They Live for Conflict And Drama, NOT Conflict Resolution


This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, the fact that most black women like the woman above live for conflict, strife, drama, violence confrontations etc. Black women enjoy getting their heads kicked in, if they didn’t then why would they square up to individuals who are stronger than they are knowing full well that typically the outcome won’t be stacked in their favour?

Now of course there are exceptions to the rule like this for example, however as we can clearly see from that clip the man is clearly out of his head, either on drugs or alcohol. This is why I have to laugh every time a black woman talks about being physically attacked by a black man.

Most of the time black women initiate physical attacks because they simply cannot keep their hands to themselves and in addition to this these same women love these types of confrontations. I will stand by my Negro Wars book statement, black women as a collective love violence and getting their heads bashed in just like football hooligans because if they didn’t then they wouldn’t go out of their ways to agitate hostile situations.

She put the first bag down and got straight up in the man’s face, ran her mouth saying something to him to provoke a response and only then turned around to walk away to which the guy responded by hitting her up side her head. She then proceeds to put the second bag down and get up in the guy’s face once again. Remember, she chose that dude, most black women choose to be with guys like this but then at the same time wish to complain and draw sympathy from the crowd when Tyrone stomps their head into the pavement at full force.

Again, you’ll notice that the majority of the time the guy is trying to walk away from the girl but she keeps on coming back and rattling off more smart comments to get old boy riled up even further. That situation reminds me of this clip from a few years back where yet again the black man is trying his best to avoid a conflict, however the black witch involved had other ideas that were quite contrary to his own:

Scenes like these are the reason why more and more people across the board are beginning to frown whenever black women attempt to make the claim of being the victims of physical persecution. How on earth do these sirens really expect to be taken seriously when it is common knowledge across all races that black women are renowned for being a violent group of people? Black women are much more violent than black men, this is a fact that is clearly observable and has been this way for quite some time.

This is typically why black men and black women don’t get along, though there is a contingent of dysfunctional black males within black society, you’ll still find that unlike the black female they do not wish to engage in battles and war 24 hours per day. This is also why so many black men catch cases, black women know which buttons to press in order to draw out an emotional reaction from certain black men and so they do so on purpose knowing full well that the outcome will go in their favour and thus they can now involve the police and fulfil their contractual obligation towards the state to funnel as many black men into the judicial washing machine as they can.

By the way, there is a meme going around which I believe is based on a post a black woman made talking about black men believing it is cute when Latina women get angry and are argumentative, we fail to check them, but when black women do the same we as black men are quick to call them out on it. Thinking black men don’t approve of any violence or confrontational attitudes from any women regardless of their race, this above statement is complete and utter nonsense when it comes down to us anyway.

Furthermore, considering your Tyrones and your J Boogies from the block, the fact that they are also beginning to turn their backs upon the angry and bitter black sisterhood in seeking peace and non conflict by turning towards non black females speaks volumes. Tyrone is a man of war by trade, yet even he finds it a struggle to keep up with the warfare mindset of the modern day black woman.

Another case of thug love we would say has gone wrong, however for black women these are the types of relationship they crave, thus being beaten from pillar to post is a bonus for them. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped dealing with black women years ago, I am NOT a man who craves confrontation, neither do I enjoy, fighting, violence, warfare, strife, beef, conflict and the spilling of blood. These are not things I live for, however since the overwhelming majority of black women love such hostile environments, by default we are incompatible.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Violent Black Jezebels

Most High Bless

52 thoughts on “They Live for Conflict And Drama, NOT Conflict Resolution

  1. It’s a black woman at my job that loves to start shit with people and then go to HR to lie about it, it gotten so bad that HR openly dismiss anything black women say when they complain. It’s well known that most black men and every non black women hate black women at my job, oh, the lazy hygiene practices of black women at my job is also well known that they stink up the women’s bathrooms.

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  3. Notice the complexion of the chick in the first video. Is it any wonder why she was thus so masculine and horrible looking? Black chicks literally walk around looking like racist caricatures from Jim Crow era.

    Notice also her tone of voice as well as just how rough it sounded. The only thing feminine about these chicks is the ability to get pregnant.

    Also notice in the second video how that young girl was already an old as dirt looking loud mouth. Tyrone and Pookie need to start working overtime to bash these chicks heads in and just get rid of them.

    And the meme about Latinas? No, black men who leave the plantation want peace in their lives, I’ve never ever seen a black man taking 1/25th of the lip from a Latina or other non black woman as they take from black demonesses on the regular.

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    • Total truth Afrofuturism. Another example of black female stupidity:

      We’re having prom next June. When they picked out the prom princess and princes for the high classes, good looking black males and hot non-black and mixed chicks were chosen. When it was everybody else’s time (except for one class who was smart enough to pick a good black male) the local thugs and rachets won by a landslide. Now why do the simps want us to have such irresponsible and stupid women as wives and partners?

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    • aint that the truth?! they literally walk around looking like CLOWNS or twisted versions of the movie BAPS….that’s how ridiculous black women LOOK!!! they always have on cheap dresses and tacky over sexualized clothers, with all kinds of LOUD MakeUP on top of OVER THE TOP WEAVE!! black women look like a tranny! LITERALLY LIKE JAMIE FOXX WHEN HE WOULD DRESS UP ON IN LIVING COLOR!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH>>>LMAO!! yall remember that??!!! JAMIE FOXX on IN LIVING COLOR???!!! OH MAN TELL ME THATS NOT MODERN DAY BLACK WOMEN?! hahahahahhahahhahahhaa

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  4. When you put a Latina in her place, she usually gets in line.

    When you put a big booty bimbo bitch in line, somebody gets shot.

    Big difference. #SYSBM #LatinasTheNewBlackQueens

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  5. What happens when you put in trained personnel to deal with thugs and other domestic terrorists:

    Why simps and manginas SHOULD NOT be given any form of important position at ALL:;s_desperation_time,_Gaston_Browne_unleashes_the_streetwalkers,_urchins!?profile=1096

    Yet more examples of the debaucery of the modern black female:

    But in the eyes of the simps these women can do nothing wrong, no wonder we have a crime epidemic in Jamaica as I speak.


  6. Black women say they’re single because there are no eligible black men, but most of them have kids by black men. So either they’re having kids by ineligible men, which is a strike against them, or they’re having kids with eligible men who a) don’t take them seriously as long-term mates, or b) tried to take them seriously but were run away by their derranged, dysfunctional behavior. The answer is actually a combination of the two: 25 percent of the former and 75 percent of the latter merge to create a culture of psychotic women burning an entire community to the ground.

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    • Yeah its both of those. They fuck thugs and losers when they are young, and when they are older (mid 20s +) they are so despearte to find a good man that they are willing to sleep with married (inelgible) men without shame.

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    • Yet the simps have the balls to be calling those b…s our ‘queens’. As far as I’m concerned, black women are not worth worrying about, let them keep the house n…s, slave owners, overseers and thugs they love so much.

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  7. I have rarely seen a Latina give a brotha an attitude. In fact, she’s more likely to give Hispanic men attitude than she is to black men. Yet another example of these black witches reaching for straws to make it seem like other races of women do the same thing they do. If that’s the case, why is it that Latinas are likely to give me gifts, just because, compared to black witches even think about giving me anything in kind?

    Take your time, I can wait…

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  8. Ughh…black chicks are just utterly REPULSIVE to me!! The 1st black dude is the cautionary tale of black men who have extremely limited options when dealing with these black bitches.The 2nd black dude needs a standing ovation for wrestling that black brama bull bitch to ground. #SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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    • Yup, it seems like the Orphenoch and Zoalord masters are working hard to keep black and coloured males on Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation although the plantocracy died out a long time ago. But we’re leaving ,and leaving we are indeed.

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  9. In the article about the comedian’s BEATDOWN of Derrick Jaxn, you mentioned using non-lethal weaponry against simps if they get out of hand. Here’s what’s going to be needed to stop the demon-BOW invasion of the black and coloured community from Hell itself: (Just watch only the intro)

    Excerpts from the upcoming civil war in the black and coloured community:

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  10. That 2nd video has been around for a while but it still drives me up a wall. The guy was telling her over and over again that he didn’t want to fight her but she just would not stop untill he got violent with her. I remember this VERY situation happened to me in high school. Some fat nasty black bitch was all in my face saying “come on hit me!” “What, you scared?!” “goneon ahead!” I played it smart and just told the teacher this this girl is trying to start a fight with me so I’m leaving the classroom until you deal with her. I ended up just leaving the class and not coming back that day but I didn’t get in a fight. I refuse to lower myself to their level and fight them. I just walk away. If she try to follow me then all bets are off and she will require medical assistance.

    The first video is just classic black women behavior. Even when you WALK AWAY they will follow you and DEMAND you fight them (hence requiring medical assistance) but act shocked when people tell her that she is the most unfeminine women on earth. Show me the videos of non-black women stalking men demanding fights. I believe they want to fight black men for 2 reasons. 1. Daddy issues. 2. They wanna see a black man get arrested and put in jail. My advice? Walk away but carry a big stick.

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  11. I’m not advocating violence by any means, but more of these black bitches need to get get laid out like if they continue to persistently mess with a man. Everyone has their limits of what they’re willing to put up with, especially if they’ve walked away once. They have the right to defend themselves, and until these animals learn that keep laying them out. I have absolutely no sympathy for these beasts. With black women beginning to come to the Wall of Silence, and being overall abandoned and left alone in droves, expect more of these attacks.

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    • The first negro got off easy, in rare circumstance, she was in a lower weight class. The majority of black women are horribly obese. Add to that a rabid ferocity that somehow energizes their fat behinds, and they can easily take down a middleweight buck like that.

      Honestly, it’s about time someone made a fighting game featuring black women. We see ninjas and karate masters in fighting games because, naturally, they are fighters. Well, so are black women, and in the worst way possible. Special movies could include stealing your opponents weave, or grabbing their head and beating them in a 10x combo, saying “BITCH BITCH BITCH!” with every blow. Also upon progression, you get to unlock bonus weaves which grant you extra abilities.

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      • It should be HD 3D with a VR variant, so that SYSBM males can learn how to combat and eventually KO these b…s when the demon-BOW invasion of the black and coloured community occurs.

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  12. I know that meme your talking about Verbs…in regards to black men loving when Latinas are “feisty” vs when black women are…..and that’s the whole point! 1.) latin girls are FIESTY! black women are disrespectful, over the top, EVIL!!!!! 2.) Latin girls know when to stop! BLACK GIRLS TAKE SHIT TO THE EXTREME EVERY TIME AND ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STOP, UNTIL SOMEBODY IS DEAD!!!! 3.) Latin girls RARELY ATTACK or HIT MEN!!! BLACK WOMEN WILL NOT ONLY ATTACK YOU< THEY WILL FULL FLEDGE ASSAULT YOU AND THEN CRY and ACT SHOCKED WHEN MEN RESPOND WITH EQUAL OR GREATER FORCE!!!!!

    Those are just a few, but in general what man, wants to LITERALLY FIST FIGHT with HIS WOMAN???! But that's what black women do….they have all these backwards ass mentalities as illustrated perfectly in the movie BABY BOY…where Tyrese and Taraji P Henson get into that fight ONLY to end up "making love" and friends/ a couple again! Black women LOVE that kind of DEGENERATE bullshit…..and at the end of the day its just UNEEDED and UNNECESSARY!!! and that's what black whores don't get!!! Niggas get tired of FIGHTING ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!!!! Black men have to FIGHT in EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF LIFE!!!! We don't want to come home and have to FIGHT WITH HIS WOMAN AS WELL!!!!! Jeez…..And black women REFUSE to change this, which is why brothers continue to LEAVE these sorry ass whores in droves!!! fuck em.

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    • Truth. We need to hire Dante from the DMC franchise, Alex Murphy/Robocop and any series of Terminator to deal with the demon-BOW infestation in the black and coloured community,with the help of Doomguy, the USMC and the BSAA. And oh, the Exterminator must be hired as well. Though I wonder how long it would take them intitally to deal with the sight of such insanity.

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  13. “Goddis_Sixfootah” here bemoans the “bitch ass nigga” epidemic without blaming the “bitch ass” single babymamas who have babies by “bitch ass niggas” and produce more “bitch ass niggas.”
    By all accounts she, too, is a single babymama.
    Join me for a special episode of African in American TONIGHT cuz I’m going ALL THE WAY IN. Ain’t holding nothing back. This bitch ass nigga epidemic has gotten out of control and it’s time! I ate a huge plate of pettichine Alfredo for lunch! A post shared by Six God 😎 Nefertari Reborn (@goddis_sixfootah) on Mar 19, 2018 at 10:57am PDT<br <a

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  14. Remember one simple matter, no simps (enforcers, enablers, muscle), no problems (well far less). Which is why the Europeans put abortion clinics in the community to start with. But for some reason negroes still don’t understand basic biology and how not to ejaculate inside of a undesired mother. I personally wouldn’t even venture in such darkness in the first place but how hard is pulling out or wearing a condom. Buncha zombies.

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    • Lurker,

      Unfortunately Negroes are impulsive and lack foresight. They’re far more concerned about busting up in some “fine ass bitch,” then conceptualising the idea that they might have to be stuck paying child support and risk going to prison for the rest of their lives if they miss payments.

      Furthermore you can have the most foul mouthed disgusting whore of a woman on the planet and what will but these clowns first response, “Dam i’d still smash doe.”

      Buncha zombies indeed….

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  15. Fellas, do I have a story for you today.

    So I was on lunch break and went to a fast food stop near my job. So I’m inside, eating my food, enjoying my break from work. A few minutes afterwards, another brother walks into the establishment. Sadly, this dude looks musty, dusty, and wearing a hoodie while still indoors. Now for some reason, this dude decides to ignores the cashier and takes a seat near my vicinity. Just based on that behavior, I knew this bro had to have a black witch for a girlfriend. His unfriendly, grumpy looking demeanor, along with his dress style, just screams he’s flexing for those type of women.

    Sure enough, a few minutes after he arrives, here comes one of these black witches. Tight clothes, hair weave, long fingernails, the whole shebang. She walks in a loudly says, “I’M LOOKING FOR MY BOYFRIEND!” So me and the black hoodlum are the only black males at this point in the restaurant. Guess who everyone started staring at? That’s right, the hoodlum. He gets up out of his seat, walks out the store without acknowledging his girlfriend, and starts walking towards the bus stop. She follows suit behind him.

    SYSBM is starting to become very obvious to almost everyone. I’ve yet to meet a black man who is with a white/Asian/latin/non-black girlfriend and don’t have a cheerful demeanor. If a black man is upset for no reason, it usually means a black woman is involved somehow. Unhappiness is all you will get from them.

    So lesson learned: If you want a happy life, stay away from the black witches. #SYSBM.

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    • Indeed, the avoidance and abandonment of those filthy, treacherous and demonic black females (ALL OF THEM) and the shithole of a black community they created is required for Black Men who want a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Let the pro whack simps and the thugs have them as they will all inevitably perish in self destruction within “blackistan”. #SYSBM!!

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  16. Alex C, unfortunately I do not think Lucille would stand a chance against the Black Woman Demons. They would love the fact that a person is going upside their head with a bat and keep coming for more, you could never live a peaceful life with BW stay away black men stay away.

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  17. “Black women are much more violent than black men, this is a fact that is clearly observable and has been this way for quite some time.”

    “Tyrone is a man of war by trade, yet even he finds it a struggle to keep up with the warfare mindset of the modern day black woman.”


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  18. There is literally NOTHING you can do when you are in a situation like that. I was in Fordum road on the bronx, this sheboon was yelling at this older hispanic woman. This older white guy (older than the old woman) came to stop her from harassing the old woman, the sheboon literally beat the man bloody! No one did anything to stop her! She had two Tyrones that looked like tamed puppies but would had turned into pitbull should anyone got up and did anything! It pissed me off so much that you can’t even defend a helpless person but in a way I did not care because the white guy was a white knight

    The first black women do is they challenge you to a duel. If you ignore her, she beats your ass, degrades you, calls you gay etc etc. But if you punch her dead in the mouth, the whole room wants your head on a platter.

    The second video, the (teacher?) Had her arm but did NOTHING. She didn’t pull her away or do anything! It was like she secretly enjoyed watching the guy getting humiliated! Know had he knocked the weave off the girl, that teacher would had written a whole book that would have been completely one sided in him beating her up! Sickening!

    Do you know what this is like? It’s like you are in a boxing match with NO arms while she along with mayweather and Manny P are on her team to back her up, just in case.

    This is absolute caveman behavior! I don’t even think low IQ Arab Muslims in the middle East act as bad as black women do!!!

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