Russian Christians School British Feminist Decadent Stacey Dooley


When I came across this clip being reviewed by a YouTuber by the name of Sargon Of Akkad I felt I had to jump in a say my piece as his commentary to me seemed too PC, soft and restricted. Telling women to “be who they want to be” is a recipe for disaster which in the long-term will only create more Liliths and Jezebels, there is much truth to what was spoken in the above short clip. As much as these right wingers love to put down liberals, I don’t really see them coming out against in full force against lifestyles such as homosexuality either. They’ll speak out again feminism on the one hand but then give homosexuality a pass on the other, make that make sense.

From the beginning the Russian man rattled off so much truth, however there were a few things that he stated that I don’t agree with and certainly are not biblical. For example the scriptures DO NOT state that the woman is to be a slave to her husband, however the bible is clear about the man being the head of the woman and having the responsibility of ruling over her(Genesis 3:16, 1 Corinthians 11:3).

That’s right, women are supposed to be lorded over and the generally poor behaviour of western women is proof positive of what happens when western men approach such a task slack handedly. Again, where I differ with the man on the physical chastisement of the woman outside of her being violent towards him, I fully support the principle of keeping the typical female nature under control ie keeping Jezebel locked up in the cage permanently.

See, this is one of the many things I love about Russia and other Eastern European countries, they most certainly do not subscribe to feminism, they don’t adhere to the dishonest practice of political correctness, hence why the husband was so blunt and straight forward from the beginning with his speech and left the feminist witch Dooley in complete shock and dismay.

Now on the flip side the guy was right, you hardly ever run into feminists who are attractive, the overwhelming majority of feminists are typically fat and ugly. As I continue to rehash the point, when you so desire to be like a man nature itself will begin to oblige you in your request. As he stated to Dooley, these same ugly feminists may times trick attractive, gullible women into going along with the feminist agenda having them believe that there is something in it for them.

However, as we already know a large portion of feminists are lesbians and are simply attempting to increase their dating and sex pool. You have to understand that homosexuals as a collective aren’t satisfied with simply dealing with others of the same lifestyle, no, they always feel the need to voyage into forbidden territory, they enjoy the thrill of the hunt so to speak.

This is why typically it is homosexuals who are behind the indoctrination of school children via the pushing of LGBTQ related topics and studies in lower and middle school education. Always remember that feminism and homosexuality are one and the same, after all feminism was founded by a group of lesbians. Notice the overt witchcraft of the average feminist, how she loves to encroach, cause trouble and seeks to contaminate women who are fully locked into their femininity.

You’ll notice that the husband stopped the wife from answering further questions, this is because he noted and recognised the Jezebel nature of Dooley at work, he saw her attempting to fish for more information in order to use it to stir up trouble and thus bring confusion to his wife’s mind. This is one of the duties of a man right here, to watch over his woman and ward off feminist serpents like Dooley whenever they come slivering around looking to stoke up unnecessary contentions. This right here is a clear reason why the Most High has declared that the man is the head of the woman.

However, as we thinking black men know and have experienced within black female society, most black women much prefer to take the route of Lucifer and place themselves over black men. Also, seeing as black women as a collective subscribe to a mutant form a feminism, unlike non black females most of whom do not subscribe to and practice feminism, most black women cannot be saved and thus will perish.

Back to the video, you’ll notice that the man’s wife dropped some precious nuggets, referring to modern day women as no longer women but “mutants” which is exactly what we see today especially in black female society and talking about the fact that women who accept their place and embrace their femininity will always succeed in everything they embark upon. #ALLTRUTH #NOLIESDETECTED. The key word here is femininity.

Also, you’ll notice how the husband reluctantly agreed to allow his wife to answer questions when requested, that wasn’t because he didn’t trust his wife, it was simply because he knew exactly what the Jezebel Dooley was up to, hence why he watched over them like a hawk while the feminist decadent asked her questions and attempted to probe deeper.

One of the most truthful statements the man’s wife made was the following, “women are vindictive creatures and they remember everything”, I’m sure that we can all relate to such a statement thus no expansion is required on it.

Again, Russia has the right idea when it comes down to deal with homosexuals and feminists. In 2007 a British homosexual rights activist by the name of Peter Tatchell attempted to protest for the right to have a homosexual pride march in Moscow, this is how he and a few others who had the same idea were dealt with:

Again, the bootlicking shine boy Tatchell some years ago attempted a citizen’s arrest on the then President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe who I believe compared homosexuals to pigs. Yet again he was dealt with efficiently by Mugabe’s security guards as Africans just like the Russians do not tolerate feminism or homosexuality:

We’ve already seen what happens to feminist advocates to attempt to bring their witch ladened propaganda and contaminated doctrines into Russia despite already being aware of the fact that Russia does not accept such teachings:

We can also see what happens to topless feminists who attempt to cause disruption at Muslim conferences:

The bottom line is feminism is a western ideology and feminists just like the pestilence that they are will always attempt to spread their repugnant philosophies abroad. Stacey Dooley is attempting to cause trouble and stir up unnecessary strife, hence why the full title of the programme the above clip was taken from is entitled “Russia’s War On Women”.

As Jointron33SYSBM continues to point out in many of his videos, so called “christians” who are supposed to be the front line defence speaking out against such degenerate movements and lifestyles are as per usual nowhere to be found. Today’s modern day Christianity is nothing short of a running joke, a fragmented and irreparable relic from the foundation Christ himself established.

Thinking black men, watch out for feminists like this no matter what their ethnicity, they are always looking for an angle or a foot in the door in order to work their witchcraft and deviltry.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process

Stay Away From Feminists And Jezebels

Most High Bless

38 thoughts on “Russian Christians School British Feminist Decadent Stacey Dooley

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  2. Thank you for mentioning the hypocrisy of these “alt right” white and other non black dudes. How in the hell can you combat feminism (and do a piss poor job at it, I might add) yet never say a word about homosexuality? This is why these idiots had NO problem allowing the flaming fruit Milo Yiannopolous into their ranks.

    Most of the non-black “anti-feminists” are only that way at a superficial level, which is why they inevitably make no headway. They never come at it from a “building”, “feminism destroyed the family” kind of mentality. It’s always something shallow like laughing at a fat cat lady and nothing more substantial.

    This is also why the more extreme right wing whites and racists talk about “white genocide”, due to the fact that even most of their right wingers could seemingly care less about rebuilding strong families.

    This is the ultimate fruit of feminism: dividing the sexes unnecessarily to the point where the family unit crumbles.

    And once again, you see just how limp wristed and soft these white guys are on these issues, even when they’re supposedly hard edged!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, both homosexuality and feminism are linked at the hip, how can they pretend to stand against one(feminism) but give the other(homosexuality) a clean pass? The Alt Right is not all right. Once again, white men are complaining about the very same system they implemented to lift women above men, yet whenever this particular point is raised they will always tell us not to focus upon race. That kind of talk is disingenuous to the core.

      These extreme right wingers ought to be following the protocols of Islam by having a minimum of 4 children per family, that is how Islam has become so prevalent in the west.

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  3. These alt right cucks they want to blame muh jews , muh blacks for their low birthrate.But the reason why their birthrate is low is because of feminism when women get educated they tend to not have kids. victim mentality doesn’t work look at the black community blaming white people for everything hasn’t helped our community. If you want to save the “white race” take away women rights, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and stop educating these bitches past high school. But these alt right cucks want to blame everyone but not hold their women accountable .

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    • The voting and college would not be a problem if these white dudes routed out the feminist/homosexual/liberal element has become synonymous with these universities. The problem is that white men refuse to fight against the cultural Marxist indoctrination that is being placed in at a GRADE SCHOOL level. Just look at the videos I’ve done of trannies and drag queens in Britain reading books to school children. And surely even these white boys know that women were instrumental in voting in their “right wing leader” Hitler back in the 40s.

      I will also caution that blacks and Latinos (who we would NEVER talk about taking voting away from) are just as bad if not WAY worse when it comes to left leaning voting patterns. This is why, just like blacks who are always bringing up God and Christianity, Latinos will still voted for socialist/communist leadership that keeps them spouting Marxist jargon and on the government teet from cradle to grave.

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    • Black British Guy,

      As a fellow brother from the UK I see and grew up seeing exactly what you are talking about, feminism has become a real snare in this country especially within the last 10-15 years.

      Once the government gets involved in things it ought not to be sticking it’s nose into. it’s a wrap. A woman’s rights are to meant to come from her husband, not from the state. I have to keep on stating to our US brethren that the so called black community here in Britain is in a ruinous heap just like black society in over the pond.

      In the US blacks for the most part vote Democrat, over here the majority of black folks vote Labour. Both parties hold to the same principles, bigger government and more handouts. Giving people money for free is never a good move.

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      • Once the welfare state collapses so many negroes and people will riot and die. The best solution is black men with sense leave the black community. Because living in these black areas are too dangerous and rough. I have dealt with too many dindu s who come from broken homes trying to rob me. I like to keep my distance from the black community too much dysfunction and dumping.

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      • Black British Guy,

        I have a friend who wanted and go and live in a predominantly black area so we took a trip down to the particular area in question, Harlesden, North West London. As soon as we stepped off the train he was already bricking it, this isn’t even taking into account his reaction when we walked through some of the notorious council estate housing blocks in that region.

        I’ve been blessed in that I’ve never lived in a predominantly black populated area, however I have experienced the rough side of black male goons and their hoodrat female counterparts. I had a situation one time in my younger days where a white guy came to my rescue, yep the same “white devil” that clowns like General Seti, Saneter, Umar Johnson and the rest of the pro black squads keep on trying to “warn” me about.

        You’re spot on, the bottom line is in 2018 most blacks are dysfunctional and as a result should be avoided at all costs. These single mother born and raised savages simply wish to eat off another black man’s plate, they don’t see thinking black men as allies, they view us prey.

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    • black british guy,

      Precisely friend. Alt right clowns will trumpet long and loud that blacks do nothing but “blame the white man for their problems.” But then will turn right around and blame “the Jews” for all their problems. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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  4. Verbs2015

    My worse fear is the day when SYSBM Men are going to be executed just like the way those Homosexuals were treated by those Russian/Africans. Once people actually start noticing the difference, I am very positive that the right/alt right are going to crucify them for walking off the plantation…..

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  5. As I’ve said before, the crux behind the feminism issue is that the white men who were instrumental in pushing it refuse to really put a stop to it. As much as we talk about “white privilege”, you REALLY think these white dudes couldn’t put a stop to feminism if they really wanted to?

    This is why the “rage quit” sector of mgtow is no different from swirlers, as both groups are seeking validation by running away from the mess THEY created.

    Black men must NEVER forget that their situation with black women is nothing like white men and feminism. White men chose to abdicate their male responsibilities and duties, whereas black men were removed from power by a convenient conglomeration of those same white men and black Women. Coincidence? Yeah right!

    Again, these dudes are not interested in family, which is why much of this PUA stuff is no different from the same decadent liberalism that they claim to be against. This is why I also think that the legitimate MRA (which actually is family oriented) be divorced entirely from mgtow.

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  6. The Russians, Africans and Muslims have done what we ‘black’ and coloured people should have done a long time ago: Get rid of clowns and SJWS, stop supporting homosexuality and portray it exactly as what is, as a twisted and evil ideology, remove thuggery and Talmudic ideologies from the people and encourage right principles and attitudes. If we had been following them in certain aspects then at least we would have regained some of our old power and respect.

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      • True. Racist white men and modern ‘black’ and coloured women are no different, they both subscribe to the same Talmudic ideology that Jesus got himself killed by the Romans, who were being manipulated by the Priests and Elders to get rid of him and true Christianity so the Priests and Elders could keep their iron hold on the people (this is real) to warn us about, so why should we be subject to their manipulations? Let both groups of losers keep each other, God will defeat them eventually and give them their just rewards on Judgement Day.

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  7. Verbs2015,

    I agree with you 110% to avoid ALL feminist women no matter the color. but….. if I had a gun pointed at my head and I had to be with with a feminist. or if feminism took over the world and all the women in the world became feminist and we had to choose one.
    I would be HAPPY and be MADLY in LOVE with that British chick in the first video than to ever be with these:

    (PLEASE SKIP TO 6:11)

    6:11- 11:36

    Satan has literally spawned and not only took over the women but also possessed the children too!!! Not even the most butch dyke manly white woman could be as bad as these two fat black chicks! and if these “Church leaders” think they can tell me to be with these mystical trolls, they are dead wrong!! Nope! no thanks! I’ll take the white feminists, thanks!

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  8. There’s one philosophy that I always live by:

    “A woman can’t resist what she can’t detect.”

    From the biblical times to the present modern times, there has been thousands upon thousands of evidences to prove this statement true. Yet feminist want us to believe that they’re equal to us? #SYSBM

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    • You are so correct Jones, in fact this is one of the reasons why the black and coloured community is in such a mess right now. These idiotic simps and feminists never ever seen to get it do they?

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      • Not just in the black community, but in western society as a whole. Do you find it ironic how women have such high standards for men of their own race, yet have lower standards for men of other races? It’s because western societies have adopted the individualism mind-set. And all of this can be traced right back to white men. Why? Because they created the infrastructure of western society. And now they’re complaining about a monster they have created. Women are like water, they will take the form of whatever container they’re held in. You can mold them into your thoughts and beliefs. Yet, white men dropped the ball by giving women too much freedom. Now they want to revert back. But I feel it’s too late now. You have to have a total technological collapse for cultures to revert backwards.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Dude in the above video knew exactly what the feminist witch was up to, however his wife was oblivious to the misandric web the Jezebel Dooley was trying to weave as well as the corrupt seeds she was attempting to plant in his wife’s head.

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  9. I’ve always told feminists that this type of crazy and delusional behavior would never be tolerated in other regions of the world, and I’m glad you posted an article about this. Feminism is an utter joke.

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    • True Stephen. Yo Verbs, can you do an article on the lameass women preachers and false prophets in the ‘black’ and coloured community, this crap (false prophecy and women preaching) is at an epidemic level in the Caribbean and I fear it will spread to the rest of the black and coloured community. Thamk you.

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    • Stephen,

      Only in the west is this feminist nonsense tolerated, Dooley wouldn’t dare run this type of feminist skullduggery in Saudi Arabia or in most African countries, they would immediately recognise her for the devil that she is and burn her alive at the stake.

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      • These SJW, communist, pro-wack homosexual, feminist clowns get stupider day by day,they create a problem and expect us to clean it up. I’m surprised that Jamaica hasn’t been mentioned when ever they try to infect other people with their crap, after all the masses aren’t supposed to know about how their stupid and senseless policies being implemented over and over again after slavery and into the 20th century turned the country into a literal warzone, natives 10, 13, 15 years old walk with weapons ready to kill whoever the ‘dons’ tell them to murder or whoever gets into their path in the ghettos filled with weave-wearing barbarians disguised as females, having bucketloads of children with several different Dey Deys, Tyrones and whatever worthless male there is in the community while good people have to convert their houses into literal fortresses just to survive. The police and military are trying hard now to contain the crime monster but it’s too big right now, it’s like a combination of the Wild West and the days of the Pirates. The newspapers have at least 5 killings per publishing, and there are even more on the evening news. Not to mention the ones that don’t go reported.

        Lottery scamming has replaced tourism in the western end of the island, ‘cash talk ya so, you haffi talk cash dawg, wey di house whey yu buy whe di car wey yu have’ and ‘big money popping, scamma dem dey ya, full a dead presidents dawg, soul-sella gal dey ya’ mentality is the latest path to, second to the ‘bad man’ lifestyle which is glorified by decadent dancehall artistes. Corruption is second nature, everybody knows somebody and anybody refusing to comply is seen as an outcast. Jack Bersteins’ ‘My Farewell to Isreal’ pales in comparison to modern-day Jamaica. The island is a criminal paradise, anything from weapons to hard drugs can be received easily, if you know where to look. I know at least four students in my school who are regular drinkers, two smoke weed as well. Out of the two weed-smokers one takes escaty. This is what the pro-wacks refuse to mention at all about the fruit of their actions.

        Males are literary subordinate to women down here, whether it’s the cause or just a part of the problem nobody will ever know. Yet according to feminists and pro-wack clowns (who are a major part of the problem) I am supposed to suffocate my intelligence and procreate with some landwhale BOW who wouldn’t look out of place in a new RE movie in the name of racial purity. (lol.) How does that logic even work at all?

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  10. “Women be who they want to be” women are whores, the most important thing to women is sex and the money they can get for the sex act. The fact is women want to be whores and wined and dined by quality men that are willing to take a napkin and wife the mayo from around her mouth as she says, “that’s not male semen, I just ate a sandwich!”

    Women’s motto: What do we want? We don’t know! When do we want it? Now!

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  11. Even though I agree with a lot of what is said here in this article I don’t think that giving men free reign to beat women is the right answer. Besides, who wants to deal with a woman that you have to beat in order for her to “act right”? I think a better solution would be to just leave the nasty feminist skanks alone, cut welfare/section 8. If they can’t figure it out then the last thing they need to is reproduce and mess up the gene pool.

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