White Woman Speaks On Why White Females Are Attracted To Black Men, Black Men Are Coming – Part 2


It seems that the last article I posted on this topic caused quite a stir with a few brothers stepping forward and highlighting the fact that the woman in the video appeared to be ghetto white trash and so because of this she could not be taken seriously. However, regardless of the her social status the overall theme of interracial dating on the increase between black men and white women was still proven.

With white men losing their position as the number one choice of male internationally and with black men becoming a more popular option amongst non black women and especially white women, there will be candidates across the social spectrum who will step forward, some will be of lower class aka trailer trash, some middle and some upper class.

Me showing a white woman who a few deemed as trailer trash once again still illustrated the point with regards to the growing trend of interracial dating between black men and non black women, in this case with a special emphasise being placed upon white women. For the “trailer trash” white women who show an interest in black men there will be candidates of a similar nature within black male society who will take them up on their offer.

It has already been stated many times before in previous articles that white women who have black women as friends are likely to be trouble and ought to be avoided at all costs, why this was even brought up by a select few individuals in the comment section had me baffled. One of the main pillars of SYSBM is not to deal with scraggle daggles of ANY RACE, we already know this.

You cannot prevent lower class white women from crossing the fence and wanting to deal with black men, however nobody is forcing you to deal with them, there is no obligation to do so and as I stated before, there are black men of equal societal status who will be more than happy to accommodate such females.

If you talked about how “ghetto” the white woman in the last article was and failed to pick up on what she was actually saying then you completely missed the point, besides, since when do we dismiss the truth coming from an individual’s mouth based upon their social status? The truth is the truth, it doesn’t matter whose mouth its emanating from.

To deliberately create micro arguments concerning a person’s social status and to use that as an excuse to attempt to completely throw out what they are saying is totally disingenuous on its face and on top of that this is a tactic that most black women frequently resort to in order to prevent conversations from moving forward, especially when they themselves are being placed in the spotlight.

Note, when Trick Daddy came out with his infamous video and told black women to “tighten up” because White and Spanish women were surpassing them in terms of attraction, even though Trick Daddy is classed as “ghetto” black men still acknowledged what he said as it was 100% true, we talk about how non black women in the aggregate are more attractive than black women all the time here on the site. Let it also be known that very few if any accused Trick Daddy of “trolling”.

Now, who was it that brought up the fact that Trick Daddy was ghetto, that’s right, black women. At the time that was THEIR excuse to dismiss what he was saying. So my question is why did a certain contingent of black men use the same dismissive tactic concerning the chick in the last article? That is hypocrisy right there and the same example could easily be demonstrated in Kodak Black and his statements surrounding dark skinned black women. Again, nobody accused Kodak Black of trolling dark skinned black females.

You guys responsible for this black female type micro argumentative tactic in the comment section of the last article have to come much better than that, how can you accept “ghetto” black men talking about non black women increasingly being a better choice of female(which is the truth), yet at the same time dismiss the words of a supposed “ghetto” white female for stating that black men are increasing their presence in non black female circles across the globe, again which is a statement of truth, help me understand your position please.

Again, you can’t pick and choose who you decide to accept the truth from based upon their social standing/class, that is backwards thinking. A homeless bum living in the streets can rattle off just as much truth as a professor in the classroom. The idea that people have to present themselves in a certain fashion in order to be believed is ridiculous.

The fact that we even have to stop and deal with this micro contention is disappointing within itself, what doesn’t being so called “ghetto” have to do with the truth? Again, to those brothers who contended with me over the social standing of the white woman featured in the previous article, again I ask you, why did you have no problems accepting the words of Trick Daddy concerning modern day black women and their gutter status, yet you refused to accept the words of a white woman whom you labelled as ghetto for stating that black men are increasing their presence in the international dating scene? Please explain your hypocrisy, I await your responses.

Again, at the end of the day the person’s class is irrelevant, if they’re speaking the truth then they’re speaking the truth, end of story.

In the meantime please see the above video of a “middle class” white woman talking about why white women are attracted to black men. Oh, and by the way, remember this video from November 2016, these white women aren’t “trailer trash” either:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Be A Hypocrite

Most High Bless

132 thoughts on “White Woman Speaks On Why White Females Are Attracted To Black Men, Black Men Are Coming – Part 2

  1. Yo Verbs2015,

    Here is some more Ammunition when it comes to Asian girls !!!

    here! This should help! Now no one can have the excuse to say anything about only ghetto women chasing black men!

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    • Carnio,

      This is exactly what I’m talking about and why I posted the video in the previous article, these videos you’ve posted are yet another part of the overall theme, black men increasing their presence in the international dating and mating market.

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      • well in that case, i’ll see if i can find some for other women in the world. Not just to argue with those who disagree with this post and last post here, but for database purposes. We need to show potential, future SYSBM, MGTOW, and even the simps, that black men have always been wanted and are very wanted in places you have never even heard of!(*kyrygyzstan, Mongolia even in Northern Asia*) I’ll also see if I can find them in different languages seeing how I am learning Russian, Mandarin and Japanese!

        not ONLY do I want to show SYSBM, MGTOW, and castrated simps like d132018 or whatever the hell his name is (as we are still currently going back and force as we speak in older comment sections) this but most especially the dick monopoly, white men, who feel that they have monopoly over all races of women and how no one is allowed to touch white women while they feel they can own all other races of women all to themselves!

        This way, non hip-hop, non gangsta, black men are truly wanted and not just the lower tiers of all the other societies!

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  2. Bravo Verbs! The crux of the issue is the woman was WHITE, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was a top tier white woman like Doutzen Kroes or Charlotte McKinney to these dudes. I guarantee you if the woman was Southeast Asian, Indian, afro Brazilian, or Japanese these guys wouldn’t have had a problem with a woman making a video like that. Most black men have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to be ashamed of liking white women and will even frequently apologize for it like Taye Diggs. Having an unapologetic preference or favorable opinion for white women isn’t pro-black, and according to mgtow and many sysbm’ers isn’t red pill either.

    So be it, I don’t need a hashtag to live my life or justify what I like. I started listening to MBD years ago because I saw a kindred spirit like yourself Verbs, and Kirigakure Jones who wanted the best for black men. I’m not interested in a coalition of red pill fascists. Feminism isn’t the black man’s problem. Nope, we have to survive the fuckin’ Nemesis Program!

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    • Indeed. Even thought I didn’t like the woman herself, you’;re 100% right. Brothers have been conditioned like slaves to “stay away from the white woman”. It’s funny how offline and online the amount of these guys that try to pretend they don’t find white women attractive.

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      • I know not every black man likes or is attracted to white women and I’m fine with that. But this white girl gonna getcha a crap has to die. It’s like when I was in middle school and George Bush was in office, and they wanted everyone to believe that we should be afraid of Islamic terrorism to justify their plundering of the Middle East, knowing damn well who created these terrorists. Black men know on average white women aren’t a threat to them, instead you should be worried about Pookie, Ray Ray, and Keisha who are going to set you up like the black dude on facebook live who was left with his brains leaking all over the place.

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      • Metal Heart,

        That is the incredible part about this, despite being shafted on the daily by Keisha and Taquanda, these dudes still continue to push the “white girls are gonna get ya” doctrine and in some cases they haven’t even come into contact with white women on a social or intimate level, smh.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        True, I remember watch some videos by David Carroll years ago and he talked about the same thing, so called “blackety black” pro black men lusting and sleeping with white women behind closed doors.

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      • Metal Heart, Verbs2015

        Confession time:

        There is definitely a lot of truth to this metal. Using myself as an example I use to have a distrust towards white women and white folk in general because I was influenced by my older cousin in my early teenage years.who often made me and my bro watch stuff like Malcolm X and Mississippi Burning and would teach us about black history and slavery n shit. While this did install a sense of self pride within myself it also as you might have expected had me growing up having a slight distrust of white people. I didn’t hate all white people actually one of my good friends growing up was white (use to practically live at his house on the weekends) but I never told him about any of the shit me and my cousin use to say.

        Anyway I remember my cousin and I would often make jokes about white girls as 13 and 14 year old’s respectively about how ugly they were and how racist white people are and how they all look like “rats” when they’re wet. How dirt shows up so easily on their skin and how they stink and never bathe it was crazy man. My cousin really had it in for white folk and because I was younger then him and impressionable I wanted to fit in and impress him. It wasn’t until I got older that I slowly began to realise that white girls weren’t out to “get me” and a lot of the girls that had been nice towards me throughout my adolescent and young adult life were actually white, as well as non black. It was the black girls that I seemed to bump heads into time and time again with MUCH greater frequency.

        I even remember a friend I had in grade school who also had a Jamaican background like I do. He often joked around with me and called me a “bounty” and sniggered “you like white girls” because I use to hang out and play with this white girl at break time named Samantha. (Who I remember being absolutely dazzling at the time) Now you have to ask yourself where would a 10 year old get these kind of ideas from?

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    • Metal Heart,

      Well stated and thanks bro, it just seems that there are a lot of black men who are just not ready for true freedom, they actually enjoy being under the heel of the black witch, they enjoy have the muddy boots of black women stamp upon their necks. Thinking black men truly are very few in number, we who are not afraid to venture into the unknown are in the miniscule minority.

      It funny you talking about Taye Diggs, even though he has apologised to black women they still won’t forgive him and will hang him out to dry whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is why a complete breaking of ranks is required when making the decision to abandon black society as a whole.

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      • I don’t care about your religion or the women you’re attracted to. I just want men to live their lives to the fullest without apology, and sadly, even having these types of discussions is a revolutionary act. White men don’t have to apologize for squat, let alone where they stick their member. And I ain’t apologizing either!


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      • (Well stated and thanks bro, it just seems that there are a lot of black men who are just not ready for true freedom, they actually enjoy being under the heel of the black witch, they enjoy have the muddy boots of black women stamp upon their necks)

        “The worst thing about slavery is that the slaves eventually get to like it.”

        “Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers.”


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      • 18 years and counting, no Becky,has ever “got” me. 4 years in with my girl, no knife in the back yet.

        While your average negro can’t go 4 weeks without drama from a black woman.

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    • Notice that there are those in our ranks who are showing true colors so to speak. They’re like the wind, just like a black woman.

      Not to beat a dead horse, but just look at Sotomayor. For awhile, that dude was SYSBM I everything but name. Eventually, however, his own nature won out, with him pissing off a huge contingent of his fanbase, namely concerning the lack of any progress on the movie he had promised.

      In need of getting views back, instead of doubling down on what had made him popular, he started trying to pander to mgtow/alt-right types as well as hoteps, suddenly spouting the former group’s catchphrases in particular and telling Polight that he was trying to “get the black queen to come back”. His push for interracial relationships ceased, namely after ruining his own.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Bro, I was like, “out of all the things that she stated, the only thing you decided to focus on was her being ghetto”, really bruh? Like you stated, a lot of black men don’t fully break ranks with black society and especially black women, they succumb to the inner demons calling them back to “the community”, they never truly break free.

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      • oh god!!! Tommy Sotomayor is pandering to “back to the community” too???? even he is going back to the plantation????

        what kind of witchcraft has black women casted upon black men??!! I am telling you the Anti-SYSBM forces are only going to get more NASTY the wall is near completion! There is going to be a damn near civil war between SYSBM and the communist citizens of the republic of Blackistan!

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      • I don’t even believe the woman in question was “white trash” either.

        For so-called “trash”, she spoke lucidly enough. Maybe I’m giving her too much respect…

        Remember “dem wheit wimmms gon git ya!!!!”

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      • That’s what happens to all these black men. They’re raised by black single mothers and thus a useless or near useless man until much later in life when they learn the hard way. They ruin their relationships and then call themselves warning brothers about white women. I always laugh because it’s not as if black women love them and the fact is that more women of color hate black men than whdite women. That is why non black women flock to white men and mostly it’s white females who date out giving black men an equal chance.

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    • Hey Metal Heart,

      I also want to add something for you and give you some ammunition too. I am black American who left the US and moved to Central Asia 6 months ago. Most countries here are ex-USSR and there are still a fair ammount of slavs of Russian or Ukraine origin. Basically, even though the people here are majority of turkic desent and have their own (some are ass backward) traditions, It is still somehat like another city of Russia. with that said,

      I have been browsing youtube videos lately and the topic I search are black men who travel and expatriate overseas. I specifically checked the ones who traveled to russia and they always have to tell a bunch of exagerrated lies! Even the black men who go to Far east asia tell lies! They say things like , “Russians are racists!” or “Russian women won’t date black men” or “it’s too dangerous here! They hate black people” or “If you date a russian, the men will kill you”! they tell such fucking lies that keep black men from journeying and exploring the world and promote as you called it in the last post “fear pornography”!!!

      Alot of these black men will make vlogs about how Russian, Ukraines, Polish etc all only just want you for money and that if you step one foot of the plane in eastern europe, all the gopniks are going to turn on their blackdar, go neo-nazi and coming to roast your black ass! I hate when they do this. Even in China and Japan. They will lie and tell all sorts of BS about how Chinese and Japanese are racists when it so was NOT that case when I was there! I saw so many black men with asian girls and they looked like the happiest damn men I have ever saw!

      Even when I had to stay in russia for a day because of my layover to Kyrgyzstan, the russians were very kind to me and shown no kind of prejudice. No one was mean, nasty, hostile or feared me. This is even true in the streets of Kyrgystan. None of the russian girls are the things that these vloggers tell you. If yous see any thing on the internet of black male travelers who claim how evil and racists it is in Country X, please do not take them serious because they are fear porning! They are only doing this to lie to you to keep more black men from coming because they know that if black men start coming in doves, they will actually have to compete!

      I am telling you the anti SYSBM forcing are using every means necessary to stop you, me and other SYSBM from finding true happiness!

      I am not saying it is 100% safe and there are no trouble makers in these parts of the world but they are GROSSLY exaggerated or told in half truths!

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  4. thank you verbs for this article and I’m sure the gentleman and non cult leader that you are will yet again not mind me challenging a few of your sentiments.

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  5. Mr. verbs(4th paragraph) “It has already been stated many times before in previous articles that white women who have black women as friends are likely to be trouble and ought to be avoided at all cost, WHY THIS WAS EVEN BROUGHT UP BY A SELECT FEW INDIVIDUALS IN THE COMMENT SECTION HAD ME BAFFLED.”

    1. How many articles have you written of black women fighting and stealing hair weave etc? Will you cease to mention these and other types of incidents that show black women in a negative light. The reason that I ask is based off your statement in the article, you may find yourself “baffled” if you do beacause you have spoke of these negative actions before in “previous articles.”

    2. Mr. verbs, may I say please continue to speak on the negative actions of black women even if it is the same old fightin, hair weave theft etc. Why? Because, when you continue to shine that light on these problems it gives others that may be UNAWARE of the problem a chance to see it while simultaneously proving that this is a problem of epidemic porpotions.

    3. I have an understanding that there exist those that are UNAWARE of the fact that some white women should be avoided at all cost. Much the same as some are UNAWARE of the problems that surround black women. This being said if there was any potential reader of the other days comment section that lacked life experience and the knowledge that not all white women are worthy of attention, I hope my comments enlightened said individual.

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  6. If you are new to this site and or are not part of verbs cult followers, pay attention to feminine energy of these males by way of shaming tactics:

    Go find any comment that I have made on any article, where I,m stating my love for “Bumquisha”

    All these comments about me having such strong desire for “Bumquisha” are simply because I am more concerned over the quality of females vs quanity! I.E. Every white woman speaking good on black men does not set my boat afloat.

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    • 3r1istruth,

      In answering you question, some thinking black men have already completely broken free of the chains and shackles of modern day black society, hence why certain things need not be repeated or may be rehashed every so often FOR THEM.

      However, not every thinking black man is at that stage, this is why I continue to document black female skullduggery, in order to help those who are further back down the line.

      Slayingevil.com is not a cult, people are free to come and go as they please, we have many brothers who do just that and there is no censorship here. I find it interesting that you would make such a statement just because I’m questioning your true motives and intentions, I could equally argue that you claiming that I am channelling feminine energy is simply a knee jerk reaction to be rumbled.

      Nowhere have I ever stated that have definitive proof that you still have love for black women, I have always stated that this is my RECKONING based upon a few of the sideway comments you have been dropping which SEEM to be aimed at discrediting SYSBM and thus declaring it a failure.

      Again, it is noted how you were unable dealt with the original accusation of introducing an irrelevant topic into the converstion.

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    • I am pretty sure he is not saying we should hop on the first non black girl we see that praises black men, He is simply showing that women, who are non black, like black men. period. Some of these women may be of low class, some aren’t, the point is the message.

      Let’s put it in another way. There are two white girls. One high class looking and one trashy looking. The classy one says there is fire in the building and you need to leave. So you leave. The next day the trashy one shows up and told you that there is fire and you need to leave the building, are you going to just ignore her because she is a trashy white girl and not listen to the fact that there might be another fire in the building? No one is telling you to like white girls. no one is telling you to praise white girls. We are not praising these girls simply because they like black men. we are simply stating that her testimony in liking black men is proof that there are indeed women out there who like black men, whatever her race is.

      And As a “cult follower” of verbs, what do you have to say about the videos I have shown about the Asian girls confession their love and attraction to black men? They are certainly not trailer trashes of their society! and they are much superior to western women in regards to relationships.

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  7. Notice in the video the other day how the white woman stated how “SUPERIOR “ black men are to white men.

    This is a lie, a black mans poop stinks just like a white mans.

    If a white woman approaches you and starts telling you that you are superior to any race of men, beware! The most I want any woman of any color to say in regards to me or my race, is that she finds me or my race attractive and would like to see where things go.

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  8. Nolla Girl
    Kelly (Adventures with Kelly)
    Tomi Lahren
    Iggy Azalea
    Kim Kardashian
    Khloe Kardashian
    Kylie Jenner
    Kendal Jenner
    Lauren Southern
    Sarah (at the top of this article)
    Helena (Kali muscle) etc.

    No matter who the white woman is, no matter her personal qualities as a human being, no matter what they do for a living, no matter their political affiliation… each and every one of these women have been insulted by BW, pro-blacks and racist whites.

    “Mudshark”, “coalburner”, “nigger lover”, “white bitch”, “white whore”, “culture vulture”, slut, “wigger bitch”, “pale bitch”, alien…

    Like I said in the previous article, these insults mirror the worst insults of black men (that are also dating out), and are issued by those with an insecure, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, undersexed and full of victimhood and powerlessness – the psychological cornerstones of pro-black nationalism.

    The *White Woman* is the pro-black’s all powerful deity. They created her in their despicable image, in the same way racist whites have elevated Black Men into the devil.

    …except White women and Black men are not evil, or the devil… They are simply human beings.

    After this small episode, the things we have in common just increased by several notches, and will find each other in bigger numbers.


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    • Damn yo! that was a very powerful comment! I never saw it that way! this comment speaks volumes of truth!

      One thing I want to tell you, Michel, is that this issue is something that only happens in the west, most especially the US. In Europe, even in East Europe and Ex-USSR Slavic sphere, the issue of Black men with White (Slavic, Caucasian, other Europeans) is non existent. Plenty of slavic Kyrgyzstanis, Slavic Kazakhstanis , and Russian slavs have told me that They indeed love black men and interracial coupling is not the issue. Many men also do not have an issue with you dating Slavs AS LONG AS you integrate a little by learning a bit of Russian (or the language of that girl), and a bit of their traditions. There is no such cock blocking, dick policing, or dick monopoly from any of the men I hung with here!

      Worse case scanerio when the Communists peoples of the rebuplic of blackistan wage literal civil war on SYSBM or even the common average black man for simply taking a photo with a white woman (like in verbs recent post) You can always come to ex-USSR and you WILL be very welcomed, regardless of these black idiot youtubers say (“RUsSiAns R WacIST!!)


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      • Carnio,

        That’s great to hear, especially as, even in Europe we’re clueless about what goes on in the ex-Soviet countries. To us, it’s still bear-wrestling country.

        Btw “dem ay-zhun gurls got git ya!” Oh, they already have 😅

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  9. Pookie doggie dogg, Pookie cube, Pookie with an attitude(PWA) Bumquisha Trina, Bumquisha lil Kim, Bumquisha cardi b or TRICK POOKIE

    I have denounced Pookie and Bumquisha on all fronts. Whatever Pookie is doing on the corner in the hood is irrelevant to me. Whenever Pookie is bagging my groceries, beyond the care of my purchased items Pookie is irrelevant to me. Finally when Pookie gets a record deal whatever Pookie says in one of his songs is irrelevant to me.

    See, mr verbs, I don’t denounce Pookie when he is broke but once he has obtained a record deal, you think I am now going to quote what Pookie says!

    That is like telling me that Pookie is out there on the corner rapping about the ills of black women today. You think I am rushing off to hear him on the corner!

    Trick Pookie! LOL SMH


  10. Given the low status of USA black women, why should a black man care if the white woman at issue is a supposed “ghetto” white woman? Even a ghetto white woman is typically many steps above a ghetto black woman.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Yes you should care. The key is upward mobility for you as a black man. The low-class white woman is usually even MORE RATCHET than the ghetto black chick in order to fit in. We’ve all seen the crew of fat chicks after work, 3-4 black girls with the token white broad in the group. The fat white chick who thinks she’s “thick,” who knows all the trap lyrics, twerking, tattoos. The one who answers the phone and sounds like a sista. Mandingo-ized white bitch. She hates the productive brotha as much as sistas do. She too sees you as a mark, a sucker.

      Even MBD did a video saying to avoid scraggle-daggles of ANY RACE.

      Learn from my experience, young buck (I presume you’re young). If you’re going interracial, you want the whitest, most John Mayer-listening, Starbucks-sipping, snowboard-riding, UGGs-wearing suburban white girl you can find. She’s the one who can open doors for you, not her low-class cousin.

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      • Schadenfreude

        That makes sense, but you also are missing a very salient point. M<en almost never marry up socially, economically, whatever. Women will NOT marry down if they can help it, at best most men no matter what their station marry at level, usually below. That's why outside of politicians, heiresses, TV stars, etc. women confer NO privilege or upward mobility for their husbands. The best she can ever be is a trophy,

        For a black man to move upward he needs to do it himself. My girl is a very pretty, girl next door type with a prestigious job(lawyer) and besides making a cute couple she confers me not societal benefits at all.

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      • Schadenfreude————- You are also missing the point that a so-called ghetto white woman is typically better off than a ghetto black woman.

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  11. I often hear the–FALSE–statement that black men are getting with fat white women. My reply is that in most cases this fat white woman talk is nonsense. I also inform that the typically fat white woman has a net worth of $50K (USD). A typical fat black woman has a net worth of $5.00 (USD). In addition, 80% of USA black women are fat. Therefore, a fat white woman is many steps above the typical fat black woman.

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    • True
      Most of the fat women that I see BM with are BW. I get a laugh when BW say “BM only get fat WW” when the majority of BW are fat. If you date a BW odds are she will be overweight, so I guess they only want you to date fat BW and not fat WW.

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  12. @michel

    If a pro black or even “racist whites” made a comment in regards to kin k. Being a low class, slutty mudshark, that only has shown a talent for making amateur porn with Pookie Ray j and passed around the industry like a blow up doll. Then I say in regards to that statement the pro black or racist white spoke truth.

    New guys, watch and see if he comments that I am pro black and or agree with “ALL” pro blacks say and or that I love “massa johson” in regards to a truth spoken by racist whites

    Again I need an example of exactly what was said in order to demonize the comment.

    I do know that pro blacks believe that white women are the lowest form of being known to man at least they portray this ideology publicly.


    • And yet Kim Kardashian has built a family empire on the back of that sex tape…

      Yes, that so-called “low class slutty mudshark” comes from a middle-class family, and now, she’s ultra-rich with her own businesses, an equally wealthy husband and a child. Not to mention her sisters who are *also* super-rich, beautiful, family-oriented and…. wait for it… also in relationships with Black men.

      I’ll say it again (for the hard of hearing):

      The White woman, no matter who she is, is the pro-wack’s boogeyman. They make her that way because the pro-wack is undersexed, full of victimhood and self-loathing.

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    • Yet these same pro blacks are sleeping and procreating with white women. If pro-blacks believe the white woman is a devil, why do they still deal with her? This is why I can’t take a pro-black seriously. Same for the white nationalist with an Asian woman.

      If you’re so weary of women overall, then by all means go the mgtow route. But mgtow is not for every man, especially those who understand the female psyche and what we can tolerate from her. Just like you will never find a job that is stress-free, it comes down to what kind of stress are you willing to deal with. Same with women, everyone race of women have their issues. It comes down to what issues we’re willing to tolerate from women, and the vast majority of men here no longer want tolerate with the issues of black women.

      Obviously we’re not going to change your mind, just like you’re not going to change our minds. So it’s best that we agree to disagree, and just do our own thing on our own. At the end of the day, you can only control yourself and your decisions.

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  13. @carino
    Sir, if you don’t understand why you should be weary of a woman telling you that you are “SUPERIOR” to any other man, I will just say it appears to me you have low self esteem and or an inferiority complex.

    I have even seen women tell men to get lost as the man tries to tell her she the greatest woman in the world out of the blue. If you put too much jelly on the bread it just makes it soggy and falls through.

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    • No, 3r1istruth, I do not understand why I should be weary if a woman tells me I/Black men are superior to other man. That is why I asked you to elaborate! why can’t you just explain why I shouldn’t rather than indirectly shaming!? Please explain, why a woman that finds a specific trait in a man to be “superior” something that I should avoid like the plague.

      What if a girl said she likes bald men? and bald men are superior? or short men? and only short men are superior, or maybe metrosexuals? and metrosexuals are superior in their eyes (which is certainly the case in the eyes of far eastern girls)? What is wrong with them having a specific preference, likes, or even fetish for something in a man? You do realize women are just as visually horny as men are correct? You do know that men are just as much into how a guy looks in the same way men are into a girl’s looks right? You do realize women get turned on by a a physical trait in a man the same way men might girls with blue eyes, blond hair and athletic?? You sound like one of those social justice warriors who will label me having yellow fever or Asian fetish and that I am a racists just because I like Asian girls because I don’t want to date black or Hispanic girls! speaking of which,

      I only like, date and will ever be with Asian girls! No exceptions! I think Asian women are “SUPERIOR” to any other woman. That is my opinion and nobody is going to change that. Michel and Metal Heart here, will probably say white girls are the most “SUPERIOR” than all other women. that is his choice and his opinion and there is nothing anyone can do about it! Should girls avoid us because we have specific preferences or dare I say it “fetish” in a woman that we find attractive? Let me guess, we are wrong right? we are racists? We don’t want to date other races who YOU deem to be “quality” so we (black men and the non black women with the fetish) are stupid, dumb, evil, sexist-misogynists for wanted what YOU want?

      Please explain to me why we should avoid women who feel that way? all I am asking for is an explanation!

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      • *****”You do know that WOMEN are just as much into how a guy looks in the same way men are into a girl’s looks right? “

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    • Men who go all out to tell women they are the greatest in the world get rightly rejected. They are human beings, not gods, not devils. That’s called simping.

      You need to learn more about females in general, and especially when White women claim Black men are superior.

      And don’t bother attacking @Carnio, answer his question instead of parroting my words.

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  14. I have seen christelyn karazin bring forth a couple of white men who speak positively about black women.
    I don’t care who any woman chooses to court or marry.
    I will say I have never seen Chris k. put the spotlight on anything but articulate, well dressed, well mannered white men.
    I have never seen Chris k. give the spotlight to some white male wigger, with things such as gold teeth, tattoos everywhere, no belt on holding his pants up with one hand, neither have I seen her give the spotlight to old billy bob as he shout eye haw, you black women got some ol cornbread fed a**es on you
    These black whores appear to be very selective of whom they choose to spotlight as far as those whom desire black women above all

    If these black whores have spotlighted a loser white male, I like most masculine men can admit I’m wrong but like I said earlier if these whores have I never saw it


  15. Notice mr. mchel’s comment:

    1st I want you to notice again what I say is feminine energy
    Note how mr Michel seems to imply that the fact that Kim k. Is a slutty mudshark is overshadowed by her money
    Feminine energy: have any of you ever heard of a black whore accepting the finances of her dope dealing son instead of denouncing his behavior and or putting that dope dealing son out of the home because his dope dealing jeopardizes the safety of every member of that household
    Pay attention to the feminine energy of mr Michel as he seems to favor Kim k.’ Finances over her character
    OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT KIM K IS WORTHY OF HONOURABLE MENTION BECAUSE SHE IS MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN(as black man I must thank you Kim k for all the black penis you have limped down and you are married to a black penis, oh how you have enriched my life,SMH)

    I remember when I was younger the black males I was around were all excited about Pookie puffy daddy having relations with Bumquisha jenifer Lopez, i asked them why are you excited he is getting her not you? None of them responded


    • No, I suggested Kim Kardashian comes from a wealthy family, so by definition, she is not “low-class”. And the amount of partners/husbands she’s had is only an issue to you because the partners were mostly Black men.

      You calling her a “slutty mudshark” is exactly what sexually frustrated racist white men do when describing white women who sleep exclusively with black men.

      I suggest you and racist white men more in common than you think.

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  16. @verbs
    This is one of your “brothers” saying exactly what the black feminazis say when a bw marries a wm, your SYSBM brother is praising Kim k. For her love of black penis. Are you going to write an article denouncing that behavior verbs? Or is it ok because mr. Michel is praising that white vagina?


    • 3r1istruth,

      In my opinion when you talk about wanting a quality woman, even though you claim not to be bothered concerning her race, I strongly suspect that your preferred taste is still in black women which I do not have any problem with. However, as I stated before, I will not be joining you. I suspect your frustration is the fact that you are struggling to find a good quality black female and the articles I put out indicate that running into such a woman at least within western black society is nigh on impossible. That’s not my fault, that is the fault and choice of the modern day black female to engage in dysfunctional behaviour.

      We honestly ought to call you Duck Dodgers because all I’ve watched you do is duck and dodge the fact that you messed up when you decided to introduce something which had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Right now you are simply operating in damage control mode, trying your best to throw out as many rabbit holes ie micro discussions as you can in order to save face from embarrassment. I see what you are doing, your efforts to transfer the conversation won’t work with me. It would’ve been easier for you to just simply own up and admit your mistake rather than embarking upon this wild goose chase.

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  17. From my oberservations most non women will fuck black guys but most of them won’t date us. I’m fine with that I’m a mgtow but I love fucking white women I’m a interracial fucker!

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  18. Verbs.
    The trolling commenters from the previous article has no problem with the video message but the white woman that was featured and speaking is wrong due to her alleged economic status? Why in the world are these same black men that’s supposed to be above her economic status aka trailer trash complaining about her? Oh, it should have been a middle or upper class white woman or non-black woman in the place of this woman in this video speaking about loving black men. Let black men that’s on her economical level holler at her. Geez! Good article. SYSBM.

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  19. Brother, this person who keeps dodging the main point of the last two articles is a disingenuous idiot. I know we are all aware of a rhetorical black hole generator when we encounter one and he/she/it is clearly one. The way they dance around a clearly defined opinion by a white woman by refusing to focus on the subject matter she spoke on but instead proceeds to lambaste the messenger is a sign of desperation! Smh! Though I would Never presume to tell Verbs how to run his own sight of when or even if he should consider banning someone, I feel I must remind all reading of the lengths that have been gone to in order to address this twit. An entire mid week article has been devoted to addressing something that a child born with Down syndrome could understand in a moment. I would have blocked his butt yesterday, just saying!

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  20. I’m not even sure why you guys are entertaining this idiot. At best, he’s just completely ignorant of what you’re saying, and/or a grade a simp. At worst, he is actually a giant hairhatted she, and trying to confuse you by playing stupid. You gentlemen have your preferences, and in no way shape or form need to apologize for, or need to justify having them.

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    • Give someone enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves eventually.

      You’re right, though, it wasn’t worth engaging with him/her/it/they for this long, on the basis that simple sentences weren’t registering in the brain. Oh well..

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  21. Excellent article. It reminds me of a video done by that Baby Boomer Simp, Fearless2005 he claims that he was warning White Women about Black Men, pandering up to the Niggress. This asshat compared interracial dating to a dog and cat dating. I can’t stand these old ass nigga simps.

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  22. Coming out of lurk mode.


    It shouldn’t be that hard to understand where 3r1istruth is coming from even if you disagree that’s fine but no need to be obtuse or disingenuous. I would like to think that everyone here is better than that considering I’ve learned a lot from this site.

    This discussion reminds me of this video.

    Best wishes to you all.


    • Gene,

      The woman in question WAS NOT presented as a candidate for dating and marriage, she was simply used to prove the point that black men are reaching far and wide in the interracial dating and mating scene worldwide and are being accepted, how many times must this be repeated? Now if I wrote an article entitled “potential white women for thinking black men” and I presented the woman in question then 3r1istruth might of had a case, however this is NOT what happened.

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      • Guys, please?

        You guys are now arguing about absolutely nothing. I see both of your original points, but now this continual back and forth has mutated beyond the original SMALL disagreement into increasingly nasty personal jabs masquerading behind the cover of some great “principle”.

        That supposed principle is now an increasingly hazy abstraction and there is only a personality conflict remaining.

        Neither of you will “win” this argument posing as a principled debate and neither of you will lose face if you stand down.

        Believe it or not.

        I was raised by an angry black woman and bear the scars from it, and I can see that most of us here have been as well.

        The inability to stand down and let things go, even when we can plainly see that continuing will bear no fruit save divisions and personal animosity is a hallmark of such an upbringing.

        Changing continents or changing our dating choices will not be enough to truly escape Blackistan. It is a traumatic psychological seed that has been implanted in her victims as much as an actual place on the map.

        What black women are not sane enough or mature enough to do, we MUST do to truly break free. And that is to LET IT GO! There are things said by some posters here that seem naive and/or unimformed to me occasionally and I’m sure all of us have felt that way at times, but we dont tear each other down over it. We let each have our own preferences.

        The wasted life energy and worthless booby prize of continual conflict and “winning the argument” is the calling card of someone who has failed in every other sphere of life. This is the black womans personal hell and not mine or yours(hopefully).

        We are better than that. We deserve better than that. It took my whole to learn such a simple lesson. I hope you learn it faster than it took me.

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  23. @Verbs

    Fair Enough

    I’ll say this…

    This world already targets us as enough it is There is no need to start targeting each other as well over petty disagreements. Since I’m able to see this from both perspectives I have no interest in saying who’s right or wrong but Might I suggest that simply the next time there is a conflict could this issue be more resolved in a more rational manner without the passive aggressiveness or ad hominems from either party because when that happens things tend to escalate and go to shit real fast anyway I’m saying this to all to say there are enough shithole toxic sites on the net this site is like a breath of fresh air and daily reminder that I’m not crazy lol So it would be cool if we didn’t rip each other to shreds due to the possible nature of dealing with this screwed up society.

    Wish you all the best until next time.


  24. Chistelyn karazin(girls that swirls) vs verbs(slaying evil)

    1. both groups do point out the negative actions of the opposite sex of their respective race
    (I will say that Chris k. Is wrong black women have way more positive choices in black men than due black men in black women)

    2. both groups toss confetti whenever a Caucasian of the opposite sex or a non black of the opposite sex says that they are interested in each group
    (Chris k. Cult gets the nod here because jumping up and down because someone makes a video saying your race is superior is pathetic, but at least Chris k.’s cult only gives the spotlight to clean cut white males, where mr verbs cult will spotlight any whore)

    3. both groups have a cult like following( you can leave both the camp of Chris k. As well as verbs but if you remain you must agree with all Chris k. Says as well you must agree with all verbs says, in the case of mr verbs if you don’t agree with all he says, “you love black womenz)

    4. both groups give strong arguments as to why they believe the opposite sex of their race is not suitable for courtship or marriage(the nod here goes to verbs as there is much evidence to support the fact that black women are for the most part a lost cause while Chris k.’s cult does not seem to even acknowledge the fact that higher quality black men as it pertains to their respective female counterpart does exist)

    5. both cults seem to dismiss the actions of Caucasian suitors(just look in the comment section here in the comment section as one of verbs cult members says that Kim k.’s degenerate, sexual deviant lifestyle is forgivable because she is Caucasian. Chris k.’s cult followers will praise one of the girls for marrying an overweight tugboat because he is white)

    6.both cults indulge in the degenerate culture which divided the black man and woman and refuse to acknowledge the culture must be removed that spawned the degenerate behavior of both genders(HIP HOP AND HOOD MOVIES, you will see in the article above that verbs quoted TRICK POOKIE now verbs would never go to the hood to hear Pookie rap, verbs supports Pookie after he has signed his record deal but not before. all this talk about Pookie and Ray Ray and j boogie on this site needs to cease until these mamas boys quit listening to Pookie and Ray ray’s and j boogie’s album). (Chris k.’s cult also, I’m sure indulges in Bumquisha Beyoncé and Bumquisha Rihanna as one Bumquisha bey says “bow down words” and Bumquisha rhi rhi says “byword better have my money” these songs play a significant role in Bumquisha from the hoods decision to dive over the counter at her local McDonald’s and get the garbage beat out of her with a fry basket. I can’t forget the song I heard a few weeks back where in the song the woman’s chorus says something to the effect of HE IS YOUR MAN DURING THE WEEK BUT I LET HIM BUST NUTS ON ME ON THE WEEKEND, after hearing this song I asked a young black harlot who is it that sings that song, she said “sizzler” or something like that)


    • >>Kim k.’s degenerate, sexual deviant lifestyle is forgivable because she is Caucasian.


      I suggest you go back and read my several posts on this topic, because you’ve clearly demonstrated there is a comprehension problem with your brain.

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  25. @Gene
    Thank you sir, after I posted my last comment about hip hop and hood movies I watch your video and it was like fresh air most of these guys are just NIGGERS that only want Caucasian women


  26. I’ve some questions….
    1. What kind of black men do you think western white, hispanic, and asian females go for?
    2. What are the benefits of dating, engaging, and reproducing with western white, hispanic, and asian females?
    3. How is this white female any different from white feminists?
    4. What has this white female done to see to it that feminism is being eliminated and not practiced among other white females?
    5. Do you think that white females are “racist” being with a black person or is she more…a feminist?
    6. If you are with a white female who tells you, “I’m A Feminist” would you still date her??
    7. How many white females have told you to your face, “I see you as a human being”? Not for what you can do and provide her, but as a human being; Yeah how many white females you had in your life tell you “I know you exist. You’re a human being. And I see you”?

    Now mind you…Not a “blak wommin iz gawdt” advocate of any sort. I’ll let yall decide that and I’ll gladly respond.
    In fact, I lace and label myself as a True Red/Black/Green Introspective BlackMan of Reform Going His Own Way And Self Saved.
    Red=being awaken to the truth and how society backs the females and their nature who practice toxic gynocratic/gynocentric feminism.(all wings/waves all forms and areas)
    Black=being proud to be created in the image of The Most High
    Green=being a highly disciplined and stoic herbivor(grass eater) meaning I abscond from all females who has the characteristics and the potential of being feminists.

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      Because you never made it clear who you wanted to address these questions I left off dealing with this, however since I now see that you are looking for more responses, I’ll now throw in my two pence worth.

      1. Most White, Hispanic and Asian women who deal with black men tend to go for middle class black males and up.

      2. For starters at least you’ll know that these non black females are not working hand in glove with the state in order to bring about your destruction. Plus the ones who don’t subscribe to and practice feminism can be beneficial in continuing one’s family tree/lineage.

      3. She likes men and dates them, feminists typically hate men and wish to see them destroyed.

      4. It’s not her job to manage the lives of other people, she can only do right by herself and highlight that path as a beacon that others can follow if they so choose.

      5. In a small minority of cases there are white women who get with black men but still hold racist tendencies, however this is not the general rule. I don’t fully understand the second part of your question, again, feminists do not like men.

      6. No, I don’t deal with feminists of any race. Feminism is a cancer regardless of the skin colour of the woman who subscribes to and practices it.

      7. Though I’ve never dealt with white women on an intimate level, from the interactions I’ve had with them in other capacities, unlike the modern day black female they’ve TREATED me like a human being. I’ve yet to be treated like dirt by a white woman, black women however have been doing me dirty since the beginning right up until I stopped dealing with them over 13 years ago.

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      • He’s all over the place man. Well said verbs. He’s been particularly obsessed with us recently. I guess he didn’t like getting told what was what on YouTube before and like a true Red Green and Black he stuck cotton in his ears and kept chugging.

        Make him happy and break up with your girl please. LOL!

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      • @FLCLimaxxx
        (Scoff) Not a bad attack. But you…lack the strength needed. I mean, smh “make him happy and break up with your girl please LOL!”
        I’ll tell you what you can do to be at least…constructive.
        1.Feel free to answer the questions I’ve provided on this blog. Mr. Verbs did with respect. Can you do it? Or are you gonna continue to brag about your so called ” 4 years with your girl, no knife in the back yet” relationship.
        2. How about you make your girl happy and break up with her? Since she’s mostly likely all over the place and whatnot.


      • On the contrary bruh…not looking for more responses. But I would fully hope I get some from the ones who claim that white females are never ever wrong never crazy like black females and always good looking, have their own hair, cool to be around, been in on and off relationships with them. And I’m sure you know the main ones who promote them the most.

        Regarding question #5….
        To summarize it…I’ve always been told by white females themselves who are feminists that they hate all men but mainly black men simply because they are black. And even though they’ve a disdain for white men, they hope and pray to win their hearts by lynching blackmen on the daily. Which coincides with the “make america great again” protocol. Lets think in this vain, 98-99% of white females voted for trump. Why? They need a supplemental substitute to blame for him for epic failures of their lives.

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  27. Look @carino’s laundry list of videos showing Asian women that like black men

    At the end of the video carina says (paraphrasing) only ghetto women like black men

    Now carino possibly could have said that as simply a “GENERAL STATEMENT,” however given the reason this article was presented in the 1st place was because of myself and a few other saying the woman appeared to ghetto mannerisms with a trailer trash vibe

    If you view the previous article you will see on my 6th comment I state “THERE ARE WOMEN OF ALL RACES AND BACKGROUNDS THAT LIKE BLACK MEN. I AM FULLY AWARE OF THIS.”

    If you have ever argued with a woman she will take whatever you say and blatantly disregard your words and say you meant something else. Man: I think black women need to clean up their act. Woman: you hate black women! (See how feminine energy works)

    3r1istruth says “There are women of all races and backgrounds that like black men. I am fully aware of this.” Carino provides video and leaves a comment proving that not only ghetto women like black men(see feminine energy at work)


    • You have servers reading comprehension problems! I said:

      “here! This should help! Now no one can have the excuse to say anything about only ghetto women chasing black men!”

      I said NO ONE , which I was being specific about YOU, can say that only ghetto women likes black men! The purpose why I added these videos was to show that these NON GHETTO women like black men! Where the fuck do you see I said only ghetto women likes black men!? You must had been triggered that you was proven wrong and misread my sentence!

      And why haven’t you answered my questions yet?

      1. What do you have to say about these girls who like black men who are MARRIAGEABLE and NOT GHETTO?

      2. Why should we here on sysbm avoid girls that like black men are find them superior to other races? Explain to me and don’t give side comments or ad hominem attacks!

      If you can’t answer them then I will just assume that you are full of SHIT and just want to Dick police us because some of us like white girls and Asian girls and you can’t have that!

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  28. Gentlemen,

    It seems that we have another dick policing pro black in our midst, and he(just like the modern day black female) doesn’t have a problem referring to his fellow black men using the same racist terms that racist whites also use against us. I really can’t stand dishonest and disingenuous people.

    He knew that if he just came out and stated that he liked black women that we would begin to ask him some serious questions. The dude seems to be stuck between two places, on the one hand he acknowledges that black women as a collective are messed up, yet on the other he still holds out hoping that black women one day will see the error of their ways and change for the better.

    3r1istruth jumped the gun in thinking that the white woman I showcased in the previous article I was presenting as a potential mate for SYSBM, even though I said nothing of the sort, I specifically focused on the message she gave and most of you here didn’t have a problem picking up on that.

    Rather than just admit that he jumped to the wrong conclusion, he instead has decided to double down on stubborn and stupid, labelling us a “niggers who like white women” when our preferences in non black women are across the board and introducing any micro arguments he can in order to distract.

    As Michel stated in doing so however he has shown his true colours, therefore you could say in a way this article has been profitable in that through it he has exposed himself. Brothers, this is going to happen more often, black women are dispatching their pro black flunkies at an alarming rate in a last ditch effort to shame as well as use other sneaky techniques of trickery in order to attempt to manoeuvre thinking black men back onto the plantation.

    Remember I called this out in the final chapter of Negro Wars, the war between thinking black men and the pro black squads, Hardcore Tito also warned you that things would pan out this way. Remember for a while I’ve been telling you that the pro blacks would be coming out of the woodwork in their droves.

    Gentlemen, again notice how even though we have all expressed a preference for different ethnicities of non black female, in the pro black’s mind us thinking black men only prefer white women. The pro black is the modern day black female’s last bastion of hope, however both are wasting their time as we left off dealing with black women a long time ago and completely cut off black society as a whole.

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    • Michel said it beautifully in one of his comments! And it actually gave me a new fresh perspective on how non thinking black men view sysbm!

      When after I just showed a whole list of videos to show Asian girls who were sweet non ghetto, MARRIAGEABLE who all loved black men, my questions have yet to be answered, skipped over to attack the “white worshippers” (like Michel said: praising white women = white worship)and then twist my words to say that only ghettos girls like black men.

      It is so damn obvious that this person must be some sort of paid (whether in cash or in flesh) agent to try to dissamble sysbm. Now I am kind very curious what would happen if I had posted a whole list of links of Eastern Europe who are beautiful and marriageable women that likes black men what would his response be!

      Wether he still likes black women are not, he is still mentally enslaved to the communistic thinking that thinking black men should still be sacrificed and go take care of the community’s mess that they did not make!

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      • Carnio,

        At the end of the day these guys are jealous that we are actually making moves and aren’t just about talk without any actions. All of us here who are true SYSBM soldiers are either in relationships or are dating. The pro blacks being the undersexed savages that they are can’t stand seeing black men outside of the plantation getting their needs met especially in the area of sex.

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    • @Verbs

      It is what it is. Grown, mature men would have said in their minds, “Well I don’t agree with what this other person is saying, so it’s time for me to leave”. But when you take into the fact that the majority of American black men have been raised by black women, behaviors that we are seeing in this comment thread is not surprising. This is why I have few black friends. This guy, rather than just leaving and/or joining another site that is anti-SYSBM (he’s definitely a fanboy of Christylen Karazen based on the comments), he wants to fuss and bicker and argue with a group of men that don’t agree with him. For what? What purpose do you gain trying to bicker and argue with people who will never agree with you? Unless you take into consideration that these men come from single motherhood homes, it wouldn’t make sense.

      I’m glad you came out with these two recent articles. It shows that some black men still can’t see the forest for the trees. They just can’t stomach that a black man wants nothing to do with the black community. But again, it is what it is. It’s time we separate ourselves from the black community. And if it means most black men will still be left in the dark about black women, then so be it. Just like that black man who got shot in the head by that black woman, had he known about SYSBM, he wouldn’t have put himself in that situation in the first place. Save yourself, that’s why SYSBM was born for.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        Agreed, what I also notice with these types of black men is the fact that even though you found your own path long ago and are successfully living it out, they still want you to abandon your journey with meaning and direction, return back into the wilderness with them and become lost again, this is how disjointed their mentalities are. Sir, how can we ever dismiss the fact that most of these guys are raised by single mothers, as you rightly pointed out, it is because of such an upbringing as to why they think in the way that they do. Most black men will remain lost, I always knew that SYSBM was a movement for the few, not for the many.

        Again, I completely agree with you on these 2 articles, dude has shown his true colours thus we all know who he really is and what he’s really about. Any further comments from said individual we already know are meant to be nothing more than a distraction.

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    • I’ll continue saying this and I’ll ssy it one more time: FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY. More of us need to adopt this mindset. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t be about saving yourself if you’re still tethering yourself to the very same people who are trying to bring you down, and destroy you. It like trying to run a 5k, with a plastic bag over your head. Those of you still on the fence even with all of the evidence that has been presented on this website, idiotic sites like bossip, world star (I seriously can’t stand niggas) hell even in your everyday life gotta make a choice at some point. In lame mans terms, you can’t serve two masters. Make your choice now, before you knock one of these beasts up and your choice is made for you….

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  29. Y’all see this hotep red/black/green stuff above?

    Have you gone up to a white woman and stated that you are personally trying to remove NIGGARDOM from other black men? If not, stop worrying if removing feminism is her goal.

    And quite frankly, don’t bring that RBG $hit to the comment section of my videos. I want nothing to do with you.

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  30. @gryphon

    Notice his attack of fearless2005

    Now as he is said to be a SYSBM/thinking black man? Who believes that Fearless2005 was telling white women to avoid 100% of black men?

    Go ahead leave some negative comment about me and if you can’t TRUTHFUL answer the question here in the comment section just say the truth in your heart and point your middle finger at me. Again I ask who believes that fearless 2005 was warning white women to avoid 100% of the world’s black men

    Now who believes that fearless2005 was warning white women to avoid, Pookie, Ray Ray, j boogie because they just want to hit it, knock you and leave you with brown babies?

    Go ahead leave your comment saying I’m and idiot

    @VERBS, you need to do some cleaning around your house


  31. @carino I do apologize

    I made a TYPO when I was paraphrasing you commenting that not only ghetto women like black men


  32. themelancholictigah,

    1. The normal ones
    2. A lot of people in the west have been poisoned with consumerism, materialism, patriotism, liberalism, and American exceptionalism. So the west isn’t the greatest beckon of humanity because many of the toxic ideas we have been indoctrinated to believe and it’s no different for women. Despite all this, we still need each other as people. Our bonds and relationships are the things that drive us the most. Plenty of articles from Psychology Today and biologist can attest to this fact. Humans, because of necessity, evolved into social beings. According to Psychology Today, “Dependence on and cooperation with each other enhanced our ability to survive under harsh environmental circumstances. Although the survival threats of these circumstances have lessened in today’s world, people continue to have a need to affiliate with others. Indeed, the lack of such connections can lead to many problems, including loneliness.” According to NBCnews.com, Being lonely has been linked to worse physical and emotional health outcomes and poorer wellbeing. Plus, a lack of social support can directly affects our potential for experiencing happiness, explains Simon-Thomas, who studies the biology of our emotions and thinking. “We’re built to really seek social companionship and understanding.” According to Huffingtonpost, “More and more research in the fields of neurobiology and psychology is demonstrating how we are more connected and interdependent than we have ever realized.
    The front of our brains have special neurons called “mirror neurons” that exist to help us understand and empathize with one another. We are a social species, and the truth is, we need each other to survive.”
    3. It’s not about who she is really. It’s about the interracial trend that continues to grow. Black men have options like never before. You don’t have to settle for the hellhole gynocracy known as the black community. The same hellhole obviously BGS and Angryman want us to rot and die in.
    4. White women like Karen Straughan, NollaGirl, and janet bloomfield among others have been advocates for men’s rights and speak on the issues. What is white mgtow doing to end the very same feminism elitists white men like the Rothschild have created? Seems the only thing they want to do is sell you sexdolls, vr porn, pua, and be a hub for white nationalists.
    5. A true racist wouldn’t be with someone of another race. You have your fetishists out there but it’s easy to avoid those types of white women.
    6. Most people are followers, be it religion, politics, social issues, etc. Most people don’t wholeheartedly believe in what they’re following. You can see this with black lives matter and pro-blacks especially. These groups don’t care about black people whatsoever, especially black men, but they love being seen and being part of something. Most of my friends have been Christians and you wouldn’t believe it if you hung out with them. I don’t follow any religion, I’m apolitical, and I can be a radical individual. My individuality and happiness comes before anything. But I really don’t care about your religious or political affiliation. I care about what’s in a person’s heart and how they treat others. So yes I would date a feminist if she had a good heart and treated me well.
    7. White women have been some of my best friends and I have treated me far better than any black woman. I’ll be 30 in a few years and I can honestly say in my short time living that most white women are decent people. White women were there for me at my lowest, when I felt like I wanted to die, I felt like I could carry on with their kindness. I got nothing from black women, NOT A FUCKIN’ THING! Hell most black people have been the bane of my existence. Not white people or white women. You don’t want to hear it, but that’s how fucked up black people and the community is. I’ll proudly go out like Bakari Henderson, living my life to the fullest, rather than going out like another nigger being killer over some sneakers or piece of fried chicken. Fuck the black community! They deserve every ill and misfortune for the way they treat black boys and men.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Co-sign!

      👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏GREAT answer 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      The same is said with me but with Asian girls (of the far east ) hence why love them so much. And this is also the reason wby I left the West and want to permanently relocate in Japan, Korea and have China and Thailand as my backyard (meaning to travel, martial arts, different foods etc)

      Liked by 3 people

      • I think I’m a Europhile at heart but I can be a Japanophile too. I wouldn’t mind settling down in a Eastern European country one day. Hell even the Netherlands seems attractive. A lot of my favorite supermodels are Dutch. I’m happy you found your real home in the far east dude. Japanese women helped me a lot when I was studying Japanese and it’s truly moving how much kinder Asian women are compared to you know who.

        Seriously, what the hell do you have to lose as a black man? Even colonizing mars and bedding down a martian seems to be a better deal at this point then what the black community has to offer. These guys can shove it up their ass!

        Liked by 2 people

      • “Even colonizing mars and bedding down a martian seems to be a better deal at this point then what the black community has to offer.”

        lol Right you Are!

        Have you ever been overseas? Do you have a passport? You should totally go visit one of these places for at least a minimum of two weeks and totally see how beautiful they are! Europeans are some of the MOST intellectual, own to earth an easy to talk to people. Many foreigners who come here to Kyrgyzstan come from many parts of Europe an they share great knoweldge an show me pictures of their homes. they have such BEAUTIFUL architecture, great looking food and a huge backpack culture where you can explore an meet all kinds of people. Europe is a great destination for SYSBM who like white/European women an is a wonerful alternative the the Anglo west.

        As for me, I am an (East) Asiaphile, and I am a fish that needs to be in water, meaning I cannot leave asia for long or I suffocate! Asia is most certainly my new home and I CANNOT imagine being any place else. I am writing an autobiography and books about my spiritual journey all throughout asia and my experience as a SYSBM. I want to share it with other like mined men to demyth any lies about “the world is against us” rhetoric so that SYSBM who is into Asia can all come and escape the wrath of blackistan. I was going to o the same in Europe but I just simply cannot leave Asia for an extended period of time. But I can totally help the best I can by provide information on how to travel and get around in europe with the information shared with the many europeans I come across with while I am in asia.

        You NEED to go and travel in Europe, because it will totally change your life the way it did mine when I came here to Asia. about half of the problems you have now will be gone instantly. I was a hardcore MGTOW back in NYC because I lived in a predominately black and Hispanic community and was target to bully, brainwash of the RBG back to africa crowd, ghettoness, attitude, rudeness (NYC is notorious for rude people), communistic thinking, out casted, exclusion, isolation etc and just couldn’t take it anymore. Now that I left, I am a full SYSBM and get to enjoy the things in life that I could never had back in the US. I get invited to parties, extremley attractive girls always want photos with me, People are kind, helpful and patient and they are teaching me new languages. nine of these things were possible back in NYC.

        please let me know if you have any questions on your travels! I can provide as much as I can!

        Liked by 2 people

    • @Whtgirlsrawesome

      Goddamn, what a thoughtful, uplifting and defiant response to tired pro-wack talking points. Take a bow son!

      >”I’ll proudly go out like Bakari Henderson, living my life to the fullest, rather than going out like another nigger being killed over some sneakers or piece of fried chicken. Fuck the black community!”<


      Liked by 3 people

    • I agree 100000%. And this notion that white women have to be overall loyal to and love and support black men in the aggregate is horse shit. They have their own community, we’re the refugees. the only non-black women I need to love me are the ones who do…period. And this guy is always stuck on white women. I bet he would fuck one if he could.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @FLCLimaxxx
        You know I guess that…You’d be the only one….who would dare to use that “always stuck on white women” axiom. You’ve got courage. Would you like to have a shot at answering the questions? And trust me, I already know what you’re gonna say so…lets see how you do. At least one of the brothas had the time to answer em. Now then, you wanna claim and boast about being “4yrs” strong and true with yours? I’ll give you the chance. Be brief as you want. But I really want you to go by your work.


    • Metal Heart,
      Thank you for honesty in your response indeedy. I’m just waiting for the others to take the time to answer as well. But it seems, the blog which is awesome yes! pretty much had the answers within its context. However, I just wanted to see different sides etc. I know that the questions I’ve asked may seem….lets see….”stupid” and “elementary” to most but because according to them, “they had no problems of getting and/or having white women as friends and lovers” and then some, but then there’s some of us like myself who knows that these white females; 98-99% do practice feminism in all waves/wings etc. are toxic.

      Regarding white mgtows, (scoff) they’re no different from police and so forth. These cuckcasians fully believe that white and asian women belong to them. So…what do they do? However, I concur with the fact that you said “the very same feminism elitists white men like the Rothschild have created. Seems the only thing they want to do is sell you sexdolls, vr porn, pua, and be a hub for white nationalists.”
      Because thats what they’re doing yet pushing in this ‘cuntry’ for example and I’ve noticed that. And I quickly drew away from that bigoted nazi style sector once I’ve found out what their motto was and is today when they address blackmen….and it goes like this…”Sure you can be a mgtow, BUT!! just keep away from the white women because we….really want to preserve our race and we can’t fight off the feminists like we want to because some of them are hawt…and our alternative. The asian woman.” Thats the cuckcasian male motto they follow.

      Now…the number one question I’ve asked and you answered “the normal ones”
      Lets look at that briefly. Last time I checked, its these savage degenerates they go for from and in the hood. If not, they go for the trailer w*ggers and/or the barrio boys. And not “the normal ones”. Ask any white hispanic and asian female in this western ‘cuntry’ and watch these bimbos lie thru their teeth. Besides, why would any white female date and deal with blackmen today while trump’s in office like I said before?? Defeats the purpose of getting him votes. Check?


  33. Carnio,

    As long as I’m not around any ghetto blacks, hell most black people in general I’m fine. I want to travel soon and the first place would have to be Japan. I would love to learn more about Russia and Eastern Europe, and any info you could give would be a big help!

    Liked by 2 people

    • On Russia, you need a visa, hopefully diplomatic relations get better between both nations.
      Once you’re in Europe, come visit us and Paris, then any flight within Europe (via RyanAir) is cheap as chips, much cheaper than within North America.

      Liked by 2 people

  34. @you that are not a member of mrs verbs cult

    Mrs verbs says I’m pro black

    Look at my 2nd post on the Christelyn karizin(girl that swirls) vs Mrs verbs(slaying evil)

    Somehow Mrs verbs seems to think the comment above is my way of saying: I am a pro black and I believe the black woman is gawd! LoL

    Mrs verbs also says I’m attempting to “PENIS POLICE” her and members of her cult

    Look at my 8th post

    Somehow Mrs verbs decided this comment means I have issued warrants for her arrest and her fellow cult members

    Please understand sir any woman that is cornered with truth, logic, rational sound thinking and judgement will be as you say sir, “obtuse and disingenuous” I will venture to say that Mrs verbs has gone far beyond those bounds and is hiding behind FLAT OUT LIES!


  35. I travel all over the world, I can truly say that most of these foreign women treat you better than these westernized women hands down. And if some of you do not see that many of these BW here in the States and from what other members from the UK are saying about BW there are not enemies of thinking BM then stay on the plantation. Everybody has a choice to do what they want but I’m never going back to the plantation.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. >…most of these guys are just NIGGERS that only want Caucasian women<

    I'm damn proud to have White women as friends and lovers, and want and desire White girls as partners.


    Liked by 5 people

    • @Michel

      “I’m damn proud to have White women as friends and lovers, and want and desire White girls as partners”.

      I approve of this message!!! Especially the second half. Don’t let the naysayers sway you from expressing your personal interests or preferences.


      Liked by 4 people

  37. It seems like things did indeed escalate and go to shit ……..wow


    I guess it too late agree to disagree huh guys.

    @Carnio I meant any environment or culture that seems to have a problem with Ebony Men specifically the ones with Integrity Honor and Standards I hope I’m more clear.


    • @Gene

      “It seems like things did indeed escalate and go to shit ……..wow


      I guess it too late agree to disagree huh guys.”

      The problem is, We are less than 1% of the population. This is OUR space. for the last few dacades black women, simps, pastors and white government has had power, influence, and authority over our very lives and minds and we are NOT allowed to deviate from what is told to us. For many years Black men have been shitted on by his own community. If a person has a simple opinion , for example, he likes vanilla ice cream rather than choclate ice cream when the majority likes chocolate, he will be ridiculed, shamed and left as a target. We are sick and tired of others telling us what to do and how to live our lives and we are SPEAKING OUT on our opinions because we are simply tired of having the anti-black men rhetoric intruded on us to live the way THEY want.

      We have the right to NOT agree to disagree because the thesis of this website is for THINKING BLACK MEN to point out and critique the ills of black women and black society! when simps,like D132018, black women and back to Africa idiots come on here to try to shame us, throw ad homeinms at us and try to twist our words to try to get us to go BACK to the plantation, we have every right to call them out! We are not going to have people come here, in our space to thought police our opinions simply because it hurts their fe-fes. There are millions of other websites and places one can go to plus even the main stream media that they can participate in that is very anti-male, yet they come HERE and think they can try to police how we feel about black women and the community.

      I do not understand why people call us a cult. There are many tradionalists, MGTOW, Egalitarians, liberals and conservatives that are here apart of SYSBM. even amooung SYSBM we all do not agree with one another and we all have differnt wants and needs in life. We all want to achieve a goal in life that looks completely different from one another, but we all have one thing in common which is that we have all been victim or are a victim of the ills of black women and society. We, here, at slaying evil have one thing in common which is to call out, gather information and spread truth about the ills of the black community and abandoning it like the cancer it is! I personally do not care for white women. I love Asian women. Yet, I am labeled a white woman worshiper because I do not associate or even talk to black women or the black community. Awesome black men such as Michel, Metal Heart and Afro happen to be Europhiles or at least only date white women. Yet they are condemned for their life choices because “it is racists” or they are “white Worshipping” .

      None of us go to non SYSBM places and start demanding black men to chase white women so why do outsiders feel the need to shame or make strange comments to us in the attempt to shame and thought police us when there are literally Millions of other places one could go to instead of lashing at us? Attempting to shame and bully us is not going to change our mind and our attraction so why can’t THEY respect our space and stay quiet or leave? No one is forcing those outsiders to stay yet they look at the posts and make comments that had nothing to do with the intended message of Verbs’ post!

      “@Carnio I meant any environment or culture that seems to have a problem with Ebony Men specifically the ones with Integrity Honor and Standards I hope I’m more clear.”

      1. Everywhere you go, there is always going to be something someone does not like about you. It will be your height, your occupation, your religion, your sex or your race. This is something you have to get over. I live in central Asia. There is no racsism here but there are other forms of servere discrimination. The fact that I am not a Russian speaker, people treat me different. Because I am not Muslim, people treat me different. Because I am taller than the average population, people discriminate (out of jealousy) against me. Because I am a forginer, people think I am rich, so they scam me more. It is just a fact of life and you cannot let that stop you from living life.

      2. NO ONE targets thinking black men/SYSBM more than other blacks. If you were speaking about the west, maybe I would had not said anything. But black men overseas, at least in Asia are NOT targeted. I can also guarentee you the same can be said about Europe. Please do not listen to they black guys or women on youtube who travel to foriegn lands but failed to understand the local culture and law and get themselves in trouble then yell “they were WAcISts!!” Outside the west the world is not a scary place and most are very welcoming to you as long as you are a decent civil person.

      Liked by 2 people

  38. @carnio

    1.No disrespect but I’m not looking for a pointless argument to me this entire situation still is petty nothing more nothing less.

    2.As far as my comment about environment culture and Ebony men I was simply trying to clear up any misunderstandings in my previous reply as for the rest of your response I can assure you you’re preaching to the choir.

    3.You yourself said We are less than 1% of the population. This is OUR space yet apparently you don’t understand that even in a small space there will still be differing opinions and we need to learn how to deal with them instead of immediately dismissing someone as a pro-black a nigger an agent or cult leader personal attacks get no one anyone and will further cause either party to not want to understand each other that much more this is all I have to say on this topic I’m not looking to argue or make enemies out of people at all.

    Until next time.


  39. Lol. This goes out to All sysbm and ebm brothers but especially to Verbs himself. You all who think we are a minority do yourselves a gross disservice! Here me brothers, there are literally legions of western black men that are just one unnecessary dust up with a black female, just one extended trip outside of the hood, just one military re-assignment or deployment overseas, just one flirtatious smile from a non bw, just one moment of reflection and comparison about women away from whole heartedly becoming full blown members of this phenomenon weather they know it or not! Don’t become disheartened because men like you are the vanguards, the “tip of the spear” so to speak, to a better, more productive, rewarding and peaceful life for the plethora of BM that know what time it is. These gadflies on this sight are either black female trolls or other men that have been bitch brained to the nth degree, ignore the lot of them! I personally think they are women simply because most men, like d31829, or “dickhead” if you prefer, simply pop up from time to time, spews his nonsense (which is tantamount to doing a rhetorical drive by with a nerf gun) and, thankfully, disappears back into the ether for a long time. Men typically can’t stomach endless arguments especially when both parties know how it’s going to end. Men, at least real ones, detest playing around the edges of a battle they can’t avoid and will end up doing something, ANYTHING, to get things started! Yeah, these are women. Desperate ones at that. Women that know that the small number of men that choose to still deal with them is actually growing smaller by the week. Women that know that Mr. Fallback option won’t be there to catch her when she plummets to her death. To the idiot trolls, you’re right to fear our exit and complete abandonment of the black community. We WILL let the community and the monsters who perpetuate it’s dysfunction by their choices, burn to the ground! Returning when it’s cooled down to piss on the ashes!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Preach Andre! I wholeheartedly agree with you when you say more black men are one smile, one conversation, one one night stand, one argument away from giving the so called black community the finger and never looking back. As many as there are who are close and not knowing, I think there are more who are on the fence but are too crippled by fear or shame to do it. Those of you who are on the fence reading this (I suspect that’s a pretty significant number), just do it. Unless you have a child with one of these beasts, you owe them nothing, and no loyalty whatsoever. Even then, you’re obligated to care for your child, not a full grown adult.

      Liked by 2 people

  40. These pro-wacks haven’t realised what kind of social time space were in now.

    Some of these hotep missing links are articulate when it comes to describing metaphysical topics such as the hidden origins of black men, ancient Egypt and the supposed powers of melanin, yet it hasn’t clicked in their narrow brains yet that the age of skin-based ethnic loyalty ended in 2012.

    Yes, 2012. It was a disaster, like the movie, but only for the likes of the pastor, the pro-wack, the RBG simp, and BW, who have realised their decades-old practice of running game on black men in herding, extracting and exploiting resources, energy and mind space has started to come to an end.

    2012 and beyond is the age of the water bearer. Groups are no longer joining together under skin colour, but on like-mindedness. It is where anyone can start their own religion/fan tribe, not relying on a massive institution to spoon-feed lies in order to shackle us. People are now breaking free of old oppressive rules, in order to make their own rules. This has just started a few years ago,and now is seeping slowly into the mass consciousness.

    The genie is already out. information is out there, spread far and wide. The once-shackled Black man can now trade cash, source information quickly and move internationally like never before, including dating out internationally. This cannot be undone. No matter what pro-wack community failures want to continue preaching, the crowd have left, the internet cannot be uninvented.

    Pro-wacks and their “spiritual father” the white nationalist have lost their authority and power, desperately trying to turn back time. It will fail, just like these attempts at Jedi-mind tricking black men back onto the plantation will miserably fail. They know it. Their time is up.

    “The light burns the brightest before it goes out.”


    Liked by 4 people

    • Michel,

      Incredible post, agree 100%. But can you explain what exactly occurred in 2012 that kicked off this movement? Why 2012 as the line of demarcation? I would love to get your take on it.

      Liked by 1 person

  41. The Blackistanian troll arguments coming out of the woodwork are too little, too late. SYSBM is here to stay, shall not be stopped, and will continue by ANY and ALL means necessary!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

    Liked by 2 people

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