They Don’t Want To Be Saved – They Cannot Be Saved


Now, upon investigation in turns out that this 19 year old feral black female named Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped from the hospital shortly after birth in July 1998 and was raised by her kidnapper Gloria Williams until the age of 19. Now one of the many acolytes of the black witch Oprah Winfrey, one enchantress named Iyanla Vanzant believes that she can step in and fix that which is broken beyond repair.

See, anybody viewing this clip who doesn’t understand the psychology of the modern day black witch would automatically believe that the trauma of discovering the truth in relation to being kidnapped is the cause behind Mobley’s violent temperament, however we at the thinking black men’s regiment know better than that, much better than that.

Mobley was raised by another black woman for the majority of her life and she still turned out horribly in terms of her lack of resolution conflict skills. Notice how Mobley speaks, just like your typical off the top shelf hoodrat, foul mouthed, unable to articulate herself effectively and ready to resort to violence at the drop of a hat.

This is yet another case that illustrates the fact that it is indeed black women who are the culprits responsible for the destruction of black children. When black children are raised AWAY from the overwhelming majority of black women, more often than not they DO NOT turn out to be wild delinquents and demon driven career criminals.

It is a fact that most criminals come from broken homes, by the way that means homes headed up by single mothers, not single fathers. It’s a shame because Kamiyah Mobley is an attractive young girl, something that has become an extreme rarity within black female society, however as is typical with most attractive black women, it is their minds which are usually ship wrecked and destroyed.

This is the unfortunate plight for most black girls who are raised in single mother households, as I stated before in Negro Wars black women as a collective raise their children under the edicts of ultra communist feminism, fear, intimidation, bullying and violence and it is for this reason why we have an epidemic of black youth walking around unfulfilled and completely lost.

In order to save a child you must get to him/her when they are very young and impressionable, at 19 its pretty much a done deal, the evil spirits long ago moved into this girl’s body, took up residence, kicked the real Kamiyah Mobley into a spiritual abyss and threw away her access to freedom. Again referring back to Negro Wars remember how I mentioned that black women deliberately raise their children under ritualistic, traumatic conditions in order to allow evil entities to funnel themselves down through the next generation?

When I stated that black women are Satan’s right hand hench women working in league with western governments trying their best to destroy what remains of black society, I’m not lying. Just take a look around you and observe the utter destruction that black women bring to those around them wherever they feet tread.

The above video is an example as to why thinking black men should walk away from black women as a collective and instead choose mixed or non black females who don’t exhibit typical black female traits to be the mothers of their offspring. This is the only way to bring an end to the curse that black women purposely seek to perpetually push upon the younger generations. In the end even the enchantress Vanzant realised that this devil seedling was a goner and she too decided to wash her hands of the muck and the filth.

Christ himself stated that there are certain evil spirits that will only vacate a person’s body through prayer and fasting. Vanzant’s sideways witchcraft under the tutelage of the high priestess of malevolence Oprah once again didn’t cut it. Now all that is missing is for Kamiyah Mobley to get knocked up by J Boogie from the block and the cycle will repeat itself over again. The bottom line is most black women simply cannot raise children right, thus the children brought up in their houses are automatically destined for hellfire and destruction. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Devils and Their Seedlings

Most High Bless

63 thoughts on “They Don’t Want To Be Saved – They Cannot Be Saved

    • I have another question that’s a little off topic:

      After watching That video of the fat black chick, who got shot while trying to eat fast food. Why are black men more healthy and less fat than black women when they are subjected to the same diet and in some cases life style?

      I mean sure black men are more active, but then why is over 80% (which i REALLY think is 90%) of blackn women all over weight????????

      I mean, WTF are black women doing that so many of them are overweight? If black men love almost the same as black women, shouldn’t black men all be just as big? What the hell are black women eating/doing to get this god damn big? It can’t be the fat acceptance movement because this has been an issue LONG before the Fat acceptance movement came about!

      Is this one of those ‘curses’ that black women accept in order to do witchcraft against black men? In which, in order for black women to cast the spell of homosexualism and emascluation if their victims, the unholy book of Blackistan places a curse in which every spell casted, they will automatically gain 20Lbs?

      I am a social libertarian. One can do as one may and wishes as long as it does not effect me personally or my taxes. But where I start to bitch and complain is that I would get ridicule when I was in the US about me being skinny. They would call me all sorts if mean and nasty names because they weighted more than me WHEN IT WAS THEIR CHOICE TO BE FATZILLA!

      I mean, I use to eat junk food all the time and u could NEVER go past 150lbs. What the hell are they eating for 80-90% of black women to turn into Majin Buu?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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      • @Carnio
        Women naturally retain more fat than men, combine that with BW’s horrible diet and slothful ways and you end up with the physique of the modern American BW. BW also control the flow of food in the hood via White daddy’s food stamps. Free food + bad diet + sloth + gluttony = FAT

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      • @ Cortez

        Yes, that is true. One of the reasons why I never gain weight is because I burn off waaaaaaay more than I consume. If I ate something, that morning I would not eat till dinner the next day. sometimes only once every other day. plus, I would walk EVERYDAY minimum three hours. to and from work, and if I wanted to go use the wifi, I would half to walk all the way across grand concourse, which took an hour and a half, to fordhum road to go to the library just to use only half an hour of wifi, just to watch anime or I would go to the near by best buy to play video games at the electronic section.

        Ironically, coming to K’stan, I actually lost 20 pounds. Reason is that, Eastern European Fast food is GROSS to me. There are many Turkish and knock off western fast foods (NOT the local Native fast foods) but they are just awful! I had am forced to home cook my meals because the flavor is just not to my taste. and when I buy fruits and vegetables, They are freshly plucked stright from the farm. They are so fresh that I once bought an apple and a potato and I actually found a worm inside!!! That is how fresh and non-gmo they are! and they taste sooooooooo damn GOod! I never liked carrots in the US but boy when I ate one here, I buy and eat them like candy!

        Another thing, After life long of being told how sickly I look because I am skinny (By US standards). I am normal in the eyes of Asians and Europeans! Everyone here is skinny and it is fat people who are the ones that get mocked! Black women could never survive here!

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      • Most black women have hair styles (wigs, hair weaves, and perms) that make them avoid physical exercise. That is one reason for obesity among black women. [Do not pay attention to the lie that white women also wear hair weaves].

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      • @Carnio
        “Another thing, After life long of being told how sickly I look because I am skinny (By US standards).”
        I get that too and I’m lean and muscular, and far from skinny. People in the US are so used to seeing fat people everywhere that in shape people are becoming an anomaly.
        I hit the weights and the exercise bike 3 times a week to stay in shape.
        Tell em Kali:

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    • You write the dumbest crap! Only other black males would be stupid enough to think it even males SENSE.
      How is Mobley “feral”? And ,NO- she doesn’t speak like a Hood Rat. Do you morons even WATCH the stuff you post?!
      How is she an follower of OPRAH? She was just on one of OWN networks Therapy /talk shows. Lots of others were too! How is this a black female thing?
      ((This is why black males will never succeed. You are INSANE. Your brains have 3 functions :Sex, rage/violence, Blame.))


  1. Hey verbs,

    This leads me to a very great question. I was saved luckily because how much I hated my mother growing up and I wanted nothing to do with her ever since middle school. I was very lucky to have developed a highly logical ability to recognize pattern behavior from people and was able to tell that a person such as the one in the video (which I did not and will not watch as this is all too familiar from my upbringing) most likely come from the exact situation most of us are brought up in.

    How OR what could you tell a 10 year old or a 15 year old boy who is subjected to living under such conditions? Abusive, man hating, emasculating, homosexualizing single mother that want a absolute destruction for her son (s)? I mean, at this point, it almost seems like if you are BORN in such conditions, you are pretty much destined that your own mother sells YOUR soul to the devil! I had outlets. My father WAS in my life at the most critical time of development before he got the governmental boot, I lived amoung Anglo Saxons so I was able to look and see how functional relationships are, I had white and close Asian female friends so i knew that not all girls were like how my mother was, I ran away from home a few times and from those times I was adopt and taken in why white families, and Asian families (I guess this is where I became ‘white washed and ‘Asian washed’) and when I had to go back to my mother, I would unofficially disown her– I wouldn’t talk or even be in the same room as her. So I had found pockets of ways to break free and escape the clutches of the “black thought ” process! However many people do not have this opportunity. Most kids are Born with the father not being there, they live isolated in black trashed communuties, Gangsters are their only role models and their mothers are most likely sexually harnessing and raping them. How can a teenage boy get out of this?

    I personally think that there is nothing one can do. Maybe get a white girlfriend as white girls are usually the one thing that breaks black boys out of the rituals of the black thought. But if they live isolated with just their single moms and in a crime infested communiy, I think that there is nothing he can do. Personally, I do not care and I think that their life has already been claimed by the devil. I think this is something that every child/teen has to find out for himself and break loose on his own..

    What do you think?

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    • I agree, these people can not be saved. For one, look at the ever increasing number of YOUNG black criminals, committing acts at a small age.

      Namely, there’s black Baby Driver, stealing cars at 10. Then, there’s the fact that black women are loud mouths like this at a young age.

      Incest and demons’ seed has ruined these communities, let them fall.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        And Black Baby Driver is just one of many pre teen black delinquents. Let’s also not forget about the fact that black girls are now engaging in sexual activities typically from around the age of 11. Yep, smart black men have already distanced themselves from the carnage and more up and coming thinking brothers will do exactly the same.

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      • @ Verbs
        “Let’s also not forget about the fact that black girls are now engaging in sexual activities typically from around the age of 11.”

        They are being raised to be that way by their American black mothers, they worst place for a child to be is in the womb/”care” of a black single mother:

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    • There isn’t anything we can do. The best thing that we can do is cut off the welfare that is subsidizing the dysfunction going on in the hood and shun (instead of celebrate and embrace) hoodrats and dusty dudes. That would force many of them to straighten up and think twice about having bastard kids that they cant afford. When I see all of the shaming directed at hoodrats and baby mommas that is occurring on the internet it gives me a little hope. haha

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      • James,that video about the dancing toddlers..uugh. Reminds me too much of this anime I used to watch called ZETMAN, with monsters known as ‘players’ going around causing chaos and mayhem. This is a perfect comparison to black females as black females know nothing more than destruction and devastation.

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    • Carnio,

      I completely agree with your conclusion, my mother though dysfunctional worked most of the hours God sent her and so hanging out with white folks and others from Middle Eastern countries, such experiences prevented those seeds of dysfunction from taking root. That exposure to non blacks is critical in breaking out of the dysfunctional trance or at least recognising it for the failed piece of trash that it is.

      You could say that this is one of the main reasons why black women are so against black men dating and marrying non black females especially white women, because they know that their spells of dysfunction will be broken if said black man experiences just a taste of life outside of the borders of Blackistan.

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      • Please remember to also avoid the “wanna bees”. Wiggers, chiggers, and the like. The type of non-blk women who hang around blk females and act the same. These annoying creatures are almost as bad. And there seem to be a lot of them. These types date and procreate with thugs and hood niggroes also and are another source of hood scum.

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    • Hahaha! Your father did not get “the governmental boot”.
      You hate your mother because your father was shit, but -as the man -he was your role model. So now you have to make your MOTHER worse than him in your sad pathological black male brain.
      Your father wasn’t a victim or the government or black women. He was just another Typical black male…….and so are you. YOU just replaced the “I blame the WHITE DEVIL for everything!”…..with “I blame the BLACK WITCH!”
      ((You black males have been creating Conspiracy theories and blaming others for a CENTURY now -since the age of Marcus Garvey and founding of The Nation of Islam. But you haven’t gotten any better, have you? You kill white and Asian girlfriends and wives, your INTERRACIAL divorce rates are the 2nd highest after white women with Asian men, and most BIRACIAL kids with black fathers in US, Caribbean, and Europe will not grow up with their fathers around. *MAYBE IT’S YOU!!* Maybe it’s time to consider that.))


    • A WHITE GIRLFRIEND? There it is…..the black male brain always leads the same 3 places : Sex, rage/violence, blame.

      Yea……a white GIRLFRIEND (sex) will cure you. Look what it did for OJ, Kobe, Russell Simmons, Kanye, Morgan Freeman, Lamar Odom……maybe get an Asian girl like the 4 or 5 Terence Howard had or 50 Cent, or Stephon Clark….The Dead Thug criminal who blamed black women for causing problems while he made illegitimate mixed kids and committed crimes , or Lil Wayne. .. ..yes! Interracial sex will cure you, black man!
      (Or you could start admitting that YOU are the problem.)


  2. Can they be SAVED?!?!?!? That’s not the question, Why WOULD you try to save them, is what should be asked. To save the “black” race? Bwhahahaha! To look and sound righteous?!?!? Ok, I can roll with that, there is MONEY in that. You could build a following of religious zealots who will eventually PAY YOU for your righteous attempt at saving that what can not be saved. For the most part, I say, “SAVE YOURSELF”

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    • (((to save the “black” race?)))

      Anyone who suggests such statement should be slapped in the mouth. It is the poorest argument these pro-black and pastors bring up because The ‘Black’ Race are NOT dying out! There are blacks all over the western hemiphere, Africa and even a sizable population in Europe, who are much more sane and family oriented. Even if ALL american and Bristish blacks died off tomorrow, there are thousands of black immigrants who come in the countries to repopulate and bring back family values and value education.

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    • @Sage Highwayman
      What do we gain by spending time and resources trying to save Pookie, Ray Ray, and Tyqueshia?
      Its a complete waste of time.

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    • save the black race;;;;;no black race shall be saved. only a small remnant…i do not want to save black folks..most are doomed……the problem are not just black women, but black people who cant be fixed and dont want to be fixed,,,good riddance….

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      • Paul,

        Agreed, most black folks are destined for hellfire and destruction. There is nothing we can do for them at this point and attempting to save them will only lead us into the same horrid abyss.


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      • you can’t fix whats not broken. someone had to be the bottom feeder. it’s nature its lige. glad it was not me. ps how the fuck she gone fix these women life. bitch are you married or stress free mfs. love being in others house but their house is broken smh. foolish mortals

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    • Sage Highwayman,

      Its funny, Obsidian was talking about the very same thing the other day. With marital rates within black society at an all time low due to Blackistan being saturated with unattractive, masculine, violent, uncooperative, non submissive, belligerent, overweight and generally unhealthy black women, indeed, at this stage all folks can do is save themselves.

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  4. These women talk about being so strong yet always communicate in outbursts such as these. Same thing with that education that they claim, where’s the class?

    This is what most black dudes have to choose from, and they thus think it’s normal. And as Carnio points out, if we criticize these chicks, both they and their daddy will call us “whiny, gay, and needing to find the right one”.

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  5. She was raised by a black single mom so it doesn’t surprise me that she is nuts. The fact that she is a American BW with a ghetto name is enough to tell most good BM to stay away from her. The BW that kidnapped her was mentally ill and had just miscarried before the kidnapping. On a side note, as we have said before as the Wall grows and the welfare decreases more BW will be having mental breakdowns, specifically lashing out at good BM who wont date them and BM who date out. Keep the Wall up, this is what they wanted, they are “Strong and independent”. Let them run to Pookie and Ray Ray with their problems.

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    • James S,

      Agreed, that was must be kept standing and reinforced at all times. In relation to what you said about the coming times and more black women having mental breakdowns, this will be amplified many times over in black female society due to the overwhelming majority of black women already suffering from undiagnosed mental illnesses. These end times of tribulation and distress are necessary in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Black women have wrought this crooked path with their own hands and now they must walk it out to its completion.

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  6. This is a prime example of what children become when they are raised by single mothers. Single mothers and the welfare state destroyed black America and Black Britain. SYSBM tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Its funny, growing up here in the UK the best times black folks had were believe it or not when we were looked upon as outcasts and being persecuted by whites, back then just like blacks in the US pre civil rights we stuck together and were much more unified as a group. However, as soon as they brought the same fatherless home welfare policies over here to the UK seeing how effective they were in the US at fragmenting black society, it was a wrap for black Britain.

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  7. I saw this story on one of Tommy Sotomayor’s Livestreams about three months ago and I think I downloaded it but when Kamiyah rejected Iyanla’s counseling towards the end of this episode she slapped her own pussified boyfriend in the face when he, her father and Kamiyah herself was about to leave the house. SYSBM.

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  8. This story reminds me of a good friend of mine fron my college days. This brother was abandoned by both his biological parents. None of his relatives wanted to raise him. So what ended up happening? He got adopted by a white family. He then goes on to become a successful businessman, has his own place, and only associates himself with other like-minded people like myself. He is a prime example of how successful a black person can be when they’re completely removed from the so-called black community.

    I don’t know if I would considered myself lucky, but my mother is probably the most red-pilled black women I have ever met. She respected my father so that she would always tell me growing up, “respect your father, as he knows how to be a man”. And what makes it comical for these black witches that want to use the “yo momma black” nonsense, it was my own mother who told me, “Don’t you bring home a black woman who don’t respect you and has an attitude”, which we all know that eliminates 99% of modern black women. Sometimes, I feel like my mom is a female version of Sgt. Watters lol.

    At the end of the day, there is nothing to be saved in blackistan. Those who are smart, will save themselves. Don’t be fooled by these savages into believing the black race will die off if you venture out the plantation. As a pro-eugenist, we need to remove the dysfunction. The black race will improve dramatically if these savages were removed.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Your mother is a rarity in black female society, most black men are not as blessed as yourself to have a mother who chose to look out for her son’s best interests instead of trying to emasculate him as per the edicts of feminism.

      Again, the example of your friend is a typical one of the overwhelming majority of black men and women who are raised outside of the confines of the Blackistani so called “community”.

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    • “Those who are smart, will save themselves.”
      I don’t go around in public preaching about SYSBM, Black Women, the Wall of Silence, etc., but if a smart young brother came to me for advice I would definitely tell him about all of the above. I never hear whites talking about going back to the trailer parks to save the rednecks, but blacks constantly think that we owe something to people in “The Hood”. If they come to me looking for advice I will give it to them, otherwise they stay behind the Wall.

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      • Exactly! This is why I don’t understand some of these lower class white folks who believe Trump is going to help them. Trump is only interested in himself and the people who think like him. Like the saying goes, “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”. Since smart white people ain’t going out of their way to help their dysfunctional counterparts, why should we?

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      • @James S, Sigma

        You two bring up a very good point. Something I noticed here in K’stan. The local Kyrgyz people CANNOT STAND their lower class. In fact, they depise them to the point that they do not want to even associate with anything that represents Gopniks. They do not squat, they do not wear adidas, they speak proper russian (The gopniks have their own kind of Ebonics), and some will rudely and flat out tell them to piss off. Same with the Russians. They hate their lower class and do not associate with them. Some how for some reason, blacks are the only ones who will flat out attack you if you do not want to join in on their degeneracy.

        The thing is, back in america, we are always shown commercials about how there are poor children and people in starvation or disease in some far away unknown land in Africa or Asia somewhere and how if only we gave 10 cents a month we can feed thousands scam. Now that I live in one of those places, I now have a completely different view! First off, their own people DO NOT HELP their poor or lower class. SO why should I. No going further into the reasons why, is because of the ass backwards and self destructive mindset and mentality of the lower class. They are poor and backwards for a reason. You give them money when they beg and harass, then they go and buy drugs, alcohol, or squander it. You do not even get a thank you,and heaven help if you happen to not have anything because they actuality start cursing you!!!

        Not to mention, many of the well to do locals often get judged simply because of minor cultural differences (the Russianfied/Eastern Europeanized Kyrgyz/Kazakhs vs. Villagers who are stuck in the ‘tradition’). Seeing this reflected back on how it is like in the black ghettos in US/UK.

        At my old job, I would get my uniform tailored to be tight fitting. There were certain clothes I would wear and I refused to do anything in resemblance to any of them. When I told them why, they got extremely offended and I was told I was wrong and I should accept and be like them! They felt that I OWE it to them to join in their F***ery.

        One day I was carrying my DSLR camera to downtown mahattan to take pictures and show my friends in ex-USSR. This random older black dude, which I already saw a mile away that he was trying to scam me, Saw how well dressed I looked and said How I shuldn’t look down on blacks and how I owe them to give back. He was only trying to mentally minipulate me to get me to spend money to ride some stupid bus when I was not even trying to go anywhere far away from my current location.

        Their death beds are almost ready to be made and the devil is going to put them to sleep in their beds they’ve pissed on. I do not want to get in Death’s way lest I will be snatched in and placed in with them. But boy I cannot wait when it comes so that I can watch in front row seat with the red and blue 3D glasses! The only persons I have concern over are my two uncles but they are heavily entrenched in witch craft by their sisters! but there is nothing I can do to help them and I can only worry about finding my own life and happiness in Asia!

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  9. Mega Man Issue #49 (Archie Comics):

    Destroyed Robot Masters (from Mega Man II and III) were recovered, rebuilt, and reactivated, but with a proviso that they must serve a greater purpose, or permanently be taken offline by federal law. Some accept, some decline. Mega Man pleads with the “belligerent” Robot Masters to accept this amnesty, but they continue to decline. So, Dr. Light was forced to shut down these Robot Masters. While Mega Man and Roll were crying at the fact that these Robot Masters had to be shut down, he said something (which is the moral of this little story):


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  10. I’m honestly disgusted by these chicks, even looking at them pisses me off. I don’t even get an erection at them, quite the opposite.

    I’m tired of seeing them, the world’s ears are tired of hearing them, jews are tired of being begged to put them in movies, Asians are tired of beating their asses when they steal weave, white men are tired of them begging to get screwed by them, white women are tired of their jealousy. They just need to DIE, and they arent doing it fast enough! I know what you’re saying, we kill them? No, just do this.

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    • ((( jews are tired of being begged to put them in movies, Asians are tired of beating their asses when they steal weave, white men are tired of them begging to get screwed by them, white women are tired of their jealousy. )))

      Hmmmmm, This list seems incomplete…….

      Romesh the Indian Doctor is tired of seeing them to get Liposuction!
      Jose from the corner store is tired of them and their EBT Cards
      Antonio the Brazilian Plastic surgeon is tired of seeing them getting butt implants
      The police are tired of getting tired of false domestic violence cases
      Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders is tired of them (Fried chicken)
      Khaled the arab is tired of them stealing their tips in Uber Taxis
      Li Chang, who owns Chinese buffets is tired of them eating up all the food
      Adam the jewish Judge/Lawyer is tired of seeing them in Divorce/Family Court
      Horses are tired of getting their hair stolen
      Hell, even Tyrone is getting tired of them!

      I think the only person who is lucky to not ever see them is probably the fitness trainer!!!

      (((I know what you’re saying, we kill them? No, just do this.)))

      We wouldn’t need to kill them. Just isolate them and they will take very good care to do that themselves! Didn’t Fortuneteller Baba just tried to kill smoeone by pushing them off the train platform? and she will probably get away with it because of her mental illness? all you have to do is put them in a black Reservation camp, like the Native Americans, and let nature do it’s thing. and seeing how mentally ill people have immunity to criminal justice, it would be the perfect crime!


      There is NO possible way that SYSBM can outbreed them. Impossible! Thats like trying to get a penguin to outbreed rats! Heaven help if the US one day decides to ban abortion! That means that all those bastard children are gonna be born and the bLackistanians will probably out breed whites!

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  11. Gentlemen,

    I want your opinions. For the presidential race in 2020, they’re pushing Sen. Kamala Harris hard on the Democratic side. For the US brothers, would she get your vote?

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    • I wouldn’t vote for her.
      I’m not even sure if I will be voting in the next presidential election. Welfare slinging democrats on one side and white supremacist republicans on the other side. I think I’ll pass personally and stick to local/state elections.

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      • Your position is identical to my own.

        “Welfare slinging democrats on one side and white supremacist republicans on the other side.”

        True. It’s like being forced to choose between cancer and heart disease. Like only sickness is allowed. And the possibility of health and wellness is simply non-existant.

        That’s why I no longer vote. I’m not a mark. Or a fool. The political system is nothing but a scam. Just like those “push to change light” buttons at cross walk traffic lights in the US. They are there just to keep you busy until the light changes, but they do not actually have the power to affect anything. The political system in the US is exactly the same.

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    • I don’t get involve in politics anymore, as American Politics is nothing but a circus show. But I will say this: If Kamala Harris is whom the democrats are pushing for the 2020 elections, then the democrats might as well call it quits. If they couldn’t get a white woman to the white house, what makes them think a black woman will do any better?

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      • Appreciate the responses. The female-led Dems are voting with their uteruses. The 96% of black women who vote Democrat are itching to get a black female in the WH so as not to be outdone by the history-making Black Man. I personally won’t be party to it. Any city or service or part of town that BW run is a shambles. Do we really want that for the whole country? The very women who say “Black Men ain’t shit” now need my vote? No thanks, I’m good.

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      • First off, no one will vote for a blk female except simps and other blk females. White women en mass will pretend to support her but will not vote for her in meaningful numbers. Otherwise she will not get meaningful numbers from any other demographic.

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  12. Verbs2015,
    Can They Be Saved? That’s Like Asking The Question Can a Zebra Be Saved After Being Severely/Brutally Attacked By a Mountain Lion. The Answer is NO!!! The Only Thing That You Can Do is #SYSBM (Save Yourself Black Man)!!!

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  13. Welp? You see how her “father” responded. And other negroes who just stood there. But this is the negroe’s heartthrob of what a “skroong blak womayan” is in their eyes. “Aw dayum! She theeeick” These n*ggaroachoes somehow end up at the top of the dating food chain….somehow I said. And you…. you have to ask yourselves, who is still f*ckin these n*ggacunts? What is it about this succubus that keep negroes from leaving them? This is why I don’t deal and/or meddle with hood boogers…retired veterans and then some. I see countless of them on my job including where I reside. And I absconded from them.

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  14. Talk about evil spirit posession. Maybe it was just a toxic reaction to the toxic Ofrah goon and being paraded on national tv. I say take the bitch out back and put her out of her misery. Same for Oprah and VanSkank.

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