Black Women Now Attempting To Shame White Men Into Dating Them – Shame On You Black Women, Shame On You!


Thanks to James S for bringing this article to my attention.

White men preferring white women so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits of white privilege, how stupid can you get? How about white men choosing white women because white men in general are attracted to the opposite sex of their own race first, why didn’t this dunce ever think of that? This is how pathetic, gutter, desperate and low the modern day black female has become, sideways begging white men to date them by attempting to shame them into doing so.

This principle of men choosing the opposite sex of their own race first is standard across the board, however as I have stated many times before black women in their desperation to be accepted by white men and white society in general believe that they can replace the white woman in being the white male’s number one choice of mate, yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but this is honestly what most black women think.

Black women like the shameless harridan Allison Brown who wrote this laughable mockery of an article are finally getting their wake up call, they are slowly realising that what black men have been saying concerning racist white men giving them the illusion of inclusion ie pretending to bring them into “the fold” whilst at the same time equipping these same women to go out and destroy black men and what remains of black society, is indeed true.

Black women like Allison Brown are slowly realising that they have been lied to and have been taken for a extended joyride, they are slowly realising that white men don’t like them after all, had no intentions of bringing them into the fold and have merely used them to forward their agenda of black societal destruction.

The Wall is proving itself so effective that these black sirens are now resorting to using shaming tactics against their own lord, saviour, master and father, lol. We told you traitors, white men are not interested in your blacksides, they only required your “sexual and destructive services” and now that your usefulness to them is coming to an end, they have no problems in giving you the middle finger salute. Please take a look at the following paragraph taken from the article:

“So, let’s make it clear: No one is the passive victim of their own internalized biases. It is not a coincidence that the girl that you had relations with last week looks like your sister, mom, aunt or the random Gap ad you found yourself staring at for a little too long”.

So let me get this straight, when it comes to black men black women will all too often use the common and very familiar slogan “your mother’s black” as their way of saying that we ought to be dating women who are the same skin colour as our mothers, however when it comes to the black female’s white lord and saviour according to the above paragraph, the conditions for white men are that they are supposed to look past the skin colour of their mothers, sisters and aunts ie broaden their horizons, really witch??? Do you see why I continue to state that most black women are confused, mentally ill and mentally unstable individuals? Here’s another ludicrous quote:

“Saying that you “prefer” white women is racist. Well, maybe not racist to you, except it’s hard for me to find another word to refer to someone making negative assessments of large groups of individuals that they’ve never met, based solely on the color of their skin. It’s ultimately a bigoted and harmful way to think about potential partners”.

That’s right folks, according to this mad hatter white men who much prefer to deal with their own women are racist, you simply cannot make this garbage up, this is better than the Hollywood big screen. This is the deep insecure nature of the modern day black female on display right here and is one of the main reasons why most black women remain single at such a high clip. Men do not like insecure women in the same manner as women are not attracted to insecure men.

You’ll notice that black men who strictly deal with black women are never accused of being “racist” by white women, this is because white women are secure in themselves plus they have many more options available to them than black women do. By the way, Allison Brown’s article proves that the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin is full of hot air and flatulence, while Karazin stands up on high in her lofty place regaling black women with fairy tales, urban legends and myths of crossing the fence and snagging themselves a white man with ease, Allison Brown’s bread begging article is demonstrating what is really happening on the swirling frontier for black women, absolutely nothing.

This is another major L for the swirling sisterhood, black women should’ve known better than to use shaming techniques against the very person who taught them about such tactics to begin with. Here is another quote from that article:

“Saying that you prefer certain women to others not only reinforces stereotypes about women of color, but white women too. Arguing that you prefer white women based on the presuppositions that white women are inherently more beautiful, passive, kind or financially-stable is — you guessed it — racist! And not only is it racist, but it’s insincere”.

Sorry, it’s true, in the aggregate white women are far more beautiful than black women. Concerning black women, between the skin bleaching, the weaves, the fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, the excess weight, the rough skin, the masculine features, the lack of femininity, the propensity towards violence, the insecurity and the overall dysfunction, in 2018 white women despite having their own shortcomings still have black women beaten by miles, that is the truth.

Again, white women as a collective are much kinder and gentler than black females. It was a white female back in summer school who was the first girl to tell me I was handsome, meanwhile the black girls were going out of their way to make fun of me and call me ugly and picky(British version of nappy) headed whenever the opportunity arose. Black girls and women are naturally nasty and vindictive, that has been my experience and I’m sure that many of you brothers can recall similar experiences.

You’ll notice that the features on a black man black women openly mock and ridicule non black women will cherish and compliment us on, go figure. In relation to financial stability, white women have a median net worth of over $44000, black women have a median net worth of $5, nothing more needs to be added here, the figures speak for themselves.

Accusing white men of preferring women who are overall more attractive and more financially stable of being racist is seriously and ridiculously reaching if ever I did see it, much like the fat female squads attempting to shame men into dating them or the tranny(a dude dressed up as a woman) who tried to move on the RnB singer Ginuwine and got butthurt when he rightfully rejected HIS advances(a slick attempt at emasculation).

This is how the decadent feminist liberals roll, everything is manoeuvred in such a way as to make him/her look like the victim no matter what the situation. Nobody wants black women, that is a hard pill that many of them are going to have to swallow, however this is their recompense for defecating and urinating on black men by jumping onboard the feminist bandwagon as well as accepting fatherless home welfare policies from the state.

Brothers, the Wall Of Silence is real and as we can see it is 100% effective and undefeated, all most black women have left in terms of options is either being a whore, a side piece or switching to being a lesbian and eating snatch. Gentlemen, remember, DON’T SAVE THEM lest you also become a casualty or a victim in their up and coming judgement. Remember Lot’s wife.

Low key, side ways begging white men to date you using shaming language now huh, shame on you black women and shame on you again. You’re the last dating and marriage option for white men, DEAL WITH IT. Conversely, you’ll notice how you don’t see any articles written by black men bemoaning the fact that they may have been rejected by white and other non black females, we simply take the losses on the chin and move on and we can do so because we have far more options than black women.

Lastly, here is another article that was brought to my attention by fellow blogger Metal Heart, one that was written near the end of 2015 with black women yet again bemoaning the fact that white men as a group simply don’t desire to be with them:

And to think that many black women accuse black men of not being able to accept rejection, smh. Black women are bitter at the fact that they are not being chosen by their white kings, however it was NEVER the intention of white men as a collective to choose black women from the beginning.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Tell On Themselves

Most High Bless

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  1. Verbs said

    ((((Black women like Allison Brown are slowly realising that they have been lied to and have been taken for a extended joyride, they are slowly realising that white men don’t like them after all, had no intentions of bringing them into the fold and have merely used them to forward their agenda of black societal destruction.

    The Wall is proving itself so effective that these black sirens are now resorting to using shaming tactics against their own lord, saviour, master and father, lol. We told you traitors, white men are not interested in your blacksides, they only required your “sexual and destructive services” and now that your usefulness to them is coming to an end, they have no problems in giving you the middle finger salute. ))))

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    • I saw this years ago and it was very telling. There was a time when I would post links like this and be called a “conspiracy theorist”. Groan!

      I’m happy to see that more and more of us are waking up to the nature of the society and the situation we were born into. Knoweledge is indeed power.

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    • Not to go off track but I once saw a comment you made saying you dont date hispanic women?! Why is that. I hope I dont come off as hostile bacuse I share the same view.

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      • @Pawgs Love Me,

        Oh, no problem at all. Yes, this is true, I would be happy to explain to you why Hispanic/Latina women, along with Black women, are Perma-Exiled off my list. Now I mean no offense to anyone who happens to like Latina girls nor am I trying to sway anyone away from them. I know that not all Latinas are what I will describe below are the same and I am only basing things off my experience and knowledge, And I even see that some Latina girls, depending on their country of origin, are certainly a better choice than other ones and are most especially better choice than black women. Now, there are many factors that led me to exclude them, but there are four main reasons why I simply will not deal with them.

        1. They are almost as bad as Black women if not worse!

        ***Again, I know that not all Hispanic women are the same and come from different places and are different from one another, but I am just explaining about the ones that I have dealt with.***

        I am a native new Yorker and lived in New York pretty much my whole life up till recently. In New York city, there are various ethnic groups of Latina and Hispanics that come from South, Central America and the Caribbean islands. Many of them usually stick to their own and do not bother anybody. However, most of them, especially if you live in the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, and Parts of Brooklyn will mostly come from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and there are a sizable Mexican community although the Mexicans mostly live far up in Yonkers. The women are the most aggressive, demonic wildebeests I have ever seen. I mean, DAMN! They are aggressive, rude, overweight, have very low IQ, and they are on that same chasing thug bad boys mentality. While living in various parts of the city, I have met many Hispanic/Latin guys that said they would not date Latina girls because they have the worse attitudes, extremely narcissistic, and will scam you anyway they can. One of my good friends who is Mexican said he will not date or be with Mexican/Latina girls because all they want are the Nacos (Mexican Spanish slang for bad-mannered, poorly educated people or those with bad taste), and as a result he only likes Italian women! Many countries in the Hispanosphere are very violent, gang related and crime is out of this world. So I guess in reflecting Anglo blacks, they are to a lesser degree in the same boat as we are. The difference is unlike the Anglosphere, many parts of south America do not have women rights and they would have their necks broken if they act out of line to their men. Puerto Rico however………have the same women’s rights, are culturally gynocentric to the core and have one of the lowest IQ in the Caribbean, so they are free reign to act out, beat their men, abuse their children, or have pimp daddy government to reckt the men when she feels. The reason why I know this is because many Puerto Ricans come fresh off the boat and the men tell me about it in private. Many Hispanic men are down to earth, even the Hispanic Tyrones are kind of cool once you get to know them, but they are extremely cucked out and bred to be simps, hence the continuation of the women’s behavior.

        I do not speak Spanish, but of what the Hispanics tell me, the non-European Spanish speakers have their own Ebonics and have a whole list of dirty, crude, filthy vocabulary of that doesn’t even exist in the original European Spanish and it makes them sound like low class uneducated criminals, country pumpkins, and ghetto. In fact, I would CRINGE every time they speak Spanish. If you go on youtube and listen to a Castilian Spanish speaker versus how the Hispanics in the US speaks, you can tell the sophistication and flow of the European Spanish versus how it sounds among the Caribbean Spanish (No offense to any Hispanic speakers on here. Just making an observation). It is very similar to British being the original English and us Americans having our own accent, regional vocabulary, slang etc that has different meaning and probably does not exists in British English. When You live around people that speak a language that is not native to your own, you sub-consciously tend to pick up a few words or phrases. So when the women speak, even though I do not speak Spanish, I hear them cursing up a storm and say the dirtiest filthy things in front of non-Spanish speakers faces just to be spiteful! There was a Chinese Restaurant that use to be near where I work and I loved their food. I would go there often to flirt with the cashier because she had a very neotonous face and I thought she looked like a teddy bear. One day an older Spanish women ordered a ton of food and I guess the cashier didn’t get her food right or something. the old Spanish woman cursed the Chinese girl out and said some nasty things in Spanish. This is not an isolated incident. It is very common to see Latina girls to have a Jackal & Hyde personality that seems almost schizophrenic when something annoys them. NO MATTER THEIR AGE! I also notice how man hating they are and treat their own husbands as some criminal that cannot be trusted. In some ways they seem much ruder, nasty and aggressive than black women no matter what their age! Another thing is Latina girls, NOT GUYS, have been one of the most meanest and nastiest girls to me while growing up after black women.

        ***Again, I know that not all Hispanic women are the same and come from different places and are different from one another, but I am just explaining about the ones that I have dealt with.***

        2. Hispanic Standard of beauty is NOT my standard of beauty!

        They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is true most especially about me. Even if all the girls that I mentioned in the previous point all died off tonight and there are only good, sweet, and kind Latina girls, I cannot find none of them attractive. I am sorry but no! No way! In Carnio’s eyes, they are extremely unattractive to me. Let me go into more details. My Number one turn off is big butts. I CANNOT STAND, big butts! It is gross, vulgar and visually unappealing. And I do not care if the girl is Asian! If you have a big butt you are in big trouble! Yuck, GTFOOH! Big butts are probably the number one thing hispanic men, along with many Anglo blacks, see as the number one prized standard of beauty in the Hispanic community! Many Hispanic and especially Brazilian women do any and everything they can to attain this and I am not interested in such a physical trait. The same goes for anything else that is big which include breasts, lips, and their weight. In some Hispanic cultures, overweight women are also seen as very attractive to many men. Because of this many Hispanic women will eat themselves sick, and look like the nutty professor and will still pull men like a magnet as if she was Magneto from X-Men! If they happen to be skinny and look healthy, they end up hating themselves and their own body which leads them to have insecurity complexes/ They will often have a chip on their shoulder when you talk to them. I simply just don’t get their standard of beauty and I cannot even get an erection from looking at them. Even if I went to a strip club one of them gave me a lap dance, I could not get an erection. If Asian women all died off tonight, I would be a permanent TFL, even if Hispanic women threw themselves at me. I just couldn’t do it.
        Next, I strongly prefer a neotanous face. I don’t do the “mature beauty” thing. I am not into “beautiful” girls. Nor “Hot”, “Sexy”, or “babe”. I only like the cutesy childlike face like you see in many Japanese, Chinese, and Korean media.

        The Kyrgyz girl I was dating had a very neotanous face and she looks like an adorable teddy bear! She also had the mannerisms to go along with it. Being herself is a must!

        Also, I know a lot guys here, and many western guys find it a turn off when non-white girls wear blue contacts or dye their hair blonde. In far eastern pop culture, it is not seen as a bad thing. Far eastern Alternative beauty looks something in the range of like this:

        Many dye their hair blonde, brown, platinum and wear blue, green, gray contacts. This is their epitome of standard of beauty, one of which I accept as of my own. These girls here I have meet all the physical requirements. Now girls I date do not have to look 100% perfect and flawless as that would be silly, but this is certainly something that women of the Latin world could never fit.

        ***Again, I know that not all Hispanic women are the same and come from different places and are different from one another, but I am just explaining about the ones that I have dealt with.***

        3. Conflict of interest.

        I am an adolescence at heart! I love video games, anime, manga and many other adolescent entertainments that would be deemed “for children”. I like to laugh, have fun and act like a child (NOT childish). Asia is probably one of the few and only places in the world where all these things will not get you to be judged or laughed at and where girls actually enjoy the same entertainments as the men. In the west, girls are generally far less interested in these kinds of activities, except maybe the super nerdy ones or the attention whores like Anita Sarkeesian.

        Sitting at home and playing a fun retro video game like Super Mario bros, or Kirby or maybe playing ROM hacks, console games or something similar with my friends, family and especially my date is an extremely important social activity. Watching anime, drama or a movie, cooking an exotic dish, or making song together are all things that I NEED to do with people if I am going to consider them to be a part of my inner circle. Kind of like how people drink in their family circles or watch a football game, playing video games and similar activities are things what separates my social time than normal people. The extreme testosterone rush you get when you are having a close match with someone in street fighter or laughing to the point of suffocation because a strange glitch happened or screaming your brains out to the point that you lose your voice for weeks at each other because you are having so much memorable fun, having long talks about anime or just having people spectate while you play. These are extremely important activities in which I can only do with girls that come from that demographic.

        The only group of girls who I have seen that would participate with you on these are mainly girls of the far east. I have even seen village Kyrgyz girls here play games at the internet cafes and they were whooping their boyfriend’s ass in Mortal Kombat X. Africans, Hispanics and even some European girls have little to no interest in such things. In those cultures, there are strict gender mannerism in that men and women cannot enjoy each other’s company unless it’s a “family thing” like drinking or a cultural carnival or something. Sorry but I need interaction, we need to do things together, even if something does not conform to that culture’s norms. If I want to play in the mud, I want my date to play with me in the mud, if I am riding my motorcycle, I want my date to ride hers or ride with me. If we are sewing or doing laundry, I want to do it together with her. I have no interest in strict gender stereotypes like in the ultra-orthodox places and would rather we do things together. This is why I prefer tomboys over girly girls because she is more likely to get involved with more activities with me than just to sit on the couch to “look pretty”.

        If I am going to be with someone, she HAS to share many of the same interests as me. I am not saying she has to be the female version of me, but we need to have a lot in common ground. Of all races of women in the world, I have found that Asian girls will probably have the most compatibility with me in terms of interests, likes, goals in life, what we want from each other, things we do and so on. Hispanic girls on the other hand do not share the things I like. They are not into the same things I am into and I can already see the relationship fail in literally two days. I would get so bored and uninterested that I would literally just block her phone number and completely ghost her. This is something I am NOT willing to change or compromise for the sake of keeping a relationship or “getting laid”.
        Next comes religion. I am not a religious person and even if I was, I would not run around and shove it in your face like a lot of these Christians do in America. Far east Asia is one of the places where religion is a choice and not shoved down your throat. There are many Christians here and even the Muslims do not stone you if you are not a believer of any faith. That was such a breath of fresh air when I discovered this. When they ‘commit a sin’ they often times own up to it rather than ‘God/Allah’ will forgive me sins! Hispanic and even Anglo Black and African cultures, Religion, tends to be in your face, often times it is used to manipulate you to change you into something you are not. They will use religion to extract and exploit you for their mistakes. I knew a Hispanic woman who had 5 kids from different fathers, begged and shamed people to help her and gave her free stuff because “God said children are a blessing” and thinks she is in good standing because she gave birth and it is YOUR responsibility to take care of women and children because god says it is good. In Asia, this would NOT happen and would get called out and left to lay in their bed of piss they made. As much as America likes to claim “freedom of speech and religion” I found more freedom to do so outside America than in it!

        ***Again, I know that not all Hispanic women are the same and come from different places and are different from one another, but I am just explaining about the ones that I have dealt with.***

        4. Cultural Incompatibility,

        Another very import reason why I off Latina girls is because simply core values and cultural compatibility. Here are some examples. I am an Introvert (an INTJ to be concise). Hispanics just like Africans are very extroverted. That is a deal breaker. It sounds very contradictory of me to say that I value my personal space and privacy yet I want to do things together with my social group. But as a culture, being an Introvert is seen as a very bad thing, whereas places like China, Korea, Japan, and even Russia, Introversion is more of a positive thing. No one is going to judge you, get into your personal business and life and always need to talk around you just because. Yes, there is no 100% Introversion and 100% extroversion and I can be extrovert in certain circumstances, but I am not the social butterfly that you are expected to be among Latinas and her friends and family. One of Verbs2015 old post, He made one of a topic about how people are always into your business. That post is exactly the complaint I have when it comes to extroverted cultures like the Africans and Hispanics that were in NYC. ALWAYS in your business asking where you are going, why are you wearing this, When do you work, etc etc. This is a common trait I find among Latinas and it is very annoying. You are seen as some sort of loser and a problem if you are not an extrovert like they are and it pisses me off to have to deal with that. When I use to go to my friend’s house, who was of Puerto Rican descent, there was no privacy, every random person is always asking what are you doing, where are you doing, why are you eating this blah blah blah. I do not want to be around people that is going to force you or judge and shame you for not giving you your personal space.

        I am a person who places education and intellect above all else. Have you ever had a mental orgasm because you just solved a complex calculus problem or you finally debugged an app that had too many errors in the code? It is the greatest feeling in the world. Better than Sex! Latina girls on the other hand do not share the same views. Just like Blacks in America, the educated men are seen with disdain and are “boring”. In Far east culture, Education is placed very high on the pedestal, so high that high school students commit suicide if they do not get a 101%. In far east culture, you are praised and highly respected in their community regardless of your race, sexual orientation, religion and other traits. This is not quite the case in many cultures in the Spanish world. That is a big problem with me. Far east Asian girls have one of the highest IQs in the world. They tend to be much more intelligent and you can have a conversation with her with just about anything. In my relationships, I like to talk. I like to conversate about things and I want that person to have an actual answer and her own opinion. I do not want a ‘Yes’ person. I want to talk with that person not to at them. In Carnio’s world of dating, This is even more important than sex. When I talk to them, I can talk to them for HOURS. When I talk to Latina girls, it is usually artificial, small talk or they talk about things that I do not care for.

        Interpersonal relationships in Chinese culture, when dating, girls and guys are very close. As in boyfriends and girl’s friends do things together even if one person does not like the activity. They eat together, shop together, play together, study together and even shit together (ok maybe not that LOL), Western culture and from what I see from Hispanic cultures, it’s kind of like the couple just goes to a movie together or eat at a restaurant and then they both go about their way. In Korean dating culture, it is similar to the Chinese. from what I see, couples dress exactly the same way, and would also be interested into the things you are into. I personality would not mind this at all and think it’s kind of cool. Good luck with doing that with Hispanic girls.

        Another is the conformity. The level of conformity that you must adhere to if you were to date a Latina girl. If you date a Latina, it is expected of you to learn Spanish, embrace her culture and values and customs. I suppose this is fair if you are getting into a long term or marriage BUT When you date an Asian woman, you are not expected of any of this. In fact, it would be an added bonus to you if you did. If you are with a Spanish girl, you are already bounded by stereotypes and placed in a class that is present in Hispanic culture. What I mean is, just like US, the Hispanics already have a classist system I guess is due to culture and many Afro Hispanics are not very favored. You will be seen with and probably mistaken as an Afro Hispanic and will be treated accordingly.

        This is not the case with Asians as most of them have interacted with or never seen a black person. When you are with an Asian woman, you are literally a blank slate. There is not really an expectation that you are going to be a certain kind of person because they have no preconceived nothing about black men except maybe what they see on TV. You are literally FREE to be yourself and Asian society does NOT expect you to conform.
        Lasty, Just like the Anglosphere, the Hispanophere, all thanks to spain, is gynocentric. Hispanic culture is very MAN HATING. Hispanic men put women on the pedestal to the very same degree as Africans. They place women very high to almost like gods! I would say they are much worse than White Anglo Saxons in regards to putting women above men. Sorry, no. I do not mean to sound sexist but…..Any culture that puts women above men is a culture I want nothing to do with. When dating a Latina girl, it is often times expected that you are that vampire dude from twilight! You are expected to do everything and get almost nothing in return. Sure, ok, Hispanic women like to have more sex than anglo saxon women and they may cook you meals here and there, but based on my observations and what Hispanic men tell me, it’s like their expectations are so damn high that many of them considered breaking up with them because it is just too damn much! The Romance culture is much stronger in the Hispanoshere than the Anlosphere from what I heard and it is always expected that you treat the girl like she is queen while you are a mere peasent. I am sure they are not all like this as I have seen decent Latinas who are certainly much more accomadation but as for the rest of them? Geez!

        Asian culture on the other hand, does not put women above men. No! absolutely not! Not happening! Some claim the Far eastern women have far less rights than un many places and I would have to debate that but that is another topic for another time. The point is, Men are the ones who call the shots or you GTFO! Here in Kyrgyzstan, I have seen men beat their gf/wives in the open public and everybody just walked passes by like nothing is happening. I do not like that but in my stance, living in that kind of society is far less of the two evils versus living in America or Hispanophere where women can cheat, beat, stab, sexually harass, commit domestic violence and even CUT OFF the man’s penis and gets to be on a TALK SHOW about it!!!!! Asian women, as a culture, do not expect nearly half the things western women in some Latinas expect from men. Yes, Asian girls are NOT flawless!!!!!!! it is true that many Asian girls, as a culture, are In-your-face Materialistic and hypergamous, yes they are sometimes very robotic and cold, and many other problems one will find with them, but they are one of the only women who are NOT man hating!

        ***Again, I know that not all Hispanic women are the same and come from different places and are different from one another, but I am just explaining about the ones that I have dealt with.***

        ***again I am not attacking, or trying to offend anyone who likes Hispanic girls. These are just some of my reasons why I will not ever deal with the Latinas. as I understand that we all have different tastes, likes, and needs as an individual and it is not my intention to put down the women that is dearest to you. I am sure someone could come up for the same reasons why they dislike, hate or won’t date Asian girls and I would totally understand. But the great thing about this is, more Latina for you and more Asians for me :D****

        What are some of your reasons why you do not like Hispanic women?

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    • Reasons why I dont date hispanic women?! You mean besides the fact they share many of the same traits of the scraggle daggle?! Maybe it’s because they a racist culture that doesnt favor blacks. In my experience they are stuck up if only you knew the amount of hispanic women who thought I was flirting with them when I wasnt. I even had one tell that black men date hispanic women they cant get white women or they date hispanic as substitute for white women so they can escape the typical hate that goes with a black man dating a white woman. Which in my eyes doesnt make any sense but okay what ever. Finally hispanic have this tendency to date no good black men then when they get burned they want to lump all black men together. They lie about the fact that they chose no go black men and tried to make it seem like all bm would do shit that happened to her. A typical trait of the scraggle daggle.

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      • Yup. All agreed. pretty much the same reason why I avoid them just like black women. I use to live with them and they are everything you have described. but it is not just the bad black men but they pick the bad hispanic men of their own too.

        Thank goodness I chose to leave and live in Asia, so I do not ever have to see them again!

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      • Yup, Puerto Rican women in particular share many traits of the scraggle daggle, especially the ones in New York.Granted they tend to date black men more compared to other Hispanics but for me they just share too many negative traits with the scraggle daggle.

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  2. Here is another point I want to bring up. You know how there are alot of MGTOW that are only MGTOW because they are really TFLs (True Forced Loners) and Incels while hiding in the MGTOW label. I suspect that there will a huge uprise in female “Conservatives” and “Chrisitans” women who will be around hiding behind the fact that they can’t get any man. They are going to act like the reason they do not marry is becuase “Jesus” is their man or they are saving themselves for “proper marriage” despite them having mulitple kids. They are going to be extremely bitter when they see black men holding hands with beautiful asian/white woman hand in hand with smiles of joy and laughter! and to be honest, it will bring joy to my heart when I see this happen!

    The next point is, I wonder where are all the simps? Where are all the pro-blacks and anti-swirlers? If black men made an article like this one or even made an article about them likeing white women, it would be World War III. How come simps like D32018 are not around making themselves availble to these women? These idiot simps, no matter how much damning evidence in proof you show them, they just selective vision when it comes to issue like these!

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    • Oh that’s already happening. Black church hoes ALWAYS claim that Jesus is their husband. That lets you know that they need to be bred out. When you’re such a low group of women that you have to claim Jesus as your man, you have made yourself into a genetic dead end of sorts.

      Also shows how much of a hellhole these churches are.

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      • The only reason why ANY woman (let alone a black one) would say something like “I’m married to Jesus”/”Jesus is my husband” is because they know that they would have to answer to a real man (by that, I am not only talking about a real-live flesh-and-blood man, but a thinking man who actually has a spine and will hold her to a standard as well as holding her accountable for failing to meet said standard) if they screwed up, so by claiming Jesus as “hubby”, that leaves them free to engage in whatever debauchery they see fit, to their heart’s content.

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      • Afro exactly about BW saying they are strong Christians and praising Jesus after they have multiple kids and have been ran through hiding behind God has been happening for a minute now. But the funny thing is these BW will try to force the new guy to go to church and make that a stipulation in their relationship and if the guy does not abide they will threaten to end the relationship lmfao. How could you make such demands when you are a demon tramp 😂😂😂😂.

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    • The females in the pics are all surgically enhanced. I prefer someone who accepts and loves the self Bro not another WhiteALike. Women all over the world are falling short for me.

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  3. IMHO, the sistahood as a whole never had any earthly intentions on walking alongside Miss Ann. They always wanted to BE Miss Ann, which explains why they’re so quick to talk about white women having pale skin, not enough curves or a butt, etc…

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  4. Pingback: Black Women Now Attempting To Shame White Men Into Dating Them – Shame On You Black Women, Shame On You! | Afro Futurism

  5. Verbs once said a long time ago to a harridan harassing the site that the best choice these chicks could make at this point is to kill themselves. Please, PLEASE do it! The world is sick of these women! When they have to beg their literal God at this point to give them some attention, you know that they have no options.

    I literally hate them, and this mental dysfunction is more proof that having kids with them is child abuse.

    People are SICK of hearing them beg for attention, beg men to date them, beg people to put them in movies, in tv shows, in music videos, in magazines, in clubs! I literally hope that what I predict happens sooner and that the few hoodrats that don’t off themselves are seen as basically zoo animals or circus freaks!

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    • Dude, If I could give you a plus 100 likes, I would….because this is exaclty how I feel about them. Any time I read something and it mentions black women, I just divert my eyes and read something else. When I watch a video or a movie and I see a black woman actress, I divert my eyes because I get disgusted by just looking at them. When I ‘hear’ an accent that could belong to a black female (for an example, If I watch a cartoon and the character is voiced by a black female), I cringe in disgust. I simply just cannot and will not ever take them serious or even a consideration for them. I have more sympathy for the stray dogs that like to bark all night long in the street, then black women. My hatred of them might be over the top and irrational and it may take time to remove. But they brought this upon themselves!

      Now adays I simply just stop caring about those idiots. If the day comes where I get deported back to the U.S.S.A on, the first black women that tries to approach me for ANY reason is going to face violence. I am simply want nothing to do with ‘them’. Regarding what will happen to them, I too, hope it comes at a much faster rate. but unfortunatley we need to be just a bit more patient as the time is not right….

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      • I too avoid them. I won’t even refer to my feelings as hate so much as profound disdain. As for violence, I won’t touch them with a stick. They will never destroy what I have accomplished.

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  6. “…black women have left in terms of options is either being a whore, a side piece or switching to being a lesbian and eating snatch.”

    We tried to tell them. Oh well…


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  7. Speaking of “sexual and destructive services”, I have a daggle in my current place of work that has been harassing me for DNA and I have tried my best to ignore her arse. She would look at my computer screen and play same kind of music (stalking, creepy), touch and and sing to me, and always bother me when I’m studying (I’m working on my IT Security path to get away from low wage work and daggles) and just yesterday she had some goon on a live phone app, complaining to him how I’m rude while I’m working because I don’t talk to her, and shows him to me.

    Last straw, took manager to side and made official complaint. One more time she goes HR. Black females are their own worst enemy, just sex and destruction. Good thing White men are saying enough is enough. Get ready for the purge, daggles going to go down permanently.

    Article will be dropping tonight. Sorry for delay!

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  8. Why are black women complaining about not being with white men? The facts are that white men have had so much sex with black women during past centuries that white men have grown tired of having sex with black women. If white men want a change from white women, they tend to prefer Asian women. Asian women are relatively new to the USA in that most Asians are recent immigrants or the offspring of recent immigrants.

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  9. I literally laughed out loud at every ridiculous retarded sentence I read.
    I’m just going to say this…I CAN’T STAND BLACK FEMALES…and no, I’m not going to qualify my statement,they’re the most psychotically insecure and hyprocritical group of whores on the planet. They are the bottom of the barrel dating option which is why Issa Rae says they should date and procreate with Chinese men since they are both the bottom of the barrel dating options. This article illustrates just how desperate and pathetic the black whores are. Brothers, please continue to date marry and procreate with white/asian/hispanic and other races of women. The #SYSBM movement is an unbridled SUCCESS and these black whores know it hence the hyper shaming/scare tatic push.

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    • Once the Cosby trial disappears from view, BM will just continue what they’ve been doing… Dating, marrying and procreating out.

      35% US, 55% UK. Watch us rise.


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  10. Good post Verbs. I’m glad that someone has the patience to break down this foolishness, its a dirty job but someone has to do it

    In the article that Metal Heart shared the BW said:
    “We went back and forth for half an hour. The boy is white and from a very wealthy, mostly-white suburb in Alabama. My friend is black.”

    I stopped reading right there, this BW was too foolish to see that this wealthy white boy was just screwing her and had no intention of marrying her. A rich young white guy from a (probably racist) Alabama suburb only wanted sex from BW and didn’t want to marry her? Who would have guessed? She probably did all kinds of freaky sex acts to try to keep him too. lol The chicks are delusional beyond measure. At least he didn’t get caught in the pregnancy trap.

    A dumb hoodrat in YouTube comments was mocking the Wall of Silence saying things like “BM keep saying they are building a wall, I haven’t seen it yet. Where is this dusty wall?” :facepalm:
    BW hit the Wall on a frequent basis, they either don’t see it or refuse to. It doesn’t surprise me that some of them don’t understand it, but when they do you end up seeing articles like the ones Verbs just spoke about and YouTube videos of BW crying and asking why they cant find a man and why they are unwanted. Soon many of them will be trying to crawl over the Wall and but on the “good girl act” in order to fool a BM into dating them. Don’t fall for it, keep the Wall up.

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    • James S, this ilk of black women do not hit the Wall, the damned Wall hit them prior to them being born because many of their mothers placed themselves and her children mainly daughters in unsafe environments constantly, the mothers continued to get ran through by these unfit men of their communities aka hoods, projects and ghettos and their ‘wealth’ has spun off to entities established in their neighborhoods via payday loans and checked checks at the gas station which then spins in to entities on the outside. The black matriarchy is a failed system.

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  11. You never hear white or Asian women criticizing their sons about not being enough help, because help is what husbands are for and white women and Asian women have husbands. Black women have destroyed their own reputation by being the most disagreeable, misandrist group of women on the planet. The women I was raised around have been antagonizing every fully-masculine black man in their vicinity for DECADES. It’s had such an impact on me that the very idea of me ever marrying a black woman is laughable. I won’t even consider it, and most of my fellow black men won’t either. It’s simply out of the question. And white and Asian men view them only as a fetish.

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    • Notice again how incestuous black folk are. Black makes are treated like their mommas’ boyfriend, due to her not having her own. Conversely, they are the main chicks walking around claiming Jesus is their husband.

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  12. “Date me or you’re self hating cuz yo momma black.”
    “Date me or you’re racist cuz yo momma white.”

    The article has similar language to articles I’ve read in the past about transsexuals who claim straight men are bigots because they won’t date chicks with dicks. Black women have exposed themselves once again. Simps don’t realize that these whores only want Black men after she realizes the thugs and white boys don’t want her anymore. Next thing you know this blogger who wrote this garbage will become pro-blackand write articles attacking black men who IR date.

    This is like clockwork with these whores now. Remember the “pro-black” woman crying at the Chris brown concert because black men wouldn’t dance with her only to find out she is a single mother with a white mans baby?

    Black women being pro black is just a mating strategy of the least desired women on earth. She has no feminine qualities so she has to shame people into being with her.

    What do all the simps who like to pop up in the comments have to say now? Yeah like I thought you faggots are nowhere to be found. Come here and defend your queen.

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    • Yep. Like you said pro-black BW are always suspect IMO because many of them are likely former hoodrats, feminists, etc. that realised the Wall was coming and started looking for a way to crawl over it.

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      • ‘Yep. Like you said pro-black BW are always suspect IMO because many of them are likely former hoodrats, feminists, etc. that realised the Wall was coming and started looking for a way to crawl over it.”

        They are following in their white feminist overlords footsteps. Rad fem’s like Lacy Green were talking all kinds of shit against men. As soon as Trump won she dropped the 3rd wave feminism act like a hot potato and found a nice guy to pick up the tab. Now the black women are following suit. White women are declaring feminism dead on c-span in a desperate attempt to keep the nice beta white men from jumping ship to foreign women and/or sex bots. Black women are next. Black women realize the wall us upon them and there is nothing they can do to stop it. There was a string of videos on youtube of black women claiming to have taken the red pill and want good black men but of course when thinking black men did some digging and found their social media accounts they found out that half of the women were single moms and the other half were just born again hoodrats.

        Trump wins and announces trillions in welfare cuts and all of a sudden youtube is filled with born again sluts and single mothers telling men they “took the red pill” and are looking for a “good black/white man.”

        also where are the swirlers on this one? I bet all the suckers who paid money for the “pink pill” are shocked to realize that black men were telling the truth all along and that most white boys just use you for easy ass because thats all you are. Hell black men just use them for easy ass. She has no standards untill a nerdy black man approaches. Then she has all the standards in the world. Let a thug or some random white boy walk up to her and she is open for business. Main reason why I stay away from them. I’m STD free and want to keep it that way.

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      • Yours Truly,

        Yep. They’ve been coming out of the woodwork recently where I live. Giving me the “eye” at the same time giving me the instinctive and traditional black females attitude. Like they are unsure of just how to be open and friendly as a female. As if I’m supposed to take the hint and play the game like in bygone days. Nope.

        Even if they haven’t heard of the wall yet, I think many of them are accutely aware that something IS going on and that things are not as they once were. I’ve also noticed that some of them are indeed aware of said wall and are angry because of it. The job interview I spoke about a few posts back with the two stank hoes who wasted my valuable time confirms this.

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      • @Yours truly
        “There was a string of videos on youtube of black women claiming to have taken the red pill and want good black men but of course when thinking black men did some digging and found their social media accounts they found out that half of the women were single moms and the other half were just born again hoodrats.”

        Exactly, but I don’t think that many BM today will be fooled as easily as in the past.

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      • @xstopalopoktl
        “Even if they haven’t heard of the wall yet, I think many of them are accutely aware that something IS going on and that things are not as they once were. I’ve also noticed that some of them are indeed aware of said wall and are angry because of it.”

        The BM superweapon that ended the gender wars, code named “Wall of Silence”, is generating fear in the hoodrats that are aware of it. Some have run into it, some attempt to run away from it, but it can’t be stopped at this point.
        They are strong and independent and don’t need no man so this is what they wanted at the end of the day.

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      • James S,

        “I don’t need a man!”
        “Giiirrll, you got to do you!”

        Exactly. They have talked themselves into a hole and are now paying the price for it.

        In my family ALL of the females are on this bullshit. I have one sister in college who’s a lesbian with a head full of feminist garbage. Another sister who’s thug babby daddy had another woman (and their kids!) living in the same house with them! As well as other women and kids on the side! He recently left her and she became yet another single mother. Smdh! She left her previous boyfriend who was a decent blk guy for that fool because he was… you guessed it “TOO NICE”! Of course she’s angry and bitter about it. But naturally at everyone else and not at herself.

        All the other women in my family have made similar follies. My mother, aunts, cousins, all of them. Going back for at least three generations. Only one of my MALE cousins is actually married to the mother of his kids and even he’s got a kid from his first wife. His current wife also already had a kid from a previous relationship. At holidays all you see are women and an army of kids with absent fathers. My family isn’t even ghetto and this shit has still become normal to them! It depresses me.

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  13. I have a little homework assignment for the female author who wrote that debauchery of an article: Produce us a video of a white woman, telling other white women, “If you’re pregnant by a white man, and you find out you’re having a son, abort that mofo”. Produce a video of an Asian woman telling other Asian women the same rhetoric about Asian men.

    But just a heads up, good luck finding videos of those. Why? Because white women, Asian women, nor any other non-black women don’t have the self hate that black women have for themselves. These non-black women are secure in themselves to know there will always be a man of their race that wants them. And if not, there’s always a man from another race who’s willing to deal with them. Black women just don’t have the options like that. And they are the one’s destroying themselves.

    Just like Sergeant Waters talked about the damages one ignorant negro man can do, black women should asking themselves, “Do you know the damage one ignorant black witch can do?” But of course, they can’t reason that well, otherwise they wouldn’t be producing articles like the one we’re talking about now. This is why I’m slowing becoming a proponent of eugenics. I don’t believe in unnecessary violence, but like Afrofuturism always say, we need to breed out the dysfunction out of Black America. How do you do that? Stop procreating with black women. The troubles just ain’t worth it anymore when dealing with these black witches.

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  14. @Sigma Jones

    (((These non-black women are secure in themselves to know there will always be a man of their race that wants them. And if not, there’s always a man from another race who’s willing to deal with them. Black women just don’t have the options like that. And they are the one’s destroying themselves.)))

    Agreed! on that note, Let’s see how long this chick last. LOL

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    • That chick is getting rammed while being called a “niggar bitch” as we speak. Remember, black Women LOVE race play. Hell, I’m thinking of writing a bedwench novel.

      “Tyquesha’s Secret White Boy”

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    • I didn’t watch the videos, but who cares who they try to “date”? BM are putting the Wall up, so the real test for them is how many of the non-BM that they “date” are willing to put a ring on their finger, otherwise they are just getting used for sex like the girl in the second article Verbs posted. I use the word date in quotations because for alot of these chicks dating=having sex with someone.

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      • James S,

        Precisely, black women are universally regarded as the most unattractive women due to their overbearing masculine qualities and a few “Youtube” videos aren’t going to change that…..

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      • It’s apparantly lost on blk females that they are not seen as long-term prospects by anyone else except simpish blk males who don’t know any better.

        If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times. Blk females who are not in long-term relationships with the goal of marriage as the destination, are and never will be anything else but cum dumpsters and human toilets.

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    • Linky,

      What do have to say about black women begging white men to date them via the use of shaming tactics or are you going to be a coward and keep silent on their bread begging?

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    • I swear do they just give you women a bunch of cue cards to read off of? I swear every article Verbs puts up a black women comes on and says the same shit over and over again.

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    • LOL, Who’s weaker than a group of women so desperate for acceptance/ validation from men outside of their race that they have to publically BEG them to PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE consider them for dating?


      Black women are P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! Damn! It isn’t even funny any more, it’s kind of sad TBH.

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    • Linky,

      Until you learn to properly string the childish random impulses in your golf ball sized brain together to form a coherent thought, please do not interrupt.

      There are serious discussions at hand and important work is being done here. Namely the salvation of the valuable remnants of what use to be black society. If you cannot keep up with the discourse here please return to your natural habitat:

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    • It blows my mind how you wastes of life will go out of your way to come into our space uninvited. You’re not wanted, your opinions are like most black women (irrelevant), and the world over is finally showing you oil tankers and simpanzees they’re sick of you. The wall just refortified, and grew another few feet in height and thickness. Keep up the great work you dumbass.

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    • By all means, stick with the black “communitahhh” and see if you don’t get gunned down by the thugspawn of your “queen”. 🤣

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  15. Does it ever stop with these pathetic, desperate and mentally ill black women who literally need to beg and scream to the entire planet earth to be paid attention to? I’ve never seen such a illogical, shameless group of ‘people’ talk and act as if they have the answers to every question life has ever presented humanity.
    When will Black women realize that not only does nobody care about what they have to say regarding anything nobody wants to hear it? Do you see Arab women or Hasidic Jewish women as a whole constantly running their mouth and telling other people how and what they should do, and how they should think? But because black women are so used to pushing around and telling Blackmen what to do and how to think, Black women really believe that they can bully, shame, intimidate and push around the rest of the planet earth like they do the black man who has been emasculated by this black woman who has been given the power by white daddie to do so.
    I’ve said this before, the vast majority of black women simply cannot shut the fuck up. Black women really believe they are the authorities on every issue in life, everybody needs to pay attention to what they say and what they think, and this is why you have black women who never seem to be able to just simply be. They must give their opinion, they must tell you what to do and how to do it, they must tell you when you are wrong, they must explain everything to everybody because they feel that this is their duty in life.
    The problem is not only are they mentally ill but they are dumber than a bag of rocks. As I have noticed the article this retarded black woman wrote was speaking about why white men who won’t get involved in relationships with them are somehow harboring a form of hatred.
    What this article really shows is how the black woman continually and endlessly has this deep-seated desire to be a Whitewoman. Black women are actually trying to force white men into being in relationships with them, by their same old tired shaming tactics. What other group of women on the planet earth would write such a ridiculous article that is practically begging the men of another race to date them or become involved with them?
    But the black woman who wrote this ridiculous nonsense probably think she was making some type of intelligent, tangible, salient point. The vast majority of black women in the Western world are so prideful and arrogant that there is no possible way they can ever be transformed into any semblance of a sane woman.
    This is why black women must be avoided by any black man who has an intelligent thought in his body. And despite the mounds and mounds of evidence as to just how insane the majority of black women are, you will always have brain-dead Simp Negro clowns who will defend them and give every excuse in the book as to why they behave this way.
    Most Blackmen have just excepted and learned to live with a group of women who hate and destroy everything in anyone they come in contact to because they are so bitter, angry, evil, confrontational, combative, and insane.
    The modern day Western black female is the most destructive force in the life of Blackmen. And you still have these bitter black women who are upset that they can’t be the Whitewoman they so badly want to be, trying and many times succeeding at convincing these Simp Negroes that white women are out to somehow destroy the lives of black men en mass. What a fucking joke.

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    • Bill Smith ———- I would say that black women worldwide have adopted the mindset of the USA black woman. The hair weave addiction has spread to Africa. A black man must remember that the mass media broadcasts the conduct of the USA black woman all over the world.

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  16. I do predict that, as cucked as they have become, of black Women try to pull those same shaming tactics en masse on white men as they do black, they will be found either dead or wishing they were.

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  17. That article proves once and for all that it’s the MEN that run shit.

    The life force can only ever be controlled by men – never by women.

    Once BM as a whole redirect their will towards White/Asian/Latinas, it’s a wrap. No amount of BW witchery can change it.


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  18. Michel, the problem is most black men are too Brainwashed or are too afraid of black women, to ever make a mass movement away from black women.
    Also the reality is the most Blackmen are raised by and grow up around black women, therefore the only viable option for most Blackmen is to deal with a black woman sadly. Blackmen are trained to not ever question anything Black women do. Blackmen believe that the way black women behave is just supposed to be accepted and dealt with as a part of life.
    Many black men simply will never question anything Black women do because in their minds black women are the beginning and the end of everything. Black man as a whole sadly will never completely turn their backs on these black women demons, because Blackmen are the biggest worshipers and enablers of black women to do the same crap that they’ve been doing for the last 30 to 40 years.
    Most of what we say on this website if we were to say this in public you would have weak, simple, stupid brain-dead Negro’s ready to punch us in the face for actually speaking the truth about these wicked, disgusting black woman whores.
    The moral of the story is as a black man who has the ability to think independently your best bet is to simply get away from the majority of Negroes, ignore and do not speak to black women, and never get into a discussion with any Negro in person regarding anything about black women.
    Many Blackmen behave exactly the way their reactionary, confrontational, violent, whore mother behaved. Many Blackmen simply cannot be spoken to. Many Blackmen just react. And many of these black men react violently to words being said against their so-called black queens who they have been trained to worship and admire no matter what they do.
    Andy you actually have black people who wonder and question why the other nations on this planet earth ( not that I give a damn about what the other nations think about us) have zero respect for black people.
    Sadly many black people have no respect for themselves. A black man will readily punch another black man in the face if he even hears that that black man said something against the so-called black queen. The only option is to just separate from the’s brain dead, disgusting, violent, reactionary Negroes.
    I personally am not waiting for Blackmen or black women to do anything collectively. Because most of them are too damn stupid and simple to do anything but rant and rave about things that they can’t control.

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    • Sadly Bill you’re right.

      Too many black men are wedded to the state, and far too many black men are spellbound to the “community”, where they will stay and perish in the flames of hell.

      The events of the past couple of weeks also prove that some thinking black men are also hoping for some great restoration project of the community (women), whilst exposing themselves as having a deep hatred of white women.

      It is best to leave the nest and abandon the community, its rotten “culture”, the society and the people.

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      • @Michel I agree. It’s best to flee the coop because the Matriarchal community has nothing to offer thinking black men. Those shines are jealous want to bring you down to their level. Classic men like Neil Degrasse Tyson give me inspiration he’s a practitioner of living a SYSBM life. Simps and the so-called black queen not only want to belittle thinking black men for liking white woman; they want you to quantity why one prefers white woman. I shouldn’t have to explain my preference.


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    • Very well spoken. I no longer care about the black community. Let it burn. Pro blacks are just as you described. Too stupid to actually do anything but rant and rave. I only deal with black people individually and only those on or above my intellectual level. Unfortunately, I am stuck living around no-IQ, silverback, pavement apes who are the typical products of the BT-1100 bastard baby making machines. Some of which were imported from some real productive places like Jamaica and Somalia. LOL

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  19. That article had me literally rolling in laughter. I think i legit burned a 100 calories from laughing at that ridiculous article. I am so beyond sick and tired and literally hate most black women. I will not even waste my time, or effort explaining to these hypercritical scraggles or simps as to why i feel that way. Black women are the biggest hypocrites on the planet bar none, and this ridiculous article is just another example of that.

    Articles such as this waste only proves the Wall of Silence is working wonders, and they’re beginning to realize NOBODY wants them and shaming tactics are no longer working.

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  20. Brothers,

    What we are doing is working and the fact that black women are now resorting to using shaming tactics against their own creator speaks volumes. The wall is real and cannot be defeated even if some of them want to play dumb and act as if they don’t know what the wall is. Today I even had the decadent black witch Madame LogicBomb pay a visit to my YouTube channel and give me a friendly “f**k you” greeting in the comment section on my Negro Wars video.

    At the end of the day these black heifers are behaving just like wounded dogs and they did it to themselves. I don’t feel sorry for them at all, this is what happens when you turn against your own people, recompense is a dish best served cold. Black women as a collective are just a nasty and evil bunch of individuals and thus they deserve the horrible fate that is coming their way.

    White men don’t want them, more black men are walking away from them. Even though Bill Smith is right concerning the fact that most black men are afraid of black women and thus will stick by them to their own detriment, the fact of the matter is we only need a small percentage of black men to implement SYSBM in order for these misguided sirens to begin feeling the heat.

    Allison Brown’s ridiculous article above is a clear indication that the current percentage of black men dating and marrying out is clearly hurting the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure. As Afrofuturism1 stated, white men WILL NOT tolerate black women trying to use the very same techniques they taught them to use against black men being used against themselves, they will shut that nonsense down with the quickness.

    You guys have all be dropping some serious gold nuggets, I’ve been reading your comments and takes on the situation and all I’ve been doing all day is nodding my head and saying “yep, that’s right” at the same time. As we here already know the devil always requires repayment and the modern day black witch is finding out the hard way that there is a heavy price to pay when you dance with the forces of darkness.

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    • That’s nice of Madame FruitLoop™ to greet you from her warm, furnished padded cell. Hope she’s enjoying her morning come down.

      What’s the saying? Hit dogs bark the loudest.

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      • Michel,

        Notice how these benighted black sirens are now coming out of the woodwork at an exponential rate and Making their way into our spaces to vent. But I thought they were strong and independent, but I thought they didn’t need a man?

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    • @Verbs

      I don’t know if you saw the comment thread of that article, but them white dudes are roasting that black witch over the fires. Even white women are jumping in on the action. You would think that would be a wake up call for BW. But somehow, BW will still blame BM for not protecting the so-called queens. One time, some ignorant sjw hapa tried telling me that the most hated group in America is single black mothers. I wanted to laugh in his face, but had to keep myself civil as I was not in a private place to voice my opinion. But after seeing articles like the one you mentioned, I guess you can say he wasn’t far off from the truth haha.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        Oh, I most definitely saw the onslaught of comments, the woman was a fool for publishing such nonsense, what did she expect would happen? What you talked about in terms of black women possibly claiming that we ought to be protecting them is the narcissistic nature of the modern day black witch right there, they shaft black men whenever the opportunity arises, they have no qualms in doing so, have been doing so since slavery and possibly before that and yet they still expect us to look out for them, that shows you what kind of disjointed mindset most black women are working with.

        The wall is an unstoppable beast, it cannot be defeated and these rascals are already feeling the pinch with SYSBM not even having reached critical mass. Most black women are destined for hellfire, thinking black men therefore must separate themselves from the accursed.

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    • MadameSpinsterBomb, Monica58Bittercups and some other whore names *kyla* BooBerry are three bedwench failures who are actually YouTube troll veterans. They have been stalking black men on YouTube for many years. I remember them all when Hardcore Tito started up his channel about 5 years ago and they are still active today. The latter two mostly infest Red Supreme’s channel.

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  21. Verb2015, what we are saying is working and is causing Blackmen, those who have a brain, to actually wake the fuck up and realize that the black woman is not his friend, is not his woman, is not his queen, but is his ultimate eternal enemy.
    A thunderstorm begins with a few drops of water and then those drops of water begin to multiply and multiply and multiply. And this is my understanding regarding everything we speak about on this website. Any type of so-called movement for lack of a better word, begins with a handful of people with an understanding and a collective agreement regarding a certain situation. And those who agree with those handful of people begin to spread the word and this is how the message or movement grows .
    In my opinion as I’ve stated many times before, it is these simple minded brain dead, weak, effeminate, Negro, Simp clowns that allow black women to do what they do by accepting and allowing this nonsense that black women have been perpetrating for years.
    All we can do at this point is ignore black women , ignore these weak effeminate brain-dead Negro alleged men, and live our lives. There is no discussion, debate, argument, or back and forth with any black man or black woman who can’t understand what we are saying is true.
    Life is way too short to deal with a bunch of stupid ass Nigro’s who want to blame alleged white supremacy for everything wrong with their lives and a bunch of stupid black men who want to put a group of bitter whores (black women) on a pedestal to be worshiped no matter what they do .
    And on a sidenote the new Miss Dior commercial starring Natalie Portman is superb. Even though she appears to be a very angry feminist nut bag, and she’s getting a little old ( I’m speaking in terms of the Hollywood world ), she still is so damn cute!!!!! There is something about Jewish women that I sometimes find ridiculously attractive and I don’t know what it is. Enough of me rambling .

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    • @Bill Smith If you had to choose between either white woman and Jewish woman, who would you pick?

      Gwyneth Paltrow, Rashida Jones, and Scarlett Johansen are some fine Jewish woman.

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  22. There are a few commercials for Miss Dior, starring Natalie Portman. But the one I was referring to was the commercial with the song Chandelier by Sia. Dam, I’m WAY too involved in the public life of Natalie Portman………

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  23. TheAmazingSecularist, In my opinion Jewish women are simply a subdivision of Whitewomen who have had a particular culture for thousands of years and have intermarried amongst each other for thousands of years. Rashida Jones in my opinion, whose father is Quincy Jones the famous black music producer, is simply the daughter of a black man who has a white mother.
    If I were to hypothetically separate ‘ white women’ from so called Jewish women, then I would say that the so-called white non-Jewish woman is more attractive than the Jewish woman overall.
    But there are some Jewish women that have very distinct characteristics that are obvious to the observant observer. Gwyneth Palrtow, and many Jewish women in the entertainment industry, are not the type of Jewish woman I was talking about. Even though Natalie Portman falls under that ‘entertainment industry ‘type’ of Jewish woman.
    I live just outside of New York city. And I’ve been to Brooklyn many times in heavily concentrated areas where Hasidic Jews live. I’ve actually seen Hasidic women and some men that could pass for mixed black people. There are Hasidic Jewish women who have darker skin, VERY curly ( or what black people would call nappy hair), and just have extremely distinct ethnic characteristics.
    I’ve seen some Hasidic Jewish women who were absolutely drop dead beautiful. There was a car crash here in New York that killed a young Jewish couple, of course it was some high on drugs a black woman who allegedly was the cause of the accident .
    But the name of the young woman who was killed was Elisheva Basya Kaplan. She is the type of beautiful Jewish woman I am speaking about . If you look at her face and how beautiful she was you will see what I am speaking about in terms of her beauty and her very ethnic characteristics .

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    • @BillSmith They are very beautiful. Hasidic Jewish woman distinct ethnic characteristics are akin to Italians women’s features that include tan to darker skin, curly hair, etc.

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  24. Going on a lighter note and showing how the wall IS working, I ran into an old family friend today at work.

    He used to go with my cousin about 10 years back. Said cousin, after leaving him, got with a literal nut job felon (who would eventually start beating on her) on his way BACK FROM THE HALFWAY HOUSE, and had not one but two slow ass children with him (out of wedlock no less) while talking about God.

    This family friend on the other hand is doing great for himself, with a nice car and came in the store with a fine, thick as $hit Latina woman (calm down Verbs lol) with more ass than a donkey herder and more breasts than KFC.

    #SYSBM will never die! Let’s just hope these demonesses and their simps do!

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  25. TheAmazingSecularist, exactly. There are certain sub divisions of white women that have dark (darker) skin tones, curly hair, etc, etc. This is why it always makes me laugh when Black women talk about how White women are getting tans and trying to mimic the ‘features’ that black women allegedly exclusively possess.
    This stupid ass black woman believes that she’s the only woman on the planet earth who has dark skin, full lips, and a certain type of hair texture. This is how fucking stupid and jealous many black women are.
    Some of the most beautiful females I’ve ever seen have been dark Italians, dark Greek women, dark Hasidic Jewish women and those known as ‘Black Irish’ women. But as usual because many black women are so damn delusional they really believe that these women are somehow attempting to mimic black women in appearance. Unbelievable.

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    • @BillSmith When it comes to European beauty their is numerous variations such as redhead, blonde, brunette and everything in between. Black woman don’t have a monopoly on curly hair, full lips, darker skin. Those brunette darker complected white woman are very hot.

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    • Bill Smith —- “…dark Italians…” Please note that Ariana Grande, of Italian descent, was attacked for being too dark in the August 2019 edition of Vogue Magazine. I believe that the UK edition came out in July 2019. —— LOL. Black women just keep losing.

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  26. if society would legalize prostitution that would go a long way to enabling most men not to marry anybody . if Bill Cosby had only messed with prostitutes excuse me escorts he wouldn’t be on his way to jail . Most women are prostitutes by proxy anyway

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  27. Outside of the USA, prostitution is either legal or ignored in many nations. Inexpensive and legal prostitution is not legal anywhere in the USA. Many USA women, and some industries, do not want legal prostitution because it gives men an additional sexual outlet. Note that in the pre-internet days, many people sought to restrict stores that sold adult videos. Women rather have men begging them for sex rather than men watching adult videos.

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  28. The madness continues, and the media is putting it on blast:

    “However, her sentiments didn’t sit well with some people on social media, particularly those offended by her comments regarding Filipino men, whom Rae seemed to suggest weren’t “intelligent and hard workers” like other groups of Asian men. “Educated black women what better intellectual match for you than an Asian man? And I’m not talking about Filipino’s, they’re like the Blacks of Asians. I’m talking Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, et cetera,” Rae wrote.”


    THE IRONY !!!


    These chicks are losing their damn minds, the Wall is extremely effective.

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    • OMG, these women just keep making train wrecks after train wrecks. Black women better seriously ask themselves, “Do you know the damage one ignorant negro witch can do”? Because at this rate, even fillipino men wouldn’t dare get involved with them. As someone who is friends with a good group of Japanese men, I can tell you upfront black women are nowhere on their radar. They’re only chasing after Asian women or white women. That’s it. One guy even told me his parents would rather have a black son-in-law than a black daughter-in-law. Need I say more?

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      • Sigma Jones —– Note the works of Satoshi Kanawaza, JAPANESE scholar. Kanawaza took much heat for his view that black women are the least attractive females in the world. Kanawaza also took the view that black men are attractive. In the view of most people, black men are attractive and black women are ugly. QUESTION: If most people of the world, including black females, view black females as ugly, how can mainstream black women date and marry non-black men?

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    • James S ———– In Issa Rae’s next book, she can label the Italians, Greeks, etc. the blacks of Europe. [Please note that I do not approve of this nonsense].

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    • HAHAHAHA Oh my god did I get a kick out of her “black women, let’s join forces with Asians in love” proposal. 🤣 🤣 🤣
      She obviously hasn’t seen any of the countless videos of Asians beating their asses in their shops. Asian society is probably the most segregated and conservative in the world. An Asian man will get his ass beat by his parents for having an out of tune cello. You think his parents will be weeping with joy when their sons bring home a sheboon? 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  29. Damn,I can’t believe what I read.Black women are really this desperate ? We all know that women have standard but men are not ”allowed”to have.This is the same black women who gonna say they want a man to be ”Tall 6′,Six pack abs,8’dick,have this own stuff… but can’t handle the rejection that men can be not attracted to them because of their skin ? Main reason why non black men won’t date black women is because they are for the most part really INSECURE.

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  30. Verbs2015,

    This article is even worse, first look at the comment. Now black women complain that white men no longer want her as an escort. In other words they start to no longer want to use them just for sex. It’s terrible and funny the only quality she ever had for white men is sex is now denied by their savior. What will they do lmao? Verbs2015 I think you have seen nothing worse.Black women beg and mad that white men do not want to fuck them and pay them for the same time.These same black women will accuse black men of bein ”color struck”lmao.
    Black women stay

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    • Some things never change Tyrone Nyx. White men made a deal with the Zionists and the crypto-Jews that control the Vatican for power and authority many years ago and now want to sever their end of the deal when the Catholic Church no longer needs them to act in its intrest (colonialism, white supremacy). Black women made a deal with racist white males to keep black men down, the devil is now finished with them and he will be laughing hard when they find their way down to Hell, because of their Talmundic, demonic attitudes.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Black women are never satisfied brother, they’ll complain about anything. What you’ve posted is yet more evidence which shows as Mad Bus Driver would say that black women are being replaced and the velocity of that replacement is increasing exponentially by the day. They did it to themselves and now they must reap the whirlwind(even though they are trying their hardest to escape the consequences of their bad decision making). Nobody wants them, as whole black women no longer look attractive and they simply are too much hassle to deal with.

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      The comments on that page are a case study in blk womens collective psychosis. They are angry and throwing shade at everyone including the people offering them advice on how to be proper whores which is what that site is basically all about.

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  31. To lighten the mood, here are two hilarious videos detailing what may or may not be true about black women.

    Also, another topic you can touch on is the process by which most if not all black and mixed women become “pro-black.” Of course most black men know that the ONLY instances that black women will FEIGN pro-blackness are:

    1) When a black man dates interacially

    2) If they know that they lack the attractiveness to get non-black men (so they have to wave the afro-centric flag)

    3) If they have been used & tossed out by non-black men (especially the attractive ones which is why ANY attractive black or mixed woman spewing pro-black rhetoric should be a red flag (denoting a likely reformed white worshipping, ghetto gagger trying to appeal to black men now that their chips are down due to being used up garbage, having mixed kids, being older or gaining weight.)

    This leads me to my topic of this post. On Youtube there is a woman named Chyna Fox. She is a mixed woman that spews UBER pro-black rhetoric and throws out nonsense on a variety of issues. As a matter of fact, she is SOOOO pro-black that she refused to support Stephon Clark citing his marrying interracially as a reason for blacks not to support the call for justice. She has also been quoted as saying that “Black men with white women should not be trusted.”

    Recently, a SHOCKING revelation came out as somebody browsed through her twitter timeline and found some tweets from 2011.

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      Notice how in both tweets she makes it know that she doesn’t want “chocolate men” and that she prefers white men. She now claims that she is woken and only date black men now. Why the drastic change? Looking at photos gives us some insight. Notice how in the old profile photo she is this (still not attractive to me but she was at least in decent shape and at her peak physically.) It seems as if she only became WOKE and pro-black only after she packed on some pounds (and probably after being f34ked and chucked by many white guys.)
      Hmm, now that she is overweight, a trait widely know to be VERY unattractive by white men, she is pro black and ONLY dates black men.
      Interesting. (end sarcasm.) She is a prime example of the cycle of many of these “pro-black” women.
      Here are some videos detailing the entire ordeal.

      Of course after these tweets were exposed, she made her social media accounts private and went on a hiatus, only coming back to make the following damage control video.

      Black women be VERY suspicious of pro-black women. Actually, disregard black women all together! That is the key to the good life!
      Any way, just an idea for a future topic post. Black and Mixed Women’s “Journey To Awakening.”
      Sorry for rambling.

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      • I forgot to post the vid of her saying why she doesn’t support Stephon Clark. I don’t want to post the vid and give her more views so you can just google “Why I Will NOT Be Supporting Stephon Clark by ChynaFox.”

        The description from the video as said by Chyna: “If you don’t give loyalty, you don’t GET loyalty. If you don’t GIVE protection, you don’t GET protection.” (As in referring to loyalty to the black race.)

        A comment on her Clark video sums it up nicely:

        Boy Wonder
        3 weeks ago (edited)
        Chyna Fox is a hypocrite bedwench. In her tweets she says she loves white men and hates “chocolate men”. She’s exactly the same as Stephon Clarke, yet damns his dead name for the same coonery she does herself.

        She got soooooooooo exposed! You can’t make this sh!t up!!

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      • DAMN!! This fake pro black female’s rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

        She also made a video addressing a white female Youtuber called “Rubia Garcia is TRASH and so is every black person that follows her.”

        Knowing her past, here is the description of the video: “It’s clear to me that black men do not have as strong of loyalty as black women do. The second an averagely attractive white woman comes along, you forget all of the “pro-black” rhetoric you were spitting. The language is NOT NICE in this video. You have been warned.”

        Fake pro-black black and mixed women are SO F@#$ING FAKE! UNBELIEVABLE!!

        I LOVE seeing these b!tches exposed! Sorry this is my last post I promise!

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      • Matt M,
        When black women become ”pro black” u know it’s because they can’t like other women pratice ”hypergamy”.Don’t think a second that’s it’s because she love black men.Nope they realise that the average looking of them couldn’t date IR,because of how they’re at the bottom so they try to make people life as miserable as their lives.That’s mean dick policy,army of pro black simp,hotep,mangina,shaming tactics.
        It’s exactly like these new Rashida Strober,Chrissie colorism preacher who try to force people to like them like any women because they are ”Dark skin”.If it’s was the reverse,if darkskin women was the epitome of beauty do u really think that they would care about bm as a whole ? Nope,they’re mad because in sexual market place they are generally in the bottom in Black Community and also amo
        This is your typical Black Women,dick policing black men,when dating IR in the same time #Ishitunot.
        Talk about self hate… meanwhile she admit bleaching her skin.
        When black women talk about self hate color struck etc they are just projecting themselves

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      • Tyrone,

        Great insight. I concur whole heartedly! This stuff needs to be eposed so black men don’t fall for this “Oh she’s down” bullsh!t! Dig a little deeper and you will 99.9999999% of the time find out she’s a reformed white worshipper (that thought she was too good for black men.) For sh!ts and giggles, here are more comments that I found that perfectly sum up her mindset (and the mindset of MOST pro-black women like her) so that black men can see through these fake “pro-black queens” and their bullsh!t rhetoric!

        “This light-skinned Grimace from McDonald’s, Miss Piggy looking bytch is the physical embodiment of the Slave/Chitterlings theory. Give the nastiest parts of the pigs and other scraps to Blacks and we’re supposed to be satisfied. fukk outta here. The nerve of this broad broad STILL shaming Black men even after crossing back into our threshold.”

        “Shawty fell the fukk off, turned pro black lol
        We didn’t deserve her when she was tall/attractive and in shape…that was for cacs (caucasian men)….now that she fell off, she is pro black. SMH”

        “Before the wall (the point where her attractiveness took a HUGE hit) ” Stop holding unto your nikkas when you see me, I don’t even like chocolate”
        After the wall “Black men, y’all ain’t loyal to us, u’d crave any white girl with a phat ass and pro black lingo”
        Our kweens, y’all”

        “6 years and a 100 pounds later she all of sudden is “pro black”. When white boys wasn’t checking for her anymore she jumped back on the other side. These blk feminist can seriously take a hike. We dont need their support.”

        “Gotdamn this bytch put on a ton! No wonder she on some pro-Black spiel now. Cacs ain’t finna deal with that whale.”

        “A cac 4cac satellite site has a file on this whore.
        She’s much worse than “fukking with white dudes”…she was literally “white identified” until about 4 years ago…WHEN SHE GAINED WEIGHT.

        “Most chicks who are anti cacs are usually so because some cac dude turned them down/ pumped and dumped.”

        “This is becoming a pattern of pro black former bed wenches.”

        “Always when they get overweight and unattractive, they try to be pro black. Its like they want black men to have the scraps of the white man, even down to OUR women.”

        “She want black men when she fat. She aint slick. She deserves to be sterile so that the c00n mentality doesn’t get passed down.”

        “A few bedwhenches disliked the video.Oh well,on with gutting these cum dumpsters.We have no way of knowing which black chick used to ghetto gag so I avoid 99.9% of them.” **Great advice!

        “This is why I don’t fukk with any black woman that has ever been with a white guy in that capacity. I don’t care if they claim to be reformed you are essentially tainted meat and will be ostracized.”

        “I think more black women have been used for sex by white men than people realize…It’s just that many of them hide it. This is why I don’t trust most black women raised in America….I’m not trying to end up as some bedwench black bitches plan B option.”

        “This girl got older and bigger… I think that’s really it. I don’t think if brad wanted her then she’s gonna be pro black. She probably ran outta options and is back on the black side.”

        “I’ve learned that cac dudes been known that fake pro-black women are usually failed wannabe or former ran-thru swirlers/wenches that can’t attention from white men. It looks like it’s BM who haven’t figured that out based on the army of simps in Cynthia G & Chyna Fox’s comment sections.”

        Black men: take heed! WAKE UP! If you do date black women, say HELL NO to ones that have even considered dating out! NEVER, EVER TRUST A PRO-BLACK WOMAN!!

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  32. First comment on the article: READ THIS!!!!! IT IS CLASSIC***********

    To the girls who told me that they prefer “tall” men. I am sorry, but exclusively dating tall men is not “just a preference.”

    At the root of your exclusion of men of shortness from your dating pool lies a deep-seated allegiance to tallness so that you and your kin can continue to benefit from tall privilege. Further, straying from tall men as your partners of choice could have dastardly consequences that result in the dilution of your family and your own perceived height.

    So, let’s make it clear: No one is the passive victim of their own internalized biases. It is not a coincidence that the man that you had relations with last week looks like a giraffe, skyscraper, windmill, or the random monument you found yourself staring at for a little too long.

    You have had choices this cuffing season and every other cuffing season. And to think that you don’t, or that your romantic attraction is out of your control, you’re kidding both yourself and everyone around you.

    You exclusively date tall men because trying to understand someone else’s world is too difficult — and tall privilege is as valuable as gold in a country overflowing with Lord Farquaad apologists and manlet resentment.

    Not to mention, there is a worldwide cultural obsession with looking, acting and appealing tall in romance. Many short men are encouraged from a young age to use medieval stretching racks, use apps to make themselves taller and conform to tall societal standards of masculinity. The entire world is tied into this tall privilege.

    And you, Ms. “I-only-date-tall-men” reinforce the intrinsic value of height in this nation.

    Saying that you “prefer” tall men is heightist. Well, maybe not heightist to you, except it’s hard for me to find another word to refer to someone making negative assessments of large groups of individuals that they’ve never met, based solely on the height of their person. It’s ultimately a bigoted and harmful way to think about potential partners.

    Saying that you prefer certain men to others not only reinforces stereotypes about men of shortness, but tall men too. Arguing that you prefer tall men based on the presuppositions that tall men are inherently more handsome, Masculine, capable, or attractive is — you guessed it — heightist!

    And not only is it heightist, but it’s insincere.

    You know that a tall man will let you ignore your privilege a lot more than a man of shortness will. Shoot, a majority of white women like watching basketball. For the most part, short men aren’t going to put up with that.

    Let me be clear: I don’t expect you to reject your privilege.

    But don’t act like you don’t have it, like you’re not protecting it or that it doesn’t exist.

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  33. Black Women know that they are the whale $hit bottom of the dating market, and have now done a cardinal sin: trying to force whitey to deal with their ugly behinds.

    Though like Carnio and Bill Smith have stated, most negroes are lost, it is THIS fact that will make SYSBM so potent. The worth a damn dudes will be SYSBM, black chicks will just have lame, dusty simps to choose from. This is what is killing them inside, they know their reach for snatching up a half way decent man is diminishing even more by the second. Not only are the black men who were on the fence seeing this and running like hell, but white and other non-black men definitely are watching and taking notes.

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  34. Thanks Matt for that rather enlightening reveal of Chyna Fox! Oh how the mighty art fallen! Hahahahahahaha!! Well fellas, what are you waiting for, there’s your black queen, you’d better scoop her up before she’s gone! C’mon guys, no takers!? She gave her best (such as it was) to many a white man only to turn right around and offer you the scraps after she’s been used up and kicked to the curb by them! Now control yourselves and don’t crowd around her all at once! I see you over in the corner there Verb, gearing up to rush in on this high value filly! What’s wrong with you guys, don’t you feel honored to have this pro black “lady” on your arm!? Afrofuturism1 don’t pretend you couldn’t wait to kiss her on the lips to find out through extension how white penis tastes!! (Sorry for that mental image, lol!) So now that swirling failed her spectacularly she wants to dick police black men who are infinitely more successful at it without even trying! Hahahahaha! Well, I think I’ll throw up now……..

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  35. To All,

    I guess there is one great thing about all this, is that once the wall has been initialized and fully complete, black women will be a prime example of the end result to feminism for all future generations to see.

    All other races can look to Anglo black community as a prime example to how devastating ones own people become when feminism is the default way of life. Yes, I know that black men are the laughing stock to other races in this regard BUT we already have our own solution, ie SYSBM. While all other communities are in the process of falling and collapse because of feminism, we would already be building for ourselves while watching all others get destroyed. By the time judgement comes for Anglo white women, Anglo hispanic women and yes, even Anglo asian women hits them and their men are scratching their heads wondering what the hell to do, SYSBM will already have our own established communities across many countries in the globe.
    Soon we will be laughing at them!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if SYSBM made their own media, they would have channels dedicated to the history of feminism: how it destroys nations or if they start making dram shows of black men who discover SYSBM, falls in love with Becky/Chung Li/Maria and they escape the evil clutches of black women! I would actually start watching tv if they did so!

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  36. As to the above video. —– I seldom hear black men talking about “good hair” babies. Most black men that I know are not thinking about having babies of any kind. I do, however, hear black females talking about “good hair” babies. —– My view is that the black female in the video is projecting black female conduct onto black males.

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  37. Yet another great article. Yeah I guess that Wall Of Silence is getting unbearable to them so they have to shame other men into liking them. LOL. You KNOW they losin when they can’t ge the men they want.

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    • Cornelius,

      Black women don’t feel that they have to improve themselves for black men because in their delusional minds they view themselves as superior to us. We are their slaves and are obligated to accept them in any state they present themselves to us in, this is how most black women think.

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    • reynagirl14 —————- Perhaps the federal government should give men that marry a black woman a stipend of $10K or more per year. (Depending on pre-marriage income). The money can be considered the separate property of the husband.

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      • I wouldn’t pollute my existence with a sheboon for any amount of money. Put a negress in my path with a cheque equal to the current US debt and I’d run, not walk to the nearest McDonald’s and fill out a job application.

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  38. Here’s another one of those “black” woman shaming white men for not putting black women in the Wedding Crashers Movie This one’s from 13 years ago:

    I want you to want me
    I laughed, I cried — then I wondered: Why won’t the “Wedding Crashers” crash any sister’s wedding?

    JULY 30, 2005 3:08PM (UTC)

    I was first in line for “Wedding Crashers” on opening night, hoping it would be as funny and sexy as it looked. It was. I laughed out loud and had enough naughty thoughts about surfer-dude Owen Wilson to make me squirm a tad in my seat. I’m dying to know what the deal is with that adorable crook-nose and, furthermore, hereby volunteer to faithfully brush those shaggy strands out of his eyes. When Vince Vaughn vulgarly announced himself a “cocksman” and bragged that he was 6-foot-5 — I’d had no idea! — there may even have been a slight arching of the back. The closest I’ve ever come to an interest in math is the few minutes I spent trying to triangulate how tall Owen must be when the two stood side by side. In particular, the highlight of the movie was the early and prolonged scenes of them partying down at a Benneton ad’s confection of weddings set to “Shout” — Hindu, Chinese, Jewish, Irish — that will be wearing out the replay button on America’s remotes when the DVD comes out.
    But it was the montage of naked women cascading jubilantly into the rogues’ beds, poufy bridesmaid dresses crumpled somewhere out of frame, that did the most for me. The sight of them — alone, unarmed and unafraid, as one military motto goes — was as deliciously sexy and just as much fun as the shenanigans at the weddings where Wilson and Vaughn wooed their willing prey. It was fitting, not to mention gutsy in these WWJD days, that this part continued to be set unapologetically to “Shout” and not some gauzy, romantic cop-out guck so we could forgive these sluts for schtupping a man they’d just met. “Crashers,” at least in the beginning, wasn’t about love. It was about making multi-orgasmic lemonade on love’s fringes until it was your turn to star in a wedding.
    That montage was a celebration of sex, carnality and the feminine ideal. It was a testament to the lion-tamer aspect of being a straight chick, that heady “bring a strong man to his knees” adrenaline rush that is one of the keys to understanding your power as a woman. At the same time it’s a testament to the pleasures of surrender, that sweet, sweet payoff that can only come after a free-fall shuddering toward a landing site that has been promised but not verified, you tramp. That happy Vesuvius of perky breasts, firm thighs and concave tummies was a tribute to youth, to the search for adventure and to our enduring belief in romantic serendipity. It was a bungee jump with an elastic cord you’re pretty sure is functional, but hey, if it’s not, your wounds will heal. It was about optimism and thrill-seeking and I was proud of those sluts. They leapt before they looked and I don’t want to know anyone who never has.
    But, somehow, by the end of the parade of weddings crashed and women laid, I realized I was sad. It took me an entire martini to figure out why: The crashers seduced their way through every culture and every ethnicity but mine. Why don’t Owen and Vince want to seduce me, too? Why don’t they want to dance with my nana at a wedding?
    It’s confusing to me that in a nation, a world, where black culture so permeates, if not dominates, the entertainment industry that a major Hollywood release would throw up its hands and declare Negro culture impenetrable. There isn’t a white boy in America who doesn’t do a jerky cabbage patch when he’s happy and pronounce himself “dissed” when angry, yet Hollywood can’t break the code on LaQuisha and Raheem jumping the broom? Odd that “Shout,” performed by black musicians, was chosen as the raucous anthem for an ode to collapsing racial and ethnic borders but excludes blacks, the lubricant by which this celebration of humanity, this transcendence of race, proceeds. More troubling, could it be that achieving racial harmony results from non-blacks banding together to exclude blacks? (If this seems extreme, check out David Roediger’s excellent new work, “Working Toward Whiteness: How America’s Immigrants Became White.” He discusses the extent to which joining in pogroms against blacks helped the despised Southern and Eastern European immigrants “prove” their whiteness and become Americanized.) We can provide the soundtrack, we can entertain, but we cannot participate; where have we heard that before? Whites can dance the hora, they can play mah-jongg with Chinese grannies, they can go Bollywood with the Hindus, but they can’t figure out the electric slide? (That’s our wedding staple, by the way. I have yet to hear “Shout” at a black wedding.) I reject most conspiracy theories, really I do, but I suspect that black culture was, however subconsciously, deemed unworthy.
    Please don’t misunderstand. I hate those Negroes who would bean count for black faces in Antarctica so they can get airtime whining about “the lack of diversity” blah blah. Start a school! Take in some foster kids! Run for office! If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, cheap race-mongering is the last refuge of an idiot. “Niggardly,” indeed. Anytime you want someone with a ghetto pass to tell them to shut up for you, give a sister a call. I’m talking about something else, something more than “gotcha, white folks,” something y’all won’t be able to dismiss as easily as all that. I’m talking about something that grieves black women, that breaks our hearts so much I have never had a conversation with another black woman about it. Or, at least not one that dared venture further than “I bet he’s got a white girl” as a gorgeous brother passed by. Our hearts are broken because we are unloved. More than that: Black women are unlovable, or so the world tells us every day. Most often, it’s a sucker punch.
    Minding my own business recently, I was reading my friend’s excellent nonfiction book, “Random Family: Love, Sex and Trouble in the Bronx,” which chronicles the intersected lives of a hardscrabble constellation of Latinas. In lamenting the loss of a lover to a rival, one woman was dumbfounded that anyone would prefer a woman “with hair like a black girl’s” to her. I am ugly by definition. Usually, though, our degendering and masculinization is pretty easy to see coming. I watch the promos for my hero Chris Rock’s new series about his Bed-Stuy adolescence and cringe when his “mother” traumatizes her son with bellowed, emasculating, dehumanizing threats like: “Boy, I will SLAP yo’ name out the phone book, then call Ma Bell and tell her I did it.” Hilarious, no? He looks about 10 as she terrorizes him with psychotic threats that would make Uday and Qusay proud. Who would want to bed that shrieking harridan? Who’d want to live next door to or hire such a bitch? Bets are off on how far into the series it will be before this black harpy (how redundant) is swiveling her neck and reducing a good man to shreds with her razor tongue. I have a 4-year-old son and an almost 2-year-old daughter who would go into cardiac arrest if I spoke to them that way, even in jest. Forgive me, Chris, but your “mother” proves that Zora Neale Hurston nailed it when she noted that black women are “the mules of the world.”
    She was speaking of how hard most of our lives were in the 1920s and 1930s, she was talking about the patriarchy and misogyny within the black community that keeps so many of us mute chambermaids who are regularly beaten, but perhaps most important, she was talking about what that hardness did to us, or rather, to others in dealing with us. Our ability to survive atrocity, to make something from nothing, to bounce back day after day — somehow, this makes the world see us as rhino-skinned, never soft. Quadruple-lunged, never asthmatic. Incapable of giggling, blushing or shutting the hell up. Sisters are essentialized as indefatigable, never in need of a door held open, a chair pulled out. A “how are you doing, really?” I have to believe that somewhere in there is also the belief that the niceties are wasted on us, coarse cows that we are. Bears are happy shitting in the woods and “sistaz” ain’t got no time for no nonsense like sweet talk, a man who rises when we do, or a lover to whisper naughty things to in the dark. And we don’t need no stinking flowers either, or at least Jamie Foxx’s hospitalized mother didn’t; in “Collateral,” she rejected them and belittled him for his foolishness. The bedraggled dandelions I got for Mother’s Day this year will shrivel up and blow away before I’ll part with them.



  39. Verbs2015,
    The same scenario happening again,a show called ”loveisland” season 4 2018,got a black women by the name of Samira.This black women announce clearly that she prefer,and I quote her ”blue eyed white men” nothing new here whatever u will tell me.Now the problem is the fact that,ALL the white men on this show without EXCEPTION, make it clear that they was not interested by her,and have STRONG preference for white women.

    This shit didn’t sound good in the mind of BITTER BLACK WOMEN in twitter,they start to calm the producer of the show a racist,brainwash,because nobody find samira attractive.They really think that they can force people to find them attractive SMH. U can’t make this shit up.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Tyrone Nxy,

      Just checked out this Samira chick, although she doesn’t look too bad of course as per usual with these black women she is weaved up to the hilt. I don’t blame those guys at all, why settle for a wannabe Becky when you already have an abundance of the genuine article waiting in front of you?

      Samira obviously thought that going onto a television programme would somehow “up” her chances of snagging herself Mr Charlie. I guess her plan failed, however this comes as no surprise to us as we could’ve already predicted such an outcome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs
        Aren’t we missing something? Where’s the out cry and threats of a boycott? Where’s all of the Hoteps, pro blacks and the “sistas” calling her a self hating, colorist, sellout, uncle tom coon who hates her daddy? Because we know damn well if a black man stood on TV and professed his preference for a blond hair blue eyed white queen the collective weaves of black whores across all social media would have exploded. These black whores are just getting a dose of the real world and not that “pink pill” snake oil saleswoman delusional nonsense. They’re the least dated, desired and married group of rodents in America, always have been and always will be. No one wants a pile of 300lb decomposing garage, which is what most black chicks are. This is just priceless😂😂😂😂, she was crying and I loved every moment of it.

        Liked by 2 people

      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        Yep, they hold themselves to one standard(none) while at the same time heavily berating black men for not looking in their direction. I’ll have to check out that particular clip, this is the black female’s own doing, I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

        Liked by 1 person

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  42. I have found myself on numerous occasions correcting “Black” women regarding their harsh treatment of young “Black” males. I have actually plainly stated to them that this is why “Black” men don’t choose “Black” women. They refuse to process consequence in relation to action.

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