Nail Shop Owner Grapples With A Black Woman…………….Again!


Again??? You’ll notice that you’ll only ever see black women getting into confrontations with nail shop and beauty supply store owners. I have yet to come across a video of a white, Latina or Middle Eastern woman being accosted, placed in a choke hold or in general being beaten up frequenting these types of establishments. Why does it always seem to be black women tussling and grappling at beauty supplies and nail shops with their respective owners?

The honest truth is black women usually get into it with these guys because they are trying to pull a fast one, attempting to steal or point-blank trying to avoid paying for services rendered. But aren’t these the same black women who are continuously claiming to have all their things in order and how they don’t deal with “broke ass niggers”(even though they stand as prime hypocrites because they ONLY ever open their legs to unemployed, trouser sagging, gold grill wearing, X Box playing, stay in the house all day or loiter outside the corner store till the evening black men.

This simply goes back to one of the feminist pillars of being lazy and wanting everything for free. As far as most black women are concerned they should be given things without the expectation of payment. They poke and make fun of black men for being broke, yet these same broads cannot even afford to pay for their nails, weaves and other luxuries, smh.

Because we have seen the same scenario being played out again and again, there is no doubt in my mind that this heifer was up to something dodgy, dumb and foolish which is why she got into the altercation with who I believe to be the owner of the store. Black women claim they are “strong and independent” one minute, but the next they are pulling fast ones and attempting to steal from stores, make that make sense.

It’s exactly as the Korean beauty store owner stated, “black girls, it’s always f***ing black girls”. Black women cause trouble wherever they go, you cannot attend any venue that has black women in it without some sort of physical altercation taking place. Black women are renown trouble makers and the world is now beginning to see them for who they truly are, people to be avoided when and where possible.

This is the modern day black female’s legacy, a destroyer, a murderer and a thief and when she is not doing those things she is scrounging and begging for free stuff from the government aswell as those she classifies as “educated lames”. this is absolutely ridiculous and yet another reason why thinking black men should simply walk away from these women, they have become a complete and utter embarrassment to the black nation and ought to be cut off because of it.

Black women are the cause of black society currently residing in the toilet and because of their strong desire to hold onto power in order to remain relevant to their white father, they are continuing and are equally determined to take black society into the lowest depths of oblivion. I most certainly will not be joining them upon their voyage into hell fire.

Lastly, notice how the heifer gets violent once she is able to break free, doesn’t this look all too familiar? Violence is nothing new to the black witch, after all this is the preferred technique she uses in raising her children. Thinking black men, leave the pro blacks to deal with these women and the endless death and destruction they bring, they are extremely jealous and envious of ourselves because we had the courage to break free and exit the plantation never looking back.

I don’t really feel sorry for these nail store and beauty supply store owners as their main purpose for establishing their businesses in poor black areas is to exploit the locals, send the money back to their respective countries or use the cash to set up other businesses. More fool on black women for helping them achieve their goals.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Free Black Man

Most High Bless

33 thoughts on “Nail Shop Owner Grapples With A Black Woman…………….Again!

  1. Absolutely disgusting! She reeks with entitlement! Black women of 2018 think that everything is owed to the point that it is their right to act any way they want!

    I also read the comments on YouTube from this video. All the damn simps and manginas are all condone this behavior and blame the woman. It’s gonna get to a point where soon black women are going to just get straight out refused services from any store if this keeps up!!!

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    • Carnio,

      Black women are completely out of control and the bottom hasn’t even dropped out yet for them. This is exactly what I’ve talked about before concerning black women becoming a menace to everybody else around them.

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  2. Eh, idk on this one. There is only a snippet of this evidence, we don’t know what led to this one. I can see where the generalization can stem from because these type of events are shown often. I am sure somewhere there are altercations like this with other races such as the constant confrontations of racist white women who constantly targets Hispanics.


    • @ Specialist E-4
      I would like to know the whole story as well, but if I had to bet on who started it just from that video alone and personal experience, I’d bet on the BW.

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    • Specialist E-4,

      You’re more than welcome to post cases of non black women getting into physical alterations with nail store and beauty supply owners but let’s be honest, black women are notorious for trying to pull fast ones in and trying to steal from these types of establishments.

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      • Strange how “white women do it too” and “other races do it” yet the only videos out there are of black females shoplifting, dining and dashing, and scuffling with beauty supply and convenience store owners.

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  4. Notice how they said, “he was on her like a man!”

    Well, that’s what she a come on as! Black Women, far more than any other women, have no problem stepping up to a man like they’re on equal footing, and then crying “I’m a woman!” When it’s convenient. Have you EVER seen a bunch of Asian chicks pulling this off?

    Secondly, you LOOKED like a man! One of the main reasons that they only garner feminine sympathy from black simps is because everyone else clearly sees how burly, ugly and masculine they are.

    In the instances where these salons are in a mall or other venue where they can potentially get a lot more white and other non-black money, they will probably begin to outright ban black women and black women in general. I will personally not feel sorry, as this SHOULD be the impetus for their creating their own businesses or patronizing black ones.

    Also, if these queenies are so educated, why can’t they created businesses? All they do is make OTHER people rich!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This goes back to what I said before about have to constantly get physical with black women in order to bring them in line, what man in his right mind wishes to live that kind of lifestyle? Even the thugs and the tattooed to the hilt street gangsters are getting sick and tired of the constant warfare black women bring to the table.

      The bans and the refusal of service are coming, black women are going to find themselves being heavily ostracised in the near future.

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  5. Without knowing the whole story this is sad either way, its either:
    Another Asian store owner selling BW the cosmetics that they feel they need to try to look like a white woman/feel pretty, yet mistreating them.


    BW trying to steal/scam from the Asian cosmetics store and getting MANhandled by the owner when she is caught.

    Either way its still another L.

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    • James S,

      Just ordered another shipment of L’s from the factory priority international mail. I’ve yet to come across an altercation of this manner where black women have NOT initiated it.

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    • I don’t feel sorry for anybody in that clip. Everybody involved decided to get into a dance of dependency for cash.

      Your order from Amazon Prime will be shipping a package of “L’s tonight for same day delivery.

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      • @Michel
        I feel that way as well about Asian store owners who open weave stores in the hood. Every time they get into a fight, get their store robbed, etc I’m like, “What did they expect? They opened a store in the hood selling fake hair to hoodrats.” When hood rats are your main clients you are asking for trouble in your business, that goes double if you are located in the hood.

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  6. Black women don’t care anymore about their behavior all thanks to the Democratic party using communism tactics to destroy black society.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Agreed, hence why thinking black men want nothing to do with such feral harridans. We have standards, it’s obvious that at this stage most black women do not, hence why we both have become incompatible.

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    • @Matt M.
      I remember that story. She stole someone’s identity and then tried to run over police officers to escape when they came for her, all for cosmetic surgery. These hoodrats are diabolical, don’t trust them, stay away. I have no sympathy for any dude who deals with these chicks, no matter how good the hoodrat may look.

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  7. “Let me tell you something you already know. The
    world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place
    and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and
    keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna
    hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how
    hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and
    keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth.
    But ya gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers
    saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody!
    Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that!”

    How I wish that this advice would actually be heeded in modern ‘black’ and coloured society.

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  8. >But ya gotta be willing to take the hits,

    They’ll take the hits alright – in their case hit is spelled “LLL”.

    “The beatings shall continue until THEIR morale (behaviour) improves!”

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  9. Yet the bro black Neo-Nazis expect us to procreate and have stable families with these monsters. One thing I know is that I’m NEVER even THINKING of choosing a black female for courtship.

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  10. I’m starting to notice a pattern.
    1.) Black women exuese me I mean black QUEEN goes into a beauty supply shop and tries to shoplift.

    2.) Store owner is forced to grab and detain the suspect because the black queen with a net worth of 5 shekels is trying to walk off with $100’s if not $1,000’s of dollars worth of merchandise.

    3.) Pro black simps rally behind her. “How dare you touch one of our black queens?” “All black men need to march and defend this criminal.” (Kind of like how BLM marches for dead thugs that were shot by black cops.)

    4.) Classic Black men are called cowards because we don’t defend niggerism coming from people who call us crispy,coon,bed bucks, and other racist slurs because we don’t carry ourselves like ghetto trash and expect others to do the same.

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    • Yea the order of wicked darkness works by Threat, Duress, Coercion —-> Shame into Guilt and if all else fails Classic physical violence. Or we could just say it works by manipulation.

      Does not Scripture say the devil comes to steal, kill, destroy and the Leviathan comes to tempt, accuse, and kill?

      That being said I do not know the particulars of this situation, but it would APPEAR that the customer probably did not pay after receiving some service or product, or else why would the store worker try to detain the customer. That act would indicate that the store guy believes he has an interest In the body of the woman (no different than a mechanic that fixes a car and keeps the car until he has been paid for his work).

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  11. While it is true we don’t know the entire situation which lead to this man grabbing her by the neck, chances are she was trying to steal merchandise from his store. More evidence that goes to show people are becoming more and more sick of black women, and are no longer hiding it. I’ll gladly take my chances with White and Asian women..

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  12. This is exactly what the perpetrators behind the New World Order want, i.e., to create a sexually-degenerate society through the use of sexually-degenerate celebrities, movies, music, magazines and television.

    In so doing, gender identity is erased, courtship and marriage are eliminated, and parents become mere incubators of servants of the Police State. Moral corruption ALWAYS leads to political subversion! An immoral nation devoid of God cannot maintain it’s social integrity. We are witnessing the breakdown of American culture, into chaos and ruin, from which will emerge a dictator—the Antichrist!

    America is doomed. I believe we are at the point of no return, because of the filthy trash who own and control the media (television networks, Hollywood and Walt Disney). People sit in front of their TVs as if worshipping a god. As long as people get all their information from the TV, they will become more foolish, dumbed-down and brainwashed. The moral decline in America will continue it’s downward spiral into the abyss of Hell and damnation.

    There will be fewer marriages because of fear of divorce and all it’s woes. There’ll be a lot more shacking-up because of sexed pigs like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus (teaching teens to fornicate and forget about marriage). I dare you to name one sleazy whore singer today who praises the institution of marriage in her music. Name one! It would hurt their sin-glorifying career. You don’t become rich and famous in the Pop music industry today unless you’re a worldly, compromising, filthy piece of trash. You MUST be supportive of gay rights to make it in Hollywood, music or Broadway.

    Then there’s the $50,000,000,000 a year lucrative divorce racket. Destroying marriages has become big business in America! Greedy lawyers and judges prey upon hurting and broken families! There’s a special extra hot place in Hell reserved just for lawyers, prosecutors and judges. The damage of their reckless predatory practices has taken its toll. Over 11,000,000 Americans now live alone over the age of 65. The crooked courts, cutthroat judges, greedy lawyers, insane paranoid domestic abuse laws and over-reactive thug police have turned marriage into a hellish nightmare.

    A lot of people prefer a simpler life rather than all the emotionally-draining, drama, trauma and financial woes. Marriages today are a ticking time-bomb! A marriage license has now become a weapon for a disgruntled spouse! The entire entertainment industry encourages premarital sex, pedophilia, lasciviousness, adultery, unforgiveness, vengeance, divorce and homosexuality. Young People: Don’t Grow Up To Be Like Lewd, Shameful, Sellout, Taylor Swift. The Roman Catholic\Zionist hierarchy want to destroy the family unit, so that America will become weak, indifferent and vulnerable to takeover. This means that Christianity must also be destroyed. National sovereignty must go. Any loyalty to parents or national patriotism must be done away with. The state must become as God. (Take note pro-wack simps and white supremacists!)

    Parents will become mere incubators, as in North Korea today, producing servants of a Godless Global Communist Totalitarian Police State. Our nation has gone to Hell. While feminists, CPS and a rigged court system work relentlessly to destroy families over trifle matters, massive government crimes are completely ignored by the media, overlooked and no one is brought to justice. In fact, we have no country anymore because we have no borders anymore. The paid professional liars at Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and other mainstream media outlets are all controlled by the overlords. You are being lied to and deceived. Wake up!

    (This is taken from the following site: The administrator is one of the most stalwart champions of true Christianity I have seen on the internet, of course he has gotten a lot of flack from the rationalists and the Zionist Christians because of this. Just adding my two cents here.)

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  13. The diffence between 80s and 90s rap and hip-hop and modern dancehall/trap rap

    Can’t be Touched (DMX and Tupac Shakur remix)

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    If I could capture the rage of today’s youth and bottle it
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  14. @ BrothaVerbs

    Daaamn!!!! These bitches just don’t care anymore do they???!!??

    Buuut these are our “queans” and the pro-black simpz say that we MUST SAVE / PRO-CREATE WITH THEM!!! I’d rather piss glass!! Shhiiiiit, fuckin’ with one of these jezebels will make you piss glass anyway!!

    Plus I loved that Bruce Lee pic on the main menu LoL. Bruce was one of my heroes. And for some strange reason I find myself getting into a Bruce Lee stance whenever I see a land-whale approaching me. I watch my back for BW nowadays more than I do the crooks & thugz LoL

    Funny thing is… BW are almost replacing all the gangsta niggaz / thugz. Cause BW get more looks & get scrutinized in more stores & public places just as much as a thug will. That lets you know that the world can now see BW for the evil, selfish, destructive beasts that they truly are!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    HA HA!!!!!

    SMDH…… 🙂 🙂

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Yet again the pro blacks refuse to acknowledge the fact that black women don’t want to be saved by them nor do they wish to “build” with them, they would much prefer to devote themselves to Tyrone and J Boogie from the block. I mean who really looks stupid here? Here you have your average pro blacks singing the praises of black women and executing everything in their power to uplift them, yet black women in return choose to spit in the faces of these same fellows who are loyal to them and instead devote all of their time and energy towards black men who couldn’t give two monkeys about them, make that make sense.

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