The above photo represents the current state of the black community, a society that has been brought to almost complete ruin due to the selfish decisions black women made over 50 years ago in siding with feminism and fatherless home welfare policies in exchange for government assistance, food stamps, section 8 as well as other state “treats” and benefits.

In addition to this one must always be reminded of the contractual obligation black women have towards the state to keep black society and especially black men on their faces, this is the number one reason why the so called black community will NEVER be rebuilt. As an employee of the state it is the black woman’s duty to ensure that any efforts to build and reconstruct within black society are sabotaged and destroyed immediately.

Besides, black women have been placed in position as the leaders of the black community, to allow black men to build automatically means that they would have to forfeit their position of power and they most certainly are not about to do such a thing. Black women are extremely comfortable under the wing of their white father and the only way they can be removed is by force.

Black society rejects it’s best and brightest, we thinking black men have seen this and many of us have experienced this first hand. Black women regularly disparage, mock, ridicule and make fun of intelligent, progressive, educated, forward thinking black men referring to us as “educated lames”. Since this is how they treat the thinkers and the builders of black society, is it any wonder why more and more critical thinking black men are checking out and deciding to take their chances elsewhere?

Left wing leaning black men being the ultra feminists that they are follow in the same footsteps as the black sirens that lead them directly into the gutter, they also engage in the same persecution of the creators and builders of the black nation. In a nutshell, black society gives its builders the middle finger yet on the flip side still expects those same builders to return and fix the mess that Tyrone, J Boogie, black women and their devil spawn seedlings have created.

As it stands in 2018 there are absolutely no benefits to thinking black men in returning to black society and initiating a clean up process, none. As I stated in Negro Wars, the overwhelming majority of black women have rendered themselves unfit for dating and marriage which is based upon many reasons. Children out-of-wedlock by the truck loads, obesity, general poor health, a foul attitude, exhibiting masculine traits, chasing after the wrong types of men, weave wearing, skin bleaching, too many STDs, a morally bankrupt feminist mindset just to name a few.

In relation to the many children black women have outside of committed relationships, again as I stated in Negro Wars thinking black men are under no obligation to take on board single mothers and the devil spawn rug rats they have brought forth, most certainly do not allow black women and their pro wack simp advocates to shame you into taking on such responsibilities.

If any man wishes to take onboard another man’s children then that is his personal decision, the issue I have however is the fact that black women are attempting to promote such a move as normal which it is far from. The duty of a step father is a dysfunctional one ie it isn’t a normal practice and nothing black women and their pro black flunkies say will ever change that.

The black community is dead and black women were the once who assassinated it at the behest of their white father. We thinking black men kicked out of black society a long time ago, WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK and no amount of insults and shaming language will ever change that. Black women MUST be left to rot, stew and marinate in the failures they single handedly crafted with their own members.

We thinking black men WILL NOT be dealing with super cruise oil tanker sized black women with 7 children en tow, we thinking black men REFUSE to deal with a group of individuals who have attitudes exceedingly more rotten than a rusty oil barrel, we thinking black men REFUSE to deal with the likes of Pookie and Ray Ray ie the unproductive loose cannons of black male society that black women have created and unleashed into black communities.

We thinking black men having been viciously and in many cases violently ousted from black society are no longer obligated to do anything for it. We thinking black men will begin to build our own legacies/family trees from scratch as per the normal path of life. I suggest that those pro black men still attempting to shame us into returning ought to find another project to play with because as I stated before, WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK!

Go and actually initiate the building you so desperately attempt to shame others into doing instead of focusing on individuals who are NOT INTERESTED in your cause. Let black women build with the unproductive black men they so readily open their legs to and have children with, don’t come over here and ask me for anything because you will get nothing from me, absolutely NOTHING. The black community needs us, however it is too late.

The principle reason why thinking black men will never return to black society is because black women as a group and those who follow them are destined for hellfire. As I have stated before there is a mighty judgement coming for black women the likes of which they’ve never seen before neither will they ever see again and I don’t want to be anywhere near these black females once that can of recompense is fully opened.

Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, you must’ve already seen that nature has a way of correcting itself and dealing very harshly with those who wish to keep things in a dysfunctional state. Be free black men, stay individual and forge your own destiny.

The reason why black women continue to talk about thinking black men returning to black society and building is so that they will then have an unlimited source of finances from which they can then take and thereafter spend outside of “the community”. Don’t believe me, you only need observe black women’s current spending habits to realise exactly what the true outcome would be if these sirens had access to an even greater amount of capital.

The overwhelming majority of black women who talk that “building” talk speak with a forked tongue, let us never forget what these harpies did to Nate Parker and his film Birth Of A Nation, what they attempted to do to Shea Moisture and what they tried and failed to achieve with the Black Panther movie. Talking about rebuilding black society meanwhile proudly wearing weaves upon their heads that come from Kim’s beauty supply store, frequenting Ling’s nail shop as well as spending their money upon useless materials, save that rebuilding talk, based upon your actions we don’t believe you.

Lastly, have you ever noticed how some of these hotep, pyramid head pro blacks who make known their disapproval concerning black men looking for sex, love and companionship outside of black female society, even in light of the current observable bottom of the barrel, gutter state of black women are themselves extremely reluctant to offer you a viable solution?

If said individuals are going to use the common black female talking point of marriages between black men and non black women having a high divorce rate, then these same individuals should at least be forthcoming and put some suggestions on the table as to alternative women or paths black men can look at and take instead of engaging in the usual techniques of shadow boxing, ducking and weaving and failing to take a solid definable stand on anything.

Again, if you blackety black pro blacks have a problem with thinking black men dealing with the likes of Becky, Ling, Suzuki, Patel, Sadiq, Aback, Lopez etc, what viable alternatives are there for these same thinking black men who desire love and companionship with the opposite sex? Will we ever receive any answers of quality from these pro black male feminist railers, I highly doubt it. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

156 thoughts on “WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK – Get Over It And Move On

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  2. These individuals literally expect the few worth a damn members of their community to come in and fix the mistakes of the overwhelming legions of hell that make up their ranks.

    You have demon seedlings with violent warmonger thugs, seedlings which I had nothing to do with and become even worse then their parents, but it’s my job to mentor and play daddy to them?!!!!!

    You create a violent hellhole where the only ones crazy enough to plant businesses there are Asians attempting to make bank off of black women’s weave addiction, but it’s my job to put money into the community?

    Seriously, breed them out! These are a genetically deficient group, and the only way to create a black society worth a damn that won’t be the laughingstock that it currently is on a GLOBAL scale is to literally breed a better black race.

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      • @Carnio @afrofuturism1 Why would any thinking black men risk the chance of having kids by them. They lead the nation in abortions who showcases that the black men’s seed has no value unless it comes specifically from non-black men(i.e. Jewish, White, Arab, Asian, Hispanic). There is a new study that stated that black infants are more than twice as likely to die as white infants; black women are three to four times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white woman.

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      • @Carnio
        “Bu-bu-but th-think of the children!!!111!!1!”

        That is one of the hoodrat’s favorite shaming tactics, try to make you guilty for not taking care of their innocent kids. “I know that the BW has done wrong, but these kids need good men to raise them.” Their mother should have found them a good man to begin with, thats not my concern. I will keep my distance from these kids as many of them will grow up to be very dysfunctional, but the blame for that lays at the feet of the woman who chose their father, the BW.

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    • Actually, your other plan is better, let them kill eachother off by:

      Letting them have their own Ethnostate.

      NO police and NO hospitals (except abortion clinics)

      Give all the Guns and drugs they desire

      And put on your 3d glasses and enjoy the cheddar cheese flavored popcorn! In a matter of a few months they’ll be long gone and dead and our problems all be over!

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      • Once welfare is cut, they’ll get a good taste of it. You really think they’ll have the resources or just the basic wherewithal to survive like normal people when their idea of “screwing to get a come up” is a $7.25 job at McDonald’s?

        Even the “high class”, “conscious”, “smart”, and “educated” blacks are full of **** and need to die, as they are nothing but bumming, begging and panhandling hoteps and/or snobby, entitled black wenches that expect black men to be God but will accept a crackhead white man.

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      • @Carnio
        “Letting them have their own Ethnostate.”
        Blackistan pretty much IS a matriarchal ethnostate at this point. You can even tell its citizens by their copious tattoos, bad English, and ethnic blackistani (ghetto) names like La’Kwon and Joronesiha. I still get a kick out of the mental gymnastics these chicks use to try to blame BM for all of this, knowing that BW are the ones raising these BM losers and BW are sleeping with and having children with them.

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      • James S,

        Couldn’t have put it better myself, while they continue to blame black men we are riding off into the sunset with our significant others. As has been stated before, 2018 as far as thinking black men are concerned is the year for action, we will no longer be involved in the business of talk. As you keep on saying, we continue to fortify and build up the wall.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They ousted the most valuable members of black society but then expect us to roll back in with smiles on our faces ready to clean up their mess, this just shows you the mentally disjointed nature of the modern day black female and her pro wack simp flunkies.

      The black community is clearly a goner, the best move forward from this point is to simply build for one’s self and the people close around you who have a positive influence on your life. These hoteps will find out the hard way that it is a fool’s errand to cast your pearls before the swine.

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      • I like this article that you have written, it has touched something in me I must say, hits somewhat close to home. Coming from Jamaica, I have seen what black woman has done to destroy their men and their own people, my life was completely destroyed by them by the way of envy and evil for many years and I am now just beginning to recover from all this madness. The black community is dead not just in America but also Jamaica and Brazil. I am through for quite a long time now with black women and black people, they are no damn good and hate their own and destroy their own people. They won’t destroy the Whiteman or Chinese. Black women hate our black guts with a strong hatred. They then make all kinds of fuckery excuses for their evil and fuckery. I think the universe has made a barrier between myself and them. I have no interest at all in them and have long stopped fighting for black people and their fuckery causes, for they don’t mean themselves any good. Self-hate, envy, low mindedness, evil and ignorance has destroyed them willingly and really, in reality, only a remnant shall be saved and make it. Black women and black people generally are fucked up. They can’t be trusted. I am not 100 percent promoting interactionism, but what to do as black men? We don’t have our own women, our own women and people don’t mean us any good!!! They almost killed me, I have to be rebuilding how I don’t know!!!! It’s the end man….. I am going to run off to a very far away and exotic place to start over again. I was also viciously and violently pushed out of black society, black Jamaican society, as a result, I do share your views long before reading this article, I am in absolute reality not under God or man obligated to do anything for them, rightfully so!!! Again, I concur with you Verbs, A person like me will really have to rebuild my life/legacy in foreign parts for a lack of other options. Things will not change but only get worse in black society, how does one save themselves? Black people do not want to take responsibility for anything. Black women and black people will talk all this building and progress shit, but they are filthy hypocrites. Behind everyone’s back, they are destroying their own people. I don’t take them seriously, people may say I am mean and a sell-out but fuck them, that is just the way it is. Blacks in Latin America are no different. Latin America is a big cesspool now. It is fucked. Not a good place either for black people.

        We thinking black men having been viciously and in many cases violently ousted from black society is no longer obligated to do anything for it. We thinking black men will begin to build our own legacies/family trees from scratch as per the normal path of life.

        The overwhelming majority of black women who talk that “building” talk speak with a forked tongue,

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      • Paul,

        This is what SYSBM is all about, saving yourself from the perils of a community which is majority destroyed and doesn’t care for it’s own in the slightest. You’ve seen and experienced this first hand as well as many of us here. I do hear you on Latin American black women, there does exist a large contingent of them who do have an infatuation with white men, I’ve seen this first hand myself, hence why it is a wiser option to deal with a mulatto, mixed or lighter skinned woman from those parts as they are the ones who tend to show black men more love.

        In terms of Latin America being a place of settlement for black folks, I think you’ll find that it is the big cities that have the most issues and problems, the provinces however can be quite peaceful and tranquil.

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      • well, my worries are not about Latin America but of whom I come from, and I have seen myself like so many others, as you stated, have been chased out of black society by force and often violently.

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      • Paul,

        I feel you brother. Everything you just said I’ve had to live through. I had hoped Brazil might be a little different. I still think some of the mixed chicks down there are beautiful. But if they share the same poisonous attitudes then I will have to cross them off the list as well.

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      • it is really odd that a lot of people talk that the white or light skinned woman is for the white man and blacks keep away, but the same people ravish black and other ethnicity women in their countries and other lands but dont want to see blacks getting their resources…it seems no one wants to see blacks with nothing

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    • Black Women act completely different around white men, this Black girl on twitter posted a pic of her mother an white step father on vacation in Hawaii and her mother was smiling from ear to ear on every photo, and plus the girl says that her mother goes to the gym everyday at 5am. Black Women always get their shit together when they date a white man, her mother is slim, natural & from the looks of the photo shes VERY feminine and submissive, if you guys wanna see what I’m talking about the girls @ name on Twitter is @Zoleeofficial

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  3. This is a wonderful post!

    I especially agree with this part:

    “The principle reason why thinking black men will never return to black society is because black women as a group and those who follow them are destined for hellfire. As I have stated before there is a mighty judgement coming for black women the likes of which they’ve never seen before neither will they ever see again and I don’t want to be anywhere near these black females once that can of recompense is fully opened.

    Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, you must’ve already seen that nature has a way of correcting itself and dealing very harshly with those who wish to keep things in a dysfunctional state. Be free black men, stay individual and forge your own destiny.”

    The devil is coming to collect! And it is not just to collect from black women, but from all these simps, pro black goons, Ray ray and Tyrones, the black Church Mafia and other evil forces of anti-classic black men !

    Lately, I’ve been noticing a uprise of many black youtubers, mgtow or other black men who were once against the the black thought , are now calling for black men to be sacrifices in which they must return to, to” clean up” the community! Have you ever lit a match? And right before the fire went out there was a spark before it died? That is exactly what is happening right now! The black community is giving it’s last spark before it is officially, officially dead after all the thinking black men have completely left the building!

    I believe they sense that the devil is coming on his way and they want the thinking black men to be the goat sacrifice so that the devil may return another day. Seeing that death and destruction is literally calling the names of communist rebulik of the black community and is flying towards them, they want to make sure to destroy the rest of us since they cannot take us with them. Seeing how it is not working they are doing everything they can with every means possible to gang up on us 10 fold.

    This bloodshed, that is coming soon by the way, is needed in order for SYSBM to establish their own community and culture that is desperate from the Blackistanis. It is the only way to fight off social communism present in the black community for now.
    The day this happens, will be a wonderful celebration and I would even make it a holiday that I would celebrate every year!

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    • Black church mafia, they especially need to burn. I think I may hate jack legged pastors, especially black ones, more than any other group.

      These dudes are just like black women, as well as essentially being mainstream cult leaders. They tell you all manner of lies to control you, namely your sexuality, meanwhile they are dicking down 5 or 6 congregation members at a time, as well as their children!

      They will tell you that money and possessions are not the most important thing, but you’ll rue the day that you forget to give them THEI-……err, God’s money.

      They’ll take plain as day scriptures ass backwards out of context, all the while allowing the most degenerate of “spiritual” behavior during church services, but expect ANYONE and EVERYONE else to have any reverence for Christianity?

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    • Carnio,

      As Obsidian said in his 5 mic classic, I refuse to be the clean up man. Let black women clean up the mess they created with their own hands. Besides, its not as if they would appreciate anything we would do for them if we decided to throw them an olive branch(which is most definitely not going to happen now), they would cuss us out the same way.

      Nope, these black heifers are going to have to face their judgement and I don’t want to be anywhere near them when the can of wrath is opened up upon their heads. Like you said, they happily danced with the devil, however now the devil has returned and he requires payment for debts incurred.

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  4. They notice now that us thinking black men are leaving them in droves. That is why they’re so frustrated because trying to reason with them is pointless. They love to see thinking black men struggle and then suffer from lack of resources and they actually laugh at you for helping them. I seen this way too many times which is why I invest in myself, my health, my state of mind, and my resources. This is the year of hold your own nuts 🥜

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    • @Robert Chavis

      “They love to see thinking black men struggle and then suffer from lack of resources and they actually laugh at you for helping them.”

      Truer words have seldom been spoken.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I’ve gotten more of a response talking to a stone wall than conversing with your average modern day black female. As many of you have said before, the time for talking is finished, now we’ll simply be voting with a feet and there isn’t a damn thing black women and their advocates can do about it. #IESCAPEDBLACKISTAN

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  5. Also, a lot of BGS, IMBOR, and pro blacks like Tariq nasheed and umar Johnson are struggling with the problem of getting the thinking black men to date unattractive black women so the numbers of the community can grow. These YouTube/pro blacks know full well that the vast majority of their listeners are the very black women that they themselves don’t want. I ask this question to pro blacks all the time and that is question is this. “Since you say that the thinking black man is a coon, who then you except to build your community if you have no doctors, lawyers, builders, IT technicians, and then since the 80/20 rule exists, do you really think these men will allow unattractive black women to destroy them??? These pro blacks did major damage.

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  6. Black women have not been think this out all the way. With the resources drying up and many of entry level jobs going to automation, pookie and day day being broke, who will actually feed their kids??? Thinking black men, it’s time to stockpile guns and ammo because I can assure you, if you don’t know how to hide in plain sight, they and their thugs will come for your shit especially if they need food.

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  7. Also, thinking black men, now will be a good time to leave the state of California especially since the government gave caliexit the green light to go forward. I can assure you that it will be like escape from New York the movie.

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      • no…..California is not becoming their own country…not in a million years…..first off they would DIE immediately! a lot of the water in California comes from OUTSIDE California. just stop….they are not succedding from the uSA.


  8. I wish that all black women just swirl. They should just breed themselves out because they know that their biracial daughters are superior to them, that’s why they live vicariously through their biracial daughters.

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    • They can’t. The white man knows that the offspring will not get the family money and his legacy will come to an end. He will be cut off with extreme prejudice by the elite of his family.

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    • TJ Onumonu,

      They will often then have smoldering animosity towards their bi-racial daughters and psychologically abuse them leading to disfunction in later life.

      No, the best course of action is simply for every man(white included) with any sense to simply leave these harpies to stew in their own misery as Verbs often says.

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      • Xstopalopoketi

        Imagine if all races of man (especially white men) pay no attention to black women- SUICIDE WATCH.

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      • Yes, I just hope they don’t try to take us out with them when they go like unbalanced and desperate people often do.

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  9. I also noticed how these black churches are having money problems as of late due to the thinking black man not going to church anymore. Men, the name of the game is resources, build them as best you can. You notice how Tariq nasheed is having to struggle with his new music video where the sales are down and also his hidden color series are down as well plus the ad revenue attacks on YouTube done to Tommy Sotomayor and the financial scam that boyce Watkins did proves that there is a race to gather as much resources as possible and then to escape before their fans come to them and literally ask “where is the money at”??? 💴. Ever noticed how these pro blacks never show you their tax returns on the donations and they have shady living conditions????

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      • Yes indeed. They just basically living off donations and gaming on black women for money because after all, black women are very good at wasting income especially to men like pastors.

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      • Boyce Watkins while economic structure was created by an Asian man named Charles wu. Boyce was just the face of it. Just like how white people made Tariq nasheed movies but of course, Tariq is the front man. Ever wonder how your movie is number one only on amazon, but somehow, you have a the dvd made months before the donations came in. Can you say mark up.

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      • Dude Robert Chavis says a bunch of dumb shit that never actually happens…don’t listen to this moron. Tariq doesn’t take donations “to make the movie” he takes donations for those that want to donate towards the marketing, or just feel like they are helping the community. that’s all. He would make the MOVIE regardless if he had donations or not! But ppl will ask him “how can they support”, etc.


      • @RobertChavis……can you say mark up? that’s your explanation? what were you under the impression you were getting something at the manufacturing costs? amazing, I bet you don’t complain about “mark up” when buying your car, food or clothes. Ppl are in the business of making money! Just as you are about “building your resources!” by your own admission……how would you EVER build resources BY PROVIDING THE EXACT COSTS OF EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE ELSE YOU IDIOT?! ill wait………”can you say mark up” – you said it like you actually said some mind blowing shit….lmao…fucking retard.

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      • lastly please explain the correlation between “Ever wonder how your movie is number one only on amazon, but somehow, you have a the dvd made months before the donations came in.”…..please explain how these two are even related??? and I don’t even watch Tariq, I just hate when dumb ass ppl say stupid shit, like they are making some sense…….your the same RETARD that actually thinks California is actually going to be its own separate country/state…lmao. jesus Christ…smh


  10. afrofuturism1

    “Even the “high class”, “conscious”, “smart”, and “educated” blacks are full of **** and need to die, as they are nothing but bumming, begging and panhandling hoteps and/or snobby, entitled black wenches that expect black men to be God but will accept a crackhead white man”.

    I think your talking about those so-called elite “jack and Jill” negroes and “talented tenth” blacks who make up the upper crust of black society.

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  11. I remember the end of Batman Begins. After he defeated Ra’s Al Ghul, Ras’Al Ghul said: “Finally, you learned to do what is necessary.” Batman replied, “No, I won’t kill you, but I won’t save you either.” There is some warped idea that a lot of thinking black men want to actively do harm to the black community and black women. NOTHING could be further from the truth!!! From what I’ve observed, most thinking black men want as little (preferably nothing) to do with the black community as possible. More of us refuse to be Janitors, Clean-Up Men, Captain-Save-A-Hoes, Community Eunuchs, you name it. We are content to step back with a nice tub of popcorn and a cold beverage, and watch the 3D Horror Show that is the Black Community.

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    • Buckdodgers1906,

      Indeed, thinking black men desire to be as far away from black society as is possible. As I continue to state, my services are not janitorial, I will not be cleaning up anybody else’s mess but my own. You’re right though, on the other hand it will be interesting to watch as black women run to and fro like headless chickens attempting to implement reparations to a society that is way beyond repair and got to that stage a long time ago via their own hands.

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  12. Bravo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏..couldn’t have said it better myself. As I’ve mentioned before, I stopped dealing with black chicks back in the 8th grade and I haven’t looked back. The IR scene here in North Dallas is absolutely amazing for bm that’s literally all you see here are bm/ww, bm/hw and bm/aw couples. I went to an Avengers Infinity War screening with my girlfriend last night, It was packed, and I swear every other black man I saw there had a non black female on his arm and almost all where white women. You should’ve seen the big cheeseburger grin on my face! They see the writing on the wall, the #SYSBM movement is massive and is producing extraordinary results. The black barracudas and the pathetic SIMPS who follow them see it as well hence the 24hr a day SCARE and SHAMING tactics blitz.
    The more they attempt to shame and scare black men the more black men date intertacally and they’re to stupid to change their strategy. That’s like a car company marketing their cars to the blind, they see (pun intended ) it’s not working but they’re stuck on stupid, double down on it and continue to lose money at a record pace just like the black barracudas and SIMPS!

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    • @Keith

      A cousin (as well as a few friends) of mine keeps trying to get me to move
      down there. I know I can’t stay in New York for a whole variety of reasons. Is the dating scene that serious down there???

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    • Keith,

      This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars concerning black women needing to retreat, regroup with their white father and revising their book of tricks because nearly all of them at this point are redundant. The writing is on the wall, black women played a bad hand and now they are going to have to suffer the consequences of making such selfish, short term decisions. Leave them to the simps to sort out.


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  13. I have something that just popped up in my head that I wanted to share with others and want others opinion. On the last post, a few commentors, Michael and another, posted a couple links on Mass shootings by Hapas and white men. Afro made a check lost on the mental problems that might have cause them to set off.

    Now, I have been following the Asian American community for years on places like Reddit, youtube, and a few other discussion forums. Many of the Asian men are extremely angry at Asian women for dating white men. Now a days it seems Asian women are leaving white men for black men.

    1. What opinions do you have if Asian men started ranting and raving about “Black men stealing our women!” The same way white men complain about it?

    2. The Hapas who have White dads and Asian moms tend to check off the list that afro made in the last post. One particular youtuber, Eurasian Tiger, explain the social dynamics as to why this is and even went and explained why Elliot Rodgers did what he did. (He couldn’t get a white women). The reason why I bring this up is because, black women have high mental instability and are the most unwanted women in the world. Hell, Gay lesbians don’t even want them! What I’m saying is, if these mass shooters did these things because they couldn’t get a potential mate, have high mental instability, and plus will soon lose all of their resources and now that thinking black men have completely gone SYSBM, doesn’t this mean that there is going to be a rise of mass shooters? Only that it will be black women who are the perpetrators? I am happy to read Keith’s comment about this rise of SYSBM men dating different non black women and it makes me very glad. But the down side to this is that black on black crimes will shift from black men killing black men to black women killing black men and their SYSBM girlfriends!

    What do you guys think?

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    • My 2 cents:
      1. They might, but I don’t think that Asian guys have the same level of hatred for BM that WM do. When it comes to IR dating I mostly see BM with WW and latinas, barely ever AW.

      2. As the welfare gets cut, the wall grows, and the dream of a handsome well paid WM coming to save them start to fade, things will get ugly and insidious. Hoodrat BW will resort to lesbianism, man sharing (polygamy), man stealing (adultery), some may become even more aggressive and disgruntled than they are now, and some may genuinely renounce their old ways in hopes that they can salvage their relationship chances. I don’t imagine we will see BW mass shooters though, their heads haven’t been pumped up with the level of “supremacy’ that the WM’s head has been pumped with for the past few centuries. WM supremacy is being challenged on all sides and some of them are violently lashing out as their status comes under scrutiny/attack.

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    • That was me posting that link that someone else here had originally posted.

      Unfortunately Carnio, my six sense says yes. Time to start watching our backs. But it will probably be just as many if not more Simp negroes being manipulated into violence against thinking blk men than just blk women.

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      • I’ve learned the hard way to steer completely clear of both hoodrats and blk males who associate with them. Unless you are psychologically like them, you WILL run into unecessary drama just being around the scum. No matter what you do. There are a thousand Youtube and Worldstar Hiphop vids to prove this point.

        I used to work for a rather ghetto boat cruise company. It was the most unbelievable spectacle of ratchet lesbian sheboons, homo fruit loops and criminal thug ex-cons & felons imaginable. I couldn’t understand why these people even had jobs. Who in the blue hell even hired the bastards? Why would someone hire rude, violent savages to deal with the public? It made no sense.

        Of course I was one of the odd men out there for not engaging in the shouting, arguing, name calling, horse play and low IQ ghetto foolishness that was normal operating procedure for those barbarian savages.

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    • Asians and Hapas already complain about black men with white women. This attitude is not exclusive to white men. Any of these head-up-the-ass white worshiping men of color do this already.

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      • @FLCLimaxxx I could understand white men being territorial when it comes their “white woman”, literally its their women. It’s pretty weird to see any non-white male engaging in that activity.

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      • @TheAmazingSecularist,

        I hate to say this but it seems like micheal is right! out of ALL IR couples, Black men and White women seem to be the most HATED couples.

        Black men can be with Asian women (thank god), Hispanic, Arab, Tibetian, Green Martian, A robot, a sex doll or even in a homosexual relationship and nobody has anything to say!

        But God FORBID he is with a with woman! A black man ,white woman couple is the most evil hope disgusting abomination sin in the eyes of everyone else.

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      • FLCimaxxx,

        Asians and Hapas complain about black men with white women WTF? Why? I thought Asian mens issue was with their women constantly getting with white guys?

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      • According to Many Asian and Hapa Men like Eurasian Tiger, it goes something like:

        Asian Men
        Asian Girls will date white guys. But white girls will not date Asian guys. Some asian girls will outright refuse to date Asian Guys at all and will date a black man before they date Asian guys. So because Asian girls will not date asian guys, the natural response is to chase white girls. But then White girls would also rather be with Black men before Asian guys.

        I guys it’s a sexual totem pole kind of thing. There are even studys that in America, Both Black women and Asian Men are at the bottom of the sexual market so I guess it’s an embitterment that even the lowest class of black men can get a decent hot white girl!

        For Hapas
        Its all to do with white supermiscy and they feel since they are half-white that white women is still technically “their” women too and black men are stealing what is theirs!

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      • Black men. White women.

        No other pairing gets churches shot up, cinemas burnt to the ground, men lynched, bullshit federal laws, prison complexes and a plethora of mind and body control scare tactics ranging from the fear of rape to grotesque animal caricature. All to stop you even looking at Becky.

        Mission failed!


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      • Carnio — I think you don’t see many asian guy/ white girl couples because most asian guys just aren’t very into white women.

        Anyone can see that asian women are better looking than white women … and white women aren’t craving asian men either, so for asian guys, sticking to asian women is a no-brainer.

        The problem for asian men is similar in fact to the problem black men have — their women have no defenses when it comes to media images and worship of vanity and status, and that causes them to obsess on where they fit into the race game and beauty standards and “belonging” etc. …So any ol’ white guy becomes a prize to asian women because he can provide them with the social capital and sense of belonging they crave.

        Of course, black men have a far bigger problem on their hands than asian men do… Asian women may be “psychologically possessed” white-worshippers, but they aren’t actively anti-asian. Black women are more like “demonically possessed”, ready to do evil with the full understanding that what they’re doing is evil. Black women are actively anti-black, which manifests mainly in their attitudes toward black men and black children.

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      • I don’t know man… I think Asian guys do in fact like white women because why would they get angry at black men for being with white women?Why would they care?

        And I’m pretty sure they do want white girls to combat the “I don’t date Asian guys” type of Asian girls.

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    • I will say that their will literally be a genetic war between SYSBM black men (protecting their mixed children and non-black wives) and the demonic denizens of the hood.

      Now, this war will NOT be a huge concern for conservative or liberal white people, and I say that things will get BAD. Stay pumped and primed.

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      • @afrofuturism1 I don’t think their is enough numbers for SYSBM black men to initiate that plan. Black men should exercise their second amendment rights to protect themselves and their family. I wonder if that “ethnic civil warfare” will consist of black men protecting their non-black wife and their children within the black community or outside of the community?

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      • Yes, This what I feared. Any non-black women that even so much as look in the direction of a black man and there will be acid thrown on her face or she will get stabbed.

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  14. Black men have the highest rate of divorce with BLACK,WOMEN…to the tune of OVER 70%. That’s the highest,divorce rate of any pairing in society right now.

    So what’s the divorce argument? That’s black men and white women have higher than average divorce rate….like every IR pairing? Especially white female and non white man. As you know, women initiate divorces. Black women divorce black men at historic rates.

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    • FLCLimaxxx,

      Exactly, again yet another weak attempt by black women and their pro black flunkies to present a case for sticking by our number one enemies instead of packing up and getting the hell out.

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    • FLCLimaxxx, it’s hard for any kind of woman to have insight into what black men go through in this society, so yes, relations with black men are going to be fragile. Black men take a lot of shit in society and that makes it hard for them to take shit when they come home. You should stop worrying about black male divorce rates, because it doesn’t justify what black female culture has become.

      Does it bring you joy when black men fall? Then you’re the perfect example of the demonic black bitches they talk about here.

      The black male divorce rate is black men’s business, not yours. You’re not our women anymore.

      You embraced your betrayal of black men long ago. Now we’re figuring out what to do about your betrayal.

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      • Michel, “we” is black men who are trying to solve the problem. More and more black men realize that black women are 3 generations into their anti-black-male psychosis… and they aren’t changing. There’s no coming back from this as a culture. …So now these black men are figuring out workarounds… That’s the “we”.


      • Oh — I thought FLCLimaxxx, was a black woman trotting out that old “black men/nonblack female relationships are doomed to failure” argument… just based on that first sentence. Now I see FLC is actually debunking that.

        My bad. Good job, FLC.

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  15. Bravo, Verbs. You’re coming with more flame than the Human Torch.

    Nothing to add except you’d think that these simps would be happy that thinking black men a.k.a. “lames,” “nerds,” “squares” etc. are leaving the plantation as that would leave more black queens for them. After all, they’re the “real niggas,” so why are they so pressed? Why do they follow us here to an obscure blog? They sound like the women at this point. Black women should be happy, too. They’ve said all along they didn’t want us, even the so-called “educated sistas.” So we’re gone. Why the hate? (I know why, I’m just playing dumb. LOL!)

    The Wall of Silence is working and I couldn’t be happier.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Thanks bro. Exactly what I’ve been saying, the more thinking black men check out of black society, the more black women will be available to the pro blacks, thus as you stated they ought to be jumping for joy. The main point you’ve brought home is the fact that black women have seen us thinking black men and decided that they would much prefer to get with the likes of Mike Mike and Dirty Dick Rodney.

      I have no problems accepting and I fully respect black women’s decision to take such a path. They prefer Pookie over me therefore I will simply venture in the direction of other women who will love and appreciate me instead.

      However, what I say to black women is this, don’t ever ask me for anything every again and most certainly do not call upon me when you finally realise that you’ve completely messed up your life.

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  16. Just hope that as they get more and more desperate that the government doesn’t pass more insane laws like the ones in some states here in the US where if you let some cow move into your domicile, she can get YOU thrown out of your own home.

    Where if you make the ungodly mistake of supporting her and her bastard kids even casually for a certain amount of time, she can get the state to force you to continue paying for their upkeep.

    At this point I wouldn’t it past them.

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    • Xstopalopoketi,

      I believe its what they call “common law marriage”, I heard of similar laws over here in the UK. The UK bar Sweden is one of the worst for passing gynocentric legislation.

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  17. They hate the thought of us escaping the damnable situation that their choices created simply because the less of us that are active in the “community”, the more the spotlight for it’s dysfunction will be turned on the sacred cow herself, the black demoness. I understand their fears, but what I don’t understand is why they think commenting here will change anything. Was Verb’s post above not enough to convey the general consensus!? Are they that obtuse to believe that all of our collective experiences with bw can be brushed aside with their particular nonsense? Listen, we ARE NOT COMING BACK! By the time most black men find this site, the damage has already been done and I assure you, our courses are set and are irreversible! So stop trying! For the love of St. Peter, you look incredibly, hilariously stupid! You’re effectively trying to warn us away from, in most cases, women that we have already been intimate with. Women with whom we’ve already done the compare and contrast along side the black, western woman with, women who we’ve already determined are, although hardly perfect, are in almost all cases substantially better than the black female! Face it, the black western female creature has been thoroughly weighed in the balances and has been found wanting! An article ago, I mentioned that sysbm brothers were more numerous than many thought and Keith’s constant posts remind of this reality. I’m in Houston and although I’m not in a relationship at this moment, I can attest to the truth of his observations. These simps are trying to unring a bell that has already rung! Let it GO! We already have!

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  18. Musiq soulchild “you and me”
    I never thought on the first night
    You would bare what you hold so dear to life
    And share with me all your innermost fantasies baby
    And afterwards in my arms you cried
    Had me feeling some kind of way on the inside
    Then I knew it was going to be me and you
    So if the world was to believe that what we share weren’t meant to be
    Then it would be just you and me against the world
    And if our friends and family if our friends and family
    Can’t bear to see us both happy
    Then it will be just you and me against the world, yeah
    Now I’m not the kind that kiss and tell
    But my man said that he really knows you well
    But I don’t care cause I want to know you for my damn self
    And even if my sister said you scandalous
    Said that you’re known to go from one man to the next
    But I don’t care what she say
    ‘Cause you’re going to forever be my lady
    So if the world was to believe that what we share weren’t meant to be
    Then it would be just you and me against the world
    And if our friends and family if our friends and family
    Can’t bear to see us both happy
    Then it will be just you and me against the world
    I wouldn’t care if you were a prostitute
    And that you hit every man that you ever knew
    You see it wouldn’t make a difference if that was way before me and you
    And you don’t ever have to worry about me
    As long as you keep it real
    Whatever is on your mind
    You speak on how you feel
    Stay truthful to me
    Never lie to me
    And don’t ever keep no secrets
    No matter whatever, whatever no
    Girl you know what I mean
    They could say what they want
    But it will never change my views
    ‘Cause they’ll never know you the way that I know you
    See I’m trying to share the rest of my whole life with you
    And if we got to be alone, so be it baby
    If they can’t understand our love
    Then we don’t need them baby
    We can go against the whole world
    Even our friends turn on us
    Even our family turns on us
    That’s alright
    ‘Cause as long as we got each other baby
    Then we can make it baby
    Through whatever


  19. I used to really like the song above by musiq soulPOOKIE but as I became a man things changed

    First 2 lines of the song: “I never thought on the first night you would bare what you hold so dear to life***this man is surprised that some whore gave him her vagina on the 1st night and even goes on to suggest that she considers her vagina sacred

    “Im not the type to kiss and tell but my man says that he really knows you well but I don’t care because I wanna know you for my dowrd self***this mans friend told him this girl is a whore and the simp doesn’t care because loves this whore***

    “Even my sister says your scandalous says you’re known to go from one man to the next but I don’t care what she say***when his sister warns him that this whore is no good he is so in love that it doesn’t matter***

    I wouldn’t care if you were a prostitute and that you hit every man that you ever knew


  20. WE ARE NEVER COMING BACK. All the shaming tactics in the world isn’t going to change that. These fools are delusional to think that they’re going to call us every name under the sun, be dysfunctional termagants, and then have the utter audacity to think we are not only going to put up with this behavior, we are also going to come back to the hellhole that is the “black community” invest our resources, and raise your platoon of bastard children?!?!?! Get fucked. Fuck them, their bastard children and all the black community as a whole. The most you’ll get out of me is laughter as I sit back with some snacks, and a drink and watch all of them suffer.

    I will say this gentlemen: if you don’t have a carry and conceal license, or aren’t in the best physical shape, work on those things. These heifers, their bastard children and thugs will at some point come your way looking to be saved as Trump slashes more and more welfare. As Leonidas said in 300 (I’m paraphrasing here) “ Give them nothing, but take everything”.

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    • Stephen,

      Agree, its time for thinking black men to prepare for a worst case scenario, black women aren’t about to allow us to ride off into the sunset without attempting to derail our own plans. And to think that black women laughed at me when I predicted in Negro Wars that they would begin harassing and attacking black men/non black woman couples at higher rates.

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    • “I will say this gentlemen: if you don’t have a carry and conceal license, or aren’t in the best physical shape, work on those things. These heifers, their bastard children and thugs will at some point come your way looking to be saved as Trump slashes more and more welfare…”

      Damn, you guys are living in a paranoid fantasy. It’s never going to get as bad as you picture, though black women will continue to cooperate with whatever forces oppose black men. You have more to worry about from black women lying about you on the job (to get you fired), or black women trying to fuck up your health should you find yourself in their medical care… Sly, insidious stuff like that is likely because they see you as vulnerable to that kind of undermining, but not the “mad max” stuff you envision.

      Worst of all, since you no longer have a culture of your own, you’re going to face a lonesome and unfulfilled life thanks to dysfunctional black female culture, unless you stack some CASH! … So you should be less worried about violence and more worried about getting financially set, by hook or by crook!

      $$ = the one thing ALL females respond to. The most white-worshipping, simple-minded mexican or southeast asian will get with a black dude if he’s RICH. That’s the most important “equalizer” you need. The other is secondary.

      If you want to live well and fulfilled in spite of the dysfunction, you better make sure you stack paper.

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      • “Damn, you guys are living in a paranoid fantasy. It’s never going to get as bad as you picture, though black women will continue to cooperate with whatever forces oppose black men. You have more to worry about from black women lying about you on the job (to get you fired), or black women trying to fuck up your health should you find yourself in their medical care… Sly, insidious stuff like that is likely because they see you as vulnerable to that kind of undermining, but not the “mad max” stuff you envision.”

        I disagree, look at the mass shooters. Many of them did so because many were incels. It’s known that once black men put up the wall of silence , NO other man is going to want them! Not even gay lesbians want them. When they see black men marrying and starting happy families with their non black women, you think they are going to just ball up in a corner somewhere and cry? Black women, Simps, Tyrones and possibly the Church mafia are going to be out for blood! They are going to see that these black men and their resources are being “stolen” from what they feel entitled to and will take it by force if they feel so. Verbs posted a video not long ago of a black women who just point blank *BOOM HEADSHOT* a black man in a car.

        Just you watch! Not long from now there will be Acid attacks, stabbings, shootings and even black women raping black men!

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  21. To you that are new here and allowed to think for yourself, you will see I’m no longer addressing
    Things I did not say

    If you are not a member of the cult you are looking and saying when did he demand something of you: he said we better eat apples or else, the cult members can’t direct quote anything they bring against me

    As you are reading don’t the comments sound like women when they can’t form a rebuttal against you, I have been waiting to be called gay, have seen it yet or I missed it


  22. SYSBM anthem:

    We’re GONE!
    All right!
    All right!
    SIMPs better learn how to say We’re GONE!
    All Right!
    All Right!
    Blackistan should realize that We’re GONE!
    So long GONE!

    And we ain’t turnin’ back!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  23. hxxp://money.cnn.com/2018/04/25/news/economy/hud-housing-assistance-rent/index.html

    HUD wants low-income families on housing assistance to pay more rent

    “The new low-income rent reform would require households that receive federal housing assistance to pay 35% of their gross income in rent, up from the current requirement of 30% of adjusted income. Also, it would triple the minimum monthly rent these families must pay — from $50 to $150. Roughly 712,000 housing assistance recipients currently pay less than $150 a month.”

    “The overhaul would also allow housing authorities across the country to require residents to work. The move is in keeping with the Trump administration’s efforts to mandate work for Americans who receive public assistance.”

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  24. Verbs,

    Very excellent article. One thing I want to point out about stepfathers if you want to play clean up man if the relationship fails see if that BW will appreciate all that you did for a child that’s not even his I’ll wait. Also like Verbs stated BW and these simp pro black jerk offs really think it’s normal to be a stepfather no that is a broken family and another man just being used for his resources. Also I do not think many men know this fact if you are a stepfather and helping the child as far as shelter, food, clothing etc. and if the biological father is not around hence probably in jail or dead if you as the stepfather separate from a woman you could still be put on child support now wrap your head around that guys. Do u see how these laws make no sense at all.

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  25. “…due to the selfish decisions black women made over 50 years ago in siding with feminism and fatherless home welfare policies in exchange for government assistance, food stamps, section 8 as well as other state “treats” and benefits.”

    You guys are on the wrong track. The above is just a right-wing talking point. It’s sad that you guys are falling for it.

    You correctly call out black women for undermining black society & black men, but then you cozy up to the people who would not just undermine you, but also send you to the ovens — the political right wing.

    The truth of the matter is black women were fucked over completely by MEDIA, not welfare. Our problems started with the generation that was raised on media images. Those images taught them all they know about what it means to be a white woman, a white man, a black woman and a black man.

    It tapped into their natural lunk-headed slavery to vanity, and made them psychotically insecure about being “left out” and “not belonging” in society and beauty standards, etc. They grew to want to be Becky, because they were sure that Becky lives like all the beautiful, glamorous Beckys on TV. They were sure that white people lived like white people on TV, and felt left out of it all.

    …And of course black men were the scapegoat. It was OUR fault that they weren’t living like the images they worship in the media.

    THAT was the start of the problem, not welfare, not the social safety net. Yes, those things made it easier for them to write off black men, and yes there are other factors affecting black female culture in addition to their worship of media images, but ultimately we’re fucked because black women mostly have no intellectual or psychological defenses when it comes to media images. They can be spoon-fed whatever media wants them to think, whether it’s that ol’ bullshit about them being ‘strong’ or “there are no good black men” or whatever.

    Media made them extremely insecure, and media provides them with the “answers” as to how to deal with their insecurities. That’s what got this problem started and now it has a life of its own.

    I can’t believe some of you guys are calling yourselves “conservative” and supporting people like that lump of shit kkk supporter Donald Trump. You don’t seem to really know what conservatism is. Both black female culture and the black idiots who would call themselves “conservative” or “republican” are flaming examples of WEAKNESS.

    Just because democrats and “liberals” are full of shit, doesn’t mean “conservatives” and the kkk are on your side! By far!


    • Check Urself,

      Since we’re being open and frank what you’ve just written is the biggest crock of nonsense if ever I did read any. For starters your “new” premise is historically inaccurate. Secondly the Moynihan report didn’t predict that “images” put out by the mainstream media would be the beginning of the downfall of the black family, it correctly predicted that the introduction of welfare and sliding blacks into a mind state of dependency would be the root cause behind the downfall of black society at large.

      The so called images you talked about have always been present since the invention of the television, have you forgotten the black and white movies that were being shown in the early 1900s, the 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, movies that clearly showed white women with flowing blonde hair(Marilyn Monroe is just one example), that depicted white women as the pinnacle standard of beauty and yet the black family still remained strong and intact throughout all of these visuals.

      Its not until LBJ introduced the welfare state in the 1960s do we begin to see a breakdown commence. The same thing happened here in the United Kingdom, black families were strong and black people stuck together under persecution and exclusion, however when the UK government decided to follow the same blueprint as the US and introduce welfare policies that favoured single mothers, the exact same breakdown began to take place.

      On a personal level this is why I can categorically say with confidence that what you’re stating is intellectually dishonest and historically inaccurate, because I’ve seen the changes take place over here for myself as a result of welfare policies, not media images. The facts and the history are not on your side, for you to come out and claim that welfare has nothing to do with black women derailing is similar to the same nonsense that Tariq Nasheed rattles off concerning broken homes/single mother households having nothing to do with the high levels of crime and violence currently taking place within black society.

      Now, had you stated that the images were and still are part of the formula used to keep the dysfunction in perpetuation(once initiated) then I would’ve agreed with you. You honestly thought that you could roll over here, drop that garbage and nobody would check you on it, really bruh? Then you talk about the historical facts being right wing talking points, what on earth have you been smoking?

      Who are the conservatives/republicans/Donald Trump supporters here? Now, if you’ll notice many of us support CERTAIN POLICIES that Donald Trump is implementing because we know that they will be a wake up call to a large demographic of black folks and especially lazy, victimhood mentality black women who have been chilling in the cut. Serious changes need to take place within black society or would you have things remain just the way they are and continue to worsen?

      Who exactly is Verbs 2015 getting cosy with, considering one of my mottos is “stay individual” ie retain your own mindset, think and reason for yourself? I stand with the truth, You’ll find the truth under both the left and the right wing, however it is not an intelligent notion to believe that truth originates from those places. Since when is truth bound to a particular side? Truth is truth no matter where it is found, haven’t you figured this out yet?

      You’re doing exactly what black women do, skim reading ie failing to read literature properly. It could easily be argued that this attempt by yourself to give black women an out by falsely claiming media images are responsible for their downfall is also a blatant sign of weakness. Licking the muddy boots of the modern day black female won’t get you that cooch, you ought to know this by now.

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  26. FEARLESS PREDICTION —- Black women will say: STAY AWAY FROM WIFE WOMEN OR YOU WILL BE LIKE BILL COSBY !!!! Black women, however, will forget the millions of black men sent to hell by the so-called black queens.

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  27. Iv’e said so manny times here that near the end you would start to see the largest virtue signaling ever for thinking black men to be cucks and save a ho’s. They know realize the simple math most of us realized long ago. Sarge WP had old videos where he talked to women who felt this way about thinking black men.
    We are like Verbs always says to be literal sacrificial lambs. They just want our resources and nothing more. Even if we tried to help them they would just squander all our money and destroy anything and everything we tried to build. They want to live in the first world but despise the very people who make such an environment possible and call them lame.

    Scraggle daggle+Pookie+Welfare cuts=homelessness. Their entire ghetto fabulous nigger rich lifestyle of being a gangsta and a hoodrat was made possible by the welfare state. Now they realize that the government isn’t going to be pumping money in the ghetto anymore. Nobody is going to pay for Pookie and Big Booty Brenda to have +80 kids out of wedlock. They want thinking black men to now take the place of the welfare state and take care of their horde of bastards. Fat chance. Thinking black men have left the building and are not coming back.

    In the end when the welfare finally dies these fools will be destroyed by all the bastards they created as they burn down the town and shout BLM! and Wakanda forever when the welfare cuts go into full gear.

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    • “They want to live in the first world but despise the very people who make such an environment possible and call them lame.”

      This sentence should be emblazened in gold lettering on a plaque at the SYSBM world headquarters if such a place were ever built.

      SYSBM for life!!!

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  28. Comment is for non sysbm cult followers that are not afraid of truth, if you are a cult member please disregard

    If a man is seeking to start a family, why would he use his love for his spouse to declare war on another race of men. If you are new here most of mrs verbs articles on bw are spot on. The problem is in the comment section in which an underground thought process is presented. If a bm claims to love a woman, how can he love her and hate her father based on her father skin being white. The woman he is in love with has white skin. If he truly loved wow he should be thankful that a ww and a wm created “his queen.”

    As I brought up when the video was shown of the trailer trash saying that black men were superior, I would never desire a woman because she wanted to use me to wage war against her daddy. Call me old fashion but I like a woman that likes me for me, I don’t want a woman to seek me simply because I’m black. There are multitudes of bm, I wanted to feel needed for who I am not the color of my skin.

    If you are truly a thinking black man and you start reading the comment that suggest that I said that bm must marry bw, disregard. Just think of the times you told a bw, “you need to clean your act up” and she responded with “you hate yo mama.” Expect the same from the “women with penises” here.


      • Stephen,

        Dude has stated that this website is of no value to himself yet he still continues to return, and has the cheek to refer to me using the title of a woman. Isn’t this exactly what black women do, encroach upon other people’s spaces even when there is no benefit to them being there in the first place?

        In addition nobody wishes to converse with shady individuals who refuse to declare what they belief in yet at the same time feel that they have the authority to critique others on their belief systems and practices.

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  29. @check ur self(and anyone willing to think instead of following the cult)

    You are correct in your statement that the media(television) played a significant role in today’s bm/bw relations.

    There was always someone implanting the idea in bw’s head That bm were subpar for various different reasons. That being said because of this bw who had no issue with bm began to view bm in a negative light.

    Bw were not infected with the desire to emasculate, effeminize or harm bm in a multitude of ways because they had to view Marilyn Monroe. There were wm all over tv but I never saw those wm as a reason that I should abandon bw at all cost. The actual verbal degradation of the media played a huge role in the bw’s decision to war against bm.

    Consider Marilyn Monroe as “oranges”———consider bm as “apples”
    I can sit an orange(marlyn Monroe) in front of you and you without any input from me can choose to eat the orange(Marilyn Monroe) and or consider the orange(Marilyn Monroe) to be your fave fruit. I never did anything but present and you made your choice

    I can also sit you in front of the tv and present with a variety of programming I.e. the news and morning/daytime talks shows. I can have various sources on these different forms of media to tell consumers that apples(bm) are no good failures. I could use other form of media to influence your thinking such as magazines and newspaper articles all about how subpar apples(bm) are. This plays a greater role in my decision to abandon apples(bm) than just simply looking at oranges(Marilyn Monroe)

    Not to mention you began your comment with “due to the selfish decision bw made over 50 years ago”(I believe someone should inform Mrs verbs that bw chose welfare over 50 years ago, its all inclusive Mrs. verbs)


  30. @check ur self
    You implied in one of your comments that men should use money to attract women. My question to you is, Attract women for what? If you are saying use the money the money to help secure as much fornication as possible, yes finances will greatly increase your fornication. However if you believe that finances will help you attract and sustain a marriage, I can help you remove this thought from your mental Rolodex.


  31. As you can see my comment that a bm should be happy with his queen without being concerned about waging war with the men of his queens race is “ASININE AND MISLEADING”

    I am not addressing the cult follower but if you are new here, scroll through the comment sections of the articles on this site, keep note of the times that you read something negative towards mainly wm in regards to ww’s choice to date and or marry bm. I also want you to see if you see any comment from the writer of the blog about sysbm not being about waging war on any race of men by way of intimacy with women from that particular race, nor does the author of the blog mention after the commenters make these comments that sysbm is about bm finding happiness with a non black woman and not a precursor to some race war.


  32. Gentlemen,

    As you can see our resident energy vampire is back on the scene attempting to trigger a response from myself as well as some of you. As I’ve explained before said dude loves to jump from one topic to a next and introduce elements into a discussion that have absolutely nothing to do with the particular subject matter concerned. He does this so that you can never pin him down or call him out on anything.

    Note how unlike yourselves the parasite has failed to declare exactly what he stands for, he does this deliberately so that again he cannot be positively accused of anything. This is why we’ve had to resort to guessing what he is all about from some of the shady, back alley comments he’s been leaving.

    Oh well, this is what happens when you’re on some secret squirrel type nonsense and you fail to be open and honest concerning your beliefs, folks will resort to drawing their own conclusions whether they be right or wrong.

    Again, note the effort on the part of said parasite to “warn” people concerning this website and how we are a cult(even though nobody is forced to stay here, people come and go as they please all the time and we don’t always agree and are able to hash out these disagreements in a cordial manner).

    What grown man continues to return to a website he has already deemed as having no value? What grown man refers to another as Mrs even though the parasite himself is cowardly in that he’s blatantly afraid to declare his own beliefs(I suspect because they don’t fit in with the SYSBM movement)?

    Had said dude conducted a search on the website he would have come across the following article I wrote back in October 2017 dealing with the main pillars of the SYSBM movement, however as we already know Negroes are lazy as hell and won’t bother lifting a finger to investigate an issue before railing accusations against you:


    Brothers, I instead choose to address you all and not the parasite because you guys are frank, open and honest about where you stand when it comes down to black women, black society, interracial dating, sex, love and companionship. As for the vampire, get thee behind me Satan, not today, be gone.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Verbs,

      I’m just chilling back, enjoying “his/her/its” pyschotic breakdown with some strong tea.

      It’s kinda like watching an ugly fish out of water, thrashing and lashing, saying “ffffeeeeeeeeeddddddddmeeeeeeeeee!” Hilarious.

      Keep it up, vampire!


    • The idiot continues to suggest that we are at war with white men. Because he is a pro wack in disguise, he is attempting to project his own issues onto us.

      We are simply men living and trying to navigate through a world which we did not create and which is not set up for us to get through unscathed. In order to gain an understanding about the modern day blk female some hard truths need to be faced.

      Namely that she is too undisciplined and short sighted to thrive on her own in any area of life. This doesnt include all of course. But the mind state which has become normalized among most of them is inherently disfunctional. This is a commonly known fact by almost everyone except the blk female herself and her pro wack flunkies(like yourself). The illusion of her official status as being somehow better than or more successful than blk men(who still out earn and have a higher networth than her!) could not be maintained without outside assistance.

      Also the number one cockblocking agents against blk men towards ANY other group of females happens to be white men.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Xstopalopoketi,

        When this pro wack parasite mentioned us being at war with white men, I was scratching my head in disbelief. This is exactly what I stated before concerning this effeminate mangina, just like the black witch he simply makes stuff up and throws it into the mix believing in his own head that it is relevant and ought to be included in the discussion, the dude at this point is nothing short of a laughing stock and is definitely 5 kegs short of a 6 pack.

        Again, I’ve got no time for an individual who sits on the side lines criticising others yet refuses to make his own beliefs known. That is a deep level of cowardice if ever I did see any.


  33. Gene April 18, 2018 at 23:22
    Coming out of lurk mode.


    It shouldn’t be that hard to understand where 3r1istruth is coming from even if you disagree that’s fine but no need to be obtuse or disingenuous. I would like to think that everyone here is better than that considering I’ve learned a lot from this site.


  34. @Keith Yes, That woman who was at the press conference was black her name was Lili Bernard. So much for this so-called pseudo black unity.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Carnio April 18, 2018 at 12:52
    oh god!!! Tommy Sotomayor is pandering to “back to the community” too???? even he is going back to the plantation????

    @mrs verbs
    Did carino just say what I think he said?
    Did he just accuse tommy sotomayor of dating a black woman when he said, “he is going back to the plantation”
    Now Mrs verbs we all know “PENIS POLICING” is a direct violation of sysbm policy, correct?

    3r1istruth’s Stance on dating “ANY” woman you choose:
    1. If you date a bw(even after you said bw are not worthy) it’s ok with me, no chastisement
    2. If you date a ww it’s ok with me
    3. If you date an Asian woman it’s ok with me
    4. If you date Hispanic women it’s ok with me
    5. The only thing is we will say is 99% of westernized women are degenerate sluts and whores

    Mrs. Verbs responds:
    Man, this guy is crazy, where is Michel and afroturism, do your job as my cult flunkies and disagree with him, I’m going to write an article that will prove I proved, be careful sysbm, he is mgtow, ibmor, men right activist, feminist, neo nazi, deacon of the church, white suprematist, republican, Democrat, anti government, pro abortion, Buddhist, constitutionalist, warmongering, I’m going to write an article on my abc’s and 123’s that will show predicates and the justification of numerals, make sure to lock your doors sysbm, I just got a text that he forced one of our sysbm brothers to marry a bw, I’m going to write an article and use big words that shows my feminine hygiene keeps me moist in the midst of his accusations


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