Feminist Jamilah Lemieux Encourages Black Women To Rob Black Men On Dates



Thanks to Royalty Green For sending me this info. At the time of writing and publishing my book Negro Wars a small part of me considered that maybe I was being too harsh when I referred to the angry and bitter black sisterhood as a pestilence and a curse upon black society, however as I began to further my research and expand in my writings on this website, I was forced to slap myself in the face and equally admit that such words simply aren’t strong enough to describe this modern day black female.

Here we have yet another example that clearly demonstrates the evil, cunning, vindictive and destructive nature of black women against black men, yet pro black bootlickers such as Umar Johnson, rapper Willie D, Derrick “simp to pimp” Jaxn etc will still stand there and attempt to defend these dark sirens and their devilish behaviour.

Of course this tweet comes as no surprise to me, back in November and December of 2016 I wrote a 3 part series of articles entitled What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men, all three parts can be seen here, here and here. At this stage it is only delusional black men who are still buying into the whole “black love, black unity” mantra. The fact of the matter is in 2018 black women and black men are incompatible, hence why the black on black marriage rates are at an all time low. The fault doesn’t lie with black men, it lies with black women and their hatred of their own skin colour, heritage, culture, people etc.

The mental instability of the modern day black woman coupled with her coarse physical features as a result of having embraced feminism for so long haven’t helped her relationship status either. The truth of the matter is most black women especially in the west do NOT look attractive and would be more suited to being placed upon a scrap heap as opposed to walking hand in hand down the street with a boyfriend/husband.

As I have mentioned before, nature has a way of obliging and fulfilling your requests, since most black women desire to be black men so badly, is it any wonder why we see such an abundance of beastly looking leviathans in the black female population walking among us? The truth of the matter is in 2018 on average non black females look better than black women by miles.

Back to this tweet, this is yet another reason why black women are finding themselves single at such a high clip. Lemieux has simply confirmed what black women have been doing to black men for the longest while. How many cases have we come across of black men being set up via honey traps stings, enough said. I stated without apology in Negro Wars that black women as a collective should not be trusted under any circumstances and this tweet as far as I am concerned bolsters my position and solidifies the point.

I continue to repeat the point that the overwhelming majority of black women though their profess to be so called “Christians” in actual fact are Satanists who sit at the right hand side of the devil himself and who have no problems carrying out his bidding. Murdering on average 1876 children per day in abortion clinics, what part of being a Christian is that? Even if you are not a Christian or you don’t believe in a higher power, you should at least be able to recognise the fact that aborting such a high number of children does not bode well in building the black population, is clearly an act of open genocide which links back to Eugenics which ultimately is a branch of the same “white supremacy” these feral black females would have us believe they are fighting against.

Misandry rears its ugly head once again in the form of a dusty feminist trying to make a name for herself amongst the same white folks she claims to be railing against. You already know from Negro Wars never to judge black women by their words but rather their actions. Also, as I have stated in the past don’t allow black women to try to play the role of the judge and the criminal at the same time and most certainly DO NOT allow them dictate what evidence is permitted to be used against them, they are the ones on trial here. Since when do criminals dictate what evidence can be used against themselves in a court of law?

As per usual the enemy here is the heterosexual thinking black man. Much like the devil is not concerned with those who are knowingly or unknowingly on his side but rather those who see his decadent plans and stand against them, the modern day black female is much the same. She already has the pro black, hotep simps in her corner, it is the heterosexual thinking black man that she sees as the major obstacle to completely destroying black society.

This is despite the fact that thinking black men are bailing out altogether from the angry and bitter black sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan. Black women like Jamilah Lemieux wish that all black men be contaminated with the degeneracy of the feminist doctrine. The above tweet as far as heterosexual thinking black men are concerned simply confirms why they decided to stop dealing with westernised black women altogether.

Those black men who are still on the fence should take heed and view the above tweet as a warning. How much more evidence must be put on display in order for you to finally accept the fact that most black women are NOT your friends? Black women as a collective have simply turned into a bunch of thieves and bandits who enjoy preying upon spellbound black males due to them still holding to the belief that black women are “our women”, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Black women have literally become sick in the head and there is no cure for their mental illness. Walk away black men, walk away. Black women by cosigning this stupidity are simply alienating themselves even further and ensuring that most of them will die lonely and horrible deaths. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Escape Blackistan, Abandon 2018

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Feminist Jamilah Lemieux Encourages Black Women To Rob Black Men On Dates

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  2. Black chicks are natural get over artists. As I usually say, they’re the ones who input this sheister mentality into black people.

    But they’re our friends, right? As you stated, most look like junkyard dogs, and should be bred out accordingly.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They are most definitely the root of the decadence and degeneracy that is pervasive throughout black society today. But we’re still supposed to wife them off right? Completely agree, we are faced with with women who by and large look like hideous beasts.

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  3. Black “set up chicks” have been around for a while. I’ve read more than a few stories about dudes going to meet a BW for a date somewhere only to be met at that location by thugs who rob and/or shoot him instead. Given the fact that many blacks today are born to and raised by single mothers this type of behavior isn’t too surprising. The single motherhood epidemic has turned a large part of the black community into a giant whorehouse, its full of loose, poor, STD infected women and their illegitimate kids fathered by various men. Its a sad situation, that produces dysfunctional kids many of whom grow into dysfunctional adults.

    The single motherhood epidemic has become a self perpetuating cycle at this point, more than half of black children are born to single mothers and likely grow up thinking that single motherhood is ok/normal. These children likely have no clue how a functional relationship/household works, they haven’t seen many of those, not in their house or in their “community”.

    It seems to me that the people who vocally proclaim to be to most Christian these days are usually the LEAST Christian. That goes for Hoodrats who always claim to be saved despite their whorish/evil ways and white “Christian Conservatives” who are IMO nothing more than thinly veiled white supremacists, those are probably two of the LEAST Christian groups in the nation IMO.

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    • James S,

      But the pro black, hotep simps still refuse to deal with these issues. Instead they choose to run around calling thinking black men coons all the time and trying their best to berate us for being wisemen in choosing not to deal with the black woman and the drama she brings to the table. The pro blacks are truly spellbound, black women insult them day in and day out but yet they still grovel at their feet and lick their muddy boots. The pathetic saga continues.


    • Nothing has more harm to the Black Community than the black female and black church. White supremacists usually don’t have to lift a finger, as all of their work is being done for them by their witting accomplices.

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      • BlackRobbb,

        Truth, black women have the white supremacist playbook worked out to a T, racist white folks downed their tools and went to lunch a long time ago. The institutional church beast infrastructure is no better either because it syphons large amounts of money from these black communities but yet fails miserably in putting anything back in, smh.


    • One minor complaint of your videos:

      I hear the BBC News theme played on the telly over here constantly, and it’s a little much. It’s not your fault, but man, it pisses me off.

      Apart from that, carry on…

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    • afrofuturism1
      I am from Brooklyn NY, back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s the mad high school (same South shore H.S) was about 40% White, 50% black and 10% Hispanic students, than around late 2000’s into 2010s the school got increasingly more black and violence got so bad.

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  4. This is why i keep my wallet closed tight when it comes to black women. Their greed for someone’s money and their love for thug dick proves that they’re the least desired of all races of women.

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  5. Sometime in the future

    “This is (random reporter) from CNN at the White House, where the epidemic of ‘Orphenoch syndrome’, first noticed among ‘black’ females in the 1950s, is heavily concentrated. The National Guard and the US Army are holding off the infected but the battle seems to be already lost..hold on who is that?”

    (What appears to be a heavily upgraded and combat-ready version of the Faiz Gear from Kamen Rider 555 blasts two Department of Homeland Security “Rio-Troopers’ with his plasma pistol as he rides towards the White House on his Auto Vaijin, surprising the Russian Mafiya thugs stationed there. Two black ‘queens’ try to stop him but he pulls out his light saber and performs a samurai slash on their asses, causing them to disintegrate…)

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  6. A question is: Why is a man dating black women? Even if we take the position that only 5% of black women engage in the ROB BLACK MEN behavior, that is still unacceptable. Stay away from black women. Non-black women are a problem. BLACK WOMEN ARE A MASSIVE PROBLEM.

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  7. These black feminazi bitches are outta control and dangerous and are being given a platform by the dominant society to spew their vitirol between her and Amber Phillips fat ass idk whose worse and these pro black pandering simps will spend their every waking moment telling us how dangerous da Whyte mane is smfh these Sheboons need to be stopped

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    • Zyaire Shakur,

      These black female delinquents have decided to go for broke, as far as they are concerned its all or nothing. Amber Phillips is a horrible looking specimen, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she is a lesbian.


  8. How much more proof do these pro wack and hotep dudes need to see these whores are NOT on their side??

    I refuse I mean refuse to deal with these chicks and hoteps as much as I can help. I eliminate running into these types by going to places I know for a fact niggas don’t go (wine bars, upscale restaurants and bars). Pretty much anywhere with a cover and a strict dress code niggas won’t go often. And when they do go, their shit won’t be tolerated at all, and are kicked out with a quickness for any type of altercation.

    I could care less how much of a coon, sambo or sellout typing this makes me. My life is damn near stress free eliminating niggas from it.

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    • Stephen,

      Seconded on nigga-proofing your life. I live by that creed. It’s shocking how easy it is to write niggas and especially black women out of your life. No good comes from them. It’s like you said, keep it upscale and suburban, and they’ll disappear completely. Good man, keep it up.

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      • I nigga proofed my life years ago (had a little bit of a phase in my late teens to early twenties to where I tried fitting in with niggas) but it didn’t last. And for the most part, I’m glad it didn’t. Now forget it. Like you said, keep it upscale and mostly surburban (though these roaches are starting to find their way out there) and pretty much problem free.

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    • Stephen,

      Its exactly as I stated in Negro Wars, most black men who still follow after this modern day black female will become casualties and victims in the up and coming carnage. There is no helping them, no matter how much evidence you place on the table they will still pine, chase after and bootlick for their “god”.

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  9. The future of the West:

    Verbs2015, this disgusting and degenerate behavior may have only been encouraged in Europe, Africa and the US but in Jamaica, crap like this is a daily occurrence. The weave ‘fad’ is at epidemic level down here among the ‘black’ females, and when I mean ‘black” I mean ‘at least 70% native with a little African ancestry’. Criminals armed with the latest in portable military weaponry roam our streets, and use champagne to wash their expensive vehicles while honest, hardworking African folks have to secure their houses with burglar bars as basic protection. Don’t bother reporting crimes to the police either, 90% of them are totally corrupt and the political structure is even worse. Even the US and Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War could take a few lessons from us.

    The root cause of the pestilence is the foul virus known as ‘Pan-Africanism/Facism/Nazism’. Instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions,people found it easier to just blame the ‘white’ man and avoid accountability.The nation sunk further into the moral mud as even as we moved out of ‘Third-World’ status and no one wanted to take the blame. In the end, everyone except the thugs and the corrupt politicians suffered.

    Please continue your good work and please tell this story to anyone dumb enough to have fallen into the fallacy of Pan-Africanism.

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  10. Soooo let me get this straight. Black women are now encouraging each other to rob or “set up” aka falsely accuse you of rape if she doesn’t like where you take her for the first date. I bet she would be delighted if a white boy invited her to “Netflix and chill.” She would never even dream of “setting him up for the sistahood”

    It’s all good though. I don’t plan on taking a black woman ANYWHERE anytime soon.

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    • For real. Being anywhere near them (family included) is detrimental to your wellbeing. Avoid these weave addicted whores as much as you can. Sysbm all day everyday.

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    • Yours Truly,

      And as per usual the rest of the female Blackistan population cosign the degeneracy without hesitation. I’ve been black witch free for years and that is the way it is staying.

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  11. Black women thrive off making black men lives miserable they must be avoided at all times. They are doing the devils bidding these women are truly demons that must be avoided.

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    • Sean,

      This is nothing but pure deviltry but to be honest what do we expect from the black female’s Republic of Blackistan. #SYSBMFORLIFE #BREEDTHEMOUT #NOSCRAGGLEDAGGLE #THEBOOKOFTYRONE

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      • You are right Verbs, of course we are to expect that BW will perform devil deeds against BM and cannot be trusted at any cost.

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  12. It’s a shame that there are black women who would go so far as to rob or kill a man who asks them out. This is all the more reason why the average black woman must be avoided. If at any point in the future someone asks me why I refuse to entertain black (American) women, I need only point them to your blog and book.

    The black American women who aren’t like the one above (or any of the other women you’ve written about) and believe those actions are wrong are going to have to distance themselves from, differentiate themselves from, and condemn women like them—through words and actions, and on the Internet and real life as well. If not, the small amount of good ones are going to be lumped in with them.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      This is what is happening at the moment, because so called “good black women” for the majority part have remained silent concerning the degenerate behaviour of the angry and bitter black sisterhood as a whole, it is now being concluded that they are no different to the scraggle daggle themselves. In fact many black women who claim not to be like the rest will instead jump up to defend the decadents, not a good look at all.

      As James S pointed out, black women setting black men up to be robbed and in many cases to be killed has been going on for quite some time, it just seems like now black women are going for broke seeing that more black men are opting not to deal with them. Openly encouraging the “sisterhood”(as Lemieux called it)to rob your male counterparts on dates, and they wonder why nobody wishes to deal with them.

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      • There is no such thing as a “Good Black Woman”. That is a myth like unicorns, leprechauns, the easter bunny, & so on. Those who believe such things will be surely disappointed and disillusioned.

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  13. Stephen. Black men must understand that just because a black female is in your family, a black female is still a black female. The obese, foul, and hair weave-wearing females that exist in the world are some black man’s sister, female cousin, niece, etc.

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    • You damn sure ain’t lying. I don’t talk to a majority of my female family members because a lot of them are weave up, foul attitudes that I refuse to tolerate.

      And they know how I feel about them after I idiotically told an aunt of mine why I wont date, nevermind talk to one of them in that sense. I told her in confidence because I thought at the time she wasn’t one of them. So please believe I’m totally aware.

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      • @ Stephen. Don’t feel bad. I’ve had to literally turn my back, change my number, and move to escape the failed matriarch of the “Black Family”. Its called survival & self-preservation. Most Black female family members don’t get and will not grasp this concept. They will give advice & guidance that is detrimental to the well being of Black Men purposely. Their perspective & ideology is no different than a third-wave feminist. And their teachings and lifestyle is hazardous (to say the least) to Black Men & Boys. Many are too ghetto, “pseudo-ghetto”, or classist educated snobs that hate their jobs but love to tout their job position(btw most of them make the least out of all their counterparts in every job market & field).

        Many BW don’t get they are not good mothers, girlfriend, wives, or anything otherwise. And the men they seek are just as unintelligent, lowly, and “ratchet” as they are. This is mostly all they can get. I’ve seen this behavior with mostly all my family members (it didn’t matter if they came from a two-parent household or not either). It’s the felons, derilics, and miscreants of society that “tickle their fancy”. This is their pick of the litter and what suits them. I’m starting to think a lifestyle of struggle, poverty, and dysfunction is what Black Women think is normal.

        Black Men (of worth & value) must realize in this hyper-aggressive, competitive, & apathetic world that self-preservation & survival skills is what is needed to escape the struggles and dysfunctions of a lost Black Society. I encourage other IBMORs and SYSBMs to make a network & support system. We are going to need one. I’m not a “Pan-Africanist” or “Pro-Black” as the ideology is an outdated and dead concept. But I will support and assist other like-minded Black Men as us.

        Pro-Blacks and Pan-Africanist always talk about White, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, & Arab supremacy. But these constructs would not exist if there wasn’t Black Dysfunction & Disorganization on all ends.

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  14. This is a prime example why black men who have sense are avoiding black women. They can’t be trusted. Things like this will do nothing but make people avoid black women even more. Good job Jamilah. 

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  15. This is one thing I can’t understand: 90% of the current ‘black’ and African/coloreds’ problem originated from Jamaican Pan-Africanism or Afro-British Caribbean planters setting their ‘white’ domestics and artisans against their ‘black’ field workers in the days of slavery. Yet Christian ‘conservatives’ and black ultranationalists continue to support the divisive and unproductive policies of the African planters. Why Verbs2015? If black women are untouchable queens, to quote one such issue then why are they so overweight, unhealthy and support poverty and annihilation?

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    • CovertWar,

      Black women follow the doctrine of feminism which promotes a self loathing, lazy, decadent slum attitude and mentality. This is one of the main reasons why they for the most part have let themselves go and why they are hell bent on destroying anybody who looks like them. The ridiculously high abortion rate amongst black females is a testimony to the hatred they habour against their own people.

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  16. It absolutely drives black women crazy that despite all the negative things black women have said about Blackmen for the last 30+ years, that black men are still living their lives, and making decisions NOT based upon the whims of black women. So at this point as black women see more and more black men who simply refuse to deal with the their nonsense, black women are increasingly frustrated because they cannot control black men in the way they want to.
    Now black women are publicly advocating intentionally ‘setting up’ black men in an effort to destroy the men they hate most. But as usual black women just love to run their mouths in an effort to get attention. Nobody actually pays attention to anything black women say because like I’ve always said it’s like listening to a mental patient speaking to a fire hydrant. Nobody cares what black women say.
    What Blackmen really need to realize is that black women are trying to set Blackmen up every time they deal with a black man. Black men should understand that all black women want to do is control Blackmen, tell Blackman what to do, how to think, and to obey and never question anything black women do or say.
    The second a black woman feels that she can’t control a black man she will do anything she can in order to destroy that black man or make his life a living hell. The golden rule is just avoid the black woman at all costs. And good luck at finding that 0.004 percent of black women who aren’t absolute pure evil.

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  17. Well said. I note that the USA black community is a matriarchy. Black women, therefore, control the minds of most black men. Black women have historically had decent bodies. In recent decades, however, black women have become the fattest women in the USA. Black women have, in recent decades, put out the propaganda that the sloppy and floppy butt is sexy. Many black men have adopted this same nonsense. The result is that 80% of black women are overweight by any and all standards. In addition, in the black matriarchy, black women are called queens while black men are called by the male version of the N-word. Black women never use the female version of the N-word. USA blacks are fed the propaganda about BLACK GIRLS ROCK and BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Black males, however, get nothing but the N-word.

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  18. It’s ridiculous that a quean would think something like that is acceptable to say. It wasn’t funny, smart or even decent. But I find it interesting that she claims to be pro black yet encourages violence against men, and she got mad at the fact that she was confronted (Rightly so) on Twitter. She was actually mad at men for calling her out! The dysfunction is astounding.

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    • Burt,

      But this is exactly what black queans do, they claim to be on the side of black men one minute but then the next they are looking to rob us and slice our throats. Pro black women are full of garbage, they berate thinking black men for dating out claiming that we will dilute the black bloodline, yet they have no problems murdering thousands of unborn children in abortion clinics, thus reducing the black population. Yes indeed, the black female’s dysfunctional mindset is completely off the chain.

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