Black Women Have No Morals And No Shame


The two main reasons why I recommend that black men with sense and intelligence look for sex, love and companionship elsewhere and not deal with black women altogether is because black women are spiritually broken and as a result have completely lost their moral compass. These are the pinnacle reasons why western black society is in the toilet, the instillers of morality ie the fathers have been removed from the home by black women and their partners in crime the state.

Do you see how this whore nonchalantly talks about opening her legs to a manager at McDonald’s in order to gain employment? The black YouTuber David Carroll was absolutely correct when he stated in his classic video Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women that if as a black man you are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, black women should be avoided at all costs. In these times I would go one step further and recommend that black women are left alone altogether regardless of what you are looking for as in 2018 they simply aren’t worth the trouble, time and effort.

Understand this and understand this well, you cannot build with individuals who have no moral compass, these pro blacks cannot seem to comprehend the fact that the compass of morality forms a large part of the base of a societal structure. Black women are immoral and amoral individuals, morality brings about high standards, black women as a collective have no standards which is the main reason why black society has remained in the gutter for the past 50 years.

I have yet to see a society raise itself up and be successful with harlots, whores, slappers and sexually slack women in its midst. This is why I have to laugh when black women turn around to black men and accuse us of not building anything. Firstly, apply that statement to Dey Dey and J Boogie from the block, the same guys that black women love opening their legs to and second no, we thinking black men are building, however we don’t build for whores and sluts because we have standards.

The black female above is the quintessential example of the types of women you will run into in black society, but these are the same sluts who wish to comb through your phone every 5 minutes in order to ensure their insecure and morally bankrupts minds that you are behaving yourself. The worst thing about it is this chick above has a boyfriend and he brought her an engagement ring 5 days after the above tweet:

Now, either the boyfriend has no idea that his girlfriend is a top flight whore or as an ultra simp/cuck he knew about what she did and has no problems with it. Again, these are the low quality of black females that the pro black, red, black and green, frying Pan-African sector of black male society frequently attempt to shame us into dating, marrying and procreating with, not me, no sir, not a chance.

I already told you in Negro Wars that black society will continue to remain on its face and absolutely nothing will be built within it until black women are brought back into line and my statement to this day rings true. If black women are as great as the pro blacks make out then why haven’t they themselves built anything in partnership with the very women they break their necks to promote, I’ll wait?

The fact of the matter is in 2018 most black women cannot keep their legs closed, this is the way they are and they equally have no intentions of changing that. All the best to those black men who still choose to deal with such women, however thinking black men already know the outcome that will manifest as a result of dealing with such individuals, which is exactly why we stopped checking for black women in the first place. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Society Is A Goner, Save Yourself Black Men

Most High Bless

115 thoughts on “Black Women Have No Morals And No Shame

  1. That right there is a living example of a beta male. His girlfriend/fiance just screwed a McDonald’s manager just to get a below-minimum wage job, yet he’s stupid enough to put a ring on her finger. Once she gets pregnant, his fate is sealed. That is a dog-gone fool of a beta male, smh.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Agreed, this goes back to what I have discussed before about many black men becoming casualties and victims of the very women they love and worship. The lack of morality most black women subscribe to today is scary.

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    • If you look at the screenshots, notice that the ring screenshot was posted AFTER the McDonalds screenshot. I’m willing to bet somebody had to have told the boyfriend, “Bruh, your girl said she got smashed by her new manager at her job.” But being the dumb beta male that he is, he STILL went and put a ring on her dog-gone finger. Just mind-boggling how a man can have such a cognitive dissonance. But when you look at the origin of this mess, the inferno of single black motherhood, that’s the only way you can explain it.

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  3. And this is why they need to be bred out!

    This chick started talking about how she whored herself out for a job, so I assumed initially that surely said job was in corporate America or so office job. Instead, it’s $7.25 at ****ing McDonald’s?!!!!

    That lets you know they have no standards: this crap is seen as a Herculean accomplishment! This is why black society is the special ed class of the world.

    The worst part is, this will probably be the height of this woman’s life. Most black women will be old as dirt and still working in fast food, not as a time waster during retirement, but as a literal means to pay bills. I’ve literally seen black chicks 3 seconds away from dying at the ****ing drive-they, looking and sounding tired as hell.

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    • LMAO!!! @ “I’ve literally seen black chicks 3 seconds away from dying at the ****ing drive-they, looking and sounding tired as hell”

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    • But, I thought “dem wheit wimmins gon’ git ya?”

      Reason #12,171 to run headlong to white women, the *SUPERIOR* choice! (Pro-wack dick police need not apply)


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    • “The worst part is, this will probably be the height of this woman’s life. Most black women will be old as dirt and still working in fast food, not as a time waster during retirement, but as a literal means to pay bills.”

      Yep, still waiting on that handsome, well paid white man to come to wife them up and take care of them. BW keep saying that white men love them and are itching to come and date them. This is the sort of fantasy that they resort to after it becomes painfully obvious to them (usually in their mid to late 20s) that they have wasted their lives whoring themselves out to pookie and ray ray and having their kids, instead of getting with a lame (good) black man.

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  4. American BW have devolved into sexual objects and seem to have no problem with this, they flaunt it.
    The black community has devolved into a matriarchy that is run by whores and hoodrats. The offspring of these whores and hoodrats are just as damaged and dysfunctional as their mothers. The only options left to save the black community is either white daddy cutting off the welfare (a purge of sorts) or good black men abandoning and starting a parallel FUNCTIONAL black community away from hoodrats, whores, and their offspring.
    The parallel community will have to be run by good black MEN because personally I don’t trust western BW to run anything at this point, BW have had their chance to lead and you can see the state of the black community under the matriarchy. BW are too messed up and have destroyed multiple generations of blacks with their childish attitudes and dumb mating decisions, their time is about to be up as good BM separate and the welfare cuts come down.

    This is a really good video, he makes alot of good points about the whore house culture that has taken hold in the black community and the mentality that drives it. He also talks about how good black men are far outnumbered by the whores and their offspring:

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    • @JamesS

      “Good black men abandoning and starting a parallel functional black community away from hoodrats, whores, and their offspring”.

      It’s a very good idea but here is the dilemma. Start a parallel functional black community with what female? Those unicorn “needle in the haystack” black women that are a small percentage in black America?.

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      • @James S

        ” good black men abandoning and starting a parallel FUNCTIONAL black community away from hoodrats, whores, and their offspring.”

        This of course can only be possible without some sort of violent ethnic civil war. Do you honestly think that black women and their off spring are not going to sniff up and try to take what does not belong to them? They are going to feel most espcially entitiled to take over and steal resources that which they did not build and try to inject their social communitistic values into the pararellel community!

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      • @Carnio
        Yep. That would be the biggest challenge IMO, keeping the hoodrats and their offspring out. Its hard enough trying to separate from them as it is, as the video said we are outnumbered. Like you said if a black man/men build something they will feel like they are entitled to have a piece of it and run it. Hoodrats and their offspring destroy everything.

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    • “…good black men abandoning and starting a parallel FUNCTIONAL black community away from hoodrats, whores, and their offspring.
      The parallel community will have to be run by good black MEN…”

      Yes, but as stated before hoodrats, whores, and their offspring are unwanted by all other civilized peoples. Which means that in desperation they will slowly start to trickle in like ants to a picnic. A massive culling of these rejects will have to take place before it becomes safe to build anything longterm.

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    • James S…

      You guys DARE compare yourselves to Professor Black Truth?

      I will not stand for this blasphemy.

      Professor Black Truth doesn’t bash black women UNLIKE you guys.

      He would down you guys as swirlers as well as the hoodrats that the Jason Black followers reject.

      Jason Black and Professor Black Truth rejects swirlers as well as hoodrats. You guys are swirlers. You guys would not be welcome in Jason Black’s group. You would be run out the same way crusty negroes and hoodrats are run out.


      • D32018,

        You ought to team up with the commenter 3r1istruth and teach the fellow a thing or two about being open and honest concerning his views and where he actually stands on certain issues instead of being ultra secretive, wavy and elusive, he could learn something from you. As MadBusDriver continues to state, you’re not going to build Zion in the matrix, it simply is not going to happen and fellows like yourself, Jason Black, Professor Black Truth and the rest of that squad will have to find this out the hard way. The best way forward right now is to do for self.


      • Verbs…

        Jason Black and Professor Black Truth have no love for the hoodrats in the black community. However… they do not generalize black women as a race UNLIKE you.

        I’m not stupid enough to believe for a minute that they would do some simp shit like that. I am also not stupid enough to buy into your misogynoir diatribe.

        That is the truth you and your sycophantic entourage are too misogynoir and self hating to understand.


      • D32018,

        Hoodrat is a mindset, this is what Jason Black, Professor Black Truth as well as bootlickers like yourself fail to understand, while you are there calling out and rightly condemning gutter trash Laquanda, you’re skipping over Natasha who works in the corporate world but yet has exactly the same mindset. Keep using those redundant black female talking points, they speaks volumes to where your mindset is at and who raised you.


      • Verbs…

        Jason Black and Professor Black Truth understand a lot more than you about black women.

        Yes… my mom raised me on her fucking own. Yes… I had a sorry ass deadbeat dad. No… I never needed that bum ass loser in my life anyway.

        Now what.

        I don’t need to say no more.


      • D32018,

        Yep, and that’s exactly the problem right there, you were raised by a typically dysfunctional black female who instilled philosophies of junk into your mind. Don’t believe that deadbeat dad rubbish either unless your mother deliberately went out of her way to get knocked up by Ray Ray or J Boogie from the block.


      • Verbs…

        My mom never intended to get pregnant at age 16 by a junk ass loser of a boy. That boy skirted his responsibility instead of stepping up like a real man.

        I am NOTHING like my deadbeat dad 30 years later.

        In all my 31 years in this world… I never needed a father figure to survive and I certainly will not need a father figure to teach me how to be a man because I learned that shit myself. I had no choice but to.


      • D32018,

        Yes she did, this is typically what black women do, get knocked up by Tyrone and J Boogie from the block ie unproductive black men. I can guarantee you that your mother at the same time rejected over and over good black men who would’ve been fit for fatherhood.

        Wrong squire, your mother is the deadbeat for not choosing wisely who she opened her legs to, on the flip side however if your father was a decent bloke it wouldn’t have surprised me if he tried to see his son but each time your mother blocked visitation, this is yet another stunt that these black sirens commonly pull.

        You’re only a man in the physical sense, your mindset however is that of a female. You need to decontaminate yourself from the effeminate mannerisms that your mother programmed into you as a child as your ultra simping for scumbag black women is a travesty and a deep stain upon your manhood or in this case the lack thereof.


  5. These blk male SIMPs will wifeup women that’s been on ghettogaggers.

    These men are physiological females.including the thugs too thats why they love unecessary drama.
    these shedogs can sense it that’s why they go for these men.

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    • Hell, aren’t half of these “pro-black” chicks like Cynthia G and the like former whores and bedwenches?

      And let’s not forget the ex-bedwench crying outside of the Chris Brown concert (still a favorite nut buster of mine, lol), though thankfully no simps or hoteps have come her way yet.

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    • @Odyssey

      Don’t knock it. This is probably a major step up for her in life. Having no money, I wouldn’t be surprised if prior to this she was giving it away in the same McDonald’s public restroom to random niggas for the promise of a purchased value meal.

      Even hoodrats must occasionally have momentary flashes of insight. I bet the inspiration must have come during a particularly raunchy transaction/encounter while balancing spreadeagle on the toilet seat displaying her filthy innards.

      Offering her overused orifices to the hiring manager might actually result in something more substantial than the customary ejaculate on her face or back from Lil Man, Debo, & Dirty Dick Rodney.

      Mock her all you want, but probable inbreeding notwithstanding, at least she seems to be getting smarter.

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      • Xstopalopoketl,

        “Offering her overused orifices to the hiring manager might actually result in something more substantial than the customary ejaculate on her face or back from Lil Man, Debo, & Dirty Dick Rodney.”

        Oh I guess this means she must of swallowed this time? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      • Lol! Either that or they used a condom (hopefully). The alternative to all four scenarios is that he could have busted a nut inside one of her soiled orifices.

        This could mean that another bastard thug might be on the way to wreak havok on hard working civilized people.

        Or perhaps the lesser evil of said hiring manager trying and failing to properly scrub the young black whore’s coochie stank off of his johnson and contracting some sort of wierd new black harlots booty-bug.

        If so, an industrial strength dose of some viral killing medication may be in his future. I aught to know, I lived in Tijuana, Mexico for six months. Whore cooties are the worst.

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      • This was meant to be sarcastic by the way. Never understand why females who insist on doing this sell themselves so cheap. Go after an entry level clerical gig for fucks sake.


  6. I suspect that this woman is doing this on purpose. I suspect that the reason why she is boasting about it is so that she can cash in by taking advantage of the #Metoo movement by crying rape in a few years and sue McDonalds for milllions of $$$ and she is suing this tweet as a document to prove her case…

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    • The thing about that is this: no one, NO ONE, feels sorry for them. Black Women could never be the face of domestic violence or rape victims, because even liberals, namely white feminists, fail to muster the effort to even pity them and their situation.

      Think about it: most disingenuous SJW movements dealing with black people that aren’t started by black Dykes are targeted toward black men. No one gives a damn about black women, a state of expendability that is all their own fault.

      Even hoteps can barely care enough for actual substance: missing black girls or black girls running away from home is never a topic of discussion, just some bs to inflate their worthless ego. Attention starved.

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      • @Afro

        Even it took a long time into the devastating #MeToo campaign to find out who the “face” was… probably out of embarrassment.

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    • that’s a possibility , the manager better save that post she made to at least show she was consensual , granted he’ll lose his job but avoid a rape charge

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  7. Just when you think these black bitches can’t sink even further below the Mendoza line (baseball reference), they somehow find a way to not disappoint. With all of the information out there showing their dysfunction, hypocrisy, and violence, anyone willing to play Russian roulette with one of these whores is an idiot and deserves whatever blowback comes their way.

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  8. “In A Man’s Life…There’s Only So Many Useful Years!!!”

    Um? Lemme ask you brothas this if I may, Who….would you classify in doing the most manager f*cking to get jobs such as mc doo doo’s etc.?

    And I would also like to ask to please define “pro-black”?

    Also, the moment a person mentions, a “white female” and expressing his personal experiences alongside, does that make him…a “pro-black”?

    Anybody in the comment section. Please respond. Because I really need help on this…


    • Black Women will constantly whore themselves out for crumbs and dirt cookies. David Carroll talks about how they will be bent over on a regular by Arab and Lebanese store owners, all for a ham sandwich.

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      • True indeed The Master Teacher Dr. David Carroll touches on those topics precisely and accurately. Hat tip and salute to that.

        But…wouldn’t it be obvious that all western white hispanic and asian females engage in that “fake it till you make it” sex on the platter and table office romps in order to get jobs,raises and promotions?


      • Themelancholictigah,

        ALL western white women???? All no, however I would be a fool if I stated that certain contingents of white and hispanic women are not engaging in the same office table romps, however unlike black women they will try their best to keep it under wraps, they typically won’t go around and on Facebook bragging about their whorish exploits.

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      • Verbs2015

        True indeed. But see…I live in the states called Vegas. And in this sh*thole, whoredome is glorified, embraced, valued, promoted, respected, protected,condoned and cosigned yet concurred. So that’s why I say all white hispanic and asian female do this whorecore garbage.


      • Themelancholictigah,

        You live in Vegas??? Ah, now I understand where you are coming from. All Vegas promotes is slack handed, whorish, materialistic behaviour, you’ll be hard pressed to find a decent woman in that cess pit, however I would suggest that there are conservative states in which you can easily find women who possess high morals and upstanding characters. Its not hard, you just have to make the moves.

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      Since more white women are conservatives than liberal I would have to say that proportionately speaking black women would be acting the most like whores in the corporate/office working environment.

      A pro black will constantly bring up other races of women whenever black women are examined and scrutinised as if this somehow cancels out the black female’s shortfalls, it doesn’t.

      A pro black will highlight the faults of other races of women whenever the faults of black women are brought to light.

      A pro black will use the same racist and shaming language as the black witch and accuse thinking black men who prefer non black women as “worshipping” and “exalting” those same women.

      Talking about bad experiences with white women alone doesn’t make you a pro black, it is some of the other traits I mentioned above that usually come with that kind of talk.

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      • It’s his mission toi police our dicks for some reason. Bottom line, there are exponentially more actually decent women in other “communities” to choose from. Yea, there’s a lot of bad women, lots of whores but there are MORE good ones for guys like us.

        This is precisely the reason I could consistently get dates and relationships in my life from non-black women while avoiding women of low quality and why I have never, ever dated a so called decent black woman. I’ve only even known four or 5 in my life and they were all taken by the time I met them.

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  9. As has been stated before, today’s black female (I refuse to use the term ‘Woman’ as that emplies adulthood and/or maturity) treats herself like shit because she knows that she is shit.

    If you think shit you will speak shit.
    If you speak shit you will attract shit.
    If you attract shit you will you will be surrounded by shit.
    If you are surrounded by shit you will live a shit life.
    If you live a shit life you just won’t care about shit.
    If you don’t care about shit you will eat shit.
    If you eat shit you will feel like shit.
    And if you feel like shit, once again you will think shit. And back to the beginning.

    It’s a vicious circle that the black female wallows in.

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  10. @themelancholictigah

    You are correct, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic women do give their bodies up for pennies on the dollar, the theme of this blog site is to highlight the ills of BW giving those who see the “black mamba” as she is a chance to vent frustration. The site is also for the bm that has been ran through the ringer by bw and is in limbo about what he should do, it gives said bm an understanding that he is not alone in his feelings

    However, Asian, Caucasian and Latina women are less likely than bw to attack the workers at McDonald’s, attempt to pull off a wild western style weave heist etc. but the slutty, sexual deviancy, whorishness and general feminist views towards marriage/family and the man being the head of household runs high among the “fairer” gender.

    That is why I wonder exactly what the average bm expects from these non black women. I always feel that if these bm are looking for fornication and adultery with less of a chance of fighting, property damage, etc. I believe the majority will be successful without bw in the way of fornication and adultery.

    Marriage and family with non black women will produce more happily married bm but the “MAJORITY” will find themselves having to divorce their non black “FEMINIST SLUT”


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  11. I see our resident “they all like that!/white Women do it too!” Crowd has arrived.

    Speaking of the subject, notice white conservative (men) shilling for this “conservative” black woman and coming to her and those hoodrats Diamond And Silk’s defense. They weren’t defending Steve Harvey when he had to backtrack concerning the slightest positive remark he made about meeting with Donald Trump, nor when Ice Cube had to do the same. Same thing with that Joy Villa chick.

    You will also notice that black “conservative” woman can be just as loud mouthed and argumentatively stereotypical as their liberal counterparts, but it’s fine with white conservative (men). However, a conservative black man must be EXACTLY like a white conservative and act like the most Carlton esque caricature to be accepted by them and not seen as a threat. The second that he shows even the slightest bit of indignation, he’s a thug like the rest.

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    • @Afro,

      Indeed. I do not justifymyself topro-wack,RBG hoteps. And if anyone is in doubt, I’ve had horrible experiences with non-Black women before. What you didn’t hear me saying was “dem wheit womenz gon git ye strungz up, nugga…”

      See, unlike your average pro-wack, I don’t have a victim complex. Neither do I have low self-worth and a chip on my shoulder. I matured past all that immature, rage quitter shit.

      Your average pro-wack is full of powerlessness, self-loathing and is defeated by the system, hates the system, yet is still leeching off the system.
      Has an entitlement mentality and projects his failures in life onto others.
      Claims his MGTOW, yet still gets triggered by the very women he claims “are allz the same”.
      Wants solutions, yet doesn’t find a solution for *himself*, never mind his backstabbing members of the community he’s trying to “save”.
      Is a “back to Africa” cat, yet voluntarily stays his black ass in the USA.

      The pro-wack is a fool. More fool him.

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      • Exactly. Why justify myself to a man who is not qualified to judge me? He certainly CANNOT get eh kind fo women I can, and most likely is of low morals and intelligence hence the robotic pro-black persona masking how empty and worthless he really is. As per usual.

        I’m an actual good looking, productive guy. I’m smart, useful and have actually accomplished things in this world. I have a lot to offer and a lot to live for and I won’t be throwing it all before slimy low thinking idiots nor wifing up some low class whore. They can miss me with that shit, lol.

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      • @FLCLimaxx

        Look, dude got burnt dealing with different types of women. Fine. So did I.

        Then go improve yourself in the gym, add a side hustle (not scamming) and learn how to handle women.

        Because frankly if they are “all like that”, maybe the problem isn’t with the women…

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  12. @Verbs2015 or anyone who can answer this,

    I grew up in the US as did many posters here. It was pretty bad already when I was growing up. But since then I’ve watched blk females mutate in front of my eyes in this country into their current wretched state.

    What I dont understand is how the UK got so bad. I once met a blk girl from the UK as a teenager. She seemed to speak and behave so much more respectfully than the trash over here. Since then however I’ve seen many vids online with blk british girls looking, acting, and sounding just like the ones on this side of the Atlantic, but with an english accent. Obviously the fuckery started in the US, but how did it infect that side of the Atlantic so completely?!?

    Maybe you could write on this subject if you haven’t already. Also, how the heck is Africa being infected with these canceric attitudes so rapidly?

    If you have already covered these topics in an earlier post, can you provide me with the link?

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    • Xstopalopoketi,

      The government’s over here are gynocentric number one. As in the case of the US the UK government rewards female dysfunction. Until the influx of immigrants there was a very popular saying amongst the women here, “if you want to get free housing from the council just get yourself pregnant”.

      I’m afraid that black female culture in the US sets the trends which the majority of these UK black harpies follow. As Michel said the internet and US cable television has been an instrumental part of the derailment of the UK black female. Couple this with the fact that the UK is a socialist country which exalts feminism to the hilt and it’s not to difficult to see exactly what’s gone wrong.

      With Africa outside of South Africa all the countries contained therein are patriarchal, thus in its case it is mainly the internet that has helped bring about black female dysfunction over there. Here are two articles I wrote on said subject:

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      • Thanks. The UK whores in the first links video were walking arguments in support of domestic abuse.

        The sight of the mutated African hippo in the second link caused me severe emotional distress. Looked like an illustration from one of those old Babar The Elephant childrens story books I read as a toddler.

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  13. Off topic:
    Another crazy white guy on a killing spree.
    He was an “incel” (involuntary celibate). He pledged allegiance to elliot rodgers, a bi-racial white/asian college kid who went on a killing spree because he saw black guys dating white girls and was angry that he couldnt get a white girlfreind. Rodgers complained in his manifesto about how whites were superior to blacks and how white women should want him because of his white blood and that he was a “superior gentelmen”. He was the sterortypical half white half asian male.

    Stuff like this was always an undercurrent within MGTOW and now I think its the norm, and yet another reason why BM should stay away from MGTOW. Some of these crazy white guys just cant stand the fact that they are being passed up by white women for non-WM, they are losing their minds over it. Any BM dating interacially and living in the US had better be strapped up and ready to deal with crazy WM, hoodrats, thugs, bums, etc.

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      • I don’t know if this latest incident involved a Happa(half asian-half white) male. But nevertheless, all of you on here should check out:

        This shit literally blew my mind! You are probably looking at the next generation of mass shooters in the case of the male children of white male-asian female unions. Asian male-white female unions do not seem to produce these kinds of pathological nutjobs. Neither do black male-white female unions. The offspring of white male-black female unions need to be VERY closely scrutinized in the future because they are still relatively rare.

        I told Carnio in a comment under the previous post, that I’m looking more and more at asian females now that I no longer speak to blk whores. And I’m seeing more and more blk male-asian female pairings here in the US. This maybe partly why.

        Probably one of the reasons that more and more non self-hating asian women are becoming more open to dating blk men is because of this type of madness. Classic blk men would never humiliate their own offspring like this.

        The owner of the site is a Happa male. He has written extensive warnings that this situation will result in bloodshed and tragedy in the future.

        The key to it all seems to be racist white men procreating with self-loathing non white females and then passing their pathology onto these confused offspring.

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  14. They say, “ignorance is bliss” so I do have compassion for those I present with the truth. I understand they wanted a non black woman that has high level integrity, morals and a good sense of family values, I am sorry but it is 2018 and we live in a time of “hook up culture”

    But if one desires blissful ignorance that man is without any form of bliss. You are not truly happy just because the non black female you are would shows some sophistication and then when you are not home some man is cumming all in her mouth, all over her face, gagging her with his genitalia. You come home she has showered brushed her teeth and greets you with open arms and a “BIG KISS”

    If this is happiness, I will pass, I do not mind being the lame it is better then kissing some whore after a man has cummed in her mouth.

    As “YO POOKIE GOTTI” says “IT GOES DOWN IN THE DM” but don’t worry your wife or fornication partner is only on social media so that she can stay in touch with her family.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Dude is low key dick monitoring, completely ignoring the fact that most black men are being shafted and railroaded by black women. I agree, its obvious that there are some self instability issues that need to be addressed on his part. Now dude is talking about fornicating and yet probably doesn’t even know what the word really means.

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    • This dude is just concern trolling. This is another “Non-black (white) wym1n дo 1t t0000111!” Nonsense. The post is about a black woman yet he (she?) brings up non blacks as if pointing out the faults of others is going to change anything!

      My guess is that he must have been hurt by a non-black woman and is pissed at us because our Sysbm dates work out while he can’t get any!

      So instead he is using scare tactics to get us to turn against our non-black women. Notice he says we are in denial of “truth” about non black woman sleeping with other men while we are not home but says NOTHING about black women?

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    • @Afrofuturism1

      I thought he was a pro wack in disguise. Now I’m thinking he has MGTOW tendencies as well.

      His message this time seems to be AWALT(All Women Are Like That!). Which is a lazy minded repetitive MGTOW slogan used to justify their attempts to bring all men over to their side of the fence.
      This is the opposite of NAWALT(Not All Women Are Like That!). Which is an equally lazy minded equally repetitive response trotted out by females and Captain-Save-A-Hoes to deflect harsh criticism of bad female behavior.

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  15. Maybe I deserve
    To wonder who calling so damn late
    For you to say I’m trippin’ it’s just a homie from upstate (said it’s just a homie)
    Don’t he know it’s 1:00 in the morning
    You say it’s cool baby it’s cool
    Baby I deserve
    For you to say he’s coming into town ( he wants to see you)
    And he’s just wondering if you and him can hang out
    I don’t like it but I know I gotta trust you
    It ain’t cool cause I know it’s true
    Maybe I deserve
    For you to go out and find some other guy
    Maybe I deserve
    For you to stay out with him all night
    Maybe I deserve
    For you to do all the things I did to you
    Maybe I deserve ( oh yeah)
    Maybe I deserve
    Repeat Twice
    For you to put on a sexy dress
    For me to ask you Who the hell you trying to impress
    For you to laugh it off like it ain’t nothing
    I know it’s something Maybe just maybe
    To sit a home and wonder where you are
    Is he kissing you touching you holding you what
    Take a drink and help ease my mind
    I want to be mad after all those times
    For me to ask you where you been
    For you to say I better stop tripping
    To grab your neck until you let me know
    For you to run crying, crying out the door
    To grab my coat and chase you down the street
    To say it ain’t you it’s my own insecurity
    For you to say yes I cheated on you
    I won’t care cause after all I put you through I deserve
    I desrve yeah yeah yeah
    To be mistreated sometimes
    To even be lied to sometimes
    Maybe you should go cheat on me
    Maybe I should sit and wait by the phone
    Cause I paged you about 3 or 4 times
    Girl I know girl I know I then put you through
    I then put you through hell
    And I don’t care
    And I don’t care
    And I deserve
    See a man can’t take another man taking our woman
    We can’t even stand waiting by the phone
    But we do the same shit
    Songwriters: Durrell Babbs
    Maybe I Deserve lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
    Similar Songs

    Please Don’t Go


      • Michel,

        Agree, said dude claims there is nothing good on this website and that we are a bunch of women with penises, yet for some reason he continues to return here, his mentally disjointed mindset is on display for all to see, plus the dude can never give a definite answer as to exactly where he stands yet has no problems criticising the stances of others. At least we are forthcoming and honest about our positions.

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  16. Look above at the comment I will quote by xstopalopketl: “probably one of the reasons that more and more NON SELF-HATING ASIAN are becoming more and more open to dating black men”

    He is openly stating(the word imply is not applicable here) that Asian women that do not date black men hate themselves! SMH

    If you are new here the majority of these males are simply women with penis. They have gotten themselves away from the abuse of bw only to become just like the bw they denounce

    Go to christelyn karazin site and see if you don’t see and hear(in her videos) crazy comments about any man that does not desire bw.

    Again if you are new here and think you will find some good here, think again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No idiot. If you cannot keep up with the conversation please do not interupt grown folks when they are conversing.

      In addition to being a simp in disguise, he obviously lacks reading comprehension as well.

      More proof that he may be a black female in disguise. Or at the very least he was raised by one who succeeded in implanting her low reading/listening comprehension into him/her.

      Liked by 2 people

      • If you are actually interested in growing your crippled intelligence you should check out the link on my original post.

        All of the stories and annecdotes there point to the fact that just like self-hating black females, self-hating asian females actually allow racist white guys to be abusive and disrespectful to them and their offspring.

        Since obviously there will be a large contingent of asian women who do respect themselves and want something better in life, maybe they have begun to seek elsewhere for love and companionship.

        I suggested that the rise in black male-asian female relationships maybe an indicator of this.

        Liked by 2 people

      • You should ignore that entity which begins with the number three. SYSBM shall continue by any and all means necessary – not to be stopped by any SIMP, Sistuh, or Beast.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off.

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  17. Verbs2015,
    From The Previous Blog Posts You Uploaded on White Women Speaking On Their Attraction For Black Men They Were Prominent, Well Thought Out & Just, Here Once Again. You Uploaded Another Post That Exposes The Fuckery of The American Black Female & I Say to Myself These American Sistahood Scraggle Daggles Have The Audacity to Want to Once Again Open Their Mouths or In This Case Type on Their Keyboards How He’s Wrong or This Nigga Has No Bizzness Saying This Shit & They Go Right to Their Favorite Verbal Weapons to Describe Thinking Black Men Like You, Myself & Everyone Else Who Has a Mind ”Coon, House Nigger/House Nigga or Coon Light MF” & They Mostly Say This Cause They Know That Their Ego’s Much Like Their White Daddy’s Know That White Women, Hispanic Women & Other Women See Us as Desirable, Want to Raise Families With Us, Want to Grow Old With Us, Although I Will Say This. If a White Woman Sees You as Just an Object of Sexual Desire. Then She’s Not Someone to Build With, Cause Look at Seal & Hedi Klum, She Mentioned That What Attracted Her to Seal is His Trousers. Basically His Penus & Few Years Later They Divorced. If a Non-Woman is Attracted to You Cause of Something Like That, Then She’s Not Someone to Build With, If Anything, She’s No Different or Better Than The American Black Scraggle Daggles That Are Mentioned in These Blog Posts. Bottom Line I’m All 100% of #SYSBM, But I Leave With This Quote From Batman Begins ”Always Mind Your Surroundings”!!!


  18. And these are the same women who have the nerve to complain about so-called street harassment, when black women themselves have let it be known throughout the world that their legs are always open for business. If you act like a whore, you can’t complain when you get treated like one.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. And this is what the IBMOR’s wanted thinking black men to sacrifice themselves for lol.
    Bitch is sleeping with old white dudes so she can work at burger king.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. This may offend some people but in my opinion there is no black community . there might be a bunch of black people living in an area but that don’t make it a community . I could write a thesis on what it takes to make a community but I’ll just say none of it is present in the hood .

    Liked by 1 person

  21. speaking of the lack of morality remember when it was customary not to cuss around women and children well it aint like that no more . I was in the military and black women put my profane vocabulary to shame even in situations where there is no need to cuss they will spew forth a few choice words that will curl your hair and let you know exactly what her life is about . and they don’t care who hears it I have been in line at a grocery store and a black woman flipped out her old saggy chewed up titty looking for her money meanwhile the cashier is grimacing because she has to touch what was next to that skanks sweaty teats . I’ve noticed a lot of cashiers have a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby

    Liked by 1 person

  22. i dont really give a shit, but if you bothered to read a few comments besides her initial post… this girl admits that this was a JOKE. dumbasses…


    • Asdasdsqd,

      So, what difference does it make when we have black women engaging in this type of behaviour on the regular and boasting about it? As if a joke negates the stack loads of evidence we have anyway, wake up.


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