Chinese Woman Calls Out Black Female Dysfunction – The L’s Keep On Coming For The Angry And Bitter Black Sisterhood


Now, there have been some folks who reckon that the poster is fake ie the person is not real, however I believe the focus should instead be upon what was spoken and whether or not the words ring true. Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time a person of Far Eastern descent has called out black women on their skullduggery, let us never forget the Korean Store owner who made his own feelings known concerning your average, run of the mill black female.

Now of course black women would look at the picture and immediately declare this guy to be a beta male, educated lame, mind you this is the same “beta male lame” these black female bootlickers will be calling upon for help and assistance and will expect him to fall upon his sword and fulfil his duty with her oil tanker behind 2 children plus down the line.

Again, you’ll notice how educated black men are readily accepted by non black women, yep these are the same men that most black women pass over for Tyrone, Dirty Dick Rodney, Mike Mike, Dey Dey and J Boogie from the block. Yet the pro black squadrons will still attempt to berate black men who refuse to deal with women who don’t like them in the first place, make that make sense.

Remember that article I wrote back in September 2016 where I showcased a Facebook post from a white female who also called out black women on their dysfunctional behaviour as well as their poor choice of mates, that article can be seen here. Notice once again as I stated above how the woman specifically stated that white women were moving in and scooping up REAL, EDUCATED black men.

Remember, black women want to “play” with the “we run these streets” heads until they have been completely ran through and rinsed by them, it is at that point they will expect the guys who they don’t like to come in, step up and pick up the pieces. Cho simply repeated what she had been told by her black boyfriend who told her the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Now, let’s bee honest here, the people who will be showing the most amount of hatred towards the interracial couple above are the members of the black witch contingent, additionally sprinkling in a few pro black simps into the mix. Yet, if we were to switch the couple featured to a black woman with a white or other non black man, we would be expected to give them nothing but praise(Serena Williams anyone). The disconnect and the hypocrisy amongst black women is real.

Black women are too bossy, truth. Black women are angry, truth once again. Black women are overweight, truth once more. Black women are masculine, the truth strikes one more time. Those black men who have no problems accepting masculine, argumentative, violent, overweight black females must be questioned. Many of these men have been emasculated and psychologically castrated to where they no longer have the testicular fortitude to set higher standards for themselves when it boils down to choosing a mate.

That is their problem, however these black women loving shoe shiners then attempt to push their in the gutter, scrape though the bottom of the barrel, in the toilet standards upon black men who actually have respect for themselves and WILL NOT date or marry black women who walk around with 6 necks, 7 stomachs, who have an attitude and who won’t hesitate to resort to violence at the drop of a hat.

Again, assuming the poster is real(I personally have no reason to doubt) this is yet another example in so many of black men packing up and leaving black women and the shores of Blackistan behind for good. The guy in the photo looks genuinely happy, something that rarely takes place within black on black relationships.

Non black women can see the black witch for who she is, because black women are so fixated upon white women and are constantly looking out for them, other non black females can easily swoop in and scoop up classic black men undetected sniper style. It’s a wrap, this modern day black female is as good as a dead duck, more L’s are being shipped as we speak. Black women have an established negative reputation that they point-blank refuse to deal with, oh well, that’s their problem.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Forever

Most High Bless

99 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Calls Out Black Female Dysfunction – The L’s Keep On Coming For The Angry And Bitter Black Sisterhood

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  2. Asians are the least SJW of anybody, which I guarantee you is part of why even white people will move out of the way for them.

    The world is watching both black women and white men show their collective asses, and the women especially are taking notice. Due to both parties concentrating on white women, now other non-black chicks are swooping in and blasian relationships especially are on the rise.

    Notice that she mentioned the whole masculine thing. The world knows that they’re basically fat circus close, just look at how dude mentioned that even in Kyrgyzstan they’re known for being weave heads.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, it’s exactly as I stated, black women have a negative reputation that is international, they cannot escape from their legacy which is why I laugh whenever black females like Madame Logic Bombs talk about black women moving overseas. They’re done, the only places they can move to and live out their lives without any negative stigma attached are deserts, deep forests or open plains where there are no other people around, lol.

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      • Yo Verbs, that was EPIC! Bro when SYSBM becomes mainstream in the black and coloured community, can we dump the landwhales, simps and manginas in whatever untouched area (eg Sahara) we live in? It would be a great benefit for ourselves and our descendants.

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    • I believe one of the reasons we’re now starting to see a rise in blasian relationships is because Asian women are starting to wake up to the racist issues white men have. White men/Asian women relationship is still one of the largest interracial couplings in western society, yet Asian are starting to notice that mainly the bottom-of-the-barrell white men are the ones chasing after them. And the majority of these white men have severe racist issues. I’ve once met a Japanese girl who told me she chooses black men over white men because black men are more mentally stable. So I can only imagine that thinking is one of the reasons blasian relationships are growing at a rapid pace.

      And believe me, Asian women already know about the black witch. Just like white women, asian women have no problem snatching up an esu

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      • Funny you’d mention that, as white men will typically disparage white women while hugging up Asian women. However, I recently ran across a thread talking about how Asian men said the stars of Black Panther were handsome. All of a sudden, these white guys were calling them all kinds of stupid sluts and gooks, telling Asian men to get their women in line.

        This is why these white men’s groups, despite supposedly being about them going their own way, are really about them having control and the first fight of rejection of all women. Sounds kinda like black Women nos doesn’t it?

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      • @afrofuturisim
        These white MRA groups are IMO just another arm of the “alt-right”. They have been such even before the creation of the term “alt-right” IMO.

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  3. Verbs,
    I never like calling or using the word “gay” to describe someone…BUT, I honestly don’t get how these black dudes who are literally half the size of their black beast girlfriends most of time and these cock roaches look, act and sound like dudes. So I can see how the word “gay” could be applied if you’re attracted to a chick who looks like the Linebacker I played with in High School. BTW, did you see the video of the black beast who left her 9 month old baby crawing in the middle of street? She also has a 1, 2 and 5yr old who where taken away. This is the bottom of the barrel toxic sewer sludge that are producing these whores and criminals. But of course she won’t be on Charlemagne’s “Donkey of the Day”..that’s reserved for Black Men and White People primarily. Please do a blog on that….#SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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    • @Keith

      (BUT, I honestly don’t get how these black dudes who are literally half the size of their black beast girlfriends most of time and these cock roaches look, act and sound like dudes. So I can see how the word “gay” could be applied if you’re attracted to a chick who looks like the Linebacker I played with in High School)

      Oh, you mean this?

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    • Cockroaches. I could not find a better word to describe arrogant, government-supported, anti-intellectual B…..S who feel like they are our new overseers and owners just because whitey got tired of playing house n…a. One thing I know is that I’m never coming back to Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation, I’d rather get an education, then a good job and then check out some hot non-black chicks (when I have the time) than even have a friendship with a modern ‘black’ or coloured women.

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  4. So many black women are going to die alone and become spinsters. It most be a very bitter pill for these black bitches to swallow. That most non black guys only want to fuck black women and don’t want relationship. And black men we are there only options and black men we have many options in interracial dating then black women. Most BW can’t swallow this very very bitter pill

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    • That is the red pill that black women are going to have to swallow in 2018 with no water.
      The AF/BB game has backfired on black women more than any other woman in this country.
      They will find that after wasting all of their sexual market value on bums that no man of any race will marry them. They are too fat,have too many kids out of wedlock,too much debt, and too much attitude. They are angry at guys like the one in the article because they realize that all of the men they see as “lame” or “Beta” are not sticking around to be the clean up men like generations past and instead marry non-black women thus dooming all the black women who played the AF/BB game to a life of misery and death.

      BGS made a video talking about how after the crack epidemic hit and damn near a whole generation of black women got knocked up by Tyrone that a lot of blue collar black men end up marrying these skanks and taking care of the thug spawns. Now the OOW birth rate has jumped from 70% to almost 80% so we see that being the cleanup man and mentoring doesn’t work. The only thing that will work is to abandon these women and let natural selection take care of the rest as the welfare state dies.

      All they will have to look forward to is Trump’s food boxes if they are even lucky enough to still have a house to live in.

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      • I hope that Trump does really roll out the food boxes nationwide, I doubt they will though. All the hoodrat single moms should get a trump box or as they are calling it “America’s Harvest”. Looking at obesity and diabetes rates it can’t be any less healthy than the stuff black folks in America are eating now. Beggars can’t be choosers, I feel bad for the low income elderly and disabled, but that’s it.

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    • GOOD! Pretty soon, Men, in General are not Even going To want to Have sex with them AT ALL. Black women will be the new gypsies of the west! Boy oh boy I cannot wait when that day happens! I will fly my ass back to the US and be filled with glee and joy seeing the absolute mess they will be in! I remember Verbs written in article not to long ago about the devsating environment that these women will be in, eating their own kids, or abandoning them, incest raping their children, huge spike in lesbianism, or even raping straight men. Human waste everywhere…..this excites me to even think about it!

      This sounds like something out of a horror movie and something one should be sad or sympathetic about, but these is something that would bring me happiness to see!!!!

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  5. Well. Asians tend to know more about black hair weave women. Whites do not know much about hair weave since white women do not wear hair weave.

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    • Yet the idiotic simps claim ‘Whites wear weave too, and black women are queens n….as!’. For the love of God hair weave and hair extension are two different things! Bro someone needs to do a TV series on how stupid feral ‘black’ and coloured females are, hopefully it would scare off the racist white men they love so much. It would also be a good SYSBM promoter too.

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      • Anton Nikolaev———— A Nobel Prize should be awarded to the brilliant person who can explain to black women the differences between hair weave, that covers the existing hair and scalp, and hair extensions, that are attached to the existing hair. The explanation of the differences between hair weave and hair extensions is too difficult a concept to explain to black women. The discovery of a cure for cancer is a minor task compared to explaining to black women the differences between hair weaves and hair extensions.

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  6. Gentlemen,

    I see that the high priestess of swirling one Christelyn Karazin has quit YouTube and has an accompanying article on her website detailing the reasons why:

    As per usual black women will always try to grab onto the mantle of victimhood, remember this is the same black harridan who is an advocate of killing black male children in the womb and who defecated and urinated upon black men to no end. Sorry, no victimhood cards will be handed out to her over here.

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      • What makes this woman think that life for them is going to easier overseas? Why would men of other races want to be with butch dyke feminists than their own women? What makes these women think that the same US/UK laws will be applicable to countries overseas?

        Don’t get me wrong, I could careless what they do, and I wish them the best on their journey , if they find it. But they are on some serious acid if they think men/societies in other countries are going to let her get away with the crap she can get away with in the US/UK!

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      • This lady sounds like she missed her calling as a voice actress. She has an exaggerated voice that sounds like STORM from the 90s X-Men cartoon.

        She crazy if she gonna bring that pseudo race and color and victim ideology to another country with nationally accepted cultural values. In some of her other videos she was taking about a “Race war” between BM and BW advising her listeners to stock up on weapons and food.

        Then one of the commenters had to kindly remind her that neither one of those groups currently have the logistical infrastructure or economy to fund a full scale war….unless you mean a social war on the internet..

        She of course had no response the actual logic bomb that was dropped.

        I think her pharmacist is to blame, probably being underpaid by Walgreens or something or maybe one of the pharm techs is stealing her meds and replacing with sugar pills.

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  7. There is a whole website dedicated to Asian women black men couples backed with tons of research on how AW/BM couples are one of the most successful relationships among all interracial couples even amoung same race couples.

    Divorce rates are much lower with BM/AW than even whole of US/UK

    Asian women, generally have a good view of black men . At worst they are really indifferent. And I can say this with experience, even here in Kyrgyzstan (and Kazakhstan as I go there every two months) and when I was in Japan and China.
    I can confirm what this article says as these are the answers I get when I asked Asian women personally:

    There are even tons of movies and even drama shows of black Men Asian women couples and are becoming more popular in many Asian countries:

    Black men are most definitely welcomed in Asia as long as you are respectful to the local culture, irregardless of what people say on their YouTube videos or blogs. MANY Asian women in Asia have shown a lot of interest. What is awesome about it is that, if you were say a 5/10 in US/UK, coming here, you’d be a 9/10 to 10/10 simply because of your exotic aura and mind set alone. Also you do not have to worry about Asian men as they will not cockblock or discourage you the way white men do with white wome (with one exception, the Khalka Mongols in Mongolia, they are ultimately jealous of their women but they won’t outright say anything to you unless you flaunt it)

    One of the things that I love Most about Asian women (the ones from the far east asia that is ) is that they are fun to talk to and can have great intellectual conversations with you which is the most important to me in a relationship. I can say that black men with Asian women seem to be Guinean very happy couples. Call me crazy, but it seems like Asian women bring out true happiness in black men . And the reason why I feel this way is because when I went to China/Japan, I have never, in my life, seen genuine and happy smiles from black men!

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    • This is good news! More evidence that bumshequa and her racist white master need to stay on Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation, it is not our business when their screwups come to bite them back in the ass.

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  8. First, black women’s real queen/god (white women) shut them down and now Asian women? Wait until South Asian Indian women and other ethnic groups of females come out against this ilk of westernized black women. The black matriarchy house of cards aka queen-dom or queen-damn is quickly being burned down. SYSBM.

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  9. No wonder why I am so attracted to Asian women! They are the most understanding and will indeed call something out when they see it! At least that’s what my experience always have Been.

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  10. Yet another excellent article and I love the brother’s comments here. Y’all on it. These white dudes from the videos I watch of them in these Asian countries seem to not like US brothers being there. Not all. But I believe a large contingent. And what y’all sayin about these white MGTOW groups are on point. Like I’ve said on occasion, I saw these white dudes racism start to come out when the uptick of police shootings against black happen. White men and black women. A match made…….IN HELL. But don’t look now. Even white dudes really don’t want them.

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    • I tried commenting this before, but it messed up for some reason.

      These white guys don’t give a damn about black men and only act concerned when it’s time to form single file and fight their battles. They are no different than black women.

      So because they’re FINALLY fed up with the feminism and liberalism that they created, were supposed to act like they weren’t calling us all kinds of niggars and mud sharks a second before? If a black man, such as Sotomayor, is deemed useful to them, they’ll use him basically as their mouthpiece. The second that he snags a Becky, however, he’s the enemy.

      MGTOW = white male swirlers

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      • Thank yoU!!!! exactly….there was this idiot “CovertWar” that pops up on here and refuses to leave…Always talking about how “we have to save our country Amerikkka” and how “brothers we are losing our great country” like WTF? Get the fuck outta here dude! I hate this fucker…..amazing how these white dudes have the audacity to show up and actually COMMENT as if they are here for our benefit…unreal.

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    • Cornelius,

      White men consider Asian women to be their property. Black men moving into their territory makes them salty. You’d think that if they’re MGTOW and don’t want women anyway, then they wouldn’t care one way of the other, but you’d be wrong.

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      • Oh yes, let a white or Asian woman note an interest in black men, and the “all men are in this together!!” Facade evaporates in a second. They are also quick to bring up the BBC/“Chad Thundercock” thing, which is the most obvious sign of insecurity ever. Like, you’re so insecure that you bring up another man’s dong? VERY heterosexual. However, they would have no problem dropping their current girl for a “Barbie Thunderboobs”. Their hypocrisy sadly derails any real momentum against feminism, which is why the same white women that they disparage are the main ones actually making any headway against feminism.

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  11. @Schadenfreude
    I nearly ruptured my spleen laughing out loud at that bat shit crazy bitch. I think black men should take up a collection to rent a fleet of oil tankers to load black chicks on to help them reach their delusional over seas destinations. We’ll probably only be able to fit about a hundred or so of the black land whale bitches on each tanker since most them weigh about a ton each. Good ridden to the whore who called for the abortion of all black male children..BYEEEEE👋👋👋👋…#SYSBM….#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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    • Yup, Keith, Madame Logicbomb is my guilty pleasure. She sounds like old school Eartha Kitt from the old Batman TV show from the 60s. Her misandry is also entertaining. This whole business of BW running off to Europe of all places is new for her. Before, she was telling her black female viewers to doomsday prep and prepare for “war.” Sistas are ill-equipped for either option as they are more married to the State via middle-management gubmint jobs, Section 8, child support, and affirmative action than any other female group.

      No, brother, don’t take up a collection to send those land whales overseas, spend that money on yourself instead, and leave those hoes in Blackistan where they belong. They made the bed, they can lie in it.

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  12. I’ve also noticed the uptick in blasian relationships. It’s a beautiful thing. Within ten to twenty years max, black men dating out will be over fifty percent in the states if not higher, and these jackasses will still remain stubborn, not take responsibility for why this is, and ultimately alone.

    Currently, I’m working on getting a young guy at my weekend job to see these dysfunctional black bitches for what they are (haven’t introduced him to this site yet) and get him out of his slowly deteriorating relationship with one of these demons. I think he’s beginning to see them for what they are, but is reluctant to pull the trigger; as he comes from a single mother with multiple children with different men no dad in sight. It’s a work in progress, I’ll keep you gentlemen informed.

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      • For now they won’t. They love the thugs, simps, manginas and racist house n..s so much that they would rather be real life comic strips than admit they are wrong. But as Brother Verbs said, they’re not worth the effort to worry about. Asian, Middle Eastern and conservative white females are actually feminine and don’t try to take over relationships, and they want us professional black and coloured men, so we go where we are wanted. It’s actually in the New Testament.

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      • James S,

        BW have already turned to dykeism in high numbers. I’ve often seen a halfway decent-looking black chick, her son, and her “man” out and about in the city streets. Dyke broad legit looking like Lil Wayne. More and more tattooed, black bulldaggers are coming out every day. They honestly think they’re doing something by “taking” straight women from black men, but instead they’re doing us a favor. SYSBM, brother!

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      • Actually, the thug black men are waking up to the ills of black women. Do you remember the now-famous Mr. Trick Daddy “TIGHTEN UP” video ? If self-described thugs, like Mr. Daddy are seeing the faults of black women, then black women are USELESS.

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  13. I hate to see black men on here posting comments and videos about Asian women or any other race of women liking us, we already know other races of women will gladly except us, and just keep it there or you read my Chris k, inspired book, “how a black man can get an Asian woman”

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  14. Black women are feeling it now. They notice that the undesirable beta black man is going to non black women and taking his resources with him.

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  15. Looks like white troll is trying to stir shit up. Take a good at “her” profile picture. It is a totally different person from the second picture. And Cho is korean surname, not chinese.

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    • Not to rain on the parade but when I was reading the message I too got the sense it was fake. However the point still stands that non black men and women are becoming more and more aware of the scraggle daggle dysfunction. It was only a few decades ago that the black man was seen as the sole convenient scapegoat concerning all the issues of the black community. Now people seem to waking up and are pointing the finger to black women just as much as they do to black men.

      However with that said I have to admit I haven’t had a great deal of positive interactions with East Asian women. I find them a to a bit snobby (even during high school and College) I’ve never particularly found them to be as attractive as White and Hispanic women. Also they overwhelmingly only seem to be only interested in Europeans and the interracial rate between Asians and Blacks in general is still quite low due to their infatuation with the white race and white beauty standards. I dunno though from what I’m seeing on Youtube and social media maybe things are changing…..

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      • “Also they overwhelmingly only seem to be only interested in Europeans and the interracial rate between Asians and Blacks in general is still quite low due to their infatuation with the white race and white beauty standards”.

        @Odyssey When it comes to interracial relationships it seems like white men have a “lock” on Asian women. I’m not sure but I think the number one interracial pairing in America is the AF/WM. I would have to agree also that I don’t find them as attractive compared to Jewish and White woman.

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      • Beta white males, with their “Asian fetish” behavior, have boosted the egos of Asian women in the USA. Even Asian males in the USA know about this. If you are in living in Asia, the presence of white males is not a problem because only an insignificant number of non-Asian males exist in the population. One should stay away from Asian women in the USA.

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      • Oddysey,

        To be honest there are so many examples of other women calling out black female dysfunction the point about outsiders noting their nonsense was proven a long time ago, hence what you stated about more non black women becoming aware of the black witch and her silly antics. Let’s not forget about the air force sergeant who also recently spoke her mind concerning black women and their attitudes.

        This is what SYSBM is all about brother, you’re free to choose the women you are most attracted to and get the better interactions with.

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    • The boyfriend probably does not know the difference. to the eyes of your typical Americans:

      Chinese = Chinese
      Koreans = Chinese
      Japanese = Chinese
      Vietnamese = Chinese
      Thai = Chinese
      Any monolid looking person = Chinese

      It does not help that some Asian Americans do not particularly care about their own heritage and just take the “Asian” Identity rather than “I’m Chinese” or “I’m Korean”.

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    • Afro Supreme,

      Non black women calling out black female dysfunction has already been set in stone, even if this is a troll, the non black female airforce sergeant calling out black women and the white female I featured in that article I wrote back in 2016 aren’t.

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      • I agree. Most Asian girls who are with black men, they’re usually private about their relationships and don’t really brag about it. But with that said, they know how black men are treated by black women and have no problem snatching up a thinking black man behind their backs. That’s the Asian woman’s way of giving the black witches the middle finger.

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    • You guys need to stop giving cave beasts credit they don’t deserve. They do not get the attractive ones. I used to live in socal (San diego) and I can tell you that cave males get the ugliest and the most washed asian chicks from what I’ve seen. These weak, cucked out, asian woman worshipping idiots were happy to have china town rejects in their pathetically narrow arms whilst black, hispanic and even asian guys are stealing their blonde blue eyed sisters.

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  16. I travel a lot just got back from Thailand and Cambodia there are so many Black Men and Thai women relationships and i got so much love from the women in Cambodia to. The airplanes are filled with black men going to Asia and Latin America the women are beautiful good attitudes black women simply cannot compete. Black women will be phased out completely from the dating pool very soon they will be like post apocalyptic zombies they are near that now like that old movie CHUD. Cannot wait for their complete demise.

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    • Cool! Can I ask a question? When you see black men with Asian women, do you notice how happy and genuine the couples are? Do you see how calm relax and chill the black men become? I have noticed this when I was in Japan and China and some Kyrgyz girls here have told/shown me how they were with black men in China and how they loved the black men they were with.

      Also, how have western women reacted when they saw all the black men with thai girls? I will be going to thailand this late summer early fall and I have thai girls who are waiting to meet me there. Thai girls are not my thing (I’m more of Chinese/Japanese/Korean Guy) but ever since I have stepped foot in Asia, I see nothing but a new breed of happy black men! and if I see this in Thailand then I might give’em a go. Were there any jealous Western women who hated seeing black men happy in those places, if you noticed any?

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      • Carnio the black men were very happy with their Thai women smiling face to face. Also I did not see many western black women the ones I did see were in Phuket but I did not pay any attention to them. Did not see any in Bangkok or Pattaya

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      • My friend keeps trying to get me to go with him and visit his family in the Philippines. Everything you guys have said, him and his wife say agreed with completely. Time to get some more stamps in the passport and see what Asia is all about…

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  17. This whole article reminds me of Michelle Rhee, the Korean woman who took over the failing Washington D.C. public schools and turned them around. To do that, she had to battle guess who? You guessed it, the entrenched black female beasts. She fired a bunch of them and test scores rose after that. Who would have guessed?


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