Whores And The Black Church – Open Season, Do What You Want


As I already told you in my book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure how black pastors and black women have struck a secret deal behind closed doors, in exchange for sponsoring the pastor’s extravagant lifestyle he/she agrees to allow the black females within the congregation to have full reign of the church services, in other words the black witches therein are free to do whatever they want.

It’s no secret that the modern day black church has devolved into an entertainment center/whore house, how many times have we come across stories of pastors dicking down various women within their congregations, in fact as we all know there are many incidents that take place involving pastors and homosexual/lesbian sexual exploits.

See, the woman above represents the contamination within the modern day black church in 2018, we shouldn’t really be surprised that she was allowed to perform at a church gathering because we already know and have seen that black women go to church dressed like gutter prostitutes or like they’re about to hit the club.

Yet within the same scriptures these unbridled harpies claim to follow, women are specifically instructed to dress in modest apparel(1 Timothy 2:9). This is why I told you in my church beast book aswell as the chapter in my other book Negro Wars dealing with the black church that black women actually worship Satan but use the Most High, Christ and the bible as their cover in order to continue with their wicked agendas without being questioned or scrutinised.

Of course, those who listen to the words of your average modern day black female and refuse to judge her based upon her actions will be caught out every time without fail. Remember, it wasn’t so long ago that a story came out of a black pastor who instructed his female congregation members to strip naked on a beach and thereafter told them to get on their hands and knees where he proceeded to kiss their behinds claiming that he was blessing them in order to make them more attractive to men.

When you check out the photo it honestly looks like the fraud is low-key tossing salad, an article detailing that escapade can be seen in the link below:


It seems that black women worldwide aren’t very bright at all, remember the Kenyan pastor some years ago who ordered his female congregation members to come to church without wearing underwear in order for “God to enter their bodies”:


I’ve featured many more stories like this in my church beast book including one of two pastors who decided to have sex with a married woman in an abandoned house claiming that the sex act would make her more fertile and thus she would be able to conceive and have children more easily, you simply cannot make this stuff up. Remember this article I wrote back in April 2017 exposing yet another church beast pastor:


These modern day black churches are nothing but cess pools of decadence and filth where men for the majority part have been run out making the women easy pickings for these so called “men of god”. It also works in the opposite direction, many of these black female pastors are also being bent over the table in the office by one or many male members of the congregation or in some cases being licked and serviced by other female members of the church.

Like I told you in my church beast book, if you don’t believe what I’m saying is true then simply roll up to your local black church after hours unannounced and proceed to open the door to the pastor’s office without knocking, however in doing so be very prepared mentally for what you may see and hear as you enter.

Remember, these are the same pastors who attempt to control and in many cases muzzle natural sexual function by purposely continuing to perpetuate the unbiblical fabrication that the word fornication equates to pre-marital sex. I specifically dealt with this lie in the church beast book as well as in an article I wrote on the topic way back in August 2011, the link to that article can be seen below:


As I’ve stated many times before the Most High is no fool, he sees and records all of the dirty exploits these black pastors in conjunction with their sex toy black females congregation members are bringing into the so called church and he has set aside for them an undiluted cup of judgement. Black women love stating “only God can judge me”, rest assured, he will judge you and judge you harshly for your slack handed degeneracy.

Lastly, what impression did the whore in the video make upon any children that may have been in attendance at that particular service? Again, black women love inducting their children into debauchery and wicked practices because as a whole black women don’t care about black children which is one of the main reasons why black men should cease procreating with such heartless and vile individuals.

How many videos have we seen of black women having strippers around their children as well as other scantily clad individuals? Stay away from black churches, the Most High is not in them.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Modern Day Black Church Is A Whorehouse

Most High Bless

172 thoughts on “Whores And The Black Church – Open Season, Do What You Want

    • Exposingthemperor,

      How they railroaded Cosby is a complete tragedy and skullduggery to the highest degree. I heard there was a young negro male on the jury who also found him guilty, smh. Thanks for the support as always bro, glad you’ve got a website up, we need more brothers like you to do the same.

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      • It’s a shame what happened to Bill Cosby. He did so much for black people. I haven’t really followed the case, but if it is true, he certainly isn’t the only one in Hollywood who should be wearing a jumpsuit for being a sexual predator. #metoo feminists are the worst and they deserve the backlash that’s coming to them.

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      • Metal Heart,

        Cosby got railroaded big time, when you’re a celebrity you don’t need to drug and rape women, women will practically throw themselves at you, I’ve seen this first hand myself. This #METOO movement is complete and utter garbage, men need to be responding with the following hashtags:


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    • I’m waiting to see if they’re going to go after Weinstein, Clinton, or any other high profile white male that have done the same thing. Because if not, that tells me everything I need to know about American white women. I’ve been a proponent that, if black men want to get themselves a white woman, they’re better off getting one from Europe. The Jezebel spirit is too profound amongst American women (every race of women in America) and it’s only getting worse. #SYSBM fellas, and keep your head on a swivel.

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      • @ Sigma Jones
        Yep. I read a CNN article yesterday where a white woman was saying that Cosby’s conviction proved that powerful men’s “time was up”. I actually got kind of angry when I read that. BM no matter how rich or famous get convicted ALL THE TIME in America. Seeing Cosby get convicted didn’t prove that powerful men are now being held to account, it just showed that BM can still be easily railroaded in the justice system, ESPECIALLY by a white woman.

        I remember reading a while back after “me too” started that women were afraid that men were going to start avoiding them and refusing to meet privately with them at work out of fear of a sexual harassment claim and I thought to myself “Duh, your word alone can get him fired/ruin his reputation”. Some woman wrote an article talking about how even though all of this is going on men shouldn’t be afraid to meet with/be around women at work. LOL

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      • @James

        This is why I keep my social life separate from my work life. I’m not being friends outside of work, I’m not going above and beyond to impress you, I’m simply at work to make money. Whenever women at work try inviting me to social events, I kindly turn them down, which seems to make them even more interested. Go figure. But yea, work is strictly for work. Only after a woman have left the company I might consider adding her to my social life, if she is respectable.

        This is also the reason why I’ve narrowed my marriage prospects to two distinct groups: Asian women and Latinas. White women and black women get too much from the government to care about men. White women got feminism while black women got welfare. Both work against men, especially black men. White women are too up their behinds, thinking every race of men wants them. Black women are simply possessed. Need I say more. Asian women and Latinas don’t have feminism and welfare working in their favor. Therefore the majority would rather be true to their female nature and embrace being submissive. From a personal observation, asian women and latinas have been the ones who have shown genuine interest in me and have gone out of their way to be affectionate towards me. Women from Europe do the same thing, but so far I’ve only met a few of them here in America. That’s why it’s best that black men hustle on their own. Find the women who want you, and work with that. I rather be with a woman who wants my seed to carry on, than a woman who simply wants me dead.

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      • @ Sigma Jones
        Yeah only fools try to use work as a dating service. Any man who tries to hook up with/date a woman that he works with deserves to lose his job to a sexual harassment claim. Its ALWAYS a bad idea to try to date a woman that you work with. You should go to work to get paid and that is it.

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      • I’ve never seen the single-minded attack dog slandering of a mans entire life and legacy like we’ve seen with Cosby. All positives in his life have been erased and now he is being treated like the scum of the earth.

        All of these so called accusers were of questionable motives. Typical low class whorish females looking to him for what he could do for their careers. One of them even came back to spend a weekend with him after he supposedly “molested” her!
        Another was a professional con artist. It is common practice for fame seeking females to whore themselves out to whatever entertainment big wig they think can advance their careers. This has been going on since Hollywoods inception. Cosby basically took advantage of the situation as every other Hollywood producer has done. Bill’s poison of choice rather than alcohol, drugs, little boys/girls, seems to be the women he could use his status to bed. He seems to be your typical thirsty ass Negro who cannot be made to understand that you have to be selective in your conquests.

        Cosby helped generations of black kids go to college who wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. Especially blk women. He was one of the few genuine voices calling blk people out on their fuckery. He was a tireless white knight and champion of the female perspective in social life. To see blk women especially go along with this disengenious bullshit says all that needs to be said about who they truly serve.

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      • For that matter will they go after Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, or a whole host of other alleged Hollywood perverts?

        The answer is probably no. Hell no! There is an entire list of actors, media elites, business elites, and politicians who are guilty of far worse who will never be brought to justice because of their connections and the layers of protection surrounding them.

        Cosby’s troubles seem to have started right after he tried to buy NBC, supposedly to offer an alternative to the typical programming being forced down everyones throats. Poor Bill could never be made to understand that no matter how long he had been in Hollywood that he would never truly be part of the “clique”. He would always be the “Black guy”, an outsider, a useful tool at best, but that he would never have their protections.

        He probably knows many longtime friends and associates in the entertainment biz who have far more dirt on them than he ever did. He got too complacent in that environment. He’s probably saying to himself right now that whatever bad he actually did do(and I have my doubts) pales in comparison to what he knows about the industry as a whole.

        Bill always criticized blk people who dared to suggest that the system might be rigged against them. I wonder what his thoughts are today?


    • What the feminists, SIMPS and manginas fail to realize that while they’re busy dancing around and celebrating their “moral victory”, the only one laughing to the bank is their attorney, Gloria Allred. What silly geese they are.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  2. This chick looked like a Vegas showgirl in church, and of course notice the mannerisms. The “take it/receive it” crap that they do in church is pure deviltry.

    As you mentioned, these pastors will attempt to control the sexuality of the few men left in these churches, all the while having no control over his own and nutting in half of the congregation.

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  3. Give the modern black woman a seat at the table and it’s AMAZING how she’ll fuck it up.

    The black community. Black love. The black church…etc

    She’s batting a thousand.

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  4. See I’m so tight, n****s be like
    That n**** got so many h**s
    And I know he got clout, kook at his mouth
    That n**** got so many golds
    N****s be tellin’ they h**s
    To set ‘em up with that n****
    B****, I’ve been watchin’ you watchin’ him
    You must want to f*** this n****
    My name alone been known to break up happy homes
    No disrespect, dog, but you ain’t had no business even answerin’ her phone
    If your a** was home
    Then me and her, kid, been gettin’ it on
    And you couldn’t have been hittin’ her right
    ‘Cause ever since the night she been hittin’ the phones
    She want a thug

    This is a verse from trick Pookie aka trick daddy’s song “I’m a thug” now in this verse trick Pookie states “my name alone been known to break up happy homes”

    Mrs verbs quotes trick Pookie as if his deeds and actions are noteworthy in anyway, shape or form in his blog entitled “white woman speaks on why white females are attracted to black men, black men are coming part 2”
    “Note, when Trick Daddy came out with his infamous video and told black women to “tighten up” because White and Spanish women were surpassing them in terms of attraction, even though Trick Daddy is classed as “ghetto” black men still acknowledged what he said as it was 100% true, we talk about how non black women in the aggregate are more attractive than black women all the time here on the site. Let it also be known that very few if any accused Trick Daddy of “trolling”.

    Now, who was it that brought up the fact that Trick Daddy was ghetto, that’s right, black women. At the time that was THEIR excuse to dismiss what he was saying. So my question is why did a certain contingent of black men use the same dismissive tactic concerning the chick in the last article? That is hypocrisy right there and the same example could easily be demonstrated in Kodak Black and his statements surrounding dark skinned black women. Again, nobody accused Kodak Black of trolling dark skinned black females.

    Mrs verbs, those men that you claim did all this and that in the above article, I have never been near any of them, I never heard any of them speak nor do I conform to anything they have said or done.


    Mrs verbs says, this guy doesn’t know I’ve already written article about this when I was in the 3rd grade but like most negroes he is to lazy to research my entire family history.


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  5. Gentlemen,

    You have to laugh really, the vampire/parasite continues to make his return to this website(a website he has already declared as valueless to himself) like an angry and bitter woman scorned, yet attempts to accuse myself of having female tendencies, you simply cannot make this stuff up. Also, why is this bitter scorned effeminate Negro bringing up subjects we left off dealing with a while back?

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    • Actually, this is the person I was more or less referening to in my other comment! I just had a gut feeling that this exact thing was going to happen! Even when the topic about White women has been left alone, we are still being accused and shamed!

      Afro was right, these simps and vampire do sound like black women and white men……

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      • Carnio,

        The parasite stands on the side lines, scrutinising, critiquing and criticising others, their words and their beliefs yet refuses to reveal his own, what kind of cowardly, unlit back alley nonsense is that?

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    • *Unlit back alley nonsense*

      *Secret squirrel*

      *blackety black*

      Verbs, give yourself a round of applause for some of the most hilarious word phrases ever known to man. I still can’t get past “blackety black” 🤣

      Oh, and Count Suckula is still here? Damn. Brothers, don’t look at it directly!

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    • Verbs please block this idiot. His long poorly written rants make few points and even less sense. I couldnt even get past the second paragraph ths time.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        I hear you, he treading very close to being banished to the phantom zone, dude is just being a ducking and weaving idiotic, unaccountable wet blanket at this point.

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  6. Just wait for it…..
    Just wait for the simps like D31208 and others to come rolling in trolling the comment section on “White wymin do !t T0o0o0”! I have a feeling this topic is gonna strike a serious nerve for many lurkers and simps alike and is we are gonna have another round of anti-truthers to try to de-frame us here 😡

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      • Because they are black women and white men who happen to vote Democrat in every election. Oh, they know that the thinking black man is leaving the plantation and so too is the white woman.

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    • @Carnio

      Odds on @d1ckh38d using the following racist language:

      Coon: Evens
      Uncle Tom: 4/3
      Sambo: 16/4
      Misogynoir: 3/4 on
      Black woman is god: 35/1 outsider

      Place your bets!

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  7. Gene April 18, 2018 at 23:22
    Coming out of lurk mode.


    It shouldn’t be that hard to understand where 3r1istruth is coming from even if you disagree that’s fine but no need to be obtuse or disingenuous. I would like to think that everyone here is better than that considering I’ve learned a lot from this site.


  8. You will also notice that these churches are basically the only “black business” that these black women support. Anything constructive or “building” (as they love to bring up) they are deadset against, but throwing money up a wild goose’s ass with these pastors is one of their favorite pastimes, as it usually involves their other, dick.

    Now, they say that these churches are filled because of entertainment, but I honestly have a hard time imagining that due to the sheer length of these drawn out, boring ass services. There’s nothing I hate more than attending these churches, namely black ones as they appeal to the overly emotional nature of black people, namely black women. This is seen in how, just like black women and this site’s resident simpanzee parasites, they JUST DON’T END.

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    • This!

      Even I hated how long they were. When I went to an all white church, it was stright to the point and we went out on our way. but when it came to black churches, most espcially if it was a female black pastor, it feels like forever! I remember once we had a 6 hour service when it was only suppose to be around an hour and a half! also, did you ever have female black pastors? ever noticed They are practically the SAME as ghetto street rats!? They ALSO crack their necks, speak and sound very masculine, and are look very violent!

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      • The last two times I went to an all black church was when I was about 10 in the Caribbean when I was visiting my grandparents, and another time when I was 15 because my parents dragged me there against my will. I see nothing has changed; a group of weaved up parasitic black bitches, hollering and screaming “praising Jesus”, and asking to be forgiven for their sins for a few hours to only to talk shit and fight afterwards at the cookout (usually in the back or downstairs weather permitting). So many terrible memories.

        The only good one was when my father was so annoyed by everyone and everything during the second time, me and him left with my uncle (his younger brother) and cousin and went to eat in peace after the service back at their place while watching a football game. My mother and my uncles wife tried yelling at us after the cookout, but that was shut down with a quickness with nothing more than a look.

        This is one of the reasons why I’m pretty much an atheist and much more spiritual than religious (there’s a huge difference between the two).

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      • Stephen,

        I tend to find that the number one way black folks lose their faith in God is through attending church, the main part of the imprint and damage normally occurring in their youth as a result of being forced to participate in these marathon bread and circus monkey shows put on by the institutional church beast minstrel mc concerned.

        Its a very sad state of affairs what goes on in these crumbling cathedrals of mockery in 2018. These modern day black churches in my opinion are only fit for for the mentally unstable because nobody of sound mind can look at what goes on in your average black church ie entertainment center and declare such practices as normal. These pastors have a lot to answer for, don’t worry, their recompense is coming down the pike, you can take that to the bank.

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      • @Verbs
        “I tend to find that the number one way black folks lose their faith in God is through attending church, the main part of the imprint and damage normally occurring in their youth as a result of being forced to participate in these marathon bread and circus monkey shows put on by the institutional church beast minstrel mc concerned.

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      • @ Verbs
        Sorry for the double post, I was quoting you and it posted.
        But yeah man you are right. Sitting through those black church services was anger inducing for me as a teenager. I can see how many young BM leave religion after in their youth being forced to attend services in a church run by hoodrats and hypocrites.

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      • James S,

        Yep, many folks mistakenly believe that going through the same cracker jack, tap dancing ritual every Sunday is the way to connect with with the Most High, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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  9. This great post just goes to show you how much of a sheeple blacks are! It’s almost like they have no brain capacity to think for themselves or question anything! I tell you they are the most conformist groups in the world!! Verbs, had you not posted those articles for me to read I would had NEVER believed you!

    As much as I complain about my mother, It is really a blessing in disguise that I was never close to her and cut her out of my life!!!! I probably would have been no different from these guys as We use to go to these kind of churches when I was little.

    Even when forced to go to these churches, My BS dector was always on as I had always question everyone around me. Have you ever seen this video?:

    You can clearly see this is just an act and people eat this up like fried chicken! I found another video of him and the dude is STILL gay! This is why I never trust ANYONE on the face value that one claims they are christian. Even if they happen to do read the bible and can call out versus pretty well. You just cannot trust them!

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    • When I was young. I always saw churches like this!

      The reason why I am showing this video is no disrepect to anyone. But one of the biggest red flags I always had on adult black women since I was 8 or 9 was how fat black women love to talk about how they are sick, in pain, overweight etc etc. yet when it came to churches, they would do moon walks, cartwheels, backflips, running faster than the high school football team!!!!

      If there was anything that made me go angnostics it’s because of the sneakly, slithering, lying, double standard, mind controlling, hypocrocies of these kind of churches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • That is some BULLSHIT! That literally could’ve played on MTV as a music video for US3 and no one would’ve known the ****ing difference.

        It’s amazing how, especially in the south, running around the pews like you’re training for cross country was seen as the highest spiritual achievement possible.

        Now, white folks have these churches too, but notice that those are almost always backwoods/country/hillbilly white people who are inbred as hell themselves.

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      • Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thats the funniest damn thing I have ever seen. These people have made a laughing stock of religion.

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    • Carnio,

      Agreed, from what people who have freed themselves from the homosexual lifestyle have stated, that spirit of homosexuality is not an easy one to shake off at all as it entrenches itself very deep within one’s soul. In 2018 these church homosexuals have no reason to be delivered because the churches they attend refuse to hold them accountable for their reprobate lifestyles. I hated going to church and later on down the line the Most High revealed to me the reasons why, he simply isn’t in these places, however I know of another entity who actually is.

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    • I’ve aowats found it funny when blacks claim to be so creative and that everyone ends is stealing from them. There’s no bigger group of sheeple, as well as just uncreative folks than black people.

      Look at the media that black folk consume and create: carbon copies! That’s why I think it was so stupid and disingenuous when blacks complained about Bruno Mars “culturally appropriating” them. Black people do not even create the style of music he was taking from anymore, which just goes to show how I literally believe rap messed black folks up, at least creatively. Similarly, as I’ve mentioned before, black Women no longer sing themselves, just rapping like the men. The only black Women you see singing any type of soul music are mixed women like Corinne Bailey Rae, Alicia Keys, Izzy Bizu, and Amber Marks. Conversely, there are now white and Jewish women like Jesse Glynne and Meghan Trainor who are taking over the soul game, now having on lock down a sound that black women used to hold exclusive.

      Look at the movies/books black folks read and write: always race baiting or something about slavery. And black women (who are just trying to get dicked down by white men) have the nerve to claim “there’s no black fantasy/sci-fi!!!” I wonder why?!

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    • This looks like a modern day minstrel show. Reminds me of this old rascist cartoon.

      White folks dont even have to make this kind of sh!t anymore. Foolish negroes are doing it for them in church.


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  10. The main reason why most of these black women support these churches monetarily and in every way possible is because it gives them an ‘out’ or an excuse for being the lying, vindictive ,deceitful, whores that most of them are.
    In the minds of black women anything they do is acceptable because the ‘Lord’ forgives them. A black woman can have 30 abortions, call the police on her husband or boyfriend for no other reason than her being vindictive, hey black women can have sex with multiple men while she is married, a black woman can lie about everything she does, and in heart evil disgusting mind all is forgiven because she ‘believes in the L-RD’, and she faithfully attends church on Sunday.
    Black women do all manner of evil and in their mind it’s perfectly acceptable because nothing they can do is ever wrong. Black women love to say ‘ I know the L-rd loves me’, ‘ I I know I’m forgiven’, ‘ Only the L-RD can judge me’, ‘ You ain’t God’, ‘ I know I’m saved’, etc, etc ,etc …..
    Black women love to go to the ‘God excuse’ to somehow excuse their disgusting, vicious, vile, combative,evil, deceitful nature. This idea of ‘I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and nobody is gonna tell me otherwise’ is the reason why the so-called black community is in complete and utter chaos.
    From the time Black children are born they watch their mothers lie, cheat, deceive, fight, and do everything and anything they want to without ever being stopped or questioned about this ridiculous behavior. But because black women go to church on Sunday every negative thing that they do is supposed to just be swept under the rug, overlooked, and forgotten because they are allegedly saved, and they are allegedly children of God.
    Very interesting how black women do the most disgusting deceitful evil things on the planet earth and nobody is supposed to say a word about it, but a black man can take a picture with a Whitewoman and all hell breaks loose.
    Please keep me as far away from the majority black people. I’m 42 and I was talking to a younger black male who was about 22 years of age. This simple stupid ass Nigro was actually trying to tell me that the black woman is God, that human beings wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for black women, Black women are equal to Blackmen and in many cases is superior to Blackmen, and anything a black man could do a black woman could also do.
    This is what these mentally ill single black women are raising. A group of effeminate stupid women worshiping clowns who wouldn’t know what a real man was if he got punched in the face by one. Pathetic.

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    Press: Chief mrs verbs what exactly is the crime that the accused is being pursued on?

    Chief mrs verbs: the accused is wanted for questioning for unauthorized use of his genitalia

    Press: has the accused beeen formerly charged with any crime

    Chief mrs verbs: no, no at this time the accused is only wanted for questioning of violating an sysbm law enforcement code

    Press: what code exactly

    Chief mrs verbs: sysbm penis code 69 unauthorized use of genitalia without my consent

    Press: how did you hear of the allegations against the accused

    Chief mrs verbs: my lead detective, det. Carino, informed on my previous article of the violation. Are you negroes of the press to lazy to research my previous articles

    Press: is the accused considered dangerous

    Chief mrs verbs: we can’t say, he could have an erection so we urge all citizens of sysbm to penis police him with caution, no further questions at this time

    ROFL, I mean can anyone truly take these guys serious at this point

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      • Schadenfreude,

        I blocked him, had enough of his lurking in the shadows, taking pot shots at others while hiding your own feelings and beliefs nonsense. The dude told on himself. There is only so long that these guys can keep their true motives and intentions hidden. Like the black women that raised them eventually the onslaught of truth concerning their black queans will trigger them where they will reveal their true hand.


  12. Good post Verbs.
    My mother was Catholic and my father was baptist, but I was raised in the Catholic Church. Even though I’m not very religious and don’t go to church much anymore if I was FORCED to pick the Catholic church or the Black Baptist church I would pick Catholic every time. The failings of the Catholic Church are well known and inexcusable, but at least they own it and apologize. The damage done to the Black community by the modern day buffoon fest know as the black baptist church is large and many people don’t even talk about the dysfunction there. Thankfully many BM see it for what it is and avoid the black church.

    When I was younger and my dad’s side of the family would have a function we would go to his family’s church and I used to HATE it. The black baptist church services used to go on for multiple hours and the Catholic services that I was used to only lasted 45-60 min. I remember getting legit angry as a teenager because we would be in there for HOURS. True story, at my dad’s church there was a board on the wall showing the name of the person that tithed the highest amount at the last service and how much they gave. lol

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      • “and no one thought that that was sure sign of a charlatan house?”
        I was a teenager and way younger than most of the people in there and even I saw that that was messed up.

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    • James S,

      Thanks bro. The tithe, yet another deceptive issue I’ve dealt with in the church beast book aswell as on the website. You’re right, the so called “boring” churches are the best ones in terms of being straight forward without all of the frills and the razzmatazz attached.

      This is why I refer to the overwhelming majority of these black churches as entertainment centers, 3, 4, 5 and 6 hour church services, sounds more like the club scene to me.

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  13. Let’s be honest I’m not suprised those women in Africa fell for the pastor lie about getting naked. We have all been to Africa and people in Africa are not that bright their is a iq problem in Africa we all know that.

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  14. My mother forced me to go to church and man, the pastor dragged on for hours on end. Worse, my uncle who’s a pastor had sex with many women in his church and actually got some of them pregnant. The church board found out and they did not take his license at all but then again, I realize that they themselves were doing the exact same thing. Some women at my job told me that their fathers who are pastors were married to other women and that their Mom’s were side pieces.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Yep, the modern day black church, nothing but a cesspool of filth and degeneracy, at this stage I really don’t see why these pastors still remain ultra secretive concerning the amount of women they are dicking down in the congregation, what secret, the majority of the folks in the congregation already know exactly what is going on.

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    • The modern black community is Sodom and Gomorrah and it is fully concentrated in the black church. Side piece culture is despicable and most women would be ashamed to admit that they are side pieces, except for black women.

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  15. I knew many girls in high school bragged about having sex in the church and with the deacons. Some of these female First Ladies were getting piped down by the pastors right hand man and the building fund manager. Ah man, the black church is a sham.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The real problem tends to be those who use faiths for their own gain which ultimately ends up being to the detriment of others. Christ promoted freedom and an individual’s right to free thought.

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      • THIS!

        I am agnostics, (not atheist) for this EXACT reason. You made a post a lonng time ago that said that each and every indivual need to find the most high on their OWN, not depend on church or a pastor! I agree with you soooo much! The pure thought and mind control is the bigeest reason why I am against not just christianity, but all religion. The Muslims here all do the exact same thing as the chrisitans. The Buddists also do the same thing but to a lesser extent. It is all to mind coontroll the masses and to chain those who have the ability to think.

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    • @Blackbritishguy

      I don’t adhere to any religion either. I consider myself “secular”. To be secular means that 1) a person does not believe in supernatural beings, entities, or realms, 2) a person does not engage in religious behaviors, and 3) a person does not identify as religious and is not a member of a religious community.

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    • I do believe in God. I consider myself to be a spiritual person, and I take whatever wisdom the bible (from those who truly understand it, like @Verbs) offers. But I don’t go to church. Waste of time.

      I’ve manage to avoid the black churches. In fact we didn’t know they existed until a family member got lured into one, driving their congregation up and down without paying for fuel, attending all these “love feasts” and people telling them to junk items that “bring bad luck”. Not to mention the harassment… Mind fuckery at its most subtle.

      Have you noticed (in London) these black churches lease school halls, or have bought out an ex-cinema building? With whose money??

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      • Michel,

        Case and point right here, a typical mega church bread and circus monkey show entertainer who did exactly what you stated, purchased an old cinema spot in East London in order to set up yet another branch of his cartel. I remember when said dude was in Stratford but got his backside booted from the site to make way for Westfield shopping center:

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      • It seems like we’re going to have to stock up on futuristic weapons and armors( e.g the TALOS project being done by the US military) to protect ourselves when the forces of hell use the so-called black churches and hoods to invade Planet Earth.

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  16. There are so many things I’d rather do then be caught dead going to a black church on Sunday. I do not have the patience or time to look and listen to these obese, nasty hypocritical cockroaches that are black women praise God and ask to be forgiven for their sins, only to then turn around and commit the same things they just repented for not even 24 hours later.

    Not to go off topic, but last night while watching Infinity War, after the movie started of course a group of weaved up loud mouth black bitches and their simp boyfriends, came in and was annoying as fuck. Every time Wakanda was brought up, every time they said black panther, these rejects stood up and were greeting each other like they do in the movie. Screaming Wakanda forever, and overall wouldn’t shut the fuck up until they were yelled at by the staff. Seriously??? Goes to show you how insecure and small minded most of them are. Sorry, just a rant that was just insanely annoying.

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    • Stephen that’s why you have to go to the movies in non black areas. I also saw the movie last night and people responded to accordingly to jokes and action but not being loud as hell every single time and just talking throughout the movie.

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    • Stephen, the irony is simple-minded slave negroes like the ones at the movie theater you mentioned were part of the reason Wakanda stayed hidden to outsiders. The minute they let an angry, hip-hop American ghetto nigga into Wakanda, he tried to kill the king, usurp the throne, and burnt the herbs to the ground. You notice as of Infinity War, Wakanda had the holographic force field back up. Haha.

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  17. From my experience everytime that happens at the movies its always some ghetto black people doing it. I remeber once there was a BM talking on his phone during the movie and when the manager came to ask him to be quiet he threw a fit (tell tale sign of a bastard who was raised by a single mom). This grown man started shouting out “Cant nobody tell me to be quiet” etc. until he was escorted out. Under the BW matriarchy the kids being raised grow up to be dumb, emotionally unstable, hoodrats and man children.

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  18. White women hate black men too. Look at the white women that railroaded Bill Cosby. You coons still think white women love black men. They never did. They never will. They exsanguinated Bill Cosby and they would exsanguinate black men that they see as threats to the white power structure. All in the work for white men. Yeah… there are fucked up black women… but white women are out for blood against black men and you SYSBM’s are not smart enough to know it.


    • D3 you do realize that the woman who went to court against Cosby was black and some of the accusers were black as well. Now I don’t have no love for any women pushing this feminist propaganda but it was not just White women out to get Cosby it was also black women and white men as well

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      • Andrea Constand is a white woman. I am well aware that there are black women that are poisoned by these cracker women and I do not deny that there were black women out to destroy Bill cosby.

        White men… of course… hate black men too. He… the white man… is the one that set black men up. He… the white man… is the main conspirator against black men. He couldn’t have been this successful without white women co-signing this shit. They both created feminism and finessed black women into believing that black men are obsolete and a fair amount of black women fell for that and they get used until they are used up and hurled at just like their black men.


    • NO ONE in this universe hates black men more than black women. White women, KKK, Neo-Nazis, White supremists do not hate black men no where NEAR as bad as black women.

      White women are far more kind and caring to black men than black women would ever be to their own children. White women do not bash black men on national televsion. White women do not act no where near as masculine and aggressive and beat up black men unlike black women. White women do not abort black children anywhere near the rate of black women. White men own black women. So, as a result, we are trading black women with white women (Asian for me) from white men.

      White women has shown time again that they are far more relationship worthy to black men than any black women anywhere can show. Why do you deny this??

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      • Carnio…

        That is a big FAT lie.

        White women hate black men with a passion. Why do you think black men have a hard time world wide?

        To even insinuate for a moment that white women are any more caring to black men is disingenuous at best and delusional at worst. I seen plenty of white women put black men on blast and even if they didn’t… they still do that evil shit to black men behind closed doors. White women do not have to act masculine. They just get their white men to annihilate black men. Black women beat up on black men when it is warranted when black men do wrong by them. What is wrong with that? White men own pretty much everything. That is why their tactics have been so effective against black people. Asian people are just like white people in their hatred towards blacks.

        That is why I deny the idea that whites and Asians are any more caring than black women about the black man’s plight.


      • Everything you say here are flat out lies!

        Black women beat on black men ALL THE TIME! Black women are NOT warranted to beat on black men because all men are NEVER allowed to beat on black men! Why can black women beat on black men but not the other way around? Double standards at it’s finest! This does not happen when it comes to white women! White women do not try to over power or raise their hand to black men. But black women seem to think they have a 13 penis and can butt sex men anytime they please while black men are expected to take up with pleasure!

        NO you lie. White women do not hate black men. Maybe the toothless red neck, hill bullies that live in the swamp somewhere that skinny dip with crocodiles might but it is certainly not true for the majority! White women are far more caring to black men than black women could EVER imagine!
        How do I know this? Their actions! When father and sons gets in a fight they tell another ” I HATE YOU”. But the father still provides finance, advice, a place to stay etc. The son takes care of the father, runs errands etc. They may have “said” they hate another but their actions contradict their claims. If they true hate another, they would destroy another or simply disown eachother. Just because white women say they don’t like black men does not mean it’s true. After all. Black men are NOT allowed to be with white women and White women are not allowed to like black men. So in order to avoid social conflict they “have ” to say they don’t. Many white women in the US had told me they secretly love black men with a passion but they know black women, other non black women and White men would not want to hear it! Even Eastern European women here in the easy hemisphere love and want to have sex with black men! And they are VERY open about it!

        Just because you say you saw a white women get nasty with black women, does not prove anything. I can say that I saw a Chinese man cure AIDS by handstanding. Unless you probe to me your claims I’m going to claim BS. Stop with your paranoia of evil white women! Why don’t you go have sex with one and see for yourself?

        Look, Go get your self a white women, and have sex with her. Then, and only then will you see the true light of SYSBM!

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    • You are just mad because YOU cannot have a white women and some of us can! It pisses you off! to the max!Once again, The Simp who is extremely jealous of us SYSBM because we are kissing non-black women has returned! Remember you told me in the other comment section how much it makes you sick to see black men kiss and make out with non black women?

      Take a look at THESE SYSBM!:



      Take a look all these wonder Black men and Asian couples! These are truly happy black men! Does that piss you off? here is some more!:

      Here are a list of youtube channels featuring black men and Asian women:


      and a list of movies:


      This has been a thing for many decades:\\


      Lastly, Out of ALL interracial couples. Black men with Asian Women have one of the lowest Divorce rates, even within same race marriages:


      How does it feel to know that SYSBM have options and CAN and WILL take those options and there is nothing that you or the shrekettes of blackistan can do about it!?

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      • Carnio…

        Asian women that like black men are an exception… not the rule.

        Black men that like anyone other than black women are rare… even with those that do not subscribe to Jason Black’s teachings to black power.

        I am not worried one bit about who you SYSBM’s fuck. I’m worried about how black men will thrive in this world.


      • Once again you tell lies!

        There is a great many of number of Asian girls that love black men. And no….. I am not talking about the hip hop ones either. I am talking any kind of Asian girl! Your punk rockers, traditionals, your Kpop girls, your super hot model looking ones and the list are endless. Dude. How the fuck are you going to tell me when I LIVE in an Asian country? I been to 3 other countries in Asia and you only live in America! How the fuck do you know anything more than a person who interacts with Asian girls daily? Same goes for White women! How the fuck do you know about how European women are when you’ve probably never even met one in your life? European women and Asian women Like black men very much, and I know this because they flat out tell me when I never ask them! Why is it when I walk the streets of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and china, Asian girls and some European girls, whistle, bark and make noises to get my attention to tell me I am sexy? This is an everyday thing and happens all the time! It happens so much that I have to wear a mask because at times the attention is just too damn much!
        They most certainly wouldn’t be doing this if they “hate” black men. You are so full of SHIT pulling lies out of your ass!

        Just because some blacks die somewhere does not mean the whole population wants to look blacks! Not only that! You seem to ignore the biggest danger to all black men, OTHER BLACK MEN! NO ONE in the world is more dangerous and high risk to black men then BLACK MEN! Not even ISIS members are that dangerous to black men then black men! Yet you want to point at some black guy who got dumped by his Greek girlfriend and say that all white women are sluts, whites and hate black men!

        Black men, Like all of us here in SYSBM, do not fuck with black women at all! This is not rare! Is quite the opposite! MANY black men are cutting off the tape women that is black women and are instead chasing Sakura, Maria or Becky. Those three girls make great girlfriends to black men and you know this! You just can’t accept it because you hate the idea that we can get something you can’t! You said you don’t care who black men fuck. Then why did you tell me that it makes you sick and disgusting to see black men kiss non black women? Why did you tell me that you hate it when black men swirl. So which is it? Do you hate black men for chasing only non black women or you Don’t care?

        Look, I don’t care for White women. I love Asian women. But it still pisses me off when you spread bullSHIT propaganda about white women hating black men. Nothing could be further from the truth! stop trying to Cockblock black men from chasing white women! MANY black men are meant to be with white women! Why can’t you see this? Why are you playing God in other people’s lives? Black men are GOING to be with white women weither you like it not. Black men are GOING to be with Asian women wether you like it or not! Stop saying you don’t care what black men do but then spread B.S. about how much white/Asian women want a black concentration camp for black men! Stop spreading forced incel culture and let them be! Then you wonder why there are so many MGTOWs/SYSBM/and “Black women Bashers”!!

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    • @d1ckh38d

      Look everybody,the simpanzee learned a new word: “exsanguinate”. Well done, chimp.

      We’re paying out for “Coon” at evens.

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    • Ah the simpanzee comes out of hiding, and even using new words… If he was being honest (not likely), he would know that black whores have exsanguinated more black men in the last 50 or so years than white peolke ever could. But he’s punch drunk of stank ass black whores, and will never admit to any of their many shortcomings.

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  19. I think I’m going to go hide in the woods, because white women are out to get me.Will these brain dead negro idiots ever understand that all this ‘white women are going to get you’ isn’t going to stop black men and white women from being together in relationships?
    Bill Cosby a very wealthy celebrity, was accused of a sex crime by a group of women looking for a payday, and this is supposed to mean white women are out for my blood as a black man?
    These buffoons really believe this ‘evil white woman who lives to destroy the lives of black men’ garbage is going to stop black men from seeking happiness with women who actually know how to be women, and treat men decently and respectfully.
    Will these pro black idiots ever stop with this stupidity? Honestly I don’t think they ever will. What a bunch of morons.

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    • The thing is, They are just using white women as a scape goat. I am sure that he was sleeping with other races of women, including black ones, too and they accused him too. Yet some how some way , all of that just went completey one ear and out the other! I have argued with pro-blacks that told me that black men should instead be with single black mothers or stay an incel and do not ever be with white women. Even if said white women could make that black man the happiest black man in the world because it is for the sake of black society.

      They are just trying to trap black men into parasiting relationships in so that pro=blacks, Church mafia and black women can put their dirty hands in his pants ($) along with being their janitor. They KNOW if black men do find true happiness with white (non black ) women, then they have literally NO security and will be left off to die off!

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      • More like forced incel culture! It’s not like people don’t want to be in relationships, it’s outside factors that is causing people to become Incels. for example, the dick police, cock blockers, and men with dick monopoly to which we see that is in-your-face when it comes to pro-blacks (and BW).

        When I was in america, I would always get attention form white and asian girls and always talk to them. but then I would be cock blocked like it was nobodys business! Black men, Black women and white men made it their sheer mission to stop me from talking to, most especially, white girls!

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    • @Bill Smith

      Sadly, it isn’t just pro-wacks and simps saying that. Thinking black men are also starting to jump on this.

      Brian Solonge in that Obsidian live stream said the same thing, regarding Cosby. The “white bitch is one step above the black woman”. The elite have been gunning for Bill Cosby for decades, because #MeToo got a hold of him, it’s because of that “white bitch”. Solonge let himself down with that, IMO.

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      • Agreed. Some of these guys who claim to be about truth, are beginning to sound like these pro black clowns. I heard Brian say that, and I like the guy, but that was just bullshit.

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  20. Within the last twenty years or so there’s been a rise in the number of women pastors and ministers and especially black ones and the ones I hear preaching on the radio seems to focus on sex for some reason. I can tell in a way they revel in their past but quickly mention how God (Jesus) saved them from sin. Lol. And don’t let this women preacher be pretty or have a charming personality. You can get sucked up in her rapture and not realize it.

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  21. I got a lady friend who’s a prophetess along with her husband who’s a prophet on FB who told me some years back that a few women preachers despite her being married for around 30 years would offer themselves up for lesbian laisons. Sufficed to say I wasn’t shocked. It just proved to me what I knew already.

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  22. The black church is the biggest brothel in the black community hey simps I have a solution to your not getting pussy problem to the women you are always simping out for. All you simps have to do is join the black church become a member of the congregation you will get all the black pussy you want you numbskulls. The black church is at the Mount Everest of buffoonery in the black community.

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  23. @3r1istruth is there a reason you’re still harping on something that happened 3 or 4 articles ago?

    Brotha Let it go……

    All that is doing is causing pointless drama leave those type of shenanigans to the females.

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    • @Afro

      I’m surprised and disappointed in that even amongst this small coalition of brothers, the same simp talking points keep getting perpetuated. Even Kid Organic referred to Tiffany Jolene as a “dirty wigger”.

      I get it, brothers need to be careful around women especially in this climate, however when the spectre of “dem wheit bitchezz got gitya killed, look at OJ, Kobe, Emmett Till, Cosby, Bakari Henderson, Stephon Clark etc.” gets raised by men who should know better makes me want to shun ALL Black men altogether.

      The white woman is the pro-black’s boogeyman.

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      • Yeah at the end up the day the sheer numbers beat Cosby out.

        However, like I said, do you think Weinstein will suffer half as much? And besides this prominent celebrity black guy, where are the numerous cases of black men being put in child support or thrown in jail over false rape charges by non-black women at? Even pro-blacks have to go all the way back to Emmett till.

        At the end of the day, I will say that #metoo and any other feminist fallout from it is on the white man’s hands. Black men SHOULD blame whitey for that, as opposed to seeing him as an ally.

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      • Kid Organic lost points with me when he started calling black men who he disagrees with pussies, white men sperm donors, and all this other garbage that weak, effeminate brain dead negro clowns resort to when they get emotional about the opinions of of other men.
        The majority of these guys who claim to be strong men, are really just weak clowns who use the same tactics black women do when they get upset. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

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      • You know what? I actually agree with KidO to a degree. I am not saying I want daggles, but we are speaking of American White women. Many of them are shit starters. Does not mean they are all like that; but there is a major difference between American and non-American White women such as Canadian, European, Latin American, Australian, etc.

        One thing I noticed about White women from non-American nations is they treat you like a person. They’re not clutching their purses or seeing you like a walking dildo. I mean they speak with you as a human, whether they like to date and marry out or not. That is my two cents.

        And as for Tiffany Jolene, even being married to a Black man did not stop her from disrespecting Black men and going viral in news articles like the conservative minded new York Post.

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      • @Michel @afrofuturism1 You have Shines on YouTube drawing inferences from a fictional film called new Avengers: Infinity War movie to sway(i.e.fearmongering) black men to beware of “Becky” when dating interracially. Man, I’ll tell these pro-blacks and simps have taking their superstitious behavior have to a whole new level.


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      • @ExposingTheEmperor @TheAmazingSecularist

        We all knew that Tiffany Jolene post was bullshit from start to end, promoted by the BBBs as a desperate attempt to stop the flow of brothers ditching the plantation for greener fields… and it was written by a BBB.

        Yes, she shat on the brothers, but she still took black dick twice, and begged for her safety from the rabid BBBs that would eventually turn on her, LIKE WE ALL SAID ON HERE! Never make friends with the BBB.

        I’m not saying white/asian/latina girls are flawless (who the hell said that anyway?), and brothers do need to choose carefully when dealing with ANY kind of woman… but seriously, “dem wheit gurls gon git ya!” shit is not working. 35% rate in the US, 55% in the UK. It’s worldwide,and it’s only going to grow bigger.


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      • exposingtheemperor,

        Agreed. I don’t like to say this but many blk men are stuck on stupid when it comes to white women. They give them a status they do not earn, do not deserve, and cannot live up to.

        The first red pill lesson a man has to learn about women(ALL women!), is to STOP FAWNING OVER THEM!!! Stop putting women up on a pedestal! Black, white, latina, asian, etc. Stop it for f#cks sake!

        I’m just starting to get my personal situation back in order. And I’m getting back in the saddle again as far as scoping for females now that the weather is warming up. I don’t trip over them and they give me attention regardless.

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      • exposingtheemperor,

        This is not meant to cause offense, and is not directed towards anyone. It is meant to give us all a little pause, especially some of the younger more inexperienced posters. But being desperate for the panties of a particular race of females makes us look WEAK. SIMP-like. Desperate. It swells the heads of those females and makes it more difficult to get the ones who are actually attractive and in shape. We generally don’t have a realistic idea of how we come off to women. So many blk men are seen as “thirsty”, because so many of us actually are. Sad but true. No matter how many times blk men are told how much of a turnoff it is to white women when they are so desperate for white flesh, many blk men simply refuse to read the memo.

        It seems to be totally lost on black men, arab men, asian and hapa men, and particularly on beta cuck white men, that fawning over white women has blown their egos totally out of proportion. It makes them think they are worth more than they really are. It also makes it harder for any man (ourselves included) to actually get with them. For every white woman who gives you the time of day, their are much better looking ones who will not even look twice in your direction. No matter how good your “game”is. The “All the white girls are giving me play!” line is bullshit. And you all know it. Whether we admit or not.

        Our preferences are our preferences. But white women are not the only women the world. Many white women secretly believe that their shit doesn’t stink. And there seems to be an army of thirsty males (particularly asians/happas and blacks) who are eager to reinforce this delusion. There are many other females in the world who are cleaner, nicer, more wholesome, and just as attractive if not more so. From asians to indians to latinas…

        For all those who fetishize white women: this may seem counter-intuitive, but blk men as a whole stand a much better chance at getting the ones WE ACTUALLY WANT, rather than settling for the ones we were able to get when we stop putting them up on a pedestal. This goes both for marriage/longterm relationships and casual flings.

        I find some white girls attractive also, but I never forget that they wipe their asses with the same toilet paper that I have at my house.

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      • @Xstopalopoketl

        My thoughts exactly.

        I’m not going to write an essay, just know that Black men (by virtue of being masculine) already have enough game to attract White/Latina/Asian girls without the need to be “thirsty”.

        Also if such a woman fetishises you, why not take advantage? Not every woman you date is a wifey…

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      • Michel,

        Yeah. I had to learn the hard way years ago about not being overly “pressed” about them. Just got to get your self in shape and be confident. There are tons of Asians, latinas, & white girls near me and they are all starting to dress skimpy for spring/summer. I’m already getting prepped for summer. Just started working out again.

        Black whores are checking me out too, but I avoid them like bill collectors.

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  24. Definition of fornication

    : consensual (see consensual 2) sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other — compare adultery

    Mrs verbs says:
    Remember, these are the same pastors who attempt to control and in many cases muzzle natural sexual function by purposely continuing to perpetuate the unbiblical fabrication that the word fornication equates to pre-marital sex. I specifically dealt with this lie in the church beast book as well as in an article I wrote on the topic way back in August 2011, the link to that article can be seen

    This Mrs verbs thinks that when she writes an article it is the writing of a supreme being. It is my humble opinion that Mrs verbs suffers from “NARCISSISM” I think mrs verbs has written so many articles and he has a cult following which has caused his ego to massively inflate. How else could you explain a man redefining of a word based off his writings. Have you seen any of the cult members say I may not care that I fornicate but the definition is the definition.

    This is the reason I refuse to identify with any group, I except any truth for the truth it is regardless of who says it. I can’t be ibmor, mgtow, mra, sysbm or any group not mentioned because I will not allow anyone to lord over me with lies just so I can feel like I belong.


  25. Gentlemen,

    It seems that the parasite known as 3r1istruth is attempting to challenge me with regards to the true definition of the word fornication, therefore allow me to demonstrate just how much of a sheep and a numbskull this energy vampire is.

    Remember what I stated in my church beast book, how there are two definitions of the word fornication, the biblical definition(which is the only definition that is relevant and that matters) and the pastor’s definition(the false definition which he/she uses to sexually control and sexually frustrate his/her congregation).

    Matthew 19:9 reads:

    19:9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away HIS WIFE, except it be for FORNICATION, and shall marry another , committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.

    There you go folks, it’s written in plain black and white, Christ told MARRIED MEN that they could only DIVORCE their WIVES under the circumstance of fornication, therefore how can fornication equate to pre marital sex when clearly according to the words of Christ himself, people who are already married can also be fornicators?

    You see how dumb this guy is, he is your quintessential institutional church beast congregation idiot, he just like the rest of them can never demonstrate OUT OF THE BIBLE ITSELF that fornication means “pre marital sex”, yet these are the same shoe shiners who would claim to follow the book.

    This is what you typical church beast member does, they will show you the word fornication in the scriptures but then immediately fall upon the pastor’s definition of that same word. They don’t read the bible for themselves nor can they think and reason for themselves either.

    The BIBLICAL definition of the word fornication is as follows:

    Promiscuity and sex that is contrary to nature(homosexuality, lesbianism, paedophilia, incest, bestiality).

    I have a serious problem with those who cannot think and reason for themselves, I also despise deceivers like the parasite who seek to turn others away from the truth, who profusely criticise others while at the same time hide their own personal convictions, philosophies and beliefs.

    As I told you in my church beast book, most of these institutional church congregation bootlickers do not follow Christ at all, rather they follow their pastors and treat them as celebrities and gods. Now, I’ve only used one scripture to demonstrate the biblical definition of the word fornication, in the church beast book and the article I’ve posted I give many more which prove the biblical definition I’ve written above is indeed correct.

    Some black men are simply jealous of the fact that there are other black men out there who hold more knowledge and truth than they do, however rather than keep their mouths shut and learn from those individuals they instead turn into angry, bitter and scorned harpies resorting to name calling and mislabelling those wiser fellows out of a frustrated heart, pathetic!

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  26. 1 Corinthians 7:1 – 2
    1. Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man to not touch a woman. 2. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

    1 Corinthians 7:9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

    Here me might cult members, I am mrs verbs, bow before me, for I have written an article on that.


    • 3r1istruth aka Numbskull,

      You continue to show just how dumb and a non thinker you really are, when you read the above verses(1 Corinthians 7:1-2) properly without skimming through them and you look at certain key words within those scriptures, maybe the rusty cogs in you head will begin turning.

      I’ve already dealt with those same scriptures in the book along side a host of others. Paul is not contradicting Christ, Christ is the authority here in case you have forgotten.


      The key words I speak of in those scriptures above are “his own” and ” her own”. I’m sure you can figure things out from there unlike the numbskull energy vampire here. It’s doesn’t say have “a wife” and “a husband”, it says “HIS OWN WIFE, HER OWN HUSBAND”. That means not everyone else’s wife and husband which goes right back to promiscuous behaviour and adultery.

      Let this bootlicker continue to dig a deeper pit for himself. Do you see how these church beast members pull out the scriptures that seem to fit their narrative, yet completely ignore those that don’t?

      I mean if fornication equates to pre-matial sex then why would Christ clearly show us that married folks can also be fornicators? Notice how this bootlicking minstrel failed to deal with that question.

      As I stated before, fornication has its own separate definition, it has nothing to do with marriage though married people can be deemed fornicators if they engage in behaviours that fit that bill. Brother, never allow church beast pastors and their flunky brain dead followers to muzzle your sexuality with faulty and repressive doctrines.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs

        It may be time to wield the ban hammer on Peckham’s own Arthur Daley here. He’s lured you into communicating with it, using the bible as irresistible bait.

        It’s best to let the animal starve.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Michel,

        Bro, you’re right and there are quite a few reasons besides what you mentioned why the dude needs to get the boot. He’ll be banished to the phantom zone shortly.

        Liked by 3 people

  27. This guy talks about female energy but keeps coming back to a place where he is not welcome and himself finds unpleasant. On top of that, he goes around referring to another man Mrs. to show disrespect, in actuality only bringing it to himself.

    You don’t see us going on madamenoire all day just because we dislike them. Never disturb a man/woman in their home or a beast in its den. Leave them be, lest you act worse than them.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      Like Michel you’re right too. These effeminate dudes roll up into heterosexual thinking black men’s spaces, get triggered by the healthy masculine, authoritative energy and then in the same manner as the black Jezebel immediately attempt to run their emasculation witchcraft by referring to us in female terms. I let the dude get away with it for a few times believing that he would redeem himself, however with these psychologically castrated, lotionised type black men, you’ll have more chance of squeezing blood from a stone than them seeing the error of their ways and changing for the better.

      I don’t really enjoy banning folks because I don’t wish to replicate the ultra censorship of popular social media platforms, however I acknowledge that occasionally folks who go out of their way to be disrespectful are going to have to get the hard boot.

      Liked by 4 people

  28. I’m surprised so many Brothas here are so pro-Cosby, given his pro black female, anti- Black Men rants. I recommend you all should read his commencement address to Spelman University, in 2006 when he told black females they were going to have to lead the Black community because the men were incapable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Immortal Logic,

      I’m pro not sending a man to prison based upon the lying words of rotten wenches looking for a free meal ticket. It is acknowledged that he may have made some stupid and reckless statements in the past, the stuff you mentioned in relation to Spelman University definitely being some of his erroneous manoeuvres, however to throw a man in prison based upon accusations which lack any evidence in my opinion would be even more of a travesty.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Immortal Logic,

      Yes, and he’s paying for it now. I feel for the man, and this kangaroo court that convicted him is simply more proof that the American Legal System is simply a dog and pony show.

      As I stated in a previous comment, he got too comfortable in that environment and fell for the old “illusion of inclusion”. Bill Cosby just received what is sometimes referred to as his “Nigger Wake Up Call”.

      Namely that his illusions have been shattered. Thinking that he was somehow different and above other black men due to his fame and wealth. Refusing to believe that this system run by white males would one day prove to him that he was ultimately in the same boat as you and me. That at the end of the day he was just another black man trying to thrive and survive in a system that was never built with his longterm success and happiness in mind.

      He spent decades being a good non-threatening negro. Assuring the powers that be that he was one of the “good ones”. And using his own success as a litmus test and a billy club by which to judge and condemn other black men. All the while never holding black females to the same or virtually any standard for that matter.

      Now we know why… All the time he was being a pussy hound and dicking down any female he could get his hands on, he was covering his butt(or so he thought) by being one of the worlds biggest Manginas. I have met countless men like this from every race and/or background. And their supposed concern for the poor, mistreated women is always a crock of shit.

      Usually they were or still are hardcore serial cheaters, pussy hounds or abusive assholes in general. There way to exonerate themselves from their own consciences or from the scrutiny of others is to grab a psychological tambourine and beat a tune to the “poor, poor mistreated women” lamentation wailing song.

      Well, now we get to see what all those years of being a good negro and kissing black womens sour behinds was worth…

      Apparently, nothing.

      Nothing whatsoever.

      End of Rant

      Liked by 2 people

    • Immortal Logic, Cosby’s rants were not “anti-Black Man.” They were anti-NIGGA. My pants don’t sag and I’m legally self-employed. I don’t have bastard kids running wild after school. I’m not ducking child support. I’m not selling drugs. In fact, I don’t deal with black women at all. I’m not the problem. Dr. Cosby wasn’t talking about me. In fact, his show repped my kind of people. Still Team Cosby.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Notice that these dudes keep equating anything positive about a woman with “worship”.

    Dude, do you and gtfo. If I’m a corvette fanboy and they about how great of a car it is and how much better it is compared to the rust buckets from the local “value lot”, am I suddenly “worshipping” the corvette? And that’s literally just a ****ing object, not even a person, yet you would never hear this argument applied to that situation. If there were a forum for corvette fanatics, you would NEVER see Mustang fans saying “y’all giving Chevy a big head!” “Y’all simping/cooning for Chevy!” “All cars are like that!”

    I disagree with a lot of the **** Cosby said about black men, is my looking over those flaws in the situation concerning his sentencing “simping” or giving him a big head?

    These dudes talk so much about logic, yet once you apply theirs to other situations, said logic quickly falls apart.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      I completely agree. That “worshipping and putting white women on a pedestal” talk is straight out of the pro black’s handbook which is drafted and written by the modern day black witch herself. You simply lay out the pros as to why non black women overall are a better choice of female and to some this immediately equates to worship. Nobody here is licking the boots of white or any other non black women, if they do something wrong we thinking black men equally call them out on their shortcomings.

      The “worshipping white women” rhetoric is directly from sisterhood of Blackistan, they use the exact same talking points when attempting to shame thinking black men out of expanding on their dating options. Those who claim to be thinking black men should not be using that type of terminology or others similar.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. If that was about me, you should stand down, relax and re-read my post for clarification. No need to argue about foolishness. No need to shield yourself from any imaginary attack by lumping me in with “these dudes”. We are not enemies. Dont take everything as an insult or so personal. That my friend is truly out of the pro black’s playbook. Wanting to argue and being offended because someone dared to suggest that there may be a wiser way to go about something is straight out of the black females playbook.

    Not fawning over ANY female whatsoever is actually out of the Red Pill playbook. 🙂

    Even though I’m more attracted to Indian and Asian women, all or most of us here find white women attractive and would like to get with the best of them. The problem is that many men of various nationalities do in fact put them on pedastals without even realizing it. This gives some of them them the attitude that they are too good for all but the most high status men. Especially American white women. Which they are NOT. Simple female psychology at work. I see it all the time here.

    I never said or implied anyone was “worshiping” white women. I choose my words carefully. I am also very blunt. If I meant to insult anyone I would do so openly.

    I said that the way a lot of guys elevate white women above all others makes it difficult for ANY man to really get at some of the better looking ones. Many of us inadvertently treat them like they are somehow better than we are.

    And black men are not even the worst culprits of this. It’s usually beta white guys and asian/happa guys who do this. That’s why they are so bitter and angry at white women.

    Dont mistake one man speaking to other men about dealing with feminine psychology as “attempting to shame thinking black men out of expanding on their dating options”. The graphic comments I’ve left on this site do a pretty good job of illustrating my personal feelings toward the Sisterhood of Blackistan.

    I actually have to live with family at the moment and it is pure hell everyday. I guarantee that I probably have more reason to expand my dating options because of all the sh!t I have been through with black women than most on this site. SYSBM wasn’t a novel idea for me, it was a lifeline.


    • Xstopalopoketl,

      There’s no beef here at all sir, however when you begin using certain words and terminology, you begin to sound like the pro black contingent. We’re grown men up in here, we understand female psychology and what its capable of, however when I talk about non black women being a better(note, not perfect, better) alternative to the modern day black witch, the perils and what one ought to watch out for have already been factored into the equation.

      Remember, this blog is ongoing, I’ve written plenty of articles in the past demonstrating the skullduggery non black women can bring to the table, use the search bar on the right hand side of the page and you’ll see for yourself. My personal preference is Latinas, my girlfriend is brown skinned, maybe one or two shades lighter than me, the personal preferences of the thinking black men’s regiment here at Slaying Evil are across the board, though we all tend to agree that white women are attractive, however for some of us white women are not the first choice.


  31. How can we speak about putting white women on a pedestal while so many black people call black women QUEEN? If black women are called QUEEN, should not black men be called KING? In my humble view, black women, as a group, have big egos. That is why so many fat hair weave wearing black women are walking around thinking that they are QUEENS.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Gregory Chandler,

      You raise a very good point sir, one that is obvious and one that I overlooked. Nobody questions calling black women queens all the time, such titles aren’t even bestowed upon non black women but yet we’re putting them upon a pedestal and worshipping them????

      There is a way to warn people about the perils of dealing with certain demographics of women, however what I find is the pro black contingent just like the modern day black female tend to use the “watch out kids” technique as if we are 12 year olds just navigating through the world. That is insulting as well as irritating.

      Liked by 2 people

    • “How can we speak about putting white women on a pedestal while so many black people call black women QUEEN? ”

      Wow. that is the most damning point I have ever seen made! How come Black women are ‘queenz’ and are praised for it but we are not allowed to praise white or non black women?

      Talk about cult of personilty when it comes to the black brotherhood of blackistan…

      Liked by 2 people

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