She Lived By The Thug And Died By The Thug


This needs to happen more often, this and the government cutting off the treats and benefits are the only ways that black women can be taught a valuable lesson about not opening their legs to the wrong types of men. If black women were being killed in the streets at the same rate as black men then there would be marches and major protests in the streets and demands being made for swift and immediate change.

Again, as with the many other articles I’ve written showcasing black women and their love for thugs, I don’t feel sorry for this woman in the slightest. See the problem with many black women is they believe that somehow they are immune from their devil seedling offspring turning upon them, this woman very quickly found out that she has no hedge of protection.

It is a just recompense for irresponsible black single mothers and dysfunctional black females in general to be sent to the next dimension by the very individuals they raised and trained to be a terror unto others. The so called “black community” is an open, diseased and festering wound that will never be healed as long as black women are given a free reign of the yard unsupervised and never brought into line.

Like the dude said, game over. Now these jiffy pop bag wearing dysfunctional black harridan has been sent straight into the bowels of hell, this is what you get when you embark upon a fast lane, high risk lifestyle where thugs, guns, drug and poverty are also factored into the equation.

Did you notice how even though the guy was shouting out, she still felt that she was safe and protected, that was until the shots rang out and the reality set in that at that moment her backside was grass. There’s not really much else to say on this one except I look forward to hearing and reading about more accounts like this. Again, those who produce agents of terror must be terrorised by the very same evil individuals they’ve unleashed upon others.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

53 thoughts on “She Lived By The Thug And Died By The Thug

  1. *OFF TOPIC*

    Last post, Tyrone Nyx posted an article to how black men’s faces are deemed the most attractive. I just wanted to add to that by posted to list book:

    Please turn to page 181, and the chapter is known as Room Number Tweleve: Big Black Men. This chapter explains various fantasies about black men by women. Regardless of what black women will tell you that “white women are gonna get ya” This chapter explains to you about how they really feel about black men! striaght from the horses mouth! this book, if I am not mistaken, was an international seller so I guess this means that there are far more women across the ocean that share the same views!

    Black women only have two option, turn gay or be killed by the thugs monsters that they created!

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  2. You raise an extremly good point, one which I overlooked!

    The number one killer of Black men kill black men. When black men are off getting killed in the streets, no one, especially not BLM has anything to say about this. yet…..If black men (of the Tyrone corwd) had start killing black women, they won’t just protest this, but they will protest against straight heteral sexual black men! They will protest and attack SYSBM men and will probably make S*** up about “See if ya’ll N*ggas was with the sistas we wouldn’t need to be with Ray ray and Dirty D*** Rodney”!!

    Black men, in the eyes of black women and the cucknited simps of blackistan , have extremely cheap lives! If you , I, or any normal down to earth black man were shot dead and killed, it would be like wiping Dog S**t off the grrund! yet, if black women were killed off or even if DD Rodney got killed it would be Rodeny King Riot all across the country! It seems like your life as a classic black man means more of value to white or asian community than black community!

    Get your passports and abandon Ship!!!!!

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      • I like Tommy, but in his personal life, he’s got multiple black babymamas and still chases the same black hoes he says are so grimy and ratchet. Fuck is that? Brothers like MBD on the other hand, walk it like they talk it and say no to Scraggle-Daggles ™.

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    • Black Women only value good black men when something of value can finally be derived from them. When that happens, it’s guilt trip time.

      Black Women are the only ones driving their men away to the point where their resources are going nowhere to the community, nor do I blame black men for not wasting their money on the money pit known as the black community.

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    • @afrofuturism1
      You know….I’m all for this Brilliant Brotha’s recovery yes indeed I am. And that …I think…he should’ve thanked;which I’m sure he did… The Most High and pray that either he leaves her or she leaves him Just sayin man. Too much is at stake right now….But…..I…..just can’t seem to grasp at the fact that a white female actually stood by his side during this horrific accident. And by the way she talks, she has a country accent. I can only image the stigma.
      I’ll tell you honestly how this society functions, set standards, and how mix couplings is forbidden and smeared upon where I reside and according to me….

      Now….white females who practice feminism in all areas,waves & wings, who LOVE to see men all die! But vastly, blackmales. Why? simple! One amy schumer said that “colored men are the WORST when it comes to sexual harassment” Also, they feel that blackmen make sh*t $$$(and of course asian females is on the bandwagon as well) therefore its easier to treat them like “animalistic deviant n*ggers” (i.e Bill Cosby Tavis Smiley etc.) So……when I look at white females in the city that I reside in, they’re ALL supporters of the me too/times up feminist lynch mob movement. Including its blue pill beta buffer unpaid bodyguards.

      In truth, I’ve never had a white female stay by my side thru thick and thin.
      I’ve never had white female show and tell me that “you’re a human being and I see you as such”
      I’ve never had a white female um? When I approach her respectfully at hello, starts to shake,eyes start to bug, and act stupid and then some(asian females are famous for this. Wonder who they learn that from)

      BUT! I’ve YET to have a white female dialogue with me about the current state of affairs and more. They’re waaaaay toooo indoctrinated with fame,materialism,social media and currency, and racism. That had been proven.

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      • Themelancholictigah,

        Let’s be honest, you’ll be hard pressed to find any decent females in Vegas, there is nothing but decadence and debauchery coming out of that place, it’s definitely what you would call a “sin city”. You need to branch out, I’m not really surprised at the experiences you had with women in light of where you live.

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      • Verbs2015,
        …Indeed, the decadence, the debauchery, the feminism/white supremacy that comes with it etc. has always been in the open in this sh*thole. Thats why I say the things I say and rightfully so. I’d love to branch out. BUT!! it pretty much will be the same everywhere in this ‘cuntry’

        Side Note, I’m beginning to suspect that…your main comrade afrofuturism1 is making yall look bad….no no wait….horrible. Don’t believe me? just go back and read what I wrote basically expressing my observations and experiences. Unfortunately, according to him, expressing observations and experiences is now tantamount to be called a “d*ck police” for having an opinion…(shrugging shoulders)

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  5. Notice how normalized it has become for these negroes to broadcast their ratchet behavior and straight up executions on Facebook live and similar venues. They are the ONLY ones doing this, you don’t see Japanese people on google hangout cutting peoples’ heads off with samurai swords! Hell, this is ISIS/MS13 type stuff.

    If you read the story on this woman, she LOVED thugs. Of course, notice her ugly appearance, hood accent, and ghetto nickname (NuNu). She was also in the beauty industry, because black women are so creative that literally the only industries they work in are fashion, hair, nails, and nursing. Also notice the infamous jiffy pop bag.

    The main reason that this story never popped off like that with the mainstream media is because 1. No whites were involved to blame, and 2. No one really feels sorry for black women, and why should they? The only thing, I mean the ONLY thing they produce en masse is thugs like this.

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    • well, afro, maybe we need to do the same!

      Maybe sysbm should go on live facebooks etc and advertise our SYSBM dates! Let us confess our love to White and Asian girls! Let us make youtube videos on how much we LOVE, sweet, feminine and atrractive women! Let’s dress extremely professional and speak crisp, clear english with REAL names (even if it is fake like John, Fred or something) If more black men see this, then this could encourage more black men to go SYSBM!

      After all, black women have always accused us all as white women worshippers! Hell, even gay black men get accused of really being white woman worshipers and he was just pretending to be gay! Why not just do it! I am seriously about to do it in one of my secret youtube channels so why the hell not! Heck! I am writing a book and I mine as well write a book like Issac Rae on why black men need to be with White or Asian women!

      I am not being satirical at all! I truly belive that we need to start doing this because this is the only way for the world to see the clear as day difference between black men and blackistanis. Black men already have a positive imagine over here in the slave world. Just copy and paste this word into google: Черные мужчины (means Black men in Russian) and you will get an idea of what the average Russian speaker thinks how black men look like!

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      • @Sean

        I literally live by that. Fuck the black community. I refuse to go and clean up, or contribute to a mess I had no hand in creating.

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  6. Verbs and the gang,

    This is excellent news, two pieces of trash off the streets to make the black community a little safer to live in. Seriously though these black bitches are a dumb as rocks did you hear the way she spoke? She said “I apolofagize.” What the fuck is apolofagize?

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  7. This video is what thug love looks like, poverty, abuse, bastard kids, drama, and possibly an early grave. I think that alot of these dumb chicks think that they are going to get with a thug and be living the life that they see in rap videos, etc. Like the old folks say, when you lay down with dogs you get fleas. RIP to the the chick, but her actions helped to place her into this situation. This is what BW create when they have sex with thugs and give birth to their children. The ghetto was created by whites, but is maintained by slave mammies giving birth to feral bastard kids on massa’s dime.

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  8. This IS black love. You saw how this woman spoke, looked, and acted, let alone who and what she found attractive. Is there any wonder why you thus barely see black love?

    Simple, you can not romance the pit bull in a mini skirt, there’s nothing romantic or feminine about them. THIS above is what black women fantasize about (with black men) not being swept off their feet by a gentleman and settling down have his children. They talk so much about building, but trying to build with these harridans is a fools errand indeed.

    They need to be bred out, and, when legally justifiable, killed the **** off. They’ve gotten away with far too much crap to be running around Scott free and not even getting a fraction of the comeuppance their male counterparts get.

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    • Seeing stories like this, I’m definitely leaning towards being a pro-eugenist. The more the savages meet their own demise, the better the race can correct itself. The smart ones are already breeding the dumb ones out. The dumb ones just now need to kill themselves off, with no help from us.

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      • @ Sigma Jones
        Yeah. I don’t have any problem when its thugs and hoodrats killing other thugs and hoodrats, I only get angry when a non-thug/hoodrat is killed by one of them.

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      • @James S

        Agreed. I get upset when I see the lives of non black people, or even good black folks, be ruined by these thugs and hoodrats. It sets the black race back due to their actions. But when it’s a thug on thug crime/hoodrat on hoodrat crime/etc, I don’t even bat an eye on it. Again, these savages need to kill themselves off. They don’t care about the lives of civilized folks, so why should we care about theirs? The black community would be making huge strides in the right direction if the savages started dying off fast.

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  9. Hardcore but necessary. In this case, it’s trash taking out the trash. But in many cases, it’s a “Cosby Show” bourgie black female slumming with these slope-headed throwbacks. Mind you, these are the “proper” black girls (debutante balls, sorority, the whole bit) who will end up coming back to you, the clean-cut brother, expecting you to wife it up.

    There was a case in Chicago that was just that. Well-to-do young, black female from Obama’s neighborhood (Hyde Park) disappeared. College grad, corporate job. Good-looking Cosby Show family on the news (with dad in the home), pleading for info on her whereabouts. The cops ended up finding her car abandoned in Gary, IN (hometown of the Jackson 5, now a ghetto) and after they hacked her emails, the detectives managed to track down the thug she’d been messing with, who it turned out, killed her.

    Like Kevin Hart said, “You gone learn today!”

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  10. I know you’re educating us, but this is too much with these “people”. They are vile.
    And see how oblivious she is about the impending violence. Like a beast turning on its master, she couldn’t believe it until too late.

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  11. As soon as I heard that annoying dirty south ghetto accent I knew I wouldn’t feel sorry for whatever happened at the end of the video. And… I was right. I’ve never met a black female with that speach pattern who wasn’t a worthless human being and a walking advertisement for birth control.

    I just started to work part-time as a waiter while I stack my money. There are so many interracial couples, both with and without kids. I see tons of blk man-white female couples. I also see blk male-latina, asian, & others. It’s not even notewothy to see anymore, at least not here. This is just outside of the DC metro area mind you.

    As far as the female employees, there are two older black women, another big booty one in her twenties who seems to be nice and professional (so far), & one ethiopian who is fat and moody, as well as south asians, latinas, and two white girls. The guys are all diferent races. Everyone has been cool except for one of the older blk b!tches.

    She is an older hair-hatted hooligan who is the stereotypical hateful black woman who’s been working there for years. She has the same trashy annoying accent that the dead(hopefully) hoodrat in the video has. She is loud, bitter, and goes out of her way to argue and cause drama. She has the most ridiculous looking hair hat and it is precariously glued into her scalp like an ape-mans sloped cranium. She looks comepletely absurd and doesn’t seem to know or care. Or maybe she does and thats why shes so angry. She seems to sense that I’m consciously trying to avoid interacting with her as much as possible. She always tries to tell me what I should be doing in a loud authoritarian voice, if only to force some sort of conflict. I know she can sense my avoidance of her and doesn’t like it.

    I just try to avoid all of the black people in there including the ethiopians. Even though the’ve been cool, they still look and act like the’ve spent too much time hanging around dumb American niggroes.

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    • She probably does sense your avoidance, and goes out of her way to annoy you. An older gremlin looking black bitch at my weekend job full well knows I can’t stand her ass, and goes out of her way to annoy me. She will slither down to the office for absolutely no reason, and to try to talk to me about her going to church even after I told her I was atheist. I just hate most of them. If I wasn’t playing catch up, I would quit this job as it has become a nightmare between incompetent ownership, horrible pay and these nasty black whores who continue to hit on me even after I have made it painfully obvious they have no chance.

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      • Yes. It seems that many jobs have women like this, and avoiding them has become like an obstacle in itself. Still, my goal is to stack money and prepare an exit for myself.

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  12. I won’t shed a tear, or lose a second of sleep for these slow ass, retarded monkeys. As far as I’m concerned, this needs to happen more often. Less niggers on the street, the better the world is.

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  13. Remember the reaction to Stephon Clarke’s death, big booty hippos cheering his demise?

    Well, here’s your clapback.


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  14. Gentlemen,

    As per usual you guys keep the comment section lit. I have to agree with you all, I don’t feel sorry for this heifer in the slightest, at the end of the day if you are going to play around with fire then fully expect to be burned in the process.

    More thugs like old boy above need to be taking out black female trash. Recompense is a dish best served cold. Remember, these are the same reprobates who dare to tell black men like us to “step our game up”, smh.

    It is also noted how the likes of Tyrone and Lil Cheesy are never told to improve their “game”. Stepping up game to a thinking black man for the likes of black women is actually equivalent to dropping our standards into the lowest and deepest mire. Don’t listen to the okey doke brothers, we’re much better than that.

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  15. In the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, there was a part that posed the question how did the crack epidemic in New York end so quickly? Streets were lit one minute, then dead silence. Turned out the NYPD strategy was one of containment. All they did was make sure the carnage never left a certain perimeter. Like a forest fire, they let it burn itself out. The dealers had eventually got arrested or wiped each other out in turf wars, the crack fiends had got arrested, died off or killed each other. Bill Clinton’s crack cocaine penalties cleaned up the streets. By the mid ’90s it was all over.

    This is what the Wall of Silence is to the busted “Black Community,” gentlemen. Sit back and watch it burn. It’s got nothing to do with you, if you’ve got any smarts or talent you were excommunicated from the hood long ago. Maybe Issa Rae can get the Asian guys to save them. LOL!

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  16. Black women were loving Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino after his video for “This is America” was released and they praised him for being woke. Of course, now pics of him and his white girlfriend with whom he has a child are circulating and he’s being called a hypocrite. But black women don’t like intelligent black men like Glover, at least not until they become rich and famous. He did the best thing by leaving Blackistan behind for good.

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  18. How many times have we seen this movie before?
    How many time have we been told by these n*ggacunts daily and till this very day….That every and anything clean, constructive & productive a decent law abiding brotha does etc. Is “gay”??
    How many times have we seen these n*ggacunt cosign and concur with(And I have to bring in y’all’s eye candies) hispanicunts pin blackmen with “gays being hated on”?
    And…How many times these n*ggacunts show and tell us they HATE the SH*T outta blackmen? (including, the token white hispanic and asian heifers who pals around them)
    PLUS!! How many times these n*ggacunts find themselves one minute saying “I love blackmen, But I’m not in love with blackmen” and pass on that saaaaame ideology to white hispanic and asian females so they can be at the top of the dating food chain………. yet “want them to build what the white man builds for his women”???

    How many times? How. Many. Times????

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