What Black Empowerment Bruh?



Let’s talk about this, the truth of the matter is in 2018 if you are pro modern day black female then you are automatically AGAINST black empowerment, not for it. This is one of the inconvenient truths that the gynocentric, feminist pro black contingent refuses to address. How is this? It’s simple, in attempting to build your “Wakanda” utopia at the same time you are point-blank refusing to bring into line and check the very female who is simultaneously destroying your constructive works as per her contractual obligation towards the state, this is the principle reason why these so called “black empowerment” disciples have yet to manifest anything significant.

How stupid can you be, it’s the same as trying to build a house and for every brick you lay down, the black woman removes 6. Again, it is utterly insane to believe that you can build something with an enemy in your midst who is actively taking apart anything and everything you put together. See, these black empowerment guys frequent use head top science in that they try to make it seem as if they have something great going on and in order to be part of that “greatness” you must meet the requirements they allocate.

Well thinking black men, take a good hard look at black society, do you see anything great going on within it? Do you see anything that you could be “missing out” on? Is there something happening within the black community that you are desperate to be a part of? This is my whole point, don’t ever fall for this type of reverse psychological Jedi mind trickery. Again, there is absolutely nothing going on within black society and until the pro black, black empowerment crowd take on the one task they are afraid to embark upon ie check and bring the modern day black woman back into line, black empowerment as a whole will remain DEAD.

Now, there is already black empowerment in place however this is happening amongst those blacks who have completely abandoned the sisterhood’s Republic of Blackistan for good recognising that honestly most black folks love being victims and will never adopt a building mindset. Black empowerment is happening amongst small pockets of black folks here and there and this is really what those who are serious about forwarding and bettering themselves ought to be aiming for.

If we once again examine the black empowerment equation, another issue that needs to be addressed is who exactly are black men going to partner up with? One obvious problem is the fact that most black women are not attracted to those men who wish to do well for themselves in the long-term, we’re already aware of most black women chasing after and worshipping unproductive black men, this is something black women have openly expressed themselves as can be seen here, here, here and here.

Remember, hoodrat is a mindset, hence why you will find the educated, professional, corporate world black females typically going after the same short-term relationship type black men. Another issue to address is the fact that in order to build a man must be in an authoritative position. This is problematic when it comes down to black women as a group because the overwhelming majority of them are feminists and thus do not believe in submitting to the man of the house. Remember, 96% of black women who voted in the 2016 Presidential election voted for the ultra left-wing feminist, one Mrs Hillary Clinton.

Why is it that these pro black, so called “builders” will never address these points yet will still attempt to shame thinking black men back onto the proverbial plantation? When you think about it that is a damn good question, if we accept what the black empowerment folks are saying then who exactly are we to partner up with? Remember, we haven’t even taken into account black female dysfunction, the fact that most black women have bastard children from other men, their hyper masculine temperaments as well as their propensity towards violence and bloodshed. Who on earth desires to build an empire with a bloodthirsty female savage at their side?

What, is it only myself who can see the obvious problems here? The fact of the matter is most of these guys talking about black empowerment and reconstructing black society expect you to build along side in the gutter, insurance totalled, ran into the ground black females. As these pro blacks hold to the same mentality as the black witch as far as they are concerned black men have NO RIGHTS to implement a higher standard for themselves.

As far as they are concerned we ought to be performing the services of a sacrificial goat and cleaning up after these baby mothers, taking onboard their children and their debt, taking onboard women who look like super tankers, oil rigs and NFL line backers and who eat Cheetos and greasy food all day. This is the reality that the black empowerment crowd wishes the thinking black men’s regiment to accept. Sorry, not this Negro, it will never happen.

Note that most of these guys don’t have women to begin with and the very few that do have typically sold themselves well short when you observe the type of women they chose. Thus they feel a way and are jealous whenever they see black men like ourselves progressing outside of the reservation and scoring with much better looking non black women, this is the main reason why they attempt to shame you back onto the plantation by making it seem as if great things are going on within black communities, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Be free black men, the black community ought to have a sign at its border stating “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ON” because this is exactly what is happening in black society as we speak, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The main issue is the fact that black folks in general DON’T support one another, we would much prefer to spend our money with strangers as we have been lead to believe that their goods and services are the best and cannot be beaten.

Just ask black women about their addition to weaves and shopping at Korean beauty supplies where the owners are not afraid to give them a knuckle sandwich. The final equation is simple and straight forward, as I stated in Negro Wars, if there is no checking of black women there will be no rebuilding of black society, period. Empower yourself first and don’t bother wasting your time with those who are evidently a waste of time.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Nothing’s Going On In Black Society, You’re Not Missing Anything

Most High Bless

55 thoughts on “What Black Empowerment Bruh?

  1. Yet another pro-Wakandan idiot being too concerned about what’s in my pockets.

    Mr Green, don’t worry about where I stick my penis and where I spend my money. Becky gets both. Deal with it.

    #MyDickMyChoice 😄

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  2. “Marriage involves the combing of wealth”

    What I really hear is “Marry black women so we can have all of YOUR money! (to spend on more weaves)” They are nothing but professional beggars using marriage as a shield to hide their true intentions!

    There is no such thing as a community if only a handful of people of building and the majority are leeching of that few! That is called parasiting! SYSBM do not owe anyone other than themselves any kind of “Empowerment”! These are the same people to try to call “empowerment ” when these lazy slugs didn’t do anything for the “establishment” either!!! I agree 1000% that there is nothing special or anything to miss out on in the black community AT ALL. This is why I left it and joined the Asian community because they are far more of a community to me than any black community has ever been! The anti-SYSBM resistance is only going to get stronger and more agrressive. Stand your ground SYSBM!

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    • Carnio,

      Exactly wtf is this fool talking about how can you build wealth with a black woman who is quick to put you on child support and has a $5 net worth. And the thing is even these so college educated BW with good jobs are so selfish they want to drain men for all their money and keep their own money and do nothing for you. How could you build with these women when they have a evil mandate going in which reads do everything I say and want if not I will run to white daddy on you aka The Government. These Simps make me sicker than a landfill site they never tell the truth and are cowards.

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  4. How in the hell can you build with your literal arch enemy? You can’t build heaven on earth with devils in the flesh!!

    Notice of course that hoteps never have a model family of wife and kids themselves.

    Speaking of others’ goods and services, notice that these hoteps provide none besides talking. Where are there businesses at? For all that talk about the white man, he’s provided more for black folk!

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  5. Great post Verbs, the first sentence says it all:
    “Let’s talk about this, the truth of the matter is in 2018 if you are pro modern day black female then you are automatically AGAINST black empowerment, not for it.”

    In addition to simps and dusty dudes alot of BW are becoming “pro-black” in order to try to appeal to BM, its a new form of shaming. I guess they realized that the old “Yo momma black” and its many variations aren’t working so now they are shaming in the name of “racial solidarity”. The truth is that you can be pro-black empowerment and date who ever you want to, black people can have black children with anyone and the best way to support the black community is to build stable, loving families with functional children. Given the fact that most American blacks are raised in broken single mother homes (thanks to the loose, thug/bum loving American BW) makes it hard to build families with many black people.

    Exhibit A:

    This chick is a single mother, a thirst trapping Instagram “model”, is half naked in most of her photos, has a goddess complex, has back tattoos, and a giant 3 finger ring that has “QUEEN” written on it, and she is trying to give people relationship advice and playing the “pro-black” role as well. As long as the pro-black movement allows itself to be infiltrated by fakes and opportunists like this it will struggle and be seen as a joke.

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  6. I had to make a second post after reading the news this morning. The cuts are coming fast and furious this was all announced yesterday. The day of reckoning for the strong and independent BW is arriving. Wisconsin has fired the opening salvo:

    Gov. Scott Walker signs nine welfare reform bills into law

    “– Increase from 20 to 30 hours a week the time that able-bodied adults, and now parents of school-aged children, have to be working or in job training to receive food stamps under Wisconsin’s Food Share program.

    — Require drug screening, testing and treatment to be eligible for public housing.

    — Block anyone owning a vehicle worth more than $20,000 from getting food stamps.

    — Require “able-bodied” Medicaid enrollees to pay child support and participate in child paternity testing or face losing benefits.”

    Hoodrats in Wisconsin are going to be forced to name the father of their children (if they know who he is) and prove his is the father via paternity testing (if they can find him) in order to get medicaid. The cuts are arriving and hoodrats will have to turn to their baby daddies pookie and ray ray for child support as the welfare dries up, but they are probably broke so they wont get anything. Good BM need to be on look out, the shaming, anger, deceitfulness, and desperation is about to be turned up to 10.

    Trump wants to slash welfare with stricter work requirements

    “The executive order calls on federal agencies to enforce current work requirements, propose additional, stronger requirements, and find savings (in other words, make cuts), and to give states more flexibility to run welfare programs.

    “Since its inception, the welfare system has grown into a large bureaucracy that might be susceptible to measuring success by how many people are enrolled in a program rather than by how many have moved from poverty into financial independence,” the executive order reads.”

    GOP plans major votes on tax cuts, balanced budget, welfare reform

    “The bill includes significant reforms to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps. Conaway’s changes include requiring certain able-bodied adult recipients to work or receive work training for 20 hours each week to qualify for the program.

    The bill would also crack down on states that provide food stamps to people who do not meet the established federal guidelines.’

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    • This is MUSIC to my ears!

      This plus the seizures of back page and the shut down of casual relationship section of Craigslist!

      There are many articles written about it most of which are from women. That alone should say something.

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    • YES! YES!

      ‘No more press! No more lame ass single mamas breeding domestic terrorists to wreck havoc upon the continent! Take this too! (Decrease in swirling) Wanna-be slave owners! Come on SYSBM, let’s go!”

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      • It doesn’t matter if they keep or get rid of it when it comes to BW because they won’t get much if any. Most of these BW wouldn’t get much from their baby daddies in the way of child support because most of their baby daddies are broke/in prison. BW are slowly being made to answer for decades with of thug and bum loving.

        I get a laugh out of BW saying, “well if they cut the welfare we will just put the fathers on child support”

        1. The father should already be paying for his kids.

        2. Many BW know that their baby daddies are broke, if he wasn’t they wouldn’t be on welfare.

        3. I hope they do put them on child support and the simps who get these hoodrats pregnant get thrown in jail for non-payment.

        But either way with welfare cuts and broke baby daddies, BW who have kids with thugs and bums are about to have it a lot harder.

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      • But James, if these cuts go through, won’t the child support go through the roof? I mean, the state want a to stick their dirty hands in men’s pants to steal money for the “sake of the children” so won’t they try to justify the huge spike of increase of it.

        Also, if that does happen, I can see Tyrone will be getting into bit coins in order to prevent it from happening!

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      • @Carnio
        Child support might increase, but pookie and ray ray cant pay regardless so they will likely just end up in jail for non-payment. Tyrone probably doesnt know the first thing about crypto, he will just keep carrying his money in cash as usual. The state is always looking for ways to get into working men’s pockets to pay for hoodrat’s kids, but now with the welfare cuts they will have to focus solely on pookie and ray ray’s pockets.

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  7. So now the new shaming tactics to shame thinking black men is “group economics”. Time to drop some knowledge on these simp monkeys and beta black males:

    1. If you’re saying swirlers are hurting the black economy, you do realize the swirling group mainly involves your black queens, right? Good luck telling them to stop being with non-black men. No way are they going to ruin their chances for having mongrel children. So that kills your black economy right there.

    2. The last time blacks, as a whole, practiced proper group economics was when Black Wall Street was still functioning. These simp monkeys don’t know their history because they will tell you that Black Wall Street died because the kkk burnt everything down. Yet what they fail to tell you is that Black Wall Street was rebuilt within a year or two after the raid. What finally killed off Black Wall Street? Black people buying into white economics. Blacks started buying white people products and patronizing their businesses, thus killing off Black Wall Street for good. I now understand when David Carroll said, “When it comes to niggas, the white man’s ice is always colder”.

    So there you have it. Black economics is dead and will never come back. Until these simp monkeys start putting their so called black queens in check, ridding off these black pastors, and start having more conservative values, there is no such thing as black economics in western societies.

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    • true man,black men need to develop some backbone ,build their societies on their own,put their women in check by bettering themselves,not all these complains and whinings going on in this website

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      • Actually, the men here already have a backbone. We’re just tired of black women and their spawn that have been trying to shame us back into the plantation. We’re building our own societies without them. Hence the birth of #SYSBM.

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      • I also want to add, we need to develop our OWN culture that separates us from the blackistanis. As in, our own clothes, music, ettiquttes, personality, etc.

        The very things that we get called “acting lame, think we white, only white boys do X” is the very thing we should embrace and claim as our own in order to combat the “black community “.

        This way, those from the outside can easily see the difference between black women and her goons vs SYSBM men. We need to develop our OWn image unique to us so that NO one can mistake us as just another Tyrone in the eyes of non blacks and just another “Nigga” in the eyes of the blackistanis.

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  8. As a “educated lame”. I was called oreo and I talk like a white boy. In London by these black witches. Now since I have become successful and rich. I refuse to be the clean man and date these black witches with there 5 kids from pookie and Ray. I owe the black community nothing SYSBM!

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    • I had no idea that this was a thing in the UK. I thought it was only an American and carribean thing. So sickening! This was the exact reason why I became MGTOW in the first place because how black men and women condemn you for “being white”!

      Fuck’em! Let them burn to the ground! They made their pissy beds now they shall soon sleep right in it! Stay SYSBM!!

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      • I’m a mgtow too. I took the red pill at 19 now I’m 23. Stacking cash. I just pump and dump i want a quiet life

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      • i dnt understand why you guys hold women opinions to such high regards and are letting it influence you,women opinions are inconsequential dnt live your lives based on it,thats the truth of the black female issues,the blackmen are cowering to females,once that happens you can never control your woman

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      • Linky,

        How can we be regarding the opinions of and cowering to women we no longer deal with and haven’t dealt with in a long time? The black community is finished, this website is a hub where thinking black men can access data concerning black female dysfunction and make an informed decision as to what further steps they wish to embark on.

        You said before that you come from Africa, yes Africa is full of simp Negroes who have no problem licking the muddy boots of the black woman over there and even African women are beginning to malfunction and exhibit the same dysfunctional traits as black women in the west especially with regards to weave wearing and skin bleaching.

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      • Linky,

        I did not become MGTOW because “evil girls think I am a loser”. I became MGTOW (Men going their own way) because of the ass backwardness and destructive culture of Black america. Just like Black British guy, I was called “acting white, think I’m white, want to be white” simply for speaking proper, following the rules, rejecting the gangsta and criminal culture, refused to live by the “FUCK THE PO-LICE” Mentality and victim hood of being a black man. These are values I simply did not have and I was serverly punished by both MEN AND WOMEN.

        I did not become MGTOW because I could not get laid. I did not become MGTOW because black girls are mean. I became MGTOW for the simple reason to reject a culture that was detrimental to my being. I had no problems talking to white girls, and I certainly had no problems talking to Asian girls!

        Where did you read that I was having girl problems? my problems was mot with girls but with black Americans in general! From the so called edumacated to the pastors to the civil rights activists to the low class thugs, all which were trying to destroy me and enslave my mind.
        You say don’t let opinions bother you yet you do not have a whole country of people of your own race who have been targeting and trying to mentally enslave you for the past two decades simply because you like to listen to Japanese Dubstep rather than some thug gangster rapper.

        I no longer live in the west, I left the US 6 months ago and moved to Central Asia. I have not seen a black person since.
        I became a man GOING my own way to go away from the black community of America. Living here, The Turkic people (Chinese looking people) and even the Slavs (Russians) are FAR more supportuve, friendly, and helpful towards me than blacks in America. And none of them have given me any negative treatment (aside from me being cold towards them by ignoring some of them).I still love girls………as long as they are Asian girls that is.

        Since I no longer deal with black women and the community and that was the reason I became a mgtow , My MGTOW mission is complete. so instead identify more with SYSBM since I do not have the same problems here that I did back home. There are other black men who are SYSBM AND I want to reach out to them since I know what it is like to be condemned for having an independent thought from the black thought.

        Please do not mistake us as the angry white MGTOWs who are really alt rightist…

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      • the thing is that Africa has been over ran by feminism,feminism is so intense in Africa especially nigeria,so it will definitely create a lot of malfunction women and simp men,am not saying African men are better,what i am advocating is that black american men since they are more exposed to high culture and technology from the west should use it to their advantage,build internstional companies and businesses bring them to your brothers in Africa,and watch how to black race progresses,you black guys shoulnt give a damn about women,women cant be controlled anymore,its worldwide,especially were there is western influence outside the west like Africa,india etc,they have brought feminism and are terribly influencing women,my take is that men should focus on business and nation building,dont give a damn whatever black women do.


      • ” …..dont give a damn whatever black women do.”

        “you black guys shoulnt give a damn about women,”


        we already told you we don’t give a damn about black women! thats why we are called SYSBM! or some of us went MGTOW. Me, Afro, Verbs2015, Micheal, and others do not even talk to black women. I left the west and moved to Central Asia, so I don’t even see them. I am much happier here in Asia than my entire life in USA/the West. No one in here aside from a few simps that pop in off and on are complaining about wanting to be with or care about black women. We are simply gathering evidence for new comers to see and to confirm their beliefs on what they really knew but were afraid to say because they thought they were alone. In fact, There are not that many websites that are as raw and truthful as this one. NONE of us care what happens to black women. Just because we talk about something does not mean we care about them.

        “”women cant be controlled anymore,its worldwide,especially were there is western influence outside the west like Africa,india etc,””

        Sorry but this is simply not true. Here in Central Asia, if not all of Asia, there is no feminism. Most of eastern Europe, even Russia, there is no Feminism. Sure the west tries to export it to those places and a couple cities here and there may have small pockets of groups of LGBT, Feminism and such but the local governments and the majority populations do not play that crap.

        In Kyrgyzstan, I , even as a foreigner, have the right to beat and slap girls around and local police will just ask for a bribe or just look the other way. I have seen this happen many times with locals that it is not even funny! This is most especially true out side the capital! Not that I would want to be in that kind of relationship anyways!

        “what i am advocating is that black american men since they are more exposed to high culture and technology from the west should use it to their advantage,build internstional companies and businesses bring them to your brothers in Africa,and watch how to black race progresses,”

        I am sorry but why is it our responsibility to lend a helping hand when we are in a nasty state ourselves? If we cannot build in our own countries, why on earth should we help people of a foreign background? most especially since we are of a completely different culture? Why do black westerners owe black foreigners anything? Why can’t you build these things your-selfs? You almost sound like these back-to-Africa goons and these churches!

        Besides it would be a waste of time anyways. Thinking Black men in the west get eaten up and chewed up by his own people, So what makes you think those that look like us from another culture is not going to do the same? that is such a waste of time!

        Please do not get offended by this but I got to ask, what constitutes that us western blacks are your brothers? First you say “you black guys” and now we are “your brothers”. Which is it? First off, I am a westerner first, black second! I would rather help people of my own or similar cultural background even if we are not of the same race, before I help someone of another culture that happens to look like me!

        and what if we don’t want to build? What if some of us just wants a simple life? What if we just want to marry and start a family with our SYSBM girlfriend/wife and just want to leave it at that?

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  9. Given the fact that the average single black female has a $5.00 net worth, it is actually a bad financial move to marry most black women. SINCE NON-BLACK FEMALES DO NOT WEAR HAIR WEAVE, IT MAKES FINANCIAL SENSE TO MARRY A NON-BLACK FEMALE. [Ignore the lie that all races of women wear hair weave].

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  10. All this black empowerment, upliftment bullshit is basically designed to keep Blackmen subservient to black women. The mentally ill Black woman will use any trick or excuse in the book to attempt to keep Blackmen under their wicked demonic spell. If you don’t allow a black woman to rule and ruin your life, you are taking black dollars out of the black community. If you don’t allow a black woman to rule and ruin your life you are a self hater because your mother is black.
    How dare you Blackmen attempt to seek happiness with other races of women when you should be perfectly happy being miserable underneath black women. If you don’t allow a black woman to suck the life out of you, dominate you in every way, and when you don’t obey the black woman she should be allowed to call white daddy to put you in your place under her, you aren’t on ‘code’.
    You actually have the stupid ass black woman claiming ‘ Blackmen are the only group of men on earth who publicly shame their women’. What the mentally ill black woman refuses to understand is that they deserve to be shamed by every black man on earth, because black women in general are the only group of women who really believe that they are superior to the men of their race, and therefore they should be able to control Blackmen, tell Blackmen what to do and what to think, and feel that if the Blackman doesn’t obey them they have the God-given right to discipline him by using the police, the judicial system, and public shaming tactics.
    It’s so interesting that black women say that Blackmen need to be doing X,Y, and Z, but black women never say that they should be doing anything other than the bullshit that they’ve always been doing. Most of this pro black empowerment bullshit is basically meant to try to shame Blackmen into being slaves to black women as they have been for the last 30+ years. As we all know there is always an issue when a black man has relationships with nonblack women, but mainly the Whitewomen who black women are obsessed with hate and are eternally jealous of, but when a black woman is in a relationship with mainly a white man she gets applauded but is mentally ill hypocritical black women, and these pro black Simp clowns who attempt to shame Blackmen into being with the black women have nothing to say about any black woman who is with a white man.
    It’s hard for me to put into words how utterly sick and tired I am of the vast majority of black people, their phony pro black bullshit hypocrisy, their white boogie man bullshit, their Whitewomen are going to get you nonsense, their white supremacy is the reason why black people act like fucking idiots day in and day out, etc, etc. it’s all so fucking old and tired.
    Anytime a black man brings up the ridiculous insane irrational disgusting behavior of black women, there will always be some pro black Simp or some phony pro black woman( who has probably been getting nailed by dozens of white men for years), who will come and start rambling about white supremacy and the reason why black women behave the way they do is because white people indirectly causes them to behave like this and we shouldn’t blame black women.
    Unbelievable as always.

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  11. Yet another flawed shaming tactic to keep men, or bring us back to the plantation. Utterly pathetic. When will theee waste of life realize we are NEVER coming back??? The black community is a utter joke. Fuck them, their bastard children, the pro whack Africans simps, all of them. Why on earth would I ever want to align myself with someone who despises me because I won’t kiss her fat nasty ass, and let her do as she pleases???

    I am so sick of these people. They could literally all drop dead tomorrow, and I’d sleep like a baby.
    They keep giving us more reasons to RUN towards any other woman (white and Asian women in particular for me) and never look back.

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  12. at the store the other day, I see a black whore brutally slapping herself upside the head, she was hitting herself so hard I was able to conclude that her scalp itch had gone beyond the oily, dead skin and dirt build up itch, that is usually more of a soft, gentle pat on the head, the violence that this whore was inflicting caused me to believe she was near or at a full blown fungal infection on her scalp, wash your hair whores!

    Sidenote: being that I live in a chocolate city, I can go out today and I am 100% sure, I will see beautiful white, Hispanic and Asian women, I am always in awe of when I see a black woman that is attractive in my opinion

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    • 3r what’s up bro I grew up in DC I live in Northern VA now. Could not be around those hyper aggressive BW and thug demons in PG County anymore.

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      • PG County used to be nice back in the day. But the scourge of Section 8 brought drama, death and destruction from D.C. to PG County’s doorstep. And that’s all she wrote.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the ratchet sections of PG County break off and float away down the Potomac.

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      • I too grew up in DC in the 80’s. Your right, PG is a shithole now. Problem is those bastards still commute to DC for jobs. I used to work at a cruise line at the warf and it was pure hell because of those demons.

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  13. They = Blackistan
    We = Thinking Black Men

    They better learn how to say we’re gone
    all right
    all right
    They better learn how to say we’re gone
    all right
    all right
    Get used to saying that we’re gone
    all right
    all right
    They better learn how to say we’re gone
    Far away!!!! (from Blackistan!)

    And that’s the name of that tune!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the fat lady loses her singing voice!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      What kind of retarded foolishness is this, but this is the modern day black female so what did we expect? Always seeking attention in one form or a next, smh.

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  14. The Back Hand,

    Yea PG is just like DC was in the 80s during the crack epidemic the only thing is there is no crack epidemic now but the women and thugs are still some ratchet ghetto slum buffoons.

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