was broke and I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything anyway and/or I’m not sure if he is really the father.

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  17. Where are all the black women and simps who troll the comment sections on this website?!
    What do you have to say to this?! The typical excuse of “where was the child’s father” won’t work here. These women are literally teaching their toddlers how to strip and are throwing money at them. This is straight up pedophilia and ya know what? I think now we know why all of the “Angryman’s” and “IBMOR’s” want us to sacrifice ourselves for big booty brenda. Think about it. The thugs had full access to black women and look at the result. These women are fucked in the head. They are insane. They use babies as umbrellas to keep their weave dry. They leave their babies in the house to die in a fire so she can go to the club to hunt for dick.

    They leave the babies home with pedos to get raped. Now they are teaching the girls to be strippers before they are taught how to spell their own names. The reformed pookies aka AngryMan’s and IBMOR’s of america KNOW that their bastard children they sired are out there somewhere being utterly destroyed body and soul by these big booty brenda bitches. These black alien queens of the damned. They KNOW their kids are being molested,beaten,abused on a daily basis by the black queen and the strange men she leaves the kids around and there is nothing his so-called “Alpha Male” ass can do about it for she will call her white daddy on him in a heartbeat to have him thrown in jail.

    This is why they come to us. They know the kids that we thinking black men will have with non-black and foreign-black women will live happy and complete lives. They will want for nothing and have the best life we can give them. Meanwhile the kids pookie had with these and I’ll just say it DEMONS are living a fate worse than death. 18 years on the straggle daggle plantation. Too bad so sad. Pookie’s kids suffering like this will serve as an example to thinking black men of what will happen to your son or daughter should you choose one of these demons as their mother. REMEMBER. Black women came out in full force defending the for the dick challenge. Why? because this is apparently what they do at babies birthday parties now. You have all seen the videos of spider-man and and iron man twerking at the hood birthday parties.

    If you value your seed and desire to continue your father’s legacy stay away from these disgusting creatures of the night. They abort 20+ Million babies to Moloch the satanic god that these liberal nut cases worship. May God have mercy on their souls because I sure don’t

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    • Meghan is in the Palace while you’re getting pimp slapped in Doo’s Seafood as the non-toxic masculinity having gay black guy records the whole thing. Mr. Lee obviously wasn’t impressed with the Royal Wedding, nor will he be swirling anytime soon. The jokes just keep writing themselves and my sides can’t take anymore. Done. lol

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    • wooooooooooooooooooow I just watched that! What a Mangina! The black chick that got slapped didn’t even seem to mind getting slapped yet the camera man just went Super Simp 2! and Police? What happened to ‘F— THE PO-LICE!!11!!!’? I thought all cops were evil and wanted to shoot blacks! Now he wants the same cops to come in for the rescue?

      Good, I am glad that Korean dude slapped her back! Pretty soon Black women are going to be completely banned from entering any businesses owned by Korean stores at this rate!

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      • Of course, she was obnoxious loud, belligerent and rocking a big old blonde hair hat. That man didn’t just hit her dumbass out of the blue, that’s been building up for a while. I’m glad more and more people are getting sick of black bitches and are no longer hiding it.

        Liked by 2 people

  18. Black whores continually find new ways to sink even lower than they are. Useless wastes of life. Every one at this hood party who allowed that to happen should be euthanized. I’m honestly sick and tired of looking at them, being around them, hearing their annoying loud combative voices, everything. They are energy draining useless leeches. They serve no purpose other than for sexual relief, and even that’s slowly coming to an end. Where’s all the hotep and pro whack pyramid heads condemning this??? Nowhere to be found. Fuck them, and anybody who even defends this type of behavior. I don’t even want to hear “not all”. We know it’s not all, but it’s most. The wall continues to grow and refortify itself.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. There are too many things going on with black people for all of us to worry about the Royal Wedding. There was a Black Male Summit in Houston on the same day & this something that bm need to pay attention to. In January, Congress passed & Trump signed H.R. 1242 bill. This bill will provide money commemorating the 400 year anniversary of the first slaves arriving in America. There are many youtube videos talking about this. Dr.Umar did put out a video saying the Royal Wedding is a reverse of the Obama administration. He said that it is a setup for the setback. MBD video said that if Megan would have married a Black Prince, bw would be hypocritical & saying that the Prince would be color struck by picking a light-skinned bg. I somewhat agree with that. We will see what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I still don’t understand how ignorant people keep falling for the 400 years of slavery. I’m not taking away from the severity of the issue, but it was only 246 years, 1619 till 1865. Accountability has taken its toll on people too much nowadays.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Man I do not notice BW at all but the twerking does not surprise me at all. I have never seen a group of people who love disfunction and praise it so much. You cannot take these beast seriously at all. Smh Smh

    Liked by 4 people

  21. In addition to your typical, brain-dead, nonsense going on in the above videos, do you ever notice how excited black people get about the dumbest possible things on earth? What the hell is so damn funny about 3 and four-year-old little girls shaking their ass while money is thrown on top of them? But as usual black women are driving the stupidity bus in the black community and the stupid SIMPS are all fighting to get on this bus bound for hell.
    Who in their right mind thinks that dancing (well really just shaking their disgusting ass) in a supermarket and recording it amusing or cute? Oh yeah, black women do. Twerking in churches, in cars, on trains, in fast food restaurants, etc is what black women take a great deal of pride in doing.
    What the so-called black community fails to understand is is that their behavior is the reason why they are not liked by much of the planet earth. Black women lead, raise either effeminate, homosexual males or hyper masculine males who only know how to cause conflict, start confrontations, and basically irritate all of civilized society. This is basically what black women are raising and putting forth to the world.
    And because everything to black women and most black people is some type of damn joke, when you point out how stupid this behavior is, you are met with a response of ‘it ain’t that serious’ or ‘ that’s just how black people are’.
    The only way to deal with these brain-dead morons is to not deal with them at all. Pro black idiots crying about alleged white supremacy 24/7, where are these clowns screaming about three-year-old girls behaving like strippers and the black adults around them laughing and joking about it?
    But I forgot ‘it’s not that serious’. Black people…… SMH.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Verbs2015, did you remove a word from my post? I’m only asking because I don’t have to use that word if you don’t want it used on this website. I just use it for emphasis.

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  22. One more thing. Verbs2015 did you or anyone else see the video of the black female plastic surgeon and her assistants dancing and Twerking while operating on actual patients who were unconscious at the time?
    Another nail goes into the coffin of the mentally ill black woman. This is an allegedly educated black woman with a medical degree and license and look at what she’s doing.
    There is absolutely no hope for 99.9% of westernize black women at this point. Absolutely none.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bill Smith,

      I came across that clip yesterday night, absolutely disgusting and deplorable behaviour, but to be honest in 2018 should we really expect anything less from your average modern day black female? All the more reason to distance ourselves even further from the shores of Blackistan and cut down contact with black women even more.

      Liked by 4 people

    • You said it Bill. The best way to deal with these fools is to not deal with them if you can help it. I for one am not climbing on that bus ride straight to hell. They are doing everything in their power to destroy themselves, and everything and everyone around them. My hatred for them runs very deep, and that won’t change anytime soon. I’m disguisted just being around these mentally handicapped jackasses.

      Liked by 4 people

      • ‘Bus ride straight to Hell’ More like the South Korean zombie flick ‘Train to Busan’ where a virus that turns deer into zombies infects humans and turns them into mindless beasts whose only purpose is to spread the virus. Just like black women.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Steven they are simply an embarrassment and everything they do or say goes against anything logical or rational. I’m disgusted even looking at these degenerates.

        Liked by 3 people

    • “Dr. Windell Boutte’s website calls her “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” but a Channel 2 Action News consumer investigation discovered she also had plenty of experience dealing with malpractice cases.”” One of those lawsuits was filed by 26-year-old Ojay Liburd. He agreed to talk to Strickland about his mother’s visit to Boutte’s Gwinnett County office, because his mother no longer can. According to court

      WSB-TV records Liburd’s mother, Icilma Cornelius, saw Boutte for a tummy tuck and liposuction in 2016. It was weeks before her wedding and she was credits away from earning her Ph.D. “She just wanted to be perfect for her wedding dress,” Liburd told Strickland. “She had everything going for her.”

      She never got the chance to wear her wedding dress. After a more than eight-hour procedure, Cornelius’ heart stopped. She suffered permanent brain damage and will need care for the rest of her life.”


      Liked by 3 people

  23. Just thought I’d share this,

    I was in the gym the yesterday and in the weight room with me was an older WM and a overweight BW with her two kids. The BW’s kids were running all around the weight room, eating chips, jumping up and down on the machines, yelling at each other, etc. I was annoyed but not surprised and just ignored it the best I could, when I looked to my left I saw the old man was staring in her direction with pure scorn on his face for at least a minuter or two. I don’t think that he started working out until a few minutes later when they left. lol

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mithra,

      She sounds like a feminist already, her parents messed up her mind really good. Armpit hair is not feminine at all and that is one of the typical routes many feminists take in order to throw off their femininity. Additionally being jealous of “curvier girls” simply equates to being jealous of women who actually look like women instead of dudes. Liberal parents are the worst.

      Liked by 2 people

  24. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this. There seems to be a trend of Ugandan women having white “sponsors” or sugar daddies which they talked about in the video. Reminds me of the article afrofuturism talked about in his video a few months ago:

    Welp, Zamunda’s dead, Wakanda never had a chance, and pro-black men are destined to be forgotten like Malcolm X’s birthday during the Royal Wedding which tells you all you need to know.


    Liked by 3 people

  25. Mithra, Willow Smith is just another steppingstone in this lesbian, feminist, androgynous, transgender, non-binary freak show we see being shoved down the throat of humanity. ‘It’s sick out there and getting sicker’ as the late New York talkshow host Bob Grant used to say.
    James S, one of the most disturbing and traumatic experiences ever is dealing with a single black mother and her multiple young children running around and terrorizing a public environment like the little animals they are. Black women do not teach their children how to behave in any civil way. And honestly most black children aren’t raised at all. When young black children are out in public they run around doing the same nonsense that they do when they’re home, yet the black woman is so lazy and so stupid that she allows this to go on at the detriment of everybody who has to deal with this damn nightmare called the black women and her bastard children.
    Black women will sit on their fat asses, stuffing their face while their damn children run around and get into every possible thing they can and the black woman will do nothing about it. And of course you cannot tell the black woman that her children are behaving like beasts because then she’s gonna get defensive, confrontational try to get in your face, and eventually some Simp Negro will come up and try to beat you to death for speaking the truth and disrespecting the black queen.
    Most black people are beyond irritating beyond retarded and beyond understanding. They are just reactionary, violent, animals and they are raised this way by their lawless black mothers. But I keep forgetting ‘Whitewomen do it too’.
    Hey stupid ass black woman I’m not talking about Whitewomen, I’m talking about you. SMH.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I know man, I used to work a Public service job where I would deal with BW and their kids. Like I’ve said multiple times before NOBODY likes dealing with black female customers, not even alot of the people that I used to work with. There was one BW that I worked with who refused to deal with a handful of BW that used to come in because they were so mean and disrespectful. And like you said you cant tell them anything because they will get defensive, get loud, make a scene, try to fight, etc. The kids, both young and teens, aren’t any better. When you consider the levels of dysfunction in the black community its no wonder people don’t want to live near black areas. Even non-black people who aren’t racist probably don’t want to live near a black community.

      “Most black people are beyond irritating beyond retarded and beyond understanding.”
      When you consider the fact that 3/4 black people are born out of wedlock and raised by a “strong and independent” single mother BW its not to surprising to see the levels of childishness, buffoonery, and savagery that we see. We just have to avoid them, they cant be helped.

      Liked by 3 people

  26. James S, I have always said that most black people fail to understand that it’s not racism so much as it is the way many black people behave in public that makes nonblack people want to have nothing to do with them.
    And it makes most black people who have any sense in their head not want to be involved with or be anywhere around these type of black people that feel it is their God-given right to act any way they want to, anywhere they want to. It’s like rules don’t apply to this lowlife degenerate class of black people the entire planet is running away from.
    And most black children are being taught this ‘I’ll do whatever I want, you can’t tell me a damn thing’ attitude from their black mother.
    And it’s not white supremacy that’s making some dumbass Negro pull up in his car at 3 o’clock in the morning, blasting his/her stereo while the rest of humanity is trying to sleep because they have to get up in the morning to go to work. And basic simple things that most of humanity know not to do out of common courtesy, many black people do these things and don’t see any problem with it because this is how arrogant and entitled many black people are.
    Black people need to look in the damn mirror and stop worrying about every other race on the planet. It’st’s tired and it’s annoying.
    But more importantly Blackmen need to stop being afraid of black women and really black men need to stop dealing with black women altogether. Enough is enough.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @BillSmith There is a reason why a phenomena called white flight exists. This situation definitively applies to conservative whites, they pushback against section 8 housing because they want to live in an exclusively white community with no nonwhites around especially negroes. According to them those type of blacks bring their ghetto, dysfunctional behavior along with the crime and violence which brings down value of that community or neighborhood. I don’t blame white people everybody should be entitled to live in an peaceful, environment that’s free from crime, violence etc. Black peoples’ behavior is one of the main reasons’ why their subjected to racism and discrimination.

      Liked by 3 people

    • So ridiculous. Like I said black women don’t think rules apply to them. The comment section was even more pathetic than the video. People talking about if Whitewomen were in the bathroom none of this would have happened.
      But we know that Whitewomen would’ve simply left the bathroom instead of getting into a confrontation when you are being asked to leave an area in a private business. Hey did you see that idiot rapper talking about how you don’t ever put your hands on a woman and making veiled threats toward the security guard.
      What an embarrassment.

      Liked by 2 people

  27. Pingback: Young Black Boy Cusses Out Teacher – Single Black Mother Raised Scum Strikes Again | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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