Single Black Mother Exposed – This Is How Black Women Alienate Children From Their Fathers


Remember when I stated in Negro Wars that whenever black women relay any information that it must first be double, triple and quadruple checked for authenticity because most black women will lie to you before they tell you the truth? At first everything seems perfectly fine, this single mother is having us believe that she attempted to have the father come and see his daughter and that said father simply wasn’t interested.

This was believed to be the case until the father himself sent out the following post concerning his daughter:

Do you see that, haven’t we discussed many times before how black women deliberately run to and embrace single motherhood? Haven’t we discussed many times before how black women will either get pregnant by a low life, gutter, we run these streets black male knowing full well that he is not fit for fatherhood which happens to fit into her single mother plan or on the off-chance that she manages to syphon sperm from a black man who wishes to do well by his child, she will make his life a living hell and nigh on impossible for him to see his child/children.

This is the kind of underhanded deviltry and Jezebelian type witchcraft black women practice on the daily, they seem to believe that it is funny purposely withholding a child from forming a bond with his/her father, they specialise in this kind of wickedness which is one of the main reasons why I advise thinking black men NOT to place their penises near these women yet alone inside them, not even for pleasure ie pump and dump purposes.

I see the daughter in the video is much younger than in the Facebook post which leads me to believe that the mother has been pulling the parental alienation stunt for quite some time, possibly for the girl’s entire life thus far. I keep on telling you that black women despise it when children form a solid bond with their fathers, this is why they will go out of their way to prevent such a connection from taking place, how wicked can you be?

See, if the father is unhindered and actively involved in his child’s life then at least he can begin to make the effort as soon as possible to start deprogramming and decontaminating the child from the garbage that is being fed into his/her mind by the mother. Always remember that black women have a contract with the state that they must fulfil in order to continue receiving their government treats and goodies.

Thankfully however under the Trump administration such a relationship is slowly coming to an end and black women will shortly be cast to the wayside by their white father and left to fend for themselves(which has already begun to take place). The above is yet another example on record as to why in 2018 black men and black women are incompatible and ought to go their own separate ways.

However, as we already know pro black pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson, rapper Willie D, General Seti, Saneter Tv, Brother Polight etc will continue to spout the nonsensical feminist rhetoric about the black woman being god even though it is evidently clear that black women DO NOT perform any duties that separate them from non black women. The black woman is not god, she is a curse, a failure and a disgrace to the black nation and as a result is destined for hellfire as a recompense for her many transgressions.

The fact is black women cannot and will not keep their feelings and emotions out of the relationship a father has with his child, they spitefully will step in and carry out anything and everything within their power to put a stumbling block in the path of father/son/daughter relations. Sorry, I have integrity and standards, I refuse to deal with such wicked individuals yet alone marry and procreate with them.

Mind you, these will be the same single mothers who will move X Box Jerome into their houses where they will have no problems seeing the same child 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. That is how these black sirens roll, the Negro giving them penis on tap has full access to her children, yet the father who wishes to do what is right by his children is frequently refused visitation and has to fight tooth and nail just to see his own seed, smdh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Jezebels

Most High Bless

56 thoughts on “Single Black Mother Exposed – This Is How Black Women Alienate Children From Their Fathers

  1. Yes I can confirm this as I (rather my father) was a victim of forced separation.

    My mother would constantly pound in my head that my dad wasn’t s*** and would not see me. Yet when I would walk to school my dad would (illegally) pick me up to take me to school safe, take me to eat etc sand the police would arrest him because he had a restraining order for something he never did. Even when my father is completely non violent, never drinker or smoked a day in his life!

    You simply cannot believe a damn word BW say! I bet you that that father probably didn’t even want to be a father to begin with and she tricked him to become one. Only just to extort money and social immunity (meaning , now that she is a mother, she has complete immunity to any kind of social criticism because western culture puts women/mothers above God himself) from him while painting him as some evil monster!

    I will never believe or care to listen to women who claim that men just suddenly decided to be “ain’t s***!”

    Stay the hell away from bw! You’ll live a healthy life if you do! SYSBM!

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    • Modern black and coloured women are no different from racist white men. Both love the principles of the Talmud and both groups loath thinking black and coloured males. So why bother to stay on the plantation and get hurt when you can just leave and find a partner from a conservative culture, who can respect you for who you are and not for what you have?

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      • Great comment! This also remiss me. Many male dick police like to shame other men to get back in the plantation. They love to say “there is an agenda to breed out the black race! That why you shouldn’t be with becky!” Yet failing to realise that black women are Already in bed with white men via government and they always fail to see this and are always on black men’s ass!

        Next time when black women, black simps, or white men ask why black men are with white women, their response should be “black women dick swung over to white men and the only women who are available that does not stab women on the back!”

        I am seriously thinking of making my blog in the same manner as madbus driver for potienal SYSBM black men and to see why they should abandon black women and leave them as the mistress they are for White men!

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  2. Nine children, different baby daddies, a semi detached house paid for by the council, clothes strewn over the floor, doors torn off their hinges, and the mother still hunting for dick in the club…

    This is an actual person btw, one that’s “found God”. And one of the younger boys had played with me after I paid him some attention. SMGDH

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  3. I tell you, once a BW becomes a mother, she has reached God status in which she is immune to all kinds of criticism. Even if she is dead WRONG!

    When that child grows up and becomes something great, Like a doctor or lawyer! “YEA NIG*** , I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!!” But if the child becomes a criminal or something of disgrace ” IT’S BECAUSR THE FATHER WAS NOT THERE AND HE AIN’T S***!”

    If the mother commits a crime, she will be excused because she is a mother!

    If she beats and abuses the child, she is the mother and is easing the child by herself! They need discipline.

    There are countless scenarios where she can put up some excuse and she will always be safe from any kind of reproach! It’s almost impossible to call them out without possibly getting killed! They are literally the untouchables! It’s like trying to water! You hit and splash the water, it’ll splash in your face! It’ll ruin your clothes , it’ll ruin your electronics, it could even kill you by drowning you! You just can’t win!!

    This is yet another reason why they need to be treated exactly like the untouchables in the old Indian caste sysyem!

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  5. Black Women intentionally choose to get bent over by dudes not worth a damn so as to control them. Thus, you end up with more and more slow as molasses black folk.

    Notice how the worth a damn black men can’t get even a smile from these chicks, but the second that they leave black women alone, they have no problem getting good women.

    This is also why you can’t approach black women lie actual women. You would walk up to, compliment and greet non-black women, whereas black women have to be told “dang girl dat ass is faaaaat!”

    When they refuse to interact with worth a damn men themselves, is it any wonder that they keep their kids from them?

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    • How did you know Afrofuturism? Recently a heifer passed me at school, looked like something out of the Guyver franchise and was terribly overweight (Jamaica, sadly has become known as ‘Fat Nation’ due to decadent dancehall artistes encouraging the ‘big bumper’ mentality among native girls and young women) and tried to ‘put words’ to me. I just ran for my life, like what I normally do whenever I encounter them or the thugs. Saves me a lot of time and energy.

      N.B: I knew this guy who was a real roughneck and everything, had a reputation as a thug. Dude picked up a Becky sometime in Third in Fourth Form and his grades and behavior soared. It was like God himself used the girl to make a change in his life. Now tell my why he, or even me should let ourselves get used or hurt by bestial black females who would gladly throw us under the bus for swirlers and racist white men?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Right, but as the typical scenario goes 2 plus children down is when they typically look for “help” and realise that they guys they stuck their noses up at back in the day were the best ones who were cut out for fatherhood.

      These heifers stay miserable, a classic black men can’t say anything to them without receiving a dirty look, Tyrone and Dirty Dick Rodney on the other hand calls them hoes and they’re all smiles with him.

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      • Lol, the best thing for anybody to do right now is to restore coloured morals to black and coloured society and breed out these b…s. Let them keep the simps, swirlers and racist white men on Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantatation.

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      • That music video reminds me of something I saw on YouTube a while ago. It was a plus size vlogger that went To Jamaica and said she got hit on by all the guys there. A bunch of people got mad at her and she had to take the video down.

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  6. All the more reason to never procreate with these savages. Thankfully I don’t have kids of my own at the moment. But when that time does come, you best believe the mother of my children will be a non-black woman. This is why us thinking black men gotta love gentrification, cause it not only brings us more options for mates, it weeds out the scraggle daggle even further, reducing the chance of ever procreating with one. #SYSBM

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    • Gentrification is a beautiful thing. Sure it raises taxes, but if it keeps the scum away from me and other thinking men like myself, I am all for it. You couldn’t pay me enough to date, nevermind marry and procreate with one of these chicks.

      In the coming years, you’ll begin to see government incentives for black men to marry black women (kinda like what you saw in Detroit when it was available) because it will get THAT bad. Even then if it came to it, I still wouldn’t risk it.

      Keep building that wall and improving yourselves gentlemen, you can do so much better than those demons.

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      • I wouldn’t marry a black woman even if the government offered me a million dollars in doing so. It speaks a lot about black women when the government has to PAY your race of men just to be with you.

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      • Actually, i love Gentrification as much as you do for the reasons, but it could be bad too. Because once those people leave, they have to go SOMEWHERE. Many neighborhoods in upstate New York use to be beautiful, quiet, friendly people and just a peaceful place on earth to live. But when these people started moving there, it became an absolute unliveable urban decay with rude rough necks, crime and drugs every where.

        But, hey… I’m all for gentrification too!

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      • I find it hard to believe the state would be willing to pay its enemy to produce more prison livestock. Then again…

        That tells you #SYSBM goes against the master grand plan.

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      • What Micheal said about SYSBM going against the Vatican/Zionist master plan is true, less black and coloured HOES ( I no longer consider modern black and coloured women human females) means more intelligent and thinking black males who can hopefully put some major holes in the Talmudic world order.

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      • Gentrification combined with welfare and section 8 cuts will have a lot of BW living on the streets. Either that or they will be in jail next to their thug baby daddies and sons. Keep building the Wall

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  7. Simply Black men we shouldn’t breed or have relationship with black women these days they are truly demons/sirens . SYSBM for life.

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  8. Indeed, you can never believe what a black woman says; you either have to have been there to experience it for yourself or take it with a grain of salt.

    NPR did a study a few years ago that showed only 25 percent of black women aged 18-49 were looking for a long-term relationship. Of course, they don’t start out that way. We break their spirit. Black men are too much for black women. We trample all over them without even trying, and it makes them hate us — not just those of us who got the best of them, but every single one of us. Black women are triggered by black men. We give them PTSD.

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  9. Notice how the ‘black actress’ always comes out in order to manipulate a situation. Why on earth would this black woman demon feel it necessary to tell that little girl any of the alleged things going on between her and the baby’s father? If what the mother said was true, which I don’t for one second believe that it is, why on earth would she feel it necessary to put those ideas in that little girls head that her father doesn’t want to be involved with her?
    The black woman is doing that in order to instill the same hatred she has for that man in her daughter. Black women always play the victim, even know anyone with half a brain could see what this woman was telling her daughter was not only unnecessary but untrue.
    This demon told her three or four-year-old daughter that her father doesn’t want to see her, and is actually making the little girl believe that her father doesn’t want her or love her. How evil, vindictive, and manipulative do you have to be to do something like that? But because most black women are soulless, selfish, and only concerned about controlling the narrative, they simply don’t care how their behavior affects anyone around them.
    But in the mind of this delusional black woman her and her daughter are the victims of a cold hearted evil black man who shuns his daughter for no reason at all. And the daughter will grow up believing that not only is she the victim of her evil father but her mother is the victim of her evil father. This is why you have generation after generation of black women who are absolutely screwed the fuck up in their mind. The reason why they are so screwed up mentally is because their mothers were screwed up mentally and their mothers were screwed up mentally.
    How could any sane black man attempt to have a relationship with a group of females who hate Blackmen and teach their daughters to hate Blackmen?
    All black women want from Blackmen is their sperm, so they can THEIR baby ( in the mind of black women the children only belong to them, the father is just a footnote), attention from other stupid simple black women for having a baby, free housing, free food, free healthcare, employment opportunities handed to them just for being a single black woman, and whatever child-support they can suck from the Blackmen.
    Black women have absolutely no interest in building anything together with a black man including a family. Family to the black woman means ‘ME AND MY KIDS’!!!!!! Black men play no role in that equation whatsoever.
    Black women are given power to control the relationship dynamic, so black women have the ability to brainwash the children into believing anything they want the children to believe, and they are also free in order to teach little black girls to be as aggressive, confrontational, and foolish as they are. Why do you think you see black girls at around 7, 8, 9, 10 with absolutely horrific, loud, obnoxious, reactionary, stupid and foolish attitudes? Because this stupid whore black mother has had complete control over them from birth in order to instruct her how to be just like her dumbass mother. And the black father of that little black girl can do absolutely nothing to stop this from happening.
    Now someone please explain to me why the hell I would ever want to get involved in such a one-sided, draining, mentally exhausting relationship with a black woman?
    Oh I forgot, because my mother was black and black women are queens. Got it.

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  10. Government: behind every spiteful whore are the politicians some of you vote for, this president was great and blah, blah, blah, the fact of the matter is these whores do this because daddy government says it’s ok, stop voting until a politician can discuss unfair laws in the family law court as it pertains to men, gmo food, chemtrail, poisoning of our water supply

    Man: has the right to provide sperm which may lead to the conception of a child
    (No further rights for the man follows)

    Woman: has the right to receive sperm which leads to conception of the child
    Has the right to murder child in the womb, Father’s consent not necessary
    Has the right to birth child into the world, Father’s consent not necessary
    Has right to deny father any contact with the child
    Has right to extract resources such as child support from father while denying visitation
    Has the right to leave child at the police station or fire department Father’s consent not necessary
    Has the right to put child up for adoption fathers consent not necessary

    Man: may petition(this is not a right) to have visitation with the child in the event the woman decides to keep the child

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  11. These women have kids for no other reason than a paycheck. That’s why they like the thugs. He turns them on and she knows he isn’t going to stick around for the child. This is great for her because now she can live off the government for 18 years. On the off chance that she finds a simp with money she will extort money from him and do everything in her power to keep him away from the child because she just want’s the money. If the man fights and gets full custody she will just kill the kid. Tommy Sotomayor documents this extensively.

    Thinking black men all over America see the true nature of black women and simply will NOT breed with them.
    BAW will literaly go extinct and be replaced with brazilian, white, and asian women. It’s going to be funny when the Trump cuts go into maximum overdrive and all the simps,feminists,hotep’s ect. start writing 100 articles a day about how black men need to give single mothers a chance lol. It’s 2018. The men who knocked up the scraggle daggle will serve as a example to the childless black men in america of what NOT to do.

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    • So it’s basically “food” rations. That looks unappetising, and (hopefully) full of chemicals.

      Good, serves them right for abusing the welfare system.

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      • If I was on welfare I wouldn’t be complaining about the food quality. I would be looking for a job. Hopefully the food will be so poor in quality they will finally look for work.

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  12. What would you guys do if the system got rigged and then Oprah got elect as new president in 2020?? (I’m sure the US would not exist as a country and the map would be redrawn as smaller regions, that is ex USSA)

    Personally, I would give up my citizenship and lie to people about me being native (born) American and say I am from European or some south American country..


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