Photograph Of Black Women Worshipping A White Woman Causes Controversy


Apparently the above photo has the black witch contingent as well as SJWs up in arms as it clearly depicts a group of naked black women standing around and worshipping a naked white woman. As far as I am concerned the picture above is an accurate depiction of who the overwhelming majority of black women wish they could be. Also, the black women in the photo didn’t seem to have a problem posing for it and being as Afrofuturism1 would say the “ticking time dykes” that they are, I bet those black women were enjoying touching another woman’s body and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got sexually aroused.

As I have discussed many times on this website as well as in Negro Wars, black women through their incessant addiction to weave wearing as well as their wearing of blue/green/grey contact lenses and the additional action of bleaching their skin through all of these practices are openly declaring that white women are the gold standard of beauty.

Therefore these same weave wearing, blue/green/grey contact wearing, skin bleaching black females shouldn’t be confused, puzzled, surprised or upset when black men end up passing over them for the original version. Indeed, when you look at the photo again you’ll note that at least 3 of the black women are wearing weaves.

Lets be honest here, when we as black men walk through our local streets whether we are located in the US, here in the UK or another country, what do we see? Do we see black women embracing their natural beauty or do we observe them trying their utmost to embrace the look and the beauty standards of others? Right, Sharkeisha and Juanita in 2018 are trying their best to resemble Becky and Ashley.

I’m really scratching my head and wondering exactly why black women are upset and up in arms, after all when you make the decision to dawn the weave, that alone is an acknowledgement of white female superiority. At the end of the day most black women are extremely infantile and highly insecure and they brought these conditions upon themselves with the acceptance of feminism and the ejecting of the black male from the home in exchange for government treats and benefits some 50 years ago.

Of course black women had no problems with the following image of white women worshipping a black female when it was being circulated on social media last year:

When the above photo was released I didn’t see white women up in arms, throwing their toys out of the pram complaining about “feeling hopeless” and being upset at a black woman being portrayed as “superior”. In fact in relation to that photo I personally heard nothing from white women whatsoever. This is because unlike the modern day black female white women are confident in themselves and don’t suffer from deep-rooted insecurities.

Most black women however like the typical SJW, liberal feminists, socialists and communists that they are simply must complain about anything and everything, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip. The Korean store owner was right, “black girls, it’s always f***ing black girls”. The world is growing sick and tired of black women and so are an increasing number of black men who are finally beginning to realise that they do not have to accept and take on board dysfunctional black female skullduggery and that they can do much better for themselves.

Like I stated before, black women through their own actions declare white women as being superior to them, therefore when photos of the above are created and distributed throughout social media, they don’t have a chicken leg to stand on. I have written at least two previous articles on this issue, one back in May 2017 and the other was written almost 5 years ago in August 2013, both articles can be viewed in the links below:

Bennie Rose once again was RIGHT in his depiction of the modern day black female. At the end of the day how black women portray themselves is how they are going to be looked upon, however black women as a collective cannot seem to put the pieces of this puzzle together yet. Just in the same way that most black women behave like whores but then expect black men to marry them, the black female’s world view/outlook on life typically is never based in reality.

I really don’t feel sorry for black women at all, they’ve brought these woes and calamities upon themselves. Believing that they would be better off under the wings of the state and embracing a religion that views men as nothing more than a pestilence is beginning to take its toll. The chickens are coming home to roost and they are rolling in hard.

The year has just begun and the L’s are coming in thick and fast for the angry and bitter black sisterhood and as I’ve stated before, my reckoning is that black women in 2018 will take either double or triple the losses they received in 2017. SYSBM black men, at this stage we simply roll our eyes at black women and their incessant complaining and at the same time realise that these continued attempts to play the victim on their part will never stop.

This is why people who cannot accept responsibility for any of their own foul deeds when their time comes around must be left to crash and burn by themselves, black women are no different and must never be protected and defended from the bitter consequences of their own doings. Recompense is a dish best served cold and black women as a group are going to experience harsh judgements come upon them like they’ve never seen before.

One last thing, black women attempting to use the argument that they are being pressured into conforming to the European standard of beauty is complete and utter rubbish because black men have been subjected to the same imagery from a white male perspective and we aren’t walking around with bleached skin, blue/green/grey contacts and David Copperfield wigs glued or stitched onto our heads, get a clue.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Non Black Women Are Better Than Black Women

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Photograph Of Black Women Worshipping A White Woman Causes Controversy

  1. Damn, those above posts aren’t showing up:

    Now, let’s talk about this “white standard of beauty” crap. It’s not a “white standard” it’s non-black. That’s why white dudes seemingly prefer Asian women over their own. This is also white men hate seeing black women with Asian women just as much as with white women.

    Every other group of woman grows her own hair, which is worn longer then the men’s. With black women, however, they only go natural to look like little boys.

    Now again, you don’t see the weave need or addiction amongst mixed breeds, which is even more reason to breed these dark skinned ones out. You could tell from the picture that none of these women are really mixed, and facially look like the typical pit bulls we have to choose from.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women, the only group of females to completely abandon their men in exchange for feminism as well as the treats and benefits of government and now they want to complain about being marginalised and being discriminated against, is that supposed to be some kind of joke? White and other non black women simply look better than your average black female, those are the facts in 2018 and rather than improve themselves, black women curl up in the fetal position and as per usual pull out the victimhood card.

      Like I’ve stated before, nobody see them as victims, folks can continue to jab, poke and make fun of black women because they see that they have no male protection, the same protection they kicked to the curb years ago. Then again, when you frequently claim to be “strong and independent” in a nutshell you are declaring that you can protect yourself, therefore thinking black men hearing that are now free to focus upon other things.

      The weave addiction and the make up with black women at this point is majorly off the chain, let the pro black simps and manginas have them. My girlfriend has long natural hair, but then this is a standard part of the Latin American female culture. I saw that article on Beyond Black And White, Karazin and the rest of the black witch contingent don’t have that much to say because they already know that their actions ie weave wearing speak louder than their words. Black women worship white women, period.

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      • I have no clue whatsoever how that website is still up and running….

        My girl also has long, curly hair, which I will enjoy running my hands when I make her bite dat bottom lip!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Karazin continues to weave her magic and feed black women a dream that the overriding majority of them will never be able to attain.

        Glad to see you back in the saddle bro, I know that things got pretty rough for you after your loss, however you’re on the up and up now. 🖒🖒🖒🖒

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  3. Also, Beyond Black & White has an article on this that is BEYOND tragic comedy.

    They claim that after YEARS of being FORCED to cover their hair because white women didn’t want the competition……

    Can black women be anymore delusional? Breed them out of existence!

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  4. Great post Verbs:
    “black women through their incessant addiction to weave wearing as well as their wearing of blue/green/grey contact lenses and the additional action of bleaching their skin through all of these practices are openly declaring that white women are the gold standard of beauty.”

    “black men have been subjected to the same imagery from a white male perspective and we aren’t walking around with bleached skin, blue/green/grey contacts and David Copperfield wigs”
    Perfectly stated, many BW attempt to look like WW but instead end up looking ridiculous.

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    • James S,

      Thanks bro. As I and many others here have stated before, the woes that are now coming upon black women are a direct result of the reckless decisions they have made in the past, in other words they’ve done this to themselves, their own hands created the very mess that they are now in.

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  5. Verbs, you gotta cover the female sergeant rant story too. Too many stories about the legendary “addidude” surfacing just now.

    On a much happier note, my Becky friend and I have patched things up, and we’re going on a mini-break together. No weave heads where we’re going!

    Keep taking them L’s Mother Earth 😆


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  6. Please note that black women seek to confuse hair weave (that covers the scalp) with hair extensions (that typically add length to the natural hair). Black women wear 99.99% of hair weave. Perhaps 5% of white women wear hair extensions some of the time. The reason black women attempt to confuse hair weave and hair extensions is because black women want to shout: WHITE WOMEN WEAR HAIR WEAVE, TOO !!

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Black women believe they’re slick with that hair weave/hair extensions Kansas City shuffle, however we at the thinking black men’s regiment knows better and aren’t falling for it. Shouting “white women wear weave to” is NOT going to change my mind about them. One of the reasons why black women are taking so many L’s is because they choose to deflect rather than deal with the problems at hand, they love pulling out the victimhood card.

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    • It’s not the weave, it’s the ridiculous affectation of the texture and color of white hair. If they were wearing afro wigs, that would be an altogether different matter. But whether they’re wearing weaves, wigs, burning their scalps with lye (“relaxer”) or going in with the old-fashioned straightening comb, they’re trying to achieve the look of other women’s hair. All the while, they’re complaining about “white beauty standards” being imposed on them by others.

      Sure the weaves & wigs (etc.) look stupid, weak-minded, undignified and unimaginative, but they’re just a symptom of a whole syndrome of psychological complexes among them that have turned them into unrepentant tools for the dissolution of black culture.

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  7. Lol…I love it…like Verbs said, why get a cheap knockoff version of a white woman when you can have the real item. These black female parasites are simply validating black mens beliefs that white women are the vastly superior option when it to comes to dating, mating and marriage. Brothers, please continue the surge of interracial dating and marriage to white and other races of women as this is the only way to clean these aforementioned black female parasites out of civilized society. I guarantee you there will be fewer videos black whores fighting in the streets and malls like savages, fewer videos of black whores killing their kids with baseball bats, fewer videos of black whores sucking their 6 month old sons dick on periscope, fewer videos of them feeding their kids dog feces and burying their kids in the back yard, you know…the usual evil and debauchery acts that black whores perform on a daily basis. #SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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    • Keith,

      Black women already know that they cannot compete with non black females which is why they must always resort to using shaming tactics against thinking black men, however what they fail to realise is we left the angry and bitter black sisterhood’s republic of Blackistan a long time ago and we’re NOT coming back.

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      • The chicks who committed those horrible crimes, should be brought out back, and executed no questions asked after their conviction.

        What the fuck is wrong with these whores?!?!?! Black men on the fence, do you need ANYMORE proof that an overwhelming number of these whores (roughly 99%) are terrible people!?!?!

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  8. The African-descended, planter overlords of Colonial America, more specifically the ‘British’ Caribbean must be laughing their asses off at modern western society by now. Their plan to weaken and destroy the resistance of the enslaved by dividing them into ‘black’ paredial laborers and ‘white’ domestic servants, ‘slave’ owners and artisans, who would then consistently fight each other while the planters amused themselves must be paying dividends by now. But as usual most ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’ are still drinking the ‘racial separation’, ‘Pan-Africanism/Nazism/Fascism’ and ‘white supremacy’ coolaids, and have been brainwashed by the educational system to believe those lies and whatever else the Zionist/Talmudic/Roman Catholic overlords decide to throw in, like the demonic theory of ‘macro-evolution’ and as such are unable to reason beyond what they are programmed to think and believe. It’s kind of sad really but as long as movements like SYSBM, worker’s capitalism and exposure of government corruption and criminality remain small and unable to make any effective change, these injustices will continue.

    Good luck Verbs2015, and remember, SYSBM until the wheels fall off!



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    • Covertwar,

      SYSBM, Wall Of Silence, Abandonment among many others are great weapons in this war and there is nothing that the black witch contingent can do to offset them. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  9. The black woman’s propaganda that hair weave and hair extensions are the same things is lame. That propaganda makes about as much sense as lying that eyeglasses and contact lenses are the same things. Although the two items are designed to help one’s vision, eyeglasses and contact lenses are two different products.

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  10. Whoever made the 2003-2004 Japanese TV show ‘Kamen Rider Faiz’ was like a modern day prophet. Monsters hiding amongst humans, using consumerism and materialism to secretly control and cull the populace while all the while plotting their eventual rule over mankind, advanced technology beyond mankind’s wildest dreams being used to accomplish this as well as corruption of the medicinal occupation, as well as private armies eventually being used as law enforcement. It’s a shame this was never officially released in the West. Every real thinker and resistance member NEEDS to watch it, it’s a little cartoonish but it perfectly describes the modern world situation, without honey-coating.

    N.B I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, but real-world equivalents of the ‘combat suits’ from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and ‘nano-suits’ actually exist now. However they are still in development and have not been used in active combat yet, let’s hope these developments are used for good.

    Does anyone see any differences between modern black women and their westernized colored counterparts in Africa, white supremacists, Pan-Africanists and every other supporter of the collectivist evil that is currently plaguing the world, and the Riotroopers from Kamen Rider Faiz? Honestly I see none.

    Both forces merely exist to enforce the will of the overlords that rule over both the monsters and humans.

    Both use sporadic violence and intimidation, as well as fear and annihilation to get rid of troublesome people and other unwanted ‘glitches’ in the system.

    Both seem unbeatable until a lone hero ( in the show Faiz/ Takumi Inugami, the real life equivalent is of course thinking black men and other patriots who are p.. at what’s going on and have decided to abandon the ‘multiculturalism ‘ and ‘racial separation’ Titanics) decides to stand up to their abuse and tyranny over mankind.

    The question is, will black men step up to the plate and defeat the unholy alliance between modern black women, Communism and its father ideology ‘white supremacy’ and Facism/Nazism/Pan-Africanism? Or will the world suffer because of their inaction?

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    • Funny how you mention communism, given how black Women and black people in general worldwide are basically born SJWs to some extent.

      This is shown perfectly in the media. Be it art, movies, tv, music, literature, fashion, beauty, etc., black Women always claim to be underrepresented. Despite both this and the amount of black women touting that they’re “educated professionals”, none of them step up to the plate to create these projects and the venues and channels for them. Instead, they whine, bitch, moan, and groan for someone else to do it for them, namely the same individuals that two seconds ago they were calling racist.

      This is in black folk in general, but notice how black women will especially have this mentality toward black men. They will actually expect protection and reverence from the same dudes who they just tagged in a Facebook post as “ain’t shit niggas”.

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  11. Lool.. this is just too comical now save for Political correctness who takes these women serious.I’m ashamed of these women I’m not even angry at them anymore now its comedy.

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  12. Verbs,

    I’m glad you made a commentary on one of the links I posted in the “Black Does Crack” commentary – those three losses for the scraggle daggle is just the appetizer for 2018. The main course of “L’s” have yet to be served!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the “L” for the scraggle daggle have reached critical mass!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Just like Michel said, the L’s have already been pre-packaged and will be delivered accordingly as the year rolls out. Black women are already setting themselves up for record losses this year.

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      • To paraphrase the character Dark Helmet from the movie Spaceballs:

        So you see, brothers – this is why SYSBM will always triumph – because “the community” is DUMB.

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  13. I couldn’t disagree more with the general tone of this thread. You guys sound bereft of love for black women, your mothers. It’s easy to be cynical and snarky. One thing both the cynic and the snark can always be counted on to DO: nothing. After whipping off a hot comment, having gotten their emotional fix for the day, they recede back into Do Nothingness. Try to be more diagnostic, solution-seeking in your comments.

    Having said that, now on to the topic . . .

    Throughout the web, I see my sisters pretending not to understand the obvious meaning of this photograph. With this photograph, the sickness of African-American culture twerks butt-naked before our very eyes.

    African-American women who straighten their hair or lighten their skin should look at this photograph and weep; weep not for themselves, for they are already lost, but weep for their daughters and female progeny who will no doubt carry on their foremother’s legacy of emulating white women. Their great, great granddaughters will one day stand similarly shoe-less and for the same reason.

    Ask not who stands naked at the feet of the white ideal of beauty. Nearly all black women do, both high and low. From Michelle Obama to Beyonce to Oprah Winfrey to Tyra Banks to Gabrielle Union to the local crack casualty. Who’s that twerking butt-naked at the feet of white beauty? African-American womanhood.


    • KMT,

      For starters black women don’t know how to love. When was the last time you saw a black woman walking down the street hand in hand with a black man being romantic and smiling? When you think of the words “I Love You” coming from a woman, a black female does not spring to mind because black women as a collective are devoid of expressing love and affection, I talked about this in Negro Wars.

      The solution for the thinking black man is SYSBM ie dating out. Black women simply aren’t looking for solutions, they enjoy things being dysfunctional which is why I purposely do not reach out to them. By the way, everybody here is implementing SYSBM in some way, shape or form, therefore this isn’t simply a blog where black men vent and doing nothing, we actually put into practice what we preach here.

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      • For starters black women don’t know how to love. When was the last time you saw a black woman walking down the street hand in hand with a black man being romantic and smiling? When you think of the words “I Love You” coming from a woman, a black female does not spring to mind because black women as a collective are devoid of expressing love and affection, I talked about this in Negro Wars.

        You’re kidding, right? Anecdotal evidence, by its subjective nature, is no evidence at all. Had you been fortunate enough in your life to have been loved to your very core, warts and all, by a lovable black woman like my wife, you would never have written those last 3 sentences; instead, a completely different set of anecdotes, albeit just as subjective, would inform your thinking. It’s like blind men touching and describing a different part of an elephant and then extrapolating from that part to the whole. The one describing the tail would think the one describing the tusks psychotic, and vice versa. Take it from a fellow blind man who has experienced something way different: your description of the black female as love-incapable is only the tail of the black elephant.

        The solution for the thinking black man is SYSBM ie dating out. Black women simply aren’t looking for solutions, they enjoy things being dysfunctional which is why I purposely do not reach out to them.

        If I understand SYSBM, especially its long-term implications, then you have only hit upon a “solution” in the twisted, Hitlerian sense of the word. What you posit as a solution is nothing short of self-inflicted genocide. Had Hitler found a way to persuade European Jewry to breed themselves physically and culturally out of existence, what need would he have had for gas chambers? What would we be in 100 years if every black man — and therefore, necessarily every black woman — followed your suggestion? And how loudly would you howl in protest today if a Neo-Nazi proposed this “final solution” for blacks?

        By the way, everybody here is implementing SYSBM in some way, shape or form, therefore this isn’t simply a blog where black men vent and doing nothing, we actually put into practice what we preach here.

        Better that you vent and do nothing. Because, by your own grand design, you’ll be the last black men in your lineage to practice what you preach. There’s a word for willingly participating in one’s own extinction: suicide. I would hope that we can agree at the most basic level, that it is better to contend with, and reach out to, our sisters, in all their majesty and pathology, than to cease to exist as a race altogether.

        Self-genocide, thyne acronym is SYSBM.


      • KMT,

        Anecdotal evidence, or is this what you would refer to as love? No, this evidence is observable, outside of my experience and the fact that you refuse to accept it and attempt to label it as anecdotal speaks volumes to your mentality. You don’t see black women as a collective hugging and kissing their children, however you will catch them beating them relentlessly on the regular. Like I said, most black women don’t know how to love, this is why they are not viewed as romantics and lovers. Black women are renown for abusing their children in the name of so called “discipline”, this is a worldwide trend, this is no secret.

        Your wife(if I choose to believe you) is the exception to the rule. I say if I believe you because more time it is a case where black men who date and marry black women outside of dealing with black women from other cultures usually have lowered their standards in some area or another. It would be interesting to see if you wife is overweight or in shape, is attractive or not, has children from a previous relationship or not and whether she is generally a loud mouth, rebellious and boisterous black female who you have decided to tolerate or not. There are so many questions to ask.

        It’s funny how you mention genocide from the perspective of black men implementing SYSBM ie dating out because they are unwilling to deal with black women and their dysfunction(rightfully so), yet you have nothing to say with regards to these same black females assassinating just under 2000 unborn black children per day in abortion clinics. You do understand that abortion is genocide and that these lives taken in the womb far outweigh the minority of black men choosing to seek love and companionship elsewhere, right?

        Besides, the father’s gene potential is passed on to the children, the number of talented mixed race basketball players we see today is one such example. I came across a video yesterday of a black man who is married to a white woman, has three sons who play American football, speak 3 languages and score high grades in school. Yes, an exception to the rule, however a theme that continue to pop up time and time again.

        Its been observed that once you remove black women from the equation, black children especially black boys will excel beyond measure, this again is observable and therefore not anecdotal in origin. I would suggest you get on these black women who are killing off their offspring before castigating black men for choosing to date out, the reasons why more black men are avoiding black women are plentiful and are not hidden.

        I don’t contend with scum and reach out to a group of individuals who hate who their own heritage and culture, are trying their best to distance themselves from all things black and who are determined to destroy their own people and the behest of the state coupled with their own deep seated hatred of anybody who looks like them, to reach out to such individuals would be utter stupidity and retarded on its face.

        Modern day black women are not special, devils yes but majestic most certainly not. That “majestic” talk is nothing short of “black queen” pro black simp babble.

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      • @KMT

        Self-genocide, yet Megan Markle is considered a black princess in the eyes of your “GOD”? Negro please…

        Save your genocide talk for the war victims of the Hutus,Tutsis, Indigenous Americans and the Jews, you hyperbolic simp.

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