More Swirling Aspirations Huh? Keep On Dreaming Issa


Here we have yet another unattractive, masculine looking misandrist, feminist promoting Jezebel by the name of Issa Rae who honestly believes that because Asian men are bottom of the pile when it comes to women’s dating choices and because black women are bottom of the pile when it comes to men’s dating options, that both groups somehow are suited and should link together and form blasian unions.

What the overbite suffering black harridan Rae doesn’t seem to realise is that Asian men are some of the non black men who are least likely to deal with black women, themselves along side Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians and other men from the Middle East. I have to laugh every time I see black women such as Rae and the high priestess of swirl mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin promoting the idea of black women crossing over the fence with ease and snagging themselves a white or Asian male.

Its not going to happen, again I refer you to an article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I explained the main reasons why non black men who had no problems dating black women in the past are now instead beginning to give them a wide berth. The link to that article can be seen below:

Some of you may remember an article I wrote 2 months before that in October 2016 in which I responded to a Facebook post where a black female created a meme recommending that black women rid themselves of Tyrone ie the unproductive black male and instead settle down with a Lee ie an Asian male. Again, I went into detail in that article explaining why such a mission was already dead in the water, see the link to that article below as well:

Black women have been greatly deceived into believing that they can get themselves a non black male as easily as a black one and the leader at the forefront of this deception is Beyond Black White’s Christelyn Karazin. She as been the principle enchantress leading black women into oceans of calamity, disappointment and emptiness in order to keep her pockets topped up.

Regaling black women with fantasies, fairy tales, myths and urban legends of how they can successfully swirl is just a business for Karazin, at the end of the day being the merchant that she is, is fully aware of the fact that black women for the most part are a basket case/lost cause, however before they complete their final descent into the lower depths of the abyss, Karazin has decided to shake down gullible black females through the use of her abra cadabra, genie in the bottle, smoke and mirror swirling illusions.

It really isn’t that hard to deceive black women and it looks like Issa Rae has decided to join the bandwagon. Issa Rae and Christelyn Karazin are just two of many reasons why most black women remain single at such a high clip, black women as a collective love feeding into lies and lapping up fantasies and fairy tales and there are plenty of people around who are all to willing to give them what they want…….in exchange for a fee of course.

The fact of the matter is most black women will find themselves thrown upon the scrapheap of rejection and singledom, Issa Rae and her book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl will not save black women from their destination towards doom. Brothers, here is yet another moment for you to grab some popcorn and a freshly squeezed glass of juice and watch the sparks of failure fly.

At the end of the day the only relationship Asian men wish to have with black women is the current one which involves black women spending exorbitant amounts of money in their beauty supply stores and nail shops, nothing more nothing less. Black women spend billions upon billions in hair weave, other external appendages and cosmetics, Asian men aren’t about to throw their meal ticket down the drain for some used up, contaminated snatch, what on earth were you thinking Issa?

Most black women are defective beyond repair and are simply seeking to find a gullible individual who will be willing to accept and take on board their broken selves, thinking black men don’t want them, white men don’t want them and so now black women are nudging and winking at Asian men believing in the fantasy that they may be able to gain some traction by heading in their direction. Sorry, that is not going to happen.

Brothers, additionally never forget that this was the same Issa Rae who happily took part in the “For The Dick Challenge” last year with the black actress Regina Hall. What, does she think that Asian men didn’t see her involvement in that debauchery? Do you see how black women are not long term thinkers, do you see how they seldom if ever carry out actions based upon a future plan? Here is that video just to remind folks of the gutter standard of black women who now wish to pursue Asian men, what a joke:

Finally, stating that Filipinos are the blacks of East Asia I know isn’t going to go down well with the Filipino community, in fact I believe that they may have already picked up on Rae’s underhanded swipe against them. Do you see how black women as a collective possess absolutely no decorum and don’t know when to keep their mouths shut?

Gentlemen, as James S repeatedly says, we continue to construct and fortify the wall. Let knuckle head black females like Issa Rae continue to push the “black men ain’t s**t” narrative, we already know that Asian men aren’t checking for these heifers and that the overwhelming majority of them by default will end up being thrown upon the scrapheap of spinsterhood.

Issa Rae Holding Swirling Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

107 thoughts on “More Swirling Aspirations Huh? Keep On Dreaming Issa

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  2. Yeah, them Japanese men openly stated that they don’t want black women even their own sex shops says “no white US men” in them. Black women and white men did a lot of damage in Japan for many years plus the lies that white men and black women told them about black men for decades is falling apart.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I watch a short clip the other day about a black man from the US who lives in Japan and is frequently used in their commercials. Black men are winning in Japan, don’t believe the black female propaganda.

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  3. There is no such thing as an awkward black woman. That is an deception tactic for the white mans instinct to “fix her”. We all know that black women are not into any educational material, they just want to spend money just like all liberals do.

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  4. Wait a minute, so black women are into Asian men after years of saying that they have small dicks and look funny??? Black women DO NOT FIND ASIAN MEN ATTRACTIVE. That is a bold face lie. Even black lesbians don’t find Asian women attractive, they just have sex just to say they tried something new. 😂

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  5. These chicks stay losing. I had seen parts of this “Awkward Black Girl” stuff and realized quickly that this was a chick trying to snag herself a white or some other non-black man.

    Notice that for black men to get with a non-black woman, they have to change literally nothing about themselves and can still be successful. Black Women literally have to wear another woman as a disguise to just attempt to get a white man, namely aping a white woman. You will also notice that Asian and other women don’t have to act like a stereotypical white Girl to get a white man, just black valley girls.

    Yes, this woman is ugly and looks like one of your homeboys, and keep in mind that this is one of the slim black women. I keep saying that these chicks are incredibly masculine and that the obesity is just icing on the ugly cake, not the main cause.

    There is also already animosity in the US between blacks and Asians, usually due to Asians experiencing blacks through the corner stores and weave shops. Once again, we see that racial tensions are fueled by black women in the black community.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The joke is black women act as if Asian men are on their radar, Asian men couldn’t give two monkeys about black women. The delusions of grandeur run very strong within the black female community. The whole acting valley thing is a complete joke within itself, as you said Asian and white women don’t have to act black in order to attract black men.

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  6. Verbs2015,
    Good article,You now have black women who accuse black men of being jealous of the fact that Issa rae offers them to open their options. This is definitely not the case, black men have reacted to this article because black women have as usual try to make others believe their lies.Issa rae tries to make believe that black women are smarter than black men and educated it’s typical.Now to go back on the subject, if black women want to be delusional let them be.Majority of asian just do not want black women if it’s not just for sex, a minority woulf have the chance to SWIRL. White girl is the first choice of asian men when it come to IR,black women are definitely not a option that’ it’s a fact.

    FACTS :

    Black women are just illogical,why black men would care that’s you open your options when we date already 4x times more than you IR ?

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      The black female Asian male dating market is an extremely small one, black women are popping purple pills if they believe that they can achieve anything swooning in the direction of Asian men. Like I’ve stated before, swirling for black women is dead.

      Issa Rae is a damn fool, thinking black men have a problem with the hypocrisy of black women whenever the subject of interracial dating arises. When they date out we must congratulate them, however when black men do the same these same black harridans come flooding out of the woodwork with a barrage of labels and slogans to throw at us, you know the usual “coons, sellouts, couldn’t handle a strong black woman” etc.

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  7. Last I checked BOTH issa Rae & Regina Hall were carpet munch’n dykes.

    …to My point, The Mental Illness (*facts*) are at an All Time High among blk females

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  8. Ummm ok Asian men rarely date black women the only2 times I have seen this was because the 2 guys grew up in my neighborhood which was a black neighborhood so they were a product of their environment. But Asian men are not checking for black women at all BWwill have better luck being a cum dumpster for a white man than getting with a Asian guy. And they literally do not stand a chance at all with Japanese and Chinese men and once again you have a bull dike looking BW trying to be the head of some movement or writing some foolishness. These women like their simp lords are gay but you have women taking advice from them as to what type of man to date when the messenger does not even like men smh. I have to laugh at these stupid ass BW.

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  9. @Verbs
    “Grab some popcorn and a freshly squeezed glass of juice and watch the sparks of failure fly”..that statement literally had me in the fetal position with laughter. The desperation of these whores is aw inspiring. Even the SIMP Charlemagne had to admit this was bald face hypocrisy, he asked. ..can you imagin Michael B Jordan saying would’ve been World War 3. Again, the irony of this is that Charlemagne had the actor who plays “Lawrence” on her piece of shit show and he literally asked him if black chicks will boycott the show because he was dating a white woman. But that’s just the psychotically hypocritical nature of the black whore.

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    • The crypto-Jews that control the Vatican, and by extension the world must be laughing their asses off at black people when they see this s..t through their global surveliance network. Black female swirlers are worse than gay white male Marxists pretending to be the saviors of their so-called ‘master race’ at this point in time.

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    • Keith,

      Thanks bro. Watching black women and their supposed swirling adventures is no different to a bread and circus monkey show with black women providing the highest level of minstrel entertainment. They’ve burned their bridge with the thinking black men’s regiment, now the goal is to anchor their accursed selves to another group of men and they view Asian males as the sacrificial goats worthy of their cause.

      Indeed, the hypocrisy of the angry and bitter black sisterhood is off the chain, however this doesn’t affect thinking black men like us in the slightest because we left off dealing with these sirens years ago. I’m surprised that Charlemagne actually called these heifers out because as you rightfully pointed out, he usually licks the muddy boots of the sisterhood without hesitation.

      It’s funny watching black women run to and fro looking for different men to take them on board only to be knocked back everytime. The bottom line is black women simply aren’t desired by anyone. It’s also funny watching them trying their hardest to escape from their blackness believing they can achieve that goal via attempting to climb swirl mountain, smh.

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      • They didn’t burn the bridge with thinking black men.

        They ordered a nuclear-powered, laser guided tomahawk strike on that motherfucker. It’s is what it is.

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  10. This is the desperation and insidiousness that will be in full swing as the Wall grows. Whats worse than the comments that she made about Filipinos (which were an insult to blacks as well), is the fact that she is trying to drive a wedge between Asian men and women in order to get access to Asian men. As the Wall grows BW will resort to such cutthroat tactics like this to try to get a man. Any woman (black or non-black) who has a good man had better be careful letting him around single BW. lol

    Her comments in the book basically translated to:
    “Hey AM, your women don’t want you and you are at the bottom of the barrel with us BW, us rejects should swirl together.” No self respecting AM is going to read this and be like “Yeah that sounds like a good idea.”

    Like it has been said in the past non-BM witness the same things that BM see and say no thanks to swirling with BW. BW can spread all of the lies about BM that they want to, but at the end of the day the whole world sees that:
    They choose thugs/bums and have bastard kids with them
    They have rotten attitudes and are mostly overweight
    They use abortion as a form of birth control (thus the high black abortion rate)
    Most of the black criminals/bums are raised by black single mothers who had children outside of marriage

    No need to fight or argue about anything with BW, just don’t date them. The Wall is working.

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  11. What makes these women belive that Asian men are going to be attracted and be with black women? In the Asian Community, Asian men are extremely critical of THEIR OWN women! What makes them belive asian men are going to pick them? Asian men have a particular Standard of beauty that NO black woman could ever dream of reaching. Neotany, Milky white skin, super skinny, feminine, submissive and most important of all they have a concept that is known as “face” which is extremely important in maintaining relationships in East Asia! These are qualities that even asian women have a hard time keeping up! everything about black women is the exact opposite of what Asian man want! You honestly think they are going to pick a black woman over their own?

    Worse case scenario, Many East Asian men usually go back to their country of origin to dfind a wife or go to a closer similar country to find a wife! In fact, many go to Eastern Europe and find a european woman!

    Second, Asian men are fighting , literally, every single day with black women at beauty nail salons and chinese resturants. They KNOW that being with black women is going to be a fight almost daily! alot of Asian men are punching, kicking and biting and it is almost like no type of moves even hurts black women, no even a Hadouken works! You think they want to marry a female birdie from street fighter every single day? Not even Tyrone is dealing with black women anymore!

    This is the worse case of psycosis I have ever seen in my life! Sheesh!

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    • Carnio,

      “A female birdie from Street Fighter”, hahaha. Putting the laughter aside, what you stated is true about what Asian men look for in the women they choose and black women don’t fit any of their requirements. Swirl Mountain cannot be surmounted.

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    • @carino

      Seriously. Asian men have ridiculous standards for their women, boomquiesha would NEVER reach that. I don’t care if she found the super dragon balls and wish herself to look like that; dragon would laugh and then disperse the balls across the universe. One of my Asian friends literally hates black women, and a lot of black men (usually the thug, simp type). He told me he’d rather kill him self before he brought home a scraggle. Another one (a chick I used to fuck) sees why black men are running from the hills from these dysfunctional whores. Just unreal.

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  12. Most Asian men are not attracted to black women. The only thing they find attractive about black women is the MONEY.

    Almost all stores (UK, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Canada) that house bleaching creams, weaves, hair extensions & wigs are owned by Asian men & women. (Remember each off these products are worth billions of dollars because of black women’s self hatred).

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  13. Today I was approached on the train by a very interested Desi girl, out of nowhere! Took me back so much that I forgot to get her number. But damn, if that’s how easy a brother can get himself something cute, why give any number of shits about some some dick starved hungry hippo?

    Keep it up, lads!


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  14. Here you go…..a new subject for you to tackle.
    On Fri, May 4, 2018, 6:39 AM Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock wrote:
    > Verbs2015 posted: “Evidence: Here we have yet > another misandrist, feminist promoting Jezebel by the name of Issa Rae who > honestly believes that because Asian men are bottom of the pile when it > comes to women’s dating choices and because bla” >

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  15. These whores need to just stop it. Whatever happened to “I’m a scrong indopendont woman, who don’t need no man”? Well that farce is about to be put to the test; being that most of you can’t get a man due to the effectiveness of the glorious and unforgiving Wall of Silence, and the fact most of you look silverback gorillas with a whatever color weave in your head and company’s worth of bastard children. Even Man Man and Tyrone don’t want you heifers. That should tell you all you need to know. This is just yet another example of these jackasses not thinking things through.

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  16. The Wall and the welfare cuts have black women desprate. They are trying to shame every race of men into dating her. Black,White, and now Asian. Saying “Hey nobody wants me and nobody wants you so we should be together.” Isn’t the best selling point. Once again. Black women attack Black men for just taking a instagram photo with his non-black girlfriend but Black women write articles and books begging non-white men to date/marry them to no avail. So much hypocricy but what thinking black men need to realize is the following.

    1.Most black women are fat single moms who where knocked up by thugs.
    2.They have horrible attitudes that marraige minded men will not tollorate.
    3.Everybody knows this but black women for some reason think this is a secret that only she and a few black men online know.
    4.Black women don’t realize that their game of shaming men into dating women who bring nothing but baggage to the table only works with impoverished black men in the hood.
    When they realize that non-black men don’t accept fat single moms,shaming tactics,nor will they tolerate their unbelievable levels of disrespect Black women will go crazy and start violently reacting to men who reject her.

    To give some perspective. I work at Amazon and let me tell ya it can be a rough job at times. It’s not as bad as the Amazons outside of the U.S. but rough if your a chick. I see sooo many single black mothers working here desperately flirting with any nerdy/beta looking black man that so much as asks them for a tape gun.
    They have to work themselves to the bone and work overtime as much as possible because nobody wants to date them. The factory work takes it’s toll on women and they look even worse. The only fish who bite are the same types of thug/bums that knocked these women up in the first place. Funny thing is Tyrone and his kind are being fired left and right for showing up drunk/high to work and a whole list of other offenses. Every other day I go into work I meet some single mom who has 1-3 kids and NO MAN IN SIGHT. With Tyrone fired and the nerds not biting. They are trying to slum it up with some of the PA’s and Ambassadors.

    Dark days are ahead for black women.

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    • Spot on with everything you said. Also, my weekend job at this one place i work at most of the DSS clients are you guessed it: single black bitches. Ranging from morbidly obese to in decent shape skinny. Most if not all have terrible attitudes, loud, belligerent and ghetto and curse more than most men I know. They keep throwing advances my way and such, it’s pretty sickening. There’s only one who’s decent if she isn’t around the others. Years of dysfunction and incest (one of the unspoken problems in the so called black community) caused this.

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      • Why simps should NEVER get any high governmental positions:

        This shit has been going down in Jamaica for years, the Haitians supply the weapons that keep our nation’s streets bloody and unsafe in exchange for meat from stolen farm animals from the thugs in Jamaica. Because of this and the incessant crime Jamaica has become the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Combine that with four years of rule by an incompetent female prime minister,which the current administration is trying hard to distance itself from and you get a very good picture of the black community’s future under black females and pro-wack Nazis.

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      • @Stephen and Afrofuturism,

        I certainly do not doubt what you guys say is true, but I simply just cannot comprehend this. Is Incest really that rampant and bad????

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      • @Carnio
        HELL YES IT IS!! Incest is rampant in blackistan, especially black chicks and there bm sons. I know you’ve heard many radio shows, pod cast and Youtube videos talking about these black whores treating their sons like their boyfriends. Another thing is, these black whores have so many kids by so many different males who live in the same neighborhood that by the time their offsprings become teens and start having sex they don’t know that they’re related because of course, the black whores don’t know who the “baby daddy” is. This leads to inbreeding and thus we have this group inbreed violent whores and thugs that you see terrorizing “blackistan”! Again, date intertacially and breed this stain know as the “Black American Female” out!

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      • Afro,

        “…slope headed, soulless negroes walking around doing the hoofty goofty walk.”

        This discription is pure gold! Every US city I’ve been in has Nigroes who fit this description.

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    • Yep, men want a feminine presence, not another man. Black Women know this is true of non-black women who have been raised by actual females, this why they put on the valley girl act for Brad and Chandler.

      I will say that one rather plump black woman (mixed) that I’ve gotten an e-celeb crush on is this Courtney Quinn blogger chick.

      She’s not exactly thin obviously, but she actually has a very sweet, cute, and feminine presence about her. It’s no surprise either that she actually has a man, engaged no less. Also no surprise is that she’s light skinned/mixed and probably hung out with mostly white girls. And at least she actually looks like a woman.

      Black Women would do wise to take some cues. This woman is literally like Strawberry Shortcake or some anime character (in a good way), and if she were single I can honestly say that I would NOT mind getting lost between those legs, or better yet, lighting up dat backside.


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      • @Carino

        It absolutely is. I’ve heard first hand horror stories about this happening, not to mention the stories you can find online. Plus think about it. Most of these niggers don’t leave the towns daressy counties they grew up in, nevermind any actual traveling. There’s no other way to explain how these people are this slow, this aggressive, and look like Shrek. The chances of relatives screwing is ridiculously high, this isn’t even accounting for the whores who can’t keep a man so they try and make their sons their default husband/boyfriend and screw them. It’s disgusting.

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  17. You guys remember the video by Hardcore Tito suggesting sending BAW to China to reduce the debt the USA owe? I am 100 for that plan. We should round BW up and ship them to the deepest interior of the Chinese mainland areas very quickly. Only drawback is they many diseases BW will quickly spread to the Red Army. They will think it is a biological attack.

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    • Legit, if they had machines powered by human work, just found up the welfare queens and put em to work.

      Better yet, if they’re insistent on fighting these useless wars, just send over these equally useless and expendable queenies and out a bomb in their head like Suicide Squad in case they go awol.

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  18. Verbs2015,
    Facial attractiveness study

    It seem that,black men are winning in the UK, with non black women,and black women.
    This study explain that,black male face on average are seen as more beautiful than white male and asian even by their own white women.
    Of course this study don’t reflect all women in UK but that speak volume.
    It’s kinda hilarious,that black men are one of the most desired men in world,while we stay black,but black women are the least desired while trying everything to be white,LMAO.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      This right here. I read that article gleefully and was smiling from ear to ear. Of course you already know which two particular groups will most definitely have a problem with that study, that’s right, the black witch and her overlord, saviour and king whitey. Black men stay winning while the black witch continues to trundle downhill with each day that passes. Good looking out on posting this, yet another nail in the coffin.

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      • Verbs,Tyrone Nyx, Tyrone Nyx,

        I kind of figured this was the case for black men as a whole. If you go on google and type: “Black men” on the image section, You do not see Tyrones or ray rays. You will see professional and handsome looking black men.

        Here is more benefit for black men. Since I am in a Russian speaking area, Let’s copy and paste “черные мужчины” in or (Russian/Kyrgyzstan). Do you see tyrone? do you see dirty d*ck rodney? No! Do you see some African poor tribe somewhere in africa? Nope! you see attractive looking black men! Since These images are pictures that pop up first due to amount of clicks, this should already tell you something about what girls overseas think of black men!

        Too bad majority of western black men belong to the Cucknited simps of blackistan! They have a whole world of women who’d LOVE to date, have sex with and/or marry black men, but they are too fixated or are too damn afriad to do so….

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      • Tyrone Nyx,

        These black whores have always known that Black Men are the most desirable of all, Issa Hoe…I mean Rae, admitted it in her book.But they’re so delusional and retarded to believe that Asian Men want a female the size of “Jabba The Hut”, with the face of “The Predator”, the body odor of a Skunk and the personality of a Wolverine. But as Verbs said get your freshly squeeze glass of juice, sit back and watch the SPARKS FOR FAILURE fly!

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  19. Saw another huge group of what I assume were prom goers, and of the 20 or so black dudes I saw, literally ALL except one were with non-black girls, mostly white but some Latino or Asian. The one with a “black girl” was light skinned himself, and his girl, clearly mixed, looked like Alicia Keys. Not a swirler in sight though, surely Lee or Chang wants these hefty heifers though?!!

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      • I’m seeing that all the time too. I’m an hour outside of New York City, and that’s literally all I see; teenage black boys with either white, or Hispanic girls and a uptick with Asian girls. They’re getting the message at a younger age which is beautiful. On the flip side, I see nothing but weaved up girls all by they damn selves or with boys who were raised by their single mother. They dug their own grave, and i don’t feel sorry at all for them.

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  20. has anyone ever heard a black woman say why she is the better choice for a wife ? all my statements about a man raising his standards come with an explanation why he can do better with a female that had a strong father figure in the home and not mama’s one night stands . how in the hell can a hoodrat which seems to be the majority with 3 or 4 kids by other men hope to land a corporate CEO from anywhere


  21. another thing black women are sex toys and not always in a good way . any dude that can’t get his race to perform will seek out a black woman because just to be with him she’ll accept any type of treatment including being passed around at the weekly klan meeting , the other type of dude wants a big black mammy . that is some sad shit told to me by other black women


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