What Code Bruh?



Exactly what code is this guy talking about? The only code that exists within black society today is “don’t criticise black women no matter what dysfunctional behaviour they put on display, however black men are always fair game no matter what the weather”. Of course guess who are the ones who have injected this reprobate mindset into black society, that’s right, black women and fellows like Reid are only too willing to assist them in their continuation of evading accountability and responsibility.

Again, folks like this believe that they can implement some sort of orderly conduct within black society without first reprimanding and bringing into line the very women who are destroying the same. I stated this in Negro Wars and my words have proven themselves true to this day, sorry, that is NOT going to happen.

It is the men who enforce any code of conduct within a society, NOT the women. Since black communities are being lorded over and ran into the toilet by women, don’t expect to see any turnarounds or miracles anytime soon. I recently found out about the police shooting of one Stephon Clarke and I’ve also caught wind of his tweets as well as his Asian girlfriend both voicing their resentment towards dysfunctional black women in particular and disjointed blacks in general:

Of course the talk within black society aka Bizarro land at the moment is that black folks shouldn’t support Clarke because he talked disparagingly concerning black women and black folks. Firstly, the man is dead, how are you going to support somebody who is already 6 feet deep in the ground? Oh course black folks namely black women are seasoned professionals when it comes down to mobilising for dead black men, they won’t do diddly squat for a black man when he’s alive though, smh.

The tweets on the left are from Clarke, the tweets on the right I believe are from his girlfriend. Of course black women don’t want to rally behind this dead man because he was dating and has children with a Far Eastern woman. This is the real issue here and as far as black women are concerned the nail in the coffin to turn down an opportunity to garner some attention for themselves marching in the streets.

These black sirens made a similar move against the actor Winston Duke who plays the character M’Baku in the new Black Panther movie, black women were declaring their love for Winston with some black women stating that “he could get it”, that was until they found out that Duke is currently dating a woman of mixed white and Far Eastern heritage. From the time this was discovered all of a sudden Duke wasn’t seen as “hot” anymore and some black women even went as far as to suggest that he looks homosexual. Black women never fail to pull the homosexual card against black men whenever we say or do anything that is not to their liking, pathetic.

You have to laugh at this fake rallying of the troops, the fact of the matter is there is absolutely NO LOVE NOR SUPPORT within black society and male feminists like Reid already know this. If a fellow like Reid fell on his backside tomorrow, he knows full well that very few if any black folks would lift a finger to help him. Black society is finished, short of a miracle there is no redeeming it and Reid and the rest of the pro black community need to accept this instead of wallowing in fake outrage as well as continuing to lick the muddy boots of the Blackistanian dysfunctional black female contingent .

Like I stated before, no reprimanding and no bringing black women back into line will most definitely result in NO BLACK COMMUNITIES being rebuilt, NONE. I keep on telling you that these pro black squads honestly believe that they can rebuild black society without first dealing with the enemy within its midst. The fact that they have failed to construct anything of substance to date proves my position to be correct.

The truth of the matter is Clarke long ago realised that the black community was a goner, hence why he bailed out, this is what thinking black men do. There is no doubt in my mind that his comments are borne from having encountered some of the dregs and the scum of black society, no doubt his girlfriend experienced the same.

Just out of interest you’ll notice dysfunctional black female worshipping black men are extremely vocal when it comes down to those who they conveniently label as “coons”(this term is almost exclusively reserved for black men, in millennial black society just holding a different opinion can get you labelled as a “coon”) yet these same male feminists are awfully quiet about the number one killer within black society which is abortion.

Black women kill more black males inside the womb than black on black crime, white on black crime and police on black violence and shootings combined, yet bootlickers like Reid will refuse to deal with these more pressing issues. Where is this guy’s outrage concerning abortion aka black genocide, go onto his Facebook profile and see if you can find any posts from him calling out the black witch and her endless slaughtering of innocent children, I’ll wait.

It’s amazing how in light of this recent shooting how many black men are following and falling in line behind the same black females who urinate and defecate upon them on the daily. This simply goes back to what I’ve stated before about most black men being feminists and thus not having a problem being lorded over and ruled by black women.

Sorry, not this Negro. Societies that are either lead by women or that practice gynocentric governing quickly crumble and are easily conquered, one only need look at the current immigrant crisis in Europe and how Islam is once again beginning to dominate the west. Black women are a law unto themselves and they only care for themselves, this is the selfish mindset they inject into black society, hence why black society will be completely reduced to a pile of dust and ashes as long as they are ruling it.

SYSBM is about leaving black society and never looking back upon the recognition that black women are taking black folks to hell in a hand basket. Thinking black men are not fooled, we have already experienced the cold shoulder of the so called “community”, hence why we rejected it in search of greener pastures. These guys act as if black society is unified and flourishing, however a quick look at its condition reveals something completely different.

The truth of the matter is in times of tragedy a black person is far more likely to receive support from non blacks than from his own people, that is an abrasive fact that has proven and played itself out time and time again. Black people as a collective DON’T support other black people, period. Lastly, let me deal with this bootlicker here:


Don’t you find it interesting how in talking about so called “anti black rhetoric”, Leon refuses to check the black harridan Kiki Bryant who comments directly underneath his post referring to the deceased Stephon Clarke as a nigger? These soft, milk toast, self castrating, male feminist, pro black simps like Leon never cease to amaze with the lengths they will go to brown-nosing for black women in the hopes of catching some smelly cooch as an end reward, smh.

Again, the bottom line is being “on code” equates to giving black women a pass and allowing them to continue ruining “the community” as well as dick policing black men in relation to their dating options, being “off code” however means holding black women’s feet to the fire, calling them out on their dysfunction and as a black man opting to expand upon your dating and marriage options. Always remember throughout all this that black men are free game because black women have set things up this way plus nobody cares about us hence why we are viewed as cannon fodder ie expendable.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Love Dead Black Men

Most High Bless

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  1. “The truth of the matter is in times of tragedy a black person is far more likely to receive support from non blacks than from his own people, that is an abrasive fact that has proven and played itself out time and time again. Black people as a collective DON’T support other black people, period. Lastly, let me deal with this bootlicker here:”


    Do you know that the reason why I am the way I am today, the things I can do and will develop was all from the thanks and help from 98% NON BLACKS!

    I was adopted at one point in my life about 2 times. One to a white family and another to an Asian family. These people did not have to do this. They taught me so many things about life and how to appreciate life that I would had never known from a normal black setting. Knowledge, wisdom, the value of hard work, Education, How to find a job, getting along with others, civility, politeness, all these things were taught and built in me while I was with them. Back then, I use to draw a lot of characters. I got so much love and support from non blacks/hispanics but when I showed blacks/hispanics, I got crapped on.

    The hatred and disgust I got from the black community was so in your face that I wanted nothing to do with blacks! Of course I knew not all blacks because I had some great black friends (most were also “white washed”). but it was ridiculous, it was almost like “What did *I* do to deserve this?”

    This is one of the main reason why I chose to live in Asia because most of the asians , the farther east you go, do not discriminate against you and will help you if they see potiential and good values in you. Living here in Kyyrgyzstan, Much of the people have helped me so much because they respect my goals and motivations living there. Half of the things they do here, I would never get support back home!

    I tell you, SYSBM need to form their OWN communities seperate form the black community that we know today! I do not care if it has to come down to a literal civil war!
    We need to seperate ourselves because weather you like it or not SYSBM is getting some NASTY heat and backlash! I see it all over the internet! Black women and White men are Baring false witness against thinking black men. Many people and other races are actually saying they we need to be proud and stop “Self Hating” ! These are NOT trolls of black women pretending to be white/other races. People are actually believing the lies black women and feminist black men are telling the world.

    We too, will also be attacked and even killed for our choices of women. this is the EXACT reason why I am going to thailand this fall to take up Muay Thai! The black community (ie Non Thinking Black men) sees us as litteral utilities, They see us as a beast of burden. They see us as those nasty roaches and rats that you find all over the streets of New York CIty. There is heavy contempt for black men who thik. Black men who see the world in a different scope, the ones who see the cup of water as “Half Full” rather than “Half Empty” have been in the state of exile for the longest, and it is only going to get worse! We have never been apart of the black community yet they pretend as if we are “betraying” it by walking away to white/non black women! We are the Jews, the Gypsies, the Rohingya people of the Black community! so I say FUCK the black community! Many other communities will happily accept SYSBM as their own! In fact, I met a chinese guy here and he said it is far more easier to be black in China than to be Chinese in China.
    Look at all the awesome black men who are succesfful in Asia!! All these black guys are not your average black men, They are AWESOME!!!

    OR we can simply start our own!


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    • Carnio,

      Non thinking black folks honestly believe that others around them cannot see how dysfunctional they are, hence the constant pretence of a “unified” black community. The so called black community died when black women sold it down the river for feminism, state treats and benefits in the 60s. Yet these bootlicking simps will never deal with these issues, instead they will cotinue to give black women a pass and a pat on the back while those same women urinate and defecate on them on the daily.

      I’ve said it many times before, there is NO LOVE in black society, none, this is painfully obvious to observe for one’s self and one of many reasons you took leaving the so called “community” to the next level. These male feminist pro black simps somehow feel honoured being crapped on from above by black women, they truly have been bewitched.

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    • Sorry but I had to pause the video about halfway through, simply to upload this Blackmen being smart enough to get the hell away from the majority of negroes. This man rolled the dice and succeeded in Japan as a black man.
      And he got married to a beautiful Japanese woman. The truly interesting and stupid thing is many Negroes in America would call this guy of coon and a sellout for succeeding in a culture new nothing about and making himself a well-known person in a country with very few black people. But in the minds of these brain-dead Negroes this man should have been forced to marry a mentally ill black woman, be loyal to and try to uplift a nonexistent black community, and be forced to spend his life miserable with a black woman simply because these pro blacks Simp idiots and these mentally ill black woman demons tell him to do so. Unbelievable.

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  3. Why do they always run behind dead men? Although that is rather telling. More “respek” for a dead man than the living requires less work, eh?

    Blacks talk about anti-black sentiment, and while many white MEN are racist, much of the anti-black racism is fueled by the stupidity that black Women inject into black society.

    As Carnio mentioned, black women and their pale male counterparts are working overtime, disparaging SYSBM while trying to be seen as victims themselves. The world isn’t faling for it, and slowly but surely both group’s power is diminishing.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Their underhanded, deceitful movements continue to expose them. As you stated, it is black women who are the main ones fuelling and stoking the hot coals of racism. SYSBM will only continue to grow in strength because more black men are breaking out of the trance and recognising the black witch for who she really is and who she truly works for.

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  4. I find it incredible that grass eater talked about money not going into the “community”. Picking the pockets of a dead man? Did she miss her EBT payments again?

    And you’re right @Verbs and @Carnio: The further away from these species, the better. I sometimes get placed with a bunch of du-rag wearing niggers, who I know look at me like “you too white”, “you take this job too seriously”. And yet the white girls I work with are professional, fair minded and are great (some I wouldn’t mind working something out with…).

    Seriously, these dirty hippos, pussy-licking simps and the Wakandan missing links can all go jump off Everest with no parachute. Fuck them.


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    • Also we Ebony men come from a long line of nomads, so #SYSBM is innate. No amount of racist propaganda, suppression and control can eliminate 400 years of migration and ethnic mixing.

      The force is strong. BD strong.

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    • Michel,

      These Oliver Twist begging pro black flunkies actually love being on the plantation, they love having the black woman’s muddy boot upon their neck and being psychologically castrated by her. They feel it is an honour to be enslaved and they wouldn’t have things any other way. The so called “black community” is a cold cold place that as far as I am concerned will not be missed in the slightest.

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  5. “Support” from the so-called black community amounts to a whole lot of nothing. What has their “support” done for Trayvon Martin? Or Alton Sterling? Or Sandra Bland? Or any other black person unjustly murdered by the cops? They’re all still dead and their families received no justice. So what good is support from black people? ‘Cause protesting, tweeting and forwarding memes online doesn’t seem to be working.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      Whenever black women and their pro black clowns talk about so called “support” from the black community, I have to laugh because there positively is none whatsoever.

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  6. First of all RIP to the dude, he died in a messed up way. I’m going to tread carefully in this post because I really don’t like to speak ill of the dead, particularly when they died in a tragic way like he did. And I’m not surprised that BW are upset with him for dating an AW.

    I’m going to say this and correct me if I’m mistaken. Regardless of his views on black women, blacks in general, BLM, and him being “off code”, etc. from what I understand Stephon Clark was a dusty dude, based on many of his tweets (about weed, games, and BS) from his now scrubbed account. He was living with his grandmother at the time that he was shot. He was in an interracial relationship with an Asian hoodrat from the looks of her tweets, she had his kids and he couldn’t even provide her with a place to live. What happened to him was wrong and shouldn’t happen to anyone, but from what I understand the dude was the exact type of dusty dude that we complain about on this site.

    Based on his tweets he apparently (correct me if I’m wrong) spent alot of his life bullshitting instead of building something for his baby momma (but for some reason not wife) and children, and when death came for him in the form of white supremacist and/or incompetent cops, his baby momma and kids are likely left with NOTHING. If he had died some other way and wasn’t killed by cops in this manner his baby momma and kids would be left with nothing because I doubt that he had life insurance, and I doubt that life insurance for a 22 year old is expensive.

    The BW in the post above was right in a way, his Asian baby momma will get the money and hopefully her family grabs her by the coattails and helps her to spend it right and take care of the kids. From the way that Stephon’s brother was acting on TV he probably came from a ghetto family, and from the way that his baby momma was talking on twitter she is probably ghetto herself, hopefully her family isn’t though.

    Once again like many hoodrats and dusty dudes he is convicted in death by what he has done for his family and what he has left behind for them, which if I had to guess was nothing. The dude was 22 years old so I could cut him some slack for not having his money together at that age, but only if he didn’t have two kids to take care of.

    But once again RIP to the dude.

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    • James S,

      Yep, and aren’t these same dusty dudes the ones that most black women chase after, worship and seek to get dicked down by? This is my whole point, they act as if they care whereas in actual fact they don’t and never did. I don’t know much about Stephon Clarke nor the circumstances surrounding his death, however from the way you’ve described him, he would be right up your average black female’s street.

      Also in relation to who gets the money, you’ll notice how black women were quick to point out how the Asian community will see the compensation Clarke’s girlfriend will receive, however these black sirens are in no position to talk as aren’t they the same individuals putting over 10 billion dollars into the hands of the same Asian community through their addiction to weave and other external appendages?

      This is my whole point, black women should take 10 seats on this issue because every time they speak on this situation, they look like class A hypocrites. If they are so worried about the dude’s money going into Asian hands, why don’t they set an example and stop frequenting Asian run beauty supplies? If they’re so worried about the dude being dusty then shouldn’t they themselves stop chasing after these same types of black men?

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    • @James S

      As much as I hate to see a black man lose his life in this manner, I have to agree with you on this. It looks like he was still about that ghetto lifestyle, and just gives more ammunition for black women to use against black men. Judging by the age of his kids, it looks like he was just getting into SYSBM. But even his choice for a mate, a ghetto asian girl, speaks volume of his mental abilities to comprehend why he lives a ghetto life. Even his fruitcake of a brother, Stevante, says a lot about the dysfunction they all were living in.

      I keep repeating myself, us thinking black men need to separate ourselves from the dysfunctional black community. I don’t care if your girl is white, Asian, Latina, etc. As long as she has the mentality of the Scraggle Daggle, she’s no different than the black witches you’re leaving behind. If you have to separate yourselves from family and friends, so be it. If you end up being called an oreo or acting “white”, then so be it. If you got to start hanging around non-black folks to keep yourself from being caught up in trouble, then so be it.

      Stephon Clark had the right idea, but he couldn’t fully separate himself from the Blackistan matrix. If anything, let his death be a lesson for all of us SYSBM practitioners. Leave the black community while you still have breath in your body.

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      • Straight Shooter did a video a while back talking about how SYSBM was about quality. Without emphasis on the quality part you will have alot of BM dating non black hoodrats. Looking at the type of life he was living his Asian baby momma obviously didn’t expect much from him and she had not one but TWO kids for this dude. Any woman who respects herself will not have children for a man who doesn’t have the means to provide for the children. On the scales of hoodrat behavior being a side chick and trying to get pregnant for a man that has his stuff together makes more sense than giving birth to children for a dude who is struggling and living at his grandmothers.

        Once again about the life insurance, that should be one of the first things that you buy when you have children. If you are young and healthy its cheap, about $20-30 a month for six figures worth on a term policy. Who knows maybe he did have a policy, but I doubt that he was mature enough to consider that. Being irresponsible and giving birth to kids that you cant pay for and having no regard for their future is what hoodrats and dusty dudes do sadly. The dude was likely dusty, but because he was killed by the cops black people automatically want to bestow sainthood upon him, without checking his resume. I’m not against the protests because no one should die like that, but he was no role model.

        We do need to separate good black people from ghetto black people. I’d go as far as to say we need a Sodom and Gomorrah type event in the hoods, where the good people leave and the wicked are left behind and destroyed. The combination of welfare cuts and gentrification may be making this happen.

        Once again RIP to the dude. Hopefully young blacks see this and learn that we will all be judged after we pass on, so we should try to be responsible and live a good life, especially if you have children.

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  7. A man was killed wrongly so what if he had a Asian girlfriend that should not matter at all. What Clarke and his girlfriend was saying was correct, and we all know even if Clarke and his girlfriend did not make statements about their displeasure about the black community there would have still been negative comments from BW and the butter gay Simps. Really that is what this is all about BW especially are mad because Clarke had a Asian girlfriend nothing more nothing less and the Simps are wagging for their doggie treats defending this garbage. Another example of BW true colors coming out all that one black wench could say in that one comment talking about the Asian girl will get her check quickly you see how most BW only think of money and not the tragedy itself. The black community is just a stupid term at this point a pile of feces and rumble.

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    • Sean,

      Its the fake outrage that gets me, black folks couldn’t give a monkeys about the dude when he was alive and additionally before he began dealing with non black women, now all of a sudden these same disingenuous blacks are now acting as if his recently discovered ststements of resentment towards black women and black society are now a problem. The dishonesty amongst most blacks is incredible, they now act as if black women are flawless saints and no examples of shady individuals can be found within black society as to explain Clarke’s remarks, smh.

      Being “on code” in black society simply means refusing to deal with anything in order for real change to come about ie continuing to allow black women to run the show and thus take the black nation down to the lowest depths of hell.

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  8. A man was killed wrongly so what if he had a Asian girlfriend that should not matter at all. What Clarke and his girlfriend was saying was correct, and we all know even if Clarke and his girlfriend did not make statements about their displeasure about the black community there would have still been negative comments from BW and the butter gay Simps. Really that is what this is all about BW especially are mad because Clarke had a Asian girlfriend nothing more nothing less and the Simps are wagging for their doggie treats defending this garbage. Another estaré en medellin el 25 de abrilexample of BW true colors coming out all that one black wench could say in that one comment talking about the Asian girl will get her check quickly you see how most BW only think of money and not the tragedy itself. The black community is just a stupid term at this point a pile of feces and rumble.

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  9. Who cares about these brain dead fucks?!?!?! Meanwhile, White Christians and Arab Muslims are fighting over who gets to fight on behalf of the brother. So, stay on the plantation with the rest of the mental midgets, or leave to join the rest of the human race.

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  10. Oh so these ghetto filth are not going to burn down another neighborhood in defense of a black man who was murdered? Good.

    These women are just happy that a black man who was trash talking them got killed. This happened before when a black man was killed in Greece by jealous white boys. Black women were happy as a pig in shit when that happened. They all want to climb swirl mountain but wish death upon black men who don’t worship her vagina. The simps are out in full force as per usual trying to get some Scooby snacks. “Off code” simply means a black man who says ANYTHING negative about Black women. He could have said something as innocent as “I hate weave” and they would still act this way. Ya know like Tyrese.

    Black women obsess about where a black man’s money is going when he is in a IR relationship but all black women do is spend money in non-black businesses.They put you on child support and spend all the money in non-black owned businesses. They spend billions a year on weave and we all know only a small percentage of the weave industry is black owned. When businesses try to cater to black women like Sha butter they boycott the business when they try to expand to other races of women. Ya know like how companies like Victoria Secret or Maybelline generally cater to white women but also have non-white women in commercials. I don’t recall white girls boycotting Mayblline because of this commercial

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    • Yours Truly,

      BW are nothing but walking contradictions it’s funny when Black Panther first came out many black women were applauding the scene when Black Panthers sister asked the white guy what are you doing Colonizer and making statements on social media. But at the same time they sided with the Colonizer and using the Colonizer system against black men BW are a absolute abomination.

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      • Not to mention they were supposed to have boycotted the film in the first place!!! Now they love it?

        Brain fried, grass eaters.

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      • Black Panther was a trip. One minute they want to boycott the film only to want to be the center of attention when they realize the film actually portrays black men and women in a positive light. Funny thing about Black Panther is there is a scene where Black Panther’s fine ass bodyguards make fun of black women for wearing weave. That bit went over their heads lol. I would date one of Black panther’s bodyguards in a heartbeat bald head and all over these rachet welfare queens that we have in the real world.

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  12. All you Uncle Tom motherfuckers bashing Jason Reid for telling the truth on you SYSBM clowns are the reason why the black community is in discord.

    Why don’t you guys give it up and crawl into your cramholes you sellouts?

    When black men get off code… black men need to expect to suffer the consequences of lack of support.

    SYSBMs do not deserve support of the black community and will get none of it either.

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    • Where is this code? And where can it be found so that one may learn and know this code? In history the great legislators like Hammurabi, Moses, Solon, Jesus, Mohammed, etc made their codes known so that one could learn. So I ask where is this code to be found? Is this a secret code?

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      • @Lurker

        I wouldn’t even bother entertaining that thing. This code is probably as elusive as Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster.

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      • @lurker

        This code is right there along with black womans self dignity and respect, wearing her natural hair, not spending BILLIONS on weave, and not making excuses for “the sisterhood”. In other words, it doesn’t exist.

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      • The code is within the like minded blacks that realize that this is a race war. There is a tacit race war being fought by white supremacists and their sympathizers. Therefore… all blacks need to be on the same code.


    • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

      I see you’ve returned to spout off your usual male feminist garbage. Haven’t seen you in a while flunky, have you managed to land yourself a wide load, weave wearing single mother of 7 yet? Jason Reid just like yourself simply doesn’t get it, without first bringing your black queans back into line, you and the rest of the bootlicking shine boys of your ilk will never get any form of so called “code” off the ground.

      Stick to beating your monkey to black women on Pornhub you wish would pay you some attention. Had you gone SYSBM you would’ve had your balls drained on the regular, however since you’ve instead decided to psychologically castrate yourself for a group of women who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire, you’ll share the same horrible fate as them.

      It must be quite an embarrassment, how you continuously jump up to defend these black sirens, yet not one of these tarts ever passes you by and thanks you for the muddy bootlicking services you regularly provide. What a sap, and you still won’t bother putting the pieces of the puzzle together, smh. Face the truth, black women DON’T WANT YOU, don’t you get it yet?

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      • Verbs, I wouldn’t be surprised if D32018 was a just another mentally ill black woman attempting to mask her insanity by trying to pass herself off as a black man. Do I know this for sure, no.
        But as we all know black women will go to any length in order to stalk, harass, and try to interject their opinion into any space where black men are expressing themselves, and especially those areas where black men are telling the truth regarding these black women demons.

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      • Verbs…

        Jason Reid is an upstanding black man. A strong black man… unlike you… a scam artist. Jason Black would roast your ass for talking shit about Jason Reid.

        White women would have you lynched if they were allowed to today and some do in other countries. Think about what happened to that Uncle Tom in Greece. He got lynched by a bunch of race soldier Serbians. I touched on that on my Facebook blog.

        If black women don’t want black men… NEITHER do non-black women. That is the truth. I get it UNLIKE you.


      • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

        Jason Reid needs to accept that the black community as a whole at this point is finished and can never be redeemed. Strong black men recognise a fool’s errand and back away from it. Strong black men also refuse to lick the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, the same bunch of devils who have shown nothing but contempt, disdain and hatred for black men.

        Jason Black knows that black society is finished, at this point he is simply galvanising like minded black men to build something for themselves, not for the scum of black society. Jason Black just like yourself cannot defend modern day black women either.

        The very men that black women require to build for them left the building a long time ago. All the best forming a coalition with Ray Ray and Tyrone in your efforts to “rebuild” black communities.

        White women aren’t assets working on behalf of the state to ensure that black society remains in a ruinous heap, this is what black women are doing. So a black guy got beaten up in Greece, so what? Black men in the UK are dating interracial at over 53%, we aren’t getting beaten up here for it, make your point known lame.

        More importantly, here you are proudly licking the dysfunctional black female’s muddy boots and up to this day not one of these black harridans will give you the time of day. Even the single mothers of the so called community are refusing to give you a look in. Stick to beating your monkey off to your “queans” on Pornhub bruh, that is as close to a black woman as you’re likely to get.


      • Verbs…

        Jason Black also knows that not all black women are like what you claim. You cannot understand this fact. You are just a tired funky ass black man that never had a goddamned thing to offer black women that she couldn’t get her damn self. That is why you are on this hate black woman diatribe. Jason Black ain’t on this same black woman hating diatribe. That is the fucking difference.

        What the everfuck you are talking about white women aren’t assets working on behalf of the state to ensure that black society remain in ruins? White women are the co-inventors of this system that have divided black men and women along with white men.

        It is a fucking big deal that a black man got killed in Greece. This is a lot of non-black people. They will either finesse dumb black men like yourself or Carnio and take you negroes for your net worth or they will have their men be race soldiers and lynch your Uncle Tom ass like that black man in Greece. These foreign women ain’t dumb. They know how to finesse dumb weak black men. Yeah… MGTOWS get finessed as well… but you SYSBM’s are the only group that down black women because they aren’t charitable to your sorry ass. That is reality for you Uncle Tom. This ain’t dick policing by me. This is a business. You put in something that black women cannot produce herself… you get out something from black women in return. That fucking simple. Don’t act right with black women and expect black women to act right with you… you will be disappointed 100% of the time. Your bullshit stories do not fool me for one second now that I know how MGTOWs and SYSBM’s act.


      • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

        Do you know what is funny about you pro black, red, black and green bootlickers, its the fact that you continue to talk about there being “good black women” out there, however you can never seem to show us any examples of them, why is this? If there is indeed an abundance of good black females then showcase these women instead of talking out of your backside and blowing hot air.

        Again, there is nothing to like about a group of individuals who have systematically destroyed black society. Once again, as I have stated many times before, my gripe is with DYSFUNCTIONAL BLACK FEMALES. Now, it’s not my fault that the overwhelming majority of black women just happen to fit the dysfunctional demographic. What the heck are you talking about, women don’t build slug, they simply co-inhabit what has already been built up by men.

        Again, I’ll continue to raise the same question every time you bring your pro black simp flunky behind to this website, if black women are so good as you claim then why don’t you have one yet? You can’t even land yourself an morbidly obese, greasy food eating single mother of seven, now that’s saying a lot.

        Again numbskull, foreign woman are not perfect, there are some sharks out there, however they still are a much better option by far as opposed to dealing with the modern day black witch. Thinking black men aren’t trying to fit in with anybody, we are simply attempting to forge our own paths, its not my fault you’re a sheep who cannot think and reason for himself.

        Are you still yet without understanding as to what Slaying Evil is all about? Its all about warning other black men about the perils of dealing with black women in 2018, I stopped dealing with black women over 13 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Listen, you’ll be in a much better position to speak once you finally land yourself a land whale with six children en tow. Until then you have no grounds to speak on what black women will “do” for black men.

        Get you a black woman first pal because you look like a first class fool every time you come over here and open your mouth defending them to the hilt.


    • Are you for real?
      It’s not black women getting +20million abortions.
      It’s not black women abandoning family oriented black men for thugs and welfare.
      It’s not the Democrats bringing in hordes of illegal mexicans who try to take black jobs and firebomb black people out of town.
      It’s not Obama doubling the amount of people on food stamps plunging black folks even deeper into welfare dependence instead of providing jobs to our people ya know like the evil cheetoo hitler man did for us.
      It’s not black women teaching their kids to do the ride a dick/stick challenge.

      It’s SYSBM that is causing all of the discord in the black community. A movement that not even 1 million black people are aware of it’s existence. A movement that has YET to commit or endorse one crime against black people is what is causing discord in the black community right? You simps will go to the ends of the earth to blame thinking black men for all the problems you create for yourself.

      “He was off code.” What is this some new slang that was entered into the urban dictionary last week?

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yours Truly…

        You attack the symptom rather than the source. That is why your argument is faulty at best.

        BOTH black men and women have acted like cowards doing the work of white supremacists.

        Black men started this shit by chasing white pussy.

        If black men did not sell their birthright… black women wouldn’t be getting 20 million abortions.

        If black men did not sell their birthright… black women wouldn’t be on welfare by and large.

        If black men did not sell their birthright… Democrats might have still done a good job in trying to finesse blacks into thinking they cared about black issues… but if black men and women did not act like cowards… we as a black community would have had a stronger defense against Democrats… who campaign in trickery AND Republicans… who campaign in Alt-right force.

        Barack Obama was a sellout too… but do not act like Republicans did not have a hand in keeping blacks down. You think these alt-right Republicans in power care about your black ass? If you think like this… you truly are an Uncle Tom.

        If black men did not sell their birthright… black women wouldn’t be teaching kids to do the ride the stick challenge and other depraved shit like that.

        Black women did not cause all the damage to the black community. Black men have a lot to answer for the discord in the black community. More than you are obviously willing to cop to.

        YES… Stephon Clarke was off code and I stand by this message.


    • @d1ckh38d

      “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my hands and knees.” #NoSurrender

      Take your anti-interracial, black male hating, Asian woman hating, racist, misandrist code and walk back to base. Don’t forget your lube.


      Liked by 3 people

      • Michelle…

        Take your misogynist… misogynoir… interracialist… ad hominem code and stick it in your ass crack you faggot.



    • Sysbm do not owe the black community a pot of piss! Neither do we want anything from you all! Stop stalking SYSBM and go back to jacking off to black woman on world star!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Carnio…

        Yeah black men do owe their community a lot more than you SYSBM’s are willing to cop up to. Black women had to put up with crusty niggas and self hating losers that are willing to be finessed by non-black women. The least black men could do is pay the tribute that is being demanded.



        “Yeah black men do owe their community a lot more than you SYSBM’s are willing to cop up to.”

        Owe them how? in what way? because we own a penis? So because we own a penis we must give our blood and live to women right? you are a fucking Gynocentrist at it’s core meaning!

        “Black women had to put up with crusty niggas and self hating losers that are willing to be finessed by non-black women.”

        NO ONE put a gun to black women’s head to deal with these men! THEY chose to do it! They are grown ass adults that are capable of making rational decisions just like men are! Black women are not children! Aren’t you treating black women like they are incapable of making their own decisions and accepting their own responsibilities??? You sound far more misogynous that you claim we are!!

        ” The least black men could do is pay the tribute that is being demanded.”

        No one owes anyone shit just because they demand it. I cannot walk up to a Russian girl and demand her to have sex with me! So why are men expected to just do and give when they are demanded!? Black men do not owe YOU, the black community and most especially black women SHIT!

        Black women said that they were free and independent and don’t need a man! So they have no entitlement to demand shit from black men! You cannot have your cake and eat it too!

        I honest belive you are jeaous of SYSBM because you must had made a mistake and hate the fact that we are free from the evil clutches of blackistan and you are trapped in it. that is why you keep returning here and demanding that we go back to the trash that you call “Queenz”!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio…

        Like I said… I do not give two shits about who SYSBM’s date. However… I do not appreciate Omega males like yourself downing black women because you were rejected because you weren’t good enough for black women.

        Black men are guilty of a lot of bullshit in the black community.

        Maybe your genes of failure is the method to why you are embittered about black women.

        Like I said… survival of the fittest.


      • 1. I was never rejected by black women, I rejected them first! You do not need to date women to know how they are.

        2. If you say survival of the fittest then I do not understand whay you are against SYSBM! SYSBM believe in breeding out the scum that is black women and simps like you OUT!

        2.5 Why do you act as if black women are to golden prize and that we should want black women! Many of us here have SYSBM dates and they are far superior than black women! but simps like you wouldn’t understand because you have been so severely castrated that you are lost and confused as to what a REAL woman is!

        3. SYSBM are not guilty of SHIT! SYSBM/Thinking black men are not the ones who caused the state of the community as we see it today! This is fully black women. Simps like you cannot see it because you have been brainwashed to hate yourself! You hate being a man so much that when you see black men who are proud to be men you hate them. That is the only reason why you are here!


        Liked by 1 person

    • @d32018

      “All you Uncle Tom motherfuckers bashing Jason Reid for telling the truth on you SYSBM clowns are the reason why the black community is in discord.”

      I don’t produce illegitimate kids, sell drugs, make shitty rap music, mess with black chicks or even live in the hood, so no, I’m not the reason the so-called “black community” is in discord.

      “SYSBMs do not deserve support of the black community and will get none of it either.”

      If the so-called “black community” had anything to offer, SYSBM wouldn’t exist in the first place. Black people’s “support” and $5 won’t even buy me a Starbucks latte.

      The real question is, why are you always on here dick-policing grown men instead of out “building” for your “queens”? They need you more than we do.

      SYSBM for life.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Schadenfraud…

        You do hate on black women. You do hate on anybody that respects black women. That qualifies as a method to why the black community is in discord.

        What the hell you’re talking about the black community has nothing to offer? There is PLENTY to offer from the black community. That is why the black community has 3 Trillion dollars of spending power. If you cowards moved the fuck out of the way and the crusty niggas were moved out of the way… all there needs to be is a third of black people to make it and thrive.

        You guys are a joke and you guys are cowards. Nobody needs to dick police your self-hating ass to tell the truth on you guys.


      • Michelle…

        Fuck your interracialist ass.

        Fuck you Uncle Tom ass Sambo

        Fuck you loser.

        Go fuck yourself house NIGGA.

        Go serve coffee for these peckerwoods you’re worshipping and take this L I’m delivering to you.



  13. And right on queue I everyone’s favourite pro-wack eunuch @d1ckh38d calling Stephon Clark a “motherfucking coon”. SMDH. All because he missed the memo about the catch that is single mother hungry hippos.

    These pro-Wakandan simpanzees love to lick the crusty mud crack of two ton heifers for a sniff of it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • As much as I like the Black Panther movie, I cannot stand how these pro whack and these black heifers act like they have even a morsel of decency and respect the women of a made up country have. I can’t stand how they all try to greet each other like how the wakandans did. Even some of my family tried that and I was speechless. The fact they have to grab onto a movie to be like “hey these men respected their women, were the same” is a travesty. Like we can’t see the difference…

      Liked by 4 people

      • Stephen,

        Yep black people’s lack of self esteem was on FULL display during the build up and promotion of this movie….

        Liked by 3 people

    • @Michel

      That’s why it’s best to ignore these dumb monkeys and savage simps that the pro-wacks really are. These beta black males will suck a white woman’s poontang if she throws herself at them. He probably hasn’t gotten any action from a decent female in months, maybe even years. Yet he wants to call us coons and uncle toms, blaming for the dysfunction of the so called black community.

      But hey, since he’s a eunuch, that’s one less simp gene to pass on to the next generation.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. The so called black community is a fucking joke. They are more enraged he is dating a hoodrat Asian chick (right idea, but she’s still a hoodrat) as opposed to him being killed wrongfully. Fuck these people. Seriously fuck them and the so called black community. I cannot stand being lumped in with these niggers who have no ambition, or don’t want to change their circumstances. Now I admit I’m not perfect or have things together by any stretch, but I’m not just accepting it. I’m consistently working to get to where I want to be.

    I sound like a broken record at this point, but oh well. Fuck the black community. I’ve had the worst experiences of my life dealing with these miscreants because “I act or speak white”, i don’t smoke weed, sell or do drugs, and I listen to a wide variety of music, and wear clothes that fit properly. I hope the so called community and the waste of lives (the ones who have no desire to better themselves) that live there all perish. And no, I’m not joking.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Stephen

      These savages will never understand what it’s like to be called an oreo, all because we just want to self-improve our lifestyles. I’m with you, screw the black community. They never wanted us thinking black man, so we don’t owe them a cent of our potentials.

      Liked by 3 people


    We’re in the new stage of sysbm. The women realized that their shaming language is old hat and won’t work anymore. Now they have now requested help from the league of extraordinary simps in their time of need. These fools are just as dumb as their black queens that command them.

    I just can’t stop laughing. “Look out you black men that evil white woman gonna get ya.” Yo the woman in the video is a black woman who was married to an asian/indian man. That indian man was the one who got got!
    They try so hard to destroy us that in the end they destroy themselves. I don’t like to boast because pride cometh before a fall but I say gotdamum the whole world seems to be obsessed with thinking black men and our dicks! This shit is getting out of hand and fast. It was a flattering ego boost at first but now It’s just scary.

    He also made a video attacking sysbm and madbusdriver only to look like a fool again.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yours Truly,

      I’m going to check out this fool’s video shortly. I also see that New Possibilities is also going after MBD, the dick monitoring and policing is now reaching epidemic proportions, every man and his dog seems to be concerned with where a black man is putting his penis these days.

      Liked by 2 people

      • He changed the title of the video and is on full damage control mode. Fun for all my Sysbm brothers. Watch his video then watch this one. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bUW5tWWgQ88 The “white woman” he is using in the video to scare us back to the plantation is a BLACK WOMAN hahahahah! The same voice the same person!

        Because I made a fool of this man he has threatned to go after us evem more lol. Expect more from this fool in the near future.

        He has no way to talk himself out of thisone

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yours Truly,

        I’m watching the video he made about you right now and I’m struggling to stay awake, I think he pulled the other video that you posted earlier. Have you got the links to the videos where he’s disparaged MDB as well as SYSBM?


    • *sigh*

      It pains me more and more to realise how castrated some of these men are…

      I am against LGBT but I honestly think that sex reassignment surgery should be legal because too many of these simps, I feel, are really women with penises…..

      Liked by 2 people

    • And yet simps been well trained to play ‘step and fetch’ with the promise of some kind of action.

      @d1ckh38d couldn’t even get inside the blood stained draws of the filthiest single mother mud pig.

      “Dangerous”? Only to himself.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Like I have always said these Simp ass Negro clowns are actually worse than black women. Because of any stupid ridiculous thing black women do or say, you will have the Simp Negroes running right behind them in order to support and validate the idiotic behavior of black women.
    Being ‘ on code’ in this so-called black community means supporting any stupid thing any Negro does, being forced to be with mentally ill black women’s mates, and never questioning anything black women do or say.
    The one interesting point among all these pro black Simp clowns is, if they had the opportunity to date a nonblack woman and mainly a White woman you know these negroes would jump off a rooftop to do so. They are just frustrated that Blackmen with nonblack women are doing what they only wish they could be doing.
    It’s just like these fake pro black females who claim white supremacy is the cause of all their ills and we need to fight systematic white supremacy. The simple stupid Nigro doesn’t realize that most of these pro black females have already been dicked down by a bunch of white guys, and if they haven’t, they would in a split-second if they could.
    These fake pro black idiots, both a male and female, will simply look for any excuse to try to disparage or publicly disgrace a black man. The SIMPS do it because most of them have been raised around, and by black women, they worship and fear black women, and many of them are either too weak, too effeminate, or too stupid to ever even consider questioning anything black women do or say.
    Do you ever notice when they have all these black lives matter or these pro black rallies, that it is a bunch of black women yelling and screaming, leading the charge, telling the world about their opinions and about how they feel the world should be run. And of course there will be a handful of effeminate stupid weekends Blackmen who are not only following behind but giving validation to the black woman’s idea that she is superior, more intelligent, has more value, and the ridiculous notion that black women should be in charge of everything in the so-called nonexistent black community.
    A black man has a nonblack wife, and black women and SIMPS lose their freaking minds and try to tear this guy down simply for wanting to be happy.
    But Serena the transsexual woman Williams, can have a baby with and marry some effeminate white boy and black women and SIMPS have nothing to say about it not one negative word. This is why I simply try to avoid most Negroes. The mental illness starts with the black woman in charge of the so-called black community and trickles into the minds of these black children who eventually come Blackmen whose minds have been perverted by these black women.
    Verbs, on a sidenote did you see the video of the black man named Devyn Holmes who was shot in the head on a facebook live stream by some black woman who was playing with the gun and allegedly accidentally shot him in his head? If you haven’t seen this video you need to see it.
    I could probably write a book about everything in that one minute and change video, and how it proves just how weak simple and stupid Blackmen are and just how mentally ill black women are.
    Most black folks sadly especially the younger ones think life is a fucking joke and everything is to be laughed at and not taking seriously. But the video proves otherwise. Avoid black women and most Negro men at all costs. Your life depends on it.

    Liked by 3 people

  17. @ James

    I agree with You on that even though this guy was dating an Asian girl, she seems to be no different from any other black woman.

    I have a shirt story to shar.
    In my early college days, there was a girl who is From Afghanistan of Pashtun decent. Technically she is Asian but not the type that I am after who are all in the far east (China, Japan, Korea). This girls was so beautiful and exotic but it ends right just about there. This chick is the most hyper masculine creature I have ever seen in my life. Her male cousin, who is on to that street life, told me one day that she likes me.

    Now she has beautiful healthy smooth skin, tall, dress very sexy and all that. But as soon as she opens her mouth ……”YO What’s good DOOD!” her voice is deeper than mine. She walks like a man and talks like some illiterate gangster. She gave aggressive manly body gesture and literally walks while putting her hands in front of her crotch. It was such as turn off!

    I LOVE tomboys but this chick just takes it way too far. She came off as a bit dykish.
    , I remember a white girl accidentally bumped into her and the Pashtun chick looked as if she was hitting on the white girl, like a man! Ugh!

    If you are going to go SYSBM, go all the way! Don’t half ass it by picking something of a different color but has the same toxic mentality as what you are trying to escape from! I mean, for God’s sake, I literally felt like if she tried to get with me (that was her plan) I would be getting with another man! I just felt grossed out and didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Ususally I don’t have any prejudice against lesbians, homosexual man or even transsexuals but I simply cannot tolerate when men actually think and act like men and same with men trying to be women!

    There are 200+ countries to SYSBM to and thankfully I am on my own spiritual journey to find my own SYSBM path!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Carnio,

      I agree 100% I do not want a foreign woman acting like a BW and also they be trying to hard to be black and they are over the top annoying. I will not mess with any woman trying to be like a Black American woman nope will not do it. Oh by the way Fucktard D32018 why do you insist on coming on this site you can say whatever nobody here is changing their mindset we are SYSBM for life take your monkey ass and so call help your black masculine weave wearing dirty queens to clean up the black community. Wrong that is a impossible task you butter soft doggie treat seeking attention from Dirty BW punk.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. He changed the title of the video and is on full damage control mode. Fun for all my Sysbm brothers. Watch his video then watch this one. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bUW5tWWgQ88 The “white woman” he is using in the video to scare us back to the plantation is a BLACK WOMAN hahahahah! The same voice the same person!

    Because I made a fool of this man he has threatned to go after us evem more lol. Expect more from this fool in the near future.

    He has no way to talk himself out of this one


    • What do you expect Yours Truly? F..tard D32018 is a Infiltrator unit of Terminator sent by the Military-Industrial Complex (Daddy Big Government) and black females in order to get rid of SYSBM males.


      • His whole video is attacking my youtube channel not realizing I just use my youtube channel to comment and stopped making videos years ago. He claims my youtube channel is a gaming channel but i don’t actually play any games on my channel. Black men like this Mr.Research are fucking gay as fuck. His entire video against me as just ad hominem after another. Truly a sight to behold.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Now that is a sight to behold. A simp who is suppose to be educated, articulate, and claims to be of high intellect, has to resort to using shaming tactics like the black witches he worships. This is why these monkeys need to be given a wall of silence as well. I bet this simp is probably screwing some non-black woman behind closed doors, yet wanna act like the black community needs fixing from us thinking black men. Now that’s acting a coon, not living what you preach.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Code? Please. The beat goes on with niggas trying to shame BM back onto the plantation. If Clark wasn’t openly (and righteously) expressing his disdain for nigga bitches, them slimebag simps and nigga bitches would sniff under the surface of the topsoil looking for any excuse to justify going against his choice of mate (if non nigga bitch). They act like pigs looking for truffles. Fortunately they will have about 0.5% success. Let the weak be shamed back onto the plantation.


  20. Meanwhile, Gary Owens wife is more than pleased to say “Nigga” on behalf of her white husband.

    I’m sure the swirling sisterhood will laugh it off as a “harmless joke”. Isn’t she breaking code, or is that just another double-standard rule only to be used on Black Men? I could only imagine what would happen if Kanye West made a video with Kim Kardashian saying the N word, “woke” Black feminists would have riots in the streets and boycott Kanye’s music. Black simps would rush to there defense and write endless articles attacking straight Black Men.

    Liked by 2 people

    • SunGodRa,

      Indeed, the black simps will allow their queans to “break code” all day because as far as they are concerned she is the code and therefore in their eyes she can never transgress.

      Liked by 2 people

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