They Only Want Thugs – Yet More Evidence Brought Forward


How many times do I have to present evidence which categorically illustrates either most black women or many non black females who hang around black women informing you in no uncertain terms that they much prefer the unproductive, thug, gangster type black men over the got his stuff together, educated, intelligent black man?

This is why I have to laugh at fellows such as Dr Umar Johnson, because he is demanding that black men keep black love and black unity alive by dating and marrying black women only, meanwhile the same black females we are being encouraged to get with are busy frantically chasing after the lower dregs of black male society ie those black men who are NOT builders.

I keep on telling you the modern day black female is a mentally damaged individual. See, in non black female society it is a small minority of women who chase after the thugs and the bad boys in their communities, however when it comes down to black women it is the overwhelming majority of them who chase after the bad boys and the non builders of black male society.

Let’s deal with the black harridan in the first video. Firstly, she talked about not every woman’s preference being the “preppy, bookworm nigger”(in her words). I keep on pointing this out, note how these black women continue to refer to us black men as niggers. Now I know and understand that the word nigger spelt nigga by black folks is deeply ingrained in black American culture, however the bottom line is there is nothing positive about such a word yet black women still freely continue to use it to describe black men, even intelligent, bookworm, educated black men, smh.

Do you see how over and over again most black women continue to falsely equate intelligence, education and being well spoken to weakness? She talks about a hood Negro having a glock by his side equating to her protection, yet that same fellow because of his criminal history is most probably carrying that gun illegally. What about the so called “preppy”, educated black male who open carries in an open carry state or who has his gun hidden as well as his concealed carry licence?

Do you see how black women as a group frequently are 5 kegs short of a 6 pack? The preppy dude is just as capable of protecting the woman he is with, however the truth of the matter is because most black women are already scatter brained, they purposely seek out black men who are going to keep the turmoil, the chaos and the dysfunction in their minds and lives perpetuating.

As I stated in Negro Wars, the overwhelming majority of black women live for conflict, strife, war, beef, contention etc, they love it when a thug punches them in the face, breaks their nose, gives them a black eye and knocks their teeth out, they love it when their thug boyfriend pistol whips or beats them with a baseball bat, they love it when said thug in a rage throws them down 12 flights of stairs. This is another reason why so many black women get with the types of black men who fit the unproductive profile, they get turned on by the violence Ray Ray and J Boogie inflicts upon them.

Black women as a group love blood and violence, hence why you frequently see them involving themselves in grand neighbourhood street brawls like these:

Yet again we have another black female stepping forward and reprimanding thinking black men for going in on their preference for thugs. Dr Umar Johnson and the pro black squads at this point need to stand down as these women are clearly putting the message across that they simply aren’t interested in the productive individuals of black male society, I didn’t say it, the black woman above said it and she is one of many to repeat the same message, let us not forget the black female I featured in an article I wrote back in November 2017:

They continue to tell us free thinking black men that their preference is thug type black men, even the mixed/non black female in the 2nd video above is repeating the same rhetoric which comes straight out of the black female’s handbook of dysfunction. This is what happens to mixed and non black women who hang around predominantly black females, they also become contaminated with the same dysfunctions, decadence and filth.

Now the other side of the coin is when these women have had 2-3 children by Dey Dey, J Boogie and Lil Greazy from the projects, it is then that the harsh realities of single motherhood begin to set in and these same black females begin to seek out the “preppy, educated niggers” they rejected years before. Gentlemen, remember their plan, mess around with thugs until their 30’s and thereafter settle down with what they call a “lame”.

Remember the section 8 article I wrote back in September 2017 in which a black witch who goes by the name of Erika Broughton talk about the very plan herself:

Here is more of the “stop playing dirty at 30, get yourself a lame” talk:

See thinking black men, what a complete and utter insult. You are only a fall back option for them when all else fails, yet non black women who deal with black men do not see you in the same manner. It’s funny how non black females will value the “educated lames” from the beginning and show more love to black men than our own counterparts.

Feel insulted black men and date out, black women are at the bottom in everything, they are miserable souls because of this and they so badly want black men to feel the same way they do, hence why they frequently attempt to place their in the gutter condition upon us in the hopes that magically our status will become like theirs.

The picture below represents what most black women are looking for so leave them alone, let them deal with these types of guys and the consequences that follow and absolutely DO NOT bail them out when they come creeping to your corner for a helping hand. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Shakeishas

Most High Bless

80 thoughts on “They Only Want Thugs – Yet More Evidence Brought Forward

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  2. Notice what the black women in fight videos typically look like (i.e. shade) and hair texture. But we should feel sorry for them for how they’re stereotyped and disliked by men?

    There’s no way in hell you can tell me there’s more good black women than black men, because even the so called classy black women greatly enjoy the company (and dicks) of the trashiest men alive. These women aren’t for romancing, they aren’t for building with, they aren’t for marriage, they aren’t for child rearing. They are for bending over and nothing else. Human sex dolls they are.

    Also keep in mind that all of this that they do should be placed against the backdrop of Christianity, which they will 9 times out of 6 attempt to somehow justify their behavior with.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      But “the black woman is god, she be the giver of life”. These black harridans much prefer to take lives rather than to give them. Like I stated, how much more evidence needs to be brought forward in order to convince on the fence black men? Thinking black men were sold a long time ago and they made the necessary adjustments in their lives in order to avoid dealing with the modern day black witch as much as possible.

      Just look at the first video, this dumb broad thinks she’s somehow right in chasing after the trashiest of black men and the mixed chick in the next video isn’t too bright either. As you continue to say, breed them out.

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      • thinking black men like you guys need to take charge of your communities and emerge has leaders,who younger males can look up to,many of you guys just whine and complain about your women,but i think black men are now weak and have been weaking over the years,you guys cant control your women and your women have gone haywire,young black men should get more educated and make more money,you guys whine alot it is totally unmasculine,gosh western men even the blacks have gone so weak,am an african based in africa by tbe way


      • Linky,

        Stop using dysfunctional black female talking points and make your own case. Modern day black women are not “our women”, they belong to the state and have been government property for a very long time. It’s amazing how when talking your trash concerning black men being weak and not being in control of “the community”, how you deliberately fail to consider the government’s role in the destruction of the same, O simpleton.

        Thinking black men are educated, where is your differentiating between us and the unproductive black men? Again, I come from Africa and it is full of weak men who allow the women there to run roughshod over them, why aren’t you checking your women over there concerning weave wearing and especially skin bleaching? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


  3. As I have always said, the vast majority of black women love negativity. The vast majority of black women love drama, confrontation, conflict, violence, fighting, yelling, screaming, and they love men who will bring these things into their lives. Why, someone might ask?
    Because the lives of black women are so empty, the only thing Black women can do to make their life exciting is to have a child, and get involved with some lowlife Negro who displays the same traits as she does, so she can be involved in a nonstop soap opera, where she is the star of the show, and everything revolves around her.
    How many times have you heard Black women say ‘oh he’s too nice’, ‘I don’t want some nice nigga, I need me a thug’. Black women overall are so fucking stupid that they are quite a respectable man with some help being weak. And black women equate a brain-dead, violent, animalistic, reactionary criminal with strength. Then the stupid black woman, after willingly getting involved with Tyrone who routinely beats her ass and treats her like shit, gives her multiple babies and then leaves her stupid ass with nothing but the children she had by the scumbag, these idiotic mentally ill black women want to scream ‘where are all the good black men’?
    These wicked black women really believe that they are going to be young forever and this thug nigger nonsense that they believe in is going to continue forever. When the black woman realizes that she’s too old and used up to be wanted by anybody, she gets better and starts blaming Blackmen for all the problems in her life.
    But the stupid mentally ill black woman never looks at herself and the decisions she made, the men who she chose to get involved with and have sex with, the multiple times she got her ass beat by Tyrone and kept going back to him, etc, etc…..
    Black women are simply pure evil . They create evil, they raise evil , they love to dwell in evil, and they take a great deal of pride in being evil and negative. The thug element which attracts the majority of black women so much, just adds more confusion in the lives of these mentally ill black women. Most black women are absolutely mentally ill. Normality, order, logic, peacefulness, happiness, sanity are all foreign concepts to the vast majority of black women, and most black women consider those things to be boring .
    A black woman would rather have her ass beat by some thug name Tyrone, then to simply cook a meal for her husband sit down at the table with him and their children and eat and be at peace. For the vast majority of black women being at peace and at one with her husband is considered being weak. Black women because of their mental illness and their pride refuse to accept any type of order.
    This thug negro adds the element of unpredictability, instability, danger, and violence. And Black women love this because they are exactly the same way. I cannot put into words how much I absolutely despise and hate the vast majority of black women. They are absolutely mentally ill disgusting animals who never ever can be wrong, can never take responsibility for anything they do, and are always right (even when they are absolutely wrong).
    And no matter how much evidence is placed out there as to just how ridiculously foolish the vast majority of black women are, you’ll always have SIMPS and black women screaming about what Whitewomen are doing.
    I don’t look at black women, I don’t speak to black women, I try to avoid black women like the plague. I want nothing to do with them under any circumstances.

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    • Black women overall are so fucking stupid that they equate a respectable man for somehow being weak……….
      Is what it should read.

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      • Bill Smith,

        Black women are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet that’s why they feel if you cannot handle them you must be weak and if you dare gravitate to women who are sweet and feminine you must again be “weak.”

        That’s like saying you must be weak for accepting a job that has a lower work load, pays higher and has more holidays.

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    • Bill Smith,

      And as has been pointed out numerous times before, black women across class lines engage in the religion of thug loving, the so called professional, educated, corporate, working class black female is just as comfortable sleeping with Tyrone and J Bookie from the block as the disjointed hood rat type black female is. Black women as a collective are goners, and to think that I am currently sitting upon stacks and stacks of similar evidence like this. The cat has been out of the bag for a very long time now, black women have no more room for denial. They much prefer thugs over good men, end of story.

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    • Goddamn Bill! You are so fucking right about black women. They want to be in a 24-hour soap opera drama where they’re the stars of their show. They want everything that comes with show too. Misery, treachery, deceit, lies, hatred, etc. When black men finally decide to leave the show, they become furious. Why? Because they need black men to be co-stars in their circus. They need black men to help fuel the drama. They need black men to help create chaos. When black men have had enough, the insanity stops. But black women simply can’t go from an insane person to a sane person overnight. It’s not possible. It all makes sense know. Black women want black men to be guest stars in hell with them, but like that African general said in the movie Blood Diamonds, “I’ve been in hell and I want to get out.”

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      • FreeBlackMan, very true. The issue is that when you bring these things up the SIMPS and the black women who know what you’re saying is the truth will try to shout you down and call you a coon and talk about how your mothers black or call you gay or some of this stupid shit that these Negroes have been saying for years whenever somebody brings up the truth about these disgusting black women dogs. Black women NEED attention. So any attention they receive whether it’s getting their ass beat by Tyrone, calling the cops on Tyrone, arguing with Tyrone, forgetting on the phone with their whore girlfriend and talking about Tyrone, gives them a feeling of excitement because this is all they can do in order to have some sort of meaning in their empty, disgusting, vile life.

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  4. Notice all the fight video online in which huge swaths of young black girls are all going at it, their mothers many times doing the same thing in the background.

    These women love disorder and fisticuffs, it’s why you can’t build with them. But they will accept the lamest of the lames, if the dude is white.

    The best thing that could happen is if most of these chicks died from the same causes that usually take their men.

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  5. Now that the educated lames as they call us are taking our money and resources to non black women, they’re trying to shame us in overdrive because they see the money drying up in the community. That is why umar took all of that school money and went to Japan 🇯🇵.

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  6. Fine by me if these over weight waterborne animals want thug niggers. Great.

    Today I was accosted by a pretty blonde who wanted to borrow my gym gear to do squats, of which I was happy to do. She was very nice (in fact it may have all been a ruse to approach me 😂)

    Point is, thanks to their very actions, brothers leave themselves open to Becky sniper strikes, of which I’m very glad!


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  7. BW are running low on Captain Save a Hos, these days even dusty dudes like Stephon Clark (RIP) are leaving them alone. Chicks like the ones in that video and Shamekia (a hoodrat who already has 3 bastard kids) end up impoverished single moms and looking for a good man to save them. I’m starting to think that BW think its normal to get beaten, knocked up, and abandoned by thugs/bums at this point. As I always say pretty soon they will be left with nothing but lesbianism and being side pieces. The non-BM aren’t coming to save them and neither should you. Through their dating, reproductive choices, and “child rearing” BW dug their graves (and the grave of the black community) let them lie in it. #Isaiah 4:1 #WallofSilence

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    • James S,

      We continue to fortify the wall. As I’ve stated numerous times when their days of tribulation and distress come upon them, I will not be reaching out to assist, help or save any of them. Recompense is a dish best served cold and this judgement is well deserved.

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      • @afrofuturism1 You would think this shine would be in Africa somewhere? These pro-blacks talk a good game but their nowhere to be found when it comes time to do the heavy lifting.

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      • Keep in mind, only 2% of Japan is made up of non-Japanese people. And from that same group, another 2% are considered African descent. So you have an extremely small group of African people living in Japan. So yea, I smell BS as well, and it’s pretty strong lol.

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  8. Yes, This topic could not have come at a better time.

    This just past weekend, I was on a 2 day date with a local Kyrgyz girl. Let’s call her Begayim (Begeyim is a common Kyrgyz girl name). She has never left Kyrgyzstan and I have never been to Almaty, (The capital of Kazakhstan). SO I decided to take her with me so that we both can enjoy our new adventures together. I wish I could say that it was the best date I’ve ever had, but I’ve never been on a date before. She was my first date ever! and let me tell you it was the most innocent, down to earth ,adorable, playful time that we both had. we were both like 10 year old kids having so much fun! We both went to the mountains, rode the cables, went to a botanical garden, ate at Turkish and Kazakh restaurants, and traveled to the Government building of of Almaty!

    She loves photography and says it’s her dream. I bought my DSLR camera (Canon T6) and we took literally 700+ photos. We took 100 selfies together, took pictures of the streets, model shooting, pictures with locals, pictures with nature, pictures of food and other things we both have never seen before! She is an absolute nature girl! we were suppose to go to this ice stadium but they closed it for spring, but there was a giant mountain that we could all continue to walk up. We both were under dressed as it was extremely cold, foggy and misty and we could not see anything. SO we hurdled together and said , LET’S DO IT! and climbed up the mountain to as high as we could handle. We climbed up for 2 hours and we couldn’t go on any further but we both was just at awe with the snowy white mountains. We was even above the clouds and could see Almaty at a far off distance. Because we was above the clouds the sun kept us warm so we hung out there and talked about our experiences, and we did video interviews and silly goofy skits.

    We took oursleves home last night and right now I am trying to render our pictures from Raw to Jpg. We saved over 15GB of pictures and videos from our trip. Thanks to her, I can now say that the wall of silence is officially and constructionally completed against black women (and Hispanic women also). The wall is built solid with Adamantium metal and it is sound proof (meaning anything a Black woman says to me, I will automatically tune out. ) There is simply just NO comparison! These black women only want thugs, yet if a black man says he only likes (Insert description) Girls, he is Adolf Hitler! What I hate most about their hypocrisy is when you say that you like a on black women, these are the same thug loving women who will tell you you are weak for not checking them out even though they DO NOT WANT YOU AT ALL!!!!!!!! They want complete control over you, your mind , you pockets and your spirit! They are the true Jezebels of the 21st century! Absolutely evil! I remember when I was 5 that I could see the evilness the reeks from these women! Verbs is also correct in that the non black women who are like the black women in the two videos in this post is most certainly rare if not damn near non existent here in Central Asia. No one polices black women on their choices but as soon as a black man has his own standards, he is policed! Speaking of which,

    As much as I say that I dislike Kyrgyzstan for it’s backwardness and centuries ago tradition, I can for sure say that they are very open minded when it comes to girls dating foreign men. there is NO dick policing here! In fact, While we were walking, many old people was telling her to take care and to care for me, and many young (guys) were giving me thumbs up like “yeah you got that! way to go dude!”. While we were in kazakhstan, the local kazakhs thought that Begayim was Kazakh, (no one believed she was Kyrgyz) and they thought we were BF/GF and they looked incredibly proud that I was with “one of theirs”. here is an example, I took Begayim to Donner which is a Turkish fast food restaurant. and I also took here to another Generic restaurant somewhere in Almaty. Normally, when you are served drinks, either party pours their own drinks. In Central Asian Culture, it is custom that when a couple is eating together, they hand the girl the drinks and she is suppose to pour the man and her own drinks. somethings its the same with food too. The Waiters walked over and handed her the drinks and food to serve. Now coming from the west, We are taught to be individuals and independent and not to let someone do something for you because it is a sign of dependency, so I was a little annoyed that the waiter kept handing her everything and not just place it on the table so that I can grab my own food and drink. I even told the waiter to place the things on the center because I do not care about traditions and I just want to eat and go. When I asked Begayim why they kept doing this, she said that they thought we were a couple so thats why they gave her everything.

    At Kok Tobe, there were photographers who were taking our pictures as we was getting ready to ride the cables, they showed us our pictures and asked if we wanted picture frames and then the one they suggested was the frame that was hearted shaped. Men and women simply did not care and were even encouraging that I dating begayim. Even the Orthodox Muslims were promoting it (because in their minds my date will convert me to islam). There was no “Look at this foreigner stealing OUR women!!!!!11!!” or ” Interracial dating is SIN” nonsense that you get back in the west.

    The reason why I brought this up is because , there is no bigger dick police than other blacks, most especially those from america in my honest opinion. Blacks are the biggest cock blockers to Thinking black men than any white or any other race in the 21st century! White men may disagree and call names at you but they would never attack you or try to destroy you in any other way in the way black simps and women do like in one of verb’s posts who threw water at the guy for only liking Spanish girls! You are ALWAYS shamed and targeted for dating anything that does not resemble the women that verbs talks about on this website. Dr. (or rather Quack) Umar Johnson and the like need to be hung from the highest tree because they are fueling the clash and destruction of SYSBM black men! What I am worried is that, now that black Back page has been seized, Craiglist have shut down their dating section (at least the american section), Trump’s Welfare and food stamp removal and more things to come, black women are going to come at SYSBM HARD! they are going to act like and pretend that they do not know what we are talking about and that the evils and damages that they have done had never happened.

    Black women and the simps are going to fight tooth and nail to remove ALL evidence from Youtube, world star, BET or any other media platform to remove their long history of evils against Thinking black men and try to fool and manipulate and lie to black men as if they were always here waiting for us all along! And the simps are GOING to get violent and will literally try to beat us into submission or even try to kill us! Guys, Stay SYSBM No mater what the quacks and simps say! and stand UP for your right and entitlement to what is owed to you and do not let the blackistanis try to take it away! Even if it means spilling blood! True freedom is not free!


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      • @Anton
        But unfortunately as long as we live and pay taxes in the US we are forced to support Shaniqua and her bastard kids by Tyquavious, through taxation. Every time Shaniqua has another bastard kid she is able to stick her hands into everyone’s wallet thanks to Uncle Sam and get free apartment, groceries, phone, head start, utilities, etc.

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      • wow, i never thought of it that way…

        I guess trump is actually a god send for sysbm even if some of us do not like him.

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    • “Black women and the simps are going to fight tooth and nail to remove ALL evidence from Youtube, world star, BET or any other media platform to remove their long history of evils against Thinking black men and try to fool and manipulate and lie to black men as if they were always here waiting for us all along!”

      Yep, this is going to be one of the most dangerous and insidious things that they will do as the Wall gets bigger. BM have to be very very careful not to fall for BW who are putting on the “good girl” act in order to get a man. They are trying to take down all of the thinking BM youtube videos not only because they are true and expose the damage that BW’s attitude and dating/reproductive choices have done to the black community, but because they don’t want non-BM seeing those things either.

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  9. Typical guide to Black women’s relationships

    1. chase & get with thugs & low life
    2. get abused by the thug, become a single mother
    3. hate and blame all black men for their choices in life
    4. chase & get with white men & other non-black men

    5. And if the swirl doesn’t work out, then of course they will becoming back to us “free thinking black men, nerds, acting-white black men, lames as they call us”.


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  10. These BW are fu King fools the last lady talking about she wants a lame now with the 3 kids what!!!!! Duh no educated man will date you he would not even be in your circle stupid fool and he will get with a productive got something going for herself woman why would he mess with a over the hill 3 kid toting hood rat 🤔🤔🤔. Also she will still be attracting the older BM degenerates that is her only options it amazes me how these BW run amok having babies by different thug men and then expect the so called lame to clean up their mess they are truly mentally disjointed.

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  11. Its not like decent men want these beast after Tyrone has ran through them anyway. deal with them same way white men do after three thug bastard kid they’re at their most vulnerable and will be easy prey white men trick them same way I’ve seen it all to often .make sure you use protection they’d try to lure you for a long-term relationship but use them and dump them.never bring them to your home.

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  12. Black women once again showing, no matter how much education they may have, or how well of an upbringing they have, a majority of them cannot choose a dick to save their lives. They fuck their lives up, have numerous bastard children, and then when nobody wants them they come crawling back and expect us to take them and their litter in. Fuck them and their children. Times are a changing and more thinking black men are saying hell bo, and that’s a beautiful thing.

    One of these fat ass land whales at my weekend job (which I’m very much looking at replacing or getting rid of to begin with) looks at me like a piece of meat, and is literally drooling thinking she actually has a chance. It’s disgusting. Black women physically and literally disguist me, on any level. I’d rather stick my dick in a blender before it went anywhere near her or any scraggle for that matter.

    Continue to build the wall, and avoid these waste of life at all costs if you can help it.

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  13. As TheAmazingSecularist alluded to, you would think Umar Johnson, with all his pro black unity, pan African bullshit, he would have chosen to go to the Congo or Uganda to have a ‘conference’. But like all these phony pro black idiots, if given the opportunity, they get as far away from black people as possible.
    Why would a man who preaches about black unity, black economic power, and the education of black people go to a country with very few black people? He went to Japan because he knows the culture, structure, safety, and quality of life is far superior than anything he would find in Chad, Uganda, Mali, or Burundi.
    These pro black clowns have got to be the biggest bunch of con artists in the history of mankind. And black people will still give them money for telling them they used to fly spaceships, time travel, and had the ability to fly in ancient Khemet, before the evil white man came and stole everything from them.
    Umar Johnson will have his next ‘Black Unity’ conference in Iceland, one of the centers of black culture on planet earth. What a hypocritical buffoon.

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    • @BillSmith You forgot to mention when it comes to woman, if given the opportunity, they’ll pick one that is atypical from blackness. I’m not surprised if he’s trying to bed some Japanese chicks; he’ll make an outlandish excuse and say that their descendants of blacks, lol. Have you found any luck with any non-black woman(i.e. white woman)?

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      • TheAmazingSecularist, I for the last few months I’ve been on my super Mgtow, don’t deal with any women, period. But as a man I know this won’t last. I’ll probably start looking again pretty soon. But many or most western women have been so brainwashed by this lesbian feminist propaganda bullshit, that you really have to be careful dealing with any women of any race. Black women are by far the worst group of women on earth. But women are given the power in this society to destroy the life of a man if they want to. Men must use extreme caution when dealing with women in this lesbian, feminist, sissy boy, SIMP dominated society we live in. Your life depends on it.

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  14. TheAmazingSecularist, believe me if any one of these pro black clowns would have the opportunity to get with the nonblack woman they would jump over a thousand black chicks to get to that nonblack woman.
    The vast majority of these dudes know and understand that these nonblack women are simply better women in the vast majority of black women are. But it’s part of their money making hustle in order to get black people to give them money because they are trying to ‘uplift’ black people worldwide.
    And you are so correct, if Umar Johnson does get a Japanese woman, he will claim that ancient Africans had a presence in Japan and she is one of their descendents. And he’s so full of crap that if he were to get a Whitewoman he would change his whole tune and start talking about how you can’t control who you fall in love with, after trying to guilt Blackmen into getting with these filthy black women animals.
    You can’t make this shit up.

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  15. After Craigslist personals go dark, sex workers fear what’s next

    Welfare cuts, the growing Wall of Silence and now this, times are getting tough for hoodrats and hoes. With Craigslist’s “personals” section getting shutdown the streets are going to be filled with more hookers. Hoodrats cant post their ads and make dates via the internet anymore, they are going to have to do it the hard way, on the street which will be much more dangerous. The bill that Congress passed makes it unlikely that there will be another site for hookers to post ads on as well.

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  16. Gentlemen,

    It doesn’t even matter if these black women want thugs, because they’re beneath us as thinking black men, anyway. Men like us have options and can do better, so leave them to that thug love. We are living in the era right this minute where we’re seeing these hoes get old before our eyes, looking around for that “good man” or “educated lame” she shunned in her youth. We also have people like Obsidian to document this, like his “faking normal” and “spinster” series, and Verbs here, who has been putting in yeoman’s work for a good minute!

    What I love the most is that brothers with means are now waking to the skullduggery and actively saying no to being the loser’s choice slash clean-up man to these reformed hoes. This is upsetting the apple cart in a big way. You can tell The Wall is working by the hit pieces BW vampires and their daytime thralls crank out trying to shame us back onto the plantation. “Why I Think Straight Black Men Are Terrorists,” “The Straight Black Man Is The White Man of Black People” etc.

    So let these hoes eat cake. They can “build” with them thugs. SYSBM brothers!

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    • So true. We have options that are far superior to these washed up thug chasing sluts. To me at this point they are nothing more than entertainment to me. Something to laugh at. They don’t realize that this generation of thinking black men are not falling for the clean up man bullshit. No childless man with money in 2018 is going to waste his time with some hoodrat with 5 kids when he can get a childless non-black woman or a black woman from Brazil. Nobody gives a fuck about these washed up cum dumpsters. It’s just satisfying to see them get their long overdue visit by the karma police. Now Pookie and Big Booty Brenda can come together and build their own community. And we will build ours. #SYSBM.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yours Truly,

        Excellent assessment that’s why these BW hate when BM travel they know they cannot compete with these women from other countries. We have options.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Pookie is on youtube with the IBMOR’s begging thinking black men to wife up single moms.
    The single moms them selves are begging on Facebook for simps to take them and their 4 kids since Backpage and Craigslist took a hit.

    This shit is a fucking laugh riot.
    When the online gender war first started in the early 2000’s black women were like
    “You black men are lying we don’t date thugs,what’s a thug? You just mad you didn’t get any pussy in high school!”

    Then they were like
    “Well we only picked the thugs because you educated lames didn’t promote yourself. It’s your fault we picked the thugs.”

    Now they are like
    “Hey I use to date thugs and drug dealers but now that I have 4 kids out of wedlock I’m looking for a real man who doesn’t play games.”


    Black women are BEYOND finished. +70% of them have thug babies and no man will take them in when the section 8 is cut for good. Black women are online literally denying that black women have ever said they were “strong and independent” and don’t need a man. They are literally backpedalling on EVERYTHING they have ever said in a last ditch effort to find a simp now that the free ride is over. Soak it in boys. WE WON.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well said.
      The gender war was pretty much over when good BM finally had an avenue (youtube and the internet) to point out black female fuckery as Obsidian says. When good BM started fighting back and pointing out the BW’s messed up behavior and choices (with documentation), they slowly but steadily started backpedaling. Too late, the Wall is built and they are stuck on the other side with pookie and ray ray.

      Liked by 2 people

    • “First they ignore you.
      Then they laugh at you.
      Then they fight you.
      Then you win.”

      –Mahatma Ghandi

      “We won, you lost.”

      — President Barack Obama

      “First they mock, then they jock.”

      — Me

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Robbins caved in to this mutant looking harridan? Smh, dude should’ve stuck to his guns. No testicular fortitude in the man at all and this horrible looking black female is now only emboldened to dig deeper into the delusion because of his cowardice, smdh.

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