They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 10


Why aren’t the simps talking about stuff like this. Where are you D32018, as black men would say, where you at bruh? Since when have you ever heard a black man say that he would kill three black women to stroke the hair of a white female, I’ll wait? This is one of the fundamental differences between swirling and SYSBM, swirling’s foundation is build upon an infatuation and worship of non black men. SYSBM on the other hand is not about the worship of white and other non black women, even though there may be black men within the movement who do indeed worship non black females, that is NOT part of SYSBM’s foundation.

If you look at the 2nd Facebook post we even have a white man who has brazenly posted in relation to how submissive black women are towards “his kind”. He’s not wrong though, black women worldwide worship white men and white people in general, this is especially the case in Africa where skin bleaching has become an epidemic. Living in th UK I see African women who bleach their skin walking down the streets here all the time and let me tell you, they look very odd and out-of-place.

Their faces are light meanwhile when you look at their hands and feet they are still dark. For those black men seeking black women from Africa I would be extremely cautious when dealing with women from the west and the south of the continent. As I have stated before I personally would home in on the women from the east of Africa, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia in my opinion are the best spots in the motherland to pick up women right now. Plus many of the East African women are mixed so the black bloodline has been diluted.

You really have to laugh at black women as a collective, how they put themselves out there selling themselves and trying their best to appeal to white men yet white men for the majority part refuse to pay them any attention. Most of the time a white male will bend a black female over the couch for a quick session and then be on his merry way. It’s black women namely the swirling sisterhood who are the fools that believe their relationship with white men overall is more than a sexual fling.

Again, you’ll notice that the simps will never confront black women who choose to deal with non black men, however they are always more than ready to go to town and toe to toe with black men who choose to deal with non black women. I’ve never heard an explanation from the simp squadrons as to why this is the case. Perhaps the pro black bootlicker D32018 can answer the question.

Another question to ask the pro black masses is how can one possibly build with a group of women who much prefer to embrace single motherhood as opposed to building strong family units? Those black women who choose to bring forth children deliberately procreate with men whom they know are not fit for fatherhood yet those who support and advocate for black women will never deal with this issue.

SYSBM black men, you cannot build with the majority of black women as they are NOT interested in anything you have to offer them plus they are quite content residing under the security wing of the government. These are the unbridled black female savages that pro blacks expect us to unify with:

I don’t really have much else to add to this, feel free to chime in with your thoughts. The welfare cuts are here. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

115 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 10

  1. Simps only care about pussy from black women and many simps never actually had good sex from any black woman because black women are very lazy in bed, hence why white women are usually better.

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  2. I ask simps this very simple question. Other than getting dry pussy from a black woman, what exactly she has to offer other than Tyrones kids??? They can’t answer that because it would require them to think logically.

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  3. To whom it concerns:
    You sir are a lame, weak faggot if you think that taking some Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian slut to be your own personal “cum dumpster” because she is not loud and belligerent in public is pathetic.

    To all you “kidults”(adult aged children) who still calls some whore his “girlfriend,” grow up, men do not deal with “girls” so cease with your girlfriend childishness. When will you “little boy” cease to deal with women in the same capacity as a 1st grader. Yes, lil Johnny has a “girlfriend” the good news is lil Johnny is only 5 years old with a “girlfriend” what is your excuse?

    Finally for all you “slut walk” sympathizers please cease from trying to persuade men to spend their money, waste their time cuddling with some slut that has “mayonnaise” all over her mouth but she has not eaten a sandwich. Any man worth his salt would not call a whore his “girlfriend”(childish much?) or wife some low class whore. So to all you “undercover feminist” who get mad when sluts complain that “he will not let us perform fellatio on him,” “he will not date us,”
    “He will not even be caught dead talking to us” go write a song praising “the penis slayer” who raised you!

    P.s. you are more of a man without any whore, you were born a man, you do not need a woman to co-sign your man hood, these women today are so easy, if I was to get involved with a whore, she would have to let me pimp her out to the tune of $5000 before I would even consider her….All the broke whore stocking shelves at Walmart and they are willing to have sex with anybody, that is like me as a man spending all day passing out narcotics for free and then leaving so I can go earn my pay at walmart

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    • Of course you would be upset because of the thinking black man option of not dating black women. Since you call is weak, lame, faggot, and wack, i have to ask, why are you here??? Oh, i know why, it’s because the very wack, lame, faggot thinking black men are going to non black women and taking their money with them. That is why you’re upset, the money is not going to black women and now that Donald Trump is cleaning up house, your shaming tactics are not working. Sysbm.

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      • @Robert Chavis
        I am not advocating the “black slut” either, I am basically saying that the only way men will be allowed to be husbands and fathers to their children is all currency must be taken away from “ALL” whores, the currency I’m speaking of is “attention” these whores will never allow men to be husbands and fathers to our children until their “attention accounts” are empty. I despise the black, white, Asian and Hispanic whore equally. I do agree that the black woman is the worst behaved and should be avoided above all others. But don’t think these non black tramps are to be the black mans saviour


    • Brothers, as you can see 3r1istruth comment, he’s worried about why thinking black men are not getting with low tier black women because he sees that these low tier black resources are drying up and they’re hitting him up for them. The unattractive thinking black men are leaving black women alone and taking their resources with them. This scares simps and black women the most because these men are not putting money into companies that went bankrupt like toys r us.

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      • @verbs
        I did direct my comments, when I said, “to whom it concerns” and “if the shoe fits”
        Fact: divorce is at an all time high, while marriage is at an all time low, black women see marriage altars at the lowest rate here in the United States,(no I’m not advocating that men should marry black women) i’m Saying that these other women are not the creme of the crop either, the other races of women are leaving men high and dry as well

        I do not want a:
        Spanish woman taking me to the cleaners while smiling and eating tacos
        Asian woman taking me to the cleaners while making shrimp fried rice
        White woman taking me to the cleaners while saying “like yeah” in her valley girl voice
        Black woman taking me to the cleaners while calling me a “b***h a$$ nigga

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      • 3r1istruth,

        Nobody here has ever stated that non black women are the holy grail, however looking at things from a general perspective despite their floors they are still a better option than your average black female.

        I personally am still of the opinion that foreign women are ultimately the best choice, however I’m sure that you understand best or better doesn’t mean perfect and in no wise have I ever implied such.

        In seeking companionship there are always risks, as far as I am concerned the idea is to choose the best options which will amount up to the least amount of risk in an individual’s life, this is what SYSBM is all about.

        Ultimately if one can the best option is to relocate to a different country(non westernised), one where patriarchy is still the order of the day, Carnio is a prime example of this option.

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      • See, my problem with these types is that they search for the same fairy tale perfection that they complain about women wanting.

        These dudes talk about “the harsh realities of life” when it’s time to complain about liberals but themselves want an idealized reality when it involves their own life.

        These ****ers also have immense ego to somehow see perfection in themselves. Comments like these are why a lot of men’s movements end up going nowhere outside of their niche circle: they, despite clinging to “logic”, are emotional and irrational as hell and choose the wrong hills to die on, coming off eventually as just male versions of whining feminists to those on the fence.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is my point, it has never been about perfection, instead the goal is to achieve better in terms of love and companionship. We already know about the stats on black women when it comes down to dating and marriage when compared to their non black female counterparts.

        This is not Alice in Wonderland, Snow White or Cinderella, life is full of twists and turns, it’s how an individual deals with the obstacles life throws at him/her that matters.

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    • Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. By that I mean other races or cultures of women. Every other group of women I’ve been associated with, dated (or now), married were better than nigga bitches. Now if you get off on dick monitoring us BM that choose better, then have fun with your keyboard and cleaning it with your buttery nut. But cool it with the ASSsumptions regarding us BM that escaped the plantation. Some of us, just have a preference for better looking and acting women. No apologies simp ass.

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  5. Black Women literally would kill anybody black for the drippings of a white man’s dingaling. Black men actually want interracial relationships/marriages for love purposes and to give a better future to their children. As MBDX once said concerning those who think people are being put on a pedestal, “No, it’s your ****ing freedom being out on a pedestal!” And your children’s as well!

    Black Women, even with white men are unfit for marriage and relationships because they literally can not genuinely love, only lust and desire. That is why black relationships aren’t actually relationships, just series’ of sex.

    Black Women are also not fit for mere friendship, they’re too psychologically far gone.

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    • afrofuturism1, 100% truth, “black women are not fit for mere friendship.” I actively tried at one point to expand my social circle to include a couple of black women, for diversity’s sake/business purposes. Nothing good came of it. Sticking with white and Asian women, bruh. Sistas have nothing to offer.

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      • See, I actually GET the idea of wanting to keep it black, be it in relationships, friendships, marriage, and business ventures. The sad reality, however, is that the opportunity to patronize such worthy individuals in any venue is slim to non-existent.

        Most of what blacks have to offer is a sub par version of what others can offer, namely in relation to business. This is part of why so many black businesses fail.

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    • @afrofuturisim
      “Black Women are also not fit for mere friendship”
      This goes doubly so if you are a good BM who is married/dating. Im married and my wife is even suspicious of the BW that I work with and has told me so on numerous occasions. She knows how desperate BW are to get a man and is aware of the “side-piece” culture growing amoung BW.

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    • Couldn’t agree more. Outside of the few I served with, i don’t have any black female friends and even less black male friends after the election. Fine with me.

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  6. Great post Verb.
    Too bad in reality WM don’t want BW outside of illicit sex, otherwise they would be a match made in hell.
    Let these BW talk shit all they want, just don’t date them. The Wall is kicking their butts as they start to realize that pookie and ray ray are their only dating options, BM are avoiding them and Non-BM don’t want them at all.
    A youtuber that I follow was talking about how many BW that he comes across who are on medications for mental issues, sleep aids, etc. I guess battling stress, depression, loneliness, and choking down psychoactive medications is the price for being strong and independent. When these chicks notice good BM avoiding dating them and see their non-black girlfriends going on dates an getting married they probably call the Dr to increase their dosage. Keep the Wall up.

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  7. They post nonsense like this, but wonder why were avoiding them like the plague? Keep fortifying the wall, and save as many that want to be saved as you can gentlemen. These broads are getting a sneak preview as to how bad things will become; and I have zero sympathy whatsoever for them, their bastard children they chose to have in poverty, or the simps they continue to kiss their collective asses.

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  8. These are the same fools that destabilized their own nations upon American soil in the 1500-1700s which resulted in the mass mental slavery and stupidity we see today. This is not talked about in American history books, but the other nations of the world are well aware and this is why in places like India they do not even tolerate these slave ass negroes, especially the women. They aren’t seeing only skin color but the slave traitor mentality. But these slave ass negroes will tell you “they hate me because of my skin color”.

    No they hate you because you have a denegerate animal culture and way of life. If PETA happens read this I apologize in advance for the comparison to animals, who are far better behaved and are in harmony with nature. Jane Seymour showed you how gorillas live peacefully.

    Chimpanzees on the hand seem to behave in similar manners at times to negroes, however when the angry male chimps are killed off and the intelligent peaceful monkeys rule, then the chimpanzee society flourishes, in a nat geo documentary, it explained that when a angry juiced up chimp comes into a fold of adaptive male chimps that he becomes peaceful and adaptive within 6 months or so.

    And therefore nature teaches us that the Simps must go and will go, as they will ultimately kill each other off. However this is why these treacherous breeders are always trying to get pregnant or are incentivized to get pregnant to keep making angry negro slave monkeys.

    ” The good of a people ought to be established upon a more solid foundation. For this reason the law is established, which no passion can disturb. ’Tis void of desire and fear, lust and anger. ’Tismens sine affectu,written reason, retaining some measure of the divine perfection. It does not enjoin that which pleases a weak, frail man, but without any regard to persons commands that which is good, and punishes evil in all, whether rich or poor, high or low. ’Tis deaf, inexorable, inflexible.”

    “By this means every man knows when he is safe or in danger, because he knows whether he has done good or evil. But if all depended upon the will of a man, the worst would be often the most safe, and the best in the greatest hazard: SLAVES WOULD OFTEN BE ADVANCED, THE GOOD AND THE BRAVE SCORN’D AND NEGLECTED. The MOST GENEROUS NATIONS HAVE ABOVE ALL THINGS SOUGHT TO AVOID THIS EVIL: and the virtue, wisdom and generosity of each may be discern’d by the right fixing of the rule that must be the guide of every man’s life, and so constituting their magistracy that it may be duly observed. Such as have attained to this perfection, have always flourished in virtue and happiness: They are, as Aristotle says, governed by God, rather than by men, whilst those who subjected themselves to the will of a man WERE GOVERNED BY A BEAT.

    These guys do the exact opposite, coincidence, I think not. Necropolitics. “The Black Hoarde”. The clones of the Sith Empire.

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    • Should have been “Were governed by a BEAST”. And the statements above apply to anyone who operates and assists in the operation of said negro slave breeding scheme, regardless or skin color, national origin, or religion. animals and handlers included.

      The 3irltruth guy way pretty raw but there was facts in what he said, unfortunately as Verbs spoken the state of Western culture is in a decline and so obviously the women must generally be in decline as they birth all of the humans, minus the test tube babies. You are indeed better off planting your seed in more preserved soil and keeping it in its natural environment (traditional Eastern culture).

      All nations tend to perish when they fall away from those virtuous principles upon which they were established. To mirror to the present day, we have Donald Trump saying “make America great again” and you have pundits like ‘ngela ry’ (A and e omitted) saying “remember the hurt and trauma”.

      The Lord hath said to his people that he will have fools, infants, and women to rule over them for their disobedience. We must get our heads straight, There is no salvation apart from the Most High and his precepts.

      I must say it is a dark reality when pimping actually seems sensible and reasonable.

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  9. I don’t know which is indicative of the other: dysfunctional black women being Dykes, or dyke black women being dysfunctional. Granted, I’ve NEVER seen a dyke that didn’t OOZE dysfunction, so there’s that. With the wall getting higher, expect an increase in cunt tongueing black hoes.

    Also, expect the next batch of videos to deal with the skin bleaching.

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    • Ironically, I have found some of the “black dykes” to be in the manner of well behaved young men, like the security guard types who uphold a man standard. I guess logically if you did produce a healthy minded female should would probably be mentally adverse to the examples of women in her environment as well as the negro male monkeys produced by said culture. In such cases their role model might only be basketball players, denzel Washington, Billy Blanks (lol), etc. Cant blame anyone for not wanting to let tyrone, ray ray, and lil pookie run up in them.

      Plus they are actually socially permitted to physically regulate if their woman acts up. Kind of makes sense when you think about it in some cases. Maybe the sneak counter to the simp army is a well regulated stud regime.

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  10. Have u guy noticed that most WM/BW & WM/AW offspring become self-hating and racist. This is because they see their black & Asian mothers obsessing over whiteness.

    We also have to be careful with most of these westernized Asian women too because their second after black women in worshipping white men.

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    • Many of these Asian women are actually becoming wary of white men, as they see the racial insecurities in white men that we see in black women. Plus, AW/BM has had a stigma for a long time that is now being broken up, leading the pairing to becoming very popular now. The same thing is happening with Indian and Arab women concerning black men.

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      • Yeah speaking truth afrofuturism1, U know most white men think their entitled to Asian women, especially when their with a black man.

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  11. This is how stupid ‘swirling’ black women are. They’re getting the worst (rejects and passovers aka betas and weaklings) of white men from white society, not the best. As you can see in the first image above of this guy, he looks effeminate like a white woman and this is what black women of this ilk wants. They want a white man (in this case a low-tier one) that they can control the same way they do to black men from the matriarchy. Kimberly Renee stated that black men always someone to build them up but she and other black women want these same type of black men to uplift them. Hold up, I thought the so-called independent black woman/women was strong, so why she/they need black men to speak life into them? The reason is simply put, they know black men has the power, not black women and that’s why we see these black women defenders (males) from the matriarchy come to defend their “women”. Well, the women via spell of seduction/smell between their legs got their low-to-no self-esteem men utilizing their strength to combat for their sistas’ sake against the ‘bashing’ or rightgeous critiquing by decent, thinking brothers. SYSBM.

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    • Black Women will **** John Goodman if it means potentially getting a mixed baby and being seen as more “white” by being some white mans arm candy.

      I know a black chick that constantly said the usual “niggas ain’t $h1t!” But took on a fat and balding MUCH older white man who had not one but two slow ass children.

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      • Those types of women will get into management positions and attempt to bully other lighter skinned ethnicities (like some Spanish speakers) into arranging meetings with their sons so that they can get them “a light skin baby”. And if the demands are not met, they will bring in reinforcements. It is very sad and is a hostile working condition for people who just want to work to provide for their family (that they actually love).

        Weird and wicked fucking people. They should be banned from retaining control over any minor.

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  12. I cannot believe what I just read coming from those nigresses. Now I believe Tito when he said that the majority of the slave rebellions in the US were informed upon by this nigga cunt. Yet Derrick Jxnn, Seti, and Radical RIGHT (Youtuber, Look Him Up. Real POS Simp) expect us to wife up these cunts. Fuck them and these whores.

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  13. Schadenfreude posted one of my favorite quotes by Sun Tzu:

    “If you see the enemy destroying himself, let him.”

    That’s how I feel about these black witches that worship white men and the white men who feel they’re doing a number on us by getting with these black witches. It’s a waste of time getting emotional over what they do. Only these simp monkeys and beta black males get all their panties in a bunch over these black women. If she so desperately wants to get out of “Blackistan”, I say go right ahead. Just don’t come crawling back to us when things don’t work out, because our wall of silence will be up and fortified when you do come back. But hey, you still have the simp monkeys and the beta black males who still want you, so all is not lost hahahaha.

    As for the insecure white men, I love it how these racist white men get so insecure seeing us thinking black men with non-black women. They over here screaming about white genocide and how the white race is dying. Newsflash racist white men: YOU’RE KILLING YOURSELVES OFF. You lead the nation in suicides, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. Your insecurities are so fragile, you lead the nation in mass murders because you rather go out guns ablazing rather than die alone. And the only women that are willing to deal with your ignorant racist self are low-tier women of all races. By the way, I still find it comical how these wimp racist white men want to holler about white genocide, yet more and more of them are having children by non-white women. How do you explain that? Less you start under the premise that these white men are psychological flawed as well. Therefore, no quality white woman, or any quality woman, wants to reproduce with that dysfunction. His only option then is to get with women who worship his whiteness, to build up his fragile ego and self-esteem. Again, these men are killing themselves off. You can’t blame those statistics on us black men.

    P. S. This is also why I believe white men are unfit to be fathers of biracially mixed children. How can a white guy tell his half-black son about racism, when he’s never experienced that himself? How can a white guy encourage his half-asian son to build up his self-esteem, when he himself has never been discriminated against? His children will never be seen as white like him, which means they will suffer more self-hate when the going gets rough. And may the Most High help those mixed children if their mothers are black.

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    • Excellent analysis, Sigma. Did you hear about the recent news over in South Africa claiming that White Genocide is going to start. They do not want to admit that those poor White farmers are on land that they stole from the native black africans, and now they want to play victim. They are even trying to petition them to come here in the US. Trust me if they bring that racism shit over here, they will pay dearly. Also they call black people kaffirs, their version of “nigger” so watch out.

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      • Yea I’ve heard about that as well. And I find it laughable too that these ignorant white people believe Donald Trump is gonna send troops over to South Africa to rescue some poor white people. What these white people don’t understand is that Trump only understands the language of MONEY. If you don’t have the money, Trump ain’t wasting time with you, don’t matter if you’re black or white. That’s why these racist white men who have wet dreams about Donald Trump saving their race is just that, a wet dream.

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    • “If she so desperately wants to get out of “Blackistan”, I say go right ahead. Just don’t come crawling back to us when things don’t work out, because our wall of silence will be up and fortified when you do come back. ”
      Coming back to us isn’t an option regardless of where they go or what they do unless they change their attitudes. They can go anywhere they want, including overseas and they will still remain a pump and dump, or a baby momma for the few non-BM that are willing to deal with them. They don’t see that THEY are the problem and regardless of the group of men they deal with they will be treated the same unless they change themselves.

      And yeah you are right about white men crying “white genocide”. As far as I can see the “white genocide” is a combination of low WM sperm counts, infertility among WW, and self inflicted problems like suicide, drug overdoses, etc. The fact that they try to blame blacks/Jews for this is stupid. WW are also having a gender war with WM, the difference between their gender war and ours is that WW actually have legitimate grevances with WM. BW have no legitimate grievances with BM, they point the finger at us for the state of the black community and then go spread their legs for thugs/bums and give birth to their children, who then grow up to be thugs/bums ruining the community.

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      • 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿
        Gotta co-sign that legit grievances part. This is why those white women are able to build actual relationships with other men, namely black men. Meanwhile, WM/BW is one of the most dysfunctional and disgusting things to see, such insecurities on display.

        I will also say that at least with Asian/Indian women and lighter skin, their culture pushes that, meaning that their MEN push that first. Conversely, black Women CHOSE this colorism for black society, but get mad when women like Summer Kellsey are more sought after?

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  14. *SIGH* I see the chickens clucking and scared to be plucked. If you gentlemen didn’t know, US Congress just passed HR 1865, “FOSTA”. This means that the whores, low-hanging fruit, and the desperate can no longer post on websites for sexual transactions. You will see many other sites like CityVibe & BackPage that will follow suit (if they already haven’t). Many Black Women (especially with a name that has an Arab twist or ghetto jargon) have this overt or passive aggressive attitude towards Black Men.

    This will change. Take note and observe. Their time and use as bed-wenches has come to pass. It doesn’t matter if they swirl or date white men. 95% (And I’m being generous with that number) really are into Black Women beyond a casual affair. Many see BW as easy fair game (as most men of other races do). I understand the dynamic & concept of whatever man is at the top 20% usually will get any woman they want but many White Men are not at that 20%. The only reason BW try to date/marry WM is full assimilation and the perceived benefits that may be gained from this relationship. It is definetely not love, admiration, or respect.

    Between the food boxes, HR 1865, not defunding Planned Parenthood, I plan to see more women of color losing those benefits and privileges. And asking,”Why White Zaddy,Why? I thought you loved me” *Teary-Sad Face*

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  15. I was on YouTube last night and The Young Turks released a video titles “interracial marriage poll request SHOCKING RESULTS”
    I was less interested in the video but more into the comments. About 70% of the comments is mostly black women and homosexual black men attacking black men on worshipping white women. So I get triggered and try to smack some logic into them.

    Instead what I find, is there are other races that actually believe the “black men hate themselves” stereotype that is starting to appear in comment sections I noticed. Kind of like that white woman who made a article about black men need to stop chasing White women and start appreciating black women. I am beginning so see videos and more comments like this! God damn liars are now making everyone believe all the false witness against black men!

    My issue is not so much that if black women FEEL that black men are discriminating black women but they go all over the internet lying
    And making other people believe those lies and now people will think this is the case when it is simply not true. Yet here we have women like on this post here make comments like this and this is ok?

    Let a black man make a post about white girls and his page/channel will be filled with absolute hatred and death emails!

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    • Not surprised to hear that. YouTube has always been an anti-black male institution. Anything a black male puts up in regards to the truth of black america is open for abuse by the system. Which is why I too believe we thinking black men need to start going to other venues that are more black male friendly or even create our own venues like Verbs have here with Slaying Evil.

      There’s nothing new black women are running with their shamming tactics. All they’re doing here is running to their liberal friends and are now getting them involved into shaming us black men to be with black women, to get us back on the plantation. And these simp monkeys, pro whacks, and black beta males don’t make the situation any better by being the world’s living examples of court jesters. They all talking about black love and the black woman is God, yet they will be the first to jump on a white woman’s pootang any chance they get. That’s why we thinking black men still need to separate ourselves from them. We know the black community is dead. We know this black woman hates herself and black men. We know these simps and black beta males are brainwashed. And the good thing is, other non-black people are noticing this as well.

      This is why technology is the thinking black man’s biggest ally. Black women can shame and lie all they want, but they can never escape from the harsh realities they so desperately want to run away from. And technology reflects those harsh realities not only back at them, but to everyone else as well. So go ahead and let them continue in their degeneracy. I’ve quote him once and I’ll quote again what Sun Tzu said:

      “If you see the enemy destroying himself, let him.”

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      • “…Which is why I too believe we thinking black men need to start going to other venues that are more black male friendly or even create our own venues like Verbs have here with Slaying Evil.”

        I agree:

        1. Wasn’t there a SYSBM website? Did it get shut down? what happened to it?

        2. I think SYSBM Men should also make their own kind of blogs very similar to verbs in the way Afro does his. or maybe they can make more sysbm youtube videos. That way people won’t think that it’s just one “angry, bitter” man and dismiss the site as just another radical “MRA/PUA/MGTOW/” woman hater..I want to do the same but I know that it would be a complete waste of time and energy because it does not fit the popular opinion, so i’ll just get shamed and have my content deleted off!

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    • White men especially have jumped on this because they see their grasp on white and other non-black women slipping, and black men’s increasing. Notice however that their worship of anyone and everyone else goes unchecked however? White genocide but running to Asian women, smdh

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      • @ afrofuturism1, Anton Nikolaev

        YES! This is the number one thing I hate about white men. White men think they have the god given right to have Asian (or non white) women while they dick police black men from dating white women. In their mind, it’s ok for white men to have Asian women, black women, white women but non-white men are not allowed to have any! Even their own! WTF?!?!!?

        There was a Hapa (half white half asian) youtuber named Eurasian Tiger who talked about the exact same thing. Although I disagreed with many things he had to say, One thing that did seem certain was that White men feel that they were entitled to having Asian women while Asian men were not even allowed to date White women or even Asian women. WTF? Why white men feel they have a dick Monopoly on all women is a mystery we may never know…

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  16. These black bitches worship white men. But they are too stupid to understand that vast majority of non black men. Including their “gods” white men only want to pump and dump . Their in for a rude awakening when they find out black men are their only dating option.

    Liked by 6 people

    • “Their in for a rude awakening when they find out black men are their only dating option.”
      They already know that pookie and ray ray are fast becoming their only options, that’s why so many of them are complaining about not being approached by good BM. They know that non-BM aren’t interested, they just pretend like they are so they don’t look as desperate. BW saying “Well, I’m going to go date a WM” has become a joke at this point. The truth about BW’s low desirability for dating has been laid bare by magazines and data from dating websites. The jig is up and so is the Wall.

      Liked by 6 people

  17. As a Black man that likes White girls, I could care less what or where or who with BW spend their time.

    And if ball-less misandrists like @d1ckh38d doesn’t like it, “he” can go stick his head in the mouth of a Sharkeisha. The simp.


    Liked by 8 people

  18. This is why the Bible is TRULY God’s word. If the scripture says ‘Go where you are wanted’ and in this day and age, non-black conservative females lust after us and our own females have chosen thugs, hoods and modern day house n…s and overseers over us, any smart person would make the obvious truth.

    But the simps have had their minds clouded, so they keep on running the ‘boogeyman’ argumen which is a complete lie and a mirror version of what racist white males try to tell white women about us..

    Liked by 5 people

    • YES! TRUTH!!!!

      The simps are one of the biggest enemies to SYSBM in finding where they are wanted. If I knew what my experiences going to Asia would be like back when I was in middle school, I would had long ago been settled in Japan, Korea, or China living a simple yet enriching life. it was these simps that always try to tell you that you are wrong and you stick to black women because “muh quenz”.

      I am packing up to leave Kyrgyzstan much earlier than I had planned out. The mind set here is far to different and the values conflict with mines as theirs are too 13th century, mentally stuck in the Genghis khan era for my liking. I will be migrating to Thailand and when I get there I will be taking Martial Arts. That way, any more simps that try to tell me and stop me from dating my Chinese, Japanese or Thai girls is going to get a straight knee to the face!!!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • I knew that Kyrgyzstan was crazy after seeing that funny ass story about the dog that I made a video of. I’m all for traditionalism/conservatism, but if I wanna time travel, I’ll call HG Wells.

        Also, TIGER UPPERCUT!!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, The culture is far too stuck in the past and have these annoying traditions that seem so silly (Like that dog story) and are far too corrupt for my liking. They refuse to move past it simply because they were once a part of the USSR. During that time many people were forced to learn Russian, Forced to abandon their religion (Hence why there are extremists in some parts of the country) and were treated like 3rd class citizens at that time, So now they want to “Protect their tradition and way of life” as a resentment towards the Russians.

        I think Thailand is a much better fit and will have to be my home base for now.
        YES! TIGER UPPERCUT!!! (towards modern day black women)

        Liked by 3 people

      • I have always avoided eastern martial arts because I didnt want to be seen as asian culture phile who is into all things asian just because.I’ve notice people will attach this stereotype to men who do martial arts and date asian females.

        Liked by 4 people

      • I use to think like you but I stopped caring about their opinions. I wouldn’t worry about it because:

        1. That is true about me being an (East) Asiaphile.

        2. Asian Martial arts are some of the most deadly martial arts you can learn. Many MMAs, the US Marine, and even the Russian Military Spetznaz, all have Asian Martial Arts incorporated in them. So if any one tells you or labels you an Asiaphile, make them understand that many other Martial Artists and the US military are one too. Secondly, Let me let you in on a secret, do you know why people will label you an asiaphile if you started dating Asian girls? it’s because for the same reason women hate it when black men date white girls. It’s all EXTREME jealousy:

        Please read these two articles:

        and watch these Short clips

        (18:52 to 21:07)

        Chances are, in the 21st Century, Asian girls make much better girlfriends to many guys who have specific needs that most other women cannot fulfill. There are many things about me that only Chinese, or Japanese girls can fulfill simply because of Values we share and their culture reinforces those values that I do not, cannot, and will not share with other races/cultures of women. There is nothing wrong with being labeled Asiaphile or having ‘Yellow fever’. Better that than being labeled GAY because one does not like black women.

        3. People are going to judge you anyways. As you can see here, anytime when we criticize black women, we are IMMEDIATELY a white woman worshiper, even if we do not like white women specifically. We are branded as uncle toms, all we want is sex with white women, hate our moms, and we all need mental therapy. It’s bad enough we have simps to reinforce and cloud up their heads with “Muh Quenz” rhetoric!

        4. I am moving and staying away from MGTOW label, all though it is a great alternative to those who are stuck in the west and have no dating options due to location (for an example, those who are stuck living in all black ghettos or live in a mixed community but have majority black population….. because we all know other blacks are the biggest cock blocker/dick policers to thinking black men) and although I have built the permanent wall of silence at most of the other races of women (Black, Hispanic, and about 98% white women), Asian women have always been the most open and nicest to me. I don’t have any ill feelings about them and we share many similar values that’s important to me. Asian women have never given me any issues except for the very prissy traditional ones and ultra-feministic ones.

        I say do it, be free to do what makes you happy. There are tons of other men who feel the same as you so do not worry about the idiots who try to shame you otherwise!!

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  19. These black women and white men post inflammatory crap like this to try and get a rise out of us not realizing we don’t are and have already left the building. Black women are just mad that us “Beta males” are taking our resources with us and she will be left with nothing but a Tyrone and a Trump Box. Black men don’t have to kill 3 black women to get to a white woman but black women have to change their entire persona just to get with Red Forman.

    On a side note I see a few people on here trying to undermine the south Africa situation. White south african farmers ARE being murdered by black South Africans at an alarming rate and most of it is covered up by the government. Sure the land may not belong to them but they ARE being persecuted and they DO deserve refugee status. It’s ignorant to say that nothing is going on and they want to leave south africa for no reason at all. Australia is going to take them in so it’s a non issue now.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @YoursTruly Ethnic cleansing and displacement against any group is wrong. I’m glad those Afrikaner’s will be able to relocate to greener pastures. I won’t be surprised if Europe turns more conservative and authoritarian due to the migrant crisis created by globalism, etc.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Some brothers have this idea that only Western BW are throwing themselves at White Men as hard as the one mentioned in the article. Nope, this Kenyan man pretty much shows how BW all over the world are trying to fulfill their swirl fantasies, and will take just about any white dude that shows a single iota of interest. Bedwenching has become a worldwide phenomenon.

    Of course if things don’t work out with Brad and Chad, she’ll just re-brand herself as “pro-black”,delete any evidence of her previous bedwenching (social media posts,pics,etc), and then pretend like she’s been “loyal” to and down for BM all her life lmao. This re-branding tactic works fine on thugs and simps, but thinking Black Men are beyond it.


    Liked by 5 people

    • “Of course if things don’t work out with Brad and Chad, she’ll just re-brand herself as “pro-black”,delete any evidence of her previous bedwenching (social media posts,pics,etc), and then pretend like she’s been “loyal” to and down for BM all her life lmao. This re-branding tactic works fine on thugs and simps, but thinking Black Men are beyond it.”
      This also applies to lesbianism and black feminists.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Hilarious article. Love the writer, he’s literate and sarcastic. So much for African women being somehow “better” than American ones. Better rethink that trip to the Motherland, fellas. And just think, these women would be the very first to scream “sellout” or “self-hate” when it comes to your black arse dating out. Brother Verbs has been proven correct: The black bitch is a worldwide problem.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Wooooooow….

      I just read that whole article… This article in itself should have been a post here of its own..

      Reading the comments of the page, even african women are putting down their own men the way western black women do WBM…

      We need to spread the gospel of SYSBM !!!!

      Liked by 3 people

    • SunGodRa,

      Just checked out that link you posted, that is some seriously damning evidence right there if ever I did see any. Yet again another confirmation of the black woman’s lust for the white man and these women are from the “motherland”, smh. African women love white men, hence one of the reasons why they represent the highest number of skin bleachers worldwide. This is yet more confirmation clearly illustrating the importance of thinking black men implementing SYSBM ie dating out.

      Again, why would we choose a group of women who positively hate our guts? The disloyalty of the modern day black female on a worldwide scale is phenomenal, yet according to the pro wacks we are still supposed to date, marry and procreate with such individuals, no thanks, I’ll pass. The guy who wrote that article was spot on, these same black heifers who are so willing to literally drink down the white man’s seed will give black men no room and the maximum amount of grief possible, smh.


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  21. The Asian women are scooping up RICH white men. Note that Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl Champions, married a Vietnamese woman named Tina Lai. Tina Lai was a waitress before the marriage to Lurie. An educated black woman with five pounds of hair weave cannot make the same moves as Asian women working in sweatshops. Mark Zuckerberg and others also have Asian wives. Black women are delusional if they think that they can compete with non-black women for boyfriends and husbands.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Not trying to hear from any faggot about what’s supposedly holding straight black men back. Milos is unqualified to comment. He needs to stay in his lane. White conservative hubris at its finest.

      Liked by 4 people

  22. To the OP. Great article as are all the ones I’ve read, I have a couple of questions though. You stated:
    “Plus many of the East African women are mixed so the black bloodline has been diluted”
    Why is diluting black bloodlines such a good thing? Also as a African man living in the UK, what is your opinion on women from Madagascar? I ask because them along with Ethiopia are where I plan to look

    Liked by 1 person

    • Immortal Logic,

      Unfortunately in the case of the women the closer to pure black you get typically the more dysfunctional behaviour you will encounter, I’m sure that you have already seen this for yourself. The more the black bloodline is diluted, the higher your chances of finding a good looking, feminine, submissive and cooperative female. Madagascar is not a bad place to look but again, I would suggest that you look for a woman who has some sort of mixture because you can guarantee the non mixed black women over there just like black women in most of Africa will have an infatuation for white men.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks Brotha. Also what is your take on South African women? They look good paper but I’ve never met one. I’m trying to figure out where the bullshit zones are in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America so that I don’t get caught up with time wasters, with strong Western influence

        Liked by 2 people

      • Immortal Logic,

        South Africa is westernised(ex British colony) so beware, it’s most likely that a large contingent of black females down there are already contaminated. With anywhere you go to it is better to look for women who come from the provinces ie the countryside as they typically will be more traditional, that is feminine and family oriented in their lifestyles. Eastern Europe is much better than the west in terms of women, Asia is a winner hands down and in my opinion the best women in Latin America are in Colombia or Brazil.

        Liked by 2 people

  23. Gryphon Australia also said they will take in the white South African farmers it’s funny as hell how they are trying to play the victim roll. One thing you guys forgot regarding BW and prescription drugs you forgot to mention the drug that BW are most addicted to Hair weave.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. out of all the people on earth black men are the only ones expected to settle for less . if you’re a black man and want to make a black woman mad just ignore her and act as if you’re happy . if you want to scare white people don’t smile

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