“His Money Is My Money” – I Told You Black Women View Black Men As Slaves


Here is the full episode from which the clip were taken:



Yep, you heard her correctly, however notice how she quickly attempted to correct her Freudian slip by stating that the money he earned was their money. This is what you get as a black man when dealing with the overwhelming majority of black women, typically debt and financial catastrophe. Yet again we have another case of a black female who is completely irresponsible when it comes down to spending her husband’s money.

Sounds very familiar doesn’t it? Remember I wrote an article in November 2016 dealing with the well-known Bodybuilder Kali Muscle who hails from Oakland, California and his divorce? Remember in the video which accompanies the article how Kali talked about the fact that his ex-wife was also a reckless spender. For those who haven’t seen that article, please click on the link below:


Kali’s ex-wife Dvyne Kirkendall was keeping tabs on Kali’s new girlfriend Helena’s Instagram account, caught wind of the article that Helena had posted, decided to pay me a visit here at Slaying Evil and threaten me with legal action. Of course Miss Kirkendall never followed through on her “promise”, as we’ve already seen over and over again black women will claim to know the law inside and out and will threaten you with legal repercussions all day.

Yet when the rubber meets the road typically they will fold and crumble. Obsidian Radio had a similar situation to myself, the spinster one Miss Sophia A Nelson threatening Obsidian with legal action due to the fact that he critiqued an interview she participated in with dating and relationship coach Alan Roger Currie. But yet again when her bluff was called, she just like the others folded, crumbled and had no other choice but to concede defeat in silence.

I brought up Kali Muscle to bolster the video above and demonstrate the fact that there is a consistency and a trend of black women recklessly spending the money of their husbands/boyfriends. Remember I wrote yet another article in February 2017 dealing with the famous actor Robert Di Nero and the fact that he was complaining about his wife Grace Hightower De Niro recklessly spending his money? For those who missed that article again please see the link below:


See, this is why black women in the US have an average net worth of only $5, they simply don’t have the mind to diversify and invest the money they have or receive. They typically will spend large amounts of their cash on worthless items such as designer clothes, Gucci bags, expensive jewellery, top brand cars, designer shoes, Becky caps aka weaves, fake eye lashes, fake nails, make up, fake eye brows etc.

As we can all see the above will not secure a solid future for anyone, these are short-term pleasures which are simply meant to be enjoyed for that moment and that moment only. Anyway, back to the video, these black sirens feel that they own black men. As I have told you many times before, black women as a collective view black men as slaves, this is the main reason why they continually present themselves to us in a tacky, shoddy, run down state and they full expect us to accept them in such conditions without duress and protest.

Again, let’s look at the situation here, first we have Latoya Ward who looks like your typical tranny, in fact she looks more masculine than her simp boyfriend Davarius Greaves-Brown. As in many cases black women are much larger in size than the men they deal with, just look at the size of this woman compared with her husband on the left. Of course where would the modern day black female be without her Becky hat ie weave, black women live for chasing and aspiring to be like white women, the plethora of evidence that supports such a position at this point is pretty much undeniable.

Of course when you check out the full clips it gets even worse, Miss Ward ticks all of the boxes concerning modern day black women in general, loud, violent, rebellious, overweight, belligerent, materialistic, insecure, a pyromaniac, unable to cook and clean, of course when she got into a relationship with Davarius she already had 4 CHILDREN en tow and the dude having no standards of his own accepted such a raw deal and on top of this produced 3 of his own children with her, smh.

The overwhelming majority of black women ought have the words “I AM A DEBT AND A LIABILITY” etched across their foreheads because that is typically all they bring to the relationship table. And these are the types of women who the pro black simps not only worship and are chasing after, but also expect and attempt to shame thinking black men into doing the same.

As I’ve already stated in Negro Wars, those black men that chase black women like the above have no problems with being subservient to the same, they too are feminists and enjoy psychologically castrating themselves in their efforts to please their slave drivers and most black women are only too willing to oblige in the emasculation and dehumanisation process.

Remember, the objective of your average black woman is to spend YOUR money while at the same time SAVING HER OWN, this is commonly how the majority of black on black relationships work. Thinking black men, save your money and save yourselves from a world of distress, debt, destruction, pain, misery, bastard children and spending excess money on Becky hats, date out and be free of the curse of the modern day black witch.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Deal With Single Mothers

Most High Bless

82 thoughts on ““His Money Is My Money” – I Told You Black Women View Black Men As Slaves

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  2. That woman DWARFS the dude, and is masculine and coarse looking to boot.

    Despite how much black women call themselves “boss bitches” and the like, we all know how broke they are and their constant being in the news for stealing basic items notes this well.

    Keep in mind how many handouts and programs are there helping these “independent” queens, yet they still remain more broke than a fracture. Black men have way better net worths, and white women have waaaaaaaaay better net worths than both.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly what I mentioned in Negro Wars, the fact that black women who claim to be independent are simply independent from black men and instead now rely upon the state. We can never forget the fact that these black sirens have a median net worth of only $5 which is why I have to laugh everytime they refer to black men as “broke ass n****rs”. Black men have a net worth that is in the thousands, however you’ll be hard pressed to locate such information for obvious reasons.

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    • giving your money to “Black women” = weave, hair extensions, fast food, nails, makeup, expensive luxury branded clothes & accessories, clubbing, plastic surgery, salon, coloured contact lenses etc.

      Instead black women should use their “OWN” money on healthy food and a gym membership (they really need it),

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      • @TJ
        “Instead black women should use their “OWN” money on healthy food and a gym membership (they really need it),”
        Apparently alot of BW think that even if they are 250lbs they can put on a weave and some makeup and be a “dime piece”. Modern day BW would have a much easier time finding a man with less weave and more exercise and less attitude and more co-operation.

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      • >Apparently alot of BW think that even if they are 250lbs they can put on a weave and some makeup and be a “dime piece”.

        Those “dime pieces” are way too heavy for even the U.S. Mint to process – even though their net worth is less than the value of Monopoly money.

        Brothers – avoid the counterfeit “dime pieces” and get with the real ones!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the value of the 250 ib+ “dime pieces” falls below that of bovine excrement.

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  3. “Independent” black women we will see how “independent” no sorry i mean welfare queens .Once the benefits system in western countries collapses we will see how independent these welfare queens are. So many negroes and people will riot and die when the welfare state collapses . If i had a pound for all the “independent” welfare queens i knew I would even need to work.

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    • “So many negroes and people will riot and die when the welfare state collapses”
      Its been slowly collapsing for a while now. Section 8 for example has been enduring funding cuts for the past few years and even though the program still exists, the funding cuts have created long wait lists for the vouchers, and even then good luck finding a landlord who is willing to accept a section 8 voucher. Landlords are not legally obligated to accept vouchers, participation in the section 8 program is voluntary. The only landlords accepting section 8 are ones with raggedy properties in raggedy areas that no one wants to live in, section 8 is a last resort for those landlords to get paid.
      Homeless shelters are already full of single black mothers, I guess pookie and ray ray couldn’t help them to pay rent or buy a home. I only feel sorry for their children.

      Look at the video of all of these black folks running at night to apply when they opened the section 8 wait list, they looked like the running zombies from “28 days later”.

      Here is another on from Atlanta, a white man is sitting on top of a car handing out applications to the outstretched black hands surrounding him. Keep in mind this is just to get on the WAIT LIST:

      There are many more videos like this, this is the state of the black community with our “Queens” running things for the past few decades with white daddy’s money. Keep the Wall up.

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      • James S,

        This seems to be one of the few times where most black women will slip out of their lazy zone and be proactive, when the government is giving away free money as well as other benefits. It’s a pity the overwhelming majority of them aren’t the same way when it comes down to their health, attitudes and finances.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Black women’s gravy train is coming to an end, hence why they are now doubling down upon their witchcraft attempting to shame thinking black men into taking them and their excess baggage onboard. Sorry, I don’t deal with scraps and leftovers.

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  4. Like I’ve said in the past that video is the hood in a nutshell, 250 pound women and 120 pound men. In the hood the women are becoming more masculine and the men more feminine, both in physical appearance and in behavior. BW in the hood must be hoarding all of the food stamps for themselves and not giving any to the dusty men that rely on them. The woman in the video was huge and the dude looked like a little kid wearing his dad’s clothes.

    As for the dude in the video, its hard to feel bad for him because he married a big, weave wearing, single mother BW name “LaToya”. Simps gotta learn the hard way. She was right though, if they are married legally his money is her money, all the more reason to be extremely cautious about who you marry.

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    • James S,

      Spot on, there is a serious metamorphosis taking place within black society, one that is completely unnatural. It’s what I keep referring back to in terms of nature fulfilling the black female’s request to become a man. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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    • Let’s hope we don’t see Nemesis BOWs walking down the streets with chainguns and rocket launchers trying to murder SYSBM black and coloured males on behalf of the military-industrial complex soon…

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  5. Verbs you’re such a good writer. You’re like Grapes of Wrath meets Tnn Raw, but no one can touch your work. And it’s bs that woman threatened to sue you. Like dude, you aren’t some deity impervious to critique lol

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    • Metal Heart,

      Thanks bro. Honestly, anybody who can articulate what black women are all really about has a duty to put such information out there. Black women hate me because I understand them and can explain who they truly are in a format!that black men can understand(even if they disagree).

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  6. Damn! That SIMP in the first video looks like a mere cockroach standing next to that supertanker!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      I remember coming across an old video years ago of a Mack truck built black female beating her ultra skinny, drunk/high on something boyfriend from pillar to post. Yet the pro blacks still say that we ought to marry and procreate with these women, even though these same heifers give these slowteps the middle finger on the daily, smh.

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      • Honestly, as bad as this sounds, I undestand completely why female on male domestic abuse is seen almost as a joke in the white community. Those white people have actual sexual dimorphism, so their men are much bigger than the women. Meanwhile, black men have to deal with King Kong…..

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Yet another example of a black woman who upon realising that she has other people’s finances(namely her husband’s) at her disposal, will not hesitate to spend that money frivolously on astronomically priced items, smh.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Jezebel is alive and well in Carson’s wife. $31000, really woman? Additionally this is a bad look on Carson for not checking this woman for her dumb spending. Already being familiar with black women and welfare he ought to know that putting large amounts of money into the hands of most black women is a recipe for disaster.

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      • Is it any wonder that one of the conservative blacks that whites like to hype up so much has a (ugly) black wife who even in her older years has no problem making a slap ass fool of him?

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  7. This comes to no supprise. Black women claim to be strong and independent but in reality are just parasites that leach off of men any and every way they can. She views the mans money as her money and her money as her money even though most of her money comes from the tax payers. Nelly’s ex-wife was paid something like 14 million bucks over the course of 18 years and when it was all said and done she was still broke and damn near homeless. American women but black women especcialy have no brains when it comes to money. They only thing they know how to do is spend it. What makes me laugh is black womens old shaming tatictic of “if you marry that white girl your money will go into the white community.”
    Tell that to Robert de Niro. Also when the average black woman puts men on child support and gives all the money she gets to korean’s (weave) and whites (shopping spree at the mall) Your money is still going to the “white community.” At least if you marry a white or non-black woman you have a better chance of your kids seeing their fathers money because all the negative stereotypes white men and black women spread about us only works in our favor. Non-black women know that if they go black their men won’t take them back so they have no choice but to seek good black men out. They make sure they are in shape,childless,and submissive for us. The ones who lay up with Tyrone get no sympathy from non-black men and are given scarlet letters. Black women just can’t connect the dots.

    Sorry to be off topic but I am noticing quite a few videos popping up about Trump Boxes. The Trump box is the greatest thing anyone could do to throw a monkey wrench in the single mother crisis in America espicaly in black America. Think about it.

    Some people suspect that the food in the videos is from pre-existing welfare programs and is not the American Harvest box Trump talked about. If that is true then that means the Democrats have been handing out slop boxes for years and ghetto black women only complained about them when Trump became president. His “American Harvest” program might just be a continuation and expansion of a food box program in medicade started by Democrats. He can get away with giving out slop boxes because the democrats were doing it for years under the radar. Or what we see in the videos IS the Trump box which is even better lol.

    Black women are starting to get scared because the whole idea of a “Food box” ruins the entire purpose of black women’s womb hustling of the state. Why would a black woman lay down with Tyrone and be baby mamma No# 4 for the dick when all the government will give her in return is a box of food not fit for a stray dog? No section 8. No food stamps. Nothing but a box of processed slop. Pure genius. Like I said in the past get ready for the media onslaught from the usual suspects trying their best to shame guys like us into not dating outside the race/country/go our own way/save ourselves and instead stick around and be cucks for black women and Tyrone’s kids. Think I’m lying? they are already writing articles like this in the white community trying to turn white boys into giant cucks. The first article is how they want us black men to be like in the very near future. They don’t realize we have already left the building and like Lion of MGTOW would say “Give them nothing!”

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/25/health/cuckolding-sex-kerner/index.html https://www.thedailybeast.com/cuckolding-the-sex-fetish-for-intellectuals

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  8. Woman is recorded getting arrested for trying to cash a fraudulent check. Guess what race.

    Being dumb to use a check cashing service is bad enough. This idiot dosn’t even realize that she is incriminating herself by being so quick to tell the woman behind the counter to “just keep it.” Who is going to just freely and willingly give up a hard earned REAL pay check that quick?

    Damn, they really do stay struggling! LMAO

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    • Matt M,

      Yet black men are the broke ones right? I’m sure just like myself that you have noticed a serious uptick as of late in black women being involved in criminal activities. This is what they wanted, therefore let them stew and marinate in their own failures BY THEMSELVES.

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  9. Black women are the fattest group in the USA. Despite this fact, delusional black women shout: WHITE WOMEN ARE FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all agree that the USA black community has many black men that weigh 150 pounds and black women that weigh 250 pounds.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Black women honestly believe that pointing towards the shortfalls of white women somehow gets themselves off the hook, however nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how many times black women say “white women are fat”, repeating this does not deal with their own severe weight issues.

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  10. Looks like the product of SNU-SNU slave breeding. You have a malnourished man who was miseducated from youth. And an Amazon who is double his size and ironically probably still malnourished on empty calorie diet. Now these shows are scripted, but in this case it is not a stretch from reality.

    Like I said this class of individuals complain about Margret Sanger, but they practice mal-genics as to maintain a slave pool of male breeders for their light-dark skin body creation Ponzi scheme and little niggas they can toss around, either physically and/or psychologically.

    At this point we know these individuals “talking points” are just noise with no meaning other than to shame or elicit pity, it is a mere call for compliance with a destructive agenda. These individuals were probably slave owners or slaves during the pre-civil war era (which they love to cover up). And would certainly snitch on someone trying to learn to read.

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    • >At this point we know these individuals “talking points” are just noise with no meaning other than to shame or elicit pity, it is a mere call for compliance with a destructive agenda.<

      This comment needs to be posted on every bullshit simping ass YouTube video. It is nothing more than a call to return to the plantation field for your slaughter.

      Escape gentlemen.

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  11. >Looks like the product of SNU-SNU slave breeding. You have a malnourished man who was miseducated from youth.

    A malnourished man with a crushed pelvis…

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  12. Even when we talk slavery, we know that the modern employment law is based on master-servant relationship law.

    The real question then becomes…How well do you treat your employees? Not all masters or modern day corporations abuse their employees and then some employers are basically run like voluntary prison labor shops (but with minimum wage and benefits thanks to law).

    We know how the children/slaves/servants/involuntary employees of “the community” are often treated. And that is like human livestock.

    You might compare the treatment of animals like chickens and cows in modern day industrial farming to these modern day city parents. Pop em out, roid em up, and ship em off (killed in streets or prison cell). It is really quite similar. And just like prison gets paid off these kids, the mothers get paid. It really is a commercial slave breeding racket, but with more standard regulations.

    I ask what changed after the civil war and “slavery” ending? And what do the polled statistics say about who lamented about slavery ending…

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  13. The most ridiculous thing in the video is that negroes name is DAVARIUS. What the fuck is up with black women giving their children the dumbest, most fucked up names possible? And DAVARIUS is on the mild side of some those stupid ass ‘black’ names.
    Black woman thought process-
    “Gee, let me name my child the dumbest stupidest name I could possibly think of, so my child will have even a more difficult life’.
    Black women have this ridiculous elevated sense of self importance, that foolishly allows them to believe everything they do, say, and the children they have are some special gift to the world. Black women can’t just give their children normal names, that would make too much sense. In the mind of black women their child is special, unique, and rare therefore the children MUST have a name that no other human being has like DESHANAWA, KENTAVIOUS, and JASHEEMA.
    I was watching a court room show the other day and the black woman’s baby daughter was named D’MRYICAL. How fucking dumb can you be to name your child something as stupid as D’MRYICAL?????
    But because most black women are so ridiculously selfish I really don’t give a damn if their children walk around for the rest of their lives with an utterly idiotic name. Unreal.

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  14. Umar: “y’all giving your money to the white man”

    Umar takes black donations to rents hotels, pays child support and throws money at dirty strippers. All owned by the white man.

    It’s not just big booty bimbo bitches after your cash. So are race hustlers like Ol’ Gerbil Face.

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  15. “These women GOT money, but wanna spend YO money!!” – W. Blackman, a friend of mine said back in 1999. And he ain’t lyin.

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  16. He actually married that big ass weave wearing, line backer looking bitch?!?!?! Good night.. I would never even give something like that the time of day. Whenever I accidentally match with one of these black bitches, I instantly delete them off my dating profiles. Or if they message me, instantly deleted and blocked. I don’t even give them the opportunity to think I’m interested (which I’m not sure how because my profiles literally say I’m conservative all over it).

    Ugh black women literally make me nauseous. As much upheaval as I’ve got going on in my life at the moment, I still wouldn’t entertain the thought.

    I’ll stick to my white and Asian women when things calm down, and I’m in a better place…

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  17. The names are slave branding/tools of isolation. A ghetto names will tend to ostracize you from others who might be able to help you and keep you closer to staying in blackistan on account of the public relations surrounding said names. In reality names like quantarivious are like ghetto latin, and if there wasn’t such an awful culture to go along with the name, then we wouldn’t have a problem.

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      • That would be emasculation. European-American men would not have that, nor could they walk around in the world and say my son is “DeQuantiarious”. If a woman suggested such a thing hed have them put in the psych ward for DeMentia.

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  18. His money is MY money?!!! WTF I did not read the title right when I first read this article. Sorry, dumbass black b..h (in the video of course) you are supposed to be SUBSERVIENT to the man until death, note I said UNTIL death, according to the proper (Biblical) method. No wonder the black and coloured community at this time is currently such a joke.

    Yet according to the idiotic, bootlicking simps ‘These are our QUEENS n..s,’ and leaving Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation [as well as the barbarians, modern day house n…s and overseers/slave owners and thugs currently occupying the property to wallow in their own mess], that has been abandoned by its owners since the end of World War 2 is seen as ‘betraying’ the community. (sigh)

    Now I understand why coloured people in the West Indies have always had a high standard of living and still dominate the area despite the fact that colonialism has supposedly ended, and the natives, who have been living here eons before any slave ships arrived, still are used and abused by all the other ethnic groups like encomeinda still exists, despite the stalwart attempts of simps and SJWs to cover this up.

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    • Oh it’s not just “his money is my money” it’s his House, kids, and other properties is hers!

      And Her debt, is now HIS! Crap like this is what made me mgtow in the first place!!!

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  19. Another example of native stupidity and gullibility in Jamaica [the other being the LIE that they died out as a ethnic group after the 16th century, any good historian can defeat that with ease]: (note this recieved 39k views despite only being posted 21 hours ago, no African-descended person with any common sense would be caught DEAD listening to this crap, no no. Though that might change with how popular lottery scamming is right now on the west coast of the island, the natives started killing each other over the profits gained so much that parts of the island are now effectively under martial law to get the situation under control. Shows you how dangerous a matriarcy and feminism really are.) Here it is:


  20. So tired of seeing these pussy obsessed simps worshiping black women. These fools act like these women are their G-D. And in reality these clowns really do worship women. A black woman can simply walk past a group of black men, and these buffoons start drooling, yelling, jumping around, getting excited, and basically acting like the idiots they are.
    For many black men their entire existence is based on women. Their lives revolve around women. Every thought, word, and action they take is directly or indirectly related to women. It’s fucking pathetic to watch.
    And this is another reason why black women walk around like they own the world, because all they have to do is leave the house and these black Simp clowns treat them like royalty. This is why these black women call themselves queens. They really believe that they are queens because this is how these stupid ass Blackmen treat them. Pathetic.

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    • But what kills me the most is,

      If you, a thinking black, man IGNORE these C—s, other black men will attack, shame, and guilt you for NOT worshipping their G-d ie black women! They will begin to question your sexuality simply because you do not follow their mentality!

      So even if you ignore and put up the wall of silence to these B—-es the men will get angry that you do not follow their cultist religion!

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  21. my grandpa’s second wife (who is black) has this same mentality of “his money is mine” they are separated. over 20 years ago my ever heard my mom (his daughter from first marriage)) talking about this to somebody, she said something like this (forgot the exact quote) “if she earns $5 and he earns $10, she will take her $5 and his $10 as her own” my grandpa had to leave that marital home in the mid 2000s after he fainted because his wife was stressing him out.

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  22. Black women in brazil complain about rich black men marrying white women but rich brazilian women are all getting white american male sperm from sperm banks to have “pretty kids.”

    Black women truly self hate like no other. Lets do them a favor and breed them all out by only getting with non-black women.

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    • On The Subject of Youtube. It’s Amazing How They’ll Flag & Take Down Thinking Black Men’s Youtube Channel’s Like Sotomeyer, Harvey Superboy, The Angryman Channel & Such, But They’ll Give a Pass to Offensive Racist White Boy Youtube Channel’s Like Pewdipie & Logan Paul. Guess This is The New Golden Rule of Youtube. If Your Black & Not Acting as a Negative Racial Stereotype. Then They’ll Take Down Your Video’s & Flag Your Channel. Textbook White Supremacy & These American Black-So Called Sistah’s Wanna Be Down With This. Disgraceful & Shameful.

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  23. I didn’t bother to watch the second clip because I was already getting triggered their accents from all three women!

    The dude’s mother is just as bad and nasty as “the wife”. Why do I suspect that this mom of his lead him into the destructive life to begin with!? If I was a single parent and I didn’t want my child (ren) to fall in the same traps as me, I would education them and say do not date this type of person, do not do this island don’t do that. These women all KNOW that most other black women are sick, evil and a huge liability but they remain silent and let their sons go through this same cycle anyways! (Because as long as she has grandchildren she does not care what conditionsin how they appear in the world) but what is absolutely sickening to see is how tamed cub being controlled by both his mom and “wife”. Black men are raised , on purpose, to be passive and dependent on women for any kind of life choice which is why he is in this mess on the first place.

    I hate it. It’s like in black culture, if you are an independent thinking man and make decisions for your self, independent from what women (Your Mom, GF, or just any woman) say, you are suspect of being a trouble maker, but if you do what women say, you are a “real man”. I seen far too many black men who could have been GREAT artists, engineers, leaders, philosophers and more had they broken free from their indoctrination ” black women know best”

    Verbs, you are absolutely right when you say to NOT give even a inch of your life to black women or else they will take a whole mile! I will NEVER give black women the time of day EVER again (If I ever see them again)

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    • Bro this is beginning to remind me of Code Geass and Nineteen-Eighty-Four a lot now, just replace Oceanian and Brittanian propaganda with pro-simp brainwashing and you have the modern black and coloured community….without mecha.

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  24. Somewhat off topic but have to mention it.

    I watch a “reality show” called 60 Days In, which has civilians going undercover as inmates in jail and documenting it. Last night, they had their end of season recall episode, which was a microcosm or black dysfunction on various levels.

    For one thing, this season ended early because the black officer who oversees the program had to end it prematurely when a black dyke who was one of the civilians fell in love with an inmate and revealed to her that she was undercover.

    This black dyke made all kinds of excuses for her action, as well as constantly made liberal black lives matter style comments. The white men invokved were blatantly fed up with her.

    Another black woman participant on the show, who was very dark skinned, admitted to being a sociopath and was equally dangerous in her disregard for her fellow civilians. Keep in mind that both she and the dyke USED DRUGS while in jail. This dark black Woman is also apparently polygamous with a white man while also dyking it up herself!

    The black warden and a white cop who was part of the show called out the BLM bs, and sadly a black man came to the dyke’s defense by claiming that black folk like him live in fear of being shot everyday. No sir, you live in fear of being shot by your own damn mind, and their stupidity that you refuse to call out makes you a target by police too.

    When the warden mentioned black on black crime and chimpouts, Soledad O’Brien’s yellow ass said that “there’s just crime”. Ok ma’am, ignore race. Then there’s no white privilege or white oppressors either. Of course, her ass is married to a white guy too. Hmm…..

    The only black person who spoke any damn sense and didn’t inadvertently justify racism was the black (male) warden, who clearly saw how black pathetically defend their worst elements.

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    • Sad. Yet the simps and Neo-Nazis expect us to actually procreate with these monsters and Zoanoids. Not this African, I’m leaving Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation which has been abandoned by its original owners since the end of WW2 and I’m not going back.

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    • Not surprised. Never ally based on skin color, dumbest shit ever. That’s like giving traitors a pass because you have working eyesight. These persons are hardcore devil worshippers and national destabilizers of the highest order, knowingly or unknowingly. It is always some emotional trauma trigger excuse.

      Same old trick. You gotta your dumb animal types (typically darkies), and your Animal keepers who rationalize and make excuses for them, these types are animals as well, but possess the sense to do it behind closed doors, and have may speak well, but are usually parrots. Hence the old European lady phrase “you SOUND so articulate”, but the old European lady probably went to a catholic or similar school where she studied classical grammar and rhetoric, so she knows these dumb negroes are just phony sounding actors (trained monkeys).

      These are the same fools that destabilized their own nations upon American soil in the 1500-1700s which resulted in the mass mental slavery and stupidity we see today. This is not talked about in American history books, but the other nations of the world are well aware and this is why in places like India they do not even tolerate these slave ass negroes, especially the women. They aren’t seeing only skin color but the slave traitor mentality. But these slave ass negroes will tell you “they hate me because of my skin color”.

      No they hate you because you have a denegerate animal culture and way of life. If PETA happens read this I apologize in advance for the comparison to animals, who are far better behaved and are in harmony with nature. Jane Seymour showed you how gorillas live peacefully.

      Chimpanzees on the hand seem to behave in similar manners at times to negroes, however when the angry male chimps are killed off and the intelligent peaceful monkeys rule, then the chimpanzee society flourishes, in a nat geo documentary, it explained that when a angry juiced up chimp comes into a fold of adaptive male chimps that he becomes peaceful and adaptive within 6 months or so.

      And therefore nature teaches us that the Simps must go and will go, as they will ultimately kill each other off. However this is why these treacherous breeders are always trying to get pregnant or are incentivized to get pregnant to keep making angry negro slave monkeys.

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  26. The one thing “Black” women will never invest in is any type of health promoting routine or supplements. I worked for a natural product company and offered free bootcamps NOT ONE SIGNED ON NOT ONE out of hundreds. The worst part was they hated on me because I am married and decent and would literally endeavor to prevent their male “partners” from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I only consulted with females so there was no shadiness as an excuse because all the males had male consultants. It got so bad that I was promoted off the sales floor and replaced by a male who was less qualified after the company became aware that “Black” women won’t invest in their health but they will fake shop for trends from FB just to get some attention from a guy. I am #TEAMLESS and in full agreement with the “Black” males on this site. These “Black” women shun you for having interests and being decent regardless of gender. Everything you have said is fact. They scope you out to determine your resource level and then begin scamming. They cannot take feedback or constructive criticism as their objective is to always be right instead of desiring self improvement. I make sure to constantly tell my son to have standards and that “Black” females don’t get to ride his train because they share his “race”. He is only twelve but I make sure he is not indoctrinated into the clan of the Simpsons.

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