They Live For The Argument


Yep, this is exactly why these heifers remain single. You have to love black comedians in the fact that they talk about the dysfunctions and the ills of black society through comedy and thus by using such a mechanism they are able to avoid the wrath of the sisterhood of Blackistan. The comedian Daphnique Springs does the same thing, check out one of her latest videos demonstrating the Jekyll and Hyde nature of your average garden variety black female, something that is very real and which many black men can relate to.

As the comedian B Simone points out, black women as a group live for the argument, they are masters at causing contention, strife as well as creating verbal altercations. This is increasingly why more and more black men are simply throwing in the towel and deciding not to deal with black women altogether.

As I have stated many times before, most black men are simply looking for PEACE(something which most black women are incapable of giving them), it’s bad enough having to deal with the difficulties and the hostilities of the outside world without coming home to a decadent witch who only wishes to place more stress upon your life. Again, in 2018 even an increasing amount of Tyrones and J Boogies are beginning to give black women a wide berth as they too are struggling to keep up with the constant mindset of war and contention the overwhelming majority of black women possess.

You’ll notice how B Simone acknowledges that the argumentative type approach is the most likely to drive a man away and so she decides to adopts a more feminine and submissive demeanour, however as per usual with most black females Jezebel prevailed and she reverted right back to the feminist, ghetto, trashy, loud mouth, belligerent harridan type personality as this is the persona most black women feel comfortable in.

Yet another nugget in the video, notice how she stated that adopting the feminine and submissive approach will cause the man to “walk all over her”. Again, this is how most black females think but at the same time they also conveniently forget to mention that the black men who carry out the abusing, the walking over and the using of women are the J Boogie, Ray Ray, Tyrone, unproductive type black men.

Thinking black men do not “walk all over” feminine and submissive women, however the irony of all of this is the fact that black women despite their fake outrage and vestigial protesting actually love being walked all over and abused. This is precisely the reason why they continue to return to the very men who commit these types of acts.

If black women as a group didn’t like being used and abused then they wouldn’t continuously be beating a path towards Tyrone’s doorstep, they would instead give him and such like a wide berth and preferably be homing in on black men more suited to long term, stable relationships. Of course this rarely if ever occurs because black women being the mentally disjointed harpies that they are require continuous turmoil and dysfunction within their lives in order to feel “normal” and feed the Jezebel spirit within them.

Thinking black men, avoid dysfunctional black sirens like the plague, they are not worth your time and through argumentative witchcraft they will drain the life force from your soul. Don’t believe me, as an experiment try arguing with a black female and you tell me if you managed to be successful. Let’s be honest, we already know what the outcome will be, YOU WON’T WIN.

Finally, dealing with the “you just can’t handle a strong black woman” line that many black women and their simp advocates love to throw out there, nobody aims to live with defective products. If something is broken or continuously breaks down and you are unable to repair it then your next aim is to GET RID OF said item. Nobody holds onto a car that continually gives them problems. This principle of ridding one’s self of problematic products or areas in life applies to everything except when it comes down to black women, in their discombobulated mind we as thinking black men are expected to deal with their defective blacksides FOR LIFE. No sir, not me, not this Negro.

And lastly, remember how I’ve previously pointed out the fact that these black female comedians are able to play the part of dysfunctional black women perfectly. Always read between the lines, this is how most of them are in their real everyday lives, they are openly showing you who they are, however with a twist of comedy some could miss the lesson. B Simone is no different to the rest.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Crazy Argumentative Black Women Are NOT Your Responsibility To Rehabilitate

Most High Bless

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  2. I reposted that video on Instagram a few weeks ago and had the exact same sentiment.

    Something I keep noticing about black women is that they make things other races of women do easily and naturally seem like mission impossible. If you’re a woman with a functioning womb, it should be easy for you to get and keep a man. Black women make it seem like rocket science.

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  3. This is why black folks relate to Madea and stuff like that: it basically IS their life. Art imitating life and the like.

    You will also notice that they will never take the steps to achieve what it is they set out to do, namely concerning a relationship. Such a thing would require submission on their part, which they feel offended to provide.

    Other groups of women know what it takes to avoid walking down spinster alley for the rest of their life, and adjust their behavior accordingly.

    Now, black Women will say “I don’t want/need a man!”, but their actions say otherwise. If this were true, they definitely wouldn’t be up in the club chatting up Nook Nook and Debo.

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  4. “As the comedian B Simone points out, black women as a group live for the argument, they are masters at causing contention, strife as well as creating verbal altercations. This is increasingly why more and more black men are simply throwing in the towel and deciding not to deal with black women altogether.”

    Yep, I learned from a young age that arguing with a BW is a waste of time, for the most part they are obsessed with getting the last word. Even if you are right and are speaking to them in a calm and respectful tone, they will react like children. I experienced this during my days working in public service.

    “You’ll notice how B Simone acknowledges that the argumentative type approach is the most likely to drive a man away and so she decides to adopts a more feminine and submissive demeanour”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, brothers need to be on high alert for BW pulling the “good girl” act to get a man (ex: Russel Wilson and Ciara). More BM are starting to turn their backs on dating BW and many of them will become master performers when it comes to pretending to not be a hoodrat. This applies to all women but ESPECIALLY to BW because of the high level of dysfunction in the black community and the growing rate of BM avoiding dating them. Alot of simps are going to get taken in by BW pretending to be Claire Huxtable when she is really Monique’s character from the movie Precious.

    I see it happening on social media and other places, hoodrats and baby mommas talking about how much they love BM and how BM are kings etc. They sound just like the pathetic black male simps that are desperatley trying to sweet talk a BW into dating them. You didn’t see this much of this kind of talk coming from BW around 10 years ago………….

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  5. Everything in the alleged non existent black community is backward. Because the mentally ill black woman is in control of things there is no order. Black women lack impulse control. Many black people lack impulse control because they spent their entire childhood watching black women flip out, lose control, and think an appropriate reaction to everything is to argue and fight.
    Like Anthony Wilson said, the things that other races of women do naturally, black women either refuse to do or couldn’t do if they tried. Black women have this ridiculous notion that being confrontational is something that has to be a part of their personality. They think that is being strong, but it’s just being stupid.
    But most black women are stupid, so what else is new? A part of me also believes genetics play a part in the confrontational nature of black women. When you have large groups of uneducated, uncivilized ‘people’ who continually breed with each other in very centralized areas, the end result is a bunch of stupid, illiterate, violent, confrontational beasts who can’t control their emotions.
    And black women are the captains of this quickly sinking ship.

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      • @afrofuturism1 @BillSmith Some of these people from the hood are products of incestual unions which deals with Biology on a deeper level which encompasses ideas such as: (Hereditarianism & Epigenetics) that played a role in them acquiring genetic abnormalities. I think its due to a culmination of three things: inbreeding, led laced water, and GMO laced food. I don’t mean to sound cruel but you can see the “down syndrome” look and infer that “the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. The lights are on but nobody’s home.” Personally, I want a female who is genetically pure or genetically healthy(from a biological standpoint) who is free from any disabilities or abnormalities. If that female happens to be White, Jewish, Asian and etc; who cares.

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      • There is a ton of incest in the so called community they nobody ever talks about, and they point blank refuse to. That’s even another reason to avoid these heifers because they could literally be related to you; which is disgusting on every level. Mess with them at your own peril. I’ll gladly stick to White and Asian women thank you…

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    • @BillSmith Some of these people from the hood are products of incestual unions which deals with Biology on a deeper level which encompasses ideas such as: (Hereditarianism & Epigenetics) that played a role in them acquiring genetic abnormalities. I think its due to a culmination of three things: inbreeding, led laced water, and GMO laced food. I don’t mean to sound cruel but you can see the “down syndrome” look and infer that “the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. The lights are on but nobody’s home.” Personally, I want a female who is genetically pure or genetically healthy(from a biological standpoint) who is free from any disabilities or abnormalities. If that female happens to be White, Jewish, Asian and etc; who cares.

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  6. This post reminds me of my own mother! If there was anyone that turned me and my father off from engaging conversations with black women, it was her.

    While growing up, NO ONE could argue with my mother. Even if she was dead wrong she would argue using cheap tatctics, injecting arguments that had nothing to do with what we were arguing about, throw and smash things, act like a mentally ill person in a straight jacket and all sort of crazy things. You just could not win an arguement.

    Sometimes it felt like she would she would instigate an argument just to make sure that she could show her authority on winning arguements. When I use to go to middle school and onwards, I remember I starting seeing the same traits in black girls to which I already knew there is no point in arguing with them.

    The final straw was when my mother starting yelling at me, I got tired if her bs, so for the first time I yelled back. Yell so loud that people driving by were turning their heads. For the moment I stop engaging conversations with her completely. I stopped saying good morning, I stopped telling her about my school grades, I had one time got elected to an art show as some of my artwork was published to a couple places, I didn’t tell her about that. To this day I have not spoken to her since.

    Before I left the US, It was almost like a had a 6th sense that I could tell when black women was ready to argue and act a fool, so i would avoid them at all cost. The wall of silence was already up as it was but the problem was I Hasbro work with them so there were times I was forced to communicate with them. So I barely said anything to them only when it job related.

    Yes, black women live to argue. But it’s not just the arguing that makes it bad, it is how they argue. Sometimes I like to debate with people just to get my brain exercising. But it is a whole another story when they argue with you by name calling, shaming, yellowing, getting physical, throwing tantrums and them random manginas or the sisterhood jumps in the conversation and intimidate you just because there is more if them to argue with you and one of you. You cannot even engage in a conversation with them because it is all about them and you need to change you mind and thought process to align with theirs.

    Simply talking with them is a complete waste of freaking time and if I was stuck in the US I would see them as dog shit. Something that you see in the street and you just walk around and avoid. Don’t bother acknowledging their existence because even doing THAT lowers your IQ by 10 points!

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  7. Drama is the standard operating procedure in The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and Blackistan is finally isolated from the rest of the world via The Wall!

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  8. These whores live to be argumentative and dysfunctional. They cannot stand it when things are peaceful and calm. They will go out of their way to start an argument, just so they can feel normal. It took me years to break that habit, and it cost me some relationships in the process just being around these basket cases (which includes my own family). Take it from me, the less you interact with these demons, the happier and more calm your life will be. They seriously are not worth it.

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  9. BW love arguing everybody says this it’s not a big secret these stupid buffoons think that equates to being a strong black woman no you dumb bitches that just means you like chaos and ruckus. It makes no sense to argue or even talk to fools which BW are. You cannot have a peaceful relationship with a BW that is literally impossible.

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  10. Brothers,

    Always remember that when these dysfunctional blck harridans realise that they cannot succeed in drawing you back onto the plantation, they will instead attempt to use you as a source of energy for recharging themselves. The aim of the game when it comes to the black witch and thinking black men is to literally syphon energy from our souls.

    Have you ever noticed that most black women will start arguments over the most trivial nonsense or for nothing at all, that’s right, they are looking to recharge that Jezebel spirit within them and you many times are being chosen as their choice victim, because you’re not contaminated your energy is pure and clean unlike that of Tyrone and J Boogie.

    Arguing with a black witch online or in person it makes no difference, the energy is sucked from your spirit in the same manner, this is why you feel so drained and exhausted at the end of it all.

    This is why I refer to black women as witches, they have many tricks and techniques up their sleeves, if they cannot bring you under their control directly then they will attempt to affect you or your life from a distance using whatever resources they have at their disposal. Beware the modern day black witch.

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  11. Gentlemen. Some people take the position that USA black women, as a group, have a mental disorder. This position also states that USA black women should be given a presumption of having some level of a mental disorder. Unless the presumption is rebutted, each and every USA black woman should be classified as having, at least, some level of mental disorder under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). How else can one explain the USA black woman’s naming practice for her children? Non-black women, especially over age 25, tend to seek out the best men available to them. Black women, even after age 25, tend to seek out the lesser men available to them. How else, but a mental disorder, can explain the constant wearing of purchased Caucasian-type hair weave and the lie that white women are also engaged in the same practice? The USA black woman’s use of hair weave and wigs is designed to have the USA black woman have hair that looks like another race of woman. In order for white women to engage in the same conduct, white women must cover their hair and scalp with Negroid-type hair. White women, as a group, do not wear hair weave of any type. White women, as a group, most certainly do not cover up their hair and scalp with Negroid-style hair. Furthermore, I often state that the USA black women have very little diversity in terms of actions and conduct. For example, 98% of Alabama black female voters voted for the Democrat in a 2017 U.S. Senate race. The result is that there is little or no difference, in actions and conduct, of USA black women as a group.

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    • Yes, they are herd animals and should be classified as such. Like lemmings following the pack, racing off a cliff to their own doom with no heed of the direction they are running towards.

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    • Once again, incest.

      On top of that, most of them refuse to get diagnosed professions for whatever ails them, and even if that happens, refuse to take meds. This is why so many of them are crazy, and walking the streets at 2 am barking and howling.

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  12. The reason the black female is so argumentative towards the black male is beacuase the black male is the most effeminate and or gynocentric man of all races of men

    Dont believe the black male is the most effeminate and or gynocentric…..well if this is untrue, show me the race of man that his woman is so argumentative and disrespectful towards as the bw is the bm

    Do not women try to defeat you as a man with GOSSIP and SHAMING TACTICS

    Since I became a man the bm has been at the forefront of trying to defeat with gossiping and shaming

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    • Actually, I would like to step in and say the Carribean hispanic men, most espcially Puerto rican and in some cases Dominicans dudes will have to beat black men in the case of effeminancy and castration. Puerto Rican women are the most demonic women in the world after black women as they as the same gynocentric culture and government similar to the blacks in USA. BUT I would have to say at least say that they have SOME sort of feminity in women and their men have some form of masculinily far more than what is in today’s black community!

      Aside from that, I totally agree with you!

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  13. Bw have raised more young black males without a father above all other races of women

    Shaming: you ain’t gone be s**t just like yo daddy! Dear mama(as pookiePac Shakur would say) is belittling her son to destroy his masculinity and get him to conflict resolve in the same manner as she, as he grows up he takes note of how women in his life have shamed him and used it as control measure

    So now when the mamas boy that has dealt with all the arguing and shaming that women have used to manipulate and or effeminize him, he begins to despise anything that looks masculine

    I.e. when he encounters a man that will stand on his soapbox with logical, rational, sound judgment the emasculated and or effeminate male avoids that man at all cost, he considers true masculinity to be a PLAGUE

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  14. Messing with the scraggle daggle is the first step in the school-to-prison pipeline for any offspring created by that union, as well as the sanity-to-drama pipeline for any black man who messes with said scraggle daggle.

    Think about it…

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  15. When I was a kid (and even now), I didn’t understand why my boundaries were so disrespected whenever my mother got angry with me. She was usually a nice person, but she had issues from an abusive childhood and abusive relationships (which were of her own choosing of course). She would often let the men in her life walk all over her until she would explode in furious arguments and fights. She loved me and I knew it, but she would always prevent me from developing self esteem by way of little (and sometimes overt) emasculating behaviors, often in public. She would square her shoulders, get up in my face, and yell and scream. When I was young she would hit me or worse, beat me. She would and still does subconsciously treat me with less dignity than my sisters. She talks about me and my shortcomings behind my back. Of course she denies it all. All this is because she was abused growing up by a color-struck dark skinned mother who was jealous of her beauty and was at odds with her own mother. And because she was abandoned by her father and spent her life searching for his love in the form of abusive and exploitive relationships.

    It took me years to realize that ALL of her relationships with men throughout her life have been dysfunctional. The only thing different about me was that I was the ONLY male that she ever had any power over. That made me the subconscious stand-in for all of the other men in her life whenever I tried to stand up for myself. With predictable and tragic results.

    I still have anger and self image issues. I find women in general to be annoying and woefully stupid much of the time. I think blk females are treacherous, combative, dishonest, & unclean fell beasts.

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  16. I come from a family that had always been conprised of mostly “conscious” blacks. And I mean the real deal and not these cornball pussy whipped negroes like Umar Johnson and D12345678 or whatever the fuck his name is.

    Many of things we talk about here as relates to black women my father would say when I was little, but I was sort of brainwashed against him due to the “poor, poor, poooor struggling black woman!” lamentation wailing song being sung by my mother and other black women and could not really hear him. Now as a man, I finally understand what he had to go through as a black father.

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    • Yes, This is exactly like my father and two uncles. They know about the social ills of black women and are very red pill when it comes to their disfunction but they grew up with females literally controlling their lives, which included beating, shaming, belittling and brainwashing them that black women are gods. So as a consequence, they are stuck believing that no matter how bad and disfunctional black women are, to which they would agree with verbs and the SYSBM here on this ebsite, they are chained into hoping that one day they will see the error in their ways. for an example. My father is extremely sharp and a great at logic and arguing facts and remembering every word you said and can call out any contradiction you , Even though he went to a poor school filled with gangsters and violence he was top in his class. sadly, he dropped out at middle school because the females in the family would torment bully and forced him to work (while taking his money and spending on candy based on what he has told me). My two uncles are the same victim as one uncle never made it past elementary school and the other has benn illiterate his whole life! This was the doing of the black females in my family.

      Meanwhile, the females in my family all knew how to read, made sure they went to school and didn’t work while all the boys went to work. They would minipulate my father and uncles since they couldn’t read much, use to get them beat up by the neighborhood kids, steal their things and made their lives miserable. The evil and disgusting things they have done to them has made me turn against those women and made me disassociate with that part of the family. My father and uncles were honest, hard working and the most kind men you could meet. The OTHER men in my famuly as a result of the same treatment all became criminals (robing, raping, killing, getting involved with gangs and narcotics). This was all the doing of the females in my family! Learning this has shown me that your own family can be far more dangerous than your enimies who are not related to you.

      I don’t remember who, if it was Bill Smith or Sigma Jones, in the last post, said that SYSBM has to leave and abandon the black community permanently even if it means that many other black men will permanently be left in the dark and will be victims to the on common judgement that will sweep up the black population in the west. I have to agree with him 100%, and unfortunelty it means abandoning My father and two uncles as there is no way to bring them completely out of the plantation as they simply just cannot escape. They will have to be left alone and find their own conclusions that black women will never change….

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      • @Carnio

        Damn! I hear you. I also have a problem turning my back permanently as well.

        Not that it will stop me however… A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

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  17. He was and still is pro black all the way for real and from his genuine life experience and not from any simping for females bullshit. I don’t know if he’s ready yet to admit that the movement has been almost completly co-opted and destroyed from within by pussy begging and panty pleading phonys like Umar, Derek Jaxin, and the like.

    He was the first black man I ever heard say that we need to get our sons away these crazy women that are raising them. He talked about the exact same thing that Verbs wrote about in this most recent post, namely the argumentative nature of our women. That was thirty years ago! He encouraged my love for reading and knowledge and he encouraged me to travel and explore the world. Which I haven’t really done yet. He never tried to keep me tied to the “hood” like these modern day pro wacks. He also was never part of the Back to Africa movement which many of you seem to lump in together with any black man who is race conscious.

    When I was younger I was closer to moms. Now that I’m a man I appreciate my dad more than I ever realized I would. I’ve got to remember to tell the old man “those three little words”, that most of us men generally have a hard time saying. He said it to me a few years back and I’ve got say it to him again before he shuffles off this mortal coil.

    He came from the times of Elijah Muhammad, Malcom X, etc. Even though they both taught respect for black women, this was the black woman of fifty years ago. And they taught that her proper place was in submission to righteous black men as the mothers and first teachers of his seed. This was before the evils of misandry, feminism, and liberal/socialist bullshit transformed them into the unholy beasts they are today.

    Most of you have probably never been taught this, and I’m sure the pro wacks would rather not know, but Elijah Muhammad criticized black people constantly. He used to go on radio broadcasts and call black people foolish, dumb, ignorant, etc. He criticized black womens habits, saying many of them had the devil in them. Malcom stated several times that “he was a hard man on the women”, as correctly portayed in the movie Malcom X.

    All this has been forgotten now and the pro wack simp brigade have completely recast black nationalism into its current nauseatingly mutated gynocentric form.

    The dreadful rotten pussy stench emanating from the rapidly decaying carcass of what used to be Black Nationalism may not yet be strong enough to deter the old man, but this is the point where I take the off ramp and escape this highway to hell…

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  18. @Carnio

    For really the first time in my life, I am looking seriously at white and especially asian women. Before I never felt really comfortable approaching them as I seldom had the opportunity. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

    I’ve been so disgusted with the foul tempered, foul smelling, crotch rotted, filthy hair hat wearing beasties that I normally have access to, that I haven’t even been talking to women much period. I’m back living at moms house temporarily and it is bloody fucking torture at my age. I know that you escaped to central Asia. I have always secretly found asian women both feminine and sexy as hell.

    Unless you were born with a cunt, are gay, or both, American life today has all the charm and appeal of an over-ripe steaming turd just waiting to be flushed. I can just hear Axl Rose’s screeching voice on the Guns-n-Roses song Welcome To The Jungle:

    “…Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday,
    You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play…”

    I know that song is about the city of Los Angeles, but it could just as easily be applied to the whole express train to hell that is life in todays America.

    I would love to learn what ways and means you used to escape this Carnival of the Damned. And maybe… just maybe… I could also discover a path to freedom for myself.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      I was in the EXACT similar upbringing as you. The only thing was that I was always closer to my father than my mother hence why I have never been brainwashed by the black women are queens rhetoric. Another reason that saved me from falling into that is the fact that when I was younger, I grew up and lived in an all Anglo-Saxon (White) Community. When I went to school, NONE of the white girls and Asian girls were no where near as bad as the black and hispanic girls in the classroom. When ever my teacher would place me with the black students, They would, bully me, beat me, call me names, get ME in trouble and show many characteristics my mother displayed, which made me develop hatred toards black girls at a very early age. Then my teacher sat me with a southern Chinese girl named vicky. She was my best friend. No one would talk to her because she was the weird exotic girl despite the classroom was indeed pretty multicultural, (but where I was from, Far eastern girls are considered most exoctic)but She was very open to me. Vicky and many other asian girls I have gotten along the most easily, is one of the things that lead me to like Asian girls.

      Thanks to my mother, black women/girls, and the bad boys in the classroom was that they all made me feel little, less of a person and that I was a piece of trash without their (meaning the black community) approval. I use to like Daft Punk, Back-On (Japanese Rock Band) and a whole list of other hipster things that was considered unusal for black boys at that time. all the way through out school and up to college, all of the whole community both men and women made me feel like what you are feeling now. This was the reason why I went MGTOW, not because of Gynocentrism and feminism of American/Anglo culture, but because of how my life was literally being controlled and overun by people because I do not fit their definition of how I should be (ie. Pants sagging, du-rag wearing, tattoos like a pirate, pissing on the sidewalk etc). I was too White, Oreo, white washed, uncle tom,etc for them and I was ALWAYS targeted most especially by my mother! The fucked up thing was, seeing how I was not welcomed in the black community and the fact that you are NOT white so you cannot fit in with the white community (although I had many good white friends), I was left in a black void! I know EXACTLY what you mean and how you feel! I was in your exact predicment, extremly abusive mother, forced to live in her basement, grades suffered, job suffered , social life sucked sooooo bad that suicide was a common theme in my head.

      I decied that if suicide was going to be an answer, then let me at least go to my favorite place in the world, Japan. My college at the time couldn’t let me sign up for study abroad because I did not have enough tution. Peace corps only takes you to some unknown third world country ina village somewhere to volunteer, and everybody thinks that you are some sort of moron for wanting to leave the the “Most free country in the world” anyways. So I said Fuck it. I already had my passport, bought a ticket and just went for it. It was scary as hell, but it was the easiest thing and the most life changing event I have ever done. While on my trip, yes, I did get stares due to being an exotic foreigner but the locals were so friendly and open. The women were not scared of men, very open and friendly to me and very sweet. that changed everything and I decided that I do not want to ever return to the us.the west! Immigration to Japan is a little bit difficult as it is a very expensive place (if you are going to live in the main cities that is) SO I decided I will live in another Asian Country instead, freelance somehow and save my money so I can then immigrate there when I have the finances. When I came back to America, I dropped out of school, Sold or gave my stuff away, and picked a country by browsing documentaries. I originally wanted to go to thailand because of the Martial Arts, Food, and I heard that the culture is very chillaxed. I also heard it was the digital nomad capital and it was the place that is forigerner friendly that will help you develop your freelance or entrprenuer skills untill you are ready to venture off somewhere else! the problem is, If Thailand is also home to many Americans and I did not want to have anything to do with Americans for a WHILE! I saw Kyrgyzstan and saw that there are no westerners there and thought I would be the first (Black) person to live there and develop myself before I venture off to the far east.

      While being here, I didn’t expect to be a semi celeberty with everyone wanting to take pics with me, and so much attention from the women. There are (majority) Asian girls here and (small minority) European girls of Slav decsent. There is no such thing as “DATE UR OWN KyNDZ!” Mentality and many girls will try to hint out or just flat out tell you how much they like black men! I met three Russian girls that told me all throught out the ex-USSR, including Russia, girls find black men the most exotic kind of men in the world and would like to,or at least even fantaise about being with or having sex with black men. and I must mention, aside from the Gopniks, Myrks , neo-nazis or other rednecks, NO ONE cares or dick polices or feel that they have to cock block you if you do. No one will judge you for dating girls from other races, so you would be well accepted into dating White/Asian girls. do NOT feel ashamed of dating them and do not let any fellow american try to tell you otherwise.

      While living here, I was able to get away from the toxic culture of the on coming republic of Blackistan and can compare how The locals percived me here versus how my lfe was back in America. BIG difference. Now adays, My worst fear is getting deported and sent BACK to america!!

      For one thing, The biggest sources of your problem your mother! You need to have as little contact with her as possible. This is what I have done as my mother is almost identical in how she acts and the men she choses in her life is. You need to aviod her at all cost. It is a very toxic relationship and is the source of all your misery. Traveling out of the US is the number one, first thing that you need to do and you need to get away from other blacks, most especially your mother.

      The FIRST thing you need to do is GET YOUR PASSPORT!:

      Click to access ds11.pdf

      1. Print this,

      2. Fill this out and take it to the nearest main branch post office.

      3. All you need is to bring you birth certificate, a 2X2 photo which you can get at the post office, and

      4.Pay the fee (I believe it is $135 if I am not mistaken).

      Once you do this, just wait 3 to 6 weeks and your passport along with your birth certificate will come in the mail. Cherish that passport like you would your own soul!!!

      In order for you to completely understand how toxic American culture (or the west) is , is you have to leave it, at least for a certain amount of time, in order to compare and contrast the difference between how you are percived by your surrounds and your new destination. For an example. Like you, I had piss por self esteem for the very same reasons as you stated, from your mom, peers, the anti-intellectual cave man mentality worship scenario. but after leaving and interacting with my immediate environment as done much more psycological healing than any shriek has done for me while I was in the US! I feel I have better self-confidence than I had back in the US, The local women make me feel that I am attractive, The people in general are much open to talk to you (if they can), They remember my name (even though I can never remember their name) ,They tell me how brave I am for coming to their country, smart, intelligent, cool, and make me feel very exotic and unique. due to this. I feel like I am wanted to be around and has healed some of my damaged perceptions about myself. These are things that YOU need to exprince in first person yourself because you will NOT find it anyhere in the black community. You need to visit a country of your intrest, MINIMUM 2 weeks. It will change yourlife forever!

      Second: I am not sure if you are working, but you need to get OFF the cog system in Western society. Instead, Start freelancing. You won’t make much in terms of living in the US but that little bit of money will make you a middle class in many countries in Asia and Europe! While living here in Kyrgyzstan, I freelance as a web developer, It wouldn’t pay any kind of rent or bills in the US but anywhere in Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, China, South East Asia, possibly even the western parts of japan, I can live very comfortably as a middle class! this is my strategy in lliving as an expatriate overhere and not having to go back to the US of Gay. You if you want to program, be a writer, Photogropher or what ever that sparks your intrest, you can fidn clients on the many websites online such as Upwork, Odesk and others. *YOU DO NOT need to be a master or have 20+ years of experince to make a decent living! go to udemy or any of the free thousands of courses, practice that skill and immeditately apply to freelancing websites like upwork and others and apply immediately! This way you will no longer be a slave to your location and to move out and about hen ever you want and when ever you fell!!!
      Three: Use to buy your plane tickets. My ticket from NYC to Japan for about 11 days was around $400. do not use main stream, main commercial websites in where you will be paying $2000+. there are tecniques and strategies on how you go about lowering the prices, but I do not remember how. I will be traveling through asia on foot and not by plane because I want to fully exprince life here. and,

      When You DO travel, stay in HOSTELS not Hotels! Hostels are MUCH cheaper and more friendly than hotels and you can last long periods of time without having to pay hundreds.When you stay in hostels, staff speaks english and they can help you with anything you need. Want an apartment? you can ask them or any roomates you get! Want language help? the staff or roomates can help. They will be your next source of information on what you can do next.

      Do not tell anyone your plans, they WILL stop you and tell you to go to Africa instead. do not listen to these idiots.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Carnio,

        Thanks for the support and for all the info! I have long suspected that freelancing was the way to go, but did not know how to go about it. I will check out those websites. I can write fairly well and I do have a little IT background.

        I wonder, is it easy for you to get clients for your web developing business? Do you have (or need) a degree for that type of work?

        Liked by 2 people

      • “I wonder, is it easy for you to get clients for your web developing business? Do you have (or need) a degree for that type of work?”


        You do NOT need a degree. A degree is only necessary if you want to work in the cog system. For freelancing you only need to be able to do the work. You just have to do the first couple jobs for free in order to get reviews. After that, you would probably find clients easier by making a well polish portfolio( which you can build as you go along). Then you just work your way up. No need to waste your time in left leaning, feminist man hating school. It is a waste of time and money! Just focus on your writing and your IT or whatever that sparks your interests and start right away!

        Once you are able to make enough to survive on your own you have reached true independence!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio,

        Also, have you ever seen a website called It is run by a guy named Winston Wu. In the beginning it was a hub for men of all races with the goal of escaping the toxic culture of the USA. But I stopped going there regularly when it became a haven for white nationalist males crying in their beer over not being the center of the universe anymore. They also provide info of similar import.

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      • Yes. I use to visit his web site religiously back from 2013 up to 2016. It was literally a god send as he said things that I always suspected was wrong with American culture. Many of the good posters either quit or got banned. One of my favorite posters by the name of Contraian Expatriate got banned and the forum went straight down hill. I don’t even go on his website anymore other than to read some of his original articles on the main page.

        Yes, I totally agree with you and it is the exact same reasons why I stopped going on his forum. Out of nowhere comes religious nut jobs and angry white and asian men who dick police other men on where one can and can’t go or sleep with.
        Plus they are also black women apologists and they feel black men should instead go to Africa and be with black women because they also feel we are self hating, despite the evidence that black posters like Contriarian Expatriate show to prove otherwise.

        Yes it has indeed went into a complete alt right website but there aren’t any other website like Winstons….

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      • “…For one thing, The biggest sources of your problem your mother!…It is a very toxic relationship and is the source of all your misery…”

        True indeed! Much of it anyway… Lol! Have to add my sisters as well to an extent. I have to admit though that she is letting me stay at her apartment. I love them all dearly though and am concerned for their well being since they are not merely the transmiters of the “generational curse”, but it’s victims as well. Though they are unaware of it. I just have to keep a certain permanent distance from them all for my own sanity and well being.

        I was evicted from my condo in San Diego, CA when I lost my job out there. I wound up homeless and had to live in a homeless mission before I moved to Tijuana, Mexico for six months. Which was a whole other ordeal I won’t even go into here. She begged me to come back to the east-coast so I woudn’t be homeless and like a fool, I came back. One of the worst mistakes I ever made. Still, I wouldn’t have anyplace to stay at the moment if I wasn’t here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio

        Excellent post I will be checking out upwork, and odesk, plus udmey. I also agree not dealing with the women of your family they will only discourage you from leaving they did the first time I left lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. @carino
    Thank you for the manner in which you challenged my viewpoint

    And what you say very well may be true as I have little knowledge of Puerto Rican culture as well as I now understand that most of my life experience comes from the southern U.S. and what I have seen here, so I am guilty of speaking a presumptuously.

    Liked by 2 people

    • oh no no no, What you say is most definetlty true about black men being the lowest. It’s just that The carribean is highly Anglo influenced in terms of gynocentrism and puerto Rico also has a mass endmedic of single motherhood, woman chasing the thugs and spitting on their own classic men and then run to the government to steal their resources.

      it’s just that when Puerto rican and domincan women come to the US (at in New York City), they become a spanish speaking version of black women as they begin to have even MORE rights and MORE simps that will protect them. They now become black women 2.0 (but more towards their own men).

      I have met many hispanic guys who simply stopped dating hispanic girls for the exact reason black men are avioding black women like the plague. The only reason why I say they are least worse than black women is because even though the hispanic women adopt the same Feminist, man hating rhetoric as black women, they are at least proud of their culture in which their women DO cook and at least STILL would rather at least adjust their attitudes to at least get married. Black Women on the other hand are a whole different Gender….

      Hispanics have a culture of community and family so even if the dad was a dead beat, they have uncles, cousins or some sort of male role model to teach them ethics and hard work. it just so happens that their culture puts women on a Pedestal and once they hit the states, it goes on over drive but they still have positive male role models.

      This is not the case with Black American and Carrbean men…

      Liked by 2 people

      • Carnio,

        Very true Puerto Rican women in particular can be quite bad in terms of there attitudes especially the New York ones they look great but their personalities are too much like black women. In my experience other Hispanic women are fine though.

        Liked by 3 people

  20. Check out the end of this video – it mentions median net worth between two groups of women.

    Brothers – who would you rather build your future with???

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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      • Verbs2015 ————- Black woman’s lie in response is: WHITE WOMEN WEAR HAIR WEAVE, TOO !!! However, I do not know of many white women sewing Negroid-type hair, or even Caucasian-type hair, onto their hair and scalp.

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      • Breaking news! The SYSBM News Network has just confirmed reports of a Maher missile attack on the capital city of Weavetown in The Sistuh’s Republic Of Blackistan. Recent reconaissance aircraft photos show severe damage inflicted on their shaming command-and-control capabilities, SIMP terrorist training camps, and their stolen weave storage facilities. We will keep you updated with further details as we receive them. Be sure to stay tuned….

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  21. So true that arguing with a BW is pointless. They are never wrong. They are also what I call engergy sinks. No wonder men with no real ambition are in thier orbits. Those lesser type loser men have noting of substance to contribute, so they have no energy to suck.

    Liked by 4 people

    • TRUTH! And speaking of the above video, the dude didn’t drop a missile on Weavetown. He helped SYSBM males test out the ODIN kinetic bombardment system, guarded by sexy white and Asian females while in orbit of course, that we stole from Daddy Big Government while fighting against the BW BOWS and demons from Hell.

      Liked by 3 people

  22. ….Smmfh….Not discouraged at all.
    Reason being, there’s a plethora of [token] western white hispanic and asian femicunts who follow,imitate, and emulate yet wannabe like this n*ggacunt in all areas when dealing with salt worthy black men in particular. And I’ll be the first to say that I’m the ONLY one living proof….of that fact. Thats why I hold this powerful position of classifying and generalizing them as awalts.

    (welp? to some of you brothas thats…”kinda weak and a cop-out” because yall dont seem to have any problems with them….and I just need to “up my game and get a white and/or non-black female and I’ll be straight)

    Indeed, yes that may sound like yo thats…”pro-black penis policing” etc. when I throw in y’all’s white hispanic and asian eye candies but mainly white females in that mix; but at some point….at some point, you have to look around and see for your very own selves who your favourite candy engages in. You saw it with biffany jokelene. You saw it with cash me outside. You saw it with v-nasty if yall remember her. You saw it with iggy. You saw it with 98-99% with white females in your areas who pal around with n*ggacunts such as the one in the video.

    Not attacking nobody here in the movement at all. I hope this is a place where it practices free speech.


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