Jezebel Speaks


Of course she is going to take full advantage of the court system and string the guy up for child support, this is what the black witch does and we should expect nothing less from her. Do you see how black women instinctively know that the legal systems of the west are stacked in their favour?

Take a look at her name, Jezebel Demon. And to think that when I began referring to the overwhelming majority of black women as black witches, black women themselves as well as their pro black simps laughed me to scorn telling me that this wasn’t Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Matilda. Yet the black woman above knows more concerning Jezebel and the spirit related than the foolish black men who follow her. For those who require a short synopsis on who Jezebel was, please click on the link below:

The Jezebel spirit is real, alive and well, however most black men don’t take the spiritual aspect of the modern day black female very seriously, hence one of the main reasons why she is able to deceive those same individuals over and over again. The demon of Jezebel resides in the overwhelming majority of black women today and when I say majority I am talking about well over 90%.

You have to understand that most black women are practising mostly low-level witchcraft against black men on the daily, however black men will instead refer to what black women are executing against them using secular terms. For example, when black women say “your mother’s black” or “a black woman gave birth to and raised you” in their attempts to stop you from critiquing their dysfunctional behaviour, this is actually a form of witchcraft, but you’ll hear black men refer to the technique using the secular term “shaming tactics”.

Another example is when black women either trick black men into sleeping with them in order to get pregnant for the purpose of getting on the government’s pay roll or they syphon the sperm from a used condom and self inseminate. This is a form of enchantment and sorcery because there are physical materials involved and the men have been coaxed and enticed into sex, however yet again you’ll hear black men refer to this form of magic as deception.

Another example of witchcraft amongst black women is in the form of the abuse they enjoy executing against their children, whether it be sexual, verbal, emotional, mental, physical and of course spiritual, it’s all witchcraft ie works of the devil. Here are some examples:

Remember what I told you in Negro Wars, these ritualistic beatings are to enable the said mothers to pass down these evil spirits to their children, this is why many black folks refer to the never-ending curse or the cycle of failure within black society. A curse is spiritual, remember that, and now you see first hand who is perpetuating the continued cursing of so called black communities. Like I stated before, black women work with the spiritual first which manifests itself in the physical down the pike.

Here is a short clip that fellow thinking black brother Roger Spice uploaded to his YouTube channel in which Shahrazad Ali discusses the fact that many(I would say most since there are studies that show that the overwhelming amount of child abuse is committed by women) young black boys are in actuality being abused by women. Be sure to check out Roger Spice’s channel for more short fire clips.

We already know that black women as a group love fiddling with and abusing children sexually, however very few if any with so called black communities are willing to call this out for fear of smearing the sacred cow of black society and receiving following reprisals for committing such a “sin”.

This is the problem, back in the day such actions would’ve rightly been called out under spiritual designations, however because we live in a secular society which insists on looking at anything and everything from a worldly perspective, the true origins/roots of such actions are frequently dismissed, overlooked and in turn never discussed.

The black woman above knows full well that Jezebel who was once a living woman is now manifesting as an evil spirit and she as well as other black women intend to take advantage and allow that spirit to manifest within themselves. Women tend to gravitate towards witchcraft, magic, sorcery, enchanting etc, after all I’m sure many of you will remember the film The Craft which came out in 1996.

To give you an example of how much black women are into wiccanry and witchcraft please click on the following link below and then take a look at the sidebar on the right hand side:

Whenever I talk about black women my foundation is always coming from a spiritual perspective first because I recognise that the spiritual is what black women as a collective are using to ensnare black men, even though again black men and black women themselves will refer to such actions in secular terms upon seeing the spiritual manifest into the physical.

Whenever you hear a black woman accuse a black man of being homosexual or having a small penis because she may disagree with him on a particular topic, she is actually attempting to put a hex on him ie jinx him spiritually which will eventually manifest itself physically. This is exactly what a witch does, utters and repeats words in order to bring about changes around her. Don’t we also see black women using a lot of repetition in their speeches? I know somebody here is beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Of course the simp will say “he’s just reaching”. Naturally he will state this because the simp has already been bewitched by the black female, thus we do not expect any form of intelligent conversation to proceed from his mouth. Remember, there is a feminist liberal magazine called Jezebel, they know that the evil spirit of Jezebel is real, however the simpleton pro Negro male looks upon spiritual things as “weak”. This is despite the fact that the black female he worships will jump head first into the spiritual knowing that there is great power to be yielded and used to her advantage.

Black women deliberately keep black men ignorant on spiritual matters in order to use them as cannon fodder and sacrifices down the pike. Finally, concerning Harry Potter, were you aware of the fact that the creator of the series J.K.Rowling is an actual witch who practices the wiccan arts and that the magic spells written in the Harry Potter books and spoken aloud in the films are based upon real spells and enchantments?

Do your own research, you’ll see that I’m correct and I found this out many years ago. Remember, demons do not require your belief in them in order to work against you, in fact the more ignorant the individual is on spiritual issues, the easier it is for such spirits to manifest malevolence and evil against the victim. The evil Jezebel spirit is real and your modern day black witch sits and worships at the right hand side of Satan himself.

It is through this Jezebel spirit of witchcraft and enchantments that black women are able to control and manipulate the majority of black men, this is why despite being urinated and defecated upon regularly, most black men will still defend, return to, grovel and lick the feet of the modern day black female.

Here is yet another example of a black woman who takes pride in being labelled after an evil entity:

As you can see this black female calls herself Chocolate Siren. For those of you who may not know what a siren is, here is a Wikipedia article which will bring you some enlightenment:

Beware thinking black men, the battle for freedom is much bigger than many of you believe. I label black women as a collective as sirens because that is exactly what their behaviour replicates. They bring nothing but death, destruction, pain and misery to one’s life which is one of many reasons why they continue to remain single at such a high clip.

Like I’ve stated before, while most black men are too busy looking at “da booty”, these black females are lining these same suckers up in the spiritual first for a physical downfall down the pike. Don’t be a sucker, don’t be that fall guy. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Jezebels

Most High Bless

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  2. What a cute and wholesome nickname?

    Keep in mind that black women will continually engage in such things while operating under the auspices of Christianity, which they will also use in a devilish fashion. Notice that their remarks of “I’ll pray for you!” Are used in an antagonistic, passive-aggressive fashion.

    Also notice how they fall under the sway of these demonic preachers, whose swill they repeat with gusto and use to control the lives of others.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They can keep their devilish prayers to themselves, I’ll have no part of them. There is nothing about your modern day black female that is Christ like, nor the preachers that cater to their desires, however when their behaviours are both compared to Satan himself, the shoe fits to a T.

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    • Yet thinking black and coloured males as well as other resistance groups who expose and stand against this foolishness and madness in the world are called ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘educated lames’ and ‘nerds’.

      Evidence: ( This site’s administrator is a champion of true Christianity, he is one of the few mainstream pastors who are willing to stand up against Zionist/Roman Catholic tyranny, and also lead souls to the savior. Yet he is hounded by the rationalists and pro-Israel idiots who would love nothing more than to see him f…. up and fall so that they can keep their rule over the people safe and secure.) ( Another resistance site that every member of the global resistance need to read a few articles o, they are somewhat infested with New Age and UFology crap but other wise sound and good. Also under attack by the rationalists who obviously do not like the fact that we resistance members also can be men of letters.)

      Any free E-books from Edward Hendrie ( This man opened my eyes to the deep connection Zionism and Roman Catholicism have withe each other, and totally annihilated the official lie on 9/11 with one of his books, yet the people who seem to need his message the most cannot recieve it, and his books are hard to find.
      His ignorance in the resistance movement is probably the work of the Zionist thugs in the global criminal cartel who profit from continued exploitation of ‘blacks’, coloureds and whites and don’t want the goyim to free themselves.)

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  3. YES! I THOUGHT I recognized that pattern! The:

    “Jesus stills loves you”
    “God bless”
    “I’ll pray for your healing”
    ” all you need is love”

    They don’t really mean what they say, it’s just a means to indirectly shame you in a very passive aggressive manner! They don’t really mean those things which I listed directly above. They are trying to deflect and hide under the “good Christian Woman” in that you are unfairly “attacking a woman of God “.

    I hated when they use to do that to me especially when you win an argument. It’s almost like a passive aggressive ad hominem in which it indicates YOU are the one who has the problems, not them!

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  4. Remember. All women have female nature. Black men, however, need to understand that black women take the negatives, associated with all females, and take the nonsense to a HIGHER level. [Or, if you prefer different wording, take the nonsense to a LOWER level].

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  5. Yeah I feel little sympathy for the simps who go around spreading their seed to all of these hoodrats. Now that the welfare gravy train is reaching the end of the line these hoodrats will be desperately looking for good men who have their stuff together, and they wont care if he is married or in a relationship. I have seen videos on YouTube discussing the topic of “Man Sharing” LOL, these chicks are getting desperate man and many have no shame in being a mistress/”side piece” if it means that they can get with a good BM who can make their lives easier. Keep up the Wall of Silence and don’t be tempted. Like Ice Cube said “TnA ain’t worth a nigga DNA”.

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    • James S,

      These sirens are always sinking to new lows, I remember I wrote an article a while back on a black woman peddling merchandise with “proud side bish” on it. Let’s also not forget that black woman who is pushing the “confident hoe” nonsense as well. #ABANDONTHEMFORLIFE

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  6. Guys, I don’t think the woman in the text message above CALLS HERSELF “Jezebel Demon,” but that’s what the ex-husband’s NAME FOR HER IS in his phone 😉

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  7. Notice also how animistic/spiritualistic black Women are with things that ARE NOT spiritual. They’ll say things such as “de skreets got eem!”, as if the streets are an angry god requiring blood sacrifice!

    Conversely, they’ll treat Christianity the same way. They will beg and ask God for money and to “help make a way” like God is a slot machine, instead of first using what strength they claim he gave them to first save money and work extra hours.

    Given their upbringing around this retarded form of Christianity, and their seeing its failures firsthand, is it any wonder why black men will turn away from such things?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, they want the Most High to give them free money without themselves lifting a finger to earn it. Believing in God for a miracle buy they refuse to first put in the work in order to see what they can achieve with their own two hands first, lazy bums until the end they are.

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  8. This posts really hits home with me because I (or my dad rather) was victim to this.

    There are two types of kids. One is where the kid rebels against the parent(s) , or wants a separate identity. The other is the one who is literally like a mini-me of that parent. I was the second one. My dad was the coolest, and biggest role model to me in the world. I wanted to be exactly like him. I would follow him everywhere, I would even go with him to his jobs and work with him even though it would have gotten him fired. I would draw pictures of us. We would play video games together, ALL the time. We would go to movies. We go to parks. We would go for lomg walks throigh the most vicious and gang infested neighborhoods. We would watch cartoons and anime. We would watch nothing but Chinese movies. We were always together doing things together (This is the number one reason why I prefer Chinese/Japanese/Korean girls over all because culturally they have the mentality when it comes to friendship/family).

    My dad was a very relaxed person when it came to school but he would praise me for doing good in school. His praises and approval were the most important thing to me in the world. Now, this was all BEFORE my parents married. They were not married up till I was maybe 6 or 7. My mother , for some reasom, hated me and my dad’s relationship. This was told to me by Her mother and HER sister. (My grandmother and aunt) . My mother always had an attitude, always arguing, always abusive to the both of us. She wouldn’t play with us. She wouldn’t go places with us much unless my father dragged her. She always told me my father wasn’t shit behinds his back. I hated her for this.

    After they married,………she divorced about 2 years later….

    She separated me from my father FOR NO REASON! She always tried to make me hate him. Tell me he was a black piece of shit. Tell me how he only graduated middle and could barely read. Told me all sorts of dirty laundry about this man. At that age I was already logic driven and I was not stupid. I knew she was a fucking liar! I never listened to her. When ever I was in my room she would blabber on and on with her friend on the phone about how much she was planning on taking him for child support and alimony. She left him financially devastated. He had been a slave to the state and homeless for years.

    Now to add more salt to the wound, she married this other guy. She tried to force me to get along with him. We had nothing in common. She would berate and belittle me because I would not accept this new family. They had more kids. I hated them too, because why do they get to be a happy family who is together but I can’t see my dad. Both of them would trash my father until they could see I hated my father too. Their plan failed miserably. One day I was in elementary school. My dad showed up. I haven’t seen him in maybe four years. I told him what happened. The next thing you know… The police show up and arrested him. My principal called me and asked who is the man? I said he is my dad. She told me that I was not allowed to see him. So they took him away. I go home to tell my mother. Do you know what my mother said? “HE AIN’T SHIT BECAUSE HE IS A DEAD BEAT!!!!!!1!111!11″ Hatred for this woman grew. Even at that age I knew the logic was faulty, I said to her, ” how could he be a dead beat when he is actually trying to be there but you all arrest him” she beat me to a pulp. So I knew to keep quiet about him the next time. I always knew my father was never the bad guy and it’s not his fault.

    Years later they always were forcing me to get along with this “family” . NO they are not my family! My dad is my family! How am I wrong for wanting nothing to do with this new family but want to be with MY family! Fast forward to high school, my dad fights for custody or at least visitation. They reject. He tries again. They said OK. They made me talk to a lawyer (who was a feminist btw) told me to NOT trash my mother and NOT trash the lawyer. I recognized the sheer hatred and misandry from their eyes! This lawyer would tell me how mich “I dont know him and if I feel insafe I should call the police” why are they saying this? My father has never dranl or smoked weed a day in his life. He was very nice, and intelligent dispite he never finished middle school! Why is he painted a monster? This is were my mental emotional instability came from. I said to myself is this what my life is going to be like when I become an adult, all this man hating?

    Everytime I would come home from visitation, my mother would have a nasty attitude, so nasty, that lions at the zoo would pur compared to her roaring. I dreaded going home because she would ask noisy questions, making sure he or I wasn’t trashing her. Her Bitch ass husband would do the same. I hated them!

    The hatred of all the years of forced seperation! Why did she do that? Why did she break is apart! What did I do to her?

    When ever I tell this to black women. Do you know what black women say? “Well why didn’t you seem out for your new family”? When they ask this question, I already understand that they don’t give a shit about my past. They know what she did was wrong but they want to defend in a way to mask what THEY woild do to me. They always use the? Well you are hurt but not all black women….” And right there is when I cut them off! And blast them! In other words, I told them my whole story and their dismissive attitude tells me that they know that I do not want to go through the same BULLSHIT as my father did so they a masking over would I told them and try to shame me for not “loving my “new” family”. They always tell me that “maybe your dad was a bad guy or wasn’t shit? And your mom was protecting you”

    That’s when I decided to
    1. Go SYSBM (I become sysbm first looooong before I became MGTOW)
    2. Cut my mother OFF from my life.
    3. Cut OFF black females (and black simps)

    Seeing how black women love to say your mom is black. I tell them my story, and then I say to them then that must mean YOU are planning to do the same! Now, all of a sudden, they say “oh we are not your mother, we are different” AFTER they just told you how they represent our mothers.

    Black women are ALL, yes I said ALL are full of SHIT and the same! I never want to have anything to do with them again! Not even the “Good sistas”! They don’t want to hear anything from you other than praises. And they want you just gloss over all the SHIT they have done to people and society and still continue to do!
    Some of you may disagree but this ESPECIALLY includes my mother!

    And let some black woman or dick police try to stop me or get in between me and Asian girl, they will meet their demise! And that also includes comments of ” you must closet gay”, or “your penis is small”
    If it makes me a bitter, racists, uncle tom, then I’m PROUD OF IT!

    (Btw , that new guy? The husband? My mother divorced him too and did the same thing to his kids like she did to my dad and me.)

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    • Use “yo momma black” but when her crazy black ass’s antics are displayed and you compare them to the chicks, they suddenly DON’T wanna be compared to her? What a classic bait and switch! It’d be genius if it wasn’t so damn EVIL!

      Black Women claim to love the Bible, but take pride in abusing children for no reason, besides possibly their own demonic entertainment. Doesn’t Jesus say that it is better to have a large stone draped around your neck and dropped into the sea than to abuse children?

      And how in the hell, once again, can you partner with and build with such demonesses? Like Satan, they are ANTI family! They abuse and mistreat worth a damn children, boys, and men, but spoil and pamper other devils?

      Now, as I always say, I do not advise a man putting his hands on ANYONE (male or female) unless it is life or death, but seeing as how she ended up ruining several lives, I probably would have killed your mother, just sayin…

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      • Yes. I agree with you 110%!

        Seeing how I love my freedom much more, I figure cutting out the cancers in my life by completely disowning her (and black women altogether) would be a much sound solution. I have not spoken to her in 6 years and I am happy! My life has never been so much better!

        But if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind 😁

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      • In my case, I love it when these black women try to use the “Yo momma black” statement on me. My mom is a classy light-skinned woman (still happily married to my father for over 30 years, how rare is that) that can easily pass for a Latina or Asian woman here in the Southwest USA. Every time these black witches start the “Yo momma black” talk, I tell them:

        “Well since my mother can pass for a Latina/Asian woman, and you ladies want me to be with a woman that resembles my mom, it would only make sense then to choose a Latina/Asian woman because…. they closely resemble my mother!”

        That shuts them up everytime, except to make ad hominem attacks afterwards haha.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        They’re still using the old school tactics, believing that they can shame black men into dating them ie remaining on the plantation. The tricks simply aren’t working for them anymore. Oh well, their loss.

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    • Carnio,

      And there you have it, you saw the Jezebel spirit up close and personal. This is the foul spiritual entity of deviltry that resides in most black women today, this is why they are forever miserable and especially hate when their children have a tight bond with their father. I honestly don’t understand how the pro blacks can continue believing that they can be successful in making up viable excuses for these women.

      As per usual the mother gets custody of the children and now that they are in her care she plots and schemes to destroy their minds. I have a friend who has a son with a black woman who is currently doing the same thing, poisoning the child’s mind with fabrications and bold face lies about his father, this is how most black heifers roll.

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    • Damn bro….this is sad sad sad shit!!! holy fuck I feel bad for you….jesus….what city are you in?? man oh man…..I can I say I lucked out and had 2 good parents. that are married to this day and provided a great upbringing for me….and ive always been logic driven so I spotted black womens fuckery early and often and always knew that they were full of shit and knew not to fall for their traps….damn I feel for you man….fuck ur mom, im sorry to say this but damn I wish that bitch was dead! im sorry, but fuck that bitch dude.

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      • TMT247,

        This is what SYSBM is all about, raising the next generation to grow up in an environment similar to what you did, two parents in the home showing their children nothing but love and affection and raising their children to be the best.

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      • @ TMT247

        Even though my parents did split, She didn’t have to force him away from me. I would had still been a very happy, perfectly normal child had I been allowed today least get to see my dad! Even if my mother and HER new found family was indeed abusing men none of that would effect me because I would still have been a whole person in which I was able to be with MY dad. But unfortunately it didn’t. Which is why I cut my mother out of my life for good!

        It gets annoying because most people become apologists of “but she’s your mother! She held you for o months! You should always forgive your mother … blah blah blah” but yeah fuck her!

        I try to do the best I can to warm other black men and spread the word of SYSBM (or mgtow) as a way of getting revenge and it is the best revenge I can think of. I am even thinking about writing my own SYSBM blog for not just lost black men to see, but for other races of men to see what we thinking black have to go through. What would make my blog special is , I want to take the most common slogans black women use (your self hating, yo mama black…etc) and make some sort of heavily researched long list of comebacks using the Trivium method and logic so that any body can print them study them and then use them anytime black women spew lies and puedo psychology on potential thinking black men.

        Although I think it is going to be pretty useless because black women will just cover their ears and scream and yell and turn into Goro from Mortal Kombat I would hope it would prove to black men what they are dealing with and what they will be getting themselves into if they do not take SYSBM (or mgtow) into consideration.
        You can think of it as my way of healing.

        Also, Verbs2015, when judgement day comes for these women, I will make sure I bring some butter! I LOVE my popcorn with butter!!!

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  9. I’ll admit I’ve never looked at their dysfunction from a religious (I’m not religious whatsoever) stance, but I can see how this makes sense. Interesting stuff…

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    • Seems like the devil is hard at work creating an army of weave-wearing, fakeass, and utterly repulsive contractors to destroy the West, and in extension the globe Stephen.

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  10. Check out this BET article posted this month:
    See How Black Women Are Dealing With Being Rejected By Black Men

    “Diann tells me, “Many Black women feel invisible to Black men and have shared countless stories with me about how they are never approached by Black men to date.””

    Keep the Wall of Silence up gentlemen, its effectiveness is unquestionable at this point.
    BW’s bad reputation and chances at love have become so bad in the US that they are trying to leave the country to find a man, but the problem isn’t the country they are in, its them.

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      • James S,

        SYSBM hasn’t even reached critical mass and yet these black sirens are already feeling the pinch. It’s exactly what I’ve been saying, black women are destined to be cast upon the mountain of singledom and they did it to themselves via their own hands. This is what having a spiteful, bitter and evil heart gets you, rejected for life. Recompense is a dish best served cold. There is indeed a God who has seen the suffering that black men have endured at the hands of these witches. The wall of silence has been holding very strong here in the UK for many years and it continues to get taller.

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    • This article is a joke. It puts no responsibility on black women as to why they’re single at such a hilarious high rate, and instead keeps the absurd lie of “black men are in jail” and there are no good men around (which is a damn lie).

      The wall of silence is working wonders; as you can see with all of this crying. Keep it up gentlemen!!!

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      • Stephen,

        Let these harpies continue to use the same lame, convenient liberal talking points, they are the ones who are suffering at the end of the day, not us. As the saying goes, those who cannot hear must feel. Pride goeth before a fall, I have my popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready watching their demise unfold.

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    • Oh yea…ive heard similar….black men don’t even speak to black women any more!!! and black women can even attest to this…fuck them bitches dude! they know damn well black men want nothing to do with them…which is why they are “MANSHARING” at an all time HIGH!! hell its like 6 or 7 black women all sharing 1 THUG now….seriously!! the odds are that high!!! that’s how much NOBODY wants these nasty disease carrying nuclear waste dump known as black women.

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      • Lol..first paragraph of that article “To address the theory directly, there is no real shortage of Black men, just a shortage of the marrying kind as defined by today’s woman.”………….AS DEFINED BY TODAYS WOMAN!….lmao….TOO BAD WOMEN DONT DETERMINE WHO GETS MARRIED!!!! MEN DO THAT BITHC!!!! and as much as black women wish they could control this, they don’t!!! And what about “AS DEFINED BY TODAYS BLACK MEN”……what about that???? Because they know damn well it would BE DEFINED AS, FAT< LAZY, BASTARD BABY MAKER, WEAVE WEARING, BAD ATTITUDE, STD CARRYING, STUPID, NOT CLASSY OR CULTURED OR LADY LIKE!! I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS!!! ITS BLACK WOMEN WHO CANT GET MARRIED!!!!! NOT BLACK MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK EITHER CHOOSE TO BE UNMARRIED OR MARRY OUT OF OUR RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM….HOW YOU LIKE THAT BITHC?!!!!! YOU WHORES DONT DETERMINE WTF IS MARRIAGE MATERIAL!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!! NASTY AS WELFARE WHORES ACTUALLY SAYING BLACK MEN ARENT MARRIAGE MATERIAL????HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……..SO BEING OBESE<8 KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK and ON WELFARE IS WHAT????? A CATCH???!!! let black women tell it, it is…..whata fucking joke.

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    • AND THAT BET ARTICEL WAS A JOKE! just a bunch of lies to sell the show….that’s all it was….a PUFF piece made to “THINK” black women are actually wanted in Western EUROPE of all places when there not even wanted in America??? WTF??? yea, that dumb ass article isn’t even worth a breakdown…its chauk full of soo much bullshit theres no point. Hell let their delusions run wild…let them think what they want to think….Reality ALWAYS WINS in the end.

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    • Already? There’s literally AT LEAST one or two of these articles a YEAR, hell, probably more.

      Notice that you do not see constant articles from other women like this. You sure as hell do not see Eastern European, East Asian, or Latina women doing it.

      This is also why I have to laugh at these white boys. You don’t see black men writing articles like this either: once they go SYSBM, they have NO trouble settling down. This site is a testament to that.

      Also, do these black Women EVER mention in these articles that maybe the “SKRONG BLACK QUEEN” image does them no favors, and that they might have to drop it?

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      • @Afro,

        Those white boys you talking about must be from that ROK site. I have to laugh because they’re complaining about the degeneracy of western society which THEY created. How can you complain about a system in which YOU built it? Everything wrong from racism to feminism can be traced back to white men, because they either created it or allowed it.

        Just recently, one of the writers at ROK wrote an article about needing to import more foreign women, particularly Asian women, over here to western societies. Now, I hope they do realize that these foreign women will be exposed more to us brothers, which will in turn only speed up the process of white men becoming minorities. But hey, when you try to base your failures and existence off of skin color, logic just goes out the window haha.

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  11. This reminds me too much of an anime I’m currently watching named Code Geass. In the show’s history Britain won the American-British war and reconquered America before the abolition of slavery. As a result, ultra-nationalism replaced racism and an age of darkness engulfed the New World as Britain just took over the super-continent like a virus as the 19th century dragged on, committing genocide against anyone who dared disagree with its brutal policies. The show takes place in 1962 AD (2017 a.t.b), and is set in a Japan brutally occupied by Britain after the Axis turned upon itself when it defeated the Allies in World War 2. The protagonist is a high school senior who has been given a mysterious power known as ‘Geass’ which manifests itself in the form of unbreakable commands that are unlimited as long as he maintains eye contact with the victim.

    With this power he decides to lead a rebellion against Britannia, to create a better world for his little sister, who is suffering from traumatic blindness and is also a paralytic from a terrible event in their past. However he becomes ‘Public Enemy #1’ of the Empire and not everything is what it seems in the Empire’s past, which may be connected to the ‘Immortal’ who gave him Geass…

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  12. Yow, anyone got any Geass cancelers so that we can keep ourselves immune from the black witches’ spellcraft? Also, a good amount of weapons for the time civil war occurs so we don’t get caught with our pants down by the pro-wack Neo-Nazis and the BOWs that are ‘modern’ black and coloured women.

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  13. Another excerpt from to spice things up.

    And so, don’t be an idiot and think that politics is going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! It won’t happen. My friend, America will NEVER be great again until we turn back to a holy God…

    America will NEVER be great again until we once again believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    America will NEVER be great again until we repent and turn back to the God of the Holy Bible.
    America will NEVER be great again until we burn Hollywood’s cesspool of iniquity to the ground.
    America will NEVER be great again until we dismantle Las Vegas (aka, “SIN CITY”) completely.
    America will NEVER be great again until we eliminate the filth and covetousness on the internet.
    America will NEVER be great again until we get rid of all the illicit gambling casinos and strip clubs.
    America will NEVER be great again until we spend more time with God and family than the television.
    America will NEVER be great again until we do away with the Federal Reserve Banks and fiat money.
    America will NEVER be great again until we bring the King James Bible back into America’s classrooms.
    America will NEVER be great again until we bring the King James Bible back into America’s churches.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop indoctrinating children with the satanic lies of Evolution.
    America will NEVER be great again until we burn all the counterfeit Bible revisions in our churches.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop voting for the lesser of two evils, and not vote for evil at all.
    America will NEVER be great again until we prosecute the CIA for trafficking drugs into the United States.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop allowing people to get divorced for any reason at all.
    America will NEVER be great again until we bring back the tens-of-millions of lost jobs from foreign slave labor.
    America will NEVER be great again until we drain the swamp in Washington DC and elect honest leaders.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop the sexual exploitation of youth through the music industry.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop supporting manmade Illuminati Israel since 1948.
    America will NEVER be great again until we America’s women forsake feminism and start obeying their husbands.
    America will NEVER be great again until men forsake Hooters, Playboy and internet porn and start thinking pure.
    America will NEVER be great again until we start moving toward rural living instead of big city urbanization.
    America will NEVER be great again until we make same-sex abominations illegal, and stop gays from adopting children.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop letting Globalists exploit the U.S. toward World Government.
    America will NEVER be great again until we stop lawyers and judges from raping citizens, bilking them financially.
    America will NEVER be great again until we get away from big government and big cities, which promote indifference.
    America will NEVER be great again until we enforce border security and ship millions of illegal aliens back home.
    America will NEVER be great again until we start rehabilitating prison inmates instead of locking them away.
    America will NEVER be great again until we run the ungodly manure-spreading newsmedia out of the country.
    America will NEVER be great again until we restore state’s rights and limit the power of federal government.
    America will NEVER be great again until we get back to little league and recreation, instead of kids parked in front of TV.
    America will NEVER be great again until we return to the Christian principles upon which our nation was built.

    I could list a thousand more things wrong in the U.S. today. We’ve lost so much in America! I think our country is doomed, because once sin infests a nation, only one of two things can turn it back to righteousness: 1) Bible-preaching, or 2) God’s judgment. Since pastors don’t preach anymore, and counterfeit Bible revisions have flooded into the churches, and “the simplicity that is in Christ” (the Gospel, 2nd Corinthians 11:3) has been replaced with false repentance, and churches are supporting manmade Illuminati Israel (thus consequently supporting the New World Order), it appears that all hope is gone, and only God’s judgment can save us now!

    Boy Scouts allow homosexual scout leaders. That is sickening! If you go fishing, officers and park rangers can confiscate everything you own if you don’t know that you are required to pay for a fishing permit. I think that ruins America! Due to liability, many organizations are reluctant to host little league games and other fun activities for children. And now with the pedophile problem—which is a direct consequence of removing the Bible from the schools, Playboy magazine, sensual rock music, feminism, dying churches, homosexuality, the lies of Evolution, the evil influences on television, divorce (no father in the home), Hollywood and the general moral downfall of America—everyone is paranoid about their neighbours these days! How could America ever be great again in such a wicked climate? Everything is deteriorating quickly with a domino effect. We haven’t seen anything yet. The daily news already cannot keep up with the abundance of heinous crimes being committed across America. Americans have become extremely covetous and materialistic. Psalms 135:15, “The idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.”

    Kids are really missing out today. Today kids are staying home gazing into a TV and computer screen, spending hundreds of hours each month, never leaving their home. All of today’s video games are sexually perverse, have recording devices to spy inside private homes, even training teens for the military unawares to parents. I miss buying and lighting off fireworks as a kid. Due to millions of frivolous lawsuits, covetousness and greed in America, lawyers have made everyone paranoid, afraid of being sued, which has turned our culture upside down to where citizens can’t have real fun anymore. American kids 40 years ago could safely play cops and robbers without fear of being accidentally killed by an undercover police officer thinking you have a real gun. Things are insane today!

    I deliberately avoided the political mudslinging during the entire campaign of Hillary and Trump over the last year. I didn’t want to play the Zionist/Roman Catholic game, letting them waste my time, and insult my intelligence (what little I have…lol). I knew that one of them had already been picked at a Bilderberg meeting to become the next U.S. President. I had a hunch it would be Trump, as I indicated once in 2015 and again in 2016 in my recent section, letting my web visitors know that the last time a Democrat candidate won a Presidential election following a two-term Democrat (like Barack Obama) was in the year 1836. Sure enough, it didn’t happen. I detested the insults and mudslinging between Hillary and Trump, knowing in my heart that it was all staged for the benefit (or demise) or the public. People (including Christian people) are by nature very gullible, easily duped and enslaved.


    • dude stfu white boy…nobody gives a shit about that fake ass Sky Daddy, White Jebus, and ur American shithole…fuck off and get off this site..theres no reason for you to be here!! Literally NONE!!!


      • whats your excuse now??? This site is not marketed, it has NOTHING to do with White women or men….We are not talking good or bad about white ppl…..and YET HERE YOU ARE!!!! We are over here minding our own damn business and who shows up?? A WHITE BOY!!! You fucking ppl are OBSESSED WITH US!!! My god, you fucking follow us wherever we fucking go like a sick dog!!! God damn, you ppl claim you are soo superior but you sure as hell spend every waking moment looking at black males and seeing what theyre up to… god….smh, you ppl are fucking sick…………that’s how I know you ppl are sooo full of shit, all you do is think about black ppl 24 7….EVERYTHING ABOUT WHITE PPL is predicated on black ppl!! your very identity and way of being is measured against black ppl!!! that’s HOW FUCKING PATHETIC YOUR EXISTENCE IS!!!! hahahahahahahahah……all you can do is focus on black ppl so you can try to feel better about yourself???? god what a pathetic bleached bastard maggot you ppl are….fuck outta here.

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  14. This gentlemen is why Verbs is sooo adamant that there is legitimate spiritual evil connected to the mental\emotional\psychological current condition of the western black woman! Nowhere, and I do mean NOWHERE in present or past civilization is there another example of a group with so little to offer anyone that no other group, collectively, wants them, that insist on behaving this badly toward their natural counterparts! It defies any and all attempts at logic, reason or explanation and screams at unholy decibels, “ this is not a natural situation but a supernatural one”. You’ve been warned brothers, act accordingly.

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    • Oh yea I agree as well…just look at the sick stuff they do?!! putting babies in ovens, microwaves…..sucking off their infant boys on facebook live!!! Killing and murdering their children etc!!! what the hell would you classify that other than DEMONIC!!!!!! I truly believe it as well!!! and last but not least what person in their right mind would walk around WEARING ANOTHER RACE OF HAIR ON THEIR HEADS!!!!!!??????? SERIOUSLLY????!!! black women are SICK!!!!

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    • Andre,

      If it were a minority of black women then one might get away with secular explanations, however when you have the overwhelming majority of black women walking around in a mentally damaged, mentally unstable stupor, the only viable explanation for such widespread dysfunction is a spiritual one.

      I’ve said it before and I will say it again, most black women are possessed by evil entities and as a result they walk around as cursed creatures. When you try to reason with black women and you receive a blank stare and make absolutely no ground in doing so, you are talking to the devilish entities within them, the real individuals were evicted a long time ago.

      Black women are spiritually deader than a hammer and morally bankrupt and these pro blacks still insist that we deal with such repugnant, abominable women, no thanks, I’ll take my chances with SYSBM instead.

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  15. When America learns that the majority of the convents and monasteries of this country are used for the purpose of shielding and protecting Catholic criminals, and for the purpose of Catholic dignitaries to glut their lust upon the female inmates of these institutions, and will exact and demand laws that will force a rigid examination every thirty or sixty days of these institutions, then the world at large will know and thoroughly understand that these institutions are practically the homes of depravity and licentiousness. – Thirty Years in Hell


  16. Unless you guard the goddess of your American liberty with the patriotism o f your Protestant manhood, it will not be long until you will find this government face to face with a problem more perplexing, than the government of France is wrestling with to-day, on account of this Romish beast, whose jaws are dripping with the blood of doomed ambition.

    Catholicism is like a thief in the night, as she goes about her devastation of human rights with the tread of a thief and with the cunning of a bold deceiver, which she is, and this country must station trustworthy men upon the ramparts of this government to watch her progress and batter down her foundations of superstition and ignorance, or within the next fifty years America will find herself bound hand and foot by this Romish creed of abominations, which has caused every nation on the face of the earth that she has ever controlled to wither and decay under her touch, like the tender plant under the broiling rays of a tropical sun.

    I have a right to sound this warning, as I know whereof I speak, as I have traveled this Romish road of despair for thirty years, and I know her Cunning and dastardly deception so well that her history and her teachings are to me like the primer is to the school boy or girl.

    The warnings that I now sound in the ears of Protestant America are not sounded by an alarmist, nor one who does not know whereof he speaks, but these warnings come from one whose back has been lashed for thirty long years with the whip of a Catholic tyrant, and I know the history of Catholicism from beginning to end, for if one cannot learn the history of an institution in thirty years’ devout study, then pray tell me of what use it is for man to apply himself to the study of anything?

    ‘I was once as devout a Catholic as I am to-day a Protestant, and I am only a Protestant to-day because I was forced to become such, after having the scales of Catholicism brushed from my eyes, which had been blinded by the superstition and fearful doctrines of this abominable creed.

    Arouse, ye men and women of America, or else the time will come when you will not be permitted to make a protest; when your wives and mothers are declared whores by Catholicism, and your fathers and brothers are declared whore-mongers and your children bastards! -Thirty Years of Hell


  17. American women are angry, empowered and rebellious. Divorce is commonplace because of their sinful pride. Young women by the tens-of-millions have two, three or more children, out of wedlock or divorced, before they’re even 25-years-old. Feminism is the culprit, which has demonized masculine authority in the eyes of women. Men don’t want to marry American women anymore, because of feminism’s destructive influence on them. Hollywood regularly portrays women as being arrogant, bratty, smart-mouthed, insulting and rebellious against men and their husbands. This is an ungodly influence. Dyke women are unrealistically portrayed as leaders of armies, nations and special forces teams. In reality, men are ultimately in control. Children are our oppressors and women rule over us because men choose to allow it. Men aren’t men anymore. It ought to be “Fathers Against Drunk Drivers” instead of “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.” Sadly, many of the fathers are the drunks! America’s youth have satanists, whores and perverts like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber for role models. SHAME!!! SHAME!!!

    I could go on-and-on. America truly deserves the slogan: THE GREAT SATAN! Our inner cities are war zones of criminal gang activity. The CIA has been proven to be behind much of it, trafficking trillions-of-dollars in illegal drugs into the nation over the past 50 years. See, The Clinton Conspiracy. Numerous television series openly acknowledge and document the CIA’s criminal activities. It’s pathetically ironic how Americans believe all the mainstream newsmedia’s lies, while perceiving the truth in Hollywood movies and TV series as entertaining fiction. Truly, the Illuminati love to make jackasses out of the America’s dumbed-down public. Russia and China see the truth of what’s going on in our nation, but Americans can’t see the forest for the trees.

    The European Rock band, “Green Day,” have a song about Americans literally titled, “American Idiot!” To learn more about Green Day’s song, please read my article titled, “Joel Osteen, Fox News, Mocking Prayer And Ignoring The Truth.” Why is it that the rest of the world sees how foolish we are in the United States, but we’re too blinded to see the truth? When Americans do finally wake up one day, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!! –


    • DUDE, im sorry but STFU with all that bullshit white boy!!! fuck you…..fuck Amerikkka…this aint our country….we were kidnapped and brought here as prisoners of War…stop posting all this “PRO AMERICA” bullshit…fuck off….this site is for black men!!! why the fuck are you even on it???? Notice how sick white males are!!! they have millions of sites dedicated to just them and look at this retard on THIS site “SPYING” and conversing with black males…..why the fuck are you hear dude????? seriously?

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      • Whenever intelligent black men gather to exchange ideas and share notes, expect Whitey to shove his schnozz into the conversation, uninvited. And when we tell him to get the fuck out, he cries reverse racism like a little bitch.

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      • It’s funny how these white men are so upset about the very system they created and worshiped and used against black men for decades. But of course, black women loves them so much.

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    • It’s funny how these white men are so upset about the very system they created and worshiped and used against black men for decades. But of course, black women loves them so much.

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  18. These women tell on themselves via text,social media,ect all the time then wonder why black men with a IQ above room temperature avoid them like a horde of zombies. I’m talking about the World War Z zombies that can clime over boarder walls.

    Everybody that I know who got married to black women are miserable. Some have admitted to me while drunk that marring a black woman was the worst decision they ever made in their lives. They have no social live. No money. No sex. Well… good sex anyway. Nagging that never stops and the $1,000’s they have to spend on weave that smells like roadkill after a few days of wearing it. Black men like us who were rejected by the masses of black women because we were “lame” or whatever are truly blessed. We are free agents who can live life as we see fit. These whores have doomed themselves to a life of misery via single motherhood,student loans they can’t possibly pay off via worthless degrees,and the eventuality of losing their coveted seciton 8. Meanwhile they see us sailing off into the sunset and they are pissed I love it lol.

    Side note the fact that black women prefer section 8 over us just lets you know how much they really hate and devalue us so I feel nothing about leaving these women to lie in the bed they have made for themselves. Even after they have been broken and humbled by the section 8 cuts and the fact that nobody wants to “swirl” with them unless they are lightskinned I STILL won’t forgive them and will have nothing to dow with them. They will realize that after decades of rejecting good men for thugs she will find at the end of the day in 2018 the only men who now find black women desirable ARE the thugs and the simps.

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    • Well the one difference is I was never rejected by black women…..I just never wanted them!!! that’s why they hated me…..cuz I saw them for how disgusting they are!!! Fuck em.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Their fate awaits them, all we need do is sit back and watch the fireworks. Remember, black women did this to themselves, their own two hands have forged their own destruction.

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    • Yours Truly. Note the self-described thug Trick Daddy told black females to “tighten up.” As a result, the thugs are leaving black women. The simps tend to get wise. The relationship prospects for black women are very dim.

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      • I noticed that too. Even the thugs are getting tired of black women. I remember hearing a HardCoreTito video about how black women in the hood will be fucking a thug one minute then a white cop the next and she will start snitching to the white cop about all the gang related activity she has seen. All these rappers making songs about “loyalty” “These hoe’s ain’t loyal.” The black witch is loyal to no man not even the thugs and white boys they worship.

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  19. Some of the biggest low level source-errrors, this is why they dislike intelligent sons and daughters who are possessed of even the natural light of logical reasoning because it undermines their nonsensical black magics. Look at why the Europeans dominated these superstitious fallen dolt children of the “ancient ones”, they used science and logic — what the ancient ones actually ruled with. And yet these liars claim to be “Kongs and Queans”.

    But they know the head of every woman is the man, the head of the man is Christ, and the head of Christ is the Most High, so they pervert the order. The magical phrase or incantation most often used to implore this is “Your mother is black”. When in reality according to scripture your spiritual mother is The Spirit of Righteousness not a woman of flesh…or an adjective (Wtf?)

    This lack of real intelligence is why they compensate with numbers and the lowest of tactics, namely abusing and brainwashing children. Slaves of a very low order. They hate what they cant control or what reminds them and the light that speaks to them of their inevitable judgment. And this is why they work so tirelessly to turn their sons into pussy slaves who derive their sense of self from pussy. These pussy soldiers provide them with a false sense of temporal security.

    This act is again accomplished by denying proper intellectual stimulation and instilling amoral values, which locks an individual into mere sense gratification of their 5 senses, the anti-Christ man foot soldier model. The higher level types of this order will have intellectual development and personality gravitas, and cunning, and knowledge of operative magics,etc. And the study of history shows that these self serving snakes have been doing this for a loooooooonng time.

    Nevertheless Glory be Always to the Most High, Forever and Ever. Or as the Quran says, “those are the losers”.

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  20. Man just look at the evil acts BW commit on the daily and see how their attitude is fucked up you cannot tell me these women are not possessed by evil spirits. The woman who posted above only cares about money of course and not the damage that is caused by another broken home this is your modern day BW for you. @ Yours Truly the funny thing is after BW go through all the things you noted most of the time they still do not humble themselves that shows you how mentally ill they are. It is crazy so many BM are miserable in their marriages to BW in the barbershop I go to its countless stories of BM who are miserable in their marriage. The hell with that I would leave and deal with the consequences I would not be miserable u set the hand of a black bitch the hell with that.

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  21. Gentlemen,

    It doesn’t matter where black women go to in the world, as James S pointed out THEY are the problem and so a multitude of problems will follow right behind them. I have to laugh at those black women believing that they can somehow make a difference across the pond in Europe. Hasn’t anybody informed the Westernised black witch of the fact that her reputation proceeds her?

    Here is a quote from that BET article, it reads”

    “Laree Thomas, who was also a #BlackLove cast member, is currently living in Ghana and finds the singles scene to be quite different there. “The biggest difference between dating in the U.S. vs. dating abroad is men here want to have a committed relationship or jump into marriage fairly quickly,” Laree said”.

    But this terrible looking heifer is still single and you’ll see why when you check out her Instagram, shaved head wench rolling into Ghana and she really expects to be take seriously, come on dog. Doesn’t she know that in most sub Saharan African countries a woman who has a shaved head is looked down upon? Do you see how these women move to a different location yet still bring their decadent and dysfunctional traits with them?

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  22. Gentlemen,

    You may have noticed that I have been using quotes from ‘blue-bloods’ who battled against similar problems in the past and websites loyal to true Christianity in my quotes recently. The main reason for this is well, I don’t even really know. The authors just sum up what I want so say and keep me from using a h..load of expletives in my comments. To the dude who called me a ‘white boy’, just read up Jamaican news. Not the propaganda the developed countries have about us, go on sites like Jamaica Observer and the Daily Gleaner. You’ll understand why I use those quotes and excerpts. If I were to use my own words, it would be inadequate to explain the horror that I live in as a result of the brutal rule of a coloured plantocracy and their white enforcers in the days of colonialism as well as he nativity and sloth of the British government in dealing with the problem, and will soon become a daily part of life everywhere if the stupidity, arrogance and greed of the beastly black and colored females of today is not exposed and preventive measures imposed, to make sure that the rot and filth they produce does not infect and destroy the wider society.

    I’ve been hardened to the foolishness and utter stupidity of the ‘modern’ ‘black’ and coloured female for a long time, but the weave video and the pic of the woman being referred to as a Jezebel, as well as the fact that witchcraft, ‘black magic’ and all sorts of evils that should have stayed dead in the colonial world are still being practiced, by black females to add salt to the wound… just..the best word is utterly repulsive I guess. And the fact that the rest of the black community does absolutely NOTHING about this pestilence among them is just insulting. NO other group of people would see and notice this evil creeping among their people and just pretend it doesn’t exist.

    At first, I thought you were being a bit to harsh in your description of the dysfunctional ‘modern’ black and coloured females, but after thinking about it I have finally realized that your statement about black and coloured females being vessels of darkness and Jezebel is absolutely correct. There is no way one group of women can be in a state of continuous and seemingly eternal decay, support the destruction of their own people and enjoy the privileges of Marxist-Leninist welfare lifestyles, while endorsing the destructive policy of Pan-Africanism/Nazism and still be healthy human beings. The lack of respect for black males is an obvious factor as well.

    Any fool who is stupid enough to still worship the dysfunctional and insane black females of today is either infected with the ‘field worker ‘ mentality of plantation days, under the control of darkness or just plain old dysfunctional.

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    • You’re so full of shit
      How are you complaining about a system/philosophy that you created??? White men created feminism and Marxism.

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    • dude fuck off… god you are just as sick as the black woman….my god how pathetic can you be??dude get the fuck off the site….smh…jesus white ppl are lower than dog shit.


  23. @ Brotha Verbs

    Once again keep up the ggod work. Shiiit you deserve a nobel prize for all the black men’s lives you’re gonna save in the near future LoL.

    Also this is just another simple way to say: BW / JEZEBELS / LAND-WHALES ARE EVIL!!!

    You just happened to write an eloquent article in long-form with a few extra details LoL.
    And we thank you for that LoL…..

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Thanks bro. These black sirens refuse to deal with the issues at hand, so instead we thinking black men will discuss them in our own corner and hash out viable solutions as per each individual’s needs. I’m always glad to be standing in the corner of the thinking black men’s regiment. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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    • @ Covert LoL

      Haha!!! I know you have an old school soul now!!

      “Exterminator” was a fuckin’ classic!!! And yes we should take a few hints from that movie. Just imagine the stench of all them nappy weaves burning up Lol..!! It’ll smell worse than a burning tire yard!!!

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  24. True. We would probably need Robocop and the Terminator working together to get rid of the demon invasion in the United States alone, if they haven’t encountered the witches known as modern ‘black’ and coloured women during the civil war in the black community already by the time we ask them to help us.

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  25. When black women say may god bless you, i say a prayer to negate her effects because i know her chant is a dangerous one. These women are openly embracing lesbiansim and their lies has increased. This is why i don’t be on facebook often because when i speak the truth, i get blocked.

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      • Yes, i do see it. It’s the main reason why i don’t step foot in these churches. I don’t play with fire amd damn sure won’t play with the most high. Things don’t go well when the most high is mocked.

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  26. @Verbs2015

    I Just Noticed something, You said:

    “Whenever you hear a black woman accuse a black man of being homosexual or having a small penis because she may disagree with him on a particular topic, she is actually attempting to put a hex on him ie jinx him spiritually which will eventually manifest itself physically. This is exactly what a witch does, utters and repeats words in order to bring about changes around her. Don’t we also see black women using a lot of repetition in their speeches? I know somebody here is beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

    If what you are saying is true, Then these women are shooting themselves in the foot! In fact, black women always set themselves up to shoot themselves in the foot! Just like that annoying chick on your Facebook page, The first thing they always jump to and attack is White women and how they always pin Black men as “Uncle Toms” and are white women chasers! I remember when I was in high school when I first developed my red pill rage against black women, That was always the very first thing they would pin on me when I would often disagree with them on something. They would always say that I had the hots for white women or I was secretly in the closet with white women. Lo- and behold, I was actually getting really attracted to white girls at the time (Especially since Whites (girls) were over 90% of the school population). It does not help them when They are also doing a psychological tactic when they do this because the more you keep telling someone something over and over and over and over, the more that that person is genuinely going to believe what he/she is told.

    What doesn’t make sense to me about black women is when they keep saying how all black men do is praise white women to put black women down and all black men want is to go and have sex with white women. When black men start criticizing black women about something (to which they then get all psychopathic aka, the demon that possession them comes out!), They will tell black men to “STHU and go get yo’ white b****”! then when black men actually start doing it, then they get even more mad at you for doing so! WTF???!!!

    Black women are becoming the snake that is eating itself by it’s own tail.

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  27. Damn bro, these black witches really seeem to have no end to their stupidity and arrogance do they? Well it won’t really matter when the Most High deals with them at Judgement Day for their crimes against the black male, and humanity in general?

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      Precisely, I’m not going to stand in the Most High’s way while he works his work. I have not time for a group of women who have completely lost their moral compass and have no intentions of restitution. Let these morally bankrupt black women die the deaths they deserve.

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  28. Having been raised by a black whore:

    1st: when I was a youngster, she would beat me, verbally abuse me and mix in just the right amount of sweet mommy nothings to cause my mind to forget the verbal and physical abuse

    2nd: the black whore would always complain that men were no good, she would praise my grandmother that died when mommy dearest was a teenager and belittle my grandfather all day

    3rd: the black whore also caused me to hate my father, she told me he did not love me and only mommy loved me, my father did not come around because the black whore used the legal system to keep him away, when I was a teenager my father came to the house and started yelling out for me, because it was against the wishes of the black whore, I grabbed a butcher knife and stared him down as the black whore told him to leave

    4th: as I began to become a young man the black whore could no longer physically abuse and the verbal abuse only resulted in the black whore being given the same verbal abuse that she gave out was now coming back at her, I no longer feared the demon

    5th: as the demon saw that I no longer feared her, the demon began a process of trying to destroy me by letting me do exactly what I wanted when I wanted, well, sadly for the demon I did not get killed in the streets

    6th: I am free of the demon, I don’t talk to her at all

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    • 3r1istruth,

      What you’ve just described is the typical black childhood journey, most black children are raised by degenerate black females, however in their disjointed and mentally unsound mindset, most black women see nothing wrong with the evil way in which they raise their children.

      I have a close friend who hasn’t talked to his mother in over a decade because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of that witch, and he is from Nigeria which goes right back to what I’ve been saying about black female dysfunction being an international problem.

      Many black children especially black boys here in the UK were raised in the same foul manner, hence why when they get older they give black girls/women an extremely wide berth and choose to date and marry non black women instead.

      Of course black through their subscription to feminism embrace single motherhood which is why in the majority of case they either deliberately choose a guy who is not cut out to be a father and simply use him as a sperm donor or they will find a decent guy to get themselves knocked up by and then proceed to chase the guy off in addition to using the gynocentric legal system to keep said dude from seeing his children, smh.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015,

        As I have mentioned before I am very lucky to escape this fate as I was actually blessed with a great mother. My cousin wasn’t as lucky as his mother (my aunt) used to be viciously beat him. I remember him literally coming home from his house which wasn’t too far from mine and my mom having to bring him in and looking at the marks on his arms. As he got older though the beating of course stopped as most black women aren’t stupid enough to get into a 1 on 1 with a teenage black male…

        Liked by 2 people

      • Odyssey,

        You were truly blessed brother, and through SYSBM thinking black men aim to bring an end to the cycle of dysfunction most black women wish to continue.

        Liked by 1 person

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