Black Woman Tussles With An Asian Nail Store Owner…………Again


As talked about extensively in Negro Wars, the black female menace strikes once again. At this point any evidence collected is simply bonus material, as far as I’m concerned the case for thinking black men to abandon black women was proven a long time ago. The aim now is to simply archive the data so that it can be readily accessible to those who require it. Now, the last time I posted a video similar to this one I was told that there are also videos of non black women getting into it with Asian store owners, however I have yet to see any number on the scale of black women constantly fighting with these guys.

Again, I don’t feel sorry for these nail and beauty supply store owners either as they deliberately move themselves into black neighbourhoods for the sole purpose of exploitation. Of course black women being the dummies that they are already knowing that they are being merchandised, fleeced and exploited will still frequent these stores and pay exorbitant prices for goods they don’t need, this is the modern day black female’s legacy.

Again, we have another situation with a black woman acting on impulse. Notice how in the overwhelming majority of cases black women are unable to express and articulate themselves in a manner to where they can get their point across without being rude and disrespectful. In my opinion black women are the most foul-mouthed individuals on the planet, the majority of things that come out of their mouths I have yet to hear come out of the mouths of non black women. What is it with black women and cussing every few words or sentences?

The Far Eastern fellow responds to her and then this siren decides to respond by picking up a bottle of fluid and proceeding to pour it over said man, what kind of behaviour is that? Barbaric, unbridled savagery is exactly what that is. Of course this black witch did this knowing full well that the Far Eastern guy would then most likely respond physically, which he did and had every right to do. This is exactly what she was looking for, her RDA of attention through instigating trouble in order to bring about some sort of physical confrontation.

What makes me laugh is these dysfunctional black female worshipping simp Negroes will see this mess but will refuse to reprimand the feral black woman involved, instead they’ll approach the store owner attempting to look hard and make a barrage of empty threats hoping to scare said owner into apologising even though it was the black woman who instigated this whole affair to begin with.

This is yet another reason why it is important for thinking black men to separate themselves from such trash, leave the pro blacks to pine after and run to the rescue of these benighted harpies. Remember, in non black societies the upstanding individuals separate themselves from the riff raff and the scum of their people, they don’t attempt to “reach out and save them” which unfortunately is the pervasive decadent mentality that black women have injected into black society in order to have individuals available that they can fall upon in hard times ie the pro black, bootlicking simps.

This is why black women as a group do not respect those men that exalt and worship them, these same men would do well to take a leaf out of the books of Tyrone and J Boogie, black men who just like alpha non black men will not tolerate any nonsense and are not afraid to put a black female in her place whenever required.

Again, speaking to black women and their overweight rate at an 80% clip, notice how the store owner grappled but struggled severely against the behemoth black female. Coupled with the extra testosterone she has running through her veins, the dude should’ve thought twice before engaging with such a beast. The fat epidemic engulfing black female society is yet another reason why they continue to remain single at such a high clip, nobody is looking to date and marry a fully loaded super tanker or a wide load cruise liner.

Of course the black witch’s retort to this video will be “white women do it too” as if pointing to the shortfalls of white women somehow gets themselves off the hook(the backwards thinking of black women knows no bounds). No problem, show me on the same scale videos of white and other non black women getting into altercations with beauty supply and nail store owners, I’ll wait. Mind you, the Korean store owner already told us that it’s always f***ing black girls, thus what further evidence is required?

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Save Yourself Black Man

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “Black Woman Tussles With An Asian Nail Store Owner…………Again

  1. Verbs2015,

    Was this a real video or was this a trailer to an upcoming new street fight movie? That black chick looks like Birdie from street fight 5! From the hair style down to the weight and voice! Did you see you see the way how that Chinese man was punching her dead in the face and she just ATE them like fried chicken!! even after they broke up the fight, it was like she didn’t even get hurt! The chinese guy you could see was pretty bruised! but when I paused the video to when the woman was at the door it was like she was never hit at all! DAMN! are you sure thats a black woman and not a black male transsexual? The Fei Long guy was pounding her up pretty good and you could even hear the face punches! Yet I see no damage done E. Honda–I mean Birdi– I mean the black woman.

    I do not care what any simp says, the chinese guy did the right thing! in fact, I’m glad the camera guy didn’t go full Shin Simpkuma and did the raging Simp move on him! I guess He saw that she was in no real danger and was really laughing at the misfortune of the chinese guy. Had the chinese guy punched ME like that, I would be crying! but it look like it only tickled HER! Shhesssh!

    No wonder why Tyrones and simps alike are beginning to walk away! The tyrones are probably getting THEIR asses beat and are starting to realise that there is life and happiness by simply walking away! I hope the Cucknited simps of Blackistan are finally starting to realize and see that protecting these Street fighters are only going to make them worse!

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  2. Verbs2015,

    Some quick comments I do want to add:

    “Again, I don’t feel sorry for these nail and beauty supply store owners either as they deliberately move themselves into black neighborhoods for the sole purpose of exploitation. Of course black women being the dummies that they are already knowing that they are being merchandised, fleeced and exploited will still frequent these stores and pay exorbitant prices for goods they don’t need, this is the modern day black female’s legacy.”

    To be on the fair side, lets be honest. If black store owners, decided to copy the Koreans in selling beauty and nail merchandise, and closed out the koreann stores, do you honestly think it would change anything? In fact, I would go out to say that it would be worse! Black women seem to treat black businesses owners much worse than other races, most especially if it is a black male business owner. Those empty threats would no longer be empty threats but instead REAL threats. Black owned business stores, I feel, Would most likely by shot up and burned down and make up lame excuses like, “they are just appease the white man”, or “They sell it it for white women” or some other non-sense. Businesses can only thrive if there are loyal,honest, paying customers not customers who want to steal, rob or even try to kill you.

    “What makes me laugh is these dysfunctional black female worshipping simp Negroes will see this mess but will refuse to reprimand the feral black woman involved, instead they’ll approach the store owner attempting to look hard and make a barrage of empty threats hoping to scare said owner into apologizing even though it was the black woman who instigated this whole affair to begin with.”

    What I am beginning to worry and think is that a lot of these simps are actually homosexuals in the making. Black women are becoming/looking more masculine by the day and they protect these women all in order to get laid by them. What would these simps do if the women become so masculine that coming 2020 for example, Black Men/Women are both almost the exact same thing that you cannot tell what is male or female? are they going to start hitting up other Men? No? why not? they all act and look the same! I can’t even look at black females on a picture because I get disgusted and want to throw up at how masculine and manly they look! Yet these simps want to shame us and tell us how they are the most beautiful thing on earth since God created Eve. I understand that beauty is a subjective term and it looks different from man to man, but if all these men are saying the same thing, then I fear that it is not only a women who are lesbian time bomb but men are also a Homosexual time bomb!!

    “At this point any evidence collected is simply bonus material, as far as I’m concerned the case for thinking black men to abandon black women was proven a long time ago. The aim now is to simply archive the data so that it can be readily accessible to those who require it.”

    This might very well be the thesis of my website is to make a SYSBM website of archives of showing the evils of Black women. But I won’t be able to start till after I reach Thailand. This way, Any arguments made against SYSBM, alll one would have to do is link the needed information from this website and post it. It should be able to destroy any argument coming from any black women, Simps, Blackistanis, White males who suffer white guilt or Jungle Fever, or black women/Feminist apologists!

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    • Carnio,

      I have been saying that these Simps are gay for the longest time on this site. Most of the time these cotton soft manginas are not seen with a woman at all what a joke they are

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  3. Karma is a bitch! This is why many blacks don’t start business in black neighbourhoods its like being in a war zone and dealing with black witches on a daily basis isn’t worth all the money in the world/

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    • I was about to say the same thing. There is a reason no one wants to open a business in the hood, because you have to deal with stuff like that. In most hoods you cant buy anything outside of liquor, smokes, and junk food, if you need anything other than that you have to leave the hood to get it.

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    • @ black british guy

      Tommy Sotomayor did a story about a black guy who ran a deli in Detroit. He was an urban pioneer, there had been no thriving business in that part of town for decades. Somehow, the deli got on the radar of Trump, and during the 2016 campaign, Trump’s son came there for a photo op and brought the media with him. Great promo for the black businessman, right? Wrong, as black females called for a boycott, calling the deli owner a “sellout” for taking photos with Trump’s son.

      Now, I’m no Trump fan, I’ve revealed on here I voted for Hillary (although I agree with the CUTS! lol). But trying to sabotage a black man’s business because a politician’s son visited his shop is a bridge too far. Notice that the black witch is the first to go after a black man’s cashflow (showing up at his job, calling his job too much, bringing drama to the workplace, trying to boycott him, etc), then they complain that black men are broke and “not on their level.”

      What a sick mentality at work. Not to mention the man employed a cook, waitresses, etc., all black. So much for “group economics”!

      If that same brother had opened his shop in the suburbs, business would be booming.

      If a black man got into the weave game, they’d have to have a set-up like the crack house; deal through a slot in the door with Rottweilers and Pit Bulls and a shotgun standing by.


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  4. Did you hear about three Black Americans who making noise and attacked Korean subway passengers in South Korea. Of course this Black Americans were women. Black women have no class and no shame. What I couldn’t believe is one of these Black women was a english teacher . And of course they were all land whales twerking on the subway. As Black guy I can see why many non blacks don’t like black people.

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    • Black British Guy,

      I saw the video, that was absolutely disgraceful, even in foreign countries black women still can’t behave themselves in an orderly manner. That footage was troubling as well because thinking black men travel to foreign lands to get away from these dysfunctional black sirens and now they are turning up in obscure locations like South Korea, smh.

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      I just googled that and saw the article, truly disgusting. Once of the chicks started twerking on the train, and of course they were overweight. How much do you want to bet these were BW with college degrees and yet they behave the same as the average hoodrat? Even overseas they cant show any respect. I remember an article a while back about some BW getting kicked off of a wine tasting train in California because they were too loud and rowdy, and of course they tried to play the victim afterward. These hoodrats have no respect for societal norms no matter where they go and they pass this mindset on to their bastard kids as well.

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  5. Ah, so these are the single mother catches that simpanzee @d1ckh38d exalts? For shame! How dare I not see the beauty of 2 ton hungry hippos move un such a gracefully artistic fashion. D’oh!

    Oh well, I’ll stick to non-ape like White girls, thanks.


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  7. I legit thought it was a man that had walked up to the counter. These black women are dysfunctional that you really can’t tell. And notice the shade!

    Black Women in dresses/skirts literally looks like monkeys or sumos in those clothes: just wearing the clothes does not make it female. What you have in the hood is essentially are failed hermaphrodites, in which both parties are necessary for reproduction, yet outside of the sexual act you can not tell which is which.

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  8. Like you said Verbs it hard to feel sorry for these Asians who open stores in the ghetto at this point, they should know better at this point. There is a reason why no one wants to open a store in the hood, its because you have to deal with hoodrats and their bastard kids. That Asian dude was beating her in the face with a closed fist and she still didn’t let go haha. You need martial arts training, a taser, or a gun to deal with these 200+ lb hoodrats. The Wall grows and Isaiah 4:1 becomes closer to modern day fulfillment.

    As welfare and section 8 gets cut off and more men opt out of dating BW, we will see this as BWs desperation for a good man grows:

    Another good video on Isaiah 4:1

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    • James S,

      The wall continue to grow taller and taller. Nobody wants to deal with black women and their devil seed offspring except for the purpose of making money from both parties. I remember about 3 years back listening to a short clip from a radio show where Umar Johnson was a guest. Can you believe that Johnson actually berated one of the callers for managing to save up money and move his family out of the ghetto. The ghetto is in a ghetto state for a reason.

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    • The guy in the video ” Isaiah 41:1: Black women you been had by your white daddy!” This and other black people like him are trash. They misinterpret the bible. If you’re the true Israelite they why aren’t you occupying Israel?

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  9. And these hair-hats wonder why black men dont build in the black community.
    I bet you all these Asian & Arab business owners hate having black women as their primary customers.But then again they are making a lot of money off of them.

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    • Asians and Ay-rabs are sacrificing and putting their kids through private school and college selling weave to these hair-hats, while the hair-hat’s own kids are dead last in any kind of learning, and the public schools that black women essentially run are a shambles.

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      • Schadenfreude—- Are you sure that black women wear weave? Are you sure that the kids of black women are “dead last” in any kind of learning? —- I ask these questions because of the natural hair movement and the fact that black women are the most educated group of people in the USA. ——————————-


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  10. “Everybody was Kung-Fu Cooning”

    This is what comes to mind everytime these black she-beasts tussle with an Asian shop owner.

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  11. She is one ugly ass bitch,
    goodnight. That big ass silverback gorilla took those punches like it was nothing. Any non black woman would be on the ground crying after one hit. Not them. Nope. This fat ass bitch kept going which is probably the most exercise she’s done in god knows how long. Tommy (for all his shortcomings) said it best : “It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned it. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop EVER until you are dead”.

    As for the Asian owner, I have absolutely no sympathy for him. There’s no way in hell he is not aware that dealing with these mentally unstable whores, and their litter of mostly slow and retarded bastard offspring will result in nothing but grief.

    Nothing else really needs to be said about how vile, combative and dysfunctional these “women” really are. Give them and the so called black community the finger, let those niggas kill each other over some Jordan’s, weed and a scraggle and never look back.

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  12. Black women go to Korea and make a slap fool out of themselves. This is why China banned rap music.

    Jump to 7:15
    This is why when black women go to Italy they get mistaken for prostitutes.

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    • That’s crazy, and like he pointed out they aren’t drunk, this is just how they act. Acting a fool and shaking their fat nasty behinds on the train like they have lost their minds. I wonder if they went over there expecting to get an Asian man to date them? The Wall can’t grow fast enough. #WallofSilence
      #Isaiah 4:1

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  13. If I ever ‘buck up inna’ a simp, or a barbaric black female any time after this I am telling them both to GO TO SLEEP!!! ETERNALLY!!! I am SICK AND TIRED of dealing with the fallout of the actions of pro-wack simps and ‘modernized’ black and coloured females, because of the stupid decisions they made we Africans in Jamaica have to live in fear of natives trying to murder us and otherwise being nuisances to us. These Neo-Nazi modern ‘Pan-Africanists’ that claim to be so diffrent in ideology from white Communists/Marxists and their facist/Zionist backers in the Vatican are NO DIFFRENT from them, despite what they say!

    About the video about the black females ‘twerking’ in the Republic of Korea, this is a disgrace to the African and black race. And these females have no shame. But according to the simps, ‘these our QUEENS n..s’.

    Screw the simps and pro-wacks, SYSBM forever!!!!


    God bless Verbs2015, and keep on slaying evil like you always do. There needs to be more of this stuff on the net, especially about SYSBM.

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  14. This is why we have got to stay away from the savage black woman. She is Satan’s offspring to bring death and destruction. She is crossing over to be violent to non-black men. I love they see why we don’t fuck with the modern day black female.

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    • PassPortToGlory,

      One time I was watching “Divorce Court” (as one does). In my city, they run 2 episodes back to back. This particular day, both episodes had non-black men divorcing their black wives; a white guy in one episode and a Puerto Rican dude in the other. Both had problems with their black female spouses. Both episodes on the same day. I remember thinking to myself, these guys learned the hard way what we brothers knew all along, these black hoes ain’t shit. They can only act right for non-black men for so long before their true colors emerge.

      Continue to keep the wall up!

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    • Heineken have previous:

      One early 90s TV show in the UK that was sponsored by Heineken received a letter from head office in Amsterdam, saying they would have liked to see “fewer blacks”.

      That show was cancelled very quickly.

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  15. I only have 2 words: SHORYUKEN & Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!!!!
    He should have never stopped. It seems like fear & near-death violence is what it takes to keep Black Women civil. Black Women will never learn because they hate themselves & cannot co-exist together (This is why Black Owned Women Businesses fail utterly) and they cannot seem to ween off the tit of other ethnicities. This does not surprise me and there will be more to come. Isn’t this like the 4th attack in an Asian Beauty Parlor/Supply Store. It isn’t the Asians fault. They are simply trying to run a business. But due to Black Women’s stubbornness and stupidity, they will never learn. Just like a Jamaican saying;”If dem can’t listen, dem have fi feel”.

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  16. Has any of you seen the documentry good hair by Chris rock.?the Chemicals these shebeast put in the hair after a few days could rat through a coke can.sodium hydroxide I think.even some blkbitch there said blk hair wasn’t good..blk women are the problem of the blk race and the reason we haven’t progressed due to extreme self put such chemicals on these girl at such a young age then wonder why they grow up fukedup.then imagine spending thousands on fake hair you could use to feed your bastard thug kids..little wonder these whores are nothing put prostitutes they gotta pay for the hair somehow marry a blk bitch you’ll Spend half your hardrearned money on hair. Fake hair.who profit?Koreans.blk
    women are trash.

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  17. Just an announcement gentlemen. A few weeks ago, I stated has ousted their “Casual Encounters” section. As of April 6th 2017,the largest adult companion site has come under Federal Bureau Investigation seizure. This means the swirlers, single-mothers, and whores will be actively changing their dispostion & acting suddenly accommodating. Please see this is an act and they are still useless succubusses leeching from a racist system.

    Just 2 years of Trump and we have (1) Loss of Government Aid/Welfare, (2) Human Sex Trafficing down 60%. Hopefully, he can change the usurp of Family/Custody courts & child support so the Dark-Wing Duck Sluts can choke and suffer on their insolence.

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  18. Black women are delusional. First, they complain that black men are not builders. Second, they refuse to acknowledge that 99% of young black females hate black males that are in the 10 to 20-year building process. Black women, over the age of 35, may chase after a black male medical doctor. One can be sure, however, that when the black male medical doctor was in his teens and 20s that most black females wanted nothing to do with the broke guy.

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  19. Not to make excuses for the she-beast, but this Asian fellow did not get the training on how to ignore low-IQ black women who are on the verge of exploding. It is never worth it to go back and forth with someone who has nothing to lose.

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