Black Female Shoots A Man Point Blank Range In The Head


This is yet another example of the mentally insane, mentally unstable and mentally disjointed mindset of the modern day black female and is one of the main reasons why I believe most black women should not be allowed to carry firearms until they have been psychologically evaluated thoroughly. What on earth was this woman thinking, even more so more fool the Negro for having a loaded gun around such a mad hatter of a female.

This reminds me of another story that occurred in Detroit back in early 2016 involving yet another black female who decided to pull a gun and shoot at a man at a gas station, many of you will remember this story:

This is why I’m concerned about the growing number of dysfunctional black women who are now carrying firearms, black women are individuals who will typically shoot first and ask questions later. The guy who was shot even stated that she was worrying him with the way she was mishandling the weapon. The dude should’ve been concerned a long time before that.

I keep on telling you that weave wearing is a sure-fire indicator of mental illness, of course this heifer was weaved up to the hilt with her Becky hat, but these are the same women who will then complain when black men pass over them for the genuine article(Becky in the flesh). Trying their hardest to look like white women, what exactly do black women expect?

Then to make matter worse this siren lies and tells the police that the guy shot himself in the head, smh. Black men, take notes, this is the so called “loyalty” most black women have for you, they will cast you out like a leper in a second in order to save their own hides. Again, remember what I stated in Negro Wars, black women continue to claim that they are loyal to black men because they know that we are the only ones who will deal with them en mass. Again, it is only a claim, there is never any evidence presented by black women to back this “claimed position”.

Since black women have white women on the brain so much and are always using them as a comparator, please show me the videos of white women playing around with loaded guns and “accidentally” shooting anybody within close proximity, I’ll wait. As per usual black folks from the hood have no discipline and order when it comes down to firearms, all they know about id firing them at other blacks.

What is it with these guys and always feeling the need to flash guns in front of cameras in the effort to make themselves look like thugs/gangsters? Don’t these numbskulls realise that real gangsters don’t go around making videos of themselves brandishing guns, waving them in the air and threatening to kill any individuals who cross your path?

This video is yet more evidence in a long line that illustrates the deep desire of the majority of black women to want to become men, this dumb broad was talking like a dude and flexing like one too. This is reason 57,462,768 why heterosexual thinking black men left the building a long time ago and still refuse to deal with these undiagnosed crazy black harridans to this day.

You’ll notice that black men who deal with non black women typically don’t have to deal with off the chain situations like this, and yet the pro black squadrons will still attempt to tell us that these broads are “queens” and we shouldn’t hesitate in dating and marrying them. I’ll leave these loco creatures for male feminist, psychologically castrated, pro black simps like D32018 to deal with.

This women claims that it was an accident, however knowing how most black women roll I highly suspect that this was deliberate. You already know how most black women won’t hesitate to take a black man out if she feels the need to do so and additionally can normally rely on one her simp followers to carry out the dirty deed.

And to think that we now have groups of mentally unstable black females taking up arms using racism as an excuse in their preparation for “war”. Mind you these are the black women who work hand in glove with and accept treats and benefits from the same system they state is racist and is against them, smh:

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

The Wall Just Got Several Feet Taller

Most High Bless

80 thoughts on “Black Female Shoots A Man Point Blank Range In The Head

  1. That shooting looked like a setup excuse for her to shoot him, this was 1st degree mischief murder (if there is a such thing). First off she cocked the hammer back, then I knew she set him up soon as she pointed it at him. How you talk smack to the camera but point it at dumb dude. Give her slick witchcraft self not the death penalty but give her FGM and tell her it was an accident. Shalawam.

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  3. Black folks, at the behest of their queen, have become so brazen and stupid as to constantly post incriminating evidence and idiocy online. Facebook live has become a tool to (easily) solve crime because black folks love getting on there and killing each other.

    Like you said, this was probably a scheme between the queen and her Simp, though the victim himself was an idiot for running with such a crowd and doing such things. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    I actually hope for more of this, where hoodrats start killing each other more. I just hope more of these demonesses start catching bullets, too.

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    • Dude, that shit was brutal. She wasn’t “playing,” she knew what she was doing. She cocked the gun, pointed it straight at him and blew his brains out. According to Tommy Sotomayor, she was finally arrested after being let go at first. Just wow. This is an SYSBM recruiting video if I ever saw one.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      But we are told to “reach out” to such individuals because they are merely misguided. Reaching out to black women and the pro black simps that support them will get you a bullet in the head.

      Agreed, at this point the only part of the equation that is missing is black women catching a higher number of bullets, but that’s coming down the pike.

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    • Yeah Facebook live has become a live streaming service for fools incriminating themselves and people committing suicide. If hoodrats would start killing each other at the rate that black thugs do that would be great.

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  4. The main organizer of that black female gun club ended up quitting her own group in a fallout with another member. She posted a statement on Facebook about it. These unstable, misandrist black lesbos can’t work together even in their shared hatred of black men. It would be funny except they’re toting loaded weapons.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      I didn’t even know that. Agreed, the issue here is the fact that they are allowed to carry guns without being psychologically evaluated and there are so many of these black female lunatics walking the streets right now as we speak.

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    • @Schadenfreude
      Hoodrats are so dysfunctional that they can barely work together in any capacity. God help you if you are a manager on a job and in charge of a bunch of hoodrats.

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      • James S,

        If you’re a white male manager of a bunch of hoodrats, they’ll step and fetch. Any other kind of manager, though; not so much. Seen it with my own eyes.

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  5. Anybody wanna bet this violent black female whore won’t be on Charlemagne’s “Donkey of the Day”. He has to protect his queen. Like someone said earlier, this is a #SYSBM recruitment video. #SYSBM..#TEAMWHITEGIRL4LIFE

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    • Keith,

      Charlemagne is a joke when it comes down to calling out black female skullduggery, he’s your typical male feminist firmly under the heel of the black witch herself. And we are told to trust these women by the very sharks themselves, what a joke, no thanks, I’ll pass.

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  6. Verbs2015,

    If this isn’t damning evidence that there is literally a war against black men,then I do not know what is! I am afraid that it has come to the point that thinking black men are going to be open fire for target practice. The black community is heading towards a Chinese Cultural Revolution style establishment in which the red (Black) guards are going to destroy and kill any form of intellectual black man (and his non-black woman) or any black man who does not subscribe to the feministic, communitic thinking.

    Black women have death with More deaths than black men????? More black women get killed than black men by (cops?) I am sorry but last time I check there are far more black women than men? aren’t black women the ones aborting more than the rate of all women in the US?????????? Do you hear the idiot, talking about they are fighting patriarchy and how it is black men are killing black women? and the HAVE to call and point out black men seperate from men! That is a sign RIGHT THERE that they are calling out SYSBM!

    They are going to use this as an excuse for killing any and every black man who they feel is a threat who are not simp manginas! This is the same crap that happened in China during the cultural revolution! They destroyed any thing that represented freedom of opinion, thought or intellect, forced the intellects to work or even killed them and all hope was lost for them! I am sorry, This is literally a preparing for the blackistani establishment by killing, most especially SYSBM!!!

    Guys, GET YOUR PASSPORTS! for those of you who live in the US please go here:



    I am going to write a book soon on how to escape the west and finding your freedom and needs elsewhere! There is no need to stay there and go through genocide but a bunch a lunatics!!!!!

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    • Carnio,

      Its another slam dunk, I’ve been saying for the longest how black women as a collective are a bunch cold blooded, barbaric savages. The wall just got several feet higher and SYSBM because of this will see even more of a surge in growth. Many black men are going to victims of the black women’s wrath, they’ll have to learn the hard way since they won’t listen. What happened to old boy in the video is how black women will take out a lot of these pro blacks, they’re lining themselves up for the slaughter.

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    • This would make a great plot for a Resident Evil/Doom crossover film starting from the second live action movie ( anything after that is plain s..t) set in Washington, DC. With elements of Crysis 1 & 2 thrown in.

      ‘BRING IT!’

      (cocks shotgun as hordes of BW demons, simps, racist white males aka obeah-controlled modern day house and overseers and thugs rush through the Hell Gates that are ghettos, intent on destroying SYSBM while the Union Aerospace Corporation and Umbrella Pharmaceuticals ( Zionist-Roman Catholic Military Industrial Complex) look at Daddy Big Government being destroyed by the very same monsters it helped create and plot on how to seize power after the chaos has ended…

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  7. It’s amazing, everything that Stephon Clarke (RIP) said about these black female scum bitches literally played out in real time for everyone to see. These monsters Aka.. BLACK FEMALES, show on a daily basis the level of hatred for black men and will lie just as easily as they breathe to throw a black man up under the bus.

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  8. There have been far too many stories like this where people playing with guns has ended with them dead.
    1. You shouldn’t play with a gun.
    2. You never point it at something that you aren’t ready to shoot.
    3. Before handing it to someone you ALWAYS check to make sure it is cleared, the magazine AND the

    The growing number of BW carrying firearms will end tragically, once BW start carrying more I can see them shooting people quicker than the thugs that they sleep with due to their mental and emotional instability. Also BW aren’t used to facing criminal consequences in the manner that BM are, they are used to the cops being on their side when they call them (particularly against a BM). BW wouldn’t have to carry weapons if they would stop sleeping with thugs and bums, the children born to them after this are the ones who grow up to be the guys that you need to protect yourself against. BW are sleeping with and then giving birth to the very men that terrorize the hood and society in general. Both the hood and thug terrorists would disappear if BW would keep their legs closed when pookie, ray ray, and tyrone come around.

    Good BM had better be on the lookout for the “Black women’s defense league”, especially as BW’s frustration at being alone grows in the final days of the Walls construction. BW have marooned themselves on strong and independent island and once they see that the non-BM ship that they are waiting on isn’t coming to save them and they notice that rations being air dropped to them (welfare) aren’t coming as frequently anymore, its going to get ugly. Lesbianism, desperate aspiring side-pieces, former hoes and hoodrats pretending to be good women, and impoverished single moms are going to be everywhere, but if you are a BM who didn’t contribute to any of this mess it isn’t your problem, just stay safely behind the Wall.

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    • James S,

      Exactly, the thinking black men’s regiment has no obligation to save such traitors and charlatans in times of distress and tribulation. Leave these types of women to the pro black simps to deal with since they are trying their upmost to impress such savages. Those black men who continue to remain defiant and refuse to acknowledge the fact that black women as a group are our sworn enemies will suffer horrible fates at the hands of those same females they love to pine over and worship.

      Black women shooting black men, black women stabbing black men, black women running over black men with vehicles, black women poisoning black men, black women hiring brain dead simps to kill black men, black women setting up black men to be robbed, black women killing children both in and out of the womb, how much more evidence is required for those on the fence to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The bottom line is black women are not our friends and as you’ve already stated, they demonstrate this position on the daily and they aren’t repentant either.

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  9. I watched that documentary black women defence league on vice. It was ridiculous feminism has destroyed majority of black women mind. It’s too dangerous living in black areas and dealing with black women. It’s like a warzone some of these black areas. SYSBM

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    • Black British Guy,

      We already both know what the score is concerning black areas in the UK, they’re literal war zones, the postcode Wars are just a prime example of the escalation in black on black crime, something which many of these pro blacks are now saying doesn’t exist.

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      • Bro what you’re experiencing in the UK is small scale compared to what occurs daily in Jamaica. On today’s edition of the popular people’s paper a landlord was busted using obeah ( a form of sorcery imported from West Africa) to get tenants, bet the landlord is of African descent and the tenants are natives. But according to the simps, these demon-possessed psychopaths known as black women are supposed to be our ‘queens’…. uugh.

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  10. Queue the simps, savages, and black witches try to rationalize this mess. This is why I stop arguing with these savages. You can sit the evidence right in their laps, and they will still rationalize this black witch somehow being a victim of white supremacy.

    #SYSBM till I have no more breath in this body.

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  11. And the IBMOR’s like BGS and fools like Angryman want us thinking black men to go into the hod and marry these creatures. Fat chance. They see the wall we have constructed and are just upset they are trapped on the other side of it with the straggle daggle. They will drown in child support when the welfare cuts go into maximum overdrive. Right now Trump is dealing with the boarder and other serious matters so the welfare cuts are gonna take a back seat for a bit but think about it like this.

    I have had conversations with white MGTOW’s about how they were king of the world one day living in a giant house with a 4 door garage. After the divorce and the child support these guys are now homeless living out of the one car she didn’t get in the divorce. If these white boys with all this money are getting the shaft via child support Pookie and Tyrone will be obliterated by it. They will not survive. They want us to come in and save them from the hell they have brought on themselves.

    These women do the following but not limited to…
    -Teaching their kids how to twerk
    -Using their kids as umbrellas to keep their weave dry
    -Taking food out of their kids mouths to buy weave
    -Leaving their kids home alone so she can go to the club
    -Leaving their kids with homo thugs to be raped.
    -Leaving weave in their hair untill maggots grow underneath.
    -Teaching their kids to hate their natural hair.
    -Teaching their sons to be cucks and thugs
    -Not helping their sons read.
    -Not saving any child support money for the child’s future
    -Kill their kids when the baby daddy fights and gains full custody.
    -Dress,talk, and act like men.
    -Are just as violent as men.
    -Worship white men to the point of participating in slavery race-play ghetto gagger porn.

    TL;DR These women are more trouble than their worth and Pookie and Tyrone know this now. They brag about all the “swag” they have but at the end of the day what do they have to show for it? Nothing but a bunch of disgusting straggle daggles who are violent and ugly as hell. They see us “educated lames” aka Black men of character and intelligence who are stacking money and getting beautiful non-black women and black women from overseas who are better than the straggle daggle in EVERY WAY. They hate us because they are stuck in the hood with these black xenomorph alien queens of the damned who are going to go bat shit crazy when the welfare hits. They see us with becky, Ming Li, and the ladies of Brazil and realize “swag” gave them access to the bottom barrel of women. Westernized Black women. The worst of the worst. AND THEY ARE STUCK WITH THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. THE CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS WILL COME FOR THEM. THE SECTION 8 WILL BE CUT AND HE WILL HAVE NO PLACE TO STAY.

    Big Booty Brenda is on Facebook asking for good black men to do the clean up.
    Pookie is on Youtube asking for good black men to do the clean up.
    Brenda has a net worth of $5.
    Pookie has no net worth.
    The cuts are coming.

    Their time is almost up and they know it.
    *drops mike*

    #SYSBM #FirstLastAndAlways #CleanUpManIsDead

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    • Pookie and ray ray cant pay much if any child support and section 8 is dying a slow death for a number of reasons regardless of who is in the white house.

      Isaiah 4:1
      In that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

      Many brothers online speak about how this is applying to modern day American BW.

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      • James S,

        Oh Isaiah 4:1 most definitely applies to the modern day black witch, we can see those scriptures unfolding before our very eyes. Just look at the epidemic levels of dick policing black women are involved in and this is only the start.

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      • @Yours Truly
        Haha, nobody. That’s the point though, they desperate to find a good man to help them and those men are in few number. They are at the end of their rope and looking for a good man to help them.

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    • Those simps on YouTube want us thinking black men to only date the unattractive black women that the the thugs knocked up multiple times. All of this is truly about getting our resources.

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      • Theamazingsecularist,

        Yep, and yet black women will still attempt to point the finger at black men for that even though in the overwhelming majority of cases it is them who are responsible for the deaths. Notice how it was pointed out that the higher educated black females are the ones with the highest rates of infant deaths and the “quean” conveniently attempted to deflect and put this disparity down to racism. No, it’s because educated, professional black women are the ones who assassinate children in the womb the most.

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  12. This is sickening. There are dumb ass black bitches online trying to defend this chick. How you defend this whore putting one in the chamber, pointing it at his head, and pulling the trigger is beyond me. But black bitches (and some simps) will do it. Anyone who has had any sort of weapons training (or common sense) knows to treat every weapon as if it’s loaded and to NEVER point it at someone especially their head unless you intend to use it. This reeks of a set up. I hope both of them have the book thrown at them, and they’re thrown in a cell, and the entire cell is thrown away.

    The wall of silence just refortified itself, and got a few feet higher. Just yet another example of these whores doing anything and everything they can to kill or mess your life up. At this point, anyone willing to mess with them deserves whatever fate comes their way. I’ll get that much closer to my White and Asian women…

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  13. Hello Gentleman, the video of him getting shot in the head is heartbreaking!! It’s up to us to identify the root of this evil. Flesh and blood will do what flesh and blood does. It’s now time for us as black men on the collective to search out Satan. He is doing this to us and we need to confront him directly because he is in the world to break the curse he has among our people. He is using black women because they are trying to normalize single mother hood to the world, which is against Gods order. We know how evil this black woman is and now it’s time to seek out her father, SATAN!! We have got to find him and know where his throne is today!! We have got to go after SATAN!! Tell me if any of you know where you think his seat or throne is?? Worrying about what we already know about black women isn’t going to help them change. It’s time to move on to the root of this evil. The low level demons with this black woman are weak. We need to go after the head master to break this curse for future generations. Only if you truly care in your heart??

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    • Who the fuck said anyone was ‘worrying’ about what black women do? You said black men need to search out Satan? And Blackmen need to confront Satan because he is the reason black women are doing whatever they’re doing to Blackmen?
      Isaiah 45: 7, the Lord makes peace and creates evil. I love it when the SIMPS try to get on here and try to distract Blackmen, what the Bible and try to blame alleged Satan for what Black women are doing when the father in heaven’s is in control of these things not Satan.
      It’s really not worth getting into a theological debate with an obvious Simp who wants Blackmen to overlook black women and try to focus on alleged Satan who is making black women act the way they act.
      I fucking hate these Simp ass a weak Blackmen clowns, who claim to know the Bible, but they really don’t know shit about the Bible. All they know is trying to somehow, excuse the animalistic behavior of black women by using any means including the Bible. And you actually have people on this website giving this weak ass idiot approval, for his effeminate church like a rant regarding Satan, and how Blackmen don’t need to focus on black women but need to focus on Satan. Unbelievable.

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      • Well Sir, I refuse to hate black women like you do. Looks like Satan has ruled your heart in that arena. I completely refuse to be like you and live with hate in my heart for black women!! PERIOD!!


      • @Bill

        Psalm 97:10
        Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

        Simps will eventually expose themselves.

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      • To the Church in Pergamos – Revelation 2:12-17 …..’And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

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      • Pergamos today is modern day Turkey: German engineers dug up the throne of Satan, known as the arch of Zeus. They took it to Berlin and created a museum called the Pergamon Museum. Albert Speer, Hitlers architect took notice and created a replica of it and that’s where Hitler gave all of his speeches. From the throne of Satan, which Jesus revealed to John when he was exiled on the island of Patmos. after Jesus died and was sitting on the throne, revealed to the world where satan’s throne is, or was. As I said before, during that time it was in Pergamos, modern day Turkey today.

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      • Stop worrying about the pettiness of black people squabbles. Rise above all of that and look at the bigger picture. Satan isn’t worried about black people cause he knows were cursed, powerless and our tongues are only meant to hurt each other. While the rest of the world leaves us behind.

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      • I am tired. You know what Bill Smith, you win!! I will not be posting again…In my heart I believe you people are just as evil as the black woman. Protesting someone who innocently posts with an opinion. In all my life black people always hated me for having an opinion. You win Bill Smith, I will go away and never post on this site again. You win.

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      • PassPortToGlory,

        The problem is a lot of you folks who proclaim to believe in Christ fail to address the down to earth, everyday issues taking place on the planet and especially those occurring within black society itself. We already know about Satan, his control of the planet and those that follow him, however that kind of talk is not practical for the black man who requires viable answers as to why black women are the way they are and what he can do to avoid being a victim of their dysfunction.

        Quoting scripture upon scripture in this case is NOT the answer, sorry. Earthly problems requires earthly solutions. Christ didn’t go around quoting scripture all day and do nothing else, he also met the everyday needs of the people around him, something which most so called Christians today seriously lack.

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  14. Verbs, small correction. She was NOT his girlfriend. He didn’t know her. He was allegedly having a verbal dispute with the guy in the backseat on the Internet. Now why he was sitting in a car with a guy who he had a dispute with is beyond me. What I do know is that if the guy who got shot hadn’t tried to assert himself and take the gun from that black woman demon the guy in the backseat probably would have said ‘yo dawg you don’t gotta be talking to her like that’, and the black woman probably would try to emasculate him and call him a pussy for being ‘scared’.
    The bottom line is black men have been trained to never ever challenge anything black women do. How stupid do you have to be to allow some black woman to point a gun at you and you just sit there?
    Once again Blackmen really do not understand how dangerous it is getting involved with a black woman or even being around black women. Black women are violent, soulless, remorseless, evil beings who don’t give a damn about what they do or what they say and how it affects other people because they are allowed to do and say whatever they want to do without ever being questioned or challenged.
    And like I said many times before many black people think that life is a joke and everything is just funny or some type of game. How stupid do you have to be to have a gun and been waving it around and talking shit like it’s a water pistol or something?
    But because more than likely the guy who got shot was raised by a single mentally ill black woman and in an environment where black women control everything he just went along with anything the black woman was doing without for one second thinking about questioning or stopping her from leaving a waving a gun in his face.
    Because the guy had a previous Internet dispute with the guy in the backseat there is much talk that this was actually a setup made to look like an accident. Who knows? But what I do know is that it is just simply a stupid decision to get anywhere near a black woman. They destroy everything and everyone around them directly or indirectly. Avoid black women at all costs is what I’ve been saying for years, and this video is more evidence as to why I say that.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Thanks for the info bro, will make the necessary adjustments to the article. She blasted that dude in the head in cold blood and she tried to say it was an accident, this was clearly deliberate. This goes back to an article I wrote last year about black women being too dangerous to deal with, another case and point above. Black women through this example of ruthless barbarism have just sunken their image and reputation further into the toilet and from what I’ve heard already there are black women who are attempting to defend this monster for what she did, smh.

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  15. The news is saying that this was an “accidental” shooting, there was nothing accidental about this shit, she knew exactly what she doin’. And dude was stupid and pretty much signed HIS death certificate for having his ass there in the first place.

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  16. WHERE are the Simps I hear Crickets. You cannot take these fools serious they are saying nothing about this incident so it’s cool to rag on Stephen Clarke for getting killed by cops and dating a Asian girl but say nothing about a black woman killing a black guy do you see the foolishness with these clowns. BW are acting like the thugs and goons they have created we have to be careful out here because with there workd steady crumbling into the abyss and knowing SYSBM is growing by the second BW will be so mad they actually will try to hurt or kill us. That’s why I do not hang around all black areas these areas are like desolate wastelands after the zombie apocalypse. SYSBM

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  17. My personal Wall of Silence:

    Think of the Great Wall of China, but made ENTIRELY of adamantium (ever heard of that metal?), surrounded by 3 electric fences, with armed mercenaries at every post, and rabid Rottweilers patrolling every gap/area between the 3 fences.

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  18. But according to the simps, the beasts know as black women ‘are our QUEENS bruh’ and any attempt to escape from Blackistan is seen as betrayal of the race…sigh. Nazism still is hard at work I see..

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  19. HOLY SHIT…….you can have the BLACK COMMUNITY!!!! Black women will say, “White women do it too,” black men will blame the guy who got shot, AND everyone will NOT talk to the police because of white supremacy. I WISH a motherfucker WOULD try to shame me for NOT being with black women. I mean WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

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