Black Women Still Attempting To Dick Police Black Men


Whenever black women talk about not being concerned with black men’s dating preferences, they are talking out of their dirty behinds, as I’ve stated in Negro Wars black women as a group are prolific liars who rarely if ever tell the truth. Once again we have another case of black women hating on a black man for expanding upon his dating options. Yet, when these black harridans choose to “swirl”, we as black men are expected to congratulate them upon their “success”, the blatant hypocrisy is very real and continues, Serena Williams and her sister Venus anybody.

As far as I am concerned at this point any opinions black women have in relation to who black men choose to date and marry are irrelevant since they themselves decided long ago that for them alone feminism and fatherless home welfare policies were better paths to embark upon. As I have stated many times before, black women view black men as slaves and as far as most black women are concerned, interracial dating ought to be a privilege that only they should have access to.

We all know the score here, black women wish to be able to venture to any places desired, date out, whore themselves out to the cheapest bidder and at the end of the day if all else fails they can always return and pick themselves up a black male off the plantation strip. The problem is more and more black men because of the continual hostile and foul treatment received at the hands of black women are voting with their feet ie choosing to walk off the reservation.

Because of this black women are in trouble and they know it because outside of black males no other race of men will date them en mass. This is why they are commonly resorting to pathetic attempts to shame black men into sticking with them and not looking elsewhere for love and companionship, however their witchcraft is no longer functioning as it used to.

There is only so long that an individual will tolerate another individual treating them like garbage before they decide enough is enough and completely disconnect contact with such a rotten individual on a permanent basis. This is exactly what is currently occurring within black society, more black men are reaching their tolerance maximum with regards to black female skullduggery and are deciding to take their chances outside of the shores of Blackistan.

The disingenuous reaching of black women concerning Boseman is off the chain. Let’s face it, not one of these heifers was interested in the fellow when he was an up and coming actor, no doubt the same deceitful black female buzzards kicking up a stink in the comment section of the above photo were the same scoundrels who most probably labelled Boseman as an “educated lame” in his earlier days, we already know how most black women do.

Black women as a collective openly mock, ridicule and dismiss the “educated lames” of black male society but then PRETEND to be concerned about the welfare of these same individuals whenever they choose to cross the fence and date interracial. Again, it’s not that black women value educated, intelligent black men, it’s simply a case where they know full well already being at the bottom of the pile that their dating options are in the toilet, thus after being ran through by Mike Mike, Pookie, Ray Ray and J Boogie from the block, they feel that the “lames” should then step in and perform the services of a clean up man mopping up their dirty mess.

If we think about it and are completely honest with ourselves, in 2018 the only “assets” that most black women bring to the table are ran through, diseased vaginas, bastard children, weave, bad skin, excess weight, attitudes, feminism and heavy debt. If anybody can think of something positive that black women as a collective bring to the relationship table then please put it in the comment section, I’m all ears.

Again, non black women are not perfect and nobody at SYSBM has ever made that claim, however when dealing with the numbers they are less dysfunctional than black women and there is more of a chance of finding a good-looking, feminine, submissive female as opposed to trying to find the same within black female society. The single mother rate in American white female society is around 36%, compare this to black female society where the same is now at 77%, more than double. That is a notable difference and one that cannot be ignored.

Brothers, black women are desperate to lock productive black men down, they need us however they are too prideful and stubborn to make an apology and change for the better, hence one of many reasons why the thinking black men’s regiment departed the sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan long ago and never looked back. Thinking black men, remember, black women don’t like and want you, they only want YOUR HELP in those troubling and hard times.

Don’t fall for the okey doke, give these black females the middle finger in the way that they have done the same to you, most certainly do not allow these black witches to cast their spells of shaming language upon you. Be free black men, date out and avoid the scraggle daggle at all costs. Black women hate black men they cannot control and that’s the whole point right there, thinking black men cannot and will not be controlled by anyone yet alone by dick policing black women, especially those of the dark skinned variety who always seem to have something to complain about.

Yet never forget, these are the same dark skinned black females who frequently disparage dark skinned black men and call them all kinds of darkie, soot, midnight, turd, blackula, charcoal etc. Out of here with your dishonest, lying through your back teeth, deeply disingenuous selves. Be sure to check out a previous article I wrote back in March 2017 exposing black women and their pro black male simp advocates engaging heavily in dick policing antics, that article can be seen here.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Interracial Dating Rocks, Expand Your Options

Most High Bless

99 thoughts on “Black Women Still Attempting To Dick Police Black Men

  1. During my date with my Kyrgyz friend in Kazakhstan, I remember I did see another black guy who was dating a local Kazakh girl.

    Just like I said in my previous trip to Japan and China, this dude was speaking fluent Russian and look very professional. The guy and the Kazakh girl were both smiling from ear to ear and looked very genuine. The guy looked very down to earth and someone who you could easily talk to.

    This may sound funny but he was clutching his date while I was clutching mine. LOL

    I am beginning to see that Asia is a great dating ground for SYSBM who are into Asian girls! For black men who have dated foreign women, I can surely really tell you that they will tell you that there is NO going back.


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    • Carnio,

      Foreign women by far are the best way to go and Asian(Far Eastern) women by far are the best choice out there as it currently stands. You see how being out in these obscure places the women are so different and their cooperation levels are off the chain. See the aim of most foreign women is the same, find a suitable mate, get married and start a family, however with western women many of them have been caught up chasing the career carrot and so they waste their most valuable years running after empty promises and false dreams.

      Indeed, the dick policing is now reaching epidemic proportions and I see black women and the pro black simp brigades pulling out all the stops in order to shame us back onto the plantation, however as I stated in the article their book of tricks and magic spells just aren’t working any more.

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      • Verbs,

        Another thing is Western women use marriage with bad intentions they go into the marriage saying if I cannot control this guy I will just leave him get child support and get ailomony.

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    • Carnio,

      Glad you’re having a great time out there and it must be said have you noticed how the black men out there in foreign countries always look and behave professionally? Nothing like the wild beasts you see in America and the UK.

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    • Carnio,

      How was Kazakhstan I want to go there, I used to work with a lady from there she was gorgeous and plus real nice and down to Earth.

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      • Kazakhstan was awesome. There are so much things to do out there, far much more than here in Kyrgyzstan. If I am not mistaken, it is the most modern country out of all of Central Asia. All of ex USSR country look just about all the same and it is pretty much another region in Russia, but my god you should see the architecture! it is absolutely stunning and colorful!
        If you can get use to one Ex USSR country you are pretty much good to go anywhere in the Slavic sphere because the roads, systems, and architecture are all the same. I notice there are a little bit more Russians that live in Kazakhstan than in Kyrgyzstan, but they are just as warm and friendly as the turkic people. If you decide to come, I can give you information on how to travel around cheaply and some places you can check out! Me and my date only had two days because I had to take her back home to school by Monday so we crammed as much things as we could do.

        Yes, Kazakh Girls are very open and friendly and are very easy to talk to if you can speak basic Russian. They look almost exactly the same as Kyrgyz girls but much more modern in how they dress. but they are still super feminine sweet and are extremely curious. When I was walking with my date, there were a group of seven girls walking ahead of us. They were giggling and peeking back at me every 4 seconds. Many other instances I saw seeing Kazakh girls laugh and giggle and stare and wanted to talk with me.

        Do not worry about the Kazakh guys as there is no dick policing here at all. No one is going to judge or try to get in between you and talking to girls here. Many Kazakhs mistook Begayim as a local Kazakh and they thought me and her were both BF/GF and they all seemed very proud of the fact! The thing is, Black men are seen as exotic to the extreme and many girls which include Russians, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and other foreigners, are going to be very attracted to you based on your looks alone. Even super hot model looking girls (the ones who would never look at you if you were a normal guy) are going to stare and smile at you.

        Trust me when I say that when you show up here, by yourself, you will be stopped and asked for pictures every 5 minutes. While me and Begayim was walking this happened: (NOT ME in the video)

        Are you an American Citizen? If you are you can go there visa free for 30 days. I recommended staying at hostels as they are much cheaper and more personal in helping find local attraction areas!

        I highly suggest you learn the cyrillic alphabet and use for basic phrases. believe me when I tell you they will be extremely appreciative and will hold you in very high regards, even if you have a horrible accent or horrible grammar, if you do!

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      • Sean, and other SYSBM who are interested in coming to Kazakhstan,

        Here is some stuff to make your trip easier:

        Learning Russian Alphabet (aka Cyrillic):

        Basic Phrases:

        For staying:;label=msn-0yH%2AsJaYsJu1Ng6j0gpDOw-8868281434%3Atikwd-17246991285%3Aloc-101%3Anes%3Amtb%3Adec%3Aqshostel%20worlds%20almaty;sid=63c5e968f56b74bdcaf9f5406acfe7bf;keep_landing=1&utm_campaign=Hostels%20-%20Kazakhstan&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_term=0yH%2AsJaYsJu1Ng6j0gpDOw&

        for ALL public transportation in Almaty:

        If you want to stay longer than Kazakhstan, simply cross the border into Kyrgyzstan and you can come right back in to Kazakhstan. You can do this as many times as you like and there is no limit to how many times you may enter. I have done this about three times and my last page is filled with visa stamps, LOL!

        If I find more info I will post them here!

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  2. Yes, the dick policing is getting much worse. I am seeing it all over the internet! There has been a huge spike of YouTube videos of black women complaining about black men not wanting them. Along with this, there are many simps and even homosexuals (no joke) complaining and shaming straight black men from dating out. There are videos saying that black men should not date out for the sake of the black community and that we should accept single moms if we really to be with a woman! WTF?!
    Some say we just mad so we are “hate dating” or something where we are dating white/Asian women but are pretending she is a black woman! There are even places that are calling for black men who date out to be beaten up! Or even killed!

    All over the internet there are articles shaming and bashing black men for dating white women and how they need to have “swag” to attract sistas!
    Sick! They truly believe that we want to be with them and how we should change our core being for THEM instead of dating Becky or Sakura who is perfectly happy with who we are at the core!

    I dare some black woman or simp to come fly over here and try to dick police me in my face! I will have a knife ready and it is going straight for the throat!


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      • Alex C,

        It’s funny that you should post that video because I predicted in Negro Wars that in the near future this would be a route that many thinking black men would have to take in order to protect themselves and their non black female companions from the wrath of these black harpies and their pro black simps squads.

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    • Gays are getting in on this now? Wtf?!!!

      All part of the plantation game: make em gay or simps. Remember that even Cynthia G had a gay sidekick that she claimed was more of a man than most black men would ever be!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        At this point any black men culpable are dumb as hell to be listening to Cynthia G because she frequently dumps on black men without apology. #ESCAPETHEPLANTATION

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      • oh yes!!! Gays are coming at striagt black men in the same manner as the simps! I am telling you this must be some sort of spiritual warfare against black men because there are many youtube videos that condemn black men for dating out, all in the name of “combating our oppressors” or “for the good of the community!!!”. It is really getting crazy what I see all on the Internet now a days!

        Don’t be suprised if you start seeing black men getting shot and stabbed for going SYSBM! I am waiting to see this on the news!!

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      • It’s already happening, but once the genie is out of the bottle, the *****axis of evil**** cannot stuff it back in.

        #SYSBM is at critical mass, and will only get bigger. Any related deaths will only speed up the process.


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    • Carnio,

      Thanks for the info on Kazakhstan, also i will be going to Baku Azerbaijan one day as well. I am going to hit both spots while i am in that region. But the dick policing tactics will not work against us thinking black men another L for BW. Also gay dudes trying shaming tactics is a dead waste they are not even considered within the spectrum of life as far as i am concerned.

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  3. Verbs,

    It’s funny I wanted to post this a few days ago but got busy with work and forgot to post it when you just posted I laughed so hard because when I initially read it I immediately thought about you. BW really act like we owe them something but they say nothing when they date lighter skin men mentally disjointed I tell you.

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      • In case that chick hasn’t noticed BM are making a great effort to avoid dating BW, and BW not BM are the ones crying on the internet and TV about being unwanted for dating and being ignored by BM.

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      • Verbs,

        Its so bad right now for BW they are the running joke of all of society and these stupid whores do not even know it. They are in the Phantom Zone like General Zod and his crew but they will never break out.

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  4. Black women need to acknowledge that a substantial number of the black men that are with non-black women are the black men that black women did not want. The black woman is at fault for her poor choices in men.

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  5. Blk women are the lames in actuality,
    .get pregnant by bums .wearing stinking weaves
    .Disrespectful demeanor

    Nothing really to offer anyone..deydey
    ,Tyrone’s etc will always remain their only option they are doomed.their sons will either grow up as SIMPs or thugs or a mixture of both.

    These beasts tried it on another bp actor.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      I remember that Winston Duke escapade, if I remember correct I may have mentioned it in one of my articles near the beginning of the year. These harpies just don’t stop.

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  7. Funny you’d write this as last night, on an sysbm date, I saw not one but FOUR sysbm couples dressed to the nines and galavanting around downtown. I’m tellin you, their offspring will be the new black middle/upper class.

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  8. “Brothers, black women are desperate to lock productive black men down, they need us however they are too prideful and stubborn to make an apology and change for the better, ”

    I also find it funny that the BW in that post refers to Boseman’s gf as a “light bright”, my wife is the same color as the woman in the photo and she refers to herself as a black woman. Apparently some of these BW aren’t happy unless you are with a dark skinned BW.

    The girl in the post asked who dark skinned girls are good for, the answer is that they are good for anyone if they are in shape, childless, and have a pleasant attitude. BW’s foul attitudes, obesity, and bad habit of having bastard kids with thugs/bums is what put them at the bottom of the dating totem pole, not their skin tone.

    As the Wall grows and becomes more apparent to BW and more dating studies come out showing them as being single and unwanted for relationships things will become even more hostile in the last stretch of this black gender war. Good BM win by simply not playing the game and ignoring them.

    Good BM are hitting the door, but we are leaving behind pookie, Ray Ray, and the rest of the thugs/bums for BW to enjoy.

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    • “Good BM are hitting the door, but we are leaving behind pookie, Ray Ray, and the rest of the thugs/bums for BW to enjoy.”

      Not before long, I do not even think the Pookie and Ray Rays are going to even bother with them anymore. Alot of them seem to be getting tired of dealing with them and are going to other races.

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    • James S,

      It’s funny because as of recently a number of black women who I used to converse with regularly back in the day who chased after J Boogie have all of a sudden “popped up” on the scene and are “sniffing” in my direction trying to ascertain if I am available. One of them being honest is a very attractive female, however she is in her early 40s and has two children by two different men. Exactly what we’ve been talking about here on the website, its funny how I was never considered to a be a viable candidate in her eyes when she was chasing after and worshipping thug penis. Now that she’s washed up, rinsed and used out is when she decides to come creeping in my direction. Sorry, I’m not interested, my misses is in her early 20s and has NO CHILDREN, its a no brainer.

      As a thinking black man living in the UK I can testify first hand to experiencing the same with regards to single mothers looking for as Obsidian says a clean up man. The search single mothers are embarking upon trying to find men who can help them distribute the consequences of the stupid and moronic decisions these same black queans made in the past is real.

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      • “One of them being honest is a very attractive female, however she is in her early 40s and has two children by two different men.“

        Every now and then I see a good looking BW, and I usually notice a few things with most of them. Either one or a combination of these things:

        1. Tattoos
        2. Kids following them around yet they have no ring on their finger.
        3. Rediculous weave
        4. Slutty outfit
        5. Thug looking guy following them around
        6. Unnatural hair color

        I would put gold tooth on the list but thankfully I don’t see that much anymore.

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      • James S,

        The woman in question actually thought it would be a good idea to marry an unproductive black male believing that she could convert him into and upstanding citizen of black society. Of course this didn’t work and now she’s roaming down Single Avenue looking for potential candidates to help clean up her spillage on aisle 5. Sorry, my services are NOT janitorial, I will not be providing any clean up services for any single mothers divorced or otherwise.

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    • Black women are f…g hypocrites like their racist white male masters and the Nazis/Zionists in the Vatican that control the white supremacists, they breed domestic terrorists and bring hell on Earth with Pookie and Ray-Ray, yet expect us thinking black men to clean it up. Like the white Communists they do something and blame something or someone else. As far as I’m concerned the simps, pro-wack Neo-Nazis and racist white house n…s still living in the days of Simon Legree and Sambo can keep black women, while I keep on dating Beckys and Asian females. Reason being both ethnic groups are more feminine and human that black females and actually bring something to the table to compensate for their subversion towards the male. SYSBM eternally.

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  9. These black bitches only care when these black men are rich and famous and have status. If there average black men they wouldn’t care

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  10. Have you guys found it interesting that these black whores claim that non-black women are culturally appropriating and copying them.

    -firstly look at names like Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna, Asian doll and Cuban doll. None of these black sluts have any Asian/Cuban in them.

    -Secondly, black women claim to be the only ones with big butt & curvaceous bodies. These black whores purchase butt injections more than any other group. Unlike black women, non-black women go to the gym & do squats to get their nice natural big butts.

    Black women keep showing the world how hypocritical and jealous they are of non-black women. SMDH

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    • Dont forget about how they walk around with weave and wigs on their heads made out of white and Asian hair and some bleach their skin. Many BW feel ugly and low when they don’t have white/Asian woman hair to cover up their natural black hair. But they have the nerve to complain about white women wearing braids as cultural appropriation.

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  11. Never In my life have I ever witnessed a group of women like black women who are so hypocritical in speech, so hideous and ugly in appearance, so offensive, destructive, and arrogant in attitude walk around like they are the end-all be-all of everything on the planet earth.
    Black women speak as if they are the queens of the universe and what they say is the absolute, utter truth, and their OPINION should dictate the way black men behave and who black men should be in relationships with. But like I’ve always said black women have this ridiculous sense of self importance that allows them to think everyone and everything should bow before them, obey them, and listen to every word they have to say as if it’s the gospel.
    Chadwick Boseman takes a damn photo with a light skinned female, and this delusional black woman crawls out of a hole to critique this man who she doesn’t know, will never know, and has nothing to do with. But because black women have gotten so used to SIMPS being afraid of them, Black women really believe all they have to do is say something and the black man is supposed to change his life because of something she said.
    This is one of the main problems with black women. They really do not understand how offensive this type of attitude is. Black women can’t seem to get it through this sick stupid’s goals that nobody gives a damn what they have to say about any fucking thing. It’s like black women just speak to each other, agree with and second everything that they say to one another, and this somehow makes their delusional insane ramblings somehow true.
    And as usual when black women see a black man who they can’t shame into being with the ugliest blackest woman on the planet earth with the worst attitude on earth, they feel compelled to attack him and the woman he is with. Many black women have gotten so used to doing anything they want, saying anything they want, and bullying and pushing people around in their small circles, that they think they can bring this type of attitude everywhere and they will be able to get their way.
    Black women just do not know when to stop, they don’t know when to shut up, and they don’t understand that they don’t have to give their fucking opinion about everything every five seconds. Most black women are beyond obnoxious, so pushy, and so ugly inside and out.

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    • Ah the dick police. I forgot to touch on them in my long rant. They’re even worse in my eyes. Because they not only see (there is no way on earth they don’t) how idiotic and dysfunctional these heifers are, they still want to try and bring you back to the hellhole that is the so called black community. You get any of them one on one and have them be honest, most if not all of them would leave those cows in a heartbeat if a woman of another race threw themselves at them. They’re lying if they said they wouldn’t.

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  12. I’m running out of ways to describe and say just how tired snd disguisted I am by these obese, dysfunctional, hypocritical manly, black bitches. Looking at a majority of them makes me fucking nauseous, hearing most of them talk (usually how they’re the victim “woe is me” mentality), gives me a headache, having to just be around them raised my blood pressure and irritability. I seriously hate the majority of them.

    It’s like once they pick up on the fact you cannot stand them, they’ll come around more just to annoy you, yet people wonder why black men die relatively young due to stress, and all things that are related to it.

    They’re the biggest hypocrites walking the planet. Nobody wants their disease ridden, nasty rotten asses and their platoon of bastard children, and they’re finally beginning to realize it via the Wall of Silence. They realize that we have left, said fuck the black community and are never and refuse to return. So they try to shame us (unsuccessfully) back there, or attack a thinking black man. I wish one of these heifers would try that nonsense on me.

    They think everyone wants to be like them. News flash: NOBODY with a functioning brain and an intelligence quotient (IQ for one of you dumbass lurkers) over 50 wants to be like you. Women of other races aren’t spending BILLIONS of dollars on your hair to put on top of their hair, or are buying brown contacts to look like your ugly ass. They aren’t doing these things and then saying “oh I’m wearing this weave to grow my own hair underneath, or I am just switching it up”. Nobody is buying brown contacts and saying “I’m just getting in touch with my African roots (less than five percent). Get the fuck out of here. And before you say it, yes women of all races get butt and lip injections. But they 1) aren’t dying from it at the rate you dumbasses do because they get it professionally done, and paid for (not trying to run out. Tommy did a story about that a while back) not some seedy motel done by Man Man for some black and milds and food stamps and 2) nowhere near the amount you idiots do. They work out for their asses, something a majority of you fucking tanks don’t do because it’ll mess up their weave sweating. Which you they should because heart disease is the number one killer of their fat asses. As much as they’d like to think this, they don’t have a copy right on big lips and asses nor is it a black trait.

    Next is the attitude. Oh where to begin??? If they think being a loud, combative, vulgar, unsupportive, dysfunctional functioning idiot is something I strive to be with and weak if I don’t choose to, they’re in for a surprise. Nobody wants to deal with that shit. A relationship is supposed to be something I look forward to being in, and seeing that other person and building something. Not a hostile environment. We deal with stupidity all day at our jobs, the fuck makes these harridans think we want to get off work, come home and go fight mortal kombat against their montaro looking asses??? Maybe if they took some pointers from literally any other race of woman (to include non American black women), and learned to shut the fuck up every so often, they wouldn’t be DEAD LAST in every dating category and first in every bad category (out of wedlock births, stds, etc). Maybe the wall of silence wouldn’t keep building, and refotifying every few seconds. Maybe more thinking black men would (I damn sure wouldn’t) want to give them the time of day. But we know that isn’t happening.

    Finally, your bastard children. What in the hell makes you think men without children want to come in and take care of your rugrats??? Seriously??? Do they honestly believe that a man with resources, and no children of his own is going to come fly in like Superman, swoop them and their herd of bastard kids up and save them from the depths of their poor fucking choices??? This shit is ridiculous. Even if a man actually wants one of you hyenas, you have a gaggle Pookies and Tyrone’s fucking kids. You can’t make this shit up. They actually believe we’re there just to come be a janitor and clean up the shitty mess that is their life. No bitches. We do not owe it to you or your fucking slow children (because you fucking idiots in the so called community almost never leave and incest is such a problem that’s never discussed) to come in and be step daddy. Less money and time spent on weaves and twerking and more money and time spent on finding a quality man and actually investing in things that’s needed. Like a useful degree; not one from Omni tech. No one cares about your associates for being a CNA. Oh and before you fools say it, you’re not the most educated people in the country. You’re the most enrolled with the most useless degrees (ones you never finish, then duck calls once the bill comes due).

    All in all, I hate most of these whores and nothing will change that. And if any of you out there think more black men don’t agree with what’s said on this page, you are sadly mistaken. They just happen to still care about your feelings or believe the farce of “black love” which is changing at an alarming rate.

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  13. The Internet has only assisted and feed into the mental illness of most black women. Now all the black woman dog needs is an account on some stupid ass website, and all of a sudden a worthless whore with multiple children by multiple stupid brain-dead Negro thugs is transformed into a life coach, a dating expert, a relationship adviser, a beauty expert (even though most black women are far from being close to AVERAGE), etc.
    Due to social media, EVERY black woman (in her stupid, child like mind) is now a ‘celebrity’ because she has 7 thousand mentally ill black women and Simp pussy hungry brain dead negro males who follow her. Black women, no matter how fat, poor, ignorant, disgusting, dirty, or stupid really walks the streets like she is a celebrity. These idiots black women really believe that their opinions are the most important thing on the planet, how they style their purple and blue colored weave is the most important thing on the planet, that there bastard wild little children are the most important, precious, angelic things on the planet earth, and that the relationship they have with this scumbag Negro who beats her ass every other day is the most important thing on earth.
    The lives that most black women live is literally a delusion created by deep insecurity, a need for attention, a need to try and punish the lowlife degenerate Negro who they CHOSE to have a relationship with, got pregnant by, and then got abandoned by.
    Most of these bitter black women were raised by bitter black women who also chose lowlife men to have children with. These women brainwash their daughters into believing that their father was a piece of garbage (which he probably was), but these women fail to tell their daughters that they probably drove the man out of the household and that they were the ones who allowed this man to have sex with them get them pregnant and then abuse them.
    This is why when a black man like Chadwick Boseman takes a picture with a light skinned female, or any black man really does anything other than worship a black woman, Black women target him and try to tear him down. These black women demons do this because in their mind every black man is the father they never knew. Every black man is the man who impregnated them, beat their ass and left them, and black women because of the bad choices that they have made have projected their hatred for the men who did them wrong on to every black man they see.
    Many black women because of the poor choices that they have made, have completely fucked their lives up, and they are now extremely bitter about it and need a scapegoat to take their anger and hatred out upon. That scapegoat is every black man alive.
    Black women because of their arrogance and pride can never look in the mirror and question their decisions or their behavior, because black women have been so coddled in this society, so nothing that is wrong in the lives of black women could ever be their fault, it MUST be the fault of Blackmen.
    This is why black women have such a poor attitude and are so defensive with black men who they’ve never met in their lives before. Blackmen don’t forget that black women see you as their abuser, you are the abuser of their whore mother, you are the man who abandoned and abused their bastard children, you are the cause of every problem in the black woman’s life.
    And knees delusional mentally ill black women after making every wrong choice over the course of their entire life, now want to claim that they are treated better by Weitman and they are being sought after by white men and are treated better by white men.
    But the reality is White men are not going after black women in large numbers at all. Black women just like to create this false reality in order to try to get back at every black man who they have transferred all of their bitterness and frustration onto because of the poor decisions that they have made.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Hahaha! Looks like the stupid scraggle daggle who wrote the IG post deleted her account ’cause she got so many negative comments for her ignorance.

    Liked by 5 people

  15. James S,

    1. Tattoos
    2. Kids following them around yet they have no ring on their finger.
    3. Rediculous weave
    4. Slutty outfit
    5. Thug looking guy following them around
    6. Unnatural hair color

    Mic Drop exit stage left you hit the nail on the head.

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  16. Re: the photo in question, Chadwick’s girl is killin’ it, as befits his “King” and “Avenger” status. Wakanda Forever! LMAO!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. The hypocrisy of black women is downright nauseating. How can they shout for joy about Meghan Markle being a “black” princess, but this chick in Chadwick’s pic isn’t black enough?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Morpheus2275,

      Exactly. When a woman of mixed heritage dates or marries a white man then in the eyes of the Blackistan black female contingent that woman is black, however whenever that same mixed heritage/racially ambiguous female dates or marries a black man, the same dysfunctional black sisterhood of failure will declare her as “not black” or “not black enough”, one rule for themselves, another set of rules for black men.

      This is one of the main reasons why these black harpies cannot not be taken seriously, they believe that they have a right to be hypocritical especially when black men are involved and so many black men still tolerate such nonsense, smh.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Michel,

      Yet another incident in the UK of black harpies going around assaulting people for nothing, just as I keep on saying, black female dysfunction is an international problem and here is yet another example of that.

      Liked by 2 people

    • SMH, these black witches don’t realize they are making more and more enemies by their actions. There’s a reason more non-black women are distancing themselves from black women. And why more are wanting to be with black men.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Perhaps Trump should fire some of those missiles at Blackistan.


        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

        Liked by 2 people

  18. You guys know whats funny?! Thats not even chadwick bosemans girlfriend Lmao but these nigger bitches want to run their collective mouths about something they know nothing about.

    Liked by 5 people

  19. You know what I see could be a BIG blockbuster out of modern black females’ lameness:

    Black Panther/Kamen Rider 555 crossover sequel to both franchises, tying in 555 into the Cinematic Universe. The sight of Black Panther using his nanosuit to beat the shit out of BW orphenoches would be visually appealing to us SYSBM males.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Pawgs Love Me, exactly. A black man can’t even take a photograph with a light skin woman who is not even his girlfriend or wife and black women lose their fucking minds. But like you said black women just like to run their mouth and talk. It doesn’t matter if the black woman knows nothing about the situation she’s speaking about, she just talks because that’s what black women do, they don’t shut the fuck up.
    Hey Blackmen takes a picture with a Whitewoman or a light skinned black woman and all of a sudden Black women go into a rant about how Blackmen are color struck, ‘real’ black women aren’t valued by Blackmen, and how Blackmen are weak because they can’t handle a ‘real’ black woman.
    But the same black women who have a fit about Blackmen being with nonblack or even light skinned black women have absolutely nothing to say when a black woman is with a white man. But I understand this because most black women are hypocrites, deceivers and liars anyway.
    It’s so funny to watch some black women get all excited about Meghan Markle getting married to Prince Harry. Many of the stupid ass black women are happy that a ‘black’ woman is marrying into the royal family. Meanwhile 99.9% of black women look nothing like Megan Markle, and Meghan Markle looks like a white woman with a tan. But if any black male celebrity married a woman who looks like Megan Markle, Black women would be calling him names, saying he’s color struck, and that she’s not a real black woman.
    Black women are the working definition of hypocrisy.

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  21. The black woman’s money from pookie and bam bam is running out. I mean, what good I drug money is the dealers keep on getting killed or arrested?? So, only now after all of that, do they reluctantly want us thinking black men to clean up their mess.

    Liked by 5 people

  22. Several actresses from the Black Panther movie are dating white men but of course black women have nothing to say about that. And in the beginning they wanted to boycott the movie anyway.

    Black women and white men have mental problems.
    White men scream white genocide while marrying as many asian women as they can.

    Black women scream colorism while sporting a blond weave and saying Megan Merkel gives them hope.

    They are too far gone.

    Liked by 5 people

  23. Has anyone seen this Groupon commercial with Tiffany Haddish:

    In the video she says that she and the white pool boy are “100% on”. She then tries to get the white pool boys attention by calling his name and when he doesn’t respond she gets loud and yells his name aggressively, after that he looks up toward her sheepishly and scared looking and she waves at him. This is what the average BW’s attempts at interracial dating probably looks like, it’s also what the Wall of silence looks like.

    This video was mocking BW IMO and many probably don’t realize it. It basically showed her being aggressive and trying to punk the white pool boy into looking her way lol. As the Wall grows more BW will be out here trying to “gorilla pimp” men into paying them attention by being extremely aggressive in trying to get their attention. Many BW are already walking around in public In revealing outfits and trying to advertise themselves to men in relationships as “side pieces”, this will just be the next step in their aggressive attention seeking. I’ve noticed BW doing this since I was in high school and it will probably get worse.

    Liked by 3 people

  24. The Trump cuts are finally on the way. Craigslist and Backpage are shut down. Tough times for multiple babymamas, hoes, and thots. Maybe they’ll think twice about slingin’ pussy to ain’t shit dudes. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I approve of this outcome. “Strong, independent” black hoes have long needed to be put in check.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. OMG, I just commented on one of your other articles where you degraded black women and now I see this is a common theme throughout your blog. Who did it brother, who hurt you so bad that you needed to vent out your disdain so publicly?? Honestly, in your efforts to discredit and shame black women, you just end up making yourself look bad….and very weak.


    • Brothers,

      Notice our uninvited witch who comes here with the same old retarded shaming language.

      • Wow / OMG (start of the sentence)
      • Who hurt you?
      • Your mom
      • You’re weak

      Continue building the Wall Of Silence, chaps.


      Liked by 4 people

      • Michel,

        Unaccountable as always, this is precisely why I don’t reach out to them. Black women as a group and the pro black simps that support them are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin, they live for the victimhood status via using shaming language against those who rightly scrutinise their dysfunctional behaviour, smh.


        Liked by 2 people

    • Tina,

      It’s funny how you mentioned Christ and the bible in your first comment, isn’t that what the bible is full of, the Most High sending various individuals to his people and instructing them to clean up their evil and decadent ways? Do you really think that you could run your victimhood narrative with Christ? Christ by the way dealt with the issues at hand, he didn’t use shaming language against those who highlighted problems or brought issues to his attention.

      Black women discredited themselves a long time ago, no outside assistance was required for them to achieve such a goal.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @Tina,

      Why do you come to this page when you’re clearly not wanted here?? Your opinion is irrelevant, and nothing short of outdated shaming tactics that no longer work. Women like you is the reason why the wall continues to build and refortify. Get lost….

      Liked by 2 people

  26. Verbs2015,
    It Never Ceases to Amaze Me The General/Genuine Hypocrisy of American Black Females. It’s Essentially Become The Norm & I Noticed Much Like Everyone Else That She’s Erased Her Instagram Page, Good Riddance I Might Add, But Aside From That The Dick Policing is Very Much Strong With These She-Beasts. It’s Like No Black Man in America Cannot Date Outside of The Community, But Only The American Black Sistahood is Only Allowed to do it. Tyrese, Maxwell & Now Chadwick Boseman. The Notion of Seeing Successful Black Men Being With Non-Black Women is Like Sunlight to a Vampire When it Comes to The So-Called American Black Sistahood of Bitter BLVD. Like Any Of Them Would Ever Have a Chance of Dating Any of These Men. Cause The Way They’re Slandering & Shamming Them on Social Media is Any Indication of How They Would Act Around Them in Person, Then it’s No Wonder Why They Chose to Date Out. These Crazed American Black Females Stay Stuck With a Slave Master Mentality That No This Black Nigga isn’t Dating No Becky or Ling Ling. This Nigga is My Property. Clearly Dating An American Black Female of That Variety is Basically Like Administering No Injecting Poison into Your Body & That is a Definite Fate Worse Than Death. All The More Reason Why #SYSBM is a Definite Must.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. What a bunch of coons! Thank God there are real black men out there and the broken/insecure men with an inferiority complex are just a small handful….and yes, I said small just like your minds and other parts that I’m sure black women have laughed at you about. Happy coonin!


  28. Nail on the head as usual. I’ve come to the conclusion that BW must be allowed to breed out their own BM hating DNA. They’re sort of doing that with the ghetto gagging and WM are doing so simultaneously. So I call on all of us thingking BM to actively encourage swirling and for us SYSBM. I don’t mind BW existence, but the issue about their hate for us has to be destroyed.

    Liked by 1 person

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