Famous Rapper Pepa Of 90s Rap Group Salt N Pepa Confirms The Modern Day Black Female’s Love For Unproductive Black Men



Thanks to James S for sending me this. And there you have it folks, exactly what thinking black men have been stating for the longest while, that black women chase after and worship thugs ie unproductive black men, however in their latter years come to regret making such decisions and thereafter seek out the “good black men” they rejected years beforehand.

I’ve personally had this happen to me recently, a very attractive black woman who rejected me many times in the past in favour of some thug penis recently came sniffing around my way on the slick, however I knew exactly what was going on as I’m not the same man she rejected many years ago, my mindset is different and much sharper now. She’s 41 years old, has 2 children from 2 different men and has been ran through by thug Negroes.

She was the one I talked about before in the comment section of one of my recent articles in which she thought she could convert an unproductive Negro into a man fit for fatherhood and long-term relations. 4 years ago she foolishly decided to married the dude and of course the marriage never worked, it lasted around 3 years before it finally gave up the ghost.

Compare her to my current girlfriend, a very attractive brown-skinned Mulatto(half black, half native Colombian), 24 years old with no children. This is what black women in their latter years cannot seem to understand, they cannot compete with women who are half their age and this is one of the many reasons why they attempt to practice what Obsidian Radio refers to as “dating market place socialism”.

Of course Pepa(real name Sandra Denton) regrets not dealing with the good guy Will Smith from the beginning, how many times have we heard the same sob story from the mouths of black females? You’ll notice how the overwhelming majority of black women take the same thug chasing route during their prime years, yet when dealing with non black women it’s typically a minority of women who engage in such behaviour and a large portion of those more often than not will snap out of “thug loving” before their prime time expires.

What adds even more fuel to the fire is the fact that many black men chimed in and confirmed exactly what Denton stated as true. Jaleel White was one such fellow. Other notable black men agreed with White confirming the same. The fact of the matter is in 2018 black women can no longer gloss over or hide their love for and worship of thug, gangster, unproductive type black men, the cat is out of the bag and things have been that way for quite some time.

Of course, when you read further into the article you’ll note how there were a few black women who came out of the woodwork and attempted to derail the flow of the conversation by introducing themselves as the exceptions to the rule, however in doing so they still confirmed what White and others stated as true. For some strange reason most black women cannot seem to understand that exceptions CONFIRM the general rule, they DO NOT overturn it.

White is correct, I haven’t heard any black female celebrities come out and admit to this type of chatter. Obviously, two of the main reasons why more black women simply don’t fess up to their love for thugs is because they want thinking black men to believe that they still have a chance with the sisterhood which really means they will be the fall back, it will have to do option when things go bad down Thug Broadway(which they will).

The other reason is good black men are the ones who have the resources that black women so desire, thus black women will attempt to keep good brothers within reach in order to syphon from them, however this technique is no longer working as there is currently a mass exodus taking place of thinking black men departing the shores of Blackistan looking for greener pastures.

The modern day black harridan can no longer ignore the wall of silence that thinking black men are mounting and fortifying against her. She is having no choice but to engage in the conversation and face up to the reality that she’s toast. Brothers, A James S continues to repeat, we continue to build and fortify the wall.

Black women must and will be recompensed for the untold destruction they have brought upon black men and black society as a whole, they will not be able to escape their judgement. Gentlemen, also don’t allow black women to continue playing the stupid game of pretending that they don’t understand why there is so much resentment mounting against them from black men, they know exactly what they have done, are currently still doing and why as a result more black men are deciding to give them the middle finger.

Remember, you can see the other articles I’ve written on black women and their love for thugs by typing in “thug love” into the search bar on the right hand side of the page which is just underneath the Negro Wars Facebook Fan Page logo. Here are just a few I’m sure many of you will remember:




By the way, what have we been saying about the only 3 options black women have in these dire times(whore, side chick or lesbian)? It seems that Becky hat wearing Pepa aka Denton has taken the side chick route, thought you guys might find this article of interest:


Black women stay messy. Thinking brothers, what have been your experiences? Have you recently or at any time had black women(baby mothers included) coming out of the woodwork looking to “link up”? Have you had any blasts from the past coming sniffing in your direction? Feel free as always to share your experiences. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination From The Black Female’s Witchcraft Continues

Black Women Love Thugs, This is Not Up For Debate

Most High Bless

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    • Daniel I went to Medellin and Cali last year some of the most beautiful women you will ever see. Colombians are very nice people as well and if you are fluent in Spanish you will have a field day down there. My Spanish is ok not fluent but you will still get much play. Get google translate on your phone if you do not know Spanish.

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  2. I remember my brother (who is married to a Mexican) once browsed the Facebook profiles of chicks from his youth and was astonished. He told me, “when did these hoes become preachers? The biggest freaks of the day that ain’t changed a damn bit are on here quoting the most bible verses.”

    Black chicks are incorrigible whores damn near to the grave. They can’t turn off their belligerent behavior but do poor attempts at masking it, all to get dudes who many times they brushed aside years ago.

    Comparatively, other groups of women will rarely take that bad boy lust seriously outside of or even during high school, especially if they had a father at home and thus knew what to look for. This is especially true in other countries, where, due to lack of feminism and liberalism, women do not chase the career carrot and thus seek out a good man to settle down with as a priority.

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    • TRUTH! By the way check these vids out, they explain why as Carnio once stated the East is a better place for thinking black and coloured males to raise families and live:

      (This video basically shows how white nationalist males, SJWs and other leftist weapons of the Zio-Nazi hierarchy that runs the world from the Vatican are used to infiltrate and destroy institutions or nations they want gone. In this case, the thinking black man. As Verbs once said, the so-called West isn’t the home for black and coloured people. The Soviets moved there when the Berlin Wall fell and are now working with white nationalists and the Catholic hierarchy to try and dick police thinking black men. Never was in the first place.)

      (Another vid by the same guy, he goes deeper into the topic and explains how the Zio-Nazis use sleepers and fake messiahs to fool people into following their plans. This is why I always say racist white males and black females play the same Communist, Talmudic game despite their supposed ideological differences. Let the plantation burn until nothing is left, and let them fight over the remains. They(white males and black females) built it, after all.)


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      • Anton Nikolaev,

        I’ve got an article on these alt righters coming out soon showing how in many ways they are no different to the liberals they continually rail against.

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      • It’s almost frightening how most people simply cannot see that both the left and the right need each other in order to exist. Intelligent people are fed up with liberals and conservatives both.

        The game is simply to keep us running from one group of idiots to the other. Each is used to justify the existence and the need of the other. Just like George W. Bush and John Kerry were both members of the Skull and Bones fraternity and knew each other quite well, even though they were presented to us as opponents for the US presidential election a few years ago.

        The higher up you go in the political world the more you learn that both groups are bought, paid for, and serve the same masters. The illusion of choice is used to keep us engaged and away from the realization that our votes dont really count. And that we are really just trapped in a system that we have no control over.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The Most High is not fooled in the slightest, these chicks may be able to trick the outside world into believing that they are reformed characters, however the Higher powers sees right through their deceptive scheming. Those slicksters who are disingenuous will find out this out the hard way when they switch dimensions after they hit the grave.

      This is the mental delusion and sickness of the modern day black female right here, she seems to believe that she can hoodwink God in the same manner that she does the thugs and the pro blacks. What does the bible say about sending the wicked strong delusion so that they will begin to believe in lies?


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      • I think this is where I and others split…I believe in a “higher power”, but the god or gods everyone worship are not mine. I just don’t believe and more importantly, I don’t need to.

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    • “I remember my brother (who is married to a Mexican) once browsed the Facebook profiles of chicks from his youth and was astonished. He told me, “when did these hoes become preachers?”

      I can think of one specific chick that I went to HS with who had a OOW child in the 9th grade, was know for fighting and cursing, and was driving recklessly and got into a wreck flipping the car over and injuring all the girls that were riding with her. She is now an overweight tatted up single mom, but she claims to be saved………….

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    • Afrofuturism1, I too browsed not only Facebook profiles beginning in January 2010 at age 22 almost 23 but my first stop was on Myspace in March 2008 at age 21. Man. when I joined Facebook and I saw many of my former black female schoolmates (from my youth going back to elementary school) with kids of their own in photos, I thought these same black females that called me gay, retard, slow and L.D. back then had it together in their early 20s and settled down in long term relationships and all of that junk but I can tell you with all honesty that now in their early 30s, the vast majority of them are single mothers and doing it all by themselves while having multiple baby daddies, many of them are single with no kids, there are those that chose to go through two children’s fathers just to settle down in marriage and there’s about by my estimation around five or so females that married and has kids with their boyfriends from middle and high schools aka class and prom couples. If you saw the same females that I went to school with and how they looked back then to how they look today, you would say WOW, they look bad. Almost two years ago, I was in an altercation on Facebook with a female that I had eyes for in kindergarten and she was an A+ student and scholastic roll recipient throughout most of her elementary school career until we got in middle school and then she went down hill from there hanging around the black ghetto scum to this very day even through social media and using shaming language. She went off on me in my FB inbox saying that I’m lying on her about both of her baby daddies being on Deadbeat page when she admitted prior on her page that her oldest child’s father is on the site. My personal guess is that one of his baby mommas put him on the site. She claimed that she doesn’t deal with either one of children’s fathers and they don’t even fit the “thug nigga” category, then she accused me of making posts about her thinking I know something and I need to get my facts straight and then make a post that’s true because I clearly didn’t know her. Also, she claimed I was contouring up lies trying to make out her life with the information that she posted that and guaranteeing that “I will never know the full details of it!!!” She went on to say, “stop checking for me with ur stalkin ass…going to my page for what??? I ain’t thinkin bout u so y u on my sack???”. Note: This particular female panders to her majority black hood audience in my city and showing off her severe thotish/hood behavior on Facebook. She has about five kids of her own by different men. The urban black matriarchy need to be nuked down.

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      • THIS!

        This is the reason why I hide my identity. Not because I am afriad to speak my mind, but because I do not want certain people looking for me and want to associate with me in any possible way. I have known people, black men and women speficifcally, who were my worst night mare, as soon as I graduated high school, suddenly they want to ‘claim’ that they hhave always been supportive and were great friends of mine, lying all over the internet talking about how “I” Looked up to “THEM” and how I would not have survived without them!

        This especially includes family members that I want to aviod at all cost, and given the chances they WILL try to destroy my reputation if I become successful no matter where in the world I go. Actually, I legally changed my name in the US before I left JUST so they cannot find me! The crabs in the barrel mentality is a very powerful force and can effect you no matter where in the world you are! As soon as they sniff success, they WILL come after you some way some how!

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      • What’s her name? Time these bitches got a taste of how shaming and “coming for someone” feels like. Don’t let it slide, BLACK MEN letting thing slide is what got us to where we are now.

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  3. Maaaaaaan who AINT surprised!!?? We all knew that waaaaay back when she was married to Treach from Naughty By Nature!! ‘Memer them? You know….”O.P.P.”? Yeas!! Smmfh….and of course….you had trisha campbell come out saying the saaaaame THANG!!! and Countless….COUNTLESS others.

    Its like….godDAMN! I fully commend Jaleel White and Will Smith for coming forward with this truth indeedy. Correct me if I’m wrong. Man I tell ya….the reenactments, sequels, and prequels of these dysFUNCTIONAL n*ggaroachoes reproducing…what “Pepa” calls “Love for unproductive blackmen” are just….something like phenomenal vicious cycles and sh*t!! And black femicunts still DO til this very day. If they aint doing dirty episodes with thimps, they’re out here doing….and pulling a nia long number…like “I think black women should date white men” and all the other MESS to see to it that they are the MOST…..MOST! desired of all other women on this planet.

    And I got a B.O.L.O. for that…dont be…..dont do ANYTHING that’ll make you feel discouraged if “Pepa” get her hands on the swirl bible/book…..Cause it’s gon’ happen!!!

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      • Anton…the hypersexuallity nature of black men is the very tool bw use against them. The worst part, the fools (bm) think this is a quality or trait they should be proud of….being able to be controlled by their dicks.

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      These black whores stay delusional, but then they still expect us to deal with them freely and without question. That is not going to happen with me. Black women have played their deck and now they are reaping the whirlwind. Good, why should they escape the consequences of the stupid and reckless decisions they made in the past and in many cases are still making to this day?

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      • Verbs2015

        And this just in….the quadroon/octroon meghan mongrel is getting married to that punk harry tomorrow and it will be televised! And uh? We will wait for your colossal masterful commentary on this savagery!

        And watch these n*ggacunts act a FOO!

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    • Black feminist are gay and have an agenda for breaking apart BM/BW relationships and families apart…NOW, its not that I care, but they (black feminists) are rallying the community against right-thinking brothers especially the ones saving themselves.

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  4. I remember in my late teens, there was this mulatto girl (I assume she was), and she was very attractive, feminine, and petite. Truth be told, I never got a chance to ask her out, years later I found out that she has children and isn’t married plus, she also has multiple tattoos. She was still very cute to look at but once you decide to become a single mother and ink up your body, I can’t associate myself with you. I would say sysbm but I’m mixed via African, Asian, European and Spanish descent. Still, stay strong out there men and keep a watchful eye out.

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    • A lot of mixed women are pretty, but if they were raised by a single BW then their minds will more than likely be ugly. Like Tariq used to say, get a BW (mixed) with a white mother. I remember hearing someone say once that “A pretty girl with tattoos is like a Ferrari with bumper stickers on it, why would you do that?” I often see pretty BW (which is rare these days) with weave and tats, pookie and ray ray probably think that looks good, but other men will only view her as something to be used for sex (if that).

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      • You speak the truth, sir. I’ve gone out, (not dated) with mostly biracial and white women and they were very pleasant. I’ve spoken with Asian women (Chinese) online and was instantly starstruck with their attitude; courteous, feminine and kind. Haven’t been involved with American women since 2016.

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    • Mithra,

      The single motherhood route is one these black sirens don’t look at from a long term standpoint, when the reality of how difficult being a single mother is finally sets in, by that time it is too late. I personally couldn’t deal with a tatted up chick either, that’s just my personal preference.

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    • Mithra…of course you can say sysbm….BLACK MAN. We are not bigoted like females. You down with the cause….welcome to the fight.

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  5. I respect this black women honesty but this bitch has hit the wall at 100mph. Also I have heard that Colombia has a lot black women are they feminine or is that a stupid question?

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    • Black British Guy,

      Not a dumb question at all, Colombia black women overall are feminine, submissive, cooperative, traditional and family oriented unlike their western counterparts. My girlfriend is about half to a shade lighter than me which puts to rest the nonsense pro blacks love to rattle off about requiring black women in order to keep the race melanated. There are also plenty of Desi women who can fit right in with the programme.

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      • Thanks I’m planning on learning espanol before I go to colombia. I want to meet afroColombian I prefer dark skin or carmel

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      • Black British Guy,

        Indeed, that is definetly the way forward. You’ll need to be weary of some of the Afro Colombian women as just like the western black witch they worship white men because of the influence of Spain, unfortunately some of them are on the same “whitey is god” flex. This is one of the reasons why I went for a black mixed blend, as they don’t tend to have the same “whitey is god” complex as the darker skinned broads.

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      • Black British Guy,

        The dark Colombian women are gorgeous and have beautiful personalities like all Colombian women. If you want black Colombians you will most of them in Cartegena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta these cities are on the coast. Also Cali has many dark Colombian women, Medellín women are mostly light but very gorgeous as well you will break you neck looking at all the beautiful women in Colombian.

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  6. Good post Verbs, this article further proves that the Wall has been growing in the subconscious of good BM’s minds for decades now. Jaleel White noticed it back in the 90’s, Pepa admitted to it, and Tupac even acknowledged it:

    As for my experiences, personally I have kept a distance from most of the BW that I grew up with. Many of them became the stereotypical overweight single black mothers with no good baby daddies. I feel a bit sorry for a few of them because some of them were cool, but at the end of the day this is the life that they chose unfortunately. My friends and I used to hang out at lunch time playing Magic the Gathering and talking Wrestling and Dragon Ball Z (this was back in the 90’s) and talking about how dysfunctional alot of the kids we went to school were and how they weren’t going to amount to anything, and decades later we have been proven right.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that many times after I’ve had discussions or interactions with BW I catch them looking at my left hand, more than likely to see if I’m married (I am). Its hilarious and satisfying to a certain degree. The Wall is beating them down, but this is what they wanted.

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    • @ James s,

      WOW! this was tupac? I wouldn’t had believed this if you didn’t show this video! HE seemed like someone that I would be great friends with! That is just so sad! Just imagine if we was able to introduce him to SYSBM! He would not only still be alive today (he is dead right?) But a totally different person!

      I just read the comments on the video and right away people are questioning his sexuality simply because he does not have that hyper thug aura. That’s just so damn sad! This is exactly what I was trying to get at in one of my comments in Verbs’ last post, in that unless you have contact with non blacks or White girls, you are peer pressured into the angry mob mentality and are forced to sell your soul to the devil!

      I am extremely ignorant when it comes to rap culture because I hate it and do not follow it, but it seems to me that it is very destructive if it turned this guy into the guy we know today….

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    • James S,

      The wall is undefeated however most black women seem to believe that they can defeat something which cannot be beaten or conquered. Black women continue to lie to themselves and others in their attempts to convince the world that they don’t have a unquenchable love for unproductive black men. The biblical saying you reap what you sow rings so true and black women as collective simply cannot accept it(even though they claim to believe in the same scriptures).

      Like I stated before black women have played their deck and now they are dealing with the outcomes, outcomes that they didn’t even bother looking out for. Sorry, I don’t deal with used up babymamas.

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      • Sage Highwayman,

        Their attempts to scale the wall are laughable, it’s a joke watching them pull manner of tricks out of their hats believing that they can prevail against a structure that is unbeatable, lol.

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  7. I have two answers to this.

    1. The part with the women rejecting you. Although I was a SYSBM loooong ago since middle school, loooong before I even heard of what MGTOW was already rejecting black girls at that time, it is interesting that black girls would automatically assume that I was a ‘normal nice guy’ and thought that I was trying to get with them. Do you remember how it was back in the days when the black boys would instigate the girls rejecting you when you wasn’t even in the conversation in the first place? They would ask the black girl ‘do you like him?’, and then the girl would say “EWWWW NO!!!1! HE IS UGLY, SKINNY, DIRTY LOOKING, LAME, CORNY…..etc” by trying mean by rejecting you in the WORST way and meanest way possible? Any white or Asian girl would had just said no and left it alone at that. But the black girls had to make SURE she thrashed your feelings in rejecting you! I mean, any normal black boy who wanted to be with black girls would all cry when this happened to them! Why couldn’t you just say no and leave it at that? Why the need to go overboard? Yes many of them would do this to the nice boys and their intentions was to make you hurt and cry! Any normal boy would not want to get rejected like that and would naturally not want to bother talking to girls if the girl is going to reject like that!

    That would be like if I wanted to go find a job and every single interview the employer would read your resume, rips it to pieces in front of you and then begins to degrade your appearance, tells you that you are too ‘loyal and honest’ to companies, degrade your skills and experiences and they want an employee who is lazy, unaccountable, late all the time cost them money and so on. Eventually your self esteem does a bass drop so low that you won’t want to bother looking for work just so you don’t have to deal with that kind of rejection. This is what BlacK girls did to the good black boys at my school. (Yet they gave nice White boys a free pass…)

    Their biggest mistake was that this was a majority white school! And although I would get rejected by white girls too, white girls would never trash you self esteem in the way black girls would do. I had one black male friend, during middle school, should me he only wanted to be with black girls because his parents were very pro black. But the girls in the class would thrash him about why he will die alone, is a corn ball, loser, etc when me and him started talking to white girls at the time, he got hooked to them and would not date black girls ever again. I of course was rejected in the romance area by white girls but their main objective was NOT to hurt you or your self esteem as they were already spoiled with the insane amount of attention from the white guys in the school, which I understood I had no chance.

    What was funny about this all was the black girls that would thrash you, of course, wouldn’t let up. Up untill one day during lunch time. As usual the black boys would always instigate and they tried it with me again. This time I said “NO! I ONLY LIKE WHITE GIRLS” you should have seen the change of attitude of the black girls in the table. Suddenly instead of ” I was lame, corny, ugly, skinny, etc” now suddenly turned into “white girls are ugly, skinny, lame , cornball etc” and would tell me how much that white girls would only want me for sex and money. They would proceed to tell me how only black girls was the one who was nice caring and would take care of you yet these are the same black chicks that would thrash me and other good black boys non stop! That was an early red pill moment when I had experienced that!

    Of course there were mean white girls too but they were NEVER as bad as the black girls! White girls would still be your friend and talk to you. Black girls would only target you to rudicule. So it was easy for me to just stop talking to black girls and only make friends with the white girls! That, right there, confirmed that my SYSBM ways were true.

    The second answer is not with me but once again my uncle. He is a VERY nice guy. He went with this ghetto chick. She would openly CHEAT on my uncle dozens of times, with all Tyrone dudes, and she made it known to everyone. My uncle would not break up because she was the only gf he has ever had and he wanted to marry her and live a traditional family model. Verbs, do you remember that post you made of a hard working guy who Skype his wife and she was in a car with a Tyrone and he said ” I JUST **** YO WIFE AND SHE MINE NAO!” And she apologized on the thugs behalf and proceeds with divorce? I Don’t remember if you posted that or someone else but THAT is Exatly my uncle!

    And guy WHY she cheated on him? Just take a wild guess! …………………………………………..
    She said “Well maybe of you slapped me here and there THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE TO CHEAT!”

    That same week guess why she permanently left him? …………………………………………………… Because HE would not have sex with her untill AFTER marriage! So he was depressed for three years and he excluded himself from Anybody for three years and no one knew why. After we finally got in contact with him he told us what happened. We wanted to kill her in cold blood.( If I am not mistaken I believe my father had went and spat in her mouth in open public! ) one day I was at my uncle’s house and guess knocks on the door. She comes in with TWO kids with TWO different men. And starts crying about how she realised her mistakes and she wanted to start all over again. Thankfully he threw her and the baatar children out of the house! Black wome. Habe caused the most damage to my family of males and it is always an episode with my uncles. No matter how many times they get screwed over, they believe that black women will somehow someway change…

    I have a secret YouTube account, I only have two videos on it and one of them is with my SYSBM date. The YouTube account is going to be a library of documentaries of my life in K’stans while traveling on foot to China and eventually Mongolia then finally Thailand. I want to show the world that life in the east is not so bad and how the east is going to be the new place to find absence and opportunities! You can NO doubt believe that once, IF it becomes popular, I am going to be doxxed and harassed by White men, Asian American men, pro blacks and Black women. And you can bet they are going to be fishing my direction when they see how happy and successful I am living the live all over Asia!


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  8. “Black women stay messy. Thinking brothers, what have been your experiences? Have you recently or at any time had black women(baby mothers included) coming out of the woodwork looking to “link up”? Have you had any blasts from the past coming sniffing in your direction? ”

    One just tried to get my phone number yesterday.

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    • FLCLimaxxx,

      They’re really coming out of the woodwork thick and fast looking for good brothers to scoop them up, however thinking black men left the building a long time ago and we’re never coming back.

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  9. I haven’t dealt with a black bitch in years outside of work, so I don’t have much experiences. Just the ones at my weekend job.

    The animals here try getting with me all the time. It’s sickening. Like do these welfare, weave head, clown looking whores think they have an honest chance with me??? 1) they’re all mostly morbidly obese 2) they all exhibit the same ghetto it’s not my fault victimhood mentality 3) they’re all old enough to be my mother (I’m in my early 30’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve slept with women significantly older than myself but they looked GREAT and they were not ghetto by any standard) and try using these ridiculous out dated shaming tactics. 4) they thought that they can treat me any which way, and I’ll put up with it because we share the same skin color. That was shut down immediately, and it made them want me more. I seriously cannot win.

    The money isn’t terrible, but it’s almost not worth it because I have to deal with that. With that also being said, the wall of silence is finally starting to take its toll on these clowns. Just the other day, I saw a family member posting on Facebook about how theyre not getting approached by any decent black men or how “they all want white girls”, you name it. Nothing but a circle jerk of unaccountable liberal feminist black whores blaming everyone but themselves. It made my day

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    • “Just the other day, I saw a family member posting on Facebook about how theyre not getting approached by any decent black men or how “they all want white girls”, you name it. Nothing but a circle jerk of unaccountable liberal feminist black whores blaming everyone but themselves. It made my day”

      Stuff like that makes my day too.

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    • Stephen, there is only one black chick I deal with…a fantasy dancer and its the perfect relationship for today’s BM/BW. I show up, if I want to talk or hang, we do, if not, we don’t AND I fuck with WHITE FEMALES right in fount of her and she can’t say or do anything about it. Ray-Ray and poochie///Bwhahah They are nott allowed in the joint, they don’t have the money and the establishment don’t want them in there. Its paradise.

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  10. (((Thinking brothers, what have been your experiences? Have you recently or at any time had black women(baby mothers included) coming out of the woodwork looking to “link up”? Have you had any blasts from the past coming sniffing in your direction? )))

    If I am not mistaken, the Welfare reform should be taking place probably late next year or sooner? Once this starts to become publicly known in mainstream media, please expect that this is going to be 10x worse than what you think is bad today!!! It is going to be damn near sexual harrasement! And heaven help if they see black men holding hands with white women in the street:

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    • LOL Ricki Lake. I forgot all about that show. This was in the heat of “black men ain’t shit, y’all don’t take care of your kids, don’t up like yo worthless daddy” era. Before black men began fighting back. I was too young to realize what was going on at that time, and I’ve admittedly and unfortunately watched those shows;along with Jenny Jones, Maury (whose somehow still on), springer etc.

      Theres no way in hell these shows would fly now; there’s simply too much evidence of the exact opposite happening.

      Liked by 8 people

      • ((( I was too young to realize what was going on at that time, and I’ve admittedly and unfortunately watched those shows;along with Jenny Jones, Maury (whose somehow still on), springer etc.)))

        Yes, I am from the 90s. This was ALL that was on these channels, non stop (Black) male bashing! There were other channels and talk shows that were carbon copies and newer shows are that were the same way but like in y previous post above, NONE of the white girls acted or treat me like this and the quiet Chinese girl didn’t treat me like this so I already knew a suspected that black women were a big problem! and the more I would see these shows all the while seeing how black women, of all ages, had acted, had sparked the seeds of hatred towards black women!

        (((Theres no way in hell these shows would fly now; there’s simply too much evidence of the exact opposite happening.)))

        Yes, Totally! Nothing makes my heart warm to finally see that black men are actually standing and walking away from the plantation. More and more black men are lashing out and are openly stating their prefence in women and culture over black women/culture and these leftists are terrified! I want to make some kind of blog about it but then I would just be reinventing the wheel..

        on the other hand,You would be very surprised to find that how many white and Asian (americans) would stand up and defend these damned beasts regardless of the evidence that is blown in their faces!

        Liked by 7 people

      • @Carino

        I’m a 90’s kid and actually from New York as well (on the island) and you couldn’t be more dead on accurate. Was always accepted amongst the white, Hispanic, Indian and Asian kids (Indians and Asians weren’t really around much growing up) with no issues. I knew way back then black women were a huge problem. Like so said, I grew up around mostly white, Hispanic (not the ones who hung around black whores) and a few Indian and Asian families here and there. The other black who grew up around me fit the typical ghetto demographic save a few (and I’m friends with them to this day) who hate these roaches like I do.

        My parents thankfully got us away from the typical nigga mentality, and were heavily against us listening to that type of music, being around those type of people until we were old enough to make our own choices; which we mostly steered clear of. My mother would never come out and say it, but she hates most black bitches today, and in so many words understands why I’ll never marry one though she’ll vehemently deny it if asked directly.

        Liked by 7 people

      • Yeah man a lot of young people don’t know about the non-stop niggas ain’t shit fest that was the 90s. BW (backed by WM run media who also hate BM) controlled the narrative though talk shows and movies. Once BM were able to come together and talk to each other on the internet and YouTube it was the beginning of the end of all that.

        Online Gender War timeline example:
        90’s BW – “Niggas ain’t shit!”
        Mid 00s BW – “You lame BM are bashing BW.”
        Late 00s BW – “WW do it too! You must hate your mothers! Not all BW are like that!”
        Early 10s BW (Wall of Silence) – “We gonna go swirl with WM!” (didn’t happen)
        Today’s BW – “Why wont BM talk to us? Its so hard to find a man. Hey BM we are your queens remember? We love you and support you! Us black folks have to stick together for the good of the race.”
        We won, now we just have to keep the Wall up and keep them from crawling over it.

        Liked by 7 people

    • This video is not only embarrassing and tells you how these fake pro black women still hate black men, But it also shows you just how obsessed, paranoid, jealous, and insecure black women are. Pathetic.

      Liked by 6 people

      • @Bill Smith,

        But here is something that I found very positive in this video, notice how white women and other non-black women were very defensive on behalf of black men? to me, that speaks VOLUMES! It says to me that, once again, White women (and non-black women) have far MORE love and care and concern for black men’s and his well being than black women! That blonde chick was going IN! This was a time when there was no internet like the way it is today in which we can come together on sites like these and talk about this issue and classic black men were simply just outcasted and could not even have his OWN opinion!!! Yet those non black women are saying the same things that we are complaining about today! Many other non-black women who like or are with black men have been just as supportive to black men and even I become shocked! I suspect there is going to be a MASS shift of black men who are going to go conservative as a result and backlash of living in leftest blackistan mob mentailty their whole lives! and along with that, almost all and every single one of them will be with white or non black women!!

        Just like on the “Toxic Masculinty” Post, it is pushing me more to my theory that white women seemed to have planted feminism into black women for the simple reason that white women just wanted to have access to black men.

        Liked by 4 people

    • To answer your first question, YES!!!!!! Second, I remember this Ricky Hate episode. BW were supid as hell then, and they are just plain fucked now.

      Liked by 4 people

  11. Also many black women live their lives according to the stupid black woman playbook. They get with the scumbag brain-dead animalistic nigger criminal, have his bastard offspring without any commitment, fight, argue, and struggle with that Negro for a few years, split up with that deadbeat dumbass Negro, get older, realize she made mistakes in her life, then bitch and complain about Blackmen and attempt to rope a decent black man into her world of madness and chaos.
    I just can’t stand to look at, listen to, or deal with black women for any reason whatsoever. Black women simply cause problems. And the truly sad thing is they cause problems for no reason other than their pride, mental instability, and a never ending desire to compete with Blackmen.
    Can someone please explain to me how White women are setting Blackmen up for destruction, and how the black woman is the lone supporter of Blackmen on earth? Black women are the definition of the word PROBLEM.
    What good could possibly come from dealing with the group of women who want to destroy your life, control you as a man, indoctrinate your children to hate you, and steal your children away from you if they feel like it?
    I’m almost at the point of not even commenting about these animals anymore. They are the most vile, destructive, confrontational, delusional, lowdown, dirty, vile, animals anyone on the face of the earth could ever deal with.
    Most black women do not know when to stop, don’t know how to shut the fuck up, and have no idea how to be actual women. Is it all black woman? No.
    It’s just 999,000 out of a million black women . Good luck on finding those 1000 decent black women.

    Liked by 5 people

  12. This female black youtuber, Ashley W started out sounding right, but I knew it was just a matter of time before she turned out to be just another, “Black men should leave BECKY alone” types. She’s smoother than others like her, but still on that black man dick police tip. She’s another, “born again pro-black woman” looking to race hustle people. She actually made a video about the email conversations we had, and some of her white knights call themselves coming to her rescue. Be careful out there brothers, the hard push back is coming, and you must be ready.

    Liked by 4 people

    • The only black woman who I can stand to listen to is Shahrazad Ali. And she said her grandfather on her father’s side was a white man. No wonder she has so much sense.
      Sage Highwayman, most of these fake pro black women, are simply delusional, black men hating, mentally ill black women, who mask their deep seated hatred for Blackmen with that phony pro black bullshit.
      The only thing I’m ‘ready’ for is to ignore black women and pay them no mind.

      Liked by 5 people

    • I have hope for Ashley , she’s young and still not entirely wise to the way of the world . Due to some of her previous videos frankly I’m surprise the weave wearing goons haven’t come after her . Malcolm said we should not be so fast to judge a dummy because we were all dumb at first

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, that last video she did showed her true colors, and I told her so. Stick with exposing bw fuckery, but don’t dick police black men.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sage Highwayman,

        You got the link to that video Ashley W made in response to your email conversations? I think I’m going to have to go in on her if she starting that dick policing black men nonsense.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I just found your youtube page. Turns out you and MBDX are the last ones left on my subs list. Everyone else is still on the “I love black women” tip despite their bitching and moaning. Meanwhile, swrilers are just making all kinds of end roads and headway.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I waited a few days and went back and added just the fact she never mention serena williams is proof she’s only concern with who black men choose to be with . considering more black men get with black women is a mute point . it wasn’t long ago that white dudes talked about serena and her sister like dogs not a secret white men thought they looked like gorillas . now if I was going to make a video expressing my distaste for interracial marriage I’d start with the gorilla in the room that black women for some reason never want to talk about .

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Carnio, any time you see a nonblack woman, but mainly a White woman who is with a black man, she is putting her life on the line in order to be with that black man. If you see a white woman with a black man, you are looking at a white woman who understands what that Blackmen needs, what that black man wants, and that white female understands how to support that black man.
    Black women on the other hand think a relationship with a black man is a competition. Instead of actually learning how to be supportive women of Blackmen, black women would rather run their mouth, and claim that white women are weak, and Blackmen only want white women because they can walk all over them.
    Black women fail to understand that Blackmen simply want peace in their lives. Black men don’t want a fucking boxing match in terms of a relationship. I just cannot deal with the vast majority of black women. Black women don’t want to be happy. Black women live and thrive off of misery. And black women want to make everyone around them as miserable as they are.
    I’m done.

    Liked by 7 people

  14. Same old song and dance. Reject good black men only to reject it later. I wonder if she regrets the song she made about how much she loves thugs?

    They reject you in high school only to send facebook pm’s after college.

    They ignore you when they are childless only to come back begging when they have kids.

    The gender war is over and the rats are fleeing the ship.
    They are just parasites. If you value your sanity and you wallet being thick avoid them at all cost.

    Liked by 6 people

  15. Did anyone see the former black female Playboy playmate who jumped out of a window with her six or seven year old son killing them both in New York?
    That black woman that everything her heart could possibly want, a white man who fathered her child, and the mentally ill delusional black woman still has to cause death and destruction to everyone and everything around her.
    Verbs, this website is one the most important and truthful out there. The black former Playboy playmates name is Stephanie Adams. She had a child with a white man, her God, and still chose to kill herself and her child because she is a mentally ill, typical, black woman nutcase.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Bill Smith
      You buried the lead my man;
      “Before she plunged from a New York City hotel on Friday with her 7-year-old son, former Playboy centerfold Stephanie Adams endured years mired in lawsuits, failed relationships and an ugly custody dispute.

      Sources told the The New York Post the 46-year-old was in the middle of a fierce court battle with her estranged husband Charles Nicolai, the owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness.

      Adams filed for divorce from Nicolai in 2017 and was seeking child support from him. At the time of her death, Adams reportedly owed money to her lawyers for her ongoing custody battle.

      The relationship between the former couple was allegedly so toxic Adams was required to meet at the NYPD’s 1st Precinct for handovers of their son, Vincent”

      There you go.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Bill Smith,

      Thanks for the info, I didn’t know anything about this. Just checked it out on Wikipedia now:


      So it seems that not even whitey can prevent his custom crafted machine of destruction from malfunctioning. She had it all and still threw her life and that of an innocent child down the toilet, smh. You’re right, yet another illustration of the mental instability of the modern day black female on display right here. How many stories have we come across of black women executing their children outside of the womb?

      Liked by 3 people

      • Of course not, I told you guys months ago, wm suicide rates & addiction to opioids & painkillers is off the charts, with no end in sight. The biggest jump in US homeless is the wm & Verbs, you will see this in the UK if you haven’t seen this already. GOD BLESS

        Liked by 3 people

  16. Verbs2015, Black women are the definition of selfish. A black woman would rather kill her child or her children as opposed to actually attempting to compromise or work things out with a black man.
    The reality is most black women live to destroy. Black women are not happy unless they are involved in strife, arguing, confrontation, fights or killing. Most black women are just disagreeable by nature.
    And once again, you will always have these brain-dead, stupid ass, simple, weak Negro simps who will defend these animals no matter what they do. You cannot win with the majority of black people. It’s sad but it’s absolutely true.

    Liked by 5 people

  17. The hell with Pepa she is not fooling anybody she’s just mad because she has few options at this point. She came out last year claiming Treach was a bad father but Treach went on the radio to kill all that noise his daughter even defended him. I think that situation was due to the fact that Treach does not let her run over him so she tried to make him look bad in the media of course your typical spiteful BW bullshit at work. Pepa looks like a tranny now she’s done. Of course some BW from High School or former BW co workers have tried to get at me most are overweight now with multiple kids and multiple baby fathers. They hit me on FB messenger and most of the time I just never replied after looking at their profiles and seeing what they are all about now. Nope I’m not coming to clean up your mess.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Dick and Attention the mainstay of the black female , what man is always ready for sex , I’m thinking the unproductive dude that sits on her couch all day until he can find a better prospect and then she has to tell the world how negros aint shit because no one will ever ask her why she always end up with aint shit negros

    Liked by 2 people

  19. BW suffer from narcissism. Mass narcissism. In their youth they ride every dick getting tainted DNA from no good men put in their bodies. That DNA is perminant. They then ignor the results of this process of multiple dick riding. Their family member should serve as an example. Busted, dried up and lonely family members is not example enough to warn them of what to come for their lives. Somehow, the young narcissist BW think she can escape this fate.

    Later in life, she thinks time will not catch up with her. She thinks that crappola done in younger years will does not come with consequences. Same narcissism but now used differently. But like you said Verbs, Yah is not mocked. That’s the reason brizzoad like Peppa and the woman you know don’t just fade away into the darkness. They actually think it’s like it was before. Dried up pussy banged up so much that it no longer matches the medical definition of a vagina is not something a narcissist will admit to having between thier legs. Even a simp will go for the younger woman with vagina still intact and non pancake flat tits.


    Liked by 3 people

  20. Yuri Bezenov (guy whose vids I posted earlier) must be shaking his head in worry in Heaven right now at how sucessful his former Communist masters, along with their white supremacist cronies in the West have been in brainwashing black men into falling for the black woman’s BS. Well as long as the Wall of Silence is up and running, we won’t have to worry about their white nationalist/apologists and black females) brainwashing and disinformation shaming tactics any more.

    But according to the simps ‘BW be our QUEENS n…s’ despite all the evidence to the contrary. (sigh) Some things never change I guess..

    Liked by 4 people

    • Anton Nikolaev,

      I remember watching those videos from Bezenov some years back, dude completely broke down the brainwashing and how the indoctrination techniques have successfully worked upon the west, feminism and the socialist mindset being just 2 of many examples.

      Got another article coming of yet another simp Negro referring to black women as “black queens” in such a disingenuous manner trying to be a Derrick Jaxn part 2.

      Liked by 4 people

  21. LoL at this bitch…

    Now I grew up on 90’s hip hop / R & B, and honestly even as a little kid, I always could tell that Pepa was the most ignorant ghetto member of her group LoL. I mean, you never see Salt or their DJ Spinderella doing dumb shit like this??

    And of course she chose Treach over Will Smith cause Treach was a thug, just a male version of Pepa LoL. You know how our BW queans always hootin’ & hollerin’ about: “I need someone who can handle me!!” like a damn handler taming a wild beast haha!!

    But even Treach couldn’t deal with her bullshit forever, so its true, even the thugs are leaving these whores behind LoL. And like Sean said in an earlier post above, Treach stood up for himself after Pepa accused him of being a bad father. Kinda makes sense, Treach & 2pac were close friends, so they had the same mentality towards bitches haha!! (The irony of that above 2pac video, damn I wish he kept dating Madonna, he’d still be alive!!)

    Even better was that Treach’s daughter took his side against her toxic mother’s lies!! That goes to show that even the off-spring are fed up with the BW’s bullshit!! Back then they could turn the kids against the BM, buuuut not anymore!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



    Liked by 4 people

    • 3rd Leg,

      Straight talk, I never knew that Denton attempted to smear Treach’s character as a father until Sean mentioned it. Just goes to show how the black witch will stop at nothing to hold onto her victimhood status and throwing black men under the bus is usually the preferred technique they will employ in order to maintain that position of “it’s not my fault, woe is me”.

      Liked by 3 people

  22. Even though don’t use facebook i’m willing to bet that if i sign up today and look for the “black chicks” that made my middle and high school experience misable they are either
    A: morbidity obese
    B: tattoos every where
    C: weave up
    D: multiple bastard kids
    E: all the above

    Liked by 4 people

    • I only use facebook as a means to keep in touch with the very small handful of friends that are stuck in the US. otherwise I wouldn’t use it at all. just like you said, there are mass numbers of people who will find me and ruin my reputation so I use my fake pen name “Carnio” so no one will recognize me.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I, too use Facebook (under a fake name), only for keeping in contact with my very few friends that I have (had to cut out a lot of them in my life), most women’s pictures consist of multiple piercings and/or tattoos, pictures of their children (typically their partners aren’t in them either, either broken up, dead or in jail), relationship statuses, or just drama.

        Liked by 4 people

  23. You can thank Destiny’s Child as well with their Soldier video. I had this problem with Black Women in high school and when I got stood up by one at 18, I was through with them. Although I tried again 10 years later only to get the queens number and to only have her tell me on the phone that she liked thug men with goatees, and I’m like “You stupid cunt, you could’ve told me that you were not interested from the get go. I really believe that Black Women get a kick out of doing good Black Men like this, I say let ’em rot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gryphon,

      Black women love turning good black men down, this is why they keep attempting to shame us back onto the plantation, so that they can continue to play their stupid psychological mind games on us. They believe that they have the right to be spiteful and vindictive against thinking black men when it comes down to dating and sex though they wouldn’t dare try the same on Tyrone or J Boogie as they know full well what the consequences would be for them, not good at all.


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