Save Your New Year’s Resolutions, You Won’t Stick To Them


This black harridan might as well take 10 seats from now because we all know that black women for the majority part will not be keeping any of the new year’s resolutions they have made simply because they don’t have any standards to begin with. We are fresh into the new year and already black women have already taken some monumental L’s, especially in relation to their proposed so called boycott of the Black Panther movie due to the discovery that one of the actors in the film, one Mr Michael B Jordan is dating an attractive non black female.

I predict that in 2018 black women will take double or triple the amount of L’s they suffered in 2017. This is why I have to laugh whenever I see posts written by black females or videos made by them expressing how 2018 is going to be their year and as far as they are concerned things will be done differently. In order to make changes in one’s life and stick to them one must have standards to begin with, however black women as a collective have no standards neither do they have any integrity or discipline.

Therefore exactly what are these new year’s resolutions going to be based upon? That’s right, they have no foundation, black women are simply talking out of the side of their mouths, they are merely blowing hot air. This harpy in the video is no different and she knows full well that herself as well as the rest of the black witch contingent will fail miserably at keeping any “promises” they make towards themselves.

This is why you’ll notice towards the end of the video she made that retraction as the non realistic expectation of black women sticking to their guns slowly began to sink into her mind. She talked about trying again in 2019, however we at the thinking black men’s regiment already know that black women will most definitely be in a worse state than they are right now come the end of 2018. This is why I say that black women might as well throw their so called resolutions in the toilet from today.

Notice as per usual that black women love referring to black men using that all too familiar term “nigger”. You’ll notice that black men are addressed as “niggers” by black women more than they are by racist whites and other non white folks, what’s up with that? This is something else that I have pointed out many times before, the fact that black women and their pro black simp advocates frequently use racial slurs more often against their own people(namely black men) than outsiders do. Some of you may remember the woman above from another video contained within an article I wrote in November 2017 entitled Some Thug With Your Soup Madam.

I already showed you in Negro Wars how the dodgy terminology the pro black, conscious, back to Africa, red, black and green squads frequently use against black men they disagree with is no different from the words, terms, slogans and phrases that commonly proceed from the mouths of racist white men. Again, remember these racist terms are only reserved for black men, namely heterosexual thinking black men.

At the end of the day black women are NOT about resolutions, they like the pestilent termagants they are, are used to mad hatter oft-repeated actions which more often than not end in complete failure. Let’s be honest here, black women for the majority part are entering into 2018 exactly how they left 2017, they will continue to open their legs to and sleep with the lower dregs of black male society.

They will continue to get themselves pregnant by Dey Dey, Lil Greazy, Sean Longstroke, Tigger, Tyrone and J Boogie from the block and as per usual after these fellows have had their fun and departed, black women will continue to expect the thinking black man to step in and perform the services of a sacrificial goat, clean up the dirty mess that black women themselves created with the same black men they complain about.

Black women will continue to throw their toys out of the pram whenever they see a black man dating or married to a non black woman but will hypocritically praise other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood for snagging themselves a white or non black male. Black women will continue to reign supreme as the fattest and most unhealthy women on the planet, they will continue to abort children at a rate 5 times that of their white female counterparts.

Black women will continue to reign supreme as the most diseased individuals in the US and on the planet. Black women will continue to berate and look down upon thinking black men, referring to us as “educated lames”, however we thinking black men honestly at this point couldn’t give a rat’s testicle what black women think about us because we’ve already moved on from them.

At the end of the day without some sort of moral compass in place there will be no standards. If you don’t have any standards then there won’t be a foundation available upon which you can place your resolutions. Black women as a collective are immoral and amoral individuals, thus based upon this any attempts they make to enforce so called “resolutions” will immediately end in catastrophe. Don’t take my word for it, simply watch how this year pans out for them. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues Into 2018

Black Women Can’t Keep Their Resolutions, But You Can Keep Yours

Most High Bless

56 thoughts on “Save Your New Year’s Resolutions, You Won’t Stick To Them

  1. I often tell black men–with caution–that black women have allowed the female form of the N-word to die.
    Black women, as the heads of black society, always call black men by the N-word. Black women are called QUEENS while black men are called the male version of the N-word. How many rap songs does one hear the word Nig*ress in the lyrics ? Again, I tell black men about the N-word with caution because most black men are socialized by black women and white supremacists to use the N-word all day and every day. One must use care when attempting to take the N-word toy away from black men.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      They continue to tell on themselves, using the same racial slurs against their male counterparts that racists whites and non blacks frequently like to use against us. Again, notice how when black men are removed from the clutches of the black witch, they typically will do much better for themselves.

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    • True bro. They don’t want to be call Negresses yet demeaning and insulting thinking black and coloured men is fair game. i’m not surprised because God is going to judge them when the time is right. Let them eat their own cake like the plantocracy-worshiping ‘white supremacist’ house Negroes and ‘Back to Africa’ idiots they love so much.

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    • In the Sistuh’s Republic Of Blackistan, the word “resolution” is loosely translated to it’s English equivalent – “L”.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the “L”s reach the saturation point.

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  2. Pingback: Save Your New Year’s Resolutions, You Won’t Stick To Them | Afro Futurism

    • Afrofuturism1,

      But the pro black simps call these types of women “queens” and label us as Uncle Toms and coons for rejecting such low lifes. Don’t they understand that the more thinking black men reject the angry and bitter black sisterhood, the more black women will be available for them(or so they think)?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Most black women are not long term thinkers, hence why they cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together concerning their image and reputation coupled with the fact that more black men are passing over them homing in on non black women instead.

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  3. Resolutions??? They don’t even save money or pay rent. Black women been getting their child support taken from them because they can pay their state mandated daycare center bills. When women fall behind on daycare, the state takes a lot of money from their child support debit cards to pay the daycare company.

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  4. The problem really is not the “black trash,” the problem is the “black trash supporters, the black women who do not act like “bumquisha” will make any and every excuse for her lowlife antics. The truth here also is that the “bumquisha” supporting black whores turn out to be very close if not exactly like bumquisha after getting to know them better.

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    • 3r1istruth,

      Truth, hence why the majority of black women who claim that they “aren’t like that” once given enough time and rope soon reveal themselves to be no different that the hoodrats.

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    • This is why sadly Wakanda will always be fictional and never come close to anything in reality unless black and coloured men realize whatever love their women had for them died during encoimenda and plantation days, like the ‘white supremacists’ who have given up on liberating themselves from the coloured planter’s concentration camp (even though he is long dead and gone) and instead glorify their status of being house Negroes, overseers and managers,and the ‘back to Africa’ idiots who just seem to be content being field hands despite the limitless opportunities available for them to better themselves. Any organization that is become a matriarchy is doomed, the island of Jamaica and its continued problems with corruption in high places, people being slaughtered every day with high-tech weaponry not even the cash-strapped police can afford while good people have to leave or secure themselves to the point of gated communities becoming literal fortresses, with armed private security ready for action in case a situation goes down and plain old hopelessness is a good example of why modern ‘black and ‘coloured’ females should NEVER receive leadership positions, especially those related to our youth.

      There need to be more movies like ‘Black Panther’ that show black and coloured males how they can be leaders and not complete LOSERS as is the fate of many of our youth today.

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  5. This hoodrat said that 2018 is the year that BW will begin mistreating men. What males are they going to be mistreating? We know they will continue to take their frustrations out on any male children they may have had with pookie and ray ray, but other than that Non-BM aren’t interested in dating BW and good BM are avoiding BW so they must be trying to mistreat the dusty pant sagging simps that still try to get with them. BW will be throwing fits when they see interracial couples, but I think that will be in the minority compared to the BW who will be throwing fits when they meet intelligent, financially stable, single BM and realize that those BM want nothing to do with them romantically. The Wall of Silence will likely cause far more fits in BW than interracial dating will, it think it already is. Like that BET article said, BW are starting to feel like they are invisible to BM.

    BM have no problems being single, BW are the ones constantly crying about not being chosen for relationships and being unmarried. BW are the ones who complain about how their White and Asian friends get married and they don’t, they are always a bridesmaid and never a bride, always a girlfriend/baby momma and never a wife. Like the old saying goes “A man gets married when he wants to, a Woman gets married when there is a man that wants to marry her.” Baby momma and side chick status is the best that many of these BW can hope for, as Verbs said in another article being a side chick is becoming normalized in black female society. Marriage is unattainable for many of these BW and they know it, so in their own minds they have elevated being a side chick to the same status as being as wife, sad. Thats how low many of these BW have sunken, they think that having sex with another woman’s husband on the side is something to take pride in. Let these hoodrats make whatever dumb resolutions they want, keep the Wall up fellas.

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      • >Yes sir, the wall continues to rise and another order of L’s has just been placed.

        In fact, many major warehouses and shipping companies plan to increase the number of fufillment centers 10-fold worldwide.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and more L’s are shipped.

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    • I’m guessing they must be talking about the left over simps, pro- blacks, and their family members who are obligated to be around.

      I think what they really mean is that they are officially staring a war between black women and thinking black men meaning, there is going to possibly be a mass upside in cock-blocking for black men who are interracial minded, bigger shaming tatics, more dick policing, False rape accusations or using the law unfairly against black men and possibly physical violence!

      Seeing that the wall of silence has just made an appearance to black women and they are finally seeing it for the first time, they are doing what they can to try to shatter down that wall in every way means possible!

      Pretty soon, I will genuinely be too afraid to ever come back and visit the US!

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  6. What is up with black women, their continued arrogance, their continuous and strong support of Westernized Communism in the form of the welfare state and Neo-Nazism in the form of modern Pan-Africanism? It has been known for a VERY long time that both philosophies are demonically inspired and totally against the Bible, so why do churchgoing, Christian black females give them such support? Oops, i forgot the Vatican and the City of London have been working together to destroy any Christian ‘denomination’ that does not bow to their delusions of ‘unity’ under their master Satan. Yet the pro-black Gestapo assh…. expect us to actually procreate with such, dysfunctional and demon-possessed individuals and bind ourselves to them via marriage in the name of ‘racial purity’. Do they know not the scripture that states ‘A little yeast spoils the whole batch’ and “Beware of the teachings of the Pharisees and the Elders’ which are ( The Pharisees and elders’ teachings) the inspiration for these evil ideologies the powers that be want to force upon us. I’m really confused at the moment about their logic. Please help me to understand why such a paradox exists.

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  7. These broads continue to make themselves look stupid. They can’t even choose a dick to save their lives, who actually thinks they can make actual changes like you know losing 100 pounds each, working on their piss poor attitudes.

    It’s not even March yet and these broads have already taken some serious losses to include this whole faux “black pride” nonsense with the Black Panther movie. Absolute disgusting hypocrites. Keep build the wall, get yourself a woman that is literally anybody but then, and avoid these train wrecks at all costs gentlemen.

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    • The “BLACK PANTHER” movie is yet another string of losses for black females. In January 2018, there was the talk of black women boycotting the film because Michael B. Jordan is dating a non-black woman. In February 2018, black females decided to jump on the film’s bandwagon. My lasting memory of the film is the rant against fake hair by a black female character.

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  8. Well fellas, I saw some $h1t today that literally hurt my damn spirit…..

    I’m sure you all remember the horror stories I’ve told about the Speedway near my school. Usually, there is an influx of ratchet chicks and Jiffy Pop Bag sporters. Well, today, there was a black chick wearing one of those bags ON THE JOB!!!!

    BREED. THEM. OUT!!!!!

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  9. Sean Longstroke and Dirty Dick Rodney are fed up of the choices presented to them, unfortunately their resolution to escape the plantation has already failed deep into January.

    Maybe some of the bigger African BW could resolve not to spit on bins and pavements (or garbage cans and sidewalks in Americanese)? Disgusting.

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  10. Yes! It is extremely true that black women calls black men N****r ALL THE TIME! It pissed me off! Not even other black men calls me that word! Not even the lowest, rap frenzy black men even calls me the N word (because I do not look like or subscribe to the culture one bit)! Buy black women would always call me and every other black man the N word!

    It is insulting the way black women use it! In fact, I had some racists whites call me the word but it wasn’t even no where near as offensive as the way black women use it! How would they like it if we openly called them C*nts? Or Sheboons? Or even Gorilla? (to indicate their excessive weight)

    Now this leads me to wonder…..

    Who hates black men more? Klansmen whites? Or black women? For some odd reason I feel black women hate black men far more than any klan member could ever possibly comprehend!……………

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  11. Well it was only a matter of time!!! These land-whale whores are barely staying afloat. I think all that weave may be weighing them down & dragging them under, kuz they cant seem to keep they heads above water!!! That is… unless a white man aka the BW’s saving grace comes around!!!

    2017 was a real eye-opener for me as far as BW are concerned… so I expect 2018 to be even worse for these whores. [Black Panter “boycotts”…. really??]


    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!! [in my old-school NWO wrestling voice lol. I’m old enough to remember that!!]

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    • Maybe the weave is a symbolic representation of the sisterhood! Almost like a cult! Almost like the pointy hat of the klansmen!

      In fact I am wondering if it is the weave that posses them! I wonder if that’s what gives them their super powers like in that movie with Jim Carrey, “The mask”. I wonder if I bought one and put one on my head, I will gain super powers of faulty logic, Gain tremendous weight, like from the nutty professor, have amazing neck cracking abilities, and gain the attitude of a mighty lion! And then, I wonder if you take it off that maybe they might turn into rational thinking and sane human beings! Who am I kidding………

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      • “555,”
        “Standing by.”

        (The blacks screen changes to a mysterious figure clad in a modernized, heavily militarized version of the Faiz Gear from Kamen Rider 555, holding Excalibur and the Faiz Edge as a entire legion of feral black females, white supremacists and Zionist extremists under a Nazi flag stare down at him. The white supremacists hesitate but the Zionists fire first, causing the Rider to charge as thousands of thinking black men charge behind him, determined to destroy the unholy Trinity and cleanse the black and coloured community of this scourge once and for all…)

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  12. And everytime I see a jezebel rambling on about bullshit she has no business speaking on, I have a flash back to the great Ice Cube & his legendary line from the classic hood movie “Boyz N The Hood”


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    • True bro. These black women have the b… to play an active part in suppressing and trying to make us good little puppets of the Vatican and the City of London, and then turn around and play psychologist on us.

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  13. One of the stars of the movie Black Panther, who’s name is Winston Duke (character named M’baku) who is in a relationship with an Asian woman, is now the target of the insecure, jealous, mentally ill black woman.
    Many of these black women were swooning over his character in black panther. Once they found out he was involved with an Asian woman in real life black women immediately made him a target and are now attempting to slander him.
    I was scanning the comments of one of the most popular websites for mentally ill black women to rant and rave, and the majority of the comments were insinuating or plainly calling Winston Duke a homosexual. All because he has enough sense to avoid the mentally ill black woman.
    Notice how all black women reach from the same exact playbook when they get frustrated because they can’t get their way and control Blackmen how they think they should be able to? How many times are black women gonna call Blackmen gay, or tell Blackmen your mom is black, or call Blackmen sellouts or coons, because thinking Blackmen don’t want to bow down to and obey any and every ridiculous thing black women think they can impose black men?
    Do these mentally ill black women ever stop whining and complaining and crying and bitching and moaning about things they have absolutely no control over? Black women really believe they still ( well actually the SIMPS allow them to get away with this garbage) guilt or force Blackmen into doing what they say simply because they call them gay or talk about their mothers?
    These black women absolutely and completely are bat shit crazy. And the truth of the matter is the majority of them really need to be in mental institutions and I’m not just saying this for shock value. Despite black women claiming that they are moving on from Blackmen and have other options, everything black women do or say revolves around mainly what Blackmen are doing and also what Whitewomen are doing.
    What a pathetic bunch of lowlifes the majority of black women are.

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    • @Bill

      It’s the same old, same old. You can literally run a program and install it into the vast majority of BW.

      Co-incidentally, Winston’s girlfriend just hit the jackpot, look for her to cuff that… #SYSBM

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    • Bill Smith,

      Just checked out what you talked about, now I understand what’s going on. I came across a meme that Vurbyl Khent(the Penny Claps Back meme creator) created in relation to this issue but I didn’t fully understand what was going on at the time, however your explanation here has cleared things up. I’ve seen a picture of Duke with his Asian mixed girlfriend and they look very happy together. Of course we already know that black women are more upset at the fact that this affluent black man is beyond their reach, ie what you stated about not being under their control.

      How much do you want to bet that back in the day either black women showed no interest in the fellow, they were constantly brushing him off or both? However, as we talked about here many times before with the modern day black witch it’s all about having access to the first right of refusal. These black sirens want nothing to do with upwardly mobile, educated and intelligent black men UNTIL they begin to expand upon their dating and marriage options.

      Again, Winston Duke implemented SYSBM and escaped the plantation, this is what black women are really ticked off about. I don’t understand why they are complaining about an “educated lame” they never wanted in the first place. Again, black women and their blatant hypocrisy when it comes down to interracial dating is simply off the chain.

      They congratulate and pat themselves on the back whenever a member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood dates or marries a non black male, however they will berate and insult a black man whenever he gets with a non black female, absolutely disgusting and deplorable conduct, smh.

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        It’s exactly as Bill Smith stated, black women operate in a textbook style fashion. Before they found out Winston Duke has an Asian mixed girlfriend he was “so sexy” and the best thing since the internet, however upon discovering the ethnicity of his girlfriend now all of a sudden “he ain’t all that” and “he could be bisexual”(because he speaks well, is articulate and doesn’t communicate like Mike Mike from the council estate/projects).

        These black queans are so pathetic its ridiculous and they wonder why they are being abandoned by the wayside at such a high rate. The L’s keep on coming for the modern day black female, Duke and his girlfriend is yet another L for the angry and bitter sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan. More L’s are being ordered and shipped as we speak. Winston Duke saved himself from the clutches of the black witch, for this he must be congratulated.

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      • >These black queans are so pathetic its ridiculous and they wonder why they are being abandoned by the wayside at such a high rate.

        Like you’ve said many times – “They keep telling on themselves…”

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    • I actually experienced this first hand! My first ever girlfriend was Chinese. I have always kept quite about it because, at that time, I didn’t think it would be a big issue. boy was I wrong. One day I wanted to check the time, I opened my phone and I had a picture of me and the girlfriend. Noisy ass people behind me saw the picture. They began to question me.

      Then they asked “whats wrong with a sista?” , I said none of you was talking to me at all! even if I talked to them, they brushed me off and went straight for the bad boys. They dismissed what I said and then they asked me the same question. I told them again. They said ” you already said that. now tell me whats wrong with a sista”?” I said “ummmm if I just told you then why are you asking again?” then they asked the same question again. I got the indication they didn’t care about my true reason, it was that they already had an made up reason in their head and they were waiting me to say (I am self hating, I hate my black mom…) it. They were like a broken record or an annoying parrot! Then they started saying how she is a tranny and is really a man and that I must be gay because Asian women are easy. they were talking hella trash!

      None of these women wanted anything to do with me long and years before or even acknowledge my existence! When a white boy came in they would speak in him in proper English , when Asian boy came in, they spoke to him in proper English, when I came by it was one or two things, they spoke straight ghetto , calling me “Nigga who acts white” or just flat out ignored me. But then when I was with my Chinese gf, Now I am the Black kim jung-un on Fox News!

      The hatred of the black women towards black men is unlike anything I have ever seen, or experienced. You cannot live or be near black women in 2018. It is literally a very danger to their being. This is why I am so happy to have left the west and gone to an Asian country where I am 100% guarantee to not see them at all! I am telling you, Black men HAVE to undergo a civil war in order to gain their freedom from social and cultural fascism from black women because it is only going to get worse during 2018!

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      • @Carnio
        No need for Civil War IMO, this is one of the few conflicts that you can win by simply walking away. The black “gender wars” are a complete waste of time because most of us at this point realize that you arent going to convince BW that their behavior is counter to family/community building, they wont stop fucking thugs and losers, they wont stop having kids by thugs and losers, they wont start using birth control and stop having kids out of wedlock, they wont stop trying to blame BM for their bad choices in dating, child bearing, and life, and they wont stop attacking BM who want nothing to do with them. They cant stop us from ignoring them though, as evidenced by the many depressed BW who want a boyfriend/husband but cant find anyone that wants to be with them. Arguing and fighting with BW about their behavior, appearance, etc. is %100 a waste of time.

        I was in the store with my wife today and I heard some older BW talking about how she “don’t need no man” while she was looking at clothes. I only ever hear BW saying stuff like that. SMDH

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      • Well the issues not black women, it’s the Simps, Manginas, and white knights along with pro-blackistani back to Africa goons along with pastors that I am worried about! Don’t forget these guys need black women to be they way they are so they can get money and power from black women. If thinking black men walk away , I feel it will threat the black powers that be and they will get more aggressive in the shaming, dick policing, and possibly flat out violence. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a black Antifa and terrorize thinking black men for siding with the “Wacists whites”.

        You never know these days….

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      • And I forgot to mention the Tyrones too. Many Tyrones have killed and been in and out of prison , and they will do anything just to get laid.

        If a BW saw a thinking black man happy with his non-black girl friend, and it pissed her off, she can always spread her legs to get Tyrone to have that man killed . After all, Tyrone has been locked away for 5 years and is very hungry!

        What’s gonna happen if black women begin to spread their legs to more convicts and criminals just to have the Ray rays, Thunder dick , and Duwhite to start an all out mass violence towards sysbm.

        Did you see that post by Verbs when the black guy threw water at the dreaded guy because he doesn’t date black girls?

        What if that dude had a knife? Or a gun?

        Walking away is not going to stop that from happening!

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  14. Damn these black jezebel whores have taken more L’s than a Bob Marley concert!!!

    And it’s only the 2nd month of the year!!!!!

    WTF is gonna happen in 2018??!!!???

    LoL SMDH 🙂 🙂

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Black women will continue to take more L’s due to the fact that they don’t know how to change for the better. They’re so stuck in their destructive ways they must be written off completely.

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  15. In February 2018, black women are running their mouths and jumping on the “BLACK PANTHER” bandwagon. Perhaps a few black women should comment on the supposed plans to boycott the movie because Michael B. Jordan is with a non-black woman.

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    • >In February 2018, black women are running their mouths and jumping on the “BLACK PANTHER” bandwagon.

      Like a pack of pitbulls chasing the M-1 tank known as SYSBM – it all leads to the same outcome – something getting run over and flattened into insignificance.

      SYSBM rolls on!

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  16. Back in the ’70s-’80s when I was growing up, a black girl would have clowned you as a young black boy for reading Black Panther comics and would have curved you for the older guy, dope boy, or school athlete. Now in 2018 they’re mad that some “Black Panther” actors are dating and marrying non-black women. I call that karma, gentlemen. Glad I lived long enough to see it all come around. I am here to testify as an older black man that guys like us are winning.


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    • >I call that karma, gentlemen.

      Or in the words of Darth Vader – “The circle is complete. If they only knew the power of SYSBM!”

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