Air Force Sergeant Goes In On Black Women And Their Attitude Problem – She Told The Truth



This is one of the main reasons why thinking black men have simply walked away from black women in the west, the attitude problem most black females have but try to deny exists. The cat was out of the bag a long time ago on this one, it is only black women, their pro black simp advocates and white liberals who are still trying their best to cover up this unsavoury part of black female nature.

Anybody who is black and calls black women out on their attitude and belligerence is labelled a coon and any person non black who proceeds to do the same is labelled as a racist. It’s no secret that black women have a severe attitude problem, this has been acknowledged for a long time, however according to black women on the one hand it doesn’t exist but on the other they tell us that the attitude is part of their “strength”.

Whenever black women label themselves as “strong and independent” this is simply code for violent, belligerent, rebellious scoundrels who lean upon the government for support and finances instead of black men. There is no such thing as an independent woman, women need men in some form or another. Lets give those so called “independent women” a plot of empty land and all of the resources needed to build infrastructure and let’s stand back and see how far they would progress.

I think we all can agree and predict that it would be a complete and utter disaster. Women cannot and don’t build because they are not creators by nature, I talked about this in Negro Wars in the chapter of the book that deals with feminism. Nigh on 100% of things women use are made by men, this is something else that I talked about in the book, therefore for any woman to attempt to claim independence is nothing short of a joke.

The Sergeant talked about black women not having any respect and having an issue with attitude, well no surprises there, remember the article I wrote back in May 2017 in which I showcased some examples of black women and their unique customer service? Here is their raw attitude on display right there and that isn’t even the worst, remember this overloaded cargo ship who went off in McDonald’s regarding a problem with her order:

But they don’t have an attitude problem though, right? Notice how the air force sergeant specifically called out BLACK WOMEN, notice how she doesn’t call out black men for having the same issues. Yes, the foul attitude within black society is a black female problem, not a black male one. The attitude, the resentment and the hatred towards others originates from black women who then proceed to sow those same seeds of bitterness and discord into the rest of black society.

I’ve personally experienced the black female attitude in the past especially when it comes down to customer service. You already see the scenario being played out, the black female is nice, friendly, polite and all smiles to the white male who was in front of you, however as soon as its your turn to be served her face switches instantly to that of a pit bull.

Everywhere this modern day black woman goes she brings her pestilent foul attitude with her, this is nothing new however it is something that many believed they could continue ignoring. The problem is now because black women are becoming progressively more degenerate, this automatically means that the ripples of their dysfunction are now being felt further and wider.

The truth of the matter is it seems that the only way to teach black women is to bash their heads in, it seems this is the only way they enjoy learning and as we already know black women love violent altercations, street fights and scuffles. However, as a man who is not violent, who would want to spend endless days and nights beating upon somebody in order for them to pick up certain things and to learn?

Keep walking away thinking black men, leave it up to the pro black simps to “handle” these stubborn mules and their attitudes. Becky, Cindy, Ming, Patel, Sadiq, Lopez etc do not come preprogrammed with an attitude problem and are much more willing to be cooperative, date out.

The sergeant was right in everything she stated and the Air Force needs to take videos like this seriously and investigate to see if there is indeed an underlying problem instead of victimising the person who raises the issues which is what I believe they are doing to this female sergeant now. Hey US Air Force, the problem is not the sergeant, the problem like she stated are the black females who work under her, get it right.

Lastly, I would say that she ought to have made the video wearing civilian clothing as opposed to wearing uniform as in uniform she is seen and recognised as a representative and the image of the US Air Force. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Black Women And Their Foul Attitudes

Most High Bless

135 thoughts on “Air Force Sergeant Goes In On Black Women And Their Attitude Problem – She Told The Truth

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  2. Notice, just like ol Lee said, “it arways ****ing brack girr!!” Black men are not known for the customer service and other issues black women are. In fact, if you remove the thugs from black chicks, you can sometimes get decent work out of them.

    Black chicks, however, will be playing, making jokes, on their phone, and anything else but what they’re being paid to do. And don’t even think about trying to get them to follow orders.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      It’s exactly as you and I have both stated in the past, black boys and men thrive when they’re removed from black women, there are numerous examples which speak for themselves. Black women are the worst in terms of their level of customer service, I try my best to avoid them when and where possible.

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      • I agree 100% !

        I knew black men who were absolute trash! One day this black guy I knew starting dating this white woman, who was pretty attractive, and he went from Tyrone to an upstanding citizen! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

        Another guy I knew, I hated him! He couldn’t form a simple sentence and was your typical street dude. He was hired at my job where it was majority (white women) and just me, him and another white guy. There were no other minorities but the two us. Little by little, his English improved, he started saying “hello and good morning” and was become more able bodied. I left that job and came back six months later. That same dude just went under a complete transformation! He spoke proper English, wore neat clothes, was very patient and calm, it was unbelievable!

        I always KNEW black women were the read BM are in the conditions today, but his transformation CONFIRMED my suspicions!

        Stay away from BW it will save your life!

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      • Carnio,

        Yep, this is what we keep on saying here at Slaying Evil and the cases you have brought forward simply bolster and confirm what has already been observed and concluded.

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      • @Carnio

        I can even confirm this amongst my own relatives. Those BM who dated/married non-black women have no criminal records, have well-paying jobs, and were overall very pleasant to associate with and be around. Those BM that were tied up with BW had troubles with the law, caught up in baby mama drama, and overall were a menace to anyone and everyone around them.

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    • afrofutrism1,

      Black women feel as if they’re going out of their way to follow orders and do their work to an acceptable standard. Even my own mother who is a black woman has expressed her annoyance at black female customer service and much prefers to deal with black men.

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      • Oddysey,

        One of my friends runs a house cleaning service and he made the mistake of employing 2 scraggle daggles. Needless to say they complained about anything they could, didn’t turn up to work on time, thus he had to give them the boot after only 2 days of employment, smh.

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    • @ Afro ….

      That is so true, ITS ALMOST SCARY!!!!
      Once BM separate from BW, the BM’s potential seems to come out like the sun after a rainy day LoL..
      I’ve worked at various jobs in my life & I always notice every now & then there’s an “ex-thug” trying to work hard & make a change for his future. And the “ex-thugs” always seem to act right when BW aren’t around!!!
      Kind of like how the land-whales act right whenever the white massa comes around…

      SYSBM 4 LIFE

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      • This is VERY TRUE!!! ive done some bartending on the side in my day, and so id often see the “ex thugs” in the kitchen or on dish duty….but as you said, when there are no black women around, these dudes would work hard, do their job and just be all around straight up dudes……..but as soon as the black women come around they get off track….its crazy, but god its sooo true!! If we could just get black men AS A GROUP AWAY FROM BLACK WOMEN, MY GOD IT WOULD BE SCARY WHAT WE COULD ACCOMPLISH!!! (FOR OTHER GROUPS THAT IS!! 😉

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    • @Carnio
      I think the same is true for both black boys and black girls, if you get to them early enough. Take them out of the hood they grew up in, take them away from the hoodrat thats “raising” them, put them in a functional environment, and watch them flourish. I’ve said before we should cut off welfare after the first child, if they cant afford to care for any subsequent children take them from them and put them on child support. And if they don’t pay the child support lock them up just like BM.

      Far too many BW seek out the worst men in black society and then wonder why they end up broke struggling single moms. Quantavius the tatted up, pants sagging, dusty “player”, with “swag” is NOT a good BM, many BW end up learning this the hard way but apparently the lesson isn’t hard enough because it keeps happening. Once enough of these hoodrats get locked up in the same institutions they put dead beat dads in they will start getting the message to be more selective in who they have children for and when they have them.

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      • Yes. I’ve always said that black women should have their children taken from seeing hiw the childrem would have no chance of flourishing in their runned down neighborhoods But of course I always got called “White Extremist “!

        “Quantavius the tatted up, pants sagging, dusty “player”, with “swag” is NOT a good BM, many BW end up learning this the hard way but apparently the lesson isn’t hard enough because it keeps happening”

        The reason they do not learn is simply because they do not have to. They do not care simply because there is so much to benefit to live in that same life cycle .

        For an example:

        If a chick gets knocked up, the first provider in line is the government. She will receive Welfare (our tax money), forced child support, and laws that protects her bad behavior.

        Next in line is her family. Her mom? Maybe her dad? None of THEM care because they are happy to have grand children and they will die knowing that their THEIR bloodline will continue.

        All of her other family will be shamed and obligated to fix her mistakes because (Its all for the black family!!) So they will be forced to provide less they be seen as the ones who turned their backs on their family.

        Next in line is the the church (or Mosque for the Muslims). they are gonna shame the congregation to help provide for her mistakes so they will have to fork out some extra tides cash for all in good Christian faith because “god says, children are a blessing”

        Then comes the pro black nut jobs who think that black women are angels and evil black men need to provide (and date her) even if they are NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

        Then comes the The Tyrones or White knights or the baby fathers (who is already paying child support by the way), who will give additional money and support just cause he wants to get laid

        Next In line comes the black poin dexter, who is so scared and afraid to be critized because “he is not giving back to the black community therefore he is a sellout! ” so he is shamed to give in some of his resources. These are the guys that black women wanted nothing to do with back in her prime years but now sees he has resources so they circle around him like hungry vultures.

        Then we got the white feminists who wants to extended her helping hand because….well…women all got stick together to fight against evil patriarchy!!1!1

        Then lastly we have your SJWs who feel that it is their responsibility to help the poor black (women) because all evil white straight white men is the cause to all black women’s problems!

        Black women have so much network support that it is ridiculous! There should be no way for them to be poor and homeless and living in loss poor situations, yet they choose to live the same cycle over and over!Then they squander all their finances all on weaves!

        Between you all and me, I suspect that the REAL reason they burned down the korean stores during the LA riots was because they were trying to burn down the weaves section but accidentally burnt tbe stores by a mistake!

        So because of this web of network support, black women will continue and continue their life cycle because they don’t need to. There is always going to be someone, somewhere , somehow, who is going to take care of and support them.

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  3. I was enlisted for the better part of a decent in the USAF and I can personally vouch for her POV as a Staff Sergeant. The worse troops were always black women in terms of sheer disobedience and behavior incongruent with the military life style. My last troop was a female with alcoholism and mental issues. She was busted down in rank for breaking in a white airmans barracks room and trying to force herself on him…when he refused she started smashing all his shit. I was constantly in class A service dress because of this female. Smh

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    • Kage,

      Wow. Yet more evidence bolstering the position. Black women are broken individuals and for the majority part they cannot be fixed. As I’ve stated many times before in the past ,most black women are broken beyond repair individuals.

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      • @afro
        My wife and I were watching a TV show this morning about some little black kids in school. One young boy was being bullied by a young black obese girl into being his girlfriend. She was pinning him against the wall and trying to force him to kiss her etc. When I watched it I remembered how some of the big black girls in my school behaved and it was spot on. They knew that they were unattractive and instead of working on that they would just wild out, one of them even used to go around trying to grab boys behinds. As the black female marriage rate continues to drop and their prospects for dating further dry up we will see more hoodrats trying to force themselves on men, particularly young men and boys. This has been going on for a while now, but it will get worse, specifically for young boys.

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  4. Yeah I try too avoid being a customer to black women in airports, train stations, fast food restaurants etc. Us being black man will always warrant disrespect & attitude from black female employees.

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    • @Daniel
      The US military is desperate for troops for a number of reasons, many of the branches are understaffed. Obesity, diabetes, drug use, etc. is rendering an increasing amount of young people in the US ineligible for military service. A while back the DoD was talking about providing waivers for people who didn’t finish high school, used drugs, and had mental issues. Not too long after they announced that a former soldier with mental issues shot up a church in Texas.

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      • @James @Daniel

        One of the reasons they’re so desperate for troops is because people have gotten out in large numbers for the simple fact they can no longer put up with their hypocrital leadership, and the good ol boy system; people who are cool with those in charge get ahead not knowing their job as opposed to those who do but don’t kiss ass.

        The morale is also at an all time low. Good leaders have been getting pushed out and or punished (like this Air Force sergeant) for speaking the truth, and have become sick of it. This is the tip of the iceberg from what I hear from friends who are literally just waiting for their 20 year mark to retire because they’re fed up.

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  5. Good post.
    Most people know about the BW attitude, its a big part of the reason why they have a hard time getting a date/engagement ring from a man of any race. The Wall of Silence is the best, just dont deal with them, unless you have to manage a group of hoodrats like the poor sergeant in the video. Like I’ve said before I worked in public service for years and BW are hands down the WORST group to deal with. They are the least married and least romantically sought after for a reason, but as a BM if you try to tell them why that is they wont want to hear it. Just keep the wall up and walk away, confrontation and argument is not only not worth it at this point, its pointless.

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  6. This right here is the reason I don’t frequent ANY Black-run restaurants, businesses, or anything else to do with BW and customer service. Even in the supermarket or post office, if I can avoid dealing with them (for the downright attitude problem) I will.

    Typical corporate organisations, punish the whistleblower, not solve the root issue.

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    • Michel,

      Agreed, I’ve yet to go to a Caribbean restaurant and be served with a smile from a black woman. In my local bank there is a huge oil tanker with a stank attitude, needless to say I try my best to avoid her and instead be served by one of the Asian women or the black man who works there who both are as good as gold.

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      • Funny you’d mention that. There’s two Jamaican restaurants in Chattanooga: the first is owned by an actual Jamaican woman, whereas the newer one is owned by a Puerto Rican man and his Indian wife (make that make sense). The former’s owner is a haggard, mean old witch, whereas the latter has owner who are excited and anxious to greet, talk to and help customers. Guess which has the most customers?

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  7. I thought that maybe people like you were being a bit harsh to black females but after observing non-black and mixed girls actually look more attractive when in cheer-leading wear, and black females look worse for wear, I have become a full-fledged supporter of SYSBM. Right now my examination grades are in bad shape because of the ratchet behavior of the black girls and their thug associates in my class. I’m actually taking private classes from a white girl called Athena Scarlet in the hopes I can pass my last exams and go to university. Please do a full article exposing the dangers of Pan-Africanism when you have the time.

    God bless.

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    • @covertwar

      If you ever have a chance to better yourself in education and more opportunities in life, definitely do it. I too came from a poor high school background and I was able to excel beyond my peers to get accepted into a 4 year university. Now that I have graduated with a STEM-major degree, my earning potentials have greatly improved and non-black women definitely take notice of this. There was a study that was done not too long ago that showed black men are more likely to date/marry outside their race the higher they go up the education later, which speak volumes in that even the so called educated sistahs are not on the menu. Why? Because the higher up you go, the better quality of non-black women you are bound to interact with. And believe me, non-black women definitely are on the look-out for educated black men because, unfortunately or fortunately, we are a rarity in Corporate America. So definitely seek to better yourself and your life. #SYSBM is all about seeking more and better opportunities for the thinking black man.

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  8. Brother Verbs as always is spot on. Especially about customer service.

    One time I was in line at an Old Navy (clothing store) in my hometown, waiting to get rung up. The white man ahead of me paid with a credit card. Card swipe, ding, thank you sir. I walk up to the register and get rung up. I then produce my credit card, guess what happened next? You guessed it, the black bitch asked to see my ID. I told her she didn’t ask the white man for his ID, why ask me? The manager ended up coming over and I shouted discrimination. She (a white woman) nudged her aside and finished up my purchase with no more hassle. Why see my ID if the card goes through and you get paid?

    Another time I was at a suburban KFC with my girlfriend. Again in my old hometown. It was an all-black chick crew of loud, ghetto dykes. Music blasting, playing around. White people in line. There was an older black woman in front of me, very cultured and bourgie (my kind of people). She looked at me and shook her head in disapproval and I nodded in agreement. We ended up leaving.

    Came back a week or so later. Same crew of black females, but this time there was a white manager calling the shots. They were steppin’ and fetchin’ for that white boy and I got my food in a hurry. Strange how they step to it when Massa is crackin’ the whip.

    Another thing I hate is when some black women in professional customer service positions like the bank try to get down with you. Treat me professionally like you do those white men. I’m here to do my banking. You don’t know me.

    I’ve got more black female customer service horror stories, but those will do for now! Keep up that Wall of Silence, gentlemen. They are definitely feeling the effects.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      This is black women all over, as soon as a black man comes within their vicinity and already indoctrinated to view us as the enemy, their minds and bodies go into a switch between defensive and offensive mode. Thank the Most High here in the UK you don’t really see all black female crews outside of black owned and run businesses.

      Indeed, placing black women in charge of any shop floor WITHOUT their white slave master overseeing them is asking for serious trouble, as we all know most black women behave like petulant children. This is on top of them as a group being ultra lazy and decadent.

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    • The number of rude, boundary crossing black women that flirt with me and even touch me is fucking insane right now. And they get mad when my girl walks up and lays one on me…

      Sometimes it’s so bad that my girl will talk to me as if i’m encouraging them.

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  9. The BW attitudehas to be in the top 3 reasons whe people are not dealing with BW. Funny thing is these dumb asses think having a attitude means you are a strong BW no Dumd asses this means you are evil witches but like James S stayed when you tell them their attitude is one of the main reasons they will stay single of course they will not listen. BW simply must be avoided you cannot have a decent conversation with them at all so there is no need to talk to them. After all the evidence coming from all over the place about their attitude these nitwits will never get it that shows how mentally ill BW are.

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  10. Just read the article. I wanted to share something I thought was really intresting. When I was attending a trade school there was a gay lesbian couple. One was Butch, the other was the “woman” . The Butch one told me that she was always interested in girls and would never thought about dating guys. The “Woman” was your typical, daily average black women who acts like the way the women in that video in your article describe. One day during lunch, they broke up. I asked “so what happened?”

    Do you know what she told me? She said that black women’s attitudes are SO bad that she went straight!

    I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes you read that right! She said that black women made her straight and she has NO interest in women anymore.


    If black women have that much attitude to turn a life long lesbian to 100% heterosexual, then DAMN!!!
    If black women have the power to change someones sexuality because of their attitude then I don’t want to deal with them! I don’t want to turn gay because I got sick of dealing with that attitude!!! I can imagine how many Black men and poor black boys swung in that direction simply because they got so tired of being raised by moms (and cucked dads) and they found what they thought was the Solution!

    I’m glad I found my Solution!


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    • Carnio,

      Can we really be surprised at that account? I remember stating in a previous article some time ago how black women believing that they can somehow escape their dysfunctional selves by turning lesbian is nothing short of a joke. The modern day black female is the problem, therefore it doesn’t matter if she involves herself in a relationship with a man or a woman, the outcomes will always be the same, failure.

      You’ll notice however when black men have had enough of black women they typically turn towards women of other races, whereas a large contingent of black women will decide to turn towards homosexuality. This is exactly what Afrofuturism1 talks about when he refers to the overwhelming majority of black females as Ticking Time Dykes.

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      • Verbs2015,

        To be honest with you, I always thought that Modern Black women were indeed sexually attracted to other women, most specifically white women seeing how they do everything under the sun to look like them and are always talking about them.

        These women are just too good damn Masculine that , yes you are absolutely right, I can see that these women are totally ticking time bomb to homosexuality. I mean, the normal average black women all ready look like transgendered clowns. With their bright rainbow color weave, their fake nails, eye lash, lenses, 50 pounds of make up, skin tight spandex clothes,and her face looks like Sinistar from that video game (“BEWARE I LIVE”), and yes even black women get unatural butt injections. Often times, when I lived back in the US, every time when I lookd at a black women, I literally could not tell if it was a man or woman. When ever I use to walk in a room full of them, I would get scared and think that I am in some sort of shemale porn try outs. That’s how gross they look!

        Sometimes I use to see WHY they wear make up because they have such masculine faces. Even the ones who dress like normal women ,they naturally look and even sound like men.

        Lets say this bomb exploded and a huge number of BW went public and gay, do you think that black men could finally be left alone? Or will the they and the black goons still try to push us back to the plantation?

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      • Carnio,

        The problem is huge numbers of black women who go homosexual still end up getting pregnant by the same thugs that they claim they’ve had enough of. Black women knowing that most people are now trying their best to avoid them including a growing number of black men, they will still try to encroach upon our spaces in order to get their RDA of attention. The overseer chip is built into these black sirens, they can’t help but dick police and use shaming tactics against heterosexual thinking black men in their attempts to control us and ensure that others don’t exit the plantation.

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    • “If black women have that much attitude to turn a life long lesbian to 100% heterosexual, then DAMN!!!”
      Never underestimate the power of the BW’s attitude. haha

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        Here is a quote from that article:

        “Straight black women are the same way, and they don’t realize that the laundry lists and the lack of approachability are the main reasons why straight black men are dating white women at increasing rates”.

        This is exactly my point, black women permanently carry their dysfunctions around with them, it doesn’t matter whether they choose to date men or other women, those degeneracies will eventually manifest themselves in one form or another. Black women cannot seem to get anything right. What a joke, they cross over and decide to date women, they still cannot get that right and are still being rejected and passed over for other races of women, smh.

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  11. I have definitely noticed the poor attitude possessed by a significant amount of black women, which is one reason why I try to conduct business online, in the suburbs, or in gentrified areas of my city, simply because I prefer not having to deal with unrefined, belligerent, ratchet black women.

    It seems as though black women’s behaviors and interpersonal conduct has only gotten worse over the years, and now, nonblacks have begun to take notice. It would not surprise me if, in a few years, companies hire black women in much smaller numbers, since the headaches of dealing with them usually far outweigh the tax breaks from having them (since they are considered a double minority, companies save money by having them, which is one reason why black women tend to be over-represented in customer service and middle management positions—they may not be qualified or competent, but they’re there to make companies appear more diverse and save money).

    The woman in the video was definitely correct, although she should have recorded it out of uniform as others have said.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      I never knew about the tax breaks companies receive from employing these monsters. These companies however had better be careful because what will begin to happen is those tax benefits will simply be swallowed up in lost profits where as a result of black women driving most people off because of their foul attitudes people choose not to deal with their businesses and instead opt to shop elsewhere.

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    • @Fitness Nerd
      Hoodrat’s attitudes make them damn near unemployable. That’s why you mostly see them working low paying jobs, dead end jobs, and gov jobs. Most corporations aren’t going to deal with their funky attitudes beyond a certain level. There is an old saying that goes something like “You would be surprised at how far kind words and a positive attitude can get you in life.”, I believe this to be true. When you are around hoodrats its almost like you can feel the anger and negativity radiating from them, and most of the stuff that they may be angry about in their lives was probably cause by them.

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      • Seriously, I’ve seen black chicks in their SIXTIES working at Subway. And they told me that they were LUCKY to get this job, like it was their big break!

        It is very common to see those types of establishments where old as dirt black Women are fry cooks or floor moppers while some young white person less than half their age is their boss. If it’s a young white woman, they’ll hate her (despite no one else having a problem with her). If it’s a young white dude, they’ll try to screw him, despite weighing more than a Snorlax.

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    • Saving/ me —– 1. Assuming that one is a “bitter male,” is there a possibility that there is a valid reason for the bitterness? 2. Do alpha males have the same views about black women as what you describe as “beta males?” 3. Do you understand the difference between a beta male and an alpha male ? I await your responses.

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      • No…you guys are just pissed a black woman had you…making you black. I believe many of you don’t want to be black men.

        Your beta…so yes I know.


    • Saving/me,

      Black women vent their frustrations and concerns, everybody must stop what they are doing, listen attentively and immediately jump to action seeking out solutions to the problems that have been brought forward.

      Black men proceed to do the same and we are told that we are a bunch of softies moaning and complaining about nothing and that we simply need to get a grip and move on.

      You can keep that Kansas City shuffle moving, that deflective nonsense won’t work over here and don’t forget to take you Becky hat with you.

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    • Saving/me,

      Another trolling CUCK who has nothing better to do than to harass thinking BM. Why don’t you go to Twitter since you have nothing better to do and leave us out of it!?

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      • BEHOLD THE BEAST WHORE SAVING/ME who thinks Asian men will date her hahahahahaha

        300 pound black whore with mental issues

        and she is a seasonal minimum wage retail worker lol.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        WHAT THE, REALLY?????? This is the morbidly obese silver back Saving/Me who has been running her mouth over here????? This is exactly what I’ve been saying, black women are delusional especially the extra fat oil tankers like this wide load here. Gorilla Grodd doesn’t have anything on this black female behemoth. Send this deluded heifer an L marked for next day special delivery.

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      • @FLCL
        Hopefully she was able to lose that weight, I see that the video was from 2016. I genuinely wish her luck with her weight loss, it may kill her if she doesn’t get it under control.


    • Holy shit, Saving/me, is that really you in the video? Yikes. Most BBWs have nice faces and shapes but goddamn. You’re just a fat chick with acne. Just wow. You have no wiggle room to talk about “beta males.” Is it true you think Asian men want you? LMAO!

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      • Schadenfreude,

        These black women stay being a laughingstock, this filled to capacity cruise liner really believes she’s in with a chance of getting an Asian dude, what a joke.


      • lol I knew one of you knew who I was and I don’t give a damn. loooooool. And lol at Asian men where did that come from?
        All you betas are sick😂😂😂😂

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  12. @carnio

    Sinistar, lol. “I hunger!”

    There’s a black female professor at my school who I’m literally afraid of bending over near for fear that she has a “sub sandwich” in her pants longer than any of ours!

    That’s not even dealing with the fact that most black hoes would try to rape me anyways.

    #metoo 😂

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  13. @Verbs2015

    “The overseer chip is built into these black sirens, they can’t help but dick police and use shaming tactics against heterosexual thinking black men in their attempts to control us and ensure that others don’t exit the plantation”

    Maybe I am just paranoid, but I have a gut feeling that when the number of BM decides to go interracial or when the Wall of Silence has been officially declared, BW are going to literally start beating up and even shooting BM and Non-BW. I literally think that BM are going to be held at Gun/Knife point and be forced to be/have sex with BW!

    In fact, I feel that when this happens there is going to be some sort of cultural and/or physical civil war between thinking blacks and BW with her pro black dick military. Remember your article when the guy threw water at the dreaded dude because he stated he likes spanish girls more than BW? (Personally I would had stabbed the cuck if he threw water at me for my preference in Asian women!!!) Plus there are these SJWs all over the place who are ALSO dick policing (although it seems like they are only going after white men for now) men on who they should and shouldn’t find attractive (ie fat acceptance movement, single mom movement, transgender movement in which we should “discriminate” against such…)

    I personally think that the minute Classic black men declare Wall of Silence that there is GOING to be a NASTY cock block movement in which BM are gonna be one of the main targets!!


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    • These black chicks will literally become an endangered species, and will probably resort to raping black men (especially ones like me) for some seed.

      The difference between black chicks and non-black, namely white SJWs is that sjwism is the default for black chicks and black people in general. Even as (willingly) Cucked and beta as white men have become, they still typically have sense enough to not look like body builders while going home to Gorilla Grodd.

      Conversely, even at their worst, white feminists are no physical threat, because as much as they hate it, they’re still actual women. Black Women, how’d er, are literally violent beasts….

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      • “These black chicks will literally become an endangered species, and will probably resort to raping black men (especially ones like me) for some seed.”

        Actually, these things are actually happening in many places in the world. I found a recent article with such case.

        Also I hear these things happen to men in many places in Europe and india.

        Pretty soon it’s gonna be reverse Sharia Law or the reverse middle east, Where the black women rape men and the MEN get incarcerated (all thanks to the #Metoo and the common thought that women can’t rape).

        Yes, I can’t imagine what life will be like for thinking black men when that day comes.

        “Conversely, even at their worst, white feminists are no physical threat, because as much as they hate it, they’re still actual women. Black Women, how’d er, are literally violent beasts….”

        If you pointed a shot gun to my head, between picking a white feminist who is SHE (who is anti-fat shaming,anti slut shame anti (insert silly movement here) versus your typical average Gorilla Grodd– I mean black women, I think I would find more peace in mind if I stuck to the white SJW, feminist anyday!

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      • @Carnio
        “Actually, these things are actually happening in many places in the world. I found a recent article with such case.”
        The messed up part about these sperm bandits is that they have to FORCE them men to have sex with them (even with a condom), so you KNOW those bitches are ugly AF. lol

        BW will always have dusty BM to have sex with, as Ive said before my concern is with young BM. Hoodrats will begin going after the high school age BM soon with the Wall getting taller.

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    • I too have often contemplated the fallout that will happen when Classic Black men put up the wall of silence for good. Tommy Sotomayor did a video at least 2 years ago about a black woman raping a man a knife/gun point. I suspect what will happen is BM who date non BW will have to take karate or get a CCW permit to protect themselves from the hordes of “black queens”, cucks, and pro-wack nut jobs as their world falls apart without a welfare state to sustain them.

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      • @Yours Truly

        If non-black men think they’re safe from the fallout to come, they’re in for a rude awakening. BW will try to set up honey-traps for them because them hoodrats are desperate for mongrel babies. When it gets to that point, the ending is near for BW and the pro black simps.

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  14. After all this evidence, dumbass black and colored males still desire ‘black’ and westernized colored women. Well you can’t blame them ’cause the colored planters and the ‘white supremacist’ house slaves plotted this stuff out from ’bout the 18th century in the British New World. Let’s hope non-black from conservative cultures don’t kidnap and gangb..g professional black men any time soon because we were too dumb to see that they want us.

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    • I suspect, in my deepest gut, that the reason black men are still chasing today’s western black women is because of the deep ingrained guilt that’s prevents the men from doing dating out. If you go on YouTube, neck or even just ask black men if they would date out they answer something like ” well Yes I love all women ” or ” well….yes but I prefer my sistas” they are under constant supervision and truth be told is that they really WANT to date out and leave BW behind but they are afraid of the thought policing from BW, SJWs, and cucked BM. They are afraid of the ridicule and shame and they are under constant threat of being kicked out that they have no other choice but to say “nah, we need our black queenz”. Some of these dudes probably have mostly single moms who they are close to, lots of black female friends or male friends with black gfs/wives that are keeping him in check or are threatening his friendship with his peers if he dares to escape the plantation.

      Guys like us do NOT give a fly in this world of they abandon us, PLUS we are vocal about it. Before I left america I was VERY vocal about my preference for Asian women Only! I did not care what some Social Justice warrior or some Dick police had to say to me lest I would resort to hurtful words or even physical violence! And I certainly did not care what some fat black Shim had to say EITHER!!!!!

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      • @Carnio

        My man, another Asian Woman Lover. What tips you got for a thinking brother to snag himself a wife from the Orient?

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      • @Sigma Jones

        Hello Sigma Jones, are you also an Asian woman lover too? If so, you picked one of the most beautiful women on earth.

        In order for me to give you a fair answer, I will have to ask a couple questions first.

        1. Are you willing and daring to travel overseas to Asia? (like I have done right now I am temporarily living in Kyrgyzstan, I will be going to China, Mongolia and then to Thailand all this year!).

        2. IF you are, is there a particular Asian (as in a particular country) girl that you like? This is an very important question because dating Chinese girls is not the same as dating Thai girls which is not the same as dating Kyrgyz girls which is not the same as dating Mongolian girls with is Not the same as dating Japanese or Korean girls.

        3. Are you opening to learning basic (just the basics, you do not have to or even need to be any where NEAR fluent) language of a particular country?

        Get back to me as soon as possible because I have great information to give you, or anyone else who is interested about living, traveling and dating in asia.

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      • @Carnio

        Yes sir, I definitely love me some Asian women. The answer to your questions:

        1. Yep, I will be traveling to Japan later this year. I already got my passport and will be getting my TSA clearance soon.

        2. Japanese women are at the top of my list. Korean and Chinese women are a close second.

        3. At the moment, I’m learning as much about the Japanese culture as I can. Surprisingly, some of the Japanese culture has already been incorporated in my home growing up.

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      • @Sigma
        I’m not a Asian women lover but I spent a week in Japan about 10 years ago, I had a great time. You will like it. A few tips:
        1. Its taboo to walk and eat in public in most places, you can have a drink but not food.
        2. There aren’t many garbage cans in public places so be mindful of that.
        3. It will be easier to pay for stuff with cash rather than card. Japan is very safe so don’t be afraid to carry cash.
        4. Stay at a capsule hotel at least once. You can also save money and meet people by staying at Hostels.

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      • To be honest, I am afraid of Japan.

        Not the people, not the country itself–but the language.

        While I am very intelligent, Japanese is impossible to learn for all but the most intelligent of supergeniuses.

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      • Hello Kameron Brown,

        It is simply a myth that the Japanese language is for the super intelligent. Japanese is no different than any other language on earth. Many English learners around the world say the same thing about English speakers that “they must be super smart to be fluent in English”. The difficulty comes in the fact that Japanese is in a completely different Language tree and has no relations with English versus where German or dutch are of a much closer resemblance. The only group of people in the world who can learn Japanese at lighting speed or as fast as anyone in the world would probably be the Koreans because the Korean language share the same Altaic family branch as the Japanese language, which means that much of the grammar syntax and even some vocabulary are the same. Japanese is NOT difficult despite what main stream language schools tells you, It’s just different in how you approach studying. I think your fear stems from not knowing where to begin and all the strange hieroglyphics and odd syntax you probably see. But I can assure you it is not bad at all! Here is a good book that will get you started immediately:

        This ebook will get you all the way to upper intermediate and it is free to download:

        Click to access grammar_guide.pdf

        These two sites are good to build your vocab:

        This website will help you with Kanji (Chinese Characters): (←-might need to google this)

        Use if you want to have your writing checked and corrected.


        If you want practice speaking use as they charge very cheap (Far more cheaper than any language school costs) or go to and make language pen pals. The Japanese are very cool and would be very open and friendly to talk to you!

        I am currently studying Japanese at home right now and so far I’m making some good progress. If you want more links and resources please let me know.

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  15. @Carnio

    Though I do not condone such actions in a relationship, or that one should want a relationship like this, if you had to go upside the head of a white feminist to get her to listen or do the same to a black chick, who do you think would actually fall out like a woman?

    Even the most ugly white chicks are still women, and are biologically more feminine. We also know that black chicks are chock full of testosterone.

    White and other non-black women are freakin Bumblebee and Wheelie. Black chicks are damn Devastator…..

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    • Yes, even though I hate feminists of all colors, I would have to grudgingly admit that white feminists would at least maintain SOME form of femininity. But Black women? Pffffft….

      “…if you had to go upside the head of a white feminist to get her to listen or do the same to a black chick, who do you think would actually fall out like a woman?”

      And this brings up another B.S. double standard that black women like to do.
      If you hit a black women
      Two things will happen. One, she will get MORE mad and actually try to fight you back and then she thinks she can actually do so. She turns into those animals from bloody roar and (thinks) she can whoop your ass. The second thing that’ll happen is if she CAN’T beat you up, she’ll then cry “ooooh you hit a woman! Im a woman!” With her crocodile tears, Then calls tyrone and his home boys to come and kill you.

      White women, otoh, hmmmm not so much. In fact all it takes is one good slap and they are as obedient as New born puppies (Not that I condone this type of interaction).

      Someone somewhere needs to do some sort of experiment and collect all the restrooms levels of all men of all races and all women of all races and then compare them. I will have to be honest that I would hypothesis that BW’s testosterone level would be pretty up there with even the most uncivil men from war torn countries…..

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      • Most black chicks literally look like UFC fighters on 10 years of steroids.

        I will continue to hypothesize that one of the main reasons for the uptick in black make homosexuality is that black women are literally a skip and a hop away from being black men anyways. Screwing them has the same amount of risk for aids and other stds as going up in another dudes peanut butter, so they figure, might as well be a fruit and at least not have to worry about child support. Plus, they’ll automatically be a double minority, so extra weight to throw around with liberals.

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  16. First off NO woman is independent as they all live off of men be it a boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy situation or they live off of the government aka our tax dollars aka men’s tax dollars.

    Second I’m conflicted about this woman in the video. YES she is spot on about how black women behave but vloging about it and putting it on social media is not what a soldier should do. That is what a teenager does. Women shouldn’t be in the military.

    Black women seem to think that black men are the only ones aware of their legendary bad attitudes. They are mistaken. Everyone does they just never said anything about it. Until now. Trump effect perhaps?

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  17. @afrofuturism1

    Actually that is a new perspective of a hypothesis. I always thought that it was because their attitudes was just to unbearable and swinging the other way would lessen the interaction with BW. BW for some reason get along great with homosexuals so by going homosexual they are in the “attitude free zone”

    Also, in addition to this, although there are blacks who frown upon and strongly dislike homosexuals (including pro-nut blacks, Church/muslims, and some BW) and would rather men be striaght, it seems that black men who date non-BW, especially if she is white and extremely attractive, is a abomination sin worse than cursing burning down churches! It is almost like BW would rather you be a flaming homosexual than even THINK of the idea of looking at a white (or non black) woman!

    So because these black boys/men are terrified of that ostracism and isolation they would get if they were caught with a white women, they figure going gay would be less trouble than receiving the condemnation if they were with a white women.

    Back in my trade school I had this black female PH.D “psychologist ” who tried to shame me because I was not interested in BW. (She didn’t know I liked Asian Girls but ASSUMED I was only into white women …..because….. black men who don’t date black women are immediately after white women according to most black women..)

    When She confirmed that I want nothing to do with black women. She did the usual shaming, using fake science on why I should leave white women alone and blah blah blah. Can you believe that this Bitch told me I should maybe I should try to date men??? She said that perhaps going with men might be a better choice and I should not be shy about it! Then she trys to use demonic psychology on me and tells me that she supports LGBT and she recommends me to see one of her clients to join the group.

    I saw straight through her B.S. and said “OR I could just stay away from BW and go for WW “. She gets to tell me how weak and shameful that was and she even threaten to report me for saying how much I hate homosexuals.


    these women REEK with insecurities from the lowest hoodrat to the “most educated”. I suspect, and always thought this was the reason for homosexuals to to be a thing in BW’s circle!

    You cannot trust any of them!!!

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    • Black men escaping the plantation is the LAST thing black women want, and homosexuality is as firm on the plantation as you can get. The thought of that man also having a hair breed child, especially a son who will be free from the queens grasps equally scares the hell out of them.

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  18. @Sigma Jones

    Ooops, sorry Sigma Jones,
    That “LOL” was not at you, it was meant for yours truly post of the SNU SNU.

    But yes. I agree with you. It has come to my conclusion that as long as most black boys have BW as moms like the ones talked about, there is literally nothing you can do to help them. As long as their single moms and other BW are in their lives? They will always have influence over them.

    There is literllay no solution in that situation except for smart BM to have nothing to do with BW and leave the BW as an underclass/untouchables in the caste system.

    For the black boys/men who are under that influnce, they have to break free under their own terms or find the power within to break out of the ass backwards black women influence.

    I’m probably going to stick my neck out there and say that thinking black men will need to avoid the standard BM for as long as BW are their lives.

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    • Haha your comment sections are awesome! It Is very hard to find like minded indivuals who share the same knowledge about black women and who is ALLOWED to freely express their opinions , share their experiences, and bring in facts to the table without getting hammered down by white knights and BW!

      I hope you like them as much as I’m enjoying them!!

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  19. @ Sigma Jones

    Great! Actually, I have already been Japan, and China already. I can for sure tell you that you will NOT regret going there!
    Yes your list is about the same as mine. I like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean girls all equally but I favor Chinese girls just about 5% more than the other two simply because the dating culture of Chinese girls is that Your boyfriend/girlfriend should always be and do things together. If you like video games, SHE will play video games with you even if they do not really care for video games, if you like motorbiking, they will ride with you any where you go. This togetherness is something I always value when it comes to close relationships wether it be good friemds, the little bit of family I have left or even dating. The same is said about Korean and Japanese girls too, but I have just a sprinkle bit more of a biased and lean just a tiny bit to Chinese girls simply because I had more interaction with Chinese girls in the past and they were sweet and wonderful to me!

    I assume you have your passport yes?? If you do them you should just take a quick trip out there for yourself and see what it is like. You should go to Hostels. NOT Hotels. Hostels are much cheaper and the Hostels in Japan are very clean and efficient.

    Dating Japanese/Chinese/Korean girls is as simple as showing up, speaking just baby words (of that language) and show appreciation to their culture. That’s it! There is no “Game”, no BS PUA, or none of that garbage. You literally just smile and start talking. They are already curious about you and would love to talk to you but they are intimidated simply because of the language barrier. If they see that you speak Japanese (or Korean, Chinese) even if it as simple as おはようございます , 私はカニオです。 (good morning my name is Carnio) they are extremely grateful that you are interested in their culture. Many girls are already open to dating foreigners to begin with. Here are some videos to prove so:

    When I was there, I got lots of attention and it was so amazing. Many girls would walk together in groups and yell ” Hey, Boy! You cute!”

    Many times they would grab me by the arm and drag me to take selfies. This all of course depends on where you are. If you go to main cities like Tokyo Seoul or Shanghai, people more or less will not really pay you any mind because there are other foreigners but black foreigners do get more attention than other foreigners simply because they are most rare.

    The one thing I love the most about JKC girls is that they are very intellegent. And can hold an awesome conversation with you. And they are very open to dating you once they see how much of an interesting person you are.
    Also , another thing I want to mention, Do not worry about racism, there is no racism, at least not towards blacks. Their racism is more towards other asians due to their geopolitical history, once you show up and interact with them you are officially a blank slate, your stereotype is literally what you allow it to be. And believe me, from my experience, they have positive expectation of you.

    You chose the right women to get married to. Black men and Asian women couples have the lowest divorce rate in all of interracial couplings according to my findings.

    In fact, I found it from this website. this websites is geared towards black Asian couples and there is all sorts of great research and information about it:

    Asian Black Couples Homepage

    You are learning Japanese? I suggest You use and they can get you started immediately.

    As for culture, Japanese people do not expect you as a foreigner to know everything but if there is something that MUST be emphasised that is being as polite as possible. As long as you are polite, it will take you VERY far!!!

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    • @Carnio

      Much appreciated good sir. I got a taste of interacting with some Japanese people back in college. For some of them, I was the first black person they ever met, and my interaction with them change their whole perception of blacks in a very positive way. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that my wife will either be Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. All I want is just one and, looking at the trend of BMAF relationships, the odds are in my favor. Thanks again, will definitely heed your advice.

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      • The odds are VERY in your favor. Asian women find black men extremely exotic so that alone is automatically going to get them attracted to you. Add in your intelligence, your politeness, and your personality and you are gold.

        I am going to write a book about my adventurers in Central Asia and I will be nomading to East Asia up coming 2019. I think my book will be very useful specifically for those within the SYSBM Movement.

        Let me know if you need more advice!

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  20. More news tidbits:

    If the picture in the link below isn’t a metaphor of the state of the “community”, I don’t know what is:

    Those fine inhabitants of Blackistan on a “wellness” retreat in Costa Rica (I feel for that country):

    And finally – looks like Idris Elba is gonna have to learn the hard way about getting with a certain type of female:–abc-news-celebrities.html

    SYSBM, brothers! Avoid the drama!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      With regards to the “wellness retreat”, black women had better watch out because there is no government protection for them out in Costa Rica. It’s a disappointment that they would choose such a nice country to bring their contaminated selves to. No doubt of course they will be cannibalising each other and using the free time to dip their feet into the lesbian pool, ticking time dykes they are. Case and point right here:

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      • Yup, dyke encounters under the veneer of a “wellness retreat.” But honestly, I agree with these sistas if that’s what they want to do. Let them go heal and bond and vent and get away from Whitey and beauty standards they can’t hope to live up to. The idea isn’t without merit. They may even come back as better people. I talk mad shit on here about BW but I wish them well on this one.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        I agree, I don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing as long as they don’t start manifesting their nonsense out there. If the purpose of the retreat is genuinely for healing then that is all good as we already know that black women need to get their disjointed minds right.


  21. ChroniclesOfjudah 144 on YouTube did a very informative 3 part series about this ‘ black woman retreat’ in Costa Rica. Black women are literally insane and should be treated as such. Would any of you walk into an insane asylum and think you are going to change the minds of the inmates by taking to them or by you behaving a certain way? Of course not.
    Blackmen need to understand that no matter what they do, no matter what they say, no matter how they act, black women are not going to change because they are mentally ill. Black women have it embedded in their delusional mind that they are men. Black women believe that they can do everything men can do, are smarter than men, and never ever will take direction or advice from a black man.
    This is why Blackmen when they are in a relationship with black women have a never ending stream of conflict. Black women feel they are entitled to control everything and everyone around them. Black women live in a fantasy world where they are right no matter what they do and everyone else around them is wrong. This is why black women have such poor attitudes. Because in the delusional mind of black women they should be allowed to do anything they want, say anything they want, act anyway they want to and nobody is supposed to question or challenge this ridiculous behavior. No other group of women on planet earth has the horrible attitude and disposition that black women do. Black women use the excuse of being ‘strong ‘, in an extremely weak attempt to excuse their atrocious behavior.
    It’s a never ending cycle of mentally ill black women poisoning the minds of black children, and these black children grow up believing that this sort of behavior is acceptable. Young black girls from a young age really believe that they are supposed to have an attitude, that they are supposed to be combative, that they are supposed to be confrontational. And young black boys are raised in environments where they believe that this is how women normally behave, and black boys are are simply supposed to accept this type of behavior because ‘that’s how strong black women’ behave.
    The entire thing is beyond ridiculous, beyond comprehension, and really is just plain sad and embarrassing.
    But because black women are so mentally ill and selfish, they would rather destroy everything around them including their selves as opposed to for one second consider changing how they behave. Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • You are a truly stupid, delusional and quite physically the most repulsive black female troll I have ever had the monumental displeasure of ever having laid eyes upon. Look, it’s obvious why you’re here, you’re trying to dissuade black men from avoiding black females like you, who, if the above videos are indeed accurate, proves that you fit all the negative but true stereotypes about your ilk. Try telling your pathetic lies to the plethora of black service men stationed around the world and in all Asian regions who regularly bed some of the most stunning women from the Orient the world has ever seen that it’s all in their heads and it’s not really happening. Why? Because Big Bertha says so, of course! Because Large Marge the black barge believes that if she can’t get a non black man, we black men shouldn’t be able to get beautiful non black women. Because the one ton shogun wants to believe that the world is fair, men and women are the same, and that what’s available for one gender of the black race is automatically available for the other. You know what, on second thought, never mind, I’m still cracking up to your photos! Hahahahahahaha!! Damn girl! Riddle me this, if I slapped your thigh, how long could I ride the wave!?

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      • I did not read this long rant of I wish I had a race of white skinned women and I hate my mommy post of yours.. Go see a therapist😊

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      • @Andre

        I wouldn’t have wasted that logical post on that she-beast. Black women like her truly feel they know all about reality, yet they’re the ones running away from it. The mere fact that the ratio of black man/asian woman pairing to asian man/black woman pairing is 6:1, let’s me know the odds are definitely in the thinking black men’s favor. Your experience and mine far outweigh what this she-beast really thinks goes on in the world.

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  22. I truly enjoy coming to this site and reading the information you have listed here. As I read the information I am allowed to truly view how many race of men feel about Black Women and talk as if no other race of women act like the Black Women. The wording and the comments spoken on the page are interesting and my husband finds it truly enlightening too. As we read downward to some of the comments, he even stated that some women act like this in any race and the shows he happen to view as he is changing the channel is always showing women of different race acting out. He was shocked to read most of the comments and the negative reply’s and he was wondering if most of them were born from a Black Mother. I could not answer him and he wanted to know why are you reading this it’s so hurtful and just cruel.

    I told my husband it’s for enlightenment purposes that this is how men view Black Women and some of the men on the page are white men too. He doesn’t want me. To read any of the comments, but I feel him, he loved his mother and never viewed her in the manner the gentleman or men have mention. But, this is their opinions and this is how it stands. I feel sorry for some of the people on the page and the women who got the conversation started in the Military everyone did stress she also comes across as if she has an attitude too and I checked for myself and I could see some of the people points and you can tell they need to make some adjustments. N the Black Women I know in the Military never came across as the comments stated above, I guess this is largely a put down toward these type of women. N when I say these type of women, i mean every race of women are lump among the women you all speak of. God Bless The Readers..

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      I am sure that this message was meant for Verb2015 but I need to put my two cents in. I am SICK to DEATH of the “innocent”, “uninformed” black women who are “All Not like that” who holds concerns for black men who seem to be “hurt”, “misguided”, “bitter” and “need to learn to love their moms” BS!!!!!

      ”I truly enjoy coming to this site and reading the information you have listed here. As I read the information I am allowed to truly view how many race of men feel about Black Women and talk as if no other race of women act like the Black Women.”

      1. This page is specifically made by an intelligent black man for intelligent black men about black women (and the corrupted church). His book is called “Negro Wars” not “Gender wars”. Our problems lie with Black women not other races of women. We do not care if other races of women act out because those women do not effect black men and they are certainly not the ones out there hellbent on destroying black men! Would it make sense if I wrote a book that is all about snakes and then in one chapter in the book about snake bites, I write that some snake bites are poisonous and some are not, but then I mention that dogs, cats, and rabbits also bite too when those animals have nothing to do with snakes? This is simply a trick to pull the spot light off Black women and on to someone else to avoid any kind of accountability! Nope sorry, we have seen this magic trick be played millions of times. We are not falling for this out dated illusion! Try again! How does it sound if you were to put black men check and say “ black men have multiple kids and don’t take care of them”. Do black men run around and go “Well WHITE MEN do it too!” Or if some one said black men do X, Y, Z and then black men say “White men do X, Y, Z too!!!” I NEVER hear this from black men. Not even the trashiest black men blames white men for their own action, they would readily admit that they messed up and did wrong. But not black women. As soon as we point a dirt spot on your dress you jump up and attack the messenger and say “you see those white women over there? They have messy hair, you see those Asians over there? They have dirty shoes” The Thesis of this blog is about black women! Our negative experiences are with black women!

      2. There is NO other race of women who act as filthy, vile, and cavemen as the modern day average black women. No! No Way! NONE, not even the most butched, dyked up white women is nearly as bad as today’s black women. GET OUT OF HERE!!! You are truly naive or in delusion! Are you serious??? You have just insulted me by making this statement!! Please send me links to articles, videos, and national talk shows in which white women go around robbing and beating up store clerks, to steal weaves, fake cosmetics other useless things? Please send me a link to a Korean talk show where the women yell “OPPAS AIN’T S***!!!” for you to ask a question like this means one of two things. You are some sort Amish and live in hills with very little contact to media and people or are indeed a troll! And why are you so damn defensive and want to include other races of women? Are you guilty of such actions?

      “The wording and the comments spoken on the page are interesting and my husband finds it truly enlightening too. As we read downward to some of the comments, he even stated that some women act like this in any race and the shows he happen to view as he is changing the channel is always showing women of different race acting out.”

      That’s probably because what ever you and your cucked husband saw on TV must had been something from The Power Rangers, a Women’s WWE channel or some video game.

      “He was shocked to read most of the comments and the negative reply’s and he was wondering if most of them were born from a Black Mother.”

      yes, the ol’ your mom is black fallacy. Look, You being a black mother does not make you above criticism and it certainly does not negate the truths of the things posted on this blog. A black women who is a criminal who happens to be a mother IS STILL A CRIMINAL! You being A/My black mother does not make you anything special to avoid any accountability for your actions!

      “ I could not answer him and he wanted to know why are you reading this it’s so hurtful and just cruel.”

      You are in the wrooooong place if you are looking for others validate your feelings, there are no white knights here that will protect your feelings and we are not going to keep our mouths shut just because your Fi Fis are hurt.

      “I told my husband it’s for enlightenment purposes that this is how men view Black Women and some of the men on the page are white men too. He doesn’t want me to read any of the comments, but I feel him, he loved his mother and never viewed her in the manner the gentleman or men have mention.”

      That is lovey and dovey for him. But for many of us, me especially, do not hold our mothers in that way! Even if we did, It stills does not protect black mothers from criticism or accountability!

      “But, this is their opinions and this is how it stands.”

      It’s our opinion that is often backed by facts and past and shared experiences.

      “I feel sorry for some of the people on the page and the women who got the conversation started in the Military everyone did stress she also comes across as if she has an attitude too and I checked for myself and I could see some of the people points and you can tell they need to make some adjustments. “

      Then why don’t YOU check them?? If I had a best friend, who was like my brother, but he happens to be a rapist. I disagree with his actions but I say nothing to report him. One day a woman I know is going to walk down this quiet street. Let’s say he wears a mask and wears all black and then he says to me “I’m gonna rape the next woman that comes down this street”, I don’t say anything to him, I do not report him to the police AND I do not warn the woman to NOT go down the street because there is an unidentified man who will rape her, would it not be my responsibility to say something to someone? would I not be half just as responsible for not SAYING anything for his action?? If that happened to you and then you later came to me and asked me “WHY DIDN’T YOU DO/SAY ANYTHING?” and then I said, ” well, you are assuming that all black men rape, not all black men rape… when white men will sexually harass you black crowns and steal your finances on crack cocaine!” you (and rightfully so) would call me a fucking idiot! My silence would indicate that I am in agreement for my friend for his action is it not? If you want US to change our views then YOU need to do something about their attitudes and other nonsense that is wreaking havoc, other wise, do not complain if you see lots of men being very vocal about BW’s issues!

      “ when I say these type of women, i mean every race of women are lump among the women you all speak of. “


      There, I said it, thats what you wanted to hear? There! I said it!
      White Women > black women! Are ya happy now?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Andre,

        They always think they can change the direction of the website. has been created by a thinking black man for thinking black men and nothing is going to change that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Saving/ me

        Please Do not lie to Andre. You did read what he wrote but you cannot come back with a valid argument so you hide behind more name calling and shaming. Go see a therapist you say? Ok fine, but thats after you go see a weight management specialist.

        To answer your question, yes, I have every right as a MGTOW to talk about black women and the hell they reign on people’s lives! The same way you cry about NOT caring if Black men chase White women yet you all make tons of videos, articles, and have talk shows about it!

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  23. The woman above and her probably Simp husband stated that all women are like that?

    Ok, well then where are the large number of Asian and Latino women known for acting this way? Why are black women always portrayed in this light and it never sticks out? Why can every other group of women find a freakin husband? Why are the only somewhat desired black women half breeds? Why are other groups of women succeeding in business, school, and love at a much higher rate? Why are black women literally the butt of EVERYONE else’s jokes?

    Liked by 3 people

    • I suspect they are just concern trolls. Notice she hasn’t got anything to prove or any links to anything to show other wise?

      It’s just a self defense mechanism to throw out absurd lies to try to fool anyone is uninformed…

      Liked by 2 people

  24. Whenever someone makes the ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT COMMENT, I know the person is a fool. If all women are like that when I go to Japan, Russia, Austria, etc. I can expect to find large numbers of women that cover up their hair with the hair from the heads of Negroid women. What women cover their hair with hair that resembles another race of women? I await your answers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Guess what Gregory, you won’t find them because that grotesquely shaped, incredibly repulsive she beast knows that black men have now and have ALWAYS had otions that they, as a total population have never and will never have. That’s why they never present arguments (backed up by empiral evidence/data) to bare against these claims. Why do we insist on talking about black females even though we’ve left them in the dust? Two reasons. 1.) Even the biggest simp has SOME modicum of reason swimming around that head of his and, more often than not, is merely one unnecessarily difficult interaction away from throwing up his hands in utter disgust to swear off black women forever. If our message reaches him in time, we not only save his life, but that’s one less white knight playing Captain Save ’em when the much deserved axe finally falls on them. 2.) This is to warn and save the young, “lame” brothers who, through no fault of their own who were birthed and reared primarily in urban environs who will find himself frustrated when he hits puberty and finds himself rejected by entitled, narcissistic black women who look even a little decent for the future, walking prison statistic that is the thug. If THAT brother can be warned to not waste time and seek his romantic and sexual satisfaction elsewhere, with women from other races (while being careful in the choosing process, of course) then I would consider that mission complete and a job well done!

      Liked by 2 people

  25. What boggles my mind is, why would you come to a space you don’t like? This space of the internet is for the thinking black men who wants to rid himself from the dysfunction of black women. Why would I go to a neo-nazi space of the internet and start arguing with them, knowing they want nothing to do with me? You really have to be mentally ill to come to argue with people who just want to stay away from you. You don’t see us going to Black and Beyond and causing havoc on their space. That’s theirs, and we respect them doing whatever they want over there. But no, the she-beasts just have to butt into our business (pun intended). Desperate people do desperate things in desperate times.

    Liked by 2 people

    • There is no black male space that black hoes or their white daddy are bound to respect. I was reading about a Black Male-only church in Philly and local black hoes are blowing their weaves because they’re not allowed there. Conservative Whitey is also huffing and puffing and crying reverse racism as he loves to play victim despite controlling a disproportionate amount of America’s wealth.

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  26. As ex military the fact of the matter is you are a politician 1st, the lowest ranking service member is instructed exactly what to say if questioned by the public or media

    When you have subordinates and let’s say 5 of your soldiers are constantly involved in disciplinary issues, you can’t even legally address the issue to the chain of command in regards to the soldiers race…I.e. you could never counsel a soldier and say you and a couple other black soldiers are etc.

    The military is also big on keeping its problems in house even if she had made a video ranting about undisciplined airmen she would still be in hot water

    Is she telling the truth?, yes! Is she dead wrong? Yes

    Those black widows probably give her more trouble because of how attractive she is, her hair and quite possibly because she may have shown some sign of intimidation that the black mambas are looking to capitalize on


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