Male Feminist Dr Umar Johnson Says “Only Weak Black Men Date White Women” – Really Bruh???

Thanks SoloTv84 aka Solomon Jones for bringing this short clip to my attention.


It’s amazing how these pro blacks share the same terminology and rhetoric as the modern day black witch. Once again the bread and circus court jester known as Dr Umar Johnson has decided to speak on interracial dating, more specifically black men dating and marrying white women and yet again he continues to place his proverbial foot in his own mouth. At this juncture this guy is nothing short of a long-term running joke, does Umar Johnson even think before speaking into the microphone and conducting these interviews?

Everytime Dr Umar Johnson prattles off his garbage concerning black men implementing SYSBM ie choosing to expand upon their dating and marriage options, these interviewers always seem to conveniently forget to ask Dr Johnson one simple question:

If black women are so great and you’re so adamant about “keeping the black race alive”, then where is your “black queen” and why aren’t you married yet?

That is a very simple question that none of the interviewers who have brought this clown onto their shows have bothered to ask. Johnson has been preaching the same message of black love, black unity and black family for the longest while and yet the same women he constantly exalts want nothing to do with him. Of course we thinking black men understand exactly what is going on, black women DO NOT LIKE these pro black simps who lick their muddy boots 24/7, they much prefer to deal with the Dey Deys and the J Boogies from the block.

Johnson has 2 children by 2 different women, if black women are so great then why hasn’t he married either one of his baby mothers yet? We already know the answer to that question, the mothers of his children no doubt are utter trash and fit the degenerate demographic of the typical gutter black females that we regularly talk about here at Slaying Evil.

See, you have to understand the plight of your average pro black simp, they are locked into an archaic, outdated philosophy that hasn’t taken into consideration the rapid degradation of the modern day black female. In the pro black simp manosphere there is no room for adjustments in terms of black women becoming defective beyond repair individuals ie being unsuitable for dating and marriage, as a pro black you MUST stick with the black woman no matter how bad her condition becomes.

Remember, this is the same side-show minstrel who black women recently set up in their attempts to take Johnson down with the duck tape, patch and mend joke of a tribunal he attended last month in relation to the validity of his credentials. Of course we already know that it was black women who were responsible for bringing about that hearing because the case itself as well as the evidence presented therein was extremely sloppy and weak.

Yet this same man who has the audacity to label black men who choose to deal with white woman as having “low self-esteem” has yet to call out the black harridans who set him up for that hearing. You’ll also notice that shoe shine boy Johnson without fail NEVER checks black women whenever they decide to swirl and get themselves a white man, it seems his fury against interracial dating is only ever reserved and used against black men.

Again, you’ll notice that whenever black women get with white men they will immediately inform us that the relationship is based upon love, however whenever black men get with white women, these same jealous black females alongside their pro black simp flunkies will immediately state that the white women involved are probably looking for some BBC action and that we are simply being used to fulfil the white woman’s fantasy.

The reality of the matter is Johnson is jealous of black men who date out because he is unable to due to his pro black position(at least not in the open), having already been exposed as a stripper lover it wouldn’t actually surprise me if Dr Umar Johnson was dicking down non black women behind closed doors as we already know how many of these pro blacks roll in secret.

Johnson equates black men dating white women to being weak and having low self-esteem, however a weak black man will tolerate the truck loads of rubbish that the modern day black female brings to the table. It seems to me that the weakness is in inviting drama and chaos into one’s life via choosing to deal with women who are notoriously problematic instead of escaping from them and in turn avoiding the trouble.

Thinking black men, do not be concerned with Dr Umar Johnson and his latest dick policing escapade, as I have stated many times before the pro black simp is the black female’s last bastion of hope in attempting to keep thinking black men on the plantation. Folks such as Dr Umar Johnson believe that it is noble and honourable to be a slave to the modern day black witch, he believes that a black man who subjects himself to black female skullduggery is valiant and somehow a hero.

Who is the one really seeking psychological validation here? It seems to me that the feminist Johnson is the one guilty as charged, constantly throwing black men under the bus for a black female whose reputation and image sunk into the lower depths of the filthiest toilet a long time ago. The man has no standards, very little self-esteem and no self-respect, chasing after strippers(labelling them as empresses and queens, smh), whores and single mothers.

Black women in the US have a median net worth of only $5 whilst their white female counterparts have a net worth of over $40000. What does this mean, it simply means that white women as a collective are much smarter when it comes down to money and finances. Put frankly white and other non black women as a whole are winning while at the same time black women are having to hold one monumental L after a next.

As a man who comes from the motherland Africa I can categorically tell you point-blank that there are NO African men on the continent walking around calling black women queens, gods and additionally worshipping them, this monkey show foolishness is only reserved for the pro black bootlicking simps of the west. African men are laughing at the misandrist Johnson with regards to his view on black women because Africa is a patriarchy and those black females who fail to fall in line with the programme simply get booted and replaced. Feminism has no place in Africa, NONE.

There is so much more I could say, however I will leave the rest up to you to put in your 2 pence worth. The bottom line is pro blacks are jealous that the thinking black man has the courage to walk away from the gutter black females in his pursuit of greener pastures. Unlike the feminist Dr Umar Johnson the thinking black man has respect for himself, holds himself to a higher standard and as a result will NOT tolerate under any circumstances the typical garbage most black women will bring to the table including children sired by another man.

Finally, the fact that Johnson as yet to find his “black queen” is a testimony within itself illustrating the fact that there is something majorly wrong with the overwhelming majority of black women, however each time Johnson opens his mouth to speak against interracial dating he fails to realise that his own life is a living example as to why black men with sense and intelligence should date out.

Dr Umar Johnson, single, has two children from two different black women, sleeps with strippers, whores, single mothers and possibly even non black females(in secret), is unaccountable in terms of a business plan in relation to a school he wishes to build for black boys and this is the guy many black folks are still listening and looking up to as some sort of leader within black society, really? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Licking The Muddy Boots Of Black Females Will Get You Nowhere

Most High Bless

75 thoughts on “Male Feminist Dr Umar Johnson Says “Only Weak Black Men Date White Women” – Really Bruh???

  1. “Dr” Umoist, single, two baby mamas, child support payments up the ass and softer than cat shit is STILL worried about my mixed relationships? He’d better call his imaginary goons to come sort me out then. The fat fraud.


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  3. You will notice that despite his insistence on being looked at in some esteem, his mannerisms and speech patterns are NO different from the typical preacher or rapper. These dudes are pimps all the same!

    Conversely, I thought dating “broke ass black men” was a bad thing, since it’s a “waste of time” when these black QUEENS do it?

    Black people literally need to be washed and rinsed, and yes, I mean genetically. Idiots like this and black women especially need to be bred the frick out of existence.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, the overwhelming majority of these so called black community “leaders” are running some form of pimp game on black society, from male feminists such as the bootlicker Johnson to the church beast pastor on the block. As I’ve stated many times before, these pro black flunkies will perish with the same black females they are running errands for.

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    • I am with you on that but that’s going to be (legally) impossible. Like you said in the previous post, a small number of men (the simps/thugs/etc) are the ones breeding like rabbits, forever continuing the endless cycle. Most people see this as a “blessing” because “God says children are a blessing” or ” we believe in a quiverful family” and we would be quickly labeled anti-family or even anti-Christ if we say so otherwise. We would get a nasty opposition from all world churches, human rights activists, Traditional conservatives and other white-guilt ridden organizations should we even think to try to explain our reasons why.

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  4. Umar Johnson must be some sort of woman born in a man’s body! Why the hell would anybody get mad at someone who wants to date out or does not want to deal with black woman at all? Isn’t it more for him???? If I was at a bar and there are 5 Asian girls and 10 guys. 7 of those guys said “ewwwww, Asian girls are gross!” I WOULD BE HAPPY!!!!!!! More Asian girls for me! Why would you want competition from other men? You have less competition if men are not interested in the same demographics as you, so why would you worry about what other men do? It’s not like the men are Homosexuals! I swear this man has an agenda!!!!!

    a-HA! He just shot himself in the foot @ 1:29!

    Even Dr. Umar Johnson even admitted that black men have options and the white (or other non-black) women ARE indeed attracted to black men! at about 1:29 he just said it!

    What I don’t understand about the dick police is one of the first things they say is “White women only want Black Men for Sex/BBC” as if that’s not what men want anyways! Men, already, want sex to begin with! and they tell us like we are afraid of sex or are afraid of sexually exploitation when this is exactly what most men dream of and want to do anyways. That’s like telling a fat person, who is on a diet, “If you eat salad everyday, you will lose weight!” Duh!!! Suppose I was a normal Non-MGTOW/non-SYSBM , or even just a common everyday black man and black women/simps tells me this, do you think I am going to care the races of women who want to be with, date, marry or have sex with me? I am going to hop on the first non-black women who shows interest!

    What these idiots don’t understand is, Men are MEN first, Black/Chinese/White/Mexican second! When it comes to just sex or even dating and marrying, Their Biology of being a MAN is the first thing that is on their mind FIRST! Her being of a different background is not nearly important as the biological imperative. I may not find white women all that special (because I love Asian women), but if I am in a situation where I am among nothing but white women and they show interest, chances are I might just forget that she is white and I may even go out with her if we are compatible. Black women are NOT compatible, not even for the lowest of black men, Not even as lesbians (I was once told by a black lesbian that black women made her turn straight!). Even if Suey only wanted to use me just for sex and sex alone, I would still appreciate it because, being completely honest, most thinking black men, especially myself, are invisible to the common everyday black woman anyhow. The fact the Suey, or Ying Ming or Maria is even paying attention to me, and wants to engage with me makes me feel validated that I simply just would not care! My needs are being met, her needs are being met, both parties benefit and we are all happy days! If “Suey” only wanted to use me for sex, but then ends up liking me and shows interest, shows her femininity (which blacks women do not have) and shows that she could be a good partner, my man instinct is gonna kick in and take over, and I possibly might forget about her being white at all!. I think this is a common situation for many black men!

    I think Akbar Manginason, is just jealous because deep down inside, he really wants a white woman himself but can’t have one because of his position! He is angry because he cannot publically show his affection for white women like many other black men do. I think he hates this so he is lashing out at black men who can do this. Otherwise I do not know what his agenda is!

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    • Is ‘Doctor’ Umar jealous because more black and coloured men have gotten fed up of the disgusting and arrogant behavior of their women as well as the pro-wack simps and boot-lickers? Which is by the way, similar to the ‘white supremacists’ are viewed in their society. But both ideologies originate from the teachings of the Priests and Elders (which Jesus warned about, ending up in them manipulating the Romans to crucify him) and so their true nature can be identified easily.

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    • Guaranteed if Umoist was accosted by Alison who likes the look of his little prince, ain’t no pro-wack back to Africa diatribe is getting in the way of biology.

      Remember, he’s a DESCENDANT!!!!!!!!!!!! of Frederick Douglas, so he really should honour his family by beating Alison’s back in. #TeamWhiteGirls

      He’s been proven to select low class bitches. An Alison ready to submit to the prince of pancakes

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  5. The Clown Prince is at it again..LOL..Well, I can say with GLEE that I’ve been a weak black male since the 8th grade and I’m proud of it. I’ve deleted about 98% of all black females out of my life excluding family members and my life is happy,calm, productive and overwhelmingly enjoyable with my beautiful white girlfriend. My circle of friends , coworkers and acquaintances are practically black female free…And it will stay that way!!!!….#SYSBM..#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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  6. Carnio, Keith, Anton Nikolaev, Michel, Afrofuturism1

    Pro black, back to Africa simps like Dr Umar Johnson are just one of many reasons why thinking black men check out of black society and never look back, this dude seeks to keep in place and in power the very same females responsible for the almost complete collapse of black society. He tells us to date and marry black women when the observable facts clearly show us that most black women defective beyond repair ie are NOT fit for dating or marriage.

    He tells us to have children with these women even though black women have made it clear that they hate black children and would much prefer to have mixed children with pretty blue/green/grey eyes and that “good hair”.

    He never deals with the fact that black women in the US assassinate on average 1876 unborn black children in abortion clinics everyday, where is his plea towards this black witch for her to put an end to her merciless killing of the unborn? Surely he’s aware of the fact that black women are aborting children at 5 times the rate of white women.

    He also expects us to get together with women who have already sired children with other men, exactly what benefit is there for a man to take onboard another man’s children? We already know the answer to that, there are absolutely NO BENEFITS in doing such a thing.

    He also fails to deal with the fact that most black women today are ugly, overweight, tattooed up to the hilt like pirates, have extremely bad attitudes and have a propensity towards violence. There is a reason why they are single at such a high clip.

    Here is a sample of the large and in charge black women flunky Umar expects thinking black men to deal with, tolerate and have children with and rest assured these heifers behave exactly the same way here in the UK, why do you think black men are dating and marrying out at such a high rate over here?

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    • Why and how is it that the (American) black women are always the most obese group of people IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!! I mean, we Americans are the most obese in the world. I get that. yes some American black men have the same diet as the women and some are just as lazy as black women. But if you were to walk outside at a black American neighborhood you will see far more black women who are just flat out obese than any group of people in another neighborhood????! At least with black men, you will see some fat ones but you’ll often see skinny ones, normal ones, or even ones who are athletic. But black women 8 times out of 10 she is morbidly obese! WTH???? It couldn’t be diet because i’m sure black men are subject to the same diet but not too many of them are as overweight as the women.

      When I use to visit Central park, Manhattan, on a beautiful sunny day, you will always see, White Men/Women, Hispanic Men and sometimes Hispanic women, Many Chinese men and sometimes women and you would ALWAYS see black men Running together, Biking, skate boarding, skiiing (They do these skiing on wheels which I though was extremely hilarious) all throughout the park! but I have NEVER seen a black women do any of those things ANYWHERE in NYC. and I’ve lived there my whole life!!

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      • Fat acceptance has taken over in the black community. Black women, historically, have been toned and slender.

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      • Carnio —– Most USA black women have a hairstyle that will suffer if they exercise. — For example, hair weaves, glued-on wigs, fake braids, or perms. — USA black women often inform that they do not want to engage in exercise because it harms their hairstyle.

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    • That looked like two big @$$ gorillas dressed up to “act” like humans. Lol you Nigerians…..

      Speaking of Africans and mixed children, I have an upcoming video showcasing MORE African bedwenching, and present the final nail in the coffin argument for the eradication/breeding out arm of SYSBM.

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    • WOW, This is the first time I’ve seen them like this in the UK They are almost the the Caribbean blacks. No matter where in the world; USA, UK, The Caribbean islands, Africa, they are just the god damn same……Obese, rude, nasty, mean, aggressive, fake-up, weaves, ghetto, manly, and ignorant. Back in the Bronx, I lived by The Grand Concourse and there is a particular area where there lived many Caribbeans blacks. The men were usually down to earth and very cool but the women was straight up nasty!!! I use to hate them so much and wanted nothing to do with them but I was very cool with the guys that it was very difficult to hide my feelings without offending the men.

      but what kills me the most is the fact that these women, like the ones in the video, all got kids and Some are even married (often more than once). Are non SYSBM black men THAT hypnotized/brainwashed by the pro-simps and/or soooo desperate that this is all they can get???????????

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      • Probably worse than black American men, those African and Caribbean men will be seen as “sellouts” and traitors.

        There’s nothing I wish for more than a collective, psychic mental breakdown (which almost spell checked as L, lol) for the sistahood.

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      • I never knew African men was under the same subjection as being seen as “Sell outs” in the same Context as US/UK or even Caribbean Blacks. I thought that was just a Western thing! Why the hell would African Women care? It’s not like they are subjected to European beauty standards! are they?

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      • @ Afrofuturism1

        My apologies. You was right. I found this on Quora by the fellow “Marc Allo”:

        ” I have been reading a lot of answers here, and one thing stands out pretty clear: a lot of non- black arm-chair black experts have a lot of opinions about the black mindset. An issue that is best answered by black peolple is suddenly hijacked by all these non-blacks who thinks their knowledge of black culture and issues mostly gained from reading or watching conservative/republican sided books or news shows makes them experts on black matters.

        Another thing I notice is how automatically everyone here thinks blacks who act or are viewed in ways society considers responsible such as having a steady work that generates steady income, coming from two parent household, believing in hardwork (whatever the hell that means) and those other things american whites often consider to be ideal, is automatically a conservative. Conversely, all blacks who act contrary to these ideals are viewed as liberals or democrats.

        Hence, the glaring implication here is that blacks who call their fellows by the term uncle tom are merely jealous and lazy liberals envious of their fellows.

        There is a term in Africa, called Neo-Colonialism, coined by Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, which has a very similar meaning to the term Uncle Tom. Neo-colonialist basically were Africans who somehow benefited from colonialism and so supported it and sought to undermine efforts by their fellows to gain independence. The neo-colonialists were lower than ants in the eyes of their fellow Africans despite the fact that they were often very educated, on many occasions in famous institutions like Oxford or Cambridge or Subornne in paris. They had european wives and got invited to european/colonial government sponsored parties during the colonial era. They were most often clerks in colonial governments, often on the implementation side of those governments’ policies. Hence they were viewed as traitors and sell outs by their fellow Africans because they were thought of as helping the colonizers oppress their fellow Africans by being the implementors of the oppresive policies of the colonizers. The term Neo-colonialism has stuck to this day in many African countries, especially those with politically aware electorates such as Ghana, and any politician today unfortunate enough to be branded a neo-colonialist by an opponent has a high chance of losing an election. In short, neo-colonialist means a traitor, who would betray their own fellows in order to gain favor with the oppressors.

        I don’t know the American context in which the term Umcle Tom is used. I have read the book Uncle Toms Cabin, many years ago as part of my high school english syllabus when living in Ghana, I understand that the message the author really intended to give is that somehow Uncle Tom’s overly submissive attitude to his masters made him somewhat superior or so over them. However, submissivenes is not a trait Africans/black (especially men) like to portray about themselves. And also, IMO, the author did a poor work in trying to give out such a message by portraying the black man the way he did. Regardless, what I understand black people mean when they brand their fellows Uncle Toms is that they are traitors. Its not because of their success, political persuasion or such, but mainly because of their attitude to their fellow blacks when these “Uncle Toms” interact with them.

        I will give an illustration. The first guy I heard call someone an Uncle Tom was an African American doctoral student I was studying with at UBC. The person he called an Uncle Tom was his own brother. His younger brother. Their parents are not what you would call rich or even moderately well off. But they strove to provide better lives for their children, my class mate and his brother. Their father, a desert storm veteran got laid off from federal employment in 2008 during the early days of the recession. And when after searching long and hard, he still couldn’t find work, he took a job as an overnight worker, according to my former mate, at a local walmart. It was part of this income he used to help his younger son go through community college where he got a scholarship to study Economics at Carnegie Mellon University. But their father’s unemployment affected him hard. He used to be high up during his time at the federal government and so he took his new status (walmart stocker) pretty hard. Before long, he started abusing drugs and became an addict. The younger brother who finished his study, got a his degree and started working at a firm in Wallstreet, refused to have any interaction with his father because he saw him as a disgrace. He didn’t even invite him to his graduation. According to my mate, his brother saw his father as what is often seen (mostly by non black people) as wrong with blacks in America and that his father was confirming the stereotype of black men as failures and not able to rise from their defeats but sink lower into them. But is this situation really exclusive to black people? Isn’t this normally what non black people say to make them feel superior over blacks. And by repeating this stereotype (incidentally at his own father) wasn’t the younger brother being traitorous to his own. Granted his father showed weakness in how he handled his situation. But, I believe that of 100 non black people who find themselves in the same situation, less than half would handle it any better than the father did. It is normal for a non black person seeing the father in his state of weakness to look down on him and feel superior about himself. It becomes completely traitorous when a black person (family member/son) feels and act the same way.

        So, in short, I believe when blacks in the US use the term Uncle Tom to refer to their colleagues, it is more an accusation of betrayal or being traitors rather than feeling envious of their success or way of life. Same like Neo-colonialists.”

        This is extremely interesting! I had no idea this was a thing! So there have been SYSBM LONG before the term came up!

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    • I apologise my US-based brothas, this is actually what happens in the London ‘hood. No sugarcoating it here.
      Notice the snide about skin bleaching, yet the person saying it is wearing horse hair on her head. SMDH.

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    • 1. If a huge man, who looks very threatening and dangerous, is pissed off at you and wants to hurt you, wouldn’t the smart thing to do is to stop talking?!?! instead the idiot woman keeps running her mouth! This just shows how highly entitled and self-protected they feel when they are yelling and arguing with someone who is 5 times their size!

      2. Stupid white, whiteknight :” Don’t hit women, Don’t hit women!!” Let’s see him say that if that black chick started popping off at him!!!

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  7. Also, why is it that even in the African countries, the black chicks are still so damn big?

    Non-mixed black people have a VERY low rate of sexual dimorphism, leading their women to look like men. Breed em out!

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  8. This guy again. I can’t and will never take him seriously. Even if he were to marry one of these oversized gorillas that he keeps insisting black men with an iq over 30 to marry, I still won’t give him or these beasts the time of day. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: fuck the black community. I will gladly sit by and watch these niggas go at it in a death match before I lifted my pinky and offered aid.

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    • The only thing weak about black misandrists like “Dr” Umoist is resisting the urge to overeat. The fat, fraudulent fuckwit.

      The Prince of Pork Ribs.

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  9. You know that someone is REALLY not right in the head when he suggests that black and coloured men who want to leave Simon Legree and Sambo’s plantation are ‘weak’, and then in a move straight out of the Fourth Reich, tries to force other black and colored men into having families with BOWs that wouldn’t be out of place in a RE game. Clowns like him need to be gotten rid of or else the entire ‘black’ and coloured community will end up like Jamaica, where two pigs can get you ten pistols from Haitian pirates, and two cows can give you an assault rifle or a sub-machine gun if you’re a thug powered by weed spiked with embalming fluid or cocaine. (This is real guys) Criminals own the streets in Jamaica and while the Pan-Africanist Nazis might not have the power they used to , a few months ago one of them came to my school to brainwash us into accepting the reactvist ‘every other race is out to get us’ mentality under the disguise of ‘ getting slavery reparations’. Now my memory on the Bible isn’t all that good, but didn’t it tell us about personal responsibility and being faithful and following God’s commandments, he will judge and punish your enemies for you if you keep on serving him in spirit, truth and love? Modern black and coloured women have me really confused right now.

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    • Two pigs? Speaking of the Bible, that sounds like some sort of Old Testament bartering system, and that’s NOT a compliment.

      And weed spiked with embalming fluid? ****, I knew Jamaica went to the gutter once you leave the tourist areas, but not like that!

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      • The ‘guns for meat’ trade is alive and well in Jamaica, supported by top policemen and politicians who care more about their personal power and profit than the stupid natives who come out in droves (although significantly less than in the 1970s and 1980s now) to vote for the politicians. And the weed sprinkled with embalming fluid is said to give the criminals a better ‘high’, that’s why the murder rate has shot up astronomically to the point the politicians can’t stop or even control it. It’s all real, it was mentioned in all the island’s major newspapers both on print and online.

        50 Cent mentioned in one of his songs ‘One shot is not enough, you need at least an Uzi to move me’ but recently in Jamaica police discovered a gun that supposedly never left Isreal, fully modified and ready for action in Montego Bay during martial law there. John Gotti and Sammy the Bull would leave Cosa Nostra for good if they were to visit the island in the 70s or 80s. When the Russians were doing time in the gulags, Jamaican gangsters ruled the American criminal underworld, and they were just as insane and dangerous as the Judeo-Slavic Mafiya.

        All of this could have been prevented if the Bible had been given a better place in Jamaica’s legislation and personal responsibility taught to the masses, but no Pan-Africanism just had to gain a foothold here and wreck the country.

        This is the reason why pro-black simps, modern ‘black’ and coloured women and thuggery need to be removed completely and immediately in the ‘black’ and coloured community, they are nothing but destroyers who spread hate and fear like their counterparts in the Ku Kluck Clowns and the Neo-Nazis powered by the repulsive teachings of the bibical Priests and Elders they love so much.

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  10. Another commercialist demoaguge speech. He doesn’t believe what says, and no one knows the meaning of his words. He is just doing the shmoney dance for his audience. The whole oppressor bit is ridiculous, when Stanley Poole Lane wrote several books called “The Moors in Spain”, which evidenced the constant intermixing of the various nations. Not to mention all the Europeans (a mixed national grouping) who came over and go down with the aboriginal women.

    From a factual basis his statements are completely ridiculous and without support, and since when are men discriminatory with their sexual interests on the grounds of mere skin complexion. Completely incredulous that a man would advocate a (EU)GENICS? POLICY based on skin complexion without regard for morale standard and character.

    Actually I cant even call it EU-GENICS because eu means good, what he is doing is promoting some devilish MAL-GENICS policy. Utter chaos…Umar needs to cease and desist, because there are better ways to get money…especially for someone with the educational credentials he has. Traitors have grown quite bold in these last days..or perhaps this is the song of desperation.

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  11. I said it before and I will say it again These pro black simps are gay they act just like the black women they defend. Do you notice the foolishness and buffoonery they spew these fools are absolute jokes.

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    • @Sean If you go back in history you will find this backwards formation is not uncommon. “effeminate nations” is the term moderns use to describe this political situation. But the outcome is predictable and designed when you lack a positive male role model, are basically indoctrinated from childhood and conditioned to exchange rational sober thinking for well garbage ideas, and may have been molested/abused by males and females and have secretly normalized such behavior.

      I often wonder if some of these dudes are Pied Pipers doing this out of revenge…but hey look on the bright side they keep those individuals entertained so you have time to go and build for self. If you ever get stuck in a situation with one of these follower groupies you can just be like “You seen that new (Uhmar, Jaxxnson, etc) vid” and just let them talk and GTFO ASAP.”

      Its no wonder Scripture ordains that MEN are to CLEAVE from their natural mothers…also to shun old wives tales, superstition, gossip, useless ways of forefathers, and all sorts of generally harmful bullshit.

      So next time someone tells you “Your momma black”, the proper response is “But our Supreme Father has commanded that a MAN cleave FROM his mother”.

      Bunch of weirdos….

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      • Well said Lurker. A matriarchy can never achieve anything permanently.

        I’m not sure if this had anything to anything with the topic but two days ago a newspaper had an article about this American pastor named Gino Jennings, dude’s broadcast comes on very Sunday at nine on the local news channel. Anyways the article mentioned a comment from the guy where he blasted modern coloured and ‘black’ women for their low moral standards even in a church, which is supposed to be the house of God.

        Now the dude’s church is in Philadelphia even though Jamaica is basically the only place where he has a stable television following and he hasn’t visited the island in a long time. Now the church-going, Christian sisteahood in Jamaica decided to just basically give the guy the middle finger because he had the balls to expose them as the hoes they really are. And this dude is exactly what the black and coloured community needs right now, a spiritual leader who has no time for garbage or idiocy and will tell you the plain harsh truth whether you want to hear it or not.

        Now, does it surprise anybody that open Satanism and demon worship is quickly becoming rampant throught the island? Looking at the fact that extreme materialism had been growing in strength before this was discovered (although we had the frequent lame obeah workers and Indian astrologists before that) it was obvious that the island’s spiritual malady was only going to get worse.

        And pro-black CLOWNS expect people like us to procreate with weave-wearing, self-hating, demon-possessed BOWs. Do they not know that during intimacy, the partakers’ spirits become inter-twined and if the relationship is broken, then the exes leave with pieces of each other’s spirits? (This isn’t directly stated in the Bible, but it is there) There are a good amount of verses in the New Testament warning against unifying with the forces of darkness. Now WHY should a heavenly law be broken to fit a mortal agenda? How does that make any sense? I really can’t understand the thinking of the pro-wacks and the beasts known as ‘modern’ black and coloured females at this moment.

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  12. Because of the media’s thirst for content, this gerbil face clown can repeatedly push his dog whistle demagoguery, get airtime and get paid, whilst he threatens other scam artists in Travelodge hotels.

    He’s like the shark that has to keep swimming in order to survive. Eventually he’ll end up beached on the river Thames, the bloated fat fuck…

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    • Umar Johnson is the missing link that should’ve stayed missing! Neanderthals, Cro-Mangons and Gerbils alike reject him!

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  13. Here is something I thought I wanted to share with everyone in relation to this topic.

    My dad was a great troll when it came to arguing with black women. He is semi-SYSBM but he still is a bit brainwashed a little by the back to africa rhetoric. Anyways, what he taught me was to implement a “Confirm confirmation bias “. What he means is, when guys like akbar Manginason or black women say ” You just like white woman, you are an uncle tom, you are weak”, then you just confirm it.

    Let me give you an example. This nasty black chick with 3 bastard kids had the audacity to demand my father to take them to eat because they were hungry and their dad’s (where probably in jail). He said no. So she tried to shame him. Then he made a troll face and said” I won’t help you because you are not a white woman” then he said “I am weak and an uncle tom and I Neeeeeeeeed my white meat!!!!!” She was so shocked and dumbfounded that it was an absolute silence for about 5 mins. Just enough time for us to leave with no problem.

    Another simp tried to tell my father that we need to help black women as they are not appreciated by black men. My dad said “nope, we need to help white people! We should be thanking and appreciating the whites!” The simp said ” NO! You are a brainwashed brotha ” my dad responded and said “yes I am and I am proud, we need white people and without them we would be lost”! The simp was ALSO shocked, dumbfounded and was drooling. I was laughing at my father so hard because he is one of the biggest trolls I ever known.

    Final example, a black woman was arguing with him. Anything she said, he would agree in terms of what black men are. For example, she would say, ” Black men bash black women when they go for White women” So my dad would respond “YES PRAISE WHITE JESUS!” And said” that’s why I got 2 white girls because y’all is some fat, sloppy, welfare fruads!” So he would purposely bash them to piss them off even more! It was just I tooooooo funny! They would end up stop arguing with him and avoid him at all cost.

    Of course he doesn’t really believe the things he say, he just says those things to troll and piss them off because he knows that they want to leech off him to which he can see a mile away.

    He always said to me when you come across these people ie black women, simps, and others, is to say the OPPOSITE of what they spew in order to piss them off! Boy you have no idea how correct he was.

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  14. Well this weak black man is stronger than ” dr fake phd umar hustle my own people for money blow it at the strip club johnson

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  15. Umar is full of shit! No, weak black men date these, ugly, violent, mentally unstable, and obese swamp gorillas, all to please pro-black bitches like Umar, Seti and the like. These weak black men do it because they believe that one day they will wake up and see the error of their ways, according to the pro-blacks, but we know that is BS. I hate niggas like Umar, Derrick Jxn and other simps like them. I can’t wait to see these simps meet their fate.

    Liked by 4 people

    • These clowns are going to get their just reward sometime in the future, they are no different from the Vatican-controlled Neo-Nazis and ‘white supremacist’ house servants and overseers. One thing I know for sure is that I am off Legree and Sambo’s plantation for good, I’m not going to be held down by the teachings of the Priests and Elders Jesus warned us about. Not this African…no no.

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  16. Verbs2015,
    Umar Johnson is The One Who is Week, If He Wants to Date/Mate With American Black Women Who are Overweight Wooly Mammoth’s & Slim American Black Women Who Have Attitudes That Rival A Wilder-Beast That God Bless Him, But I For One Refuse to Put a Ring on Junk Like That. I Come Back to That 1983 John Carpenter Film ”Christine”. When This Auto Shop Owner Darnell Said to One of His Friend’s ”You Can’t Polish A TURD”. That’s Exactly What These Phony Pro-American Black Simps are Doing. Their Waisting They’re Time Trying to Make it Seem Like American Black Women Are A Prize, Maybe They Were Way Back Then, Before The Feminist Movement in The Late 60’s Poisoned Their Minds & Decided to Play Suck Up To White Daddy Aka The Government. Now They’re Just Uncouth, Ill-Mannered, Highly/Always Ill-Tempered, Abusive, Harassing, Antagonizing, Irritating Epic Pains in The Asses. Johnson in My Opinion is Nothing More That a Two-Bit Scamming Hustler Who No Doubt. Takes Donations & Blow Them in Either a Bingo Hall or Strip Club For a Blow Job. He’s Basically The Black Jimmy Swaggart. Conclusion Clowns Like Him Won’t Change My Mind On #SYSBM. I’m All For #SYSBM 100%!!!

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  17. As a black British guy I find it embarrassing how retarded the black community is at time. This is why I keep my distant from the black community. You find in the black community the smarter blacks tend to avoid the low IQ negros because they tend to be violent, dangerous and dysfunction. Thanks to bad breeding and the welfare state too many niggers have been born instead of blacks.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @blackbritishguy I agree. The welfare state has created a dysgenic mating among all racial groups in America which it affects blacks disproportionately at a higher rate. This particular situation gives arise to the “brain drain” where intelligence, handsome, top tier alpha black men are leaving black America for greener pastures via interracial marriage. I’m one of those guys. I only hangout with individuals who share my interests and values.

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    • Carnio,

      This is one of the main reasons why I stopped dealing with black women years ago, the only way to get the message through to the majority of them is to either use pain compliance or to physically beat them. Who in their right mind wants to spend endless amounts of hours beating their girlfriend/wife black and blue in order to get her to understand and follow instructions? That is not normal, even children begin to learn very quickly after only a few lashes. In order for black women to acknowledge what you say you have to do things abnormally which again is anathema to the heterosexual thinking black man.

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      • I remember a time I was cleaning a stove at my old job one time. There was a sign that said,”Do Not Touch the Stove. HOT!”
        These morons comes in the kitchen. I told them, Don’t touch the stove because it is on and it’s hot. do you know what they did? they touched it!

        I said “Why the hell did you touch the damn stove?!”
        they said” we thought you was just kidding”!

        “I said why the f*** would you think that when you see this sign, and see see me cleaning it”

        I was speaking perfectly clear English when I told them to not touch the stove! So it came to my conclusion that inflicted pain violence, and blood shed is the only linguistic that they understand!

        There have been countless and numerous other times where I spoke perfectly clear English and it was as if I was speaking Chinese to them. Only when pain or violence is used when they get the picture! I hate dealing with people like that and is what made me not want to associate when blacks to begin with!

        I guess this is the reason why black women go after thugs and bad boys because beatings is the only linguistic language that they understand that we do not speak….

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  18. “Only Weak Black men date White women.”
    Trying to get people to forget that your a con artist are we?
    I see what you did there.

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